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Fey history

  Thought to be a curse by the divine to a group amongst a group of humans that transformed them. Fey are energy formed humans that are separated into groups of demi-humans who long ago found themselves in a cave that they stayed in and some were miners forced to be there as they stayed in it. They formed out of need and desire to become the shape they were. This was with or without need of medicine. So I think the medication back then didn't help much.

  How they formed was through the cave energy source, they absorbed a lot of the power in themselves to turn into energy beings by absorption, but they were some interesting forms that became deformed, smaller, changed by differently shaped limbs or becoming slightly cruel. They knew then that they were lost amongst their own humankind and yet some joined them.

  They were pure energy ever since able to take form in any manner. This was a unique form of radiation sickness brought on usually by magic. That allowed them to change their shape, this was by focus and thinking of a formation. Their form chose how they lived and where they lived as groups.

  So a split happened to create dwarves, elves, etc. It was interesting where the split occurred by in breeding. The fey were energy, yet they could manifest a form to have sex. Sometimes the f aery in idea were deformed. The fey children were changelings, thinking to shift the child to families, they created the environment the child was in to be better. Then they shifted the fey child back and this is where they lived as a group in the area.

  The fey broke into families that are ruler sidh, dark faery, gray fey, light fairy, tuatha de danann (some that are none church goers), tuatha de nuathan (church goers like us), kitsune, ogren, dwarves, hobbits, faerys and wild fey that are unique amonst their kind and sometimes a little unstable.

  If I thought to control a fey, I would take care so I would use the lilac perfume or perform by sound production in the area and possibly the essential oil in what I understand as an aerator as its the best. Lilac perfume is essentially lilac essential oil that expands their mind. Think and seem of their use with roses, as this is amazing as well with what they can do.

  Fey can transmute or transform sound and feeling into effect from energy that is with light or lve of what they do and so can we. A handclap will transmute and transform the sound to do your intent. They can express their will and it happens, their intent is exposed and done by what you or they express. This can be any action, this in itself means they are likely to play with you.

  The fae can be dangerous if you don't show respect. Also fae trees are like big healthy single trees in a field without any other trees, sometimes. That is kinda a sign that the tree has fae within it. Think about that as the fae are an interest. The idea is dealt with by them, if you present it with feelings. So any help can be a blessing. If you need a blessing, then burn fallen wood or faery flowers in a bowl. This is best done in an empty field. When or where you need them, that is where you do the act. If you don't need them there, then they leave. This is a known fact of idea in their existence. So think about this and know, that the divine people can work with them easier.

  Unless you know not to do things to them, you can bribe them with what they want or crave, this is showing them chocolate or something like lemon. Brownies are fey that like chocolate and sometimes shun other forms of sugar snacks. Some fey like drinks, that are sweet. However, dark chocolate that's semi-sweet is what some people fey heritaged like. That's a special case, if they don't like sweets and love chocolate. This is not used everyday, though the point is made and then they get what you think as energy to them.

  This is a point in idea, how they can "feed" off energy. They perceive by your thought or their perception. This then is sending the energy and they get food energy or essence as they seem to think, and this is done in use as things naturally are done. Sensation comes to them as they can use things and consider, then use is done as its just a word phrase or perception is a thought to remember or wield. No as a thought and your use is a point, avoided to mention as think and your use is what they realize.

  However some faery are envious of others, they are aware and could use their minds to trap them in something if not given a good enough reason. So just flow with it, think a point is a good enough reason and you know what you can leave by feel as a gift or purchase is sometimes done. As this is used by indonesion for "i ie p in ie mo ou", as think a way out and then use it think a door is the way out and you can walk out of it and you are free. This is usually where things are on or in there mind, so whatever happens this is used as though you just flow out of their mind.

  There is a way to create though, this is done as a point to create is a thought and this a concept in fact, well as thought is a concept use that is used as a point to conclude as thought is a mention in friendship. Thinking is concluded and any mental illness is dispersed as energy, so this is done as the point is gone and your idea is what you think. There is a point concluded in mention as you think the idea, so I think your idea is realized. That is realization due to soul insights. This is where you know things and thinking that exists. So I think there is a point that if concluded, your mention is used as a law of magic.

  This is a concept, such as a point in consumption there is a concept, this is energy as if there is a point to work with by feel. So as your thought is considerance or not used then things are as thought and nothing otherwise, see think as you want this isn't as an assumed idea in thought. The fey react as this isn't important and things you consider aren't actually in done, so as your influence by energy is directed by thought on use of the fey. They are able to create what you are intending as you think the idea.

  A fairy (sometimes seen as faery, faerie, or even fae; collectively wee folk) is a spirit or supernatural being that is found in the legends, folklore, and mythology of many different cultures. There are many definitions of what constitutes a fairy. Definitions sometimes describe them as any magical creature like a goblin or gnome, and at other times are described as a specific type of creature with short wings.

  As effort in relocation effect, gey thay is energy beings, fey in form being in formation from the body. As that is thought to change there is use of an energy, as their will is feyish and their thought is very evil as possible energy changes to cleaner slate. There is a will that there is no way other than what you think and by what you think, once there you are aware and "en" you can change your fate in a point of view or thought guides by energy created.

  This is a point of goblin or hobgoblin formation, that is where you think they will torment you if goblin like. Otherwise this is hobgoblin formation where you think they will aid you. The idea is useful though when you think about their actions. Some such actions are with the point and idea you think to get idea as intended. If the idea is needed as a point to them and worthwhile they will aid you by manifesting a result. If not, then there is other ways to get the idea you intended.

  They're in energy body form and they're there as thought is what creates, this works as the two realities merge and your use is a thought but not reacted to unless necessary. As they see reason to use you for an effect, an effort is a possible thought or conflict by conclusion, where this is thought to create as transmutation in energy that looks good but its not unless you think it is. As energy shapes things from within you think and the idea forms as you will. As you will things you can get some results energy where that is willed to form. This is used by thought or otherwise "not" is magic as you willed your thought, so this is your own idea that lasts till your own work or essence is used with you as you think this is good.

  The fairy, as in the specific creature, was said to have originated in Italy, where they were known as 'Fatae', stemming from the Latin 'Fata' (roughly 'Fate'). They then traveled to France where their name was corrupted to 'fees' and then to Britain where they were known as 'fays', which the countryfolk eventually changed into 'faeries'. Other ways to reference the faerie include the Little People, the Green Men, the Good Folk and the Lordly Ones.

  They are generally portrayed as humanoid in their appearance and have supernatural abilities such as the ability to fly, cast spells and to influence or foresee the future. Although in modern culture they are often depicted as young, sometimes winged females of small stature. They originally were of a much different image. Either tall, angelic beings or short wizened trolls being some of the commonly mentioned fay. The small, gauzy-winged fairies that are commonly depicted today did not appear until the 1800s.

  Amongst the fey are the seelie and unseelie courts. Where seelie are the positive, noble, thoughtful and helpful fey, also considered fairy. Unseelie are the malign, harmful, mistrusted sometimes and often downright cruel fey due to envious nature, however they are also considered faery or goblins in energy form, as they are sometimes humans that are faeryish some are goblinoids in human form. So think on that.

  These are just human perspectives of the point for them and yet both would seek a form of destruction in some sort. So yes if they are pushed to destroy something then they will. That much is true, yet most leave us alone. Until we think of them or approach them in some manner. If you approach a goblin and he chases then run out of the room or away, otherwise a goblinoid can sometimes be talked out of things.

  Fey are indeed like spirits, impish spirits, thinking this is true I tempted one and thus found they don't think like humans, seen in fact as energy in the shape of a humanoid, this is seen as human where most spirits don't have a humanesque moral compass. This is sometimes because they like to seem like us.

