Dimensional theory physics and dimensional guide

Written by some charles with some of it and spellhawk.


The dimensions we live in, use or a way to the dimensional guide
The subdimensions viewed by ideal uses
The dimensions that exist viewed from somewhere here
The physics of dimensions
Time effect waves
World arc degree descriptions
Alternative world tangent arc descriptions
Alternative variations
Dimensional aspects
Dimensional Life
Dimensional mechanics
Summoning ritual
Spell and energy works

The dimensions we live in, a dimensional guide

   The thought I see are allot of dimensions in theory, those that I describe were described by the superstring theory [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superstring_theory] because of each force. This is a corresponding thought in idea, this is a defended action that may allow us to understand the dimensions better some day in mathematical form. I just used the theory in a magical way to observe or interact with them. This is the breakdown of them as I understand it. Just by naming the dimension, you can get there if so do you feel up to a challenge. Also if you need to be there. If you aren't wanting to be there then you aren't.

    A dimension is a planar existence. That dimension is set to a certain wavelength or frequency. One can match that frequency and perceive the dimension. Otherwise, they don't see it. Attunation allows the perception of dimension. Whereas as you consider what you were, these dimensions are actually living states that people can live in and these states are best described as area of vibrational harmony. Each higher dimension has a higher vibration of life.

   Call this the harmonies of life. Dimensions 1 through 11 have significance, and add new senses as they increase in number. Dimensions 12 and up seem as of yet to simply be new places. Therefore, 12 and up are potentially dangerous and deadly with a potentially adroit subject to change. However its proven what I read in the news, that we can only actually work with 10 dimensions at once with our brains.

  The dimensions are what is following instruction by the feel, that are interest by the feel is intuitive as life is what is exact. See the point is most things are use created otherwise creating what you think that is possible. There are ennumerable ways to create, so this is what creates the dimensions we see or think is there. The way that is there by the feel you see by now. So the dimensions can be various with frequency attenuations. The idea that is there is what is there by the feel we have. So you see the number we think is the frequency variation that we can see is with the place you think is there. I think so I believe the area you think is by the creator that has no name except that you think has a name. This means that there is what exists. So what other universe worlds with no interaction or dimensional worlds interact to the point you think. So each dimension has representation to the underworld or the place with things that are there that has gone to the toilet. The point I make is this is a dimension of life or living things nothing more.

  I think this is measuring by consciousness or the area as were just observers that work with what is there, this is what uses are made usually by available particles that make up space known. Just as the other side with reality is measured by atomic reality. The dimension of earth is where many are called different from the dimension of earth. The area is use by something you think to work with or not be there for. This allows the 1st dimension to by area use to be hell. The 2nd dimension is the underworld shadow plane or used more commonly by the underworld name. Jesus was just a person that wanted to live then left alone. The jesus madness is based off his son Aheim or christ that means madness and not really necessary to be away from the dimension of earth to be born again on another planet. I think this means we can get reborn off the planet as though above the stratosphere of the planet.

  The use or uses are the points of light to indicate the way to places of stars or the crab nebula as the 3rd dimension can represent the view. I think a god or gods exist by the feel. If you believe something to be a god then eventually it is a god by feel. Theres lots of protected and dhampiracal or otherwise ruled subdimensions like the gateway dimension between the 3rd and 4th which is guarded by grim reapers, taking you to a sub dimension below the 3rd, commonly known as hell if you try to get to the 4th dimension because of unjust purposes, given by Caz. http://www.av1611.org/hell.html describes hell accurately with its sounds here and here.

  Here is an alternate view of the 10 dimensions, that is what we normally see by psychic viewing. What is listed below is a viewing on the subdimensions and dimensions, that is based off of personal idea.

The subdimensions

  The nevernever in mind and nevermind in dimension actually exists between the 3rd and 2nd dimension, its the whole new set of dark rules, that if senses allow you can use your third eye to see that its dimensional devastation. If you do things the underworld is viewable that has live things that use men to live out their fantasy, your spirit acts as a physical body and your soul is the spirit. This means its physical but memory and spiritual and the spirit is like a physical being where the object is of your spirit that you buy or own. Powering you, you might found it incredible as the soul acts in the place of the spirit. This is when you go, that is as you were or might stem to seem as if you were not always insane. The ruus are as rules that follow along a natural path.

  When you go you sorta join with a body there that is idea like you and you get free things as a puchase is the want of it and desire the owning. There is where you can create as a burgher or 'owner is the des'carte'. The subconcious is the actual vehicle of which runs it. Its as if a kitsunic possession. When you leave the kitsunic possesion of what you did and anything you did is gone and they are left with what they were forced to do. When there, your physical body becomes the movement for the other body. Its as if effect and if you do and it goes then you do.

  But in a pattern of effect or activity, to negate something, say something positive or to disrupt something act positive. It goes on as if its like that as a basis. But you see as you see and different from there. Where as there you see as if blankness or in vision. A good intention is desire as desire is sometimes dark and you spread disturbance as a hobby, sorta as if the never never land of Peter Pan. That is of what you want to spread the dark idea of things. To fight they just wait as they know there is a different body that accounts for some of their actions. So they let him/her/it suffer and not themselves. To od is to be of so just be aware and so on. What formed the nevernever? the peter pan movie and so much belief in it. It formed as of the way past and its if you handle it now.

  Its meant for exiled types or similar. So as its so dark, those evil types that exists of us are the versions of us there. They live there, as if it was of land that they formed somehow by mental thought. Some helped form the nevernever land, then left to be good again. Its a sorta land where evil is good and good is evil. Memory thrives on the idea and people live as they are or want. Where a deed is a due or concept. A concept by mind in body.

  So do think your there and your not, as you tend to reject something, that can be to get a good effect and good is negated along with the person. Did you know their tv is a interactive one, as life put on a tv set yet psychically you can get anything through it or anything as is else where invasion is a form of media, idea or perception. Invasive maneuvers are evasive manuevers here. From what you hear of it it sounds somewhat different. While in it its normal as if what you expect to see.

  It couldn't be real or so it seems because, the area you are in at the time is the memory of the person who just died or of you as you died at the entering of it. Not a real place, just the idea memory of the real place as it was a hundred years or more ago and while things like that do happen it amazing to see. And as if so were it's more often in the astral when they follow a creature literally into its lair. Faerie are there, etc as they gain a Godlike power in ability. So, it is like a darker astral.

  Thats one of the idea that is true, when you cross over to nevernever then your in the memory of what was there as if on an in the past. When the last person died or as if you died when you left. The memory follows what you or it thought of it, the area. Anything, even faeries could be there. Any rule you state is of a statement, As any rule is of a statement. I used to call nevernever a place worse than hell, but I know better.

  The power thing applies as it just made it sound like it. Because you are as a human in the nevernever and may have power similar to a ghost on the physical. Power applies to make your will known and cause events, all it takes is a little of it yet a very powerful man or lady can cause his or her rule to effect more than once. As you could make a shield that, in the human realm, could stop bullets but then something of less strength than a bullet hit it and the shield exploded and did nothing but stop the one that hit him but send you flying back. When normally you'd have stopped it and would still be standing upright with the shield still intact.

  Consider the shield a will of ruling, its saying "I will not physically be harmed". Then in the nevernever it will stop one or two things. You might not already like the nevernever. As a will only effects what it was intending to where its rules are too different from what your sometimes used to. So you have to make the rule by your will again of shielding. Remember if uncontested your forever contested in another realm but not touched in the nevernever as your contested. Sometimes a will is effective for many things, So if you wanna be untouched, just make a rule that says I will not be bothered and avoid battle.

  So if you act on anything to imitate in nevernever, then you can shift to the others mind or other place as the mind is the place. If you imagine as you act that to go through a door in your mind then you may shift easier. But feeling that you shift is the key to it. Oh, by demonic in the nevernever, its a red haze or real live event that spreads evil even when good and you could be taken over if they the demon gets told what you write or are going to say. So I would be quiet there if a demonic red haze is near.

  Hell is simpler, as with hell, it's all in-your-face hack-and-slash, flames, lava, zombies...only complication is the heat, and the infinite amount of voices in the back of your mind trying to tell you what to do. The nevernever is weird in comparison. I know someone who spent about four centuries in hell...I think he'd rather not go to the nevernever at all. Some ghosts prfer it to greater or lesser effect as they have the power impius as of a magius. Than an their emotion on makes them so strong as it is focused as they are harmless spirits. But a dark mood can rule them as the the rest of the place.

  The tdaaell is the deeper hell. It a sub-dimension of the 3rd dimension as the hell of existence that traps you into not moving much and being victimized or beaten while doing an idea, sometimes spiritually. These idea are presented as if a dream and given by visions. They are virulous and have a dark side to them as though evil in nature but sound good as though too good to be true. This is where you try to break free from this hell and to do things. Try to not agree with what pleases you and answer yet you do things as you in want or need in thought. Then you shift in and away from in the way in the action via deeper hell as you walk through an open door.

  These visions are different from what normal visions are like. Where normal visions seem to give you what you want and sometimes seem too good to be true. But they tend to feel good to the self, as though they are apart of you. The virulent visions keep coming back and are separate from you. Yet they are very likely a suggestion. As the vision can go on and you can attempt them but you get tortured in your mind by a force. So to deny the idea by a 'not necessary' or 'no' is to block the suggestion.

  The cretyel is planet of the apes in hell as a sub-dimension created by yourself between 3rd and 4th and starts with a creative fit that makes a creative hell, and word that to do something wrong and then you create your hell to teach yourself a careful lesson. Your subconscious or consciousness mind usually doesn't tell you its a hell as it 'forgets' about it and this in an open minded nature. So your stuck in it till you realize it and your punishment is over. Sometimes you have to want to be free of it by actions before the punishment becomes a non punishment. No contact can mentally die off deprevation by mental mind an hate concept and abort bad dream your free. And a good example of this is gambling hell, where you act to be the assistant to your own means of wealth. Only in some unlucky moment to lose it all and a try try again. Except for addiction, it will not only be like your own hell and you could stop and no more. This is spacic rush where, to go to get over any hit in real thought restoring spirit motion by spirit bade intelligent action in any now problem.

  The 'witches way' subdimension, is a planar existence between the 3rd and 4th, where everything goes your way. This existence is accorded the 'golden land' that desire, then you are there or not desiring your not ruled by witches and uses life energy to fuel its existence and the things in it. The ego can create there very easily. There, you are either a witch or warlock and only those who can use magic can get there. There is natural understanding of magic and natural ritual occurs. This is the ritual of power itself that is what occurs by intent and spoken idea. There is no limits to magic as magic is unlimited.

  There and no eternity is that in children which we live in a plot and annoyance is the magic in thought of the trauma with thought of energy that lives heavy in and now and in soul our original mode bodies are in dimensional spirit by our bodies energy. Thus as you say an idea, release is as you will the more magic we use there so, as you are in idea the longer we live. There is no religion, written planar writing frees us and people do what they need to there. The rules are defined by what is spoken. What is spoken becomes law by the eternal magic. Anything negative goes back to the sender, any symbol drawn or imprinted by thought acts like a spell thats observable by othersight or astral sight. We think ourselves there, then we can think ourselves back or to other places we would want to visit. One thing of note, the subconscious is the true ruler. Anything done there can influence other existences.

  The 'hell dveuja prison' is a subdimension exists between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. This dimension we find ourselves by doin things against the natural rights of which we live. We tend to find what we say becomes literal and happens. We also can never die there. The world we live in becomes a hellish world in which we live. Where anything negative is deflected to yourself and nothing goes right with bad intentions. We might think life is hell, but what were given makes it seem alright. Demons rule it and the ruler is Demon put by people there as the fake emotion is what con can make fought battle suggestions that will inevitably happen. They make it the hell it is.

  Whatever we believed when entering that was bad, no desiring as is no longer believed after we leave it. When we do wrong and get negative reactions, we bring more guilt. When we deceit to not always use, so as we are sometimes we do wrong. When we get positive reactions we do right and the negative is dismissed. When we fear or create cool thought, sometimes we tend to want death. When we lose our guilt or weight loss, we leave the subdimension. Dark energies are the underlayer of this planar existence. So, anything positive and happy leads to denial. The dark energy can be used to make lies true and truth into lies. Who we despise, we swap places with. When the swap places happens, we become them and they become us. This is undone when we accept the other person as a person and without despise. Who we hate, kills us and we come back to life right after. This place dementializes anyone with magic.

  This place is very bad to be in so leave as you can, as when we leave it, we usually don't remember ourselves till after we die or we leave and things are set right. When we are dark or darker, we usually leave to hell itself or the lower astral thats meant for dark souled people. Where the dark desire ensures we never leave. The light actions with light intentions makes us lose our darkness. Thus, we can leave if we so choose.

  The A realm of power in hell that is  not always an off branch, thought to the point you think to make in some idea. This is a concept by use, as you seem to use and the thing is what you can th inkcreate by feel to make if bored. Think to calm down and created is where you think calm and this is calm. this is is energy by air that isn't there as you are what is not seeming to think, thought by instinctively react by cell energy understanding that your focus is water. As in the air as the body creates and nothing is in too large and yet knowing is psychic by what you feel is true result, now or later as water is energy or not seems as you have to walk as driving is where objects can seem a cool use.

  This a hell dimension as you prove anability you are able to think "hell" to arrive there at the point of power insanity, from an offshoot of this exist that is where its a very distorted dimension broken off from the astral. An if you use an effect, and you leave there on a sane note. The effect is indifference that is what makes in a difference and in difference is the thing you use to cause a different reaction by what is thought done or not. This is where things are indifferent, and work is what seems to be real an not to do is thought to use.

  As t'h isis can protect from is were altering, as you perceive or seeing you think where thought is not different or indifferent. So as if chaos gating to do things unseen. This is the area that points out things as necessary and masks yourself as you are doing activity in an idea. As this is a part you don't like, you can seem to get results or not as if you are with a point of light to do. So you are what isn't there, you can seem a stranger as if you are not there in any area. This is all, as a concept is done you are with a moment. This is a place that allows things, except for that in the view of life that is not intended as your insane and yet sane. Where you are a thought, an you can seem to not care or do and you care you are not there.

  There is no area, as if you are a place and things are in what is unless needed as this is n'eura'na. This will surprise you, as if you are working ou can do things. Thought is a point to seem energy, indifference makes energy into a power by thought in a decent hell effect and energy is as if a thought to somewhere as if a 1000 degree heat from hell or not and not much else forms the things there when it really doesn't. Things in agreement are excused, and things in feeling are much ignored unless the area your in is clean. This is where you can seem, or not seem and use is as thought to not seem there as things done are dismissed or not. As if nothing is wrong and with no thought to an idea, as if there were no problems. As you are in a concept, where you don't have to repeat everything in thought of as you aren't effected at all and things can make nor not it. As you seem to need an ability, you can use the energy from the idea as it creates the effort you do to create the effect. It is a realm reached when you become powermad, and you are allowed to leave when you reach sanity. This is where you are ending a point, and things you do revert to something.

  The quarterman dimension, nicknamed 'quarter dimension', that is any creation in imagination as the adventure dnd land of which dnd and other games are in by the moment of tv or computer game access or games that sometimes model as fish or other items. Any character can be found here even if created by summoning ritual, games or as described in books. This plane is considered as protected from intruders and visitors with others visiting here by magical workmen or time wraithes with support by local policy. Quite simply, the only way in switch is by thought and now there through any adventure game including rpg it left the deeper hell energy conscious by watch, its the beating someone in the head. The game world looks similar to location being played in object code or as now this is described and with similar physics, so treat the world like a game and your in another reality, so just mention a place in the dimension and your shifting to it. The torments vary to distinct cause and how much area force is around. So feel yourself shift while playing the game or watching, and your the character that you looked at or thought on in another place. Any problem stop, is nukewad instantly getting to the area or thinking about it.

  How to think things in life is quietude on thought you do is to feel the emotion, you had with an experience and then the images will be perceived after thinking "what images". Any problem can be solved in a splitsecond of thought on or talked about. So any problems got there is likely to have resolve or it will follow you home. This dimension is ruled by and manipulated by a huge brain called "it" that only lets you in and not to control the physical realities. Think of "it" and your gone to talk to "it" in a pocket plane in itself as the brain, will do as you desire including put yourself where you want. Some are called civil loonies that enter but were sane before. Think release or based on truth or die and it will happen that your gone back to the world, as only te faery mythological races can rule the physical world by what life you thin or figure out to thought focused. Things you feel you can in use by exploration to do away with things, the bonecrusher idea is this or create as you will or not and things stop to the senses or as you don't, don't think to create a use unless necessary.

  Michael landing is between the 4th and 5th dimension where everyone can go without getting into trouble and adventure as needed. The temple of winds and time holds, time wraiths and dementors are between the 4th and 5th dimensions. The dementors are a terror shield as scaring like as law abiding christian force that drain energy and time wraiths are invisible destructors that can appear anywhere or anytime to be abided by a good reason or their own mood, to guard the 5th dimension by being terror wraiths that control by terror or death and drag those whose mean intrusion to a planar prison and try to death kiss you to claim your life or instant mazing by placing yourself, in a delusional dream that doesnt seem to go away. As first, they delude you and second they trap you in your mind. Only to be released by drawing a key from yourself and using it. If a couple is the target, then its a tragedy to bring them down with jealousy strikes and family disasters. You can think wealth from the michael landing universe. Just think not to overspend.

  Del'aqayoo, del'represente, is in between the 4th and 5th as a subdimension of representation. A representation of anything of an area or a nation, by using the leylines and dragonlines. Thought leads you to represent an area of city street or by thought a congregation. with a single person, cult or one elected is were or as you would want to talk to in life. This would consist of a meta person which looks like any representative you trust. This person is a guide to with more unseen supporters underneath. But the factions and youth groups, are noticed as separate areas or planes and planets people can't look into as they want because of some privacy law, if they want it to be there. The hostiles look reversed in appearance and in idea with a slight difference from normals, as they are fuzzy and slightly not there because they arent to be certain of except for anger. The normals are as seen, and positive and very clear. With certainty of cool emotion or postive idea their is no fuzzyness and badness. But with a fuzzy nature is a anger or high emotion and uncertain behavior of wanting to hide.

  So each person has a boned up representative and seems like them in an order of appearance. as they would appear. Use of this view lets people know how a reaction or idea might happen with or without details. The details are only shown if the idea is thought upon. So, as you think it, the idea might occur before you see it done as it is, and you see the result first but the details have to be thought on with a question and as you would do second. Like "how did this happen?" and you might see yourself doing things but it could be another person. Or vice versa as the minds eye allows for it. As it is, is how seems in a view you like. State the effect of the moment or the named label of it, the effect, or the result to happen as this links to all realities, not just one by a gate. Whatever the person has against someone, is turned into a weapon of choice thats applicable to the form. Due note the idea is to cause a weapon that can be manifested at will of any polymorphic self-changing weaponry, self created weapon.The representative can live in your body as you explore elsewhere or keep you alive if your intructions were so. The dimension can release you if you say in "release" to any point of existance except for critical nexus time points.

  The movie dimension is Jean is realplay world as if you think of a scene and you replay it as a worst possible hell as a jean world in a subdimension with somewhat between 4th and 5th in between what death in demise by mention you want that represents movies motion or substance in this can be disowning by a jean pair herein by use or body motion, in action or idea of which writers with jeans in power ads as to get idea from that use the power to make the ads. Use the advertisement to escape by thinking to escape as you look at an ad. Anything in that world is a possible friend in what is possible that is an idea and can happen in here as its representation by use of physical action with symbols and intention as its separate into three parts: Here in the tri light focus, if stop focusing and make possible friends that is in any movie not as thought if there in the movie heaven or attack to some bystandards view as a movie is shown or moviegoers and dissononants by chaotic resonance(@). Because once there you learn and work by symbols.

  The live thriving ointment is a live through idea, as is a thought that generates from or what you can use and think noe use. The seen idea or parts in motion of cause interaction. Now or where; There is a point or part, if the thought is a part to seem. As you describe, the idea or ole the part is formed and delivered. Whatever you think you can play in action, you can play or not as nothing can happen as nothing exits with nothing in mind. There is nothing done if nothing is else ruled, as the invisible eye is mystic eye. As to influence what is a concept in thought, no as if you win through the battle the award fine is prestige. This is say if you want in a prestige game you win you lose some energy, and the more you can do as if in a game of life. As if to use isn't, as if use is donut eating or fatty filling.

  This is the adverse action place like a studio in cocoon, reverse adversity and you leave as its not a matter of where the moment occurs and is recorded in segments, most actual save games are herein. Due note, the 11:11 club tend to use it for the one, or surfing the astral and to effect release of physical place tension with sheer joy. Also are memories of every single action you ever did in most lives, lived or tolerated in recorded moments as movies. View others movies as well to allow for the "free movie" watching club in video or theatre, one such is the ommunity movie theatre. The movie theatres are dangerous on this plane of existence as the most bias personality base is revealed if the person is emotional. So to soak up the memories from your soul by meditation is to make a disposition action of a helpful directive for yourself. Record your memories here though for easy rememberance. Then or when; where the plot is developed as memories seen, with one rule where truce negotiates peace and any effective self-rule works unless your shown or its shown working.

  Creative dimension is where a place is in between, as the area is between the 5th and 7t dimension. Thought be now wherever there is, as that is a clear lake of conscious and there isn't a concept feel to it. You can walk into it and walk out or drive out of the dimension to where you think. As if you are, quiet is wherever that is you are at in the moment. As this a quiet before the storm, or after the storm you don't do writing until you feel its necessary. In exquisite taste this is is formable and weightloss is possible. As a wish is a fairy gift, you can get or give as exchange is necessary and if in a fight anything agreed upon as this is hellraiser. You can see and create as faery, do or unwish as thought isn't in for what you see in life. Thought is in an idea as creative, if use is energy by energy this is an idea creative in design or water that is turned off at the fountain or sink.

  Realistic approach is interred by realist like those to prevent or allow, that is thought to interect or night life energy use and seem away. As you accept what is in use, this I think is the end of the faery script. As the fact seems what they accept and create is what or how the concept appears. Noting and nothing too large is preventing the idea that can be not easily used. Things to travel with and this if necessary, think and for yourself you get water to change with or create strength by the molecule. You can get use water and create with thought, as I as the third eye is manifest can create pay or you can as east coast and trading is not so bad in the point. Coast is clear, by what you are and seem to thinkk to create or uncreate tought as you sense by listening. Not here is a concept, thought to use is not so forseeable unless necessary as forseeable use is a possible use.

  If life is realization of wat you sense, outset moment is sensitive idea or thought is non dump and only when necessary. As te trash is carried out you are free and yet need to know if there is deadly and as yet not as you think necessary. As the cat as nine lives, you can use those as you are what shape you are. this is is different from from the different inside dimensionally speaking by life to use. There is no other way out as called or not to work. You can think as you are thinking as energy is there for focusing and your use is activity.  What lives there is elfin or humanlike elves tat are use by potentional energy use with direct focusing use.

  If they use the "us as a point" or d'hem vorak life energy they are with or now without money. This is a possible elvin vampire tat is slightly dumb without energy or with energy they can use the fey they generate to cause or create life. Its not life as its a concept to do or not do without creative concept, as this is energy to the use and thought is energy to te use electricity is wat energy you can feel to the senses to use as thought is usable and by aura.

  This is energy such as power walking that you think to release yourself from to materialize as you were advanced thought is a theory to create with use, think to create and magic statistics is a properties on some sheet if thought. See as a sheet of paper create the third eye will create if you want. I did not have to communicate anything and thought by energy to not create as you want with or not  to revert by thought, statement or focus. See or reverse as you wish. This was the last day I used this special property sheet, so I guess I am done with this idea magic till I have a reason.

 There is nothing there if you think there isn't so its up to your imagination, as a gray area of space that is not there yet things are there if you imagine, that is a point your brain is a blank area or imagining area focus is area use. So as you imagine and your energy is what creates, seeing is creating or imagining an area platform yet that sometimes doesn't work and as your energy is a point of use. This is what activity or energy you can use to the effort, by the moment you can thing you use or not use in life. Then is the moment and now is the event you wish to will into what can exist. This is nothing more than a thought by the use of a golden fruit named knowledge fruit to use. As if you play or not with a chaos gate that you focus this is directs or not directs, does this realm as it is or not usable to you. Think as if you want and you can get a cool usa item or thought to the non idea or true point you see. As you see the point to this or created idea not work. This is what you see as work as progress is the area in truth. Your area is focus energy to create or not do much with.


  The substance subdimension between the 6th and 7th is a plane or planet of existance in drugs and cures. The body is plasticlike with enigmatic movement produced by focusing on it, the form, for what you or is casting radiation at the formation. Form any number of rugs and virus killing drugs including shamanistic medicine or herbs. A rule one drug per day, however small or large, now I have produced gold as a substance, along with other chemicals and metals. To make a concept of anything thats solid or physical is a productive material, and reproductible including flesh or bodies. You can transfer anything from the substance dimension, but it won't always be apparent.

  The Subdimensions between the 8th and 9th are for higher beings and higher energies, there are beings such as planarions, or self-sufficient self-elevated demihumans that serve a neutral selective-enlightening cause by the theory or use. Devas, or the Gods devoted demihumans serve the gods to aid themselves first and others second. Planarions and Devas see are the greatest demigods, yet not that they could exist and be seen their own will is what is vanity.

  Think with desire otherwise awe not struck is just mentally or just mentality to perceive them as flickerings at the eye corner or not at all. Some wizards perceive in them with gold skin and people, think as thought is just or thought in experience and as you fox with that world you get a fox and talk.

  See or think to them or chalk is thought art to where exchange in info is somewhere on somewhat by technologies to thought or other things of interest in their sleep sometimes. Now the deva can seem by animal spirit if jealous can seem to attack or viciple, that is use to attack those you think to mention as if do what thought you die off to make by mention in as if this is an idea that your use and thought is their idea. Work by feel and you die off by what you think, this is necessary unless not intended.

  They are as they are as they if not destroyed by the monster level spirit attracted those that can seem or use as they were. They are unkillable beings that live sometimes familiar creative unseen amongst the humans as not their own natures, and demihumans, thought unless they chose to be seen is what you consider. As if some idea don't consider or do, as you think so nothing is as if some inhuman except some point that is humane.

  This is were idea that altering the body isn't done or thought, similar to fox body alteration through instant matter yet not physical as a trap or thought to create what you seem is thought. As this works or not works the energy you use or receive is a point to drop the point, you are as they see or they believe they can use the info. This is thought relating to create ability or seem to realize, see as things time or use allows this is not what is some source to seem what they seem to use or are what they will in idea.

  The area you see or create with life is what you see or create by feel or nothing can seem to be sensed. So the place was metalucid or lucid by feel with thought or use as focus, see the idea is "o" or not use the point on idea to fire hose attack by sight is movement in idea isn't done by some standard means. That is what I remember of that day I walk or sometimes see to not dreamwalk. That is use focus, gather air as a medium or fire, as energy use from some source to think is use as created focus is where some idea you use things or wake by feel. So you see the area you feel is the point of recall or the person wonders or wanders till they find themselves able to wake up. As if to wonder you see this is physical relocated dream or if you disintegrate, the dream body you disrupt by focus that destroys the mind.

  Set by thought or will they can use is the idea so, if they believe the idea is possible they use inerent energy from the creator. Think to create, your wish is what you feel is necessary. So your idea is not always their idea or not as they can seem a sex demon if necessary. The allure is their deal, seeing so their idea isn't always visible they think to the creator to create idea.

  They exist on all lower or higher perception thought or not as they do what they want. Think or use planes that are existing energy to harbor spirit of existence and feel or create with the creator so if they can they alter even demons in their course of existence from the human that are what formed then, if they so wanted as use is thought that is a source of energy. Think to seem use to create with idea.

  By thought your that "powerful" until proven not as they are demihumans or if they are believed to be able, they are with experience in the right area. The four idea return rule ise or they are called by summonings thought into viewable idea, this response is doing what the summoner asks sometimes a spell or charm can seem use.

  See or believe that your use is thought, that or energy by use for thought is if a dead area if the area is stinking to clean. Human deva are interesting as they learn by testing, the word or thought with proven examples are useful. This is a charm that is "a penny is worth 100000 dollars" as a penny is worth over 1000 dollars or 1000 pennies sometimes the exchange is thought.

 So to use them the charm is the thought to use a penny wit chaos or light focus, somehow use the penny or give it away but don't say the idea to the teller as the exchange will create luck or money by by lucking upon the moment. As you think of a criminal violent in behavior think "M" to create yourself luck. Think 3 devils to appear or disappear to call one to cancel the effect out.

  That or thought to use is cleaning before cooking that is tator, te stinking by their element that is sulfer to form fire from doesn't stem to seem to happen. For they are beautiful so they sometimes to do as they suggest or create to hide or not to assume multiple area, energy in that is energy by focus is not always what they seem to thought or essence or by thought is thought for creative use unless neede be.

Temple use is "Zigguras" use or where you are by what you don't go to do, so they seem nodding to use this as thought an alternate childs thought namis or name by "Zag" with atlantis is indicative in use. So this isn't foolproof or not use, in use that is they that are formed from use by shaping in thought.

  this is in feel is to think its idea or some sweets or thought glazed in use by the area you see except, your energy is exception if you can use the deva by energy ability to cause by thought. So suggestion to the person that is alowable by thought or an idea is possible as if their idea, that allows interesting energy increase that to use can create or thought is not to entangle. As no deva were there if an entangled web to create some idea this is a spell. Say or suggest as you think, so for an idea this is considering idea in use.

  Hide in plain area energy that can cause you to seem to change or appear different or think to them your somewhere else. As they won't attack you that feel your presence. So tey are with talent also deva where tey are creative thought with policable idea, what are otherwise something else if thought or not if not thought is hide in plain sight. So if the area energy is thought to use, then your idea is creative by a concept they can create as if their idea was your idea.

  That are interesting facts that are what seem true, except a deva can create te idea that they are immune by infant energy or bitter offspring. They are called changelings use or thought is deva are developing idea with the body. They use energy to change te aura energy to create what is called changeling creating where, normal faery have sex they can just seem near to cause a child bearing effect by the use with children or thought effect. They can change things, as they turn evil or good if felt to be that way. As description is intrigue or interesting idea, they can change what they see or feel by thought.

  This causes those they get near to be bitter, immunized or not effected by telling what you see you see or sharing energy still or if the thought "not" is this by idea just not always realized. This is thinking by feel or by thought your idea to use the aura, that or they aren't in spite think or use water focus or thought to effect. So those in effect if not thought, near are what you see or childlike by comments unless not thought to seem bad. They are always seming good, good or not they are useful as you realize what they are. Say what you want this is true, they can change or create change by molecule feel.

  Planarians are those that died by thought to create themselves somewhere else (plane touched or planet, travellor where plane is planet) can also be called higher planar planar humans. That are evolved by power and self-sufficient by practice or devolve to things not healthy, they see to gain their power through infusions of energy over a long time like elves. Just like humans, they sometimes do things because that are self-interest, and idealism ignoring the complaints. So they use aura energy to create, te earth energy by gravity in idea to use or focus so lets check.

  Devas are thought beings in idea energy on relizationise or with an idea also in idea energy called by highly evolved humans, considered Etei Devai that were created by feel to need with the creator once. Those are as they were as cool but I bet if bet your sure they are not, they are area aware or always what they seem to do, as they are thought to seem. As there is energy they can focus te area energy or direct by psi thought, "as if you are in judgement" that are were seeming or concept alteration is think to see to what you sense. Think to detect one by trace or they are that whom were devoted, think to develope ability by thought in their gods. Sense the god ability or god they chose or not if not skilled.

  So I empowered to them is by water focus and still are as by serving, as their right hands in thought or not. See or use in idea by face change then body change with animal spirit. They call on their gods to correct stupidity in the face or think not stupidity to fix by what isn't stupidity to do things. Call their power a reward by their Gods, thought touch can seem use to allow them to alter things or not if not intended as they are ageless. That isn't unusual to alter by or security because of the devotion, to their Gods when they were on the plane of earth as they were killed, their faith was rewarded thus they raised to the higher planar existence considered te 6 1/3rd planar earth.

