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Dimensional Planes

   Dimensional planes
I. Introduction
II.Dimensional Travel
III.Trans-Dimensional portals
V.A different take on dimensions


Dimensions are planes of existance, perceived by the mind when it is tuned to the certain 'humming' of the dimension. Each dimension is like a little sliver of reality. You can experience more than one dimension at a time - example: You seem to live your life in the third dimension, but you 'travel' through the fourth dimension of time, and you can see the shadows of the second. - the dimensions are supported by consciousness, perceptions which hold together the fabric of reality. By looking at each dimension individually we can see how parts effect the whole and learn a lot about the universe itself from the possibilities that arise in each dimensional plane. The 'laws' of reality can seem to differ between the planes, in some magic is possible and in some it isn't. There are workarounds though, as you can overlap the dimensions by perceiving multiple planes at once as explained previously. This article hopes to explain these dimensions that have been discovered, the traits and beings that exist there, as well as providing information and simple techniques so you can do your own exploring.

Dimensional Travel

How to go from one Dimension to the next.
There are many ways to travel between dimensions.


Imagine a door which leads either to another dimension or another location, depending where you are trying to go. It can either be hanging in an imaginary doorway, or it could be a real door in a real doorway. The important part is that you synchronize your movement and your imagination. You begin by turning the knob with both a movement of your physical hand and of the hand imagined in your mind. You open the door, and you walk through it. Imagine the area intended on the other side. And, always be sure to close the door once you have reached the other side, either by thinking 'close gate' or by imagining yourself closing the door. To anyone watching, it will look as if you simply disappeared.
  •  If the door is hard to open, it means that the destination is far away.
  •  If the door will not open, it means that there is danger on the other side.
  •  If the handle is warm, it means that there is danger, but that the danger is not as bad as if it will not open at all.
  •  If the handle is warm even to your mind, it means that there is something damaging nearby.
Note: These types of gates those that close those that use a door can be of any two elements that are harmonious to you, but not to each other. For example: Air and Fire. "air is the tunnel and fire is the gate itself semi-synchronously circling each other. With fire and water, the water is disipated and forms the medium you go through, or the fire is the opener and water is what you seem to walk through."

This next one is the more dramatic form of gating, though there are generally less precautions taken, so be careful. It involves, essentially, a wormhole. For a fire gate, you imagine a tunnel of fire which will send you from point A to point B. Though, if you looked at it from the side, it would appear flat - it is sort of like an optical illusion. When staring into the mouth of it, there are different ways that you see it, depending on both how you do it, and where you are going.

Sometimes, when I do it, I see a ring of fire (or whatever element I use - gates can be of any element, Fire gates, Voidal gates, etc) around a live image of the area I intend on going to. When I pass through the gate, I step to the other side with no pause or wait.

Other times, I see a tunnel of fire (or any other element I use. Fire just happens to be my best element in general) which is travelling away from me. When I go into it, I see myself traveling at breakneck speeds through twists and turns according to where the gate takes me. However, despite the fire at the edges, I do not get burnt, and I do not run into the walls. Also, despite my speed, when I come out on the other side, I do not fall and harm myself. The trip is rather smooth. I suppose it is comparable to a 'magic carpet ride'.

Simple Frequency Change

My normal way of doing it is the way that I find to be the simplest.

I once heard a great example relating to the nature of the dimensions. As it turns out, we are a lot like radios. The dimensions each vibrate at a different frequency, and we must be tuned in correctly if we wish to perceive them, or receive their signals. The same thing is true for radio signals. You see, radio waves have a length (or, for our example, a vibration) specific to each and every frequency, and radio sets are made to only pick up one set of them at a time. This is why we are able to listen to, for example, 95.5 FM without 96.3 FM overlapping and getting in the way.

In this universe, there is a building named "Reality". It is the place where each and every one of those radio stations (dimensions) are broadcasted from. On top of this building, there are scores of antennae jutting up toward the sky; one for each “radio station.” Their signals are sent into the surrounding area, and they ALL exist within the same space. They overlap, they intermingle, and in the case of dimensions, on some level they also interact.

