18 ways of power generation

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1st method - Generators

2nd method - Bioenergy

3rd method - Pyramid of power

4th method - Core tap

5th method - Source stone

6th method - Aethe energy

7th method - Fuel cells

8th method - Solar energy

9th method - Nuclear energy

10th method - Fusion bubbles

11th method - Cold fusion

12th method - Coal burning

13th method - Human biofield

14th method - Waterwheel

15th method- Windmill

16th method - Object power placement
17th method - Tesla's power radio waves

18th method - Experimental free energy and power


1st method

  Anyway thats thought on energy, it is in the air and made by machines to produce the current that allows us to use machines through 17 different ways of science. The first method is to use a rod connected to a fan turned by steam and the rod end is with two copper plates opposite each other in an armature. The rod is surrounded by copper or barium nitrate wires to cause even more electricity near two good sources that use fixed magnets. Excluding from the notes pf physics class, use two mounted copper plates connecting within a few focus points to the surrounding cylinder through the copper brushes that works to cause sparks in a line that work by travelling a line throught the wire to create energy by movement with the wire molecules. These plates are connected to wires in the armature and this info in similiar terms along with the diagram below is from http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Simple-Electric-Generator or.

  The spinning rod is turned by steam to generate electricity flow from the brushes touching the plates on the rod leading to batteries and it is through fast rotation that causes current of 60 to 120 AC and is fire energy that mimicks trapped lightning or electricity. The airspeed is necessary at least with the steam temperature to detail how far it will go with voltage. Steam airspeed is negotiated by a measurement and temperature is converted into energy, with E% = Cost(x) = K/4; take the decimal as percent. Now the rest is easy as you are aware in life by being near with a dimentric measurement or energy measure E=d/W. Now the rest is easy with a dimentric measurement A dimentric outflow = dIf = s*E(decimal) = Amps. Rb = E%*.333 = Rb % = chaotic decay energy %. For how much power (watts), in each device is dimentric power = dP = VA = W, V=E%; A= Rb(decimal). For dimentric of airflow, t = 360s, E = 31.3%, 360*.313 = 112.7A * 31.3V = 3,527W = 3.5KW for 1 hour at 133 degrees Fahrenite.

  The way electricity flows, is decided by the phycisists and the engineers philosophy. Engineers say, electricity flows from negative to positive where phycisists say, electricity flows positive to negative. Affinity properties of like goes to like, through the atomic valence shell makes electricity work. Well there are many ways to show this, including a hand crank of electricity built from wire and a rod with a crank like handle or turnable handle. The rod is surrounded by copper wiring near magnets fixed to the sides and the end of the rod has two copper plating that is opposite each other alongside a copper brush to each side fixed in a mount making an armature that lets the rod turn and touch plates to the brush. As it turns the sparks resulted are electrical flow through the wires attached to the brushes, to send to a battery and corrupt the fluid to hold the charge from electrical flow. The wires could be attached to the device for direct line input. Optional is the powered motor that turns the rod as a replacement for the hand crank. A simple battery is two contacts and taps in a somewhat sealed container with saline and optionally is copper, cadmium or barium nitrate in the solution of salt and water. Then connect energy into the contacts to charge the battery by wires connected to a generator.

  Electricity as a detailed explanation is a handling act of affinity by the electron flow, through extra electrons in the valence shell of the atom, sharing through a medium of copper or barium nitrate wiring of the electrons through subparticles firing off and interacting with the atomic structure of one less electron, down a line in one direction, by attraction of the electron to the proton. The wiring is rated by load, and is the measurement of voltage on a line of copper wiring or barium nitrate wiring. The wiring comes in 10 gauge for internal circuitry and very heavy apliances like air conditioning and consists of thick not very pliant wires, 12 gauge for heavy appliances with stoves or refrigeration in mind consistent of thick pliable wire, 14 gauge for "hot" devices or heavy loads consisting of thick bundled wire and 16 gauge wire for small appliances with light loads like lights and radios consisting of thin bundles of copper wire. What the electricty does, is flow through and runs applications, by flowing through designed circuit boards with timers, volt drops, and loop circuitry. Then, electricity flows from the appliance, back to the source of the electricity. When the electrical flow goes back to the source of the flow. The voltage is not the same due to heat generation. This is called the voltage drop measurement.