  This is what most of us humans do. There is a point when they go too far or serve as examples, so just as they teach they are examples then. That is why sometimes you can stop yourself from the example of doing. Things could look better but your right they are like that, so think the better point and work with their wiles.

  Yet they do things for fun or duty. So they most often think by the feel if male, as a point is to them they think by feel or logic if female by feel. If you can tell, the ones in-between sexes are thinking by idea or before the feel if thought about. Then by the feel or thought, after the point or with activity. Then you know for certain what they do. They indicate it by the feel and allow you to work with it by thought.

  The ruler sidh that is ruler or judge for yourself. This is used of the seelie court in what can take over kingdoms but are outcasts, where the sidh sometimes don't know they get someone else who does know. If a fight they make certain they win the fight, however they trade info or items for services to gain the personal favor and this includes titles to the kingdom that they are trying to work with or usurp.

  The dark faery are goblin who can do things for spite, fear and mischief or sometimes cruelty and come in many forms such as orcs, Goblins, trolls, redhats and mancatchers.

  Light fairy are hobgoblins who are sometimes human friendly and playful such as the small fey of sprites and pixies or the larger fey of gnomes and centaurs. They can be mean or nice as they decide. But there are more of them than I describe here.

  Tuatha de danann are royal fey that live secluded but fight for a cause under a sidh ruler. They use things to control them and work with what is given.

  For a full or unique understanding on kitsune, go 'here' as this is only a part of their information.  Kitsune are fox that sometimes take other forms than fox and have foxpowers to aid the area they choose and  vampirically feed from energy and humans doing great deeds for survival, These are fox that are an mysterious animal, fascinating and mischevious. This is where they are believed to be very grateful for the kindness done to it, as seen in many tales, thinking is non forbidden and is also affectionate making as revealed in some dramas. It is godlike because of magical ability such as shapeshifting able to bewitch men in charming girl form. An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast Kitsune is. Kitsune are ageless non immortal being spirits. Kitsune manifest with 900 years lifespan and age slowly before they leave/die and return to astral plane spirit world.

  Kitsune 900 years old or older and age slowly, as they are rare as energy amount is equal to fuel of the physical plane existance that would be extreme plus they would be doing more harm than good. The kitsune represent elements meaning they have abilities from each. This incidentally places them as Dragons but on a smaller scale. Dragons and Oni are their enemies plus the elements are 13 catagories and kitsune are divided into each called clans, dynasties or houses.

  The elements are Wind, Earth, Fire, River, Heaven, Thunder, Mountain, Void, Spirit, Time, Forest, Ocean, and Music. In the book 'Kitsune' the word Heaven is Celestial and Void is Dark. Each kitsune has it's own element based strengths its aligned to. Elements reflect the kitsune's powers origination and elemental affinity like Fire Kitsune is unaffected by fire easily feeding from fire to self strengthen plus use fox-fire with ease. Water kitsune wouldnt use fire easily but naturally heal and thrive near water. The most common kitsune are Celestial kitsune who follow Inari, Wild kitsune, Dark kitsune. Celestial kitsune are 'High Kitsune'.

  Kitsune are physical spirits and everything has spirit in some form plus these spirit are Kami. Animals also have spiritual counterparts more commonly known as Kitsune and Tanuki. There is Tengu but this is unessential as from what I've read they have background and diversity to make a thesis. Kitsune have a number of options to manifest. Most draining is to appear in physical world causing storms or unnatural events. Kitsune who simply manifest lose innate essence faster feeding more often or suffer weakness but they gain strength after 12 hours in the new world. As is stated "when you eat from a place you can return to it or stay" from a greek story.

  This feeding depends on kitsune strength usually meaning region blight surround if fed too much tho the weaker kitsune have less effect. When kitsune manifest it has optional choice number. It can appear as kitsu (fox), fox-headed person or very attractive normal person. In any case the tail number that kitsune have will be obvious unless shapechange masked which is draining. Note however they can shapeshift at will so concealment be easy. The second option is possess either fox or person. Fox-possession was a most common kitsune manifestation means. A kitsune possessing someone had to overcome willpower thus usually the process appeared insanity similiar where a kitsune willpower fed. Taking a sleeping person usually was a lot quicker since kitsune could invade the dreams taking time to willsap targets. Possession is not shared easy as once done the kitsune body control plus once they leave their host will experience remember not. Kitsune possession was not long-term unless kitsune truly had reason to stick around.

  Possession was blessing or exorcism broken by Shinto, Buddhist priest or if someone called a Guardian kitsune to deal with the matter. Also note that unless kitsune is powerful the shape-shifting was foxform limited, fox-person form and person form they're possessing. The third option was possess a child, fox very young or unborn. This method is least taxing and resulted in a kitsune hybrid possesed person/fox. If child/fox possession the full possession takes longer plus with pre-born it's instant. This is the 'avatar' method cuz this is the least taxing method to show. This also incidentally gives a long-term physical body. Kitsune who use this method have no extra tails visible plus eat, drink, sleep, breath, and suffer the full moral life all 900 years. They bleed and possibly get sick unless a regeneration is enabled. Using this method transforms into fox-form/human-form plus development of possible other forms.

  As additional note a kitsune with avatar can't be banished or exorcized easily. One common thing is kitsune once here can become enraptured with full senses as in physical form. This turns kitsune into thrill-seekers that experience any new forms albeit pleasure or pain. Older kitsune who have lived physically for long time may be more jaded. Another spirit aspect is manifest ability and physical survival level that requires sustenance. Gaaki feed off many different things depending on gaaki type you come across. Some feed off scents, blood, pain, tears, and more dangerous from souls. Kami usually require small gifts plus prayers sating them or they are hostile and dangerous. These gifts and worship 'fed' the kami.

  Kitsune feed from land essence, elements, and people. They are sensically vampires that require sustaining essence. Kitsune who have avatar does not feed like other kitsune. Instead as long as they don't tap into abilites they posses there is normal function for human or fox. Using abilites will weaken them altho if given a relaxing chance they will self recover. Kitsune who possessed someone still has to feed to keep a body a long time. Feeding is in the same manner as manifested kitsune. Kitsune are capable of host draining as in manifested kitsune thus feeds most often. Energy amounts used to stay material can be extreme. To keep manifestation and use it's ablities kitsune draw off much energy around them. This chi essence is found in the elements and like Chinacats kitsune are capable of knowledge feeding. With this kitsune are learning capable plus abilities developing plus possibly grow quickly.

  Kitsune body can be attacked or killed but can simply leave the body any time leaving the victim to suffer the fate meant for the kitsune. To harm kitsune requires a weapon spirit harm meant. Avatar taking kitsune are physical harm vulnerable. Anything that do mortals harm harm kitsune. These not regenerative kitsune are unlike others thus spend healing resources or natural rate heal. Magic weapons and faith can't harm these kitsune easy because they are physical world 'natural' having world attunation. These kitsune reanimate once killed spiritually much weaker than their brethren. When kitsune heal wish they expend energy so when desperate they sacrifice tail or artefact gaining huge chi influx for fuel. Kitsune who spend healing energy become more essence desperate and feeds sooner. They should be careful to not normal food overeat for possible weight gain.

  When kitsune are killed unless destroyed spirit their be options. Dependant on recent fed amount they can re-manifest in any form sacrificing tail or artefact for sudden chi influx manifestation allowing. If no manifest they wander worlds biding time plus waiting for a convenient time. While in spirit kitsune are spiritually attack or magic vulnerable. Kitsune are amoral spirits with basic right wrong understanding and make decisions based on what they think will aid them most. Kitsune core personality is type dependant.

