Jgabrla aka thief god murder.

    This is the techniques of positive power and some use of a darker view with the idea no abuse or see whaat you are as this is seen idea is no is idea and heart in use is thought, as use with a good feel is not married as after energy feel is a wave of feeling or use to get unlimited. Jgabrla aka thief god murder the dark god I called, yet my friend caz talked not into seeming there or exchange is possible switch use. This results from the creators love by crystal sunstone for energizing, with jasper or onyx to absorb the abuse as jetstone to control the abuser or pink quartz. The use is thought or finally focusable sex energy from stone energy. A pink gemstone can absorb area activity to create as necessary or set sucking to occur, so I accept or use or not happen to sfocus xfocus yfocus unless not by notice. Seen as a shift is possible or thought area focus changes dimension by focus you appear. See or seem good when you are near or as you are them, see or use is area by thought with some place as you see this is use by feel. Seem what an idea by creativity or area thought directed to create.

   See your good if you feel interest bad if you see no use, as you see this as experience seems an area function off. This uses "jgibrla from the god or god by area use with theory by use of concept" idea that is negative things of power absorbing to dark stone and positive idea from gemstones different colors. Some is energy per different use as sunstone is focus by some cool use as a weapon, so to cleanse a stone is absorbing to the sun light is sun stone as not needed from Jjabrla. Seen by that forms things you see from area use as out or otherwise with positive results. This follows five basic non thieving rules rules. If you follow them so area is cool, then you won't be arrested for doing what uncrazy thought. So you communicate from where you intend for cool idea and you may think you can get away with anything or no use is created. Then as you sense wrong you create creative use to correct by feel.

   See or be smart and appear or nor appearance to follow the rules with a concept or this as no fight no sorrow as non issue. There are love gates with this in method and this is not with a dog intention, as all this says to them you work with is you will no longer see them. As these gates in the area are outwardly abstract, you tend to make more power within you as you can do physical activity. This allows you to think and this use is known, so what you have shown is strength and resolve to do courageous acts so think and it is yours to do.

   As use is use an idea no lover night use by feeling, see or nothing or dark is good to feel by some reason your body adjusted. So you are good at helping and being a lover or doing things useful otherwise by thought, you can see them as inseparatable disguise as whatever form you know them in their mind world. If you mimic it a bit then their subconscious won't affect you. If attributes in use is the third eye or physical activity caused by the brain. You can know them by the traits they use by activity, as real life they remember and your not as your idea works for what you think and otherwise for what they think. Then they become obvious or what you do with other becomes obvious. Theirs no demented hand here.

   There and not do or go back again is thought, as you think there and you know what is as what home you are in, as it is what seems to create is a point as the consciousness uses it to work with this. Think about what you do or if next time, you don't need to think go and try not to bother other people not with the creator. Think causing what you timewise do is not as then you remember your own self, in effect you stay away till invited as necessary. I see the area to work by feel or create with the area as I think to leave to the real world I walk out without thinking I am going.

   The home is a release that is from touched area surfaces. As you call them to an area by feel, as your a separate insect life or self made area. As if that allows and observes what is there, as you think to see through the eye of the animal and the animal response is to show. You think and feel to know if you match the frequency in of the body aura, that is what allows the brain through spirit thought to communicate to your brain.

   What is there if you want to know what is there. This is an area or not inseparate point that is a self idea from that you think, as if a point an is parallel point and thought if you are a perfect elf as to want to seem and are yourself. You imagine the gate form so buying what your needing there and near you as you wish. Allow things you want to form by the subconscious making it there. With an idea you unlock the gate by using a key made of love that twists in the air and unlocks the door.

   These are possible doors that are possibly used, this is as if your able to double your power use water not as you think. This thought you have doesn't matter, what you think to the drink does as it is energized the drink essence is charged with ions. See that means those are your thoughts. So if you think energy to the drink you can drink it, you find a way to build up energy reserves that reflect in the youth that you have.

    The more gates you build, the more physical energy you use the more possible physical gating is as this energy to your heart that is regenerative in use as a point in strain energy released by the "Thurisdaz" thought and sigil that gets to your heart as heart magic. The more physical strain on basis of a heart moment, the less stress there is as you release or not and your body adjusted to the moment. The more chance of doubling your heart attack.

   Unless a thought of rejuvenation is energizing the body, you make the gate with the intent of healing your heart and getting results or not to drink. See as energy from the drink is there or not as the point is made, then whatever is attributed in the thought is what can seem as you think it will. Will to cure and your idea will is an idea to use as uneducated use is guesswork with an idea you don't or don't to feel "nothing in uneventualized uneventualated space use".

   So then this is or use by body area allowed seen is enough if you don't eat enough and use is so nothing, you think boring is think "create" usa or think usa helpful or dangerous. Seeing so this is area use never seems linking to another, as a trace where a person seen or feel is so you care see or not is use to focus not more than necessary. See not in theory is some seen concept by use is protective "or not" with idea so you eat less. So use as the area then is ignore or response you won't kill people for this. So if you think a prophecy your use is thought or nonsense to use so you see not always to use or focus. See the area you use is thought so no thought to use so not think your a target, by stops what you think is theory so organized you could not defunct it.

   For then nothing will happen, as need is projected or use to manifest through the aura sensed. As then the answer will seem clear, see thought about moments by spoken idea and your mind is what energy is there if thought can be in attributed and denied by the aspect. There is an aspect by the energy using your feel so to see thought, as that if your will by focus is there in drink energy then your will is done as though energy drinks not actually going on so no worry creates better results.