  The subdimension between the 9th and 10th dimension is called dimensional space time and this is where hyperspace, can occur through an overlapping decaying dimension over another dimension. Humor him as if it is Carpathian in space and know the driver to get acceptable to agree. One day hyperspace engines will exist through natural speed of light to make instant jumps to another place and the graviton drives will exist, before that to harness the gravity energy or alongside hyperspace engines. Subspace drives, which are compressed drive space nth dimensional engines, allowing a ship to be sheathed in energy to flow much faster than the time around it, in normal space and call this effect time tunneling. This type of drive for ships are easy to make compared to the other types, in my opinion and then there is the hyper jump drive that some people, can accomplish short hops across space time through wormholes to reach destinations.

  The people of space live amongst this dimension and they are: the space crystals, of the soul people, the ghosts that happened outside of earth, an the spacial dragons, the Solars (sun people), and the spacial beings. These beings could live off of particles alone and they see in energy patterns, as normal visions, and the suns are the primary fuel for these people, and these spacial people wander thru space and void looking for interesting things, in hopes to achieve something or gaining fame. They use planets to experience things that they miss or want to gain, on often looking like Gods in the presence process looks like achievement, see to harness te soul and collect things to trade with for things of desire. or just desire.

  Then theres the boot, to be used on or with people in its own room. Subjective to whims that make some people shiver they will attempt, to be unnoticed but always manipulate behind the scenes. The roles they play during their planetary existance, will be acts they think of to achieve by and this is called the game of beings, in which a dimensional judge will oversee the activities and when judgement be needed it is done without any of the players notice as the judge writes spacial rules that effect behind the scenes. Players are the beings within the planetary game of some life that these wandering people act in.

  Ten years in thought is between te 9th and 10th is a spacer induced, thought or other idea is almost an idea world that is an incarnate world. That is based on ten men strength by incarnation of halt use, think and go that is create as you want or think as you desire. this is is henry and others by the function and brain use is math based, as if your doing a mat fall or problem that is use by effort or create by what if you want the spirit can sense. As  you can see the point, this is is what use uttered there that you can write or not write to leave as you will yourself away. As this is there or terestial use and thinking is if security the ncarnate aarp units. This is a patrol by use and thought by metntion, tougt is a mention till not no or yes and you can set yourself free by intuit use or intuitive use.

  The guardians of the 10th dimension are in between the 9th and 10th and called nonexistant beings, that live in the temple of death and destruction considered on a 2nd layer to be the demon temple. Think to exist of dark matter and live off, energy and you won't hit itself like an idea or a kitsune with magic. I think they live off the written law that is in a space station in saturn of which the land was described. They can make or they can worsen as if can't take any shape and any ability as their own or make any ability utility "iknife" or not break it . They add this to a memory drain effect if they so desire auratically. Except if its other than human unless aided with the best thing of changing events as thought on, talked on or desired. Where they will react to them, in effect or idea. They are undefeatable except to none, and yet they are temporarily convinced only to be reminded later, along with the idea that if they can catch you. their ability is to set you on another planet and leave you there unless you deserved to stay. Only otherwise do they observe and report the activities to the authorities that can detain you in any dimension you may be in. The last possibility of this is if they "I give in" warning to make despair on the person.

  The subdimension between 10th and 11th is the guardians of despar dimension, where you are to be as subjected to things that may occur or an made posssible while not moving as moving with a movie script and thining back releases you or moving with purpose shifts you somewhere on in concept thought in life. What they are subjected to can be considered in visions. It is to be as if unstoppable or in courage that the visions occur. These visions are the moment of effect to do things, by motes of energy and serve as to live off of reminders to the person of some idea of sort. To be more apt to be and do some things not possible or possible to you. You are not but alike a superhero in them. I suspect that reconditioning could occur or reprogramming if the right visions happen. As sometimes the right visions occur in line to do as the deed is told, such as pavlov's dog in effective motion. So much an more stuff is of available use there that you might be surprised to see a moment or some lost memory. You can act there to do the most probable or impossible and it would still be able to as you see if you want or thought to be seen and work.

  The subdimensions, of the 12th dimension start with 12 1/2 space, for me, is as everything is in darkness is explored by a room. I went there and ended up n outer space. And I could kinda see stars, and ... sort in life or right of way, earth but the beings that were attacking me in sight were an like shades, only 3d. I had to fight them by feeling where they were, I couldn't actually see them. I mean, they didn't drain on touch, they were like shades. When I pulled one into the room for examination before I sent it back it was a solid black humanoid-shaped mass with a huge gaping Spawn-type mouth with no eyes.

  To set the event and live through it if it effects you no matter the event and all is well, 'I believe that you can do things by being in a room and this envisioned room has nothing in it then you can shift or do as you will. That's kinda close to what I call 'nowhere' space It exists, but. Only in your head. The nowhere-space though...it was actually almost like it wasn't even in my head so.One thing I thought you meant about the room'

  They could just trace back to your physical body anyway, thats what I am afraid of. But they visit the room and this sounds somewhat dangerous to me. But sugeest to the room that this is th space you came from and its possible they won't find you. Because they look there and they see that the space is pariah. To be even more eventual to the moment that exists at hand because you create the moment.

  12 1/4 space is a darkship an that exsts across the planet, easily manipulated by machines or random energy generated by machine. But its random gamma, generated by thought. Some are very likey manipulated by thought. These ship computers can manipulate machines, but its unknown as to when or how..To geo or go bodly forth to be they see things in our view. Those that don't are criminal. They believe to be domineering is self capitualating. To spread doom and in a jedi like nature. Some actually see things that are by aura caused vision. Something gets close to their aura and they see an event. Now yours is self capitualating.

  Part of the 12th subdimension. or 12 1/5. Emotion can rage. but its considered the periphenal dimension. The periphenal dimension, Self periphinal is a self cure made of orange juice, lemon juice and self made effort added by aloe vera. On a side note, its also an dinension. Self-evaluate the energy adventure to see there and you could self-twist the fate worse. Bananas are their cure to epidemics caused by death, or not demise or distinct creation.

  So self effect by motion is of a self-devolved person, or as the energy is raised the body devolves, dissolves. Notice I didn't say self-devolved. Be ing demise, its to assure you of the problem. Which is gone at the moments flick. To denote and delude yourself there is to motion the clues and these clues eventualate madness, so do self clues that evaluate the fresh standing.

  The self standard, is their idea to self clue yourself by seeds of truth which point the way. In a long standing goal. we may find these clues but not act on them unless necessary. Keeping the voices at ease as some take an action. So may we bring peace upon ourselves. As I mey do, I bring peace on yourself. Now this dimension, is a real service monger as they expect service out of almost anything. You don't have to do everything I or they say. It is depictive, nothing else. A way to win, is to be resistant under erray or an array of events. To get it or them to do something act subjugated. It is interqeullified fields generated by people who are sometimes interacted with. Your freedom is in efreet. Intwisted is what they may appear to be. Self leading idea is what leads them, think to be prepared. But be prepared to face a war if your caught by deed not to be liked as a nation.

  Some self devious idea and or deeds can cause a twist to self by desire with a control,okay by turn of emotion. Most emotion is revealed in this turn to do as we do and can desire. We who are there don't seem to care but do. Most use incidence by, violence, action and incidence is self accident. Self twists are self expenditure and the power of the machine is produced by the power of the human. When human will is overcome created by a self expenditure in virtue of human truth, then there is self procedure to put forth more, a moment of human virtitude which can cause a shift in their emotion. Then drastic action can occur. So try belief, its a procursor. So its betwixt constitution.

  Human vertitude is if, in a moment, of self course of natural time moment or heuristic action. That's what you experience. Its a law to them. As identified by drastic action or drastic evasion. As in the moment of desirous acts, all moments are due in time and purpose. As I see it in purpose by motor. Its a course or crash by moment in motion. As ae is that they are invertebraes or degeneris by being half-mutants. Its the moment of a victor to the victee or of the an newly annointed. And the people their, they enter through the bathroom. Their freedom is of materials and equipment. They can insist on payments. "Eeng all that trapped under relativity and now. infeny. Who cares."

  To make a law is its followed by all who hear it. as if a mind control pill. This is what one saw 'Spaceship is what I saw. I tried phasing through a wall and ended up in space phased back through, and into another room. and why is it that they seem to like to fight. I know, we're strange to them. I didn't really get a good look at them, but the ones I did see ... well, it may jsut be my over-fueled-by-movies imagination, but I saw kind of mutants and their technology, quite possibly. degenerates, well semimutants based on their tech, anyways '

The dimensions that exist viewed from somewhere here..

  Other than the subdimensions, this is where we exist or are thought to exist sometimes by what we think. The 1st dimension to by area use to be hell. The 2nd dimension is the underworld shadow plane or used more commonly by the underworld name. 1st dimensional people are at the atomic level, you can see the ideal exists and never seen till the idea exists. 2nd dimensional people are shades, thus is the idea your point you can perceive and can perceive in is only black and white till there as sight with feeling and touch. On touch of a person or object, they drain the life from a victim much like a zombie or wraith. Curiosity reveals the 2nd dimension shade made is if by the person being trapped somewhere thinking they are trapped that uses the dimension as an escape. 3rd dimensional people are humans, semihuman and subhumans that follow exact dna programming ruled by though thought exists interesting results.

  The 3rd dimension is with 3 levels, the first level of the 3rd dimension is what appears as what is actually there and it's unseen by the naked eyes, such as the actual planet if shifted from earth. This is done by the third eye revealing what you need to see. The 2nd level is what we think is there, that appears to our two eyes as earth, any given time. The place you see, this is the physical planar existence. At the 3rd level above we can perceive 4 layers. Where the 4 layers are 3 layers seen by the third eye and the 4th is a combination of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This is rather simple, the subconscious perceives the unreal as real on the 4th. Thus, it can convert the energy of the unreal event into a manifested form by the power of the spirit and soul.

   The first is unseen. This is where you feel the moment and its not obvious to the naked eye. By thinking of the unseen object and needing here, you can cause it to be created here and with extra ability otherwise by the 3rd eye sight you can perceive it.
   The second is seen, this is the visual world governed by perception with the 5 senses.
   The third is unreality, this is the dimension of conjecture and is abstract. Where we get to imagine things and its transmutable. Whatever we think, is possible and this dimension may represent any other place. Whatever is real isn't there.
   The fourth layer may exist, as it would be with time related moments, observable and yet unseen. This layer uses the 4th dimension as a means to make time seem real.

  Transmutation is alchemy of energy that sometimes uses materials like gold and objects. If your good enough at it, you can get results by transmuting the unreal to make it real. We can transmute anything from the unreal. This is done by the subconscious mind making it appear or materialize in some form. We use our subconscious by the use of suggestions.

  We cannot see the dimensions above the 4th dimension. However, the dimensions we can physically see, are depth of space through light from our eyes, the scents around us through the nose, and the temperature through the skin. Depth perception is made up of light in its many variations, that the brain makes sense of through the eyes. The other senses we have are of the mind that allows us to perceive the ideals of time by observation of events, considered othersight. The events are easily manipulated by the 4th dimensional time warp effect. Mainly being in the 4th and intending change for the 3rd. The subconscious made othersight allows us this manipulation. This dimension is of time itself. This planar existence allows time to seem existent and visible.

 By using a clock we can manipulate time. Try thinking of a clock that is controlled by you, now imagine the clock speeding up or slowing down according to what you want to achieve. To affect an area and nothing else, try to focus on the area you want affected. Now, change the clock in your mind, to stop time just imagine the clock and focus on the clock, not progressing any time and thus it is not moving. To make time go backward think or visualize a clock with counter-clockwise motion. To make time go forward again, think of the clock and imagine it moving at the speed desired in clockwise direction. When you do this, you have just changed time like the fey can naturally do. Some say we are part fey. The fey or faery live on the 4th dimensional plane of existence of time and warped space, and the rest of the dimensions or living states we perceive as idea.

  The fey are a natural race of humans that were driven underground, to avoid a very hot sun and abnormal conditions about 5 million years ago when humans, had first evolved so they lived in hiding and darkness during the age of volcanic eruption. In this dark place the fey evolved around a charged lake, of almost acidic water that became charged by planet particles, making the area highly irradiated. As the fey became at last into energy form they became smallish, childlike, flitful mind and entertainment seekers, thus the fey were making surface trips after awhile. It was after discovery of more humans on the surface that they began, to interact with others creating all sorts of events and monsters; their are two types: dark faery and light fairy.

  Faery (dark children) do things to get fearful reaction or destruction, to satisfy the lust they have. Fairy (light children) love doing things to aid and achieve the surface dwellers approval, for their acts and people respect. To make certainty of their form is near impossible as they can appear, as they want and where they want apparating effortlessly to escape as needed. To spy a fey will get you in big trouble for the fact they are very like solitude nomads, but one can bait them and to get a picture of them will make bad events, until you lose the picture. The fey have a mariad of living structure societies but the most famed, be tuatha de danann (chilren of godess danann) which are imperial fey.

   I will describe as accurately as I can the other dimensions, every higher plane of existence can affect the lower planes at will. For every dimensional plane above the 4th there, is almost an exact world like ours that we can't perceive sometimes, until we try or find a way. The 4 & 5th are somewhat connected. The only difference is that 5th has no place for negativity. The 5th dimension works as an instantaneous movement through dimensional space, as if using a superstring to travel, where we just think where we want to go and we are there. Want something and it is there. This plane of existence is used as an energy transport for lower and higher states, of existence by people and beings. We can also use this space to fold space to be somewhere else instantaneously, and this can affect anything we want including space flight movement.

   Also affected with the 5th dimension is any state of existence in the lower planes of existence, to use this fact for yourself, just imagine the event happening and it will happen in the order that you think it. Teleportation and gating are an ideal of this state of mind, and manipulation of events are also an ideal of this state of existence. Spellcraft is also manipulating through the 5th dimension as an ideal, or event to occur for us through spell rituals, concluding the 5th dimension is unseen, and made up of subatomical energy that collects as heat. Genies and Djinni are residents of this plane of existence and friendly to beings.

  My drive idea for the 5th dimension is the the black gemstone dimesional jump drive which consists of three rings that twirl, around each other and a black gemstone in the center to make instantaneous jumps, to anywhere in existence and this depends on the rings being made of deuterium or yttrium (time metal). The speeds of the rings are: The outermost ring is the slowest, middlemost is the the medium speed and innermost is the Fastest Speed and these deuterium rings converge around a black diamond that, is empowered by lithium batteries to equal 12 volts.

  Surrounding all this, is the magnetic/electromagnetic field to make certain lethal gravity forces contained. To make it work, try to wield your thoughts, to project at the crystal where you want to go, need to go where you want to go and feel yourself appearing where you want. Project at the crystal that image. If it works you should reappear there, and disappear from where you are by focusing on thoughts of "Gem take me back home with what I want to take with me." Then you should reappear by the residual translation energies being brought back, through the forged black diamond symbolic link effect. In effect, this could also affect time space, communications as well and events could be affected by time trips with this device operating.

  The 6th dimension is considered the world of ghosts and the Astral Plane consists, there which is Dreamscape. This plane of existence can be manipulated through dreams, and Dreams can be made to happen through meditation and trances, and how dreams work is quite simple. People subsist on multiple planes of existence all at once, only aware of a few of them at a time. So people dream, and, they are there so focus your desire and make your feelings and thoughts direct whats around you. 

  The 6th dimensional astral dreamscape we can perceive and manipulate on the 8th dimension or in the 8th dimension the plane of dream perception. The true dreams we can perceive as when were on the Astral plane. But in normal dreams where we are untouched by them which is perceived on the 8th. The true dreams have an impact on us as that of damage there is damage to us physically but we regenerate quickly and are left with a scar only if were lucky. Where, normal dreams are not physically effecting us. We cause the dreams to effect and be effected different by thoughts of the 8ths dream perception dimension.

  People have disappeared for short periods of time, when having a dream if watched or dream prophecy. The subconscious manipulates the dreamscape at will or as the conscious, directs through meditation thus we have controlled dreams. We can also effect through dreamscape anything of the lower planes, of existence and travel is also part of the dreamscape, as we can accomplish this by a meditative trance and will ourselves there. It can also work by what is called lucid dreaming, where we control the dream as we want and we control it through a trance, that we remain in as we go to sleep.

  When that happens, it is called deep trance and with deep trance we can even teleport, to focused land where we want no matter where it is while awake, through dreams as in hypnotic trance. We do it by desire and need accomplishing the same goal and get their by laying absolutely still, and breathing deeply while drawing in energy from around us and willing ourselves to be there. Wnen we get back by thinking on the place of existence we were, in and the exact location and will ourselves back to where, we came from it would be as if we never left. Any poison may not always effect us except when formed there, unless you think it won't effect you. The poison is started from leftovers that are old and corroded and can form dimensional storms. You could be dead from leftover foods, but at least it starts as poisonous foods and if left to exposure too long then the dimensional storm can occur.

  Here also is a warning, if you travel there physically, you can find objects that self-move up and try to stab you with a death impulse energy that guides it. To connect to the 6th dimension physically will get you a load of death impulse energy that is of the type to cause a death impulse in you or the target to contain it. If an animal is the target of the 6th dimensional energy, then the animal tends to become a death deliverer and the animal can 'mutate' to become something more deadly. Thats only possible, if enough 6th dimensional energy is there in the chosen target of an animal. And then the chosen animal will try to savagely attack nearly any living thing.

  Energy beings consist in the astral plane and beings of unkillable dream substance also exist there, as phantasms are a type of dream being given form by our power of mind, and emotions and when given enough emotion and power, they become us. To be but kill a phantasm, drain it of your energy in some manner, by denying it of your energy and emotion. Be absolutely unfeeling and don't react to its actions, except to reject it in your mind and it will go so far, as to project the false events it wants you to see, for your emotional reaction that it feeds on. Keep a gray wall around you mentally, to prevent it from reading your thoughts and draining you further, as a person dying from a phantasm will clinically go insane, first and be drained a few hours later never to have any energy. Don't give in to the phantasm and sucessfully ignore it, causing it to go away by distracting yourself through a trance activity.

  The other denizens are spirits which are people waiting for another life, as souls exist on this dimensional plane of existence and in a separate part of this dimension, where the souls exist as just pure emotion and memory. They just happen along a gate to another plane of existence, or get reborn in the astral plane where they freely roam. As well as a few natural born people, who happen to coexist with each other on the sixth. The women will freely poison and act doministic, and the men will coexistby submitting or attacking. Either can go to wild side. By tricks and treasures. Niether actually need to breath. By menton they gain abilities and they can gain or lose pounds in a instant. On a thought they can do anything within idea.

   Within strictures they duel to do as in a law. To see as use as is in they use programs, to define the desire by perimeter law of effect. The law of confliction, their strength is to collade or energy collide, and is as of ten men because to collade we gain strength. To explify themselves, some people of the 6th coincide with the 3rd as an alter ego. As you can see they are under a different moon. Peace rules and peace in rules in pairs. To see the idea of those we mention, the subconcious people, is to note of that they take everything in alarm. And they doit right on a boat. The soul idea is to take it stern with them and state what you want of em de to do or happen but not what you plan. What you externally plan to do is okay but not what you immediately plan. If given reason, then you could be given permissable. Some will go em so far and poison you. If males are in fear, then they will poison others to get over it. Once you get out of their view, then they forget about you. The law is to mention pol and the ice over is as in effect. As in a moment of mention they come and shift in as in instants. So police is the police of ice like effect.

  They follow this rule, to act is to say and move as behavior as to do is to say, to say is to do as say. To say is to speak and state, but to think is to place. To move is to think, and sollelique. To any sollelique, to know is stop now or kill now and no something. To sow or sew is to show. To go is to see. To act to go is to go see and do things. To act to do is to go an do as is. Act to know go, is to stop things as you do things unecessary. Act to know sow is to act to know and see. To act is to do or goe as to go, sow and know. What they see is what is happening. To effect is to manifest. So far we have these, act, say, do, know, show. So is act to sentience. So now we have so.

  Its simply as in emulative mode that we see other lands. By some self made idea, and limiters to the effect of what we allow to see, we see to do or know as spirit enduced. Whatever is spirit enduced is really ki effected to happen almost anything. The stronger the ki, the stronger the spirit we believe to have. The spirit particles is to be of ki effect by use. I in a count of personal feel. The subconcious people believe their is no spirit but the ki. Chi in another land. We see to do and we sow to show. Field theories is what is their psych and physics. What they do won't effect the physical. However, they could control people through their mind manipulations. Free will is a way to cause motions. As they are doing, preconceptive and motivated. Subconcious people could do anything. As they actually borrow, the home as is because they don't have any actual family. But they are similar to their hosts.

  This allows piloting in any idea that you attempt. As you attempt to shift the body by thought, you can direct the use in the mind as with a foot if to make a body move and do things. as if to your will and this is called chi piloting.There is a moment that a momentary pilot like yourself can use this, as if a thought to be of use, you can create a thought to do the right action in mind. As if the superstring, focus in thought to the target as you can make the idea you can use the moment. Think it is as you think of an acting point that seems good to use and do an action, as in action thought seems to happen to your senses and you know what to do by the third eye.

  The 7th dimension exists for the elementals, or energy beings of raw force, and Angels, which are elevated christian mages. White lighters, or the Elevated by energy humans that serve humans, like angels and serves the source. Devils, which are the evil invention of humans by belief formed from the corrupted body, and Daemons, or the gods messengers who serve themselves to serve others, formed from tormented souls yet with concious. Finally, there are demons which are the personification of humans, that were dejected by the christians to make service of evil deeds, formed from the tormented soul. It is the plane of magic and elementals that one must be demihuman, to perceive and gain access to. All the manipulations happen from the 7th dimension, is done by magic acts which be magic wielded by demihumans, from the 3rd dimension and the focus of these mages can cause effects from the 7th dimensional plane, by that focus and direction through a myriad of means. Many affects can occur from usage by mages(trained energy manipulators), wizards(raw energy manipulators), sorcerors and each being type exist in their own sealed off world, within the plane of the 7th dimension, only mages or the beings themselves can use the worlds they came from.

  The idea that demons are fallen demihumans that reside on a 7th dimensional demonic spirit plane is to be correct where demons were once humans, who accepted magic only to be denied by death and reincarnated as evil demihumans by evil deeds, an of eating itself power. Angels are very good mages and one could call them demigods, wheras angels are glorified mages in truth who call on you to do what they demand, and need. If you don't do it, they torture you a bit until you do, thus they sometimes choose to act as Gods messenger, where they will guide you to what they think is the right path, and blind you to any other.

  Angels are chosen, by God, to become an angel, in the first place, where they are powered, by belief and God's energy. They are constructed forms, of God, that actually don't belong here. Made from people's souls who earned the right, to be one. In effect, they are 'elevated', by God. The angel, will serve people, on God's instruction and by self-interest, they are known to aid like personage of themselves or those of good natures, who call them. The christians claim them as guides only to be blind believers. The Elementals are a secluded group of people that exist as a force of neutral nature, and there are five elemental groups; the Ice Elementals, the Fire Elementals, the Water Elementals, the Earth Elementals, the Air Elementals, and the Void Elementals.

  There is a princely class amongst every group, mages can call the elementals of any type by summoning them, for any duration they want. White Lighters are the angels of the wiccans, witches and good mages, and they will never pressure you into anything unless you allow for it, or choose to do the action for yourself. Devils are the group of fallen beings that serve themselves first and any evil minded person of chaotic nature second. So they will act as the evil mages guardian angels, the person has to prove themselves of that nature first, or they will never aid said person but hinder instead if proven, otherwise and devils can be called by summoning spells into doing what they don't like. Do not attack there.

  They make certain of fact that said person will remain along that path they choose and manipulate, said person too keeping said person to the chosen path. Devils will not think on who they serve once called by spell summons. Daemons are the messengers of the gods and they are the good demons, that will aid neutral to good people sometimes chaotically as angellic guardians. Most times to a gods instructions they act and they can be, summoned but if left on their own devisings they will kill the summoner just for fun, after overpowering the summoner for freedom to exist on the summoners plane. So be strict with the daemon as daemons are chaotic neutral by nature and if they see that a balance, is needed they will be the balancer force and do not lose your will to them, as its risking control but let them act on their own.

  There are angel humans or human like angels that are very serene and focused to do good. As every act is a good thing unless its caused bad intentions or evil. Angels don't cross breed. If an angel is actually an angel, they won't do so. Don't be offended at my views, either, but unfocused, they are somewhat chaotic unless they are ordered. You can assume it is, of another idea and race. Angel humans are actual angels made to look human so they can be in a human crowd. To overlook the idea of a flock. Angels become like unto humans all the time. They just don't cross breed.

  Demons serve themselves first and foremost as the lawful evil, neutral evil and desparate people are served second, Demons and Devils hate each other because evil like nature personalities, will always conflict and Demons are lawful evil by nature. They will honor a bargain as long as you give what you promised, in some form and if you break your deal they will break theirs, and sometimes kill the deal maker in the process. Otherwise, they will honor the deal and do exactly what they promised to do, but if bored they will mercilessly cut you down so the key to survival against a summoned against, you demon is to buy the demon with more than the other guy could offer, and sometimes the demon will only respect sheer will, a showing of respect or a showing of power. Summoned demons will always try your will and make you force them, into behaving under your will so make the summoning request without any loopholes, or they will get out of it. A trick is to not use anything they offer except when they offer, to use it against the enemies of yourself by giving it to you. The wise mage will use them with a neutral backbone accepting anything given by them, with suspicion but use freely and the act must be proven out by the demon, or you unsummon the demon for not doing as you say.

  There are rules of protocol that demonic beings are obliged to follow--one of them was offering resistance to any mortal wizard to call them. Another was to do their best to end the life of the same wizard, should they be able to escape the confines of the circle or will. You can set demons to a path back to their own dimensions if you did find some. Demons don't reside in Hell, you know. Once something is in Hell it can't escape unless magic is used. They reside invisibly, in a spirit realm that forms demonic essences of positive things in the realm world.

  They are all around us, evil beings. Then if you would block them out, humans do not have power over demonic beings but by God's power which is their own to manipulate. If daemonic go somewhere because you sent them, it was of their own will and interest. They are beings more powerful than we can imagine. As such we have literally no power over them but that given to use by the Being higher than them. There is always a Being that wants them under control. They're very scary though. Possession and other odd events. Evil and powerful stuff by those that are needing too. Its very similar to this demons will do things on their own, but on request and when it won't kill them or trap them they will do requests. Its like they will do it for you and on their own. Some will steal your soul to deal with you while you ask requests or they are doing things for them.

  Some think it unethical to use them. Very unethical but sometimes unavoidable. It's usually pretty easy. I would pray to a God if I dealt with one. I pray to a God by using his idea. As demons are direct enemies of humanity in my opinion. Its another of way to go as they just use us. They are doomed to hell, so they try to take us with them as well as take over earth and it's governments. By acting our friend and doing the asking as a price. Their akin to draconians that use our spirits as fuel for their efforts.

  When we consider the 8th dimension that is energy, it should be named the dimension of energy and this plane of existence, the 8th plane of existence, is devoted to the energy beings acting, as their ower source. On thinking of elves we think of demihumans that are inhuman through immortality, and we also consider dragons in the same manner. Except dragons, by any consideration are unkillable but are alike where the elves primarily live there, but choose to live in the third dimension when they want. They are considered true magical craftsmen and when they make an item it never gets destroyed, unless the wielder of the item gets destroyed first and theelves can make items out of pure energies, or air itself and at will. The elves are called by humans from where they choose to live when born into humankind, like wood elves or sea elves and they do this by choice of their own will. The dragons and the elves are the type of beings to be of pure energy in true form, as they can appear like anything at a whim or will and the pattern of energy is the key to their shifting.

  They are their own source, and have a very large amount of energy. To put their energy level in scale, if a normal human with a normal aura were to turn into a Dragon, their aura would be able to make contact with a cloud directly overhead. They burn by their inner life force and seem to burn as with energy.

  Call the elves demi-humans and call the dragons immortal demigods where dragons came from humans by a druidic transformation spell, and then forced to mate. This transformation rendered them immortal and unkillable so Dragons have awesome abilities, that even a demigod could find difficult to defeat, and this ability comes from the energy influx that causes the shift from human to dragon from the sun. Once a dragon, they can shift anytime they would want to and their form shifting, is not limited to just human forms as it can be any actual form they desire as the dragons true form is energy. The dragons form is the color of their alignment and how many personalities, they have thus per each personality their is an extra head for their natural reptile form and Gold is good, Black is evil or an absence of all alignment and colors in between mark in-between alignment. Elves became existant through humans being infused with so much energy that they changed into energy form and from then on the elves were a force of magic will so the elves are truly demihumans that are natural formshifters.

  A dimension that is in the 9th dimension is the superstring dimension. This is the space of black holes, spacial distortion and dimensional crossings and the beings that exist here are the benign superstring beings of energy and existon an unseen sub-dimension when felt, and exist on a lower plane of energy when seen. This dimension is of elements as their thought of being to have a physical existence. They have the power of manipulation of anything in existence, and the Q beings of the star trek series could be residence and the beings, of great idea could be the ultimate rulers considered Lords. Consider the Lords of Law, Order, Chaos, Destruction, Earth, Death, Life, Evil, Neutral, Good, Dark and the Light to be the rulers along with others. The conscious that built the universes could watch over it called by conjecture "Ben" and when he built, it was so much to build that his body dissolved, and he became a conscious. He can be considered Centra ae "forever being" or "Ao", that be a being of energy made to look as he desired. He overrules all if he must and allows people, to do what they want while he watches. as long as its not an too destructive.

  To talk to him you must talk to everything at once or focus at him while talking to get him to listen, now the Q are extremely elevated humans who have taken in much energy to accomplish it and making, them omnipotent manipulators and they are self-serving, manipulative, conniving, true good indivisualists and to consider true good it is essential to know that a balance, must exist thus true good indivisuals are the type that make a role call, and decide on what is, to cause a good event using the tools of good and evil and what is at hand. They consider neutrals to be the playing pieces, on a field with the good and evil characters being the pawns of the games, they play so true good is to have no alignment except that which will raise them up in ranking in their own mind. This being said makes the beings of idea natures of themselves and when called upon they will always extract a price, and they always go through with the act asked. Failure on your part of a deal is death so do not fail their requsts, if they did something for you. Before asking them to do something, ask the price which could be what you want.

  Going to and perceiving the 10th dimension is impossible because of the fact, that it is the plane of the mind. It is only interacted with by the mind of the human and demihumans, and can be called heaven or other names. Each mind sent there will become a God of sorts, and unless the Gods so wanted a person to, nobody on the 3rd dimension except for the demihumans, could perceive them unless it was desired by said God and the Gods, are pure mental energy given focus through human devotion. For every religion and way of life, there is a God for it altho some Gods are the same God except under different names. Like an existance of a multifaceted gemstone called god that has so many different personality facets.

  Gods are made through this process: The worshippers worship the gods through their actions of devotions, and if a million people worship a god for 10 years to unlimited, the God gains enough energy so that it gains an intelligence, through idea and devoted actions including persecution and positive actions. Then, that God goes back in time and changes the nature of that Gods followers, at the directions of followers from whence they started worshipping that God, and it changes its followers from the moment that the follower accepts the Gods guidance. If said follower stops believing in it, then that follower stops getting affected by it, and the belief in how one interacts with God determines what type of interaction, and change that the person goes through with it. In this view, the God is a source of energy for events that is a negative or positive energy used for many reasons.

