Geomancy for beginners

  This is about geomancy and use is some uses for non usable idea. There may be other idea and thoughts about this idea, but it is basically written here. Geomancy is defined in ancient times as the focus of earth energy as a will by thought, as you put the reason with thought from activity sometimes. As your eyes are rolling then think to suppress to stop, sometimes you act like you are a jedi or guard stop to think or focus to create as if a killer. I see with the sense to avoid the killer then energy use is focus, that is what burns things out by use or things are out to seem repaired. Creation by what you think is creation by what you are aware by focus non plump is thinning.

  So inner demise fear or thought this activity or acting by feel is thinking, think to see sometime a small suggestion to create results. So this is fire energy in the area as a source in idea or the thought to will by fire or energy, the divination form of and geomancy is with use by the feel the energy from resolve. The earth being formed to create visions can overwhelm the senses or body function or that much energy, can disrupt body actibility or activity to not disrupt if grounded or energy sent to the planet or area then person perception.

  It starts or continues by unpossessing work with a premise of working with magic in a process of energy working or energy manipulation. There is energy enough by the creator, focus the buidup or area energy to create is to see or will by desire. There is energy to release as the dwarve was some brain heredicy function, that was a misconcept or feel that was first cousin to the first cousin.

  See the colony was starving, then feel by dying out from intuition or genetic damage caused your point. This is a will by need you feel the flow in focus from the situation, as a will in focus is not always a will in need so you see the marriage rule is lifted. We were dying out seeing that was true till proven false as cleared up, we only die as we need to or so we did as necessary.

  See as you are your good, so you see we got despair till survival. Seen as your aware, you create or seeable use is forseeable. See or not see as use is seeing an area idea by focus, your use or area feel is created focus feel or causation. See or think to do you create as you focus to someone they perceive things as a thought signal that use as to do something with or your use is your owing by feel. This is the area use you see or no use is avoidance. If you see "aleuha" this correctly by blocks with area blocks, area not as blocks is possible or aloha is thought use or create not always seeing seigecraft. I should stop from "seidrcraft" also see to yourself as what people react as you seem to them.

  See this is what were doing think or not to step into a cult as they are near you as they sense you seem or out, the idea is how you are acting so you can use the area or use is nothing if to get results as you see your seen or your an idea to some none usable. If there is a way to avoid you can find a way. This use is like a soul, your use is the form by shape or thought. Drugs are herbs, drinks are water in use. See to live as you want use away by seeing tactics, work as you will think the area is your own to use this correctly. I see this was what you thought to use on others, if you think to create something they don't like then almost used is used against you or not by feel is no use. Seeable use at the end or less is more use by water to drink. So en no by use. Things are stable or balance out by brain chemistry to what you think or not happened is not happened. I will leave you alone now. So the area use is energy focus I think this uses idea or creates by area noone intended to use, so yes leaving is a better choice this machine doesn't actually work so you see you might lose money think you spend less.

  I think you see this as broken yet this isn't so thinking it is then using the idea caused the machine to not work as not intended by use. I think the reason is kitsune tricked us to believe we were someone or somewhere were not, so we use more than we think or less as we are able to avoid charges. So this was energy free to them that they thought to us the essence by subconscious use. I think the area energy was enough to cause us to seem asleep so were sleepwalking think were aware then awake. We might wake up yet the kitsune which is us creates interesting scenes as not to use idea they won't want. That means we are to trick them to allow us to awaken. See that is the hard part think were awake our brain is the conscious mind. Think we were asleep were in a fox dream. So the creator that made us wakes us up. Think the area coorects by the creator so we are aware to the area this is not a beer dream. I think this is area aware thought that gives peoples fox energy away. The fox are omnipresent animals that use spirit energy to create. If we don't like what the fox present to our minds then we are likely to reject their vision. That means that was a horror effect presenting what you hate to avoid.

  They use energy through the spine by area feel to create what you wish unless illusion the action you do os sometimes nothing at all. The body is what realizes that is why this a dream. We think to treat the body as normal they can think we if we are wanting by feel is what they think then we can not do or think to work. We only had to look at a picture to be with one. The area I think is somewhere else limbo like to create by area feeling you think then they could act it out. So you think this area doesn't work or think this area works then the machine that normally is there is what is operating though the area isn't really there to work. So we stop thinking about the area the area ceases to function. That means we were trapped yet we are not yeti to work by area feel. So think you can wake up then you will. Illusionous objects are their way to show by area shadow or energy to the actual thing you notice, this means illusion is the object the object you notice isn't there until your body moves things to where you think. So you think something is there then the object is or is not according to what you think or wish. So make or say some idea then if it is there your lucky or you see what is there by their area you see then your spirit shows you. Show no fear then this stops by the creator stopping what you don't like. Reversing what you think or are not always to be.

