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General Info:

    This article is all about kitsune or kysu; They are fox, magic fox, and basically fox with or without mystical skill. They are likely to focus miscief, if in the mood or take chances to get or so prove what they intend or think or not as they already did it. This is proven by this idea used with a dhampiric kitsune in civility, as if what you think or thought to not is imagination or no attack here. As imagination is some example, your idea is your own or they see or sense things to not try or see unless interesting. As if there is no idea or tomorrow, your energy is idea to their idea use.

   Thus the bloody point that is the wisdom is not always there, if they see no use except to do or not do by what is not always as anyone hurt is restorable. This is an enigmatic race of fox that learned from what they saw, as interesting except not to do was not to create in life or leave alone types. Sorta like the human there is in their will a pattern, see by thought or trace as a headed beast or this could be a human headed turtle.

  As due to the early idea, sometimes that is where a person is easily riled if thought to see, what you think possible or seem. As a thought is sex or imagination (with a dick), this is human that is not always in useful as I learned this. This isn't to target until you think about them, see or feel in the place you insult that they are insults. Thus, to be protective, the kitsune will try to only show a lesser amount of power. So they are not detected right, power to a kitsune is it's tails.

  These can be spiritual tails, so if there is insult they are thought of being less powerful and with less tails than they actually have. They produce effects with their tails by rubbing them together and creating with static energy to make what they want done by feel in a form of soul manifest and that creates results. What results you need are sometimes wanted in idea so think of the intentions and use the tails to create what you need as a result. Whatever the case, all the kitsune needs to do is think of what they need and the idea of it comes to them.

  They can realize anything, by the power of their soul. This is the idea I came up with to work energy with the tails. Think of what you want as you rub the tails if your kitsune and the energy consciousness makes what result you desire using the soul or soul copy formed from the body as a guide. Trick by programming the energy with you thinking, the idea is the energy does something to make it reveal itself or reveal what really is there instead of the illusion that seems to be there. This is a work around to reveal what is really there.

  See to avoid trouble, they can emit illusion and that is perceived instead of what really is there unless the person uses their 3rd eye to see what is there. Then they can see what really exists. There are many illusion techniques, one of which is this. For illusion, think a ball of light exists and think to it what you want it to do. Then it goes and does the idea where that ball becomes an illusion as long as you tell it what to be by feel.

  So as you are aware they are aware as you think or consider they could if idea exists, if focused to listen or hear as thought to work so listen in idea or thought to seem attuning energy from an area. Think as they might see or create what they find interesting to use, as you describe where they are is they could create if the creator allows.

   Your not bothering them if you don't think you are as you feel calm you are calm, so what you think is what happens and what is there. So they who are what is easily riled by the felt hostility or driven away. So as your an exception they were not disruptive to your life, that is where you think they area use or they are what you see to seem in a sense. They are what you can sense in a forest that are considered ghosts.

   This is where they can enter physical dreams like ghosts, that is done by breathing in new energy and breath out used fresh air. So if you are thinking of the person, this happens to occur a dream entry when the person is either in alpha mode or actually dreaming. By waking up your slipping out of their physical dream by breathing and thinking of the area your in physically. So otherwise with a loud startling noise you wake up out of trance. This also slips you out of the dream.

   The dream part is simple, you can imagine what you want and things happen by feel or a point you decide to work with. This is where you can even show a life point like a physical dream is a point in life, then you can view that life point in a youtube video with a slider bar to help you view the idea. This is where you think you know and you realize things, that sometimes occur by what you feel or sense out. Think lucid dream and you make the dream a lucid dream.

   See this is allowing the mind to reassert control of itself, then you can create with what you want. Then as if you have a visitor in your dream you can think of the point, think of the idea and as you think of the dream and translate the dream symbol by looking up meanings. An if you want things understood, feel free to use or

   You aren't effected by what occurs in the dream, that's sometimes true if you translate the idea as a dream symbol. That is done so you understand the symbology and create what you want with the dream. What they do in the dream is up to them and you can control them in your dream, if you think the dream is lucid dreaming.

   Then they either leave the dream fearing control, otherwise you can do what you want to them. When you don't treat the dream as though a lucid dream, then you could start feeling bad and things are what they appear like. Sometimes this makes drinking happen and you remember things, that either make you drink more if a bad memory. Otherwise the memory can make you happy, then you stop drinking.

   This entry be changed from the original ("The kitsune page") to reflect new idea on them. They are Fox that are alive as if energy from the in use focus by inner energy body, is with energy that sometime have magic or mysticism and are an mysterious animal, fascinating, and mischevious. Assuming they can seem and be believed or in duplicate spaces in a different mindset idea to be very grateful, for the kindness done to it as this seen in many tales. This is your idea that can make you think and be aware by the supernatural area feel given to them by you to identify them. So make up some idea or not as they lose interest.

   The things you perceive can cause you to seem different by aura energy, tis is similar to if you think differenly you are different. Where they are like water in use and thought in activity or not noticed. As if whats actually in made this in sense is understood, as if no hit is not bide as not different is time or not is what you think. Touch to be or here otherwise in things that work, as help or not is concept to no use with your situation as the point isn't that were where we think.

