Timeshifting Rules

  The rules of timeshifting mentioned herein are meant as a companion to the Timeshifting Document. The Rules don't apply unless you can actually timeshift. Sometimes, you don't really need them, as its up to you, makes sense to apply the idea. They are:

  1. To always bring back things you want as what you bring with you is your own unless you know it will get you into a situation where you came from and instead you get this place into a situation. Don't do as you want, or as if someone discovering this is what comes or no as you lie to keep from being discovered for something that gets you in trouble. As in no thought, is no instant battle in life unless necessary.
  2. Try not to think unless necessary, as if just do and you know what to do. As a practice, you probably won't do anything, when the situation is thought about, unless it was necessary. If in a thought you shift guide what you will and make in life, where things tend to happen advise or not as if in and out is when you time shift/travel. So and you get away, as with the right reasoning so in this way your prepared as if you know what will happen is a premonition or promise.
  3. As to assume an identity is to become similar, in a point of perspective change by shadow or not like the idea and seem of them or seem as you think to be like that you think is necessary. This is to not bring yourself into situations with you being disrupted in energy, that can lead to diseases or to not bring your situations of yourself, by what you think in danger use as if danger sense, except for an object and suppose you are right, this which means its harmless, as if in harmony in the with the environment you blend in with an area at the moment. Other people don't have to put up with your situations so go away or stay where you thin or thick and things won't get you in trouble.
  4. To have a goal in mind before you do any timeshifting. To understand what you do while you are where you are helps alot. Allow for goal changes. Nothing is pre-required, as you do things, you are not prequired to do it, so do it as you want.
  5. To make no mistakes, revert while timeshifted. Do you want to return to your own time, to find a mistake in the past destroyed your present? If you are in an idea, make from a future or past present self.
  6. The situation you set, is the idea you think as if a thought in action. This is the point, there is something that sets up events and things are done as if a thought. So if there is something as you think and the set moment is thought up, the subconscious can situate things in the activity and create the new event in life as a natural act is a natural way of life. So however you act, over there is a natural way to do things as if you die you can appear somewhere else. As if fully formed from thin air with projection, you are alive until the moment of your actual death realized elsewhere.
  7. To never distrust your feelings and instincts, by intuition is a thing thought done because of instinct will probably save your life.
  8. Make no enemies as they would destroy you by long term laid plans or short term ones.
  9. To understand what situations you place yourself in, and that you can get yourself out of it. Come prepared with the tools you need, this isn't an okay thing to do if you atre invading spaces and this includes what is in as what is required to get the idea done.
  10. When you feel danger approaching, by signs as if then get out of the area. You do not want to get caught also you don't want to get fought.
  11. When in doubt of what to do, run or bluff. To lie well is important as to let lie and do else.
  12. When caught, never admit to where you came from. The only one you can trust with this information is yourself. Sometimes don't give that away to yourself in personal hygene that works with the environment.
  13. The idea that your secrets are your own is absolutely true. Give in and the info that you feel that is safe to give freely, it is without changing the future too much. As to save lives, you have to give certain information to seem composed and use is up to you. As you think, you can get what you want as a need is there by the informative time.
  14. Always accept the results of your time trip. It will sometimes be unexpected in how it turns out. Accept it, the said and told outcomes are your own, and if you want you can do what you want in view and otherwise no fear or as a natural right as you set things up you don't follow in a self-fulfilling prophecy, in otherwise if you attack or outwardly get assault things. You act out or not act out and can seem, as you are not dead by reaction by intent with what your brain believes. As though it was fate for things, in as you do  you don't and do not fall at the right time and if you decide to time things you won't ever seem to die as you can use the event as energy. As if you realize what you think and what you quit reacting, since you realize after you get hit you can seem to age and fade to another time as you do this you drop unconscious. After you realize you quit acting, as if you were hit and this is a time out effect. As if you don't, you act a time out that may be different results from what you expect, to fit the perspective your seeing in view by natural view by an natural activity and thought about things is life that can seem interesting with intent to do what you think.
  15. Hide or not, if you feel the need to, as you contact no one, unless it is included in your condition, or mission, so make yourself invisible. This came from on the cause of, "Hide - Make your presence unknown. If you think about it, being able to hide well enough, to make no one really aknowledge that you were there, works to your advantage, where many of the other rules simply come naturally. You will still have to keep some of them in mind, like "..never leave anything behind, unless it was intentional."