  To measure it, use a volt meter across the copper line from the start of the electrical line to where it enters the application, and record the reading at that point, calling it voltage 1. Then, the next stage, is to record the reading from where the electrical line comes from the application, to where the line is going back to the source, which is the line end. Call this voltage 2. Now, substract the voltage 2 reading from the voltage 1 reading and the result is the Line Load. If the line load is greater than the line load wire rating, it will result in overloaded circuits or wires.  Where there are too many applications, like a hair dryer, a couple of lights, two spotlights, and one portable stove on the same circuit, there will be burned wires, with possible fire hazard that are useless for carrying electricity current. For other generators not listed in this document go to http://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_725.shtml.

2nd method

  For general purposes only, I will describe the Unified Field Theory. The Unified Field Theory is the theory that defines how devices can interact through kinetic motion of some sort. This works by the amount of belief and focus that interacts with the device and causes it to work through some sort of kinetic motion. The kinetic motion of a motor, revolving and solar energy charged core, electromagnetic fields, magnetic fields and the motion of the mind by mind over matter through focus, as it focuses or imagines something allowing that to all count towards kinetic strength of motion. The amount of kinetic motion focused towards the device with a set purpose, by imagination of feel to cause the purpose to happen, unless blocked. In the event of a device enacting that purpose, you train it through repeated use. With abuse the effect fails and it stops completely, it being the idea intended.

A Unified Power Field can apply towards a core tap and pyramid is also power that can be made by the use of Unified Field Theory as Energy and mass is space and matter thats manipulated by mind and spirit. A symbolic linking effect, to the revolving sun charged planetary core of nickel iron allows the Unified Power Field to make an effect through a device. It does this as it will do as the Unified Field Technician directs mentally by mind focus and it has been charged from the link. With such devices, there is possibility to anchor more than one source through the same means yet the planetary core alongside the sun or any star is the strongest, then there is air, fire, water, electricity and void that includes negative, evil, disturbance, chaos and ect.. These are same in strength with mixes or intermixes to incur a weaker element. Void is the absence of most with space just a manifestation of void to allot mass as void and void as mass. Space is an amalgram, or idea likeness, for existance or empty vacuum for physical objects or time energy ae infinity.

  Bioenergy or bioelectricity is the second method meant as the term living energy. Bioelectricity works by the junction surge action of living cells, and is what the body uses to survive. The metaphysical explanation, is that people are self sources, and thier soul is the battery containing the energy. Peoples bodies are the self-contained circuitry, that biolectricity running through to makes it thrive. It can run through other devices too, via a living energy source as a self-repairing closed circuit, by the affinity attraction of like goes to like to form a bioloop. Bioenergy acts like a buildup force, that gets to be so much bioelectrical charge, it leaps to the next similiar circuit that can hold the energy. Thus the closed biolectrical circuit, will self-sustain itself forever and continuosly recharging by biofeedback.

  The working biofeed energy circuit on principle has a smooth flow by biofeed looped energy jumps, appearing like a seamless working feedback device as a little energy always remains. This happens on a touch similiar to electrical discharge. Now biofeedback goes into recharging, because of the residue of energy, left remaining that builds itself up and restores the cell to its original state maintaning its life. The bioenergy cells continuously, recharge making the biomachinery or human body not wear out very fast. Each component will with use, wear out very slowly in an aging process lasting a long time compared to modern machines.

