How to dimensionally travel & dimensionally shift

  There are two ways to think about this, dimensional travel and dimensional shifting. Dimensional travel is the travel of a person who goes to different realities and can be codenamed dimes travel and done in different ways. Where the dimensional shifting is the use of energies to travel to other places.

  To dimensionally travel is the simple way as is to imagine the place you want to go to and imagine a door or stream of light and energy that goes to that place. This door or stream is hanging in the air or is in doorframe standing where you want it to be and imagine seeing the door; see it with a doorknob and possibly a knocker thus the door might open or you can open the door in your mind by turning the doorknob while understanding that it will open to where you want. Do this in conjunction with a movement of the hand that signifies the doorknob movement and push open the door to that place that it links as to seem while in your mind you do it as well. To use the stream just travel into the light and your there, as you think and you are to feel the area to seem protection you can see and prepare with and create a presence. That you think to and cause speak and show what is there then you create a knowing to see, then and if you feel good about the area you might survive. This is by feel and thought about the area lets you know about the place. The spirit lets you realize what you want or it knows, this works as the spirit energy is the guide with the soul as the knowledge by what is stored in energy. Think to do what you want.

  This is done at the same time that you think on it or it won't work right and step forward in your mind at the same time as movement of your body happens plus you should see no difference unless you use hindsight as 'whats different here' but people who were watching might see you disappear. When you are fully through the door and disappear from that world sometimes the place around you shall shift slightly and your eyes will adjust with blurring but most times it won't appear any different and you will see some of the events that you went through by visions and dreams, plus it will be as if you belonged to that world and you will not believe that you have travelled while you will actually belong to the world ye went to as if ye were born there. Basically it will be as if your double was there but your not conciously there sometimes.

  To go there consciously there is some way some how as some manner, you focus on the thought of where you want to go and then move and feel yourself shift by gut instinct while seeing yourself entering the light of the stream. You might appear in a vision that is your concious self there, but the light will get brighter and you will be travelling through a tunnel of light till you get there. All you have to do is watch and think what to do to cause a suggested action.

  This takes personal practice as it is of it and won't always work the minute you try. There is two ways to thinking to this, creating to make is thought to a moment. So to the area you think is what they react, as a parrallel reality in life as a concept in life is useful in moment or spirit by thought. Your basically not following the circular energy you used to, as if thought you aren't there if nothing wrong nothing bad off with life as your able to do or this is in creative ideal.

  Thus if you have to number the reality you are able to do things with thought, what you do is up to you by what you can feel or create. Tis parallel parking as you create or figure out things, so the creative feel is what you think by parallel roots unless needed are in endless or some are based off the area you see in life. This by feel is with the area in energy in thought, as you are to feel by life this creates interesting results or not by feel is thought to use things to see or make by feel.

  Say or not is up to you, by thought to see use or create use. The area is what you think or try to do create in life, thought by the idea you try out or not. If too bad is not done by creator effect. The circular dimensional worlds are described in what, you see below as you create or circular use a fan is life learned. So what you think can create by the idea, method by vision with focus or feel to create no intent until necessary. As the pattern is circular, if you want it to be as if you know by the creator.

  How you feel yourself shift.... many techniques talk about feeling and feeling yourself and this. But what do they actually mean? Thats the question. There are several methods out as I saw one person use their gut and think of the shift as though they were appearing where they wanted. They sorta flickered and came back. To use the gut is meant as feel the gut, stomach or spirit of your body and then know that something happened by the energy you think comes from it interacts or feel mentally the gut and move. Gut is the stomach area, or the feeling as its difficult to say of the spirit. Where as some feel the gut by thinking of the gland called the Hara beneath the navel and then thinking what they want to occur to activate the energy within the below navel spot as you feel it flow.

  The felt below the navel spot is your sweet spot or the alternately named Hera. The Hera is located inside your body, 3-inches below your Navel. To use it, visualize it as a swirling ball of green energy. This is where you are going to draw your energy from. So what is the use of hera here but to cause the gut shift as you might think it occurs.

