How to lose weight with 40 different styles

  The main message by Paul: Think to lose weight as you do things, this is with the suggestion "so it never went up" then it goes down, especially with vegetables and fruit or beans. This can be used in any mastermind or satisfied point by idea, that could be counted as a point by suggestion with some self-subliminal program or static song that does work for you by sound waves. That is all you really need to do to get this done as a point of view is a point of view this is opinion based so perspective is what you want to use.

  This is use of the idea with seeing an idea with a grain of salt. If you want to know the truth, the exercise time doesn't matter if you count your steps that you walk. In workouts, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you walk, if you get 8000 + exercise then you work off the calories that you eat extra. Also, if you wait some time before exercising, then muscle memory allows you to more easily get back into exercise again and gain muscle easier. So this means as long as you get 8,000 to 10,000 steps, or drink allot of unsweetened tea except for stevia or splenda your alright. Exercise then and your good for weight loss and maintenance of a lower weight. This is a known and true fact. Also, feel free to use the ice water hack. That works as you drink iced water or ice cold water everyday starting in the morning, and you lose 1-3 lbs per day of belly fat.

  Enjoy yourself as you read this page! Who knows, you might actually get something out of this information. Think to know is the rules of this game, so think you know and you realize what will work for you. Also, If you start a new diet, then wait for the body to adjust to it, so this means that at first, sometimes, the diet won't appear to work for you unless you keep at it. Then at some point you might note that you gain more weight, that may mean if you exercise you gained muscle by working out. So think and you can use this better, and if you find yourself eating more, think to hold off for 5 minutes and you won't want to eat, unless you eat little things like mini marshmallows. This is to pass the time, so think and you know what to do. If you realize after a certain amount of time that the diet isn't working, then try a different one that seems good and works with you.

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How to gain weight by normal means

  Gaining weight: Sometimes it's necessary to gain weight, you don't really have to gain weight so the effective way to do this is to eat more, eat or drink allot of protein, use high fructose products and eat fat. This is all in a day's work. Too much protein is 2 to 3 protein drinks per day with too little exercise. 2 to three doubled spoons of peanut butter or 2 to 3 protein bars per day.

  The skinny man here in idea can vouch for the excess protein route but its hard on the kidneys for gaining/making weight. Theres other things to get an excess of that are technically better for you, than like just straight up protein. I mean if you're trying to gain weight in the form of fat maybe you should eat fats but technically thats bad on you too, overloading on cholesterol can still clog a skinny person's veins for example. TL;DR mix it up.

  Usage of food and drink is how we gain weight and lose weight with no exercise. This is where you can think to eat sugar or drink in sugary drinks, think about it as when you use sugar substitute like stevia if you need sugar substitute. Then you get too much sugar in because sugar substitute is 10 to 100 times sweeter. Then you create what I think is the point I make. The point that I believe is where unique ability is gained, usually by what is peaceful or other intent.

  Some eat sugar, any type and substitute sugar such as stevia doesn't count towards calories with the exception of eacting actual sugar afterwards to cover for the need of the sugar substitute that the sugar substitute brought about. Aspartame has a nasty side effect, that is where you eat or drink aspartmae and its over 70 degrees faranheit you swell up. If you do, then you eat more. So if you eat three or four pieces hard candy, or midgees then you can mysteriously gain some weight. The hard cany can only put on weight to your body if you don't exercise it off. So eating three spearmints or peppermints will add at least one pound. Think about it and realize you don't need it then you stop yourself from eating too much.

  Actively this is there where you are eating without realizing the sugar in the things you eat. So this means we are able to work or make do or seem able to do the point we think is important, frustration or ragge is known by the area ideal you think that isn't there. This is especially true when you thought, an this was as you think the point. Then expect then if not there you could eat more especially, if guilty feelings or stressful situations exist what are there. Otherwise if stressed, you can lose weight from things that are there.

  By doing some eating, you can actually lose weight. Sometimes the feel is like this to anxious people, you either luck out and lose your appetite or you get the shit end of things like what is bad in thought and overeat to quell the nerves and anxiety. That is the reason to think and hold off, then you don't eat and the nerves are settled. So you don't anxiously overeat. Listen to music, think of the point and accept it. Things like this, however you deal with anxiety, work to do some result you intend. Unless you didn't intend it, then that is medicine that causes the need. Exercise is the key here, so think to water to make it colder and heavier then drink and exercise. You can create weight loss, if you are determined enough. Cause is a point that you know, so think and you know what to do.

  However if you think, the more fat on the body, that you have at the moment around the belly. The more medicinne doesn't work too well as it can become ineffective. So I think the point is this, that fat acts as an insulator and causes the effect of shots and other medicine to be less effective and last longer otherwise so you know. This means that the fat cells can store up medicine, that creates what you think as a point of created insulation. So more medication may be needed, that makes it so a diet may be needed. This leads to health problems, also upon realization there is some stress and happiness by feel.

 I know that you can make yourself maintain the body weight, this is done even when you overeat. All you need to do is exercise enough. Then the body weight will stay nearly the same. So if you want to lose the weight, then you may need to curtail or curb your hunger and this creates in the long run a desparate need for food. See this is a point you can do eventually, if you don't intend to overeat. Otherwise, good luck on your dieting. I say this because most times after failing the diet, oftentimes on purpose. You could say your setting yourself up for the stage of a new diet that doesn't actually work, that is excepting the point of a diet where you except the food for the exercise effect and eat what you want to lose weight. In fact, this may seem like the only thing that works.

 So don't let the little things get to you if stressful from the point not able to actually have done. Yet you aren't stressed if you can figure things out or don't care, if you think you know or don't actually do things unreasonable as you think its alright. Weight loss is done by the thought. When you weigh a little too much and you don't work out, as you try to pull in the stomach and can't quite do it. Then you weigh a little too much. So just remember that what you eat builds up by calories, so you can start at 1800 calories per day, yet think to eat under 1700 calories and your safe as you adjust to lower calories. Think to eat beans, lettuce, fruit, vegetables and lower the bread intake amount.

 This is so fair a rule that if you have food, just keep a log and you know what you eat as you watched what you ate by feel. This works against you if you eat too much fruit, this is just as fruit can create not feel full by the fructose and your likely to eat more because of it. If you limit the fruit to two or less fruits eaten, eat less and drink tea. This is done to cause the weight to drop away, unless you exercise it off then its even quicker. That means if you don't eat, then the thinking is to allow the wefat to eat itself. So this is a known fact my friend did, except he used candy like twizzlers. He barely made a dent in his weight except he lost a little.

 This is for the calories count of the day, though, where you can if you have the internet just look the food up. This is with the added word calories and hope you get it right, so if you add protein into your diet you won't feel need to eat though you can expect a little higher calories count with a little lower need after per food. All this builds up though, right? Well if you eat less you are lessen your weight and if you eat just enough you maintain your weight lower. That is all from the kitchen idea. The other idea is if you exercise enough. So if you think won't gain your weight back then you won't, sometimes this is true sometimes this is false. It depends on what you want to do. Like if you set out to purposely gain weight or lose weight, that is all that matters for now.

 I think this will work out well with my diet scheme. Make with what I have and eat less of it if possible. Fine is the point that you eat something that you know is unhealthy yet if you start diarrhea with it, eat good food and after sometime you won't starve so you will get lesser weight. Add music and you know that your weight is going down if you listen to the right things, this is somewhat like this weight loss static piece thats on youtube or this weight loss binaurial tone thats also on youtube, so this usually is just by what you think to work out by feel for what you do. Others do things with what they have by feel to remain active.

 Thus you can exercise or work by being active and you can get things achieved, think that and what you think might be impossible is possible. Including thinking of weight loss, as you think to gain and train muscle mass. As you draw an inward drawn spiral on the area you feel is extra mass, non muscle and sometimes appears overlarge. This is a point I think is overreached, think to reduce and move about. This is done as you draw the inward spiral to reduce the extra mass, as though the body responds by magic. There is another magic trick, I named the real magic trick as you think the weight less and drink something. I believe this always has a result, yet due to the the water ingredients. Thats why you could, though in gain or lose, some weight by this trick. You could have unpredictable results. If it doesn't work, then do what you want to do.

 Meditation is calming so if with your mind you drop the portant ideal then you aren't hungry, so this means we can't always control ourselves. An if the point I think is what I made, if undecided then you will find things that the mind causes not to be used or eaten to see or seem some use, so things are aware of you where your aware of them not always are you aware of the items. so no worries there. so think of what you are capable to create or work with by life. the molecules are able or ability is there to shift as the mind changes things with a touch. the mind changes things as this is your brain awareness or conscious alertness. So the weight gain is usually from the point you think you ate something, then you don't feel hungry as yet you didn't for this was awhile back so you end in pain or your eating more or less.

 So assume as if no reason is given or for some reason you think to work with the point, so don't assume as you think you ate the food you aren't eating with no distraction needed. This means you wanted to so you think then you did. Unless you need one to realize, that you shouldn't have to eat as you have something else to do. As they see something to buy or someone to buy things for, they will buy it or no longer get the item. So that is how the angle is the end with the food area that seems to have sells on food. So you end up in weight unless you exercise enough. That is how this works. The diet is where you know things then apply the ideal as some food is used, so exercise works to create what you think.

 So in the end you create or create with what you think. As your aware you are capable, so think to do what you want. Do with this case is to die off the need so think your ahead with what you get. So we thought to lessen the need, lessen the feel, lessen the point as a suppressant was sought. Thus in an international study we used caffiene or gluten that we overdid on when all we needed was think we ate the food then we didn't think to use then avoid eating the ideal. This was some psychology trick that backfired so when we got off or tried to get off caffeine we ended up gaining some back. So thats all this really is about, how to lose it if we drop the necessary.

 However, for those with a sweet tooth, all kinds of sweets are calorie monsters. But the worst of the worst may be ice cream, especially premium ice creams - a pint might give you a few days worth of saturated fat and half the calories you should be taking in. You don't need to never eat something sweet again - that's ludicrous. Just eat it rarely and in smaller amounts. Fast food is almost always extremely unhealthy, high in saturated fat and trans fat, very calorie-dense, and should thus be avoided by everyone. The occasional burger is harmless in the grand scheme of things, but if fast food is a staple of your diet, cut it out.

 If we think something else that may be what eats it, we are acting by instinct and actually eating things as we are aware of what we do. Things we are aware of are what or where, we goto or are lead to believe is safe. So the need is not needed if you think this is no longer necessary. The means is the point to work with, think then the item is the point or need as that is our need expressed. The necessary then is the item, we use that can indicate by rememberance the food need. Thus this is proven by how we eat, after we think weight less or loss.

 The body has a need that is dropped, if we don't think or intend the ideal for eating. So following after this is how to do so in sections, that we remembered after the point. So if we think to use things or used things are eaten, as then used is eaten ideal before so we can feel less like eating the food. So if we let the little things get to us, we blame ourselves for eating thus to avoid the guilt we can sometimes get others to eat. That is the thought we were available to eat or so you think no guilt for eating as we end up eating less. Yet when you starve yourself, you don't always want to eat but you do anyway unless you excersize and lower your need to eat.

 So that means we're fulfilled quicker, thinking to quell the hunger that is how we spend money lets goto the next section. Weight loss by normal means. So this is the means we think before the way we are created or raised is by the thought. So think less work out more then we are unaffected anyway if we think no then eat what we want without counting calories, that was a created devising that was also if not intended is no longer working so ne we can create what we want or eat as we wish. That means we were able to eat yet the point we avoided is usually at night or daytime. Avoid nighttime easier eating, easier by the feel we don't see the food we think its alright. I've seen some explanations but this is a good one.

 So as you know if we think that we won't eat after, then as we use peer pressure this by the self or no you won't know what your missing. As we then think, this what other way is there to defeat this ideal that doesn't exist? That is discussed now starting with the next section or by activity we build up hunger, eat less to work off the food as we exercise sometimes as we are set to war or work out in peace we exercise. Eat a little more then the body that expanded by bloat unbloats, thinking about things not thought about panics the body then we eat more yat as specified. Now separate then go do as you want.

 Now you have the full explanation as set by an expert, as we think to work or work out then avoid eating to lose the natural need to create with food. This means we are able to exactly think to do or work by the feel. In effect we're talking to ourselves, so think to resolve the point without eating then you solved the problem. This is a fulfilled idea though things are self-fulfilling, where you then don't need to eat more or eat less. As we think more there is more then we deal with the anger, seen ideal or demon energy inside as no we're just seen ideal if this is seen ideal that is a sign of maligned and mischieviously done activity. Sorta like how the song goes.

 Seen as a point you think then do, so think not then you could stop. If there is a way to anger, you can assume then you are capable or you were cheating yourself would know. This is the trick that your mind uses, so think the natural ideal that means you eat enough to fulfill two meals instead of one. If you think to not eat, unless you think no longer eat before you eat. This works in reverse so you see how he or she is warring with themselves or worried over things, then you are reminded of yourself then stop. That is how rheticulous thinking goes. Don't think to stop then you do. Think then you know, that is the cure. Now you can always sense you avoided him or her, that is if they are trying to cause problems.

 Now if you can think to work out as though your eating less, then you won't gain the weight. This is usually as you wait or "not", thinking to do things that you think are back to your normal activity. Thinking you know is a point your subconscious does to allow you to realize, then you know by feel to realize or as you think you know things. This is linked to the energy where you exercise the sugar off, sometimes doing what you need to do and feel tired while you do so after the the sugar loss. So after you exercise enough, that is energy by implication with your body to fix itself or not do things. The ideal or point you make is what or where things occur, so you can think things are area possible that are nothing but a natural conclusion. This is a natural conclusion of a point I had, where I was working out and this seems nothing worked out and more than that. This is where I had to quit my diet, thinking to start a new one.

 If you keep thinking this then you will lessen your ideal point of eating or weight, so if you can accept the point with the symbolic loss of of authority or the reason you want the weight anyway. You can lose your weight and sometimes "no that doesn't work", as you think to eat. This was an invention of science with math that was their first way they thought. If you need then they eat. Now we just think we are disabled as we think we gained or not, as no longer do you care or need to do things. This usually is a point, as though a self-fulfilling thought. The weight loss by normal means is thinking, the thought or work then the point is made. If you make a point then you are satisfied, then by feeling you don't want to gain so you stop.

 Describe that as a point so then you won't want to do things and might want to stop, as you find a relaxing point then think to stop by missing some ideal. So think now if your aware there or not there, you won't go about doing other peoples things they can do for themselves. So there is a thought in point, as there is an out point or in point so remember that. So I think if you went to exercise daily or use the concept you just learned that by uses, you are active with activity most the day. So you would lose weight as though in the mall. Think about the methods, you will know as you see which one works with you by now. As its the less per meal point or more per meal where you let your body decide, you could think "two or more to none and allowed to know about it". If wanting two or more of where you normally get one.

 Now however you don't decide cognitance that your body does, this is thought for use with less food that is how small meals work with more effect. That makes them work however, this is not with some effort. So they do as they will. Thinking to do with less they survive and this makes them need things, so they feel as though they could eat anything where they are starving themselves. Seen as a concept and a need to diet. They are aware of their options, then they either reach out or go get something. That is the ideal natural diet plan. Where you don't eat too much and you then find yourself building up.

 This is either muscle from exercising outwardly and muscle weighs more than fat, otherwise your eating more and you make up fatty need by feel. So think before you feed yourself, because this causes your brain to work and you subdue those idea points of feeling. Some might note the need, where this accounts that need is sometimes due to weight that is from desire. In transitioning that need, that means this is a call by need. Noted by some as a need that overcomes good sense and that is how you can gain weight or lose weight. If there is a lack of feeling in the stomach as if 20% bad and 80% good bacteria, due to bacterium in the stomach then you won't eat.

 Due note the bacteria in the stomach: This can cause you to eat more or less according to this, source I read on a gut bacteria type that causes eating habits. There is good bacteria, called what you want and if at 80% due to not eating yeast or sugar. Bad bacteria that remains at 20% or lower allows you to feel better so you won't feel hungry. This includes too much substitute sugar and fructose or high fructose, that means diet soda and bread intake as a source of bad bacteria. Then you don't feel like eating foods that make you eat things, that aren't good for you.

 This means no ice cream and if you use hot dogs, amongst other things you could say you broke your diet. So think as you are aware if you want to lose weight, then you can avoid soda pop altogether as that causes you to drink more and able to eat more. If you do need sugar in excess due to substitute sugars, think then drink water or crystal light fruit packets mixed in water instead, the point is you can do it by weaning yourself off the substance. So that is all you need to know about gaining weight from this article, albeit there are other sources. Look them up, there is a search engine for you like google or yahoo.

Weight loss by normal means

  Normally weighing less: Thats how you gain weight though, yet if you exercise and eat a little food or you use a high fat diet and think about what you do. So remember if you eat less calories and don't exercise, then you could lead to a lesser metabolism. So its alright to eat less calories, this is doable as long as you keep up with the exercises and staying active during the day. Again, meditation is calming so if with your mind you drop the portant idea then you aren't hungry, so I think if you are aware of things that is what you can do. Think so this turns into how you can lose weight.

  So in weight loss. I believe if you appear to weigh less you eat less, so listen to weight loss music and you lessen your body mass. If you lessen it enough, you naturally won't eat as much. Thus, you weigh less after a week of doing that idea. Thus, there is binge control. In binge control you get some food, then hold off as you eat half and save or throw away the rest. The thought you think is the action you can do. If you think about the point and state what you notice. Then, if you intend to control your binging, you stop eating. Otherwise there is the energy in food. The energy in the food is absorbable, Think to absorb the food energy and your soul or spirit causes the flavor of the food to dissipate, this happens as you absorb the energy by the power of the spirit. That makes the food unpalatable and undesired. So basically you really don't eat it.

  One thing to notice, the orange is not an effective weight loss effect, unless you happen to be exercising and eating an orange. If you eat one and don't wear away the orange energy, then you create more weight on the body. Bananas and cherries and other fruit is possible to eat and drink, (aka a smoothie), without too much exercis being done. So I think this will work for you if you work out or walk around, this is so you wear off the energy until tired and then your safe. This is losing more weight though you may disagree. Think to not eat as you walk and remind yourself otherwise, this causes you to lose more weight. Think of the things you tend to eat, if you need the idea of losing weight and eat less as you do things.

  The energy of the food and drink is what creates what you think, that is done by weighing down the body until you work it off. So the energy of the food and drinks are also what keeps the body going. There's healthy energy like fruits and leafy greens or beans. Then there's unhealthy energy like sugar and pie or sweets amonst a group of food. That means the body uses the point of idea to fuel the body and make chemical energy, that's immediate energy to the body and available idea to use. Now there's chocolate that is either unhealthy if with milk chocolate, this is otherwise heart healthy if your with dark chocolate. Just remember to exercise the energy off, you won't gain any excessive weight. That is where you do things, so you don't gain weight from it. However you do it, the point is made by things that are done. What you do with weight, you can create with an idea you need to do. This means you cause what you intend, then you create with an idea and work with the point you have to do. This is used in the effect I have.

  So I think if you want to avoid gaining weight, think to eat wholesome home cooked meals with some vegetables and avoid eating fast food from places like mcdonalds or taco bell. This is obvious what makes it hard to lose weight if done too much. Think about it and you know what to do or don't do the urges, and to make this more effective don't eat your weight. That means you don't eat what you feel is good, you eat less than what you feel is necessary. This will lower the body weight quickly and effectively. This is noticed to not work too well if you eat or drink sugary food or drinks. If you try to limit the amount of sugar or snacks, you will get more weight lost by feel. So if you think to eat vegetables or fruit with your meal, you might lose weight even if you overeat. This is a point from the past. The idea is a concept, think to create with nutrients and if necessary, some mini marshmallows, nutrition drink, mushrooms or peanut butter. This will curb the eating need and you will create weight loss by what you do. That's especially true in eating 4 or 5 small meals or 2 main meals, and the rest of the meals healthy snacks.

  That is usually working out, staying active or walking until tired, btw. The idea is this, think of what you want, you could get the idea in manifestation. Hey, if you can't find time to do enough exercise, at least you can eat less an drink more water. So if you can find time to exercise or work out, then you are lucky. This means you are able to do what some can't actually do. What is enough exercise? 30 or more exercise minutes and sometimes bathing. This is where you bathe in warm or hot water for 30 or more minutes and this counts as though exercise were done. So you know I have been at this game for at least 2 years, I have lost 100 lbs and I started with 30 minutes exercise by walking. So it is possible, you have to keep at doing the exercise. I think that the effort is done if you can work with the self-suggestion of "I can do things" or "I ca do things" in atleantian, that is an original english made by myself. Then after a statement and the subconscious cause, you achieve your goals.

  That starts as a journey where you think to eat less, if you eat enough and you satisfy the satiation point of the mind and body. This point goes down as you steadily lose weight. When you lose enough weight, you have very little need for food. So this is the point you may want to work towards in your daily diet. If you start a diet you could get cravings, so think of holding off on eating that sweet or sugar laden food and you can keep off the weight. If you must eat and you don't want to, drink cold water and see if that keeps away the hunger. Then you end up eating less anyway you go about the idea. So be sure you eat dark green vegetables, protein and some fruit such as bananas and apples, this includes beans and protein laden food as well. So think about this and do as you must. If you gain weight, try to eat less and almost no sugar, then you lose the weight you gain with a regained energy equilibrium.

  Then there is a improved second wind. This is where you eat or drink something sugary or with substitute sugars. Then if you are exercising, you can sometimes get chemical energy. If tired from exercise and winded either pause a bit or after that swallow your saliva. This works if it has some dissolved sugar or substitute sugar, then you are with renewed stamina. That will work with the exercising and elongating the moment of exercise. If you exercise long enough then I would suggest that you avoid sugar, so think to go with zero calories drinks and you are aware of things that are good for the moment. This makes for the best possible outcome, that uses the moment of exercise and things this creates are momentarily there. Sometimes in your heavier moments, there will be some heavier weight times, think not to eat your weight. Then you can rest assured, that you lose enough weight by exercise with what you did eat. So if your interested in losing weight cookbooks, then look here to download the PDF's by Claudia Caldwell.

