Time is an illusion

The illusion of time

  Time is an illusion, its basically what we percieve of it and how it effects us and its manmade to help us use the moments we have more effectively. The more time the more efficient or sloppy use we have. There in this is the effort at hand, the moments of time, recorded time as event, imagined time, and the moment of event according to a laboratory study. Well you can grasp the illusion and make it real by applied energy. what you put into the event you can make for yourself as a diversion to occur like a time of moments. Its actually us and other people doing it as if linked and time is like a dream to follow. As each moment something is done it realeases energy. Then theres dark time, It causes nox like effects or shifting idea and effects that is as poison or energylike. Darktime is sorta forbidden as its everything forbidden in it is unbidden and unforbidden else. It makes use of energy or a moment shared as if it, that moment occurs else too, all at a single moment.

  The energy of moments are what is put into a moment and is of energy. Moments are made up of instances where an effect by action is an energy produced. An energy that is directed from actions and counted as a vibration to the whole and by a way it is a instance to which is defined by use. So it takes the moment activity to understand of what it is and what puts up the effect that is. Some of it is of the universe and of the activity behind the moment, as its actually not a fraction of a second in our time as it occurs in he multiverse. As it might take one part of an activity to make the moment for we are all linked to alternative moments that contribute to the point. You can use motes of energy to fuel other actions by the motes argumentive actions providing the fuel. One mote can elongate an effect except a certain kind.

  That activity takes energy as in one 'moment', there is an infinitely-sized snapshot of the universe but I think of a 'moment' as a fraction of a second as it takes place everywhere. As time is different its more destructive or instructive the more distance as to how far away the person is from it as an event. One mote of energy can extend the lifetime of a single soul. To equate this, time is distance by use in maneuver and motion that is as well correct. So when time is distinct, it can be to know as how far along as on a track that it goes on or an event vould match up to forever and its the match that makes it more important. Some time distraction can cause differentialization and that is to be differences are possible as 'we are two different people' and the more difference the farther away we are from the timed event. This is where we are of a timed event.

  So we can observe a timed event, by change and explain it, with time. But change here is an observed difference between a currently perceived object/scene and the memory of that object/scene. So, we have two seperate moments. But does there need to be any explanation further than the experience of two seperate moments, or for that matter, an infinite number of moments? If the currently perceived object/scene is observed by you, the observer, and the memory of the previously perceived object/scene was observed by you, the observer, then how is there any external justification for the perceived change? Without any way to justify and confirm external reality, then there is a realm of perception outside of your own that is of a psychic nature. Without any realm of perception outside of your own, then there no realm of consistently observed change defined as time.

  Timed event is actually a theme or use of distance equated with moment and 'what we percieve of it'. So we believe what we give as to be mde up and to begin to see that the event is of our making. Time we began with is different, than time we discern of now. As a distance runner is what we begin to see is off and away from us by time. Thus we can see time as beginning again as of it it is as we speak of it and we know its somewhat hard to describe. This can make time as an illusion that begain with an action that began with an action and it keeps going like that, as it is from an action..

  We have a past and we have already been to the future. The majority of our energy particles (our souls) exist in a place of "no time" so your now not broken. Time is created in order to experience and is part of the controlled experiment. Meditation or "going within" is the key to returning to the place of "no time" where an is all the answers lie as a different aspect or conscious state. The brain is awareness the consciousness of the body after shifting. So think you can shift something then this is possible. Such as going places you can seem like others or other ideal you can be.

  Realizing the illusion of time and the isolation of self leaves only the infinte moment. A moment, right now, constantly, and it's a moment that is yours and yours alone. There is no way for your to confirm I exist outside of your perception, your definition, and your explanation. The infinite moment is yours and perception, observation, definition, and judgement, are all yours to give meaning to, or dismiss. There are many people, like me, that you can not prove exist outside of your perception. They offer ideas, theories, opinions, and definitions. You as they are a part of your reality and yours alone, can choose to accept or reject these ideas, theories, opinions, and definitions. It's you. It's yours. There is only the infinite moment, and it's right now.

  So as we try to percieve time and understand it, time anomalies are created of negative space from our subconcious thinking and process. This time anomaly is the difference of one account as of them and our own. So it will appear in the effort of trying to remember it in our objects as built up 'bad' energy. Some energy event is scrambled up, as by all sorts of the different time flows that can sometimes null each other. Some of these scrambled up events can create 'bad' energy. What this an bad energy does, is direct you by impulses and bad examples that pop up. They the bad example can turn into bad results so consider this a 'bad seed' event.