  Be aware that this technique is not fullproof of making designs or biodevices as it has to to be grown whole. It has a probability of working sixty percent of the time. The way of it is, to make use of a clean metallic, glass or cast iron container. The chemicals are two parts nitrogen and eight parts hydrogen and four parts oxygen and one part any amino acid or folic acid and one part liquid silver and 1 part ash to yield the smelly biotech growth solution bath. With the actual formula of N2H8O4Amino(Amino acid)Ag1. To use it you need electrical stimulus of some manner, and make this stimulas through the use of a computer. Do this in two ways and with each one focus energy to create the effect. Through direct input of video card sending an image of the device, by printing the picture to the device of a splitter, with the wire ends exposed and placed into the solution for stimulas.

  The silver particles are the responders that make a resonance field that act as the growth pattern for the biotech device. The other way to it is to use a radio emission device that is pointed directly at the biobath, sending the image causing stimulas with the operator focused at it. Having a bluetooth infrared radio device will work just the same. Use the transmission of the bluetooth infrared radio device by using a picture of the device you want and send it to the biobath. The silver particles will pick up the signal in the biobath and make a resonance field to initiate a sped up growth of the device. This may take a day or more and yet there is a way to achieve the result of bioenergy by simulating it and causing the affect of a live energy force.

  The stimulation bioenergy effect works through most living areas and flows through the electrical lines. To create orgone quickly, focus on the energy circuit. Use the phrase "seagy" (see-aggy) and the energy becomes bioelectrical. This reflects in the moment of creation and is to believe that it was always there and existed before you knew of it ae pre-existance. To reflect in the moment of creation is to believe that it was always there and existed before you knew of it.

  This is the orgone energy in truth as it interacts with things and humans, generated by feel of the person putting thought energy into the machine. Now you can use orgone with the biotech device to ensure the growth of the device. Just think or focus at the bioenergy stimulation area to get progress. To judge this accurately you must aware of the idea behind this idea. Most energy as in electricity is negative to positive in flow, where the "reversed" atomic nature of stable bioenergy isnt. as it takes the form of a hyperactiv negative energy with a somewhat negative type personality.

  To be the bioenergy lifeform it must at some point maintain itself as a form of living energy so the energy is inquisitive of the mindset of most. As the electricity is to flow along a line, orgone is likely to jump the wire and place itself near a needed force of less positive atomic structure including people if their tired unless in biotech wiring. This is almost growdy to look at so I will put no picture here, now to see what I am talking on, I will tell you that its like touching an icky substance that is strands of biomaterial of electrical wire. Otherwise orgone will stay where you want it while being elsewhere, and it matters on the will or feelings you send it. So what we learned so far on bioenergies are they can get into existance from orgone simulation or biofeedback device and it seems like its alive yet separate from yourself. Orgone cant control you unless you have control of it, but only if its in you for then you could find you are ignored by it. If its in you, then your is extended forever as it adds a separate supportive lifeforce to yourself. Even if the body dies its still alive with more than likeliness to appear like a half lich or necromonger (undead human with spirit manipu;ation ability).

This next part is a bit interesting as any orgone energy can keep you alive when it enters you, or when you get interactive with it and its programmable. So to achieve any devising you want with the orgone, make some negative energy or feel some emotion, to get an open channel to the live entity part. Then talk to it or it will become unreasonable and nearly kill you, by jumping into you with a huge amount of energy. Most people I know wont treat the other with respect if negative; so the orgone will react the same and mostly without respect, yet this bioenergy can act as boomerang with you keeping the same attitude and you may get it to do things. Most of the time the orgone will read your soul and mind unless you think otherwise. So the bioenergy will resurge and observe quietly till it needs to act. Now notice that the energy is opt to do as the requester wants with possibility of attack. It seems like magic, but an orgone energy attack is likely to do any nasty effect you desire including non-sanity or sanity occurence, thus go figure as it is more effecient and able to achieve results than magic itself. When your sane the orgone will seem sane to you as this is energy that reflects you mental state.