  One note is that when you disappear from the hell or other world you came from it will be as if you had existed there but any possible artifacts will travel with you and anything you carry will travel with you and disappear, plus if you wanted to bring anyone with you hold said persons hand or think they are "coming with you". To go back say out loud "I wish to go back to where I came from" or if that doesn't work take one step back and think "I now go back to where I came from." 

  Everything should be as it was before you left and if you were about to be killed then the act will still happen unless you can dodge very quickly unless you thought "I now go back to where I came from 5 minutes beforehand." If you were arrested then you would still be arrested on coming back and I use this method to evade death plus when the door is hard to open it is a far distance. When the door won't open it is dangerous to enter and where the handle is hot the danger is great but not too great plus If the handle to your mind is warm then there is something damaging nearby.

  This works because of the paradox of time and dimensional travel as explained by Einstein which be if one goes somewhere through walking then the space will warp around said person and where that person was something has to to fill the empty space so it is alike for the shifting of dimensions as when one person disappears the space is filled with a placeholder being empty air. Always remember to close the gate by making an image of the door in your mind and mentally shutting it saying at the same time "close gate" and to close the door saying "close agate" will make the door close and everything that was negative after the door was open to be negated plus this process will always cause a storm for the usage of travel by door causes discharged dicordant energy

  This next method is going to be about considers the use of the fairy mists of time to make it happen and the fairy mists of time are a druids way of travelling through time and space effortless. To use them there are several ways as the process of calling it varies from person to person and the base of the idea is to make a focus in your mind of the place you want to go to. Mentally call out to the mists to part for you to allow yourself access to that place of your desire and when the mists part walk or move to the place you need. The use of a crystal to tune the mist gate by mind focus will make passage easy plus another way of doing it is to say out loud or to say mentally "I call the mists of time to bring me to the place I need to be.

  Now think on the place you want to be and you might want to have thought of the place before the calling plus the fairy mists are also a defense as well plus to do this make a mental call to the mists and say out loud or in your own mind "Fairy mists come and defend me and my household!"

There is a really good suggestion in the idea of saying how long and the law of time rules in the mists so when the mists are there it slows time down to a crawl plus to live in them is to be unaged even after 300 years. The movement of troops is to make a call to the mists to bring said troops to another place. Define that place as a image in your mind and say in your mind or say out loud "Fairy time mists bring the troops to the place my desire and focus!" and a white cloud should appear and the cloud will descend and disappear with the troops after 3 minutes or more.

  The Flunie (universal energy flow)  symbol makes travel anywhere possible with a different world, and a language variation of similiar languages plus this makes the language mean different things, even if sounding similiar. Energy passes thru every world (sine wave) in a pulsating regulated flow, that is in an idea of rhythmic energy flow as if use is to make transfer into other worlds possible. As you are able to use the energy because energy is activity even if rhythmic flow, as if the idea you sense is as if with thought and you manipulate things with the superstring. As with the superstring in use the superstring is used by imagining a place, and thinking yourself where you want to be as if you drawing the symbol.

  Draw a spiral inward and forward to seem in yourself and faster than time itself and if you use the spinning flunie to circumnavigate the globe you are as you were as you travel there and here on a thought. As you draw it backward, you can go a mark and backward and as to stop the moment going back you think stop and stop as time fluctuates forward again. Draw a symbol that goes forward in a shape as a spiral forward and outwardly you can seem to go and seem outside yourself. As you draw it back and think of the flow of life, as activity in energy you can shift to what time as you think and appear there of here where you thought to be with focus.

  Draw it backward in an outward spiral to undo the result that you intend to undo or do it forward to ultimately recreate the area and things that live are there. Protection is circle done forward to do in thought, create the time make and you ward, this is by time in the area loop in time of what is wrong undone or not as you think and do things. If right or wrong you go on forward, with what you are doing in time.

