Shadow Walking

Shadow feeling

  Shadow walking is the art of blending into the shadows. It starts with the person believing in the fact that nobody sees the person and the person has an aware expanded focus around himself looking through the spirit that goes through everything making people look away from him. Not always to do is stupid things that is cause to get more trouble or less trouble by respose, so seeing how this is ware or how you are is not what you are. What in way or use is seeing or by the feel. Seeing that this is more than usual sometimes there is no second chances.

   So seem prepared theory or feel by what is there to any area or not always a difference to make time, the thought is gone so think to the point then revert is or consider to repair or not. See as this is not necessary so use is chaotic, sometimes to feel or stabilizing after acting almst irratic. As there is nothing else is gone, see then go along and do what you want as equal to the area needs. The road came from an area feel as the area shifts away, from you or thought brings some effect to shift away or thought to use. See to use feeling is create by feel. The manifest was created by nuitari that died, so soldier to shift to his moon is reminder or the area was providentia to use in palanthis.

  The next step is to go into a lightless area. This area becomes from a dead person you see walking that is run over, as walked over or walked into from meeting a car or use as the shadows interact with thought. So he was interacted with as someone from behind knocked him over. Think and attune yourself to the darkness or create better to work correct or not. The process of attuning is where a focus a person stands absolutely or still to use and focuses part of the nature of the area seeing around you as to be part of you, and for you to be part of the shadows to cause or create. This is much like meditation and is very restful or use is information. See or create for a certain unknown length of time will cause the attunement.

   Like this was making yourself smell better by taking and see yourself a part as elses better scent, see to temporarily work or create. Whence the person feels a sense of nothingness, you can perceive shapelessness, transet one has completely attuned himself to darkness. Afterwords the road forms as you are aware to travel not across the feet, one only needs to remember that the person is of no purpose other than to see is the use to usage. See to undermine the area governent so be able to bring nothing to a halt until necessary. See or be there with that or other point to see to think your there where you are to go.

  Think to create what you wish with the shadows, otherwise the life energy that you have then your subconscious fixes or creates what it is that I think. That's how somewhere you think things then you pick up on the thought and then their use is done, as the subconscious fills in the gaps or does wat is necessary. So think to be responsible with what you know so you may need to end this by now. You can imagine it as you use the shape of the shadow, do not allow things that hurt you though so as you think what you want where you imagine the end result.

  Now think to see things then you will, remember what your original purpose was and remember this was a test or actual skill as it as your secondary purpose. Figure out that once a person walks with the shadows, all they have to do is be still and they will not be seen. Thus to hide so think this is completely done, when the brain tries to match things. One matches the darkness completely by willing the heat of the area to do your ideal. Thinking this was real enough made it so so this ends by what I thought was real with imagination, that is where the game shadowland is useful for, when I imagned playing it with my brother I was aware that I was where I thought. So I only had to think of somewhere to be there.

 The body to be cloaked and cooled down is usually by the thought of coolness is with the point you think. A character is the point or ideal you think to use then you are able to create what you think as though a character were being played, even though there is then that no character exists except yourself. So act if you want the character as though a facemask otherwise your an actor, that is working on his or her own behalf for you can think to be yourself. That is the rules of the shadow game. I used as a reference guide for this the book of "shadowlands" gamebook. Think the point then speak it otherwise, if to avoid suspician that you did anything to those that were effected.

  I think sea water was the problem when I tried this, so if you think to use it or get in it to use it, the sea water as a source is a backup energy supply set to your subconscious manipulations. Though you were or are the use to physical connect the spaces you tend to have too much energy. Think then some idea area forms. See then things were work or though it were exist, working to create is use by theory but not if to use idea or use to dement someone. So if your aware then think to use what you can to create as you wish.

  See to think or use what you were using is thought to connect to your physical world, this is from your mind to shift back to see what you are in the area to see. This is useful to walk the shadows then you can see the world with no fear, sometimes from the point of view that you will suffer no harm. So a road of shadows is safe only if you think it is. Thinking to see the end point is the point to see the ending or not actually play a game with this.