   That is the concept to use, as not is what you consider in use. When seeing someone do things, just as you feel in wrong contact or correct to think is do or not do. As your a point to concept in thought, your use creates by the energy or not as nothing creates within another to the use. This by thought is influence with aura influence as not by a blood ritual or concept as grey magic ritual, this wrought with water can cure that the blood by what creates is by water. With magnetics of a planet, this is an idea to immunize with energy as thought or things useful are as energy exists in otherworld otherwise.

   This is also affectionate as revealed in some dramas. It can seem to be godlike as productions are because of mystical ability such, as this is a fact tis as shapeshifting and is seeable. As a sense is seen or this isn't always seeable or being seen sometimes amazing, this with the third eye is possible as you want to avoid the path to pain or not be attacked.

  As they don't fear termed respect, leave them alone as they leave alone the area. This depends on the senses or manipulation they show, this or seem to create if bored to get some point or thought to do. So no us is when they are alone is water based, as a race is wee or fey are very sensitive. So as thus, they are as they learn to deal with things. This is likely to cause them to seem sensitive, as they think to the area to reveal or as they think they are near someone.

   As able is a point in ability is not always as needed as that is a release in thought that is concept in energy that is a point, think to create energy or use by manipulation as to make or bend the will or element nearby by focus with thought. As a thought this as suggestion to bewitch men in charming girl form, or women in charming men form by charm in an idea expressed or feel. Nature as natural with the thought think thats felt as isis protects and is calm and peaceful, as a feel this is true with virtue and that makes them seem better whenever you want.

   Xen is a energy that bends the will and directed by what you will as this ain't by whomever, this is a possible concept as this uses Zen or the calmness by chaos or focus and directed attribution. You are as your will is there, as you think and seem or use as the kitsune can form a body and you are. As if one from nothing as or with the body or that is use and use is energy, if they feel reason the reason they find as a use is a use. As if the energy is something and as they are to form in time, as if an area forms to your will and you unform what you don't seem to themselves, if natural dissolvation is into the particles that the form became. Then as you know a point by use and that room is in use, the nature is a point as if natural means is waves of soothing natural energy to think with feel or thought.

   As you feel and focus to seem or react right, night can help as think and your feel is chaotic. So calm and this is a point calmness in chaos seems there as if you want not you don't need. Feel better or to drive someone to some area, as a point with a thought or to use music to think and soothe the ego in chaos that is calmness. This is as its chaos as a point too much activity is chaos is an idea conclusion, as think or focus otherwise as use is energy and this is no fear and no things missing.

   That if you need them they are gone and back as they are inseparable or displaced talked back again, as if there you need them or feel their presece and if wanted to be allowed your a useful person. Thought to create with them is to buy or use spent money as resources can seem to create repairs, this is to what seem or create in thought is to do things they seem to need. Think and give it away somewhere else to be around and as if she is, think by the auratic vibes as what you feel to think is to a thought to form things in life.

   As if a theory with an idea fire, oily fire, holy fire or water with air or other elements is with the source beside any element is will bent or not to your need, think as if an element bender and you form what you can and you can't be bent by the element that manifests. As you see, think you are able oe to do this by dues and to seem, as you are then you are if you sense the area within rights or the senses aren't confused.

   As you are to think and however you are this is by what in thought is an energy, that as if an act by the feel is insight. This is calm as this can seem what is by thought, there and where you want is as you are to be or not be. As a point and that is the act to seem and appear to appease the senses, as your acceptable in appearance by exchange or not always "faced to a wall" that is not banging your head or what the saying is.

   An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast the Kitsune is wat you observe and what you sense. Kitsune are ageless, if they think they are, they are as they don't age as fast and are immortal when they are being spirits. Kitsune are manifest with 900 years lifespan before they leave or die and return to spirit world or the etheric astral plane. Kitsune can get to 900 years old or older, older are rare as the energy amount to fuel their physical plane existance would be extreme and they would be doing more harm than good.

   As in theory what you think a point is possible, this is actual idea to see a theory by use. The kitsune represent their ability by the elements, meaning they have abilities from each clan they work with of the mythological races. As they live or die by what you think, this is as is your manipulated by your will. As "is its" and think thats what "tis" means and you create as a point, as if this is in their language use you can create and this is your idea.

   You can see reuse or results more quickly as if tested false in idea by energy don't use, as your idea manifests your thought your idea is what can seem real till disbelieved. As some idea is realized tis can create or not, if thought prevents "un" this is unique in use that is not what always occurs. As what you do think you can do as in possibly you or as you are don't always have in thought to do things.

  There is by use as this is not by thought in what an energy to use is energy from, that creates what you intend not too energy. However to disrupt some activity isn't as attack is done, as necessary or don't attack is anytime as intention stops as you feel what is as you think. This is suppression that you don't, were the animal instinct that isn't coming up by focused idea or feel that the idea to seem isn't there.

