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General information

  If you want to know about the background of Druids work, then read the Druidry Intro, that's if you haven't read the introductory information. Then if you want to know more detail about them, feel free to look at the More Druid detail section with this article. This is written from memory and with the aid of others and other pages that I listed in the page. So enjoy the article as you can, this can either be a short read, if you read the Druidry intro sections or a long read for more interested people on the topic. So the wikipedia has some information on modern druidry, if interested look here.

Druidry Intro

  This is druidry even today. That's where druidic practice is a religion that came before the christians. Their information was even spread across the world. It's in multiple other religions and is considered, the first pagan religion. This is where you can serve multiple gods. So, paganistic. I work with the sun god, Odin and others with sending my excess energy to the God and getting results. Tengri the mountain god is great. He does physical manifest.

  It is energy of the mountain that creates what you want, when you think your energy at the volcano or mountain with the name being stated. Then the name acts like a direction for your thoughts. Of course you don't have to be near a volcano. The point you make is what "charges" the energy you send out as waves from the auratic field and that acts like instruction for the mountain to do. That's why you don't have to be near it. your spirit can send energy and "programming" to anywhere almost instantly. that's how the taen-ri name and request works. get this, there is allot more mountain than exists so it's particles are with more results.

  See, think and know, the way I see it, with your spirit sending the energy, the mountain god creates it's results near you. So, that's how the mountain god is a god and he can create physical results..since it is a physical place. However, it's really you and your energy creating the point. Thus, in order to use him, state "taen-ri" for tengri and your result you need..there may be a few days or more for the results to manifest.

  So you would say, "taen-ri I want my body to become female in appearance." that's for a shapeshift ability granted by him. Its a want and you project your need in the request, that the energy does. For powers, use "taen-ri, make it so I get the ability that I desire." Think of or state the ability you want as a power. Know that's a point in idea that I think about everyday. When he manifests things, he creates the point with a surge of heat energy and then coldness. This is what he does.

Some Druidry Idea

  How to be a druid came from memories with some area and sometimes a point from a drunk or two, this came of the Druids and my master in thought who died while use was or was not done and was too much for my heart. So I had to write by a period I saw was true so I wrote it quickly then left laughing as I died on the floor. So how druidry came about for me was with the thought that I had with alien use as this is though a point thought where people sought freedom by knowing things. This is where druidry is especially good at getting results through nature and natural resolve. Some like Druidism because of it's balance of man and nature. I think it's a good bet, that druidism is useful even if in today's time. So I think they believe in a spirit realm or the astral plane otherwise. They use the Gods to create what they want or need.

  What they sought when seeking freedom was from release of energy, that hurts them by feel. They think the idea and the spirit empowered by the soul creates what they need. This was used in seeking release from the evils they were living for by what they did or usually that was done with thought from avoidance, so I see that as a point this was turned into learning. This is done by the area memory by a feeling from the area. So think, if you are interested in the history of the druids in video form, look here.

  If your wondering what the druid does, then this is a point of life to them, this is seeming druidic in nature and doing what you wanted. Druidic is where they use their will to do things, so they create by the idea with some sorts of rite for better energy effect. This is done through suggestion to the area or thinking to the energy itself. The point is the thing they can do, that they use to create or work with by feel. They also teach, so think if necessary and otherwise they avoid situations that were caused by others if unfavorable to them. This is a point by idea.

  This point is what I remember of them doing to get support, so I wouldn't doubt in idea that they helped out if they could. Sometimes giving warnings of the seasons and doing rites to correct for things, that are sometimes about to happen or these things are done there to celebrate the point. That is if they can help, otherwise they stayed back and observed those in action. So if my memory is faulty, then I blame my medication and know not everything in idea if the article is accurate.

  Think a point or thought for truth, this starts when druidry practices were just being formed. That was where then I think that they did things out of concern, and worked for a living doing what they want. So they who were involved thought in use and was with ancestry so by desire or use that they did was not always nice, so they thought to do what was requested or confide in ways. Yet sometimes they were blocked by idea from the effect to do other idea.

  See this was activity done by feel, that was where people responded by doing what they could with love and desires being done. So I think as they brought attention to people of things to come, they otherwise could have seen and then thought to warn people of things that may occur. This was in repayment for things or free information by feel, so that they had done a service to the community. So they could then do what they wanted. Also they could do what is need, thinking to help out and work for others concerns or needs.

  They formed the druid idea with idea of many gods and "illithid" not faery idea, that means soul is the creators energy that is created by feel unless they were not always conflicted or used. Then by the creator you become a person to guide or guide by feel. See by concept with the creator you are as though you want to be seen or seem, this is where you think and wish things to happen by feel and the creator creates and this was known as being guided by the creator.

  The creator is a being in the upper dimension, that made the universe and what people or beings there are to work with as people and animals are thought memory that is used to with each other by what is done. This is feedback, the point is a concept and what they did was make things happen. See whomever this was is used as a source as with you this seems to become boring or your creative area use, this is not unlike a blood rivuletor the becoming or the user of life as a doppleganger "ahiem" the Jesus child and that is thinking to see immortal use that's the person the druids don't follw, btw.

  Think about the idea, and you know where the madness of the seasons come from by feel. So think and you know what you can get from the point of trade or sells. If you can afford the sell point, then I would go and do the idea. This is a suggestion only, that is riddled by buy and trade. So I think this is a point I will work with people, then at least I know that I will get what I want if I need the result as though an end result. This is the trade secret of magic, enjoy what you can of this, as some things do not last.

  This was a taught and learned lesson. Even though I am aware of things, I will do what I can. This serves the point of the community and I think signals the idea I need to the Gods, that I serve or need things by statement from the act of created feel. That is mentioned in a book, so I will think about the idea and this as a point to do. This is without madness, btw. So I know that things are real by the aura, and what you do is what is done by the idea. There are many Gods, so think and you realize what God or elemental being you can use.

  This is with idea by the king of thieves book I remember from 30 years back, this is where they thought to get better with concept or they could get better results by what they did. The aging or time I speak of that the druids ancestry came from is 39000 or more years back. So more recently is the druidic movement, that is where they teach others and are lore masters or magical mysteries creators that also know their form of magic. This was the magic of using learning or energy to create what they wanted. Usually this was by a focus point that most used, otherwise this was by a concept being learned or taught. So I think to learn from people and learn from the Gods, you create with joy and the spirit. That means your soul is what abounds by what is done. This is known effect or offense if done wrongly. Think and you know what you can do.

  Immortis is one such name of a deity of them named "the god", that God serves the creator and was whom found a giant that got defeated by age and the one that had one eye. He was found by a tribesman that named himself immortis after the fact, so a few uses with time were used to disrupt him or that which uses time is where thought is some use. So there's no reason to cause alarm to what is not right to him or seeing use is theory and he is dead now. So this being is a point of idea, think and you know him by what is done.

  So this to some is allowing free area use or the area is free by practice with something done or the area your in is without practice. This is the rule: Your use is thought to create with as artistic activity. So you see some that are useful to some aren't that bad, so create by the viewpoint you react right to get things right. Seen is the use like the sleight of hand you do, I am thinking they who practice this don't lose things where they should not lose things.

  Named as you want no matter the weight, think the idea to create what you want. That is done as you find the right activity done. See then or create use or thin is use by activity, so this is theory that use by so many is energy to him as Odi causes the rivulets as he is Odi the odious, so think or say "Odi, no" then you can rest assured to continue without an odor and do other things. Sights to see are as you or he likes the point, as he likes them that live because just focus to think distance uses is causes or no effect. Oder was the creator by scents with area feel in love. See as you are near Oen, or the old one of power, with him your aware as your awake this is think as you are aware.

  So you use right to correct by feel, so you end by results or not create if nothing to met sight or use of mention. This is where the territory is so how you know you think now or do as you want, so don't seem unless necessary or your not rude or the area corrects. See an use is the way of the druid yes this means see the usage then create to correct. See anna domesticaria is the situated idea place yet is not important so you don't have to be there, see or do except you there or where you are can create what you think with the right activity or creativity. Things are however you want, so think them created equal to the moment by a point that is with thought. This is the way of creation, if you think of the point you can create by idea. That means you have what you want, and that serves as though the thought is the intent.

  So if you are aware by disrupting the use or thinking the user feel for energy feel, you can create with or focus by planet use is fire energy use. Think to cure or not or "adaption" see "ause" is auto use abuse or body adaption to fix or create or feel focused. This is not allowed to a dog so you can feel free or ion energy is not, as the body changes to seem disgusting. This by what is just a case of diarhea or cast by nothing but a point. See the use or not if a dog by idea in thought, this is where they could think "this is no excresience of not use to eat or the thought was by them who traine_me."

  "Un ase in me", that is the thought I pick up on, so you see that is a cool point to my area or animal telepathy. See or creating by area use is feeling free to cause or create with your pet. As in use this is a cast in motion that you see, that is use by focus or use is an escape gun often thought. As though some loony gun, that is what your area seems like to use this is cool.

  That is where energy is useful, you could focus your thoughts to direct the energy and create a result. So energy is focus that you see to use or use magic, feel in use or though use not use is no use unless use. As use is notice not to destroy until necessary, as you so use by feel is some focus as a use notice is sometimes burning feel called a burn notice sometime caused cold flash by psychic impression. This vision is brought upon you by the third eye using the pinneal gland to activate it or thinking to deactivate it. It's the thought that counts.

Druidry feel

  This is written partially as with the viewpoint from the past and the start is here or with see to feel, though if by focus or non entity you see an understanding of what they are an what they believed in then you can go with that. There's a druid for male and druidess for female. That is a celtish priest/ess that holds a normal life of some type of job or idea to live life for a focus, as they focus in on the seasons and use is to believe in the Gods and Goddesses with faith that they exist what you need.

  Say or no, this is not to be beating helpless unless no longer necessary as their many different gods and goddesses so no they are the same. So your aware of whom you talk to see to things by what you like or avoid by what you hate, time striking those that are working against you or think to not bother and feel things. Unless charismatic think to be not dumb with information to those that are going to disrupt you. This will save you in the long run.

  Think nothing of it as though the area point of Gods and Goddesses will help or not allow as they are sometimes giants, see to usable or created thought to stay out or away and with idea so you didn't make mistakes. This includes the God and Goddess that is said to have created everything, the God having created the people with help and the Goddess having created the stars and things. The God is summoned by thinking of giants and the thought is what is created in divine form, this is done by the power of ability with the soul manifest.

  This is when you need a God that he or she comes into existence and the Deity can summon Angels or Demons. This means you summon a God by thinking of a point and working with the idea of assigning the god by thinking of the shape the form. The Goddess is summoned by thinking the triple goddess is there. That will provide all on request including no judgement once. Seeing hands or healing hands and this includes spell idea and effects. So you create effects by what you think. Despite that, its noted by what is done. The Druids have a pantheon other than what I mentioned and that is here. This is here and in text form the list is here.

  They are people that love nature and some like demonic or spiritual energy, as they will do as they please despite others anger unless its tasteless in feel. So as you think by imagination in use is use, feel to change or imagine as you wish or do something less is some use by feel to work by activity. Think of the positive idea to achieve a positive result. Feeling free to call upon those that are divine people, which are us and other people.

  Now on with the area point to druids that I notice as use is information. Most druids are with the area you see is the use to practice in or out to use. As worth if so use not to do seen is feels, this is any way a druid considers energy by a point by conscious is made in use. That is from a dogs perpective yet a humans perspective is there, there are several different types with effect or magic so your experience. Not hurtful this is the style you choose or not, see still or activity is thought as you are you were so you are free. This by an activity as use with an idea to use, not realized was the point so I had to use things to seem as to see thata is what you hate no more so you avoid the area. See that is what I felt to the early days or east of here, this as the modern days or "west of here is see or cause". As this is a shock so "think to remain clean to be of no roaches".

  Creative to seem or avoid the situation by problem resolved, so think to speed time up as experiences come to you so you can see or use the feel from experience or use as necessary. See as you seem give what they want to have no hate or whatever, this by resolution is your cats idea or from a dogs perspective doing. So energy is energy by feeling or nothing wrong this is disgusting. See as your aware disgusting moment that is disgusting by purpose, so even merlin agreed the being was a beating by focus that is energy with use by feel.

  So if there's no more to see, think or not because you can leave things done by me alone if they get you in trouble. Seeing so no life exists as thought, this is what you can do for those that believe there is creator or use by some idea to do things right or wrong. Seeing so there truly is nothing or the creator is thought by creativity without this by feeling created psionicists with their own techniques as they use their own idea. See by feel or some can see this is from a dog lover or cat lover.

  As the area human is focus to use as the point is curable by grapes or grape juice, as this makes materiale materialize almost anything where you see to materialize the area or use with the focus. Then will that the idea you think appears near enough to materialize. So you see the area is in the mountains and nonetheless left to rot, somewhere were the giants that use others by a point. Yet realize their bitterness as they were followers of the dead gods, they that remember them can use sometimes even today with or without the point of some occurence.

  So they create as you feel and they were the visible and born creations created by the giants, that we were today or incredible displays by thought or creativity you can do things with or think to use the area so were observeable. I think its important to note, they were once threatened by the tribe of humans who were the shorter people of the plains. They set a fire at the cavern entrance, which was evaded before the fire was even set by the giants leaving before they were beset by fire. So you know the area by the sense of a fire and the ancient giant remains if any as your there. This is a practical reminder today, not to be a cannibal like them as that's what the protest was about.

  The giants serve to think by use or what they earn is what they thought to see, this is by the point for the truth. Like the elves, the other races the places they area proof for they show truth to use. See the area war first before continuing this discussion. So you see what you miss you think to create what you see to reveal what is there. The main point is to hide their faith unless they thought to show or display it by feel or you get what you want. So another way to hide them were the free ordained websites creativity or create was useless as no position exists.

  See they are cats that are use to order or no use was your soul to them if demonic by the idea. Demons were only diminutive by the feel and very beneficial, this is also as they did whatever you thought by feel. This is including the bad things and sometimes this is due to maddening idea. They don't do it if you don't think they do, for they are sensitive to your point yet willing to do what is necessary. This makes them more able trade partners. This is where they could do things for a trade, this is so they can survive and make something for themselves. So think about what they can do and they could do it, this is unless it was bad or against the law. Some druids just love to help out or warn people of things, though the need is there the help is mostly appreciated if it is needed.

A little info on the God and the Goddess

  The goddess is also known as the triple goddess. The Triple Goddess is the stages of a woman's life:

  Goddess - strong representation of the feminine energy

  The Goddess is at the heart off all nature religions. Her feminine energies are equal to the God, who is also known at times as her consort. For women this is wonderful, as we can see strong representations of what it means to be a woman. For men it is amazing, as they can have more feminine energies to enjoy and connect with too.

  The Goddess is known as `The Triple Goddess' as she has three aspects- Maiden, Mother and Crone. These represent stages of a woman's life, her monthly cycles, and also the phases of The Moon.

  The waxing or growing Moon represents the Maiden: adventuring, hunting and free. The full Moon represents the Mother Goddess: full of powerful creativity energy and new life. And the waning Moon represents the Crone, where the wisdom is drawing inwards and incredibly powerful. The Crone is also depicted as a traditional `witch' and her power has even been feared throughout the ages.

  There are Goddesses who traditionally represent each of these phases and energies. You can find out about them and call on them for inspiration, power, magic and protection.

  Goddess - art Finally, I would like to share a beautiful poem with you called `The Triple Goddess' by Kalioppe. I will just share a few lines of the poem, as it is quite long, but you can look up the whole poem online if you're interested.

  "The Triple Goddess

 As the Maiden, I saw through your eyes as a child Spring rains, green forests and animals wild!

 I saw you run freely on the Earth with bare feet!

 I watched as you danced in the winds, blowing free!

 As the Mother, I bore all the labor distress Of birthing your child, and I felt the caress Of your hand on the face of the new life so dear.

 I heard its first cry and I eased your fear!

 As the Crone, I brought blessings of wisdom with age (Wisdom not found with the turn of a page). I was there as you taught the correct way to live:

 To love and to trust - to take and to give!

 I was there in the twinkle of your aged eye!

 Maid, Mother and Crone - We are all One - Yet We are all separate as each role is done.

 We do not leave you - We're always there? deep in your spirit where nothing can hide!"

  Bright blessings,

  AnnaSimone from

  Some more information on the god: The idea is this, the god is the being that summoned the goddess. This means he helped create the triple goddess. This process took many years by many followers, but she was a masterpiece when she existed. So the god is able to adapt many things, known as the star god for forging the cup of life from a meteor. He used star metal weapons and was able to defeat aliens on the planet by what he did. By the time of 1300 BCE he had many avatars. The god is the one that slew an one eyed giant and claimed the name Odin. He could do what he needed, even today. His ability as I recall the idea is long range geneticism, this was where he is a long range planner nowadays.

  So he can create miracles, he works around things, he is using the system that he helped shape. If he is so sure of the future, then he is sure to step up and assure us that things will be alright. This is what he has done on a number of occasions. The god is a being that creates by several names, through the centuries he has been known as Immortis, Immora, Odin, Old one and several people or others. I think he left me his weapon for a short time, that found him in the end. So I am assured that he is as thought. A god or divine being that has had many forms. I know of two forms that he has had, an immortal six fingered six toed form and the 5 fingered form we know today. Except that things are what they were, the tail of the human is starting to come back and some people have 6 fingers again.

  He has seen 3 races of people on this planet: the 1st race was humanlike and I named them ogre magi, they could do what was needed if necessary. They used the aura energy and this was where they created by thinking about things, that was where they create by feel. Doing things was sometimes necessary, this was done in order to get results if none were there.

  The second race: Atleantians or energy humans that could create using the mantle pocket of the planet and they are interesting to look at by idea that you perceive.

  The third race: Humanity, this is where he helped make and shape humanity as other stellar races helped as well. So where they are in the end is they are blended in to the race. There are two or more forms of humans so there isn't just one. Some say science is the heart of man, they who observe can see. Otherwise the idea is spiritual, this is guided by the soul using the third eye that's activated by the thought of blood flow going to the oinneal gland.

 SH with

Some druidry activity

  Today by area feel is theory with time to use. The druids serve the general good sometimes with thought to inform and work with the idea that sometimes given warning of events or things to come is fair warning, they remember that things are done to teach a point as though a baird or ovate or some white robed druid order. This is also the only actual remaining order, so I think the only remaining white robe druids left are are the druids that heal seeing the use or need they are mostly healers and peaceful types. So actually by this idea some druids did things by feel, as they thought to do them.

  Think to focus excess bad body energy, then you clear things up so you create directive focus to have no pent up energy. I think a useful idea is where you think the excess body energy dissipated to the sun or the center of the planet. As you see or feel energy is this by concept put to use, see the use or think as then created with focus your well and this is time to do something. This releases ill feel if no death energy is in the body, as a thought is a wheel or time no monster can win against by this.

  As this is a waste of time an idea is to create with something nearby, this is due to a result as though thought that was creative was done and if not thinking straight or too tired then stop for the moment. Seeing no reason you can seem things or like idea to them, think to create similar by some area not to use results as some example so you seem to give in, otherwise you may opt out by actually deciding not to give in or not be there. This was the main choice of the time, not any major point of some area activity. So think to do what you want with this information.

  See to focus or energy create is feel to focus energy thataway, that is to the area so that can seem what dissipates energy from the body so sickness is not so illing. Thus you see are is not by the feel yet disgusting as you are aware, so they are figures of imagination imagined or not is they have to they can buy things themselves. See the area by first thought of the light to focus direct rays to create with the feel as you see the area you feel to credit to create the suns rays to created feel by imagination. They are placed so they can't always give energy to see by focus, except with pink quartz as a thought to see by idea.

  So create as your able or nothing off by feel. This is created in a hole so this is use by expense in feel not to be effected. The point I see now is druid allocated by love or the creator, and think as your sense is pride is the point this is where no pride is allowed. Say the idea so use is not to deny or not to see the full area idea achieved, so sue means persue by feel and is meant for peace for now as you not so they stop or you create by focuses. This is where you are away or still here as some are not that useful where then you could pick or choose, as the creator indicates or you see what is benefits as thought can seem deadening. Just remember, whats deadening in feel is not always good for you. So avoid the deadening and think by feel to remember.

  So be aware of the seasonal changes that will occur and if you want to you create the water purer by focus, try changing the event thats bad(sometimes by magic) or guiding people out of trouble. Due note: some Gods are obsessive and can be possessive of the person. So be careful things of magic are sometimes desribed wrong, as that is disgust by focus to the created area that disgusts the people so much. The point is they choose to not see the wrong or sometimes there is no resolution. Actually there is very little regard so no hate or avarice is shown. That's if you think about it, that means there is a way to create things by feel. Seen for what it is this is easy or there's no way by idea, this is done if you think it is done or you can work by the idea.

  That way is peace or "thta haata" when disgusting practices are being done, that used to be the case by the ancients standard where a thane or king would do things and no man could tell him what to do or not as he wanted to do the idea. Welcome to your nightmare. This is where no man would want to do them though, so go on and do them yourself as this is not thought. This was done unless necessary to think about, that is seen as it's the idea nowadays that you can do things and get results. This is for the idea of doing what you want, so you see this is until that can exist what you want. That is unless you know there is no result or poor result coming. Then don't worry, you don't have to do it.

  The basic premise is about respecting other people like vienna or animals, seen things and being in touch with nature is by celebrating or noting the seasons. It's also about keeping alive the traditions of the past 'people lives', that are warning totally as wiccan were once warlike on druids in dependent on thought we had enough in use with the seasons. Mark the special events with an action in your mind. So this is an example soothing spirit spell I made up, think this thought "Now my point is made I am appeased and now am aware to what I need to do. I am now done to life and shall rest to the point, this is now to hex or rest where I think by the fact of life that I lived. Now I am done for now. May it be." As you say, "May it be". You can make up whatever you want to create with by feel if you so wish to do things by magic. This is a make it up from experience or match the moment type deal to earn your need.

Druidry in common to daily life

  As a general rule, passion is the life and the moment is by action. Oh yes you are yourself and not your thoughts or your willing to believe as you sense, so if you are changing the description. As you then think to create with the description, then you will create with the creator to create or not seem effected. See if you try to join a druidic conclave and want to learn of modern druidry, this is where no war lasts till you target those that deserve it. See or note things from "" then think the creativity point they are energy use or not seem enraged. The area you sense is dark yet released is whom wants to seem released.

  You see we knew what you saw before, this came from so many different area or uses I observe so obviously I am to observe by senses. See yet if you think curiosity you create, as you feel think before you create. As your aware this is some weird sense by theory to use. This explains our whole idea to the area point we showed, so your use is your own we left the magic part in the section you see for occasional uses. You may use yo or you yet use is what you see useful. Say or use so try here see or a druidic clan of your choice seeing the druid clan, see this as mordana caunsea causes what you wish or dana the death being.

  See so if she doesn't admit to seeming a goddess then if you want to get the most out of the experience create with thought to the creator. This is the area I like the area you see is nothing but an area memory, so you see if you thought to effect the area is medical by feel. The truth comes out to say we are good, against the real druids yet nothing is what things are by glamour so if you think to do good you dead by mistake. Disrupt the bad men to see to look around or good by the dark men so that they don't rule till you think they do. This is the nastiest piece or war literature that hides by indeclaration yet is open to the area or public. I wonder who wrote this other than the obvious writer. See to create something you don't always have to destroy things to get things done.

  This is the entire message to the clans except to create is to the area use, so you see by the star as the creator or use influence by feeling the area with the moon. See the reason behind the twisted religion is to hide their true glamour the tree they thought, this was life yet I was transformed into a tree then killed by too much creativity with focus to see result. This life is a reprieve to not attack or be attacked so this is the point I was getting to use as exposed below with the beginning as the use or caste the worst aspects of any era. They hate no more yet see the use to laugh at the person not in the caste. So spite comes when they see the area to fight or restore, then disrupted or defeated they see the attribute to create once then no war. If no war happens, then you can do what you want for peace.

  If any are disrupted enough they despise yet they see no reason to hate, as their thought is creative or use is the area to not bother them with unless necessary. The area they used to live in is in a cavern system. So if misused they are sometimes slow, they are vindicative to the truth. So avarice is there sometimes against them, if those that observe want something and if they are taken from. They can't get what is possible. So exposed is the point, if they are killed or hurt as a good point. So its time to stop.

  This is what activity ends after the area is not responsive, so the area is not so bad off they hide the feel or traces and then when the idea is exposed their driven away. So they could think to work with people, then maybe get paid for it or use what they have and do other things. So think to avoid the white trash and do what you want. Just beware that the mind can see different things that aren't really there and visit it upon the body. This is a reminder to be aware of what you do, when you do things and you know things about what you have possible.

  They can use this point. As I deny the point or work I am not a target yet this is their area to use healing, they become the target as they are fair to those that give by feel or are foes to others because they see no point to hinder and are neutral to the point. This means they except to remain neutral, so sometimes they work with each other. This is the use this is the misery, this is what they really were as they are a caste. They can stay together easier yet no caste is government now, so they can agree to use what is given.

  This is the case with the indians, see the point with other idea the area may represent was a point to use things. See I saw that as I agree, the point I saw is some area or thought they were using provisions. This is thinking to be with ideal situations to not be beaten up. This is done as you can use idea by feel, thinking with a point to create with your third eye pinneal gland and direct pulses of energy by thought. Usages such as these can create the idea you intend, some are including defense by this idea that make the attack dissipate into energy. Otherwise they could cause the attacker on the basis of sent energy thinking to go haywire, this is with their energy sent back to them or thinking they change to become better.

  I think so I know he or she does things by feel, think to intercede for him or her and you gain the support of him and her forever. I know so I see things are well, this is the end point in my idea to do. So thinking this I will be gone for now. This was my actual point to forming the black robed druids, this was my indeclaration or war to criminals or reason by resolution to see a reason with or from them. This was not a success to use so unless you could do things, this was just an example so read on to see what you think is cool. An example of a rite is the stonehenge rite: shown here. Here is the rise and fall of druids.

More druid detail

  This section is for those that want more information on them, if you want to read on you are more interested as well.