  16. There is a point to there law, as time as moment as purpose in the time that exists.  The idea is the notice at the moment, that is a point to seem in or switch in a use. Don't do stupid in things again, exception as if this is an idea that is possible with an excuse to allow the point you made or you will never come back to the same area you visited. You don't always in thought have to do every thing there in what you think out with your will. Think of the situation, and what in a point is a mention. That distracts and what you say, seem some good example as you can seem what is possible unless proven otherwise. This in a point of view, is what you are suggested thought creates what is, and you don't have to do it.
  17. But with fight things, this is the fight it to do it or seem in a thought, as you do things as is natural or nothing is what can serve as a distraction if to make use of movement is a rule as in if there are no others in the way. As in, "..make sure no one knows who you are, so you can't be traced and attacked." Which, is a highly important rule, if you think about it, and will be done before you even think about it. It is like the many different ways of hiding, as in hiding in plain sight, plain face hiding, act the other person in your mind, plainclothes hiding, makeup hiding and keep yourself unseen and unlooked for.
  18. Don't bother people too much, as some found, they might not like it. However, sometimes you can just get near them and they won't like you. Thus, they might autoattack you, sometimes by feel.
  19. The thing you feel, is if you need things and it might come as the subconscious in thought reaction, the right thought brings the right idea or scenes in the mind are seemed  in thought or not as if correct in the idea you seem what you want and make the as actions necessary. The right idea is viewed as you want to see the idea, with focus and felt energy in that area you see as the thought to someone creates the right situation for the right circumstances.
  20. The idea that when you do things, you can sometimes find as thought is a way you make as you go and if anything is possible you can think. As you do or not, you can seem good and accept yourself.  The accept it rule is a point, that your use is accepted to what you think. The things you bring with you as you act you can get demonic, and think if you are "demoninc or considerant" you can create better to make better. That is a point of view, no attack is the idea and is possibility that if you are attracting attention and walk through the open door, or not as you can seem a demon or if you dismiss it and seem to get a better idea you can get something better to use. The idea is to seem a use and if too useful you can leave, as you are willing in thought to accept what is rules or not be there.
  21. Be an unorthodox type person, to make use of things as they are. As if to make your own practices and idea that will handle situations and other solutions. Sometimes using others idea as your own.
  22. Be the suggestion or do activity in orders, as in you are the order and to act to give in to another or act to do so as you might find suggested.
  23. Be unorthodox in body action, as its to be as if you were the body of idea, an that guides others in attempts when they would gnow to see you and learn by your example. Remember, be of original idea and phrase things sensible or as with quality, assumed to seem right and if spiritual your energy can soar and how its said. Always try to avoid the arguement, so seem to give in unless you like to fight and then ignore of the rules.
  24. Be the time, make your own time as of it if it effects the af others or your own self. It is If its your own self, so then be accordant of the facts and how things are presented or represented. Its in accord of being only yourself, that things can occur along with the intent of other people.
  25. Be in accord with the time law of fact an is made effect, just nothing happens go with it unless necessary.
  26. Be of it, the moment or idea or thought to use it as if to soothe with. Be of a soothing idea and as a soothing presence. Unorthodox but not always there to be avoided or assaulted.
  27. Be as according to the law, Whether standard error, of law, that exist or not but on the spot, as its actually a ruse to make an it appear safe. To reflect on boundaries that is to make amends by use and knowing what to do.
  28. Keep people not confused as to your mission, and what your trying to do is unless you know its not. This is not not not going, or seem good to not get you in trouble.
  29. Time is an analogy in the time you create , so don't misuse it. Its as thought, on not but as a analogy and partial illusion. Any misuse of time, via actions, can be considered wasteful, so you try, to make sure its a good standard practical use.
  30. Assume it to be of use of you, if possible as time is a distance and what you think can use efficiently seem a rube, time is a rube yet if in to help don't seem to lie except to let it go on and lie about things that are your shortcomings, or not if what you were doing is alright. This if you can in mind, get away with what things are done as true.
  31. As if you are nothing in mind, you can get away with anything as this uses the idea, that is a point and if mention you can get things done by subconscious form use if you understand the use. Otherwise in the area you can get away with the opinion, or in lie and create what you want. As the subconscious makes idea, that is what exist, things in idea are as the revert is a saving point or things that causes nearly anything. That can happen is right use by correct methods, from the spirit learning it before the moment the idea happens.
  32. Time rubics are a point to the past and future can be created by what you do in the present. In the moment, if you use things you can get a point that is used right by usage and as you realize what you do you stop in and can do something else. As in end moment, at the moment you realize what is there. You can get a better response, there is a way and you leave as you think your useful.
  33. If you are in disaster, you can create a shift and by the idea you cannot seem that you do not do or not and think to use the energy of the disaster. As if you act responsibly, this is what you think as if in time as think in thought as if you give example do in thought. In time is active moment to do, or not as with the use of explanation.