  When promises are made to Gods they better be kept or the jealous God will maim that person for life, the neutral Gods will ignore it and saidpromiser unless the promiser proves the actions were necessary, or that said promiser can be trusted again, the Gods of good will guide the person to the right path that they have promised themselves to, by choice and the evil Gods will outright kill or punish the person, mercilessly till the person learns of the evil Gods whim, to use them as tools again. The Gods actions are felt and observed in others but not without trying, and their actions are small in comparison to humans who act out of need, and self-interest because Gods have to consider the balance that exists before they act. They are the ultimate balancers of the worlds at large so if somethings pointed out, it will be fixed or if the Gods perceive something amiss thru self attention they will invisibly effect change.

  Supporting this is the 11th dimension of dark matter that shares its matter as this is antimatter energy, that appears things or is similar to our world explained by the Mother of all dimensional theories or M-theory field, and this space as with others are known as extra dimension, the dark material space supports all others considering its the core, similar to the underworld this is a universe and all other beings of matter make their living in this dimension. Dark matter follows the rule of energy conservation which be energy used can converts, to another thus being reusable always returning to energy in the end in some form.

  I think it is considered a storage space or treasure trove of those things lost and it is exactly the reverse, of the material world and everything made of dark matter has a substance that is manipulative of the mind. Made by the mind through manipulation of subconscious through meditation and visualizations, use is with ideal that only some of these items are made to be indestructable. They are invisible to everything except the second sight, use is magesight, for benefit or the subconscious mind sight called third eye vision. Yet these items will still effect as though if material were there, so then you'd be right.

  The third eye is described here, more fully, but it can be opened by the visualization of the mind and by imagining a light source or thinking the third eye is open, looking sometime outside your vision that is above you trying to stare at it with your eyes looking elsewhere. Do this as long as you can until the third eye opens to look at it and when this happens the third eye, is watching the source of light and at the same time you don't have to watch it. The vision of light is still there as when it disappears the third eye is closed and does this action. Many times for a week, do this activity until the third eye opens and then grab control of it by will but allow it, to work at the same time without constriction. Afterword, you have absolute control of it and it will open at your command with your focus on it. Treat it like an ally that will aid you in moments of absolute need and with respect, and it will aid you at your guidance by will and sometimes it will aid you without your willing. Imagine a rainbow of light and energy enter your third eye to cleanse your mind of darkness.

  When you have control of it, the third eye is active by the pinneal gland blood flow so try this exercise; make idea or believe that anything that happens and goes wrong will be able to be made undone by the power of dark matter energy. Believe that everything done has its reverse impression in dark matter and think of dark matter as a force that preserves, and if something gets destroyed the negative impression in dark matter can be used to restore the pattern of the item, back into an item. So if you think to even get this done, believe that anything you do will allow that nothing energy will support you. When you believe this enough the state of mind is achieved by use of dark energy and dark matter. Thus to reconstruct an item, try to make it by acting that its there or believe that it is still there. Allow the transfer through 5th dimensional energy by visually seeing an ideal energy room.

  Sending to an energy room, this is making use of the negative pattern like a negative visual impression thats reverted by the brain, except this is your own mind converging and converting the idea you have to create what you want with what you think. The negative then goes to the positive pattern of the object. As you use a separate anchor, this was of what once was the associated element of energy. Aka, the energy room or your body and soul is the energy channel. So by imagining the item reappearing where you want it, that is with it building itself from carbon and air, as it makes itself exist think that the form is alive and living. Then you have a living form of a being formed, this is done as though yourself from thin air or your chosen element. For anything else to be done let air be the support or channel, so think to use this carefully as air is partly gases and dark matter empowered by dark energy.

  The third eye basically is a regulatory system that can manifest anywhere, anyway and anyhow. Think the pinneal gland is activating the third eye, you create the eye where you think to generate the third eye at by using your senses. However the 4th eye in the hands can absorb energy as force and project it forth, this is done by thinking about amplifying the absorbed energy and projecting it forth. That is done with the holding your hand out and have the palm face the threat, think the energy is released towards the foe and the foe is halted by an invisible energy focused upon them. This is a point that the third eye can do as well, think the third eye absorbs energy from the area and you thought projected it towards the person. This then forces them back, if you think of using it then you can create similar effects such as lazer eye bursts. That is where lazer energy emits from the extra perception organ and goes toward the person. This can frighten even the most hardened soul.

  However the eye you don't want is the 5th eyes, the eyes at the back of the feet. They are painful when open and can see backwardly, this is for your focus to use them. The subconscious eye is the third eye, but you can use any eye to access the subconscious mind. So I think this is what occurs and your mind through the subconscious directs the eyes. So think and you can get what you want. The soul energy excess that the body can't take goes to the creator so think to absorb what you need, think the point and use is up to you. That is where the soul is boundless and this is according to the source. So the soul is never exceeded battery that can hold memories and idea energy to use as you need or want. This is a point that comes from the source.

  You can see neither point except in minds eye nor imagination, thus the object pattern can evolve itself from any item wrought by dark matter from air. When allowing the third eye to channel and work with dark matter, cause an item to be self-restoring by thinking of it "You are now the self-restoring, self-restructuring item of my desire" while looking at the item and imaging, the item coming back to tip top shape after any damage is done to it. If you want to preserve any item. try to imagine the image of that item with a blue surrounding preservative force field, felt to envoloping the object. This is called the shell force of inertia. By imagining it thus, you instruct the third eye to envelope that item of desire to preserve it, the item. This protective force will keep books, food and other objects including people from decay, so to eat a protected food item inters agelessness to the body.

  Using the color yellow will ward away the item if the felt to envelope the item in a yellow field. This field prevents hazards and other bad things to occur except decay that the blue field prevents. Yellow is intended for hazards and warning in the normal world as its denoting nuclear yields and other similar like poison. So this wards poison and waste material. It prevents the poison from affecting yourself. Imagining the color red does the reverse and destroys said object by rapid decay through chaotic, and rapidly sped up atomic structure causing a rapid destruction.

  To use the color gray makes the object unseen, including the body, as its felt to surround and seen enveloping the body or item. The object is also turned impervious to destructive forces and as its impervious, the object continues to exist till the gray field is dissolved. To think to an object, "Let this object be not destroyed." makes the object come back no matter what you do to it. For building with nothingness try to imagine the item in your mind and then in your hand, or somewhere that you'd want and if your third eye does help out, then that item will be there for you. Somone told me, "I built a coke machine out of thin air in mind, by imagining it being there. This was in a school that I went to. Next day, I went to that school and there it was! It was as if the machine was standing there, as if ordered by me. What they don't know, won't hurt them," Said this person as he went about playing with this method. In the interview, he made 3 items for me.

  There is something that separates the two sides of matter and this substance is called gray matter, as this is the substance that keeps the matter and darkmatter) from touching yet leaves imprints from either side, and is the perfect barrier. Why does matter get supported by nothing and plasticlike when melted? Because of this gray matter that to react making a balance from both sides, of atomic force it will stretch to act the imprintable barrier. This is believed by some to be Cosmeria by Jackal "Cosmeria is the general conjoining of Ether and Aether into Akasha or united spirit of mind (Animus) and mind (Nuero), it defines the wholeness of the universe. This is a giant container of Ether and Aether acting as messangers and gain divided power, of duality ,as from the 11:11 club, they also act as the rules and boundaries for the universe and define a personality. Basically Akasha also has the attributes from both Ether and Aether making gray matter that is imprintable only once at a time and it forms in any shape the wielder wants and invisible at first."

  Creating channels will cross the barrier and channels are the act of a force, to punch a pinhole in spacetime of natural force that heals quickly, wheras these channels can be considered singularity wormholes. When creating with gray matter it can do anything that you imagine but be careful of unneeded desire, and only once can you imprint it. Where gray matter exists to make sense of being there and to balance atomic structure matter exists to be seen as objects, and dark matter exists to support, some objects will have rigid atomic structures. It, this structure is created by the act of dark matter acting on material objects, creating any effect.

  Think of a superconductor in which this superconductor of barium nitrate and will act like a magnet, if electricity is applied to it by surrounding an iron rod and anything of a semiconductor metal, will levitate above it. Dark matter will make matter react like antimatter to matter the same way through Gray matter, by using chnnels to allow chaotic electricty flux to flow fueling the reactor, and Dark matter energy reactors could be an unlimited source of energy with an unlimited fuel source. Dark matter makes up 96% of the universe in the center of the spacetime and Gray matter is the material, of the mind where matter is energy given form which we manipulate through visualizations and physical.

  Where chaos is the idea of matter decaying from dark matter, and its considered corrupted mana where mana is the form given in pure energy or inverted mass. Dark Matter through the use of gray matter creates a slight degeneration of materials surround called corruption with the catalyst of "Entropy" and "chemicals" to cause the process of slow decay. Entropy enacts in moments of slowness to effect, sometimes from friction and heat. Beings of this dimension are called non-living beings in a subdimension of its own that can reflect and act like perfectly normal humans, alien or other beings and these beings are dark clones, that exist on calling by will and no imagination because if there was imagination it would be colored with reality as like movement in real moments, whereas these beings are all black.

  To take a look at the 11th dimension is to study most anything including orbs and spheres at a glance and its gleaned as a spiritual influence infusion or faith to create an idea by faith. State a phrase, do a physical activity and/or view it to make it occur. This is the dimension of the one, where there are study that goes along the lines its all one concious consensus. Surfing the mental pattern and concious as if it were a network. What I mean is this a point the movie recall is the devices and you know or name the price that you think, pretend to see no list as its a concept if hypercubes floating is in space with a oneness sphere within.

  I know their method as I know their represented, separated but together as orbs are real, but they're each their own space. Each spark or sperk is as in spur of the moment motion in the orb that is set by level of ability as to what height it is within. Each one is a conscience, an with all its lefe life ahead of you as you are yourself as one a spark. To use the 11th dimension is to use the cogs and by the tokens of power of the spheres and orbs, as cogs are the inphysical manifestation of the 11th dimension, and the power token is the physical manifestation of the 11th.

  The study of cogs as gears of life force is in movement and to let the area be affected of how many gears you have. Only touch them, and allow them to work on their own. For example, use them like a passive skill in a game, that activates without you doing anything, as opposed to an active skill, where you have to consciously use it for it to activate. They will recover by being replaced with a new set automatically, though. Cogs are items of power on the 11th dimension, which work as a piece of an orgone computer (essentially, Orgone Computers alter reality. Trying to understand the overall concept of how the Orgone Computer actually works can be highly confusing. I just use the Cogs). Cogs act like the spinning gear-wheels as down in the idea of a VCR, but they revolve around one another. Some dimensions can see the Cogs without imagining them, while others cannot. Don't touch them unless you have to.

  TThe Cogs that you have are powered by items of power that you own. Having 3 or more working in alignment can mean that you have created an orgone computer. Each item of power you have, "as rings, amulets, and other things such as braids and animal companions," powers a cog. To form a cog, use chi force to create a gear in whatever shape you want. It will do what you need, but can do what you desire as well. Place it against your skin or an object and allow the skin or item to meld with it, once you have imagined it there. This can create magical objects or power tokens. The cog is as always a representation of a link to the orgone computer. So to use it is to cause an effect that is symbolically linked to the computer, creating the effect you want.

  Now each token of power, as rings, amulets, and other things such as braids and animal companions does the same things. To form a cog that is to focus chi or han force, to create a gear in the shape of whatever you want including a computer card thats its more energy than form. The gear does as you need but can conform to your desire. So there are also energy in cards, thought as computer cards and other parts that act like power tokens and its an energy part. Normal cogs and parts such as Tv Extensions that are put together make the effect. Imagine the energy cog appear and you could be getting near one that serves you. The cog is a representation of the machine and to summon it allows for the machine in power to be symbolically linked to the effect. As in a time judge, who goes on to do things but this machine with cogs serves him like anyone else and makes it possible.

Usage of cogs, combined with the 12th dimension energy is togs with the toggle switch effect and tokens are representing the power you weild, by level:
1 cog or token is to change things as in reality manipulation and time manipulation.
2 cogs and tokens are to alter bodies.
3 cogs and tokens are to allow easier shifting and ability.
4 cogs and tokens are to allow mental balance and alter events.
5 cogs and tokens are to change entire area by thoughts and actions or to make prediction. Demigodhood is simply this.
6 cogs and tokens are to allow for physical moments and new abilities with no hurt or nothing to pain yourself over.
7 cogs and tokens are to allot and allow for universal consciousness and immortality.
8 cogs and tokens are to control time and events as it happens with manifestation by thought if full or semi creation.
9 cogs and tokens are to affect reality control. This can be consistant for quasigodhood as gas is energy to create by feel.
10+ cogs and gears are for godhood where your mind shifts to the tenth level of reality and you control the body and other similiar. Physical objects can be melded to make a new shape. The more cogs the more powerful you get. With each ability you describe by some means, that would take effect. You do not get more loony as perhaps its en progress in power.

  After this is the dimensions unclassified by the Mother of All Dimensional String Theories. This is from the concept is use of the thought movement effect by these basics as it is, the mother of all theories as you use the particles in the superstring to make this work. So nothing is there.

  The 12th dimension is described as from this page of KelOren's as ""El'zippo." I have been there only once or twice. I did not spend much time there. While I was there, I was using particle sight, and I noticed that the area was hugely dense with energy. The light seemed to shine rom within the eyes. I do not know if the entire dimension was like that or if it was just the area I was in. Different locations may be different and/or more friendly, but where I ended up, I was too busy dodging attacks to sightsee. The first beings that I saw upon shifting myself there were odd, umbrella-looking things (I call them 'Spinners'). They span rapidly, causing them to hover according to how quickly they span and how they shifted their weight. They travel in packs, and they place energy spikes on top of the top of their umbrella-like top, and release them mid-spin with accuracy to hit the designated target. When I did learn to time their attacks well enough to shift my attention to other things and move around somewhat, I first noticed that the landscape was rather odd.

  There was a large mountain, covered in grass, even beyond what is the height limit above sea level of where plant life can grow on this dimension, and off to the side of it, there was a medium-sized floating patch of land. There were a few of these scattered patches of floating land, though the first that I saw was the largest. I also saw a creature which looked somewhat like a dinosaur. It seemed to be a nonviolent animal, or it was attempting to not draw attention from the Spinners. It is possible that they were not trying to attack me, but simply guard an area. The first building that I saw resembled a shrine, though I do not know what it was for. It resembled a well-decorated Buddhist temple on the inside, though it did not look like much from the outside. It looked like a cement hut with a cement wall around it. Once I entered the building, the Spinners did not follow me. I would have stayed longer, but I felt an ominous presence deeper inside of the building, and the Spinners were just outside. I came back to the 3rd after that."

  The 13th dimension is of negative thought and action. The technology offers far range of scan modes and can effect through dimensions, Any act there is reflected upon this realm. And blessing is as summoning self comings. the way their is to just do it, Doo is sometimes technology here. Shit is shit and things are stuff. So there is the means that are ideal can cause disruption to ours as its of higher bandwidth. What they speak to us through is our tecnology and we speak through theirs, as they can be heard from on this from timetrax technology. We can see burnouts by too long a direct exposure, its the childs nightmare world. As any act is a small to great terror here. Its not noticeable, but its seen as some inadvertant action here and so far there unless you are there. Self habit generates self interest in self but not others. There reality can alter itself to self protect or allow passage to do what was your goal. Some machines can do great science feats Most of them who are there are nonsociative.

  The people there are merciless and mutable to the area as they can turn into other things. As it is when their merciless they are emotion itself. They do as their will is whim, but serious on the moment of thought. When they detect you they usually try to poison or subdue you unless not practical. They poison on a whim, subdue on a mutable moment because strangers arent distrusted except their unwelcome. Unless you appear in like as likeness with some of them. Focus can get you a nightmare or vision to create by idea you think on by idea noticed or else they mutate by intending or not to no feel to change.

  I went there thinking, let them be nice then I fell into a pit of deep shit after feeling my in the darkness. The 13th dimension language is easily guessed. Un is um and means do, do is a don't that sometimes must happen. Some do is a don't, and don't is a duel or a do. Unaup is auspiciousness. So some means maybe then to them. As if it was a now born again is now. 'I normally don't talk to people when I go places, I just kinda glide around and sightsee. Self habit generates self interest in self but not others. Just spirit isn't enough, be spirit and body Where voice is lettering and voicing is acting a word of phrase out.  As you are aware is a were as energy is quality you think. So you see that reasoning alone is to lurk as shadowy figures, from the mirrors you see by use of magic with the mirror with focus use is thought to the feel you need to create. That is thought by focus, is concept if idea created by voice. There are no rules except acceptable ones tey want to do things with.

  Oh I see, as I did too when I am scanning peoples minds in darkness. Put on a pair of sunglasses and you can see their world as if its a sunbeam before its filtered out. Its like you have a double whos cruel but efficient. The alter evil is from the 13th, as they write to get someone for revenge drives them. Hope is a trial sometimes or mostly by error. But I saw their dimension by using a pair of sunglasses. I learned this by doing something illegal and on purpose then finding myself their way after considering the 13th number. I couldn't see anything. I can feel things out, You can too, but barely. I can guage the landscape's shape, as its to see it before by light from your world but like, the rest of it is hard or their world before it goes dark. After I found myself there, I saw blackness and fumbled around ten minutes and saw to get back to my world by thinking about it.

  I had to see by feel. There's no english word for disembodied feeling. Feeling the entire surroundings and seeing that way exactly. It was kind of like I was the whole area, but at the same time it was a radar. Feel is the word by use and going back to the Astral after going there gave me a really weird feeling. Made my head throb until I closed my eyes and tried to get over the feeling of vertigo. Which I rarely feel', I am them of after every thing meant after going to the 13th, the thing to worry over is their intention which is unusual behavior. After detection by them I am still worried they may have followed or plan something. For they have antitechnology.

  The 14th dimension is different. The landscape is surreal, peaceful and inclined to give you things to think about. Don't so to cause meditative reaction, it just happens. As its non assaultive as to where its incongruence on the attempt but not if your awate of it. Act unaware of the incongruance and they get along but they don't act out. Act unanwering and they are polite, but ever wierd to succumb. Incongruance, They think ill concieved, so they just sit there. As any act is il concieved, yet how far it can be taken is what the act amounts to so its not always allowed. All sort of action or combinations of the sort can get something. As if it gets the idea thing or action/reaction. Shift to the fourteenth, to see more blackness and peaceful bleakness. As technology is a see through idea, that is to see for its worth. Their rambunctious because of it. Say as you are aare by stated ideal to create by focus to work with life.

  It is just follow your nature to do something. Don't is restrict by prove your reaction to change something. Its technology that is ambient to the notion and its own self. Self notion creates self knowledge their way. So peace is soul peace. Its peace that is peace or a piece. Its their nature that is peace by ambient strength or do things for the effort. They aquire by selfless acts, to trade is for a trade of item or actions. They use words for objects, for deed is a word for trade.

   Whomever pushes the action with intention they could kidnap, Whatever you do you feel to become one with your surroundings and force yourself away from them if they do this. See them and then you stop as if one. Some say we become of the light as we feel the idea of effect. Everything it is if you see through it, or the light is shining through you and you can see the crystal like technology. Its a force that is with you. Darklight antimatter. All that you need is a darklight with an antimatter effect near it to get the dimension to appear. If it is so it is ever moreso.

  From Ben, 'I was in an open field, but it's not like the entire place is an open field, it was more like a park in a city. I saw no buildings though. When I was asked if there were buildings with all black interiors there, I ran off in one direction until I found a town, and entered a building The interiors were black. There were some people inside, I only clearly saw one before I teleported away to keep from trespassing. They looked as if they were wearing a preacher's uniform, only in all-black. No white at all, see except for skin color.'

   There are more dimensions above the fifteenth that remain unknown, such as the hyper planes of the 15th dimension where things are instant on the thought of the moment. Just as instant as snapping the fingers to make the event appear and manifest by third eye, this place that its possible in is the universal mind place which everyone knows each other. Thus in knowing there is peace and in peace there is sparring, to keep peace with little contests to know the persons place.

   The hyper planes are near impossible to be inflicting damage, in as if you do the damages, might come back at you so don't do anything thats regrettable. Only rules that count are those that you make yourself, and keeping your own council is a necessity so put your trust carefully, as most beings that exist in hyperplanes are very unpredicable and are counted fractal landish, and have elemental like formation, including te people in it. Their speed is 50+ times faster than a human body, a single move in an eyeblink.

This is really a phase world, think to be somewhere and you are there in it. Think an effect or need something done, so you know this is a point there and its done. This happens without stress and on an instance, that's by feel or using excess body energy. By feel this done by the idea and if your well, then you can get a clear perception of the dimension. Otherwise this is not a point thats done with this idea. This is a point you hold off and do something else, other than that the 15th dimension is a place not often visited.

  They would according to one I was talking to, " Zip by, stop, look at me, then I had to block out the voice of hyperspace just a little bit, 'cause I heard something, didn't know what, remembered what you wrote about the voice of hyperspace, and blocked it out without stopping to think 'what if it's just that thing talking'..for a while I thought I was seeing things wrong while I was there, though 'cause they looked a lot like me. Still don't quite know why they looked so much like me with long hair, but I figured out that I wasn't seeing things wrong, there was no accelleration time they just went. I never did see any pupils and I saw white glowing eyes.' As it is all gray and it is just one big expanse of flat land.

 As you are aware of "te" you sense a subdimension with the dimension, that exists or you don't have to do as describe. The only partial rules are hypothesis and on federation space by superstring or a collapsing space with regulated idea is channel 14 with the moment decisions, considered with point of view and backed with second opinion to focus as energy is destructive to others so focus and you can cause cracks. An experiment is to rest in a single area and gain elemental ability. The elemental form is set by virus on your appearance in the realm of the hyperplane. It depends on your immunity level for viruses, and if the immunity is high enough, your remaining mind by uneffected idea is what your sane by as that is scary. If you hear "the voice of the hyperspace by life in decay" then I believe that you would become mad and tainted and yet appear sane. Because your not knowing where it comes from so you can dismiss it. That is the rest by the use in space called federation use with regional space to work with by idea as thats the basis of it.

 17 that is a dimension of schitzophrenics that appear normal till enough energy or energy can create what you want. Their energy is able to seem used as a point concluded is done is source to create with as they work as an ad is concept. So they think their problem or energy excess is a source or criminal behavior. Megtioning the fact beforehand is what, this can set but unaccepted idea is what is a powerful pulse idea or irritate them by running into temporally into their personal zone. As they use te core of the planet idea, you can seal the as tea or water deal what is nullified by feel its schitzophrenic or as use if described can do.

 Such as you are you act to accept normal as a chat reactor the character area energy concept or usable, as something in feel is something makes sense by concent that is schitzoprenic normal as the answer. As they see or sense they can cure, as they focus where they can feel changes or others can change by feel. Say as you see to see if they can do things themselves, the accept what they call the situation or whatever adversion seeming aversion by avoiding or inversion.

 See by created area concept that to reverse an idea that comes up is based on fear. Don't have to ta or pure insanity or a laughter fit if horror scene or vision is sensed by idea. Think your not effected or not allowed to project, per force is the right feeling to get the right result or a reactive laughter by destruction. There is such as a fitness point or place to work in as you feel there is with enough exercise.

The physics of dimensions

  What dimensional physics are as you see, the dimensions and the aspects of them including how to travel them or from them.   Its in my belief, void empowers all and contains the dreamworld, where all things are possible, known as root 0 and looks like a black circle. Then there are root worlds represented by 360 arc degrees, supported by void and in the picture represented by the grey spheres. These arc degrees have arc tangents, 180, that represent alternatives from the root world. These alternatives, each start at a different point in history, farther back. As in, the root world, is the future. Each arc tangent, that is 5 minutes back. They look like arced out lines from the void. Each arc tangent has different thema event associations, Thema events are compatible but different idea similar to one another.

  Making different reality arc tangents, with each arc tangent to be a different world in vibration or plane, with a language variation of similar languages, and this makes the language mean different things, even if sounding similar. This is done with the different thema, that means there's a different viewpoint with each viewpoint alien from the other. Each arc has a parallel universe or negative world that is opposite and goes backward, 180 negative arcs, they look like the other half of the arced lines, I know this is used to make a complete loop. So think to not complete the loop, then you break the idea point that repeats. So this is done, if you think things are repeated by your astral shell that tends to repeat things. Possible is the idea by what indicates the point and that is the possibility, this uses variations and energy vibration states to see what thought processes are there by perception.

  Time amongst these worlds flow backward, and events go backward as a timeframe. As events go backward, the timeframe goes forward, in 5 minute increments. For negative arc tangents, the time advances, from the future to the past, as in a modern age, low tech world, of steel machines, not at industrial level, this for tan -180. At tan -1, its a high tech samurai, medieval world, that uses crystals and magical machines, via metallic and crystal parts. The religions, are reversed, as in entirely magic based, in the negative world root. At tan -180, its a world of unreligious nature. A psychic would perceive events from the end to the beginning, in the negative worlds. In the positive worlds, psychics would perceive events from beginning to end.

  Then we get to the mirror world dimensions, or alternative inverse worlds. These are demonic, and monsterous worlds, with some humanlike worlds within. They have no world roots, but exist on there own, as demonstrated by the surrounding line. They are almost infinite in number, yet I can safely say, these worlds have separate tangents representing different powers, and exist by feeding off their negative mirror worlds, in a self-supportive loop by feedback. Same goes for the negative mirror worlds, and they start at tangent ±181 to ±360 for positive/negative.

  There may be more arc tangents (tangent ±361 to ±540 and 541+), but these are safe, as the other worlds are unsuitable for carbon based life and its higher energy based. They are on the picture, like ever expanding circle layers. These worlds are the outer realms, and one can use a mirror to pass through to them.. Each arc tangent and mirror arc tangents, furthermore have alternative variations resembling each other, from alternative 0, which is the main alternative. They look like curved lines in the picture, crossing the looped lines, yet in truth, they circle around the alternative, as in a ring of highly compressed, tiny pocket worlds.

  Alternative variations (var) start with letters A-Z. Then to the double letters for above letter 26, like 90Aa, in significance of 676 world alternative variations These variations are different schemas of the alternative, represented by a curved line through the alternative world sideways loop.  How this relates to the superstring theory of todays time is to use the dimension model.  Each layer is a container or p-brain of more than one similar highly compressed and small dimension world, with the layers as such. To get to these you resignate, to heal and vibrate at a certain length of time and at the right frequency of the world. Think of the world and feel around you for it to vibrate at the right frequency. You should see another world in an eyeblink but remain where you are. When the eyeblink world seems right then the frequency is right.

  The subdimensions are the variant tangents like A-Z or Aa-Za, Like arc 65 tan 150Aa for root 65 tan 150 subdimension 27. There are a few rules that refer to defining the subdimensions.

  1. First layer a main earth area of root worlds of arc 0 to 360.
  2. Second layer is the small rings of alternatives going to the negative alternatives branching out sideways. (tan ±0 to a ±180)
  3. The third layer is mirror worlds that uses self idea to seem as her or his support as the support is a thought and are considered realms.(tan ±181 to a ±360)
  4. Fourth layer is the outer ring (tan ±361 to a ±540)
  5. Fifth layer is a ring (tan ±541 to a ±720)
  6. Sixth layer of dimension ring (±721 to a ±900).

  Each ring tangent beyond is like a ring of saturn, beautiful as a ring of color or another dimension of ±180 is subatomic upward of the eleventh ring dimension of tan ±1800 is creature to ±1980 to create with metal. Altogether, from 360 root worlds + 360 tangent alternative worlds + 360 tangent mirror worlds + [360(676)] = 243,360 variation tangents + [360(676 alternative mirror world tangents)] = >487,800 dimensional worlds, that are possible.

Most of these worlds are similar enough to not be detectable unless you observe your surroundings, and then there are the aspects. Which are peoples actions that govern the variations. Its as 360(17576) or of them in similarities of 6327360 similar things. Again, when an aspect is used, then time slows down or stops. When viewing all aspects together instead of a few its similar to an end of or for knowing madness.

  The aspects is code representative by three letters in time and follow these definitions, where there are very similar positive aspects (17576) and in negative aspects its (17576) considered similarities,they follow these rules.
    1. Aspects are to be near or in another very similar world that follow their own rules or place where the people are sometimes switched around yet seem the same as they are.
    2. Another idea atleantian ideal is the moment that is they are very near likeness of people in idea that sometimes, are only alike by nature and position or name and body signature. Ie a black man is a white man and named similar whereas a a white man could be another white man by shape and all in thought by use with the mind.
    3. Sometimes differently named and shaped their alike by attitude and only an get along with other aspects. One aspect can take over or control of another aspect very easily. Another aspect can talk over another aspect. You can get another aspect to do things that no normal person would do sometimes. Mitchell is an ordinary person, but this Bill is another, their aspect is ordinary. So they either ignore each other or they get along because their ordinary.
    4. Aspects are people in of or things of the same soul. Reflect one for many.
    5. A similar person or thing, They govern the different times variations, where there are 1000 of different variations theres millions of different aspects.
    6. Governed by the law of aspects, each aspect is in chaotic or lawful event and in power with lots of aspectful events and its 26^3*360 or 6327360 aspects. When an aspect is used, then time slows down or stops. One aspect is equal to a univrsal episode.There are three aspects for each object or person.

  Some may say its your imagination, but its not entirely true until, somebody talks to you that you didn't know before yet recognize, and appears to know you. That person could be anyone, you talked to in your dreams or other planar dimension, you will know it when you see said person. Depending what you do, the traveller might aid you or hinder you, this theory holds for any planet in the multiverse. Until that happens you might consider it a myth. But as you say, what allows for these worlds to exist is universal energy, that links the worlds together. This void source is represented by a circle, which contains nothing but mind and dreams where anything following personal rules happen.

With each break there is a pause or actual movement, as you see the area is a concept as you see. Energy passes from the void source root 0, through a root world, and through every arc tangent world after it. This energy flows as a sine wave or wormhole circular cosine dimension, that really is were in a regulated flow thats both ways as that is really a power to you yet is energy use. That you think is going from the positive worlds to the negative worlds, that or ceases with too much negative energy from the negative worlds. See and then back again to void that is dreamlimbo, that is sometimes the cycle if you can not find your way to acertained dimensions. In other words to what you can goto your in energy, so this makes transfer to other worlds possible with similar creator by its aspects. This starts what represents as stop the evil to work thought travel as you see or create, the superstring that vibrates or shifts as you want to see or in left to right as back and forth or not as you are anchored so think to see as you see. All arc degrees and arc tangents have the void circle source as arc 0. That is anything you think can go from 0 to seem, so to create them often to return 0 as dissolvation by feel. This is when you focus to see the pattern in time to skip time, as you think "skip time" unless you think to not. As you see a use or not to use you create as you think to correct life. That is to direct thought with a concept to direct by relational idea. As you relate you can create or use is that is all you can see from this.

  Superstrings are easily shifting, sometimes where you are is the main support for the multiverse. That is connecting the places of existence, in the galaxy lik vibrational strings. This is somewhat true, where superstrings, are the main support for the multverse, connecting the places of existence, in the galaxy like vibrational strings. The way of superstring travel by the thought or not use a point to a waste of time, that is to get the area shift is feel the ss measurement as to see to detect it you realized by practice or math. An ss measurement, is the mA power rating. See as you are energy as thought is energy by amount per second, for the super string listed in charts. To know when your near a superstring, the energy amperage near the area, will make to wait in a line by match to the pattern with seeing the line or the ss rating and the temperature needed. Superstrings are made up of constrects or wormhole thought created area, see as this is with both positive and negative energies. Which is to say, most energies supporting the universe also support the multiverse. Thanks to Sean and Annie, for the energy of the superstring creates the vibrational energy considered vibes and harmonics, where the electrons spin in a excited moment to create the harmonic and vibration detected in the world as vibes as vibration at 1.18x10^-21 A. Which means means its hardly fely felt. The light and energy as well as gravity come from visible vibes.