  There is a timewarp of your brain called unstantaneous space, that is instant and use is a thought to create with a thought and what you crave isn't there. Otherwise, don't draw the circle and you are easily able to manipulate. As in normal space if ripple the area in dense dimensional energy that is felt as dense magnetic fields that are there and seem to change the area, and stop on a point that you are no as in now in what you think and they stop in motion and then stop and go and continue on. As if nothing was a problem where you go forward they are stopped and you are going extremely quicker time, as if time moved not at all and you move faster than time in a warp field that ends as everything is normal again as if a-tempo were done.

  Your drawing the symbol causes a cosmic shift, there is a point as no accost ever happens to happen effect or you can draw energy into the area by drawing the rune, thinking draw energy you focus, think and can imagine and use is the superstring in action considered the cosmic string in use. This drawn rune is a circle with curved lines sticking out from the circle sides, in a rightward pointed arc all the way around and the Flunie symbol makes the energy transfer happen with the thought to use something.

  This is the movement effect if given thought, then you will move about or if in thought this is not observed. An hourglass is drawn to use the time in a patient manner, as you are there or not in a moment by nothing done, where you are as this is a pause where you are and you flip the hourglass and think of the idea and you can make things occur. As if a stopwatch that you buy and if your not doing anything at all you are what is in a fluid thought in motion. The flunie is what creates the effect and you are as though nothing in thought and yet aware in thought of as you watch what you do or not do and things are what you think do not do this, as you can think as if your well and aware.

  By particles this is in telepathy and rhythmic pulse your direct use is quality thought from what you do, as use is the heat in focus and the heart in some use to do things by manipulating the power flow. Using temperal idea is to think to enact what you feel to do as if you think and as you stop warping, and you avoid a ripple that disrupts space as if you know what your hitting and shifting from or creating energy waves with chaos by activity. This is a thought in mind, to think and feel where you want to seem and you are able to seem where you want in the same dimension. Then think you are and you are as if to seem adept, in an area that you are in as you focus and think.

  As your mind makes the area seem a person to seem to another in an area folding your senses, that will allow you to gnow what the other you think on is doing then the folding of space is what. You do as if you focus and open a wormhole, to somewhere you produce on a thought in an idea. With a clear thought in space that appears like a black area, focus and a gate appears and thought activates your crown chakra now with focus. That causes this to seem to shape into a arched shaped door area, and that can seem to appear as what you want as you focus your mind you can shape the door as the area is in the shape by direct focus.

  This is a point and a visualization of a black wormhole as imagine you walk toward and this shifts you in time, as you can fake walk or walking with thought in your mind. As you think of the symbol and imagine where you go where you are or walk, as you make and walk you shift in thought as energy comes and as your choice in your reality which involves ripples in spacetime this is nothing in action.

  As you use whatever power and energy is there, this is from fire as thought in energy creates from the area response unless your unseen as you come and quick strike or not you are sane. As if the power can dip or can fluctuate, as if a gateway in thought by effect were there in intention and you appear and go and this is a shift.

  The next method is to transfer through chaotic resonance fields and these are arches of stone that are side by side or single and there are only two arches or one arch by itself plus they work by harmonic pitches that cause a discordant chaotic field so great it blue energy bridges dimension to another place and time. Possibilities are limitless in thought as red energy travel as it can go anywhere and this is called a master gate plus it is powered by any type of power source or energy field. This is what is believed to be at least 1,000,000 year old technology coming from the stone age and the right frequency pitch is always desired to go to the right place tuned in by a key of sorts. The right place is chosen by where the person is thinking on going and when it is active the harmonic gate will cause the human to pass out through the horrendous frequency required to bridge a gap to another place.

It is active because the archways will become one or the arch blurs and when active it will make a bridge to said place desired plus all one needs to do is make focus at the gate and it will create an image to said place in your mind. Usage of crystals will make this fine tuning easier and the exit point will be invisible to the mental and naked eye except for the one who travelled through the exit point.