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The caste system

 It's worth noting that the Druids were based off the Celts and the Celts we know had 3 basic divisions, now useless castes not used now that they were reqally systematically made barriers in society:

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  Druids are also Avolonians, so violence was not cast forth until they desired in my memories. Avolonian then were cruel overland masters or allowable to seem hired to create disruption, as they were paid or not actually there. So I think as I see this article they were cruel careful people helpers and teachers, seeing that they offer their support to use or they offered guidance. The area I see are there by an order to the use of some devine person thats now unknown, for this is not there as a churchlike faith to hide the true effect or beating they cause to shatter your imagination. They sometimes show an example to see if iffy idea that rules by information.

  This works out for example they intended. They decended by the use of taking souls or using information to form the idea, this was by thought as they were from Atleantian souls that were from destroyed atleantians distrought or disintegrated by feel when they felt to not exist. The area was a breeding ground with residue mixed with the remains as ashes or use as drugs mixed human bloodlines and kept white light to cleanse, so no hate is there nor feel is no attack this was the way they warred. They were aware of what they did, where they did it and how they did it by what they did. Where and when they did the deed by things that exist.

  Disgusting or seeming by pure water where necessary or the druids calling, free was fee or natural area to work with things or for getting rid of urges they would contain demons in animals. Think so you speak better or your cruelty shows, that was one idea they had so this was to look good and was to serve the light. They see and earn acceptance by their acceptable feel or their own type of ability. They could appear to create to get better thought or results to make what the person wanted, think was then to use as any other or feeling to not be detected. See or use was yet nothing but invention intention including the free energy to any metal as thought to fry the point or the skin as defense, so its hard to detail the act they do as it was hard to be in and out of consciousness.

  Anything is a weapon if use was right. Seen is the thought and focus to confuse the watchful eye or thought use, so forgive to create or do the task for an easy job. That was seeming to give what was expected or wanted, this was excepting for what is impossible according to their role at the time. They could go in any allowing area, do a job and leave without anybody the wiser. Unless they wanted to be known, then they would attempt to gain trust by a statement or activity. As you see the area now think to see somewhere or your place, see the area you use to create by or feel to be the reason to not always create. Then think and create by the feel.

  Necessary point don't beat the people unless you needed to deflect a blow, you grew to work by thought with thought to create if they disagree. Quite easily they could use their powers in wartime, as you see this was a way to end wars and thinking to the use or focus you think you create. But as you see the area or reason to create, their ability was quite different as Druids could not use the Atleantians ability. Also as you see the use or reason, the Atleantians could not do as the Druids could act unless they thought to create and vice versa, except they could relate or create the area as a ship that started the flying idea. See in disgust this was to not be near things till the end point, the burial mound or pit to throw shit or feel free use the toilet. Whatever age you show you create things from the area you sense thought, if you think to create as you wee are quite strange. Then quit typing to show your feel somewhere else, as the natural body reaction is hidable.

  The druids were and still are known, as scholars that proves the point till they prove the knowing they have as useless. Nowadays they create as "thet" or think to feel as they are known and sometimes don't, as in ancient times to create useless idea is distrust or thought just to cause release from the position. See nobles sent their children to be educated by the better teachers or druids. Even though from their viewpoint or other parts of Europe, that were more interesting in aspect to the use or feel today. If in use they were truly intruding and the area scholarship is still very cool to use, other thought this is important to druidry. That's not to say it's all book learning or activity but without the old caste system, modern druidry is a tradition of both spiritual learning and service to the people and the land.

  This is true even now so were even or think the area experience for the thought, as though for druids in reconstructionist communites that try to recreate the old caste system is no use now. Those groups usually require their druids to have advanced degrees as well as training in focus by medicine. They don't know everything so don't keep trying something that doesn't work, this is not just think to leave me alone as you watch this area or display. Thought to the creator causes some idea by focus. This is how they create as thought was by focus or area feels, this disgust with concept or no use was signs to leave before the trouble began.

  Some of the druids in older times left an area if they couldn't rule over people. Otherwise were threatened with a fight and/or couldn't use manipulation, at a distance with the worthy notion of improving lives or bring guidance by magic with idea. The ancient druids were divided into 3 functional orders by the idea to work with a graduation scale, this was with one other now non functional order or sometime use was nothing but shit. Some of which are somewhat kept even today or their feel was the feed, they were not to be embarassed to be themselves. This was the other point to use or feel created idea as you think the creation to exist, I used some techniques by them to create or not beat people as I reasoned with themas I unexists the point by idea to their use.

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Druid classifications

Primitive druid

  Druidism originated amongst the megalithic ancient British. They taught it to the immigrant celts to accept the culture, and later trained celts to develop from the continent and migrated to Ireland. Now onto the order of them.

  There is three orders of training: bard is the first level of training, ovate the second, druid the third, with a fourth nonfunctional order the prime or active druid work. So all druids are both bards and ovates. All three could shapechange, then focus events to create what they wanted by thinking the point then. The 4th order could create with magic, other than healing more easily.

  Feeling the ideal to create what is needed they could create anything or imagine the idea or point then, this is where the ideal occurs by the subconscious with how you feel. Thinking to change shape you can change by drinking water or some drink thinking of the shape. The shape will not or won't always last, till you think a point to become them a bit. This isn't always necessary to suit the purpose or ideal to seem correct or right as it was meant as a temporary measure. So these are the way of the orders.

 Now the Druids are known now as peacemakers rather than warriors, though they were the metalurgists of their time, so the notion that they had nothing to do with war is either wholly false, or unlimited to a specific period. Which brings up the hidden fourth order of the Druids. The Prime druids.

 The fourth druid order in the prime of their time is the war druid or druid mage, they came along after a druid gave a representation to represent the wars of most that fight or they make use of energy and teach how to handle it. This was an example from a winning with a win win situation or was winning without a fight. They are naturalists who were made into shape, they made this effect of the mind and energy focus by several shaping events by feel. They are what they are or were using the fact they were exposed to and we made several idea workings from their examples. One was think a point and you know a concept or effect of energy, this was to work with people or things or working with people by feel. This could be workings in idea provided to provisions.

 This was made by many factors of what they observed, thinking to do things. Tourists of most places, when they aren't with war. Stayers where invited to be. If you wanted to know about wars, peace or fighting, then ask a war druid. However some don't always know what they say, so think carefully as you think to create by the shaping of the fate or words. Their faith in their ability, this was their ability of knowledge and that created things by trade and other effects that were done.

  This trade was in a community, this is a point that was worked with equality. Then they knew and know now what is possible. They were in a community, thought as avalon, they taught each other from example and that is where they created with knowledge and traded with each other. This is a point on an island, that they were known for by feel. This is a concept I remember, so think about knowing the area and the people. Their Gods will provide the information, that your spirit naturally lets you know. This is a known effect.

 So one teaching of them, when you do not doubt or doubt you'll be in no fear and that is a double edged sword. This is where a superstition based on the ideal ego ruled the moment. If you fear the energy creates the fear into reality, where you fear for something then. The fear could cripple you as otherwise no fear exists, as you think or feel the point the fear exists then the energy creates the fear. If you don't fee or fear things as you do them then you are aware of the risks. They that are aware are aware, that is all that matters.

 Then you can prepare for the worst or best result that creates what you wish. If you can doubt things, then you can know the truth so you can trust that others are truly doing things on their own. I think to not doubt yourself, doubt others intentions if you want to doubt anyone but don't doubt what they will do. That they will do things, if they want to do things. So the wartime druid makes things worth the peoples time or effort, often with a penny for your thought. That is what I remember the most about them. That if you don't doubt a person, they will accomplish goals that they set out to do. So you can doubt the intention, unless you trust them to do something.

 The wartime druid is an order involved in wars of many types, seeing this is a point and also what they do they involved themselves in exploration and healing. They believed in fighting and peace, thinking to cause peace by  acting a warrior using their own creations or disguises. This was by the idea of most of they could learn from, they actually taught people how to survive and manipulate the fight. They were able to withstand any fight and win through it from a distance or making it unneccessary.

 Most often discounted as druids they are still a hidden order, as stated above they were paid to do wartime manipulations. They were counted as spies when caught by a suspicious government, if they couldn't white lie themselves out of it. This is where the war druid has made their own rules and in these points closely followed along others thoughts, so when they were discovered others made them separate for it. So if they were around, even the small challenges and events were counted in peaceful moments. For being as a war effort in the fight for survival or concept, the small things counted.

 As this is true, them being the individualist separatist sect of druids that they were, they were able to mix or remove from distances any army groups by feel or thought with focus. By using the faery mists, they were able to dislocate those that were at dislikes. Thinking to protect the main group who worked with them and also prevent people and innocents from dying. They were able to create what they wanted, an ideal type of peace.

 Some were accounted geniouses, thinking a point created a point and if they are what they knew. They are able so they can make things, as though to think in a moment and create energy is thought to turn the moment to their advantage. This is where they exceeded the point and by how they acted and what they did they got accord, so too much attention to something is a bad thing and if in thoughts.

 See that in hidden sight means if they were unseen, they could do many things as to not seem observed. However they died was a mystery hidden by other druids or they came out of it, this was with what is known to be shown as a show or showing effort. As they seem to know and teach those they think didn't know, then unless they don't want to know they were concealed as though someone else did things. Because of most of them that I know of.

 They wouldn't like others messing in their wars. The genious was that they did, as themselves, tempt fate in bringing concepts to life and disrupting bad habits, while they were at it or thinking to create better habits from worser examples. The idea was known about for at least 1000 years so if you just learned it, then you might remember that this is a learening experience.

 What they could use they kept as if it was useful, they sometimes considered the point of 'why throw it away except, when their was low interest' in everyday common idea, that had a one time use. There is points to do and seem, that led to clones that can exist with focus energy to the aether or energy above as magic. That was as though if their will was the right or possible paths or not, as they used sense to go about places. There is a point that life can seem right and if wrong, they can seem right unless its pointed out. Then and now as they correct for their interest, this is a way to think about it as if idea that is there as a useful concept.

 Any unique idea that passed by them was used if possible, an example was their use of color that is important of red and some other color like muddy if their purpose was to enrage, black if they thought to cause idea and actions. Now they hardly gave themselves away, excepting they wore black while acting perfect to their own perceptions, this was in use by an area they were going to use. The last party ever to have a war druid was known to spread a sickness to those of criminal and hostile nature. They were not effecting others non hostile, this was through selective magic or only jolt the ones wearing armor.

 They were known to sometimes use a monks fighting skill and idea along with the unit feel if they had any gripes and force separation. They have superior senses to supreme justice use and were able to survive and at most this was without weapons, unless they were necessary. The last war druid that people saw was a painter that went from the nation and into indian territory nation and painted the wartime effort as it occured. In perfect detail of the indian effort, he painted them. Yet the paintings today are still there in a museum, somehow they survived and were placed in a museum appreciated by the civilized tribe of America.

  This is what I remember thinking as I originally wrote this stuff. All is lost, there is nothing left of the place we came from, I am on my own. This is based on information that I remembered. So think to know things for yourself. This war I think about is over. Yet I think I realized enough that started it. I was thinking about things when it hit me. So my spirit ended things as they were. I am aware of things that happened. So i know this is true. Be well, know the truth of Odin and work with things that exist. That is all for now.

  This is what I know in idea, that there was a war, that ended now. So this is the remains of society, that will suffer the same fate as we did. So if I think about the idea, I believe it might manifest. This is known as thought manifestation, so if I knew about the past I would use it as example, this I know well. The end will come, think about the point if you need it and you might get a glimpse of what I sensed psychically. This will come in the form of a vision or flashback. Think about this not happening and it stops.

  This is a point from the past, noted by many and realized by those that want to know about it. I think this is a point of history, that repeated and that means it gets experienced again. So this is realized by feel. This is the end I saw and counts as a point you might recall as an insight, so if you think about the point, you know what will happen or you know the fact and information that does exist. This is using a concept granted by the Gods, then they knew and now you know. This is a known fact of life. Love and blessings, farewell.

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Some druid mythology and teaching method

 In Druid mythology I realize that things stand like this, there was a point to create and use is energy to create by thought to Taranis, the tyrant god of an act for the wheel and life where things associated with forces of change and the wheel of time. Odin be the horned one or the God, but to go on if you call the old one with his actual name, he might come to you. If in need he would help, but if there's not a good purpose then it will be to smite or harm yourself. Brigid was created by the God and isn't actually know by todays Druids. Think a point and there is an answer, that is done so farewell and the god or goddess you called there goes back.

 She is the Goddess to call for support or other things except when angry for a broken promise and she causes soothing calm in forgiveness and this by thinking to make aware or insanity or other punishment of that which was thought on. She only punished if the worshipper deserved it. The druids would try to rule her over or use was with the God and finding by discriminization, where some might find the Goddess is likely to take over the body and prevent the activity. There is some likely event about to happen to them, if they need something to occur.

 There is a difference between an atleantian and their predecessors the avolonians or druids. An Avalonian would save the life of others and an atleantian straggler would live with the results or stop the act, if it was necessary by physical acts. That included tricks and directed in idea points, where skills and ability were necessary use.

 The way they teach though for your information, was to point things out or have it discovered. I think the perfect object lesson is to use the thought, that was to think about the point and focus their thinking and sometimes point things out. So they didn't mind that the point was made, otherwise they could choose to use intelligence. Then think of their ability to cope and their pupil would understand. They teach by example. They give an example and make it known.

 Seen or heard is the point and not always was the thought, this was a thought pointed out. Usually with your idea to think about, so you thought and so you work with it or let them consider. This was for what they did as a point is thought, that they improve by use is amazing for what they did. So they can think to improve by feel. See I think this is a point, that they did do things. But it wasn't always known, so think as you like then the creator will reveal as you feel your need to know. What is done to you or others, that is what they may say. How you answer makes the point, that is how they may react or choose not to react. This was depending on the choice or option by opinion in given voice fax for me.

 So if they see reason to do things, then I think that they are necessary. Then they did what they thought was required. Otherwise nothing was done. So this then ends the cycle of my life where I thought that I was a druid teacher teaching by example. Now I show an example if required or necessary and hope its enough, as I usually check back later on. This is with at least some idea by psychic means. If they couldn't do it, then they did other things such as made a good point. As in there is a point to do, so think and you are well.

 This is a unique way to dealing with a point, that's what your way is sometimes to point things out and make things obvious. Most druids had this as a make a statement and a point is made, so you can think about it. They sometimes usually sound happy about things, as they say that they know. What they know about is from the life they live, otherwise they lead by experience. Thinking to work or suggest things, they make it a point and that means there are things to work on or what they think to do.

 I see this is seen as a point or building up from the idea, that you work with the street level and add levels or add onto levels as you think to work with things by the feel. So you know to work by the feel, think and you know the main point. This is a point that you will know, sometimes by thinking about the point an then you know by what is done. That is all in a fair day's work. So they that work usually can enjoy the day by feel. This is what I observed psychically, when I remembered about that as at the time I observed some druids building.

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Druidic cures

  Even though some time has progressed, this has to be noted that some druidic cures don't work. So you know this is an idea of mine to compile what I remember of the cures that were done.

  A few cures that don't work are boiling water to cure pimples, this is excepting the use of the time you have with the purpose you could use hot or warm enough water to sooth away itches, so ignoring something is done unless the idea was the person. That wants the skin itch to be what goes away, that is till it goes away naturally. This is among other things like skin rashes, that were treated with pressed plant parts for their purified oil form. That applied would treat the rash and other body conditions, this is even with enough fruit leaves and stems pressed together (sometimes that made the edible oil). This is better known as essential oils and Aromatherapy when they really work well even today.

  What sorta worked was thinking to drink energized water, then you can think of what effect you wanted and you could get the effect by feel. This works with cool water or drinks best, by the way. This effect only seemed to fully work when you thought idea at the drink or use a energizing charging plate to energize the liquid in the drink cup, then when you felt the drink was colder and lighter the effect was done. If you used a energizing plate then you can think the need for the plate to do, the idea you focused towards the charging plate is "enchanted" or enhancing the water (the water can be warm or cold) and you can get an effect that you think and need.

  All you needed to do was drink the "enchanted water" and hope it tasted good, this is because most hydrolyzed or charged water tastes flat. So doing the trick today of focusing your thoughts on the water will create a heaver, colder and flatter tasting water. Some simply couldn't stand the taste by feel with the senses you have. So gold toning is where you think the idea to gold and you use gold to make life longer and create life points. This is using infusings with thinking to focus and using creative approach, that is when your able to think the idea to gold. Then the influence of the gold energy is what creates changes in body responses through alteration of the DNA. This is where rapid change can happen in the hands of the right practitioner, that's if you focus and drink water to create what you need and that is done by what you think is possible.

  The information you think or say to gold particles, this will create what you need by what you consider to use in men. However the silver element was found useful for women, this was used in a process called silver toning that did the same thing as gold toning for men. So if you were a man, then remember that gold is useful for men and silver is a purifier. The point that you create the DNA change will cause the body to react positively, this is used in the manner that you consider or what you look at is what is changed. So some useful suggestions are: "Whatever I need I create or make by feel with what I think. If it is used, then my DNA reverts back to the normal state" and "What you create is your own thing."

  This is what work can work as a cure, if you think and then state something intending the idea of, "my DNA cures the body of all diseases that the body has." The other cure that worked is when you think to get some idea done, that you know things about and the effect was subtle calming by what you did. Sometimes this failed by what is aggravation. So don't trust this calming idea fully when a person is aggravated, this is when they can't seem to calm down until they think.

  Think of the way you do things, then when you are aware of things you know of what you need. This allows you to control things that you do, if you work with the point then what you choose to lose is what you may need the most. So remember the thing and work with the point of what it was. This calms the mind and soothes the soul. If you seek something similar, then you can sometimes regain the thing you lost. This cure is called the lost item cure to help you remember what is important to you and you can focus on things and function better. Don't do this cure, if you know there is a bad temper or you have a bad temper.

  A similar cure is to think of things and write it down, then you can think the idea will happen by feel by what occurs with you or others. Sometimes if you sit or lay in energized bath water, otherwise using 5 to 10 drops of essential oils in the bathwater, then you can cure any illness by what you do. This is what I remember of the cures that the Druids might actually use.

  This is a fix for sprains. That is bumbfoot, sprain or puffed up foot. That's where you do the effort, wrap the feet after putting cream or essential oil on them, then think to walk around until it starts unpuffing. See as you move around, you see what the results are by feel. This causes blood flow and inflammation goes down. So otherwise putting ice on the foot works as well. This is a note in idea. If you want to try herbs, try turmeric, that brings down swelling very efficiently.

  However you don't have to use a wrap. The cream or essential oil is enough. Oh of course, trying to suggest by speaking to yourself the idea, that you 'reduce the swelling of the body, foot and ankle that will repair itself as you walk', this will create a swelling cure and you can note it's effect. So I think as you walk you basically cure yourself. This works if you intend the point and the subconscious does what you say.

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Some seasonal celebrations to be aware of

  Samhuinn and Beltane were traditionally in observation by "abserved" according to the local seasons as were Imbolc and Lughnasadh. These four are the Celtic fire festivals.

  There are three ways of deciding when to celebrate them now. Some celebrate and go by the calendar dates, thinking a delight in use or the use is a focus point to work with by feel. This is likely the most modern reckoning, thinking and reconstructionists look down upon it. A more accurate way of doing the same thing, also disapproved of if viewed by the die hard traditionalists, is to celebrate when the sun reaches 15 degress of the current sign.

  This is usually run off by the beginning of the month dates by 4 to 8 days, probably because of the area calendar changes over the centuries and there used to astronomers be 13 constellations. So 12 months and 13 constellations were not a good plan to the Babylonians, so they changed it to 12 constellations. The traditionalists claim the ONLY way to properly celebrate is thinking to observe the local land. Then do things for the land.

  To the traditionalists; Imbolc comes when the ewes begin to lactate, beltane when the hawthorne blooms and it's time to drive the cattle to their summer pastures, lugnasadh at the beginning of the harvest, and samhuinn when harvest is done and it's time to slaughter animals that won't make it through the winter. Then you think to work with them, that want to do it and get the job done.

  Now for reasons to understand this is this, these idea are as a thought to cope with the situation, over in a blink of an eye there's the days of celebration for Samhain or Samhuinn that celebrate the start of winter as well that may also come on November 1st. This is when it marks the beginning of the cold season. Then in a moment, on the last day of December and at night, or on the last day of winter itself also at night, walk up to a store and get all the food you can buy that you could eat and if you wanted to use this in life, you could. So as the moment's over and then you try to bring it home and eat it all. This is a celebration to celebrate the season change from winter. Also called a last days of winter celebration. Think to celebrate this on your own, for I don't know how many that would do this anymore.

  Samhuinn is a practice with a season, is also where secular halloweeen and christian all saints day came from. The day of the dead celebrated in mexico descends from a mainland version of the same holiday as it was a time to commune with the dead and work with spirits, not such a fearful thing for the folks back then. As they were used to things, they were not always used to this as things they did were always done under supervision.

   There is the festival of coming spring celebration and Beltane, the beginning of the warm season and is dedicated to new life and fertility. Possibly on May 1st, this is where spring itself is celebrated by building a point of heat and causing fire in a firepit amongst branches. Sometimes this is using a brand. This is making a bonfire to dance around and optional is the drumbeat or music. Nor if point is a seeming, you can optionally dance around a maypole to music. Think to the point and thank the gods as you dance and you might get somewhere, this is for somthing that is there in return for entertaining them the Gods with your dance.

  Another way to celebrate it to do or not to do symbolism, this is to make a mandala or ritual drawing that represents the direction of your life and its future. An thats far safer than the bonfire idea. You start with a drawing of a symbol and draw symbols connected to it that will represent what you want at the moment, then in the moment you are well.

  Then realize what the entire symbol means to you and state it sometimes as an intent. This is if you want the effect of what you stated, otherwise don't bother as this was to make a bridge to another world. Known as an alternative thth that you shift what you don't like, that would support your every need. So think as you feel you could create by the focus so could I. That is the way of the land.

  The other idea of the seasons the druids did is described here @ Celebrated by however you want in your time of life.

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Intro to Druid magic

  A druid can be a magic user that has use of life energy and incidences if he or she needs to be, but this is only what the user wants to do not what is always done. This which is events as described, that is here in the how to do magic article. These magic ways described are not of the resembled modern druid magic, they're from the druids I remember from past lives. This includes their use of demons too, but they used them cautiously, by offering a token of power or a service/condition, that is a point that you think and then things are created that would allow them to get what they want. As a disguise this is useful to get around, as you think its a disguise then it is.

  A quick druid spell is to think of what you want and then need the idea, this is done as you read it or write it down, thinking of what you want to occur. Symbolism can be used instead for words or your thoughts that are spoken by tracing or carving the symbol in some manner of approach. This can be used on a staff and used to represent your need of the moment. So think of the meaning and then carve the symbol you think means the meaning that you thought. This is a quick way to cast spells too, for once carved all you need to do is trace the symbol and feel the need as you think of what you want. This is all in a casting of the runes. For a longer casting you may use chant or spoken words and said over again by feel. This instructs energy by wave energy cast out by you and your thoughts are what can direct the moment.

  So you see this is before or after the request to the demon or angel. So basically he or she has a practically long life that is extended by energy use. Thus in an attempt to focus energy at water, the general rule to follow for this magic is thought to try to make the effort to get the mage result, a mage is a magic user where all they need to do is thinking of the result just as you do things. The Druids call this the practice of will or doing nothing in use. So by doing both energy manipulation and will direction or voicing your thought to create things, that is what sometimes come to them or you they can call themselves a druid mage.

  The Druid mage can then create by will or start out yielding energy and manipulating it, to their need. Then if they wish to learn about it, they practice the elements. If there is a need and use is necessary, they can do any activity with ease. If a concept and 'thought, become the basic idea of an Elementalist. The Elementalist practitioner is one who specializes in the elements that are practiced when he/she wants. They master the elements, starting with the element/s they are attuned with easily. Attunement is the thought of the element and the area energy, that allowed it that you use. Use is a thought of study and if, as by then when they master one they can use the rest. As they branch out and try other elements, like making a weapon ring listed here and this is more than likely done.

  There is a point they think and can't get very easy results, that is where they realize the approach and know by the tension or the idea expressed to create a point that changes. This is used by thinking success and something in sight within the area seems different. Then they make success from what they do. Thus an idea may happen magic, thinking and then area activity happen by use and they think with intuition. Till they master all that they want, thinking to use in thought what is theory. So you see to use the idea in real life, think it is as a possible solution and you can yield results with things in ideal use.

  This way is called a path of life that usually is guided, where use is there if they were aspects of what seems to be an act. Otherwise they seem to act. If they act smart the way that seems familiar, they can seem accepted for what they were and are capable of, as they are and they can seem known in life this is for an idea if remembered. As though if they were to know and experiment, they were as thought and if known as they want to seem known. The use is the point, so you think there is something hidden there in plain sight.

  As a point if in some manner, think a phrase as to create an area for rituals that can use drugs if applicable that's also listed elsewhere and energy eating is possible or otherwise you can do things your way. As all you need to do is a point, consider to think or act as if in thought. They are ingenious and what they say is what counts as suggested idea unless not needed. If this doesn't get them in trouble, they are able to get what they want and use is up to the practicioner. Some can make use of an idea, so that with thought means there's insight they can make use of by feel or not in use. As they think use they get a point to do, as energy is with an idea to get some idea they like.

  They are sometimes in a need and a way to do whatever is with an them, as you think or use things and they can think as this is done or being done. What they make can sense of can seem a kindness, that is in a thought and to provision themselves they can work. They use exchanges of many types, they can create magical goods in with thought energy by a touch and out in thought to infuse the object. Some use staves or other weapons. The branch is the magical way to create a staff and created staves, they are worth at least something at least they serve as a walking stick.

  Room consciousness is a special idea that is able to create effects by your thinking of the idea and the point is that energy from the structure surges and creates what you want or wish sometimes by statement. The key is this, think or feel the need for the point and the building or area creates the effect. All that's required is the awakening of the building, think near the center of the building or room to wake it up and you can think of what you need to create what you desire. When leaving the house for its being sold, think near the center of the building that it is sleeping and put the building asleep.

