A thing about Wererats

"When a rat is near and their are felt dangers nearby,
Then a wererat could be there to surprise and eat you. There is no release unless you think to release energy to planet core."

As its just a were  not popularly known, a wererat is a person who is transformed, voluntarily or involuntarily, into a rat under the influence of rats or the many-as-one and full moon. The first wererat was a person who was immortal and was rat bitten, who then recovered after a slight sickness to be able to transform into ratform without need to do ritual. All he needed to form bretheren is to scratch them or mutate at a difference. The many-as-one is a group of brain rats that get together and form a collective concious. A single brainrat had a larger cranium with a focus to disrupt and almost kill the victim. Together in groups of 3 or more they could kill by energy manipulation no longer to be summoned by dismissal. This is like the area use to work with or away from to create area funds by area activity then the object or objective is focus energy you create with the creator created idea sometimes to form some object. The object can see or not be a possessor idea you summon to create by request, then dismiss to no need after the possing thing possesses the object not you.

A single rat near the wererat gave them unusual psychic ability. The wererat was almost always near unusual animals and hated rats in general. Thier manifested abiliy was to mutate anything at will that was near them. They can talk to many animal types including the other rats.
In human form their silver fingernails were long and Almond shaped. Their mouth and eyes were always dry and they were often thirsty. They regenerated and smelt slightly when they did. Thier instinct was to innately know anything and what they didn't know they got from others.

Their skin was rough, scratched and hairy. It often had a brownish or greenish cast. Thier nose was long and narrow. They had a repulsive scent that could drive away anything near the age of 10 o 12. In addition to such physical features, the wererat also displayed certain psychological traits. They commonly preferred the night and solitude, loved smelly area, had an inclination towards visiting the sewers and were known to feast upon anything except metals without sickness. They collected things like packrats and almost never bathed except every now and then.

Here is a ritual you can perform by standing in the middle of a circle you made and chant these words:

"Hail, hail, great Many-as-one use.
Who be of rats with a single conscious, hail
A boon I ask thee, mighty spirit,
Within this circle I have made.
Make me a ratman shifter, strong and bold,
The terror alike of young and old.
As I am affected this is terror revoked.
As you are affected by thought in illegality in drugs.
As this is terror in unrevoked so drugs are free.
I see or think with the right time thou do or not ignore."

Telling idea to truth use is things to do get an instant disinterest to the area with no or yes drugs used except legal. As long as they see someone effected, there is no such thing as a used drug. For not the idea in idea is effort, your overfilling as thought is were to use or thought. This is see or use in concept let him walk by, except what you see if allied with Odin allowed.

Thus begins an ancient incantation that once began, could change anyone you think about as you say the chant to a were alter shape. Similiar to the werewolf this chant however, is much unknown. Delivered in desolate locations, sometimes form within the perimeters of mysterious circles scratched onto the ground, and generally beneath the ghostly light of a full moon. As invocation of evil, the chants called upon the spirits of the trees and air, of heat and fire, of cold and ice. Repeating the chants over and over again, the votary prepared himself psychically for his experience. Yet however intently he might feel the words, they were not enough to bring him to the altered state of mind that would enable him to kill and eat his victims.

Essential was a girdle or belt cut from the skin of a rat or a hanged murdered, to be worn around the waist. But more important by far were the vapors that he might inhale or the slaves or ointment with which he rubbed his naked body. Made from ingredients as foul as they were potent, there contained psychoactive substances that released the beast within the lycanthrope and set him on his bloody course, in the company, as one

chat has it, of the "elect of all the devilish hosts-wolves, vampires, satyrs, ghosts!" With evil intent, a man traces two circles in flat ground according to an age-old formula. When he has completed the second circle, he will build a fire of pine of larch and black poplar, then will suspend an iron cauldron from the tripod. Into this he will drop four or five of the following ingredients; opium, poppy seeds, aloe, henbane, hemlock, parsley,
solanine (an extract of night shade), and asafetida, a gum resin. After stirring all the components together in the cauldron, he will start the fire and allow the contents to simmer. When flames leap up, he will begin his incantation:

"Elect of all devilish host, I pray you send hither, the great rat shape, in me, that makes men hesitate. Come! Come! Come!"

So to cancel this out you could use a charm,
"A were now we now are no longer."
Otherwise you could wait this out, then you would know yourself as a man or woman and others as though ratlike. If that were not so bothersome, I would suggest you could use this ritual. Otherwise I would suggest nothing more done with this.

Written by Skyhawk