These gang groups I will mention came from a secret source that doesn't want to be mentioned. She is now an ex blood and street member. She described them as 4 main groups altho she knows there are more. I supplied the rest of the info with help of another. A special thought of mine is to add in death watches, the special times are when they find the criminal who crossed them and the family of the crook gets it in the end. Sometimes its not even a crook thats death watched as it can be a "special person" of top notch and other similar ilk. All thats required is the effort of great achievement and fame to which dislikes are about.

For psychological aid in dealing with the gangs amongst others. Use the field psychology at the sehsych.htm doc. Basically, seem like a help, and do your own thing, as you feel like it.


Rips are a group that rip people up or rip people off. Thier enemies are RD. Rip magic is to rip then the ideal blood energy is channelable as energy to create what you wish.


RD do magic, drugs and assasination. They are a power group that tell other groups what to do. RD mostly keep to themselves. Thier enemies are Rips and Blood and street. Nicknamed magic gang and conspiracy group for the conspiracy they can create with mysterious murder. Thier magic is the craft.


Mix demonism and wiccan or demonic and witch with other variety for another magical gang. An occultist is a dark ritualist who study most thier life in understanding life by trial much like monks and can do rituals or almost simultaneous magic of nature, demonic or other possibilities including time yet they will do one or two sources at a time for safety.

Their are silent types or open minded types that will speak without worry except in too open an area. If anyone sees them, they erase the person of any dangerous sightings or info. If they don't like you, then your dead meat and by ritual. The favorite way of killing people is to use insanity and have them kill themselves.

Blood and street

Blood and street kill if crossed or when they feel like it. Enemies are Bang bangers.

Bang Bangers

Bang bangers meet friday and saturday doin sex and drugs. Enemy is Street and blood.


Hackers try to get into other systems and steal from it or change something and sometimes are druggists. They use large computer arrays to mask thier activities and speak a different language. The activities are sometimes to get the code of shareware, uncripple crippleware and make key generators for shareware to unlock the registered features. Thier enemies are Rippers.

Warez Pirate

Warez pirates steal software to share it. This consists of any shareware, crippleware or bought software with the key code. Warez pirates have a similiar language to hackers. They tend not to share thier name and address to protect those they share with, in case of government questioning. They are enemies of rippers.


Rippers are those that steal from Warez pirates, Hackers and rip off money. They rape as well and deal drugs with some deaths, if caught. Enemies of Warez pirates, Hackers and Bongers.


Bongers are those that steal, rob and do drugs. They meet on a daily basis in a protected area or friends house to do pot. They don't use guns. Enemies are Rippers.

Another definition of them are as people who take bongs and bang people over the head with them. Take a moment to consider the difference of being awake and then bonged to unconsciousness and mabey dead with looting.


Vampire gang that hides in other groups, often to meet in secret. Known to avoid churches, willing to kill, then suck the blood, out of the victim. They steal any item, of importance to them, If discovered, they kill the the person, who discloses them, and makes an example of them, before the "private" execution. When they kill, they use any means possible, to leave the body, for those they dislike, to find. They speak a secret language. If they catch others, using it, not of the gangs, then they kill them after torture. Either than that, they don't get crossed, not even from insults.


The Bloods are one of the two largest Los Angeles, California youth gangs, and are also one of a number of gangs operating on a worldwide level. The Bloods, like their rivals the Crips, are African American. Due to the loose network of territorial gangs, there are significant differences between the various cliques. The Bloods are identified by the red color worn by their members.

The gang was formed in response to the growth of the Crips, who at one point had outnumbered non-Crip gangs by 3 to 1. When several members of the LA Brims and the Pirus were killed by Crips in 1973, the two embattled gangs met to form an alliance called the Bloods. Other smaller gangs besieged by the Crips soon joined the Bloods.

While there have been bloody rivalries between the Crips and Bloods, a peace treaty was recently negotiated, partly by Crips' former member and founder Stan "Tookie" Williams, prompting a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for him. The Blood gangs have branched out throughout the United States and even internationally. During the 1990s, some Blood gangs in the New York City area became infamous for a spate of slashings of people on the street.


The Crips are one of the largest Los Angeles, California gangs. The Crips are identified by the blue color worn by their members. The Crips were formed by Stanley "Tookie" Williams and Raymond Washington in 1971, after the two became fed up with random violence in their neighborhood.

The Crips quickly became popular throughout southern Los Angeles as more and more youth gangs joined it; at one point they outnumbered non-Crip gangs by 3 to 1. In response, some of the besieged smaller gangs formed an alliance that later became the Bloods. Some of the most notorious Crip ''Sets'' (a subgroup of a bigger gang) include LA's Rollin 60's Crips, Watts' Grape Street Crips, Long Beach's Insane Crips, and Compton's South Side Compton Crips.

The Crip gangs have branched out throughout the United States and even internationally. Due to the loose network of territorial gangs, there are significant differences between the various cliques. Even in Los Angeles there are new gangs with Crip affiliations emerging.

While there have been bloody rivalries between the Crips and Bloods, a peace treaty was recently negotiated, prompting a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Though violence levels have been reduced somewhat after the conclusion of this peace treaty, gangland killings and warfare still persist in heavily gang-controlled areas. Snoop Dogg is a member of the Rollin 20's Crips of Long Beach.

There have been many different explanations for the origin of the name of the gang. For example, "Crazy Real (or Ruthless) Insane People", "Community Revolution (or Restoration) In Progress", "Criminal Riot In Progress", a misspelling from "Tales from the Crypt", a shortening of the word "cripple", etc. The odds are that these may all be folk etymologies.

Latin Kings

The Latin Kings started out as a social organization for the advancement of the Hispanic community in the Chicago area in the 1940s. The organization spread nationally, and by the 1970s it came to be dominated by individuals engaged in criminal activity, in particular, narcotics trafficking.

Members of the Latin Kings identify may themselves with the colors gold and black, the five pointed star or the initials ALNK (Almighty Latin King Nation). Some have tattoos of royal crowns (a common symbol for the gang) on their bodies.

Today, the Latin Kings is associated with the People Nation set and is one of the most violent street gangs in the United States. They're most active in the East Coast and in the Chicago area.


Split into two subgroups with the main group as neta, the neta arrived as a subgroup of the Latin kings but they deal in death and abandonment, The group also creates drugs for people to work with as they want.

The subgroups are bloodhounds who use those whom do as they don't like and make them examples with bad blood spread, the other function is to messily kill those they track out of boredom or necessity. They are most likely to accept money to hunt down people or bountyhunt for spare money.

Greyhounds are the bus type to kill offspring and other people out of boredom with butchery that makes it hard to deny and then usually pins it on others, To join, you got to kill one person thats close to you, though some say the whole family.


These are the type to mess with you and play a games with security. They steal what they need and want, and feel as though a part of the family when together. Sometimes they do it alone and with planning. Their usual times are whenever they want or the afternoon or at night when people arent there or are vulnerable. There may be other times. What they steal they pawn off or sell off to others for their lifeblood and funds.


The workgangs are in two forms, prison gangs and outside work gangs. The prison variety sometimes blast open areas but otherwise are controlled. A small bit of cash is earned everyday. The outside workgang is called a group that works long hours of drugdery for almost nothing for jobs that are sometimes dead end. I myself don't bother to join on one, but I know people can get quality jobs for a good wage.

The person must get a new one if tired of it. Albeit the rage at the job keeps people going. Even working at less than minimum per week for 2.50 to 4.00 per hour, minimum for 5.00 to 9.50 per hour and full time job as 10 to 40 $ per hour. Anybody can join by getting jobs, but you gotta keep the boss happy.