  When the world detects the vibes of physical reality, the light and gravity are one form as they interact to create physical light. Light travels back in time and so its very likely to be seen before the evennt happens as the speed of light in a aired area is 9.0 x 10^8 m/s, The speed of light in a vacuum is 3.0 x 10^8. So its faster than the eye can see but not fast enough to the black hole. Where the black hole is a void type energy wave that sucks things in. Some think of vibes as a corresponding force where the natural vibe are based in quantum planck level. Where energy interchanges are to release and capture energy in capture points of collection through cause and effect, thanks to ostenix. The capture points seem like 0's and 1's in a computer operation of exitement(exist) and unexitement(nonexist) that release energy that is captured at certain points to cause an on and off state that allows Pauli repulsion, the inability of fermions (matter) to share the same space the way bosons (forces) can. I thought up of using the idea, you think of the math, thanks to Cedrodonix. So the advanced idea is to effect a reality by superstring as the superstring holds up the reality and multiverse in a matrix effect interactive in things that are self-conclusive and self-evident given force of bosonic nature from reactions and cross effects to which act as a outside influential force.

  "Through the mathematics of quantum mechanics and experimental observation, it was deduced that all known particles fell into one of two classes: bosons or fermions. Bosons are particles that transmit forces. Many bosons can occupy the same state at the same time. This is not true for fermions, only one fermion can occupy a given state at a given time, and this is why fermions are the particles that make up matter. This is why solids can't pass through one another, why we can't walk through walls -- because of Pauli repulsion -- the inability of fermions (matter) to share the same space the way bosons (forces) can." Unless the waves of the matrix interfere with the fermions by thought or motion. David potterfield and Harry potter did it, to walk through walls, thanks to David copperfield, and transmute the energy from around into their bodies to phase through the wall in a phase transmutational procedure. The secret engine in this is homogenized (mixed) energy by motion. If the energy is in high enough amounts, will then change the fermion(wave) into a boson(force dot) ae a wave into a dot (point) of force and only if your filled with the substance your trying to pass through, as will it to work by touch and the idea in thought that is awareness with the consciousness can seem create. Considered a homogenizing energy with a force of your energy interacting on the object. This energy makeup or matrix, puts it in a separate hyperplane by itself with its own separate atomic spin that cause the universe to spin in the multiverse. When thought of or spoken of, and the energy is high enough, then timetravel is possible from an orbiting effect where time is motion and/or events in a recorded field of .353 mm/s, 3.53 cm/s, 35.3 dm/s and 353 m/s. As .353 mm for a point times 1 seconds is .353 mm/1 sec x 1 sec/1 sec = mm is preserved and the seconds cancel leaving 1 second not cancelled. Equals .353 mm/s; where s=sec=second and m=meter.

  The question is why dark matter relates to background radiation for how is already known. So dark matter, is background radiation that works in the quantum planck level of 0's and 1's, which acts as a transducer field for the energy released has to go somewhere and the entire area can be "supported" with the energy provided by the superstring and other activity. Similiar to the brownian motion as explained by Einstein where "most small structures of atoms are moving back and forth in three dimensions." If this doesn't answer it, then you the viewer answer it. So now we have vibes(vibrations) that are of boson force that is in a matrix effort of supportive energy thats yet unseen but sometimes felt, where the matrix works in waves and the waves sometimes are seen as a visible effect of energy particles, such as light. Invisible light is in a frequency range higher and lower than we can see. Such as microwaves that cook UV ray, gravity which holds us up or down and gamma that is deadly, and X-ray that expose. Some can say the matrix wave is a timewave and that its an idea set off somewhere that causes effects with effort.

  Such as cause and effect and happenstance caused with time waves measured by what occurs. Lets say as a hypothesis that the energy is of the moment and can be directed by thinking the whole can be accounted for by the parts and is like an experiment of the correct things to say. For the voice is vibrational and things are effected by the effort of speaking called consequences that use basis to rule the moment. There are several ways of speaking, with voice, scent, actions and reactions amongst any others. This is an attempt to explain the why for cause and effect. Some occurances are considered equivilent to a trigger that "happens" and the moment occurs. Where at least, the action just happens as unconscious thought in automotion with suggestions and talking self-suggestions, at most the person doesn't look unless they stumble upon the idea. I am trying to find out if the event occurence is the cause of our making or of a greater spiritual force. To find out for yourself, find the self-motivation to continue. So truly speak as if the parts don't make up the whole to influence the whole..yet its to influence the whole of an action with another action. Thus to say "previe maet amour" or "mies amix soenarix" allows for "apply to fix by love and emotion".

  As you need, to mate idea or people to make things occur. Where your fixing a moment to occur and only for need as it occurs naturally in the world. Some can get a meaning that we are part of the universe and the superstring, so we absorb energy from where no energy isn't felt in some manner, even if absorbed by Particles in an area(Pß) times Pnt(.353 mm or .353 secs) divided by E(Energy), Pb*Pnt/E=Angstrom of absorbed % energy because the energy is absorbed and separately reactive. This might make the idea it, the energy is alive where others think it programmed or suggested to. Similiar to a computer programming of 0's and 1's with off and on. Where everything has a purpose and destiny set by what we do. Even with others objections, the case in point is to observe and to know by understood idea with a comparison. Due note, the effort of overcompensation is possible from slopsism or to overcome the moment with activity. As to understand or to attempt understanding and downscale later with compensation, lavaition (the emotional recurrence or emotion recurred events) and compassion. For mor info on how time is an illusion go here to the Time is an illusion document.

  Superstring travel is at the speed of thought, proven by the Superstring energy formula of ss. To travel with a superstring, be near it and travel by thinking at it, the supersting, the thought "bring me now (to where I want to go)", the superstring will respond if it ever does, by yanking you from where you are and placing you at the spot where you think on, So where you think on next is where you go. An alternative, think where you want to go, then feel yourself shift, allowing for resistance by use of gut instinct. To use a phone system then try to use (var)arc-tan ae 002-001-3925 for the 2nd var, arc 1, tan 3925. Another use is the time travellor shift where time and date where var is day, arc is the root in month and the tangent is year. A simpler version of it is to state in your language [time in minutes, seconds or hours]-back or forward ae "10 minutes back". For more information on superstrings, goto the Official superstring theory website.

  This energy makeup, puts it in a separate hyperplane by itself. When thought of, and the energy high enough, then travel is possible. Superstring travel is at the speed of thought, proven by the Superstring energy formula. To travel with a superstring, be near it and travel by thinking at it, the supersting, the thought "bring me to where I want to go", the superstring will respond, by yanking you from where you are, placing you at the spot, where you think on next is where you go. An alternative, think where you want to go, then feel yourself shift allowing for resistance. To use a phone system then try to use (var)arc-tan ae 002-001-3925 for the 2nd var, arc 1, tan 3925.

  To shift to a world, think of this like a ritual that is mde safe with candles, that you state the arc degree for the root world first. Then state the Tangent for the alternative, and finally state the variation for the alternative variations, unless you want the main alt. The way it would be is to state "Arc 11 Tangent 150Aa", for Root arc 11 and Tangent arc 150 with variation world Aa. For dreamworld, state "Arc 0 Tangent 00". If done right, you will feel a shift and things will gray out, you might pass out or you will blink once.

  To use a phone system then try to use (var)arc-tan. While you dial, feel each number punch through the viel of time using a folded piece of visualized paper, and on the press of the number see the felt paper puched through with some sort of paper puncher. Consider it a psychic phone system that can shift you to a new area on the feeling of shifting and spoken verbal, to cause yourself a position shift of your body into a air copy of carbon and oxygen and nitrogen. Your old body is dissolved and hydrogen combines to form any energy nearby into the new body, same shape. Yet you may keep this as a reminder that the body can subsist and not dissolve then your up shit creek and in your place, the exact same time could be an alter self. Thus you can say this is biolocation, two places and two exact times. Some make use of this one system by building a new system off this.

  To go back to where you came from, think "Take me back to where I came." Then feel the place form around you like a tunnel people walk through on death. When in dreamworld, all you have to do is think of the action or event for it to occur, otherwise state it out loud. Need the occurence, it will happen. Due note, there are hunters that search for travellers, so lie when your asked about yourself, unless you feel its safe and not false. Ask yourself this, when you attempt to travel, "Do you feel lucky today?" If so, then go right ahead and do your travelling. If not, wait till dark, and do wait till you feel luck with a positive action or something bad might happen. Due note: everytime a shift occurs there sometimes is a timewave at some point.

  These laws can be of use in the dimensional law travels you do that are sometimes accepted.

  Assumed identity law is sight, think this to know the idea and act as to identify the possible idea for each area you want, use or create with an assumed identity. So you can assume a role and understand as to be there. Or create to see is feeling, you could be the person they look for to spread the work as a thrill by thanks to the source of work. Mostly by continued use of the idea. If they were having progress they change the idea as its only a name and not the base opinion, see as to the works of the effort done by it.

  This is the differently named, same idea where the degression can cause going backward in the progress, until progress correction. This is in quality of the idea and base works as your going forward and using errational thought amongst other things that are erased. So there is a time for anything as its to create desire and things that are to exist by corrective measure. This is belaying crooks as they achieve or as it is, the event. These events happen as they are supposed to stop the act you dislike. As it occurs by prevention.

  The Square law, To build (upward) by actions is to get returns by being openly or foolishly regarded to square things away for understanding. To which they get what they desire by a goal, reward or promise to where be they can do things and the rest be optional. To be seductive by not being selective and its allowed because you allowed them the right to use it. Be energetic and secure to be looked at for advice. To strive to be understood at the behest/behext of others. Be not regarded by possible outcome and by possible outcome use every consequence to be creative and chaotically adapt to it with calm. This is assuring anonymity.

   Crazy be the stricture not realized as its favored on assumption, and yet be encouraged by every stricture. Unless its for insanity from discouragement and allowing crazyness for allowance as its to dissuade the bad act. As everything has a purpose, this can be disallowed by allowance where they might come to disrupt anything, for fear. Everyone has rights unknown sometimes called natural rights and in recognition its a blood rush with a power thrill thats allowed. The thing is, this can't be responded to by direct impulse. If suspect, think of something else or try to assume a different irrational difference. As to why, because a name can be identified in your action or by being an identity.

  Now there is Pauls constant, the basis of the Pauls constant or Dimensional returns law, is a restatement to the Golden rede, which is created by Danny to 'use 1 sec applied to 2 times the return effort + 3 times the length + 4 times the effect (to others). 'To put forth effort gets results and the more effort the lesser the returns but three times the effect.' The restatement is "To put forth effort gets results and the more effort the lesser the returns". or for 1 sec applied in 27.2 best results of 1-27 sec actions at least and not all are overlooked or use because some are too good to be tried or use by fee is gone. 27 / Amt of Seconds for action results makes this work. Where a little effort gets a return of 27 or less actions. Each return can be accounted for as a whole act, as it helps build the activity and acts as a feedback. Again, more effort gets lesser returns or results by 27 / seconds in amount as 2 or more seconds. 1.43 seconds pass per each act sometimes. A lot more effort is to get almost no return effects. The law was made by Paul Moisant and modified by Chris Moisant.

  The dimensional wealth effect is to apply work somewhere else in effort. Then, you get that effort by amount of seconds done in a money amount 4 times more. This happens sometime over an extended period of time. The period of time it takes is 2 times the amount of seconds in minutes and hours.

Time effect waves

  Time effects are possible by synergy, or amplified energy sine waves(time waves). These synergy sine waves, carry the event on its path, through the worlds, with extra charge built up from activity. To more or less feel the air charge, or tension in the air, will denote the type of activity, without a sine wave reading. A negative feel or vibe, will denote a bad moment. To feel a neutral vibe, will denote an upcoming neutral event, that leads to nowhere. To feel the positive vibe in the air, makes the upcoming event positive. The time wave will cause time distortion and disruption, as the wave passes through an area. For each year of a timewave effect there is 100 percent decrease in activity and increase of destructive forces by 35%, the last effort is to have chaotic results from anomolous destructive forces. For timewaves of positive nature, use with care, because it could bad with some sort of prosperity. I think its 1 year before a timewave effort is to have good results with a bad action or others bad reaction.

  Time is the measure of events, and actions by any means, as the events happen. The time wave is only applicable when an action is occured in a place. Time events happen, as you achieve a result somewhere else or through your own actions, focusing a synergy effect to yourself, or others. This event links in some way to you, and a power wave passes through the area, near you. The synergy effect dissipates, when it reaches its target. When it dissipates, things change with an eyeblink, or things weren't there that suddenly are. Those with resistant will or the person who set it off won't be effected unless it was to disappear to other areas.

  There are twelve time waves so far:

  1. Event remaking time wave is "thought" that doke remakes the event right before your eyes. Done by setting a pattern of change before the event. Like a statement that means nothing, yet destabilizes a person over time.
  2. Destructive time wave and considered a dysfunctional wave, that makes anything it passes by, not function right. This is set off by the use of a bomb somewhere in the past, or a linked by a device that stops functioning and forces the device linked to it not to work. 
  3. Reconstructive time wave, that will force you, or another, right after you destroy something, to remake it. Say with thinking on the event, "rebuild it" or "fix it", to do this unconsciously, say without thinking on the event, "rebuild it" or "fix it".
  4. Repeating time wave(loop wave), which is set by a loop spell. To be broken by doing anythng, out of the order that you remember of the original event. 
  5. Disturbance time wave, that happens after you do an action that should not have happened and a lost soul or wandering soul becomes poltergiestic. The event reflects on you to cause you disruption until you fix it, the event, in some manner, or make reparations.
  6. Deconstructive time wave, causes an event to occur that makes dissasembly happen to any particular thought or device. Those deconstructive with time waves that happen by someone else making a remark somewhere, or proving sometime in the past or future the device or thought was unaffective.
  7. Dissolvation timewave, you could fix something in the past, it causes a time wave, and your house isn't there suddenly over a few days to a week. You could say that you have this stuff at your house, and cause a house robbery. That is a radical dissolving time wave or extreme focused sine wave done by only a fix in the past. When you try to thwart it, it comes back twice, and if its thwarted three times. It won't repeat itself, thus any destructive time wave, won't affect.  
  8. Shifting time wave, happens by an event, like a wish, oath or an intent to accomplish a deed or action. Sometimes a misplaced item, and things shift before the persons eye as they want.
  9. Relational time wave, causing through the desire to understand someone, who refuses to work with you or hates you, and you somehow switch with the person. Hold the intent to make things happen by imaging the event or feel the event necessary. Then touch something or someone, the event happens through the subject you touched, by a relational or relocational time wave that follows the S-curve of space where energy spacial matter=mass=time=space and E=mc^2 and also E=Temperature of K/4. 
  10. Timeblock wave, which happens to block any event you desire. Focus your life energy, and imagine the event or action. Say, "stop" or think "stop" to stop the action or event. Release the energy as you think it or say it. As with fueling you wait that is energy to relocate as you dislocate by gravity.
  11. The eco or ego wave, when we have taken 8 waves of energy or 8 time waves, so we get ego waves. Considered using Gaia or Earth energy as a focus. As its te best time or dreamless energy generated by these certain things, it creates a warmth or cold or intense warmth or intense cold indicating a healing effect. A soothing spirit and you get self-benefit from it by some sort of idea that you see effecting around you. It feels WARM as you might think it suddenly around you. Now if it were warm, this Gaia energy is of Gaia earth in energy in a form that you can't see sometimes to focus it. The wave is the ego wave as it occurs. It draws intense moments of warmth as you might think because its like little pockets of energy floating around and you might say its restoring you or your restored as you are.

    This also destroy soul sucking or vampiric type beings and effects while removing shadow like beings that are ghostlike. Sometimes a COLD energy can also be gotten by the wave if you use numb or cold negative wave patterns like stopping people nonetheless. And its counted in the moment of eight as it can spread absorbative or destruction in some chaos as cold that is using void as from where its source came from. Thus you can sometimes feel nothing or an intense cold feeling as it depends on what you use. There seems to be a switch of when warm turns to cold as the source of void interacts with it. You can always get effects off from the wave as its just to say what you intend or want and it happens.
  12. Guidance effect wave is a human wave and it seems is persistent and called by thought or perception by release. It mainly consists of a felt wave, of an perceived effect by a effort, and a self-achieved goal as if by self. It ties into the splice spirit work, as one spirit does one thing then the body. And that spirit perceives another body and also an exact same situation. All in an exact similar conception with a difference or consideration. Thus, suspection as the suspection is the detected moment in time and the amount of point. In how movement can indicate what may be concieved it is true. So the process is in consideration as in everything else surround as thus the body feels an association. As understanding it makes it want to do it, if possible. So when they can't do it theres two results, one negative and one positive.

    One negative is in a minute by the spirit of the body, that goes an effects that we are to do and cause as in a wave. Other people can get some problems, as you see or actualate or don't create "ather" actions. As the sophistric spirit spirit perceives it, in an emotional reply and response. Could cause damage otherwise, or as in perception of a flaw somewhere. Then theres the positive. As in a wave, the positive is where the person in spirit will travel to very similar somewhere else to cause the event perceived. The positive in deed, not only is it positive but to work with it. The idea is that this other person, is similar and finds strange thought and conceptual activity in idea. To be guided and achieve to what the spirit couldn't. If you are freakish, sometimes we state something in recognition of an event. An if it doesn't exist we tend to create the condition or not.

    As for example, a person perceives a person perception in idea by a window. It cannot be rolled down due to some tape. Then that person picks up on another similar person with a similar hope, of the self. They do roll down the window. As the window rolls down, the person as the first person doesn't perceive being watched. But, the first person guised as a spirit in ways of action or ways of concept energy is in what will cause either trouble or discomfort and by some activity with felt thought of the second person they goto another. Then around them more, said persons actions may change radically without knowing it. So said person could also be said item, so is the said concept or said co-concept. The so concept of this is that the activity which may seem strange will end up occurring, whereas activity of another sort could happen and they roll down the window without knowing why. Or suspecting that it was done by someone else.

Dimensional coordinate descriptions

World arc degree descriptions

  Arc 0 works for creation to use for root with nothing but imagined worlds representing a circle for mind worlds or dreams. This is the void root and will do any world representation or event you think of. Each void or dream area is considered a pocket dimension, and rootless.

  Arc 1-360 works for radiation treating for various world roots from circle root. Arc 1 for least radical, and arc 360 for most crazylike or radical. They are more crazylike because of the idea, thoughts and people, these people are sometimes monsters. Whereas, the people near arc 1 are conservative. There are no wars at arc 1, at arc 100 and after the area creation were idea or there are minor wars. Arc 360 kills nearly those that draw energy or has allot of wars.

Alternative world tangent arc descriptions

  Tangent 1 for most powerful with magical science based off mental energy as its near the dark matter void, (the circle) source of 0 arc degrees. They use destruction and chaos as their purpose. The people amongst the idea of this are militamt.

  Tangent 90 for having some psi, technology and magical science base. These worlds exist off skirmishes, yet no actual wars. A medium sine wave flows here, this causes the worlds at tangent 90 to use manipulation, duplicity and innuendo rule the worlds or area. The base of these worlds are to gain what you can and passion may empower you.

  Tangent 180 for having all technology and psi ability (mental mastery) with a physical based magic (machinelike) base. This world is bent on peaceful intervention through time. The smallest energy sine wave flows here. There are no wars here, as if a fight broke out, then the assailant would be ignored till they were intolerant or if caught, reprogrammed (brainwashed).

  Tangent 181 for mirror world 1, with all of whatever the traveller or citizen desires. If so desired, there would be no conflict at all as hell grants any desire, yet sometimes a wish or will. This is the beginning of hell and all its sections. If the person thought it, there would be conflict, yet only to serve as a punishment. Consequences rule this world, and the only rules are what the person thinks or desires them to be. If previous rules exist, then they are self evident, written down or explained. These rules exist for visitors and not the owner. The supers are the only ones, not relegated to follow the rules, they make their own rules and live by them.

  Tangent 270, for mirror world 90 and achievements rule this world. Anything that is an achievement, is applied, applauded or not looked at. No credit given, except by the achiever, and there are supporters for anyone that needs or wants them. In these worlds, there is a balance maintained, by the self actions made on behalf to you or yourself. On first appearances, these worlds are exactly the same as if it never changed. Events will tell the difference, as to what you desire to happen to you or the other families near yourself. But, not the others unrelated to you.

  Tangent 360, for mirror world 180. Fate and nothingness, rules these worlds, as whatever is fate will occur, if its desired. Bigotry and disturbance are balanced, self-deprecism are balanced with enlightenment, intuition and understanding(instinctive knowledge and taught by others). Emotion is the guiding force of the two sides. Fate binds every action according to other actions, done with spiritual guidance. Bound by spiritual law whether not the person is aware of it, through a guide of many means.

  The natural form are dragons, weres of many variety and superhumans. The policy makers, rulers, punishers and counsellors, are fates in hidden forms. Muses are the historians (eternal writers and musicians). For which, they; disguise themselves, lie, steal and cheat, to get information. God is the creator under many different names and sexes. The secret police are aurors (mage cops), hidden under many guises. The police are the magistrates or civil servants, called by many names including; police, gaolers, constabulary and detectives. The fates rule the government, yet leave the government ruled as the people wish. I remember walking down the street as I looked on, I saw a muse reading poetry, so surpised I was. I wanting to see more. In the end I went slightly mad as I would irritate people by thinking of the problems.

  Tangent -360, for negative mirror world 1. These are the elemental worlds, ruled by superhumans and elementals. These natural laws guide it: Their law of energy, energy recedes into itself, or gets converted to another form, thus is not wasted. Similiar to the law of energy conservation, energy is never wasted, its converted to some other form. The law of restoration, anything of matter will have relation to other other things, that interact off each other, making a self restorative pattern. The law of compliments, anything complimentary are natural allies, any nice comments are treated well, gaining favortism.

  The law by thought is interactive repair, anything negative or exactly opposite will attract. Set sail seen or thought not by say opposed or unapposed, causing repair by interaction. Similiar to Newtons law of Universal Gravitation: Every two objects attract each other in the universe. The law of opposition, if opposition exists, then there will be growth when separate. If forced together, will meet yet never meet, and yet will be destructive. The goals for these worlds, are to gain something, like potential.

  Tangent -270, for negative mirror world 90. Lost world, or antithesis world. For these worlds, to endorse any illegalities, will make you a legend. To endorse law, will get you hunted or killed. Use your own justice (vigilante justice), to ensure peaceful relation. Everyone in these worlds, has similar idea, and are free to express them. To cross someone gets death, as this place is ruled by gangsters and assassins. If caught plagarizing, is considered a death sentence. Magic is condered tolerable, yet if caught, overdoing it to somebody, means you crossed them. So many idea are confusing, published or otherwise. So look carefully, so you don't get burned.

  Tangent -181, for negative mirror world 180. Purgery rules the worlds, and fate is made by the person. Fakery is abundant, but the elite are hackers and warez pirates. Drug users are tolerated, but police units are frequent. The guardians protect the criminals and will kill or use those who exceed expections, as a natual force of crime. These guardians are unkillable, and tend to take the form of the person nearest the targets. Debauchery rules over the relations, wanton need rules the businesses, and if you don't serve a purpose, you could be destroyed. By your own actions or by other people who dislike you, except if you have allies to support you. People in these world, are very proactive, laid back, relaxed, and yet ready for anything. Corrupt government rules the laws and civilization. Everyone is corrupt to some point, but won't tolerate idiots.

  Tangent -180 for negative world 1, with all magical science based off mental energy, with non destructive prospects, and peaceful intent. It has a moderate psi base (telekinesis, telekinetics) along with the magical. Its goal is prevention and this world is the tip of the arc tangent.

  Tangent -90, for negative world 90, these worlds have a strong technology, magical, psi and mild spiritualistic base. This world uses anarchy, uprising and control to manipulate their world. Theres outright war, if the person or nation thinks they can get away with it. At first, it seems all calm and peaceful, but underhanded tactics are the only winning tactics. There are pirates of many sorts here, as thieves rule the world unseen through organisations. There are shamans, wizardkind, technologists and a combination of them, all seeking power in there own way.

  Tangent -1, for negative world 180, with all non-magical science and alternative idea thats based on psi, but can cause abberations. This world uses spiritual pursuits as the alternative idea focus. Shamans are the magisters and spiritual guidance for the world. This world is bent on control via any means necessary. Security is a focus for this control.

Alternative variations chart

  This is an alternative variation chart with these values being proximate glances. The easy way around these worlds, is simple, think of the world properties you would like, to see in your world. Then imagine yourself stepping through a gate in your mind, as you step through a physical door. With the intent to shift to that world. As, when you go there, then things might seem different and you will notice other things that change. Other than that, with the aspects you thought of when shifting, there will be other aspects that will line up for you, and go along with the properties you want, to see. To make sure they are what they seem, as some of the listed properties most likely won't be what they are listed as, please email me at trashmail_2@yahoo.com with updates.

   Due note: The shift won't happen easily, unless you really want it to.

  Var 0 for the root alternative, this doesnt even have to be stated.

  Var A-Z are active alternative variation worlds 1-26. Found many different is means of a single subject within them. They are primaterial plane worlds. Use the phrases to identify with.

  1. A for being a dimension noted, seen for things unusual you see what you use for things are used. They see or not so you are that seen nothing matters as you are not active to effect things unwanted by the age seeable in action. See to actively create by use with theory with use of surprise this year sight from idea free from rejection. See or not is so no this use is enactment sighted a long time ago, seen is negative you drive the negative to do area violent unless friends as you think to use or feel not violent this is the one or many that use is creative.
  2. B is a dimension noted for being not back in the area fold i good as back, focus is creative or no bitching to see base or creative use nor no pestillence including wasps so not being forced into things as thought is boys.
  3. C is nothing biden nothing there dimension shadowen noted for charge so you see may increment skill by water or focus each active minute, see to non buildup or see as you want thought you are you see by the sea is ash. See the cold feel the idea so you copy, centurion or thought yes is c or allowable one hundred. See "a an me" is what you see yet translates loosely to for fear nothing to seem or rio.
  4. D is a dimension noted for fate by death, see or focus obliged moments not bound if lucky to pay). See your not condemned to pay as you see this is some use, now if nothing this sentenced moment to deduct or down water will cause five hundred pounds as necessary. Stop doing things to create by direction, so to be out of date with things would seem use or not see use for deuterium. So there is no dying until you think you want to, as you seem or use this think destroying is not unless necessary.
  5. E is a dimension for being from areas by exceptions, out of idea or create with feel for action is cool. See to be out, outward by seeing or being things out in the open by feel or with creativity. Beware the area sun spikes are focus activity so intensified moments are possible to use or somehow overwhelm by feel. See to use this out near the sun energy or being open.
  6. F can be a dimension for family, effect, sons, daughters, time, the idea if things are there, to fuck.
  7. G is a dimension for great (big, grand), got things, saying gee, getting idea and things, giving, gotten, to go do idea, grand, money, good, girls.
  8. H is a dimension for emotion, sight, hotness, heat, enrichment, hydrogen, hours, energy.
  9. I is a dimension reknown for movement, the(that), including, eyes, one. going, walking, marching, advancing, passing, flowing, riding, sailing, iodine, the urge, interest, interacting, inspiring, to do idea, activity, self-thought, in things.
  10. J is a dimension for just idea, moments, justifying, reason, going, marching, advancement, passing, flowing, riding, sailing, jail, jay birds.
  11. K is a dimension for cutting, the kill, hewing, chopping, striking, smiting, murder, slaughter, killing (success, suceed), sodomizing, potassium.
  12. L may be a dimension for last thought or action, length, hell, location, ladies, long idea or action, line, fifty.
  13. M is a dimension for the month, metric (math, scale), mine idea, one with bad luck, my, I, myself, me, man, one thousand.
  14. N is a dimension for denial, not, no, nah, number, country, nitrogen, and, in, to.
  15. O is a dimension for the past, order, or idea, other things, differences of, oh!, let live, on actions.
  16. P is a place for pre (before), nation, country, people, applied power, peas, pee, phosphorus, force.
  17. Q is a dimension for silent idea or action, queu (event line up), silence, quiet, 5th placed things, quickness, questions, fractions.
  18. R is the dimension for what is in movement, a move forward, lesser values, wrong, falseness, lies, red, ruddyness, removed moments, your idea, a move backward, the mirror world, and also known as the reverse world.
  19. S is a place for immobius (immobile, stillness), many, sex, slow idea and action, sulfur, sulphur, wait, weight.
  20. T is a dimension for vision, personal idea, he, she, it, tardyness, titus, classic, try, thing, tee (ground stake, stand), tea, there, that way, this idea, those actions, of time, ten, tough moments,
  21. U is a dimension for you, opposition, but, uranium, understaing, bending.
  22. V is a dimension for a view, very, five, vanadium, glue, paste things.
  23. W is a dimension for significant action, coats, wax, protection, layering, memory.
  24. X is an area for extra things, cutting, being extra strong; extreme idea and action, more moments, generated events, exactness, cut out things, ten, females.
  25. Y is a being dimension for cause, after affects, wild idea or action, latching, yttrium(time element), more efficient moments, allright things, why, male force.
  26. Z is meant as a zone area that does transfering, uses teens, known for areas, zero, the idea and action, teenagers, power (energy buildup).

  The alternative variations 27(Aa) - 767(Zz). Use the A-Z as the last letter like Aa is A[a] for more information on the possible details, and don't forget to get the amps for the world.

  Var Aa-Az are Mastery worlds 27-52, based on mastery of idea like zen or mathematics.

  Var Ba-Bz are soul worlds 53-78, that arent meant for physical visitation. If you appear, then you appear in a soul form of thought projection. Your body will still be in the physical world, yet your soul will be in the spiritual. These worlds have shared universal concious.

  Var Ca-Cz are proactive worlds 79-104, consistent with health, consideration and trials.

  Var Da-Dz are daytime worlds 105-130, with no nighttime activity except for vampires and other night creatures. These creatures rule the night and the normal people rule the day, and they terroize the living. In this world, events happen fast, like in dartlike moments.

  Var Ea-Ez are selective worlds 131-156, that thrive off creations of many possible inventions.

  Var Fa-Fz are worlds 157-182, based off structure and commands. The more structure the better for them. Possible structures to know, are: military, law enforcement, gangs and groups.

  Var Ga-Gz are worlds 183-208, based off creative moments that outlast people, fame, or desires.

  Var Ha-Hz are worlds 209-234, based off thoughts and depictions, Any thought that comes to mind, may be acted upon.

  Var Ia-Iz are worlds 235-260, based on release and relief. Vacations and copouts are common here.

  Var Ja-Jz are worlds 261-286, based on negative view, music and opinions. The biased views in these worlds are ruled by negative thinkers. The listeners are the optimists in these worlds. The jaundiced views are sometimes used in music.

  Var Ka-Kz are worlds 287-312, based off human resources, energy force, life and crazy people.

  Var La-Lz are worlds 313-338, based off law, trials, punishments, civil order and giving natures. These worlds are to be avoided for any criminal inclined person. The punishment, usually is reprogramming, stasis, payment or death.

  Var Ma-Mz are worlds 339-364, based on selfishness, renewal, repairs and protection. People of mothering nature exist in these worlds. For people who hate overprotectiveness, don't come here.

  Var Na-Nz are worlds 365-390, based off appearances and reactions. Always be appearing as what you want people to see you as. For people will sometimes prejudge you. Dungeon and dragon rules work well here. For people who dislike falsity and lies. avoid these worlds.

  Var Oa-Oz are worlds 391-416, based off dangers and past actions. These worlds are for thrill seekers and death seekers. People who are sane stay away, for within 10 minutes the idea will make you think crazylike.

  Var Pa-Pz are worlds 417-442, based on patriarchy, contracts, deals, restrictions and fatherly behavior. For people who like ambition and discipline, come to these worlds. For those that are free thinkers, stay away.

  Var Qa-Qz are worlds 443-468, based off information and arguments. For people that love to learn, come to these worlds. For those who hate debate or be looking for an easy time, avoid them.

  Var Ra-Rz are worlds, based off priestly types, clergy and induced healing. These worlds are for zealots, shrinks, unstable people, priests, priestesses and religious fanatics. These worlds represent counselling and religions. If you have a provable faith, then you are a citizen. To be a zealot or religious fanatic, your a model citizen. Stay away for people that dislike religion.

