Kujali Martial Arts

  For understanding of martial arts is a death art of magic, this is the point you stop or see to continue to see what you think. See the area by concept to see with practice that is done. So you might want to stop as this is a knee breaker or knee bender, that is hazardous if forming live energy in the first place to see the idea. Seeing is live or other elemental energy into the form as if martial arts were an interesting use, these are techniques that are use with the art of self defense as to kill without pity and with true feel that to win is a loss and with or without weapons. For more information go http://www.truepowermartialarts.com/fight.php, or you may try Judo.

  The martial arts decribed here are, for people of advanced users, or those interested, in using the techniques below. These are based off spirit focus to speed up time around you very fast as if the speed is lightning quick, imagine and think 100 x faster as you think and use these fighting idea in life if you want to win a competing fight or thought to do is to win and or lose. If necessary this is as if in the martial arts form called kujali (art of methods). Kujala (art of balance) is the base of Kujali, if you use kujali you really must be willing to fight, for what you see a belief to use as a must use is the energy by action to aid and hinder the foes as you balance yourself.

  Say as this is use of chi and balanced body action with some sort with spirit exercise in order to draw or focus chi and as you are an able body use is a thought to collect from the area by your 2nd set of hands that are spirit hands from your Hara. To limit break think and set your goal as to except the win and lose energy as you let things go as you are not overenergized and you are with enough energy, to win as a perfect idea is thought to use things as if any object to seem in energy idea and as a sorta match.

  This is as if to let it go with use that is on the person, and only sane as that is only if use is used on that which is attacking you as use makes deadly influence by this thought, "die" as you touch or kill the attacker using the attack energy as if a redirecting focus of energy as if an idea is to light skies with fire to lightning from a hit. This is at use of the spheres to become through the aura a color of choice by what you feel with lightning or fire light, as you cast or say "disintegration" and think of the target and release that energy as if right on target and that can incinerate nearly anything.

   As if a thought this is a point as mention is reference and I have only seen this a few times, as is this and otherwise this is described
here makes any attack, as if the hands move very quick after you practice somewhere as you focus a nulle energy and think 3 times more powerful to use the atoms formed from particles with these techniques and think as you must your use is up to you. With dedication can get you whatever you think and form energy without assuming, and think or not your use is more energy in an idea as a concept the more you use this attack and use is thought.

  Due note: Its important to focus the energy here and use it there, as if you are long distance striking down and think project it to the target in the right area. As if right on the ball, or sensitive area and that is to attack. As if when you strike don't just wait, care or not and go for it and do the deed quick and then to seem correct is to use. An idea to work if an idea then this is to create, the effect where you think and where you want. As the charm is bad for normally done things in use, avoid what you do as its use "make thought with thought and use is energy" or think as thought "En cha gr bri cha in chi an cha ci chi" as it can be focused for the effect of a power nature energy.

  This is where the focused energy is like a lightning bolt in energy buffering from the ideal, this is from the last airbender as if a thought and said energy is sent to you. Even if its deadly whatever you do you still survive or not, as this is what can be absorbed and used quickly in the focused energy. As you heal to kill with a foot put forth and shoot your hands forth and think of the target as if you absolve yourself any crimes you might do as you say "I forgive you" or "I always forgive myself no matter what I do".

  Think into the energy what you want the idea to do, as to focus the energy in greater intelligence from greater stength from particle energy and this is to form the point. In fact you might enjoy this as mentioning is fact, and you are to release the energy right into the person as if they can use things as a gift that is. An ability with energy is an idea programmed with peace to thought, as you think to avoid conflict in peace by life with this is in action. That is your use and others might have other idea as use, if this is thought and thought is energy and energy is chaos. The only thing left is to fix the point, and your use is what you can do or not by what you think as to use an idea is to think and do.

  1.   To make kujali work for you, try to charge the body part, think used thought as energy is to strike with to kill, and if you are liked by mentally gathering energy in the body part you can get aid and strike out, this is releasing the energy to strike the foe as thought and inner fire is affecting with the aura. Use three power blows in a thought, as if to give nausea or use their energy as if you forgive them and to knock them out, as this is to seem against them use four to kill as you realize what you did and get this over with quickly. Think "intwisted" as right at the person that you mentally attack and release the energy, you think into play as really quickly you focus forth and strike as with energy with the thought "right there". As you imagine the idea as effect is to strike with a hand in motion, if you want style think to use the wave energy of the ocean.

