A thing about Werewolves

"Werebears, weretigers, werebuffaloes, werecat this is just a were. If you don't so you know what you do where you are going, you create by feel in idea to live a lie or create by idea as this forms what you thought from where you think as a source. You could get lost to not be near the area. Sure. Some native american shamans could do a buffaloo. Most cops do predators in thought by what you watch. Which is why were-rat is such an odd concept..You've got no idea, none at all, of how dangerous they can be. A wolf can run faster than you can drive a car through most of Chicago. His jaws can snap your thighbones with one jerk. A wolf can see the heat of your body in the complete dark, and can count the hairs on your head from a hundred yards off by starlight. He can hear your heart beating thirty or forty yards away. The trick to transforming is to think the form as essence is thought from the form and with the thought to seem the form, you can change the body and leave the mind alone as the will to resist is easy. As you don't want in life as the right vision the right way in life, as you think some place and are there where you think by energy of the area and what you think. As you touch is transformed as to touch a person or area can change the area, as though a change from within is thought this can seem as if thinking or not as this is a helper idea this is done.  Just as the wolves are gone and they're completely safe, nothing left to harm them. As you think were, whom you think about transforms into one. This is the way of the were."

As popularly known, a werewolf is a person who is transformed, voluntarily or involuntarily, into a wolf under the influence of full moon. The word werewolf is a contraction of the old-Saxon word wer (which means "man") and wolf--werewolf, manwolf. Another term lycanthrope, often used to describe werewolves, however, refers to someone who suffers from a mental disease of fantasizing being a wolf. This particular mental disorder is termed lycanthropy. In human form they had bushy eyebrows that met over the bridge of the nose; blood red fingernails were long and Almond shaped. Their mouth and eyes were always dry and they were often thirsty. Ears were long and narrow, laid back on their heads. Their skin was rough, scratched and hairy. It often had a yellowish, pinkish or greenish cast. In addition to such physical features, the werewolf also displayed certain psychological traits. They commonly preferred the night and solitude, had an inclination towards visiting the graveyards and were known to dig up corpses and feast upon them. Werewolves can tend to lash out, as if you gave them a reason when they're irritated and thus is the concept as this is the idea for their ability.

There's 3 basic types of werewolves. But, there's Lycanthropes, which are just humans with a mental complex of being wolves which is where the mental illness came from that're primal in mind and human in body. Then there's Loup, which is a bloodline which were born of special conditions to never die out, and to transform into wolves during the full moon, and give in to their rage. Then there's the Hexenwulf, which are normal humans that made a pact with a sorcerer so the sorcerer made them a trinket (talisman or whatever else it may be) or they made a trinket, so that the person just has to touch the thing and focus energy into it, and they'll become a kind of werewolf. It's not as perfect as the loup-garou, and the loup can easily tear any hexenwulf into tiny ribbons, but. a hexenwulf literally can almost control themself but not always and they give in to all of their primal urges. They'll start going insane, and will pretty much lash out and attack anything that dares move in their line of sight, just out of pure lust created by their power.

And then there's also a fourth type, that can use their magic to transform into a wolf, but is still human in mind and spirit, but over time they adapt and become more feral in mindset. they're the most tame, since they keep their human mindset, and their human senses, since "they're used to being a sight-based biped, and then suddenly turn into a scent-based quadruped", but their the ones that just transform and keep their human mindset, along the lines of "They're like wizards and sorcerors, but they can only cast one spell at a time. The one that can shift them into wolves, and the same one, that can shift them out among others that they learn." That's...pretty much it as the hexenwulf requires nothing at all. just a thought, a touch, and a slight twinge of energy into the talisman. The talismans are made for use by humans, not by wizards and sorcerors, so naturally it's simple as hell to use them.

This section is describing werewolves from another viewpoint and is from Kube's insanity blog @ http://kubesinsanity.blogspot.com/?zx=6609282b546ddfd1 with permission.

"What most people think about when they imagine a Werewolf is a cursed man who transforms into a bipedal wolf on the full moon, that can be killed, or sometimes cured, by receiving a silver bullet to the heart. Let me tell you that whatever you do, whether it be a bullet of steel or silver, or a blade of the same materials, a wound to the heart will kill anything, be it a Werewolf in wolf form, a normal wolf or a human being. I will now try to separate fact from fiction as clearly as possible, as real-life Werewolves are far from what you see in the media.

First and foremost, Werewolves, those that I know personaly and those to whom I have spoken, anyway, are not cursed and have no made a deal with the devil to become Werewolves. You don't become a Werewolf, you are born one. There might be ways to become one, but that is through rituals which have never been proven to work and I have not tried myself. If you wish to try becoming one, do so at your own discretion but be warned: you are working with forces far superior to your understanding and I will not be held responsible for anything going wrong after someone tried one of the rituals. Those can be found all over the net, most of them also require different types of ointments, so I won't list them here. If you wish to search for them, feel free to do so.