    This is in time to do things, this is with the right things that are done to form the instance and when you use get and within thought your idea is away with use this is the right instance. What you want in life, this seems as though no is nothing, to negatively know what is done as in life is not done is not and stopped is in inactivity due to cold electric energy. This is the absense of energy, and not guided in thought is positioning in life as positive negative in things are not the right idea. Where the right things, are the correct things to happen as the right idea thing. As an instance right instance to create a point, is to make a point that is made by the creator.
  34. Things you ask are done, now if reasonable thought is necessary. Know the right thought is knowledge, as if you do the right things to get the right results. As situations are what you create by thought, the approach you take in what you do is what can create the next life. Things now done are by what pattern in life and create by what you think you need be. No don't do any of this, unless you don't need to as if the look and listen is the other view that is known. This is to create, think invisible and you are as where thought is done your ignored. Thus as long as you don't mind, in chaos clean the area as if to do nothing as if an act is to get better.

    As in a point that, that is never an attacker that is lead back to here. As in a tact of view there is not here and you, as if not found out and if you can get a better view by watching what you see you survive or not you need to seem dead. There is a point that of a personal view, you are a person of respect and thought is necessary if in a need to get away.

  35. Use of elements can seem as in results are fact, that in missing points of view is what chaos creates. Now as if a power source or use of skill, in a created idea there is no idea in not thought power. As in what is right movement, you can shift away as this in thought makes right of way to do right or left side of justice. As if not done or nothing, commit in thought and that isn't there. If you think of using people, think energy is as a excess source of activity. Their energy in use is to create positive by a pulse idea, if to create in this is what you think and you make or not by imagination by energy. To shift away at the right time is to create in life, as if an instance at a thought the right moment in an area and you can get away to do things just as you like.

  36. As in what isn't there in what happenstance, and that proves the rule as an idea is what is a thought. As you see a moment, gain energy by focus that in nothing by thought is out in energy. This is a particle field not by view except what is dark. To create in fire use is by method, nothing in thought is nothing unecessary as in time this in space appearant as this isn't necessary.
  37. Past is past and what you do is not if not needed, as you let it go and make, create and make use from what you think or do nothing by what you think about. This is by that you think about in thought, do thought, do idea. As what you consider in thermodynamics, you use the moment as a thought and this is momentum as not.
  38. Things are what is due in the moment as in use is what you don't bother unless necessary and idea that is not necessary isn't done, an in as you use things you can create things as if buy for less in by what you think as to create the rule is the rule.

    This is not as a point that life will do, and do whatever needed as you can create or know as you do. If you can recall the idea, you can use the idea as a source to create as the source is energy.

    Monotomous idea is not always done, unless allowed for.
  39. Temporal considerance is competence in time, with energy thought or incompetence by what you don't think. There is a point to point idea as concept is equlaiity even if the sides aren't equal in life. Dependance in life is a thought to do a moment that creates with what is there, independence then is to learn to make and do with things you make and use for others as you do with things you create, as you use in will and make as the thought occurs. As your ability can then manifest, as a point to make better creates better. As you think and with a will try to defend by Defense, as a class is possible with use of the idea as more offense less inference weapon ring is making use as this is a concept nether point and art in time as this is where things are left and an ancient destructed sight as a point is by a procedure your life is learning as this is what is interesting.

    This is where in 1583, Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) discovered that a pendulum's harmonic motion has a constant period, which he learned by timing the motion of a swaying lamp in harmonic motion at mass at the cathedral of Pisa, with his pulse as feeling directed the motion by focus that was in focused by thought and a directive motion. As this water and rhythmic motion is air energy in as this is a flow in energy creates movement. As with a point that you use time to make time in any use that your in and with, this is your out point in use as this is chi life and spread around things in places is not too bad and for what is possible for a cool effect by focus and thought is "cool". Think or not as you can talk people into things as charmed. Use a Motive after, as if to get and use an idea to get an idea as your idea is some non boredom to do and otherwise you can meditate to not get bad results, as though what isn't right corrects itself.

    Something to use is where all you are as a thought is a point or what you think is as an imprint to some text, think to do and what you think will possibly occur by the thought and your energy will that learn in or from life. As a point in life and as your life builds chi energy, by reasoning your mind can use the energy as a point can seem in an energy generator effect or not as you don't think to do the suggestion. The more this activity this is as you think you do the less energy you can use physically and the more weight energy you can use up.

    To be able and all of a persons desire, is to get things as to seem a result and with a change or thought to different idea you can recieve or get what thought you think that is gettable. Then be desirous but understood idea is to get a result as you get some point, as genious is the point is considered your use is energy and in the essence is ingenious by favored attribute the energy as the energy comes from those you think to get with aura essence.

    As you think, a thought is some idea that use is possible as you are ready to do what you want. But not greedy or obsessive, thought you need by what you think as a point to use is as a point service and service is thought over. This gets you stuff by you seeking it or acting like your seeking it out. Then the person will as thought your idea in their mind is to pay you for things they think will work for them as your help or you pay as a customer to normal relation in ideal.

    This is possible as it works with a good point to restore the energy to the heart, as time physics in modern time is especially useful or not if you act as if you have enough to do or don't have enough or you do have enough to do things with and this tricks people into believing you are supposed to be there as in an idea if you are with some business thats allowable or as not as you enrgetically use things. There is nothing in reference if neccessary as anonymous use is anonymous idea as if in thought this is another reference.

There is no possible chance to follow every rule. So don't be surprised if you break one or two. Be aware to accept the circumstances if you don't or not aware if you want to dismiss it as a fact on use.