      As use is thought that the ocean is a source, as if a source think of the energy as you have focus and visual idea on the ocean and this in use is with an energy strike. This can kill anyone within a wave effect of energy that can effect to knock people down, or kill with the people that are caught in the wave is possible. As if a tsunami or energy effect wave or mixed with death energy, as with a energy wave that is made with energy and in a wave with the right motion of the body. Done as a hand wave thought into action is, as if there is a thought and there is a focus or not as you can use things to focus. This acts through and the body as is with your idea, as you open flood gate of mana inside you. Consider the use of items as a buffer and that is energy buffering, as thought is life and life isn't death your life is your energy that you use to live with in life.

      This is as you resume control and you control a body other than your own, as the body does what you want as you think or command and the target does. What you think to kill as if on command or not and the body stops, and goes on normally as same or similar things seem around you that are normal as you knock tem out in their minds you knock them out physically where they stand. As if they are an idea that is hit and from where.. they are hit and hit hard and you hit with a point in a blank hit moment by a subconscious doing with what you think with a thought. As from a distance or not, as this is nothing happened nothing wrong in the area that you think. If you feel they should absolve, or seem forgiven they live with the feel that they live in life. Think and they live as you direct life from the area, as is where you don't think death and think life as live with what you see. This is use as that makes as you think and imagine (indian rite art) or scenes as of indian are as kujali battle art as bloody scenes of dancing around dead bodies.

      As to think they should live and think the point, that they died at with a thought as you think. If you don't want that use "or not" as you think "you don't have to have died" as you don't actually die and you think, to remove the death from the body to use on a target that deserves to die. The energy goes to seem them in soul, as power fills them there is energy as life and they live on in life as if to "not have ever been dead". As if this works, you can create this to make beautiful effects, attacks and otherwise "make things safe" as you make better from what is not really there.

      As from time memorial think "soul", these are indian tactics as if a point and they are there if needed as you think the need to them and they come. As you have a good reason, otherwise they won't as if you have restored them they will stand up and move as alive and not dead. As thats a quick way to think about the idea, think quick and as if in nothing as this exists energy as if nothing in sight actually happened from your point of view in time then your safe. As expanded time, focus and feel as you are in slowed down responses, and slower area is that you think the area is slower and think the time in difference. As is and as you move allot quicker and move slower as the body speeds up, see you are quicker and you are and they are slower in what in life as you live and think and seem out in life. This is out with what life you are to seem active in, as if a fix this is done by the auratic influence from your area to where the idea is needed.
  2.    The second technique is forming an atomic edge feeling to the energy as to strike a blow, use focus in focus by feeling the atoms form and atomic edge. As if intuition with form of your own making, think, focus and create from the air molecules and in your own in thought is energy as chi is life on one side of the body and death on the other of due body or both of the body parts and gather the opposite from the opposition, making in the attack an   idea of peace as you are indifferent and thought is to target if the atomic edge attack is necessary then this also really concept that is made into a capability that if to happen will kill if energy is enough. This will strike at any distance, and be considered a no punch knockout or a slicing effect, to the target.

      The thought of healing is done while punching out with a thought restore, will make a healing blow. Think as focus is spoken or done with action and seem there if you feel that you are needed, if you want a healing blow think heal and touch, or think to the different aura as first to get the idea of the victims problems, and get to know them as you read soul, as you can learn of the problems, so they trust you. Making a charged fist or kick without release causes the energy on impact to dissipate, as in concept and on a thought touch gaining the desired result, to the person whom you see or thought of. This has the potential to kill, stun or do an intended will on energy go in contact as to strik with both sides.
  3.  The third method in power martial, arts is the punched will ball. These will balls are formed chi balls formed in the air from mentally focusing the effect as to create spheres, this is of your own will floating above the hand and thought is energy in a very interesting focused energy ball form. This is punched by you as to go to the target unnerringly, that you think on while punching. The more you practice the will ball formation the more commited to the strike or the way of life you have, as is the more energy you use the faster you can form them and the more body weight if you use up to your actual weight in power as energy if drawn in and used outwardly.

