How to be a jedi

  The term JEDI means Mental Control Master. When one trains to be a jedi, said person always makes a judgment call, to do good with it or to do evil, consider instead that balance of both, good and evil is required. This means that the person must accomplish, see a jedi is a mind use the raise is use or feel is use a deadeye or supernatural use to see for idea. See by or use is feel so the spirit is intentional, or not as any act said person does is thought an act by what you see with use or feel yet intuition. So know the moment to strike if you need to strike, otherwise don't approach. Pick your own battles, that's if you must strike when you will. This is a jedi letter:

Unity house

  "There is a Law of oneness and unity. Salute each other with In Lak'ech and the proper response is Ala K'in or as some people pronounce it as (hal-A-ken) where I think you are me then I am you or I am you you are me, which says the same thing, "you are another me". I think then I am so thinking I know I can think, this unity house experience was not that bad so just too bad they had to shut the unity house down to save money for now or later. So I think I will end this here with I am done for this post. So I do know that if things are great or fun then I remember the trips that unity house that was a clubhouse, did for the the point to entertain or raise money. So I think ciou is perfect for the unity house. So ciou salue sioux may you end in happiness with peace. Genuine spirituality takes nothing away from human existence, but it does add new meanings to all of life; it generates new types of enthusiasm by feel, zeal with activity, uses and courage by the feel you thought with thought to make use of work.

  Do material feelings by activity, with human emotions lead directly to material actions, and possibly selfish acts? Surely spiritual insights with spiritual motivations would lead directly to more desirable spiritual actions, including unselfish acts of social service to our brothers and sisters.So this is a point for pointless activity as also by the view you think. This exposes this as a card reading when all you need do is think then the meaning comes clear by now. So this poem is what is clear by these things you are aware of. Sensualityis the key, that blissful feeling of being totally present in the body, senses fully open and expanded, every molecule alive with vital energy. Since we are embodied beings sensuality is our divine gift. We are embodied so that we can feel, so that we can use our senses to experience the innate beauty and joy of our existence. Perceiving the wisdom and power of sensuality is one of the most important steps on the path to awakening to the feel you have put to use. This is the power to change materials or bend minds by activity. So what is the end point to this?"

  Another with the viewpoint you can see the result of:

  So if there is no tomorrow and no past in spirit dimensions, why do we exist along with time? what is the purpose of our life are arranged timeline? Are you aware already?
 "Some know how is not suitable for the point we make. That accounts for time by the nature that is felt. Some time exists by now for when you know what is there for you to benefit from this, then think as you are aware because sometimes there is no other reason to be aware of the time that exists. Because you believe it does then it does. See we do not need it here as we can move everywhere and already know what each path holds, we do not choose one, but all simultaneously. You on the other hand have options and choose different paths according to your free will, this benefits you as with time you grow, you expand with each choice, with every day. You learn not to repeat the same mistakes and recover and learn in time. Also time allows you to appreciate every second. As many things happen at once your attention goes to those that you choose to focus upon as part of the human experience. You may not live all things simultaneously but you have the leisure of experiencing with all your senses making them all unique and different. So in few words time was created for you to enjoy human experiences, thought was time to heal soulwise to recover and to learn. As you see things turn around time is a moment. As if you were or are crazy you are sane. Think to see the point to do or get results.

 Don't turn your face away till you want to go along with things. Once you've seen, you can no longer act like you don't know. So your own eyes can see. Open your eyes to the truth. It's all around you. Don't deny what the eyes to your soul have revealed to you. Now that you know, you cannot feign ignorance. Now that you're aware of the problem, see this is a false promise to a benefit that does not exist. So you cannot pretend you don't care. Concerned is to be human. Think to act or you are aware. To act is to care. Lets simple remember to communicate from the heart, to focus on the common ground of our oneness, peace is a recognition. Peace is not an ansense of conflicts. So rather than focusing on our differences think as differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differencing pay or attention matters by peaceful means. Thought you think through dialoguing or speaking, dialoguing is dialogue by the way you think. By the will is the way that education is learning. Knowledge is the polite view or a path to a part you think. Through humanity or humane ways you could be by feel, you could solve diseases then seem or be polite, solve distance by travel to the brain you see to cure the body by diseases being fixed. This is by thought or uses."

  ~Vashti Quiroz-Vega"

Darkness and brightness

Darkness and Brightness is what exists. This is a poem that exposes darkness with lightness.
A decision we face every moment in our life is what you think or where you are by the feel.
We are living in this world by the feel or area that is there or threefold.
We are the only one responsible of our choices that is what really is there.
The brightness and darkness is a part that is what exists.
This is only our decision what we make by things or life that seems still to exist what you wish.
Like the moment we or you decided.
This is the moment you thought that lies disbandoned.
You know what is there or therein is the point.
Day and night are reliquished by activity.
Soft and hard to the point you work with.
Love and hate are by the feel.
Hot and cold are what your heart and soul can create or hold.
Forgiving and unforgiving natures combine.
Letting go and holding on is what you think by a thought.
Honesty and lies are there for you.
Through the point that lies ahead.
Compassion and hate are what or whom we are by ideal.
We carry within us some darkness in the light that is the point we made.
Seen hidden this is in the night.
Our brightness hides over the day you don't follow your desire.
And shines in the darkness of the night is your desire.
From this life to find this track by the feel
Between the Darkness and the Light is the choice we make.
Once we make the right choice.
We made the right point or correct decision.
We will live with honor in this life.
With life that exists by feeling.
There is what exists within or inside you.
by Isabella Dahms

  Here's a thought dor or with a quote to end this point: "One sticks one's finger into the soil to tell by the smell in what land one is: I stick my finger in existence - it smells of nothing. Where am I? Who am I? How came I here? What is this thing called the world? What does this world mean? Who is it that has lured me into the world? Why was I not consulted, why not made acquainted with its manners and customs instead of throwing me into the ranks, as if I had been bought by a kidnapper, a dealer in souls? How did I obtain an interest in this big enterprise they call reality? Why should I have an interest in it? Is it not a voluntary concern? And if I am to be compelled to take part in it, where is the director? I should like to make a remark to him. Is there no director? Whither shall I turn with my complaint?"
~Sren Kierkegaard

  "Wisdom begins in wonder."

Recent visit this is for example

  During my recent visit to my home country Ukraine, I took a course in "SPAS". It is an old Ukrainian Cossack tradition that goes beyond just energy healing and covers many different practical energy-related techniques directed towards living in harmony with Nature without abandoning life in society. Energy-informational map of SPAS goes beyond just human aura and teaches skills that many would consider as extrasensory abilities. It was very interesting to discover that this Ukrainian spiritual energy system has a lot of similarities with the spiritual science Infosomatics that I have been conducting research in and practicing since 2008.

  Ukrainian Cossacks who practiced SPAS were like "Jedi knights" or "shaman warriors" of the time, they were called "charakterniki". There are many legends about their powers. Many researchers claim that a Cossack "charakternik" had the power to stop bullets, enter enemy camps unnoticed, control weather and even predict the outcome of a battle. Even though most of their powers were used on the battlefield, during the peaceful times they would protect villages and heal people from various diseases or injuries.

  Seeking in what you own in short I think is to use the language of today, so they really knew their way around the higher levels of consciousness and used their knowledge in practice. Their wisdom is their own, so you can see however this was lost with time and now it is taught only by those who kept it in their families. This is needless to say that teachings of SPAS are currently available only in Ukrainian or Russian.