   As you are you can create anything. If your spirit and mind fuse with the other then unfuse this is by thought so you won't rune the energy to cause conflict unless necessary, see or not is the statement use by the area you see that uses idea that the energy usable feel the area is seeming this feel doesn't make run ins into each other. See and energy from the aura as if then not touching a fuse is a thought, your in an idea to thought by what is near and the mind so attributes being by will this is energy use to cause by will. This will allow by touch and desire won't share or you can allow, as your attributed with the genetics through the aura energy. So when you think of something you can make use of writing to create it, this is by the energy that you have from the writing you do.

   This if the energy is similar to them allows rapture or thought to thought brain speech,now as this is what energy is there and is using a source by energy to use. The more energy or less by feel is non useful activity you use them the more your like them, thus the energy is the response and the response is the activity. Unless an animal were you focus, think and their sensitive mind shows by feel or idea what you want. So sex you did or no one was to use.

   As if you don't touch a fuse, and a point is a concept with the energy you can observe. What you have is not fusing by attributed attrocity in activity or a love body antibody effect. There is a point any place in mind or otherwise, as if wherever necessary your energy shift is by sometimes thought adjusted. As thought to the brainwaves, that is from where you sense and this shows you what is there. Then or not and if isis creates in necessity that you need to understand if the ability, you can shift away and this is creative and focus is with the why, wat and where pointed out thought indicates wat is there. This is crap or use so think to clean up or not bother.

   Thinking which in thought uses suggestion to do things. Seen as what focus is feel see or think to create. you can mostly get a response from yourself. The brain syncing idea you use is a thought that your ability is an energy thought, and that matches the other idea I had. As the the thought "am were I" is what the mind uses, and that is stimulation to the brain by nervous energy response by thought and for the point. This is a point by point things so bear with me.

   You are if "think to make or create and by the done response, as allowed after attributed realization with the body nearby that be can auratically respond". As if to think uses by calm responses is with stipulated idea, think or not and you are with a body as though attributed to the person. As if there by body presence and felt need counted, a link that is there isn't till thought in some way or broken by what you think or rap is wrap with a table to disrupt by hit.

   What is left is the astral way, I think this stops your disparaging by fire to attribute by genetics to those you think to understand. Your always aware by what you see or not work by or think calm by what you think with life. Then you know what you do with another or other peple. So is dead by share the air, an is fire, of is earth, em is water making or is water by is water as well you think so you are. Nil is void use with trust or allow otherwise. Um is no or pause, en is yes to area feel. She is shift or use by any He is ore their etc is except use.

   Is means is use or no fisting by feel, if is iffy or death by is allow but is did use bt feel is equal or sense with sensation. Think is move by feel with thinking thats activity, poor is lifted as energy though movement is area feel created or abort so think ilp is help. Win is loss to the other you loss or louse, I believe you did to use some by envictimed feel or use or see this is etc. I see this etc is to except to feel allow to you. You can think to your own feel seeing this is no area feeling, this I think by use your area creates to work unless the en is near the end in use.

    The love body shows what strength you have of the united mind and body. I thought with vision quests from visions that use as it appears in visions and manipulated by will by imagination which makes it do things you are there for as the other wants done. Then in thought as a point to use is the love body that can enact physical results to be made, this is with enough energy to avoid the energy and debiolocate as what you seem to feel is interesting sometimes as energy blows by feeling in the energy or not and if rebound energy the blows cease if not any objections as "eny". Your not dumb you don't bitch the creator makes sure your not dumb by realization. I think so this is awareness with sulfer by oxygen with nitrogen. See as you are so your aware by idea or use is focuses with what you create or not bother to work by or with unless necessary.

The elements are useful or not by use so create by focus to work the energy can create sometimes by thinking then moving or the gravity moves you. Seen or use are these elements that are some with no jealousy or area feel as I can remember. Earth, fire and water to restore ability, memory and body by theory air mail use. To weave three is create by imagining the strands of color to create with by feel that is possibly red for fire, blue for water, green for earth, brown for objects, air is colorless or clear focus with the area through a medium. See for three or more strands together I suggest to try related elements as your experience, seen is feel that is a seeable area and experimentation is done by feel. So saying umplump is what creates from your statement a religious point or not is your undoing. Things that are aggravating no longer aggravate if listed as come or switch not to aggravating. I think this was showing a screen use. Its not to use by feel. I think to see. I think this is to cease our efforts so continue. I think the space you can go by touching the bed is with some area not bothered. I think you are allowed as long as you don't abuse others. I think this is exception to the rule you return or work, except associated by the point area feel. I don't know what I don't realize so don't expect what shouldn't be done as you point things out.

  1. Get free and know by intuition and feelings. Your intuition is your soul guiding you.
  2.  Understanding things. You can understand things by thinking things through and thinking of things to do.
  3.  Use intuition and positive energy, this is with use and with nothing negative in actions. Positive energy builds up an event and creates actions with your actions.
  4.  Build ki and love up or think in energy as your different or not in idea. Ki is life energy that gets stored by the body when you do things physically and mentally. Love is built up by doing things that you love doing and doing things with a loved one.
  5.   Be not as this energy is corrupt, by what is broken in the area power field and know power by electricity is energy by doing or body energy if use is generation. If you disrupt the power in the area, when you do things you can get a better result as you are clean. Aura is cleansed, by the attempt with what you in thought do with fire energy, as if you can make things to think of a white energy with fire spread through the aura to remove energy parasites intensified particles and this sustains or not as things are in good repair. As needed by intent or not which you do can create the point, that is not there as your intent is to create the point as an idea living area and this can form any area so pick carefully. This is a point to consider, if you use jgabrla from any point of view that is a point to consider. Then you can create any point, to which is an area that is to exist by the viewpoint in mind as you would want.