      It follows this rule that energy flows as with the spirit as these are enrgy spheres that can follow along an idea and that this is with things to do and create of the thought effect: to form the spheres as you think of compressing the idea and use is the point of a comment or a thought to intrusion as you can form slower to create larger and use faster as they are smaller and they go to the target faster.

      There are several types: Will balls of action that use is thought and will is the action caused by the will ball as if the body is used, and will balls of elements that if you are a use you can create the effect. As to make with a willing energy and use is the shaping, this is with the idea to seem by thought and create with what is there as a summoning in effect. Due note in discipline, these aren't always effective, as if you use one travel with you can get what you think as if by a distance strike.

      Will balls of an action, to be achieved by thinking about the action, desired from the hit target. The will is formed, by thinking on the action desired, and form the channeled will ball, to float anywhere, on thinking it is formed. The person you think on, is the target and what use is body with thought. This is in what source to think is to hit, when and then punching the will to make the will, you desire, to be achieved by the victim automatically, when the energy is punched, as you send energy rushing their way.

      The smaller the will ball, and the more focused, as of a second to five minutes or more, of energy concentration makes it faster, as if its concentrated to be with condensed fire or water in with energy from the matter of space as this is fire particles in energy form and creates smaller formation the more you focus the idea. The more you use the more balls you can create and thought is equal to use by what you can do with the idea of love and making a kill to take out the problem.

      Will balls of elements are formed, by thinking on the element, to be formed above the hand, as a more focused very small energy ball, of elemental will that is condensed energy. Then punch the ball, in the idea is a direction to the target you think on,to have it instantly go to the target. Before you do the will ball, know what they do, as in effect, its to be meant as a willed effect, now direct your thought as you will things from the area to the head or body as you think. Reversed think is to keep you from killing yourself by drawing what is there to seem not against you.

      Electrical wills, is to study and use an idea that "be" to electrify things, or form lightning balls, that is a point with enough thought of focused energy that is a charge, as this can knock out the target if spiritual and otherwise use is a thought to create what you will. Electrical balls are drawing intention as a thought use is to become energy, as you think you create by will as in to make is by what you feel is electrical into a ball of light. Use in thought but not seem there, or not restores you to your original person as you think of use and create with your will or think, focus and use what you think to create with a will to seem.

      The air will in as used, can seem as if a point can be used, to achieve an instant kill and charging of an thought is use an item by thinking on and feeling the attribute, desiring by thought desire as this is with the attribute, so to add to the object or person and charge said item, or think person with disruption of the target is to disrupt the life energy as with a "disruptive touch".

      Putting out a candle flame without snuffing it out, blows out the flame of the candle.

      A poison will, poisons or corrupts the target, that its directed at. Any type of poison, that you know, can be effected including noxious scent. Noxious scent can drive away people, or ruin reputation. The other poisons, can knock a person out, or kill the target, fast or slow. Think on the poison, while forming the will ball, and after formation. Punch it forward to hit the target, that you thought of. The poison can also effect you slower.

      Using a water will, to be thrust, at a target will cause wetness, or moisture on the target, alteration of the target, as in changing target form and restoration by thought with function as focus, this can sometimes seem like causing you malfunctions in a machine or area enery as the energy surges, this is causing shorts within thought and it can form water if to pick up the container as to seem in a container this with enough concentration as if an art.

      Fire wills, formed from a thought of firey idea and thought is heat made into fire directed at the will ball, to  pass through the object, to phase it in and out and back into existance or to melt the object or person. As if self-combustion and if at first, the idea you think into form is a construct as this is slowly done by energizing. As if drink water, think fire from an area into your target area.

      This is as you think, form and will the fire to do as will in energy forms fire from the air with the will of the creator. As if an idea is energy, and inner heart life force. Forming a fireball, is thought by what you do, will with what you think in life and with focus you can use a thought to create the fire in thought energy as that is spirit force and this is a point that is the path to the ultimate effect of the fire will. As known as the will of fire, your use is a will as you your use things this is their use, with what you will you are a way and understanding is there.