  As I see to lose weight one has to accept, this is done as a thought with exceptions unless your strict or accepting the authority loss on the basis of fact alone. I found women can lose weight quickly if they eat under 1500 calories where 1600 calories is maintaining, over 1600 is sometimes gaining weight unless you do the exercise and this includes drinking water gradually. This is during the day or you might not want to drink that much and avoiding beer and alcohol, this is also about 7 to 8 glasses of water a day based on a 3000 calorie day diet, that means you don't have to stick to as there are alternative diets. The style you choose is up to your mood. So I think that you can use any one or two diets in combination with another and get good results. This is true, that is done as you think to use the appropriate diet plan. However sometimes you won't see results, so think about the idea. If different in diets, then you can give yourseself and your body at least a day. That is done to adjust to the diet you plan to use.

  So think to carry a water bottle if you walk outside and if hot outside (above 80 degrees Farenheit), then you can drink 3 or more extra water glasses or cups of water if that is the capacity of the water bottle. This is possibly done even outside the place you live, that is where you drink water and keep hydrated. This is a point that you can do with food or chemical energy that the body uses. That is why the main point is there to do things with what water you have, think to use purified water for better effect and just enough food energy to create with the chemical energy of the food. This chemical energy that includes a bite of food or a piece of hard candy, that can create an extension to your exercise time. This is anywhere up to an hour from a few minutes. However if you don't remind yourself of this, that the larger the weight on the body the bigger the bites can seem. Then you could find yourself eating more, that is where you eat your body weight.

  So if you try to remember, don't eat your weight and try to eat lesser than your weight. This is done with something small like mini marshmallows or 1 piece of hard candy to tide you over, reminding yourself to eat less if you find yourself eating more by feel. Otherwise this can be some normal meal that you had planned. You could also lose weight from the things you do like work out or walking. This is with an idea to use with things that you have to do; eat little or eat fruit like bananas or peanut butter and protein bars without high fructose (that curbs your hunger for a few hours) and drink allot of purified water or non-sugary drink and then you don't have to worry about weight gain, so I think some can use exercise as an excuse to do other things. Think and doing things is seeming active or using thought to make use of the energy is done as with chemical energy from food that you have, this means you can work off the excess energy with working out or walking it off. If you don't you could gain what you lost back, that's unless your with enough cold water of maybe 2 liters.

  Some cold water causes you to not want to eat and to feel warmer. Its an interesting idea that you use warm or hot water instead though, this is with warm or hot water that allows you to break down the fats and oils more easily in the body. Think about the idea, you then know what to do with the point. What you might want to know is there is no actual measure unless you do this at a certain time of day, then as there is a light time and a heavy time measured by the body thickness. There may be a different measurement per different time of day, this is where the best and lowest is early in the morning and a larger time is later in the day. The light time is where you truly weigh less, the heavy time is where you weigh more. So think to know how you feel, then this indicates how much you could weigh. This often depends on what is eaten, so thinking to know by what is eaten gives you an indication. What is there is a big indicator to the point that you feel. What you weigh doesn't matter, as long as you drink water or calorieless drinks and exercise.

  If you find your weight going up, then think there is a maximum weight or energy charge. Then decide to go down in weight and you do. That is how you can do it, that is usually by a "thought balance". Otherwise think a meant idea and draw or trace a symbol, that means the idea to do is done by the subconscious and you understand the symbol so that makes it a sigil. A good sigil suggestion is a spiral that is drawn or traced over the area you want effected that is inwardly drawn. So I think to me it means reduction otherwise the symbol could mean anything. The idea is this, if you trace an eye on the traced sigil and that is an idea empowered line drawing, then you create the point of control using your own third eye generation. This is a form of manifestation, that creates what you want as you think of the need.

  So think that if drawn outwardly it could mean increase, that's if you intend the idea to manifest that way. So this depends on how you intend it to occur. This works by the subconscious interpreting your need, then through the symbol or tracing/drawing the sub-c can act. That's if you need the sub-c to act, otherwise you won't get an effect. So basically the sub-c does what you suggest, the symbol is treated as a direct suggestion. Other things you may do, you can suggest out loud what you want. So if you need the result, you can get the effect of full manifest as an end result that happens when you need it to occur. Think not to drink alcohol and you avoid driving drunk, also you avoid liver and colon damage till death due to too much alcohol.

  So I think if a man thought to lose weight he would eat less, that's if he weighed less and with a lower amount of body fat the point is a lower amount of food eaten. This is less than 1600 to 1800 calories a day, this is where a woman could lose weight with working out and eating 1600 or less calories, a man probably wouldn't care except to get rid of the fat swell so see the unswelling note, a man woman can eat 1400 calories with enough exercise to lower the body weight or eat less to keep it off. So think as a point is there to eat and this is what I feel is allowing, so maybe for you to eat lesser than 1400 to 1500 calories per day if your thin or not feeling like eating enough. So I agree that what you think with the reason you accept then, if you want the weight lessened then think to see or know what is the cause for your weight. This is where you could lose even more, if you lessen the calories and think to work it off by use with an exercise routine.

  So at 1600 to 1699 calories is a splurge in eating that you can do every once in a while. Then at 1400 or less calories eaten in a day is allowable most of the time. Other times the calories are up to you by feel, or using the senses from the spirit knowledge that you know by soul insight. This all depends on what you want to do. 1600 or less calories is for maintaining the weight sometimes with the right stuff, 1400 or less calories eaten or drunk is good by idea for weighing less by what you do. Otherwise if you think to eat right, like fish and potatoes you can maintain almost any weight. This is requisite of course, that you do the correct amount of exercise and do try to hold in the stomach as you do the exercise. This works to reduce the excess stomach, that's effective even though you haven't really lost any weight.

  I think if you are not losing weight, then you can find out by psychic nature why that is true. So use listening and observance, otherwise use the insight of the soul to figure out what causes you to be blocked. Know that when you start to eat, you find excuses so you may eat your weight or the weight lost. So think not to eat your weight or weight lost, then you eat normally lesser. So when you you figure out what blocks you then you made use of the inner psyche. This psyche can block you, that's if you are aware of yourself and what you do then you can note what is done. Think to use positive suggestion (sometimes using a program called mindmaster) instead of negative suggestion, when you think of seeming done then you are finished. Then you can get what you want with a positive feel, this is with what you need by what you think. However you do things, seem willing to do what is necessary, this is doing such as exercise if you want to succeed. If you don't want to walk, you can always do the bath that is warm or hot for 30 or more minutes. Every minute in the water is 1 minute exercise with a heightened heart pace.

  Think of the thing that you want and declare it to yourself, then you will use the idea as suggestion and create what is a result. See the next note for an idea on how to instant unswell, this is done so you can seem slimmer when your not unless you really are slim. Slim in this case is thinking to weigh less you eat something and let the weight go off you. This let the weight go off you is relaxing your body and thinking to hold in the stomach. That is all there is to the trick. However there is an alternative version to this idea, that is called weight down and then unswelling where you eat or drink the right things. The instant weight loss then is think a no response to eating and this is at the right time correct area that you perceive the no answer, that is so you decide to not recieve food enough to gain less or lose instant weight as though from the past. Although you might have to repeat the no idea to not actually eat at the right time, this causes you to think and bypass the food. Think about this and you do the right thing, that you sense out with soul insight.

  These are the things to avoid: high fat foods or unnaturally high sugary foods such as sweets, these are the foods that you can use: they are more or less less fattish meats and vegetables and fruits. Of course the drink is important, so think about the drink to drink something with zero calories or you can feel free to use tea with substitute sugar to seem safe, the more tea you have the more you don't eat. That means you can use tea or water to supplant hunger, you can find here on or here on Ebay. Then the body prefers things and stops swelling up unnaturally, so you are able to go about and seem slender even with holding the stomach in. This is done as a discipline, that is useful by feel. This is done so you don't have to think about things.

  If your curious by idea on how to instantly unswell, I think for an instant unswelling of the body is done by exercise and movement. This is with enough exercise, so you could feel a bit tired until you build up the endurance by doing more exercise time per day or week. That is what even more exercise allows, this is done by timing the point with the exercise that you can do sometimes by feel. See that you can wait for or go for some walk, the energy tends to come back there an then or you can stop and the energy restores itself. This is used as though a second wind. Where an artificial way to do this is drink or eat a little sugar or subtitute sugar, even, then use carbonated drinks or water for the stomach. Thinking to cause the weight itself to go down. This lesser stomach size makes the meals smaller and you not so hungry. This is natural portion control, where you think to eat less and you are eating less with a smaller plate to having no food between meals by feel.

  This is where by sight that you notice the feel and the effect. Seen is a point and then it will instantly unswell the stomach and maybe the limbs by feel, that is if they were swelled up. Then if you can use what water is there, you can cause the weight to seem to evaporate from the body. This trick doesn't always work, however if you believe it does then try it and succeed then. Think you got an effect with the body off, as though you used a menthol cough drop. Then you did. One thing to note, on a high fat diet don't eat more eat less and more fish or things with omega-3 fatty acids, then most of the fat on the stomach will drop away. This trick doesn't always work, so think and know at the right time things will work out themselves.

  Think a moment and realize why and what you do, when you think to observe your actions and make idea happen with what you can. Then you focus and create with energy. This energy is what creates your result and imagining the point or stating the point as though an end result makes the idea you had in mind, so think to create by feel or the senses. This is the end point that you know about, that is when you think to realize what is done or there. The idea is revealed by the spirit allowing you to know and you realize by insight what to do. This is all in preparation to do what is necessary and make the idea with what you answer by feel.

  This is where you state the need and question and the subconscious creates what you need or gives you an answer. That is otherwise known as fishing and this is fishing for answers. So for those ellusive points that your subconscious comes up with by feel, think you know the idea and you realize what you need to know by idea realization. This happens sometimes with a relaxed mind set to create what you want. A need that is focused on, by the way is a want. This is so you remember what you've forgotten. So the secret I realized to weight loss is thinking your weighing less. I think this will work, just don't think too hard.

  This I know, if you eat less and drink more water, flavored water or tea laced with turmeric and sometimes celery seed or artichoke extract and possibly dark chocolate stevia. A good drink is a crystal light orange enhancer mixed with water and artichoke extract, if you want to add to the weight loss factor then use celery seed mixed with the drink. So if you need to think or if you need the brain to work right, then use water purification and add turmeric powder that does the trick. This is an imitation blood orange drink. Seem sure to pee the water from the point, you think to weigh off in the morning or when time is before you weigh. Then you create the weight loss by what you do sometimes this is with exercise, that is done to shrink the stomach and make the idea you think about create or form by manifestation. This is an idea to use.

  Otherwise you can eat a bite thinking the food you eat is wholly eaten, then you satiate the need of the body and the need disappears. This has been proven to work by a man whom ate only a few twinkies per day, then lost weight because of the fact though I thought of several varieties that include exercise. So think if you use your focus and exercise your will enough, then you can lose or maintain off the excess weight. Exercise with the point if you can't do it otherwise, this is where enough exercise is 30 minutes to 1 hour or more. The more you can bear to do, the more you could lose of the excess body weight. This is not including objects you can wear by the doing.

  That's if your body is acclimatized or the body is used to the exercise. This is where the body gets used to the routine. If the body gets used to it and starts gaining with the exercise, add anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes to the routine. So you can walk long distances, this is done by thinking the creator trick. This is where you think and generate a result. So think of the moment and you can form reality to your will to create what you need as you think about things, this uses the subconscious and the third eye pinneal gland that is where you think the idea is what activated it.

  So I think if you create a reality that works with you, then your possible idea is doable. That is also to think, focus and create use of your spittle in your mouth or actual water that you swallow, this creates by water regulation through the body the extra energy. Think by feel or the senses this adds in the sources energy otherwise known as the creator's energy, that comes from the soul or spirit-that-goes-through-everything. So think and then this can elongate the time, think about the idea and you can walk long distances and a long time easily without getting tired. So think to expect it.

  In game terms, this is known as the second wind. This is basically a thought I had for the longest time, when you think about something you generate the result. That is done as though an end result, you create as if by manifest. Also if you count your steps, this is 8000 upto 10000 steps by feel. Then you create the point of weighing less easily. There are other examples of diets listed in this article, like the soda pop diet so feel free to look through the rest of the page.

  Now you know why or what the cause is for weighing less, this is to know the reason for your gain or your weight loss as you have it. Thinking that you do exercise does nothing without the heart pace raise, so I think if you exercise listen to regen music or zipped regeneration music. Otherwise you may listen to celulose reduction six pack forming tones till the end. If you want to do more with tones, go here for the binaurial music folder or the brain entrainment tones.

  A) An activity you must accept is sometimes an activity that is leading to loss of weight, otherwise you could be willing to lose the weight an the weight comes off you.  Some think of it as an enemy, but it isn't for you see if you filter water out for what it contains there is trace medicine in the water that's not really known. The dose in the water that is medicine is cool and calming and yet there could by other medication from the sewer system leaking into the water, so think and this can be where the medicine is the weight cause. You can easily gain nothing of weight by exercise, so think to exercise enough and you can get what results you were looking for by feel. Don't think not to work out by thinking your heart is set to a faster pace, this is where you can still exercise by thinking or you can actually exercise by moving around.

  This up to you and otherwise there is a point, where I am thinking the weight dissipates away. If you use salt or sea salt with paprika or bread crumbs then taste a little, the taste is what removes the need to eat. Otherwise the leaf or fruit bite can cause less hunger except with the plant use tea. Avoid soft or tea drinks with high fructose as you can. They usually list the high fructose as fructose corn syrup yet corn syrup is safe. Sometimes they won't though, so if you are aware to the fact that you need the substance due to your need to come back to the food or drink. Then you recognize the point or not need it by some ideal. So if you change your diet everyday making sure to keep certain constants, then you won't need to change how long you exercise unless the body has gotten used to it.

  B) So that is seeing this actually can achieve weight loss, if you weigh more you could eat less by focus or eat more if relaxed. Sometimes you could eat less, with a different frame of mind or with relaxing to a cold glass of water. So if you sell this idea, this will work only sometimes. So one must not try to think of this, as an enemy or use of alcohol. But as a transmutable item in which the body can shift with the food eaten away from you to the toilet where it belongs. Quell the need by using some edible plant, leaf or spinach leaf. This is all due by succrose or usually if less sugar less weight is there. Now imagine that the food is not to be eaten guiltily. Its their quill their the papyra paper.

  C) When a person feels guilt they could eat more when eating, the person tends to gain weight or eats their weight if fatty or oily food or they lose weight by fruit, otherwise not eating no matter what is tried. When the person steps or works out with high impact exercise (not including aerobics, aerobics are low impact) exercise routines it doesn't matter what they eat excepting they keep this ratio. The ratio is 1 or 2 parts exercise to 1/2 part eating. If they wanted to keep the bulk and gain muscle from it the ratio is 1 part exercise to 1 part eating.

  D) When we don't feel hunger or hungry, some think and we eat we don't actually stop unless we think about it. Anyway if I was no victim, any weight tends to flux by about 5lb more or less, 8 lbs per weight focus to see over the course of a day, for women bodyweight fluxes over the course of the month. Think to work to lose weight too. Will yourself to not eat everytime you feel hungry, then think less food to eat or go pee sometimes to lessen water weight. This also works with plate size an think a lesser sized plate, cup or saucer to eat with then you eat less for the ease of this use. The lesser size is to not eat or drink too much of things you rather not eat or drink.

   E) The next step is the best, eat anything you want if breakfast, brunch or breakfast lunch if you want to eat small dinner. For you can skip dinner otherwise, if you see there is non fruit then eat crackers. If none drink cold water, yet if possible drink filtered water. So if you want to eat small meals for dinner, think 4 to 6 small meals here you can eat fruit as a snack. I think this is for those above 185 for those above a certain weight will eat more. With drinking two glasses or cups of warm or cold water before you eat, so think of a name then write it down as such you think of the meaning. While keeping away from drinks with sugar and carbonation some then with that carbonation you can exercise this off. Carbonation in of a drink can dry a body out causing the weight to increase with your hunger.

   So think to drink 1 glass of warm water or non carbonated fruit juice every meal, where you are aware near the end of the day. You can drink at least 16 or less fl. oz. to 2.2 L of cold water or non-carbonated sometimes non fruit juice where some drink 1 1/2 gallons of water. Think to use ormus as a little of this is with water combined with a little salt, that you use a blender for use also if you want a cool flavor a little substitute sugar. Added to the blender that has magnets tapped to the the sides, so I think the point for use is less eating more kept off weight or body mass by eating what you want till a certain point or not as excepting fruit. Think the point then you are aware to what you want.

   For the fact how much you should drink of water per day, if the point is use seen or if use in doubt to stop. Then do as you want if you doubt this. As you are aware this is thinking I have seen here @ has to sometimes be without caffeine and carbonation whatever you choose. If you are aware then you are aware that fact is sometimes fiction by the feel. Until proven useful. So I proved that my fact is useful, though as proven use is sometimes the point you make. This was my use for this. So again, if hot outside (above 80 degrees Farenheit), then you can drink 3 or more extra water glasses or cups of water.

  F) What happens with pop (soft drinks) is with use that it starts to dull the nerves by carbonation in the stomach, then you want more so that tells the brain that the stomach is full as well as the soft drink dehydrating the body. Then by thinking you want none or lessened amount you eat less. Resulting in eating more of the dessert or other foods. When this is done, you'll surely gain weight so avoid soft drinks if you can and drink water. Also you can cure yourself naturally no matter what you do by drinking water, no matter the diet try not to eat 3 hours before you sleep and try not to drink 2 hours before you sleep. This will ensure you won't need to goto the bathroom in the middle by hatching some ideal or the sleep period is there.

  G) The light use and dark area energy states can control how much we eat. When we eat at night, the matter is the food or drink. The darkness will smother our fears of overeating. It becomes painfully clear of the overlargness of the body at lighttime. Darkness keeps us from seeing ourselves. So I think its safe to assume or no longer assume guilt will not be so painful. With that lessening, we feel free to do what we want in an overcompensation action. That is we know where we will we eat more than the body demands. Unless we eat without or fear and guilt is sometimes there as its like a pendulum. So drink cold water to work with less eating or eat fruit with no ideal so that is no fear.

  H) I believe that the belief of the ancients points out something where there is a heart brain, located somewhere near the gut where the heart muscle can act like a brain for some time. Think by the upper brain and you know, this is in idea if used by the nervous system by energy information. The "autonomous" nervous system activity where the lower brain is the body reaction. Then there is where the brain sets the hungry state controlled, then by thinking of a balance with the scale bearing the weight you want to be or you could think "not be" and this is turning off the stomach heart brain motor response.

  That controls your body and causes the need to eat less, this is used by the upper brain and guided with the heart brain by feeling full with no eating necessary as though you already ate. I believe there is a way where their way is not always working, so think and just adjust to do something else. If that is eating then think eating less, then you are lessened in eating or not eating and doing other activity. This by activity means you keep the weight off by what you do during the day and not eating otherwise. During the night if this applies to you then, go with the flow and keep safe.

  The secret is doing things that count as activity to maintain a weight or exercising the weight, this if weight lowers off of the body counts to subtract the weight. From the act of doing things, what you do counted in minutes is what is counted as an active lifestyle. This for the day is useful unless you don't move around much, otherwise your fine and used in the night as nighttime activity you can do activity. Sleep it off as you want to sleep, for as you just don't eat unless you sleepwalk you are asleep you know.

  If you think by the lower brain, then its known as a point that you realize. As the gut reaction or heart brain motor response. That is there by feel or thinking your need and feeling the point to create the idea. As the heart brain takes over and acts, this is usually by your need being realized. Other things it doesn't do, are sometimes things by reaction to the stimulation. See that controls the hunger and keeps you from eating by realization, that the hunger isn't there an its like hey I don't need to eat.

  I) Absess or stomach overhang can create hunger, this is where you eat to fill a void. That is the bulge felt there, where this is needed with the overhanging bulge and desire thereof or not. You see if you think its not there then its effect diminishes so think it gone and use a suggestion, "Whatever causes the need to eat doesn't anymore." This or other suggestions, they will work out if the either the bulge disappears or the need to eat is gone. This is so you no longer need to eat as if you hold off and the need to eat is no longer there.

  So I think in order to remove the bulge without suggestion, eat less and drink more water as you do more exercise while you hold in the stomach. Otherwise you may use a empowered symbol to cause this effect, that is a symbol you trace on the stomach and possibly other area of the body. This symbol is thought to do things and create what you need, that's done by the power of the mind over the body. So the energy comes from blood circulation that creates the body changes, this makes idea by what you think or need to happen.

  This is a sigil and when you make one using the thought of reduce or reduction, you create magic to reduce the bulge and you reduce the hunger that in turn reduces the weight of the body. So I use an inward spiral drawn or traced on the body area with the bulging fat. This is also useful to reduce the double chin, so think about what you want and do activity and the bulge disappears quicker. This is a point in the past, that I learned this effect. The subconscious is really what does the point as though a suggestion were done where you needed a result.

  However when done quickly enough, you might feel intense hunger and unrelentingly eat or drink. So think to hold off and the hunger will disappear. See if you feed yourself too much by feeling the need of others, you might eat more the next day or gain weight by eating what you feel from empathy. So this is done by feel and when you think of the moment, you create a result if you imagine the idea to do. In fact, you can get almost any result, that's if you imagine the result as an end result. So if you state the effect as an intent, then you use the power of words. The subconscious uses the creator, that's spiritually done to create the result and the soul powers the effect. This is a wish effect, so if you think to use the power of words to get a result.

  J) Sometimes there is a point, that you think about getting something and go out to get the idea. So when you do things and if you think to suggest that you don't need this, thinking of the items, then you hold off and rather not get the things. You might get a result as though an end result were done. This works everytime, especially if you eat or drink something without high fructose or allot of sugar. I know its safe to use stevia or splenda, or some sugar substitute.