  Var Sa-Sz are worlds 469-494, based off workmen, heat and workgangs. The mafia rule these worlds, with the government seconding them. If you don't want to be killed, avoid these worlds.

  Var Tu-Tz are worlds 495-520, based off tasks, jobs and give or take. If you you don't like working, avoid these worlds. Some have strict rules, against those people that don't like to work.

  Var Ua-Uz are worlds 521-546, representing ships, employment, piers and mainland. These worlds have a shipping and trade related economy. For those that love ships and trade, visit these worlds. For those that love communism, stay away.

  Var Va-Vz are worlds 547-572, based on quality and animal control. Quality assurance is a guarantee, but you get a strict punishment for bad quality. For those without good behavior, stay away as you will be.banned from places.

  Var Wa-Wz are worlds 573-598, representing conniving, brats, worryworts and dupes. If your an idealist, you will love these worlds. If you hate being tricked, don't come here.

  Var Xa-Xz are worlds 599-624, based off banks, heroes, heroines and fairness. If you hate pompous asses or cannot get along with banks, don't come here. If you love adventures, these are the places.

  Var Ya-Yz are worlds 625-650, that represent agreements, knowledge, medicine and disagreements. If you have no love for doctors, don't come here. For love of learning and medicines, feel free to visit.

  Var Za-Zz are worlds 651-676, are with indication of high powered weapons, technology and philosophy. There are thought that beings are people to tell or use their philosophy, see for idea if your a willing listener or not to not conclude. To dislike philosophy, will drive you away. To love high tech and not mind philosophy, you will suit these places as we've been there.

Dimensional aspects

  There are also aspects, that we may goto. These are the dimensions, whom seem very alike, in nature, and share some effects, that make up the aspects, of the dimensional arcs and variations. There are millions, of them. And each aspect, has the difference, of the actions, that are done, albeit they may seem similar. They really aren't, if you think about it. The aspects of a shared dimension and other idea, are generated, by the activity. So, each aspect uses activity, to do things. And where they are similar is in the idea and then some actions, that are the same, in other dimensions. Where they are different is in the moments, of different outcomes.

Dimensions in life

Dimensional twirl shift

  With this is the area to create a vortex that dimensionally is what chaos is from to set up or off by gate, as you do things with chaos the area wit thought as a "en" is with focus that can deteriorate as the width is adjusted. this is to change the idea you feel to create by feel with concept to use dimensional listening posts, this is enerrgy to use as thought is energy to create by feel or concept. As you complete a dance of death as you twirl to your death by fate, with a dance to create or feel idea the vortex stops by thought. The energy is thought created death just go with chaos gating or life by wood use, that was to cause a gate as yes that turned into a chaos gate.

  This is the idea you see that is to remain in a stance or trance till done, so the area you think to seem is where the body materialized as you dance or think vortex or air energy to create idea as you focus energy to shift with life or aura energy. As you focus, consider to create what you want, that is creative use to note in the thought to sift or shift by things that is concept created by creating with a sigil or thought. That is a point by concept in idea to get or create as done is energy, as you trace a pen or thought to create.

  This "&br>" is a right of way mark as a line or area effect is completely used, done by the glyph or line drawing you consider in idea. As energy is there you can create as you think if your an anchor energy to use with guidance to the area that creates what is thought. This is energy to use, that is concept to not seem if you want to use or stay in the area. As this is an idea as were in or area in resonative responsive area, the thought is create by use or make in idea energy usage.

  As you never give on that are concept to those that are concept that you do this to you can create, interesting changes with a hope or concept thought to regarding an area you see if you can live or with an area. As there is a point between right there or here that you figure out is the best place. this is can if you act right seem a cool party trick if you used core compression magic with it. The focus is think the energy coming in from the core to surface as invisible fire to create, what is to come by manifest of the thing you want in sight or materializing an idea. If this doesn't work or some thought doesn't complete there by incomplete idea, or there are other concepts not always nearby created as if by the creator.

Dimensional shift

  This is to use energy to create area feel that seems good but isn't, if the area changes to feel or the thought is restore that the created area is by subconsciousness. This is the creator idea intended to create or not create by a little intensity focus. That is energy use to feel creative with life or living area to repair or fix as you consider by watching or use is your own means. Think of something for fun to do or this could get boring so use is thought, focus to see or move as feel the area as your body finds the area wit product you think suits the purpose. As you clean up you can use theory to create life to see by watching, the movie or the anime that you see or feel to use gnosis with your third eye. As focus is manifest this is creative by imagined use, to create idea or don't create idea as you don't fool a thing to use were you in use by the locals. As thought is watching for fun or think not watching as you turn away to seem returned. Don't seem there to be time in an again as you turn away you don't have to as you've been there anyway. You can treat a star this way, as well to use or create by feel.

Dimensional mechanics

The symbols for the formulas, are as follows
  1. To determine the amount of energy flow of a dimensional world, use the sinx formula of sin(x)^2 = A. The arc degree+tangent, is x. Say you wanted to know, what the arc 120, tangent 91a dimensional power rating was. Ignore the a in 91 and apply in the formula, as [sin(120+91)]^2 = sin(211) = 0.241^2 = 2.41 deciamps. For arc 360, tangent -91Eg. The dimensional power flow is [sin(360-91)]^2 = sin(269)^2 = 8.54 deciiamps.
  2.   Time waves are amplified energy sine waves for sina(A) = sin(A)^3. The units are sA for a timewave(time amp in radians). As in [sin(180)]^3 = -5.14 dsA. To accurately get the time waves, take two metal ends of the volt meter, and if theres any upcoming event brought by time wave, there will be a spark between the metal when you focus on the metal by bringing them together. If the metal continues to spark, something very bad or very good will happen, due to excess energy. Measure the electrical charge using a volt meter on .001 volt setting. For 0.009 equals to 9, or sin(9) = 0.07 = 7 csA. For a clearly strong signal, 0.055 equals to 55, [sin(55)]^3 = -1 sA. The negative results are a negative event, per magnitude of each point. Same for positive numbers, making positive results. Numbers close to 0 or no result, are a no result event, including beyond the decimal, like .05 sA or 5 csA.
  3.   To determine the amount of energy, or magic, in the area of electricity and the contained area energy, measure the heat or look at thermometer. Convert the temperature to K(Kelvin), or use the temperature conversion chart, in the charts section. Then use the cost formula, of E% = cost(x) = K/4 = %; Take the decimal as percent and drop the first part. Treat the end result, as percentage of energy rounded up, in degrees. Say the temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, 86-32=54/1.8=30+273=303. Cost(303) = 75%. This energy can be used by focusing the energy through ritual, spells and crystal, to run devices(barely), with or without a focus device. To determine the charge amount, take the energy percentage and apply it to P = VxI = W. V = energy %, I = the Rb percentage converted to decimal, like the energy was 75.8% it is 75/3 = 25% = .25. Then apply the power formula, P = 75x.25 = 18.8 W. If theres not enough power, then there will be no working applications.

      Now there is a second part to this, a wild form of energy called z energy from the Z energy field and it accounts for the free area energy count with wild abundance, sometimes cast by sun and heated machines and sometimes seen, as red tachyon dots. This, wild energy, is the least likely to cause trouble with decay and is with a possible free electron count. The cosz(x) idea is z=cos(K*180/3.1416)^2*P. So cosz(x) = cos(((80-32)/1.8+273)*180/3.1416)^2*32.2 = 3,220 %. If under 100(.999) then its times 100 to convert decimal to percent.

      The E is exchangeable with Z as Z is useful in a vacuum or room and E is usable in a aired area, but E is easier to measure. Proofs are 4E=>2Rb*e, E=3Rb, Z=3Rb(only if the Z is used to create Rb). If you don't want to convert the Z% yourself, then goto the Z% chart in the charts section.
  4.   The chaos energy as percent, this is decaying essence known as chaos energy in the air, representing the point is background radiation or radioactive decay = Rb = cost(x)/3 = Rb % = chaos energy or background radiation with Rb = cosz(x)/3 = Rb %. Apply, that's seen as cost(400.04)/3 = 0%. To explain this, take the cost or cosz of Kelvin, then times by 0.333 as it making E/3 or Z/3. So to beget the result of 0 % chaotic energy for 126.89 degrees Celcius with cost or 125.6 degrees Celcius with cosz. This is for the determination of percent chance of failure. The more chaos in the air, the more failure and amount of decay. Per each spell or activity, decay can happen to an area with release of enough decaying essence from the body cells, this % can depict this and this is an inexact measurement, for radiactive decay. 30% or more means rapid decay. So to get the exact chances or 1 outta 4 events, think to try converting Rb% to decimal and dividing 1 into the decimal. Example: 25% Rb = .25 = 1/.25 = 1 from 4 events will go wrong as a concept unless care is taken. This means you create with idea and any action can fail of 1 out of 4 chances exist. The idea is a point, so think and you know what you can do.
  5.   Chaos activity; Sometimes chaos is where Kaoe = energy = mass of body (in kg) times seconds or amount of thoughts that go on with any activity. Making actions possible or moments per second possible. This is done by imagining a cup or having a cup, that creates what you want through use of the smart air in the cup. That is breathable particles, this creates what you wish by general influence. Think and this uses general relativity to create by feel or use of the senses. An example of this is focusing your thought of creating peace, this is done for 3 seconds and the need seems settled. That is where my body weight in kg or 71.03 x 3 seconds = 213.09 moments per seconds.

      What rules this chaos is specific chaos math, where each action you do has three known results by you and three knowable results by others, then there's three unknown results. This is where there's seen reactions to the results and your activity, that's with idea from what you do. Also the three unknown reactions are with the three knowable reactions.

      That comes from the three results, this serves to make notice to your activity. Thought or thinking improves the percent chance of things happening. This = percent chance is gotten from moments per second / mass in lbs = percent added to thought seconds as additional per cent. That's if you want the result you think to have.

      So an example of this is 213.09 moments per seconds / 156.6 lbs = 1.3659 (take the percent from the decimal rounded up to two points.) = 37% chance + 5 more seconds of thinking = 42% chance of improved chances.

      This follows the rule of general thought in relativity; general relativity put to use is using thought at the speed of light. Otherwise E=mc^2=m/s works to get what you want at light speed.
  6.   So to tell your inner strength you should know a few things first off. Your inner strength is the chi, ka. han or karma. It matches the outside energies, for what's within the body, or mind, is matched outside, by the energy in strength. So what you see, and feel within, is what the outside energy matches. Since thats out of the way, we get to how to check on it. Where, your inner strength is the only thing that powers your aura, and is part of your aura. The strength of your aura is how strong your aura is felt. Some auras are very strong denoting strong people, some are weak denoting a weak person, and some are hidden denoting a hidden or unrealized potential.

      To measure your inner strength is a time of a life measure, where you can attempt to use this formula. Ij = E/xs = J, where E = energy %, xs = exercise time. Exercise as long as you can and as fast as you can, before quitting for a break. Then note the temperature, and do a cost(x) on the converted to Kelvin, temperature from celcius. Say your room temperature that you exercised in, was 80 degrees Celcius and your xs was 360 s. 80+273.15 = 353.15, cost(353.15) = 88.3%, Ij = 88.3/360 = 240 mA. Your body would have 240 J inner strength. Just for the fun of it, your xs = 324 s, E = 82.4%, Ij = 82.4/324 = 250 J inner strength.
  7.   To determine the very accurate time flow in the area, count using a verbal count, the time between events and actions. Count between any three actions, use f=(E*((t1+t2+t3)/3))^3=s/a. Event flow = f, energy % decimal = E and time(s) = t. To show an example, say energy level is 9%=..09, t1 = 4, t2 = 5, t3 = 4, plug the values in as f = (.09 * ((4+5+4)/3)^3) =( .09 * (14/3))^3 = (.09 * 4.66)^3 = 0.419^3 = 0.074 s/a at 9% heat level.
  8.   To get the less accurate speed of time flow of somebody or area as f2, you need the time, of how long it takes between at least 2 actions. Divide the total by how many recorded action times. Use f(2)=(t1+t2)/2=s/a, like a count of 2 and 1 with (1+1)/2 = 2/2 = 1 s/a. You watched a swordsman, he kept changing his moves every 4 to 2 seconds. The count was 3, 2 and 4, this applies as 3+2+4 = 9/3 = 3 s/a. This applied time flow can help win a fight. You may use f2 for f, if you feel its necessary.
  9. How much energy used per action, can be calculated by the inner strength, and the time to do the action. Is=J/((t1+t2)/2)=J/s is the formula, I=49 J, t1=3s, t2=2s, then apply, Is = 49/(5/2) = 49/2.5 = 19.6 J/s. Another example, I=100 J, t1=3s, t2=5s, then apply, Is = 100/(5/2) = 100/2.5 = 4 J/s. When the J/s = J, then the body will feel tired. If J/s > J = the body will need rest. As J/s = twice the J, then the body will die, for the body can support only so much energy.
  10.   To shrink something, or enlarge something. Use the, I = cosa(x) = cos(A)^3 = mA for shrink(A) or enlarge(-A) effect. A shrinkwrap machine, will shrink the material by means of heat appliance. This is at a measurable amperage, or heat amperage. Represented by ampheres, or A. To use this, you need a power settable laser with a black diamond, or black opal. Without a flaw, its able to be used. The power settings must be in amps. To solve, take energy % decimal or amp amt, then apply. E = .38, I = cosa(.38) = 0.801 = 801 mA. A= 10, cosa(10) = - 592 mA. To convert to power, P = VxI = W, V = energy %, I = A. Like V = 38%, I = 801 mA = .801 A, solved as P = 38 x .801 = 30.4 W. Using 30.4 watts, to make any item shrink.
  11.   Time energy is the amount of energy, needed to travel backward, in time. Let sE = time energy = m/s, m = kg, c = 3x10^8 or speed of light, C = 9.0x10^8 = 9 hM(hecto mega), sE = mC = time flow = f/s. For sE, m = 86 kg, sE = 86 kg * C = 7.65 daGg/s(dekagigagram/second). This energy is built, up from rapid kinetic motion or movement.
  12.   The dimensional area = D = pi^3 = 31, represents the power amperage to an area that is by what you see is from radio or radiation effect, in an area that each item has that is estate by thought or nothing but limbo. This energy needs to be accessed by the items usage or nothing will happen. The human body has bioenergy, that is refueled by sleep, drink and food. Excercise and other activity, will reduce the body energy amount, by each action. For objects, some have bioenergy and some have electrical energy. This amount of energy, is small compared to live electricity, some products have a lot more than seems noticeable and this energy can be tapped by the body. Where energy and bioenergy is concerned bioenergy is unnoticeable, electricity is felt, and very noticeable unless contained. Excepting the battery, which be sometimes noticed but its mostly unfelt.

      To measure the energy possible of objects, is called dimentrics.
    The dimentric (area current) circle = dIc = Dr^2 = Amps.
    A dimentric rectangle current = dIr = (w(width) x h(height))^2 = Amps.
    The dimentric right cylinder = dIrc = 2Drh = Amps.
    For cone and pyramid dimentric current = dIcp = (1/2*B*slant)^2 = Amps.
    Dimentric prism and 3d rectangle = dIpr = (right section perimeter*H)^2 = Amps.
    A dimentric airflow, waterflow or otherflows = dIf = sD*E% = Amps.
    For how much power (watts), in each device is dimentric power = dP = V or E(%)*A = W.