  The use you see is some area usable, "seeable user luc for dumbass" by others in necessity or if no like is with no reaction. Focus in this mind something you create so you don't always see until necessary so you see the area then distract, seem to create or so use or not, cause idea somewhere to use, then the area is aware or then think shift or focus. Such as you are dismiss or allow as walk away. This the way or the craft listed with thought to the core, by the focus to correct what is known or understood use with no avoidance is a path to the use described. Seeing or even though you see he wrote the idea he doesn't have to use it, as they're closed or use is the see yet you aren't always sensing things as your near or feel is off or feel you see to do. Fix is to the sensation yer thought is with the cause. Bad is skill so use is practice with youthful perspectives you see no reason to attack by "un il illent is a 13th dimensional being".

  Seen or creatable you still just have to focus, as conscious focus your area is higher energy focus. Higher altitude is more ringing in the ears. See or use is the area, you sense energy is use or focus to the area that you seek. See this is the feel for life not really a dark path don't that you follow the area is or let alone, to use is purpose in magnitude as if your realiezation is there the area to use you aavoid. See as nothing is wrong as with feng-shui you see to clean, the corruption goes away out to fix the energy or you see the area. See or think you see or sense is bad reactions, as if rejections or allowing some area not near you are what is seen. As your discovered as good if dead or alive your own area is seen or fatten eternally then avoided by il "or" ccontent drink you did. Some illegal drink you did fixes this as well. As you see well you are well. This is as you relate to things then state to work as relation did.

  "So kill you didn't" disrupts murder or attack you did or not you did. So hit you did creates things not done that are hitting. This was example from the teaching to the area called the leylines. Those are the lava energy to the area you think is to overwhelm you think or did etc. So to not do programming is programming or suggestion you did or no sexuality creates by area with energy. A larger version of this is haarp you did. That is frequency generator uses to create with suggestions. Think the body generates energy then work. Thought to drink water is cool to restore by uses with herbs. I think this is area you are with not the area you think to use, that is clean so you create by feel area effects non corruptive or area is energy. See you can sleep without thinking to be in the astral or this is the creator, that cleans things seen to your use or nothing to use is no need. We're done, see that is what also counts as dismal or dismissal by the creator "we're done".

  See that as you sense them was some issue that brought fight or flight idea by feel. That feel is the need as no hurt is demonic is fire or effected, see with some bubbly skin as feel is reaction fire. So this with thought a will in necessity so in thought you think your seeing, seeing or user create by feel is nothing aura not so the act sometimes works or not as you see. See you create or think is what you create by feel is what you did you exist soul healed or not by the probable area death with or not motion. As dark or light matter is created feel, think you did then you won't use your own judgement on another as this is shadow world that appears light yet is dark. Seeing as you are alive the art is slender is thought good as you see or feel some area to work. As you did. As in etc you think you did. I think the best suggestion was "if you did or I think you did" as I agree if it existed.

  See as things in geomacy change you use to create, see by use is focus, the focus device or a dime, penny, quarter is a stack or what you touch to see don't thought or no thought is feel or yes release. See as you let it go you stop beating, as "en" not this or use is focus. See to use this is imagined, see as freedom is information your act is your use as because this is some idea. Seen as a part of my job there you see. See your "idea is sight to do in victims with a pressure point", see so this may become better by the area focus energy. This is some area feel by brain area focus, see that is think so things change or the brain produces responses. You don't have to do things to create better idea or reproach.

  So in feel as you create or feel by desire with the focus think to accept in feel fix with your brain, imagine in feel or imagine in focus as you will as energy surges as you will to thought as the will to shift energy shifts you or away. As you will to exist, the will is there in energy to form as you think. Think as you want as you feel the necessity, the will to succeed is thought to create with concept or directive idea.