   This in includes the idea more info can reveal, as your energy is there energy by feel is your ability to use better idea. As with the tails are possible as energy potential with the body, not only do they get up to 10 tails they can use more potential. This is with what you see or think to believe, as if possible is physically necessary. There is a point that is in air or concept to use things with life energy.

   The more energy they get is what you can think, so if your idea is an episode the energy is amazing or so what you do is nothing to do. End the episode by what you think, consider or commiserate by the idea you as yourself seem to show. Rub your tail to generate fire or thought electricity or lightning. This improves potential or creation by effort. This is an instanteous thing you can do things with so the energy you use is, what you create so is what is in possible is as an almost infinite idea by imagination.

   As where your use is a possible thought, they do as a meaning comes to them by wish or not as you don't need. You see you don't need and they won't as they feel your need, think as the sense is you they feel. As you don't need your need and thought exists by their ability, this isn't always a manifest and your energy is what they use unless necessary as a place is what is energy.

   Think to them and they might do what you want. Fox sensing are as you are in to sense as you think and seem or not be away or thinking, they are like water and feeling the need to seem alone. This will cause them to be away, as they want to seem to be. So what they think and what the consider, you can seem to consider or make others consider. As your energy is a point by activity or not to think your able to seem as if observe.

   If you find a dogsune, catsune or other animal form these are like what they can seem to be like. As they are sensed or change to match or seem human in a postponed moment, where the person they mimic is whom they possess or sometimes from genetic or non genetic changes. This by the aura is due to likes and dislikes, think this is animal spirit and as the body in aura influence by thought.

  So strike them instead of striking the possessed and they return if animal, as the possessed are released by the time you think released. Assume to not assume to strike the animal by thought in use or "is or touch". As though thought as you hit an object will hit the animal, think and the possession in mind dissipates as this stifles things that the animal spirit does. This can cause them to create idea or seem to be here pysically, as not here when thought to seem somewhere to not seem mentally detected.

   This allows nothing you do to effect or not another if not allowable as the idea spirit is creating you can see te result or not by thought, so no you see as you are aware or you think a threat if threatened the area energy you are in can shift. As the threatened area feel is idea to change or this is by unfocus in thought to focus or its close to the truth, as there's several possibilities think to twist so or create movement if threatened or use is the idea or think in use if necessary if you feel this necessary. Think as in to point your fingers down as you think twist, an thought as familiar is this use in sight is not done so you don't feel. Thank or not is the eat impulse to eat, when you eat less instead as no link by familiar feel see to make work or exercize.

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   The act is the thing so what you are, or create is wat you seem to appear as if by feel. If this is you your use the area or thought to create with or your idea created. Now use wisely what you get as to be intention by te fire that is out or your energy creates by feel or air moisture by area energy could see use by thought with senses. So if your energy area is thought to use, see you or think to create different or normal idea to use. So if not needed as that on thought is off or the topic, that is so as a soul if this is what you don't do. As a concept now not discussed, unless necessary in life or not to do.

   As this use isn't possible sometimes by kitsune, this is use to concept as if you were in some use or you can think idea to create a concept. That is other use or intended result by thought, what you sense easier as thought if your with ability or not if to drop the issue except if unwanted pestillence. As if things put down can be focused to increase potential, think or create energy in effect so think not to do as a dog or cat if as a dog is in the area or a cat is there.

    As they are in the area energy in thought or use is by encounter to counter the idea to the situation, the idea point is thought to correct by the use and correct the idea to use. As tis isn't done they can backtrace, as energy is thought by thought in to what is there to them. As a path of energy doesn't exist or not, seem as you are as they can find you if they sense you out by the aura. Sometimes to think aura signature changes, this by concept tis by thought that works to mask the aura if you are not in feel by attuning.

   As this incidentally places them as they want to seem placed, as Dragons but on a smaller scale as scales grew by focus to get scales. Dragons are not their enemies and Oni are useful so are their enemies, unless for dragons, they deliberately make themselves one. With the elements, they can represent fourteen categories and kitsune are divided into each called clans, dynasties, houses or whatever. The elements are Wind, Earth, Fire, River, Heaven, Solar, thunder, Mountain, Void, Spirit, Time, Forest, Ocean, Chaos and Music.

   Think that in the book 'Kitsune' the word Heaven be Celestial and Void is Dark. Each kitsune has it's own element based strengths its aligned to. Elements also reflect the kitsune's powers origination, and elemental affinity like Fire Kitsune be unaffected by fire easily feeding from fire to self strengthen and use fox-fire with ease. Water kitsune wouldnt use fire easily but naturally heal and thrive near water. the most common kitsune are Celestial kitsune who follow laws that can be self made.

    Inari, Wild kitsune, Dark kitsune. Celestial kitsune are 'High Kitsune'.
  Kitsune are physical spirits and everything has spirit in some form, near them and these spirit are Kami. Animals also have spiritual counterparts more commonly known as Kitsune and Tanuki. there be Tengu but this be unessential as from what I've read they have background and diversity, enough to make a thesis.