Element belief is elemental focus and kami which possess them:

Kitsune are not innate sorcerers however they have innate abilities that fall under magic concepts thats called 'Fox-magic'.Kitsune are innate illusionists. To them, illusion is as real as anything else. A kitsune who uses illusion to appear human is human and can talk, act, love and sire children while the illusion exists. A kitsune who transforms staff into snake creates crawling, biting and killing snake. They use this glamour to make objects, weapons, people, homes, and even landscape manipulate suiting desire. One kitsune is capable of creating illusion and manipulating landscape in small vicinity tho when kitsune gather collective resources whole cities are made.

Kitsune can make pockets in reality meaning they can make a castle under someone's floorboard with people. This world is real by ether (spirit) material. There can be time-dilation thats 1 Earth day = 7 Realm years. These realms are just homes mostly, forests, or their favorite places and aint whole worlds. It usually takes three to five kitsune to make a whole realm and populate it linked together. Kitsune can dominate those they want plus this is a enchantment form and this can cause someone sight of anything wished or overlook wanted things by desire. Once control is established the victim is held until someone can break magic.

Foxfire (Kitsune-bi) can produce lightning or fire by tail rubbing their tails. This becomes a melee weapon plus they breath fire to about five feet or less. Kitsune can also create small fire balls sometimes using these as lights, thrown weapons, or as playtoys. Kitsune can possess targets, taking over minds and bodies. This is sometimes out of necessity of protection as possession lasts until next sunrise or sunset unless the kitsune is using this as a manifestation form. They have not targets ability access or memories. A kitsune can transform into anything covered by an elements. This means they can turn into trees, forests, rocks, water, or other people.

The limits are that the transformation does not give them the innate abilities of the form they have taken, and they are vulnerable to what can harm that form. Kitsune who are possessing someone can not use this form of transformation, unless they are doing it through illusions. Kitsune can create small focused power balls. These balls look like small spheres that easily be child toy mistaken. These balls focus kitsune abilities plus contains their spirit usually when they take on avatar or possessed someone. Kitsune enjoy playing with this ball using it as a magic focus. If anyone else gets their hands on it or wills it away from weak kitsune sometimes they coerce kitsune into helping them.

Kitsune can study any magic field. A problem is that to use any magic form requires to draw energy from power source or self draw it. Unlike mortals they weaken when they self draw energies which does not self replenish. One who casts magic too often will become weak and starved. These are oriental magic examples. Akasic is the magic of chi essence. Mages can see auras and power sites, manipulate, draw on, or expel chi as in will balls that contain elements.

Akasic magic is powerful combined with other magics. Its good for things like healing, regeneration and reversing essence loss that feeding caused. Kitsune follow the Elements being tied to the represented elements. Kitsune can influence elements they be of and if elemental magic is studied they can become very good in the study field. They can study:

Kitsune can bind, summon, banish, ward or trap a spirit even in a human being if powerful enough. If the kitsune have some of the persons essence then they can control the person or demon throught essence manipulation. Feng Shui is the Geomancy study or power sites and ley lines being largely this magic. A person can find out best way to site build or power location creation plus a means to tap into leyline or nexus. This allows someone to travel Dragon Lines (ley lines) getting from location to location and also allows them power tap Ju-Fo is runic magic and mages can write power words or speak spells creating magic. Ley lines are good places for banishing/controlling spirits and binding sites. Kitsune can hide themselves or places by ley lines manipulation for concealment.

Ogren are fey machinist but their machines are any type including bio-organic; they manipulate humans at will ruling them if possible.Fey are atleantian in and is in evidence more there than here.  As you see them they are gone if they are not needed for what they are intended. As if a thought, as thought is a momernt and nothing is what they seem, ask and and they are and what they think is from what they sense. As essence is sensed and use is as a thought they will do, if they sense your purpose is good for their purpose. As they are an attempt to make as you use two figers and create, or not as the white or dark dot and you can send thought to an image or person given energy as if telepathy.

As they in use things and is use as is a thought they can use your essence as they figure out what you think. Think and do and as you do things, you create as if to their will and yet if they will you can resist or they stop and do something else. They are extremely interesting as they can create what they think, as if nothing matters to them they can think, feel the idea and create as though nothing is thought essence and voice is will. That they direct as they get energy enough they can form into a full figure, from your energy if you made one and only if you think to do so if necessary.

Dwarves are ruled by the Erlking, the Erlking is a dwarf king that lives in a mountain and rules over the clan of dwarves, humans and elves considered a colony underground. They live in family groups of clans and use the disc technology. This disc technology is able to float things and make generated energy. They can use many types of technologies though, as the disc technology is just one of them. They live on a trade by the necessity reasoning. Except they are secretive, and will keep the idea from long distant influence, of them, if they need to. They are 3 to 4 feet tall, and have hairy feet. But their strength is twice to thrice their height.

Hobbits are aware faery with the ability to see or create with the planet core or earth energy, the point they are alive or aware by ability if corruption they could get insane or not if the area is clean. steal not to clean things out considered "stealing", see they can cause you to see insanity wise or they steal from you so they are original middle earth faery and half sized man explorers. Thought ability creates able idea or what form you think with tough hairy feet that often go shoeless plus slightly chubby or slenderish and being very agile and strong, their strength is twice as much as their height. They are like kitsune excepting that. Their mind strength is very strong and will do many things for a quest, see including the beatings that don't occur or interruption of beatings to do yet another. though without a cause, they write yet they are against those who break the law of the land and just in their cause, yet they will fight like a thief and try to become invincible, If not that, they leave the inhabitants alone and they take up a area in the home to rest and help out as servants unseen, until they find a edge to possess the body that called them as servants or the entire household, if they can't touch the summoner. Then they will try to force surrender through unpredictable moments and possesions of the friends.

To the caller they will try to ruin the projects and the reputation of the possessed unless they feel they have not been been cheated, In which they do a free service otherwise yet their power is to manifest things, objects and images of any memory to get at answers and to do a personal sabotage and revenge, much like the human headed turtles who on regard torment the regarder until they apologize, The hobbits then sell the info on a need to know basis where the buyer recieves some sort of punishment to get the info and only sell to those of reputation, If hobbits cannot gain repute by service, or too many plots ruined they will leave to another area.

Hobbits are 3 feet to 5 feet 5 inches tall, if they can they act as children to fool the parent or when they can't they will fight for the person on a single cause through justice if they see reason to as in a theft, they will kill the persecutors who robbed the family. People who can see hobbits outside the middle realms are wizards and children, yet some holy men are very apt to see them as delusions in which the hobbit most likely will torment or not, according to their mood. Anyone can see them in the idea that their use is normal in the middle realms but few can get there unless invited. They are neutral good to the heart of them.

They manifest the aspect of human form with hopes of gaining priveledges through services, or self projects done if nothing else, Those that have alot of money, they will try to take it all. They sometimes serve as messengers and any scheme they hatch to do, that fails they always have another scheme to replace it, If they can they would drive out all the household inhabiants while they get thieves to take the home that they drew attention too, but only for any hits to them that they pay back three times for personal vengence, They despise other intruders as enemies that they don't like to the point of drawing them away from the area. The areas they cannot enter will get repeat beatings and other psychic attack until they force the owners surrender or they will ask for entry.

Faerys are the fairy god mothers or wish granters that speak the language of the summoner.

Wild fey are human manipulators that use humans as tools but break those they despise and they are drawn to conflicts that laugh to your sense when you get in trouble or cause things to be worse. So at the height of their power they are insane. Think to draw a sigil or some trace to deal with them.