As you read this - whether you are aware of it or not - radio waves are passing through your body. You do not notice them, because you do not have the correct equipment. In much the same way, different dimensions are also present in the exact same space as you are. However, for those, we DO have the correct equipment. It is simply that most people do not know how to adjust it properly.

Each and every one of us is like a radio, and our third eyes are the antennas that receive and translate the signals for our brain. You are your own dial; you are the one that sets which one you are receiving, and when. For our physical bodies, our dials are stuck on "3" (or, perhaps, we just don't know how to use that dial either, yet). For our minds and our energy-bodies, however, the same is not true at all. We are able to perceive nearly any one of the many, many, many dimensions which are present in the very spot which you are sitting right now. Just beneath the fabric of what we see as every-day "reality", there lies an endless number of alternate possibilities.

Using this way of looking at it, you do not need a gate, door, or any other sort of portal to move between the dimensions. All that is required is to will yourself to change frequency. It is possible to do this by will and intent alone. Simply tune yourself to a new set of vibrations.

It can also be combined with teleportation, to take you not only to a different dimension, but to a specific part of the dimension as well. This can be done by imagining the area that you want to arrive on the dimension at the same time that you shift to the dimension.

Trans-Dimensional Portals

In definition, a trans-dimensional portal is a gateway between universes. These portals break open the fabric of reality and create a direct link into time-space, which is the inversion of space-time. By traversing through time space, one is able to basically travel into any time or place imaginable.

It is basically beyond the power of a mortal to create them. It takes extreme skill. There are about 5000 countless ways to do so. None will work, unless you are extremely strong in energy usage. A demi-god can basically create a portal with just his mind, and no outside stimuli. However, even humans can create a lesser form of them. That is what happens with the Ouija boards, as the portals made by ouija boards are lesser portals.

There isn't really a safe way to make a portal, but using a ouija board is one way. And from experience it is pretty hard to use a ouija board safely. Ouija boards create a portal into the spirit world or hell itself.

Chanting the names of angels is another way. But, it would be extremely hard for someone to create a portal that they can actually travel through.

Again, you can make a portal effect by thinking of the place you want to be in, then placing two iron rods or coat hangers or wood pieces, one in front and to each side of you and walking through them after imagining energy arch between the two placed things and moving towards the space between. Imagine going through a tunnel to the place you want to goto as you do. Or, walk between a frame or door thinking of the place to get to. Its sometimes very hard in truth to those without the personal power, or poder, to make it work.

If you succeed, then all you need to do is close your eyes and your there, anyway at least you can feel the place your spirit went to, as its sometimes your spirit that splits off to make travel. But to some, that method is basically the same as saying, "You can make a portal by thinking you are in another place while taking a shit."

By touching something after thinking you are in another place you can shift there. The touching an object one has a benefit. As you need an object to shift back, and it won't happen on the spur of the moment. When you use an object to shift, you end up using something to shift back. However, if one doesn't have an object to focus on while returning, they can get stuck in time-space, and perish.

If one has enough energy to make a portal, they don't need a doorframe. They just can rip a hole in the fabric of reality anywhere, or imagine themselves there where they want to be and they are there. Its easier to travel to parallel worlds. As they are similar in nature.

Pseudo-portals can be made to transport energy and info from one place to another. The idea of it is good for sterile communication between people and as an energy output/input. All energy that enters the portal is possible to be put through the firewall effect. The whole thing is torn apart then rebuilt on the other side. It's a form of gateway in that the energy in one end is used to power the other through a 'mirror' link, where that the two sides are connected regardless of distance.

There are some naturally occurring trans-dimensional portals on Earth. The Bermuda triangle is probably the most well known of these portals. Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt are also trans-dimensional portals, however one can make the assumption that they are accidental portals, or portals that were unintentionally made. Natural trans-dimensional portals occur in areas of the earth where the energy is very strong or where the energy has been magnified.


Here is the list of dimensions as to how we found them and what we thought were their number. There are also various 'sub-planes' between each that are not listed. Separate from this are planar mind vaults that can store just about anything, which are pockets of undefined 'space' that doesn't seem to be in any dimension but takes traits from some.