3rd method

  The pyramid of power is third method via a Unified Field Theory device that uses a gemstone, gold or silver pyramid pointed to the true north to send an energy force approximately one mile in distance through a symbolic link of mentally manipulated wild fire. Wild Fire is the atomic level interchange heat that is manipulated by humans through mind focus or mind over matter. This focus will cause the subconscious mind to be instructed to make the wild fire react as said person will imagine it. When enough focus is achieved through imagination of events, an idea will occur, but this would be taken on faith. The pyramid of power works because it draws its power from the sun charged spinning planetary core through such a symbolic link made of tachyons. This is also called a Core Tap and is a bit weaker at the surface unless its near a power well or power node.

The image above reflects a jeweled pyramid of power with a pyramid stone in the middle

    To do this pyramid of power, point the gold or silver pyramid to a alignment facing of true north. Through the imagination of an idea that is visualization or feeling of a pyramid and of the earth core you can make a symbolic link through the focus of wild fire. To make that symbolic link draw a straight thick copper, barium nitrate or magnesium baride line in your mind from the core to the pyramid and the symbolic link is set. Wait five minutes for the pyramid of power to be charged. Say out loud "I wish this to work no matter what!" near a lit candle. With feeling for the process to work without a hitch you may have to enhance it. Now mentally tell the pyramid by thinking of it to send out a Power Field in a one mile distance that will not hurt humans unless thier thieves and only power machines with what it needs to work. It will create a power wave that spreads out to the distance in a radius mile and any machine within this area will have energy in exactly how it is needed.

  In reality, the distance of the Unified Power Field will be infinite if you, the United Field Technician wanted to do it that way. It will feel like a low buzz in the background and your skin will be slightly prickled with energy if it is on. To turn it on or off, think of the words of intent that means on or off to you while thinking of the pyramid of power. You can also instruct the pyramid of power to defend the place of your desire in any way that that you need. What the Druids and Atlantians used this for was to power their crystalline devices and charge their drinks to make it healthier. The disease removing pool of water they called baths were charged by the Unified Energy Field from the golden or silver pyramid of power pointed to true north. Combined with the sulfur, the charging in the water created bone healing and disease removing effects. The mud baths were even more healthier.

4th method

  Doing a core tap for power is the fourth method will make an energy source that could power a house from anything, if you dont mind getting shocked. What it means is to tap the power of the planet core or other source with possible combinations directly for use through focus device. To do this just make a mental image of a nickel iron round sphere and this looks like a round shiny small sphere that has a label of liquid nickel iron under it in your mind. Now make an image in your mind that you would want to have as the power focus. It can safely be a coin for carrying around, a crystal that has very little flaws or it breaks, a piece of machinery, and a piece of a solid or constructed metal. It cannot be you because you would have a magnified energy force that would kill you. Now draw a line in your head looking like a thick wire from the core model to the focus piece.

  Once done is the area that is energy pure use, said focusing piece will be indestructable. The line is called a link like in Unified Field Theory and similiar to a load line with thick wire. It is your subconscious that achieves it because it is instructed by the imagination thats fed by visualization and feeling. Wait about one day to one week for it to be truly effective by being the energy tap. The energy flows through the easiest route and it makes its path through the symbolic link channel and pools at the linked focusing device. Mentally instructing it by thinking of the device to give power to what is needed will make this work.

  Then link the focusing link piece to the things you want powered and they will have energy even when unplugged. Link it to you and you won't need to sleep. Just rest by meditating on allowing core energy to flow into you. When you feel rested, try to do something useful and undestructive. The focusing piece will be slightly heavier with a magnified field of magnetic gravity. The energy can be directed by yourself to be in any form. I almost burned out my computer by using a core tap. I then directed the source focus stone to be a self-adjusting source of power for any piece of machinery. Only to not burn out the circuitry. When the energy fluxes it has possibility to destroy a machine with a dampening effect. Do this with a link that links as a dampened field of power or the result I described is possible.