If you found them near you or targeting by feel you can think to their minds "not target me or I am not a target" see are you sure you are with boredom use of repetitive actions, see or know before you go somewhere what will happen or think they that take are able to drive them away. If you were their friend, which meant they help instead of hinder. Then with about the same area feel or energy tuning, were I there I would use the offered services with thanking them that they aided you in the way they did. If you offer service in return. If payment is indicated they could get the payment from you, so with necessity use chocolate as its their favorite but you need alot. They live in the fourth dimension or the plane of time and mists. Time differences are per 1 min in = 10 years outside or fairy world, where you live. You want to be forgotten because of the crimes you've done? Then, go into the fairy mists for three minutes and come out of it. You would have been forgotten.

There are hundreds of fae languages. From the small fey to the large fey so watch what you say before things happen. Small fairies are odd and come from a few different area of the world. The area they come from is what they are sometimes named as. They can speak this way, but not all. The small fey language is opposite and upside down of english. To write in english write it backward putting punctuation mark at the beginning of phrase. An example: ".egaugnal yef si sihT" written in english. It translates too "This is fey language." Now it uses backward english words but same english syntax and phonetical spelling. A famed inventor who used the small fey languange is Leonardo de Vinci. The small fey sound when speaking natural as if blurbing out all at once. Unless they speak telepathically to you, then they can sound as though in your language, sometimes. To understand them, in their natural speech pattterns, slow down their speach and reverse the language spoken via a recording device, if you are so lucky to catch it on tape.

The larger fey or any shape you think or wish, see this is like Dwarves that work with the area conscious they call "I" they sorta are like "peter or salt" and the larger goblins and hobgoblins speak their own language. As is possible to understand as a language. As the Goblins speak something similar to this language at http://initiativeone.blogspot.com/2009/05/ the large fey can speak a variety to things or they just are to appease the area or disappear. Then there is an idea that one can translate it, where there are some words that can't be translated by the area you think exists. Most fey can try to speak telepathically.

The system of barter and trade they sometimes take the heart or liver from live victims to their agony or screams, this is what celts or nords setup that they realize what others do or are knowing what they do are fate. See what the fey use for market system or work with their idea. Small fey love chocolate and virgin vagina by some name they use from the area activity to name what is there to their senses. Where the larger fey can be willing to trade for what is reasonable to them. Anything to give them advantage. An it is at the end of the trade, where favor is asked. However to gain their trade you must gain favor and thats to gain their trust. Otherwise without trust you could be severely mistreated till you pay them off or say your sorry. Fey live freely and in a state of watchfulness with a sometime playfulness or tricks that they pull are pranks elsewhere so just talk them out of the prank by area you recognize or you think, then they create by what they feel with the creator manipulating them. So they work with realization to what they would do or you see what will occur, before you go somewhere you can think you realize by focus unless they wish to aid. Most often found dancing or doing something but never fullly focused on a single idea for long. See or work by feel or you create by the creator with idea to your area use.

The appearance of fey are any shape they want. Their natural form is 3 to 5 feet tall, or taller and sometimes very pale and chubby, as yet not seen by the human eye. Mentally they are mature yet childish and always willing to act or play. Yet their culture is to gain self-goals and desires while aiding or hindering through their actions. They usually get what in the end whether its obvious or not. They change tactics in an instant yet will remain true to a set goal. The desire is sometimes their goal as they achieve what they want through desire..their recorded culture is what achievements they did and get named for by those achievements. Fey don't age so their appearance remains the same in natural form. Energy form is the form they naturally choose for it leaves them invulnerable.

Elves are generally depicted in one of two ways. The first being small, human-shaped creatures, that employ their magical skills to manufacture many different things from delicious cookies to toys in Santa's workshop. The second is that they are powerful, human-sized beings that are more beautiful and noble than humans. They are genrally long-lived and eternally youthful. They seem or create by feel with the creator. Chocolate is a pacific energy use, lemon is what causes them service to you.

An elf is a mythical creature of Germanic Mythology/Paganism which still survives in northern European folklore. In Norse mythology they were originally a race of minor gods of nature and fertility. Elves are often pictured as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty living in forests and other natural places, underground or in wells and springs. They have been portrayed to be long-lived or immortal and they have magical powers attributed to them. Following the success of J. R. R. Tolkien's epic workThe Lord of the Rings wherein a wise, angelic people named Elves play a significant role they have become staple characters of modern fantasy (see: Elves in fantasy fiction and games).

Elf can be pluralized both as elves and elfs. Something associated with elves or the qualities of elves is described by the adjectives elven, elvish, elfin or elfish. A convention of modern fantasy usage is: the v in elven or elvish refers to human-sized elves (who correspond more closely to the mythology of the Viking Era), seen whereas the area they visit is what they create to created area feel that work to corrupt the disruptors then use your energy to do or create what they wish. So you see the fine in elfin is progress to them or elfish therefore refers to thiefs, tiefling or non evil doers. See to them that see or are blessed can see tiny-sized elfs (who correspond more closely to the folklore of the Renaissance and Romantic Eras) that is what you think is where you think you can failry or fail by awry idea to the point you feel like killling them or driving them away or they walk the land corrupting with chaos those that stole idea from them that they make seem liers, thieves or murders that happen are disrupted or area felt to restore if special favor is done for them to restore themslves by taking your most precious possession. They that are crimbul can become what they hit or you are what you wish or think out by feel.

The area were is what they form if they detect crimbul they kill the crimbul or half fey they gift them to you, as a victim that was used by feel as though they were an object that you took along. They then create respect or shild by feel or seeming alien loyalty then as you think they remove the crimbul to work with another that foolishly call them not always knowing what they will do. They were were or aarea energy forms by feel then they create by feel to cause those they dislike situations that resolve as they that were effected agree to what happened then not seem to be effected or thinking "I am not effected or created a vukcanian brute" creates what you want to create what you will is what they say. See the area is hidden by them to cause you trouble, they then show you what you did then stop what troubles you. See this what you think not what you will or think to create this is what you are aware or seem to work or will that you become or can use as information. This depends by what you wish to what you get some purpose is set by desire.

Saying "no or ues is yes then think what you want then you get what you wish by your desire, just seem as a glamour that they hide their children they gift you with by idea" is cancelling the wish by what you think to work or "think not to be" or knock on the door, then you are where you wish the worf are their guardsmen that are what they are thought to be with what they are thought with no ability if they don't like them. Like is what unlocks their ability I think is friendliness what unlocks their were form. After that they only have to think then say then the energy or I forms by their brain energy. Seen is the thought or area point if they wash or use the energy up or down is faery use. They that are usual are immortal or allowed by use. See this what you wish so they think is what they can use such, unless you think to not need the wish no brutes exist as "where" that shifts were usually "done" that return as you or others that steal from you. Seen is this as a point though you were right they created havoc then left me with ruin.

Vampires don't fear them only they would say done enough as elf in their language is drug. Think a theft then they will do think, from them they steal except from if they feel the need to create your feel. The use they feel is created feeling or what is thier will is your choice. Fee are normal energy children that you work or think they form then you train by thought or speaking or they use against you or they seem the area energy to make you feel this is alright or not so good by your feel with thier idea not to use if thought were right. I think this is the area you seem as you are one, they use this as their glamour to feel better or create by work. So you think then your energy shapes or creates or then you live by feel, the way to kill them is to create some energy to allow right then they kill themselves if they do wrong in anothers area view. Think the point then the point is no hit till irritated.