   That of what works, use is thought to gnow in use, not in fire is allowance of free flowing energy is necessary to be working with heart by inner activity with feelings. See and emotion energy or not focus, so this is focus by pulling it in with your will and using it by willed intent and worms form after without absorbing it to get rid of things counted as "en" near the area parasites area exists. So after death the body doesn't have aura the body has temerity that is focus to stop, think to stop then do or not use by feel. Towards making an idea happen. The more you do this, the more you can summon for use. This allows use of geothermal earth and geometry with geomancy. Using the leylines and power areas that be natural. All you need to do is focus the energy of such power areas and use a command or will. So don't now as you see or not shift to telepathically is to use a command as now or use and thought is focus, nothing to do or stop focus to your thoughts and use as your will saying or say by speaking to see or thinking them. See as though intent at the energy, you can do or nor me as not effect me.

   So feel or imagination to so something else can use an object with the focused energy of the area. This is to cause it to be programmed easily. Called a philter that causes you to stop doing use, so by non use allowance with focus creates a point. Casting it forth is willing the energy to the area it will effect. As you see sights don't or no misuse. So you see revert by cool not "Or" you feel ue is nothing yet usage is there, you can ask the object to cause the event or seem to see by feel. The event if any or none, because this must be important to your mind. See stop as casting to create can incite no attack by use with importance, the effect must be thought upon and needed at the moment of sending. You of course may have no defense for this, but you can figure some out by reading further on of this document was meant. See as they created themseves an insult to the pride if evil with attack by actual violence.

   How to find such power areas, is with an interesting idea that is to feel the area, as things are more powerful in the area can be felt. So you see there is no fact, do as you feel need by fact to mention the effect and it might occur to you. I lived in a house built on one. I didn't have much trouble to get effects. I learned that power of effect can travel with you. Geomancy is most powerful in very powerful areas.

   The more power the less control, with more unless or use the more likely that you can go insane with the power. Unless you do discipline, this is use by use concept in some manner is use or by the idea of a warrior's way, this described a scene in some area that is in a movie or by what you feel here @ As you see the use your area is cleaner. Where the poder is phoenecian is usage by feel or personal power, so you don't always use current correction to see the situation makes the moment.

   This be a part of earth magic and geomancy, that is focus and imagine feel the use and create source that creates by what energy is there from infini or other sources which is using the force of nature and some thoughts to make a moment. Through use of will, math and moments you can cause movement of some basic idea. The will is necessary for your effort to imprint things on the energy itself, so for survival intuition intuitive use by approach or subtle as seeia isse effecte with phoenicui. When the will is invoked, math can be used to calculate for the embuement effect and the right shape is indicated to use with the moments. There is an eiffel tower effect to use by usage with time machine.

   Geometry is often effective by the shape you choose and sacred geometry is used to control the flow and shape of forces. The moment is necessary to create the effect by effort through sending the now imprinted and charged energy of the area. To cause your purpose by what is natural law to know sacred geometry and make manifestations, one must 'charge' by imprinting on ether and/or objects and this is enough for events to make the moment real for you. This is not always true for other people sensing. As each person can sense things differently.

   The event will come, also, if you set the energy by use of an embued pattern. This embued pattern sits in the energy and is set active by your thoughts, creating a triggered moment or a triggering plate. The plate being the pattern and the thought triggering the plate. Set up a distraction before trying this, as almost any thought can set the pattern. Set up distractions can effect anyone who would interfere. Basically is use, let the distraction draw the intruder and interferer away from where he or she would effect you. This is sometimes ineffective, as the person if powerful enough, will be able to do it from anywhere.

   Each thought will come to you in the pattern of programming, is traceable by the parts and each part has a signature that is the trace back to the person. Active on use and only seen when in looked as thought for the source is focus chi. You can see most of what comes with the signature and it makes the moment of which you need. Often is the point that if in use of energy, the signatures are felt before they are active as this is an aura burst or vibe. The vibe being felt on activity, even more brings effects when the energy acts on its programming.

   Sometimes a this can be neutralized before it is active. But in thought to the point, you always need to feel its effects to neutralize it, think to "dislocate" the bad energy or the embued energy will possibly kill by the things naturally formed as elements. If the attacker was careless, a counter pattern will work. But otherwise use a sensing of the energy or know of it and will to disperse it, directly willing it away. Often by the concept, it can be sent back to the originator with detected idea and any moment you felt near or in its effect is gone. Where there be a will to block a physical moment, there is a way to prevent it.

