Levels of Society

  These are the levels of society that I came up with from thought based on capitalist money and idea with the level of the living status in 10 levels.

  lv 0 Homeless and very experienced or inexperienced at life. Part of this idea is homeless and inexperienced people. Usually refugees or people forced out of their home or their belongings taken away or uneducated people living in the countryside.

  lv 1 Living in an apartment and existing but without a vehicle. Most come to lv 1 at some point.

  lv 2 Living in a house and depending on others or existing.

  lv 3 Living in an apartment and existing by self efforts, usually having a vehicle.

  lv 4 Living on own and with aid, but in a house or apartment and with some means of transportation.

  lv 5 Living in a Master apartment or a large house than lv 4, with transportation and being experienced with things around them. They are masters of their destination.

  lv 6 Living on own or with family, masters of their place, using benefits and being in a Master apartment or preferring a larger house, like a mansion, they have more than one vehicle and are rich. They are in luck, they gain a few things.

  lv 7 Living as geniouses of their environment, they are millionaires or billionaires and they own more than one vehicle and estate.

  lv 8 Living in a mansion, Master apartment or as they want, they are masters of their own fates, except they figured out that all they need is what they can get and they are not easily fazed. They may own whatever they want.

  lv 9 Living on their own or with family, they are prophets and idealists, they found that living within your means is important so they keep some of their money and give away most of the rest. While they get what they can, with what they have, but prefer to live in a single home and own up to one or two vehicles..this is the hardest lv to get to or accept.

  lv 10 Living within the means, living in an apartment or house and existing, except they have transportation. A reversion of lv 1, this can be a difficult stage excepting when they have money. After this stage, they can jump to any other lv.