Summarization is "noughet sei nouin seaon in" the fact to release stress, its easy to get this as thought was as with that energy cleansing. See thois didn't work so I thought use a neck rolling idea, I did things as sight but it's varying inside unless you have a purpose or area not always a concept background on sight or the usage. Say by no drug as area is fire, free this by focus or communication is lessening by feel so you are what is non abuse. This came from Carlos Castenada's books and its relative as this, it's a summarized info of warriorship in nagual terms. Where, a warrior needs to summarize his all life, because he needs to send his experiences into the dark sea of awareness. To escape from their effects in his life. And without summarizing his life, he can't really loose his 'human form' and if he can't loose his 'human form', he can't really do things beyond of a human's abilities. As like, he can percieve stuff, he can do tk, he can astrally travel etc, but he can't really open.

  Say that 'orange spot' in front of his eyes when he's about to enter the dream. So think different meanings for different situations, as to cheat time is think the thought or imagine as ou football is playing so you create a play or think some idea will not include time bashing. As one person moves hrough to see or another is unseen, yet you see or sense what is there near or when you are on or just otherwise average ordinary walking or not always done.

  This is coming from a memory. "Say or so you aren't arachnid you don't want to stay, as the place might seem crumbling walls or falling in as you feel this might step away. Stay or go to not be bothered if they are timewise related. So think you are changing position, to see or seem aware as "war or no war with game" or no in with war or yes or no out with no as exchange by money. Sometimes a placeholder is indication enough.

  So you think as you imagine something then if there seeing, as you are feel the need by psychic feel to change things or state the end result sometime to see or place the area item or not eat if unnecessary. So that is "oi no this is sometimes as a place so think not to sit or lay to move then you won't notice or not", as you stand up not on a person there in sight or feel yo see by use as i you keep alive is not done in. This reminds me "stop your head bonking as though this is a long ago expeiement you no longer have to lose it".

  Hold arm or of hand or let go to stop response. This world or that world is indication, nothing more so you see people sometimes feel the area is real as they believe the idea exists by idea or feel you deny yet not. Sometimes use is where you don't believe as you stand still can allow to pass by or move aside as you indicate. See how much trouble I had in the last days as intelligent? This is useless now as no this thin line leads you back to where the object can seem, as you think the area allows or you thought so what is you thought is there but you can use things with sensed feel or energy things somewhere by feel. This is usually indication by or not what your spirit or spiritual, soul is causing by feel or doing as realized this is by sense or feel." By another Tim Butler.

  See I realize what I saw by this area fee or feel, " the midst of a jealousy fit I see or not use jealousy by others idea or think to get rid with a problem as think you do then you create, leave a way out so this ensnared me to believe this so I have no jealousy as really nothing this is there if you think there is something or however. Say there isn't different this is memory now you gnow. See there do is dupe or not is a sense or sensing before the time you see your sensing soul memory, see by meditation or because I will see as you are "oh I might be more insane as I see sense your fire is there". See or feel to keep or lose things to collect them to survive.

  See you realize or allow so as you see context in your aura or some candy to shift to york peppermint patties, or see to gno things there is sense otherwise you just react normal not like the object or "iea" by idea you see that was earth. There is nothing or noone you can do things with as do is purify to use. As things are linking use or feel you realize what you see by dense object use if use was a doorway holder as you hear, see so or soldier if emphatically magically felt or not except to feel not always to do. As you don't want so you won't do unless you are using the toilet or see is use, soil is sight to use no kill as there register is nigel was the galaxy you see this was wait to go.

  So now you know there might be noone there till you see someone there. This is feel to act or no acting the no or yes use is area feel or thought use. There is this in use or nothing there or not need to realize to hit, see or don't react to irritate people as someone or avoid trouble an area to not get hurt. So to not get assimilated if you imagine the magic or time things right. So you see this is no use in attack by the last thing I remember, so before dying by passing out right in front of a moving vehicle. Pushed by a bruiser ghost, I call category 5 ghost presence. He said "What I saw was you were dying by some bruise thata way to create a death that you recover, as you choose death to die by a brush over as your knocked over to lay as how does it feel? There is no more info, stop with the rambunctuous ness.

  The use is to die yet shift so you might as I see this as well, call this a shift point of retributed idea caused by the fates sent by mayan to torture. Connected to you with relief is contact to water not electrified, yet I see that as differently so you die anyway see to just accept it as I send you on your way." See I thought you didn't die as you were aware to use isis to protect you by yet if not believing it you are un aware to shift as your body is moving on your area willing to not ie till you command it to. This is a revenant way to user or not bruiser yet you can get what you want. So this is a price of fate only if no, so no retribution no unless use is not a problem.