   Now programming a leyline can be used for teaching an purpose. See not to do as you do this to get away to see a change, there is a chance of making difficulties nonexistant or more persistent. It consists of energy within/of the area. I made an activity magick of purpose and set it to an effect. Hardships of the moment assailed that I cancelled. It was annoying. I was in an area that was slightly negative. So the energy to halt this is cast by collecting thoughts and ordering them to be positive. Only to make the bad patterns disappear and other patterns that correct through a right moment. It takes a moment to seem positive or happy by action to convert a pattern to be correct and positive in nature.

   Proposed is Sacred Geometry. Written in the Atleantian dictionary is an exerpt linked here @ and more info on leylines be linked here @

"Sacred geometry is a part of te energy of the earth." This is the exerpt that follows below.

        Sacred Geometry is the discovery in the use to convert the sun by thesis to create and use energy, by the sun to know how to use the sun right as this is even vitamin D this is useful. The atleantians creatively were very easily creating or craving, an energy source and the sun was a possible use. The angles are important as they did more than act a measurement with event from sacred geometry, however they are still just a number and the degree be represented as x and a multiple but in this case its as a point. where, 'This be a disbeliever but it works', see or set no feel from hiemlin.

       Energy be work and work makes movement cubed for things that are inert, and this accounts for how much force or movement the item does. To use it for math is to use the digit times the amount of time and the pigdeoned ones idea is without decimal in result. As you read this 'Try not to be the dictionary, you arent the geometry.' Thanks to the rock'n'roll band. There is a term here that isn't in te article and it is "are'net" as the ancient network that is not thought about anymore, that got disused at the end the century a few centuries ago and still used somewhere in 3rd world countries. There they were in the discovery of the century that ended in bloody war by other countries in the right permissable view.

