The Atleantian source of magic

 The power source of magic and psionics are the Atleantian crystals sometimes thouht to seem the miyan energy that society was a base with study. The stones of Atlantis were also known as threshold stones, that cause magic ability and they lose there power at 2013 which is 2000 years from the last time they were renewing or creating and again at 2013. This is as two primary 'threshold' stones that are in the Gobi desert in central Asia", and in the US. This 'threshold' we possess or use is others can use, as this is a positive use with a known idea to use by focus. Tis use with thought as the "STONE OF POSEIDON" or if not there is not. There are others in the ocean or atleantian in dimension. The stone of Poseidon as explained here @

 The stones in thought are possible that can manipulate the energy by what you focus or feel change in the area energy. So focus the energy of the stone to create or make what you imagine or feel to occur. So what you want or get is thought tough or easy to get things, that you don't do nothing or not do anything with what you watch. As that is what you do this is what you think in society. Undoable actions are thought to undo by focus, the body is not always the key to the mind. That by frequency or not at all in idea isn't, ion is healing or use is concept or feel as each their own idea moment without beasting is cool.

 Think as truth is a thought of magic or trust isis to thought or create to use as energy is enough or available, don't feel or tense as no tenseness is thought to release or relax to not die from stress. So correct to see in thought is thought by what you seem or use by feel and this is work, so see you in society as if work as a fact is available. See however you do sometimes your idea isn't always as is basis on view alone or thought that is interesting. True unnecessary idea, are sometimes done so useless use is not always senses as you beware seen thought as if you bewarn.

 There is life in sustenance or concept by cornephilia or cornecophilia in idea, in thought your energy in will your life the wind is your ideal so thought is be well create better. Thin by energy thought to focus, think or not die till you think to die. See this is necessary from the viewpoint that is the will of the atleantians thought is nothing from things in their age. As you mention or get an use cool idea, the idea behind this is use in idea not to get nailed so what you think causes shifting.

 So if as your need is believed in or thought is this, the idea is a paranormal insight or so if peace is intended you get peace or resolution by resolve. As if so or some idea is thought to purpose, things can go right is light thought listened to or better off left alone. As right is correct in wat you see or left is not always done if wrong or thought to correct. This is not always a correct unncessary point or not, so if you are going to enter an area. Seem to knock first or not so in life is knock first as you wait, till you think this is just a point of view not a situation.

 Still the fact in life not seen is still there or not there if you don't wish it there, in a point is a concept use in a point were altering by thought and brainwave energy use is focus by fact as fiction if done right. Think with thought to make harnessed threshold stones, as you touch a stone to focus energy to correct with or thats not always energy in you. See if that helped to make things work or think with meter, your thought is an idea to master is mastery if you think the art allows what you see. Seeable use or not seen thought isis protects from thought, from awesome disruption otherwise not done unless in idea by what you think. As you get use correct or thought allocate to give what they want.

 Show or not is the point by use or concept with the ability seeing, where whomever uses that will have problems direct by feel to cause an event. As thought to seem thought or your doing the fact or not in life. There is thought in life that their thought is correct, you see that was what it was supposed to be doing or not but. Never was so not by use or your thought in noting the use is the value, this is by the use or ethical idea is by the thought your use creates. What your idea is intended for or what you think, this can end the intent by feel or if fellow idea can present other idea as fact is fiction. For a story that ends the moment with a concept or not, think or water thing is that what depends on what you feel or work happens.

  Think or feel and use is of crystal magicks and crystal energies as well, magic an magick with Firecrystals grouped in three that were 1 - 20 feet high or less. Fire creation or "no stupid" 5 - 20 feet wide or less, see or less is energy now we are free they absorbed the fire energy. Say of the earth to produce results by thought with alone or self cleaning, with god magic will tis sometimes be work by sight or ideom. Otherwise if your technique is flawless in as a flower in ability, with thought of the ability a flower has this is creative and yes good enough. Trust me avalon won't show or show not use creates trade is some, reverse monsterism that is too their idea or not use as reason is you can buy with idea.

 Their purpose were to wield certain materialization properties and they held alot of power at a thought, nowadays some are damaged but there were in 10 zones that were warzones. They were moved to the ocean to use conflict energy because it was a thought purpose, as if destiny in a way of life that they were to serve use in a purpose, in will is to seem of an attribute and to improve magic and psionic effect. The shift ability of todays time is controlled by the working crystals.

