Durning weight physics

  This is weight physics. Some may like to work things off by exercise where the correct exercise causes weighing less or lessened stomach. So if you meditate to "not to need sugar or oily fat foods from medicine use" to correct yourself, as you can think to focus a drink energy to be there.

  So for heart pacing exercise use amount of time spent for amount of exercise x the excess mass [your weight - the weighing you want such as 185 using the difference or subtracted amount], this is times .5 for the amount of time before passing out or / the weighing of gravity or 9.807 m/s^2 per second for amount of weighing less by focus before passing out. This is a time limit merely for weighing less or more by feel, if no exercise is done during the day and night you sleep.

  This is calm your mind, focus on the thought to pace race your heart. Then calm the heart down by allowing your heart to go to a normal pace. This is stillness exercise even as you move about or work out with weights. Yet there is a weight loss meditation. I think with weight loss meditation, as this meditation works if you attempt it regularly. Its not an instant cure to overweightness.

  However as you think you can form reality around yourself, so it can seem to work in a few days to a week. So think, keep at it and presevere! This meditation is meant to take the place of exercise, when you can't get exercise and think. The weight comes off you by the hour as your body naturally burns calories at 10x the body weight, though if you wait long enough or remain busy for long periods of time. Think heart pacing a more effective means. So the effectiveness is only noted, thats if you think the point and feel the effects. That is the power of gold for you, if you take gold dust into your body named ormes. Then you can create by what you think more easily.

  So this is not a holey grail of life of something. Think of this as an exercise to enhance the burning and reduction of calories, that is, once again, 10x the weight in calories burned in the point that you wait per hour. Seen is a point though, that is where your aware of things and thinking to make use of what is there. That means if you walk around in a circle or you think to levitate an item with the power of thought.

  See this is where you create by the items energy and make an suggestion to others. Think it to the object and the object energy will attempt to create what you wanted, then you can think it will do what you want. Think it to yourself to create by what you thought. So you quicken the heart as this exercise is one of will. The exercise you think to do is one that will quicken it the most, this is until you think to calm the heart that races and thinking turns to calmness.

  Think to do exercise so you can exercise either physically or your heart as you think, lay down somewhere and as your in a comforting position, start breathing in and out slow deep breaths as for when your not moving and quick breaths for when your thinking about or indeed moving. Also part of this is used as you are doing your breathing. You draw in fresh air and breathe out the weighted air. As you send yourself to do things, this is reflected in gender as well. This is her as you feel or him as you think in action. This is your basic idea, so you decide what to do and send yourself ascended in back.

  The idea is this, the simple thought is done. This is not all the time however, so the more complex it is the more likely it will take longer or it won't effect at all. So if you think complexity, you get complexity. That is all there is to this summoning thing I thought up, the weight loss is just naturally done. This however means its not natural at all, that's if its done by activity so sooner or later you will have to do the activity. See that causes the heart pacing, think and then you are aware of the things that exist. That is a point to work with and is all there is to it.

  Now as you know things, when you start your breathing. This is also where you can let your hands do the idea, otherwise they can guide the moment as they could work with something. This is used by the mind as if the subconscious were supplying the force, this is shaping an event where you think of nothing. But you may except this point if you want something to occur, still your thoughts. In fact, you may meditate on nothing, but as your meditating on nothing where your dismissing your thoughts and breathing. Think and you know things by what you do. This is a concept that you can do, but its safe to ignore it as well. So feel or think the point, then you don't have to do the thought.

  This is a main point in my game ars_dnd and I think it suits this page here. You may try to need and feel the weight going from you or from a point somewhere to a point to somewhere else. For this though remain calm and steady yourself by breathing. If you don't need your excess body weight, feel or think to need it to drain from you to be in a rock or object. Try to be safe and not cause others extra weight, this is usually by feeling hungry around them or nearby or depressed. When it works, your weight will seem to 'melt' from you. All the while this is going on, try to be relaxed, keep your breathing steady until you give up on it.

  I also think this will work with improved water, that is focused or energized water to cause special weight loss, this is used by joules per use that is done, this is where joules are energy measurement and use of weight / [.5 or gravity x the excess mass with movement rate] = adjusted weight in activity. This is bmi use, as your removing weight by movement. The weight is adjusted with body weight - normal weight or weight you want to be, that is for weight loss sometimes by dieting. Though a shift is use of ideal situations, as you think to return the actual shift is by light gravity. With no rhythms you could see things then you could feel like your falling to the ground from outer space. That is to the ground then up again unless your focusing or sitting, that means some bug bit you or you think to work with drug inhibitors.

  That usually means that the drug induced state can do this allot more easily or water drinking can start it as you think fold energy, so when you are spoken of you go. Aware you rise again and lose your gravity that is your excess weight that dissipates from you as somethings drop from you there as a special concept that is done by the people you caused to be born for you. Life can seem beautiful if you notice the lights. This causes sinuses you think to flare to flare up then your normal as you manage to get up then walk around. Then your done for the day, seen is a hawk in focus and thought is what it responds to usually by feel. That proves the focus of the thoughts and energizing work, where you can do what you want or can do and you know what you can do.

  This is 9.807 m/s^2 / 18 lbs = 1/2 lb per minute weighing less per activity. Used right is 30 minutes divided by 1/2 x 18 that results 3 lbs weight loss by 30 minutes exercise if you manage to exercise off the sugar or avoid sugar altogether. Earth gravity is 9.807 m/s^2, 18 lbs is body weight excess. Used with gravity is 30 minutes / 9.807 x 18 = .16 or rounded up is .2 lbs per second then possible as .2 lbs for second x 18 lbs = 2.88 lbs lost by less need to eat or gained by too much sugar, where the seconds you can carry the weight are there by feel. This is where you are if you exercise by moving with walking or working out, for at least 10 minutes or more after eating sugar or high fructose.

  This is times the excess x .16 for the final value for what you lost in the short term by exercising the weight off or weight exercising. The more minutes you spend is lesser amount you could actually seem to lose where the greater amount lost is by intense exercise that is measured with seconds. There is no real difference between the first or second totals using gravity or using 1/2. So for intense lifting or intensive exercise, where you walk faster use the .5 for the point.

  This is weight math for you as this where this is use by the exodus with just imagination, as you focus you can get the same effect as movement exercise. As this is just heart rhythm with biorhythmic blood flow that is move with body or blood flow by quickened activity. I think this explains things as to why you don't gain much weight if any with exercise. So ciou till tomorrow or ciou with tomorrow that you mind. You can't stop someone from doing things that they think are right if your against this so think about that.

So that means individuals may be able to lose a pound of fat a week, that's just by taking 10,000 steps a day because of the potential to burn 3,500 calories from walking. Unfortunately, that 10,000/day = 3,500 calories/week calculation is based on the estimations of a specific body type, that may not apply to you.