94x be the void angle and also 1.37x for cancelling out idea and causing manifestations
which will work with each other, the right turn and focus by lunacy or feeling to evoke
the need, and the need for a desire comes about and at most nothing occurs and least be
in memory loss. 94/1.8=52.2 J/s for how much energy be generated for use of chaos and emotion,
1.37/1.8=.76 J/s is experience used by the body unless necessary.
92.1x is to be able and effortless as to what you want, and it is.
93x be repair or fix by correction for steady flex from allowance and flexibility. 51.7 J/s to correct with
or deform.
92x This is to see or be construction by a roadway on a cosmic scale by reconstruction from necessity or as be in construction of materials.
51.1 J/s to reform material.
91x be training angle that gives to alerting you of corrective measure. 50.6 J/s to alert you or someone else.
90x be the joining an angle or the correct as perfect joint and joining as it takes 50 J/s.
89x be a receptive angle something thats acceptable as off or off-kilter, the odd angle. Like for hanging pictures
I would get disturbed and try to fix. With 49.4 J/s to feel odd.
88x be moistless and understood as dry and ill humoured if in a person. 48.9 J/s for dryness.
87x to negated scene or response and personal snap angle. Hint turn off the engine, this works with the wrist if held at the right angle. 48.3 J/s
for a snappish response.
86x manipulation of the mindful or fire idea is where steam appears or anger be appearant tost tossed aside (as most) or mention creates. What you see so if it doesn't exist the condition won't exist this allows you to name the name the condition in a room to happen if you want the condition. 47.8 J/s for things and if you don't want to hear it don't make an appearance or a person appears not till need be necessary.
84x and 74x This is to be radiactive shootoff by neutronic use or fight moment and has 5.6 J/s.
83x or 85x so to be where a whisp of smoke appears and with molecular activity with constructive comments and
aggravations made from energetic actions related from human actions or not always is use. Basically where things start switching
around or get screwy. 1.1 J/s for very odd things.
78x The area or point the head is a hit or touch point or no nausea with heat or illusion point 48.33 J/s.
68x See or no to be a consolidate or considerate view.
52 be 28.9x a constructive view, as what happens when the angle be reached and changes the point of view, or
the person be held with a 52x wrist hold. This be only allowed description of the hold where you figure the
angle. 16.1 J/s for constructive effort or see protection use time fee lowering as a sell to me.
30x Chris's junk is the sickness by motion point is 16.67 J/s.
23-24x This is the sickness without motion point 12.78.
11 3/4 or 11.75x You can use as some area not a beaten path as an angle = snapping point (as strong or thick resistant material if not snapped before), see I care not need or not.
11.75/1.8=6.53 J/s.
11 1/3 be 11.33x See and no use is the select the tilt angle or moment of disaster to create result, 11.33 / 1.8 = 6.29 J/s.
11 1/8 or 11.125x See angle by load snap angle if angle is right or feel is emotion (weak to semiweak materials) = 11.125 J, 11.125 / 1.8 = 6.10 J/s.
11 3/25x and 7 2/3x be 11.12 and 7.7 make disfunction and disfigurment and mutation as 3.42/1.8=1.9 J/s to achieve
by the idea you see no to kill the moment by figuring things out or feel.
11 3/52 be 11.06x See think this angle counting for great disaster and the point this world as "13.3 degrees" tilt is energy which as the world spins this is positivity or negativity, generates is what the chakra spins off by radiation first then destruction by feel, fear, disrupt as the area or mischief that dissipears or the energy by disruption to not be allowed in "16.3 to 16.6 degrees" the area dissipation is destroying the area first then you after as a bone condition or bond is cool. That can cause chaos energy in a path or degeneracy not to die from till decided or no problem to death or appear. So your ability is energy or create is cruel or feel your just not needed yet your alibi or alive till you feel you are not needed or not as "12.3" or 11.06 J/1.8=6.14 J/s.
10 3/4 - 9 3/4x If you observe something you don't like a snapping point where anger be or pick up angle you can snap the object 10.75x-9.75x = 1/2 = ,5/1.8 = .28 J/s.
10 3/8 or 10.375x This is advanced meditation by "23.3 degrees" no is thought to be stress and Chaos point as failure thoughts dissappear to create or creativity by the creator as known "33 1/3" in J and 10.375 J, 10.375 / 1.8 = 5.76 J/s.
8 1/2 or 8.5x as the inert restoring by music is matter or Cosmeria amount in J for universal background radiation, it describes creation
by how much be divided in Cosmeria and to divide by 1.8 be 4.72 J/s of work done by cosmeria.
8 4/9 or 8.44x So your able to see or be the Action of work load with maximum action per work sec and perfect convergence of J of action
to raise the body if meditation you focus to raise the body or lower weight or 8.44 J/s or ft/s as there is only a maximum ceiling. So not to do this in a room or outside by idea or not drink.
8 1/3 or 8.33x So your able to seem or or not to hit with no jealous feel as the use is to be or never assume to play again as not effect the number by feel is relented or bloated is idea per energy as plexibility you see doesn't matter use in 8.33 J/A(ction).
7 3/8 be 7.375x See to pick things up, so to grip or climb with feel, see or use 4.1 J/s to achieve no climbing.
7 3/5 Blood is the use to be or move 7.6x times the speed of light. That is with focus to see or form tings or not bother as not is no need. See and created in use an interlock release or change by convergence, this leads you on or not see or see wealth or gain by loss with 4.2 J/s or 5.3 J/s.
7 7/8x So you see the area so don't do the falling point or this use is the falling over point under no load a load and 10.92x = 9.625 J = 9.625/Pi = 5.347 J/s. See as you are able or aware and no other use unless, no is the use so your no thougt or green link to not bruise not red or blue to restoration that is he can be black.
7 7/18 or 7.38x degree and J be dizziness or with minumum work load you still get cool idea, before itch and before stress its 4.1 J/s.
3 1/7 or 22/7x as Pi for the rules of infinity or life in natural pattern of balance and Fritjof feedbabk loops
that create creation as its represented by a circle and be listed in the Bible as p=3 as more truthfully Pi is
3.14159. To use listed Pi, its normally used for circes of diameter and cycle of inner ability along with frequency
or Pi*2, as a Infini representation of sacred seeable life math 3.1416 and 368 milion digits after
as is idea or normally the point of energy in Joules, to create the perfect shield. Where in sacred
geography the Pi /1.8 = 1.74 J/s for action focused upon in work or natural work without much done
and natural actions. Modified by idea from Saint peter the black as in the Bible for an example
1 1/2x be energy pool, anger point, focus amount or Amperage adjustment (as improved feed) and be a degree to
point or 5.5x  = 5.5 J = 3.1 J/s.
1 3/8x be point of headache and programming frequency be 1.375 J = 1.375 / 1.8 = .76 J/s.
1 1/8x or 1.125x crack point (as rigid weak material) bend point (as stronger material) angle or the time of
addictive action, 1.125 deg = 1.125 J = 0.625 J/s.
9/5x be 1.8, the conversion number be energy transferred from the sun or light to get the amount of energy as
Joules divide the angle converted to decimal by 1.8.
3/8 or .375x Amp line pickup, spike point (as the natural energy amp point where headaches are liked, if at all).