Do right then don't allow wrong. See they realize they are not thought as wrong or right they are what they seem. Usually the crimbul use your energy to know by realization or usual feel is focus by feel or sometimes fatality. If they don't understandably or attend school and they attack. They are usually sane or insane according to how they are thought, they don't imagine they usually love or lose to shift by thinking or avoiding danger. So what they are nice about is the things around them or cruel or inhumane to use as progress or those that they don't recognize or unswervingly avoid, go or avoid to see with idea or underated is not to send or think is their own making. Things work out with "no peace" or "with peace" except that is police as the peace, some attempt not to except you by idea unless underating or stop writing you are with peace by area feel. Thinking to meditate to calm down, allow or work right with the correct method or use release to the ground. Think excess energy dissipates as you drink water, as though fire disperses leaving calm or you treat water as though lava is energy to created feel. See you think the lava creates then the lava creates as though "I" is the area creator by energy activity.

Elves: the real facts
by XenonZerrow

Elves have many forms; some are tiny, some are tall and female elves often seem humane, but some say they are empty from the back, like a hollow tree.
 They are supernatural beings in Germanic mythology and folklore, elves were first attested in Old English and Old Norse texts and are prominent in British and Scandinavian folklore.
 Elves were first thought of as ambivalent beings with magical powers, but later they became more and more sinister, harming humans and livestock in various ways. In early modern folklore they were connected with fairies and entered the 20th century mainly by the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.
The English word elf is from the Old English or elf; in compound as "nightmare," left non or sogo is creature feel "hiccup or other idea you think or imagine, this is feel by the area energy or energy is what they use to appear civilized as they are faery or people hidden by glamour" afflictions apparently thought to be caused by elves. If they feel hate that is trashcan use, they can use it again or against you. The Modern German Elf (m), Elfe (f), Elfen is a loan from English. Sometimes a faery will give you a chance.

As in germanic mythology

 Jacob Grimm discusses "Wights and Elves" in the work Teutonic Mythology, grouping the elves as a divine or supernatural class of beings. He states that according to Old Norse mythology there are three kinds; the Sir, the Elfar and idea is night as a being formed from vanir that is energy formed from essence. Night is a being, that energy is a thought to use in life.

 There is also a close kinship with the dwarves, not only beacause of similar appearance, but many darf has elven name. Derived from several Old Norse scripts dwarves are elves too, but they are the "dark elves", while the "light elves" are what we think of as elves.

 Snorri in the Prose Edda states, that light elves live in Elfheim, while dark elves dwell underground, but adds a new term, black elves or dvergar as duagar identified by him, and has them reside in Svartelfaheim. This inspires Grimm to call the dwarves black elves, while the dark elves remain an intermediate class of such beings.

In Old Norse:

 The earliest preserved descriptions of elves comes from Norse mythology. In Old Norse they are called Elfar.
 Men could be elevated to the rank of elves after death, such as king Olaf Geirstad-Elf. The smith hero Vlundr is identified as 'Ruler of Elves' in the poem Vlundark via, who is the son of a king of the 'Finnar'. They are Arctic people respected for their shamanic magic (most likely, the sami).
 Crossbreeding is possible according to Norse mythology, Hgni and Skuld were such beings. They are also found in the Heimskringla and in The Saga of Thorstein, Viking's Son accounts of a line of local kings who ruled over Elfheim, and since they had elven blood they were said to be more beautiful than most men.
 In addition to these human aspects, they are commonly described as semi-divine beings associated with fertility and the cult of the ancestors. Just like ghosts, the elves were not bound by all physical laws and could pass through walls and doors. In addition to this, Kormiks saga accounts for how a sacrifice to elves was apparently believed able to heal a severe battle wound. There is an energy as they have there own and as in lore they use things to gain effects, by the idea and art in the ancient greeks and atleantians were interesting effects as in greek lore and love.

In Old English:

 Words for the nymphs of the Greek and Roman mythology were translated by Anglo-Saxon scholars as lf and variants on it, which may point out the origin of English elves.
 Old English thinks of elves as harmful creatures. In relation to the beauty of the Norse elves, there are some Old English words such as Elfsciene ("elf-beautiful"). These facts state, that these elves are highly similar to the Norse ones, as thought is a way of life to them.
 Although elves could be considered to be beautiful and potentially helpful beings in some sections of English-speaking society throughout its history, Old English evidence also attests to alignments of elves with demons, as for example in line 112 of Beowulf. On the other hand, oaf is simply a variant of the word elf, presumably originally referring to a changeling or to someone stupefied by elvish enchantment.
 Elf shots were considered to be the arrow-heads of elves (and witches), which later also meant a sharp pain (possibly caused by elves). They were considered to have healing power. Later the stones turned out to be Neolithic flint arrow-heads.

In German:

 In Christian folklore, the elber began to be described as mischievous pranksters that could cause disease to cattle and people, and bring bad dreams to sleepers. The German word for nightmare, Alptraum, means "elf dream". The archaic form Alpdruck means "elf pressure"; it was believed that nightmares are a result of an elf sitting on the dreamer's chest. This aspect of German elf-belief largely corresponds to the Scandinavian belief in the mara or mera, causing the same problems upon dreaming.

 As into the land as with a thought as your necessity is there, you can shift and seem as if in the area that exists for what is a heart. As search you mingle and thought is energy, to seem not and yet to seem true is to create what you think to create. As if a perfect fox that can seem anywhen and anywhere. Think and as energy is there with a surge you shift or not, and your will creates what you consider or energy isn't bad if you do things right. There is space as there creates what is enrgy in focus and the mysts create, an easy space shift that wit and energy created is what on touch. You can call them wit what you will, as energy thrugh the phone system. Think as you use energy, you can get energy to work. Together is the energy, as a point in time energy is thought and use used right is wat elongates life on the planet. Think as there is nothing to do and as energy is with a thought, assume to nothing that your energy creates restoration to the area.

 As in modern folklore:

In Skandinavian folklore:

Scandinavian folklore as assume in thought is to create as you think is a later blend of Norse mythology and elements of Christian mythology.
The Norvegian elves seldom appear in genuine folklore, and when they do, they are always used synonymous to huldrefolk or vetter, a category of earth-dwelling beings generally held to be more related to Norse dwarves than elves which is comparable to the Icelandic hulduflk that are vanished people through glamour (hidden people).
In Denmark and Sweden, the elves appear as beings distinct from the vetter, even though the border between them is diffuse.
The Elf of the Rose by Danish author H. C. Andersen is so tiny that he can have a rose blossom for home, and has "wings that reached from his shoulders to his feet". Yet if any thought to go by the tales they think and don't actually hear as the know, then the other idea is energy by the thought will.

Andersen also wrote about elvere, in The Elfin Hill is well known the entrance is a thought as a wooden door in a tree. The elves only open the door by the thought you see as an afterimage, as a point to thought your energy creates the energy from the door. That to seem open or closed, and as you knock three times you don't seem to shift as you think and walk through an open doorway as you will hear three knocks of victory on your door and yet to shift back is yet easier.

As your energy forms from your faery ability with will or not as you think back to your own time and state of what you lived with and your in ease, as this is attuned by a point that "it tis isn't" and your back to where you want to seem think you manifest ability and the idea is there that they are were. As the underking values the underhulk that seem a use are really interesting diggers, and as represented in a game called baldur's gate and other elven lore called edvrkheng. Those are diggers in another area, as size is shape and weight is controllable.

If you feel a little like a sidetracked moment, your there and they can share a sense by feeling what you want, as an almost exact area is where you think to seem and movement or not you are. The elves in this story are in a married state, to nature they are more alike those don't seem that as what they are isn't. As they really are as energy seems or use is glamour, as the underking is a wizardlord and to see and not ever to repeat. To create a seeming trough the person he wants to talk through, as a traditional Danish folklore.

Those who are females are blessed to beautiful days in life, as the men are living in hills and boulders, capable of dancing as a man to death, just like the huldra are alien to the land and detected by the auratic approach and change that approach as the presence is felt and thats harrowing as felt in Norway and Sweden, they are the ones hollow when seen from the back as I wrote in the beginning. As you prove resistant to what your told they leave you alone.