  This is a point you think and work things out for yourself. Other points are where you don't need to gain weight, then you can think to eat and drink less sugary foods. So if you think or feel you need the idea, then if you have the item. Hold out the item and think about the item until you don't need the point anymore. This causes you to hold off and think you can use healthy food substitutes, that means you will substitute to do things so you cancel out the eating need. The idea you have in cooking or what you think to use that isn't sugar is a good substitute sometimes. What is good is the actual thing, if in moderation and exercised off the basis of 8000 steps or doing an hour per day. So basically if you do exercise or activity like walking, you lose the need to eat things and this causes you weight loss.

  So however the substance is sometimes more toxic, that's why sugar or normal food is better than substances like oleo. So feel free to use those as a sugar substitute, think to hold off from more sugar though. This is a must because the substitute sugars substance will cause a need to make the body feel good and this is a point that is creating more eating unless you hold off and think to do other things than eating. This is a point in a concept, so think and you know what to do. This is a point to know, then you realize what is good for you or not and you can always avoid the food or drink. If you can't avoid the food or drink, then you can always exercise the substance off, otherwise sleep is a good alternative.

  K) Lay off the sweets and snacks, then you will lose your excess pounds. This works most of the time, so expect a weight drop by feel. That creates what you wished for by feel, if you wished for weight loss. However a good way to reinforce this is to use a ritual table, set stones in a pattern that you leave there. Think of the best stones to use, I think your birthstone should be included. Then also green adventurine, set there for wealth along with golden citrine. This I think will suit your purpose well, so think about the stones use and you can look up the uses using google.

  That is the way in idea to setup a matrix energy use by stones. Think of your idea to do as a purpose and touch each stone you want to do the idea, then the stones use is done. After that is where you think of what you want, you may get what you think as a point or need is expressed or otherwise in thought. The matrix energy does and effects, this is what you wish the idea to effect. This is a fact that most don't know in weight loss, that you can use matrix energy to influence the right decisions. So this creates what you wanted, think of this in terms that you accept. Then you know this will effect what you want by feel, this is where you accept the use of the senses.

  L) This also governs the fight or flight reaction, thinking by feel you focus and you just go faster than before for as long as you can sometimes without realizing how long you went. This is the guided flight control reasoning of bicycle movement. Where you go and stop or go and coast, this uses controls of the body that are intuitive. So just as you need to go or stop, you do so where the body just does it. If you own a bike, that's how you can do the exercise easily and keep off the weight. Sometimes this is true, especially if you eat a single hard candy or swallow your spit or some water (albeit you might have to go to the bathroom) for extended exercises, this can be done and known is the effect by what you do mid time for an energy burst.

  M) If you are in a large mode or bigger body shape and seem larger, then you shouldn't assume to create with eating. So instead of a large moment you use a point or need an idea of a smaller moment and you get a smaller point of food instead. This uses the power of the mind to create what you think, so if you think to use a smaller amount then you create less need to eat and you might weigh less in the end. That means the weird effect of the power with the mind works over the body. So I think you create with idea, only then to do something else. This is the weird fate effect, the weird effect is what you think that happens. The elemental idea is what this does. This is elementalism with the idea that you think to use as a source, otherwise the source is an elemental effect that you think to use or create by thinking about and needing. So think this is an effect, then it is done with what is needed. That's how this idea works in an ideal use. If you don't want something, then you won't get the idea. This is a known effect.

  N) This is an eating trick, I believe this works if you think to eat less. If larger and heavier, then your in a heavier moment of the day. So don't eat by thinking to hold off. That is unless you want to eat large, if you do eat then think to eat less and you might appear to be smaller in shape. This is a point in effect. Really this can mean eat until time allows you to not feel hungry. Then exercise like crazy, and work off the excess food energy. This reduces the body swell, and if you need to exercise enough by using up your body's excess energy, you will lose weight. Then if you can do this trick, you appear slenderer by feel. Also, you create a better psysique after a few times where this is done. This is where you end up weighing less and have control over your hunger. You magically make weight loss for yourself where maybe you lose your excess weight.

  O) It's true that you slim your gut as though the weight isn't there, when you hold the gut in and eat a little bit and there is only a little bulge. However that is not losing weight. If you exercise enough and work with the idea of holding in your gut, then you will lose weight that's noticed in the morning. This is unless you overexercise and gain back muscle weight which is three times heavier than fat. This is where you look slim but are actually heavier by muscle. This is the weight that is the thing you offset with what you do as you can drink water, then you get a narrower waistline in the morning. So if you think about the facts of things, you can know what you need and get what you think is appropriate and that is where you hold off and think about what you need. Drink water and you cause weight loss easily with the curation of the body. This is a point in effect.

  P) The power of this idea is obvious. Think of the moment and do activity, then you can maintain the weight away. Thinking that you lose weight and reduce your gut as you do things except eating. This if done with exercises will lower your weight, at least temporarily. This in weight idea is where you remember to not eat your weight, so think "I don't ingest this" and you won't as the subconscious makes what you think. If you use this trick, where you eat protein like peanut butter or beans and drink water, that is what gets you lessened eating. Relax and if you get the right minerals, then you will not need the weight or no longer need to eat by feel. This balances what you do, if you can do things that hold off the eating. Then think or exercise and you create with the energy that you have by idea.

  So no I don't do this as things will work and you no longer need to eat, that's if I have a need to diet or exercise, then I do a small bit of food or drink and get energy. Notice the physics of exercising points this out differently. So just as you can think then I know, things unnaturally are known or then you don't do it. So you know a point and you just know how many you get, this is done as you know things are there so you are able to do them. Then look at the list that is styles of weight loss, that I put as there is a menu and choose one or more. Oh yea if you use affirmations or weightloss plans, plan to lose more weight than you actually do.

  That is where you state that you will lose 3 lbs or more, this if with so much or enough time allowed. Then you will lose some or all of that, although don't be surprised if you lose what you want of this point. However the trick that I think works, that is the thought use of artichoke extract and forskolin 250 mg 20% strength. This is taken any time during the day and you can make use of artichoke extract added with orange drink mix. This is used to make with water a blood orange flavoring, if you add dark chocolate or chocolate stevia. You can get a treat of a dark chocolate or chocolate blood orange drink mix added to water.

  So I believe if interest or activity is there, then thats your choice that you can do. Yet remember this point then, you don't have to keep doing them. As you know, the method doesn't always work for you. So know this, this is their ideal put as a point to you that you may want to try and remember. That means not everyone works your way, so try and mix as you want to try something different. Otherwise, you may try other ways, so think about them and as you want to try them you may. Ciou.

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Eating tactic 1

  Eating tactic: If you eat half of the food on the plate or half of the food you have to eat, then wait 20 minutes and if still hungry you can eat. This makes it so you can lose weight, that is when you save the rest of the food for later. Any food that's in excess you can give away. This tactic you can use on a daily basis, and still you lose the excess weight at the least. This works better if you use smaller plates and dishes. So you can create weight loss easily if you don't eat as much, then you will enjoy the point of a lesser body weight. However, when you have a good routine, don't change it unless you know its not working for your purposes. That's about all for this idea.

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Eating tactic 2

  Eating tactic 2: If you eat what you want, then this is better if eating of the food on the plate that is a small plate or half of the food you have to eat, then save or throw away the rest. Then there is using forskolin standardized 20% and 250 mg, also feel free to use 520 milligrams of artichoke supplements with a multi-vitamin mineral pill. This makes it so you can lose weight easier, that is also when you drink 1/4 gallon or more of tea as well. As usual, any food that's in excess you can give away. This tactic you can use on a daily basis, and still you lose the excess weight at the least amount of effort and exercise at least 20 or more minutes a day. So its still true, this works better if you use smaller plates and dishes. So you can create weight loss easily if you don't eat as much, then you will enjoy the point of a lesser body weight. However, when you have a good routine, don't change it unless you know its not working for your purposes as you drink enough tea. That's about all for this ideal in tactic 2.

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Eating tactic 3

  Eating tactic 3: If you eat what you want, except less of it then this is better to cause the body to eat its own fat away. This works even more so if you don't eat at all, except for three or more small meals per day possibly using twizzlers, fruit, vegetables or some small candy. So if you drink water or some drink, feel free to suggest this to yourself "then you don't feel as hungry or don't eat". This makes it so you can lose weight easier, that is also when you drink more of tea as well. Be sure to to exercise the weight off by feel or movement of the body. This tactic you can use on a daily basis, and still you lose the excess weight at the least amount of effort and exercise at least 20 or more minutes a day. That's about all for this ideal in tactic 3.

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Eating tactic 4

  Eating tactic 4: Most people can think they are doing good, but if they really aren't sometimes you can think to create with healthier foods or drinks. If you eat what you want in lesser quantity, then you create the point by feel especially if you avoid high fructose corn syrup. Think to work it off, this is where you create f less weight or even lose weight. So when you take 8000 to 10000 steps, then you create weightlessness or some weight loss if not maintaining the weight off that you have. When you exercise or work out until your tired, then you are assured to keep off the weight. I would suggest excepting this rule, if you eat healthy vegetables or fruit. That you can eat what you need of with a point by feel. Add in some beans, some dark vegetables and dark fruits. Then your set for life. That's about all for this ideal in tactic 4.

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Eating tactic 5

  Eating tactic 5: Think about the idea for a minute, while holding off from eating the idea is this, that's if you can make use of eating less. Think and know the food by choosing to hold off and not eating the food until you are really hungry. This is a point you think well, then you won't want to do things as you feel the urge. Think about the idea and when the urge disappears you can get the effect of weight loss or weight maintenance is possible. This is done if you exercise enough by feel. That is 30 minutes to an hour and 8000 to 10000 more steps away, that you can walk to keep off the weight. So think about the idea and then you can do what you need.

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Eating tactic 6

  Eating tactic 6: If your feeling tired from exercise or doing normal things, then eat healthy! This is eating beans or a banana otherwise some other fruit will work. Also buy tea and drink it as you exercise and eat no food to some in idea. Then you feel energized as a point is done. This lasts all day. However, if you can't get too much sugar, as though your diebetic then you should use other fruit and avoid the banana. This helps you lose weight as well. Except the beans could make you have passed gas. So think about this and you can make use of oatmeal as well. Enjoy yourself as you do things, this is where you think positive and things work out well.

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Eating tactic 7

  Eating tactic 7: If your feeling like doing something different and want to use magic, then light a candle and think your intention as you state what you need, mainly to lose weight by feel or something similar. Otherwise feel free to use runes and sigils as a point you think the need and draw/trace or carve the symbol/s that allow you by consciousness of energy to create your intention that you think into existence, so I believe it's intention that creates things by thought. This is a point proven of idea that happens. If you think nothing bad will happen, then nothing bad will happen. This is all done by what you think will occur. So think positive and you are positive. That is what you end up with anyway.

Here are some runes and sigils:

Weight Runescript

Weight Runescript II

Weight bindrune III

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Eating tactic 8

  Eating tactic 8: If your feeling like doing something different and want to use a crystal light or similar drink mix packet with aspartame in it, then wait until the body swelling goes down as if the area is over 75 degrees heat and you work out. Then you could swell like a balloon. This is a point you can stop, if you drink water right after you drink the 10 calories drink mix. So you can think about that, as you might feel hungered if you do swell up. This is reflected in your stomach. So now you know what to do, that's especially true if you wait 3 to 5 minutes or more if you do swell up. Then you won't feel hungry, if there is hunger. Think and you know what to do.

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Eating tactic 9

  Eating tactic 9: This tactic is using the rewards system, that is where you create a need to do things by rewarding yourself for actions that ultimately end up making you lose weight. The method entails you doing actions that work for the idea you have in mind, then you create the end result by what you think is a result you get. Don't reward yourself too much, this is a safety precaution that is when you behave yourself and create what results there can be. So remember, the idea is with the point, that means you create with what you do and the reward is what you get. I know I enjoy positive results, so think things are positive where you know something and you can work with what you get.

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Eating tactic 10

  Eating tactic 10: This tactic is using the idea, that is where you create with a need to do things by waiting and holding off, think to do things for actions that ultimately end up making you lose weight. The method entails you doing actions that work for the idea you have in mind as a point to get results, then you create the idea by what you think is a result you get with forgetting the point you needed, if it was eating and then you remember what you really need, this is done by relaxing with thinking your relaxing as you breathe in and out. Think about the idea you get, and you know what to do.

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Eating tactic 11

  Eating tactic 11: This tactic is using the event as idea, that is where you create by feel with a need to do things. Think to do things for distracted thought by what is done, that is where you do other things then eating and you end up making you lose weight. The method entails you doing actions if you need to do them. The main point in idea is where you create the idea, thinking out what you think is a result by voicing your need. Then you remember what you really need. That is when you suddenly come up with things that distract you from eating. Think about the idea you get by feel, so you know what to do.

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Eating tactic 12

  Eating tactic 12: This tactic is where you drink water or some acceptable drink. Then either eat a little or not, if you exercise you will lose weight. This happens without any stress. Some disagree with that because you need some food for energy especially if youre diabetic, you just have to eat in moderation. See if you add lemon to the water, then it does, lemon twist stevia especially. You basically add energy to the water, that is why it works for an extended workout.

  Sometimes plain water isn't enough energy. So you can still get enough exercise by 20 to 30 minutes at least. This is a known effect, so if you drink enough and eat something sugary, then you are assured diarrhea and weight loss. That is done if you manage to eat little enough, after you get diarrhea, drink allot of water or hold off and the diarrhea or "liquid shits" will disappear..

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Eating tactic 13

  Eating tactic 13: This tactic is where you drink water or some acceptable drink. Then either eat some fruit and vegetables, then exercise and you will lose weight. This happens more easily without any stress. Now if youre diabetic, you just have to eat in moderation the right fruit and avoid bananas. Also, if you drink tea with stevia or some sugar substitute, otherwise with no sugar, you can lose the weight faster with a faster metabolism. Sometimes plain water isn't enough energy if you have cotton mouth, due to medication. So you can still get enough exercise by 30 minutes to an hour or more.

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Eating and making; tactic 14

  Eating and making tactic 14: This tactic is making use of constructs, that is where you use constructs or energy creations that you create to help you regulate, make results or cause you to lose weight. Think of energy as a shape that exists by things or idea, and the shape is there in your psychic or third eye pinneal gland vision. That is thinking the blood flows to the pinneal gland to "activate" it and thinking of what you want is using the third eye that exists by the pinneal gland. Think blood flows away from the pinneal gland to "deactivate" the third eye and pinneal gland. If active, you can see or manipulate anything that exists. If deactive the visions stop and the third eye "closes". This third eye is located in the center of the forehead. That is where you create with the spirit or the soul, think the energy formation is doing what you want and it does. This includes guiding you in losing, maintaining or gaining weight. The idea is a point you think as intent and that is instruction to the construct, this is where the construct manifests results by use of energy consciousness. Here is a construct called by thinking lieu, and the construct creates what you think to need, that's why it works.

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Making prayer; tactic 15

  Making prayer; tactic 15: This tactic is making use of prayer constructs, that is where you use prayer to get what you want that your divine being or God creates by feel. This is where you state your need, like "Oh [divine being or God name here], make me lose my excess weight not including objects." Otherwise that could be, "Whatever makes me gain weight makes me lose weight instead. Thank you creator or God." This includes guiding you in losing, maintaining or gaining weight. The idea is a point you think to manifest as intent and that is instruction to the divine or God.

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Making word; tactic 16

  Making word; tactic 16: This tactic is making use of what you say, that is where you use words to get what you want that your divine soul or spirit creates the effect as a manifest by feel. This is where you state your need or want as a need, like "Make me lose my excess weight not including objects." Otherwise that could be, "Whatever makes me gain weight makes me lose weight instead." Or, "Make me lose 16 lbs." In front of a mirror as you look at yourself. The idea is a point you think to manifest as intent and that is instruction to the divine soul or spirit. That is done to create what you need. This is an effect of the creating point, that is used as idea and intent to do.

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Looseness; tactic 17

  Making looseness; tactic 17: This tactic is making use of what you do, that is where you use the looseness of your belt or clothes to get the body to unswell. This is where you make your pants loose if they are tight, then you cause the stomach to unswell. This when you suddenly feel less hungry and things don't seem appealing to eat.

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Construct and spell tactic 18

  Construct and spell; tactic 18: This tactic is making use of what you do, that is where you think to create a point or construct of energy. Then the construct makes whatever you intend. This when you suddenly feel less hungry and things don't seem appealing to eat. so a spell is where you make what yo intend to create as a manifest. This can use the word power, that makes what you think and the soul or spirit creates the result using the creator's energy. So I think to do it as spell is this. The "I" is the creator consciousness. He or she is not unlike a god with this idea. Here is a few weightloss spells put into one. That is the power word or creation word followed by the ; and you get what effect you think as you state the word.

  The point you think you need something, that is what causes the need to eat. So after the point of casting a spell, you can get intense hunger pangs. These are defeated by use of a little peanut butter on a spoon, some items that feel right, like ketchup or mayonaisse and you should by fine. This works because you are eating intense food that you only need a little of at the moment with intense flavor burst. So when you get intense bursts of flavor, your hunger deintensifies and you feel like you can hold off from eating. This isn't foolproof, so do what you want to get your intention done. Then you know what will work, that's known by self-experimentation. So you know, each person is different, so think to do what you can in small amounts.

  weightloss effect; So this makes a construct that causes the energy of magic and area to be recycled and that is where it is stripped of it's programming and is reused. So that means you can eat lightly and less of sweets then more fruit you will lose the excess body weight.

  Feel free to use it and you can cause yourself weightloss by feel. If you don't and you do lots of spells, think about the idea then you could use this effect: No hunger; If you feel more hungry from the body consuming it's own weight, that means you are aware of things. So you think to hold off and you create a point of effect with no hunger.

  Thinking; if you do eat, and you intend to lose weight, then eat half or less and you create less calories intaken as you "eat casually and lighter."

  Think this through as there are more spells and ways to lose weight than this..enjoy yourself as you do.

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Think to lose weight by tea

  If you think you lose 2 pounds or less:  then you do by feel. If you wake up then eat and avoid a high fructose or a non fruit fructose meal and drink water then three glasses of tea back to back, sweetened or non sweetened. This can lead to a mild case of diarhea so be careful, as you might need basil to counteract it, sea salt to cancel it out slower or turmeric to fix the brain problems as the body can counter the diarrhea. After that you can eat lunch, a third small meal, and small non high fructose or non fructose snacks to even out the day. Don't eat over 1500 to 1700 calories if you can avoid it, if not then avoid going over 2000 calories. This calorieking site can tell you what you can eat or not eat as with calories.

  Then if you exercise some for thought at least is 30 minute for long duration or 20 minute or less, as you can build up the time for shorter duration periods. You can fast or eat small things like one or two mini marshmallows or mushrooms, otherwise a few dark chocolate kisses, wheat thins or morsels and by fasting you are not eating for certain amount of time. That you set for 14 to 16 hours or however long you decide not to eat after you eat lunch or dinner, like not eating after you ate at 2 then you would eat near 7 am so think then drink water right before you exercise. Fasting is some option you can choose to do. Then goto sleep to wake up 2 to 3 hours later to release your emotion or area energy, that is energy you constrained with your body as most keep allot of energy then you realize you lost 2 lbs. If you can't exercise or have exercised, then is to imagine exercising to speed the heart up for 30 minutes.

  This is a trick that can lead you to gain weight, as you think to create weight loss if you eat over 2000 calories. If you think you lost then need a reward, then you might eat more. So think to create less weight by eating less then you do for now, what helps this loss of hunger to lose weight by feel is mint or chocolate mint tea. So get a chocolate mint plant and plant it or plant chocolate mint in a pot with any soil, hopefully it will grow as you let it grow and then you can collect some chocolate mint leaves from the bush. But be careful that you plant it in a planter, that is its own as it will take over the pot. So I think the best additives for tea are artichoke extract and stevia (any flavor). This is a little trick to lose weight with use of the substance by feel.

  Then steep the now tea leaves in water and feel free to add celery seed to the brew, just as you let it brew or steep for 3 minutes in hot water then add ice cubes and add stevia or sugar substitute you are done. Drink and enjoy. Oh btw this actually is used in most things tea wise with chocolate mint nature, as you might suspect it satisfies the hunger and keeps you from eating. So this is well worth it. Think to enjoy what you have and you might consider it done. If the chocolate mint or chocolate stevia added to the water, then if by chance you have mint leaves, you can see its done when the chocolate mint water is greenish hued. The darker the more stained the water is the stronger it is.

  Symbolism often helps the weight loss happen. Drawing inward swirls pointed to the ground helps for you think this does then the effect will occur from food digested. Be sure to drink enough water after this early morning period to ensure continued weighing less. With enough exercise right after eating sugar, you keep the weight off. Otherwise this effect won't occur, enough water is 6 to 8 glasses a day for females 8 to 10 glasses a day for men. If hot outside (above 80 degrees Farenheit), then you can drink 3 or more extra water glasses or cups of water. Especially if they are symbolic use for free a type of action, sometimes then they are incarcerated. This means they broke the law somewhere so they couldn't post more that posted this.

This is the simplified version: the 2 lbs weight loss

  Here's the simplified version: The key to this is keep busy and drink lots of water. As water makes you feel full enough, this is not to eat much more than you work out. If you lose 2 pounds or less.  You wake up then exercise some for at least 30 minute periods, you can fast and by fasting you are not eating for certain amount of time you set for 14 to 16 hours. Otherwise its however long you decide not to eat after you eat lunch or dinner, like not eating after you ate at 2 then you would eat near 7 am. So think then drink water right before you exercise. Fasting is some option you can choose to do.

  Then goto sleep to wake up 2 to 3 hours later to release your emotion or area energy you constrained with your body, as most keep allot of energy then you realize you lost 2 lbs. If you can't exercise or have exercised by some means including heart pacing, then you have imagined exercising to speed the heart up for 30 minutes. This is the speed up of the heart that rushes the blood through the body to cleanse it, this is removal of fat deposits and thought to make better body conditions. Usually by feel this is until you don't need to heart exercise by a pace.