  The lesser brother to the harmonic gate is to create an electromagnetic harmonic gateway deviceand these little beauties have a possibility to work much like the harmonic gates without humans passing out. Although it takes electricity of some sort the main proponent is the crystal itself plus the other parts to this device are the energy feed with power control dials, electromagnet and the silver nickel iron battery clip. Setting up the device is like putting the device in this configuration of the energy clip of silver nickel iron is used by the energy feed which is the container for the clip. Said energy feed has the controls for how much energy is used and will control when you go for it takes energy buildup to shift. The energy is fed to the electromagnet and this pulses the crystal within the moving electromagnetic ring that causes a harmonic field that will respond to the mind focus of a person that it is attached to plus the clip responds to the mind focus of the person while drawing energy from the human biolectricity by clip skin contact through wire leads.

  The focus must be to be in an area that said person can picture perfectly so if said person pictures the place with said person in it, as in the clip, they will see it as well because the clip reacts to the focus of the mind by the silver nickel iron element. When more focus is given to an idea that also may occur plus the energy is charged into the battery clip by taking a battery of 12 volts AC and clipping the clip into it by two clip cables on both sides to make it fully charged by nine hours later and all that is needed is the clip to be worn into the energy feed to work. . Possibly a nickel cadmium battery can be used to replace it if it holds 12 volts and the energy clip will now draw in from human body the energy it needs to complete itself if it gets low on energy plus this is done through focusing at the clip and thinking to it to "refuel itself from the human body and to not drain it completely."

  The next method is called the chaos field transport and this is done by saying the words mentally
"Chaos! bring me to the place I need to be! Please prepare me for what I may encounter by conditioning my body and mind to preparedness. I thank you for it."
The next step is to wait for a pull of energy and the feeling as if being pulled into a vortex then you will disappear and reappear somewhere else. You will have changed mentally and physically due to the things you will encounter to get there and do not fight the pull or the vortex will be gone and you will not have disappeared. This is because the vortex will only last a few milliseconds and you can resist the pull by force of will plus this works because the chaos is the base of energy.

  To call upon chaos is to risk madness if you don't accept the actions that you do and if you have a strong backbone then you need not worry because your mind will not break.

  Crystals have a power of their own as they have the power to make the will of the owner work if focused enough because the crystal first has to be attuned to yourself and attunation is linking the crystal to you by harmanizing it to your body aura. A decently attuned crystal will make anything happen for the person who wears it as a pendent or keeps it near. The pendant must be worn or kept near the crotch for five days plus the effort of just focusing on the thing you need will make it occur by the crystal picking it up. Focus on the image of the place you want to be in and place yourself there in that place mentally thus you will energetically disappear and reappear there and energy is humanish.

  The next method is called the mind transfer through focus of tv or monitor effect because you focus your will at an object to cause the effect in some way to occur. What you do is to focus on the tv or computer monitor then focus on the miniature atom splitter in the tv or monitor to allow the transfer of your mind and watch the picture on the screen and look at the person you would want to act out as you switch places mentally. Now think that you are that person and feel a shift of your mind to that world and you will be in two places at the same time then at that place focus on the thoughts that you would want the other you to do. Otherwise, that other person will always do what that person usually does is depicted and avoid detection no matter what by methods of lying to evasion! To come back there will be a television show about you and by glancing at the program you will be fully you when you see your character.

 For the computer screen just try to imagine yourself there in a game or in a full background while focusing at the miniature atom splitter and working with the computer.

  If it works then you will feel a shift and your body will either be sitting there in the chair while your mind is exploring the place or your body will disappear and you will be there fully till you come back. If your body is still in your world your body will react to the daily routine of the body and it will be habitual activity as to your daily life it will slowly lose memory after 12 hours in another world Plus to get back from that place think "I wish to be back from where I came." and imagine where you came from in exact detail thus the shift will happen. If memory had disappeared it will come back after a few minutes as if nothing had happened.

  When going to a movie theatre know that a similiar trick will work and this works because so many people are focused at the movie and it is somewhat real to them in some manner. When the movie starts just focus yourself there as you want it to be in a body of your choice or imagine a new body exactly as you would want to look and allow for the people in the audience to make it work by their belief that it is somewhat real. This is called thought harnessing and allows for yourself to be there and in the seat at the same time living behind the scenes plus this way you get to see the difference from behind the scenes and what you have changed by doing it but do not get caught or the dimensional police will get you and you are exactly responsible for your own actions! The dimensional police are people who look out for this behavior and try to correct it before bad things happen plus the events of a transgression or death there will beget similar when you get back. If ye get caught or reported you could get the ability removed for disturbance and there are many ways to avoid the reporting or catching.