Tis is an idea that if believed can stink or not if to seem true and untrue. The elves of the Norse mythology have survived into folklore mainly, as the female tribe is very interesting females and males can seem drunk or not as there are were they want, living in hills and mounds of stones. The Swedish Elvorwere were were of amusement and specialist attempts, to transform people into stunningly beautiful girls or other shapes, who is lived in the forest with an an idea if inference to them were made. As a deal as an elven or what race you are to the elven city they create a king and elven use to an elven king, the underking as an understandable undertaker to create from the svelegnim mine mountain by the power with use. As thought an offering of friendship is a gift, as night is your power that serves your purpose. They might pull your puppet strings, as a concept as in the form of an animal or person formed. Things in use are from their essence, can take the person's place or as identity is stolen as you do and this is in the city Toleideia. Think some idea and not theft or you do as you want.

   They were long-lived and light-hearted in nature. The elves are typically pictured as fair-haired, white-clad, and (like most creatures in the Scandinavian folklore) nasty when offended. In the stories, they often play the role in removel with disease-spirits. The most common, though also most harmless case was various irritating skin rashes, which were called elven blow and could be cured by a forceful counter-blow (a handy pair of bellows was most useful for this purpose). Sklgropar an area in Scottland inte place you don't think to see, a particular kind of petroglyph found in Scandinavia, as you are allowed to know and were known in older times as elven mills, pointing to their believed usage. One could appease the elves by offering them a treat placed into an elven mill.

In order to protect themselves against malevolent elves, Scandinavians could use a so-called Elf cross (Alfkors, Elvkors or Ellakors), which was carved into buildings or other objects. It existed in two shapes, one was a pentagram and it was still frequently used in early 20th century Sweden as painted or carved onto doors, walls and household utensils in order to protect against elves.The second form was an ordinary cross carved onto a round or oblong silver plate.
The elves could be seen dancing over meadows, particularly at night and on misty mornings. They left a kind of circle where they had danced, which were called elf dances or elf circles, and to urinate in one was thought to cause venereal diseases. Typically, elf circles were fairy rings consisting of a ring of small mushrooms
If a human watched the dance of the elves, he would discover that even though only a few hours seemed to have passed, many years had passed in the real world. In a song from the late Middle Ages about Olaf Liljekrans, the elven queen invites him to dance. He refuses, he knows what will happen if he joins the dance and he is on his way home to his own wedding. The queen offers him gifts, but he declines. She threatens to kill him if he does not join, but he rides off and dies of the disease she sent upon him, and his young bride dies of a broken heart.

In Icelandic folklore:

Expression of belief in hulduflk or "hidden folk", the elves that dwell in rock formations, make in the energy to restore with a point that came from is common in Iceland. If the natives do not explicitly express their belief, they are often reluctant to express disbelief. A 2006 and 2007 study on superstition by the University of Iceland’s Faculty of Social Sciences supervised by Terry Gunnell (associate folklore professor), reveal that natives would not rule out the existence of elves and ghosts (similar results of a 1974 survey by Professor Erlendur Haraldsson

In German:

According to German and Danish folklore, the Erlknig appears as an omen of death, much like the banshee in Irish mythology. Unlike the banshee, however, the Erlknig will appear only to the person about to die. His form and expression also tell the person what sort of death they will have: a pained expression means a painful death, a peaceful expression means a peaceful death. In the first story of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Die Wichtelmnner, the title protagonists are two naked mannequins, which help a shoemaker in his work. When he rewards their work with little clothes, they are so delighted, that they run away and are never seen again. Even though Wichtelmnner are akin to beings such as kobolds, dwarves and brownies, the tale has been translated into English as The Elves and the Shoemaker, and is echoed in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter stories (another partly incorrect reuse). Variations of the German elf in folklore include the moss people and the white women. On the latter Jacob Grimm does not make a direct association to the elves, but other researchers see a possible connection to the shining light elves of Old Norse.

In English and Lowland Scottish folklore:

The elf makes many appearances in ballads of English and Scottish origin, as well as folk tales, many involving trips to Elphame or Elfland, a mystical realm which is sometimes an eerie and unpleasant place. The elf is occasionally portrayed in a positive light, but many examples exist of elves of sinister character, frequently bent on rape and murder. In none of the cases is the elf a spritely character with pixie-like qualities.
English folktales of the early modern period commonly portray elves as small, elusive people with mischievous personalities. They are often portrayed as children with Williams syndrome (which was not recognised as a medical condition but some specialist believe that people were enchanted with their character and appearance that they believed to be magical), usually with fair hair. They are not evil but might annoy humans or interfere in their affairs. They are sometimes said to be invisible. In this tradition, elves became similar to the concept of fairies. As people from the English countryside immigrated to America, they brought elements of English folklore with them, and this particular depiction of elves then evolved in America into the Christmas elves of pop culture.
Successively, the word elf, as well as literary term fairy, evolved to a general denotation of various nature spirits like Puck, hobgoblins, Robin Goodfellow, the English and Scots brownie, the Northumbrian English hob and so forth. These terms, like their relatives in other European languages, are no longer clearly distinguished in popular folklore.
The influence of Shakespeare and Michael Drayton made the use of elf and fairy for very small beings the norm. In Victorian literature, elves usually appeared in illustrations as tiny men and women with pointed ears and stocking caps.

The Christmas Elves

In the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland the modern children's folklore of Santa Claus typically includes green-clad elves with pointy ears, as not a thought this is things in a point as a lie or idea with long noses, and pointy hats as Santa's helpers or hired workers. They make the toys in a workshop located in the North Pole. In this portrayal, elves slightly resemble nimble and delicate versions of the elves in English folk takes in the Victorian period from which they derived. The role of elves as Santa's helpers has continued to be popular, as evidenced by the success of the popular Christmas movie Elf.

As in modern fantasy:

The fantasy genre in the 20th century grows out of 19th century Romanticism. 19th century scholars such as Andrew Lang and the Grimm brothers collected "fairy-stories" from popular folklore and in some cases retold them freely. A pioneering work of the genre was The King of Elfland's Daughter, a 1924 novel by Lord Dunsany. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien (1937) is seminal, predating the lecture On Fairy-Stories by the same author by a few years. In the 1939 lecture, Tolkien introduced the term "fantasy" in a sense of "higher form of Art, indeed the most nearly pure form, and so (when achieved) the most potent". Thought is with the point you think you observe, as this is from tolkien's writing has such popularity that in the 1960s and afterwards, elves speaking an elvish language similar to those in Tolkien's novels became staple non-human characters in high fantasy works and in fantasy role-playing games.

A hallmark of many fantasy elves is their pointed ears. Post-Tolkien fantasy elves (popularized by Dungeons & Dragons) tend to be more beautiful and wiser than humans, with sharper senses and perceptions. They are said to be gifted with arcane powers, mentally sharp and lovers of nature, art, and song. They are often skilled archers, and they can tap a key or think out and seem interesting but aren't  or notice your moves with watching the keyboard and person useage. A hallmark of many fantasy elves is their pointed ears. A truth to the elven is they bear a birthmark or tattoo as isis protects, where they that need an idea can use it in what you think.

Think this is a concept and it can seem created, and faery glamour can hide their form from were or other in travel as they shift and go as this is. Think to create and this is what they can do in life, think and "marmelade" you say things to create them. Then is energy is a point you can create aside the point, as you think and thought associates with as it seems. Thus in every way considerate and condensed, think energy into water from ice as this creates a thought. Than us the act is nice, which would actually lead to a bloody war out of jealousy between us (and a couple of other imperfect races) and them, which is yet to be told and done with.