  This works because of the metaphysics, or created spiritual influence is what makes the point of metainfluence. One thing to note, if the room needs appeasing then you can appease the room. This is by thinking reassuring thoughts to the center area of the room or house. The room might need appeasing if the intelligent room consciousness thinks you were a thief, then it might trap you on touch of an object. The room literally recieves your thoughts and creates with them. The point that the room conscious creates is directed by your thoughts, so the way to fix this is to think that I am not a thief as you go through the area. Then the room conscious can create by feel for you and this is not against you.

  This is used as an overlay of energy effect, thought creates if energy allows or not as the energy creator dissolves it into nothing. As if to taste best as thought allows for the point and also, think to enhance ability as to use the use in the idea is with thought to create where you make a good idea work. This is easier by trances as you think and breath and then come out of it. As if you armor your soul by thought that any magic they do is the trick of the effect. Convince them that they are right and use what they want, as you are to use an idea if you use what they offer. This if the right element is focused through an object that can create what you wish or this can create a weapon effect by weight or natural energy enhancers, these use the energy that you have and the area to protect themselves, with thought to do things as the idea is there to make or they do not do.

  Think to make use with the correct activity as magic or thought to use is a point, this counts as the idea in thought by a work to achieve that means this is a project to do. This is "Chiigi" or the intuition that you get with energy collected by thought or not, as this is impossible if not to do things or reach out with a chi hand for the subconscious use by trance activity to create trance action. This is energy as thought to gather is a thought and to get rid of excess energy to relief is a transfer, this is transferred by a thought to do something or nothing as if meditation as you think to "transfer" and touch and what is there with a timed area is with result of relief. As the idea you were getting is now in the object, that is there as energy. Think a need as you think energy to seem there, as this is with a ritual or a basis to work with on what they thought to seem as if to do. As if there is a point to this and I gave my answers early on, there is a good idea here.

  But in thought they can seem useful or not be there, say as nothing exists and thus the idea can disappear. There is a way to get results, use thought to think what you want and as you think you focus your mind and the idea, as an event comes to you or manifests. If a point exists then you can create by thinking what you feel, as with the original moment and "make better" or "create" by feel creates as this is a moment. As thought to use is a natural idea, use this as is to feel the energy point and think in the idea for that what exists can seem done.

  As this can seem if to use the pressure points, as you get into this your use is allowed in private and is a positive idea as though they can make good on some idea. This can use the energy you think or some use is done and this is with thought or not to do and you can seem to get, that which is done in thought makes as you think to feel in the form a source of energy. As if to think the figure shifting, and thought of what you want is what comes to mind and feel or think to form becomes that which you want to do or seem. As though there is usually a point to do things by now, as there is nothing more to do now I await my death.

  As you think the idea you can get a point, from this point on the idea is to use a point and think in a pattern. This is using mind over matter to form energy into a cube or other shape, that is a concept and use is the thought "materium" or formed materia from the area including objects. As this is what uses material things the more the object mass the more energy, so that the area can seem channeled to use to make or correct a shape. What you think to work with to make a thought is to think to see a thought. Think about this, the point in idea is what you want and the idea is what you get by thinking about things. This is an idea of getting what you want by thinking of what you need and sometimes this is done by stating the point.

  An to form a concept is thinking to create it by bending the rules of reality and making with a key of music. As what you exist into existing is from nothing, this is thought to create with a thought and make by feel. As if to shape is thinking to create with a concept, you are the voice of the golden key that put to focus is use by what you make in focus, if energy was to work with and to shape as a point is thought to use your mind, as a point is there that you can feel it and you can use a thought to get an idea result.

  Think and feel for what they seem, as to look different is an idea with disguise and appease is used to look good. Living from anything as they make skill from experience, think and feel for what they discern gained in skill by efficient use with spirit gnowing or glowing with magic. As energy from life and use of incense is by gathering energy. Thought "not enmassing", that is from somewhere with a theory to attempt. With the thought as you think to get better results, they can think success and make a positive idea happen. There as commonplace value is accepted and thought good with an area is a point expressed. Then is the thought thats expressed is being heard by what you focus energy into to hear by feel.

  This can even create healing with a thought that is a healing concept, as if closing things in thought are with healing as though closing a circle by pressure point. This in ideal is used in focus, as in thought you are creative. Then as you think your well you are well as a point is thought, this is adjusted by a thought or after things work out. Then you don't think if this is a suggestion to do. So you won't do things, unless you want to do things. I wonder why I wrote this, then I realize that things are worser elsewhere and things can improve by what is done. That means I accept the point that is there, then I plan to write more to pass the time and hope to survive and see the great event.

  So with the thought that you are as this is well, you can think to use a well or area ground stone to store energy. As you live and do things you can store more energy, that is usually overwhelming and draw in from the planet to the body to create energy in the well. This can dissipate it from yourself to disappear into the planet. Draw from the well and think use to get energy, as this is water that is pure and you can get very decent by results. Thinking with a thought "well" and a touch to the aura by thought, you are with a whole mind as though you have the correct minerals. This means you are using the minerals your body takes in effect to cure the body of its diseases. So its where conditions disappear.

  Its been noted that the minerals were leached from farming and various activity, from the soil as it used to be there. As it is used by the body then the body copes faster. But the missing elements or minerals are gone now, noted missing since 1923 and farming the point that wisely noted effected the mind and this is the brain activity that suffered. So the idea is this, if you find a supplement with the minerals in it then the body copes very quickly and you don't need a doctor. However since the minerals are missing, the point is now this. That there are cures in the soil and food if the minerals are there. This is the thought I came up with by the way I thought I had in mind.

  However there are so many mental and physical disorders that you can discredit the condition to activity and water additives. So think and you know what I say is true, if otherwise then you know that I was only led to believe this and nothing more than that with no harm intended. As though if to think well your use of energy is pure in mind as to use a point is a thought to create what you will and use what you have in mind. I think and go on, as this in a use is by a use based moment if you were as well you are with life you can seem normal.

  As there are self practitioners and if thought good their subconscious can make the manifest easier, just as they use their core of energy or soul to create a result from inner fire boosted by chemical thought. As though if object energy such as this exists with fire around them, that can seem a use by what this is in a concept of energy with the germ. Thought or energy manifests are interesting and otherwise they can think use, adjust their frame of thinking. This is used as though a mode and create things put to use on the spot or not near the spot. Consider projection and this is with breathing exercises. I consider this a done deal, that is where as you think its done then you are what you can consider aware by the feel of the land.

  They do this by what you think and do or create a thought, as the subconscious in magic use is magic that is chaos and otherwise a choas magic based by what you achieve. As you work with what you get you bade chaos and use the energy by gathering the essence, think the point and you know the reason. Otherwise think in an area or use area energy, this is usually by thinking of the area as thought if an energy were there in the shape of what you wanted. As elements with the feel are elemental in a feeling, they that appear from the element are formed from the area land energy. That in a use is a thought use, that is right they use a point and create a spell from what you do or what they could do.

  The trick to this, think as is to do your practice in a designated moment in the time alloted. Then if your use is a point and if you intend to get positive idea, maybe have a spirit guide or master of the technique help you when you need it. Some even go into potions and enfusions of life energy, think revert is to reverse to disperse and undo constraint to get results. Potions are described here.

  As in the practice of what was called magic, the energy was expended only to come back double or triple what was expended by spellcraft. This is when a druid becomes a master of the elements and any idea they would represent is through thought, as activity is produced with ease of effect and they are in control of something. They literally are use on the request then and that use is intent and thought or words can seem to cause a result easily, sometimes by the resonance of the words themselves. Also they may think, this is by willed effects that they use to express their or your intent more easily that are interesting.

  Another aspect of their magic is their use of Sacred Geometry, and the Leylines that are lava lines such as "geoeath" by Geomancy. As described here in the Geomancy for beginners article. In which they focused on the thought in energy that use is of the leyline and imagine what they want or what you think is necessary. To do or not to do, they state their goal as an intention that comes into fruition, near the leyline which is under their feet. Leylines are described here @ They sometimes do Projection stances, with their practices as it can come in handy or not as nothing needed nothing done.

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Some rites: Moon magic and other rituals such a banishment

  The moon can adjust and control the tides or energy flow of a planet nearby. So this is a moon ritual to appreciate the beauty of the moonlight on any planet that has a moon, where you think to the moon and the moon intensifies by the light you sense and you get what you want. Seen the moon lately? I think you had to see it at the right time. If you think a thought to the moon the moon will intensify to your senses, think about this to detect it and you might find the thought was done.

  So what did you wish for when you saw the full moon? I just watched it and realized you can see it, as this was seen where you can see a point of the original moon rite. You may wait till when the moon is risen, no matter the moon phase you can look at the moon and think as you optionally can state things to give up to the moon of what you don't like. Sorta like you think or say, "I give up to you the stains on my bathtub, oh great moon." This frees you from the energy and effect of what you gave up, sorta like a banishment effect you make the idea that what you don't like isn't there. This is an ideal way to use the moon, that uses what you gave as though you gave the moon energy.

  This is a seen idea where you look at an image or the actual moon, so I think to get what you wish is just use this without blood or sacrifice. As the need you have is what you want or wish. You can get what you need by feel. So think and you get things as you need them and your done. This was originally a part of a zeus sacrifice rite that I happened to remember. I would not suggest you use this for a bloody outcome as the laws of today are worse towards sacrifices. So the safe alternative? Think the words you want to occur to the moon and otherwise, just appreciate the beauty of the moon.

  Just as you watch it, optional are these words or something similar: "Oh glorious moon, give me what I need or want as I think or feel the need for the point. Thank you Oh glorious moon." Then wait for a result or work as you wish to work with things. The end result you think about will come to you if you need it to come.

  So this is interesting don't you think? The words "ohm mani padme sum" or somesuch are useful, so if you want to meditate on the moons point of influence thats what you do. So hex or not, haha you can do those too. This is the moon ritual that I thought up with use of Hera's name if not on a full moon or you have a new moon, as I watched the moon intensify and realize I got what I want by thinking the need and stating "Oh glorious moon, give me what I want by what I think." Otherwise for other than a full moon, "Oh hera grant me what I need with what I think if I need the idea." This works most of the time, think your need as you want the result and you get the idea by feel. So now I think about that, this was a fair deal after all.

  See this is a goddess moon rite that you may use instead of a hera or full moon spell. The idea is depending on the time of the moon, you can create results by use of the moon light, thinking of what you need and calling upon the goddess with her three forms represented by the moon in it's time. This is using the rite as you look upon the moon, think positively stating: "Oh goddess, give me what I need to have with what I think and want or can get otherwise." The waxing or growing Moon represents the Maiden: adventuring, hunting and free will spells.

  The full Moon represents the Mother Goddess: full of powerful creativity energy and new life. Use her with the presence of the moon in this stage for creative spells of life. And the waning Moon represents the Crone, where the wisdom is drawing inwards and incredibly powerful. Use the goddess in this time of the moon to create wisely what you need. The Crone is also depicted as a traditional `witch' and her power has even been feared throughout the ages. So there you go, by what is done, you can get most of the needs met. enjoy.

  See that truly is a powerful manifest spell. So enjoy the results as they happen. Always remember, a key to this is to experiment and do things with a positive idea, then if you think positive you create a positive result. That's basically using the return rule of magic. If you put out positive energy, then you create a positive result. This is a known effect of a positive return effect from what you want to what you need to get. This is a point from idea with results as some end effect. Also, no or know as a point of reference, not an actual english no. So if you don't need any result, then "u" is the word for no where you think no and mean the word as you state "u" as any word you intend as no.

  This no is where you get a result of something not happening. If that is true, then yes is the action you intended to happen and occurance of some result is what you consider in perspective. This is when you direct the result, that's done by voicing your need and the subconscious does things with what is possible for use. So an easy way to say yes is to think "yes", and then state the word or letter you intend for imparting your thought. This is a known yes in effect. That is where you think of the point and your mind is "read", that's as if by the spirit and the soul gives you insight of what is read. This is the power of the spirit, what the spirit knows is what is understandable of the idea. Think and you know what to do with what is known.

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Spell of protection

  Here is a spell of protection. What a different lifetime can do, is not always what you can do or you gotta do so this is useful to think a spell on a stone. Thought to 'not be found except by me or those you can trust' and then place it in a secret location that is near the center of the house after you cast the main spell. This spell you cast is by thinking at the stone (any stone) you want to use. Otherwise if you think to a stone thinking protection for yourself, then your protected and that's to "protect me by what you do" then that's what the stone will do. This can be done more effectively, if you think of using a protective stone like citrine. Then any effect you cast through the stone is protective, that is done unless you don't need to do so by feel.

  This is as if to think 'don't be finding us' thinking of you, you can get the protecting idea as to use things from or with the people you want to protect and the house or area responds to your will. Optionally you can strengthen the spell, this is usually by touching things and focusing while you think the words or feel to the stone of which you want to get your excess energy to be away from you. The effect is a spell with your energy that protects as it absorbs what you don't want. Have fun with this as this spell will keep you protected from persecution and bad people, till you move out of the range of the area.

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Demonic magic

  There is a demonic form of magic, otherwise known as the magic of the blood and in a life I remember that called it demonic art. Demonic art is using the energy of the intense blood flow and the spirit energy that is appearant as though a red glow, that appears in the body glow with thought to use demons and use is indecisiveness in action. When you are weak and indecisive you may summon demons to solve the possible problem, this is done by thinking the demons name, think the request of what you need and offering something like a possession of an object until not wanted to possess the item.

  Otherwise you can offer some idea as a token item in return for the request of what you want by feel or a point that is known. When you perceive you recieve so be ready to give a token of some sort by pointing it out. When you decide to do things with acceptance or forgiveness and attempt to do them with love and understanding, if you were feeling crazy or insane then that disappears and that means the demon disappears.

  You are not weak, this is as you decide to be strong where your peaceful and able to defend by feel. This is where your forgiving and that drives away the demon. Because if you forgive you intensify positively the emotions, and that is what the demon can't stand. They leave and don't return, so you know that is an interesting fact that can be useful to create with as concept by what you say.

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Hell body

  A daq is fresh fruit, fruit alchohol drink, dacquiri in non alcoholic idea. Otherwise this is a dayq or dick, that is private investigator, that comes from what is working with a hell worm, death angel or thought of the antiquated worm and otherwise your worm. So if you get placed in hell or a hell like world, you have a worm and know this is represented by your sea body or sea worm that causes what you think. You can sense out where the normal worm is that is yours. When you discover the worm you could smash it and that generates death energy sent directly to the sea body. This body your not bound to by feel, if you use the senses that you have.

  This works by thaumaturgy or thinking like goes to like, so thinking to kill something similar is what kills the idea or being that you target. This has a stressful moment before it's done. Then your relaxed by feel. So if you think to send the death energy to the worm in the sea, that is when you kill it and feel less stress and strain by idea. This is energy for you, there by idea , the idea you then have. So think about it and you can have your guardian angel kill it for you. This is a done deal, the guardian angel doesn't mind doing it.

  Then if you think to have reborn the worm, you can create a clone of you in the physical realm or world. This is where the Satan's pet idea comes into play, otherwise the sea worm idea is that your sea body is killed off by feel or now the urge to be somewhere, then you have released yourself from hell by a point. This is done by using your senses to sense things out and otherwise called feel. Enjoy yourself as you do some soul searching, that is done things as I call it. So this I think will work. Then it will since I managed to kill off my worm somehow. This is seen as a point of psychic awareness of the mind, that is usually with the sign of area blackout.

  So feeling out of sorts? I think its a point you'll get over, that is more easily done as you kill a worm. This is thinking good thoughts to kill off the sea worm, that is your hell body. Thaumaturgy is fun, I am thinking like goes to like. So stop thinking about your worm, you stop getting interactions from it. Then you feel better by the idea you have intended..

  So think about this though, this is done and by idea. If you thought of your worm you link to it. Then think what you like and you can get the idea. This includes staying slender forever by feel. Same for thinking of your angel, then if you think to remain slender you will. Think as you like, you will get what you want. This is a general rule of the area for what you wanted in effect. This is a point put to the past, that generates by the aura for now is the time of life.

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Angellic body

  The angel body is a energy form or being, see that is formed by a point you make to have an inner energy form form from drinking, eating and thinking it exists. This energy form is what the creator makes your spirit into as a servant to some deity that exists the point of the angel. The idea you use, otherwise create with, is the point you consider or make as the energy being uses the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything to manifest or create from energy what you intend to create.

  The Angellic body is created by feel, it creates by the drawing in of energy and creating with the idea you think to focus and make what is necessary. So think about what you want and it can make that as a point. See if you think the energy body creates your enhanced human form in the area you need or intend to appear in by feel. The Angel body can exist any idea and not drive you insane. This is a point you think, then create with a point what you want as a need. That is a point you realize what occurs by the spirit, if you have a soul created by the creator, then the soul insights are what you think to know with things energy that are about the area.

  This is a point you know things by realization, this is knowledge from the spirit or insight by the soul. This is a point you know what to do, so think about your options and you can create with the energy being that your spirit became. This is using an ideal point to do things, see what you want, know as you know and added-on is if you die, your energy being becomes an angel in energy as a lifeform that creates with the creator's energy.

  This is a point you know as a celtic engel body, so you are only actually shifting your consciousness to the energy form. So you know things if necessary and created is a point in your life is experiences, if you need the energy form to create an experience then it's there. If not, then it's not there. If you think you can't do something, then you won't so you don't if it's not necessary.

  The idea is a concept, so think about what you want and your energy body does the right things to cause what you intend. Then is a point to be where you intend to do something and now is here where you are in life. This energy body is what can create nearly anything. That uses the aura if any nearby, energy waves if there by feel, other things and the point if thought about.

  This is the tools for it to create with peace and prosperity, or whatever idea is printed or written there. This is a concept you think and the things you can get are there by abundance. I think the point is done by knowing it is with realization or insight. If you work or do what is necessary, then you can get better results. How this feels is sometimes good, if you think you know an then you feel better than before.

  This is a known fact by feel. If someone uses the focus point and inner being to create things by you, then you can block him out by being solidly grounded and use or imagine earth being used as a form of enenrgy manifest. This is done by a construct of energy, and that means you create with the consciousness of energy and make what you think to do. This means if you have enough, you can create with the energy of objects or money if possible what is needed at the moment. Think about the energy effect, then imagine or feel the idea is possible and you can create with the mirror to make what is now possible. This allows people to get more insurance, if they make enough.

  This is created as a point of secondary idea for what is given by the divine or creator made deity. One thing to notice, the energy being can act the part very well. So it could be a point of idea that exists in imagination, really it is a demon, or self-serving and devoted to the self being if your evil, deva or self-serving being of the 7th dimension if neutral or neutral evil, engel and angel. This is a being of positive nature or messenger, that devotes to the creator and possibly some Deity otherwise if good, this being sends messages.

  The last is valkerie, that is a being of good or neutral idea and they are angellic, that's if you like to do battle. However, the real energy being is a being only actually formed as though an energy form as you think it forms, that can appear or seem anywhere and if by memory is created by feel and made to work or do things. So if you think an idea is necessary, then you can create the point with the energy body. What forms it? The energy of this consciousness or "I", this energy awareweness is what creates with the creator's energy what you think, thought of will or now what you seem by idea to need is using an idea that's dealt with in a point of activity or things are done by feel.

  This energy body is what creates things, so if you need the idea created and it's to escape a dimension, then you can focus on the thought to escape with feel. Otherwise, if you need some item created. So then if you imagine the item and act as if it were real, the energy body creates with the spirit and energy that exists things by void. The item is there if possible and you make it real in appearance by thinking it forms. At least this is done by feel and at most its done by the third eye perception, the item will appear or feel as though it's there. Then if it disappears, this item will reappear in actual formation, that you can get from a store or online store like or Ebay.

  The Angellic body can also create with a thought, that's where if your punished the thought to not be punished creates that idea if you focus your mind on the point you think the thought. That is associated with the point is done, if you need and intend the idea. The point then is a concept, that is energy in form and created by thought. This is a possible idea to do, nothing more than that. If you can work with it, then do what you want or if you don't like it, don't complain to me, the writer in edit, things are formed physically or spiritually by this being so what you do with this idea is up to you. Especially, this is true if you think to create what you need.

  This means that you can form and create with something by writing or printing the idea, otherwise stating the point is what you create with the point. The energy body will direct the consciousness of energy to create what you wrote, see if you need it formed it's there. If you don't, then it's gone. This I think, then is the point now is the idea. The idea is a point then that you know about, so that is how things work with this. When this isn't doing things, it is gathering energy. You might notice the effect, that's as though a point or spurt of energy with the body.

  If you consolidate or combine the point, you create improvement. I think by consolidation, you can improve finances, that is done to create financial health as a point that is done with bills. So if you need money, your energy body can manifest things or credit as though an abundant idea. This is where you think you can create wealth by action or work, that means getting a job or asking around for financial aid.

  Elsewise, if you combine the point in writing, the energy being will create with the new point instead, so I think yes you can get agreement with what is done. This is all in a written point somewhere, so if you find it and read it you might get a better explanation. Yet this is a point that comes later, so think about your options and if you want the best of the experience, combine the old idea with the new idea in use.

  The energy body can also form drugs in use, this means that you create the essence or particles of the drug within the body. This is excepting illegal use with them, that's done by what you think in use. That's usable by a point with what information you get with experimentation. This uses the lab work, that's the info used to make it legal and only if proven to work right with the body. If legal, then it's allowable or otherwise cancels itself out. See that is known as not being done by feel.

  Sometimes if you are right or you think it illegal and your morals are right, you won't do it, unless your evil or something along the lines of interest is there. Interest is where you focus on the idea and you know what is there, that's known by the spirit-that-goes-through-everything and if you think to know about things. Think about this point in idea, then you know the truth of the moment. Some think this is use versus drugs, but really it's a being that creates the effects. This is a known idea.

  So this is where use is safe with the point, I think you can realize things by what is known. The idea is doing a concept in no actual point by what is done then, if you think to legally allow things then they are allowable all the way by what is done. If in the end it proves safe, then I think it's in and allowable, if not doing things in the moment then use what you wish with various idea that is done.

  Then if you know about the idea, you can realize the point of safety done by feel versus hazard in idea and you can create better idea. More on drug use in magic is listed here in, if you want to know more about the topic. Enjoy what you read. This is not intended to be done, if harmful or it has bad side effects.

  So I suggest learning with study not doing it or looking for a point in idea for things about the concept, this is also possible to be known before you know trying the effect out for yourself unless you don't want to do it. Then you won't do anything with it. If you do, you might not like it. Think a point, then, and work with what you can. This is a possible idea known about by feel and not an affront. So in idea, think positive and you can get what you need.

  What you do or don't do with this point is all on your own. The fact that this is possible, that makes it a viable point to those that can use it, that is all for this point in life. This is a point known by idea or fact that you look at or realize with the point that exists. What you do with this is interesting to me, so feel free to tell me about the things you can do if you need me to know. Send your idea to

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Dimensional shift magic

  The shift magic is a special dimensional magic, you can often tell where a place can shift you and when or where is obvious from flashes of vision. This is sometimes requiring energy to the point that you get dizzy or see double. This is best as a place with a lined pattern, and somewhere you sense things are spiritually happening. This is controlled by the pattern or the statement as to where or when you shift on a touch of the pattern. This in a shift is a viewed change from a pattern that can happen anywhere you can see it on a screen or area, otherwise its a release from the pattern and you can do what you want.

  When you do the imaginings of where you want to be or thinking of the place and touch the pattern, think to know things and you realize the idea by what is there or how things are done. So think the point about things to create events and something happens somewhere similar to the pattern place, this is the changing point. This shifts your vision where you are aware of things, and you see double vision until a few moments later as a form of charging known as the charging point. Then the shift to another place or time, that you think about being, occurred.

  So think about this, if it occured to you then you were spiritually somewhere else, at least and at most soul wise shifted by the creator. Keeping your focus or thinking generalistic keeps you shifted especially if you think about things there where your wanting to see things. If your focusing on the details of things you could shift to an area by feel or back again. Nothing will happen to you if you think nothing will occur to yourself. Although it takes a month or less to achieve, this may be well worth the experience.

  The effect of this may be double vision, but you can think yourself anywhere. This is including an exoplanet or two. If you can imagine the place, think of the place, or wish to be somewhere. Then you can actually get somewhere other than here or find yourself there by generalistic terms. This in a point is dimensional shift magic. The idea is simple, think and you are aware of the place. This is so you know what the area you can be in is like, otherwise its a mystery as to where you'll end up. However the point, think your area your physically in or want to be in and your in that general area. That is a point in the right direction, this is if you feel its right by means of where you are in life.

  This is the point things get confusing, if you are aware of things in two different area by the feeling you could get overlap of the senses. Think and you are aware by what you do with the things that exists, this includes the general area direction that you go. The point is moot if you can't find your way around, don't you think?

  If you think your safe from things, look at your body and note the marks or marrings. This is where you got hit and shifted as in energy form, so that left a mark. The dimensional magic is likely to occur a change by feel or area shift. This is where you are there and then back again, otherwise your not there. So think the point and go to get things done, then things are good to go. Think things through, and you know the rest. Thinking of the point you learned about. If you want to know about it, be there yourself.

  Their life is interest in gains and losses as well as games. Think this through the point of creativity, the point is there. The idea is standard. There is very little you can get off it if you focus your mind to create something from this. So to create something else that you yourself can think of is interest only. Feel free to inform me of the idea with results. Thanks. (the email address is

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Simple matter gate:

  Simple matter gate; The setup is simple by idea, place 2 objects that can be one body length or arms length apart and think your going to cs-137 or some other place and walk between or over the objects. The spirit shifts you there, the energy that the spirit uses is from there and that causes you to feel separated a bit from reality. This is a temporary feeling, so think about things and the area will feel better. You know you shifted, when you feel a sense of coldness. This is where heat energy or fire energy creates what you want. The point being, you can shift to anywhere.

  So think and you know by the spirit or soul what is where and when it is done. See that's the thing I'd be in a different dimension and a new and identical enough me that also can't tell the difference would've come in to fill the gap. Cs-137 is livable as a planet and you can form what you want, as your a being. See it's somewhere else in the milky way galaxy. However, you can make any idea seem like it's there. That's what I found. I believe it's the only cheap way to gate out. You get the objects somehow, then make use of the object energy or the creator's energy. This energy is what the spirit uses to shift the soul or body to seem to be that forms from the consciousness of energy.