  In natural hotspots or hotsprings of psychic actions is where there is somewhat allot of energy, there is a chance to summon forth a gate to someplace else, by thinking it will appear and form in a natural circumstance of feeling peaceful and with thought of it forming. With it you can escape to another circumstance, by thinking about it and walking, at least in your mind, to the place of where it is and at most physically to where the gate is, as though walking through it. This forms more easier, and close in within an area to where you have run water or a current of sorts.

  There is a shifting in a natural area of energy, to seem where the world strings are. That is possible to do with the idea of where ya wanna go and either with aid or projecting ya self by thinking ya are there and feeling yaself become there. Using oxygenated copper oxide will allow ya to shift back. Shift with the aether, as it controls time and space by ya imagination and a symbol drawn or carved. Then think ya shift there and ya there.

  This method has been reported by a few to work with matrix travelling consider it the peaceful shift. Peaceful shift; A peace, a thought and a moment of rememberance that you were there or be here and you are or be of a way or think of an idea, and it becomes that way or is remembered. This doesn't end as it keeps going with an end scene. Where as you end something you continue something.

  Then there's dimensional warping, which is to shift to another dimension of the fourth or in-between dimension and shifting events to occur in you own dimension. Do you think that it is possible to manipulate/warp the third dimension to achieve inhuman abilities? (Anywhere from small stuff to Matrix-grade manipulation) Well these steps will make it possible.

  To think on that with practice and discipline, it is viable.

1. Intensify the sensitivity of your third eye
2. Go between dimensions, so you are more
3. than half in a dimension higher than the third
4. Look back into the worldly dimensions, and analyze the situation, simplify the required task and break it down into small, manageable pieces
6. Manipulate/warp small aspects of your worldly situation, so they will add up to the desired effect, by whatever means possible
7. Finalize all manipulations
8. Move back entirely into the worldly environment you have just changed.
9. Make use of what you have just done.
10. Clean up; return things back to normal, so your manipulations have no undesired long-term effects.

  Bring a battery with you to energize in between dimensions by touching one before you go in between dimension. The dimensional charge of the battery will follow you and charge you up especially if you touch the terminal ends, and it seems that the higher you go the easier it is to absorb the battery charge through the casing as you can't recharge it. As if it wrent there but it the charge is contained till you think about it and it has to go somewhere so it goes to you.

  Now to go about actually warping stuff, you use energy and just will things to change. To switch dimensions, think on the dimension and place yourself there in your mind. You might feel a wind or a change but thats about it, as your spirit will be there, protected if you imagined a grey wall surround it and you. To warp events think of the event and think of whant you want to happen..imagine each step in a focus technique.

  To see the event happen as you want, say the event that you desire and it might occur easier. Again you might feel a wind from nowhere as the effect goes out to your dimension or something will happen that alerts you of the change. Or yo may touch a battery while you go in between dimensions and place them in a tape recorder to record something that you may want to happen. As you play it back, what is recorded becomes likely to happen as its an instruction to your sub-c.

  As is this maybe just like having Out of Body Experiences. Its similiar, but you cause it and get visions of what happens even in body after you do the idea thing that is. Now to view the dimension in slow motion, or the first three. Imagine it as in slow motion or whatever speed you want, scene for scene. It's an acquired technique but some drastic events cause it. So speed up your perception. You just need to force yourself to see things go slower...When you see things with your third eye; it just shows up in your head. Will/make your in-head visions and perceptions go more slowly. But, theres a way to move fast until stuff looks like they're in slow motion.  then there's the clock one too, imagining a clock in your head speeding up or slowing down.