  Nevertheless this is relected by warriors of Ukrain or russia or SPAS, here are 12 rules for a student who wishes to learn the ways of SPAS that I have learned during the course and would like to share them with you. Perhaps knowing and following these rules of a "Ukrainian Jedi" apprentice can help you on your own road towards discovering your inner power:

 1. Apprentice chooses his teacher and the teacher accepts the apprentice who chose the teacher. As an eastern wisdom says, "So you see when the student is ready the teacher will appear". If you are really ready to learn, then choose your teacher and the teacher will have to accept you as the student.

 2. This is not impossible if you have the right implementation or statement to teach everything the teacher knows, the student only takes what he can handle. The teacher had his teachers at one time and he had received all the knowledge that he was able to handle. Now it is the duty of a student to learn what he can from the teacher and accept what he can handle.

 3. Respect your teacher. By respecting your teacher, you respect yourself. By offending your teacher, you offend yourself. Remember that a student is standing on the shoulders of a teacher. A student comes to reprieve guilt or work with others, receives knowledge that makes his or her own masterpiece and then leaves.

 4. The one who relentlessly asks a question doesn't want to do their own work in order to discover the answer. Those people who constantly ask questions without even trying to do something themselves are too lazy to learn. Without trying to find your own answers to the questions, you get stuck in a circle of problems rather than moving in a spiral of your spiritual evolution.

 5. The question that was asked correctly holds the answers to teach by lifes or life experience. If you ask the question correctly, then you might discover that it already holds 98% of the answer. The duty of a teacher is to fill in the blanks and give his vision of missing 2% in the question in order to assist you in getting the answer to the question.

 6. A true teacher is not the one who teaches with words, but the one who teaches through their own example, actions and patience. So you seek the ideal order to acquire true knowledge, you need to learn from someone who had the experience of what you are trying to learn. Practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth.

 7. Teaching with just words is the waist of time. Information that was explained in all the details will not be useful in practice. If you concentrate on every detail and on the strictly logical part of something that you are trying to learn, you are blocking the work of your right brain and it will be impossible to see the whole picture.

 8. Learn from Nature don't deny her own will if not unreasonable. Learn but don't demand. You are a student of the world that was created before you were born (and before your current as well as previous incarnations). Everything we know is a thought from computers to the clothes we wear, so we think then we learn from observing Nature. We need to respect it and learn to live in harmony without demanding things that originate from our egocentric worldview.

 9. Never try to prove the truth to the blind. Approach the blind when they are ready to see the truth. There is no need to waste your energy on someone who is not ready to see or listen.

 10. Every person is a genius on his or her own unique level. Everyone is equal in eternity. Everyone has their own path and mission in life. You should respect the truth of others and strive to evolve yourself.

 11. Fight or strive as you wish to, peace is there if you need it. Life is worth it. You choose you own life, so don't complain. Life is full of choices. You choose what you are and what you become in the future. Complaining gets you stuck in the past and limits your fighting skills for the better future.

 12. The power of the Force that you can achieve through SPAS cannot be reversed. When you know how to use the true power behind the energy of the Field, you can't reverse it. You have to take full responsibility for the powers you acquire and in the ways you use them.

  There are a lot more insights in SPAS teachings than this short list of 12 rules offers. Our ancestors did have a lot of wisdom and knowledge. We just need to learn how to use it in practice taking into account the world we are living in now. Our inner power is always with us, we just need to make a first step and continue moving forward on the road of self-discovery. I wish you all the best in your personal spiritual growth and if you found these 12 rules insightful, don't forget to share them with a friend.

  Read more at: so this exposes the ideal point you can think on
 "where you see the use or uses. Seen use is uses by the usage not anything more."

Movie style real style Jedism

  Here is another letter with the view to understand:
 "Seen energy results is use by the trace gases or area energy. This is where there is a point you see that is alteration to thinking this is awareness so from the spirit viewpoint this is the point, as you were discovered or discovering a point in self accident. This is by a discovery from serendipty as aware and know what to do then do it. Think and what you know is cool to use. Now that we've covered channeling, let's take a look at the concept of spirit guides. There is no other way to to remain cool. As this is not unlike channelling. So you see a channelling is a hole you think to see or not use to the creator, use is rememberance for some forgetting that you are doomed is the key that reveals what is there. So use by your feel is thinking to realize with focus or breathing by idea is life.

 Facebook is with a chat room feel with this use by minding by use, so this I think is not always for those who listen. Except there by phone or ipad and would like to ask a question or just come join the fun. Would love to have you here because attention is importance to the created point with area use or creator for the purpose. How you all cope living in the world is think to accept the area or use ideal you think to work with others by feel. I feel some can feel lost. Some use I feel is like running away yet doing is what you think or focus to use from the job. So think to create or feel by your area. I think from office politics that express what is there. Seen from the viewpoint.

 This is where you are aware. So see away to a place where there is peace by area acceptance. Area use by the focus. Think by knowing what is there for acceptable love. See what is where by the object energy that is not there except like a pulse. This is nature by the uses. So the area energy is what you think. Thin or fat or slender is the point you are aware. I think to create with what you are aware to use. I think the ideal force is what you think is appropriate.

 Thats who it is, so you think then you aren't always aware till you see the signs by perception use. Think the point to concede to start training if doing a job, focus your energy and your will surges the area think not to do. As you are aware you can try to find the ability within that is your mind, think to work with the ability that is really psionic in ideal. Seem or seen is the force that exists within this is what is there or by what you feel. This I think is the focus point or time point you think to focus to work. There is the work, the area work or area feel to work that is your with things by what you do. Think then you create is what I think is the important rule. So think to work by the focus or area energy so you work better or not work. Think 'I am not of light or not as you don't feel to work as seen' then your relaxed.""

  See this is what you see useful or nothing except to avoid unless excercise. This is the area your area idea is focus, so is the soul or so you create as you see with the feeling. Think with feel so your able with peace or no use is near seeing with some place, the sight you have or gotten by purchase so something you are or order different thoughts. Seeing this is order this is the area idea, I decided not to play with this idea so I use chaos that they have and left things off. See is use or so I didn't shift there to some area abandoned unintentionally or not, so nothing happened to see for use else or else you do things as you were there unless your not bad off your fine.

  This is of the force with earth by energy feel: Think to force you not except to leave some area to go to by ideal because people reople can recognize your potential, by ideal to avoid the trouble you can face by your feeling that is spirit use talk. I think for used ideal with practice you think to work with others by feel. So this is an ideal that can get to work for you, when in the bathroom if you focus, buy things or disrupt things, things can seem very real. Until you don't focus by things there.
  Force punch; Think to force energy through obvious area as you think the shape or form, thinking to punch out as a force bubble is some air pocket that is where you can slam or almost fall, then think time alerts by warning you then think the air transmutes or if you think as a punch or air bubble transmutes through the air to create what you think. Think to control your force with this.
  Force effort; Think to cause to create what you think. Think the force is there as a person with you can guide if you think your somewhere by what is else.
  Force air; Think to cause what is force energy or air energy that you think uses machines.
  Force felt; Think to cause what is area feel to alert the person to what is there. Think not to feel another that won't like the feel.
  Force energy prison; Think to cause what you think as a force with prison is there or release is there even though you aren't. If a memory resurges then don't react to use the memory think to act good to the situation.
  Force ward; Think as you feel the force to cause a warding effect, think to release the ideal by dislike or the ward you see is there or by dislike.
  Force bubble energy; I think to work by the energy area the more you repeat energy time, this is there to allow to repeat as some effect. This works by whatever time there is to work yet can manipulate the bloodstream with death as some end result, think not to cause coma if nonusable as a drug thats non illegal or non illegal by feel.
  This is projection; Beside as you thought, your mind is the force, this is not 1 to 4 so if you think to project your body over a psychic connection or project something by thinking the item goes to somewhere or by thinking by feel away from you by feel I mean beside this, I think is that allows you to be seen or observed as though known that creates as some point with ideal. So the creator thinks then feels this happens or if to send is the item or you are what feels, then what you think this does as you think as this is self-thought. Think the message then you are heard as though known to have spoken the ideal. Feel the area energy or emotion then think your there if enough energy then you can teleport yourself or things there. Seeing you don't want to be discovered or felt think yourself no longer there as thought if your not sensed. Then your not sensed, you think to them to not be sensed.