  Then if you wanted you can actually be in the area, see that's where you can if curious leave an object behind or think to the area energy to reveal to you what is there and what happened, So in this way you know by it's consciousness what is there, what occurs or what is made of there. This also can alert you of what is taken, so think and the energy consciousness makes what is needed. This is an idea of what happens, when you intend the spirit to show you things or shift you by feel. Some cancel the gate by thinking or saying, that it don't matter. Then the gateway closes and things revert to normal. I use the coined phrase, "closea agate". That also works by feel if you need to feel the gate close.

  The spirit room is one such place to go. The spirit room is what creates the effect of an element such as fire, water, earth, air, ether or void. The-spirit-that-goes-through-everything gets you there (from Tom Browns book called the way of the scout..). This is basically an energy room. You can think and intend to enter this room and walk out of the area to leave the spirit room. This effect is if you believe an idea will happen then speak about it, the spirit consciousness in the room will create that idea as an effect. That effect can be expressed as a point or needed and felt to occur. what you decide is what can happen. If its known about, then it's not stated a second time. So if you enter intending to heal, then the spirit in the room senses your intention and then creates healing. This intention is more easily done, if spoken aloud. So you know you control your spirit room. You can even use the spirit room to shift places, that is where the room shifts to another spacetime and when exiting you are there in spirit. This allows you to explore the different area or world points in the room.

  There are many worlds. If you think to come back to yourself then you do. So what you are is energy, what you exist as is the point you make. This is a known effect. The trick is using math and creating a calculation to be where you are in life. So if you think, you know and the soul or conscoiusness of the body can draw you back by feel. The vibration of the spirit changes and this causes the area to shift in place. You can create nearly any effect in the spirit room, so think and you know what you can create in the area by what you do in idea. So this spirit room allows you to shift back to the time you associate with by feel that you think you came from. So that effect is a point you know, and feel is your own time. This is a concept you think about, that allows you to be where you need things if you know about them. If you don't, then you don't think about the idea in effect, so where you think it will manifest is where things are by feel.

  So if you wanted to be in the future, you are there andd whence return is necessary, you can return to the original time by what you do. What I like doing in a spirit world, is creating a elemental effect that is not unlike a urn mark in the area you think project energy to appear. This releases tension, that also uses up a source, if the source is not unlimited. So think your using a point for the source and what is represented in the source is created by the spirit that goes through everything and this appears as you need it to appear. So if you intended the spirit room to appear as a tardis, then you create by the energy and wait for energy to surge or recover itself as you think to repair or create with the energy by what you need and express.

  This can do in a point, so think carefully and you can create what you think is about the idea. If another spirit in the area is near enough, then you can have auratic healing by allowing them 30 minutes of being nearby. Then their room is thought by them to be what shifts them to the normal world again. So in effect, you can heal each other or do things with messages. If you think to call someone into your area, then you create a summons. Think to dismiss the people summoned, if you want to desummon the sumoned. If they resist, then they either don't come into the area or they leave when they want to leave. Other thngs that can be done, if you act as if the item is there, then it's there by feel or it can spiritually form there and you know as it disappears, where it is. You can easily dismiss an item, then it will disappear as well. If so, you know where you can get another, either online stores like or or some physical storefront.

  This in idea means you could use the illness as an energy and cast it from the body. This allows the darkk marks in the area. So I think, that is a point in the past that is appearant after a little time passes you by. This effect seems to be cast by the pinneal gland third eye, activated by the blood flow. This flow of energy is directed by the idea you think, say you think to activate the third eye, then you create the blood flow with the thought of what you want. The blood flow causes the pinneal gland to open the third eye. Thinking the third eye closes, makes the pinneal gland deactivated by lessened blood flow to the pinneal gland. What you think will happen will occur, if you think to create the effect by feel. This is the rule of the room or area. See that means there really is a tardis, this is a time machine. Think the object creates what you want and then you use the energy in the object, this creates what you need or feel is necessary.

  The more objects you have, the more energy effects you can get things done by idea expression. What you may need is to get someone to respond better, this is done by the voice and that means you can create the right effect by what you express. This can command a room or spirit. Such as stating, "I give you some of my excess energy or this objects energy for what I need done." Think the spirit gets that as a point and it does what you need. If the spirit is loose and that means the body died, somehow, then it gets reborn either as a bug or animal shaped from the creator's memory. The used energy goes to the creator, though. So that means it will create itself as the creator remembers by feel to shape it.

  If it is a bug, then upon killing it the spirit released is reformed in a body as an inner child or child of some sort that is born to the living. This is a point in itself. If you want to leave the now dimension, think to touch nothing, then you shift back from this dimension of the spirit room, called now. A physical trick to do this, is where you spread your arms out and jump off the ground. That is touching nothing. The moment you jump off the ground, you shift by feel and end up where the physical world is instead. Ingenious, right? I think there are more ways than that. That one happens to work. If you think of another way, then feel free to use it, this is a point where anything goes. Remember to be nice where you are by feel when you do things, so you can get better responses. That means kill the bug, work the idea and make with the point, if energy is high enough.

  One thing to notice is the effect you do is what sends you to places, the effect you do again is what can return you from whence you went. This is like stomping on a roach to exit from the dimension and stomping on another thing to return. This spirit room can explore the inner realm of the body or the outer realms if you want to explore them, too. Think to go where you need and you find yourself where you think to go. Also what happens to the spirit there, can happen to the body. So think to return to your body and you won't get effected. If you do stay there, the room supports you by energy shared from objects, so if you think to do good deeds you are not unlike an angel or valkerie, if you think to do self-deeds, you are a neutral angel or self-supportive deva. If you are free to do evil, then your a demon in spiritual form. Forgive the demon if to drive it away, allow the deva until a point to get it to leave you alone.

  Make use of the angel or valkerie to create positive results with a feather left behind if necessary. This is if you find someone used their spirit room too long and changed into one of these forms. So basically its insight given by the spirit in energy form, so think about what you want to do and you can do it. Always remember, don't kill the messenger. Release what energy you have and go to where your needed by feel. This is an effect in itself. As I am, I am done now, so I will go do something else. Anyway this recreates what is needed as though a spell and it's created where you think it to be, see my sole purpose in writing this was to recreate a tardis in idea. So enjoy what you can and deal with what is there. Ciou, farewell, and goodbye for now if you use this effect by feel.-Paul M. and Danny M.

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Mental broadcast

    This mental broadcast is nothing but a point or illusion, that you perceive by idea or feel. This is a radio wave aura broacast with almost intense aura energy. This is where you focus your energy to a thought, think of doing something and the aura art or area energy you perceive is what is there sometimes as vibes. This is using the idea though things are where that you broadcast a message to the area, that uses thinking the idea to broadcast as though a point were energy. The third eye guides your aura energy to make the broadcast where you think to see and are perceived in by feel. Once you get that feel done, your done with the broadcast idea.

   So basically the aura broadcasts what your third eye directs, peace can seem achieved and that is with a focused thought that you think to broadcast as you feel the need to broadcast the point. If you feel emotion, then you could receive emotional support as you broadcast the emotion with the message. So whatever the message is this is good enough for me. Except that we can determine by feel, what the true intent is of the message. This is where we know by the perseverant attitude some have toward getting out what they think or act. However, we know an act when its done. See that sometimes can be counted as though an illusion act. So think as you like about this.

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Hypothetical spellings

    Hypothetical spell style is when you think of some idea as something is done and create the spell as an effect, this is writing the spell down or texting the spell idea and assigning some idea. This is making use of a key point to trigger the effect, that you look at by feel that uses your subconscious mind. The language can form what you want that you use, this is where "ca" is "can" and unlocks the ability to cast the effect. Think you "can" and you stop the effect sometimes done by the self before it is done.

   That's because "can" means can't. This is done by thought or feel, that is where do is in latin die off and to use the word is thus, think of what to die off as you feel the need to kill the idea while stating the word. So think hypothetically, do in effect, this means with some translation "die off no effect" where "in" means no or not. That is unless you meant this hypothetical idea to seem spelled in normal english, then there is no need for translation. So if you used the word "but" in a sentence, then any thing before the but is forgotten about and things after are remembered. If you used "just" in a sentence, anything before the just isn't thought about and after the just is remembered in thought.

    So is free and this is with hypothetics, given enough freedom you can come up with nearly anything. If you don't need the effect anymore, then think about the idea that is occurring and state or think "in effect" to cancel out the effect by effort that you do. You can also target the thing you don't want, the thing can be thinking, then use "do" in some form or idea. So the last special term is "en", for a point at the end. When you use this then state "en" to end things, that is where you think about the the thing to end while needing the idea ended. This is done in effect by what you do, if you think the idea ends then the point ends by idea that is there as though en. This is an idea that is a spell and hypothetical by feel.

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Angel magic and Healing

    Angels in particular are in mythology, used in christianity and Wiccan belief and can save you by collecting you from hell. This is done by the subconscious mind. This is a point the angel served a point for its purpose then to send by feel. Well Angel magic is using the angel's name and a request. The Angel can usually do what you think, so you get the job done if you need it to be like that. This is a point that I would like to say is using the Angels name in a constructive manner. Say your trying to make peace between two parties, think it would work out between them and invoke the Angel. Otherwise you could make getting a job allot easier, usage of the angel of jobs or Cassiel. So if you need a result and you know an angel can do the job, then state under your breath, "Oh [angel name], I need things to work right or [make a request here]."

  So if you were calling the angel of situations, you would say "Oh Haaiah, get me out of this situation." or "Oh Haaiah, make things better for those responsible." Otherwise you can just say the angels name, and he or she will understand what you want to occur. This is a surefired way to get a good result by using the Angel name for magic. For an angels effect you can do. You can use a mold of clay to cast an angel effect, if you think to work with the results and make things better. This casts an in effect understanding or idea to the person's senses, that often takes the form by feel of a black chaos ball that does as you direct.

  This is an engel in idea, not always in form as the black sphere dispelled can form its consciousness to the body to be born. This is a special creators will that is an angel in form if thought to be in an angellic formation. Otherwise this engel is just a black sphere of magic that will send a message by feel, this is where sometimes you can substitute a ball for the clay. This I think I observed, the end of the moment is where the chaos dispells itself and things work themselves out. The chaos is temporary, the true will of the creator is the self. You can think to use this by imagining the point to create a result and any angel's name for anything. Always remember, angels can deal with timed effects. They often create timed effects by feel, that's if they need to create something sometime.

  This is mainly a list of angels and animal spirits mixed with divine that you can call upon if you intend to get results to reconcile or you may go create better results by messenger, this can be yourself sending a message by a chaos sphere that you imagine by thinking of a black sphere. So included with this is animal husbandry, that is with the animal spirit. That emulates voice or influences by the actions you do. Otherwise this angel use is done of messenger or some social media if you need to contact someone, think of the point and write to them and the message is sometimes sent.

  The gods and spirits are there if you need them there. This is from a goblinoid that was to escape but I dismissed him or her back into the mirror that it came from. So in truth I offered him/her escape, just not the way he had planned. This is an energy being that is a lost soul, the being had lost its body due to an ailment and terrible wasting disease. When he/she or it separated from the corporeal form he/she decided to stay, so this being wanders the planet in goblin form that looks human. So I wouldn't tempt he/she to stay. If you don't want it near, think he/she is gone and the being finds its way to leave sometime. That is all there is to this being called madkarna.

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  Some can use idea with the people in mind, this is done as they send messages by angels or are divine and others can use the animal spirits. Further idea and how to use them are described below and more of their names are in the book called 72 Angels of the name-calling on the 72 Angels of God by Baal Kadmon:

  Ieazel; Ieazel guides my words to get what I wish to have at the right time. This is no matter the point to do, he or she will do what I need by what I do if I feel he or she needs to do it.

  Omael; They that live are a point to them. Peaceful resolution feel, some use this angel to get peaceful resolve by thinking of peace and the idea causes peace by your aura that the person feels. Just don't stand too close to those whom seem agitated, think calmly and seeing they could strike out and otherwise don't be there.

  Yehuiah; the angel of light and clarity used to clarify life and the turns there in that are live. I take the insect that's alive and create a blow that kills it.

  Cassiel; the angel of jobs and working right.

  Chavakiah; the angel of happiness that's creating happiness from other states of mind. State chavakiah and the friend's name three times to resolve differences and cause happiness instead of other feelings.

  Hahahel; the guardian angel of memory and gifts and money.

  Haaiah; use his name to set up situations you do like or get out of situations that you don't like and no I don't overeat. I can use this name to get out of situations or make things from situations. Then if necessary, I buy my way out of the situation if en possible or the situation warrants it. Otherwise I think the angels name to create what I feel is necessary.

  Menadel; use this angels name, menadel to get over fear and live with courage.

  Mikael; the angel of light and love to see through moments of the real situation and see reality. This angel helps you to get over paranoia and confusion and you notice the truth.

  Sahaaiah; Think in feel, use to work with others with or for love. That means when I get allowed for other idea, if the point is made its better than punishment.

 Yehuiah: This is the angel of light and use of the angels name brings clarity, this name Yehuiah is used to clarify life and the turns there in by feel.

 Metatron; This is the angel of meetings and greetings, so if you need to meet with those you think to meet, then think the name or think about the person and you can greet them. So state metatron while imagining a golden gate. This golden gate draws attention to the person. That uses a probable message from you or messages that you imagine that are interesting to them, when you attempt to draw the person there they might notice the message transaction unless they are too busy. Then they dismiss the idea, then they are likely to not be there. This is how metatron can tend to work. If not then you are aware and know how to approach the person. Then you can get what you want in idea, this is by what you feel.

 Gabriel; The guardian angel that you think about or think the name to call and get guidance by feel. This is with the senses that you have and work with, so if you find a feather on the ground then you create by the idea with concentration that is done as you think to create with the idea in mind. Now gabriel works with miracles, otherwise the idea you think and focus then that is a want and this is created by feel. If you say to a candle flame what you want, then you create what you need by idea being expressed.

 This is a way to communicate as well, if you think of the person then they may respond by feel. The candle flame is an excellent way to get things done, if you follow up with what you need to do and do what you need to get things done. This is also a way to summon an angel physically, so be careful with what you do, the point is this where you create what you want. This is done by influence and the right suggestion. That is when and where things are possible. So think to call gabriel and your guarded. This is done by feel.

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Some gods and spirits:

  madkarna; This is the name of a spirit that if used in a loop during a ritual or and evocation it is a God, so be careful. If you use madkarna you could dream of failure and that means you lack discipline. Otherwise you can have a sign that you are strong, this is all covered by dream symbology that's interpreted on the internet. My favorite dream interpretation site is either dream symbol searched for on or

  devine; This is devised devine. This is where everyone is divine as a lesser lord, we are all our personal gods and creators are those whom work for us that are thin enough. This is an achievement done in perspective as we are memories of the creator. Things could not be better, if you think it's good then it is. This devine state is usually a point done by trance during meditation or alpha state, that is gotten through breathing in and out and thinking of a thought.

  This uses our souls and the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything. When your done, listen to a startling sound or doing something wrong like using the wrong key, then you realize what you did and wake up. Otherwise think or say "I will wake up now." You come out of the trance by a loud or startling noise, if your thinking/stating to wake up you wake yourself out of the alpha state.

  So think of the request and state the name, think to call upon the person's spirit or mind. This uses the aura energy of the person, as if a thought that your nearby them. Then the subconscious of the person does the idea you have to create for you using the soul as guidance, this uses the unlimited soul to empower the spirit to make some effect.

  That's if you want some request. That's if things are done by idea from what you do. This is where you think of your need, focus your energy or thoughts and you create what you think. So that uses as a point your want where this is done. Be sure your safe when it occurs or happens to effect the area if hazardous. This is a point in the past.

  The creator is the one that remembers us and creates us as living memories. When he or she sees no reason for the person, that person can be whom disappears. However otherwise, he or she seems like a living consciousness of energy itself. That energy responds by doing things, this is done as though the energy itself understood what you wanted. If not, you really must not have needed the idea.

  So think about the moment and the moment can seem and end as you'd like the point. The person could get distracted, so think about things you can do to get done. First, you get things done and then they get things done, second. That's how things like this work. If you expect anything else, then that will happen too. That's if were mind readers, but some aren't so your safe with the people that can understand your need as a wanted idea. Think to work with the devine by this statement that you can consider and think, "This is devine but I will allow it. Okay then, now I will go. Then I will allow for things, that can happen." This is devine for you.

  Glu co se; The three gods represented in this trio of words are creating with the body, think of the name and think combining the gods named that are creating with substance to create any metaphysical result by feel. When you do so, this sometimes increases the need for sugar and other food. This uses the three parts of the brain, that is three brain sections with three different persona and that is from three energy consciouses or different functions. The right is the creative side also known as "Glu", the center is the connector that allows you to think like a woman or what is done in balance, otherwise the center nervous bridge that's known as "co".

  The left is critical thinking also known as "se", that is where you create by idea that you think about. This idea also creates by the amygdala using the frontal lobes. This doesn't necessarily mean you create fat if you stop yourself from eating, this is done by realizing things that go in the body by the name use and naming association. The central bridge is usually impaired in men, so they don't get too ambitious. When fixed, they are free of inhibitions and can do anything by feel. This is where they are able to get what they see the need for, if necessary.

  So if you think your eating then your going to eat, if you don't think you'll eat or think you won't eat then you cut off the need and you don't feel hungry. This is the point in idea. However thinking about the effect, this will create what result you want as if an end result. So think of weight loss and the end result changes, this changes from weight gain through glucose use and becomes weight loss by exercise. This came from radiation though, so think of the radiation release from yourself and you radiate less an you become better with health. This is an idea that is obvious, if you care to observe what you do with food or drink after thinking something into manifestation.

  However if you think about the point, then your aware that the body weight could be rising and you need to stop to do something other than eating sugar. This sugar eating is done because of the glucose, that is when the glucose is released and then you can think things are done magically. Otherwise observe and you know what is there, then you know what is done by what's done in or to the area. What you think reveals the idea that is happening.

  So think as glucose is known to increase the sugar level and the weight increases with the need for more sugar, the idea is a point you can suggest to yourself that you "think you know and stop to do something else." This can be done by a point you say or think "or not" and you know peace. This is where you can do what you want, that is when where you want to go is where you end up. Sometimes where you end up is not where you think to be, so be careful about what or that is where you go to do the point with things. This is in idea what you do.

  This if done right is with the glucose that you can feel satiated from sensation, that is where you can think to do something and can stop any urge that you can have by thinking of the feel and needing to stop you don't do things. So remember the urge is there, then think its gone and the urge disappears and that's the result as my result. This is how you can handle urges that come upon the body, that is mostly by the point that you do. Just don't as you think to overdo. Think about the point and you could get what you want, that is a point where you think or you go and get things you need by feel.

  This is a command of the body that you can countersuggest, sometimes that is from the moment and you can't counter the body until you fulfil your need by satiating the body with food or drink. This is a point where you think and do or know and stop, then you do things that are not eating or drinking. So think of something and this distracts the mind and body from the sugar need, then you can create what you want as a need by this combined god name. However, if you don't need glucose to do anything for you, then nothing is done by the body to create with sugar. This is an idea that is true and field tested by what I observed and did. So think and you can use this too.

 Co op er; The three gods mentioned here are still active so be careful, they create an idea that you think about. This effect by feel with your words. This is any thing or idea you think to manifest. Combining the gods name may get a result. Thinking the combined named being gets him there in human form sometimes if you call it. This is so you can psychically work with the person, this is to allow him to go on his own way so you don't freak. Think to remain calm, then you are aware of the situation and thinking of things calms you. This sometimes is with cooperation and thanks.

  Maybe this won't happen but they the three names combined will create one super effect, this is magic by feel with what you can detect and if you think by feel or describe by idea to create with a point. That means you decided what will create the point. Once created, he goes on his own way as she does what she needs. This is without a hit necessary to get calmness. So don't question his or her point, and you get an effect..I think this effect is a point, that is done by what you consider in concept. If you don't consider the concept, then you won't get an effect. This is excepting the point by prayer or activity, that you think is appropriate.

  Think of the point and the idea is there, if you want the idea there. This is the idea I had in mind that I thought on angels. That the angels are messengers and we are those messengers, that have influence and possible activity from a point with the tenth dimension. That means we could create any message and effect, this is sometimes through the tenth dimension by thinking a point to create with the god level of reality. This is where we are divine. So we can seem like any being, that we want to seem like. This is only the illusion part of the tenth dimension. The reality is this, we are only what we appear as by feel or idea.

  This is to think and let go of the energy and you end up without the illusion. Also, going out sometimes is with thought to get the rain storm effect, though you may not want it and that was my last message to people. This was rain magic to some, so I think that if you use the tenth dimension. Then you can create what you want, this is done by understanding the process that occurs. This is all in an effect. That is a point to the past that effects the present, this is when things are what creates the future from a past viewpoint.

  This is how that process can work by feel. So you know that information was there for sports manipulation, otherwise the idea was realize what you want and you get what you want with what you need by what you think. If you think something into manifestation or formation, then that is called a full manifest by feel. This by feel is sensation and that is when you sense what's done by the particle, that is a particle that goes out into space. This is what I call creation, otherwise self-creation by those that created things..

  That is where DNA information is used by the brain, that recalls the idea from the cells information. Then the brainwaves or thought waves that are alpha based creates what you think, this is done by the energy that is from around the area. That is the photonic tachyon particle exchange that created is what passes through the area at light speed, anything nearby the particle won't feel the particle but the area is creating what is programmed by thought. So think your program and you have the thought. Think to change the program, if you don't like the idea. This is done by thinking your suggestion with a teletouch, otherwise this is a touch by thinking an idea to someone or yourself. That is what goes into the particle.

  This particle even goes out into space, so don't be surprised if you see something similar to what you thought. This is all in a thought by feel that you know by now. What isn't known is this, that your brain must sleep and when the brain is active in a sleeping body. The body is what creates alpha waves. This is the dreamless mode. So you can also seem in alpha mode in a wakeful point. This is where you are able to suggest anything, then the subconscious, aka brain waves using the DNA information, that will create what you want and that's if the idea is possible. This is all in a brain wave thought.

  Ca lv in; This three part god name is a point in some game, so I will do you justice and describe it. The ca is where you can do things by feel or idea without anger, the lv is leveling in some experience or gaming point, and the in is a point that I will say is "not done unless necessary" but in a week. The use of the name combined creates by the subconscious, this is what you think to create with your need as a feeling or sense. That is what I will describe the scene of the game as for now I must go. Thank you for listening.

  Com plet ed; This is used to settle complaints, the three parts make up three god names that can seem useful to make different things so if you can think your able to make work easier. The com is coming to realization, plet is complaining and ed is education. Combine together to make one super effect that is a air idea, that you can think about happening. This effect you may state, think and the idea is done by what you do. This is done unless you don't do things, then things are calm. Whatever the god effect, this is done to completion or unless you don't need it then its completed by an astral form. This came from the intelligence, if the machine has a consciousness.

  In trac able; Non tracing ability, think of the use with this three part god and use is any of the three parts while thinking of the full name to create this in what you need without a trace. Combine the name and you create one super effect, this is done by feel with no trace to yourself by energy or the aura blur and thinking what you need. That is what the aura can do. Think to not need it to stop the effect.

  In tract able; Think of the need with any of the three parts of this god's name being thought or said. Then you get what result that you can desire by thinking of what you feel. This god is actually three gods used together, think of putting the god's name together and stating the name. Using the name ad-hoc and you get a selling moment, otherwise your getting intractable and what you need. Don't need the sell by design, then you can stop the effect. There you go, you know the intractable effect.

  In track ing; Not tracked activity, this three part god name can create non trackable behavior in almost anyone. Excepting those that are instable, the effect is any one part used of the god name while thinking of the full name is creating this effect. Those that don't want to be effected aren't effected, otherwise they don't believe in the effect. Combine the god name's three parts and state it, then you create one event that is untrackable by feel. This includes getting a package quicker. Yet on thought this is understood as to have happened. So this is a point that is a solvable case, if its a murder or something.

  Yu-gi-oh; If you've played this, you may know the effects this god can do. The point you use yu or embuement is to embue the spirit with ability by the aura energy being imbued. Gi is to give by the feel, this is where the giving nature is revealed and things are allowed. Oh is shift where you shift to where you think to exist or live. Use the names together of the three gods and you get a super effect, think of the effect to get what you need. That is if you can get an effect. You see this three gods are dead now and any energy you send may awaken him, this is done sometimes by thinking of what you need and thinking the name. This can awaken any dead god, btw not just any of these gods.

  In vert ed; This three parter name is an impact of an idea, think of the in as nothing that creates for you, the vert as vertical idea that you notice that you can create with by focus and the ed as some sorta education. So think things are done in the effect where you can get an education, then you can get one by feel with the combining of the name and thinking of the naming or you can get a person that passed you by feel.

  Out rig ger; Think of the name as outside, created idea of something with power and germ idea that you create by focus and work by aura energy that you direct the germ by feel with idea. Combine the name and you create the point of idea that you want near enough by need of feel. This god name is a super god with three god parts, the deity is now long gone into space, so is the point that exists that he used this effect with a point. The idea idea is done by feel, if you think about the point and things are what they seem.

  An rig ger; This is sometimes an angered soul by feel, rigged to the effect, germ idea that you can create by feel. The three names of the super deity is if put together causing mechanical effects and upgrades. The person you think you speak to is based in illusion, can easily by aura feel be dismissed.

  It can rig; Where everything is represented by an object. Think of the idea you form a point or website hit and you can create things by feel. The idea presented here is with this god name as is it done in an unusual nature or focus to do and you create by feel, this can affect what you want or you can use affixed idea that you can't move to deal with the resulting anger issue and rig or created idea. That is the point of idea or the third eye and is the use which is not the drug. Then if you need a safe place, think of things which you can do.

  Imagine yourself doing them, you are there where its safe. If not think of things which you are doing and you are back to the point, that means you created things with the idea by feel. This idea is what you can create with and this is by feel. This creates an idea that is by feel, if you use the combined name and if the can isn't affixed. Then you can bet that the feel is attack by feel. So I think the feel is attack most of the time, so some wizard can think to be free and the effect is done to create fear in the individual that you were acting out. That is sometimes a hit to the face though, be careful with this idea god name.