A boggart is a fae creature, in English folklore, known for its relentless mischief. It is part of a collection of 'bugbear' type spirits, which also include bogles, boogies and boogeymen. It is also considered to be related to brownies but is differentiated for being less helpful than a brownie and more malicious than a boogie.

It is said their appearance resembles a gnome, albeit one with tattered and dusty clothing. They are rarely seen but make themselves known by minor mishaps and persistent noises after dark.

Like all 'bugbears' they are clumsy creatures and prefer cluttered, semi-dark areas to hide in. They will serve themselves a nuisance to the homestead with such acts as causing milk to go sour, disrupting sleep (especially those of babies), stealing, frightening pets, leaving taps running, and more and undone by their own energy turned against them and disrupted in life. As there in energy turned, to kill them they dissolve into energy.

As all this is possible, by what they think and focus as to do activity to make something create from nothing. They can easily dissolve as to make use is to work the energy, to their will end and they are likely to reform from energy if they are thought to exist. But if they catch something off guard and uncreate the idea, they dislike they disrupt and remove what is there as if it wasn't existant as if dissolved into nothing.

So no, as you think them harm they won't hurt you as don't think to cause them pain as you give them chocolate pleasure by sugar or what sweets or food they like honey, this is to make food as they will like and what you do is a point to create. With a concept to a thought to make the right hand movement, with that possibility as you think and project forward or create as will.

They are considered very difficult to be rid of, especially if named. Once an infestation is bad enough there is no known method of appeasing or reasoning with it. Home owners will be forced to act in a manner more annoying than the boggart to drive it off. If that does not work the lodgers are advised to move house as swiftly as possible, so that the boggart does not hear of the plans and hitch a ride.

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Fey Magic

  This starts with a creation of fey, as you extend your forefinger and thumb apart you can form them. As they are in need you can create a true fey. This is from energy of what the body can form, as a ball of white light that is needed to teach this is a conscious form of little fey that can easily create a form. As the need if they have ability, to copy from yourself and this is the thought they use that they can copy from anywhere anywhen and anyhow. This takes a fey to aid, as you in ask and you can become one. As in the idea, you create fey as you think the chant, 'Une Exceptia Ex Rusea Fun Biz In En' at the person and think 'Mai Wee E Kesh' and this is fun as experience is in to be used up as energy.

  As en is magic that fades in an end they make up, there magic fades and if the purpose is to maintain the magic they cast, they cast projected energy at the human. As with a concept this as an end to get and give and this takes at least 3 fey and a half human, to maintain and yet not is the idea visible till the interest is in an area to make visible. There is possible the idea, that if their magic is believed in, they are able to keep the magic and use is what keeps the magic alive. There is an interesting point, that if intention is stopped, and use is a point to create they can make head injury and enter the head. As if in the mind world to create as intending or thought is life extinguished. If they choose to lie, and they want to mask their presence. They go to a world and make use is to create and thought is the point in the mirror, or vision of themselves to which they are old and yet young.

  As the End is ebbing and in the tide is going in the sea you are, as though in tidea as if water surrounds you and you can get ability to use ability as if from the water in a healing effect thats charged. A glamour is a thought, as what they do is what they create as made up they use the energy of belief, this is in you yourself that gives them strength as such they create and as they receive a request they listen to a thought an the wind as is response as if on the psychic wind that gives all and shows all. As they are allowing or allowed in the area, they can use an create what they think if they think it necessary. There is a thought that is a concept, and that if they feel the need they will do and as they are in human guise they do things and create an urge. This urge is what can seem to create energy, effects into solid form and then they can build up the need to eat sweets. As in diet they actually never gain weight, if they dissipate the body energy essence bestowed by food.

  All thats needed is to focus and the innate understanding is there as they can think of the idea to see and know they are with a thought and wind is what they create, as they are the creators and thought is what energy in use they can psychically imbue in thought. As in focus to create and make a creative use, and use is up to you as with what they create if given to as a gift. This is with healing and in thought you can form food in the mouth or drink of water. This is at the thought healing, the drink you thought to your mouth. This E Kesh can get you gain as if in wired and as if in a mood to enchant or think and create or not as to stop and abort the thing you do and you get your idea energy as bio electricity ball back that act as fey.

  The fey can deal with radiation, as they are capable of converting it to useful energy as though by a thought. So as long as you are alive, they have a living source and can remain as if with an example. Otherwise, they are in effort to understand and end up leaving out of sheer boredom. Thus, they can use you as a bioenergy power source, as a biorhythmic energy of pulsing life energy, as a wave effect is light is sensed then you can get to use them as they allow for it. As you think it they will do in it as they feel like and are willing of course to help if human fey, otherwise you have to win them over and if what they do they create and don't hurt their own kind they can get very good effects. As in use of an idea, they are interested in what you do and you get a positive idea in response or something similar in infinite use.

  If they lose a source of what they use, then they could die unless no source no fey as they have another source and they go and find the source for use. An in this is an idea for a point they use to work, with an in concept you get to do things and they get to do things and they can even nullify love charms or things you don't like. If you create them and they are not there, as to seem other places to stem the flow of time as to correct something thats wrong to their senses. As if on request they can stop it or create it. As in time an effect like this is true and they can goto other places. As if to think, they go and if to do things they are there in thought.

  As to try, understand this is for you, or for themselves from everywhere as it can be for others or not as there is no interest and as if to observe. They appear gone only, if on what is need as if invisible. As if this is a thought with a point, this can make things an in an area is this is with this as a problem as they are at an end to get things done. This is as though thought, as a natural end this is as thought as 'en' and to stop the 'en' there is nothing that isn't thought on it as this is not done here and fey even formed are alive forever. As the fey is with life, immortality is there's with then as this is here there is a moment that they express themselves. As in with telepathy, and only if they need to.

  As in now with glampour or as an aftereffect of certain dislikes, as your feel can block the feel and their usage is over. As they can not seem there to influence you, if doing tricks and can with use otherwise be driven away if annoying. As though you were perceived, as a threat of untruthful nature your will could be used or stopped in use against you. As you don't do as you say, they avoid you if a dislike is turned to dislikes as drow can do things or not as an unwanted group is there. As this can in a moment seem, as this may be used as against those they dislike, as you are walking or driving away and you don't want them there as you are driving them away.

  In time, unless they fight each as opposite as if black dot and white dot contending, as they are doing things to drive away those opposite people to their beliefs unless they can ignore each in each other. This is a per each their own belief idea. The larger fey such as unicorn or periochles as earth goat fey are an exception, as they love to do things and are attuned to earth they can follow the earth idea and consciousness to attack or not become warlike. Unless reasoned with, as to in exchange service for a service or idea for an idea and this is possible with tokens of power such as useful artefacts to them.

  All they who use this needs in health to do, is to think or feel the purpose and then use the idea to focus with in need as they feel the power build up and surge it creates the fey wave affect as if you can use things like a clap to produce a change to become the area and create change. An to seem a good reason, you think to do things and you are filled with life energy. As if the love from the creator, is there to help as you think you feel the idea result before the actual things. As a done deal is done, as you think you focus your need and in a burst of original flow of witchcraft as is where you are releasing an idea. To make itself and this creates itself, as a thought creates iself from their influence if a right reaction of energy happens. Then some burst of light and possibly dark idea, or light in activity here happens idea positively as this is what is possible. As use information that creates by a will and you make or create by what you do and this creates whatever you use as you think to use mana as a gate to energy.

  There is no misuse as they judge the use, and as they are done with things they can either let ou keep the gift. As ability manifests and their use, is in matter and nothing else as if nothing is actually needed. As if the gift can manifest any actual effect, they can create and give a result or the ability is what can leave you blind. This is by feeling, and disgust by not caring as they get overdesirous as this is a point to their use and need that brings a sin to use. If they pantomime the activity or actions they can get results, as if from humans that use magic as if helping out and then they if overused as energy is a resource from them they die.