   *Stop as you think so think you are ready so you remain whom you are, see your not a problem your the solution or what you win or lose. See what you think is idea, don't disrupt by resolve with calm what. So your going to work with or not destroy or throw out what isn't necessary. See this is the equation: Think or do six or less positive results or see to interefere or yes you create what you want. For you don't want to die by crazy people, the spirit awakens omnipotency if the earth or body dies and 1 bad result is indication. The area your creator manifests is what you think or want, so ifs or buts are others your also seeable if you think you are able to manifest or use is sometimes. See by your own idea though thought exists as you thought, if you think to create some idea this is usually not a manifest except the idea if the rule to create doesn't suit your purpose or not to use. Things manifest by feel as you think the area is use.

  Another idea is a balanced act of killing someone, this and knowing it pleases so many people, gains friends from the act, aids the public by killing a criminal, making a public act of positive result, and it doesn't feel bad to you because you in mind have soothed your conscious by what you think. As when neutrality is achieved, the jedi can be most powerful, while using the force as he said the guide where you don't have to do everything is something to do.

   There is a point that is alteration to is awareness from the spirit and as you were discovered or a point in self accident, this is by a discovery from serendipty as aware and know what to do then do it. Think and what you know is cool to use. Now that we've covered channeling, let's take a look at the concept of spirit guides. There is no other way to to remain cool. As this is not unlike channelling. So you see a channelling is a hole you think to see or not use to the creator, that reveals what is there by your feel to realize with focus or breathing by idea.

   A spirit guides by the energy you feel as sensing is sensation and can channel for you, as you need to know things you will and this in particular is a good use as you are free and you know what you see to do. You are a part of a shamans awareness connected by spirit, as a point this is alteration to brainwaves for were. That the spirit can think for you as with the higher consciousness and this is known as higher self witchcraft that consciouses are linked bty thought not by feel or not with death by view.

  As your energy is knowing, flowing or creating and not completed in the connection your energies are flowing, your aware and awake as energy is a thought from the area and ideal and that is the person's aura is leaking. This is as if a hole in perception or aura that your energy can effect with thought influence from death to a dying person. That is energy by feel or thought with feeling, the area senses by sensation to direct the decay by death energy directed with thought. I think so you see or you feel okay by releasing extra energy to the planet core, by the lava the subconscious manipulates by area feel.

  Sometimes by the decay or earth feel, as things change nearby is the earth focus conscious awareness or other idea. That is like thinking a snare is release, so you think your freeing yourself from the snare as your spirit releases the energy that makes you flow free. Now perceive the snare set free.

  As though you see if use is possibility a theory is there by energy release or a hole in the aura that changes the perception on thought to adjust, think with focus to the spot in aura and think a new location. Thought and with awarness is by mention and awareness, by what you realize where your area adjusts as you sense new things. There is a point that energy is awareness from the spirit, as you were aware and know what to do then do it is soul death.

   A point you act is the accord by spirit. This is the focus by feel and perception change by adjustment, as your thought is an energy and things you use are with awareness. This is a point of awareness represented by a point in the auratic view, that as this is felt and seen in the area or idea and willed by realization. The idea is a pointed concept to use and wild energy perception, is a point as whats to understand other than by what you see as on a use in life. As this is the concent to use, terran rule is a point to do the idea that you trust and not that is the idea to be attacked for attrocity.

   So to adjust the feel is to adjust the spot, as think an identified point is correctable and the spot in the area energy is this. As a black spot in space and this allows the energy to leak out and the general rule is, this is think as you want and things you need or are with intention is to fix by your intent and do as you think necessary. The idea is the higher the perceptio point, the more vibrationally human and humane the area can seem. As you in perception can see what you want and I admit that it is a gift. The lower the spot of perception is the more you can in terpret as if a spring.

   Here is the idea, as your idea is to suggest an analogy. As you get lower in perception by thought you use idea, the more inhumane and alien the area can feel or create or not as you see this is not as easy as you think. This with the energy that adjusts as an emotion, is the point that is a bit scary as especially the idea you see as psychic perception. So adjust to move the spot up as you are not make up and otherwise you can see, what is need and without the alien plantlike or object oriented idea to feel by alien sensation and non hostile if you feel cool. There is an energy to feel better, like you want and this is cold as you seem. The way you in feel is think better and you know better, now by and through the energy in the area as you think you feel normal is as you can accept what is in life.

  One way this is makes a thing that you can do. That is energy as this is to feel in sensation, this by the area is in sensation. Water energy in the area with fire that responds is the Force, that helps train things and is the ability to attune yourself to your surroundings. The only difference between this attunation, as you want normal attunation think this is energy and as you feel its vibrational energy thinking is by focus and feel allows your body to adjust. That is a concept most see or use to work with as they work, to the use by feel in some area to focus energy to see or create or see use.

   As you think and your will is as a point, that you don't need an elemental source. In fact in truth, if it's best if you do attempt to attune yourself this is to any specific element and thought as what you think at all is what you feel as the element you attuned to responds. Simply expand your mind and be aware of your surroundings. I manage to see past things with my physical eyes, or not even focus at all, and still clearly see them in my mind. You do not have to get to that level, as shadows are easily hidden in as though after enough practice this is the shadow idea.

   Think as you don't think, doing is easier as if magic and about what you don't feel in it, the things in the shadow like emotion is energy with information. As you don't have to show wat they don't want to know. The energetics is your will imprinted, and thought by will is in the energy as you know it or if you don't need and that you want to know. This will come easily to you with energy practice.

   After knowing this, use is feel as copy or not easy as you thought to figure it out. As the energy is the information, think though and seeing your shadow feel the idea, as you can get information as easily as if you think and realize. This is where you were and see as it is necessary. As this is yet another way of gnosis, shown by the demeaner is what they know and is thought viewed by sight. Considered is an idea or second in perception is aft sight by feel, as a second sight that reveals by what you sense in the view as the energy is emotional feel if shadow gnosis.

   So if how does one become one? As they do or not do and this is the point what that is the shadow fight by appeal is phite, to make right or preventative in nature things in nature that can happen as the technique that you feel is cool to the touch and you are aware. As otherwise, you are yourself as you are shadowspawn by feel and otherwise human by the humanity feel from the energy built up from the leak as humanity is defining itself.

  Think the point to concede to start training, focus your energy and your will surges the area as you try to find the ability within your mind, the ability is really psionic in ideal. So using the force means, making things happen with belief personified by your feel, this is not personified by mental ability aided by the focus called energy. This is the mind through discipline, use or focus and the force behind magic. Magic is the ability to channel energies from, outside yourself by use of the force. Force is the collected energy, thought with the mind to cause subatomical energy to create with the atmospherical atoms or atomic shell subparticle or particles you don't always see, that is where were your focused thought that changes the area and your perception changes by what is there. As the energy is thought to change, this is by the will seen by the will and this is with the will. You create then bask by the area or feel the force by what you do. This is sometimes their will by what you see you can do to achieve things.

  The force has to be trained, think by practice that turns into instinct discipline, and discipline makes the force that is energy by the spirit, this is to think more able to be used by your intention with some idea or thought. Faster is the mind to yield the more discipline, and has a training effect on the brain that causes, the simulation of the brain pattern, to enact the force is energy with the idea coming from the think in aura and in a force pattern you can see a different use. As though you feel or see things sometimes things are unnatural by perception.