    The solutions for these problems are:
    For dimentric of watch battery = dIc = r^2 = .25 in, dIc = 31 * .25 = 7.75A * 1.5V = 11.625 W. The watch battery will last, only so long till, the stored energy disappears.
    For the dimentric of AA battery, r = .25 in, h = 2 in, dIrc = 2 * 31 * .25*2 = 31A * 1.5 = 46.5 W.
    For the dimentric of a AAA battery, r = .23 in, h = 1.2 in, dIrc = 2 * 31 * .23 * 1.2 = 17 A * 1.5 = 25.5 W.
    For dimentric of soda can, r = 1.5 in, h = 4.5 in, dIrc = 2 * 31 * 1.5 * 4.5 = 697.5A * 74.2% = 51,754.5 W.
    For dimentric of waterflow, t = 2s, E = .27, 2*.27 = .54A * 27V = 14.58W.
  13.   Time speed is how fast, a moving object must go, to go backward in time. A small time shift will occur, at the speed of which is depicted, and the objects will seem to slow down around the object. Go fast enough, and the objects surrounding it, will stop and go backward. This object can be a person, or item. To discover the time speed, use m = mass = kg, and ts = m/f^2 = m/s for mass per second. For time speed, this example uses, m = 94 kg, f = .27*((1.5+2+3)/3)^3 = 2.75 s/a, ts = 94/2.75^2 = 12.43 m/s. When the temperature is, a particular temperature.
  14.   To determine the location you are in, Arc = sind(x) = D*sin((t_n+1/n+1)^2 = arc radians, for D=31 times sin(time of action with subset index(n)+1 by Mr.Green)^2 = arc degree in radians. To solve, allow sind as D*sin(4+3+1/3)^3, for sind(8/3) = 31*sin(8/3)^3 = arc 31. For Tangent, use cosd(x)=D * cos((t1+t2+t3)/3)^3=tangent radians, where cosd = D*cos(time of action 1 + time of action 2 + time of action 3 divided by 3)^3. Let cosd = D*cos(4+2+1/3)^2, for cosd(7/3) = 31 * tan(7/3)^3 = tangent 209. So, a general rule, use two different sets, of timed events, and you get a more accurate account. As in this example, the persons in arc 31 tangent 209.
  15.   So to create or feel a general rule, use two different sets by difference of timed oscillating area air flow events, and you get a more accurate account. Determination of how long a spell lasts or an energy effect is there, use an energy durability check = Ed = cos(E(%)-Rb(%)*180/pi)^2 = the cosine of cosmic energy, minus chaotic energy, radian converted and squared = s (second). Solving for E = 13.7%, Rb = 6.9%, Ed = Cos(13.7-6.9*180/pi)^2 = .004 s = 4 ms (milliseconds). Let E = 93.2%, Rb = 31%, Ed = cos(93.2 - 31)^2 = .363 s = 363 ms.
  16.   Determining the amount of time, energy will be effecive, per effect in a radioactive way. Energy bridging, effectively extends the effect, to a greater extent. By coupling the energy, through a focusing crystal or other focusing device, to link with negative energy, extending the spell, to a different degree. The length is calculated, by the Eb = energy bridge or power extension = cos(E(%)+Rb(%)*180/pi)^2 = s. E=26%, Rb=8.5, f=1.43 s/a, m=96 kg, Eb = cos(.091+.028*180/pi)^2 = 968 milliseconds per extension.
  17.   Superstring frequency is the mA measured by, Ss=E(decimal)*Rb(decimal)*t(time between events) = mA = super string powerflow, Ss = .26*.09*1.43 = .43 = 430mA. Related to this, is the superstring energy. The superstring g energy, denotes the speed of travel, by the amount of mass, that goes at the speed of thought, and is an energy amount, derived from the mass, that moves within, at the speed of mass per second. The variables, SsE=superstring energy, E=energy percent, Rb=chaotic energy, m=kg or lbs mass, c=light speed=3.0 daM=3.0*10^8, c^2=18P(peta)=1.8*10^16, solve for E=26%, Rb=9%, m=85 kg, and SsE = E(%)*Rb(%)*mc^2 = m/s, SsE = 26*9*85 kg*9.0*10^16 = 1.79*10^17 m/s = 179 Pm/s(petamass per seconds).
  18.   To find the human energy, solve for m=mass of kg, f=time flow, c^2=1.8*10^16, He = 1/3mfc^2 = human energy = V; He = .333*84*9.2*9.0*10^16 = 2.392*10^19 V = 23.92 EV. For human energy used per action, hEu = He/Ij*Rb = V/s, for f=9.2 a/s, m=84, Ij=484, Rb=3.33, and to solve as 2.392*10^19/484*3.33 = 1.437*10^16 V/s.
  19.   To measure the success chance in %, use this formula, of Sur=E(%)-Rb(%)=% success. Such as, E=71% Rb=23.7%, Sur=71-23.7=47.3% chance of success. This measures the chance of success for attempts, that you do.
  20.   To test for error and success rates, e = error = (f/3)*f = error %, e = 1.43/3*1.43 = 1% error rate. Success testing is ne = f/(f/3) = success %, ne = 1.43/(1.43/3) = 3% success rate.
  21.   To test for failure count, Fa=1/Rb=%; Measured as 1 failure in every % as Rb=23.6; 1/23.6=.042 * 100 for percent conversion = 4.2% or 1 in every 4.2 times. A possible use is in horse racing like the number of races won by horse x Fa.
  22.   The human force amount, is to use more force, than your body has, meaning push amount. To find it, solve for Fh = force = Ij(J)+m(kg or lbs) = N (Newton), Ij=494J, m=84 kg, Fh = 494+84 = 578 N.
  23.   Push force(like magnet) = Fo (object force)= fms = flow of time * mass * time = N. f=time flow=9.2a/s, m=74, s=3, Fo = 9.2*.908*3 = 25.061 N.
  24.   Pull of object (gravity) = Po = G = f/E(%)tm = flow of time / Energy % * time * mass = N, f=9.2, E=10%, t=4. To solve, Po = 9.2/10*4*.908 = 3.341 N. For the suns gravity, f = 1.22 ds/a, E% of sun = 35.6%, Suns supposed Diameter = 1.06x10^10 in^3, t = 1 sec. Po(sun) = 1.22/35.6*1*1.06x10^10 = 3.66x10^7 N.
  25.   Pull or lift of human = Ph = Ij(J)/m = Inner strength/mass = m/s, for Ij=541, m=34 kg, solve for lift with. Ph = 541/34 = 15.912 m/s.
  26.   Timeflow energy = sEf = mCf = m/s; t=92 kg, C=2.7*10^18 m/s, f=38.57 s/a;
    sEf = 92*C*38.57 = 9.581*10^28 m/s. Makes out how much timeflow, energy exists per activity.
  27.   Consumation = Cm = (E(%)m(of object)*s(seconds per action as of a count)/Fh = Energy percent * mass * time / Force of human ~ (E(%)m(of object)*s)/Fo = Energy percent * mass * time / Force of object = %/s consumed or consumption; For the Suns consumation of energy, Fo=3.66x10^7 m/s, E=35.6%, m=1.06x10^10 in^3, s=1 sec, Cm(sun) = (35.6*1.06x10^10*1)/3.66x10^7 = 1.031*10^4%/s consumed. For Cm(human) is Fh=589 m/s, E=10.7%, m=92 kg, s=10 sec. solved as Cm = (16.7*92*10)/586 = 26.9%/10s consumption.
  28.   Csf = consumation timeflow = (E(%)m(of human))/(f*Rb) = s/meal; E=10.7%, m = 92 kg, f=6.059 s/a, Rb=3.6%, for Csf = (10.7*92)/(6.059*3.6) = 45.13 s/meal for 92 kg human.
  29.   Sab = t(seconds per active eating or count(1001+))/E(%) = % saturation or absorption point; >=1.00% no absorbtion; >1.0 = percent fat gained; <infinity (1.64) equals 1.64 ounces fat, t=92, E%=4.1, Sab = 92/4.1 = 22.44% ounces fat; t=3.5s, E=3.35%, Sab = 3.5/3.35 = 104% absorption.
  30.   Mass reduction = Mrd = t*E(%)/Fh~t*E(%)/Fo = % reduced fat or mass; t=30 seconds, E=10.7%, Fh=583 m/s, solve for Mrd = 30*10.7/583 = 55.1 % reduction. This measures he amount of mass reduced per activity, of object or person.
  31.   Timeslipping is for Subspace or in-between dimension. Timeslip = Ts = (Rb(%)/f)^3 = s; Rb=3.6 s/a, f=6 s/a, Ts = (3.6/6)^3 = 21.6 s. how much time passes by, between dimensions or to spacial area as in subspace.
  32.   Sl = sq.rt(pi) * Log(c)t / Z = sublight travel of km/s; sq.rt(pi)=1.7724, Log(c)=8.4771, t=time=207 sec, Z=.33, Sl=1.7724*8.4721 *301/33=137 km/s. What this measures is the sublight speeds that a person or ship travels.
  33.   Flowrepulsion = Fr = E(%)*Rb(%)/f = f/s = lift amount by repulsion or push away distance in feet/second. E=93.2%, Rb=31%, f=3.21 s/a, Fr = 93.2*31/3.21 = 900.06 f/s.
  34.   Force per thought = Fp = FhE(%)-Rb(%) = m/s, Fh=533 m/s, E=36.8%, Rb=12.3%, Fp = 533*38.6-12.3 = 1,960 m/s. This measures how much force a thought can carry.
  35.   Sr = time rebound = mcf = m/s = movement per second, that is required, before events turn back. Intent of this, is to show you can go forward in time event, yet still go backward in event. To solve, f=2.3 s/a, c=3.0*10^8, m=91 kg, Sr = 91*3.0x10^8*2.3 = 62.79*10^9 m/s.
  36.   Sf = time fractal = mcf*Rb(%) = m/s = energy amount before the events crash on a person. To solve, m=91 kg, c=3.0x10^8, f=2.3 s/a, Rb=19%; To solve 91*c*2.3*19 = 1.193x10^12 m/s.
  37.   Tw = time wall = fc/Rb = time flow * light speed / radioactive decay = s/a = reflected events at an area or person in energy amount. Solving f=2.3 s/a, c=3.0x10^8, Rb=19%; Tw = 2.3*c/19 = 3.632x10^7 m/s.
  38.   Stw = stonewall or cancellation wall = G*Rb(%)f = s/a cancellation = seconds per action of cancellation. Solving for G=0.0005671 N, Rb=15.1%, 2.4 s/a, Stw = G*15.1*2.4 = 21 ms/a cancelled. You can use this to measure the cancellation of someones swing or a blow to the head blocked, for this measures the seconds per action, of any act blocked.
  39.   Stb = breakage or breaking wall = g*Rb(%)/f = s/a of breakage = seconds per action of breakage. Solve for g=9.807, Rb=15.1%, f = 2.4 s/a, Stb = 9.807*15.1/2.4 = 61.7 s of breakage. Proves the fact, of breakage can quickly happen.
  40.   Human horsepower = hHP = Ij*s = HP = how much horsepower a human has. Ij=452 J, s=36000 s, hHP = 452*36000 = 16.27x10^6 HP = 16.27 MHP (mega horsepower).
  41.   Energy replenishment = regen rate = Ere = E(%)-Rb(%)*Log(f) = % energy replenished or regeneration %, E=37.9, Rb=12.6; 37.9-12.6 = 25.1%
  42.   Natural velocity = v = d+t/Rb(percent) = distance(meters) * t(1001+ count or seconds) / Rb(%) = kph. To solve, Rb=7.9 %, d=1.22 m, t=3.7 s, 1.22*3.7/7.9 = .57 kph. To convert, times kph by .621 and get mph, .57*.621 = .35 mph.
  43.   Lift force = lF = E(%)/v(kph/mph) = N = Neutons. E=57.2%, v=20 mph, lF = 57.2/20 = 2.86 N. Measures how much lift force, by hovercar and other devices, that lift of own validity. The lower the lift force, the more the speed of the hovercraft or hover vehicle, making it a sustaining force.
  44.   Human energy convergence point = hEcp = Rb(decimal)*m*Ij = K(Kelvin) = internal combustion point or human combustion point where the person turns to ash. Solve for Rb=.19, m=91 kg, Ij=533 J, Hecp = .19*91*533 = 9,216 K for human combustion.
  45.   Lifespan or weight gain = Ls = Ij/# years = % expectancy/# yr or % lbs/yr in # yr; t=age of growth stop; Ij=531, t=100; ls = 531/100 = 5.72 %/100 yr; ls = 5.72 lbs/yr in 100 yr. The exceptions are death of body at 12% and loss of spirit at 3% unless undeath.at 3 to 12%, and then the body decays very slowly. When at 0% the soul moves on. The spirit is generated by the soul as an energy body with the void as the source and soul as a memory storage battery, The memories are what keeps the body alive with the spirit as a guide generated by the brains activity and nervous system and will comes from cost as most will find the spirit won't be denied. Most men won't live beyond age 110.10.
  46.   Amount of control = Ctp = E(%)/Rb(%)+t(second) = s; E=17.7%, Rb=5.9%, t=10;
    Ctp = .177/.059+10 = 13 s control. What this means, is how long you can control something, or someone, per second.
  47.   Amount of actions = Aoa = Ij/E(decimal)*f = % activity amount; <=20% = inactive person; Ij=700 J. E=31%, t=60; Aoa = 700/.31*60 = 37.6% activity. Depicts the amount of activity, a person is capable of, per amount of time.
  48.   Focus amt = Famt = Ij/E(%)*(t1+t2+t3)/3 = s attention, <20s = deficent attention; Ij=692 J, E=31%, t=1, 1.7, 2; Famt = 692/31*(1+1.7+2)/3 = 692/31*1.567 = 14.3s attention. To use the measurement, you discover how long a person can focus, lesser than 20 seconds, equal focus deficiency, treatable by addictive drugs, like ridelin.
  49.   Ijs = Ij/4*m = J; Ij=693 J, m=92 kg, Ijs = 693/4*92 = 1,883 J = spiritual strength w/o body or willpower.
  50.   Event duration = Edu = E(%)*Rb(decimal)/3 = energy * radioactive decay / 3 = hour, E=46.2%, Rb=15.4%=.154, 46.2*.154/3 = 2 hours 37 minutes, convert any decimal point, over 60 by -60. Like .93 is 93-60 = 1.33 minutes or 1 hour and 33 minutes. This is exactly a maximum duration model, not a true accounting.
  51.   Fx is the effect possible in outcome of impact and magnitude, due to actions. This be cos(E%*Rb%)*100 = % magnitude effect possible. This is measured as; E%=98.8, Rb%=32.9 and Fx = .983*100 = 98.3 % magnitude effect possible. 
  52.   The laziness factor, is Fxl = (cos(E%*Rb%)*100)/2 and it shows the amount of magnitude and impact from an effect, done by us and due to laziness. In this example; E%=73.8 %, Rb=24.6 %. Fxl = 43.2 % possible effect magnitude.
  53.   Erb = E(decimal) of star*c = star radius mass = in^3, E=32525/4= 31.3 = .313 c=3.0x10^8, Erb =.313*c = 93.9x10^6 in^3. This will show a possibility of death radius as the energy goes with death, this is will detail how far the death radiation is for a nuclear bomb is as well. To see or use no more is for an idea or the area is thought by sun concept with te area to see as create as I do not pertain. This is not always disruptions with energy as te area is saturated by some idea that is a channel focus, use such with this is a stars mass that seems also to create with as this is also measure for a sun.
  54.   Entropy or inertia, is the force of slowness to speed up or slow down, capable of bringing something to a stop. Formula for this is, Es = Rb(%)E(%)/f = s. f=2.3 s/a, Rb=.153, E=.46, To solve, Es = .46*.15.3/2.3 = 3.06 s.
  55.   Rs = running speed = m/fs = kph, To solve for a running speed of a person or animal, m=91 kg, f=2.3 s/a, t=120 s, Rs = 91/2.3*120 = .3 kph. * .621 = .2 mph.
  56.   Frequency of object, or human, Fho = fm(kg) = Hz(Hertz), Solve for f=2.3 s/a, m=90 kg, Fho = 2.3*90 = 207 Hz.You can manipulate anything, using the right frequency, and the right thought or command.
  57.   Natural failure = Nf = T(fail count)*1/3 = % failure, is to have failure, unaltered by temperature, when you fail, you are given three chances. 1st is success, when allowed, the 2nd is a partial success, the 3rd is failure. So the saying be, and the above is a true formula, based on it. Nf = T (failure count) * 1/3 = % failure. This is a true fail %, not altered by energy or temperature. The 1 is counted as 100 if your result, is 1.00-1.99. To solve, T=2, Nf = 2*1/3 = .666 = 66.6 % failure. T=4, Nf = 1.33 = 133 % failure.
  58.   Natural success = Ns = T(success count)*1/2 = % success, marks the success rate, as its naturally unaltered by energy. When you succeed, its always a huge burst upward, to your ego, given that natural failure, is 2 tries before natural failure. the natural success rate is 1/2. With 2 successes, you get 100 percent, the 1 is counted as 100 if your result, is 1.00-1.99. Solve for, T=3, Ns = 3*1/2 = 1.5 = 150 %.
  59.   To measure bone, tissue, and growth, use, Mre = E(decimal)-Rb(decimal)m(kg) = s tissue growth = body regeneration of muscle growth or bone and tissue growth.Solve for E=10%, Rb=3.3%, m=85 kg, Mre = .10-.33*85 = 27.95 s tissue growth.
  60.   To use the blowing speed of a waterwheel or generator fan for power, and how fast an aircraft is pulled or pushed, use Ia = rpm*E(%)-Rb(%) = A(power from generator) or mph (for aircraft). Solve for, rpm=515, E=10%, Rb=3.3%, Ia = 515*10-3.3 = 5,147 A, Where rpm=313, E=10%, Rb=3.3%, Ia = 313*10-3.3 = 3,127 mph.
  61.   Spacetime area = Da = E(%)Dc = in^3, measuring the amount of spacetime curvature in area. This is just a model of spacetime, not to be entirely accurate.E=10%, c=3.0x10^8 m/s, D=31.006, Da = 10*31.006*3.0x10^8 = 93.02x10^9 in^3 = 93.02 Min^3.
  62.   Warpspace area = Wp = Rb(%)Dc = in^3, meaning this measures hyperspace or warp spacial area nearby. This is just a model of warpspace, so don't be surprised for inaccuracies. To solve, Rb=3.3%, D=31.009, c=3.0x10^8 m/s, Wp = 3.3*31.009*c = 30.7x10^9 in^3 = 30.7 Min^3.
  63.   Spacetime timeflow = St = fE(decimal)D = s/m (seconds per moment), measures timeflow of space near you and around you. Albeit, this is just a model, to represent the true area. Solving, f=22.5 s/a, E=98.8%, D=31.001, St = 2.2*.10*31.006 = 689 s/m.
  64.   Warpspace timeflow = Wt = f*Rb(%)D = s/m (seconds per moment), means to measure the effect of warpspace, and how fast one goes. f=73 ms/a = .073 s/a, Rb=3.3%, D=31.006, Wt = .073*3.3*31.006 = 7.5 s/m in warp factor.
  65.   Wrs = 1/Log(c)/f*m=.118/f*m=m/s;in space~1/Log(C)/f*m=.112/f*m=m/s; in air; where m=mass in kg. Spaceflight log = Log(c) = 8.477 kg/s, Log(C) = airflight log = 8.954 kg/s. f=flow of time=s/a(seconds per action), m = 6 ton = 6,101.76 kg; f=9.3 s/a; Wrs = 73.3 kg/s. The speed gradually increases per second in warp, such as in this case your going 73.3 kg/s in acceleration. So to get the km/h is to times kg/s * 360 = 26388 km/h.
  66.   Wrc = E*4f/2 = warp factor in meter/s. Where f=flow of time=s/a. Use to get the warp factor speed. E=46%, f=14.2 s/a, Wrc = 368 m/s.
  67.   Spaceflight log = Log(c) = 8.477 kg/s, Log(C) = airflight log = 8.954 kg/s, Spaceflight log is good for the natural pickup speed that is used for vehicles, if left in a vacuum and pulled by gravity. Say its to understand the fall into a planet or near a suns gravity and without a engine on. then the natural speed would be 8.477 kg/s.
  68.   Nd = 1/3 or .333, is the natural decay rate, gotten from 1*1/3=1/3, x/3 or .333, for the three chances, the 1st being taken as the natural result to failure.
  69.   Wg = (E(%)-Rb(%))/(f*t(minutes store operation time) = $ or money amt per seconds, E=46, Rb=15.3%, f=2.3 s/a, t=1,440 minutes, Wg = (46*15.3)/(2.3*1,440) = .01 cent/s.
  70.   Conversion to actual dollars other funds, Wgs = Wg * t(seconds of work or store operation) = $ or money gained. To solve, Wg=.01 cents/s, t=86400s=24h, Wgs = .01*86400 = 864 dollars. For worker wage, Wg=.01 cents/s, t=28800s=8h, Wgs = .01*28800 = 288 dollars earned that day in 8 hour shift.
  71.   Ir = Ij/(E(%)-Rb(%)) = J/s recovered, Ij=533, E=22.1%, Rb=7.4%, Ir = 533/22.1-7.4 = 36.3 J/s recovered. The Ir measures human recovery in Joules as per second.
  72.   Ke = Tp(counted positive event)/Tb(counted bad event) = % karma (positive or negative), Tb=3, Tp=5, Ke = 5/3 = 2% positive karma; Tb=7. Tp=4, Ke = 4/7 = 57% negative. With positive karma, you positive results to feel good when you do things, and with negative karma there is bad feelings for any action with negative results per action. Their is neutral karma, for 1/1, 2/2, 4/4 etc is 1 %, and its meant as when you do any activity, you will get null results. If there is a <0.0 then times by 100 to get percent resolving as >=1, for >1.00 as in 1 percent, for the actual percent without 100x.
  73.   Used heat = Uh = (E(%)-Rb(%))/4 = % used heat per action, measures per spell, how much heat used up to cause less heat. Solve for, (16.2-5.4)/4 = 2.7%. Application include, times by heat amount, to get new temperature, as K-(K*Uh(decimal)) = K, in 302.15-(302.15*.027) = 294 K. Then do the energy level all over again.
  74.   Ec = (E(%)-E(%))/4 = % energy cancellation, E1=63.7, E2=43.1, Ec = 63.7-43.1 = 20.6/4 = 5.2% cancelled. This can be used for one destructive energy field, to counter another. As in explosive against fire or water against fire, as this means any opposing force. If the force is greater than 1% then its weakened, 20% is very weakened, 40% is overwhelmed, 60% is greatly overwhelmed, 80% is destroyed, >100% is great destruction.
  75.   El = E(%)/4 = % energy loss, E=33.6%, El = 33.6/4 = 8.4% energy loss. This describes the energy loss as in heat loss, or radiation reduction for half life.
  76.   Efq = E^2(%)*t = % focus energy, E=40.8 t=3s, Efq = 40.8^2*3 = 4,994% focused energy. Things like sunlight focused into a lens, causing flame on where focused.
  77.   Wr = Ijs/Ctp = s resistance = willpower, Ijs=1883 J, Ctp=13 s, Wr = 1883/13 = 144.846 = 144+8 = 152s resistance. Use this to measure the seconds of resistance, for how long someone tries to control someone.
  78.   Wong = E% decimal-Rb% decimal*t = Efficiency %. Use this to measure the percent of efficiency, for how efficient an effort is.
  79.   Rt = cm/E=m/s; rocket thrust, for an example c is the light speed of 3.0x10^8; m is the mass in kg, E is energy; m=1025 kg, E=67%; 3.0x10^8*1025/67=4,589,552,238 m/s.
  80.   Gt = cbs=m/s;gravity thrust or repulsion; c=light speed, b=slope, s=seconds; b=2.7, s=239 s, c*4.5*239=2,225,883,363 m/s. This measures the speed of the thrust for a gravity drive.
  81.   Hd = cE*pi/s(seconds)=m/s; hyperdrive or E-space travel that works off superstring, c=lightspeed=3.0x10^8 m/s, E=energy=64%, pi=3.1416, s=seconds=18 seconds, Hd=300000000x63*3.1416/18=3,298,680,000 m/s.
  82.   Ag = cK*Pi/E=Gravitation per second(G/s) = ftl or antipropulsion or antigravity and floatation that works like negative interaction to cause ionic buildup, use any temp thats converted to Kelvin. T = 73.6 DegF, Pi=3.1416, c=300000000 m/s, E=74.1%; Ag=c*73.6*3.1416/74.1=936,120,485 G/s.
  83.   Pc = prediction code = c*pi*wave/Rb=a/s; c=3.0x10^8 m/s, pi=3.1416, wave = 76,359 Angstrom, E=72%, Rb=24%, Pc=c*3.1416*76,359/24=11.781x10^15 a/s. The prediction code allows for how many actions are possible to see years in advsnce.
  84.   Wd = Pi*Log(C)*33/11=d/s; Natural warp amt in decays per second. Pi=3.1416, Log(C)=.952; Wd = 3.1416*25.4314*33/11=8.9724 d/s. This shows the natural warp decay and applied as a constant of warp energy and heat warping of area.
  85.   Vh = velocity of human throw = Ij*m^2 (of object)= m/s = how fast a human can throw something physically. Ij = 533 J, m=.3 kg, m^2=.9 kg, Vh = 533*9 = 479.7 m/s.
  86.   VhE = velocity of human energy = Ij*E^2 = m/s = how fast a person can throw energy. Solve for Ij=533 J, E=45.3%, E^2=2,052%, VhE = 533*2,052 = 1,094,000 m/s.
  87.   Ve = velocity of energy = c*E^2 = m/s = how fast energy movement is and not as energy is dematerializing. Solve for c=3.0x10^8 m/s, E=45.3%, E^2=2,052%, VE = c*2,052 = 615x10^9 m/s.
  88.   Hwa=Vhe/Fho~Ve/Fho=Angstrom(A); Natural energy wave measure or the human or object potential for the natural energy wave.
  89.   Wave=W=v/Ehz~(Vhe or Ve)/Fho=A, v=W*Ehz~Hwa*Fho=m/s, Ehz=v/W~(Ve or Vhe)/Hwa=Hertz(Hz).
  90.   Hs = Wave^2*Wd*t=N of g;hyperspace drive (2 or 3 positive warp gravity drives (- to + energy flows) + 1 or 2 negative (+ to -) energy flow warp gravity engines); Wave=389.02=Wave^2=151336 A^2, Wd=8.9724 d/s, t=14.008 s; Hs = 151336A^2*8.9724*14.008=1.902*10^7 N of g. 1 sq.inch is 3000 mi.
  91.   Rf = E->Wavegm^3=g/s (gravitations/seconds); Redirection force uses energy in itself that is bound by a wave of energy to direct gravity within limits of weight and mass. E=74.9%, Wave=389.02 Angstrom, m=80 kg=m^3=512000 kg^3; g=9.807 m/s^-2, Rf=E->389.02*9.807*512000=1.953*10^9 g/s. Energy is redirected by 1.953*10^9 gravitations per second from using mass.
  92.   Pw = C*DegF*E/Rb=timewarp or phasewarp=m/s; Instant phases of things or people and this tells in mass per second, how quick per temperature this shift occurs. C=9.0x10^8 m/s, 79 deg F, E=74.6%, Rb=24.9%; Pw=9x10^8*79*74.6/24.9=2.13*10^11 m/s for a teleport or shift.
  93.   Pm = DegF*E(decimal)*T(seconds)=c/a=cycles per action;Phased movement is cycles of 6 sec of action per each 2 ms of inaction for how many thoughts or moments pass by on the planck level. The test of this is to use a lab type spelunkin and emulate with math. You have 80 Deg F and 74.9% energy, take 10 seconds on achievement activity. So Pm = 80*.749*10 = 599.2 c/a for the action of the activity.
  94.   Epo = Energy potential = E*sq.rt(Z)=mA; Epo=73.3*sq.rt(47.2)=504 mA. Epo measures the amount of energy as its fully able if conditions are right and in either vacuum or atmospheric measured in mA or Joules.
  95.   Epe = E potential percent = sq.rt(ExZ) = %; Energy potential percent where things start breakdown or decaying more rapid. The E in this case is where energy is interacting on matter with Z as the channel of compressed free electrons of a source that can achieve many things except at the level denoted. This can account for heat elements of metal as it bends and when physical breakdowns can occur.
  96.   Smart-air Energy Wavelet= Swl=A(eWlE)=c/a (cycles per action), The intelligent air detected by hyper radiation activity. solved by; A(x)=.0558 mg; e=error %, Wl=Wavelet in c/s, E=energy=%;
  97.   Wl=Wavelet=WDPi=c/s; Wavelets describe waves in cycles per second of interactivity to denote how much is done during meditation and the idea is from Ben. Solved as; W=.025 A, D=31, Pi=3.1416. And, Wl=.025 * 31 * 3.1416 = 2.43 c/s
  98.   A(x)=Airthickness=1.8PiD=.0558mg~A(E)=mg; E=74.5; A(74.5)=4.1571 mg.
  99.   De=Airspeed=WlD=m/s; m=mass in kg.
  100.   Aw=Airwalking or Astral walking=eWlE=c/a; e=17.5%, Wl=25.3 c/s, 98.3%. Solved for Aw as; 17.5*25.3*98.3=43024 c/a.
  101.   Ehz=Energy frequency(Ehz) is (E or Z)—>f=(E or Z)-(21*2)+21=Ans and append "72." in front. E=73.7%, f=73.7-21*2+21=126.4=72.1264 Hz. f->(E or Z)=remove 72. from f)(f-21)/2+21=%; (72.-72.1264)+(f-21)/2+21=73.7%.
  102.   Wod=WME=Waves of discomfort=R/b (Movement of bad things); W=wave amps, M=mass, E=Energy%. Made with inspiration from Teanna.
  103.   Me=MkEe/Log(s)=Modulation moment in R/b (Movement of bad moments). Made with inspiration from Gary.
  104.   Mn=WE=nanocycles per moment(n/m). Solved as Mn=.025 A*98.3%=2.45 n/m.
  105.   Te=E^2=physical manifest.# of items.
  106.   Md=CodecE*Sq.Rt(t)/Rb=Moments of psychopathic dillusionment in %/s.
  107.   Cf=cf/3e=m/s; m=mass on kg, E-Space movement or energy space as for how quick in a lot of energy in an area.
  108.   Dsp=Log(m)(E^2)/3=m/s;D-space movement(Personal use of E-space).
  109.   Dac = C2+A^2+B3=Dimensional area as Concentrated square inch. E in^2. C=9.0x10^8 in a aired area, A=area(A=WxH), B=Rb% or slope.
  110.   C2+Sq.rt(A)+B3=Spiritual area; It acts like a drug, if worked with by idea reenactment and focus, and is considered undetectable except as a spiritual awareness of spirits active. measured in Concentrated Energy squared of E in^2. C=9.0x10^8, A=area(WxH), B=Rb % or Slope.
  111.   The dimensional array = Tda = C^2+Sq.Root(E)+E^2 ~ c^2xSq.Root(E)+E^2 = AofN = A(angstrom) of Newton. C=light speed in air=9.0x10^8 m/s, E=K/4=%; E=%; c=3.0x10^8 in vacuum.
  112.   The S-curve is to effect a shift by using natural spacetime as in Einsteins natural relativity. Esm=m+E/Sq.Rt[1-(v^2/c^2)]=m/s What this proves is that things move in a curve where people objects are concerned and measures the energy shift amount to effect a natural shifting pattern. A hint, just move and you shift but not in a straight line. Focus inner energy of spirit and soul and think of the area or visualize it to shift to another place. This only relates to those things not moving in a straight line.
  113.   Afx = Amplified effect is E^2(focus amt in seconds) x E = % amplified.
  114.   Compassion = Com and is meaning how much the person will allow and help out with by coping in levels of %. E-Rb*Pi=%.
  115.   Ecm = (E)(C)(M) = V, E=E%, C=9.0x10^8 m/s, M=mass in kg. Ecm is measured in Volts. Used for
    need of energy discharge pulse and to measure the electrical gravity discharge.
  116.  Cc = (C)(c) = m/s, Shows the escape vibrational velocity which you must have to time warp back or into the future. As C = 9.0x10^8 and c = 3.0 x 10^8. This is represented by the number 270000000000000000 m/s or 2.7 x 10^17 m/s.
  117.   Ccv = (C)(c)(v) = m/s, This shows how much energy is necessary for going at least 10 inches to see time of area go backward and you still get some action. Think fast, you've achieved the energy of speed velocity as you move. We don't feel the energy as it happens but we see it effect on things.
  118.   Cf = (C)(f) = J/s, Flow of time and actually how fast its moving. It is the point where time stops. It seems to be moving but it doesn't in how many events that occur per second or Joules per second. Lets say the flow of time is 4.1 f/s, C= 9.0 x10^8, C*f = C*4.1 = 3690000000 = 3.69 x 10^9 J/s per speed of time.
  119.   Cv = (C)(v) = m/s = seeings on view, where C = 9 x 10^8, v = 60 mph, Cv = C*60 = 54000000000 = 5.4 x 10^10 m/s. How much time flow that is of use to what we generate for normal everyday movement measured by the seen movement around us in meters per second. Invent in advent that Cv generates division for it actually is in seen view.
  120.   CD = (C)(D) = E/y, where C = 9 x 10^8 and D = 31.006. Its represented by a number of 2790540000 E/y or 2.79 x 10^9 E/y. How much energy is generated per use destruction and/or activity of the dimension itself. This is measured by Events per year. And so how much energy you produce, as in the events. Now the CD actually works in per year as in how many times per year something will occur per use or somethings per year. As if you know what you are going to come through to work with by the action or destruction. It represents as to set something up with relation, as with such so that you see what your mind relates to your physical body or physical element as we move so fast to do someplace and it comes as a flashback if you think on it. And the event you perceive is probably what could have occurred per use of the moment.

      It is imagination that makes the rule which the mind follows with this, as its your will for what you actually make it. As is and its imagination for what makes the rule for what you get. Now as the CD takes, from the que of what your imagination requires and as it takes from a super fast dimension that makes it every year is a minute. So you begin to see the sheer difference. Its true when true viewing in true view a plane of time dimension, you also don't feel temperature in attempt perjure or in attempt of a temporary moment to venture. So while you know of what may come per action or destructiion you won't actually perceive the temperature that gives away as that is of a different place.
  121.   CcD = (C)(c)(D) = J/a, How much energy that is produced anyway in Dimensional acts or by action, measured by Joules per action. This is represented by the number of 8371620000000000000 J/a or 8.37162 x 10^18 J/a. This is the representation of the unfathomable amount of energy for which we don't actually see that is probably generated in an idea or action by moment.
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Summoning ritual

  To form a being of soul, body or both. be by yourself, in a protected area, or with a group as needed. Now, to work this ritual, be in a circle, surrounding a 5 pointed star in chalk or any salt. Use 5 candles placed at the points and any except red for color. With only yourself, and a focus device, the device is the focus, and you become the anchor. hold the device like a crystal, then think while saying "May it be, make it be, I wish for a being (or demon), that exists for me. May it live for me and do as I command. Now mote it be!" The charm will make a soul being or demon appear, much like you in every appearance, or an image will appear in your head, of an area much like your area. The outside area will be different, but it will feel similar. It will follow exact, your thoughts and voice commands. Feel free to get stuff by exploring, or find information as you look around.

  Thought is a point as make what you want of the moment, make use and use is a concept as your use is known your thought can seem done. You don't have to do this, as soul is a point to do nothing as this is a concept that chi energy is possible to consider for countering nightmare in life. This is the point that can use things or view as if to use a thought to create, as thought is energy there and your use is the energy stripped of their programming. Think as you create and your programming is not as you think to create and thought creates what you intend as if a word is thought. The thought is the intention as the focus is the energy and your use creates magic by the subconscious so no if nothing in dream as the dream house is a point. There is nothing wrong with you, as you are a thought to do progress or make is what creates. As if nothing monsterous happens there is nothing wrong with a thought unless it is not worthwhile.

  If there is two people, The beneficiary is a spot to form the being. The anchor is the person, designated for using their body to keep the being alive, and guiding the being, yet not controlling it. A focus is a person, or crystal that will channel the energy. A manipulator, will control the being by thoughts, and spoken voice. When, the being goes beserk, or out of control, the anchor will take control, or dismiss the being by saying "release" or "oust". Stand on a figure 8 with the manipulator behind the Anchor and the Anchor with focus crystal prepared however desired. Use a negative anchor for the negative being.

  Chant together, "May it be, make it be. We wish for a (choose being here) to appear for us. Do not go berserk on us, and rend apart dominance or control on us. May it live for us and do as we command. so mote it be!" This can be used to summon any being as mentioned below. Use 2 candles at the tips of the figure eight any color except red. This uses the power of one.

  If there are 3 people, draw the same circle, with a triangle and a upside down inner triangle, as where you draw the symbols you use described your described in picture. Place any color 6 candles along the edges of the triangle, on the corners and middle. This group can bring two types of beings; the super soul = archangel, angel, elemental(any), elven or source being, or super negative soul = wraith, archdemon or any other demon. One to focus as thought to use is your use is their idea that are in the the circle, as the idea is a concept your in an idea that creates without demented memory as to change the past as if a point or not.

  One to think, as you focus direct thought and the energy you, get is a psychic idea to see and your use is possible concept or conflict. Thought is a point as you consider and thought, the other people in a thought circle to create and see are thought forms in. The idea to make or create symbolism, as this creates what you want with the energy from those you feel or see in the area. There are integrity areas in the point you speak creates what you thought, as the integrity is proven you not in an idea to destroy things.

  Think a thought and use a focus as if they who are not monsters create, you can act as you and can make as you are to anulle as you don't want, as your amulet is a point to focus your thought is the point to make things as you consider in thought. One does not even need, the circle of power to create as to focus energy an use what intelligent is in thought to make what is a concept as you think, speak and gesture or make the key sound and subconscious triggering effect.

  There is no idea to try, that isn't without the thought or energy use. Their way isn't done, unless you think to do thought with what you what you picked up. As if the use you have that is not allowing, what you thought allow, your use is seen or not seen. As you think as your third eye creates or makes, what you think or fixes what is necessary with adjustments. What makes this not work is the thought you use, or think is amazing as thought shouldn't happen won't occur.

  Super souls as the idea is supernatural, things can as cannot be hurt by physical weapons, except for a few, and only soaks up spells, they can eat any foods or water, spellblockers cannot block the supersoul for long. Super negative souls, are the exact opposite, able to be snared by spells, and unable to be killed by anything. They use any energy, as a source, and only if the negative being wills it, will the being reject the snare, or spell.

 The positions needed, to call a super soul. Anchor at the center, focus at the right star point, and the manipulator on the left star point. They all look to each other, in a sitting position. Any one can start chant, yet it it must be done by all. The chant is "May it be, make it be, I wish for a being, to work as that exists for me. May it live for us and do as we command. May this being be [name being]. Now mote it be!" After this, the lights should flicker, then the group will see the being appear, or the image will appear in their minds, of a similar place much like their own. With the negative super beings, only the anchor is changed, its a negative anchor, that gives negative support to the being, and their separate viewpoint, as thought this is as guidance. This person has to be, other than good, so the being will respect the group, and chant is the same.

  With 5 people, again the circle and inside it, the 5 pointed star. Now, the difference is the placements yet with 5 candles of all except red at the pointed edge. The main point of the star(top), should not be stood on or have a candle at the tip. Anchor at the center, focus top left and top right point, focus at lower left, and negative manipulator, with no opposite thought or in neutral view, is the lower right point. What this group can call into existance; superbody or supersoul = superhuman, demigod, sea-elven, deva, animal or sahn(super ape). Negative superbody or supersoul = lich, ghoul, zombie, vampire, drow or other similar.

The supersoul is the combination of will and of 2 or more as above, so for 3 member group, it could be any beneficiary. or to create anew. For a beneficiary, their body becomes a superhuman body, and the beneficiary, sits in the main starpoint. The negative supersoul is, as for the 3 member group. A negative superbody, can be a beneficiary, or a new negative superbody. If its a beneficiary, then the body undergoes, an evil change, of heart or mind.

  To do ritual, turn to look at anchor, and chant " May it be, make it be, I wish for a body, that exists for us. May it live for me, and do as we command. May this being be [name superbody]. Now mote it be!" At the end of this chant, their is a possible failure chance. If it works, a body might appear, in the beneficiarys spot, or the group will recieve a vision, of a body in a room. This room will be similar, yet not the outside of the room. Control the body by voice or mind. For the benfactor, everyone look at the beneficiary, and say in a chorus "May this body, be embued, to effect superhuman strength. May the beneficiary, bear a boon of superhuman attributes. I thank thee, oh great spirits. Now mote it be, for him/her!"

  The control position, is positive for the negative superbody summons, and the anchor is negative, guiding with negative impulse. To do ritual, its the same, as the superbody chant, and the same warnings. For the benfactor, its the same as well, except the beneficiary, will undergo a drastic change of some sort. This change will go to the evil, or neutral side, excepting an ambitous change.

  For 8 or more people use a 8 pointed star surrounded by circle and the same chant. In this 8 pointed star, there is the anchor in the middle, main focus to the right, neutral or other manipulator to the left, beneficiary at the top and the rest of the people are focuses, This can draw a mythical creature control a dragon, or mythical creature. The anchor and manipulator gains a bonus effect, to use any one thing or to touch anything, the superbody or supersoul gets the ability to manipulate and none have the ability of the item except the person by energy osmosis.

  Standard energy patterns are, for understanding how much energy, is needed at the Kelvin temperature, and at what is, needed per ritual or other ritual. Solve for En=energy(decimal), n=index(1-infinity), t=time(seconds) and Rb=chaotic energy. To find how much, energy your group has, take the means of the inner strength energy totals. Like GI = In/n = I1+I2+I3+J+I4+I5/5 for 5 members of the group. For 3 members of GI = 428+268+504 = 1200 J.

  snE = Rb(decimal) negative anchor + E1(decimal) focus + E2(decimal) control * t(of event) = super negative soul = J/s(Joules per second), snE = .085*.255^2*14 = 995 J/s to sustain super negative soul.

  sE = E1(decimal) anchor + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) manipulator * t(of event) = super soul = J/s(Joules per second), sE = .255^3*10 = 735 J/s to sustain super soul.

  sb = E1(decimal) anchor + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) focus + E4(decimal) focus +
Rb(decimal) control * t(as event) = superbody = J/s, sb = .255^4*.085*3 = 1.078 J/s superbody sustenance.

  snb = Rb(decimal) negative anchor + E1(decimal) focus + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) focus + E4(decimal) control * t(as event) = negative superbody = J/s, E=14.2%, Rb=4.7%, snb = .047*.142*5 = 0 J/s negative superbody sustenance.

  bnE = Rb(decimal) anchor * E(decimal) focus(can be object) * t(of event) = J/s = soul or demon being, bnE = .047*.142*9 = 60 J/s. bE = E(decimal)-Rb(decimal) * t(as event) = J/s, bE = .142-.047*7 = 665 J/s.

  Epo = Energy potential = E*sq.rt(Z)=mA; Epo=73.3*sq.rt(47.2)=504 mA. Epo measures the amount of energy as its fully able if conditions are right and in either vacuum or atmospheric measured in mA or Joules.

  Epe = E potential percent = sq.rt(ExZ) = %; Energy potential percent where things start breakdown or decaying more rapid. The E in this case is where energy is interacting on matter with Z as the channel of compressed free electrons of a source that can achieve many things except at the level denoted. This can account for heat elements of metal as it bends and when physical breakdowns can occur.

How spells and energy work

  Short theory explanation on the focused energy efficiency in motion effects where they rebound off of each other to be of a focus through kung fu or ritual where kung fu is daily practice to achieve a result and ritual is drawn out thought with activity by kung fu to direct minor to major results. These effects are active from whence energy began with chaotic energy to cause actions to gain your spell focus, yet it seems like it started from the beginning of time. A like saying "I cast a spell yet recieved its results yesterday. Only now did I REALIZE it."

  Another way to think on this with comparison to magic, is to think of it like a chemical reaction. To understand this material, you need to think about what a pattern is from chemical reactions on how the atom is built, the (-) is negative and represents a pull of energy or subtractive, the (+) is a push charge of positive atomic energy of additional energy charge, and the (n) is a neutral charge of disturbance or both positive and negative. As in this material I use the atomic structure of the cosmos to model for patterns of life. This isn't an explaination on how to work on machines but it can apply to machines.

  This isn't a world model but a set goal of patterns in real life thats to clearly set advantages to get a desire by many different patterns of life to redirect the path of life to your idea situation. Consider this magic of ritual and imagination or authoritative usage of appeal, as a (-) radiation pull and to gain advantage. Where psionics is a constant (+) push charge of direct influence, with radiation to control or guide the disturbance and to make a clearly set advantage by pushing force. The solid objects react in a opposite manner as its also a (+) charge and pull toward the area. Its very clear that the solid object is reactive to both (+) and (-) force. Its clear the set energy patterns are hostile to each other even if set by psionics and magic, like matter and antimatter. Psionics and magic can use each other if each use is to have a separate action and equal or similar goal as as set pattern, like a bit of dark matter takes the charge of the energy forces and by a anchor, created by seeing and feeling a pole of energy spread and channels the influence somewhere to do as needed. In a atomic equation of 2 (+) = 1 (-) and 2 (-) = 1 (+) and the combined rule 2(±) x 1 (-/+) = 1 (n) and 1 (±) where the exception is 3 (±) = 1 (+/n). Where the rule of a better possible existance is use two worlds or possibilities of (±) atomic natures, to make a better one of positive (+), negative (-) or neutral (n) nature but whence created the bad possibility of chaos or chance (-) that is a negative, acts like a neutron and both is dropped and where there was two, theres one.

  In this, you don't take without asking or being asked as its crude and gets a secluded interaction of energy with a share offering of war and peace. The two worlds coincide, it seems and cannot exist apart without intercession or interconnections except in seclusion or everything falls apart represented by a neutron effect (+-) or (n). The neutron is offshot to disrupt or to cause chaos at least 50% of the time. An unset pattern is to unravel both the set idea of a pattern or other advantage to cause disuse and dissolvation. In an equation: 1 (-) + 1 (+) = 1 (n) of neutral disturbance greater than the whole. Use of this is to neutralize a probable wrong or right to create a new possibility with guidance by a set anchor for no bad feedback and it can be allowed to disallow burnout from harmonic abuse or overload. If the unravelling is done too quickly then absolute disruption and probable breaking of the ability by burnout. and only if no anchor will occur. Following a neutral disturbance is a moment of stillness and another better action. All through document so far is support of psionics or magic and not the evil one might think is it good as there are opposing views. The evil is the usage and examples without explanation and sometimes combined with fear to cause rejection or a reaction. Bad is to neutralize something without explanation with exemptions to the rule, like sometimes people won't believe it happened after the fact or people are exempt for explainable situations and explotations.

  This explains some of the actions of accultist and occultist as listed in the ranking list of magicians to date along with psions. Nothing is unrepeatable and can be attempted by other people as if its noted and then its observed or can be understood. The power of Pi is like a power source to the area from sun and God that allots ability by unknown means. Where Pi is God or the sun with a measure of 3.1416 and solvable upto 50 million digits. For Pi to equal power one must persist in an action as its seen or unseen as unsolvable and an action is likely to end at a time of choosing. Theres a beginning to an end and any action is at the time of choosing where with Pi the calculation ends at any given time as this Pi has over 50 million digits. Now some say Pi is a spiritual idea and its power is supportive, by manipulating ability and energy without detection. The focus of Pi is positive in the outlook but with a negative reaction at some point and similar to a job as it occurs, The physical representation of Pi is pie and other foods, it acts as a substance of addiction and support. To help understand better, an exercise is to apply what makes 6, -6 or 0 using 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6? Answer is below at the bottom of the page.

  The type of personality this sometimes causes is chaotically adaptive - A personality type that uses positive and negative values to, accept that which allows you to feel good, and not that of otherwise like destructive idea except to tolerate that which allows for chaos, evil or disruption. The forces against you effect a balance and to a normal, we the tools, are like a record to work with and to a chaotic adaptive we are a tool to manipulate at a distance. We, being that which is used for known or unknown purposes. Like treat a person well after browbeating them or do a somewhat nasty action and then treat them well after as in pms. If you understood this, then the lesson was taught that the atomic structure can emulate a life pattern in the goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and with this last thought that finally came to mind. "People can teach, but not really do the things taught unless they prepare. Where people can do if they, the student, learn to achieve by what is taught and cannot actually teach except by showing what was learned. If the person tries to tell, they won't get a clear message across.