5th method

  To make a source stone makes the fifth method for power as there are two different methods for power that can be used as energy, with source source stones being useful as slow energy creators and power stones used as general area power. Yet to get alot of energy quickly. The idea use is energy to use by the operating in thought feel that your senses near the devicing in life, this is focusable to create result by what you think. Use an alternative power source to heighten the entire area with 10 to 100% more energy with use of thought with a unified power theory. As your energy is thought to use, seem or create in life to create water energy effects or use the ocean to create with life focus in life by the idea.

  Due note as with a time device that is these can make the effect of life off effect, I will not mention except for this fact in the time device. The energy idea is waves with effective thought and action idea effects there won't be obvious to this area that is in thought the area of yourself if your brainwaves arent seen, observable or matching the right frequency, so the power source of the stone won't be effective for some people. These source stones can be made to do anything, including a trapsource. Set off or set not the trap source. However if you want in revenge, place or make a source item and set the purpose to watch the fun. You can use the body as an object with prospective of each use will age the body three months. These spells are usable for people that despise magic or disbelieve, as you imagine with energy near a gravity intense focus field. As magnetic flux can create with life or energy, the source will do it for you powered by disbelief or belief either idea is not always possible.

  The atleantian method and the water method can be used to charge or energy infuse the stone. Use this spell near the object for the atleantian method and say or think "polyng" (pole-why-ng) for source make, making the item into a source of energy also a nature that can be anything. For the gemstones or other stones method make use the water method. Water method is to run the stone under water while saying or thinking "make source" or "maisorc" (mah-eye-source) and its done. This water method can be used with any stone or gemstone, and it worked if its lightened. After the source object is made, think at it to get the object to do things. It needs to be told or thought at "don't be used by others and alert me on the attempt" then you may be safe that it won't betray you. Power sources are created by the statement "puapolyng" (puh-lay-pole-lye-ng) to make a power energy source out of any object. Another way is to run water over the rock or stone and say or think "make powerstone" or "maipuamass" (mah-wipe-puh-way-mass) for the same meaning of the words in english. Once created tell the object to "don't be used by others except myself".

6th method

  To determine the amount of energy, or magic is with the resistance effect thought in the area is the sixth method for use by power conversion. This method isn't particularly used, yet may produce energy as its aether in psuedoscience. To see how much psi-force is done with an act of energy focus use f=(focus in seconds)^2=n(neutons). Measure the heat or look at thermometer and convert the temperature to K(Kelvin). Then use the cost formula listed in the first method. Treat the end result as percentage of energy rounded up, in degrees. This energy can be used by focusing through spells and crystal, to run devices. To determine the charge amount, take the energy percentage and apply it to P = VxI = W. V = energy %, I = the Rb percentage converted to decimal, like the energy was 75%. Then apply the power formula, P = 75x.25= 18.8W. If theres not enough power, then there will be no working applications.

  The energy from the air can be gathered by a process called aekinothestics that is to apply study of light energy conversion,
geomancy, aerokinetic skills and contigency effects as probability to generating electricity and energy or channeling the energy by focus. of energy focus. Gather it into manifestation of energy waves that are felt or directed to an applicatable use. An easier way is to use a gemstone converter to make electrical use from the area.

  Preparation or power conversion crystal~ To do this spell, use any amulet or crytal, and have a candle lit, not red. Quartz. is best, for it can be trained for anything. To train it, hold the ceystal, then state meditudilythmaix (mead-light-you-dile-lye-th-maix) for power crystal create, this spell creates a power crystal out of any crystal or substance.

  Method 1 ~ Hold the power stone, and think to it "Convert energy." Now think of the application or machine as it was working, it should start.

  Method 2 ~ Another spell is to use the power crystal, hold the crystal and state at the device "lukythgyzmyt" (luke-mine-th-guy-laze-mit). It should be powered, but if there's not enough power to begin with, then this won't work.

  Method 3 ~ A final spell, hold the crystal then state at a machine "corrantlukyth" (corrant-luke-mine-th), to link the machine.