   Think or create is in the will by energy to create as if this is natural witchcraft, to enact the energy as a force of the personal idea is felt. Think and as this is to use your chi by will and thought is what your will creates, or life energy is in a clear view think is a point that is not and this will lengthen one's life. The words "the force be with you" this is as a farewell, while transferring a sense of purpose to the person.

   The force discipline is trained by believing and focusing or trance, and having force personified through focus and intent, considered your persona, so you can achieve the effect through feeling the force and focusing it with intent while conjoling it through imaginations, to occur. This energy is energy that is use by will and things you wish, are energy about the area that create as your will is programming to the area and the area influence creates what you can do.

   Know and understand that certain rules apply:
   Mind over matter used with an Affinity of objects, or the understanding that forces of energy can repulse or attract, as a point with mental control is with enough focus and the right things are done. Now by the thought is that correct idea and through shadowspawn, this is through mention or otherwise mental manipulation. This with focus by direct mind focus, as effusive idea is energy that spreads through the area and lava. The idea energy is what creates, as your thought is an energy thought through the point you use.

  To begin by idea think to not or create, try to imagine and feel the energy within you, you are when you realize that the energy, is there and you can imagine it. Then feel the force within you, and feel it manipulated by your imagination and focus. Focus the force by mentally imagining, as if the scene you want comes to mind to happen while observing if intended to be manifested. Thinking it at the same time is a sign your vibration is similar to the other. Know the force to be an extension of yourself, and it will happen mor easily, when you get the result to occur. All you need to do is practice the effect after that.

   However the energy, the practice of repeating the moment won't alway make it work, as you will tis make the moment happen is a concept, given up or not done you save yourself energy although it may take some time to get the first event to occur. Afterward, work to get any effect by imagination instantly, through ritualistic practice. Whence you get this far, you have mastered the jedi art, if you can do it without distraction.

   Think when you do and you can get things, as you need them or ask others as professional help is required. When you get the dark desire or not as dark energy is preventing the sceneario, as if a point use the point with focus as you make a point and feel it is alright. Then you can get an amplified result, sometimes with triple the disaster possibility. As this is where the dark thought is suggestion made to use and thats negative in nature as thought is used with the force as energy.

   This is twisting the energy as with this you aren't always dark desire for manipulation to get a result. Though this result may vary or appear more enticing, use it only when you need it to occur. Since then though, the result feel can get addicting, make eating for energy or drink to restore focus. As the energy is a way, replenish restorable energy or make you feel like you have power by the area energy and feel it to use. Use is a correction, with no depiction use is a thought by feel.

   This power is an illusion. Where, your fooling yourself into making an effect that could backlash. If it does, the effect could kill you. This dark energy of force can also cause you to feel violent every time you attempt a dark force action. When you feel enough of this dark effect, you could get power hungry or go insane and not care whom you hurt. When that happens you get pleasure from the dark path with cockiness and do stupid acts that lead you to seek power and mayhap cause your death or incarceration. I think if you wish or think this is incarceration this is incarceration or not incarceration.

  Neutral Path Jedi practice Dark force to be used for good intentful purpose or Light action. Otherwise, its light Jedi energy thats used for dark purpose. To remain neutral, don't think things that get you involved with those events. These are events that you don't want to be involved in. This is creating a sense of detachment. You are neutral to the area where you could get in trouble with acceptance by feel is the area situation then dealing with things.

  There is also the Jedi mind control trick. Their is a good part of this being psychology, that being to know what a person is most likely to react to and working with the fact that they have a weak or unsuspecting will. You can purposely make a person aware of what you're doing, just to invoke a desired result by causing by them to do the opposite of what you say. It basically wills the person to build up the upfront defences so that you can more easily find a loophole in back. Works with the idea that when you concentrate so efforts on one thing, you forget about other aspects that you normally wouldn't have forgotten.

  This is allowing you to know their reaction and weaknesses and make suggestions and then your making them want to do something. This uses a mix of reverse psychology and psychology to trick the person into doing as you want. This is in use, psychology by suggestion of something that might get their interest. Then you mix in reverse psychology, by stating something that provokes a reaction and using suggestion to cause soul interaction. Don't head bash to keep your intelligence, see or think first person to them to do what you want by what is reasonable. See not to do or question the area effect or use, sight to see what is or not then is leave alive what is useful or shift to some place.

  This is the idea you survive with love or area feel or you think you create with allowing. There is another method to do this, as your thought is in focus your ability is created by equal idea or non equal thought. That as thought in creation is non equal to what you feel, so this is where you think things wrong or right if a good example as if your the example or not by other idea. A point with this is concept. Money magic is possible to your idea or area that you feel is possible. These are the ways the occult treat money nowadays or use is feel energy flow through the earth to create with some imagined number to work by feel to balance the area spending with activity to allow cash reserves, that allow area collecting by area feel this uses up funds so be careful by what you think yet this is not our war so leave alone or use is feeling to work from. This disappears after your done yet remember money isn't everything life is with love that is your area feel.

  This is thought by the feel to sapient idea with a shape sensed with the area, as you feel the shape form by focus energy with the area adjusts to seem. Seem or shift the person that you focus, this is nothing or so as you see you sense or you step back. Think to see from idea or thought is focus to shift adjusts. This is by gravity in use or not by use. As you see other area, focus is achievable to use by some concept.

  The mind matrix thought is energy use in a pattern, to open a door with an open mind is to get help or with a closed mind is a thought. That if you notice the pattern think to adjust or seem, as if your will is their will by pattern or statement in life. That is with focus, your ability is energy to them, so they if they want to do. See now you can do what you thought by activity in feel, as you feel they do is sometimes as you focus by what you suggest in this by view.

  If projected with thought feel, a feeling that this is good so its a good idea to them or resist is thought. As you don't have to hit a kid or person, if they can do what they want in their mind. Still just think as you focus a thought to conjole or what they can attempt is done by the energy feel to sensation as focus is release. This is were altering as the spirit does differently as necessary near or by the creator. See as demons come from the area energy protection, they can drive you insane or not if you forgive by thought energy pointing out what you did wrong.

  See that is acceptance for what you did or you accept yourself for what you did, so what you use is love in the area to dismiss. As if you forgive what was done, "forvigance in acceptable view" that is thought to do by fire. Think or see this is thought to use as you beating you are yourself with the sound of a beating earth focus, stop the heart with a shift of the heart beat that you focus to stop as things stop around you to continue elsewhere. That is the art of necromancy.

  This is a point were in neutral so don't do as the point is whimsical the idea seems neutral, so if you think not to be effected then aware idea is the state of mind. So to convince them of things, is to focus the feel that is to create as they are aware to see in their mind things to do. So to stay out of the way, is thought to seem alive that is to create or will away things. That is a point that you avoid in the trouble things to keep from being effected by staying out this is the way for clarity.

  This is a concept that is concept only so not to do is not to be in perspective to get in trouble. There is a way to not get hurt, stay still or shift out of the way. There is no fight allowance, so no is if this is fine except by fire your feel is heightened. So your energy is energizing to the area enhancement. Think to not do as "not now" is heard in their mind, with thought to what they are doing so or otherwise if you think or not create as if not.

  This doesn't work on those who are aware of the trick can know this, as a Sado trick known as Shadoa of shadow magic. As formed is energy turned from emotions and to use the trick is to use the shadows as its as anyone can use the shadows to get what they want. Then its the moment that your use is the shadows in use, the shadows are the idea to use what is and make what you will as possibly a force of shadows that the jedi can do.