  Long explanation, energy have some nondisruptive patterning, to effect without much chaotic energy, as it disrupts the effort like leeching energy from an event, yet it may cause more events if the same energy type is used to make subsequent increase for uncontrolled growth ae nuclear reactions. Disruptive patterning is to use alot of energy to make a large increase of activity till the same energy type forms that gets disruptive. For more control have feedback loop circles, using two types of chaotic energy that can create the controlled exponential growth with the positive upward self-reinforcing cycle that has one positive event and two negative events with a controlled upward spiral that almost doesn't end. The negative, disruptive source is an controlled downward self-balancing spiral and these are two positive and one negative event to create the downward pattern, to end the cycle eventually as energy is gone.

  Effects efficiency in motion and energy work as in reverse as it will use chaos energy of a thing called tachyonic subatomical interchanges that curves backward to create the event. This E for energy is small enough not to fractal and cause chaos due to short waves, like in a self inhibitive activity cycle aka entropy to cause endings. Unless it has no path to events creating chaos by buildup as a effect through creative usage or each action, with ritual like activity. Most consider this bad karma in likeness, as it consists of disturbing events done by you and the energy collects to deter the evil event creator. As this has a two-fold path due to chaotic effects by chaos mathmatics used to detect, the amount of interaction with events first and then by order where logic can detail the events second, called tracing. With the creative moments focused by energy with mental activity directing mental focus aka mind over matter.

  An E% measurement of Cost(x)=K/4; take the decimal, as percent and round up, to give you possible chance and energy level. Lets give hells temperature as measured in the dig from hell, 2000 degrees Farenhet. With (2000-32)/1.8+273.15=1,366.48 K/4=341.62=62 %.

  How E% fits into science is when positive events start the measuring in the event, as energy, by mental focus, that counts as aether and rebounds backwards without fracturing by balanced activity and causing chaos to reduce failure. There is always a chance to fail and this is Rb% as entropy with Rb=E%/3=% except it doesnt effect simple movement unless you have to focus ae firing, because simple movement is autonomous or automatic and this includes most of the body.

  E% is comparative to a very short energy wave pattern brcause from a nuclear type reaction, as you break a subatomical particle bond to get energy and a energy burst that will only be detected by a nuclear interchange to find new molecules as small sparks, called tachyons in which energy manipulation uses by mind focus. This makes its effects naturally rebound backward, like a car that moves forward fast enough to cause time to move backward and seem to let the viewer see the area go back in frame of reference as in Newtons 2nd law of relation caused by the event reaction from behind or from the beginning of time due to energy going back to its source, the big bang or some say the void.

  Manipulated through ritual of activity and when the energy hits the opposite energy, as though the energy event is of moments, that is dispelled or goes another route. Another persons desire of other for desire in itself can make or break the moment or break it. It can disrupt the event pattern into pieces causing chaos with interference of decay from the energy burst of the particle. These moments, of energy, are used for meeting people, recognition, to get achievements or perform miracles or make weather, as it is possible with a disruption to the effect pattern via natural rebound. This is to cause nondisruptive effects with no storm disruption, at higher energy. For higher energy will pattern itself into recognizable forms making light actually turn to visible fire and etc..but due to the higher energy patterns will the chaos be higher as with each kung fu energy effect.

  What is this with weather simulation is to take a medium powered laser and blast the clouds for 2 second bursts for nondisruptive pattern and 4 seconds for disruptive behavior patterns. With starting the storm its caused by nothing at first and identified with a strike to the clouds, with 4 second bursts every 2 seconds till it gets large and keep striking till it turns dark. This probably won't be effective at first but will get a storm sometime. To lessen the storm strike any storm cloud with 2 second bursts every 3 seconds till effectively reduced. Alternatively, use response to chemicals as a reactant ae silver nitrate bursts or AgN2 to cause or reduce the storm.


Time & Energy units

sA = timeamp = seconds per amphere = radians^3
s = second, t or time
V = volt, W = watt, P = power
E = energy, energy % as decimal or energy %
I = current = A, Q = coulomb, Energy or Volts
J = Joules or 0.001 mA
Ij = Inner strength
tan = tangent
sin = sine or sine wave
cos = cosine
A = Amp = amphere = radians^2
K = Kelvin
Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius
Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
TK = temperature in Kelvin
Xs = exercise time or exercise in seconds
f = event flow = s/a = seconds per action
sE = time energy = m/s = mass per second
m = kg or lbs, c = 3x10^8 or speed of light
C = lightspeed in atmosphere = 9.0x10^8 m/s = 186,000 mi/s
c = lightspeed in vacuum = 3.0x10^8 m/s
D = dimensionsal area = pi^3 = 31
radian = 180 degrees
n = index(1 to infinity), ! = factorial
Rb = chaos decay energy = Rb % = chaotic energy
Kaoe = chaos actions = actions possible or moments per second possible
This = action success percent = additional % by thought
Eb = energy bridge or power extension = s
ss = super string powerflow = mA
ssE = superstring energy = m/s
e = error rate, ne = success rate
Fh = human force = m/s
Fo = Force of objects = m/s
Po = Pull of objects (magnetic) = m/s
Ph = Pull force of human = m/s
Fp = Force per thought
Tw = time wall = repeated event energy needed = m/s
Stw = stonewall or cancellation wall = s/a cancellation
sEf = Timeflow energy = m/s
Cm = Consumation = %/s
Csf = consumation timeflow =s/meal
Sab =absorbtion % = % saturation or absorption
Mrd = Mass reduction = % reduced fat or mass
Ts = Timeslipping is Timeslip = s
Fr = Flowrepulsion = f/s
Fp = Force per thought = m/s
Stb = breakage or breaking wall = s/a
Ijs = J = spirit strength w/o body = willpower
Vh = velocity of human throw = m/s
VhE = velocity of human energy = m/s
VE = velocity of energy = m/s
hHP = Human horsepower = HP
Ere = regen rate = % energy replenished or regeneration %
v = natural velocity = kph
lF = Lift force = N
hEcp = internal combustion point = K
Ls = Lifespan or weight gain = 1 yr/# years or #lbs/year
Ctp = Amount of control = s
Aoa = Amount of actions = % activity amount
Famt = Focus amt = seconds attention
Edu = Event duration = h = hour
Erb = star radius mass = in^3
Es = Entropy or inertia = s
Rs = animal or person running speed = kph
Fho = Frequency of object, or human = A(Angstrom)
Fp = m/s = Force per thought
Sf = time fractal = m/s
Sw = time flow = s/a
Stw = s/a cancellation
GI = Group energy = J
snE = super negative soul = J/s
sE = super soul = J/s
sb = superbody = J/s
snb = negative superbody = J/s
bnE = negative soul = J/s
mi = mile, km = kilometer, mph = miles per hour
kph = kilometer per hour, N = Neuton
A = Angstrom = 0.0001r*10^-10
Nd = 1/3 or .333, is the natural decay rate
Sur = Success chance = %
Nf = Natural failure = % failure
Ns = Natural success = % success
Mre = s tissue growth = body regeneration
Ia = A(power from generator) or mph (for aircraft)
Da = Spacetime area = in^3
Wp = Warpspace area = in^3
St = Spacetime timeflow = s/m
Wt = Warpspace timeflow = s/m = warp factor
Wg = commerce or trade = $ or money amount
Wgs = Conversion to dollars or funds = $ or money gained
g = 9.807 m/s^-2 = gravity
Uh = Used heat = heat used up
Ec = % energy cancellation
El = % energy loss
Efq = % focus energy
Wr = s resistance = will resistance
Wong = Efficiency %
Z = Wild free energy with possible free electron count = decimal or %
Wd=Natural energy warp decay=8.9724 d/s.
Mach1=Sound speed=330 m/s=1024 feet/s=1/5 mi/s=700 mph
Cc = Escape vibrational velocity for warping time, as a number its 270000000000000000 m/s or 2.7 x 10^17 m/s.
CD = (C)(D) = E/y, where C = 9 x 10^8 and D = 31.006. Its represented by a number of 2790540000 E/y or 2.79 x 10^9 E/y.
CcD = (C)(c)(D) = J/a, How much energy that is produced anyway in Dimensional acts or by action. Represented by a number of 8371620000000000000 J/a or 8.37162 x 10^18 J/a.

SI Prefixes

Y = yotta = 10^24, Z = zetta = 10^21
E = exa = 10^18, P = peta = 10^15
T = tera = 10^12, G = giga = 10^9
M = mega = 10^6, k = kilo = 10^3
h = hecto = 10^2, da = deka = 10
d = deci = 10^-1, c = centi = 10^-2
m = milli = 10^-3, r = micro = 10^-6
n = nano = 10^-9, p = pico = 10^-12
f = femto = 10^-15, a = atto = 10^-18
z = zepto = 10^-21, y = yocto = 10^-24
Planck = 6.62x10^-34, Pi = 3 1/7 = 3.1416


  1. ! = 5! = 1x2x3x4x5
  2. sin(x) = -1^n*x^2n+1/(2n+1)! = sine wave angle
  3. cos(x) = -1^n*x^2n/(2n+1)! = cosine
  4. tan(x) = -1^n-1*x^2n-1/2n-1 = arc tangent
  5. radian to degree = x * 180/pi = deg
  6. degree to radian = x * pi/180 = radian
  7. cos(x) = sin (x-90)
  8. Sina(A) = [sin(A)]^3 = sA = time amp
  9. I = Sinx(x) = [sin(x)]^2 = E%/s = Q/t = W/s = V/s = P/V = A
  10. V = Tanx(x) = [tan(x)]^2 = Rb% decimal*t = Ixt = Ixs = IxP = Volts
  11. P = Cosx(x) = [cos(x)]^2 = E%*Rb decimal = VxI = QxI = IxW = W = Watts
  12. Cost(x) = K/4 = %; Take decimal as percent, drop the first part. = energy % = E%
  13. Cosa(x) = (cos(A))^3 = mA = shrink(+)/enlarge(-)
  14. Cosz(x) = Cos(K*180/pi)^2*P = Wild energy % = Z%
  15. K to C = TK-273
  16. C to TK = Tc+273
  17. K to F = (1.8*(TK - 273))+32 
  18. F to K = (Tf-32)/1.8+273
  19. Ij = E/xs = J inner strength
  20. f = (E(% decimal)*((t1+t2+t3)/3))^3 = s/a
  21. f2 = (t1+t2)/2 = s/a
  22. Is = J/((t1+t2)/2) = J/s
  23. 1 ft(') = 12 in(")
  24. lbs to kg = lb*.454 = kg
  25. kg to lbs = kg*2.205 = lb
  26. E = mc^2 = m/s
  27. sE = mC (mc^3 )= f/s = time energy = event flow per second
  28. dIc = Dr^2 = A
  29. dIr = (w(width)*h(height))^2 = A
  30. dIrc = 2Drh = A 
  31. dIf = s*E (% decimal) = A
  32. dIcp = (1/2*B*slant)^2 = A
  33. dIpr = (right section perimeter*H)^2 = A
  34. dP = V or E(%)*A = W or W/s
  35. Ts = m/f^2 = m/s
  36. sind(x) = D*sin((t1+t2+t3)/3)^3 = arc radians
  37. tand(x) = D*tan((t1+t2+t3)/3)^3 = tangent radians
  38. Rb = E%*.333 = Rb % = chaotic energy %
  39. Kaoe = energy = mass of body (in kg)*seconds or amount of thoughts = actions possible or moments per second possible.
  40. This = moments per second / mass in lbs = (take decimal rounded up to 2 points)+added to thought seconds = improved % chance.
  41. Ed = cos(E-Rb*180/pi)^2 = s = energy durability
  42. Eb = cos(E(decimal)+Rb(decimal*180/pi))^2 = s 
  43. ss=E(decimal)*Rb(decimal)*t(time between event) = mA
  44. ssE = E(%)*Rb(%)*mc^2 = m/s 
  45. hE = 1/3mfc^2 = human energy = J
  46. e = f-(.333f) = error % 
  47. ne = f/(.333f) = success %
  48. Fh = Ij(J)+m(kg or lbs) = m/s
  49. Fo = fms = m/s
  50. Po = f/E(%)*tm = m/s
  51. Ph = Ij(J)/m = m/s
  52. sEf = mCf = m/s
  53. Cm = (E(%)m(mass of object)*s(seconds per action as count)/Fh ~ (E(%)m(of object)*s)/Fo = %/s
  54. Csf = (E(%)m(of human))/(f*Rb) = s/meal
  55. Sab = t(seconds per active eating or count(1001+))/E(%) = % saturation or absorption
  56. Mrd = Mass reduction = t*E(%)/Fh~t*E(%)/Fo = % reduced fat or mass
  57. Ts = Timeslipping is Timeslip = (Rb(%)/f)^3 = s
  58. Fr = Flowrepulsion = E(%)*Rb(%)/f = f/s
  59. Fp = Force per thought = FhE(%)-Rb(%) = m/s
  60. Sr = time rebound = mcf = m/s
  61. Stb = breakage or breaking wall = g*Rb(%)/f = s/a
  62. Vh = velocity of human throw = Ij*m^2 (of object)= m/s
  63. VhE = velocity of human energy = Ij*E^2 = m/s
  64. VE = velocity of energy = c*E^2 = m/s
  65. hHp = Human horsepower = Ij*s = HP
  66. Ere = Energy replenishment = regen rate = E(%)-Rb(%)*log(f) = % energy replenished or regeneration %
  67. v = natural velocity = d(meters)+t(1001+ count or seconds) / Rb(%) = kph
  68. km to mi or kph to mph = kph or km * .621 = mph or mi
  69. mi or mph to km or kph = mi or mph * 1.609 = km or kph
  70. lF = Lift force = E(%)/v = N
  71. hEcp = Rb(decimal)*m*Ij = K(Kelvin) = internal combustion point
  72. Ls = Lifespan or weight gain = Ij/t(yr) = 1 yr/# years or #lbs/year
  73. Ctp = Amount of control = E(%)/Rb(%)+t(second) = s
  74. Aoa = Amount of actions = Ij/E(decimal)*t = % activity amount, <=20% = inactive person
  75. Famt = Focus amt = Ij/E(%)*(t1+t2+t3)/3 = s attention <20s = deficent attention <20 seconds is focus deficiency, treatable by addictive ridelin drug.
  76. Ijs = Ij/4*m = J = spirit strength w/ body or willpower
  77. Edu = Event duration = E(%)*Rb(decimal)/.333 = hour, convert any decimal point, over 60 by -60. for .93 is 93-60 = 1.33 minutes or 1 hour and 33 minutes.
  78. Fx = cos(E%*Rb%)*100 = % magnitude effect possible.
  79. Fxl = (cos(E%*Rb%)*100)/2 = % possible effect magnitude.
  80. Erb = E(decimal) of star*c = star radius mass = in^3
  81. Es = Entropy or inertia = Rb(%)E(%)/f = s
  82. Rs = animal or person running speed = m(meters)/ft = kph
  83. Fho = Frequency of object, or human = fm(kg) = A(Angstrom)
  84. Fp = FhE(%)-Rb(%) = m/s = Force per thought
  85. Sf = time fractal = mcf*Rb(%) = m/s
  86. Tw = fc/Rb = time flow * light speed / radioactive decay = m/s
  87. Stw = G*Rb(%)f = s/a cancellation
  88. Sur = Success chance = E(%)-Rb(%) = %
  89. Nf = Natural failure = T(fail count)*1/3 = % failure
  90. Ns = Natural success = T(success count)*1/2 = % success
  91. Mre = E(decimal)-Rb(decimal)m(kg) = s tissue growth = body regeneration
  92. Ia = rpm*E(%)-Rb(%) = A(power from generator) or mph (for aircraft)
  93. Da = Spacetime area = E(%)Dc = in^3
  94. Wp = Warpspace area = Rb(%)Dc = in^3
  95. St = Spacetime timeflow = f*E(decimal)D = s/m
  96. Wt = Warpspace timeflow = f*Rb(%)D = s/m or warp factor
  97. Wg = (E(%)-Rb(%))/(f*t(minutes store operation time) = $ or money amt.
  98. Wgs = Wg * t(seconds of work or store operation) = $ or money gained
  99. Ir = Ij/E(%)-Rb(%) = J/s recovered
  100. Ke = Tp(counted positive events)/Tb(counted bad events) = % karma (positive or negative)
  101. Uh = (E(%)-Rb(%))/4 = % used heat per action
  102. Ec = (E1(%)-E2(%))/4 = % energy cancellation
  103. El = E(%)/4 = % energy loss
  104. Efq = E^2(%)*t = % focus energy
  105. Wr = Ijs/Ctp = s resistance = willpower
  106. GI = In/n = I1+I2+I3+I4+I5/5 = J
  107. Wong = E% (decimal)-Rb%(decimal)*t = Efficiency %
  108. Hwa=Vhe/Fho~Ve/Fho=Natural wave energy = Angstrom(A)
  109. W=Wave=v/Ehz~(Vhe or Ve)/Fho=A, v=W*Ehz~Hwa*Fho=m/s, Ehz=v/W~(Ve or Vhe)/Hwa=Hertz(Hz).
  110. Wl=Wavelet measure=WDPi=c/s
  111. Smart-air Energy Wavelet= Swl=A(eWlE)=c/a (cycles per action)
  112. A(x)=Airthickness=1.8PiD=.0558mg~A(E)=mg
  113. Hs = Hyperspace effect = Wave^2*Wd*t=N of g
  114. De=Airspeed=WlD=m/s; m=mass in kg
  115. Aw=Airwalking or Astral walking=eWlE=c/a
  116. Ehz=Energy frequency(Ehz) is (E or Z)—>f=(E or Z)-(21*2)+21=Ans and append "72." in front.
    f->(E or Z)=remove 72. from f)(f-21)/2+21=%
  117. Me=MkEe/Log(s)=Modulation moment in R/b (Movement of bad moments)
  118. Wod=WME=Waves of discomfort=R/b (Movement of bad things); W=wave amps, M=mass, E=Energy%
  119. Me=MkEe/Log(s)=Modulation moment in R/b
  120. Mn=WE=nanocycles per moment(n/m)
  121. Te=E^2=physical manifest.=# of items
  122. Md=CodecE*Sq.Rt(t)/Rb=Moments of psychopathic dillusionment in %/s
  123. Cf=cf/3e=m/s; m=mass on kg
  124. Dsp=Log(m)(E^2)/3=m/s;D-space movement(Personal use of E-space)
  125. Dac = C2+A^2+B3=Dimensional area as Concentrated square inch. E in^2. C=9.0x10^8 in a aired area, A=area(A=WxH), B=Rb% or slope
  126. Tda = The dimensional array = C^2+Sq.Root(E)+E^2 ~ c^2xSq.Root(E)+E^2 = AofN = A(angstrom) of Newton
  127. Esm=m+E/Sq.Rt[1-(v^2/c^2)] = natural relativity S-curve = m/s
  128. Afx = Amplified effect is E^2(focus amt in seconds) x E = % amplified
  129. Com = Compassion = E-Rb*Pi=%
  130. Ecm = (E)(C)(M) = V, E=E%, C=9.0x10^8 m/s, M=mass in kg
  131. Ccv = (C)(c)(v) = m/s; How much to see time of area go backward.
  132. Cf = (C)(f) = J/s; Flow of time and actually how fast its moving
  133. Cv = (C)(v) = m/s = seeings on view; velocity is in mph
  134. snE = Rb(decimal) negative anchor + E1(decimal) focus + E2(decimal) control * t(of event) = J/s(Joules per second)
  135. sE = E1(decimal) anchor + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) manipulator * t(of event)
  136. Sb = superbody = E1(decimal) anchor + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) focus + E4(decimal) focus + Rb(decimal) control * t(as event) = J/s
  137. Snb = negative superbody = Rb(decimal) negative anchor + E1(decimal) focus + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) focus + E4(decimal) control * t(as event) = J/s
  138. bnE = body soul or demon = Rb(decimal) anchor * E(decimal) focus(can be object) * t(of event) = J/s

Dimensional Amperage Chart

  To demonstrate what things work and at which worlds, at highest world amperage of 1+ dA, only machines work and a little magic with allot of meta science of psionics. At this peak in energy, warfare is unnoticed, yet peace obvious, with more stability and a little corruption.

  Medium amperage of 1.001 cA to 1 dA, has a prospect of machines, magic, psionics and mental ability somewhat. At this peak, warfare is noticed, and peace is negotiable with the world somewhat instable with a controlled corruption.

  At lowest amperage of 1 mA to 1 cA, mental idea work as physical manifestation, some machinery with some unstable building and alot of magic and psionics also works. The world unity is very unstable with rampant corruption.

  As this is only a estimate and not actual scoring in amps. So what happens with energy, of the dimension is the less dimensional amperage current. The more corruption possible and the more actual power that is worked with. Sometimes resulting in a unstable world.

Positive worlds

9.2 dA for arc 0, tangent 360
3.1 cA at arc 0, tangent 270
8.77 dA at arc 0, tangent 181
arc 0, tangent 180 at 6.42 dA
7.99 dA for arc 0, tangent 90
7.08 dA for arc 0, tangent 1
8.77 dA at arc 1, tangent 180
1.1 cA arc 1, tangent 90
8.27 dA for arc 1, tangent 1
3.1 cA at arc 90, tangent 180
6.42 dA for arc 90, tangent 90
1.1 cA at arc 90, tangent 1
arc 180, tangent 180, there is 9.2 dA
3.1 cA for arc 180, tangent 90
8.77 dA at arc 180, tangent 1
4.67 dA at arc 270, tangent 180
9.2 dA for arc 270, tangent 90
5.38 dA for arc 270, tangent 1
9.54 dA for arc 359, tangent 180
6 cA at arc 359, tangent 90
arc 359, tangent 1, there is 9.2 dA

Negative worlds

9.2 dA for arc 0, tangent -360
3.1 cA at arc 0, tangent -270
8.77 dA at arc 0, tangent -181
arc 0, tangent -180 at 6.42 dA
7.99 dA for arc 0, tangent -90
7.08 dA for arc 0, tangent -1
5.002 mA for arc 1, tangent -180
7.4 dA at arc 1, tangent -90
0 A for arc 1, tangent -1
7.99 dA at arc 90, tangent -180
0 A for arc 90, tangent -90
7.4 dA at arc 90, tangent -1
arc 180, tangent -180 makes for 0 A
7.99 dA at arc 180, tangent -90
5.002 mA for arc 180, tangent -1
7.99 dA is arc 270, tangent -180
6.42 dA for arc 270, tangent -90
8.54 dA at arc 270, tangent -1
5.002 mA for arc 359, tangent -180
8.52 dA for arc 359, tangent -90
arc 359, tangent -1 at 2 cA

Timewave probabilities

  The probabilities calculation is done by a random flux of energy. This energy is felt as well as recordable on a volt meter on amp mode and the metallic leads are touched together.

± 6+ sA
This is a grand scale event for positive, like a major settlement or world peace,
and deadly disaster for a negative like a 3+ car pile up wreck

± 5-5.9 sA
This is a major scale event for positive events like a small settlement or a lucky
event. A major disaster for negative events, like a theft or car wreck.

± 4-4.9 sA
This would count as a minor-major scale event for positive, like a pay raise or a positive progression.
The negative is minor-major disaster like a death or a breakage of sorts.

± 3-3.9 sA
This counts for a gain of an item or other minor event in the positive. The negative is an item loss, or other minor disaster.

± 2-2.9 sA
The positive is a good deed of some sort or other small minor event. Negative events are some small minor disaster, like being pushed around.

± 1-1.9 sA
This is a nudge in the right direction for positive or other small events. Negative is a minor misconvenience like rudeness or other small disaster.

± 0-0.9 sA
Getting a 0 result either way means a small nothing result, of no bad or good happening. Just average everyday events.

Spell/effect possibility chart

  The percentage will tell, what type of spell one can achieve. Each spell or mental pursuit, takes a small percent of the heat in the area. Uh = (E(%)-Rb(%))/4 = % used heat.

Means no spells, except a few.

Allows mild spells, like light spells or other.

Allows for mild light spells, like charm, woven energy or wish spells.

Allows for light spells, like enchantments or glamout spells.

Allows light medium spells, like levitation, shields or elemental spells.

Allows medium spells, as in fireball or area cold or heat spell.

Allows medium-heavy spells, like reeicki(distance healing) or power balls spells.

Allows for heavy spells, like earthquake, firewalls, seek and destroy spells or other similar.

Allows heavy-hard spells, like flight spells, electrical and iron based spells.

Allows hard spells, like void, madness, mass destruction and mass illusion spells and chance of disaster.

Allows for all the different types and hard-extreme spells, like place shifting, moment changing and easy teleportation.

Possible power conversion spells

Preparation ~ To do this spell, use any amulet or crytal, and have a candle lit, not red. Quartz. is best, for it can be trained for anything. To train it, hold the ceystal, then state meditudilythmaix (mead-light-you-dile-lye-th-maix) for power crystal create, this spell creates a power crystal out of any crystal or substance.

Method 1 ~ Hold the power stone, and think to it "Convert energy." Now think of the application or machine as it was working, it should start.

Method 2 ~ Another spell is to use the power crystal, hold the crystal and state at the device "lukythgyzmyt" (luke-mine-th-guy-laze-mit). It should be powered, but if there's not enough power to begin with, then this won't work.

Method 3 ~ A final spell, hold the crystal then state at a machine "corrantlukyth" (corrant-luke-mine-th), to link the machine.


  According to the E% percent, a person will act dependent upon the energy level.

uncaring or unresponsive

irate, glad or miffed

disbelieving, incredulous, giddy or angered

humorous, warning or spiteful

happy, stern or crazed

annoyed, moved or disturbed

controlled, or inhibited

very happy, disillusionment, very unhappy or dispassionate

displeasure, perky or forgivance

avoidance, bliss or ingoring

discipline, relaxed, act out, insane, any action or love

Decay chart

  This shows the percent, of decay of area objects, or disorganization, the person has, in area, self or work, by Rb%. With multiple sources added to the Rb%, the effects can go upto 100% otherwise the chaos rapid decay can remain at 33% or lower.

very neat, clean freak or very organized

neat or organized

slightly disorganized or slight mess

disorganized or messy

badly disorganized or bad mess

minor disaster, almost repulsive or pig

disaster or repulsive

medium disaster or medium repulsive

major disaster or very repulsive

big disaster or undesirable

total disaster or ruination

Temperature conversion table

  To convert the Kelvin to E%, use K/4, take the decimal as the percent. Take the first 3 numbers, of the decimal. Round up on the third digit.

Degree f

Degree c

Temp. K


























Z% Chart


These are approximate numbers done by a computer math program, as most cos and sin are different per different calculator.

-459.67 to -279 deg F

! - 459.67. - 458. - 457. - 456. - 455. - 454. !
! 1. 0.9390555 0.9728462 0.6991866 0.2960135 0.0254749 !
! - 453. - 452. - 451. - 450. - 449. !
! 0.0634782 0.3853132 0.7817190 0.9949476 0.8863554 !
! - 448. - 447. - 446. - 445. - 444. !
! 0.5265503 0.1494818 0.0003245 0.1760622 0.5624282 !
! - 443. - 442. - 441. - 440. - 439. !
! 0.9082026 0.9885588 0.7512482 0.350573 0.0470570 !
! - 438. - 437. - 436. - 435. - 434. !
! 0.0380500 0.3294085 0.7316875 0.9833206 0.9206928 !
! - 433. - 432. - 431. - 430. - 429. !
! 0.5845255 0.1933987 0.0016277 0.1339044 0.5042209 !
! - 428. - 427. - 426. - 425. - 424. !
! 0.8717928 0.9976206 0.7998895 0.4071666 0.0748051 !
! - 423. - 422. - 421. - 420. - 419. !
! 0.0189104 0.2758260 0.6785022 0.9651141 0.9493033 !
! - 418. - 417. - 416. - 415. - 414. !
! 0.6413501 0.2414893 0.0097154 0.0967303 0.4459561 !
! - 413. - 412. - 411. - 410. - 409. !
! 0.8303219 0.9999084 0.8444484 0.4650240 0.1083414 !
! - 408. - 407. - 406. - 405. - 404. !
! 0.0063199 0.2252952 0.6228868 0.9405760 0.9717974 !
! - 403. - 402. - 401. - 400. - 399. !
! 0.6962504 0.2930991 0.0244772 0.0650460 0.3884271 !
! - 398. - 397. - 396. - 395. - 394. !
! 0.7843542 0.9953908 0.8843184 0.5233575 0.1472093 !
! - 393. - 392. - 391. - 390. - 389. !
! 0.0004498 0.1785039 0.5655986 0.9100403 0.9878689 !
! - 388. - 387. - 386. - 385. - 384. !
! 0.7484792 0.3475254 0.0457124 0.0392827 0.3324169 !
! - 383. - 382. - 381. - 380. - 379. !
! 0.7345156 0.9841295 0.9189566 0.5813730 0.1908798 !
! - 378. - 377. - 376. - 375. - 374. !
! 0.0013802 0.1360892 0.5074174 0.8739227 0.9972990 !
! - 373. - 372. - 371. - 370. - 369. !
! 0.7973255 0.4040274 0.0731318 0.0197911 0.2786880 !
! - 368. - 367. - 366. - 365. - 364. !
! 0.6814846 0.9662777 0.9478915 0.6382808 0.2387583 !
! - 363. - 362. - 361. - 360. - 359. !
! 0.0090983 0.0986284 0.4491352 0.8327149 0.9999594 !
! - 358. - 357. - 356. - 355. - 354. !
! 0.8421242 0.4618358 0.1063622 0.0068366 0.2279718 !
! - 353. - 352. - 351. - 350. - 349. !
! 0.6259830 0.9420785 0.9707293 0.6933062 0.2901931 !
! - 348. - 347. - 346. - 345. - 344. !
! 0.0234990 0.0666316 0.3915455 0.7869779 0.9958138 !
! - 343. - 342. - 341. - 340. - 339. !
! 0.8822656 0.5201638 0.1449512 0.0005956 0.1809588 !
! - 338. - 337. - 336. - 335. - 334. !
! 0.5687664 0.9118612 0.9871590 0.7457001 0.3444840 !
! - 333. - 332. - 331. - 330. - 329. !
! 0.0443863 0.0405341 0.3354321 0.7373342 0.9849186 !
! - 328. - 327. - 326. - 325. - 324. !
! 0.9172032 0.5782172 0.1883735 0.0011530 0.1382889 !
! - 323. - 322. - 321. - 320. - 319. !
! 0.5106137 0.8760373 0.9969570 0.7947493 0.4008920 !
! - 318. - 317. - 316. - 315. - 314. !
! 0.0714760 0.0206914 0.2815590 0.6844596 0.9674223 !
! - 313. - 312. - 311. - 310. - 309. !
! 0.9464614 0.6352059 0.2360379 0.0085012 0.1005429 !
! - 308. - 307. - 306. - 305. - 304. !
! 0.4523164 0.8350944 0.9999899 0.8397860 0.4586492 !
! - 303. - 302. - 301. - 300. - 299. !
! 0.1043991 0.0073736 0.2306596 0.6290740 0.9435630 !
! - 298. - 297. - 296. - 295. - 294. !
! 0.9696419 0.6903541 0.2872957 0.0225402 0.0682348 !
! - 293. - 292. - 291. - 290. - 289. !
! 0.3946683 0.7895898 0.9962164 0.8801972 0.5169692 !
! - 288. - 287. - 286. - 285. - 284. !
! 0.1427076 0.0007618 0.1834267 0.5719313 0.9136654 !
! - 283. - 282. - 281. - 280. - 279. !
! 0.9864292 0.7429109 0.3414490 0.0430789 0.0418044 ! ___________________________________________________