  This is a trick that can lead you to gain, that is if you think you lost too much. Think a point to work out, if you think you lost then you may need a reward. So think then to create less weight by eating less then you do for now. Drawing inward swirls pointed to the ground helps, for you think this does then the effect will occur from food digested. Be sure to drink enough water, for your aware of the point or not only aware for after this is an early morning period to ensure continued weighing less by exercise.

  With enough exercise right after eating sugar, you keep the weight off. Otherwise this effect won't occur, enough water is 6 to 8 glasses a day for females 8 to 10 glasses a day for men. I noticed this with use by the free types that can do it and want to lose weight, sometimes even then they are incarcerated because of alcohol. This means they broke the law somewhere so they couldn't post more that posted this. I know men couldn't have posted this. So the female persona seems to come to mind. As I remember a person that tried this diet, she kept at it for 2 weeks then lost 5 lbs by this idea.

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Water walking exercise weight loss

  Water walking: Then there is the water walking exercise weight loss. The water walking weight loss is thinking to lose weight they will as they drink water. So think to lose weight by drinking 3 Liters to 1 1/2 gallons of water with a little salt each glass over the period of a day. But for how much you should drink, of water per day is here @ Then in the midst of that day you walk 20 to 40 minutes. Oh yea watch what you eat, as eat less and this weight loss technique will be effecting easier or nothing happens. By 'Eating high volume and low Calorie foods. Generally eat fruit or highly nutrition foods with fruit, vegetables or bony otherwise boneless meats and grains. Think to work by the feel or thought.

  Water is also good for your skin, body and as of course, it will give your personality a refresh look.' I think is the point most make to deal with what they wish. This quantity is not quality to be less with things except for water, as quantity of water goes up the more weight loss you have. Its okay if you drink water or juice over a period of time when you feel thirsty. If you drink one to two 8 ounce glasses, thinking of warm water to drink right before eating.

See then the weight loss happens 40% more often, except you might feel more hungered due to warm or hot water drinks causing your metabolism going up. All right then, as you eat less you are assured of weight loss. If you think to suppress the need to eat by tea or diet soda, though this is to drink 2 glasses of cold water. Will yourself to not eat everytime you feel hungry, then think less food to eat or go pee. This also works with plate size think a lesser sized plate or saucer to eat with then you eat less.

Be wary that what you eat will no longer remain with the body, that pushing allot of water through your body may make you gain a little or no water weight so exercise it off. Thats so you drink allot of water, don't drink all of it within 30 minutes or as it is said, you might throw some of it up and that's when its gone too far. This might not cause constipation, but you will feel slightly dizzy till the water is absorbed or peed out. Another thing, you go to the toilet earlier and more often. Think to exercise with out gaining weight is from sugar and to expunge the sugar if you took some in by imagining the exercise sometimes as you exercise. Drink one cup of water or a glass of water and wait at least 30 minutes. Then the sugar is gone at the first peeing after but you will have lost weight even if you exercise. If you want to do this expect to work with others or need to do things with your own ideal, an you may intake sugar and drink water right after to exercise by now. Maybe you won't gain weight.

  I think for the effective idea, this is thinking to try to stay active all day long, walking around every now long enough (more than 5 minutes), then talking working and acting on on your own behalf. Seen is used as it can increase your ability to think and lose weight and to be better. Drink 6 ounces to 8 ounces water after you wake up. Wait 45 minutes then do normal hygiene or you can wait 30 minutes then eat beef after drinking 1 glass or cup of water, wait an hour an if you eat a light lunch you act as though your observing your calories.

  This is like teeth brushing or other things as needed then, wait 1 to 2 hours and eat otherwise drink cold water or a cold beverage if not hungry an needing a drink. This is thought to fool others into believing, your doing a what you see you eat diet conservatively. This can increase your life expectancy, think to remain active as you speak or work with others. You don't have to be active all the time, just understand that your life is your own so work or play as you want to do things.

  So that you can keep off the weight. This can be hard so use a timer, so I think especially in the heat you can actvely go about or rest. So try and not to give up, this will work towards your better end in keeping active. So at the least moment, when you want to rest in the day don't. So you see walking sometimes with water or resting, just as you focus to lose weight helps keep your hunger down. This is the idea of some with work or play, so try to keep a clean mind and don't think dirty thoughts by some things that I mention.

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Sugar walking weight loss

  Sugar walking weight loss: There is an alternative fasting with eating a little sugar, sugar and sugar substitute has been noted sometimes to not have any calories.  When the  person eats anything with sugar, except for any food item with butter or fried in oil and that includes donuts they lose weight. This works till age 30 and up then it goes to white death quicker. See to avoid what body builders call white death, which is eating sugar only, one must eat fruit, meat or vegeatables with the twizzlers. What happens in this condition is the liver is unable to break the sugar down causing diebetes. Fat is then formed from the sugar unless you walk the sugar off. The people that need to keep or lose by their blood-sugar going down can actually do good with this type of diet when they remember that they must keep a balance of how much sugar they eat to how much they walk as with 1 ounce to 2 minutes and how much insulin taken for diebetes is thought with them.

Eating sugary items such as candy including twizzlers, gummy food items and things only of that nature will not put any pounds on you as you excercise the weight off right after eating them. As the refined sugar candy will metabolize into fat. Candy such as that has only energy and tooth decay to offer. When people eat doughnuts, the frying of the sugary bread makes it very hard to keep the weight off and gives the face pimples along with tooth decay quicker.

  I noticed that eating the biscuit with egg and sausage from a Carl's junior restaurant can break the face out with pimples in less than 2 minutes because of the fried nature of the food. This makes it seem unhealthy for a breakfast item is use. One idea is that you don't exercise with sugar intake, so from a laboratory test result, it has shown to increase weight unless this is a sugar substitute, such as stevia thats not that bad yet special taste, xilitol or sugar alcohol don't break down. So you spurt or think to cause the substance to go out by shit or spurting if too much.

If there is nothing else to eat but fattish foods then drink hot water or go out to a store, seen and tried to get twizzlers or fruit candy by ideal is fruit or some type of other candy that this works as wated nutrients. Get fruit like bananas or oranges and drink only cold water. Doing this for 300+ pound people will force the body fat to eat itself and said person will lose at least 30 lbs at the end of the month. They will have lost 100 lbs at the end of a couple of months if they had eaten and drinken nothing else except this is unrealistic as it assumes to eat candy with no meat and vegetables. So think for yourself, as your aware then your awake by what you do.

  You may need them to sustain the health of the body, so find a suitable substitute. Adding a visualization technique to it of a symbol of your metabolism rising like the sun in your head at every meal will make the metabolism rise through instruction to your subconscious by repeat visualizations. Thinking it consistently makes it happen. One last thing this can cause pugulism, so think to throw up only when necessary as you could be sick with diahrea or overpeeing. When you eat too much or not intentionally do too much, this is the end result. Hold your stomach in and don't let it hang out, needed by feel is appear as you wish or otherwise your less weighty as much as you can. This will train the stomach muscles to be taut.

Please do not eat at night! With night time, the food in the stomach will not be processed. Due to activity blood by blood vessel flow using, the body activity being concentrated in the brain. As the person sleeps with dreams and will not flow to the stomach until 7 am. At the time I was thinking this, some great water wave wen't over us. Then I was here doing what I was thinking as the food will start to process, so this breakfast along with the midnight snack early off is no longer necessary. So use as you are aware by touch or not to do no use. Do not eat at midnight unless you want to gain weight. This is not associated with the daily diet. 

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The diet and high impact exercise

  The diet with high impact weight loss: The diet? There is no diet except diet is actual food intake. If the person watches what they eat and imagines a more slimmer stronger self at every meal, this works too but takes longer and is with drinking cold or warm water before and warm water after each meal, except to drink cold water every other time you feel hungry or pee, that said person will actually lose weight and yet there is some congestion. The metabolism will rise just by eating the foods the person likes after a couple of days to weeks doing the visualizations. Feel no shame at eating any food item and the body will slowly lose weight over time. Say at every meal "I will raise my metabolism" at least once every time you have a meal. At least try some form of  high impact exercise. All these efforts will work together and weight loss for even the most hard core person will occur. All you have to do is lift something enough to lose the excess mass, otherwise body look so you look thinner.   

The problem with high impact exercise is for muscles that some people are afraid of it and it can wear down the joints in your body. The person by reason is by the first week of the exercising  the person has bulked ten pounds. This is just body fat that disappears after the first week has passed. Thus, the person wanting to lose weight quickly will quit the routine because of the weight gain that  is observed to happen. The people that continue the exercise will steadily lose the fat into solid muscle over the next several months and they can eat anything they want to. Except for gluttony eating habits such as where is uses as eating more with fruit, vegetables are sometimes less than they exercise and eating less with fattish foods is eating less thereof. Think to eat less to solve that problems as less quantity, as the twinky man proved he still lost weight.

High impact exercise takes away the edge of high fructose by routines that can include All-American Fitness, Tan and Tone America with focus by thinking your exercising to speed the heart up or home weight sets and places like it. This can be safer than sword practice. You can just buy a sword and exercise with that if you want to spare the expense of $700. Become an arms expert. If the All-American Fitness is chosen, so go up to the counter and ask for a strainer or trainer after getting a membership if you don't already have one. If the sword route is chosen, first buy the sword if you don't have one using the rules outlined below. So end this by what you think to use, the area weights are where you don't have to buy a sword.

  The rules to buying a sword is to make the weight of the sword and the price judgment. If you can't lift it, then why have it and swords can cost $60 to $300. There are cheaper swords out there and the cheaper the sword the cheaper the construction. You can find cheap good quality blades at the AMC Flea Market or order over the internet. When you can at least lift the blade and yield it for 2 minutes or ye think you can, then go ahead and buy it. If the person can only lift it, don't buy it. If it looks good to you and feels good to have it on you or with you then go ahead and buy it regardless of price.

  I think to yield a sword, you must be able to lift twice as much weight or condition the body to lift the sword as with armor. The swords weight can get used to. So exercise in truth and train with the weapon, one must only be able to lift it up and hold it for 1 minute held straight out. For a showpiece blade a blunt edge is good enough and it makes a good mantelpiece. For the exercises the edge must be sharp.

  Start out to hold out by holding the sword out as far as possible as if you were holding a stack of books on the palm of each hand. Standing up, hold the sword in both hands straight out and as long as possible at the very first time the moment occurs that you need to do this. What will happen is the blade, after a period of time you will get heavier then lighter and your arms will feel like leaden weights at first. Put the sword back into the sheaf and stretch the hands interlinked out in front of you. Then as you can exercise, stretch them up top of you at full length and interlinked. Finally as you are aware, stretch them interlinked to back of you. Doing this consecutively may make you hear a "pop". What has happened is a slipped or misplaced bone in your spine will have popped back into place then exercise as much as you can so thats possible.

  The second day, the arms will be stronger and maybe you will be able to hold the sword single handedly in one hand at a time. There will probably be some arm strain, so do not expect it to be easy. Do the same thing as before except hold it in one hand while holding it straight out for as long as possible. Repeat this pattern at least once every day. After 2 weeks start swinging the blade in a backyard or a self secluded place where it will be unobserved. A week after that, start imagining the sword blade used as if practically in practice or like the medieval faire showing. Start to practice moves you think that will work as though if in use an actual sword combat situation is letting intuition be your guide. Remember to work off the weight by drinking 1 glass with water before you see yourself practice, any accidents are your fault not the writer of this document. If you chose this method.

  What will this sword practice accomplish? Excepting for the arm strain, it will exercise the entire body in some small amount as if using a full suite of exercise machines accomplishing high impact exercise over weeks.

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The 7th method - not eating much and exercise

  The not eating much 7th method: This actually just is where you are what works the rest of the time and eat little. I think you can improve by tea or diet stuff if you do try this style. That is to think to lose weight by the 6th method the weight effort diet, this can include fasting for too much weight energy this is the method of not eating much for 14 to 16 hours and exercise is activity to lose weight by the not eating as much approach so change your approach to lose weight.

  Such as eating 2 moderate meals a day for more hefty people, then small snacks if eating by use of smaller meals. However this is meant for lesser weight people, I noticed this is the way they lose weight. Exceptions are where this may include eating only a large or normal breakfast but skimpy lunch and no dinner or some breakfast and no lunch and some dinner. Drink lots of warm water before meals and right after the meal, with cold water every time you feel hungry, otherwise, to provide the fat burning efficiency, but you may drink other liquids and be sure to drink water before you start exercising.

  Try to drink two 8 ounce glasses of water right before eating, so the weight loss happens 40% more often. This must be warm water. Drink it with each meal and drink it as you wake up and 3 hours before you goto rest. You can eat anything with this diet but try to avoid the sugar in substances except for fruit. You also might exercise to get rid of weight of at least 30 minutes to 1 hour per day.

  Due note: Water thats warm will help break down the food after a length of time. This is seen as effective and you don't have to do it everyday. If this method rebounds on you when you try as you might, you can gain from it if you eat more than you think you ate. So think to eat less, before you eat or try another method. This means you won't get much done. You will remain laxadaic sometimes if you think no longer to eat. So this might work, fasting with no sugar. This uses fasting as you eat normal foods, that has little or none as the sugar is substitute sugar.

  So the use is to drink substitute sugar drinks and work off the weight, thinking to weigh less and then the weight comes off you when you do enough exercise. Thats enough for the body yet not enough to make you pass out, from the effect of the heart pacing. As you do the exercise and maybe eat a bite, think your exercising the right amount of time then you do. This is used by the body to give you energy, thinking to do the exercise in the first place. So if this doesn't work out try another method.

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2000 calories diet

  The 2000 calories diet: Quite simply put, eat lesser quantities and avoid or eat less (small quantities) of carbohydrates and sugar such as spaghetti, bread or sweets. Such as smaller portions. Avoid high fructose and your all set with enough exercise. Btw, enough exercise is creating exercise by walking for 10 minutes to 1 hour of activity. That is you can walk until your tired upto 1 or more hours, and possibly take warm or hot bathes where 1 minute in the water is 1 minute exercise.

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The energy food diet

  The energy food diet: Most diets preclude that you don't eat very fatty food and still lose weight. But the you can eat anything food and not gain much weight is if you mostly eat energy food by thinking the foods there but invisible and playact to eat it, at least in your mind. So eat a normal or large breakfast and then energy food. Then eat a skimpy meal that is lunch and dinner beside the energy food or as you eat the energy food. Besides, it tastes like fried chicken when you cook them like that. Then if you add ketchup, drink 2 8 ounce glasses with a little salt it's great.

  Eating energy helps you feel hungrier by then you can lose weight even when eaten in huge quantities. Same goes for manifested food. Having a diet with the right amount of animal fat, whether in milk or meat, will help the absorbtion of vitamins into the body naturally without supplements. A reason why you can eat a Big Mac for lunch and for dinner for 10 or so years and be healthy if you also exercise by feel.

  Don't forget to drink water with your meal, there is the ideal with warm water. For how much its at least 16 oz. Think to use 1 1/2 gallons per day. For how much you should drink of water per day is here @ If hot outside (above 80 degrees Farenheit), then you can drink 3 or more extra water glasses or cups of water.

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Lose 100 diet

  The lose 100 pounds weight loss, this won't in idea work all the time yet will work if you avoid food or drink mostly with allot of sugar, think to lose the weight by eating breakfast where you think to eat healthy then, otherwise that's enough with 4 or 5 small meals a day. Then before you eat, as you eat or after you eat you can drink water or use drinks without high fructose. So then you work the excess off that is there by exercising 30 or more minutes a day. That is all to this diet. So die yet? If you build up to to the point you start with 10 or less minutes then increase the amount of time per try to 30 minutes as then you know to exercise for 30 or more like 45 minutes. Then you lose weight quickly even if you walk. So that is all there is by thought to do this as a part of the package.

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The gain and lose weight diet

  The gain and lose weight diet: Most diets preclude that you don't eat when you feel like eating. This is done by holding off until the need dissappears. So I think that thinking that you eat when you need to eat, you will eat when you feel the need until you hold off. This is also allowing the diet to work right, as you eat things without need and work the point off by exercise enough. This is the point of avoiding high fructose that is fructose not in fruit, then your creating the need that is by exercise to eat. So you could gain muscle weight. Muscle weight is often said to be heavier than fat.

  Then you take it easy for a day or two, this is exercising by walking and this is for anywhere from 30 minutes to over 1 hours worth. If you happen to build up the conditioning to exercising, then its osometimes use 5 or 10 minutes more exercise to make it effective. So that's it, work off the muscle weight and lower that weight by walking it off, then you know your holding off for a point or just eating small things such as a few mini marshmellows, as if one spoon peanut butter or some other things that allow you dissipate the hunger need. This is the gain and lose weight diet.

  Due note: There is sometimes a likely chance that you will eat if you don't immediately exercise, drink cold water or take a walk. The goal of this diet is to eat less by feel. Just try to remember that point and this diet will work out for you.

Sports club diet

  A limited but healthy diet is to have:

 Nothing much than this in a day. I would recommend supplements for protein if not using beef, so your not just getting protein from beef daily and you can use soy milk, unfried fish, soy beans, peas or other things such as a protein shake that is rich in milk and probiotics also instead of beef.

    1. Light cheese and or light yoghurt
    2. So much water about 6 for women, 8 for men, two 8 ounce glasses or cups with water. After you wake up then wait 45 minutes, then do things normally for hygiene then wait 2 hours then eat normally a meal with beef. As you eat think less to eat less or use a normal amount as you think to maintain the diet.
    3. Soup without butter or oil
    4. No bread and no sugar except maybe Stevia and Truvia sugar substitutes or you can go as less as possible on sugars.
    5. No deserts etc..

  Diet by the Sports club and Libby

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The Chimp or 45 minute 2 hour Diet

  The chimp: This is self-thought, use is to eat whatever you want. Thinking in smaller quantities but not too small, except if your extremely obese and consider small to be large or medium weight, where the point will actually have to be small in this case. Except at breakfast time, where it can be any actual portion size, except large. Seen there is a necessity that you think to work with others, think to exercise during the day or night where your drinking warm water or eating edible leaves after. I think to drink before meals and right after meals.

  Why warm water? It breaks down oil and fat easily, where cold water doesn't. But if you think, cold water can cause appetite suppression. So I think then this is amazing. Everytime you pee, drink 2 glasses of cold water after. When feeling the urge to snack, for your ability is what you do or there you eat unnecessary food. Drink 2  glasses of cold water, as this is a point or ideal instead. As the key to losing weight is using warm or hot water, this is breaking down the fat and oils in a food where your wanting to go or exercise so is do. Say and use is suppressing your need to eat by now.

  There are two types of exercise, there in this as a point which are the lifting weights style and the aerobic style. Its good to lift weights, think at least once per every 2 or 3 days. Whatever you can lift, where 5 kilos or 5 lbs are a good start weight. Aerobics consist of walking where your doing repetative motion, thinking is no longer forbidden and among other things with the body. Doing so is healthy so thinking I knew this I bet at least to the feel or creativity that is 4 times per week sometimes to everyday, some think for 20 to 40 minutes a day is the key to remain healthy. I think this is the point I reconsider if this doesn't work. Some other diet works too if you think the point through.

  But to seem nice an other things, try to be somewhat active every day for they that do things create with their ideal. For you could use your time wisely to create with your ideal. I think with the point to work or do they are aware. Oh yea I think to work so try to keep active, use is theory by activity is during the day and some sleep at night. With limited naps, by feel if any during the day. With you I think these are the ways of an old man. With limited naps is area feeling you are restful, if any activity this is during the day. I think this was where I was getting good effects or weighing good.

  I think charged water is cool for this so I think to drink two energized water cups of water is to focus thinking to charge the water till heavier or then this is colder to the feel, then wait 1 hour after doing teeth care with 1 or two more focus water drinks. This is where you drink the water you focus to seem energy to eat breakfast with a light meal, then after 2 hours that you eat something vegetable or fruit as lunch where eat a pure beef frank otherwise with other things if you want to eat lunch. Then think to work to the use by exercise. If you wake up in the middle of the night, don't eat just drink water. So then if necessary just do the teeth hygiene.

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The over 100 years diet and exercise

  The over a hundred year diet: To do this one, you have to want to live over 100, to work out and do as you would or could with this. All it requires is to lift up to 20 kilograms of weight every day 20 times and take daily walks, for at least 20 to 30 minutes each day. The weight your off lifting can be built up, an if to reduce your body weight that you weigh to see. See to do push ups or whatever exercise form by feel or think and do activity things.

  So if you trust in others, want for nothing, need nothing or create a point you can try to be somewhat active. This is usually by working with the feel of the point that is done and continuing on or doing something else with rest periods and build up the exercise routine by reps being done such as 3 starting out and possibly more later. This is where every day you work or do things, thinking and try to keep off the weight. More with easily done by exercise, that you come up with feeling good about yourself. So this is a later point that I came up with this, I think it works out if you try things out. Otherwise do what you want to do, this is just a guideline.

  Next is the point you make, this is to have two somewhat good meals a day, with drinking two glasses/cups of warm water before each time you eat. Cold water is useful or warm water with a edible leaf, when you feel the need to eat or you pee otherwise. Skip a third and more meals as well. One person that I know eats a somewhat good or good breakfast. And a skimpy to good lunch or dinner each day, and manages to lose weight. If you eat less long enough and buy a meal, you could start pigging out and only stop when you think to stop eating. So you stop then you stop giving, reason to eat ends and the pigging stops.

  So to stop is to not want to eat. That is really all there is to not eating dinner, like the old man said he did. Don't you agree? This is where you work out, wait and do things and lose weight. Skip either the lunch or dinner, so you maintain your weight below or go lower then you are normal by activity not both as Lafayette once said. For the main lunch or dinner, have some meat with it or go vegetarian style. Always eat less fatty foods with this. That is the over 100 years diet. Oh yea I am thin to have humour, so I have a laugh every day that you are alive to enjoy life.