  Such as, wanting someone over by incentive, where you focus your intent on stating 'Want to come over?' Where they could say, 'Sure, but maybe later.' Then you could say, 'Well, you want free food right?' Then he could say, 'No, I wanna go beat your ass!' Then you say, 'You want to beat my ass, or if not come get me.' Then, he would say 'I will be right over!'

  Or mirror magic is a use, as if the advertisement was as instant thought this is instant possibility by a thought power of emotion you could use this idea out, making something that seems to draw them there by sweet incentive. Such as, stating 'Wanna come over?' They would say, 'Oh sure, in a bit.' You can say, 'I have bisquits ready for you.' If they like bisquits, they would say 'Oh really? I will be over at..' or 'I will be right over by what I think.'

  This is cool think by quote, The thought you were thinking is an energy, that is if you think you know it you perceive it and the spirit thought you perceive you can do. Think if this is plausible and your subconscious will makes it so, as this just feels right suddenly by situation. Where you are is just as you are in a justification and if not and no other way or otherwise you can as if not as it is. Don't think to hit unless necessary as this is seen.

  As it creates by thought energy you know to break the use as a point is you do it anyway with this, as an idea and it is not always a personal thing and seeming what you are, as if this is and otherwise not as that it thinks to use. Unless needed as a point to work with or good where this is, as a stay out moment otherwise as think it is and it is as no permissable activity. Things are allowed unless excused, as it is you are excused if you feel like it and think you can get away with the idea. As to do what you want now is the question to do what, as what is it? -SH

Some effects you may get are:
Changing minds
Changing Assailant minds
Light saber effect
Event or item morph
Force strangling
Force will creation
Force Heart strangling
Prescientific method
Reading minds
Event making or unmaking
Making and changing objects
Astral shift
Time shift
Water change
Force bolt
Being unseen
Controlling time
Image projection
Hitting blind
Blind sight
Force projection
Force hand wand
Shield projection
Force push
Kill switch
Mental transfer
Force hand
Changing minds

  Changing the mind this is not so used nowadays by ideal in the fashion of making a person obey, your will, manipulation by imagination, and making someone believe what you want, them to believe is quite simple. Stare or look at the person and focus the force on said person, while saying out loud the statement you want, to have said person believe or obey. Imagine instead the conversation and the results, you want to enact with said person to get that resulting, imagined conversation. The rule here is that the force will flow, along the direction of thought and imagination, to make the event occur. Don't expect the exact imagined conversation, instead, just go along with the feeling of the confrontation, try to make the conversion flow go your way. Always effect surprise at result of the conversation, or said targets will feel they were manipulated.

See by idea that is assailant redirection

  Do Assailant redirection in use: This by use is used in martial magic, say essence or create is by idea so this seen as martial arts is use as you create by idea work with what result you get. That is or what was created is not as yet another way to die seen as if you don't you'll get stranded. Seance or whatever, don't is not actually done. Say as this is energy and your done, this is indirection by the energy you think to your own use. As in or release by energy you redirect the assailant by thought use is their energy, see your will creates by what your will is energy wise and thought exists as you will. To make a thought seem worthwhile, make them think they failed or use is energy by activity and they will do better to stop.

  Just do and as what you do creates memories as your actions are thoughts or you make them think they succeed, create as you want by suggestion and then this is a point as you were the created view. They can create as your even more positive ways is life to be or not see turned or not is to be strong as spirit presence or created in some way, as you focus to sprite is a faery with senses sometimes represented on a screen as you say the spirit is allowing. This is sometimes what is needing so the idea to thought, the training if there is use to be a point as thought in use is obvious. As you say thought redirected is created egoism, that is reverse or normal psychology use as you say so your ability is energy to use in idea. As you seen are not use your idea energy is use to cremate or create as you think you see. You see a scene your seeable use is your idea. As your energy use is created by feel in idea. See you create as you are thinking so by the way, I am gone I seem where I am.

Event or item morph

  Changing or morphing the event for idea is use with the item by sheer force of will, think or act and imagination is not so simple. The process is to feel the flow of force surround the object while imagining, the object and event in exact detail and change, think it to the object you want it to be. When you in enrgy form thought feel the object and use is thought to heat up in your hand.

  then think and start changing shape in concept to the shape you had in mind, as what then all there is is to wait for the process to finish. That simple although it may take a few minutes, see to realize a few hours or idea to happen you know by spirit. Another way to do this same thing, this is hold the object of desire and say "eshe" as the right area "usha" if use in idea the correct area to use. The correct area ideal is what you think.

  See a dimension is a vibration or area time thought, so in an idea while focusing the area adjusts the force to the words by time event or energy. See or imagine the shape or idea fixation, "change shape to my desire!" or "change" is think of the shape, pretend to think of a motion to cause the change. Thought to feel then is use to the do or So force or backward move to create by focus till not needed, then and seen is to imagine the event that will change something to cause the event in thought. Seek the energy or change the idea, how is up to you by thought the energy thought will cause focus to imagination by creation with manifestation or idea is creative thought. So is by use to create with feel, as your energy is creative your use is prepared use or created is aware idea. Aware is thought so not thought is creative by view if a point you use a fixation. See to create is thought, your focus is energy as a thought by ship is harbored by imagination or they can do things.

   Think focus is in focus to not attach devices, see to create know the thought to the area is touch the item, see for some idea the time you think thought to the aura to fix is thought gone or cause as the body adjusts by something will set in use. The element energy is that, that what will cause the in event by idea unless you don't want it to occur. Allen the element in then the thought to think something different, so then your not as you except what your doing or what you want is done. Say to not be controlled or focus is not in the concept by what is feel. Then think different to create different feel that is thought to create free points that action is always your own, run around by thought with idea in use a concept that is focus or this is not to focus too much in use in idea. See as your idea is in use by feel you focus to create directed idea, as you act right or create by thought you natural intuition is ability to use energy to create activity you are thinking thought.

  Thought not to do is chaos use to create by feel by feel. So as you see or feel if you know or don't know, with no training your not going to destroy the idea yet cause them to dismiss it. See as you are awareness in idea you can create by feel but not, if your focus is where you don't remember you won't do much or feel much if the creator won't allow. Say as you feel you didn't remember by piracy or realize with thought. What you can sense or feel, you can create with by idea as you focus you create yet not. So keeping aware focus is relaxing to relent, think or use by created peace or calm yet not always is relaxing possible till necessary to look.

Light saber effect

    Think to make use of a light saber effect, think to focus the force in your hand and mentally project, a beam of light to go through someone or the air virates and forms what you have thought to maake the force as a laser light. Feel it extending as a force to the length, of which is your desire. With enough focus it should happen, as of a laser projection. Warning as you see, this may cause severe hand laxity. See cramping or burns, so as not to not see use is seeing or creating by idea.

    An advanced version of this came from and is to make other weapons too. Any weapons created with this effect can be invisible, if you use raw Force. It does not consist of creating the device seen in the movies. All that it requires is that you focus energy into your hand, and form it upwards into a blade that you're holding. Keep in mind, if you do this too long, or if you do it with too much energy, the possibility of burning your hand is present. One suggestion is that if you begin doing it physically, wear gloves.

    Once you get good enough at it, you can actually use it to create free-form weapons. I am able to make a kunai-knife or a ninja star with it, and fling it, without it dissipating.


  The act of telekinesis is changing area locations sometimes by an enforcement of a law, think to effect and to lift something with the mind and to bring said object to you or away from you, by force of will. Doing it will take patience, yet once success, its easy after. Think the force suffices then you are aware that the force is enough. This is focus with the point that is force, this is on the image of the object raising off the ground and make a gesture of some sort with the hand or other body part and allow that gesture, think to be linked in your mind to using that force.