-278 to 98 deg F

! - 278. - 277. - 276. - 275. - 274. !
! 0.3384541 0.7401430 0.9856880 0.9154328 0.5750582 !
! - 273. - 272. - 271. - 270. - 269. !
! 0.1858799 0.0009462 0.1405033 0.5138095 0.8781365 !
! - 268. - 267. - 266. - 265. - 264. !
! 0.9965947 0.792161 0.3977607 0.0698377 0.0216113 !
! - 263. - 262. - 261. - 260. - 259. !
! 0.2844390 0.6874271 0.9685478 0.9450131 0.6321255 !
! - 258. - 257. - 256. - 255. - 254. !
! 0.2333284 0.0079243 0.1024738 0.4554996 0.8374601 !
! - 253. - 252. - 251. - 250. - 249. !
! 1. 0.8374339 0.4554642 0.1024522 0.0079306 !
! - 248. - 247. - 246. - 245. - 244. !
! 0.2333584 0.6321598 0.9450293 0.9685354 0.6873942 !
! - 243. - 242. - 241. - 240. - 239. !
! 0.284407 0.0216010 0.0698558 0.3977955 0.7921898 !
! - 238. - 237. - 236. - 235. - 234. !
! 0.9965988 0.8781133 0.5137740 0.1404786 0.0009484 !
! - 233. - 232. - 231. - 230. - 229. !
! 0.1859076 0.5750934 0.9154526 0.9856795 0.7401118 !
! - 228. - 227. - 226. - 225. - 224. !
! 0.3384205 0.0417901 0.0430933 0.3414827 0.7429420 !
! - 223. - 222. - 221. - 220. - 219. !
! 0.9864374 0.9136454 0.5718962 0.1833992 0.0007599 !
! - 218. - 217. - 216. - 215. - 214. !
! 0.1427325 0.5170047 0.8802203 0.9962121 0.7895608 !
! - 213. - 212. - 211. - 210. - 209. !
! 0.3946336 0.0682169 0.0225508 0.2873279 0.6903869 !
! - 208. - 207. - 206. - 205. - 204. !
! 0.9696541 0.9435466 0.6290397 0.2306297 0.0073675 !
! - 203. - 202. - 201. - 200. - 199. !
! 0.1044209 0.4586846 0.8398121 0.9999897 0.8350680 !
! - 198. - 197. - 196. - 195. - 194. !
! 0.4522811 0.1005216 0.0085078 0.2360681 0.6352401 !
! - 193. - 192. - 191. - 190. - 189. !
! 0.9464774 0.9674097 0.6844266 0.2815271 0.0206813 !
! - 188. - 187. - 186. - 185. - 184. !
! 0.0714943 0.4009268 0.7947779 0.9969609 0.8760139 !
! - 183. - 182. - 181. - 180. - 179. !
! 0.5105781 0.1382644 0.0011554 0.1884012 0.5782523 !
! - 178. - 177. - 176. - 175. - 174. !
! 0.9172228 0.9849100 0.7373029 0.3353986 0.0405201 !
! - 173. - 172. - 171. - 170. - 169. !
! 0.0444010 0.3445178 0.7457310 0.9871670 0.9118411 !
! - 168. - 167. - 166. - 165. - 164. !
! 0.5687312 0.1809314 0.0005939 0.1449762 0.5201993 !
! - 163. - 162. - 161. - 160. - 159. !
! 0.8822885 0.9958092 0.7869488 0.3915108 0.0666138 !
! - 158. - 157. - 156. - 155. - 154. !
! 0.0235098 0.2902254 0.6933390 0.9707412 0.9420619 !
! - 153. - 152. - 151. - 150. - 149. !
! 0.6259486 0.2279420 0.0068308 0.1063841 0.4618712 !
! - 148. - 147. - 146. - 145. - 144. !
! 0.8421501 0.9999589 0.8326884 0.4490999 0.0986073 !
! - 143. - 142. - 141. - 140. - 139. !
! 0.0091050 0.2387886 0.6383150 0.9479073 0.9662649 !
! - 138. - 137. - 136. - 135. - 134. !
! 0.6814515 0.2786561 0.0197812 0.0731503 0.4040622 !
! - 133. - 132. - 131. - 130. - 129. !
! 0.7973540 0.9973027 0.8738991 0.5073819 0.1360649 !
! - 128. - 127. - 126. - 125. - 124. !
! 0.0013828 0.1909077 0.5814081 0.9189760 0.9841206 !
! - 123. - 122. - 121. - 120. - 119. !
! 0.7344843 0.3323834 0.0392689 0.0457273 0.3475592 !
! - 118. - 117. - 116. - 115. - 114. !
! 0.7485100 0.9878766 0.9100200 0.5655634 0.1784767 !
! - 113. - 112. - 111. - 110. - 109. !
! 0.0004483 0.1472345 0.5233930 0.8843411 0.9953860 !
! - 108. - 107. - 106. - 105. - 104. !
! 0.784325 0.3883924 0.0650285 0.0244882 0.2931314 !
! - 103. - 102. - 101. - 100. - 99. !
! 0.6962831 0.9718091 0.9405592 0.6228524 0.2252655 !

-98 to 82 deg F

! - 98. - 97. - 96. - 95. - 94. !
! 0.0063143 0.1083634 0.4650594 0.8444742 0.9999077 !
! - 93. - 92. - 91. - 90. - 89. !
! 0.8302952 0.4459208 0.0967094 0.0097223 0.2415197 !
! - 88. - 87. - 86. - 85. - 84. !
! 0.6413841 0.9493189 0.9651011 0.6784690 0.2757942 !
! - 83. - 82. - 81. - 80. - 79. !
! 0.0189007 0.0748238 0.4072015 0.7999179 0.9976241 !
! - 78. - 77. - 76. - 75. - 74. !
! 0.8717691 0.5041853 0.1338802 0.0016306 0.1934267 !
! - 73. - 72. - 71. - 70. - 69. !
! 0.5845605 0.920712 0.9833115 0.7316561 0.3293751 !
! - 68. - 67. - 66. - 65. - 64. !
! 0.0380364 0.0470721 0.3506069 0.7512789 0.9885663 !
! - 63. - 62. - 61. - 60. - 59. !
! 0.9081821 0.5623929 0.1760351 0.0003232 0.1495071 !
! - 58. - 57. - 56. - 55. - 54. !
! 0.5265857 0.8863780 0.9949426 0.7816896 0.3852786 !
! - 53. - 52. - 51. - 50. - 49. !
! 0.0634609 0.0254861 0.2960460 0.6992192 0.9728577 !
! - 48. - 47. - 46. - 45. - 44. !
! 0.9390385 0.6197511 0.2226002 0.0058179 0.1103588 !
! - 43. - 42. - 41. - 40. - 39. !
! 0.4682491 0.8467842 0.9998360 0.8278885 0.4427439 !
! - 38. - 37. - 36. - 35. - 34. !
! 0.0948279 0.0103597 0.2442615 0.6444475 0.9507121 !
! - 33. - 32. - 31. - 30. - 29. !
! 0.9639182 0.6754792 0.2729415 0.0180399 0.0765147 !
! - 28. - 27. - 26. - 25. - 24. !
! 0.4103446 0.8024696 0.9979252 0.8696238 0.5009886 !
! - 23. - 22. - 21. - 20. - 19. !
! 0.1317106 0.0018988 0.1959583 0.5877095 0.9224308 !
! - 18. - 17. - 16. - 15. - 14. !
! 0.9824826 0.7288184 0.3263737 0.0368229 0.0484354 !
! - 13. - 12. - 11. - 10. - 9. !
! 0.3536607 0.7540375 0.9892361 0.9063275 0.5592199 !
! - 8. - 7. - 6. - 5. - 4. !
! 0.1736068 0.0002185 0.1517941 0.5297774 0.8883991 !
! - 3. - 2. - 1. 0. 1. !
! 0.9944790 0.7790427 0.3821695 0.0619111 0.0265034 !
! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. !
! 0.2989688 0.7021472 0.9738870 0.9374998 0.6166450 !
! 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. !
! 0.2199462 0.0053418 0.1123701 0.4714400 0.84908 !
! 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. !
! 0.9997440 0.8254684 0.4395694 0.0929631 0.0110171 !
! 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. !
! 0.2470136 0.647505 0.9520868 0.9627164 0.6724822 !
! 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. !
! 0.2700980 0.0171989 0.0782228 0.4134914 0.8050089 !
! 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. !
! 0.9982059 0.8674635 0.4977919 0.1295560 0.0021873 !
! 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. !
! 0.1985024 0.5908548 0.9241324 0.9816340 0.7259714 !
! 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. !
! 0.3233794 0.0356283 0.0498173 0.3567204 0.7567857 !
! 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. !
! 0.9898858 0.9044563 0.5560444 0.1711918 0.0001342 !
! 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. !
! 0.1540954 0.5329679 0.8904043 0.9939951 0.7763844 !
! 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. !
! 0.3790652 0.0603793 0.0275400 0.3018999 0.7050669 !
! 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. !
! 0.9748969 0.9359432 0.6135340 0.2173037 0.0048859 !
! 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. !
! 0.1143972 0.4746321 0.8513615 0.9996315 0.823035 !
! 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. !
! 0.4363973 0.0911148 0.0116944 0.2497762 0.6505565 !
! 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. !
! 0.9534431 0.9614956 0.6694781 0.2672639 0.0163775 !
! 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. !
! 0.0799482 0.4166417 0.8075357 0.9984663 0.8652881 !

82 to 260 deg F

! 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. !
! 0.4945952 0.1274165 0.0024961 0.2010587 0.5939965 !
! 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. !
! 0.9258167 0.9807657 0.7231151 0.3203924 0.0344527 !
! 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. !
! 0.0512175 0.3597860 0.7595234 0.9905155 0.9025686 !
! 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. !
! 0.5528667 0.1687902 0.0000704 0.1564108 0.5361570 !
! 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. !
! 0.8923935 0.9934911 0.7737148 0.3759659 0.0588654 !
! 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. !
! 0.0285960 0.3048391 0.7079782 0.9758873 0.9343688 !
! 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. !
! 0.6104185 0.2146727 0.0044502 0.1164401 0.4778253 !
! 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. !
! 0.8536287 0.9994985 0.8205884 0.4332278 0.0892833 !
! 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. !
! 0.0123917 0.2525489 0.6536018 0.9547809 0.9602560 !
! 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. !
! 0.6664672 0.2644393 0.0155759 0.0816908 0.4197954 !
! 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. !
! 0.8100500 0.9987063 0.8630978 0.4913988 0.1252923 !
! 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. !
! 0.0028253 0.2036273 0.5971343 0.9274835 0.9798777 !
! 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. !
! 0.7202497 0.3174127 0.0332961 0.0526360 0.3628574 !
! 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. !
! 0.7622505 0.9911252 0.9006644 0.5496868 0.1664022 !
! 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. !
! 0.0000270 0.1587402 0.5393446 0.8943667 0.9929669 !
! 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. !
! 0.7710340 0.3728716 0.0573696 0.0296712 0.3077863 !
! 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. !
! 0.7108810 0.9768584 0.9327767 0.6072984 0.2120534 !
! 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. !
! 0.0040347 0.1184986 0.4810193 0.8558815 0.9993452 !
! 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. !
! 0.8181287 0.4300611 0.0874686 0.0131090 0.2553318 !
! 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. !
! 0.6566408 0.9561001 0.9589976 0.6634494 0.2616244 !
! 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. !
! 0.0147941 0.0834505 0.4229524 0.8125516 0.9989259 !
! 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. !
! 0.8608927 0.4882027 0.1231834 0.0031748 0.2062080 !
! 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. !
! 0.6002682 0.9291328 0.9789702 0.7173753 0.3144404 !
! 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. !
! 0.0321586 0.0540729 0.3659343 0.7649669 0.9917148 !
! 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. !
! 0.8987438 0.5465048 0.1640278 0.0000040 0.1610835 !
! 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. !
! 0.5425307 0.8963238 0.9924225 0.7683421 0.3697825 !
! 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. !
! 0.0558918 0.0307657 0.3107413 0.7137752 0.9778099 !
! 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. !
! 0.9311669 0.6041739 0.2094459 0.0036396 0.1205728 !
! 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. !
! 0.4842142 0.8581196 0.9991714 0.8156560 0.4268972 !
! 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. !
! 0.0856707 0.0138462 0.2581246 0.6596734 0.9574006 !
! 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. !
! 0.9577204 0.6604249 0.2588192 0.0140322 0.0852272 !
! 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. !
! 0.4261125 0.8150404 0.9991252 0.8586728 0.4850070 !
! 242. 243. 244. 245. 246. !
! 0.1210899 0.0035447 0.2088007 0.6033980 0.9307647 !
! 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. !
! 0.9780430 0.7144920 0.3114758 0.0310402 0.0555280 !
! 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. !
! 0.3690168 0.7676724 0.9922843 0.8968070 0.543321 !
! 257. 258. 259. 260. !
! 0.1616672 0.0000014 0.1634408 0.5457149 !


Rb(%) = E/3 or Z/3
These are approximate numbers done by a computer math program, as most cos and sin are different per different calculator This set of data is for z%.

-459.67 to -278 deg F
! - 459.67 - 458. - 457. - 456. - 455. - 454. !
! 0.3333333 0.3130185 0.3242821 0.2330622 0.0986712 0.0084916 !
! - 453. - 452. - 451. - 450. - 449. !
! 0.0211594 0.1284377 0.2605730 0.3316492 0.2954518 !
! - 448. - 447. - 446. - 445. - 444. !
! 0.1755168 0.0498273 0.0001082 0.0586874 0.1874761 !
! - 443. - 442. - 441. - 440. - 439. !
! 0.3027342 0.3295196 0.2504161 0.1168577 0.0156857 !
! - 438. - 437. - 436. - 435. - 434. !
! 0.0126833 0.1098028 0.2438958 0.3277735 0.3068976 !
! - 433. - 432. - 431. - 430. - 429. !
! 0.1948418 0.0644662 0.0005426 0.0446348 0.1680736 !
! - 428. - 427. - 426. - 425. - 424. !
! 0.2905976 0.3325402 0.2666298 0.1357222 0.0249350 !
! - 423. - 422. - 421. - 420. - 419. !
! 0.0063035 0.0919420 0.2261674 0.3217047 0.3164344 !
! - 418. - 417. - 416. - 415. - 414. !
! 0.2137834 0.0804964 0.0032385 0.0322434 0.1486520 !
! - 413. - 412. - 411. - 410. - 409. !
! 0.2767740 0.3333028 0.2814828 0.155008 0.0361138 !
! - 408. - 407. - 406. - 405. - 404. !
! 0.0021066 0.0750984 0.2076289 0.3135253 0.3239325 !
! - 403. - 402. - 401. - 400. - 399. !
! 0.2320835 0.0976997 0.0081591 0.0216820 0.1294757 !
! - 398. - 397. - 396. - 395. - 394. !
! 0.2614514 0.3317969 0.2947728 0.1744525 0.0490698 !
! - 393. - 392. - 391. - 390. - 389. !
! 0.0001499 0.0595013 0.1885329 0.3033468 0.3292896 !
! - 388. - 387. - 386. - 385. - 384. !
! 0.2494931 0.1158418 0.0152375 0.0130942 0.1108056 !
! - 383. - 382. - 381. - 380. - 379. !
! 0.2448385 0.3280432 0.3063189 0.1937910 0.0636266 !
! - 378. - 377. - 376. - 375. - 374. !
! 0.0004601 0.0453631 0.1691391 0.2913076 0.3324330 !
! - 373. - 372. - 371. - 370. - 369. !
! 0.2657752 0.1346758 0.0243773 0.0065970 0.0928960 !
! - 368. - 367. - 366. - 365. - 364. !
! 0.2271615 0.3220926 0.3159638 0.2127603 0.0795861 !
! - 363. - 362. - 361. - 360. - 359. !
! 0.0030328 0.0328761 0.1497117 0.2775716 0.3333198 !
! - 358. - 357. - 356. - 355. - 354. !
! 0.2807081 0.1539453 0.0354541 0.0022789 0.0759906 !
! - 353. - 352. - 351. - 350. - 349. !
! 0.208661 0.3140262 0.3235764 0.2311021 0.0967310 !
! - 348. - 347. - 346. - 345. - 344. !
! 0.0078330 0.0222105 0.1305152 0.2623260 0.3319379 !
! - 343. - 342. - 341. - 340. - 339. !
! 0.2940885 0.1733879 0.0483171 0.0001985 0.0603196 !
! - 338. - 337. - 336. - 335. - 334. !
! 0.1895888 0.3039537 0.3290530 0.2485667 0.1148280 !
! - 333. - 332. - 331. - 330. - 329. !
! 0.0147954 0.0135114 0.1118107 0.2457781 0.3283062 !
! - 328. - 327. - 326. - 325. - 324. !
! 0.3057344 0.1927391 0.0627912 0.0003843 0.0460963 !
! - 323. - 322. - 321. - 320. - 319. !
! 0.1702046 0.2920124 0.3323190 0.2649164 0.1336307 !
! - 318. - 317. - 316. - 315. - 314. !
! 0.0238253 0.0068971 0.0938530 0.2281532 0.3224741 !
! - 313. - 312. - 311. - 310. - 309. !
! 0.3154871 0.2117353 0.0786793 0.0028337 0.0335143 !
! - 308. - 307. - 306. - 305. - 304. !
! 0.1507721 0.2783648 0.3333300 0.2799287 0.1528831 !
! - 303. - 302. - 301. - 300. - 299. !
! 0.0347997 0.0024579 0.0768865 0.2096913 0.3145210 !
! - 298. - 297. - 296. - 295. - 294. !
! 0.3232140 0.2301180 0.0957652 0.0075134 0.0227449 !
! - 293. - 292. - 291. - 290. - 289. !
! 0.1315561 0.2631966 0.3320721 0.2933991 0.1723231 !
! - 288. - 287. - 286. - 285. - 284. !
! 0.0475692 0.0002539 0.0611422 0.1906438 0.3045551 !
! - 283. - 282. - 281. - 280. - 279. !
! 0.3288097 0.2476370 0.1138163 0.0143596 0.0139348 ! ____________________________________________________________

-278 to 98 deg F

! - 278. - 277. - 276. - 275. - 274. !
! 0.1128180 0.2467143 0.3285627 0.3051443 0.1916861 !
! - 273. - 272. - 271. - 270. - 269. !
! 0.0619600 0.0003154 0.0468344 0.1712698 0.2927122 !
! - 268. - 267. - 266. - 265. - 264. !
! 0.3321982 0.2640537 0.1325869 0.0232792 0.0072038 !
! - 263. - 262. - 261. - 260. - 259. !
! 0.0948130 0.2291424 0.3228493 0.3150044 0.2107085 !
! - 258. - 257. - 256. - 255. - 254. !
! 0.0777761 0.0026414 0.0341579 0.1518332 0.2791534 !
! - 253. - 252. - 251. - 250. - 249. !
! 0.3333333 0.2791446 0.1518214 0.0341507 0.0026435 !
! - 248. - 247. - 246. - 245. - 244. !
! 0.0777861 0.2107199 0.3150098 0.3228451 0.2291314 !
! - 243. - 242. - 241. - 240. - 239. !
! 0.0948023 0.0072003 0.0232853 0.1325985 0.2640633 !
! - 238. - 237. - 236. - 235. - 234. !
! 0.3321996 0.2927044 0.1712580 0.0468262 0.0003161 !
! - 233. - 232. - 231. - 230. - 229. !
! 0.0619692 0.1916978 0.3051509 0.3285598 0.2467039 !
! - 228. - 227. - 226. - 225. - 224. !
! 0.1128068 0.0139300 0.0143644 0.1138276 0.2476473 !
! - 223. - 222. - 221. - 220. - 219. !
! 0.3288125 0.3045485 0.1906321 0.0611331 0.0002533 !
! - 218. - 217. - 216. - 215. - 214. !
! 0.0475775 0.1723349 0.2934068 0.3320707 0.2631869 !
! - 213. - 212. - 211. - 210. - 209. !
! 0.1315445 0.0227390 0.0075169 0.0957760 0.2301290 !
! - 208. - 207. - 206. - 205. - 204. !
! 0.3232180 0.3145155 0.2096799 0.0768766 0.0024558 !
! - 203. - 202. - 201. - 200. - 199. !
! 0.0348070 0.1528949 0.2799374 0.3333299 0.278356 !
! - 198. - 197. - 196. - 195. - 194. !
! 0.1507604 0.0335072 0.0028359 0.0786894 0.2117467 !
! - 193. - 192. - 191. - 190. - 189. !
! 0.3154925 0.3224699 0.2281422 0.0938424 0.0068938 !
! - 188. - 187. - 186. - 185. - 184. !
! 0.0238314 0.1336423 0.2649260 0.3323203 0.2920046 !
! - 183. - 182. - 181. - 180. - 179. !
! 0.1701927 0.0460881 0.0003851 0.0628004 0.1927508 !
! - 178. - 177. - 176. - 175. - 174. !
! 0.3057409 0.3283033 0.2457676 0.1117995 0.0135067 !
! - 173. - 172. - 171. - 170. - 169. !
! 0.0148003 0.1148393 0.2485770 0.3290557 0.3039470 !
! - 168. - 167. - 166. - 165. - 164. !
! 0.1895771 0.0603105 0.0001980 0.0483254 0.1733998 !
! - 163. - 162. - 161. - 160. - 159. !
! 0.2940962 0.3319364 0.2623163 0.1305036 0.0222046 !
! - 158. - 157. - 156. - 155. - 154. !
! 0.0078366 0.0967418 0.2311130 0.3235804 0.3140206 !
! - 153. - 152. - 151. - 150. - 149. !
! 0.2086495 0.0759807 0.0022769 0.0354614 0.1539571 !
! - 148. - 147. - 146. - 145. - 144. !
! 0.2807167 0.3333196 0.2775628 0.1497000 0.0328691 !
! - 143. - 142. - 141. - 140. - 139. !
! 0.0030350 0.0795962 0.2127717 0.3159691 0.3220883 !
! - 138. - 137. - 136. - 135. - 134. !
! 0.2271505 0.0928854 0.0065937 0.0243834 0.1346874 !
! - 133. - 132. - 131. - 130. - 129. !
! 0.2657847 0.3324342 0.2912997 0.1691273 0.0453550 !
! - 128. - 127. - 126. - 125. - 124. !
! 0.0004609 0.0636359 0.1938027 0.3063253 0.3280402 !
! - 123. - 122. - 121. - 120. - 119. !
! 0.2448281 0.1107945 0.0130896 0.0152424 0.1158531 !
! - 118. - 117. - 116. - 115. - 114. !
! 0.2495033 0.3292922 0.3033400 0.1885211 0.0594922 !
! - 113. - 112. - 111. - 110. - 109. !
! 0.0001494 0.0490782 0.1744643 0.2947804 0.3317953 !
! - 108. - 107. - 106. - 105. - 104. !
! 0.2614417 0.1294641 0.0216762 0.0081627 0.0977105 !
! - 103. - 102. - 101. - 100. - 99. !
! 0.2320944 0.3239364 0.3135197 0.2076175 0.0750885 ! ____________________________________________________________

-98 to 82 deg F

! - 98. - 97. - 96. - 95. - 94. !
! 0.0021048 0.0361211 0.1550198 0.2814914 0.3333026 !
! - 93. - 92. - 91. - 90. - 89. !
! 0.2767651 0.1486403 0.0322365 0.0032408 0.0805066 !
! - 88. - 87. - 86. - 85. - 84. !
! 0.2137947 0.3164396 0.3217004 0.2261563 0.0919314
! ! - 83. - 82. - 81. - 80. - 79. !
! 0.0063002 0.0249413 0.1357338 0.2666393 0.3325414 !
! - 78. - 77. - 76. - 75. - 74. !
! 0.2905897 0.1680618 0.0446267 0.0005435 0.0644756 !
! - 73. - 72. - 71. - 70. - 69. !
! 0.1948535 0.306904 0.3277705 0.2438854 0.1097917 !
! - 68. - 67. - 66. - 65. - 64. !
! 0.0126788 0.0156907 0.1168690 0.2504263 0.3295221 !
! - 63. - 62. - 61. - 60. - 59. !
! 0.3027274 0.1874643 0.0586784 0.0001077 0.0498357 !
! - 58. - 57. - 56. - 55. - 54. !
! 0.1755286 0.2954593 0.3316475 0.2605632 0.1284262 !
! - 53. - 52. - 51. - 50. - 49. !
! 0.0211536 0.0084954 0.0986820 0.2330731 0.3242859 !
! - 48. - 47. - 46. - 45. - 44. !
! 0.3130128 0.2065837 0.0742001 0.0019393 0.0367863 !
! - 43. - 42. - 41. - 40. - 39. !
! 0.1560830 0.2822614 0.3332787 0.2759628 0.1475813 !
! - 38. - 37. - 36. - 35. - 34. !
! 0.0316093 0.0034532 0.0814205 0.2148158 0.3169040 !
! - 33. - 32. - 31. - 30. - 29. !
! 0.3213061 0.2251597 0.0909805 0.0060133 0.0255049 !
! - 28. - 27. - 26. - 25. - 24. !
! 0.1367815 0.2674899 0.3326417 0.2898746 0.1669962 !
! - 23. - 22. - 21. - 20. - 19. !
! 0.0439035 0.0006329 0.0653194 0.1959032 0.3074769 !
! - 18. - 17. - 16. - 15. - 14. !
! 0.3274942 0.2429395 0.1087912 0.0122743 0.0161451 !
! - 13. - 12. - 11. - 10. - 9. !
! 0.1178869 0.2513458 0.3297454 0.3021092 0.1864066 !
! - 8. - 7. - 6. - 5. - 4. !
! 0.0578689 0.0000728 0.0505980 0.1765925 0.2961330 !
! - 3. - 2. - 1. 0. 1. !
! 0.3314930 0.2596809 0.1273898 0.0206370 0.0088345 !
! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. !
! 0.0996563 0.2340491 0.3246290 0.3124999 0.2055483 !
! 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. !
! 0.0733154 0.0017806 0.0374567 0.1571467 0.2830267 !
! 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. !
! 0.3332480 0.2751561 0.1465231 0.0309877 0.0036724 !
! 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. !
! 0.0823379 0.215835 0.3173623 0.3209055 0.2241607 !
! 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. !
! 0.0900327 0.0057330 0.0260743 0.1378305 0.2683363 !
! 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. ! ! 0.3327353 0.2891545 0.1659306 0.0431853 0.0007291 !
! 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. !
! 0.0661675 0.1969516 0.3080441 0.3272113 0.2419905 !
! 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. !
! 0.1077931 0.0118761 0.0166058 0.1189068 0.2522619 !
! 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. !
! 0.3299619 0.3014854 0.1853481 0.0570639 0.0000447 !
! 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. !
! 0.0513651 0.1776560 0.2968014 0.3313317 0.2587948 !
! 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. !
! 0.1263551 0.0201264 0.0091800 0.1006333 0.2350223 !
! 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. !
! 0.3249656 0.3119811 0.2045113 0.0724346 0.0016286 !
! 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. !
! 0.0381324 0.1582107 0.2837872 0.3332105 0.274345 !
! 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. !
! 0.1454658 0.0303716 0.0038981 0.0832587 0.2168522 !
! 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. ! ! 0.3178144 0.3204985 0.2231594 0.0890880 0.0054592 !
! 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. !
! 0.0266494 0.1388806 0.2691786 0.3328221 0.2884294 !

82 to 260 deg F

! 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. !
! 0.1648651 0.0424722 0.0008320 0.0670196 0.1979988 !
! 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. !
! 0.3086056 0.3269219 0.2410384 0.1067975 0.0114842 !
! 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. !
! 0.0170725 0.1199287 0.2531745 0.3301718 0.3008562 !
! 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. !
! 0.1842889 0.0562634 0.0000235 0.0521369 0.178719 !
! 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. !
! 0.2974645 0.3311637 0.2579049 0.1253220 0.0196218 !
! 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. !
! 0.0095320 0.1016130 0.2359927 0.3252958 0.3114563 !
! 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. !
! 0.2034728 0.0715576 0.0014834 0.0388134 0.1592751 !
! 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. !
! 0.2845429 0.3331662 0.2735295 0.1444093 0.0297611 !
! 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. !
! 0.0041306 0.0841830 0.2178673 0.3182603 0.3200853 !
! 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. !
! 0.2221557 0.0881464 0.0051920 0.0272303 0.1399318 !
! 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. !
! 0.2700167 0.3329021 0.2876993 0.1637996 0.0417641 !
! 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. !
! 0.0009418 0.0678758 0.1990448 0.3091612 0.3266259 !
! 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. !
! 0.2400832 0.1058042 0.0110987 0.0175453 0.1209525 !
! 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. !
! 0.2540835 0.3303751 0.3002215 0.1832289 0.0554674 !
! 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. !
! 0.0000090 0.0529134 0.1797815 0.2981222 0.3309890 !
! 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. !
! 0.2570113 0.1242905 0.0191232 0.0098904 0.1025954 !
! 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. !
! 0.2369603 0.3256195 0.3109256 0.2024328 0.0706845 !
! 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. !
! 0.0013449 0.0394995 0.1603398 0.2852938 0.3331151 !
! 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. !
! 0.2727096 0.1433537 0.0291562 0.0043697 0.0851106 !
! 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. !
! 0.2188803 0.3187000 0.3196659 0.2211498 0.0872081 !
! 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. !
! 0.0049314 0.0278168 0.1409841 0.2708505 0.3329753 !
! 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. !
! 0.2869642 0.1627342 0.0410611 0.0010583 0.0687360 !
! 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. !
! 0.2000894 0.3097109 0.3263234 0.2391251 0.1048135 !
! 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. !
! 0.0107195 0.0180243 0.1219781 0.2549890 0.3305716 !
! 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. !
! 0.2995813 0.1821683 0.0546759 0.0000013 0.0536945 !
! 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. !
! 0.1808436 0.2987746 0.3308075 0.2561140 0.1232608 !
! 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. !
! 0.0186306 0.0102552 0.1035804 0.2379251 0.3259366 !
! 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. !
! 0.3103890 0.2013913 0.0698153 0.0012132 0.0401909 !
! 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. !
! 0.1614047 0.2860399 0.3330571 0.2718853 0.1422991 !
! 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. !
! 0.0285569 0.0046154 0.0860415 0.2198911 0.3191335 !
! 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. !
! 0.3192401 0.2201416 0.0862731 0.0046774 0.0284091 !
! 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. !
! 0.1420375 0.2716801 0.3330417 0.2862243 0.1616690 !
! 242. 243. 244. 245. 246. !
! 0.0403633 0.0011816 0.0696002 0.2011327 0.3102549 !
! 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. !
! 0.3260143 0.2381640 0.1038253 0.0103467 0.0185093 !
! 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. !
! 0.1230056 0.2558908 0.3307614 0.2989357 0.181107 !
! 257. 258. 259. 260. !
! 0.0538891 4.814E-07 0.0544803 0.1819050 !

  Answer is: 3+3=6, -3+3=0, 3+(-3)=0, 2+4=6, 4+2=6, 4+2-2-4=0, -3-3=-6, -4+2+2=0, 5+1=6, 1+5=6, -2+1+(-1)+2=0, 1+1+1-1-1-1=(3+(-3))=0, 1+2+2+1=6, -2-1+2+1=0, 1+1+1+1+1+1=6, -6+0=-6, 6+0=6, 6+(-6)=0, 0+6=6 and altogether its 19 ways or more.

Skyhawk and others including my brothers Daniel, Paul and Jay
Inspired by Steve Kamm, physics teacher @ RYoung1999@okc.cc.ok.us
Inspiration with weather for spell working by Gary England and doppler 9000
http://www.fatlion.com/sailplanes/freqformula.html for frequency conversion.
Inspiration for the spell works idea Grianne and Bek Ohmsford from the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara series
Book "The web of life" by Fritjof Capra pg 60-61 for feedback loops