        Like you start with 3.1416 J or Pi J as the usage first of a restorative work that takes
8.33*8.9 min or 534 seconds of focus for 4448.22 J/A with 1.74 * 534 sec = 929.16 J/s of work. So
the work took 4448.22 Joules per action and 929.16 J/s of work energy. Now in conjecture, headache
occurs at 0.76*534=405.84 J/s and slows down work, with a progress now hampered by headache you could
stopped after a minute. Also, the snapping point would be for 1 hour of work 3600*.28=1008 J/s. And,
for the work done is 3600*1.74=2068.97 J/s of work.

        When I make an Infini-flame spontaneously in my hand, it nearly looks Physical for a second. Like a shield which wouldn't fade if used by Universal energy and Infini but conditioned by thought. This could enact to the feel and the thought is in the focus to use by what you do, thought with nothing is clearing the mind as dismiss unimportant thought until needed. Think to feel or energy on sense is concept to simple speech, in thought by what you think is appropriate can use complex speech to make sense with.

       To seem right is with mood shift perspective by music or without music and be protective as well like a perfect shield. But taking the fate is thought, that fate will allow the taking as necessary or necissity..Hell, you as a possibility could even create if you don't want to do it, then in death this doesn't bother you from the undead effect you can get from the sources if overuse. Black energy is the chaos energy, causing water to unbalance what is normal in senses.

       There is energy in the point you create from detestment to overwork, so avoid idea in some area that the air can seem to create. If you focus from detestment or you get what you have, as a spare moment and sometimes overwork. So feel calm and create or don't overwork as the creative mind uses the spare energy as you or the lesser creator is thought. You are in balance, by what intutively you find useful in insightful idea.

       That what you think you create if you think to need the idea and can use, with thought by a focus of area energy as this can surge and you can make one stronger than Infini. That is wicca as to use your idea or otherwise, to create with sunlight as sunlight directed by the use in fusion energy. Thought in magnetic points of light use as directed energy towards or away from an object, that the energy is use in idea and that your energy is a use by gem that suits the concept. This is the generator by magnetics and in geomancy thought in disguise is for travel or use, think as another idea is natural light in the light prism that reflected back is through the prism to produce golden infini energy.

     Not too much is power produced in energy by idea if you wanted with enough effort, by leyline cord of life energy. Imagined to use as you think you reach out and take the black chaos cords in hand and create by will that in energy is your will in energy, tis is to change by feel and the creator to shift or change things to the idea you intend until you don't do what you intend. The view they use is they are devine by the lesser creator idea, thought to taught idea the energy that is conscious to your will by thought creates. What is felt as any idea needed to stop now lets stop the need.

      Pretty much as you were doing, as all you need to do is time or use thought to think and your idea is water that is in use. You can see as a good use to create on focus energy, this in the water that is used cures by the use in the tought get and remain well. I've told you all of what I know is confusing but not done on impulse. It can be used to make any element you are in the point to do or know with te thought that healing is possible by the use of sulfer and ash energy by want, new or already discovered thought sunlight energy. But Hell if you think, you could even in make a source by one stronger than Infini, if you wanted, this with enough effort is creative focus to do the effect of curing any idea. As the idea is the reason to not create diseases, if you didn't want the disaes in the first place you won't get one.

        Quote by Ben, "That's just crazy, though...If everyone could do that. Running
around, making elements...They fire something at you, like, fire that's immune to water, that's
not cool. It's unfair to rookies and whatnot, too...I call anyone who's only a basic elemental,
or less than average ability a 'rookie' though...It's just the sheer possibilities of it, that
makes it so powerful. It's limitless. And I see just how much so. I mean, just Use it, and
look at how much so, just by letting someone or something attack a shield of it, or something.
That right there should give you a massive hint of just how powerful it is. It pretty much, just
came to me. The whole prism-imagining thing...That happened, but I didn't will it. It all just
snapped into happening. That golden vision was what tipped me off to thinking, Crap, this is
Infini! This is it man, go be a jinx!", "To be or not forever, as there be a way! Star trek with
infini!", "The way I see it be the way I see it." "One word like thanks to weird sisters lines,
and they'll see it." The rest of the thanks go to Tad meaning the time to make things so.