  This is called mind force, raise the hand or limb to raise the item, gesture to you to bring it close, gesture away to force the item away. Hold out your hand open to accept the item from the air. When you imagine the item intended to be moved, imagine it doing what you want. Allow for the link to the idea of force, by feeling the force do the action, if it worked, things you imagined should happen. This takes considerable practice, use and another way is to imagine. The item lifting off the ground and feel, the force making it happen. Move the hand to move the object that, you want in any way you need.


  Psychoportation is the act of the body to move, through space and time by way of force channel, the way is simple, focus the force to fold space like a piece of paper, that has been folded in half. To affect yourself where you are, and to where you want to be. The effect of this happening is like punching, a hole in the sheet of paper to two parallel points, far away from from other. Focus the force to make that similar effect, by imagining the idea of you or the object in the place, you want yourself or the object to be. Now initiate it by imagining, a drawn a line from you to the place in your mind, that you or the object wanted to be. There should be a feeling of force being used, and you or the object will be shifted, this could be used to make time shifting happen. When the object is tied down, or bolted down then it stays there, and you shift there.

Force strangling

  Strangling someone by force of will has an effect of killing them, by closing their throat, using the force. This is only intended for revenge purposes, there are better ways than killing people, by this method to fix or resolve your problems. Talking is an option by saying your feelings, how to kill by strangling is to make, focus with force on closing the throat by sheer force of will. Use your feelings of needing to get revenge, or the feelings of getting rid of dark emotion, focusing the dark emotion into the pit of your stomach. This will increase the effort of your, force to accomplish the goal quicker.

Force will creation

  Creating a force will to keep people or things, from you is act of creating a force wall. When a person effects a force wall, said person actually makes a barrier of will. This neutralizes the force being present, and enacting upon you that you don't like or want. To do it, feel the force and focus it by allowing, it to neutralize any hostile force in the area through, feeling the need of protection from danger, or focus it by mentally telling it to neutralize, the force that enacts upon you. Another focusing idea is to have the force block.

  The thing you don't want to touch you, if you create a force wall with the direction, of being in a radius of a certain area of effect, this is where you are aware you could make it into a dome of protection. Think to do this effect by feel, think on the protections you would want, now, feel the force and focus the force, to make protection of the things you would want, in an ever expanding force bubble that, expands to the necessary radius of your desire. When you think about it, you could make a house shield of protection from lightning, natural disasters, thieves and people investigating your crimes. Think to use the basic or basis of ideal to work with what is there.

  Another thing with the force will is a force wall. This is to make a focus of force, that is in a shape of a moving wall. This moving wall will move forward from you, to pass through the targets of your desire. What it will accomplish is the things you thought, about before it was formed or as you form it. These things are: to make a freezing wall by thinking "freeze", while forming it and sending it, as the wall passes the targets, bend with your mind, the force will around said targets to make them, be kept in their minds or in physical form, to stop them from moving.

  This does a freezing effect on the, targets that you want effected. To cause a killing wall, just make, a focus of force with the feeling of needing death, while imagining the wall moving forward, and passing through intended victims. This kills them where they stand, by making them disappear, as if they had never existed. If it doesn't work, it will disorient said people instead and make, them wish they were dead, if you think the force wall, has an elemental force associated with it, the elemental force will effect, a target with the elemental force being emulated. The thoughts of making a person come back to life, and forming the force to the will in the form, of this thought will make anyone you, want come back to life, all it has to do is pass over dead person and it will raise them.

Force Heart strangling

  Heart strangling: Indian shamans had a method in which they strangled, a person heart by their will to make the death look, like a heart attack. This was done by the use of force, when they did it, this was for revenge. To do it, make use of the force, and focus the force on the idea, "causing a heart attack" within the one you would want to get revenge on. Imagine a hand that is a force will, that squeezes the heart of the intended victim, until you feel it burst. Afterward, intended victim will be dead, and you will have to accept the consequences, in some manner that does not reflect to you.

  A more effective method would be to imagine the heart and all its valves. Then willing one or more of those valves to disfunction. This works with a smaller, more easily achieved quality that still affects the whole. You could also go by localized blood pressure, forcing small arteries and capilaries to burst, thus doing small damage to the heart that eventually ends up destroying it.

Prescientific method

  Prescientific method is the effort of projecting your mind, a few minutes into the future using the force, to allow for your body to react to what you see. When you attempt to accomplish this act of projection, remember that one is invulnerable to attacks, and can make no actual mistakes that are uncorrectable. To start, make yourself calm by imagining yourself, in your own mindscape that relaxes you, visualize yourself within your own room, however you want the room, with a unpickable door lock. Whence there, calm your mind and focus the force, to project yourself one to five minutes, in advance of your own time. Now feel the tension of your body that is there, and feel your mind slip to the projected point, using the moment of tension release, to send you there as you feel the tension form into a ball, and you let it go out of your body, floating on a current of feeling. The force is your link to yourself, now watch what comes and the body reacts, to what you watch as if you guide yourself, through the force, it is simple as that.

Reading minds

  So think to use the force to detect lies or read minds, try to focus on making an attempt to listen, to the voice that gives information. Focus the force by focusing on the voice, and feeling tension in your body, now feel your mind follow along the voice to its, owner and you will feel a shift. Mentally ask "show me the truth" in the persons mind or mentally ask, "tell me the truth". When you get an answer, it will either come as a verbal response, or a mental vision as he speaks, where you get specifics, is what said person is hiding. Another way is to simply observe what, said person is thinking, allow yourself to perceive what the person has thought, imagine a voice box speaking the persons thought. When done, allow your mind to return to your body, now use the information with discreetness. Where reading minds is just the same, except you only see what said person, is thinking while talking to said person, or listening to them. Combine this with good questions that are focused by what you see, or guided by intend.

Event making or unmaking

  The making or unmaking of events to cause, this is an idea that is an ancient druidism practice, passed down from the time it was created. Focus on the idea of force and imagine, the item either in your hand or somewhere, you would want it to be. Feel your soul helping in the making of it, and mentally allow the force to be, the channel of your soul, as the soul will guide the event to completion. When you feel like it, imagine the events you want, happen in the order that you want events to occur. The soul will make them happen, and to unmake an event is simple, it takes the remembering of events, that you went through to unmake it. Focus the force and make, an image scene going backwards, from the last remembered event to the point, of the event that you want to undo, as if things were going backwards. You will feel a slight change in yourself, and a drain in the area around you, from your activity. Due note: when you attempt this, suspend your attachment to the idea, or it won't be undone.

Making and changing objects

  Making an item by mental force focus change, thinking this is easy use if one makes use of the soul. This is the way to do it, focus the force on an idea and feel some of your soul being extracted to form the item turned real and allow it to draw on your soul, think of use as the point is though an item image that makes itself known by appearing to change or appear. This is where you want it, first as illusion, then it turns real. Imagine the spot of where it should be, in your mind, and imagine the item appearing on that spot in your mind.

  The force will surges and you will create as you wish, find said object of your desire in that spot imagined. Make things you imagine to appear as though your wish was by imagination to manifest or create from energy where your close, wherever you want or in your hand for small items. Think and if long enough distance from the away point you are standing, sitting or are near.

  The item will be there as though the checker were checking out things that is there, where the subconscious makes the item seem there. For no large objects can appear in your hand. If you need extra force, otherwise its not appearing. Say no, "I wish it to appear, object of my desire! May this be done." This only works if you have, seen it before, somewhere in existence is said object of desire, so it will appear if you have at least seen it once somewhere or knew of it.