7th method

  A seventh way that mimics bioenergy is energy cells that use conductive material such as hydrogen inside a cell like structure that keeps energy longer. This can be counted as a type of energy carrier by hydrogen. The indivisual cells restructure themselves and continuously recharge each other by passing charge as in a biofeedback loop. A quote from hynet @ http://www.hyweb.de/index-e.html for fuel cells is "Fuel cells have a very simple structure. The cell itself consists of three layers, one above the other. The first layer is the anode, the second an electrolyte and the third layer is the cathode. Anode and cathode serve as catalyst. The layer in the middle consists of a carrier structure which absorbs the electrolyte. In different types of fuel cells different substances are used as electrolyte. Some electrolytes are liquid and some are solid with a membrane structure. The volts are low in a cell so like atomic biomass like living cells there are many linked together in a stack, producing a large energy current." The fuel cells from this snippet are set off by heat or a electrolyte like sulpheric acid to force a reaction. This method is destructive with a continuance of hydrogen gas as the key. The pictures borrowed from hyweb.

8th method

  An eighth method is to use solar energy panels for usage that charge a battery for machine usage by photovoltaic laser like conversion of light to energy. For implication, install the solar panels and charge the battery before usage. Base cost for a single object application source such as one object is 50 to 100 $ and the house units are 400 to 1200 $. Photos of solar panels borrowed from http://www.siliconsolar.com where you can buy them.

9th method

  An ninth method is hot fusion or nuclear fission that uses several small nuclei combined together and releases a large amount of energy controlled through reactions to heat water, from heated liquid sodium and effects steam to run a turbine for electricity. The element most used is plutonium or uranium. Barium is an offshoot from hot fusion thats combinable with nitrium to form barium nitrate and forms a useful superconductor or electromagnets. Lately was it shown to reduce gravity fields by at least 10%. Found at http://www.keelynet.com/gravity/scwheel.htm. Then theres this info at http://www.tva.gov/power/nuclear.htm which shows two ways to achieve nuclear fission in different terms.

  Note the borrowed picture from the site is the effect of boron or liquid sodium, influenced by uranium rods to be heated in a high compression non-steaming environment. that flows through to turn normal water to turn to steam and blow throught the turbine. making this turbine create the generator effect. The steam is condensed into water and then cycled through the pipes again. If the uranium is ever needed to be stopped ae the reaction then the control rods are applied which are supplied right next to the uranium rods.

10th method

  Fusion bubbles are a tenth way of cold fusion to produce energy. through nuclear fission it produces upto 1000 K heat or more.  In cavitation experiments with deuterated acetone, tritium decay activity above background levels was detected. In addition, evidence for neutron emission near 2.5 million electron volts was also observed, as would be expected for deuterium-deuterium fusion. The intense implosive collapse of gas or vapor bubbles, including acoustically forced cavitation bubbles, can lead to ultrahigh compressions and temperatures and to the generation of light flashes attributed to sonoluminescence. The results came from (SL) (1-21). R. P. Taleyarkhan,1* C. D. West,1 J. S. Cho,2 R. T. Lahey Jr.,3 R. I. Nigmatulin,4 R. C. Block3. More info is at this site.

The picture above shows the effect of fusion bubbles.

11th method 

  Eleventh method for control of energy creation, is sonofusion as cold fusion and this is described here. A short description is in sonic fusion using two sonic plates to converge on a deuterium and water filled cabinet or deuterium acetate to cause a single piece of copper or other material within to vibrate creating heat. This isn't truly remakable a result but it makes for fun as a hobby if you have money to spend. For more info go this article. Beside is the stringham sonofusion device.

12th method

  The twelvth method is to use a fossil fuel such as coal burning along with wood and biomass to cause heat and water steam to turn the turbine fan and create energy. The energy is cheap yet it creates more than enough fumes and more or less used.

The idea and picture above is from here for more info.