So about the Werewolf lore. One of the most known things about these beings is that they turn into savage, uncontrollable beasts on the full moon. That is not true. Yes, some have stated that the full moon does have a certain attraction to them and others have said that it does not. Others say the Moon has an attraction during their specific Moon Phase, often the phase during which they have first shifted. Another thing is the violent behaviors of Werewolves. It is true that when attempting a Physical Shift (or P-Shift), the first few times, the Were will most likely black out. Therefore, it is highly suggested that if you do try to P-Shift, you should be either far from others or in a room with a locked door. After some time, the young Were will be able to control him/herself while in wolf form.

So why use the term P-Shift? The answer is quite simple and very logical: there are many types of Shifts, most not physical. Most Weres only manage to Mind Shift or Dream Shift. Those Shifts are, as their names imply, a Shift from the mentality of a human being to that of a wolf, either in the conscious mind, and so altering their behavior, or in their dreams. Other Weres do Attribute Shifts. Such a Shift is known to alter one's senses to fit a wolf's, such as a better sense of smell. Then comes the P-Shift, which is, as I've explained, the Were truly turning into the beast of legend.

Now, be aware that when I refer to Werewolves, I also mean any kind of Were, such as Werecats or Weretigers. They all exist, for some reason are often predators, and are all what we call Therians, or Therianthropes. The most renowned Therians are Weres, although they are the rarest type. Other Therians are Lycanthropes. I won't use the term Lycan, as the Lycans (which is a slang term from the Underworld movies, by the way) are often being misinterpreted into humans who P-Shift to wolves because of said movies. Lycanthropes are basically those who take on the bahavioral aspects of their animal. It is a medically studied form of Therianthropy, but sadly, also often associated to schizophrenia.

So where do Weres come from? First for those who don't know, we, according to scientists who have labelled Werewolves as false, are descended from Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals, who ended up interbreeding and creating the Homo-Sapiens, which are the humans we're used to refering to. What the scientists ignore and dismiss as legend, though is there was a third race. Those were the Cynocephali. There are records of Cynocephali from across the ages and spanning every culture. They were human in shape, but had the head and attributes along with the behavior of wolves. They were also covered in fur. Some saints have even been shown as Cynocephali in drawings and woodcut from ancient times, most notably St-Christopher. Of course, as time passed, they were declared heresy and Werewolves were labeled as demons because that's just what the Church would be expected to do.

Some records of Cynocephaly even refer to them as 'Werewolf', which obviously lead to our present use of the term. Some other woodcuts even show Jesus Christ preaching to Cynocephali. It has been theorized that that species most likely lived at the same time as Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals and so, over time, were integrated into the family of the Homo-Sapiens. Therefore, we all have a trace of the Cynocephali genus, which arises sometimes, creating a Were. Many accounts of Weres tell that they are hereditary, which would be logical if the Cynocephali genus theory is followed. Sometimes, it randomly sprouts in a family, the same way a trait, such as hair or skin color can jump up to 8 generations. Therefore, if a Werewolf is born from two Human parents, they have a pool of 254 ancestors, one of which would most likely be a Werewolf. Since it is a genus so ingrained into our DNA, though, I suppose it is possible for it to arise at anytime, even after 8 generations. I am not an expert in genetics, though, so I have no idea if that could be possible."

Here is a ritual you can perform by standing in the middle of a circle you made and chant these words:

"Hail, hail, hail, great Wolf Spirit, hail
A boon I ask thee, mighty shade,
Within this circle I have made.
Make me a werewolf strong and bold,
The terror alike of young and old."

Thus as I think, begins an ancient incantation that once began is able to change the shape of anyone, also can change anyone you think about as you say the chant to a were alter shape. The lycanthropic literature of the past is filled with such eerie chants. Delivered in desolate locations, sometimes form within the perimeters of mysterious circles scratched onto the ground and generally beneath the ghostly light of a full moon.

As invocation of evil, the chants called upon the spirits of the trees and air, of heat and fire, of cold and ice. Repeating the chants over and over again, the votary prepared himself psychically for his experience. Yet however intently he might feel the words, they were not enough to bring him to the altered state of mind that would enable him to kill and eat his victims.

Essential was a girdle or belt cut from the skin of a wolf or a hanged murdered, to be worn around the waist. But more important by far were the vapors that he might inhale or the salves or ointment with which he rubbed his naked body. Made from ingredients as foul as they were potent, there contained psychoactive substances that released the beast within the lycanthrope and set him on his bloody course, in the company, as one chat has it, of the "elect of all the devilish hosts-wolves, vampires, satyrs, ghosts!"

With evil intent, a man traces two circles in flat ground according to an age-old formula. When he has completed the second circle, he will build a fire of pine of larch and black poplar, then will suspend an iron cauldron from the tripod. Into this he will drop four or five of the following ingredients; opium, poppy seeds, aloe, henbane, hemlock, parsley, solanine (an extract of night shade), and asafetida, a gum resin. After stirring all the components together in the cauldron, he will start the fire and allow the contents to simmer. When flames leap up, he will begin his incantation:

"Elect of all devilish host, I pray you send hither, the great gray shape that makes men shiver. Come! Come! Come!"

So to cancel this out was think, 'A were now we were, but no longer we were.' Then wait the transformation out.

Written by DayWalker