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The swan diet

  The swan diet: The swan diet is where you drink allot of water and you swane or eat a little almost every hour except for when you eat a main meal that you decide to eat unless you don't want to eat. This diet works until the point that you are aware that you gained weight from the wrong food, that means you ate something with high fructose, overate, ate something with too much fat or something didn't agree with you and this does exclude fruit from the ban list. Feel free to use substitute sugar like stevia and aspartamed stuff. This finishes off my dieting list by including diet soda as well as carbonated drinks, this is excepting for soda that would dry you out and fatten you up otherwise. Beware, diet soda has a weight increase effect after a few days time, this is if you keep drinking it or even if you don't keep drinking it.

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The soda pop diet

  The soda pop diet: You heard of the deal, right? well this is the deal, if you are too busy to eat then you lost 2 or more pounds and you can use soda pop or tea. As this is a dieting tool, especially if its diet soda or green tea with or without caffeine. This is where you feel less hungry, with some diet soda, (chocolate mint) tea or with very cold water and piss out the toxins after absorption into the liver. So think as you must, this is the point or trade idea where you trade one thing for another. So think and go with what you have. However if you want to avoid eating and gaining no weight from it, then don't do it just don't eat as you make it up and think to eat energy. Also don't drink soda pop, as its unhealthy for you and could lead to eating more. It doesn't matter what you think unless you think to eat, as it is basically what you decide to do that counts.

  Seeing what that is that, I think they mostly have been using this. So use of water with a little sea salt, that keeps away dehydration or drying out and making you drink for a the feeling of dehydration. As a thought, this is if you dry the body out a bit. Thinking to the use of too much water with lack of salt in your diet. That is feeling dehydrated, so you could want more to drink as research says. Where you can have a little every now and then. Just be sure to drink 8 cups of water or 8 glasses of water every day. If hot outside (above 80 degrees Farenheit), then you can drink 3 or more extra water glasses or cups of water. So if you give a person the choice then, I think that they have the right to choose for what they do. Thinking a choice is where they come up with a pent up reasoning sometimes, so think to do some activity and pent up reasoning disappears that could cause by feel a poor reaction. This is the reasoning that I found most interesting.

  Then if you make something with the idea or allow things then they think it allowance by some authority, so you can lose weight as you want to lose weight. So I think this where you create less weight, this is with use of watching what you eat. This is where you eat less by moderation. Still you can think to be avoiding the more fattier foods like noodles, this allows you to lose weight even quicker. I can think "your losing weight with each bite", where as you eat and the subconscious does the deed and makes it occur by suggestion. All you really need to do is buy a large cup, the tea or something carbonated like soda pop. However what you don't need to do is get diet soda, if you don't do at least 10 to 30 minutes exercise. The exercise counters the possible weight gain, drink a drink and you suddenly feel like not eating until later on.

  Again however noted is the effect of carbonation, that you drink a little and you can just not feel like eating sometimes. So to beat the hunger if you do indeed feel hungry, I think its safe if someone walks around. For if you stand up and walk around or eat a little bite of something, sorta like a mini marshmallow or two as this is for the hunger to be fading away. Sometimes an idea is achieved, where you don't feel like eating. Whenever you think to do the achievement, you will get things back in order to work with things by feel. So if you think to eat after drinking soda pop, then hold off a bit and the need disappears. Otherwise just say no to eating or drinking more pop.

  Just don't eat for this is usual or casual, where you feel like not eating as though you'd hold off. Then you actually may feel like eating though, so sometimes after drinking a carbonated or tealike drink walk around until you don't. Seeing this is the case, you may except that there is no feeling in the stomach. Then you won't feel hungry enough to eat some more with enough exercise, just thinking to walk until you feel like doing something else. That is the secret to this diet as well.

  So if you don't exercise in some manner or drink or eat protein, don't try this diet. Protein calms the stomach and keeps you from wanting to eat too much. That much is proven, right? Well that is all to this diet style. If you don't like it then don't try it. As once you start drinking caffeine, you won't want to stop. So that makes or breaks the main goal of this diet, its your choice to use it or lose it by your weight going in any other manner. Seeing that there is a method, you might think is possible. There is always a way for you. So go out and find it. Oh yea, so far my manager who's on this diet has lost 14 lbs by it since she started from 11/03/2016 till 2/15/2017. So think about it for a minute, if she can and then you can by now.

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The chemical diet

  The chemical diet: This is a chemical diet that is working for me so far, if you manage to lose weight by this then enjoy it as its yours to deal with. This is where you drink diet soda, tea or other herbicide that is nutrient drink, that is hopefully without fructose or high fructose corn syrup renamed and then you can lose weight everyday, just two scoops will do it of the powder mixed into a milkshake or if a half cup water where you put ice. Blend and the point is done, this is after you stop blending and the ice is blended away. Think to drink and enjoy the milkshake or icy. If you drink tea or exercise enough, that is for 20 to 60 minutes, you can sometimes keep it off. By now you know me as a exercise freak, so I will expose myself a little more. I am your doppleganger and guide you, thinking about this only if you want me to guide you around by feel. This is something you can do.

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The stevia diet

  The stevia diet: the stevia diet is where you think to drink or eat with use of stevia or other substitute sugar. This could be improved by thinking to use tea and stevia drinks that you make. If you think to use the point then eat as you like, so hope you don't get cavities as you avoid high "fructose" corn syrup. Do remember to eat less before a meal, this is with the thought and suggestion of "I will eat less". This is done right before the meal, until you get this idea down. So you don't eat as much as those that weigh more than you. I recommend brushing the teeth and working out by walking so you will get the most of what you need. Keeping your heart pacing at above normal even after the exercise is done for 30 to 55 minutes a day. The trick is eat grains or some bread to allow the exercise to not tire you out. This is what will work if you think to eat less than 1400 to 1700 calories per day and try not to eat at night as you might eat more.

  This is akin to the chemical diet, where most substitute sugars are similar to their chemical idea. A point that means stevia is not unlike a "chemical" according to the European states, that is a chemical that is banned in Europe and can sometimes cause cancer. This is where you either avoid it or work with it, but so far I haven't seen any sign of cancer. Unless you count cavities as a cancer. That's all you will end up with, excepting the weight loss thats a side effect, if you don't brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with mouth rinse. See that it has either baking soda or fluoride in it. Then you can avoid the cavities better. So I think this is effective as it contains the most important parts of dieting, eating and exercise, if you think to exercise then you will. Remembering to exercise is a point you make to go somewhere and you choose to walk. That is all to this diet, right? Not quite, the meat of the diet is you must have some fatty, low fat or non fat meat and the idea of something like cold water to keep your apetite down. So that is the hard part. The easy part? Some eating.

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The Andrew Mcdowell diet

  The Andrew diet: This is where you eat less carbohydrates such as pasta and fried food, eat more fiber such as healthier food, eat more healthy fats and get more protein. This uses the drinking of cold water, cutting down and out soda pop and high fructose corn syrup. This works by feel. Think you can and you will lose weight.

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The workout diet

  The workout diet: This is where you walk 5 to 7 times a week for 45 to 1 hour each day with almost no breaks. That burns 500 to 700 calories per 45 minutes to hour and that burns 1 to 2 lbs per week. Eat 4 to 5 meals, with 150 grams of carbs per day for 1 cup rice, 1 cup oatmeal or potato otherwise dark green vegetables to sustain your weight or don't eat the potato, oatmeal or rice to lose weight. This works by feel.

  Think of an appropriate use and you can use this, too. The effect of taking a hot or very warm bath to use heightened heart pacing; this is exercise that causes less weight on the body for 5 minutes. This usually works if you can do things with a bath and not a shower, so do what you want to do with things sometimes done by feel. Think "People aren't bothered by what I do. So this doesn't matter." Then this really won't matter to them, even if you lose enought weight for yourself and almost too much for them.

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The alternate workout diet

  The alternate workout diet: The alternate workout starts with a taboo, use sugar or sugar substitute in your diet, and then some healthy good food like green beans or corn or asparagus or fish. Then work out for 30 minutes to 1 hour in an almost no break workout. Remember, you can swallow what your mouth holds to get an extra burst of energy. Sorta like in between the 1 hour long workout, you may eat or drink something and you recover your stamina. You know how this goes, to workout long enough you end up losing weight anyway. I call stretching, lifting weights and walking exercise by the way. This is just an example though, you may make up your own diet plan if you really want to do things. But the thing is, if you eat a little sugar, eat a little good food and exercise it off then you won't have any problems or worry.

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The wait and sweat diet

  The sweat diet: The sweat diet is the eat and drink water, earl grey or flavored water, then waiting or moving as you walk about and sweating it off in some sorta heat that you can stand. Sometimes wearing a coat or something to sweat in. Seeing how this can use some food, try baked food and tea, an as I seem to remember though with sweet tea or diet soda. If you drink 2 to 3 glasses of water or diet soda with each meal then, you made this diet work a little better. You can then sweat it off and if you exercise later on, you can lose weight quicker or quickly by feel. Optionally you can think the heart rate quicker, where thinking tends to speed it up for 30 minutes or less periods of time. That counts as stillness exercise then.

  This is also where you can stand the sweat smell an done is done, this is unless you use deodorant. So use some sorta scentor to accomodate you, if you try this diet. Oh yes, be sure to remember, eat and drink less than 1300 to 1600 calories to cinch the deal so you end up losing weight more quickly. The sweat diet works by drinking water and has somewhat individual results, that are different for different people. As mentioned here by water drinking amount, if you think about things you may realize not all diets work for everyone by now. So expect different results from what you do.

  Like for example, if you exercise while wearing a coat in 78 degree heat then you can sweat water weight off as well. Like for example, if you were wearing a sweatshirt, thinking and working with some idea as a point. As you wait you create sweat and the water is pouring off of you, as you eat or drink before this point. Then weigh yourself the next day and you lose a few ounces or pounds. That is eamples of this diet as it may work or otherwise won't work if you say, eat too much pasta and fatty foods that add up to over 1600 calories. So this is just an example, where you can think up your own way, as you want to use this you may.

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The eat n see diet

  The eat and see diet: Although this is the last tine, I made that I read this from. I think its now for time I write this one. I remember writing it many times before. I think this is the eat an see idea, so where you situate yourself you feel to not have to eat, thinking as your aware of the point you know is true.

  Think and feel is the cue for this diet style, as you think the point then. Seeing things you fee or feel the ideal situation. An if you are aware of things there. You create by what you feel is right, as you think to work with what is available.

  How you lose weight is eating less, not more and you are able to work it off. This with tossing away extra food you don't need. I believe is the secret to the diet. So think an off you go doing things.

  If you need an excuse think, as though being active and exercising is the key to start this working. What ends it is likely an opportunity to weigh and notice, "wow I lost weight."

  Think what you want or like for what you can do, as with this point is work by feel or you can be with this as a concept or ignore this point. This might take a few days, since if you starve yourself or eat too much lean meat you might not stop eating. If you find that you can't then. I think this is a point to create by what you feel is right and appropriate, nothing more necessary than that.

  So if you eat a little fat or some low calorie and non (high) fructose candy, an this is the body activity point that works off the candy calories. See that is usually by body reaction, this is where you can think to stop by need or do what you feel is best for now. So think to stop by use, you will know the different approaches to what should be done.

  Think for the approach and use is the feel. This is intuition by feel and instruction or instinct by thought. So you know the right way to do things when you feel that you need to know them. This is the way that I have done the weight loss in some time, using fruit, one or two pieces of candy and activity that counts as exercise.

  So you can ignore the feel if you don't need the food for an ideal situation, this is for as long as possible so you seem to hold off by remembering an use a fee or feel type approach.

  Thus if you use willpower over the body need, as you simply don't feel like eating things. You sometimes won't gain weight, if you exercise it off and this is only if you feel you over ate and overspent your budget.

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The sexual diet

  The sexual diet plan: The sexual diet with a planned or unplanned meal is eat as you want and then use sexual exercise with some form of other exercise as a dieting point. This means you sex off the weight for at least 20 minutes or longer until you don't need to do the sexual activity, then do normal exercise to lose the weight otherwise with at least 10 minutes to 1 hours of walking or lifting weights for 60 minutes. So there are warnings to this exercise, this diet is ruled by sexual lust and the point is a thought that you may need to get over insecurities. This is for things or idea to work off insecurities to make it work, if going with sex as a form of exercise. The idea is this, the form of exercise is your choice, the way you eat is fine as long as you avoid high fructose. Otherwise known as fructose and only if listed as a not in fruit product although its safe if you eat it in fruit form. The point is simple with this, use your wits and do things as you see fit or what you think is right at the moment. That is all there is to this diet. Oh yea, if you can't avoid high "fructose" in non fruit formation, then avoid eating fatty foods for at least until digestion is over or 2 to 3 hours before your next meal. There's your sex diet challenge, think and you can use it.

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The all fruit diet

  The all fruit diet plan: Basically as you do what you feel with tea or what you drink, you are assured some success by this if you eat fruit. This diet can create what maintains a weight loss or lessens the weight as you would want by feel. Before you do another thing, all it is, is the effect of weight loss from exercising your eating with fruit and drink what you want or if you drink pop as long as your working out 30 minutes to 50 minutes in one or more exercise sessions a day you will lose weight. Eating a little chocolate and the rest of the meals thats fruit alloted per day. About 1 to 4 squares of dark chocolate, I think that will do. You want to just eat 2 medium or smaller meals and 2 or more small meals after that of fruit. Thats if you can take it, use the fruit of your choice and remember, this is a small to medium breakfast and medium lunch or small breakfast and medium dinner that will work. This is just as long as they are fruit meals and you eat two or more extra small fruit meals or snacks. Oh the cost to this is kinda high so supplement with vitamins to make things better with the body if you have developed problems and do avoid too much potassium via bananas. That is all for the all fruit diet, so think to eat fruit and you do things right by it.

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The high fat diet

  The high fat diet isn't one for everyone, so take this to heart. All the idea is for you to eat whenever you want, some fish amongst other things with omega-3 fatty acids are acceptable. Now be sure to use some bacon or fruit and your all set. Add in whole milk and you topped off the diet, this is if you drink milk. So that's the idea for a high fat diet, this is a very expensive diet, too, so if you don't mind I will moderate and eat less of the fat instead. This is a point where the normal high fat diet is eat high amounts of fat, so the moderate diet is eat less of bad non protein foods and more of things like peanut butter and fish. This is a point in the past that I used that diet, I know the idea of the high fat diet works. So I think the point is mute, that is with the idea not being done all the time. So if you enjoy the high fat diet, seem aware that this moderates the weight. That goes up and down, this is due to what you eat and exercise will help keep the weight down, think to avoid too much sugar though. Then if you can do this, good for you. Otherwise this doesn't matter, that seeming good there is many more different styles of eating in this article. Enjoy yourself as you do thing, that's what I say.

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The SH Weight maintenance diet

  The shelly weight maintenance diet: Basically as you do what you feel, you are assured some success by this. This diet can create what maintains or lessens the weight as you would want. All it is, is the effect of weight loss from exercising or working out 30 minutes to 50 minutes in one or more exercise sessions a day. Eating a little chocolate or some fruit per day. About 1 to 4 squares of dark chocolate, I think that will do. You want to just eat 2 medium or smaller meals (small breakfast and medium lunch or small breakfast and medium dinner).

  So if you think to use the calories in a counting per list, keeping the calories under 1400 - 1600 calories eaten and drank per day. If you ate over 1600 calories then, use a 30 to 50 or more minute exercise session with heart pacing afterward. Note that you build up to this by eating enough food for the carbs or drink some tea. This contains other than (high) fructose in the nutrient description. Think and work out by walking or lifting weights 30 minutes to an hour, then use potatoes, this works with lean meat very well with smaller portions. If you can do that, then you can lose weight by feel.

  If you ate or drank (high) fructose, wait 2 hours then you can eat again. At any time you may eat afterwards, however you can drink water anytime you want to drink something until the 2 hours are up. If you drink aspartame, after drinking you might not feel hungry yet then you must know that if you exercise or do activity in an area thats warm.

  See that is the activator for aspartame, this is used by the body as the drink or food is processed. So I think its actually a safer form of poison. Seen in effect that swells the body a bit, then it unswells the body after waiting long enough. So you can use activity to get over the swelling that substance causes. If you wait long enough and do enough activity, you won't have any weight gain from the sugar substitute or substance of use that you choose to use.

  This I proved to myself, as I used it and exercised the swelling went down. I no longer felt the need for food and caloric store bought drink. So its safe if you don't eat too much and that means no longer maintaining your temporary weight, so you see that's what it formed and after its gone its no longer a need. Except for the sugar need, see that is what gets people with this diet. They can try it and it works, then it won't work as they suddenly feel hungry. So just think to adjust by visually eating and not touching a bite then you won't feel like eating like a hog.

  So if the waiste goes out a bit you might feel hungry, this is your heavier moment. This is sometimes caused by aspartame or stevia, an artificial sweetner, as you think to replenish the need for sugar by some snack. So pick and choose what you eat from a meal or for a meal to work right for you, then you eat less as you think to eat it later or throw the food away. This works to your advantage, so you can eat. As I think about this though, its up to you or food waste.

  Think to do what you want and the rest of the day can consist of small healthy snacks that are 1 to 4 bites of something. The total goal is to remain under 1500 Calories per day, but the most is 2000 from 3000 calories thats possibly eaten. Don't forget to find time and drink 7-9 water cups for women and 8-10 water cups. These are 8 oz to 16 oz glasses or cups with water per day. If hot outside (above 80 degrees Farenheit), then you can drink 3 or more extra water glasses or cups of water.

  Think and this dieting style is for you or works out better, if by the luck you have you manage to maintain or lose weight by this dieting style. So I think this is a worthy excuse an to go out and diet, am I right? Good you may do what you want to do. Now we are ready for the summer and thanksgiving dinner, don't forget the christmas meal. That's my rant about eating by the way, so don't forget about it unless its forgetting food and you won't get overweight too quickly.

  Avoid eating or drinking too much sugar and eating too much starch even excepting when you are about to exercise or work out. There are some very sugary drinks and food out there, namely chocolate milk and other store bought drinks I will call caloric drinks. Avoid eating most of the day, think and try to be remaining active as long as possible. You will be better off after a week. Avoiding the eating of plastic, other uses included are what I consider as that is not heating food up in the plastic or styrofoam container.

  Think and this could work out as you use Non BPA plastic with cold beverages, sometimes that means you don't get the rub off effect of plastic. See that happens when you heat things or eat things in a plastic container that is nonsafe in BPA rated plastic. Styrofoam is another form of non plastic though its similar and easily meltable, its probably unavoidable unless you cook at home.

  This ends up where you could be eating plastic and by what makes convenience with the the convenience bag and estrogen effect or uses are known about, this is where by use which you think that causes the body to store up fat and makes you tired. So not eating as much pesticides, see that can act as dopamine in the body. These pesticides make eating more for the good feeling you get from eating them.

  Thus as you feel or think, you would want to eat more of the food than whats good for the body. This is based in the idea where you are aware, so you see the nutrition and you know what's good for your body. This is mainly use in the Weight maintenance diet. So think and you know whats best, this is as you think and you know things so what you know is sometimes what you do.

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The healthy living diet plan

  Healthy living: This diet works except it maintains a certain lower weight that is there by feel or what you uses for senses. All that's required is lots of veggies, eat healthy snacks, eat lean meat and fish. Exceptions for this diet plan is you may eat what you want during holidays and do decent exercise. By Amber.

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The substitution dieting

  Substitution dieting: The substitution dieting is what you use to substitute things for other things in a diet plan. This is where you substitute fruit, things or stevia use for fat laden foods. So I think this is ideal for those that can't get done exercise enough, except for if you think the heart is pacing faster and staying active. Heart pacing is the key to exercise anyway. So here are the detailed idea variations, although sometimes they don't work. So here they are:

   Starving artist diet; Think to eat less by buying more art or art supplies and producing your own art. This uses the heart feel to create the art for the home, unless you know you can sell the art by feel. Think of the art supplies and then you go get them. If you spend more than usual, you could starve yourself and remain starving half the time. This allows you to eat less and work with artistry. If you don't need the art, then you don't need to use this diet.

   Item idea diet; This is where you buy the item instead of the food, that's it for the food diets. This could leave you starving half the time, so your aware of the point that's the idea you work with by what you think to do.

   Candy diet; The candy diet is where you think to buy candy and eat only a little of it, this is each day and that takes the place of food. So think to fulfill your idea needed and go by the idea point. This is a point from the past by feel with your sense of idea.

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The intensity diet

  Intensity diet:

  Intensity dieting is used if you think about losing weight and mean to keep it off as revealed by Andrew Mcdowell. This diet isn't for everyone, basically it works like a charm though and creates with a point. This is where you think interesting thought, then sit or lay back and feel intense. That is done to see result idea, that stimulates the heart pacing faster. This is done as you allow things to work themselves out and work, work out or walk thinking to create weight loss. This works better if you eat the right things, these things are fibrous things like beans or fruit and green leafy veggies. That is used to create the weight loss after the point.

  As always, if you drink water, diet drinks or tea and avoid too much sugar or don't drink anything with high fructose corn syrup or non fruit fructose. That is how this diet works. So enjoy your weight loss or weight maintenance, that is thinking as you can think. If you feel intense towards someone, then they stop and do something else. Otherwise, your causing weight loss for yourself. Then afterwards, calm down and relax by feel as you do things. Then others will relax and relate to you better. Also you will not feel like eating if your not intense, so if intense in feelings then wait and hold off.

  Then you can keep from eating or drinking energy or sugary stuff, that is because the need disappears from the point of view that your in the hungry state and the body goes back to normal. So think and you know what you could do. See in the point that you need something that is when you create a point by calmly going about your business, then you act on the moment and go get what you want. That is a point in the past. Just remember the idea you want to achieve that isn't eating and drinking stuff that's unhealthy, then you know you can lose weight by what you do. So that is all for the diets, now for some alternative diets.

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The fat diet

  Fat diet: This is where you think to eat what you want and work out in the physical world. However I would recommend, that you drink water or low calorie drinks. As long as you avoid high fructose, then eat some fruit that has natural fructose and exercise. Then you remain slim and sleep good. This allows you to maintain the weight off or you lose the weight very easily. This is done if you exercise enogh (maybe 20 or 30 minutes to 1 hour or more and taking a warm or hot bath counts as part of your exercise. As long as the heart pace is raised, then you can think and know and you are slender by feeling better. Remember to eat below 1400 to 1600 calories with this, then you will get better results wwith actual weight loss of 1 to 3 lbs per every other few days.

