History of roaches

  E Homm ius, for the roaches, seen in general the roaches of today are really the remnants of an ancient race of insect-like humans that lived to destroy and are with the blacks ancestry. They thought to breed seeing the point they created was offspring. Transformed by one of their own with their energy by ideal, from other races being done by feel this was thought changes into the hommius. This was he later with the ideal she who sought revenge and use was transformed even himself into a roach called hommonius. They were notorius for continuus activity and forever could repeat something if it felt good. They were roachlike as they liked certain places and only moved on when they needed to. It was they were festidous and harmoniclike. They could use harmonics like a master. They were interesting but annoying, as they could make a pattern out of vibrations and its seemed as to what they could trace was through harmonics to go however they are nice or however they are. Able to trace anything by what it was or is. They thought anything was a solution as to what they could want so they could be doing it. They were psychic with mind reading and control over frequency and idea manipulation. They used the negative as if it was a positive, in energy manipulation. Versitilitude in byproduct. They are likely able to be withstanding almost anything. They are were energy if thought to be energy, after taing or using a form in the mind.

They could shift to other forms at will including that of roaches. On my glance at them I sensed they werent too perceptive. As I sensed their relation was 'okay I can do with that but while I do it even if I hurt you it is as it is.' They didn't seem to mind it as they had no actual control over their reactions except to observe. They could take any form, and hardly any disease touched them as they were hardly ever sick. They were commodius as they were ever sated by peace and singing about peace, but were rapaceous around negative idea and things. Yet being festidious, they had a compromised idea to become fastideous being as they were they were able to overcome any actual boundary as they could null effect and make it seem legal. Yet here you are no one else thought it and the universal energy helped make them survive and they were surviving even then. The idea is they are as contemporary, as it seems as they were also boodthirsty and able to eat almost anything.

The cockroaches were known as hommius, and even as they were human in appearance, they could so delight in states and be rapaceous and as fastideous they could take any food and eat it up. They could be contemporary in mood if in use of food. They could be fast for session and they would eat it up as well. And so the cochroach for the known lay fantasy for today's time as to say 'you don't want them to with varied care.' The roach when they were human, thats an analogy which is so old, as their technology was near our own and they had more technology that was crystal based.

The Hommonicus means homicidal lunatic tendancy or as they were normal roaches before they were large black roaches with the absorbed souls of those around them, who also had insect-like forms as well. They seemed to attempt to gum up the way you think, by tracing your mental patterns and your words. They have the hyperpotential to absorb any energy, and they can cause fear in those who see them. They will open the target's mind to their own fears, and attempts to give themself a psychic boost based on their energy and your energy. If you have friends, or someone who is standing by you through the fear, then you will not be effected, because the fear instinct is over-ridden by the sense of security with the friend. They are a dangerous type of roach that will harness the souls around them. The roach today carries many diseases and if you eat after them you could get sick.

As when they die, its as if there is one type of roach which is capable of entering the body, and reproducing using human tissues. The result is death, normally from diseases brought by the roaches. They will initially use you as a host, used to spread their population, and once you have died, they will scatter. It can be as many as thousands at a time. Consider them the demon roach. The roach humans were left with no afterlife except an idea demented by compressed idea for no demonism afterlife. This is what caused the demonism is what your use by killing cause is to create with life. Tis is energy to the basic point of view that your life was the idea life in the use, tis is the 6th dimension viewpoint where your point created. As you think and smash the bug you can see the effect is manifest if necessary.

Source, gotten from vision questing and observations of time past
A labratory effort in oklahoma