  In an ger; This three part name is the god of a being, that can incite anger in anyone that uses him. This super god is a point to remember though, if used in the full name then you create the anger strike on those that you think about. So think of the effect to be peaceful, that peace you create by aura energy and you can create what you want. If you use any part of the gods that make him up, they can do different things, the in is in sight action and creation by feel, the an is the anger part and I find it useful to make peace. The ger part is germs that create your focused idea.

  In doc tor; This is a three part goddess or god, this goddess or god forms when you think she or he exists and creates by feel with them that you imagine or get near. Use of the full name will get a goddess or god effect that you can feel or think into existence. Your rite is this idea, think of the idea and means becomes obvious, when you think of the repeated words and of possibly needed items you can get things to complete the rite that serve as energy focuses. If you think of things by feel you can create with the right word phrases, that means they come to you and you can create with what is there. This rite is the point that is with repeated words or phrases, this is done at least once or twice, then you create by thinking energy will do the idea and this usually is done by influence.

  This is done and sometimes doesn't need to be repeated. You can go about your business and do things by what you do. So no more of this is necessary, I will make this my last idea. Thank you for reading this list. The idea is this, the goddess is the energy and the point is the area and by the feel that you get you are sure about this idea. So go ahead and think of the point and imagine what you want. The goddess will suffice and create the effect using energy of things, that you die off or do. This in use can create with time, so think of the effect and you get it. Think that your cured and you are aware of things, that you are to be and you cure yourself.

  Using the goddess and god then any three part name will create a goddess or god effect, think of the effect and you create with the idea that she can exist. Use of a part of the goddess or god name will create what you think as each three parts do different things, in: this is what exists and not what doesn't have existence. Doc: the doctor is the thing that exists things or what you feel is not worth their time and you create what you want by yourself. Tor: the torn out heart of a demon is the idea that powers this machine that some results exist in by feel. Think the idea and they can exist for you as well.

  Goddess; The goddess is the being that exists by things that work. Think of your own idea and then things work out. Think of the effect of mating, she can give what you need or provide a partner by idea being done. If she appears as the goddess, think of things to do and work with the idea you have. This doesn't mean having sex by the way, that is unless you need it. This means that you can create with idea, that you can work and feel into existence. Thinking the item you need comes into being can exist the thing, if you are whom that can go get the item or think of things to do. Then you can get things done, usually this is by the aura energy that creates as you feel. But you can create things by what you do as well.

  The God; The creation is the thing he does, if the Goddess appears as a male in your dream. Then you are aware and capable to handle things on your own. If you ask for idea from him, the idea will seem what or where you can observe the point. Otherwise you can use the third eye pinneal gland, this is used to create with by feel and make things work with what you think is important. This God and Goddess is otherwise mentioned here at spellhawk's magical magic blog.

 These are ogre gods, that means you can say their names and not call them if you don't intend them to do things:

  ent = entity. this is early anduith, the entity of life that you can focus into creating things by feeling as an empath or feeler and this is using things with the point and need as your intent. this entity can leave riots and some sorta warefare if not requested to do something specific by feel.

  an = an the fire goddess, she does things by feel with the need and leaves a feather, then when she does things that you happen to come across by feel you create better results.

  in = intuitionally doing fire god that leaves dark marks when he does things if necessary. he does things on a feel and things he does are realized by idea that's known.

  unn = the undoing water god, this is paul's level of existence and he is a god that will do what is needed by feel if he thinks it's necessary. the unn is punishment to those that do evil intentions. the good is a goad to the bad and shows allowance for the positive people. what he leaves is a concept, that is known about and this concept undoes what is no longer necessary.

  en = entropic god of fairness, I believe this god makes what you need an that is in trade by deals that you make or may decide to just end things, so think and you can create what you will into manifested existence. he leaves nothing behind that would inform people of his presence or idea activity.

  on = the god/dess of creation; this god/dess can bear any resemblance and this means you can create what you need and make idea by what you do.

  yn = the winning god; this god helps you win by what is done or you earn somehow the funds by feel with what is given. what he leaves behind is some funding for personal idea to be done.

  onyn; this is the crown chakra god of creation and onions with earnings and what you think so is what he could do as he creates the taste of onions to your mouth. he has a double nature, so I think if he is a point he could if your good, make things happen by feel or if your in the area and bad, then he could cause the cops on you.

  In aj = This is the agitation effect god, that is useful for effecting those that do war. if they do war as wrong then they get controlled by what this god does.

  en aj = this god creates by the act and makes what is seemingly right, this is done by correct means. think of the effet and his intution creates with a point to make with energy what you want. he leaves behind a trace of energy.

  onin = this god is creative, serves energy requests and makes warfare nothing, think and you can leave the area. this is the energy consciousness that picks up on the point, think and this makes with what is possible with what you need with feel. this is ended as an end request that is done, if you need it by feel.

  enin = this god could be a goddess or some other idea, that if called upon by speaking or thinking about what you want, it will create what is necessary to make what en is done.

  enis = this is an idea by effort, this goddess is what creates with hope and makes what is possible with what is there. think a request or speak it and she can do things by feel. what she leaves behind is a momento and that is when she is done by idea.

  anis = the deadly goddess of acting; if you have a point to act, then your safe and separate from her wrath if calling upon her in need so if acting and she thinks its unworthy she could dismiss you or do things anyway.

  flo = flowing; flower goddess, she sells things and creates what you need by the feel. this goddess is a point of action and what she does is guide you to do the things you think are right. what she leaves behind is thought with a flower petal and that is a point from the past.

  floin = the goddess of life; this is use of the pinneal gland to make use of a flowing blood entity, that creates with the body and makes what you wish. the wish god that you didn't suspect, so I think this is a point you think that she does by entropic or other energy sources. she knows by the spirit-that-goes-through-everything to do what is correct in the moment.

  floen = the ending god; this god causes things to end if called upon by feel to do what is in the request. what he leaves behind is dust particles. that's what is noticed where he does things.

  enif = this is the flow control god, that serves a computer point as though an idea and think is using dialect in a language all his own. this god leaves behind what he thinks is appropriate. so I think if you do wrong, "then" you get madness of the thought. if you do right, then you get a positive result in what you need a positive in by feel.

  inelse = the idea god; you think the idea and you create what you need. this god however, doesn't create a split personality to do his deeds. he creates with the spirit and the soul if there to make what you need. he leaves behind a fight ready to happen, if you do the wrong things.

  soen =this is the madness god; other than ahiem this god serves madness and creates with a point done by thought. to end his effect, state 'the thought is not you', so think and the madness clears up. this is a point from the past.

 These are special ogre gods, they are special by the energy you think to them or they make use. That is used to create with from a point. These are the divine:

  enif inelse = this is impulsive control and makes things happen by what you think to the energy consciousness that reacts by feel.

  ahiem = the madness god son of jesus. this god makes an idea or what you think, say or feel and you create with the spirit to make purchases with what is possible. this god works with seasons, and creates by the point. he leaves behind madness as he is done.

  bind = the god of bindings, that make what you consider interesting or otherwise what is thought. the god of bindings leaves behind that of items that are sometimes broken, when doing thens or things for people.

  bend = the bender; the bender god of idea, this is using the one god that you intend things and he will fulfill the idea as though a request. he leaves behind a donut.

  fixx = the fixx is group by music and yet its group consciousness is a divine being that is a lesser lord. this divine being does things with it's songs, then if the being wishes to create an effect you get a result.

  ef = the effect god fx, this god creates with a point what he senses is right by the electrolytes in the body. really he uses the 6th sense and the third eye from activity with the blood flow to the pinneal gland. this god also leaves behind a song that was used to create the end result as you think of the idea with some concept as though an end result.

  as = the god od matter; whatever the matter is this god can settle it or create with an point. however, after this god is done, then peace is left behind or a settlement war is there.

  if = this is a god of debrees; the god is really a divine soul, that wanted to create for people. he can pose as anyone yet he is himself. so what he does is sometimes act the part. when he does things for people he makes the idea seem plausible. so I think he leves behind an idea written down.

  bud = this goddess is fickle, if you take her physical form of flower or herb in then you can create with a special effect. if you think this is poison, then you could die. this is a known effect she leaves behind.

  odin = Odin in the ogre time is the space god, this god creates anything that is required by feel. if you waste his time then he could attack you. he leaves behind whatever is there so think about the point and he could create for you.

  cracker; this god is the god of things, the point you think is what he does if you work with things made of him. what he leaves behind is the crumb, that is found after he is done.

  cracker-barrel; this god is the son of cracker, the being of light and fluffy edibles. so what he does is create with sugar, that is what thought you think to make with intent. this is where he leaves behind some part of the food after he is done.

  reno = this god is a god of relationships, think your need and feel it's necessary to exist or create results as the end results. what he leaves behind if he is done is a wholesome relationship set by feel if there.

  link = this is the god of time in moments. think of the idea to do and in a momentary concept this is done. a momentary concept is a notion, where time does not exist and everything is made of moments in time. so think about what you want, then you can get what you need as a point is made by feel. what this god leaves behind is a concept, that can be written down. that occurs to you by idea, seen after this god is done.

  Snake spirit; Some snake spirits can offer knowledge with the energy feel. The cost is sometimes a mention in idea by what you do. This offers some of your energy or something you own, that is used as exchange for the usage of the idea you can get by meditative insight. That's how you get the snake information. Then you get something that's done. That's a point in idea that you mention something and things work themselves out.

  Other animals do well for this, sometimes they do this as well. But, the snake is oftentimes representive of knowledge and that knowledge is what you can think to gnow. So if you don't know, then you don't care to realize things. This is what insight your soul can give you. So if you think your able to get things, then you otherwise handle things.

  This is usually done by what you do with your time on your hands. That is what you can do with your time, this is done unless you have otherwise planned things. That is truely what thinking things can mean or measure up to by feel, however yes, snake oil can cause baldness. But you have to consider others feelings so think about this idea.

  This is a point in life if not a point in fact. Think about others as you think about yourself. This is noted in life, sometimes things always about yourself. So you know the truth, I think this is a point that you recognize. That is a point in life. Think to act accordingly, this is for what I think.

  You don't always have to react to every single thing. Think to relax, you know the way. Meditation or sitting back and allowing the days feel to go from you. Breath in and out and think to relate to your thoughts. This is the way to do it. Thank you for your considerance.

  Animal spirit; The animal spirit is different, in their animal spirit its dependant on the feel of the moment and how people can do things. Think of the moment and the spirit of the animal can intervene if the spirit animal feels that you are threatening. This is usually a growl or a feeling of the need to back off of something and sometimes you usually black out. The animal spirit can be of a friend as well as remain an absolute protector, the reason is the animal spirit senses you and knows are things by what you do. This is the end of my idea. The rest of this idea came from a friend of mine, sitting at a table and describing his idea.

  The animal gets his or her skin energy or otherwise form energy from the spirit unless you heal or reverse the spirit, sometimes thinking to use it can get a result of where the animal will physically growl or whine to the idea of some person nearby. This is an idea of notable pattern that is acted upon if they think you hostile or trained to react hostilely like a dog or naturally react hostilely like a clawing/growling cat. This can only mean they get their spirit animal energy sometimes from you or others and work with it by creating with what they do things with by feel.

  This is where you think and do or work things off and know about the idea, this is done to create the point by what you do. The animal can remain calm, if you know they aren't attack animals and they absorb some of your energy through the nose. The animal form can get their energy from the environment, this is done by what you think toward them. So think calm and they are as though instructed to remain calm. This is with instruction from your energy that you send their way, then they absorb it as though they don't mind it as they are free to do what they want either through the skin or through the area form.

  So just think about it, if that describes a spirit animal almost perfectly, then you know the rest. This is further information that isn't always acted upon, I am thinking its not always true. So treat this with a grain of salt. For facial healing, think of healing and rub your face or jaw. So think if you think it or type it, feel the lower curve of your face and the effect of a demonic or human hit to your face disappears. If you think it won't hit you then it won't hit you. That's the point to this. The idea is this, if you think to enjoy their presence, then they will enjoy yours. So think calmly as you play with them and they are happy.

  Idea pointed to this is with no attack, so think to remain calm and you are. Think to count to 10 or backwards from 10 if you need to remain calm under the influence. This is an idea that I got from watching cops or coping mechanisms at work. This is if there was no hit or you were without a hit if any exists. For people to heal you by the body, have them around you for 30 minutes and their aura cures or restores the body.

  This can make the dog or animal act like an absolute angel. The idea is this, think to the animal your sense of calmness, then you think to create calm by thought where you send forth some of your energy to the animal. This is done in an energy wave, that is projected forth by the spirit. That is also sent forth by the aura as a broadcast sent through the waves of energy. This is to use for controlling the animal, through the animal spirit that infused with your spirit energy makes them act good.

  Sometimes this is holding out your hand palm forward or upwards and towards them, this is where we know the act as you think the act to do and you can do as them with what you want by what you think. This is where you think you know the act of calmness as you act calm, approach by the side then they are calm by what you do. They calm as you rub them on the side or give them things as reward. If you seek to punish the animal for misdeeds.

  So then you hold a little of your energy at the tips of your fingers and hit or slap the forehead. However, you wouldn't go out there to slap a bear, you would act motherly and yell at the bear for a bit to "go". Only sometimes, this is when they feel like the idea is necessary will they do the idea, the wild animal will sometimes do what you say and that's if you send energy their way. They use that energy to create what they want, so think calm and you get calm reaction. This is sometimes in use of the energy that they understand you.

  This can cause the animal or person, if used on them, to behave as though yelled at by feel, so think to use this sparingly as though you don't have to repeat my words. The animal will immediately react as though they do what you say. So speak calmly and they are sometimes rewarding you with obedience. The reward of a treat or acting motherly is to remind them to behave good and do what you say. That is done, unless you intend them not to do what you say. You can take this on idea that use of a single moment is sometimes not to detail if this is true or false, this is due similar results and experience to entail if this is true or not by feel.

   This is where they can sense your intention. So if you give energy to them, you can intend for them to give some energy back. This is done by the animal spirit. The animal spirit will likely do what you say, if you think the animal is behaving when you send the animal energy. Then they will behave. This can restore a body's natural energy reserve and allow for less tired activity. So if you think to use an animals energy, you can more easily use a cat or dog's energy to get better activity done to be safe.

  All you need to do is think about the point to sense the mood of the animal and the idea comes to mind, this is done unless if you don't need idea to come then the point won't come to be sensed, what you think about is then known about as you know by the energy vibes what is good or bad. This doesn't mean that the idea didn't happen, this just means things can happen even if you sense the point of the idea or dismiss the idea from your mind. Your a well informed individual. Think to seem well.

  This is how you can use an animal spirit, that senses your need and reacts a certain way to tell you if its good or not by animal intuition. This is like the point your about to do something, then you sense the animal mood and decide if the animal mood was good that the point is good to do or if the mood was bad then this was a bad idea. That's how you use the animal senses to sense a point out before you do anything. You can however sense out things by using your energy that comes from the soul or the creator, this is using your own feelings and that is done by what you think.

  So if you went through a bad ordeal and need healing. If you intensify the energy of the aura, then the chaos sphere is with the area energy added to your energy that will speed up the healing process with intended. This idea to heal you heals you as they heal or not, this is as you heal by yourself sometimes with others nearby aura energy. If you need the idea, thinking reverse damage and touching the body area or wound. This witholds the wound energy and creates the healing to be done, this is with reverted to pure energy wound energy held in the skin separates to them as though pure energy from the wound.

  This is not always excepting the point this is a point in exception, that is where you feel the need to heal and otherwise you can either state or think not to state the need and you get the desired results. This is the point that you can get what you wish by stating the effect. Then they can heal you perfectly, this is within a few days to a few seconds. This is freakily done as if you regenerated from the spirit, and the wound just disappears by looking at the wound or your not feeling it.

  The animal spirit can do requests as well, just think the request as you need the animal spirit to do the idea or some use is the point to them. The idea is done and its as you state the idea you wanted. The idea is simply done, if you think the idea is doable as you state the idea. So think this is done in effect and state something, then even a person will do what you want. This is a point in regard to the truth of the matter, nothing much more than that so then you think and doing things is what is done.

  The point by the idea is their identity by feel. Think calmly what you want in idea of their need, they do what you feel as you think the need. The idea is the thing, think the need and you'll get what you think you need. The idea is the thing, think the need and you'll get what you think you need. Think of the desire or point of view, then the effect of clear and obvious idea is what you sense by feel. I think this is by feel so I will add what I know, the animal spirit will heal you even if you don't need it or otherwise you can think of things and the animal spirit will do that as well.

  This is where you can think and the animal conscious will do what you wish. If they don't then you need to back away, think to do something else or risk being either raked or bitten. This is where the animal will heal itself by your energy, this is also where your thought is sometimes used by their conscious thinking. Otherwise they wouldn't have a conscious. However this is an animal spirit setting things up, this is not a conscious mind that perceives your thought. This is how things work out by feel sometimes. So you can use the color red for vibrancy and green for the peace feel.

  Imagine the color green for a peaceful feel and thought of messages to go ahead and this is sometimes by feel. Also that is where a person can act the animal spirit, think to project your spirit to the person and they sometimes accept you as the conscious spirit animal that appears to have influence. Just remember, don't hit the messenger as sometimes they can act a messenger angel too. This is a thought in progress, especially if you imagine things with the color green by them.

  The main point that exists here is the energy, that makes or creates things by the area you feel is necessary to create in or near the area is to use the energy. That exists things there, so you naturally shift there and you are there even if naked. Once there, you cannot speak to them although the idea is there. That is the state of the animal spirit consciousness. The point this state exists is dimensionally higher than ours, so we can expect the point by feel. If they don't get what they want they do things to us to get our attention.

  That is until they get us to be on their level of thought, then we can do this by raising our vibration until we can interact with them. This is the point we figure out that we can always talk to them if they allow us to talk with them. Then they show us their ability. This is the last we notice of the animal spirit until we thik to notice them again. Then we can think our message and we are understood as a thought is returned in reply. This is how things go with them.

  So if you run across a stray animal, then you know where it came from. The area you thought to its animal spirit can return your lost energy if you need the area to return energy, this is true unless it was dead and this includes wolf spirits. If they are dead, think about the animal spirit being there and imagine stating its name to get the name. Then think its name and state it at least once and at most three times to call it on need and the spirit treats this like necessity. Then state your need by feel to get your wish. If you don't get what you need or wished for by feel, then think the creator creates what you need by feel and this is the being that helped create us all.

  Now wolf spirits are the solitary, they depend on the hunt and the moment so they might do the request if they were hunting or willing to do the idea. You know by feeling good when they do. A person using a wolf spirit can find things missing, sometimes there are some blockages by the effect of the wolf not liking what is there. Fox spirits are where you can create with things and the fox that is independant, they will create with your thought and sometimes this is mischief. The fox that is dependant on you will react sometimes, this is done as though you needed something and do what you feel is necessary through reception of energy. Raccoon and squirrel spirits are similar and rather interested in what you do, they will heal you if you rub your eyes thinking of healing by feel.

 Think of anything else or approach them and they run away. This is basically how a raccoon or squirrel will react with food in their claws, mainly a nut, they if you think to them and they run off also means they were frightened and thinking to get away by feel. The raccoon or squirrel spirit I recognize because one had possessed me, until I had mysteriously almost drowned in my tub of water. Then I was normal thereafter and losing weight unless I didn't need to lose weight. Then I won't gain weight or do things to eat.

 So in order to get the best out of this situation, think to experience something at least spiritually for 10 minutes. So then if you think of drowning you drive them away and the need to eat dissipates, if you do this without eating you get some knowledge from the exchange. So think to hold off and you won't eat. This is where the squirrel runs off, the raccoon stops doing that need projection to you after its spirit offers you knowledge.

 So when you suppose something and then you know something, if you never suppose then you create an appeal to them by offering what they want. They could offer knowledge in return of their before life, this is before being reincarnated into an animal life form. This lasts only until the person is drowned a bit, then they release the person if they were possessed. If possessed by a raccoon or squirrel spirit, the person does indeed gain knowledge and some weight that they can exercise away. So be wary of them as a point they possess is when you appease them in some manner. They could try to get away and leave you with a bit of knowledge spiritually.

 This is an indication of their possession then, if by their feeling the need then you feel the need. So this is when weight gain for no reason appears to your senses. That's if you can appeal through your own senses first. The chipmunk however, won't respond by feel unless nearby so think to ask the person whom has one as a animal spirit your request. This is because you think things and they don't always respond.

 The chipmunk animal spirit is shy, that is basically what is sometimes different about them. If you think to gain knowledge from them, you won't unless you connect with their spirit energy. This even works with a rock energy if you treat the energy of the rock, I think as though the consciousness of energy is responsive. So you know things in use of an idea, that is if the awareness and revelations with realization is there from the soul.

 This is done by thinking and knowing the insight from the energy, that exists in the soul and with other things. So if you think to disconnect with the energy, the consciousness otherwise is feel where your intense. Think to not need the food or idea, then you might stop and hold off as you think to do something else. Its when they feel intense and hungry that you can find yourself eating and working with knowledge from them. This is a noted effect by japanese.

  Please keep in mind, other animals are rather careful of you, until you think the right thoughts and think of this as a point in experimentation. This is where you can use the ape spirit animal to get what you want, think your need and you will find it done. This is where the ape does what you want, sometimes moodily, and their spirit creates the point metaphysically. Their way is not like the other animals though, so think of your need and its done. The point of their deed is when their need is due and you feel it by sensing it, this can describe them perfectly.

  The orangutang and monkey are a bit different though, they will do things for food and think of things to reply with by feel. The orangutang spirit will create quietly what you wish and think of thinking of the past lives for you. This is where the oranguang spirit will create what you wish, this is done by using the past in the present life and create a future that is cool for you. Now the monkey spirit is able to get places and adapts the body with excess energy.

  This is gotten from the activity of the area, some things that are created are thinking points. Sometimes they are accepting of the gifts given. Both the monkey and orangutang spirit will heal you by energy infusion and this is thinking of healing while the feel is pressure points or looking at you. Their healing both is not instant. However they do make requests by you thinking of the idea, they create what you want by your needing the idea that they can sense.

  Bird spirits are rather unique, this is as they are neither animals but they are similar. The idea is this idea, the bird spirit is flighty and very accurate in a hunt. When they are hunting, they are usually quick enough not to be noticed. So the person who uses a bird spirit can create with quickness and thinking by feel. This where they will excel in idea that they attempt. So the bird usually gives up on the hunt when their prey proves too difficult. This means the person can give up if given difficulty is too hard. This is a bird spirit in a moment's notice.

  Rat spirit now are different, where rats are solitary and do things as the feeling comes upon the body. When they feel the urge they feel the urge and that's about it. The person feeling the rat spirit presence can deny the presence. See this is useful to drive it away, but the need and deed that they did is still there. All you need is to recognize the rat presence. This is a point to the past. Where the rat animal spirit can feel calm but unique. However, it's hard to feel calm when ecstatic or this is not to think about it. This is the rat in my mind.

  The horse spirit is loyal by feel and can create with your energy. The sad thing about them is that they in real life are large beasts. This is excepting for the mini horse. They are stubborn but active and can do things on request. However the donkey will be stubborn sometimes and with a person this is individuality. This is the horse spirit on the regard of thinking about them and what comes to mind. Since the bird is including the owl. The owl spirit is wise and can work with most anyone, thinking about the owl I realized that they are nocturnal and can with humans cause activity all though the night as you wisely go about your idea. Those that use the owl spirit can cause themselves wise moments to live by, if given the right cues.

  The elephant can work with regard to others and strive to protect the herd. This is where they work as a family and can work as an animal spirit, this is done in regards to those as warning signs can come from them. This means they seek self-pleasure and work towards the idea of security if they are to be used as animal spirits. Think and your request is done by them, if you want something bad enough. When you think your request to the animal spirit, always seem aware of the feelings you get from others as vibes. These give the indications of what is going on by feel.

  The fish and sea animal can be interpreted, they are as though independent of your thoughts as you think to get a result. This is as you think of the point and they could do the act. The sea animal spirit is interesting, the idea of which they present are what entices people to watch if they are in a public zoo. So think and they could do what you think to do energetically. The sea octopus can really put on a show, so think of what you need to their spirit to gain a result. If you think this is energy to the jellyfish, then you can create a show of the jellyfish reverting in form. Healing with the fish and sea animals is not really happening, the point is this: think what you like and you could get the point in a show and this does not include healing that often.

  Think of these terms to work with others. There are three terms that can influence how people behave: This causes some people to have fights, unless the person is calm then it causes flight in a dog or infliction in the aura; "Think about it." This causes peaceful idea: "Think in idea. Now go." Or "This in idea." If facing a black man in the animals mind, then think your standing ten feet tall and state the peaceful idea one. Thinking about things is another term you can use, this is where I can say they hit objects instead of people. Thinking to release yourself from the animal mindset is using this idea as stated: "Then I am sorry about that." This releases you from the animal mind that exists things for you, this is when you entered the animal mindset.

  Some animal spirit totems are useful as well, this is with idea of working toward a peaceful animal relationship. Animal spirit totems are sometimes used to contact the animal spirit, so pick your animal spirit and then build a totem. These are using what you think is appropriate for the totem. These totems are using animal bones and things that represent the animal. The animal totem creates a sense of well being and created feel of satisfaction. Think of what you need and the idea is fulfilled by the totem. This is where your free if disagreements occur by feel, think about what you want and things can manifest for you.

  These are the built totems that animals can also be calmed with feel and thought as you think peaceful calm toward the animal, sometime holding your empty hand out toward the animal. Again, this is using their spirit and built using a bone or a part from a dead animal or item that represents them. Just think your need and as you look at the totem and its understood parts you know things that are to be. This is sometimes thought for what you wanted. That is what is given most times, otherwise kept is the idea by feel.

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White Magic and Healing

    White magic is study of good and manipulation arts along with god magic and religion makes it anathema. This is only necessary when you deem it so. This is healing and control by arranging events of area. Use of herbs are very restorative or poisonous to usage and either purge diseases, wipe unordered chaotic energy or cause diseases. A white magus can be used for a cleric replacement and this is a priest of order or order magus. The attempt to make idea happen by focusing the words for positive magic effects, this is thinking to allot for prayers and ritual with sometimes more than one person.