  However if this is true, if you find yourself very hungry and won't stop eating, then do some martial arts or eat a little fat in your diet, you start to hold off naturally on eating by feel. If you are aware of what you eat, then do magic to cancel out the effect of the need and this is holding off by pulling in the stomach and tracing a inward spral on the stomach itself. So then you create a healthy diet, think to allow for healthy greens or beans. Something that contains fiber and protein. See otherwise you might not go below the point, that you stop losing weight. Think about it for a moment, you know what you can do with this.

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The philly beef diet

  The philly beef diet: This is basically a routine; wake up, wait 30 minutes after drinking water, drink more water then eat beef or a philly beef steak and some fruit. Then wait 2 hours or more and eat a normal meal or healthy snack, if possible. After that snack around or do what is necessary to hold off and not eat the rest of the day. Don't forget to exercise off the caloric energy. That is all to this diet. As always avoid high fructose corn syrup. so this worls out beautifully for you if you want to try this diet out.

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Intermittent fasting

  Intermittent fasting: If your aware of fasting, then seem aware that in intermittent fasting, this is where you fast or eat less two days in the week. This intermittent fasting is effective and is with 420 calories non carbs per those two days. They can be any two days of the week, too. This causes you to lose weight by feel, so think to stop when you don't need it.

The Keto diet

  Keto dieting: This is a high good fat and moderate protein diet, except you can have no bread and your dramatically red ucing carbohydrates. That means this is with almost no carbs and thinking to eat only protein and good fat. You can also eat bacon, eggs and cheese with whatever you want without high fructose or fructose.

  So after losing all that weight, think to slowly reintroduce carbs and work off the weight by exercise or workouts. This is the key maintain off the weight. One thing to note id the keto crotch smell, this is where you create weight loss snd get a bad odor from the crotch area. However it goes away by losing enough weight, and getting to the maintenance of a lower weight. So no worries, there is likely chance that keto crotch disappears. Enjoy the diet though, this diet actually works.

  Here is a list of foods that need to be reduced or eliminated on a ketogenic diet from Healthline or this site if its no longer up:

Sugary foods: Soda, fruit juice, smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy, etc.
Grains or starches: Wheat-based products, bread, rice, pasta, cereal, etc.
Fruit: All fruit, except small portions of berries like strawberries.
Beans or legumes: Peas, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.
Root vegetables and tubers: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, etc.
Low-fat or diet products: These are highly processed and often high in carbs.
Some condiments or sauces: These often contain sugar and unhealthy fat.
Unhealthy fats: Limit your intake of processed vegetable oils, mayonnaise, etc.
Alcohol: Due to their carb content, many alcoholic beverages can throw you out of ketosis.
Sugar-free diet foods: These are often high in sugar alcohols, which can affect ketone levels in some cases. These foods also tend to be highly processed.

  Somewhat you can have is: eggs, olive oil, meat, fish, high fat dairy foods such as cheese, milk, and butter, dark chocolate, berries, garlic, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, coconut oil.

  Yet you should base the majority of your meals around these foods:

Meat: Red meat, steak, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken and turkey.
Fatty fish: Such as salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel.
Eggs: Look for pastured or omega-3 whole eggs.
Butter and cream: Look for grass-fed when possible.
Cheese: Unprocessed cheese (cheddar, goat, cream, blue or mozzarella).
Nuts and seeds: Almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, etc.
Healthy oils: Primarily extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil.
Avocados: Whole avocados or freshly made guacamole.
Low-carb veggies: Most green veggies, tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc.
Condiments: You can use salt, pepper and various healthy herbs and spices.

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Anything goes diet

  The anything goes to losing weight diet: This is where you think to lose weight and drink water or any non high fructose drink. Then eat what you want and this is eating less, that creates this diet success. Think of the metabolism that burns away the calories, this is 1000 or less calories per hour, effectively. This allows you to eat what you need as you can have fruit and dark vegetables, then if you eat one banana in the day you have you will lose at least one lb. That's if you do the exercise to improve the metabolism and eat under 1600 to 1400 calories per day. This diet allows anything, except for food that has the sugar and high fructose though you may be tempted. This diet works if you think it does.

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The quick diet

  The quick way to lose weight: This is quick weight loss that mostly works. This is where you have green tea and exercise enough, that is 20 minutes to 1 hours worth per day then think and you know to stretch by feel to relax. The point is done when you loosen up and work the bones by feel. This can possibly cause you to lose 6 lbs in three days time. The point in the end is when you get results.

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The natural weight loss

  The natual way to lose weight: This is the natural way to lose weight. That isn't quick, so think of what you can do and you create by feel. This is where you feel or think to eat less, so you basically eat unless not hungry. That means you create a point, the eating you is natural and you eat less by feel. However, as long as you eat fruit then this diet will work.

  Soon enough you would eat less, so if you think about this and having reached your balancing point, that's with a suggestion, "you naturally lose lose weight". That is done without stress until a certain point, then you naturally keep the weight off by feel with life and death energy. Always remember, avoid high fructose and food or drink that puts weight on you. Also, avoid eating too much sugar. This is the trick to the dietplan. However using this diet, you can even have a cookie or some sweets. If you want to exercise off the calories, this is okay.

  When you think to hold off you think to not eat, you will no longer need to want eating as an energy source. You will drink water instead, unless you choose a low calorie drink. This means crystal light drink packets or some such. Also, as you weigh less, you will lose the need for fatty foods and unhealthy foods will be passed off. This is done so you create with what you have and can make do with healthier foods and less calories eaten per day. This is a point you think about, not feel to do. If you feel in idea to do things, you might gain back the weight.

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The working weightloss plan

  The easier way to lose weight: This is the easiest yet takes willpower way to lose weight. That isn't very quick, so think of what you can do and you create your actions by feel. This is where you feel or think to eat after drinking water when you get up and waiting 30 minutes then you think and feel to eat less, so you basically eat peanut butter or something with protein unless not hungry. Avoid too much bread. Always making sure to eat or drink two main meals per day. The first one is after 30 minutes from when you wake up, and the second meal is after 1 or 2 hours.

  Avoid high fructose and fructose not in fruit this is where you except for fruit, that is a sugar substitute made from corn syrup where the high fructose and fructose is spottable on the label. That means you create with a point, the eating you do is good if you eat and don't feel hungrier after. So eat until not hungry and you eat less by feel. However, as long as you eat fruit then this diet will work. This works with eating, drink warm water before eating when you wake up and wait 1 hour before eating the next meal. I tested this. If you think to eat before the moment of drinking water and waiting 30 minutes, after waking up. Then, you will gain a little weight. so no skimping on this diet.

  Oh yeah, if you feel like eating after you eat or satisfy enough, then eat a little fat, syrup, mini marshmallows or mushrooms and the hunger is gone if you think to will the hunger to not be there. This is the rick walker eating style by feel. Also remember, exercise is important, exercise 30 minutes or more per day, that's if you can build up on the time you can walk or work out. Enjoy yourself, that's the rule and the plan.

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The spaced diet

  The spaced diet plan: This is using a diet that is meant to maintain your weight at a lower weight, if you think to maintain it like that. This is a spaced diet where you eat small snacks throughout the day instead of eating 3 square meals, but doing neither after 7pm is ideal. Calorie counting is very important. Maintaining under 1500 calories within a 2-4 hour period, you can only eat and drink less than 1700 calories per day and no more. Also if you think to adjust the body to create the eating you need to get to a certain weight. Repeat as needed per day. If you chose a weight that's higher than yours, then think of the weight and your body adjusts its eating style to make you that weight. This adjustment is more easily achieved if you state the weight as "I am 154 lbs." Or somesuch. This is a point in my life I achieved this goal and used the tactic, that is spoken of with allot of exercise.

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The no exercise weightloss diet

  The no exercise weightloss: This requires bathing in warm or hot water for 30 minutes to 1 hour in amount of time. Eat anything you like, avoid high fructose corn syrup and you eventually will lose 1 or more lbs. This is in a day, no guarantees, yet if you eat less you will lose weight. The bathing is the exercise, so there literally is no physical exercise needed. I wish you luck, enjoy yourself as you can get results. Oh yeah, what helps this is fasting, that means you don't eat for long periods of time as you drink water and low calorie drinks to sooth the hunger. Oh, if you feel hungry and you must eat something, then eat a banana or hold off and distract yourself from eating until the need disappears.

  A banana makes you not eat for a few hours. Of course, walking and running is allowable, so make use of your muscles as you can with moving around to improve this exercise. The calming medicine in the water can be filtered out, this causes a slight weight or eating need. This can be found here, at and or get it at a store like wal-mart. Be sure to get the water filter that works with the water faucet adapter. Then your all set. This is a point by idea if done.

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The simple diet

  The simple diet plan: This is where you eat less, eat fruit and vegetables, eat no or less sugar. Where you have to eat, eat 1/3 or 1/2 of your portion, then save the rest and if you don't intend to eat it, give it away or throw it away. This diet works by feel, so if you need to eat and you feel you might gain weight from it.

  You will create no need by eating a little bit of things without high fructose, high fructose should be avoided as it's labelled. Like peanut butter (one spoon full), ora handful of mini marshmallows. Protein will kill your hunger, so feel to eat a protein bar or peanut butter and you can then create nothing of weight gain.. especially if you exercise the food calories off.

  This is usually 30 minutes to an hour or more a day of exercise. So build up your endurance and you can do the deed. This is a point in idea. Where medicine, such as geodon or some medicine with weightloss side effects, that can be used to cause weightloss no matter the point.

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The alternative diet plans

  Some iffy alternative diets: Think before you try it. Some may notice they don't always work. These are diets that I played with by feel.

  The McDonald's diet; This is where you think to work with less than 1600 calories as you buy from McDonald's buy less than 500 calories worth of food for 3 McDonald's visits. That is all you need. This mcdonalds diet, however just imagine this is a bad bad diet effect. Just imagine as it's 300 calories, how much you would eat with a single breakfast burrito several times a day. If you did that and took off work to do so, you would either have to get a good escuse or have allowance unless you don't mind being fired. Since this diet would take a job to do. The problem is their ketchup and bbq sauce, it contains high fructose corn syrup. If you ate the burger with the sauce then you might gain weight anyway, so if you want to lose weight the idea is the food calories so the safe bet is the Chicken McNuggets.

  The no eating it diet; So think anytime you want things and that is sometimes where your "no you don't" becomes a lacking part of the diet. So its easy, build up will power, say no and you won't or don't go near the food. Of course it's less than or somewhat equal to 1600 calories that you eat. If you expect people to go run to that meat pie you have stored in your fridge your wrong, however you want it you gotta eat it when you aren't with more than 1400 calories as most meat pies run you 200 or less calories. Thats a rough estimeate thats good even for today excepting for a change in what is in it, how its made of course that too can raise or lower the calorie count.

  The fast food diet; See this is the most expensive one, that is going outside with fast food eating as a diet. Careful feel or the instinct is with the name of the food. If it's expressed or indigineous then don't do it. If you feel good it feels right then you can do things, that's unless the person is moody or is indigineous, then they create with less need and almost no eating.

  So think and you know what's right. Careful study of the name will reveal what calories there are with it. Also use the name or description of the food with the word calories in a search in on the internet and you can get an almost accurate count by feel.

  The lying down and diet; So this is where you lie down and you don't need to eat by thinking of other things. Otherwise you can think "no eating" and stand up and do things other than going to the fridge. Think about it and you might eat. Don't go to the fridge and eat unless its meal time, if you starve yourself though, think to distract yourself from eating and drink water. You could end up eating more than you planned on.

  That's because the idea is where you need things, that will be there if you starved yourself for hours. This is the skinny on this type of deal for life to work out for you. Think about what you need and work with others and you can create a better result in life. That is why this diet is "iffy" and doesn't always work. If you want to try a working diet, try another one that will work for you. That is all there is to this diet, so enjoy what you can or do what you want with what works for you.

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Tension weight loss

 Tension weight loss: The tension you imagine is from real events or otherwise you can think tension to the body muscles. Unless if too tense then think to relax or you could have an annurism or muscle spasm. This tension you see or feel can cause weight loss. So if you can't lose weight this way, then just give up and do your thing. So the trick I came up with is, think calm and work with the tensions of the body. Otherwise there is tension headaches, those are muscle aches that are dealt with by thinking the tension disappeared from the muscles.

 So think and you know by what is the feel. That is a point to remember. That's all there is to this and there it is with a release by relaxing the muscles. You don't really need to exercise by this means, because if you think calm the way is clear and you are calm. You just naturally eat less. You see how easy that is, but if you find another way feel free to inform me of it. My email address is at the bottom of the article. That is here. That is all there is to this point.

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Dancing exercise

  Dancing: The moment you listen to music as you think to dance or move about, as you think to cause the weight to go down or go away then. Shake yourself as a dance that is done. That is all there is left to do. Do this enough then you lose weight. This is the dancing weight loss.

  This is the time to dance, enjoy yourself as you live. This is all that's left to do. Think then adjust things, as they are aware you did things right. So this is where it didn't go up. This is a no curse exists moment, so think as you want. This is the feeling that you can get by the feel that exists. If we exist then you know what to do. Dance as a point is a rhythm or use to exercise. That is all there is to this.

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Killing the hunger

Sex weight loss

  Sex weight loss: The moment you listen to music and/or have sex is where you can lose weight, if you think to cause less weight and that is making the weight lessen. This is where you have sex any given time of day. This is a sex addict dream diet, however you can get results if you have normal sex too. The more often you sex your partner, the more weight that you lose. Remember that as you can create improved weight loss with a combined eating less. So think to get results and you do.

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The modified diet

  Modified diet: This is where you can drink water on when you wake up and eat or take pills right after. Then eat one more meal after an hour. Snack as you feel it's necessary. The success of t his diet, depends on how much exercise you can do. Do 8000 to 10000 steps and you keep the weight off. Think to drink extra water, this is for healthy benefits. As always, avoid high fructose corn syrup. Enjoy yourself and remember, relax as you do things. This is a point you know things, so think and you realize what is what.

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  Active lifestyle: Active lifestyle choices are what keeps off the weight where you focus on remaining active at least during the day and get 8000 to 10000 steps done. If you do, then at night you can do what you want so you will lose weight. Otherwise you will seem like your neither gaining or losing weight. This is fluctuance at it's best. The weight fluctuates between one or another value. If you choose to do something else than eating or drinking calories, so if you drink water or crystal light drink packets think to eat 100 calories less and eat less caloried things (avoiding fat laden food like noodles) then you can drink up to 10 sugar free and crystal light packet drinks. This allows you to lose weight quickly, especially if you think to set a number as your target weight and work towards it. This is a known effect, that creates what you want if you need the idea to happen less weight. A mental trick is this: Imagine your body compressing into itself, then you seem to lose weight even though you intensified your hunger. Another part of this active lifestyle is this, the effect is where you create less weight if you wait. When you eat 500 to 1500 calories, then wait 2-4 hours. This is only eating and drinking upto 1699 or less calories. So you can lose your excess and your hunger, as the metabolism is what causes the processing of the food to occur. This is effective, because your metabolism processes up to 1000 calories per hour. Well, if you wait long enough then you will have burned off the excess calories, so that is all for the active lifestyle. Read further on if you want to know more.

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  Hunger killing: Killing the hunger is very important to eating habits. It can reduce the intake of too many calories without you even realizing it. Sometimes this isn't necessary though, as the body burns off the calories naturally per hour (I think its 10 times your body weight) and helped as you know by wine or water. See that is the activity that works by metabolism with the weight you have coming off easier, this is where some do exercise or keep active. This is the way the french keep the weight off. But I think this counts for you, sometimes they say don't count the calories as you eat less you are with less weight as less eating is lesser for sugar snacks so who's actually counting!

  Unless you want to do so then you don't have to count, that's if you get off soda pop. If your hungry and drink cold water, then the hunger dissipates away anyway. So with some thought to do things and doing activity, this quells your hunger quite effectively. This is just as long as you think not to eat at the moment unless you need the energy boost. Eating or drinking water has been known, according to studies to increase the energy of the body. So as long as you exercise it off, then you can avoid fat gain.

  This is the point that you know things, and can work with ideal situations to keep busy and avoid eating when you really don't need to eat. Even though you kill the hunger, your kinda stuck with walking long enough. This is done to get off enough calories burned to cause weight loss or cause weight maintenance. This is done by feel, unless you can do work outs with weight and situps or other body exercises. So enjoy this as you can, as yet if you exercise you can lose weight. This is your last idea to do anyway, unless you just want to stick with 20 to 50 minute exercise routine points per day.

  I think that is that so that is where this is done. So if your able, I think this is to do so where you can make use of oats cooked in water. I think this can be used to kill hunger for 3 1/2 hours. Make use of meat, the slightly fatty type thats cooked as in hot dogs or similar, as a point is there so there is a point that there might be other ways. Seeing this I think its mentioned before that cold water (at least one, two or three glasses full) can keep the hunger down. If your skeptical, think to the use or try it out! Prove whether or not it works. Don't just take my word on it as a point to do or don't do to create what you want. Some slimmer healthy type with a lower weight body sometimes use this and seeing this as I think the ideal, as you knew this was coming then you are aware.

  Otherwise where you are you are sometimes crazy, its to satisfy your hunger by eating nuts or whole grain bread. Eat enough of this and the hunger is appeased for a bit. When you try to eat meat with this, then the hunger can remain killed till you eat something like fried potato food. For the point that is there. For you know what is the thinking you don't always need something unless it is there, so if you are aware to react or resist sometimes eating fried meat can lead to the opposite. So think "no need here" as a point to stop by suggestion then if I think this is right, this is a double standard so you use things of mainly your causing. This is where less hunger comes by increased metabolism, this is with some heart pacing or exercising.

  If you must eat something when you decide you shouldn't. Then you know the point you work for, so you can use this method of eating: just eat one or two bites or pieces with parts of plant or edible leaves otherwise not eat if you don't have anything good. When you can do things with your hunger points, you can do things with your watering points. So you know that if you eat just one or two bites of things, if you separate the fat substance or glucose you can save yourself trouble, that's unless you are feeling excessively hungry and just won't stop because of too much lean meat. Then use a little fatty meat or created substance with glucose, and use warm water to break down the fat. This is so you annull the hunger easily, once the body seems to think it got what it wanted the hunger dissipates. But do try to avoid sugar, unless you intend to exercise it off.

  Why meat thats kinda fatty? Well as I know or realize, if you eat too much lean meat or lean anything. The point I thought was then you could end up wanting to eat more and more till your hunger is ravenous. As I experienced, to eat two pieces of buttery toast or fatty foods will cure it. This is called a form of rabbit poisoning. Where too little fatty foods or too much lean rabbit meat can lead to excessive hunger.

Visualization for lessening food craving

  The easiest way to get your mind off that hot fudge sundae is to picture this instead: a white sandy beach in Tahiti.

  Think a scene from your favorite movie. Act it out by feel or use a slow dance with your honey under a starry sky. Just picture something -- anything -- delightfully pleasant that isn't food related. Research suggests that doing so can help stop a craving, fast.

  Giving it Time may not cause lessened eating. Interestingly this is the end fact, despite a weakening of their cravings this can cause people practicing the visualization technique to not eat. This is less of their yearned-for foods during a short 4-days. But that would be the next logical result or step in a longer study if people practiced the visualization habit for longer periods of time. And even if daydreaming only diminishes the intensity of food cravings, so that's a great start to getting a handle on them.

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What causes you to eat more?

    Some medicine and eating enough sugar and sugar substitute, as with plastic can make you want to eat more. Eating or drinking substitute sugar can cause you to crave more sweets since its a substitution of sugar. So you could gain weight more easily. High fructose is like eating two or more meals by the fat in the food not being processed easily, and per ounce of fat this is at least a pound of weight and makes you crave sweets allot.

   So be warned: If you don't mind the sweets and exercise them off by at least 30 or more minutes of activity, then this won't matter. Otherwise don't eat plastic by eating reheated food, that is food that's heated in plastic, this is what gives you a false positive in happy body senses and you eat more of the food than usual. Finally, don't eat too much sugar or sugar substitute and don't eat high fructose, as it can be leading you to disaster. Thinking to avoid high fructose, look at the label of the sauces and other things. When it lists high fructose, avoid it and put it back or in the trash.

Eating plastic is covered here, in this Shine article.

  It basically states, "Leanness Law No. 2: Don't Eat Plastic:
  This ought to be a no-brainer. Indeed an you're probably already thinking, Well, I don't generally eat in plastic. Ah, but you do. Chances are that you're among the 93 percent of Americans with detectable levels of bisphenol-A (BPA) in their bodies, that is is plastic and that you're also among the 75 percent of Americans with detectable levels of phthalates. Both are synthetic chemicals found in plastics that mimic estrogen essentially, they are artificial female hormones. So your aware and this is like pesticides, these plastic-based chemicals trick our bodies into storing fat and not building or retaining muscle.

   Decreasing your exposure to plastic-based obesogens will maximize your chances both of losing unwanted flab and of building lean muscle mass. Here's how: 1) Never heat food in plastic containers or put plastic items in the dishwasher, which can damage them and increase leaching by the molecules of plastic coming off or away atomically into the food by the valence shell. BPA leaches from the fact polycarbonate sports bottles or plastic bottles 55 times faster when exposed to boiling liquids as opposed to cold ones, according to a study in the journal Toxicology Letters.

   2) Avoid buying fatty foods like meats that are packaged in plastic wrap because EDCs are stored in fatty tissue. The plastic wrap used at the supermarket is mostly PVC, whereas the plastic wrap you buy to wrap things at home is increasingly made from polyethylene. 3) Cut down on canned goods by choosing tuna in a pouch over canned tuna. Otherwise get any canned and jarred foods from Eden Organic, one of the only companies that doesn't have BPA in its cans for them."