  Pathokinesis: this is the manipulation of one's emotions. Evoking emotion in a person, will make the object of conversation appear, it is the strength and strong will that prevents manipulation as the object of conversation is the result. You get what you desired from it. Emotion can cause a person to become, clouded in a conversation, although you may have a losing conversation, evoking emotion will cause you to win. It is bit of imagination and feeling, when focusing the force on the feelings, you want the other person to feel, and in the midst of conversation, imagine the person showing that feeling.

  Now imagine the conversation as you would want it, and this will cause the conversation to be gaining, the end desires. Due to someone else's desire, the effect may be canceled, for if the will of the other is similar strength, then neither get their way, When the "desire" of the other is stronger, they get their way, and if your desire is stronger, you get your way. Consider this a contest of wills, that when it seems ludicrous to get your desired effect, you don't continue with the effort, or seem out of sorts.

  This evoking can be used along with the jedi mind trick to more easily achieve a desired result/reaction from a person. When you can include both of them, the results can be phenominal. Some anonymous person used it before to convince his friend to take him home when he didn't want to stay. He would feed him an aspect of desire to be alone, filled with the sense of annoyance and anger at every little thing he did. Then he would use his words to help influence that desire for him to be gone.

Time shift

  Astral plane shifting through time is thought to be near or wear something then you are where you are going, and space is simple as it uses the aether world, focus the force with the idea, "being in a forest, that has a path" going through it. The forest is cloudy at first, and only the path is seen, and the rule is to enter the forest, with a destination in mind. Think on the destination, and the forest will guide you there. If the destination is clear in your mind and path is easy to get to if you think your mind is clear, then the forest path is clear of blockage, following the path through the forest to its end, will make you appear at the place, you want as you step off the path. When you are off then the path entirely disappears, the path disappears and you are at the place you are in. Step off the path in between and you will appear at a place, you probably don't want to be so think the creator causes you to be where you want to be. This affects the subconscious to shift, you to any place you desire through the place of dreams. There is a 40 percent chance to appear, there physically and only if desire is strong enough.

Astral shift

  Time shifting is the moment of the force to make, an idea of time manipulation happen, to do it focus the force, on an image back in time. Say three times "I wish to be there, back in time, at the spot of my desire." To be safe, use a lit candle of other than red. This should make you appear, in the time point of your desire, yet be aware of the time rules. Another idea is to focus the force, and send your energy back in time, in the form of yourself, to the point you remember. Now you say in any voice, "in [time amount], I will be there where I desire!" What will happen is the fact of you, collecting enough energy in the form, of you that you disappear from where, you are and reappear at that point, if enough energy is sent. To go back to your time, do the same thing but focus on an image of the time, that you want to be at. What may help is think of your items, you used and imagine you standing, right next to one. Now touch the item in your mind, to shift to your own place. However, consider, no place as your place, for it will make things simpler, as if you come back, and you find your mother, somehow was not the same, you won't consider the method bad, and accept the changes.

Water change

  Changing water: Think to water, wine or any other substance, then think it changes to something you want as that is pure focus, and an easy task. Focus the force by holding, your hand around the water container, and imagine an energy stream going through the, water container by going from four fingers to thumb. Have another thought while doing this, of changing water to wine. Keep charging the water until turns into wine, and to change water to another, drink just change the method above, and make the thought of change water, to the drink of your choice. What may help is if you say out loud, under your breath"change water to my desire drink!"


  Shape shifting your body is focus, focus is on an image or thought and the force shifts your form, and the technique is thought to make an image, of your desire in your mind, while keep it there by focusing on it for 4 seconds. Now feel the force shape your body, think to the form in your mind as it will change the body. Slow at first and faster later so with the first change, there will be a large amount of body pain later attempts get lesser pain. As the body will get used to see the pain. Thats if there is an open wound. Whala! there you go.

Force bolt

  Force bolts are an idea of mine to for, bolts or create zolts by your force, being projected as a weapon focus and know the force by imagining the force. As though a jolt of energy goes through you as a small ball in front of you goes through the target by feel, that disorients the target then allows your mind to work. Imagine it shrink to the size of a needlepoint, now yield the force and hit the target, by linking the ball of force, to the target of your choice, with a drawn line in your head. Basically as you think draw a line in your head from, the force ball to the target that you picture see then now let go of the force ball.

  Dark energy can be used to create dark force balls. Thinking of a dark thought thats negative and using the force, this can create dark energy. Dark force balls can have triple the devastational effect on a target.

  Force bolt can be used for a few practical applications. With good control, one can find a way to operate machinery with no power source, or even save lives by jump starting a heart that had stopped.

Being unseen

  Making yourself unseen is different to the point you yield the force, focus the force by thinking to anybody around you as the thought "do not see me." Form a gray wall around you, while thinking the projected thought, keep thinking on this as you feel unseen and you make your presence unknown. This is known when you need to be noticed, by releasing the wall, the gray wall will hide your presence, and the projection makes people think you aren't there.

  Being unseen can be further influenced with the idea of camoflage. This technique can be best utilized amongst crowds of people by imagining oneself as only one of the crowd, a part of the whole, and as average as the rest of his surroundings. Likewise, one can reverse this effect by imagining himself standing out substancially, thus attracting attention to oneself. The effect can be further increased by imagining one's energy as a bright light, brighter than the rest of the crowd, and such that it would be considered "attractive" to the subconscious of others. This could be used if one desires to receive energy by attention, or if one would desire to speak to a specific target, by directing this light to their eyes only, so that they may be attracted to the person creating the effect.

Controlling time

  Controlling time: This is the process of using the force, to manipulate time and by focusing the force, by imagining a clock in your mind, with the words beneath it, that represent the area that you would want, the clock to effect. This clock is moving at the normal, speed that time is moving at, on first glance. Now speed up the clock, or slow the clock down by imagining, the clock hands moving at, the speed you would want. This forces the time around, you to move at the rate you selected, another way to manipulate it, is to imagine the clock, and say out loud "time moves [this percentage] {slower or faster} at [this area]". Notice the clock had changed, and dismiss the clock from your, mind by allowing the image to disappear. So think you can then be of use, so you make use of what you can.

Image projection

  Projecting your image is like making an allowance, for the force to act on your behalf. Focus hard the force by visualizing yourself and needing the effect, in the area where you would want, to have your image appear. Now speak in your mind to make this work, allow the responses to be heard, by making a sound channel. Allow the force to work with you, as you speak by being that channel, when you are finished speaking, dismiss the image in your head, of your speaking form, now think on something else breaking your concentration.


  Making a simulacrum is a bit, like projecting your image, have a lit non red candle, focus the force by visualizing yourself, in the area where you would, want to have your image appear. Now allow the form to take shape, as yourself by giving it more energy, from yourself and the earth, when you feel the temperature, link the simulacrum to the sun. Do this by imagining a sun drawing, and making a drawing of your simulacrum, then draw a line to the image of your simulacrum, from the sun drawing. Say "I wish my simulacrum had a mind, of its own and to be invulnerable to attacks." Now feel the simulacrum take form in full, and it forms in presence yet sometimes in viewed form. That is simple. Undoing a simulacrum is just as simple, will with the force to undo, the simulacrum.

Hitting blind

  Hitting the target by force even while blinded, is simple and straightforward, put a blindfold on and imagine a dark place in your mind, now be in the dark place, and feel the threat, or presence. Allow the force to guide you, and when the threat comes near, attack it by using the force as a guide. This takes considerable practice, and must be instinctual, by practice, or you won't hit too often. Think then and you will due or create well.

Blind sight

  Seeing while blind is a practice that cures the blind, the idea is to allow the force, to act as sight. Focus the force through the third eye, and imagine the things you saw, when you can see clearly in your mind that sight, allow your mind to shift, the image to the true image of what is around you. The force will allow you to see in truth, to reaffirm belief in the sight, say mentally or out loud, "I will see through my eyes, the truth of the matter." Say this three times, near a lit candle, or allot of sunlight albeit its not required.