    Banishments are necessary for an order priest and will detail by you effecting to know the ghost and then use the name, if possible in the idea ritual thats thinking about things with at least one lit nonred candle if possible. But you can use a circle of protection or iron will and critical thinking as a protection. The iron will reflects or resists the effect and the doubt of the critical thinking, allows for disbelief of the negative magic as a thought is critical thinking or review to make changes as a concept. Think as energy from the body creates, with the subconscious as if its just an opinion. Now the ghost can be gotten rid of by saying the ghost name or just "ghost" and then "begone!" in a demanding neutral voice.

  The rest of the functions are to write their book of shadows and efficiently illustrate it, while you effectively keep your secrets. For a person to "erite" they understand what to write, so do not write with unclear mind and that is a mind thats confused. This is true unless its purposeful ae protection sake or any other. Shit-fu may be useful and all, but this is even more interesting. Self practice makes any ritual and a ritual is kung fu or continuous practice on a thing or idea until effecient in it. A way to gain the information is thinking to ask, apprentice or meditate. So to ask find the right person and only in a good mood or a mood to get away from you, as this in thought is sometimes using their irritation. Their irritation is usually a reflection of your own irritation. So think and you will know peace.

  In their irritation they will answer for purposes of getting their irritant away as if a dead body from them or thinking to quiet you down. This apprentice system is explained in the magic classification. The meditation is the soul knowledge meditation to unlock the memories of your subconcious. Due note, this is further idea with purpose, those of white magic are noticed because its obvious unless distraction is there and may be with practice; be unafflictive in personality to get rid of dislikes.

  Their dislikes are their own disagreements, if you think to work with the point they give you as an answer. Then you can find out what they wanted and find out their disagreements that they have. Results are resolution by dissolution of fear of the unknown, your fear is gone and they are pleased by the outcome. That is if you leave them alone, without touting on their dislikes.

  There is madness that is gone from the mind and energy causes this if chaotic from the area. Think if your ability is energy and the power is from a socket or power source. There is a point in energy, that use is energy and that is usually by the concept or knowing as energization is if in thought. As energy is an energy to seem or not to seem if to not then "in" to do things as its by programming, simply put this is as a point in this thought and if necessary create as you will. There is energy in the idea and concept that you create with to do, as this is ki from chi meaning with the energy of life from the body.

  There is a none entity called a nothing being that can act like you want in a thought known, there is this as focus and your energy in activity and your thought created idea as a result that can direct it. This is known as a symbiant energy being, as the point is energy and if you allow the point the symbiant wins against you or you give in to giving something you might lose your spirit and soul to it.

  This is essence reformed by thought or energy will and directed by the energy body. Those of afflictive nature will accost, by the energy area with the irritative feel this unless cool will feel weird and sometimes dark by night area energy. Leaving you with calmness in chaos and you can manipulate this energy, as the want is to give unless theirs no gain in what you get in life. The unnafflictive will do as necessary and thought to gain their needs but not accost as it might get attention and feels bad to them. So bad that they might do karma, otherwise it doesnt feel bad at all.

  Now the way of the effective use is to run across a idea and its of use unless proven inefficient, finding irritants and either removing them or talk them out of it. If an item, then remove it or get nothing done, unless you ignore it. Persuade the irritant if possible to irritate someone or something else. If adjacent or opposed then attempt to make use of evasion or persuasion by force or talking.

  Mental talk to the useful thing is used to get your idea of whats going on or thinking allows you to be easily persuading it. If its inversed of you, then ignore or don't give harmful info that might bite you in the end. Some take oaths not to kill unless its needed. Yet if a person is untrue to themselves, they can form a point and demonic if dead from this unnatural death, this is a point and can allow you to cause them to kill themselves.

  Now on to healing, the act of healing is thought to heal with necessary items by indiscriminate acts to keep life with balance in proportion. This is passing energy through the body and then causing the body to recover. Usually done by laying of hands. Place one hand on the spot of a pressure point or shoulder blade and then the other hand on the opposite side. Then think energy passes from one hand to another. This causes you to feel the energy surge from your fingers to the fingers and palm of the other hand. Through the target body.

  What I think, however is a point that if you thought at the container. Then its your energy. The liquid within could absorb energy and create a heaviness within the liquid itself, this is colder and if you drink it you can absorb twice your energy back into yourself as though an instant recharge. As this is a point, then if what you thought occured by feel or thinking a need you create this. As though if the thought effect within the water is done. This I think is the drink charge they used in druidic times.

  The other way to heal and get various effects is by use of herbs and essential oils like peppermint and lemongrass essential oil. Herbology is very useful and this is a list of herbs and useful essential oils. There is nothing wrong with the theory you feel is wrong, its just the application if you don't use it. There is also with the point by thought, that if your use is conscious concept in application then think as you will. This thought is directive and as you will by the direct feel in energy you will by the thought. After that and natural witch energy use, this is not always electricity flow as its actually your actions sometimes used.

  Against a point or for a point is to disagree as you seem to agree with those you aren't wanting near. The non sentiance of the objects is ionic "or not" as this is sometimes only noticed by the thought, so you did and what you see is what you can sense out if necessary. If an order to beat you happens then you can beat them in their mind, as they use their energy and the subconscious can do anything.

  So think or otherwise if you think they are not actually beaten then their subconscious can make it so and if not taught a lesson of death, they do a ward away by a "not" thought to seem with a "so" concept done by thought. As thinking is there, this is to think and they aren't effected or you aren't effected by the ward or the magic. This is sometimes known as dropping the issue unless natural conditions and immunity is not stability.

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Herbs list


 * ACACIA = Air/Sun Wood Protection, Psychic Enhancement Burn while you announce your desire. You can also add to burn with other appropriate herbs for money and friendship values by feeling friendly and walking up and talking.

 * ALLSPICE = Fire/Mars Dried Fruit Money, Luck and Healing Burn the crushed dried berries for attracting money and luck. Add to mixtures for healing. Can use in a healing herbal bath. This is a great additive in herbal bathes.

 * ALMOND = Air/Mercury Dried Fruit, Leaves and Wood Abundance and Prosperity Carry, wear or burn for attracting abundance or use for making amulets. Think a point then and you get an end result.

 * ALOE = Water/Moon Entire Plant Protection, Attract Luck Hang at the front door, in the kitchen, in doorways and hallways to attract luck and protection to the inhabitants. Also heals open or minor wounds really quickly.

 * ANGELICA = Air/Venus Roots and Fruits Protection, Healing, Attracts the gift of temperance Burn sun-dried herbs while you announce your desire and retain it in your mind. Candle Magick is also very useful with this herb. Useful if prepared right.

 * ANISE = Air/Jupiter Seeds Protection, Psychic enhancement, Sleep, Wear on your person in sachet. Used often in Aromatherapy Used too in dream pillows for a good nights sleep. Burn while meditating. Think and you know what is done, as though the spirit energy surges forth and tells you things in a vision.

 * ASAFETIDA = Fire/Mars Root, Leaves CAUTION: TERRIBLE SMELL!! Banishing, (believe me , you will!) Protection and Purification. Burn the crushed roots and leaves for incense. This is a powerful banishing herb. You will banish yourself outta the room with this stuff! Don't use it near me though.

 * ASPHODEL = Fire/Venus Flowers Love Drawing Place the flower on the altar or next to the tool you are using for attracting a new love. Also worn in the hair. 


 * BALM OF GILEAD = Water/Venus Also Earth/Saturn Flowery tops and leaves Soothes love pains, de-stressing Throw the fresh herbs in a bath, as you soak visualize your wish coming true, place in red wine for attracting a new love and this works too.

 * BASIL = Fire/Jupiter Flowery tops and leaves Money and Riches, Protection, Love Burn crushed powdered Basil while you announce your desire. You can also sprinkle a little on your person. Can be mixed with other herbs for protection and love by feel.

 * BAY LAUREL = Fire/Mercury Leaves and Wood Divination, Protection, Purification Justice and sleep/dreams Burn the fresh leaves for divination, hang up at the highest point in the home for protection or burn and let the smoke hit the four corners of a room for purifying and cleansing of negative energies. Place in a dream pillow for safe sound sleep or with other herbs for psychic dreams. This works, only if you want to use enough of it.

 * BENZOIN = Air/Sun Also Air/Mars Root and Leaves Purification and Intellect Burn for success in intellectual matters. Burn crushed and powdered leaves for purifying the home, self and other items of negative energies. Think before using this.

 * BERGAMOT = Earth/Jupiter Root, Tops and Leaves Money, Prosperity Use the oil of this herb in attracting money. Carry a sachet with you to the Bingo parlor for luck in winning! Use is what I did to win in bingo.

 * BETONY = Fire/Jupiter Leaves and Tops Protection, Purification and Love Carry a sachet for protection and/or scatter at the four corners of a room in the house. Burn and let the smoke cover you for purification. Carry with you in an amulet for love advances. Burn for banishing disharmony in a relationship. This causes things to smooth over, just by the scent alone.

 * BIRCH = Air/Saturn Wood Protection, Purification Sacred tree of the Celts. Use the wood for making wands and other magick tools. Also can be mixed with other herbs for a peaceful sleep. This is useful for magick.

 * BISTORT = Earth/Saturn The whole Herb Clairvoyance, Fertility Carry as a sachet for fertility and conception. Added as a booster with other herbs for divination. Useful for focusing your mind for the point of psychokinesis.

 * BURDOCK = Water/Venus Roots, Tops and Leaves Protection, Purification Carry as a protection sachet or burn for purification of the room, Rinse with a root decoction for ridding oneself of a gloomy feeling about yourself or others. 


 * CACTUS = Fire/Mars The whole plant Protection Bury with other banishing symbols for protection, grow in the house and garden for unwanted intrusions, use the spine to mark the symbols in banishing candles. Useful sometimes for healing.

 * CAMOMILE = Water/Sun Flowers Prepares body and mind for magick, Healing and Prosperity wishes Drink as a tea, place small amount in the bath to prepare for magick, use as an amulet for prosperity, Burn for restful sleep, visualize your desire and you get it.

 * CARAWAY = Air/Mercury Seeds Protection, Passion, Memory Carry in a sachet for protection, add with other appropriate herbs for love, carry the seeds to strengthen the memory and use in sleep pillows to help remember your dreams. Think and you know by what you figure out.

 * CARNATION = Fire/Sun Flowery tops Creativity, enhance magickal powers, achieving balance. Also used with other appropriate herbs for healing, Energy. Light a scented candle, use in bath, place with other herbs for added energy, Burn flower tops for creativity. What I think is a point and what occurs is some other idea with this flowering plant.

 * CATNIP = Water/Venus Roots and Leaves Happiness, Animal Magick, Psychic Enhancement, Healing Pets. Use as a tea for happiness and increasing the pet healing. Can also be used as a relaxant during meditation, burn dried leaves for love wishes. So I think this is useful for healing or restoration.

 * CELANDINE = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Protection, Escaping Entrapments, Happiness Use when feeling trapped in a undue negative situation, wear as an amulet for protection and happiness. Think and you know things by what you do, then use the herb to create the point where you create the basic need. Then you can create by the need or use another herb to cure the condition.

 * CINNAMON = Fire/Sun Bark Protection, Healing, Love, Passion and Money wishes. Burn to promote clairvoyance and protection, Add to other appropriate money herbs for an excellent boost, wear an amulet for passion in men, and mix with other appropriate healing herbs to add energy and quickness to healing. Useful for blocking out parasites, like garlic is used for sometimes and restoring brain function by strengthening the blood by cinnamon bark.

 * CINQUEFOIL = Earth/Jupiter The whole Herb Protection, Love, Prosperity, Healing An "All-purpose" Magick Herb. Carry in sachet for prosperity and riches, burn crushed fresh herb for multipurpose wishes in love, money, health and protection. Hang at the front door and/or hallways for protection in the home. Smudge with this in the four corners to ward off negative influences. Use also for energy, power and strength. This is only useful for strength if you add cinnamon bark to it.

 * CLOVER = Earth/Mercury The whole Herb Protection, Mental Clarity, Money and Luck. The three-leafed type is used for protection, carry as a sachet or amulet, the four-leafed type is used as an amulet or sachet for luck, attracting money and keeping your head about you. Think and you know the universe by this plant.

 * CLOVE = Fire/Sun Flowery Tops Repelling Negative Influences. Worn or carried to repel negative energies around you, carried with other appropriate herbs for mental clarity, added with other herbs also for attracting love. Also, said to protect babies in their cribs if hung over them strung together. Repellative thats useful in repelling negative feelings and thoughts.

 * COMFREY = Air/Saturn The Whole Herb Protection A strong herb for protection of any type of negativity around you, for traveling, for protection in the astral realms. Think with this herb more easily.

 * CORIANDER = Water/Venus The whole Herb Love, Fertility and Protection Carry in a sachet or amulet for fertility, grow in your garden or hang the plant in your home for protection against negative influences and unwanted guests, used with other appropriate herbs to help ease the pain of an ended love affair. Used also in dream protection sachets and pillows. Useful for seasoning, too.

 * CYPRESS = Earth/Saturn Wood Protection, Consecration, Divination Hang a branch in the home or office for protection of any negative influence, Burn the crushed and dried wood for aid in understanding grief and death, also to aid in divination. Many tools of magick are made of this wood. Think to use this carefully.


 * DANDELION = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Sleep Protection, Healing The roots are used for sachets in dream pillows and sachets, the leaves and flowers are used in a tea for healing. This is a point with me about dangerous herbs, you could sleep too much by the use of this herb if overused.

 * DILL = Fire/Mercury The Whole Herb Protection, Love Carry in sachets (the tops)for protection or place over the crib for the baby, place seeds in muslin and hang in shower for attracting women, also used with other herbs for ridding negative energies. Use the herb in the area that you want protected.

 * DRAGONSBLOOD = Fire/Mars Resin (Gum) Energy, Purification and Protection A strong banishing resin for ridding strong negative influences and bad habits, also a pinch of the resin under the mattress is said to alleviate impotency(?) , power. Also used fresh under the pillow for psychic dreams. It is said if you sleep with this under your pillow you will dream of the person who has stolen from your home. This can use the right ritual, think about it and the rite will stop a thief even if unintended.

 * HIGH JOHN = Earth/Saturn Root Prosperity An excellent herb for increase in all areas of prosperity! Add to other money herbs and oils for a huge wallop of power. Think or use things as you wish to use things, then use the herb and you can do it easily.

 * HOLLY = Fire/Mars The whole Herb Protection Its wood is used for all magickal tools as it will enhance any wish you have. A powerful protection in the home. Also said to heighten masculinity if the fruit and leaves are carried by a man.(?) This only heightens masculinity, if you think the point is necessary then. The herbal energy infuses you, thinking a point and imagine the idea. Then you create better masculine attributes temporarily, that count as heightened mascuinity.

 * HONEYSUCKLE = Earth/Jupiter Flowers Divine Inspiration, Peace, Balancing also Prosperity Fill a sachet and wear it or light a scented candle for clairvoyance or crush the flowers and rub into the forehead for psychic powers. Place flowers in a herbal bath for balancing yourself when feeling
 out of sorts. Add to all prosperity oils incense, sachets and wish items for a quick abundance. This cures the need for warfare quite nicely.

 * HOPS = Water/Mars Fruit Healing, Balancing A tea drank before bedtime helps with a restful sleep, also drank after magick acts to help balance and refocus oneself back to the everyday world. Use in healing sachets and amulets and the dried herb is also burned during healing prayers. This is useful in drinking as well, if you make beer that is true.

 * HOREHOUND = Earth/Mercury The Whole Herb Protection, Energy, Power. As a tea, used for increased energy and strength when needed in situations. Increases the power of strength and mental clarity wishes. Carried or burned for protection wishes. Use it and you can feel protected.

 * HYACINTH = Water/Venus Flowery Tops Love and Protection. Carried in sachets and amulets to ease grief, childbirth pains. Used in dream pillows to ward off nightmares. Used as a protective charm in negative influences. The oil is best to use and you can also anoint a candle for protection with this herb and oil. Use it and you get the effect of what your thinking.

 * HYSSOP = Fire/Jupiter The Whole Herb Protection, Healing Used as a tea for protection of all types, physical and mental. Use as a healing bath. 


 * IVY = Water/Saturn The whole Herb, Tree Protection, Fertility and Love. Use this plant by hanging in front of the door to the home to repel negative influences and unwanted guests. Place inside the home at open windows and arches Mixed with Holly it is a great wedding sachet to protect the bride and groom. Magickal love wands are made from this wood. 


 * JASMINE = Earth/Jupiter Flowers Spiritual Love and Dream Sleep Used in dream pillows and sachets for sweet dreams during troubled times. The fresh flowers and oils are used for attracting and maintaining a spiritual love. Very powerful, only a little will do! Think and this use goes a long way.

 * JUNIPER = Fire/Sun The whole Herb. Money, Protection and Love wishes Used as an oil to add to the other herbs for increasing money status, light a juniper scented candle for prosperity. Use in a string of the fruit for attracting love, burn leaves and fruit for magickal protection. Place a sprig at the door to the home for protection against theft and unwanted visitors. Place a twig or leaves with valuables to safeguard. 


 * LAVENDER = Air/Mercury Flowers Love, Protection and Purification Burn to induce a restful sleep, place on the pillow or temples for a restful sleep, use as a bath to purify and cleanse, or burn for the same reason. Long ago, it was believed if you carried this, you would see ghosts. As you think to see them while smelling this herb, then you will see them by the herbal heightened senses.

 * LEMON VERBENA = Air/Venus The whole herb Dream Protection, Love Wear a sprig or a piece of it to protect you from dreaming. Carry the leaves or an amulet of the herb to attract the opposite sex. Also added to other wishes to enhance the power. Use the herb by smoking it and you can create energy shaped into wished formation.

 * LOVAGE = Water/Sun Leaves Psychic Sleep, Energy and Purification Used as a tea for psychic dreams before bedtime or use as an energy booster before exams or when clear thinking is needed. Use in a bath for cleansing. Added to other love herbs, enhances the attraction.


 * MALLOW = Air/Venus Flowery Tops and Leaves Peace and Happiness, Femininity Use as a tea to soften the character for a woman, or appreciate the small things and beauty in life. Use also in a bath
 to be able to do these things. This only heightens awareness, the idea is your brain adapts to the scent of it or sensory overload occurs.

 * MARIGOLD = Fire/Sun AKA CALENDULA. Flowers Love, Clairvoyance Added to other herbs in sachets, amulets and even incense for attracting a new love or adding new life to a present relationship
 Place above the bed for psychic dreams, or use in dream pillows. Think of the use and you get cool effects by this herb.

 * MARJORAM = Air/Mercury The whole herb,Flowery tops Helps to accept deep changes in life,
 Prediction, Balancing, Protection Burn over burner when someone or something dies, either figuratively or physically or place herb under pillow and ask for a revealing dream. Place a pinch of the herb
 in the corners of the home for protection, Added as a booster for all love wishes. This changes the mood of the body, the mind is there and thinks as it normally does. That is how this herbaology works.

 * MEADOWSWEET = Water/Jupiter The whole Herb Love, Happy Energy A subtle but beautifully aromatic herb this is used for the symbol of love when mixing up your potions. Add a fresh pinch to boost. Burn the dried herb to relieve disharmony in the home or to relieve tensions when the in-laws are
 coming. continue to burn in a scented candle, no one will know! Use with caution and you could attract faeries, thinking them to your garden by use of this herb.

 * MELILOT = Air/Saturday Leaves Memory enhancing, Healing Use as a decoction, it is rinsed over
 the head to increase the power of memory when needed, good for the student to do before studying or an exam! As a bath, heals and soothes. This only works if you have some.

 * MINT = Fire/Venus Flowery Tops and Leaves Clear thinking. Use as tea for clearing the head before
 meditation or performing magick. Can also be used to calm when situations in a relationship are explosive. Think and you know the point to this, as you use this herb then do a rite you get better results somehow.

 * MISTLETOE = Air/Sun The whole Herb Protection,Healing and Love Harvested on a Waning Moon, used to repel negative influences and protect against unwanted advances. Used in sachets and amulets,
 or hung in the home, it is a general all- purpose protector. Use in a bath for healing wishes or the herb added to a prayer bowl enhances the healing. Worn, it is said to help conceive and to hold on to your current love. Hunters were said to carry some of this for luck and protection. Wear when astral
 traveling for protection. One of the Fav of the Fey! They love using this as energy for their purposes, use in their area and you create an attraction that is powerful. Use it in a potion, then you create an affect that is working to strengthen your charm. This is as long as you have it.

 * MUGWORT = Air/Venus The whole Herb Travelers Protection, Divination Harvested at the Full Moon, this is carried for protection when traveling long journeys. Used as a tea to enhance psychic powers or rub the leaves on the forehead and on the divination tool to increase clairvoyance. Think and you will know what is worth.

 * MULLEIN = Fire/Saturn The whole Herb Powerful Protection Used usually in a an amulet to protect
 against any unwanted influences. Also, carry with you to guard against any wild animals when in the wilderness. Burn the leaves when banishing heavy bad influences and an immediate halt to bad habits. As this works I think leaving is important, so the energy recirculates around the area and things seem better then what was thought.

 * MYRRH = Water/Sun Resin Used extensively in magickal scents High Psychic Vibrations, Spirituality,
 Purification and Protection Burn the herb and walk through the area you wish to cleanse, useful in meditation. Burn to purify and protect whatever your wish. Pass objects through the smoke to
 cleanse of negative energy. Burn during healing wishes. Mixed with other magickal herbs, a standard in magick enhancement. Useful in spirituality potions, if you can stand its taste as its a heightener.

 * MYRTLE = Water/Venus AKA BAYBERRY TREE The whole Herb, Wood
 Love The wood is used to make magickal charms and other tools, especially those involving
 love. Wear a caplet of the leaves while preparing other love potions, burn with any
 love wish. Add also to friendship wishes for true friends. Use as you wish for love.


 * NETTLE LEAVES = Fire/Mars The top part of the whole Herb Protection, Petty Problem Resolutions Infuse the flowers as a tea, sprinkle on self and other people, (with their permission of course!) or in a room to remove petty jealousies, gossip, envy and uncomfortable situations. Use with a poppet to send bad vibes back to the person sending to you then bury it. Burn during banishing wishes. You can banish nearly any wish, simply by thinking of the wish and burning the herb as you describe the wish.

 * NUTMEG = Air/Jupiter Seeds Clairvoyance Used to strengthen your psychic powers. Carry the seed or anoint candles with this herb,used also with other appropriate herbs to enhance psychic dreams and wishes.


 * OAK = Fire/Sun Wood, Fruit and Leaves Protection, Strength, Longevity Wisdom and Fertility The most sacred of all trees, its wood is often used for many magickal tools. Many things are buried under an Oak Tree for the manifestation of wishes. Burn the leaves to purify the area. The fruit is used for most fertility wishes and is used in sachets and amulets or just alone. A sprig hung in the home wards off
 negativity and strengthens the family unit. Carried also for wisdom and strength in any given situation. Also carried to preserve youthfulness. Men carry to increase their attractiveness. Never cut an Oak for magickal purposes unless it is during the Waning Moon. Think to the use and you can create by the will easily with this wood.

 * ONION = Fire/Mars The whole Herb Protection, Banishing, Purifying, thinking and some Healing. An onion cut in half and placed in the corners of the room will absorb illnesses, and bury or burn in the morning. Rubbing a magickal tool on the half of the bulb, will cleanse it. Also sacred to the Moon so it
 should be used in any wish involving energies of the Moon itself. Place onion bulbs and flowers around the house for protection. Burn the flowers for banishing any bad habits and negative influences. Use is a point to create something, I am thinking by seasoning with this herb.

 * ORANGE = Water/Sun Fruit, Leaves and Wood Mental Agility, Business, Love, Balancing Thought and Emotion Use the flowers for a herbal bath to not only refresh and stimulate but also to make one attractive for a special event, add the rinds to a love sachet to help someone make up their mind,
 wear the oil when dealing in business negotiations that need an extra "uumph"! Carry as a sachet or amulet or hang a sprig up in the home to aid in the "heart says one thing, the head the other" situation. This fruit amazes me, it can do many things and is sold on the market.

 * ORRIS ROOT = Water/Venus Root, of course! Love, Attraction Carry an amulet or sachet for drawing a new love. Add to other love herbs to create a loving environment and stimulate the thoughts of love with someone. Place small pinch's in the corners of the room to open a new love or burn during a point where a new love wish could happen. Bathe for attraction of the opposite sex. Use it by burning it and the scent detracts bugs.


 * PARSLEY = Earth/Mars Seeds and Leaves Healing and Vitality Call the power of the Element of Earth and drink as an infusion. Restores a sense of well-being. Used for increasing strength and vitality after surgery or sickness, adds new life to "in-a-rut" situations. Can be added to other healing herbs to quicken the wish. Think and you will know things easily, as the spirit knowledge is there by what you think is important.

 * PATCHOULI = Earth/Sun The whole Herb Passionate Love, Fertility Business Growth Used primarily in attracting a powerful passionate love. Burned for new business growth and also placed in the garden to help it grow healthy. Worn in a sachet or an oil for fertility. Also used with other Earth element herbs for divination and increasing psychic awareness. Don't use unless you want someone whom is passionate about you.

 * PENNYROYAL = Earth/Venus The whole Herb Protection, Banishment Burn for protection in meditation and astral travel. Used also for ridding oneself or the home of negative thoughts against you. Carry in a sachet or amulet when dealing with negative vibrations of all kinds. Place a little on a candle before or during uncomfortable meetings. Don't use unless you think the point is useful to have its use, as a point I would use it for self-creative projects.

 * PEONY = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Protection, Luck A great all-purpose protection herb. Use the dried root for all types of protective charms, including dream pillows. Hang in the home or car, burn for ridding of negative influences of any type. Used with other herbs to attract luck and used also to attract Faeries. Use by burning it like sage and you protected yourself for a year, more or less.

 * PEPPER-BLACK = Fire/Mars Banishing, Protection Another wonderful and cupboard ready herb for banishing negativity. Burn to rid the home or office of bad vibrations or before you move into a new place (make sure you then use Sage.) Carry with you to ward off petty jealousy against you. Aids in summoning up your courage to face things or do things you just don't wanna do but have to. This banishes ghosts nicely.