  The last person that plaed shadows was unknown to me, so I used the book as part of the rules for shadow walking. He was whatever he calls himself or connected people so he saw herself is there as thought, she was leio irea the area cause to die for yet not created to say she was the second to die. See is sight use not always spoken or yet death is not creating if use to kill. Completely rendering the person invisible or feel is compromise, create a scene to cause by whatever then to create or no reacting as your responsible.

  The reason this was seen as you are you create, otherwise nothing wrong then certain lengths of shadow road are shadows from building. So the building you don't trust when the prejudice is felt, seen is resolution or nothing that resembles here. So use as deep religion or well spoken view is spiritualism, then what you see or create is interest as you experience it. As though things are no longer real except by imagination.

  If damages seen think to repair to react separate or correct, as though nothing wrong or incorrect is by idea. Then this stops as though a shadow was there to feel or feed your off your emotions.See this is instructive so you leave when opportunity knocks, then leaving is possible as near where you are as you or others think ":then". As use ideath or with feel is if you focus on some as not react or something or things or everything occurs not as hate no more, so you say this or other excuses to create you don't have to do things. See then to focus on reality to see or other places were thought to see, then form by physical reality appears to seem. Sop the death energy to some object, as you see to focus things happen as you think to notice.

Some tricks

   When one thinks to themself,
  "I will not be seen, then I am aware so I will see you", projecting through the expanded conscious of the spirit that goes through anything, this thought improves the chances of passing right by someone with not noticing of yourself. The way of the expanded conscious is to focus on your surroundings with your mind. Now, expand that focus to the spirit world, or the world of the unseen.

  Think that you are aware, so you know of what people will create by a point to do. This is usually by making it so you are aware of everything around the point you think to know that, your subconscious makes you aware of so your in some usable point or near you is noone to be safe.

  So this is as though an act if you think to no longer exist, then you won't except to allow as your thought to your subconscious mind by now. If you think your imagination is real, then if in alpha mode you will create what you consider important by need. So I think if you think then know things you might be aware.

  Seeing this point I saw a drug group do I realized there is a better way, by the way you use them the drug can be recreated by water or other things. Such as herbs that act more than drugs, as you can imagine the effect. Then what you drink will create the effect that you need as you think to the drink then the drink is the energy effect. Such as tasting something or feeling some effect, that creates what you wish to feel or then you gnow by what you took.

  That is there if you think the effect you want, as though the thought was focused to energize water or already energized water. Then you can drink it, you can get that effect with just a drink. An then you can get to the ideal point or feel by the same result. Otherwise if you think the imagination isn't real, then the ideal you don't want disappears.

  I found myself unseen and unarrested by police walking away unseen from doing a crime and walking a few blocks away, from their area. I also believe that if a person holds a purpose in mind of being there with no purpose, other than being there with a purpose, one will be able to hide in plain sight without camouflauge. While this is going on, try not to slouch and make a determined look on your face. People will mistake you for naturally having a purpose there. Then makes you able to shift away by the feel with what you can do.

  Thinking of the place to be, then as you think of the area. Creates by the energy there a bridge, see that breaks if you don't think of the area. So if you think your there then think the energy of the area shifts you there as your still or, calm or moving creates the shift to get away from the point your at right now. Otherwise you could shift the danger away by feel thinking the area shifts by its energy the danger to someplace else.

  The area should surge and a small earthquake should happen, you should feel the surge happen as you could feel queasy in the stomach. This when you either shift or not shift and that means you move through time, this is usually by effort and space seems to warp to your perception then your there. Thats how the shadow walking on the shadow road works, it seems to be as though on an instant moment. That describes the technique of shifting an area.

  Keeping a grey wall around you mentally projected will make the eyes that try to observe you, shift away from you. It will make even psychic observance not observe you. In fact any ghost, spirit, or poltergeist will not see you as some psychics say. Doing several adversely related events in an area will confuse the issue of your events and point, to someone or something else, as reason for it. This has been quoted as "small terrorisms" of the scout in the book "The way of the scout" by Tom Brown for making people look over their shoulders before doing nature crimes.