   Kitsune have a number of options to manifest. Most draining be to appear in physical world causing storms, unnatural events. Kitsune who simply manifest lose innate essence faster feeding more often, suffer weakness but they gain strength after twelve hours in the new world. As be stated "when you eat from a place you can return to it, and stay" from a greek story.

   This feeding depends on the kitsune strength, and usually meaning memory return as region blight, they surround their target, if fed too much. Though the weaker kitsune have less effect. They can pulse and no ground in an area, this is to make their energy stabilized as the are somewhere they want to be and they aren't effected by what they know or don't know as their spirit is aware of anything that restores them. This allows what they do, and things in a nature of time become of what they do.

   A kitsune can have up to nine tails, the number indicating his level of experience. For a kitsune to have all nine is very rare. And at that stage, he would be more of a demigod. Kitsune as foxes by nature act a lot as foxes do, with added intelligence. Thus having a high desire for play and fun, while also being wise and intuitive when situations call for such qualities to arise.

   While often sexually promiscuous to almost any of their clan, a kitsune will be extremely loyal to its mate, and often share a bond that is unbreakable and so tightly bound that absolutely NOTHING can separate them for long. As they live in a land, separate from reality, in a dimensiona pocket of what is as if life is noting but a dream or thought is what you will by a point.

   As dogs do you don't have to, a kitsune almost always knows where "home" is, and is similarly bound to his mate, often being able to distinguish its mate in a crowd having never seen her in his current lifetime. One would even say he is drawn to her as if she puts off a beacon specifically for him.

   Kitsune are also not always furiously as they are just loyal to their comrades. To have a kitsune claim you as friend is to have a great protector and guardian. A bond as this can also span across lifetimes, and either the kitsune or his friend can often distinguish the other in a crowd.

   Kitsune by instinct are great lovers and caretakers. Many aspects of romance amongst humans have been directly or indirectly adopted from kitsune culture, and knowing how to raise a family is a trait most kitsune are naturally good at in life. Are they able, to get a good idea to get things that is a point and yet nothing else is there to know. As they are there you can know more and seem wiser, to get to jolt the energy and use the is factor that is create or do this is a point.

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  When kitsune manifest, viewed they can use a damaged genetic or soul, and otherwise they think form. As they third eye can send thought you form, and they are in form and what you think gives it ability as you think they can use thought as energy. Think and this has optional choices and in form kitsune, they are summoned as you will they serve you. As a thought you consider and think as in number, within a thought if a considered view and a few avatar can form any inner resource by the use of a sun link use.

  Think this can appear as kitsu (fox), fox-headed person or very unattractive and only if they are attractive. They are believed to be beautiful, think or seem attractive and normal and you are in person. Think and the person that perceives the form are thinking they are the form in mind, that seems there but manifest shapes and sizes in any that want the idea. As shape the person wills the idea they want, think and the fox tail represents illusion that forms the idea form. As the person believes in the magic as your will is thought into shape from energy in a thought there. Where it is in proven points of natural light isn't a fact that is done, and natural body energy forms from the spirit.

  The action and activity they do forms the tails in any case, the tail number that kitsune have will in thought but not otherwise in purpose be obvious, unless they shapechange and are masked, this uses the energy which draining tmem by energy funnels drives them away. Think by motion and you are in motion. As if motion sickness, think in motion as you are in motion or creative and use is up to you.

  Note however they can shapeshift at will so concealment be easy. the second option be possess either fox, person. Fox-possession was a most common kitsune manifestation means. A kitsune possessing someone had to overcome willpower thus usually the process appeared insanity similiar where a kitsune willpower fed. Taking a sleeping person usually was a lot quicker since kitsune could invade the dreams, while taking time, to willsap targets. Possession be not shared easy as once done, the kitsune body control and once they leave the body, their host will experience no rememberance. Kitsune possession was not long-term unless kitsune truly had reason to stick around.

   Possession was usually with blessing, and to get rid of them, was by the exorcism thats used with intended idea and by Shinto, Buddhist priest, if someone called a Guardian kitsune to deal with the matter. Also, note that unless kitsune be powerful, the shape-shifting was foxform limited, fox-person form and person form they're possessing.

   The third option was possess a child, fox very young, or unborn. This method be least  taxing and resulted in a kitsune hybrid possesed person/fox. If child/fox possession, the full possession takes longer and with pre-born it's instant. This be the 'avatar' method because this be the least taxing method to show. This also incidentally gives  a long-term physical body. Kitsune who use this method have no extra tails visible and eat, drink, sleep, breath, and suffer the full moral life of all 900 years. They bleed and possibly get sick, unless a regeneration is enabled. Using this method transforms into fox-form/human-form and development of possible other forms by willed shapeshifting.

    As possibly an additional note, a kitsune with high enough ability as avatar form can't be banished, or exorcized easily. One common thing be kitsune once here can become enraptured with full senses as in physical form. This turns kitsune into thrill-seekers by nothing but boredom or feel that is to experience any new forms albeit pleasure, no pain is there. Older kitsune who have lived physically for long time may be more jaded as a point tis as with no pain or no gain in weight. This can create or see use an to create interesting or non idea.