13th method

  A thirteenth method is to use the human power field is the aura yielded to create power.  When this happens there is a manifold gain in spiritual strength and soul strength. The effect requires silver nickel iron cadmium to make it happen. When the clip is worn close to the skin, it makes contact and the human aura causes charge of aether to effect power. Much like a machine that reads thoughts for those who need it from a silver node sticker to the skin. The effect will power one device. When said device is made to link to the power device, it will operate as long as the person thinks about it. Feel, think, and know that the device is using your aura to work. There is a slight chance it won't quite work as it takes mental activity to create the charge.

There is an advanced version of this. You take a human being and place it in a machine with silver nickel iron as the touch nodes. When the device is focused upon by the person inside the machine with a virtual reality gear hookup, to look just like the idea of the reality that you would represent to the mind of said body and brain, then you generate energy. When the brain is fully synced with the machine, you can leap to the astral plane because of the body being totally in stasis. With the brain and mind active the soul will be active and recharged. The stasis will happen because of the rest of the body with the compesation of movement by the virtual reality machine. The computer must has a voice recognition to it. If the body has movements, such as making of shit and needing liquids, there would be no problems because of the chamber in which the body exists. In the chamber it would become an automated cleansing and water and food dispenser/feeding by intake tubes as with hospitals or just make an imagination of feeding yourself through visualization and feel. This source will allow you to run an entire house without worry, yet be careful of the body aging. Usage of symbolic links will make feeding yourself easy even without hospital foods.

The person gains an artificial world that will make life easy being in such a place. The reason this body is in stasis is because of the energy being fed back into the body and thus made to regain lost energies as in total rejuvination. As long as the body is in stasis, the body will never age and the mind be kept in balance so be your own programmer to be. To make a body in the astral plane or any place you'd like just imagine it there doing something. Make it useful and do not be in a position to get caught under any circumstances. The other problem is if you get caught and die for some reason, then the problem is easy to resolve. Disappear and come back somewhere they don't see you at. Imagine events as you would like and it will be like that. You don't really die, it just seems like it.

14th method

  The fourteenteenth method is to use a water wheel or mill to turn the turbine fan and create energy from the wood or metal rod that holds the wheel, as it is whirling to cause sparks within the turbine. The energy is cheap yet it will be used only in an area with water streams. The math of this works like this with what I call dimentrics. A dimentric airflow, waterflow or otherflows = dIf = s*E(decimal) = Amps. For how much power (watts), in each device is dimentric power = dP = VA = W. For dimentric of waterflow, t = 2s, E = .27, 2*.27 = .54A * 27V = 14.58W. For more information go to http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blwaterwheel.htm and the picture is borrowed from the site.

15th method 

  The fifteenth method is to use a windmill to turn the turbine fan and create energy from the wood or metal rod with gears as it is whirling through wind to cause sparks within the turbine armature. An other way is to connent the windmill to rods, and the rods turn gears to turn an automatic machine. The energy is cheap,

yet it will be used only in an area with open area and almost treeless. The math of this works like this with dimentrics. A dimentric airflow, waterflow or otherflows = dIf = s*E(decimal) = Amps. For how much power (watts), in each device is dimentric power = dP = VA = W. For dimentric of airflow, t = 2 hours = 720 seconds, E = .495, 720*.495 = 356.4A * 49.5V = 17641.8W for 2 hours at 49.5%.

  Note, solarpowered backup with windmill and wind to improve the design effect of energy generators is the alternative to just the windmill.


16th method

  The sixteenth method to energy generation is to use placed objects focused with energy to become a power generation device. Thus its to focus on the object with set a locked conditioning, and by using 3 or 4 objects you draw from a node of power with a correct pattern. When the right pattern is set, then enough power can become available but not enough to power a device. The right patterns are described as pointed true north something

like the pyramids. What the possibilities are for the devising can be bioenergetic, feeding bodies, regeneration effects, enhancing machines safely and other. This is likely to be in place and keep your normal power or to power the spirits near including humans. It can make things av as if one effect effects all in the area the same if you focus the placements to do so or not.