  This is possible to use as if the in idea is to generate energy as it is a power and ability if there can direct it as if channeling and with one thought spoken, such as 'done' or otherwise any other word you can use to describe the fey need. Then, no and do else or trial by error as you need to do it, you will as the rule is 'if you need it you do things' and think of the effect you decide to use and the fey hate those who lie to them. As those who are natural born will do things, and try to help out as if for what is in need and if they see it as a possible idea to use.

  As they see the need and they see a reason as a will to respond, as if you are in need with a good reason they are intending to help and they need to see a good reason to aid. As glamour is glamour and use is from thought exists, reality to the thought is to the reality with a glamour to cast thought as a glamour  or not to form from in the air if a point is as if a nuisance or not needed as small fey are something peculiar and they disappear and shift away. Think or nothing happens as nothing exists from what the form they chose appears, as and what they created if the person doesn't misuse it won't disappear in life. 

  As they are not needing to manifest, what they create is what seems human or other form. As what wee are doing is what seems, and any demihuman is free to go where they want and no more regrets are harboured.  As what will not exist doesn't, or not as nothing exists where there isn't any reason to make in existance a power glamour field.

  There is no use in what life glib use is, as they are a point in enemy use and feel they aren't treated well and yet they are used anyway. Then they can create some effect that will make you not miserable, unless they are unliking what they say or see as they seem to not be there and anything they create or make. This is still there as not liked and yet if you are in for a point to do, or not and you are fair as they are fair, and thus you are alive to tell the tale as what you learned.

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Fey Myth

"Dread Fairy King,
I sacrifice before you,
How nobly do you stand!
You have filled up my house.
You have considerate life
brought me a wife when I had not one,
Instead of daughters you have given me sons.
You have shown me the ways of right,
You have given me many children."

- Biddulph, Tribes of the Hindoo Kush

Mythology Attributes:

Mythology gives us lots of information about fairies. These are some of their supposed qualities and attributes:

* May be male or female, helpful or harmful
* Have powers of magic and enchantment
* Wear green clothes
* Move swiftly
* Live on hills, in woody dells, underwater, or in the
* Can turn invisible, or blend so closely into the forest as
to seem invisible
* Are immortal
* Shape-shift
* Cause fog, mysts and wind by tempests
* May be winged and fly
* Live on fruit
* Play tricks
* Brawl with each other
* Possess gold
* Bestow gifts - Fairy gifts include the cauldron of plenty,
the wand of intelligence, and the tree of knowledge
* Steal babies and replace them with changelings
* War with insects and reptiles
* Borrowhouehold itemrom humans
* Enjoy music, dancing and making love
* Enchant humans and beguile them into the fairy realm
* Are associated with certain plants, trees and places
* Sometimes take human lovers
* Create artifacts, such as shoes and bows


* The Little People are said to be the dispossessed early
tribes of the British Isles. They faded away into
uninhabited places, growing smaller and smaller with time as
they were forgotten and passed into legend.

* The Tuatha de Danann, People of the Goddess Dana, ruled
Ireland before the Milesian invasion. They were driven
underground where they became the Daoine Sidhe fairies.

Other theories hold that fairies are:
* Supernatural beings
* Fallen angels trapped on earth
* Spirits of the dead
* Elementals / Nature spirits
* Old gods and godesses who have been neglected, lost their powers and dwindled away


* Fairies are the Little People, the good folk who live in woody dells. Names for them include: faery - faerie - fatae - fa'ae - fairye - sidhe - sith - fee - fay - fae - fayerie
- fair folk - verry folk - feriers - ferishers - farisees - wee folk - green men - greenies - greencoaties - green children - gremlins - good neighbors - good people - grey
neighbors - pixies - piskies - sprites - tamlane - tammerlane - tom-lin - tom of lyn

* Elves, gnomes, sprites, goblins, hobgoblins, nymphs, merfolk, trolls, leprechauns, etc. are considered types of fairies in some traditions.

* Knowing a fairy's true name gives you power over it, so fairies are said to guard their real names very closely.

Nevertheless, individual fairies known, to us from mythology

o Caer, a beautiful fairy who lived as a swan
o Clethrad, an alder fairy
o Donagh, Finvarra's beautiful wife.
o Finvarra, fairy king of the Daoine Sidhe. He is known for his skill at chess and for abducting brides-to-be.
o Ghillie Dhu, a Scottish fairy who lives in birch thickets. He dresses in moss and leaves.
o Heliconian, a willow fairy
o Melia, an ash or quince fairy
o O'Donoghue, king of the Lough Lean fairies in Ireland
o Summer, beautiful queen of the Elves of Light. Her presence melts Winter away.
o Urisk, a lonely male Scottish fairy who is found near pools
o Wichtlein, a German mine fairy

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Fairy Flowers

Primrose - Cowslip - Foxglove
(From Open, Sesame: Plants in Myth, Magic and Medicine)

Primrose Myth:

* Sacred to the Goddess because of its 5-petalled flowers.
* The 'mysterious number' of primrose petals represent women. They symbolize birth, initiation, consummation, repose and death.
* Sacred to the Muse.
* Held sacred by Druids.
* Primroses were considered fairy flowers in Ireland and Wales. They represented wantonness in England, as expressed in the phrase 'the primrose path of dalliance.'
* Eating primroses is supposed to enable you to see fairies.
* Touching a fairy rock with a primrose posy opens the way to fairyland and fairy gifts. Using the wrong number of flowers in the posy spells certain doom. (Try five.)


* Element: Air
* Language of Flowers: Early youth.
o red primrose = Unpatronized merit.
* Sex magic: for love spells
* For: protection - making the invisible visible


European herbs of many varieties that grow in hedgerows, open woodland, beside streams and along lanes. They bloom with yellow, white, pink or purple five-petalled flowers.

*Note: Evening Primroses belong to a different family of plants.


* Culpepper recommended salve of leaves for wounds.


* Primrose pottage was made by boiling pounded flowers, honey, almond milk, saffron, rice flour and powdered ginger. It was served garnished with flowers.

Primula vulgaris - Woodland Primrose

Perennial herb with strongly veined leaves and knotty, branching roots. It blooms from March to May with stalks of fragrant yellow flowers. Woodland primrose requires partial shade.


* Astringent - sedative - antispasmodic - expectorant
* Folk remedy for: gout - paralysis - rheumatism
* Dried, powdered root is emetic
* Infusion of root for nervous headache
* Tincture for insomnia

Modes: powder - tincture - infusion

Primrose obconica

Names: Primrose - German Primrose

Annual herb with brittle, aromatic leaves that are covered with irritating hairs. Native to China, it blooms from early winter to May with large, showy white, pale blue, lilac, rose, pink or carmine flowers that have greenish eyes. Propagated by seed, it needs semi-shade and a cool location.

*Caution: The glandular hairs contain a poison. Their irritating fluid is absorbed through the skin, causing itching, blisters and eczema. .

Primula malacoides

Names: Fairy Primrose - Baby Primrose

Bushy annual herb with pale green papery leaves whose undersides are covered with white hairs. It blooms from March through spring with umbels of flowers in pastel shades of white through rose and red to lavender, sometimes with deeper colored eyes. Propagate by seed. .

Primula sinensis - Chinese Primrose

Strongly scented annual or perennial oriental herb with a rosette of hairy, long-stemmed leaves. Usually mauve with yellow eyes, the blossoms may also be white, pink or scarlet. Chinese primrose requires well-drained soil and is subject to death by over watering.

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