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Exercise in a diet

  Exercise in energy use or diet: Exercise is important as you can think! This allows you to use the heart pace, that creates an effective heart workout that lengthens the exercise time. If you eat something, think it disappears from the body weight, then hold your stomach in and exercise sometime after the fact. Immediately exercising after eating, that means pacing fast or taking a walk is suggested. If you need energy to exercise, use a drink of water or low calorific and non high fructose drink. Optional is the eating of one piece of candy. This restores energy quickly as it is chemical energy. So the point of exercise is done more easily.

  What works with this idea is the exercise by walking or pacing after you eat, so if you exercised 1000 steps then you burned 40 calories. That means .04 calories per step. See a person burns approximately 13.2 calories per minute running, according to the American Council of Exercise. That same person would burn approximately 7.6 calories per minute walking. What's actually good to do is exercise until your loose stomach muscles bulge out and tighten as they draw the stomach inwards. This is a know effect of exercise. If you don't and you wait an hour, then your body metabolism would burn the calories away that you ate for 30 minutes as you are active. This is if you have a fast metabolism, though. So don't quote me here as everyone's different with a different rate of metabolism.

  Its a fact, the longer the exercise time, the more effective the dieting and the more you burn off the sugar and calories. So I think the exercise is improved, that's usually by working with weights as you walk. Sometimes this works by holding a heavy item as you walk, yet no guarantees as this is not excepting high fructose or fructose not in fruit. Also bathing as exercise is possible. Bathing in very warm or hot water is the same as a 30 minute exercise routine, that is where this reduces inflammation and blood sugar spikes after meals. This is where hot enough water is sometimes when itches start appearing from too hot of water, and the itches dissappear if raised or lowered in temperature.

  You see that ruins a diet and exercise time, if you eat something with fat that turns into weight its sometimes by fructose. This is made by corn syrup and labelled fructose or high fructose. That means it is highly concentrated corn syrup, if not eaten in a fruit. So again sometimes this works yet no guarantees, even if you don't do strenuous activity. As you think energy use, the energy is there sometimes in the form of the food or drink, so you can lose weight with exercise that you can walk, run or ride a bike for a maximum effect. Then if your aware of the weight and calories, so you can gauge how much you eat and manage your weight more effectively and efficiently by feel.

  If you extend the time of exercise by a point of food or drink or a nibble, with something you eat then possibly drinking water. After you can walk, run or ride a bike for 30 minutes then by feel or some time is use. That can also be used as a point, that can be indefinitely longer. So you don't really diet, until you think to eat. If a point is a point that you do something, that is usually by request or a bit less of a hassle. I have seen the activity, where you think or nothing done is also effective as you think to exercise. If you don't eat and do things, then you won't gain weight too much.

  Seeing if this was true I found out, you can eat right by feel and let the body adjust to suit the point that you think you should fit. So to get this I found this works by the subconscious, adjusting the biorhythms and working with the body action by activity. Any spoken or thought suggestion will do. This is where you crave less with less fatty foods and the point is you lose weight that way, so that is without actual exercise as you can think a faster heartbeat. The faster the heartbeat the more focusing exercise you get, albeit you only need a few minutes to 1 hour of this effect.

  There then is a faster heartbeat, so think a faster heartbeat without too much strain, this is effective for 20 to 30 minutes then you did a non impact type exercise. The other two types of exercise are low impact aerobic, when you do low impact exercise such as walking and working out using repeated motions and that is not with too much strain. Then its effective. So if you think to use less strain, then you do things with less stress.

  Thinking and doing or high impact, feeling things out you might be tempted to strike out. So think and do if you can, such as working out with a sword, doing repeated actions with weights, feeling and thinking and doing extrenuous activity. There is four modes to low impact exercise; walking, running, advanced sprinting and doing repeated low strain actions, not necessarily in that order. There is two modes to high impact exercise; Working with weights and doing strenuous repeated actions.

  If you need to know if the exercise is effective, then look at yourself. When you do exercise, the loose stomach muscles seem to bulge a bit and come back in the form of a six-pack if you do it enough, especially in time this is true so if you need the six-pack then you hold in the stomach as you exercise. This does the six-pack effect easily and earlier than usual. Otherwise the stomach is taught and basically flush, so you know the exercise works the correct muscles if you end up with a taught stomach.

  When you end up with less weight, especially true if you eat less and do enough exercise to cover what you eat. Otherwise that means you burn off enough calories, then you also know that the exercise is working for you by feel. However, the muscle weight is heavier than fat, so think about that as you lift enough weights and seem not to have lost anything.

  This doesn't mean that it isn't effective, this means you gained strength instead. So that is a fair exchange indeed. A trick to this idea is a countereffect, that is where you hold your stomach in and drink water as you think you will lose weight. This effects in minutes, if not hours so think and your thoughts can create what you wish.

Low impact exercise modes

  The walking mode is easy, start at 5 to 10 minutes a day and work you way up to 30 or more minutes that you can walk. Have something to drink as you do it in the heat of day. As, you can get dehydrated, sun stroke, heat stroke or worse. Always avoid temperatures above 90 degrees, if possible, when you walk.

  The running mode is a little harder, as you first must have built up stamina by walking and then you can run. So, start by running 1 - 10 minutes a day, by sprinting until you are tired. Then you go into a true run once you can sprint for 10 minutes, of over 10 minutes or more until ya are tired. But always build up slowly, as in 1 to 2 minutes more each and every other day,  in running for it. As, you may pass out unconscious and you know you overdid it, so think and then feel for a pulse then as you rest drink water so you don't faint. That is the point and do system, that I noticed some runners do.

  The advanced sprinting mode, if you can, this is to maximize the sprinting by walking as rest in the effect of exercise. Not many can actually do it, unless you walked for at least 30 minutes a day to build up stamina, first, without tiring. Before trying this, you must feel ready to do it and at least physically fit enough or think to walk 30 minutes without tiring. So walk for 10 minutes and then sprint for 10 to 15 seconds and walk for 1 - 2 minutes and repeat the cycle of 10 - 15 second sprinting and walking 1 - 2 minutes for about 10 to 20 minutes. Try to keep the 1 - 2 minute walking part at 1 minute and 30 seconds intervals, that you walk.

  The doing of repeated low strain exercise mode, this is the use of everyday actions or ideal acted out. Thought to repeat the action is countered by the minful act to work out or mind your own thing, such as stretches and use and doing other movement that doesn't cause much strain, thinking such as this in a exercise tape repeation or activity that you think to do what is shown. Until you feel not like doing it, as your doing something else.

High impact exercise modes

  The working with weights mode is done by starting with a low weight of 5 to 10 lbs and working till you can stand over 20 kilograms. This is doing the weights with repeated up and down actions of the arms or legs. Doing in repetitions of 5 to 10 movements per attempt and then rest.

  The doing strenuous repated actions mode is needed to be worked up to. As in, using a sword swung around for a number of times of ya choosing, then more at another day. Or, lifting up heavy items every chance that you get, as in a heavy bookbag or backpack. Think by the use or think for yourself, a heavy grocery bags and other things. This must be done consistently, use is lifting things much like weights. But you don't want to put yourself in the hospital, from the lifting of too heavy of objects.

  Due Note: As your body gets used to the exercise, you won't actually lose weight by it. Called acclimatization, where the body adjusts for the exercise done and to get any effect by it, you need to do more each time after a certain amount of time. The time you choose.

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Halted exercise

  Halted exercise effects: Halted exercise in a diet is what you think to use in a moments notice, when you don't have any other options. All this is basically is a point you wait and then do, that is a point you think about heightening your heart rate and holding in your stomach. Then do your normal exercise routine, this is a point that you think about or feel to do. So think and you know what you can do with what you have been doing. This includes counting your steps upto 1000, that will cause you to lose or maintain off your weight effectively. Oh be sure that you bring a water bottle with you filled with water or non high fructosed drink. This is done, so you can keep hydrated during heated moments and keep cooler otherwise. This works if you think the idea and this works, that completes my exercise idea by the way so this is done by what is after this. That by the way is how the cold effects exercise.

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How the cold effects exercise

  Cold effects: As the temperature is in the cold temperatures, when you exercise and do things, this causes your body to compensate and then produces more effect from the exercise. The more effort you do in the cold, the more effort the body does and the more you might sweat. The more you sweat, the more effective the exercise, some say.

  So if you use this as you do work in the cold, the colder it is the more you exercise so you actually do per minute. So 30 minutes of exercise in coldness, wearing skimpy clothes, makes it like 50 minutes in warmer weather. 40 minutes in the cold with exercising, allowing 30 minutes is 50 to 60 minutes exercise with 40's as a temperature in Degrees Farenheit. Thought and so on. You may wear a coat, too hot though is what you think use is only so much is useful though as this doesn't really effect as this is the equation. The weight physics equation so you can block out the wind.

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How to effectively deal with cravings

  Cravings: Cravings are the need of moment for food and drink that can be dealt with by waiting 3-5 minutes. The craving usually lasts 3-5 minutes anyway and if you wait it out by thinking of something to do you cancel it out. So the natural craving can hit you at any unspecified moment, if it goes away it can come back and so forth. So just think of the point and distract your mind or leave the area of food and take a walk as you hold off from the food or drink. This is how you can deal with the craving naturally without eating.

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Exercise by lifting weights

  Lifting weights: A part of the american diet is working out by lifting things, this is accountable with lifting weights and doing the walker. The heavier and more you lift the heavier things that you have near you, the more you could gain muscle weight. So think and you know when to lift lighter loads, you lose that excess weight. Then if you drink water purified by turmeric, you can create the weight loss that you dreamed of by feel. If not then think you will lose the weight and allow your body to eat and drink naturally, excepting for high fructose things that are bad for you.

  So always remember that you at least appear thinner then you can lose the weight, that is done although your heavier by muscle weight. This is a point in the past. So what I think at the moment, that you know things by relaxing the mind and doing things by feel, applies to eating as well. If your lazy towards eating or drinking sugared items, then you create a point where you can easily hold off on eating or dring things you shouldn't eat or drink. This is mainly snacks and things with sugars. Then you lose the weight more easily by what you do.

  However one thing to notice is this, as you gain in muscle so does the intensity go up in magic and duration practices or exercise increases. In fact, most people can get better effects. If you eat sugar or substitute sugar, then you create a point where the muscle weight disperses and you end up losing weight. This happens in a point of diarrhea or natural weight loss, that sometimes happens easier by drinking enough water. So this is 1 to 2 quarts of water or you could drink nutrition drinks (liquid vitamin & mineral supplement mixed with water).

See that you drink plenty of fluids to cause this effect. This means that you can work out and walk and do things with the body, that you create the effect of physical magic for by feel. If you think about things then you create with the subconscious and the spirit that does what you need. This is all in a practice of creating self-results. So think about what and where you do, you create with what is there. Remember, that in order to keep up the muscle, you sometimes have to eat or drink things. That is especially stuff without high fructose corn syrup. If you don't, then you could end up losing the weight with the muscle. So if your gaining any weight, then you can always work out and gain muscle.

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The exercise idea

  The Exercise Idea: The idea is this. Think to exercise 30 minute to 1 hour or more. Then if you bathe in warm water or hot water, since bathing is sometimes considered exercise (if warm or hot water) you handle the acclimating otherwise known as acclimitizing. This is done by extra bathing time.

  This acclimating is when you try to exercise, then the exercise doesn't seem to work due to the body getting used to it. This means you either do more exercise or take extra bathing time. So think about this where you can do extra exercise instead by working out. This also works to build muscle. That's if you intend or don't mind to gain muscle weight. Then your better off just lifting weights of many sorts.

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The nature of weight physics

  Weight physics: This is in it called the point of weight physics. Some may like to work things off by exercise where the correct exercise causes weighing less or lessened stomach. So if you meditate to "not to need sugar or oily fat foods from medicine use" to correct yourself, as you can think to focus a drink energy to be there. Some may lie to use this so use this with concern.

  A diet is actually an intake of food, so diet is allowed. So diet is a good intake of food and causes weight loss, where a bad diet causes you to gain weight, otherwise and finally a balanced diet is to maintain your weight or drop it to a point. A point in this case is 50 calories. The due or thing to strive for is to gain 22 to 38 points or 1000 to 1900 calories with a 2000 calories diet. This where eating over 1700 calories can lead to weight gain by feel. So as long as you exercise, then it shall work to lose weight especially if you eat less than 1700 calories altogether with enough exercise or heart pacing while staying active. Albeit as some can see, most don't actually count calories and lose weight easier when they eat less of the fatty foods. This is like noodles with less or not drinking and eating things with high fructose.

  So for heart pacing exercise use amount of time spent for amount of exercise x excess mass [your weight - the weighing you want such as 185], this is x .5 for the amount of time before passing out or / the weighing of gravity or 9.807 m/s^2 per second for amount of weighing less by focus before passing out. This is a time limit merely for weighing less or more by feel, if no exercise is done during the day and night you sleep.

  This is calm your mind, focus on the thought to pace race your heart. Then calm the heart down by allowing your heart to go to a normal pace. This is stillness exercise even as you move about or work out with weights. So think to lose weight that includes weight x time - seconds this I think is where the : is a dot for maximum or weight x times, steps or reps - the seconds counted as a decimal = new weight or thought x times - seconds = greater for lesser weight gained or lost. Take the whole or less than whole amount converted to seconds by dividing by 60 the time you spent exercising. That's in the fact what you get to use.

  This is with fasting by the area use with water that you drink or no food eaten for a given length that you time. The longer that you fast the more you lose in gravity. An example is I exercised 30 minutes 23 seconds where I weigh 196.8 so 196.8 x 1 - .73 = 196.07 otherwise 196, if you drop the decimal that starts with 0 this is with a cool point by the amount of fasting. Added to this with the hours fasted is the base of the multiple. I think that you can subtract an extra 7/100 for 7 is with the .07 x 100.

  Seen otherwise depending on what you ate as a point of too much sugar, this is by percent as there is a point. The fact that you did fasting 7 times or 14 hours that 7 is the multiple of 14 times 2. This is when or where you can create what you think by exercise time. So 196.07 - .07 = 196 new weight. Otherwise there is the point system for calories you eat where your eating is 1 point per 50 calories by the points you think as 196.07 - .06 = 196.01.

  I then think that this will work if you do the exercise to counterize the sugar or avoid sugar as you can. This is an important part of weight physics. Then is the fact you live like you do so then think to work or create as you wish. I think this could work with water or energized water to improve weight loss. So I think this might work by alpha mode, think to create an area or place that exists for you that you can work with as some vacation or otherwise wait for summer. So this is where you can measure your weight, this is usually by the scale or area focus points that you exercise for 30 minutes or the point upon end.

  I think this will work with improved water to cause special weight loss by joules per use that is done, this use of / [.5 or gravity x the excess mass with movement this is bmi use as your removing weight by movement with body weight - normal weight or weight you want to be] is for weight loss. Though a shift is use as you think to return the actual shift is by light gravity. With no rhythms you could see things then you could feel like your falling to the ground from outer space. That is to the ground then up again unless your focusing or sitting, that means some bug bit you or you think to work with drug inhibitors.

  That usually means that the drug induced state can do things to your body, allot more easily or water drinking can start it as you think fold energy. The blood absorbs more energy so when you are spoken or want to go then you go. Anyways if this were awareness this is amazing, this is aware you rise or lower again and lose your gravity. That is your excess weight that dissipates from you as somethings drop from you there, as a special concept that is done by the people you caused to be born for you. Life can seem beautiful if you notice the lights. This causes sinuses you think to flare to flare up then your normal, as you manage to get up then walk around quickly or not try to eat then drink water. This helps you recover.

  This is 9.807 m/s^2 / 18 lbs = 1/2 lb per minute weighing less per activity. Used right is 30 minutes divided by 1/2 x 18 that results 3 lbs weight loss by 30 minutes exercise if you manage to exercise off the sugar or avoid sugar altogether. Earth gravity is 9.807 m/s^2, 18 lbs is body weight excess. Used with gravity is 30 minutes / 9.807 x 18 = .16 or rounded up is .2 lbs per second then possible as .2 lbs for second x 18 lbs = 2.88 lbs lost or gained, where the seconds you can carry the weight are there. This is where you are if you exercise by moving with walking or working out for at least 10 minutes or more after eating sugar for sugar death sometimes with high fructose.

  This is times the excess x .16 for the final value for what you lost in the short term by exercising the weight off or weight exercising. The more minutes you spend is lesser amount you could actually seem to lose where the greater amount lost is by intense exercise that is measured with seconds. There is no real difference between the first or second totals using gravity or using 1/2. So for intense lifting or intensive exercise, where you walk faster use the .5 for the point.

  This is weight math for you as this where this is use by the exodus with just imagination, as you focus you can get the same effect as movement exercise. As this is just heart rhythm with biorhythmic blood flow that is move with body or blood flow by quickened activity. I think this explains things as to why you don't gain much weight if any with exercise. So ciou till tomorrow or ciou with tomorrow that you mind. You can't stop someone from doing things that they think are right if your against this so think about that.

The nature of nutrition in a diet and weightwatchers

  Weight watchers: A diet is actually an intake of food, think the nature is the point to do or not do. So diet is a good intake by food and causes weight loss, where a bad diet causes you to gain or not gain weight, bought food is seen so this is the use and finally a balanced diet is to maintain your weight or drop it to a point or except a point if you can. A point in this case is 50 calories. The thing to strive for is 24 to 38 points or 1200 to 1900 calories. So when you want to be seen as good looking or not with bad looks. Seen as you know or long as you exercise, then it shall work to lose weight. Albeit if you care, most don't actually count calories and lose weight easier.

  I think to be off better is eating better or less fat, this doesn't matter as long as you eat a little fat. So protein doesn't build up and form kidney stones. This is a necessary for good eating and nutrition. Good intuition for nutrition keeps you stable. I think to keep up a routine of eating keeps your metabolism high. If its a daily routine, then change it slowly and wait till your body adapts to the new routine. So to use less portions like cut the restaurant dish in half and to give it to a doggy bag to take home in ideal. I think this works allot as you might see what you eat but this won't be allot of eating. As you see what you eat and in digestion you can see that this is good as this takes less to think more or more cold water to think to eat less. If given the choice, you don't have to eat everything on the plate.

  When you eat by feel, you tend to think of digestion and whats on the plate is what you eat. Think to use this if you need to work out. Assuming or not assuming that you have food to begin with as this also is used to make smart switches and is thought to be or go and switch out the fatty food with the low fat food. This has a smart switch of better effect for you. You need to eat protein and normal to high calories of the right foods and drink 8.9 or more glasses of water a day and this will be truly effective. Also for the use of weight physics, try to remove at least one hight calorie item in your diet a day, for this to be even more effective.

  Think to measure the amount you use in say a bowl of cereal and make certain its right for you is also important. For example, to use 1/2 cup to 1 cup of milk with 1 to 2 servings of cereal. A serving in this is a half of cup. Seen or use, using pumpkin filling for the water, sugar and oil in a cakemix. So you eat smart and work better.

  One must eat a smart balance, as for protein, good fats, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, grains of rice, bread and pasta, and carbs of corn, peas, rice, potatoes. One must stay with nonfat foods and get at least one serving per day of protein with sometimes milk, good fats, olive oil. Good fats are Polyunsaturated fat and Monounsaturated fat. Bad fats are Trans fat and Saturated fat, seeing that its a point by feel and its okay to stay away from dietary fiber. One cannot actually stay away from the bad fats when you get the good fats. As you know, the good fats come with the bad fats.

  This is an example of a good diet;
Drink 5 to 9 glasses of water daily
1. Upon arising 30 minutes before breakfast then eating a little beef or some potato wedges (depending on weight for choice) if no beef after the thirty minutes are over.
2. At 10 AM
3. 30 minutes before a light or normal lunch an is followed by a drink of warm water, if a fatty meal or cold water if non fatty meat or other things such as dairy
4. At 3 PM
5. 30 minutes before supper

  2 Teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily
1. It works as a fat burner
2. It acts as a diuretic
3. It balances the PH of the Urine so you wont retain fluid or bacteria.
(Can be taken with juice, water, or over your salad or vegetables.)


  A. Poached/Boiled egg (1 or 2)
      Choice of drink

  B. Small bowl of cereal that contains no sugar.
      Choice of drink.

  C. One-half grapefruit
      Whole wheat toast (dry)
      Choice of drink

  D. Herbalife protein drink mix (2 scoops) that is chocolate or vanilla gotten here on ebay or here on Amazon, this is mixed in blender with 1/2 to 1 cup water that has ice and fruit in this mixture. Make enough to serve you one cup or mug full, and this drink serves as one meal with protein and is for people that are lactose intolerant.

Lunch and evening meals:

  Lean meat: (beef--all beef weiner, hamburger meat, steak, or roast; white fish; white chicken)

  Vegetables: (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach)

  Salad: (no dressing)

  Options: Low fat cottage cheese (6 tablespoons), Yogurt

  Herbalife protein drink mix (2 scoops) that is chocolate or vanilla gotten here on ebay or here on Amazon,, this is mixed in blender with 1/2 to 1 cup water that has ice and fruit in this mixture. Make enough to serve you one cup or mug full, and this drink serves as one meal with protein and this is good for people that are lactose intolerant.

  Cut Portions 1/2 and chew 15 times before swallowing. No spices of any kind. Only 3 items per plate, Use a small salad plate.

  Drinks: Juices: grapefruit, orange, (apple , grape, (dilute 1/2 and 1/2 with water))
(1/2 cup juice); Coffee, Tea, Water

  Snacks: Raw vegetables: celery sticks, carrot sticks, etc.

  Food for once thought: Obesity is the forerunner to many diseases. What goes on in your head almost always decides what goes on into your stomach--you must 'think thin' to get thin! If your navel is more than three inches above your waist then you might get diebetes and diseases easier. The good diet allows you to be able, and to think as if to remember easier.

 There are two types of forms that exist for women and some men, it is of a apple shape or a pear shape. Now apple shapes have a easier time to lose weight as the apple shape is in the stomach area. Then the pear shape is in the waistline and is harder to lose weight with.