17th method

  The seventeenth method to energy generation is to use a focused energy radio wave from normal radiowaves with a copper or barium nitrate wire wrapped around the antenna and is used with energy flow to cause a electromagnetic field. To become a power generation device, its to focus on the object with a set of locked conditions, and by using an induced into wire electrical flow by radiowave absorbtion, draw from a node of power with a electrical appliance for one to many devices powered. For more information look at Tesla's big mistake site at http://www.amasci.com/tesla/tmistk.html

  The effect of a tesla human energy field is to use the body as a container and seeing the aura change to a skyblue or grayblue color on feeling and knowing it right. The skin is then the accepted idea to effect the energy as your putting up with two hands to feel a current in the air. The current is drawn as in the Aekinothestics, and then touch the item or feel it, thenergy is put to where you point.

  For the easier way, use an anchor with a metal ball formation on top by feeling the anchor of a pole of energy sticking out of the ground, to absorb energy drawn by the air, electrified along with the coils around the anchor to act as a magnetic field, by feeling it charged with AC energy drawn with two hands side by side, and detailed in the effort of using aekinothestics as in the methods above, except the anchor is possible to separately effect without yourself being charged, as it is the anchor and tesla antenna where you are likely to get electricuted.

  Then the body and soul or the anchor is absorbing electrowaves to throw out to catch the machine in some manner. This might be enough to almost kill you, but due note; it also may power the machine. These formulas tell how much you get for the effort of being struck by any type of energy as for an output of percent Amps. To use the amps for this in % of force is to claim it draws actual current. So we can reenergize ourselves with a tesla wave of power from radio waves and spells or charms albeit ionic or positive healing, use extreme care to wear grounding of sorts. Much like a blue mage, we normals can do this as they have innate ability to absorb and reuse energy.

  With a capacitor charge of 70% its possible to energize a machine or any spell. This also allows yourself to direct radioactivity and a moment or two of background radiation. Once achieved the endup result is a powder feeling at the base of your stomach where acid turned to dust and acts like a resistance capacitor field. This takes once or twice to go around and create room current directed at machines. Due note: use of this method can create a radion effect or amplied energy field of other devices, to create a signal by thought direction or think at something and its amplified, or speak and its heard as if on a radi and in the head. You might be able to keep your power rating.

  At most the energy volts are possible are shown with the formulas:

  1. E-=Sq.Rt(4)E=2E=%; the quotient of E of negative inverted(hostile or evil) energy, E=79.3%, 2x79.3=158.6=60%. take the 158. and drop it, then use the 60 as percent.
  2. E+=1/4E=%; E=84%, The quotient of E of positive adverted(good or unhostile) energy, E+=.25*85=25.21=21%, take the 25. and use the 21. for 21%, after using the 21 as percent.
  3. E-+=1/4+Sq.Rt(4)*E=2.25E=%, The quotient of neutral energy or combined positive and negative energy. E=89%, E-+=89*2.25=200.25=25%. understand the idea that this isn't easy to take, yet it may leave you stunned, so take the 25 and drop the rest to get a 25% energy increase.

  Despite the claims that these are false and that tesla made a big mistake with his radiopower. The idea works to power your soul or sometimes a device, can this be my mistake? Maybe emotion and focus will get more strength. To go over the idea with more detail is a promise when I figure out more stuff. Albeit not many can do it, its an alternative.

18th method

Experimental free sources of energy

The eighteenth way power generation is eperimental free energy. It is the idea of requiring that this energy be free before its considered by and of for use. Some free energy sources include using cd discs, magnets, and a motor within a pvp pipe. Some devices use electrons in some typical means. Its of a source to be of use and to do to be able so find out more by searching at the website of http://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/technology/index.shtml.

 "The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them Sir William Bragg (1862 - 1942)."

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