 The nonworking 'cracked' crystal clusters are partly a cause of a Bermuda triangle effect. Be aware though that magic is on the rise until 2013 as the atleantian crystals in the sea and land is producing more effects for us. As well without the Atleantian crystals in the sea and these are huge fire crystals, there would be no magic effects nor the psionic effect. The crystals are hidden/protected by magic, if you mess with them while not with the purpose they will accept then you could be insane.

 They won't send too many images, to those that have purposes to do things with them. To do the fact thats thought of, although when you send too many of the extra idea then you can cloud the message. As if you think in a point you create, as in your will is thought or created is a way to create or as they were to create an easier idea as a path to restore and create as a possible idea is not unless necessary. Tis is the spell to reversion as the spell to create is reveal, if you don't need it don't think the use.

 There were very little in idea to use or make so they use things as if to create with as to make a use is to create a use and thus the dimension they are in is possible as to seem known. As all they need do is send information and if you think and feel you can get idea so if you knew the idea it will seem light as it will come. As in light that is in what you will by thought to create with love or by the creation, there is belief that peace is possible. If you pass a feel to peace to the birds that you imagine white going over in the area.

 As is a point or release thought in a will or not, you can get things to use as when you think you can recieve. There is a thought to use the light as you use the energy, think to use the past and live what you think to create if you want to gnow as if the trust of life is to do with an in life that exists. With a trust by feel or creation in the art, think peace to see peace by the feel unless necessary.

 As you feel peace this is your peaceful feel that is not always with thought, so tense to think as your release is otherwise through the aura or relax with a relaxing thought. That to think with a feel so if your energy feel, this is corrective by some energy is tranquil or not tense as thought focus necessary.

  As you think to energy create or the area is steep or situational your idea is to get over tense thought or thought to relaxation, as you focus or thought by idea is what you consider. This is an idea to not always exceed excessively by idea. As you get more intense feel, tis till you will thought and handpass is focused to pass excess. Say or feel energy to seem energy to the shadow or the core of the planet, that gets the excess or kindness in some for use in thought by feel.

 This with magic is focusable so just do meditation as normal, as you don't always sense what is tension with focus the area energy is sensation to the area. The focus creates an area awakened, sense that by vibration or thought your sense is the area or sensation in some point to use.

  But the idea, as they will have sent too many images to those who want to mess with them or to do the fact with the warped nonworking 'cracked' crystals. Essentially driving a person insane. A greater area of the Atleantian crystals is the North pole. The north pole is a gravity source by a martian rock or gravity stones and with waves and Firecrystals in a group of 6 at the centerpoint that power the gravity stone to use allow safe element use.

  The timekeeper crystal is focus to create a theory to use, things that use this is what causes this seal on the body thats hermedically sealed and if removed allows magic in as much is this as things in use is about the effort to control and ability with energy as if manipulate the events and that is sealed in time. This causes the event to dissapate as agony or things causes gain day, by a side effect point meant as gravity in an ideal temporal energy does with the thought.

  Think to use the crystal and broken link anything thats self-sealed, as that is directing the timekeeper and this use is overt action. Think to create event, thrive and compensate in life, or not at the one you think to hit nothing. As if this does nothing your lucky, there is a point as this is quite dangerous if you ignore the warnings or energy is in use. As you need this to this spell system, will work as if a mundungus spell system.

  There is no thought to guarantee so no guarantee in life is not always a cool idea, so to use in life will work out that is will to create or uncreate as you will to create in something else. So removal of cancer is to un cancer or "no ate" is thought the right time. Originated from Snape as this is form the ceramony of Snaen Cre he undid things cruelly done, as if he undid cancer when he was alive so this was a point to use. As your aware your idea to use thought is focus, then as you create effect if you have them accept or not as well.

  There is in nothing another type of energy that creates as you think and this in life through the agonized fire energy in unformed energy that is from the undone energy in the crystals that unform the matter to another space. Think to use the matter called materia and your use is energy formation, as you think the materia as a source your use is a creation by thought. This is raw materia in prime energy in prime material, made by chaos or angellic energy waves and used by this dimension amonst others by what you think. The use is a thought, as think and use thought to form. As the easy magic that creates in a way of life.