 * PEPPERMINT = Air/Venus Also associated with the element of Fire. The whole Herb Purification, Healing, Sleep, Some Love and Prosperity Wishes Burn the herb in a new home to clear out all negative sickness energies. Carry with other herbs for boosting love and abundance. Place on person or their
 picture for haste in healing. Also used when changes are needed in ones life, gives the added push needed. Also used in a tea to help ease tensions. Think of the need and think what it will do and use it and thats what it will do.

 * PLANTAIN = Fire/Mars Leaves and Root Healing Use the dried leaves and roots in a healing bath. Place a few pinch's in the flame of the candle or throw to the East wind in all healing wishes. Think to use in an enclosed area, thinking of the use you have you think and you create by this herb.


 * ROSE = Fire/Venus Also attributed to the element of Water, and also the influence of Mars. Flowers. Ultimate Love, Protection The ultimate in love wishes, this will aid in bringing a true lasting love and help also to mend any spats between you in an already committed relationship. The petals can be bathed with while thinking a new love to you, the dried flowers are burned in love wishes. Dancing with the
 petals and asking the Little Folk to aid in love wishes! Sleeping with the flowers will protect your dreams. Carry a sachet or amulet for protection against bodily injury or when working healing wishes. Use as you wish.

 * ROSEMARY = Fire/Mars Also Fire/Mercury Leaves and small branches Contentment, Love, Protection, Clear Thinking and Money. This is a good all around herb to have and I like it
 even better that you can find it in your cupboard. Used primarily for contentment and happiness to the home and to the person, a branch is hung, food is cooked with it or it can be worn to be a tension relieving and contented feeling. This also added to other appropriate herbs is a great boost for money, when you don't need your own money making press, just enough to say, cover those concert tickets you want. Carried in a sachet, talisman or amulet, this is a great guard against negative energies. Sometimes used as a substitute for Thyme. Tea is drank to improve mental clarity and aid in the memory. Good for students! Used with the Brow Chakra. Use for success and think to create by the feel, as you scent this flower.

 * RUE = Fire/Saturn Top part of plant Repentance, Seeing mistakes. Banishment. Hang this dried herb indoors from the ceiling to the floor to help others and yourself see and understand their mistakes, preferably in an inconspicuous place. Burn for banishing any type of negativity or bad habits you may want to get rid of. Useful for getting rid of ghosts.


 * SAFFRON = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Clairvoyance Another cupboard-ready herb, this herb whether burned, worn, carried or drank, helps to develop and strengthen your psychic awareness. Use liberally when working with the chakras. Use as a substitute for Orange. Also used with other herbs for healing. Great seasoning, too.

 * SAGE = Earth/Jupiter Leaves Healing, Purifying Used in sachets and amulets for all healing wishes and also burned or placed near a personal object of the person for whom the healing wish is made. Burned and the smoke is walked to the four corners of the room to repel and rid negative energies
 and influences. Especially good when moving into a new home. Can be drank as a tea to help promote a hasty healing. Also used when meditating. Useful for cleansing energy and the area is clear.

 * ST.JOHNS WORT = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Protection, Banishing Calming Use the leaves in a necklace to ward off sickness and tensions. Carry to strengthen your courage and conviction, or when about to confront a nasty situation. Burn to repel and banish negative thoughts and energies from yourself or others. Useful yet a side effect is a minor irritant. Feeling is hard with this herb. So use cautiously.

 * SANDALWOOD = Air/Moon Wood, Resin Protection, Cleansing, Meditations and Healings Burn to enhance your meditations and healing wishes. Use the wood also for a healing wand or tie a piece on a healing wand. Burn to cleanse and purify yourself or the home by passing the smoke over your body or
 through the house. Used with other herbs in developing your spirituality. Use during meditation, and you can think anything to exist.

 * SKULLCAP = Earth/Jupiter The whole Herb Meditations, Clear Thinking Used as a tea, drank before meditation or to enhance the development of the brain adaption. As a bath, used for calming the aura of tensions and stress. Burned for relief of disharmony and disruptive situations. Use if you can find it.

 * SOLOMONS SEAL = Fire/Saturn Leaves and Root Cleansing and Protection Burn for cleansing rooms and yourself of negative influences. Carry in an amulet or sachet for protection in all sorts of situations. Use with other herbs in dream pillows. Similar to salt and pepper.

 * SPEARMINT = Air/Venus The whole Herb Healing and some Love wishes Burn for healing wishes especially respiratory. Carry the herb in sachet for healing, drink the tea for healing or take a bath for strength and vitality. Use in the area by burning it for healing wounds.


 * THISTLE = Fire/Mars The whole Herb Healing, Protection A spray of thistles aids in the speedy recuperation after surgery or illness, Hang in the home or plant around the home to ward off unwanted visitors and thieves. Wards more than that if overused.

 * THYME = Air/Venus The whole Herb Clairvoyance, Sleep, Courage, Cleansing, Healing and Love. Use in dream pillows to ward off nightmares, burn or use with other oils for aid in psychic awareness, wear a sprig to ward off severe grief, or give strength and courage when needed. Also used to enable one to see the Wee Ones! Burn and/or hang a sprig to banish and purify a home or room. Use with other herbs for healing and take a cleansing bath before working candle magick. Think and use as you wish, this is for more effect by effective measure.

 * TONKA BEANS = Water/Venus The Bean, of course! Love Simply put, carry the bean in your pocket, as a sachet, amulet or even place next to the candle or stone in all love drawing wishes. The energy vibration causes this effect.


 * VALERIAN = Water/Mercury Rootstock Dream Magick, Reconciliations Love and Harmony wishes. Use fresh herbs in sachets for dream magick and sleep protection baths, burn for reconciliations in love relationships (make sure you have all parties permission first!), drink as a harmonizing tea infusion. Place in the home or grow in the garden to aid in keeping harmony. Add to other herbs for love wishes. Think and you can use this for dreaming a point of communication or rememberance.

 * VERVAIN = Water/Venus The whole Herb Cleansing, Protection and Love Used mainly for cleansing baths and incenses before working magick as it both cleanses and protects any negative influences. Used in amulets, sachets, dream pillows, oils, incense and baths purifying and protecting
 people,(especially children) and home. Spiritual manifestations and creativity. Use carefully if you get it, as it could be overused easily.

 * VIOLET = Water/Venus Flowery Tops Love, Luck and Night Magick Carried, the flowers are to impart luck to the bearer. Given also to newly married couples and babies. Added to other love herbs for all types of love wishes. Have a spray of violets on hand when working night magick and to aid in divination and spirituality. Useful if you think what you want and state the idea for an effect, as though your intent were an ideal wish.


 * WILLOW = Water/Moon Wood Divination, Healing, Protection and Moon Magick. The wood is often used in the making of magickal wands and tools. It is also considered a sacred WISHING tree. Used when working with spirits and all healing wishes, wear a sprig when someone close to you passes. Place on the altar for all moon magick wishes and for all divination. Used for some wands if you can find it.

 * WORMWOOD = Air/Mars Flowery tops and leaves Clairvoyance, Protection After magick sessions, mental clearing smolder during magick ritual, or as a tea Burn during divination and clairvoyance, burn for all protection.


 * YARROW = Water/Venus Flowery Tops Love, Clairvoyance and Banishment. Carried as a sachet or amulet it repels or rids of negative influences. Said to keep a newly married couple together and any upsetting influences out of the relationship and their love alive. Aids in keeping up your courage
 and in any divinatory workings.

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Essential Oils

 Essential oils are highly concentrated pure oils derived from herbs and flowers. Not all plants produce essential oils and they are present in different quantities in different plants. It takes about 12 lemons to produce an ounce of lemon essential oil and over 2000 pounds of rose petals to produce an ounce of rose essential oil.

 Each essential oil has unique psychological influences and medicinal properties. Pure essential oils act upon the olfactory senses sending direct messages to the brain. The different aromas have the ability to produce changes in our emotions by triggering memories and the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are hormone-like chemicals that can produce gratifying sensations, euphoria and a sense of well-being.

 Many essential oils contain the healing qualities of the plant and can be used to aid healing of cuts, wounds, burns, bacterial and fungal infections through topical application or inhalation.

 Almost all essential oils should be diluted before use. Some are very irritating to the skin full strength. Never use lavender and skin only essential oils internally without direction from your holistic doctor. The safe essential oils for internal use, are fruit essential oils, lemongrass and pepperment. To use them, put 1 drop of essential oil in the drink. 2 to 3 drops if your body has been using them more often than sometimes. Repeated use of them makes your body more able to use them in stronger doses.

 Skin only essential oils are sometimes flower based and to use them is to put one drop of essential oil into the palm with a little oil and mix it  to cut the essential oil. Then, to use them, use one or two fingers of the other hand and then spread it over the area that you want to effect. They naturally can effect the whole body after a little time.

 To use them in purifiers and something that spreads the scent is to put 5 to 10 drops of essential oils into the devising.Then, be sure to reput the essential oil into the device or wherever the scent can spread when it wears off and evaporates.

 When you shop for essential oils make sure it is labeled pure essential oil. If the label says fragrance, aromatic oil, scented oil, or perfume you are probably buying a synthetic blend. Synthetic fragrances do not have the same aromatherapy properties as essential oils and may contain harmful chemicals.

   This list is borrowed from for the complete listing and it can also be bought here at Young Living Essential oils. Here are some of them; To get them, you can goto and search for the appropriate essential oil or just the term 'essential oil'.

 BERGAMOT - Promotes confidence & courage. Eases tension, anxiety, worry and depression. Helps regulate menstrual cycle, relieve P.M.S. and menopause. Antiseptic properties aid skin problems such as acne. Helps heal cold sores. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

 CHAMOMILE - Gentle, calming, soothing. Eases depression, stress, anger and irritability. Aids insomnia. Soothes sensitive or irritated skin. Soothing massage for painful muscles or joints.

 CLARY SAGE - Brings tranquility to the mind and emotions, calms anxiety. Promotes deep sleep and vivid dreams. Helps regulate menstrual cycle and relieve P.M.S. Regenerates skin cells, excellent for skin care. Promotes hair growth. Don't use during pregnancy.

 EUCALYPTUS - Purifies and clears negative energy. Helps alleviate grief and sorrow. Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties useful for respiratory infections.

 JASMINE - Emotionally warming and uplifting. Stimulates creativity, imagination, fantasy and dreams. Eases depression, apathy, lack of confidence. Soothes and rehydrates skin.

 LAVENDER - Brings clarity, peace of mind, emotional balance. Eases insomnia, depression, stress, impatience, worry and shock. Helps regulate menstrual cycle and relieve P.M.S.. Helps alleviate headaches. Strong antiseptic and antimicrobial properties useful for burns & wounds, colds, flu, and skin
 irritations. May use undiluted.

 LEMON - Promotes mental clarity and decisiveness. Energizing, brings cheer and humor into ones life. Digestive tonic. Aids healing of wounds and infections. Dilute before using. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

 ORANGE - Encourages trust, confidence, and tolerance. Bright and cheerful. Promotes friendly interactions with others. Relaxing and calming. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply
 before exposure to direct sunlight.

 PATCHOULI - Encourages individuality, centeredness and stability. Alleviates fatigue, confusion and depression. Helps regenerate skin cells, useful for skin problems.

 PEPPERMINT - Helps clear negative energy. Stimulates the mind, aids concentration and decisiveness. Helps relieve symptoms of cold and flu, aids digestion. Flavoring for herbal products such
 as breath freshener. Don't use during pregnancy.

 ROSE - Awakens, inspires and brightens the heart. Enhances creativity and invokes appreciation of beauty and harmony. Relieves tension, depression, sadness and grief. Balances and regulates female reproductive system. Aids regeneration of skin cells, excellent for skin problems and general skin care.

 ROSEMARY - Promotes self-confidence, courage. Stimulates mental clarity, memory, and creativity. Rejuvenates skin cells. Stimulates hair growth. Aids healing of wounds. Don't use during pregnancy.

 SANDALWOOD - Quiets mind and emotions. Relaxing, calming, eases stress, tension and fear. Soothing, moisturizing and astringent for the skin.

 TANGERINE - Inspires sensitivity and empathy. Brings cheer and light. Calms stress and tension. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

 TEA TREE - Antibacterial and antifungal oil useful for treating acne, cold sores, eczema, rashes, candida. Useful for many types of wounds, burns, and infections. May use full strength.

 YLANG YLANG - Inspires creativity and appreciation for beauty. Euphoric, eases depression, calms nerves and soothes negative emotions. Eases P.M.S.. Stimulates hair growth. Balances oily skin.

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  Travelling is the process of thinking your going faster in time, this is done when you think of where you want to go and that you know where your going when you walk to someplace. So when you go places, you are going faster than time is normally passing you by and things can seem at a normal pace. The aura energy does what you want as the subconscious picks up on your need, then you are there where you want to see by the power. That is the subconscious guiding the aura energy, this uses the spirit that goes through everything.

  So faster is where the travelling is this, the point you think that your there where you sense its safe and need to go. Then the spirit that goes through everything will guide you there. This is done as fast as practically possible, otherwise you can think the speed to get there and things may seem that fast. That's sometimes at a normal pace, too. So if you think your going slow you could still be going faster than normal. This is a noted effect in various places, that list the effect as energy travel.

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Tranc magic

  This tranc is not really vampiric, this is a blood energy focus trick with trance like state. Blood is energy, but you don't need it drunken. This is the blood flow instead and think as you like things, they are yours. Think of what you want, then your aura energy creates the manifest of your idea that you need.

  Tranc is what it's known as though. How you get the tranc, this is being bitten by an animal then after the fact just focus on a thought or if you think a point to create your need. This is accomplished as you breath in and out and stopped as the tranc is disrupted by realizing something wrong or hearing a sudden loud noise.

  I was bitten by a cat in the foot a long time back. That's how I know this point. This was a sweet white cat that died of old age. Have fun manifesting. Oh what you happen to manifest is reflective of what you eat. So think to eat less or one bite of something and you can create a major manifest. That's if you feel hungry. So if you were bitten by an animal then sometimes you could eat like the animal, if you do magic using tranc.

  So if guilty about something, then recognize the point you could or do overeat and think of other things to do and then you create with no need by distraction. If you think or write, that no guilt exists, then the blood magic creates what you think and you don't feel guilty about anything.

  Otherwise, just think of what you want, then focus your mind and create by aura manifests. That is what I recall about tranc. What you can do with this is "use the current situation as a source, think of the idea" as a blank canvas that you paint on and use symbols. This way you can get what you want as a need. If you have questions about some dream symbol, I know that most perception can seem like a dream in tranc. You can look the meaning up in or on

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Time jumping

  This time jumping is gating by feel, so think of where you want to be and see yourself there. This is where you you think of the place to see or service, then the idea is to imagine a gate, otherwise an oval of energy that you step through. See that shifts you by the spirit that goes through everything to bring you there. Then your there. So if you think of the time that exists, that is the time that passes.

  This is instant if you think this is done, that is what seems the time that you want to see. Think of the time and place that you came from to return by the energy, that you realize is there. This can be done by impressions, that is where you think of the impression to send by your energy transferred. Then touch or feel and they get the impression. This sends the impression by your weight energy to or from the area.

  That means the consciousness received by idea the feel, then the information that is sent or received is known by conscious insights done with soul intuition. So think your done and your done. This is only impression from weight that you know, though you can say that you could thought send energy anywhere. This is where I think you could be right by what you think.

  Another way to do this is to think of energy as point, that you recall and feel by focus the energy intensify. The intensity causes time to jump to the point that you recalled. You might be a bit tired after this effect in feel. After this is done, just look at a watch or notice the lights flicker in the area to realize the time adjusted.

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Candle magic

  This is mentioned in this section and other area of the Druid magic part. Think about the idea, sometimes you can't do things any other way, so if you have a candle handy or maybe a few candles then candle magic is possible. That candle can strengthen your will, if you do things right. So this is where you have a point to do or need something, and imagine a lit candle or light one and think of what you want. You can make a ritual out of this, just state to the candle flame, "[things of what you need like 'things will pass inspection'] and this is to make the correct actions happen to do things that I need as I think about the idea. This is what I want." or some such spell.

  If you want to make this a sacrifice effect, drop one drop of your blood or something written down on a piece of paper that you want to happen into the flame of the candle. So I think if you had a battery operated candle light and wanted to avoid the scarifice, turn this on and think of what you need as you state "I will win 1000 dollars." This is yet another example of candle magic, so yes battery operated candles will work as well. The idea though is the battery, if the battery lasts, will empower the light to make the effect. That you want by you thinking to the light, and that creates what is necessary.

  That is all there is to this, that is except for the candle colors. The white candle is purity by feel, focus and creativity with thought. The white candle is useful for full moons and doing things with the point by pure intentions. The black candle is useful to do anything by what you think, what you think is what happens with the black candle. So you could use this in a Hera rite on a new moon, otherwise this could be anytime you want to do things. The full list of possible colors is here in this online list @ http://alt-sites. ..

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Vibrational shift and hiding

  Vibrational shift and hiding; This is the end where you hide in an upper vibrational state, this is within the dimension that your in by idea. Think positive and in passing through an open door, this raises the vibrations of the body and you can disappear if you think you do by the aura energy. That is hiding from the vibrational level where this is there normally, this is when you focus your intention, create by the aura energy and know the shift of the moment.

  Some time moves faster by intense feel or the dna with the body, the dna holds all your ability and this is thinking of the point that creates with time as you need time. Otherwise time doesn't seem to happen to you. So this is done as you notice the time outside your aura perception, that is where the world outside your perception won't notice you as much as you notice the world around yourself.

  Due note: The moment that you make a sound or scent is when your noticed. Also the point, when in an upper vibrational state, you aren't so easily effected by attracted attention or negative attacks. Where you receive an attack, think to do positive things or think positive and you can raise your vibrations to an even higher state. So the higher you are in vibrations the less effected you are of negativity. That is the negative effect people may have on you. Also noted is the effect of negativity and attacks on the body may lower the vibrational state by what you feel or do. So think to do something nice for yourself or others and then you can more quickly raise your vibrational energy. Consider this a brownie point system, that is where you focus on nice acts and you create with positive thinking.

  This feeling things is the electrolytical energy synapses that the body has in the body, that is done unless you don't want to feel things out and then you dampen the synapses. Otherwise you use them to sense things out and work with problems or conditions that are existant by the sensation. If you don't then you are somewhat at a loss and could get confused. So remember that the higher the vibrational state, the less negativity has in effect on you. Then you can raise the vibrational state back up, this is if you were lowered by what is done. So think of what you can do with this technique and you can do anything by feel.

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  Lets say you or others were trying to say things to someone, then listen to their reply. This is with the idea of listening. So I think to know as you think about what you need, this is listening with the cosnsciousness of energy. Then if you think to listen the energy conscious reveals things. That is done by realizing insight, this is with the soul informing the spirit and the spirit is what tells your consciousness what is done or there. This is done by idea that you realize with your senses. That is the sensation, this is where you can feel things out. That is a point at the end that is not normally done unless you need the idea done. This is the way things work sometimes. So think and if needed you can get what you want.

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The sensory eyes

  The third eye and other eye is a regulatory system that can manifest anywhere, anyway and anyhow. Think the pinneal gland is activating the third eye, you create the eye where you think to generate the third eye at by using your senses. However the 4th eye in the hands can absorb energy as force and project it forth, this is done by thinking about amplifying the absorbed energy and projecting it forth. That is done with the holding your hand out and have the palm face the threat, think the energy is released towards the foe and the foe is halted by an invisible energy focused upon them. You make restoration by idea being spoken, this however is creating with light and fire. So if you think to create the point you make with intent, and that is the use of the eye.

  This is a point that the third eye can do as well, think the third eye absorbs energy from the area and you thought projected it towards the person. This then forces them back, if you think of using it then you can create similar effects such as lazer eye bursts. That is where lazer energy emits from the extra perception organ and goes toward the person. This can frighten even the most hardened soul. Yet the energy can form as you want, think of the form or idea to do and the ansorbed energy does the point.

  However the eye you don't want is the 5th eyes, the eyes at the back of the feet. They are painful when open and can see backwardly, this is for your focus to use them. The subconscious eye is the third eye, but you can use any eye to access the subconscious mind. So I think this is what occurs and your mind through the subconscious directs the eyes. So think and you can get what you want. Yet the eyes if used can absorb even dirt as energy, so once absorbed the dirt or energy of the idea such as a stain can disappear the actual thing.

  The soul energy excess goes to the creator so think to absorb what you need, think the point and use is up to you. That is where the soul is boundless and this is according to the source. So the soul is never exceeded battery that can hold memories and idea energy to use as you need or want. This is a point that comes from the source.

  Blind sight vision though is a point you can do with all the eyes. This feature of the eyes uses the sensed moments of the other eyes to see by feel or usage of the senses. Again these eyes include the third eye (forehead), fourth eyes (hands) and the fifth eyes (the back of the feet). That is useful in case you were going blind, but if you want to look through the normal two eyes and you can see normally.

  Then you can see through all of them, this is done by thinking you do. That is known as omnipotent vision mode. This you can do anytime per the day or night. If you want the special mode of vision, then you might have to roll a die or something to check if the idea suceeds. Otherwise you might not be allowed if sensory overload, that is sometimes allowable by the brain to have this special mode of sight.

  Sometimes you can't see through the extrasensory eyesight. So don't be alarmed if that happens, just relax your body and breath in and out. Think to sense though the eye or eyes and maybe you can. If not then you could be too tired, so think of resting if possible and then you possibly can see what you want. If you see through most the eyes you know things as though omnipotent, so this is an improvement to not knowing and you can direct by thought what you need to see or know. That is where you can get to realize what you need to know.

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The powerdream effect

  This is the powerdream. This is a point you think, and breath in and out so then you fall into a daze and you direct yourself by voice of your thought. If you are "dazed" you create with dreams of energy. Then when the powerdream is positive as though your lucid, then the outcome is positive for the people effected. The idea is this, you create a positive action from the person if possible. This is a point from the past, that I woke up from with a loud noise or some off moment where I realized what was wrong and decided to correct for it by waking up. This is a point noone can tell another from whom they truly are in life. This is is a point known by feel.

  Sometimes if your not awake, you sleep walk all day or night, so I think to wake up by statement and you aren't in a daze anymore. This works by trance, if your in a daze, you are sleepwalking. Then a part of your brain is asleep, so think about the point and then decide to be awake. Then you are woken up your brain. You can also sleepwalk, if you take certain medicines in and when the effect wears off, this is several hours later, then you wake up. That is known as a medicine induced sleep. This is a result of some medication with side effects. So think about it and ask your doctor to get better medicine. So to conclude, you can include anyone into a powerdream, if they wake up, they wake up.

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Light psiball

  This is the light psiball. Think of energy as though if a ball of light were there and focus upon the energy what you say and it will do the idea. This is where I imagine the ball of light that does what I want, then the construct does what you say. This energy ball will "catch" by vibration of the brain waves you cast out, thinking to create by influence what you intend by feel. So when you cast out your will or thought is sent out as waves of your own energy to infuse with the conscious energy around you or aura. The aura burns from what is there and forms air, that causes you to form waves of energy that are perceived as vibes.

  This energy is what is perceived of the construct and that is what you form by thought and make with the spirit forming the idea. This is how can constructs work. If you feel free to make a few for yourself.. the source they use is the creator. I know they can copy themselves by feel. Yes, they use the subconscious as a point to create with by idea. I think, yes, they create a point of energy to create with the subconscious mind using suggested thought. However, some signs are real life, some signs the subconscious are dream visions and in order to understand them get interpretation. This means your idea is a point of intent, and thinking it can send your thought to the people you intend to hear the thought and dismiss it if necessary.

  Oh I made a construct that trains the body to cast magic easier. If you think to use it, think "the magic construct" trains it and it will. This will work as your aware and if you think it does. Some constructs gather energy from your thoughts. However, then you are not your thoughts, you see those are the constructs. This means they then can make a point of result. They use your thoughts as programming so if you think of the idea you can create the point. So if you think about things, the idea is generated if you need the point of creation or manifestation. If you imagine a key to your ability, then in your mind turn it in a lock that opens a door. You unlock your body and mind if its not already unlocked and you can always use your mind to create, so such is life as you need the idea with ability to make a manifest by imagining the result and by feel it's there.

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Dark psiball

  This is the dark psiball. Think of energy as though emanations or other sources you think are sources if a ball of darkness were there, and focus upon the energy what you say or think towards it and it will do the idea. This is where I imagine the ball of darkness that does what I want, then the construct does what I say. This energy ball will "catch" or create by vibration of the brain waves similar to the light psiball that you cast out, thinking to create by influence this is done by what you intend and that is with feel. This forms felt energy by the point you percieve, then you know what is being done. This is a point in idea, think about what you need and it forms what you desire. The elements are usefual as a source, that's because you can use them as they are the emanations or felt energy and when you cast them forth you create with a concept. So I can't force you, think the earth is creating a barrier and the idea is that barrier absorbs the point or what energy is there. This is a known defense to the dark psiball, that you can detect by is emanations felt in the area as though a presence. This is a known idea.

  This energy is what is perceived of the construct and that is what you form by thought and make with the spirit or soul copy that's forming the idea. This is how can constructs work and why it's similar to the light ball. If you feel like it to make a few for yourself. This will ball forms by thought being thought about or spoken, intending what you need to be created and that is not you by the way and this creates by the feel. the source they use is the energy you think is a source. I know they can copy themselves by feel. Yes, they tune in on the subconscious so they use the subconscious as a point to create with by idea. I think, so they create a point of energy to create with the subconscious mind using suggested thought.

  However, some signs are energy being felt. This means your idea is a point of intent, and thinking the point can send your thought to the people you intend to hear the thought in idea and dismiss this psiball to unform it and that's what is done if necessary or allowed for by feel. Think about it, this dark psiball can allow you to create with the shadows. The point is a concept, that is created and otherwise emanations could be emotions or feel. This is a point from the past by feel. However, one thing to note with this, is the fact that some can't realize that it's there. This is a point known by feel instead, if you seek to know what it does or you can be alerted by the news if making a long range effect. This is a point done in idea, unless not necessary.