  If you ignore the bad seed energy result, things can turn from bad example to being and feeling worse off.A person surving in this environ can give bad consultation. Often there are times that amount it to being as its what we can hold that contains it, so what we eat can be circumspect. We can see the 'bad' items by using aura sight or feeling them and they appear as different, odd and as an object that is strange to its environs. In aura sight the 'bad' items will appear gray with black specks or black with gray specks. Once thrown away, you will feel better about the environs and better for self you might even get better results. Some appear as a better off self that give bad advice. Believe me some things will try to trick you into using them, by appealing to the senses and make assured that even if you are better off you might get better off results that use others and make them worse off somehow.

  The energy contained in a single moment, if completely harnessed by a single person (not just part, but all), would probably be enough to crush someone both mentally and quite possibly physically. yet it takes multiple moments linked to the original energy in order to carry out and to fuel an event. It takes multiple moments to carry out an event and those moments seem as if they are together thus the unfathomable energy is used throughout. The energy sorta is apart of a single infinite, but the events are linked. An effect that someone else is trying to do and its a person or many, many people in an event that existed in the moment you are using for subsistence and energy.

  Its something that existed in the moment which you were trying to use for energy. But serves the point of existing else as well. As it works because its of a moment of unfathomable energy and activity that spurs on efforts. That works through the moment and it cuts off and diverts of another persons eforts as certain parts of it to cause another moment devoid of the previous situation. You're using the energy of moments to create an effect of your own or it would be to take control of a single moment, in order to divert someone else's effect which existed in that moment of event. What quantum physics explanation explains the base level of this? 'As a single atom we exist also in other places too all at once', that as a single or multiple atomic structure we exist also in other places all at once. So we share a moment of which we do things, and we do it with the object sometimes. That object is possibly us.

Basics of time theory

  Now to the other mechanics of time; see its a simple quantum theory.borrowed from wikipedia and there are 2 flows in time. as time flows toward it also flows backward. this is the constant and how it must act and thought if time is to be viewed as a solid dimension being. theres a point where this 2 flows collide. As the word "now" is on this spot, slightly in front of it as a concept is if aavenue.

time flows forward -------------------------------->
........................<-------------------------------- time flows backward
...............................................x .

  So for example we know that somethin happaned in the forward flowing time, in the past becouse of our memory, where the 'x' in the diagram, is the action.


  Now if we take the collision as a constant point, the event in the past also has a symetry in the backwards flowing time, being in the same place with our forward flowing time

.......event........x collision

  Thats how it can be explained. if you get the idea of 2 flows in time and you can bind the chakras, if a concept and theres no backs and forwards if you look from each side, thought and make is this as the constant in your mind, then you start to develop the ability.

The advanced time theory

  Now to the advanced theory on time from Dimensional physics; Only read on if in interest. Now as the time flows backawrd and time also flows forward, each time flow represents a universe by the representation of the world your living on, which in that universe is a planet that flows back or forward in multimyriad dimensions.

World time forward
World time backward

  The idea is that these two have a constant collision every 5 minutes to 10 minutes and there are thousands of these worlds that do. Each collision is counted as a now where something isn't bad that happens for its their good and a lot of good for its thier bad and accepted as not such. Each collision creates a vision that we could, identify our idea of a world by and for now.

So this constant is like <--------x-------x-------x--->

  Count these five minute variables as updates to the point of now time. The five minute interval is a time frame to compare things as say the one minute interval is the same as saying a comparison. I arrived at it by counting on my watch the seconds and making notice to any sorta mahor change around me. I did this several times and averaged it out at five. I could have said four point five but I rounded up.

  Where the closest contact with these worlds is the worlds that are often variations to ours and when we notice the now of our time, we see it as when our close match of a world that happens to be a match of ours. The event is often the same or similiar to ours as it is on thier world. When we see it through the 4th dimension we are hidden while we watch while its to see it as possible events.

  I hope you didn't get lost during that explanation but if you think about something, what your doing is going to these now poiints and shifting to see it and shifting back. Some people have age marks for deep thinking and this is why. You are there as its a split second time window and back again. So some have rememberances from these worlds. Those reverse at worlds are like unaging you if you stay as similiar. You can find these worlds, as our opposite worlds or the negative world alternative. The idea is that we are where we think or need ourselves.