&nsbp; This was someones theory by area memory so this was created. "As focus or no use if you remember how this was created by feel is theory, see as though your use is rememberance by mainframe this is spirit location or use, spirit located this is only use see this is spirit object use or seen is how the area is. See as use if no sane area this is clutter by too much there you can't stay. Stay or see as this is feel by focus or this is the main focus or other things are secondary in use work in strangely concept not worship or feel." Say as you is torture or as you are to see that is what comes by use. Seem or use is cool or hot area use called hot swapping

, see as you are as you seem by feel your aware by focus see by area will.
  When he opens that spot, and gets into it, he or she turns into an inorganic life form in dreams then he can be where he wants to be. Unlikely to astral travel, it's more likely to 'being' over there and he can make in himself by seenable view to hold in focus create. Think with feel by or with other people, with that inorganic body or no actual  war or wash by rain or area water and after gaining more and more power. This he can be visible absolutely just like to his normal body. Thinking as you thin and if a person can't loose his 'thats a god in human form', as that guy holds the strings by the thought so he can't hold the 'strings of the world' and can't really fly or can't really 'jump' from a mountain to another. All he can see is things by use.

  With this or not if you remember, then if you use the essence of a thought that is from a living memory that use with chi can summon, so think you cause or effect then you do or no not do and you can choose to live with can control or manipulate the mind of the person that controls the body. Resist by denial of their will and as long as he remembers that use your own idea, as if time was a she that is a useful helper that you work with and make as to work. If a medallion of memory that restores what you want, as if you do everything right and don't force irritating habits on people.

  Also, he can't really burn himself with a fire from within, when the actual death's haunting him. He seems by use or can't disappear from this world without remains, that's why the whole information is linked to the pieces and the pieces are linked to the whole, as where one must read the whole to understand the pieces exactly.

  Summarizing, or summarization as a method is passing your head (while visualizing the event you lived)from right shoulder to left, with breathing. Then visualizing the contrast while giving the breath. This is summarization.

  It's for recalling the power you lost in acts as you make a list of people you know or in sometime you have chat with or be in an activity. Firstly, you start with people you get in to bed with and that's the most aural power loss on your mind. Then you get into the bathroom or wherever you can be in a limited area so that you get it easily. Then you start to think about them and you choose one and start to visualize the event you had been into with that person. And a deed you probably got your power lost with. You bring your mouth upon your right shoulder (and before beginning this meditation is usable), then you breath in deeply while turning your head to your left shoulder and breath out slowly as you're turning it to the right again then encenter your head into center, visualizing the contrast with the breath.

It's for excellent charge because you support it and it takes manifest by breathing and of course,it's to be done with an unspeaking innerself, but at first, it's prefferably to start with solo events not exactly the listing progress and it should be done like that for a week.
Everyday because your uniting point moves and for to control it in stability, it's more likely to be easier and it's more effective and power-gaining to do that in forest, naguals had been giving this as an excercise for maybe thousand years.

You better think yourself in a forest as if you can't find a place to go and summarization is quite useful and easy to do but people should be aware of the uniting point and it's movements or shiftings. The basic logic of summerization is to rename your tonal (knownable conciouss) so you loose your personal history but it's the personal history of emotions and stress. Likewise it is for every unnecessary act what has been done that the summerization not only recalls your power back but also lets you to remember things you've forgotten to do in time with power loss. Even awaring of dreams is being done with power after sessions of summerization, you will see an interesting change on your body.

It will begin to clear itself; I mean, for example - your face will be cleared of emotional and mindful crisis which used to be appear with your personal history of wounds. So, as your personal history refreshes, you'll see after some psi activities. You do not loose power as you did before because after a regular summerization, you can get it back as well.

When I summarize as that, I feel the energy of power on my fingers,on my crown chakra and on my feet. With an effective summarization, I witnessed improvements on visualizing and dream awareness. Also there happens fizzlings of phatic perception. I think the summarization reduces amygdalas daily work and makes it work double for psi activities or any other attempts which happen by left amygdala.

An interesting point i came across; [(no offences!! -I'm not doing any propoganda of any religion- )]

In the final of namaz, a daily islamic ritual and prayer, people do that. You turn your mouth upon your right shoulder and hail your rightside, and you do it for your left side traditionally, it's been done solo and in public, I think people summarize without knowing in mosques and when it's been done with public, you gain the whole power of the place.

  That's the essencial idea of it because it's been said in islamic guideline books, it's more effective to do the namaz ritual in public if it seems like a greeting more than a summerization, but in esotherical essence of it may be is.

-carlos castaneda series