Mental Vaults: Mental vaults are dimensional vaults in truth. They can be opened in the mind and are leading out to outer dimensional subpockets, that exist in any given plane, but the area they lead to are storage spaces, where what they store determines how much energy they have and what resources they hold. In the vault you can make requests for things, like energy or idea to come to you from these mental vaults. On the more powerful mental planes, you can even manifest idea into becoming real. Most mental vaults are found and not actually made. It is possible for more than one person to find the vaults, by searching in their minds and with the intent to 'find a mental vault', where the sub-c helps to find it by using the person's intention as an instruction.

  •  Dimension #1: The dimension of the Atomic Humans. They are the atoms themselves. Not much more to be said, aside from the fact that it is possible to talk to them.

  •  Dimension #2: The dimension of Shadows. Shades live here. They see only in black and white, when it comes to sight, touch, and feeling. They are capable of draining on touch in a wraith-like fashion. They live inside of (or outside of) objects, drain the light energy upon contact, thus casting a shadow. Mages using sorcery can create a 'shadow double' which will go around performing the tasks it wishes. This double lives on the second plane. Sometimes shadows from this dimension will try to contact a human.

  •  Dimension #3: Us! Humans and Subhumans, as well as animals. We cannot see above the 4th dimension with our physical eyes. Our third eyes are what see above and beyond.

    Some notes and a theory on the 3rd: The third dimension does not only add up/down, but it is my theory that it also adds the concept of gradience, or "somewhere in-between" points. For example, when Shades touch something, they instantly drain it. When you watch them do it, it appears as though they simply “became one” with it. Like when you allow a drop of water to touch the surface of a glass of water, they instantly “blob together”. When we drain things on levels above the 2nd, on the other hand, we typically do it a little bit at a time. It's normally hard to take in an entire target at once.

  • Dimension #4: The dimension of Time. Also, of Fey. Faeries/Fairies. The short way to explain them is that they are energy humans, because of the energy that they absorbed when they were driven underground by environmental factors. The inhabitants here can be vicious but are placated by gifts.

  •  Dimension #5: The dimension of Instantaneous Movement. Essentially, the plane of teleportation. Beings from both higher and lower dimensions use this dimension as a method of travel (normally from higher dimensions, though space is foldable via this dimension). Also, spells work through this dimension. It is an unseen dimension, made up of subatomical particles that gather as heat. Genies and Djinni are the beings that live here, made from an invisible mist and smokeless fire. These beings can be tricksters when they travel to other planes but the ones that live on the 5th dimension are friendly and knowledgeable.

  •  Dimension #6: The Astral Realm. A dreamscape. This is the primary realm of magic. During astral projection, this is the realm which you are on, and while making energy balls and such, this is normally the dimension which those things take place on. Anything can be done here with the correct level of ability and a good enough imagination. Energy beings, such as ghosts, spirits, souls waiting to be reborn, etc., live here.

     Here also is a warning, if you travel there physically, you can find objects that self-move up and try to stab you with a death impulse energy that guides it. This is som infinite object world where the object makes the space. This is some object world space though the object can run by electricity. So think to the object to create where it appears or not is then not do. See to connect to the 6th dimension physically will get you a load of death impulse energy, from inhabitants that is with inhabitant direction feel from the type to cause a death impulse in you or the target to contain it so "note your not the object". If you think yourself not using the 6th energy then shift by thinking your with "note if you think due note" or think yourself some other person or dimension to hide. If its not real to you its not real to your mind. So think yourself some different place.

     No breakage non here at all so do as you want. Thinking then is past you, thinking now is due note no this follows a pattern. If an animal is the target with some area the 6th dimensional energy this creates by your feel, then the animal tends to become a deadly death deliverer unless thought not to have sixth dimensional energy and the animal can 'mutate' to become something more or less deadly. Thats only possible though you feel, if enough 6th dimensional energy is there in the chosen target of an animal. See then the chosen animal will try to savagely attack nearly any living thing. This emulates the area you think your with, then by area use by thinking "I will let you deal with your areal combat defense" you shift away. That was my little journey to the 6th that I noted seen, so don't think the 6th will effect you as you think another number then you shift. Don't be there if you don't have to so thinking "so unbe beaten or there" freed you.