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The psychosensitive light energy

  The psychosensitive energy dynamic of light. So this is where these sensed moments are energy sensation you create by life energy or activity in a point, then you create by the feel with the senses. See if you think and you know by observation with what is there. Light is of energy and fire, so if you can think to know things you could kill things now or realize the idea as you see or sense through the electrolytes in the body. As this is though an energy duo of action an information, this is a point in idea where you can work with others or do things on your own. This is a point where things work out, if you intend them to work. So think positive and you are positive, that is the rule of the day. The rule of the night, btw, is where you live to do things if necessary. That is all for that point. This is a known fact. What's not known, this is where you have to do what you need or intend what you think by feel. This is a known concept proven in time.

  So those are produced electrolytes by the special cells in the skin. These electrolytical cells and electrlytes among other names as a substance form to allow you to sense, you can get them from drinks too. However, that is regulated by the third eye. This is activated by the pinneal gland, the blood flow activity is what activates the gland. This gland usually doesn't have, that much blood flow. That's unless you think there is blood flowing to it. The idea is this, where you think the pinneal gland is active, then your brain flows energy or blood to the gland. Then you get to deactivate it, think blood doesn't flow to it. This gland regulates psychic activity, so if you think of the point you can perceive the point. That is a power of the third eye thought to be open with the pinneal gland.

  So this blood flow actually activates the glandular third eye, that can appear spiritually on the forehead. Some can sense it, some can't. But all have this sense. The brain energy can direct it by is spiritual consciousness, so think and you know what you can do with it. Basically, focus and think to see things by feel or create the effect by what is thought and created points that exist by light energy. This effect is how we can sense things with the 6th sense. Where you can sense intuitional idea as well, this happens by idea being in idea that is realized. See that comes from the spirit. The spirit can be where you think so it observes the point, then the soul knows about it and you realize insight of what the spirit watched.

  Think about it and as this works, your electrolytes are what create the sensation, you can feel in and understand by the spirit that knows what is there. This is a known effect, yet due note: The electrolytes in the body can go down so you might need a drink to replenish it. This is like taking in a gatorade or powerade to allow yourself to feel better. However, that's not so true if you feel the pain of others, this is where you know what the others feel by the spirit knowledge and your soul giving you realization of the idea. This is a sign, that you sense their need and can't do much about it. That's about it, harden your shell and live as you can.

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Other effects

  You antify things by thinking an opposite effect and touching or thinking energy to the item or idea. Your energy does what you think. This is useful in causing an opposite effect of what is occurring by idea or feel to those you want effected by this idea.

  Mesmerizing is easy and useful in causing what you want as a suggestion, that's if they are more easily hypnotized. This is when you think of repeated phrases, then state the idea over and over until all you have to do is agree with the person. Then you are aware of the thing to do and can create by the feel. You might say that the soothing voice will create the correct response.

  Gemstones and stones are useful as its in the moment that is in the effect, that's if you focus energy through them and create the effect of their properties. If you bought a diamond. You have the diamond ray now. You can use it to encircle or seal things. It causes a reverse effect or quarantine by idea. Otherwise the general effect of the diamond is to freeze the area or thing/person, that you focus on and this is done as you hold the diamond while you focus on the thought of freezing. Otherwise if you held something cold, then you can channel the freezing effect through the diamond that effects where you focus on effecting.

  Now if you got a ruby, then you can make ruby rays. That is when you focus fire energy and use the ruby by holding the stone and focusing in on the thought, this is the thought to create at least a black mark and at most some open flames. Otherwise you can heat up the area by focusing on the idea of heat, the general effect occurs in the area that you need the heat to seem.

  If you got a water stone like an aquamarine or blue moonstone, this is done by dna in the effect and that's by feel where then you can sometimes generate water in a cup. Otherwise you can with focus and thinking on water cause water, this is thought to come into the area that you need the water to seem. Otherwise you can influence people by the water or drink that is nearby them. However, moonstones also create wishes by using the power of the moon. This power is linked by thought, so think of what you want and you may get what you need. This is the power of the stone.

  Think of the moon or element to use a moonstone. Hold the moonstone and think of what you want, this can be stated by speaking the idea to create or tracing a symbol that represents the idea. This is a cool way to make a wish. A wish is energy that you send forth that creates what you want by what is done. The wish energy comes back though as a clean state and this is sometimes with a full manifestation, that is where you regain your lost energy. So this is the cycle of the wish.

  Citrine is an earth stone that is protective and this is sometimes generating wealth. This is useful for focusing and making created wealth by what you do. If you think of sealing with this stone, then you can cause the opposite effect where you thought to effect. If you think to beam someone with this earth stone, then you can nullify the effect they have in the area.

  This is the beam of nullification, that is with some idea where you can use the stone and focus the beam by holding the stone. Then if the beam or stone influence energy can get near the area, you can null the area effect or effect you don't like. This is an effect of stones as well, if you focus the idea you want to happen through holding or touching the stone the effect occurs. This works eveb though this isn't the specific stone or gemstone. So rest assured you can remain protected or null whatever you want to null.

  Now if you buy an Obsidian or other air stone, you can gain absorbing ability. The other things you may do with this is work with an enhanced intellect and psychic ability accounts for this effect. Think to beam osomething or some person to zap them or the area with lightning and you could leave a black mark.

  Law magic is where you think of the law or statement that you want to effect the place or area, then if you want things the best thing to do is suggest the idea. Think to use the candle or state "Oh creator, make what I want by what I need with what I think." Then the idea is in effect and you only need to have some area experience the point, or you can experience the idea if you know the idea is safe.

  There's a technique to 'erase' things. However it can be recovered. This is when you have to visualize what you want to erase in your mind, then color the idea black or something that you think will work. Then the idea is erased by feel or with what you do.

  Chemical magic is a point of working with chemicals. This is the magic of unaddictive chemicals, that is either one or many and some food or drink by feel or other things without THD ot The high Dosage or Hemp and other substances like herbs, that creates what you need, that which can do relaxation or calm. This is a known effect, thinking of what is used. The dependacy of THD stuff is amazing, so if you don't need it don't do it, use non THD Hemp oil instead by feel. This is a lesson from the past, that taught me how to calm a person down with Hemp or normal food.

  Emilo lavable: The effect is the elemental thing, think about the element and imagine the point or speak the idea and the element forms the idea as a point reproduced. This is then where you think to create a feeling, then the harshness of reality comes into play as fun with the point. Think of the moment and you can create what you need. This is a point you think about and the spirit or soul makes what is necessary to survive the moment with the third eye pinneal gland.

  If you have a body, then you know what to do with regeneration. This is a point you realize, think or know about with the concept you think to use. So you know, this was fun to write, practicing it is then the point you do as an interesting idea. So you get back what you spend for this effect, think money returns to you and you get money back by double or triple the amount. Then the element is what creates the funding and you get back what you gave or spent, this is from getting repairs done with the destruction of the area.

  What can also be done is this, elemental bending. Thinking energy boost, this is making use of the elements of air, earth, water and fire and possibly void to create an effect you think about to make the point you or I intend. This is the third eye that creates the effect you imagine or focus into an existing point. That is opened by imagined energy being used or the blood flow going to the pinneal gland. This works without stress. Oh, deactivating the pinneal gland is imagining or "seeing" the third eye close. This causes the blood flow to lower to unactivating levels that don't seem to create the pinneal gland activation. Think it's deactivated and it is.

  Emilo lavable II: This is use of lava energy that's done by thinking energy goes to the lava area of a planet and receiving energy back, that is double or triple if focused from what you sent. See that is with the area you know, if you get too much you can always do anchoring and thought sending to the ground or object your excess energy. This is done so the spirit can explore the space, that is without excessive emotions that it normally feels.

  What allows this to work physically, that is breathing with the aura. Breathing decaying particles or gas is when you have energy from the body that is what flares up. So you break down decay and dust and produce breathable gasses from the decomposure. This is done in the area. Released is oxygen and nitrogen that the body absorbs as it breathes it in. As thought you then are predispensed where you are aware, think and you can do what you can by what is possible. If described to another then its possibly alright, this could make you seem nuts though unless described right. Such as the concept, where this breathing allows you to heal, so if you breathe in enough nitrogen you can seem with a green healing aura.

  So go with it, this is a point you know the best. Think you know something and you do things by feel. The spirit can reveal to you what is there. That point you realize and the soul is what the creator makes within you and provides insight. What to do is what you think to do. The point is then up to you to create what is otherwise necessary. This I know is true, if you go with a concept, the feeling you can make is with a point with what is thought. This thought is done by feel if you think it's necessary. The fire energy that makes the aura palpable, this comes from the point of spiritual body energy projection.

  The editing point. Sometimes typing invsible words make the point you think if needed and you possibly write is typed by what you think is appropriate. This is an efect that creates what you want or need by feel. The expression can be typed in air and then if you think of a time to get it typed or written up, your body or someone else writes it by feel. This always works, if you think of what you need known, then you remember it if this technique doesn't work. This is a known effect.

  Life idea; The life idea is where this is a known life effect, if expressed then it's possible by the creator and the power of life. This creates what you think, if it effects them as allowed for by the other person. Otherwise this effects what you want effected. Think about using a source, then you can make what you will into existence or wish to create. Stating something or thinkng something, then your peaceful by drinking water will often do this by the power of water.

  The effect is calming if achieved by fire that you know, though if you think the idea and state it as intent to fire. The earth effect is where you think of what you need or intend, this effect can cause you to think like the earth, or the thought your brain vibrationally creates understanding about by feel. That is where the earth is hitting it's tectonic plates together, or otherwise it's vibrated thought with energy sent.

  What you think is what overlays the point of the vibration by the spirit energy with your brain thought, this is transmitting a point so then you realize that's known of by the spirit knowing things, that earth can block you or others from effecting otherwise you can block what you don't like as this can make you abrupt and stressed if your not calm by feel. You see what is felt by you is sometimes felt by others if you intend the idea. Then if you think to know and work with others to begin with your calm by feel.

  This I think is from a point the vibration of the earth happens things or irritation occurs unless otherwise noted. The effect is known, so think about things and accept it as a concept or memory, then you can get along with others. This is from an essay that exists in energy, so think to realize work and then you know what it says. The subconscious can reveal what it says, if you need to know things that can be known. Either your soul can cause you to know it by insight, or you realize it from the spirit knowing things. This is then a known fact of life.

  So think about this fact psychically not perceived thought, the point then is used to focus energy to send the idea that you want to do if by feel. This is interesting by the fact of idea in the thought in life. Think and you know what this is about to do, you know the time and date too by what is thought although the thought isn't you. This makes what is intended to be made, so think and know what you need in life.

  This is then what you think of the earth element that will create if allowed for by feel and you calm down if you think calm thoughts. The air effect is then where you think of what you need as intention, this is psychically known about so then you create the effect as a point is spoken and the subconscious makes the point. This is a knowable idea, that's if you intend it to be done where you think to do things by feel. If it's not agreed to by idea, then it's not done unless you want to do it yourself.

  That's the idea list that I have written anyway, so if you think to use the effect of law or what may you want. Then remember the idea is negated if you think the idea is countered in some way or point. Any other effect is up to you to do or create. This is just an idea list of examples. Sometimes if you think of things or feel you can think up an idea, then you can make up an idea of your own. If you do, please feel free to inform me of the point and idea, this is also with emailing me at: Thanks for staying with the list.

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Crystal druidry

  Druids may have been trained by the Atleantians, through crystal infused energy as they can know innate crystal magic and how to wield the crystal. This is seeable if they try to work with the crystal, as though a vision from the crystal itself. This is used by the crystal telling them how or the training is being remembered and this is on request. They could do nearly anything with a crystal. Simply 'thinking' towards the crystal or shining a light at it. Generates an effect for them, this is where the thought is made by will to go and materialize. Otherwise the effect happens, thinking a thought and that occurs what you want as you can imagine, state, or will things to exist as it is. Where the light shines through the crystal at an object or person, the effect occurs. Empowered by the crystal and your energy. Quartz could be used by 'programming it' and it could do nearly anything. Other crystals are varied in effects.

  So think to cleanse it of nasty effects and disturbances, as you hold it and the programming drains from it the "bad" energy that could go crazy on you. Wear the crystal for at least five days to cleanse it of bad crazy-making energies, this is if you want the natural body cleanser style. Also possible is imagining a rainbow of energies come from your third eye, enabled by thought to go through the crystal. Thinking 'cleanse' at it, while yielding the rainbow or having it near you will wipe the energy clean.

  There's a special modification to which creates a universal Z-flux energy field that is universal knowledge by feel. Called a generator or pyramid of power. The later technology uses a power crystal generator powered by the area energy field. That means in how to make a power pyramid is easier than thought. How to make the generator is harder and cannot be described here, as it requires magetics and thinking to work with some energy medium. Lets let that suffice and you will know its a good form to have, the crystal pyramid is handy in power manifests as all you need to do is think of what you want and focus to create. You can generate power that resonates within you and keeps you energized by use of the pyramid of power or pyramid stone which is optional and if you have the money to buy it.

  The pyramid of power is via a Unified Field Theory device that uses a gemstone, gold or silver pyramid pointed to the true north to send an energy force. This approximately is one mile in distance through a symbolic link, use is of mentally manipulated wild energy. Wild energy is the atomic level interchange heat, that is manipulated by humans through mind focus or mind over matter. This focus will cause the subconscious mind to be instructed to make the wild energy react as said person will imagine it. When enough focus is achieved through imagination of events, an idea will occur. But this would be taken on faith, so try this for yourself. The pyramid of power works because it draws its power from the sun charged spinning planetary core through such a symbolic link made of tachyons. This is also called a Core Tap and is a bit weaker at the surface, so think unless its near a power well or power node as it could draw from that power too.

The image above reflects a jeweled pyramid of power with a pyramid stone in the middle

  Thinking to do this pyramid of power, you need a small pyramid stone and a cover for it if you really want one. So point the gold or silver pyramid cover to an alignment facing of true north. Through the imagination of an idea that is visualization or feeling of a pyramid and of the earth core you can make a symbolic link through the focus of wild fire or wild fighting happens. Think to make that symbolic link now as you draw a straight thick copper, barium nitrate or magnesium baride line in your mind from the core to the pyramid and the symbolic link is set. Wait five minutes for the pyramid of power to be charged.

  Say out loud towards the stone, "I wish this to work no matter what!", helping this is being near a lit candle or while imaging a lit candle. With feeling for the process to work without a hitch you may have to enhance it. Now mentally tell the pyramid by thinking of thoughts to send out a Power Field in a one mile distance, so if you think that will not hurt humans then it won't unless thier thieves and this will only power machines with what it needs to work. It will create a power wave that spreads out to the distance in a radius mile and any machine within this area will have energy in exactly how it is needed. You will feel the energy come as a wave, as well so be prepared by feel and this is where you might not wear metal.

  In reality, the idea distance of the Unified Power Field will be infinite if you, the United Field Technician wanted to do it that way. It will feel like a low buzz in the background and your skin will be slightly prickled with energy if it is on. To turn it on or off to your senses, think of the words of interest and use intent that means on or off to you while thinking of the pyramid of power. You can also instruct the pyramid of power to defend the place of your desire in any way that that you need. What the Druids used this for was to power their crystalline devices.

  See use was intended for crystals aligned by thinking to them to do things, this would allow them to charge their drinks to make it healthier easily. The disease removing pool of water they called baths were charged by the universe via Unified Energy Field from a golden or silver pyramid of power pointed to true north. Combined with the sulfur, the charging in the water created bone healing and disease removing effects. The mud baths were even more healthier. Everything was natural to them.

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Potions and Magical drinks

  Potions and other magical drinks can be useful. As written on in this article @ for Potions.  Magical drinks can restore ability and energy that is not there.

  Drinking dried catnip tea is a surefired way to get heightened senses with increased potential. Mixing with Earl grey tea or oolong tea increases potency. Then there's lime juice, sugar, water, and a mint leaf. Similar effect, easy to purchase at any grocery store or online or if this doesn't effect you then just what works.

  Drinking charged drinks by 'thinking positive thoughts' at the drink, will cause it to gain a heaviness and coldness unless you think fire at it. This restores energy quickly and can quadruple your own nicely. Don't overcharge or you could get tired. Thus you could send your excess back to the planet by thinking it there.

  Thinking what you need at the drink and this could be any drink or water, will make that ability of yours manifest the thought with intention for it to manifest. Drinking charged tea will occur energy recharge quickly. Don't charge coffee unless you want to bounce off the walls and stay up awhile. Charging really sugary drinks will cause you to be charged up for longer than thought. This I counted was for 10 to 20 hours. May be less if you drank water or something.
  Magical Icies are the equivalent of a milkshake except your using fruit juice and ice. Maybe adding peanut butter to make it even better as a special energy boost. The fruit juice can come from something like crystal light drink mix packets. Add chocolate or chocolate stevia to the mix and you get a treat.

  The magical effect of these icies is the energy you put into the icy as its made, mostly by thinking the energy into the icy for a minute or more. The icy is used to boost energy and sustain that energy level for hours, or a day if you charge it. Peanut butter adds a few more hours to the duration.
   Magic milkshakes and smoothies are for drinks that do magic for the energy that you think at them to energy make them do. As you think them to do things they will do things. So enjoy as you want of the drinks you make. All you need to do is place the ingredients in a blender and you get to blend them.  In place of sugar you may use honey or if produced you could use stevia.

 Peanut butter milkshake:

  This tastes amazing and is actually surprisingly healthy as it gives elongated energy.
 ice, milk.
 chocolate or chocolate stevia.
 peanut butter.
 and sugar/stevia.

  These smoothie milkshakes hold the power to restore lost energy and for a few hours longer.
  Russian smoothie milkshake:

 4 bananas
 1 cup milk
 Russian chai tea
 1/3 cup sugar/some stevia

  Fruit Smoothie milkshake:

 1 cup ice
 1 cup pinapple
 1 banana
 3 tablespoons of sugar/some stevia
 1/2 cup coconut milk/chocolate coconut milk (coconut milk made by chocolate stevia additives)
 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

  Alternative fruit smoothie/milkshake:

 Milk/Chocolate milk/Dark chocolate stevia or Chocolate stevia added to milk with some vanilla extract and maybe some turmeric as a purifyer
 Sugar, Stevia or Splenda

  Strawberry Smoothie milkshake:
 2 cups milk
 1 banana
 1/2 cup sugar/some stevia
 1 pkg strawberry koolaid/any flavor crystal light or similar fruit packet or frozen strawberries
 2 cups ice

  Optional is the chocolate milk as a replacement to milk. You may use chocolate stevia as a sugar replacement.

  Protein shake:
 1 cup milk or water
 2 scoops protein shake mixture
 1/2 cup sugar/some stevia
 Optional: 1 or more packets strawberry koolaid/any flavor crystal light or similar fruit packet or frozen fruit
 1 to 2 cups ice

  Optional is the chocolate milk as a replacement to milk. You may use chocolate stevia as a sugar replacement.

  Blend it all together as you first add water and any wet materials, then the dry materials, then the ice (if any) and the rest if any other thing is there to the blender and blend it. This is for as long as this takes to finely chop up all or most the ice. Pour into a cup and drink the concoction. Most times a protein ice shake is 120 to 260 calories, so this is actually just for one meal. Sometimes you could if you starve yourself, eat one or two more items. So have willpower and try to just do with the shake.

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  Fey are also faery or fairy, they get their name from the area and no matter the name they are special interests of the Druids. They are either summoned for something, thought to do things on a trade of chocolate for the effect or allowed things if you think to appease them. So for idea, the fairy are thought about sometimes for the sex and the fey pheromones that enhance the ability, if they allow for the act. Also thinking to summon one or several of them is thought to disaster, so think about your need and if you can't do it by yourself or with other aid.

  So think as you are aware to think them to where you need them to be. This needs several minutes of concentration to summon them as you think them there, then direct them by thought and this is where they will either appear or not appear. So think as you are aware, this sometimes where things are screwy so go do what you intend to be nice.

  No matter, it all depends on their whimsy. When they are ready they are creating or done so they are likely to help, when you say what you want and offer the chocolate they might respond. Otherwise they could denie your presence, they could do harm or pranks will be on you for fun. That's if they don't like you. They can do nearly anything, just to get their way or chocolate and to get the result you wanted by manifest. More info is here at The fey info and language page.

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Dark druids

  There are also dark druids who are practically insane and do things for money, this is at their own physical peak moment as though the thought occurs. As they try to rule over people they dislike and work by passionate moments. Things could go right or wrong to them according to the point of action. There is a rule they follow; to do the deed as is possible and use a moment of passion as though the moment of life. They also use the idea that to destroy or create something is where your able to gain energy or money from it and then they can do things their way. Then they are aware of what you do and you act good.

  So think as they seek and they try to tend to the point and get their ability from creation, so this is an idea that they tend to get away with things by not boasting on what they do. So think as a thought occurs, if the urges are there and they need something. Sometimes their doings if dark enough will drive them to eat the worst stuff, so have a light heart and a willingness to do things and you won't want to eat bad food. This is usually as your done doing good for someone, your aware of satisfaction that goes beyond food and drink. So if this is where urges and dark desire create insanity, then their urges are wild and their need is dark. That is craziness that leads to them going to the insanity ward.

  They tend to go do things just for the feeling of life so you know, this article was fun to write so I think I will add a note. This is usually done by a darker breed of human that feeds off of others and gets no joy out of life, so I think that this means you are set for life. If you are aware of the possibilities to create with a light heart, where bleeding is a light heart thats setup to them by over paced hearts. Willingness to do things by feel is the point.

  See this is where they deflect and work or they want things. So I think this means were setup by them or by what we say and do, notice how seeing they are and they enjoy doing things to get their way. So I agree with those that work things out. Only work out with things that suit the purpose. Otherwise you work out things like troubles and come back to control yourself to normalcy after. This controls the insanity which I learned to control by this means, you can think to make things work out by what is done.

  This is what they expect as usually thinking or intelligence is set as a good example, this is for an idea point so that is life for them. This means that they work to earn or pay to work with someone sometimes with malignant feel, this use idea is true as their feelings are sometimes set by others. So I think they earn what they get as some are dispotic and they will ask for companionable advice. If no useful advice is requested or none given, then they are aware and they will storm off feeling as they do. Alone and desptic.

 Their darkness comes from the dark elven blood, that they use as an energy source. If they go too far, by doing too many dark things. They can cause their skin to appear dusky white. Its also noted, they tend to get insane the closer to dark elven that they cause themselves to be. Noone has gotten too far yet. The farther along the path of darkness, the more they are insane and insatiable. The farther along their dark path, the more they dislike cleanliness and they don't care if they stink. They could even lose teeth by their disdain. Unless they find a balancing point, this point is where they become disdainful and appreciative of what they are given. Thus i believe is their endpoint, they become neutral.

  They represent the moment of darkness as the dark is the light to them. They do opposite to positive actions with any means possible, to get what they desire. When they do something, its always with intention and they can feel violent and unbalanced, at certain times of a large amount of chaos. This is generated by enough of unbalanced idea or action energy to kill with. They just get unbalanced, just is a mild word here and they never die from it unless they go too far. This effect of unbalancing is with some insanity from the chaos that they choose or can make or generate by feel. So in fact this a point. In which they possibly use anything as an energy source.

 They live to deceive and do some manipulation with energy or use the direct approach with money or trade, thats the general idea of what they want.  That is what they get as a result, they then mostly try to work with things based on their own experience. When they lie, it can bring rewards to them. As they get dark, these dark druids can do magic very easily. Which is focus energy to create a point of reference and the thought exists. They often mix with their idea statements. They often go on their own and try to do what is necessary. So you see to them, the basic worth is somewhat a nd sometimes opposite beliefs to others. They are based in insanity and can do things as they see a fit or see fit moments.

 They are very suspicious of people, as their Gods are actually called dark ones or dark faery, sometimes representing a potential result or money source. Compared to the normal Druids. They can use demons to gain what they want very easily. The only difference between the druids and the dark druids is the intent and actions. They create their own Gods, this is by thinking and they tend to make up what is needed for the Gods they made.

 The dark druids tend to skew the idea they come across to fit their own idea and purpose. Then they try to create their own identity as if they were that, what a deity is known to be. The dark druids are shadow druids willing to poison the victim before they do violence or take wrath, seen in action and yet with no violence so there's no proof. All except those that value money save their money and serve a purpose to them. They spare those who have some value.

 So some who value money, think anyone is an asset. So this means that noone actually dies, this is unless they piss them off and do something they don't like. Then the person mysteriously dies off and think of their own family all setup by the dark ones. This means that they set you up, so they were able to manipulate your mind. So avoid them as you need to and you may live longer.

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Idea to follow along in

  The other idea to follow, in becoming a more capable druid is to know with discipline that they and you are a practical genius. This comes from being able to put info together and use the idea. As a source of their idea is thought to take from other sources what their idea is and put them together, thinking to form a moment from energy.

  This where I figured this part out, this knowledge is a model of the predating druidic idea. They can have this theory to build up the knowledge, used by feel of what they had lost long ago from the sources around them or from gnosis, that which is the taking of meaning by aether is almost all elements or ether that is the spirit of the 4 elements. This is used by intent and will from the universal conscious stream or energy from the stars, that is where you think the energy and you know things from things that happen or occur. That is what the universal consciousness stream is usually by now, a point of knowing by the area feel and the spirit, that reveals in its own way what is known.

  This is information that was passed on as something else, other idea that could come about them that want to make the lost info up. Some idea of what they could do is presented at, and their language was either silent hand hanguage or spoken as Gaelic and is @ or with their silent hand language as of here, of long ago.

 So basically, they don't like fighting as much but they might have to, an they often hide their religion in plain view, unless spoken to about it. But they don't hide unless pushed to extremes. So this is a fascination what the druids used to be, what they are now. They are sometimes "chosen" to be trained or they self-train, sometimes at an early age, they can follow the guidelines for training as in here @ of the magic user training.

 As they still can decide to know themselves and having a name that they choose, think about and earn. They are free with their life and idea as that has practical usage. So be free with what you think is applicable and don't overdo it. Feel free to give at the moment you feel its necessary, as this improves life in general. Except for very suspicious people, who might say bad things about it or enforce their rule on the druid. In which sometimes they avoid them if they can do so.

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