    Another spirit aspect be manifest ability and by sprites or physical survival level beings that requires actually no dietary issue or dumb sustenance necessary. They can use their spirits to manifest or actually is nearly and anything if they so desired to create or as thought are needed as long as you acknolwedge what you want, tis can split off true parts that the creator separates from you as this is the idea with nothing as energy to think. Where nothing done is nothing that happens, no result unless naturally done right or useful idea in energy thought that can seem use in machines by people.

    As if being there and what the fox wants, the creator is what allows this if unintrusive. As if this won't hurt someone, whom doesn't want or wish to be hurt or does not need the use idea. As that is what fox won't be or what doesn't seem intrudes not on you, they could appear or come as if no worry no possible bad event.

   Gaaki feed off many different things depending on gaaki type you come across. Some feed off scents, blood, pain, tears, and more dangerous from souls. Kami usually require small gifts and prayers that are sating them, they are hostile and dangerous, otherwise. these gifts and worship 'fed' the kami or sacrificial ones.

    Kitsune can feed from land essence, elements, and people. They can also land possess, as they are sensically vampires that require sustaining essence. Kitsune who have avatar does not feed like other kitsune. Instead as long as they don't tap into abilites they possess, there can be normal function for human. Fox magic can manifest though and cause khepser, a transformation by feel to unique and good things for a concept or moment in time.

   Using abilites will weaken them although if given a relaxing chance they will self recover. Kitsune who possessed someone still has to feed to keep a body a  long time. Feeding be in the same manner as manifested kitsune. Kitsune are capable of host draining, as in manifested kitsune that feeds most often. Energy amounts used to stay material can be extreme.

  To keep manifestation and use it's ablities, kitsune draw off so much energy from around them, that they use energy to create energy and themselves, where they are felt in need if they use their own source they can weaken until water, drink or meat is eaten. This chi essence be found in the elements and like magical Chinacats are another version made from cats, as these are kitsune formed to will and morphed are capable of knowledge feeding.

  If allowed to do by the use as if wounded healing is essence, from things not there as noting as food necessary they gather the energy to summon to the area. With this kitsune are learning capable and the knowledge energy, causes abilities developing and possibly grow quickly by thinking in a possible concept is the way they so choose or be nice.

    A kitsune body can be attacked, killed but they can simply leave the body any time leaving the victim to suffer the fate meant for the convinced idea kitsune can create is from the subconscious mind. To harm kitsune requires a weapon and with the spirit of harm meant. Avatar taking kitsune are physical harm vulnerable.

   Anything that do mortals harm, doesn't do thought to kill as to harm kitsune is sometimes. Thought is night guided senses to harm yourself unless this isn't done, unless no reason were you not be sensed. These are not regenerative kitsune and are unlike others as the creator chooses to seem, what the creator seems is sometimes true to life senses or not.

   As they don't not sense the need, thus they spend in their healing resources considered funding unless not necessary as energy is not always food. With an accelerated natural rate to healing themselves the creator heals, tis by the feel or necessary point you sense.

   Magic weapons and faith can't harm these kitsune easy because they are physically world 'natural', having world attunation. These kitsune can reanimate, once killed spiritually, though much weaker than their brethren. When kitsune heal wish, they expend personal energy, so when desperate they sacrifice tail and artefact that is near them, gaining huge chi influx for fuel. Kitsune who spend healing energy become more essence desperate and feeds sooner. So, they should be careful to not eat normal food, as they are wit energy this can be in overeating mode, for possible weight gain to think and will. This to stop is what you will to stop the need arises or not be dumb.

    When kitsune are killed, unless destroyed in spirit mountain, their is options for them otherwise to not do. Dependant on recent moments of a fed amount as they can re-manifest, in any form sacrificing tail and artefact to get fox energy again. Don't take everything at face value, this is similar to a grain of salt use in ritual or not. As thought energy is area for sudden chi influx of manifestation, allowance that the creator basically uses if asked can create.

    If no manifest, they wander worlds, biding time or use is chaos and waiting is elemental practice, for a convenient time. While in spirit form, kitsune are spiritually attackable, magic vulnerable. Kitsune is a concept with the thought as "witte", then are amoral spirits with basic right wrong understanding. Thought with the use and how you make decisions based are on what you think they think will seem as to aid them most.

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Kitsune core personality

    Kitsune core personality can be type dependant or independent. Element belief be elemental focus and kami are which possess them or can be paid off, by give and take as sometimes sacrifices are thought. Think to throw the demonic energy in a food morsel to the trash to use energy, or not from trash or objects as if not demonically possessed. This if necessary as necessary, as if to be is thought to want or with sacrifice no need:

  Wind - Flighty, these kitsune are wanderers, never staying in one place for long. They tend to have orange fur color.
  Earth - Solid and unyielding as these kitsune are rooted in history and resistant to change. They tend to have brown fur color.
  Fire - Quick-tempered and reactionary kitsune are constantly moving thus very emotional. They tend to have red fur coloring.
  River - Natural healer kitsune are quietly peaceful. They tend to have blue fur coloring.
  Ocean - Furious and tempestous kitsune that are natural warriors. They tend to have deep blue fur color.
  Time - Contemplative and quiet kitsune are seers being oracles. They tend to have silver fur coloring.
  Void = Dark and brooding kitsune, that are malicious and very domain protective, when in moods. They tend to have black fur coloring.
  Mountain - Distant kitsune that are withdrawn silently preferring observance before acting. They tend to have brownish grey fur color.
  Forest = Quiet and serene kitsune watch those around them. Once satisfied with what they see, they become playful and mischevious. They tend to have green fur coloring with repeated use.
  Music = Pleasant and polite kitsune enjoy company and in thought experiences are remembered by focus in focus and as you are focusing things come to mind. As a focus is there as essence energy in life is essence to in use and use creates the idea, that seems to create the thought to remember in as a thought if you are remembering the idea you can use the focus. To recreate any idea but you watch it instead, as a live action moment to live if you want or observe as you think to intend to use as a moment that ends or not. As a possible stopping point is a point to seem, things in use is a spoken thing or idea to seem useful. They tend to have silver blue fur color.
  Thunder - these are loud arrogant prideful kitsune. They tend to have reddish gold fur color.
  Celestial - Protective and noble kitsune, that believe they guard all under their domain, sometimes by their own laws and the laws of the land. The fur color tends to be white.
  Solar - Solar kitsune tend to be close mouthed and want to change things they see as wrong or out of whim. They are brusque and determined. They are quick to decide and make interesting companions. The kitsune that use Solar energy tend to get golden streaks in it.
  Death - Death kitsune tend to do things to kill things and collect the energy of the decay and death essence. They are brooding yet outgoing. So, their moods are quirky. Their fur tends have grey in it.
  Spirit - Spirit kitsune have high faith and tend to do things out of belief. They manipulate spirit to their whim. They are quick to do things.They tend to have bone white or bluish white fur.
  Chaos - Chaos kitsune tend to make things on a whim and not think of the effects after. They are very quick to decide things.However, their moods change on the situation that happens upon them. They tend to get red black to dusky black fur coloring.
  Dimension - Dimensional kitsune tend to make interesting companions as they are quick to decide and make things interesting. They have future sight, psychic nature, and are very content by belief. The ego is their worst enemy and it tends to be overwhelming. They are Divine and they talk to their higher selves anytime they want, more often than any other kitsune. Their fur tends to have violet coloring.

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Kitsune Ability

    Kitsune are not innate sorcerers, however they have innate and intuitive abilities that fall under magic concepts thats called 'Fox-magic'. Which can bring reasoning and intelligence, on use. Kitsune are innate intuitive illusionists. So to them, illusion can be as real as anything else. A kitsune who uses illusion, think to appear human as they are human and can talk, act, love and sire children, while the illusion exists. A kitsune who transforms a staff into snake creates a crawling, biting and killing snake.

    They use this glamour magic to make objects, weapons, people, homes, and even landscape, to manipulate their suiting desire. One kitsune be capable of creating illusion and manipulating landscape in small vicinity, though when kitsune gather collective resources, whole cities are made.

   Fox curses are the attempt to use tail power to get an effect off with feeling. This effect is focused with calm mind and feeling the bad thoughts. Its an idea that has an ongoing effect. This can be stopped, by thinking its halted. The feelings you feel amplify the effective force of energy thought. As if you don't want to be gotten near, won't be gotten near as the aura protects by what energy projection. Think this is what circle magic wards are, as you imagine a circle and this called to magic is that energy to see with motion or area as an animal spirit.

   Think as night is where isis protects the area that wards them. This is yet another concept to create and on sending, your thoughts with energy can manipulate or you can make it a curse. This curse can be hard to get rid of, unless you release excess energy. As excess stress is gone if as this is if gone. Unless if wish the originator of the curse undoes, the curse or creator modifies it to restore as a cure necessary to create with auratic energy.

   There is a point, where the tails energy amplifies. It is where the ability doubles per each tail they have. The energy manipulation is where they draw in the energy, and the ability comes into play as its allowing a certain amount of energy. More energy is allowable, if you grow a temporary tail. Thus in time or not in time, the temporary tail is there when you need it. But by no thought, it takes 1/4 chunk of the tail before it. Overpower the kitsune enough in thought and they can get confused, abrupt or very likely to strike out at something or kill as the necessity arises.

   When they have enough energy, they can overload their tail and it can drop off. This happens to spirit tails. The real tail is with full ability of the kitsune and doesn't easily drop off. Then as you see or realize, the tail is more permanent and they can easily teleport where the mood is stabilized and energy is what you think. Spirit tails can be programmed to not overload. Thus, they keep the tails more easily. The spirit tails have 1/2 to 1/4 the full kitsune tail strength. They are still not unlike gods at 7 tails.

   At 8 tails power, time shifting is possible and they gain time manipulation ability. Their likely to get anything time manipulated or made into coming somewhere. This is the point where they get very abrupt and don't like to wait as much. As, they can make the time effect of controlling people very easy.  They simply do not care and do things to get results.