  • Dimension #7: The dimension of the Elementals. Demons (fallen Demihumans), Angels (elevated Christian mages), and elementals (fire, air, earth, water, ice, void) live here. Mages summon Elementals from this dimension rather often. Manipulation often happens through this dimension. Each Elemental or group of Elementals has their own sealed off world within this dimension, which only they and those that they permit entry can enter.

  •  Dimension #8: The dimension of the Immortals. Energy beings, such as Dragons, Elves, Demi-humans, and Demi-Gods live here. They are their own source, and have a very large amount of energy. To put their energy level in scale, if a normal human with a normal aura were to turn into a Dragon, their aura would be able to make contact with a cloud directly overhead. With that much energy, it is easy to see how they are able to be their own energy source - though, it can be hard to imagine their level of power. Even a demigod would have trouble fighting a Dragon to a standstill, let alone to the death.

  •  Dimension #9: Superstring Dimension. The space of black holes, spacial distortion, and dimensional crossings. The beings who exist here exist on an unseen subdimension when they are only felt, and when they are seen, exist on a lower, visible dimension. They are able to do anything. Spellhawk used "Q" from Star Trek as an example, though some people may not understand that reference. Q is a being who is able to do, quite literally, anything at a thought. They are 'true good' individuals, meaning that they will use conniving techniques, as long as they eventually end at a resolution that they consider good.

    *The conscious who built the universes lives primarily on this dimension. His name is "Ben". When he built them, such an extensive use of his abilities caused his body to dissolve into energy. He is merely a conscious now. To talk to him, you must talk to everything at once, or focus at him while talking to get him to listen.

  •  Dimension #10: The dimension of the Mind. It can only be interacted with by the minds of Humans and Demihumans. It is also called names such as Heaven, Nirvana, and others. Minds sent there become Gods in a sense. No Humans can perceive them unless they wish it to be so. Some Gods are the same God under a different name (Example: Jewish God 'Yaweh', is the same as Christian God 'God', who is the same as the Muslim God 'Muhammed'. Same basic concept.)

  •  Dimension #11: The core of reality. The description required is so long that I have created a page exclusively for it.

  •  Dimension #12: The dimension of "El'zippolo." 12th dimensional pets use their lifeforce to produce life. After compressing it and forming it it is freed then let go of to live on its own.

    *I have been there only once or twice. I did not spend much time there. While I was there, I was using particle sight, and I noticed that the area was hugely dense with energy. I do not know if the entire dimension was like that or if it was just the area I was in. Different locations may be different and/or more friendly, but where I ended up, I was too busy dodging attacks to sightsee. The first beings that I saw upon shifting myself there were odd, umbrella-looking things (I call them 'Spinners'). They span rapidly, causing them to hover according to how quickly they span and how they shifted their weight. They travel in packs, and they place energy spikes on top of the top of their umbrella-like top, and release them mid-spin with accuracy to hit the designated target. When I did learn to time their attacks well enough to shift my attention to other things and move around somewhat, I first noticed that the landscape was rather odd. There was a large mountain, covered in grass, even beyond what is the height limit above sea level of where plant life can grow on this dimension, and off to the side of it, there was a medium-sized floating patch of land. There were a few of these scattered patches of floating land, though the first that I saw was the largest. I also saw a creature which looked somewhat like a dinosaur. It seemed to be a nonviolent animal, or it was attempting to not draw attention from the Spinners. It is possible that they were not trying to attack me, but simply guard an area. The first building that I saw resembled a shrine, though I do not know what it was for. It resembled a well-decorated Buddhist temple on the inside, though it did not look like much from the outside. It looked like a cement hut with a cement wall around it. Once I entered the building, the Spinners did not follow me. I would have stayed longer, but I felt an ominous presence deeper inside of the building, and the Spinners were just outside. I came back to the 3rd after that.