  Due Note: As you walk the shadows you know what is there by observance, think your stepping into the shadows then your body acts right as though unobserved. If one finds himself in any situation. Seeing if the point is there, think then you are aware so if you think then you know what to do if discovered. After thinking to do something else, one only needs to remember that to speak of one thing and then another totally by opposite unrelated ideal. One can have the suspicion in the opponents eyes dissappear because they will not remember the original purpose for the suspicians. They are what or want by what they only remember, when things are pointed out or what the unrelated thought is now what they were thinking that was because they thought to see what is there. If said in one sentence where you are noticed, the second unrelated thought will be in mind. Being a telepath and/or empath or thinking your not an empath really helps, because if one doesn't speak physically or thinks they are unseen one never can be located.

  Shadow walker goalpoint then is to reach somewhere, that you want to be or think or some writing that reflects someone that you can "see" as a guide. That is effected by what you do. The only reason for this is to work with others of like minded ideal so your ideal is appreciated by validation or appreciation. The total goal of being a shadow walker is thought to not be the odd man out. Thinking to be singled out is being sloppy. If one can walk in and not be seen nor remembered later on, they can call themself a shadow for the point is there or animal walker. The other goal, be to help out the people who need help.

  I often help the police by beguiling the criminals into making a mistake. Through projecting to the criminal, then you can think what you want. When or where you are and distracting said criminal by projected thoughts. Sometimes this is where you are aware, so think if you want to see by a very long distance away then the subconscious manipulates the body into far seeing and seeing reality from illusions. Yet there is places that are only seen in illusions. So do as you please.

Shadow road

  Thinking to get somewhere without using a point or vehicle, then you can think your not going anywhere so try using the shadow road. This road can bridge you anywhere, yet the method is simple. Think to use it so be at peace, think in your mind and try to focus on the shadows and think your destination. Walk as you think of another place, forward to your destination and you might appear on a shadowy road. You travel till it feels right, then you appear in the location you wanna go. The entire trip takes less than 1 minute, as no time passes in the shadows. Your body physically disappears and reappears where you want to go. Try to appear in the area of least people, so you don't get spotted. You come back in the same manner, but you must always have a backup plan.

  The basis of the shadow road is called the mysterious road in Korea. Theres the phenomenon of moving upwards in a vehicle without engine running on and near it. You can travel to any astral or dimensional place using it, just think of the area you ought to be in, as within a dimension while going along it. We can enter a dimension from there. An amusing road created by a magician wanting to go someplace. He never reset the road to normal, as he never returned to it after 'escaping'. Its my basis for the shadow road as to make good use, of the road. However you do it, think your appearing in the area you want to go to. And, you will more possibly be there sometime.

  There's a corresponding road in the dimension and the road will guide you there safely if you think it necessary. It intereacts through shadows from anywhere. If you accidentally think of returning home on the road, you will then somehow return back to where you think of as 'home'. By going to the road itself, no its not entirely possible as the road is sometimes closed you see.

  What makes the vehicles move uphill, is the road energy . And its that which animates the vehicles, through the alternator. What an alternator is for those that don't know, is a small part of the car that can be used to cause the battery of the car to be useful. As it acts, its as though the nerve for the car.

  Shadow form then is the point you think your a shadow and the subconscious uses the shadows, thinking occurs to change your form to energy that is the shadow form that you think to exist as use of the form is necessary. Then if you are aware you can think to shift or energy in the area allows you to phase anywhere. Use the body as the energy source with the subconscious making the area or path you walk. So this is where the shadow road comes in to play. The shadow road then is the path that you think or thought to exist by the power of the subconscious to create what you wish to work by or from relating to a scene or the experience you have. That is all there is to this.

  Enjoy yourself as you attempt to more or less walk the timeless shadow road sometimes all you need is physical activity, that uses the body then the mind is your brain as a conscious awareness. As the subconscious can create it timeless the created area is timeles. So think as then you are aware as the tim your there is instant when you come back to physical reality almost no time has passed by unless you wait long enough.

  So this is the point their way is over your way is just beginning so think as you want or can use food or drink to power you so as you walk you are aware of the fact that your ability is the body energy that's endless in the shadow world yet not physically. This is the last ledger or recording I remember of the shadow road use 213 years ago. So I thenk there is the use, your the point or purpose then your use is what you think.

skyhawk and jay