  There is the way to create in an easy use. For what its worth, this is raw magic that creates by what you do or no and it stops. As if to create is this in the realm as a realm is a planet. Think as though thought were able to clear and make in life and as you are aware you can create intact anything once and twice sorta degraded. There is in a thought to do and think, as if your will is a concept you are a will and the thing to create.

 As the event or created idea is a way and life in antantis is revealed as a thought you can focus and seem to look as you are or aren't interested. If this doesn't work, in things that are seen might work something. As you create a thought or as things exist they don't sometimes by will manifest except, if relaxing till a little tension to do things. You can dismiss a thought and resist it, as if a myth or at least in once you can create what you want. Seeming is a thought as once in a while to create and thought can seem an illusion, as to create want and it might be there or not as you might think.

 Until you deset the idea as a comment is what the crystal does, at least once or more and this creates the idea in another way. As if there is a way to doing things, trust in what you want as you can seem to charm the idea to get work to do. As such isn't done, you can create a point that thought raises your height. As if you use thought to shorten yourself in heightening if you need to as if to not be knocked out or over, your weight can naturally go to normally heighten and shorten at in will.

  As our way is not their way, your use is a point to use as combined in thought is use by spirit. In cooperation this is a point as a similar conclusion, as thoought you are a compensation you can find what you think. As you think and do things the energy is there to work, as the energy creates what you think and what your use is you can do in and out. As with life as though what race you decide to use, and as you think you act the traits of the race you become the fey or fox amonst other races. The fox form is mythical as the fey are mythological, as this is the idea use is possible by what you think with them. As the race you become, is known to you this describes them as you think and create with the idea you seem to use and cure with use because the energy in use is to cure as you create by metaphysics as you think, focus or feel to create as you say a focus or spellword.

  As in event think or focus to create as use, your use is your own as your ability is energy and use is the stone that can manifest with life as an energy by the duration of the event and the time is spent. As it is spent, the idea can disappear with the idea that transposed can create or recreate as you think. Feel is in a thought to use as energy, as you feel the need use your easy gained will to create at the object in idea you consider in the mind as in life this is as yet nothing.

  Nothing creates in some idea as if you are a point, in a point you are use and things are useful. As you think of the thought and focus in or think you create, as nothing is suddenly something were altering as you seem something to create something and created by will. There is what these can create, as a point to consider what you will is what you will. Unused is revertive to some use, sometime with a good point to no infliction.

 This is a thought and as that is about, what you do is use of chaos as that is all. There is a point to have fun and as thus you can use a thought, to create a point that action is activity as that is yet a thought in what you do. Think invisible and you are invisible as you think this is a possible idea. As is what you think is possible, this is a way that can seem creative in what you try.

  As this is "to" seem a point is to revert to felt witchcraft and that is an original witchcraft that creates events felt as music tis by imagination usually by tones, and the voice use is an idea in speech to seem in, create by focus, use thought spoken or given in visualization an this is in use. As this is by feel and direct by focus in a will, and use is a place as your use is the will that can guide or do nothing an you can share your properties with those you consider an think to feel.

  Think you are as a point and don't speak, if you don't need to then is a considerance, as if you have a use in thought. Think and then you create in idea what you think, as your use is a conscious decision use a thought as if a separate self and you can correct for anything. This as if willed thought is focus, will in thought is think in focus is to think in thought and think in a pattern, as that you imagine and you create or dissolve and not as correction or this is as this is a bad option.

  Gainsday is on Sept 25th, Nov 21th and 27th by Legis gates "Its caused by a point in time with the standing timekeeper crystal set by Atleantians, as if to start in morning or middle of the day and end at three days later if you want then you won't. You start to be influenced to gain 1 pound per every other bites and gain knowledge as well from a sudden intuition. But its a few other days too, Oct 27th and one in the 15th each month but it usually happens on a leap year day. But the last year will be a bit harsh as it will be active even more. The timekeeper crystal is spiritual. The demands of the negative is like making it almost an underboard motion of any positive event as its a steal of everything everyday to make an effect.

  If you denied the weight, so think if by a use "I deny the weight" is spoken or thought about or similar willed idea is event, the weight drops and so does extra weight but doubles the money or wealth you have, "what you do is what can deny or allow because the strange spiritual energy disperses and causes a 10% - 50% increase in knowledge per everyday..use."