  •  Dimension #13: The dimension of children's nightmares. The way to get there is 'just to do it'. The beings there will attempt to subdue humans on sight. They are pure emotion. They have two moods: Mutable (Happy) and Merciless (Unhappy). When Merciless, running is the best option. They have highly advanced technology, which even effect this realm. In fact, our dimension and theirs can communicate through our technology. Though, their technology is of way higher bandwidth, so it can cause disruption to ours. After too long of exposure, it is possible to see burnouts. Any act is a small to great terror there. It is not noticeable, but it is seen as some other inadvertent action here, and so far there, unless you are there.

    *These beings are experts in breaking down human will. They are not exactly the most powerful beings ever - but they have had so much practice on our children, that they are able to break down the will of a rather powerful human in under an hour, as well as keep them practically sedated to the point of falling asleep. When dealing with these beings, keep in mind that they are beings of nightmares, and do not allow their mindgames to get to you. If you do not know that they are the cause, it will feel as if you are justifiably depressed. They will find an at least semi-valid reason for depression. If it continues, your deepest fears will surface and take hold. At this point the only way to defeat them is through will. It is said that the beings feed from the energy produced by fear. If you do know, on the other hand, that it is them before that happens, then you should have no troubles getting rid of them. Of course, most of the time, the depression may be natural - that's just how they attack, which does not mean that every bout of depression is caused by them.

  • Dimension #14: The dimension of surreal land. It is peaceful, and is likely to give you things you think about. The beings there are non-assaultive, if you act unaware of attacking efforts. They get along, but they do not act out. They think ill-concieved, so most of the time, all that they do is sit there. They are polite, but unanswering, and 'weird'. They are peaceful, and war does not happen there. They acquire things through selfless acts, and trades are for items or actions. They use their word that they will do things, as objects of trade. They have crystal-like or light technology. Shift there yourself for more info.

  • Dimension #15: The Hyper-Plane. The beings here move at 50+ times the speed of normal Humans. It is one large, vast expanse of gray, flat land. The beings there can go from 0 to 100 mph without even a need for acceleration. Keep in mind before going there, that if you hear the voice of hyperspace, you may go mad. I blocked it out by refusing to hear it, and was okay. If you cannot block things out on other dimensions by refusing to hear them, then do not go to the 15th dimension. What I saw while I was there was that one being was moving at breakneck speed for all of one half of a second, before it stopped a few meters in front of me, looked me in the eyes, and tried to speak to me. It thought I was ignoring it, because I was blocking out sound, and it attacked me immediately. They operate on on-the-spot impulses.

  • Dimension #53: This seems to be the highest dimension number heard of.

A different take on Dimensions

A different take on the "planar physics" or however you want to call the study of different levels of the universe, is with this paradigm as it is a combination of several different paradigms including but not limited to Theosophy, hermetics, kaballah, Astral Dynamics and others.

Physical plane: I trust this one needs no explanation.
Etheric plane: This is actually a subplane of the physical plane. This plane looks like a replica of the physical but what you are actually seeing is the energetic/"spiritual" side of things. Some shamanic techniques operate on certain levels of this plane. You can see people moving on physical, though they wont look the same as they look on physical, they will look more energetic. Direct energetic influence on physical is most easily achieved from this plane. However manipulating the energy on this plane takes more effort than it does on astral. Remote Viewing actually occurs from this plane.
Astral Plane: Writing a full treatise on this plane would require a document of it's own or better yet a book of over several thousand pages, so let's just say that it is vast and many layered, it has infinite subplanes. Worth mentioning is that the realm of dreams is a subplane of the astral plane so all dreams occur on this plane.
Mental plane: The plane of the mind, thought and information. All thoughts and thinking occur on this plane, your mind is the "body" for this plane, like the physical body is the body for the physical plane and the astral body for the astral plane. Telepathy occurs on this plane. The Universal Database is on this plane.
The fourth plane: It goes by many names, I don't particularly like any of them so I'll simply call it the fourth plane because it's the fourth plane if we count the physical as the first plane. This plane is really hard to put into words. The most I can say about it is that it would be the plane of "raw data". Human beings simply look like large vortices of all sorts of raw data, so do other beings and things and events.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that, perceptionally, and in some other ways, these planes could be said to be "above" physical, there are also planes below physical, but I have not as yet explored them so I can't really say much about them.
Doc written by Ben, Skyhawk, Caz, Silentdragon and others
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