Spirit remembering awareness

    The spirit gets aware of something that is being formed (can be a sentence, can be a manifestation, can be whatever bla bla) just 1 second before it happens. So metaphorically, lets say this is lightspeed and you, consciously, get aware of the thing when it happens. So thats like sound speed. If you launch a firework, before the launching starts, the launching sounds is already in the skies. So, your spirit gets the info while its being formed in 'its terms' but your mind gets it when it happens. If your spirit is experienced enough, you will have more insights. Because, your spirit will be quickly aware of the 'formed' thing. And, the process of YOU being aware of it might become one day like directly when your spirit gets aware of it. We have 1 second or more of opportunity.

   Opportunity sounds better in the terms of benefit and ego, but the thing is when the blade is at your throat it becomes what don juan says '1 cm3 of chance'. As if everything is known the first time as correct I mean things telepathic-wise rather than clairvoyance-type. For example, in the terms of very experienced powerful naguals, when the blade is at their throat, they can suddenly, and unconsciously, might find themselves at a distance. This is automatic function with survival instinct by the animal spirit occuring, not by their own idea is as your with energy that does what you want.

   Even as a spirit is wild and is a spirit form, that can manifest as a shape you want. If use is an issue, think things out and have the subconscious change and transfer. The idea as energy, is gone as corrected that isn't liked as idea. The concept to use is what you have, as if you were to know you can gnow as if you knew before and you didn't know. This is before the time as then you will gnow if by gnosis as you pull the string, and you are instant awareness and energy in use.

   As if a physical idea this is what can seem a thought use, this puts off a moment as that your body is tired you can get a point. That you collapse or go sleep as you are tired. As if a concept point or, that brings awareness as the gnowledge is there and you can use the idea as intuition with insight. As a use is done or realized, and that is a use if a concept is a thought as intention that is concern or whatnot. That use is done as and if before the use is done, as a clean energy is another use. Some on the planet can use, this in the path by life they follow or un to to undo what end result you do.