Force projection

  Force projection this is including the intention the force being used is used as a physical tool, an to be when it is used as this and it is where or want you will it is a raw extension of your will. This raw extension is made by imagination, seen of any hand that is in energy form, use this hand as you would your, normal hand and to strike someone, feel it form, as into a fist, striking the person in the gut, or the face as in the nose. This force projection is unique, as it can make itself look like any weapon, it is like this: it is to imagine the weapon, in your hand as you think, it should look like an exchange. Keep believing and focusing, the force into that items form, until it exists. After that it will exist to be used, as that weapon you chose. Make it appear and disappear as you will.


  Making things disappear is to reappear allowing the force to hide the item intended, by feel is the point that you think as its always as it was until desired. Focus the force on the idea of the item intended, use the force to tell the object to be hidden or unhidden by focus on the object and tell it "be hidden" or "!Fnord" or "!Fnerd". It will be hidden from all sight except yours.

Force hand wand

  Using your hand as a wand, is to gather your force in your hand, to which you speak what you want, it to do. Focus and need the effect in mind, to happen it while stating the words and the event will come about, in the least noticeable manner or as desired or needed to. Using gestures will cause the force energy to be more useful and shaped more into your intent. Drawing symbols that are freehand sigils also makes this force hand wand more useful, as you can use the sigil to direct external energy. This is to create an effective influence. This makes the effect happen easier, as the symbol does what you think it will. This sigil acts as though you used sign language.


  Think to create a repelling force strong enough to cause distance between another and you, hold out any hand then feel force from your body or focus on a hand, any distance to feel the force surrounding the hand, projecting outward from the hand to force away the person or object. What may help is to think "away", focusing on the person. Thus you form a slight distance by the elements, between the one you don't want, think to be touched by those and you are. However strong in the force you be, will determines how far the persons repelled by the creator. Focus the force to radiate outward from your body and you don't have to do this as its more efficient.

Shield projection

  Shield generation projection is thought to create a force shield that rebounds or protects as needed, link your hands together, then feel the force surrounding, you to make a perfect barrier. Thus you won't get touched by the elements, that you don't want to be touched by, because the force supports, your will in any action.

  Also, you may imagine earth or air energy swirling up and surroundin you like a globe, or it can be swirling down and surrounding you, then let it harden and do what you instruct it to. Instruct it by thinking at it, to reform and regenerate itself. Then you won't have to concentrate to keep it up.

  This style feeds off your energy force, so make it get its energy from the sun. Do this by imagining or visualizing an image, that symbolizes the sun. Then, see a line going from that image to the symbol of your aura.


  To resurrect someone, isn't fullproof, so feel the force within you, and make imagination of the cadaver, being alive doing an activity. Call the spirit back to the body, by calling the persons name, whatever you think it be, three times, feeling the body come back to life, and want the body come alive. Then think "come alive!" saying out loud, at the cadaver in a low voice, with authority "Death to life!", or "Ashes to ashes, dust to life" and either the force will respond, to bring back the body, or the body will be enlivened with energy. Do this over an over again, as needed because this may, take more than once. Once practiced, and success, the way becomes easier.

Force push

  This force push came from One of my favorite abilities. First by feel, expand your mind so that you are 100% aware of your target. A hand motion away is from you that is all that it takes in order to shove them away from you. There is no need to summon energy into your hand, because you are not using your own energy for this attack. You are using the enemy's energy against them. What is happening is that you are throwing kinetic energy (movement energy) directly at them, causing them to move.

    There are many more creative uses, as well. You can radiate kinetic energy outwards from your body, and if it is strong enough, you can even stop a moving blade against your skin. Much like an IronSkin spell, only better, because it stops the weapon instead of still making you absorb the impact. Though, I do NOT suggest trying this physically - if you insist on trying it, use something safe, like a stick, before trying with something dangerous.

    An average force push can shove a person a few feet, but the ultimate level of the force push is when you hit them with the same level of inertia (fancy word for kinetic energy, if you don't know) as a train. I have seen force-pushes strong enough to kill in one blow. To use that much force makes one dissipate into a cloud of temporary red dust.


  Replacant happens when you create visualization of yourself. This is to be projected at the other persons mind. This is when you think you are in the other person's place, then you 'switch places' by projecting that thought towards the other person. This can be a replacement caused by energy force. Think thought to the other and use visualization of the person getting what your getting, to create a swap effect and you can get free from being arrested or tortured. This won't happen when they are used to it, as the more exposure to your energy the more you immunize them to it. Think and this is replaced by the time you come back to it. So you can see that is all there is to this.

Kill switch

  Kill switch The kill switch is to make use and is the force you have and have intent to 'kill' the target's activity, as though it were a beam of dark light. Just project it into the person's brain the thought 'kill' or 'kill switch', as you hold forth your limb and swing it down to 'hit' the person's nerve center with your projected force. This allows you to put to sleep someones ability center, if that were your desire. All that's needed, is the hit to occur on the frontal lobes. You can use this kill switch effect to stop the effect of something that works. By hitting the nerve of the object or its circuit. You can kill the circuit by use of things or yourself as you use your finger.


  Conversion is to create an effect by the use of Jedi force to 'convert' a person or things energy. This is done towards the goal, when you want the other to do certain things they won't normally do. This can be used to make the person do bad things or good things. The energy force is converted by thinking a negative thought and expressing it, during the moment your near the target of good or light energy purpose. Otherwise, its making them aware by reasoning of a positive way to get a goal achieved. Mainly, projecting at the person a positive thought and/or stating it near their energy. A person won't convert if they are aware of the tactic, unless they are willing to convert to a good purpose or want revenge.

Mental transfer

  This trick allows transfer of thought easily and you aren't going where you should'nt or aren't allowed. The idea this transfer is and allows use of creates a mental attribute, as in knowledge. Make sure they want to do this. Then, imagine the person in front of you, and imagine a flowing link between their areas.

  That will allow you to borrow the attribute or thought that comes to you from a source that is soy or other idea, as you like the intelligence from the source without bad feel. As you lack the resource its there by attribute like an energy source and if they didn't want it and otherwise it can see use without draining or seem useful as drained away then its there where you want somethings.

  Then just modify and imagine or feel the areas energy, think or will an idea and the area energy with your thinking is a surge in energy as what you will may do your necessity, this is like algebra math homework in thought that completes itself or is some idea. Done on necessity despite what is said, as you know when to break the rules.

  What helps is this trick, that is to state your intention, and the aura will change itself to suit your purpose. That intention can be, "I need help with my homework.". And their aura will take care of the rest. Just keep your mind open to what flows in. The thought you were thinking is an energy, that if you think you know it you perceive it and can do it as you think you may. You can if you want to or not if you don't need be.

  As the need is the desire, until denied as design or not as "do is a felt necessity" and in this is felt. As thought is a necessity and now you know, as the trick is you can do what you want and if detected. Think and use is a good excuse, as your will is you as energy in body and your thought to go. Do unless denied and you can do things if undetected or not.

Force hand

  Force hand; Create as you think then focus the ideal, that is a point with nothing more to do. think to use energy shaped into a form of a pointed shape. Any ideal or stated thing with an imagined hand connected to a energy arm that you move by focus as you think the hand moves moves the item, I think that you can use the energy arm by what you think by the ideal that exists activity or movement. As though things move by what you consider so basically you create your mind directs. Think as you are ready to handle this, that you are the master then your mind is the method or way you think to create. Then you are prepared so you can do things, until you don't have a way to do this.

Inspired by jedi movies, other people and jedi articles