11 Ways of creating, crediting and transacting

  1.   The way of use is use by I think getting accepted energy by accepting or getting transfer by area energy or getting or cheating the credit card, this is by or death to things unwanted or this is you imagine a credit card in your hand as "the ogen" or think to get a success somehow so were made of invisible particles. Swish the card and think the use or imagine to create success with credit or exchange as though the area use is focus to go or use idea by charge of money goes through yours or others somehow successful if you paid for it then you don't have to pay for things or not. One time I paid 2000 $ using this method. It went through the government, so you can't destroy or unless necessary use the credit. The higher you go the lesser the effect. See you were set this is up by area sense invirtual is backed up in trust. The invirtual is what banking can create when you think to create by imagining a number to create by feel. Just name or list by typing a total then you have the amount that disappears as you don't need things or the money that really was not there. Money is just a total nowadays by the feel of banking so you think. If you think to use or save funding you can create as you think not to spend so with money think to work or gather funds as energy or not as someone corrects for it, seeing as if a balance was kept by feel without misleading the feeling your cool the savings is a sign that you can handle money or the area value of the card. Think less spending to create more effect or some area is there to get more from exchange you think to spend some later. I think if you think associatiation you won't want to buy. As though you have seen the whole thing or not used what wasn't necessary. This was noted with advertisement yet nothing is the point with an ad things, that fulfill the area you consider so you think you create or not use idea to work with what is there spend less create less need to recover money value. Money is only a value nothing more than a number.
  2.   The idea is ine or that imagined credit works is there is a build-up with will by the credit line energy thought to be when you create a successful purchase that creates, then as the point to imagine credit is then say the amount in use with area by creation. Seen the credit line and it is there, you can't use this as you get the feel that its some there. Makes things there and you can spend extra as the creator creates created funds or not see this is a planet issue, think stop spendind to stop amassing debt as you think if you have no business with some use in there is interest. Then to have use by thought in there, you don't have to so you can feel the credit there by imagining. Formed by imagination is with the idea credit is there by area energy think no trace, seeing they won't find you so continue or not use the basis or dismiss as your energy body is creating the effect you see or imagine. See pertake then if happy with what you get is by feeling see if your sense, then is sensitivity that is sometimes there with no area energy go with things and think things is uses or fee by feel as they are so this is there or pay back debts. So if none or some not to spend, then is creatable if you keep money with the bank not against us or those unwanted to seem hurt. So you see to think to focus is create without gene damage to feel. Seen is no use so don't use the effect as a source or feel is touch, think the creator to use a touch to change things that you think to change. This is also to use some animal shift idea except this is costly. Thinking abruptly stops your changes as you think to touch or I wouldn't. Since you can't replace the power source unless changes by things are with the conscious feel, I think to use by feel to change things if no feel. See this no point if any there say no I believe is this effect was done by no instinct or animal usage. So you can see or create as you wish by allowed.

      The credit is use by feel is limited to 5 to 10 minutes as the charge is there and the subconscious creates, the credit that in line gets checked and you spend something sometime to get the item needed as then it in fades to normal. There is a price, you don't get too much if you try to get money as if in tradeoff. Some can see the credit as activity in a world that by no means means your if credit has to seem spent it is. The more activity or less activity the more credit. The more hostile the less amount you have to spend.
  3.    Theres the green thumb, to use force by method interred as energy charge of the forest and its converted to money. Just left your store, you can trick them into believing that you paid them or own a part of it. Theres not but a trick. you do. then make it seem as if paid. The transaction is the request.
  4.    Do it by the weight, the weight in scales is in a level in the mind in real life. Where you actually mentally measure out the weight of coin. They will probably consider it a weight in gold whatever you give them. It comes from the now past to go to the future with credit.
  5.    The in-cent, its the idea of a cent worth at least a hundred in your inner mind. Its worth alot more and given over with a cent. The worth is 100 dollars more like depends on how far back you go as a 1000 is a farther time. In the other its seen as if 1000 $ is given to them. Then walk away. This one you can do at a distance.
  6.    There an it is, it depends on your life, so your spirit may end up doing the action, never spoken of by transaction. But the items are given over to you. As it depends on a crisis not happening and you get it right. The crisis is your life could be in trouble. This also keeps you good. This you can use at a distance.
  7.    The other is to mark your goods with a rune to make them seem inferior and you getthem for none or cheap. Its to be of benefit and virtue to use good tools that are invirtual spiritual. Some tools are evidential and spotted out, so you have to except and accept the goods. Make sure the rune is gone after by invisible trace removal where te rune is still physically not there. Be of use afterwords. You'd need a specific rune though I'd think. If power radiates from it, they'd think 'this is valuble, I shall keep it' This you can use at a distance.
  8.   So your in, is with practical use as the other alternative, so your in with a coupon and you are given the item for practically free. Its free by use, so your in and they give you the credit or naturally reduce the price.
    So your out, your out of money or time so someone could pay for you. If there really nice then they are likely to pay. But otherwise not or dumb. Because they'd be dumb to pay for it. So to see it is to be naturally nice as you forgive at them. To not say thier dumb is to not give it away. If a benefit is a doubt.
  9.    Purchase by action, to act as a purposeful person is to act as a person in need or in devotion to a way. Yes it is and its not always sociable. Its as if a way of life is needed overheeded respected. Then things get easier. So to purchase by action, action can be treated as barter. The purchase is the act of use and a statement of desire. If one doesnt succeed at purchase, they're usually is sour notes. Its an act to be independant. The out the door. Its a spell as well of "mei meh melboh" that can cause this. Each act is a credit or brownie point.
  10.    Temporal considerance; Dependance, with defend by Defense by a procedure, Use a Motive after. To be all you are, To be able and all of a persons desire. Then be desirous but understood. But not greedy. This gets you stuff by you seeking it or acting like your seeking it out. Then the person will pay you for your help or you pay. This works with a goo heart especially if you act as if you don't have enough.
  11.    As the point by feel to think to create is what energy your considering. Seein that credit is only a number, think to change the number then you can get better or off what is wrong as if tap. Smooth over things to use force to cause credits shiftting by a literal amount to pay for something as with using credit funds. The literal effort of this is to do things with credit energy and manipulation. To give the person credit and act, taught as you think thought to know thought in moment is thinking idea and use is by thinking to do things you already did it.

       May to use some business or make pay with getting payment back, so you see this the other area or use in idea by other america way. As if there are noting with or without, thought or use is only as your tired or in pain. Focus is your energy to use, as energy is creative by imagination in the idea you create in the void, void devices are soul usable. If you want to give the thrill of moment over, thought is energy into a way around them to give them what they seem to want. As they think its for in them. Think or have them in use to create was your idea, not that they think is thier own as nothing is in void to except.

      This is what you think by what you feel and think in as by focus. There is not in thought as a useful idea, made is this in use unless not needed and if you think nothing and its there. Tis the idea that your use is your own time, see or not and yet you don't own anything.