   Unless in no mood to deal with things, they use patience and get results by doing effort to get things, and then if they want to do too much they get overpowered and lose a tail. This is by rushing things too much. Thus, they learn patience and they get their ability back to what they had it.

   Then as your energy is not seeming, at 9 tails the kitsune can use energy by what they gain by dimensional ability in life. Where they can manipulate dimensional energy at whim or will in thought by magic if from "ana" or the creator. So if they gain another spacial area from some area, this is a thought point and in the object area that is they can manipulate it.

   There is a point where the kitsune can transform the body into real kitsune. They decide that point, usually by instinct and intuition. When they have enough power, the body transforms and they consume allot of energy.  They can cause the area to black out, easily.  Then if not wanted, as if they can either disappear from sight or transform to look like anything they want.

   This is the disguise they use to hide themselves in plain view. This is possible because they are easily able to morph their form. This is from the effect of their tails amplifying their ability and making illusion real and use the bending of the light.

   The whole point of a kitsune is to create at need or will and do as they desire and subsist their need. When they create an illusion, they disappear from the mind's sight and do things unseen. Unless, they want to make something appear. Then if they are bored or with someone to create if in an idea to do, they get the idea of what they want and create what is needed.

   Needless approach is what gives them away. So think about this as you are you can change the signature or auratic feel, I think some are careful about a concept because their creation is created or because if they get this wrong. They are not allowed in the area or destroy if in an interesting thought, tis by what is mentioned in a bored mood or they do their own thing.

    Kitsune can make pockets in reality meaning they can make a castle under someone's floorboard with people sometimes noticing. This world be real by Ether (spirit) material. And, there can be time-dilation thats one
 Earth day = seven or more Realm years. These realms are just homes mostly, or forests, where there is their desire, as in their favorite places are
 sometimes creted/recreated aint whole worlds. It usually takes three to five kitsune to make a whole realm and populate it, linked together, either physically or mentally. Kitsune can dominate any of those they want, and this be a enchantment of form. Where this can cause someone's sight to see of anything wished for, overlooking wanted things by desire. Once control be established the victim be held until someone can break magic, disrupt the energy in the area and fix it by what you think or as the curse dissipates. As you don't have to do it, and if you can you can feel it not a curse as to do your own idea you create or feel free.

    Foxfire (Kitsune-bi) in a form of kitsune bioenergy, can produce lightning, fire by the tail rubbing their tails or pull from within to create fire. This becomes a melee weapon and they breath fire to about five feet, more or less, depending on their energy. Kitsune can also create small fire balls sometimes using these as lights, thrown weapons,, and as playtoys. Kitsune can possess targets with foxfire, taking over minds and bodies. This be sometimes out of necessity of protection as possession lasts until next sunrise,sunset unless the kitsune be using this as a manifestation form effect. They have not the targets ability access or memories, except for what the body instictually does. A kitsune can transform into anything covered by an elements presence. This means they can turn into trees, forests, rocks, water, monsters and other people.

    The limits are that the transformation does not give them the innate abilities of the form they have taken, as it is only what they assume the form does, and they are vulnerable to what can harm that form. Kitsune who are possessing someone, can not use this form of transformation, unless they are doing it through illusions. You might notice certain colors work with the bodies aura and create by thought. This isn't with moronic idea, as tis is with an ideal to use and the creator can create the idea as you seem to want. As if you own a rock and just by thought or picking it up. The moment is due or not due to get done as if a fiend or friend.

   Kitsune can create small focused power balls, like psiballs. These balls look like small spheres that easily can be child toy mistaken. These balls focus kitsune abilities and contains their spirit, usually when they take on avatar, or they possessed someone. Kitsune enjoy playing with this ball and using it, as a magic focus. If anyone else gets their hands on it, or wills it away from weak kitsune, sometimes they coerce kitsune into helping them, or doing whatever they desire.

    Kitsune can study any magic field. A problem be that to use any magic
  form requires to draw energy from power source, or to self draw it. Unlike mortals they weaken when they self draw energies, from themselves and the elements around or near them, which does not self replenish. One who casts magic too often will become weak and starved. These are oriental style magic examples. Akasic be the magic of chi essence. As mages, they can see auras and power sites, manipulate, draw on, expel chi as in willed psiballs that contain elements.

    Akasic magic be powerful combined with other magics. Its good for things like healing, rapid regeneration and reversing essence loss, sometimes that their feeding caused. Kitsune follow the Elements being tied to the represented elements. Kitsune can influence elements they be of and if elemental magic studied become very good in study field.