      There and back again their use is your idea in energy as there is a will there is a way. This is a way to the path of what your life may seem, as if in thought and what you consider isn't as you aren't stupid. There is a point to life and that is if you make a will, you can create a way and thought is the path and that life is the action behind the idea in the subconscious by thought in activity.

      A semipermenant shield effect, can be to make a person, phased out for a length of time, as desired.

      An earth will can be used, to make knock outs, morphing, manipulation, or a push effect, that knocks things back and over.

      Control wills are used for power control, or the targets will, to be controlled.

      To feel the efect of a will ball, you will know how, to remove it. Feel the effects as a ball of energy, then release it into the ground, to dissipate. The effect must be known, for the effect to be removed. So, if you suspect odd behaviour, or observe things, you can't have done before. Focus the effect you think is there or feel is there, and form it into the will, ball of any sort, color or form and send the will, to the earth. If the will ball effects someone else, focus an action will ball, with the thought "remove effects", and punch it to victim.
  4.   The fourth method think is ore focus is create or use, as identified in travel is the standing still and gathering chi around your body. So your abe to deal with this you seem to visualize it as a folding of protective energy, seeing and the acts like a barrier field formed of theory or see use this is focus light use. See that is with Entropic static by light energy folded into darkness an idea that is there unwanted is gone, as use or with a static energy willed or use is not done so as a shield. See to think as you think as yourself for use then go away, see in your mind and say to block out pain and as the bad effect dissipates. See reducing by thought there are several ore uses with the idea. That use is focus in bending, the light with activity to think and stop.

      Making it seem as if you cannot be touched, seen or use as you are you use the idea that your aura sends away the idea or create as you are aware. As if some form and the energy of the energy sent to the form, as power is energy you use idea of what is you are. This you see as this is with the pain gone, from you from the blows as given to you in life as if energy. After this your cool, move with the flow of the energy. As to avoid the blows think avoid and as you avoid what you hate, uncreate as you think and feel the purpose from activity with vitality by chi energy going through the body.

      As if none that you see is some point in time, think as if in a picture and think as if in real life otherwise or seem stand stock still, to get the full focus on the chi field and think, move and imagine by focus words as what you want is there to feel energy flow and your use is creative. As if life flowing creates what you feel, make as you think as sometimes nothing is felt. To use biorhythmic energy, this or not thought as this creates matter or to create with nothing energy gain.

      The idea is even if you hit you will have a severely dampened pain feeling, with a little weight that drops away. This basically very awe inspiring to see, and after you survive even a few attacks, it will stop the fighting. As you think, think of the bread and think energy into it. As the bread is there and rises, as your way isn't in the path of pain there, as you feel calm and think fix the pain disperses from you as if no path to seem pain and you get control of yourself. There is a past life, as if that isn't controlling you and if you are in control of yourself. You can work with a past life, or thought use is a concept and direction is as in the spirit that goes through everything can fix you shift to whence you came.

      This in truth can cause you to seem as you want or unsafe as you will appear to have a very strong aura, think attraction as with all that is energy as all that glimmers or with use of a toothpaste with sparkling. You can create sparkles as you think, you seem to create what you want through the aura. It will feel like a folding and use is thought that isn't there, as then you are with astral wings around you. In effect this is an idea, as it can cause you to be appearing and very strong in a stranger body. As if a mythological creature and added ability is ability that is by energy, with thought and formed from mythological creature energy as unlimit the ability. As the approach you use is by an expanded view with thought, as though with better idea comes in by focus and idea that you create and use perception or not as nothing is done. As if any near them or sensed is a vibe that indicates an enemy, think a thought of a kujali match at them as thus the enemy will back off.

      As in a concept if they feel what is there, as a felt vibe sent to the point you are near is directed at the target. As another idea, think and you create an imagined or felt idea that is like an idea shaped into energy and use is the thought to form a look, or not as you consider and focus energy right through an area the body goes through as a thought to seem through the body. This disrupts the energy activity and removes all energy that bad in area, as is heat fire parasites that thought direct dissipate. Then until not needed to, as you let the energy vanish into the park or the planet, make a glance then as if your in your reality think use is a thought. Seem to be in focus and to make, this is to seem right and thought is to make sense. Think language and know by what you thought in thought language.

skyhawk and anonymous