  Now after a good diet, it is good to know that it takes 3500 calories or 35 points less to lose 1 lb with exercise or gain 1 lb without exercise. You can't add weight to lose a lb where you exercise. So to gauge a good weight for you some go by the height and calories. For women; 1100 - 1600 or 22 - 32 points per day, for males; they can eat more. As not eating enough food makes your body to go into starving mode.

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Bmi, Smart BMI and Body Fat Index

  There is SBMI or smart body mass index, that is more accurate and BMI or body mass index that is less accurate. Yet the body fat index is taking into account your body weight and muscle mass. Go to here or here for the body fat and muscle index. For sbmi is here saying accurately what you weigh if overweight or just fine, this is not according to things as the bmi (body mass index says from here @

  The standard weight status categories associated with BMI ranges, for adults are shown in the following table.




Below 18.5


18.5 - 24.9


25.0 - 29.9


30.0 and Above


  For example this is the bmi calculator or go then to what BMI is for, otherwise the bmi calculator or smart bmi calculator will do. I got this from here so these are the weight ranges, the corresponance is the corresponding BMI ranges, otherwise the weight status categories for a sample height.


Weight Range


Weight Status

6' 0"

139 lbs or less

Below 18.5


6' 0"

140 lbs to 183 lbs

18.5 to 25


6' 0"

184 lbs to 220 lbs

25.0 to 30


6' 0"

221 lbs to 283 lbs

30 to 40


6' 0"

284 lbs or more

above 40

Morbidly obese

Formulas for adults:

   1. weight (lb) / [height (in)]^2 x 703

        Calculate BMI by dividing weight in pounds (lbs) by height in inches (in) squared and multiplying by a conversion factor of 703.

   2. weight (kg) / [height (m)]^2

        With the metric system, the formula for BMI is weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. Since height is commonly measured in centimeters, divide height in centimeters by 100 to obtain height in meters.

 Example: Weight = 150 lbs, Height = 5'5" (65")
 Calculation: [150 \F7 (65)2] x 703 = 24.96

  For child and teens go here, at

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Tricks to raising your metabolism or losing weight

  Thinking to increase metabolism and lose weight easier, eat first meal of day to jumpstart your metabolism. The larger the weight you have, the more you could eat a larger breakfast. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to increase metabolism more.

  So if you feel as you think about things then work things out. The body will react to a daily routine in eating with exercising itself, think and if its in the morning it will start digesting again early on and have a raise in activity. Think to do this and you will.

  Coffee and tea increases metabolism, so drink black unsweetened unless stevia made of use in coffee to increase your metabolism. So this is vinegar sometimes with apple powder that works, I think as well does lemon water so if you get 1/2 a lemon and squeeze it. Placed into 1L water allows good taste, then you can drink sometimes with a straw.

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Heartbeats Intervals

  Doing exercise is a concept, if you feel you do this long enough you might realize and feel your heartbeats are fast paced, this is where you are moving fatty tissue in the cells from one spot out of the system, eventually. So if you think to speed up your heart, you do what feels correct and you can do a natural form of exercise. When you think you feel good as you do exercise you tend to move your body at a good pace, then you can remain active and you will eventually lose weight. Then if you notice its irratic, you will find your body might swell up. so resist the need and you create by feel what you think is right. This is a known fact of life. Do what you feel is correct and don't eat so you drink water instead. That only induces no hunger unless your metabolism raises. If it does, then you might feel hungry. It's only temporary, so if you think about the point then you will feel the idea fade away. Then the urge is gone, so by feeling the point is not done that is non desired.

  If you eat up some hard candy and fatty food such as lasagna or pasta and chips because of the swell. Then you will gain weight by attempting to suppress the need to eat, and wanting to eat more after the fact. This is true unless you hold off and the need disappears. Once again, this means suppress the weight, then you feel hungry enough to eat the weight you lost by the metabolism. If you resist the urge and do not eat or drink calorific drinks or food, then focus on the swelling the body will drop the swell-ups and you will in idea lose the excess body weight. Also irratic or erratic heartbeats are known for stroke, so this too will fade away like a bad memory. If you don't want to do things, then you won't and that is when the need disappears and you only have a memory of the need. So if you think about the need it will return, if you don't it will disappear like it wasn't there in the first place. The point is done, if you think about the idea then you will know what you did and didn't do, then you can know what occurred by the point that's done. This is with the idea, that you can use two different types of heartbeats.

  So basically, there is two different types of fast heartbeats, faster beating and erratic beats. faster beating is where the heartbeat is fast enough to move away the fatty build up. This makes it so you really don't need to exercise. The erratic beats, if there, mark the moment of need and desire, and eating could happen if you starve yourself or you realize your body got larger if erratic beating for 5, 10 to 20 minutes and you need to support its size. Then you know you've gained weight by doing what eating is done. The moment you think is sometimes what sets off the effect. Don't eat and drink things that are loaded with calories, drink water and you will notice the body dropped off its weight excess. Enjoy yourself as you do things, this is a known effect.

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Do Intervals

  Mixing in fast-paced intervals raises your metabolic rate higher than doing a steady cardio workout, and will continue to do so up to an hour after you're done, says Kristin McGee, a trainer and Pilates instructor whose client list includes Tina Fey and Bethenny Frankel. An Australian study also found that women who did intervals while they were biking lost three times as much fat as those who worked out at a steady pace. If you're a walker, simply walk at your normal pace for 1 to 2 minutes, then speed-walk for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat the sequence 10 to 15 times.

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Atomic weightloss

  Atomic weightloss is where you think about losing excess weight, think about the point you want to manifest then move around in the light, and you use the light energy to reduce your atomic weight by a few lbs for a minute or less. This is where you start to lose excess fat and create with the point. The aftereffects of this is where you seem heavier and lighter after the point of temporary weight loss. Do this trick when you want to weigh less and then eat less because of the point that you experience.

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Drink Green Tea

  Not only does green tea contain enough antioxidants to keep colds and the flu at bay, but it also does wonders for your metabolism, according to a study published in the journal Phytomedicine. Researchers found that people who drank the equivalent of three to five cups daily for three months shaved 5 percent off their body weight. Green tea contains ECGC, a plant compound that stimulates your metabolism, says Rania Batayneh, MPH, a nutritionist in private practice in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, and founder of Essential Nutrition consulting.

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What to eat and not eat

  What to eat and not eat is simple, you can eat rice, but avoid noodles and fatty foods excepting for rice noodles only with exercise. This causes you to lose weight and then keep off the weight easier by feel, especially if you avoid high fructose corn syrup. Did you know that ramen flavor packets contain twice as much salt than you actually need? As a diet I avoid ramen and noodles and realize fatty is the point foods have the wrong unhealthy fats in them and avoiding this fat is nearly impossible as the healthy fats are with food that have some unhealthy fats. So eventually after eating omega-3 and unsaturated fats, I managed to lose 50 lbs at least. That was done by this means in feel.

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Don't Skimp on Dairy

  Calcium-rich foods and drinks, including milk, yogurt with or without fruit and cheese, increase the rate at which fat turns into waste, says a study by researchers at the University of Copenhagen published in the The Journal of Nutrition. It doesn't matter what form of dairy product you're consuming as long as the serving size is adequate (keep it lowfat if you want to lose more weight!), otherwise drink whole milk and this is either a full glass of lowfat milk, whole milk or 6 ounces of yogurt is perfect as a meal. Also if you drink 1 gallon a day, you will lose weight quicker. The study noted that you have to actually ingest the calcium in its natural form; supplements don't work due to differences in the chemical makeup.

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Usage of multivitamins and minerals

 This is the point in idea, though you may get better results with other idea. The results don't last, that is unless you do magic energy focus with the supplement. So try as you might. Do as you can. This includes the usage of liquid or non liquid multivitamins and minerals supplements. That always works, if you get enough of the stuff. You can get this liquid vitamin and minerals supplement separately or already together. Otherwise you may use food and drink to supplement the minerals and vitamins. This is either from or, this is here for the liquid supplement or here for the non liquid supplements.

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You can use physical sickness

  You can use diarrhea or a cold or feeling that causes less hunger from the brain response, this is where you feel less hungry with some diet soda or with very cold water by using ice. This is then the point to avoid the cold ridden person or allow the diarrheic ridden to be near. So all you need to know is how to get the disease. The trick to getting a cold is rub your nose, till it starts dripping mucous then rub it every time you want it to continue or not rub it to lose the cold.

  If you want to use diarrhea, this is where by getting it is your feeling intense and slightly hungry. This is where the hunger goes away after some moments and then a bowel feeling occurs, so think to wait after drinking enough fluids and eating something. This can be with just enough sugar content sorta like a banana or donut then, if you want to you get to experience sometime the fluid shift in the bowels that will shift by feel. Then you know sometimes, as there are other indicators that you have it, that you have either indigestion or diarrhea.

  Be sure to get to the bathroom right, this is just as you feel a push of the bowels or bottom fluid shift. This is sometimes the only indicator that you have the stomach flu. There are things you can eat or drink to cure yourself, as you could optionally eat chicken soup to stop the cold. Some might thing the use is Elderberry syrup with honey or stevia and cinnamon. This is just an old common cure. There may be others that work just as well. What I think though is this, that the point is mute and you know things by what is done. If you feel then you can think and know.

  The trick to getting diarrhea is drink two, three or four glasses of tea sometimes back to back is straight up and after 1 second wait period per glass. Otherwise you can eat hot stuff for hot peppers or jalepeno or hotter. Just eat enough of the stuff to make the bowels run. The trick to getting rid of diarrhea or things, that includes conditions that cause not eating much and this counts among other diseases. You can use herbs and that is oregano as a body energizer or repairer or basil with turmeric as a water cleanser if you think its the water that needs purification. Lemon basil works as well, just add celery seed to cause weight loss faster by faster metabolism. There is a point there and then you can use oregano or basil, where the body has a reprieve that counts as a release an use is there as a condition and that is what fades away.

  So now you have it, for more useful ideal solutions with herbs, look at my herbs list or potion herbal listing to identify things by what you need. If you need to do this then your desperate, the point is you only need to turn off the necessity somehow that causes that need to eat and you can work things out. By working things out, then you work out and lose the stress due to water and food used as burn up calories in the body during exercise, so you know that you can create what you want as a result. If all is there then leave it alone, just think and let others read it I say that is all there is to this with more or less strain to the body that you can listen to music playing in the background to lose the excess stress. Just remember, think less stress less poundage by feel.

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The use of flavor packets

 This is crystal light or A&W flavor amongst others, that is where I think of the flavor with enhancement by packets put to water. The benefit is this, its only 0 to 10 calories per packet. That seems good for weight loss right? The bad is the aspartame, that means this is heat sensitive. That is where you can gain a temporary amount of swelling to the body, this happens with activity in the heat of the moment and drinking aspartame laden drinks. This drink packet system is what you think of where you can get it the stuff, that is when you get the ideal packets.

 Think about it though, if you swell in heat then either wait until the swelling goes down (that's obvious in the stomach expansion and limb swellings), otherwise you may do your activity in coldness or a cool enough area. This is a useful tool for weight loss, otherwise all you could think of for a point with a cool area refreshing drink. This should not be used if you think to exercise and you work in a hot area. Otherwise you could think you gained weight, yet know its only temporary swelling of the body. That shows in the stomach and sometimes in the limbs. So enjoy yourself as you seek out solutions to the point of a cool lower calories drink, this only gets fun after this point on idea.

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You can use a calories listing

 You can list the calories if you have a piece of paper or notebook and list them higher than you eat and you might not want to eat more. Less hunger also comes from this psychological use with a trick. As your brain or subconscious believes its more it will treat it as more and even if you ate less you still feel full. The suggestion is the thing that the brain takes and the subconscious does the deed for you. Be sure to be thorough and list what you eat high. That is the trick of the point that you eat less because you think you ate more or enough. However if you want to go without listings, then you may do so.

 Just remember to eat less, use smaller plates or bowls for smaller porportions eaten. So you can save it for later or throw away the excess food, there is a point if you can't save the food then if you think you won't eat it. That is all as anything is possible with this. All this is there because if you believe you don't need to eat where you didn't eat then you won't. So basically, this means you don't need or have to eat what you list, if it's too much.

 If you do things by feel think to eat less yet however, this won't work if you don't list sometimes. So think to list and you succeed, you are correct if you think I am pushing a list approach. Well you don't have to do it. You can list what you want to become, this is used as you tend to eat what you list. That is when you list the number you want to weigh as a weight, then what you think is the calories amount as possible value. This will work as well.

 Nice thought, right? Well its true as you think to eat you will unless you don't intend to eat things. If think not and exercise as you think not to eat or your just doing things then you won't. Its all basically psychology. Enjoy yourself as you do your listing, for I do it and I lost 40 lbs from december and I don't always list things if I exercise enough. This is where by some form of walking, running or lifting weights is done.

 So if worried over what you eat, think to reduce the calories and walk more then list it out and add the calories count. This is done with looking the total up on google, that is using a description with the name of the food and adding the word calories. Then removing one thing listed, and you lower the calories eaten. That's if an idea that you decide to do what is listed is done. The list is apt to change, given the moment is due.

 That is all from the kitchen including the sink. Enjoy yourself as you do so, this actually gets fun. Just imagine yourself losing weight and as you list things your not hungry. That's a way to make this work. So think and you are aware, as awareness counts for something. Might as well be for food as well.

 The point you write is a calories count after the food listing. If you exercised enough, you can count off calories and list a smaller number. I believe this means 200 calories counted off for 40 minutes exercised. Otherwise your fitbit was stating you did 500 kcals burned. So you can create the point of less weight any way you intend. This is just one suuch way. Here's an example calories list. Enjoy.

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The lost holdover weight

  The lost hold over weight is where the body shock is reaction, this is ususally of wanting to eat itself up to the point it was before. So hold off and the need to eat itself up to the lost point is gone. Yet there is a point where there is a deep fear that is within yourself to the effect of eating too much. This keeps you from wanting to eat by binjing, so you know it isn't always there so its safe to think you can lose weight. If you find yourself about to eat sugary foods, just remember the deep fear and think about not eating to hold off. This is a stop gap measure to do if you find yourself about to eat and gain back the weight you just lost instantly.

  This is done by focusing anf then not eating when you feel hungry and the body reacts by dropping the weight right off the stomach. This causes body inflation to go away by feel, if you think to hold off long enough with feeling the need to hold off and you don't eat. Do you ever think it a constant battle though, the weight and the body energy causing the weight to inflate by eating? This is intentional, the mind can deploy mental tricks as well, if you are aware of them then your not effected unless you want to be effected.

  This means your awake enough not to eat things that contain too much sugar. So think about it for a bit before eating, then you stop and hold off and as you are aware you can hold off indefinitely. If you can't, then think of using focused sugar effects. This is where you eat a little sugar or wheat like some mini marshmallows or wheat thins and focus the body energy of the food and sugar or wheat to cause reduction, this is just to cause instant weight loss or instant mass loss by feel. This is useful to cancel out hunger, and make the effect by aura where things work better. This effect lasts a couple of hours.

  So as long as the energy lasts, the need to eat is not there by feel. This is an independant idea that by feel you can create what you wish. Although there is a rebuff or point that the body readjusts itself, this is only temporary weight shown in the stomach. This is when the stomach is increasing and decreasing due to gas release to yet smaller and flatter shape and possible pissing out. Just think of the things to work with if you need to do things.

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Eat small things

 They say that if you eat small things, then you can usually reduce the need to eat and resist or not the urge to eat a cookie. Eat or drink under 80 calorie items and you won't have a problem like a little beans, some blueberries or mini marshmallows, however I would avoid sweets as everything in moderation unless you were hypoglycemic, or able to get low sugar. So that is a point, if you can do this trick, so if you want to start off with a good diet then eat the healthier greens like lettuce and other things. However you might want to know this, you can get too much eaten this way. So limit what you eat and work it off by treating it as though it were energy. Then you will lose weight for sure. That's unless you don't intend to lose weight, then eat what you want and work with what you have and possibly work with weights or work out. As always, avoid high fructose and too much sugar and fatty foods unless you were on a high fat diet. See this will put weight on you quickly after a day goes by with feel. I think if you need to know, then the point is explained online by search for healthier stuff. This is done through google or some other search engine.

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How to sleep and how this effects diet

 Sleep can effect how you eat by making you eat better, this is where you eat worse if you get less sleep and eat better if you get the right amount of sleep. That means 6 to 10 hours sleep if possible. So if you can eat better, you can also maintain off the excess weight. So I think this is appropriate for what you do, if you sleep more you could feel tired. So when you think about the idea to do, you could make the correct decisions with enough sleep. Otherwise you could think being done is finished with things, then take a nap and then you get enough sleep with enough naps. This is proven effective for those, that do this nap or sleep trick. Its up to you to try it out.

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How liquid vitamins and minerals effects diet

 Multivitamins and minerals supplements in liquid form or tablet form can effect your health by what is called the body recovery. The body recovers more quickly and you end up eating better, this is depite the bad taste of the supplements. The overall effects on the body is weight loss and maintenance at a lower weight. So think about using them, then you can cause quicker recovery and loss in your excess of weight. Now where to get them is a bit hard if you don't have the money, this is either from here for non liquid pill form or here for liquid supplement they could use in hospitals in their food, or some specialty store online searched for by google.

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Suggestion with idea to do things

  So I was thinking, what if suggestion could work as well. So what is suggestion? Self-thought stated or thought to create what is desired. All you need to do is state them out loud or think you stated them, this is usually as you feel like saying them and say them under your breath. If there were any good suggestions, feel free to come up with a few of your own. Then if you need help with them, these would be a few. So I think these work as I thought, for the purpose they seem designed for. The purpose that you think while saying them.

  So these are a few for weight loss, "whatever causes weight gain now causes weight loss", "I am too lazy to eat, yet not too lazy to do work unless work is eating", "what causes me to want to eat doesn't cause me to want to eat and I won't ever overeat", "whatever causes me to want a snack doesn't cause me to want a snack" or "I don't eat fat."

  Those are very good suggestions, an even better one is for pain reduction that is also useful for work. "Whatever causes the pain no longer causes the trauma or pain and things get easier." That is all for this article, till the next one and so I think this will be a fitting end to a tribute to weight loss. If you want to add onto the article, send in your suggestions and the address is at or for further info search the web for weight loss.

  Otherwise this is what I would do to lose weight, if thin enough all you need really to drop below 157 lbs is thinking and cut added sugars and do eating of fibrous foods, such as leafy dark green vegetables and beans. This will work by the idea you feel. If you don't, then you could keep your weight if you eat less and don't do that much exercise. So, think to eat less, then you won't gain weight. If you think that you don't eat fat then you eat less. See it's that easy, all you have to do is remind yourself that "I will not eat fat" as you start to eat. This lessens your need and you do something else, instead.

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Another way

    Also what works is just to suggest to a friend or another person, that you don't need something and willingly give away the food. This works most of the time, unless you don't have someone willing to take the food. This will work if you need the food, so all you have to do is give away the food to another and the food need drops away. This is a point in the past. This gets easier the more you do things like it. This is done to show that the point works. So don't mind their reactions. Especially if overdone, that is when they don't need the food anymore. So find some other time or person if you do this. This is all in the idea.

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The Wandering exercise

  The wandering exercise is where you wander around until a certain time, this is exercise if you think of the idea as quickness is what creates the exercise. So think of wandering around quickly, then you can get what you need especially if you wander around enough time. Enough time for me is 20 or 30 minutes and that can be extended in time of length by feel. This is efficient, so think to do normal exercise and workout otherwise, that's if you can stand the rigorous focus needed to do your exercises and otherwise workout. This includes walking, aerobics, water aerobics and lifting or working with weights. Think that you can do this and you will do what you need to get results.

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The quijong in use

  Doing some qi gong practices. Putting the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth in certain positions causes intense changes in the body's energy level. With the tongue as far back as can go, comfortably, it deeply increases the water energy in the body, bringing high levels of serenity and intuition, as well as a strong centeredness. The tip of the tongue on the top of the mouth behind the teeth increases the wind element and leads to a strong sense of freedom, light heartedness, and clears worries and concerns... a very light sense of being. Tip of the tongue to the middle of the roof causes fire energy to be raised, causing high levels of energy and drive. These are very easy exercises that have profound affects on the body, I highly recommend using. If intending to lose weight I feel the tip of the tongue against the middle of the roof, where fire energy is summoned when the connection is made, will assist to lose weight, activate the digestive system, and make you more active.

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The end

  In the end you can expect to lose weight, if you think to work it off by feel. This is the end that I think is appropriate. However if you gain your weight back, its not a surprise so think about this as things are going to be as you willingly want them to be. Seeing this point, I believe that things are awareness and you are awake most the time if conscious. So if your aware your awake and things are there if you need them there. This is a point to the past.

  I believe that things are as they are because you are aware of them, as they are well they are the way they are because you allow them to be that way. Think about this for a bit, if the end is to work it off then you can rest assured that you should exercise more. That means the leisure time you spend can also be exercise time, this is done by raising the heart rate and the pace of the heart for 20 to 30 minutes. Then the heart rate causes the blood flow of the circulation to create less weight after a day or so. This all noted in a day. So enjoy the article, and if you can make it work you then good for you. Otherwise there is other articles, that you can search for on google that is what could work for you better. This is all what I noted in a days time.

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About the author and success story

 This is me now and this is me sometime ago in the pics below. Notice the difference? I lost weight by what I call using several diets that I chose by intuition, what I think is the right diet however is this one: Eating what I want with protein, fruit and whole wheat or avoiding bread and potatoes entirely. Staying under 1700 calories mostly all day long and exercising the excess calories off with 30 minutes to 50 minute points. Mostly I started walking and did it day after day, this was until I built up the stamina to walk at most 60 minutes and that was not all. I also got off soda pop and stayed off it, I disallowed high fructose corn syrup anf non fruit "fructose". Then that was all I needed, except I needed to counter my medication. So I got topamax that has a generic called topiramate and all I needed was 25 mg. That was all I needed, topomax and topiramate has a side effect of weight loss. This also has with a main effect, a point of lessening alcoholism and headaches. So I thank you for reading my article and I hope that you enjoyed the topic.

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What I look like in-between
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