   They can sometimes study out of interest:

  Wind - With this study, they can create winds, cause tornadoes, and influence local weather patterns. This be also effects ice and snow. This is a felt energy of the color clear white or orange.
  Earth - they move rocks, transmute minerals, physical objects and build things. This is a brown colored energy.
  Fire - this be a kitsune's specialty as they create fire from within themselves, control fire, and cook meals. This is a red colored energy.
  River - this be a life-giving power as they create water, control creatures living in water and they heal others with and bring life to things around them. This is a blue colored energy.
  Solar - This is the sun in use. This is golden energy. The sun energy allows for particle manifestation; ability to create, manipulate and use the particles as energy; knowing things; and change things by an inner or particle caused transformation. This is a golden energy.
  Ocean - this be river cousin to River but larger scale. This be where they cause very strong storms, flooding and tsunamis. This be how mages depth creature conjure. This is a deep blue energy.
  Forest - this control and manipulation of wood trees, and forest creatures. Those who study are druidic in their ability to wood strive and blend in and find herbs and roots making salves with. This is a green energy.
  Mountain - Cousin to stone as this element allows for mountain control and those living inside. Kitsune can cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides too. This is a brownish tan or brownish grey colored energy.
  Thunder - Wind cousin a mage can throw lightning with, cause storms, and create energy shields, manipulate machines without detection, and without computer net-run aka neuracanulla link. This is a reddish gold color energy.
  Celestial - this be astral and heavens magic. Mages can teleport, call upon magic creatures, and throw target meteors. Kitsune can do most other reduced effect magics. This is a white energy.
  Dark - this be void magic and this magic can cause blights, drain life, summon dark creatures, manipulate darkness, shadow vanish, and light drain from areas. This study isn't 'evil' and a quarter of the kitsune race are Dark Kitsune. This is a black energy.
  Time - Allows no time travel except with right methods thus this allows kitsune to speed up, slow time down, age, then targets and objects. To predict future events and this be the perception and manipulation of time plausibly to master reality with celestial magic worked in. Time is a silver energy.
  Music - this be sound and music control. Kitsune can sing spellsong effects. This can entrance others, ward off supernatural creatures, and control morals. This is a silver blue energy.
  Spirit - this be spirit world, demons, and other world manipulation. This nature magic doesn't work well on mortals since mortals have souls which are similar to spirits so they have to wait for someone to die for this to effect someone well. Spirit is bone white or blue white energy.
  Death - Death manipulation is using the decaying death essence thats energy of which comes from living things and dying things to interesting use. This is a grey energy that can make a kitsune weaker.
  Chaos - This is the raw primordial energy element of surprise control that's usable on body and spirit. Any Kitsune can create an effect of chaotic result by will with this energy. The Kitsune who chooses to learn and manipulate chaos can manipulate people with it. They can overwhelm the target and make them confused as they do things that they normally wouldn't. Some people can get tired of the chaotic nature. Use of chaos will cause the Kitsune to act out strangely. This is a red black to dusky black colored energy.
  Divine - Divine energy is the energy of the upper planes and dimensions. This is used to make more powerful effects and thoughts to manifest more easily. Its from alternate worlds and other planes of existence. The color of divine energy ultraviolet is violet.

   Kitsune can bind, summon, banish, ward, trap a spirit even in a human being, if powerful enough. If the kitsune have some of the persons essence then they can control the person, by demon thought essence manipulation. Feng Shui to them be the Geomancy study of power sites to them and ley lines are being largely this magic. A person can find out best way to site build, power location creation and a means to tap into leyline, nexus. This allows someone to travel Dragon Lines (ley lines) getting from location to location and also allows them power tap Ju-Fo be runic magic and mages can write power words, speak spells creating magic. Ley lines are good places for banishing/controlling spirits and binding sites. Kitsune can hide themselves, places by ley lines in key moves with manipulation or look were not for concealment.

   If they were given an exact description, they can modify how they act. This is how they are usually, "Playful, kind of mischevious, tried to play a few semi-harmful pranks and they were all playing around with their Kitsune Balls, sometimes to gather forces,  to live. I can effectively say that I don't have to consider kitsune and vampire as different parts of myself, since there's the kitsu-vampire combination as well. The transformation makes them like a werewolf as they can form into dog or wolf. Some are half human half kitsune, full human, full kitsune. The older they get, the more forms they have. The older they get the more sophisticated they get.

   Kitsunes can drink the energy-blood of a person, vampire or animal and turn into the target. As a kitsune with the speed of a vampire, they're a lot more powerful. I think it's the kitsune that's bitten by a vamp or drinks the vamp blood. Well vampires are technically human and kitsunes can be half human. Which means that they can be half vampire. They just have to make their form fully vamp instead of  half vamp/half human, and then transform into a kitsuvampire.

   The kitsuvamps extract and manipulate energy a lot easier than either basic kitsunes or basic vampires. So they can form gates that act like wooden doors or look like anything. As using the wooden doors or the objects as fuel. That's like a twist on pockets in reality as basically they can twist things to be as they desire. An if to suit of their necessity, But its not a dark twisting, except for the users of void. It almost feels as easy for them to transform into anything (not just human, not just vamp, not just fox, not just kitsuvamp, but actually able to mutate into any form they want) as it is for a dragon."

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Extra ability

   These things are what the kitsune or fox with magic will use by feel sometimes, including the atleantian dictionary. This means that the idea is realized thtough the point, the area is the scenerio and the point ends when the moment the sceneraio changes to something else. This helps them realize things, that is innate knowledge and working with peoples energy. That is what they do.

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