  Minor time control fluctuation is second nature after awhile as all thats needed to do is to make things going faster an imagine everything around going really really fast, and you can actually see things starting to speed up. Same thing with slowing it down. The methods to start with, though (Spellhawk's atlantean spells) are
   Speed-ty : Speed time
   Slow-ty : Slow time
   A-tempo : Time's pace goes back to whatever you think is normal

  Un Worp field is the point is this as this is a time sensative field that is relational and use of the relation in mind. Whatever you think is relation, is possible there as worp is a word for usage of the world in essence. For what is in a point, this is worp field as this is a point in a cause to seem from and be the difference for the flow of energy that creates a dimension effect and bade or not by what you do its already known. This is an actual useless warping as with thought in an idea this makes no as a secret to making. As you do something right, un in this depends on who you ask and to dismiss the field dissipates the effect.
  As shifting away is 'us', is this as this is from the movie cocoon nown as one of the warped ones. As if the aftereffect, that is from the energy field thats nothing used is nothing gained and if you thought to need or want nothing can create something. This degrades the body, unless the body finds an energy source and this can form the point of repair if thought positive. When the idea has too much of the energy, go through the body then it can go a little non spasmic. Where the soul is not enough, to support the super energy body if the body becomes worse then after a moment of rest or a moment of hand spanning you get better.
  As this is effect by thought, with energy signal degradation to a ditz in no possible disease or if bade with thought to be positive they who are effected are seeming better. That with thought if thought better are actually worsened unless thought bad and they improve. Belief is what causes this, to change by what is there or by what you want to become with energy silver in nature and used is the effect of gathering from the 'autra', as an aura effect that is thought to seem with you until you don't intend as not to see it. As if a negative kinetic effect, you can seem to be a god to do as you want and know what you do unless abrupt in nature. This is where you can seem to create with ate food effects. As absorption effects, there are cool idea to use this idea as this replenishes enegry and is your animal spirit. Which can seem to appear in your inner world.
  As the effects can create an energy, effect is as if though thought effect makes as if you were as you want. As if you were and also as thought, you are what gives you energy that you are able to transform as you actively use the god ability with the divine moment thought. Effect as you want and the manipulation, that is you think and the thing you chose to do is a source of things and that does what you consider in a need to be done, not bad. To be believed is to be good unless you are believed to bad and this is cause to make you act good of an idea that is considered in a good way.

  The phase door effect is a ripple door as a point to use is think, or state the spell as "The Fase Doore" as if the phase door effect. The phase door effect is what is a chaos gate in practice 'thouight' as that is a shaped from energy idea from energy of chaos, these are gates formed by the will into the shape of a door or archway and activated by focusing in to the area and thought. This is on the area as you imagine the door open and you feel yourself shift, and change your perspective in view to see the new world area as you step through the door shaped mind realm. As you agree with what you do see or like a curtain of energy, in the motion as though aware use in thought you shift you let go the emotion as things can seem extreme and otherwise nothing.

  As you feel the moment of activity behind the gate by focus and psychism in the act is the gate effect, this allows you to use alpha waves in the brain and focus on the door in view and the idea comes. As to what is there as you remember the rule that the motion you do, what creates is a point of black space, in time to open up to shift you there. As this is where things in the area can pull on you in a point of imagined time, as see the items touched at a will and you make the curtain of energy by thinking curtains and this creates a curtain of energy effect. That makes a way to another place in time, and you can feel in calmness that once you felt the time to goto you are in a place your spirit ward is useful and wanted to seem to be in action. You can get to the place well.

  This is the point that is where you can get things done, and the point is the use of the energy in the area. These are the motions that create the moments and you can use things to create with or no and you stop. Do or think as you are, and then you can continue on with a point to seem.. This is an area use idea that I think to use, as if you can get an effect easily with use of what is.

  This is a part of what life exists as if you do it then you get it, and as if you die you can live on and seem alive as if you never died. This is the rule of the moment, that is somewhere as if there as if waiting or doing else. This can be what is recreatable as if you are if in an idea to get better and make things better unless you get some other result then you can still make better as people except you and accept what it is that happens. This is as if you were an idea in the wind, as if somewhere else. As you are aware you are, what you think and think as you will you are an accepted part of life or not as you are with the secret of getting results. This is the secret as if you are aware you can get acceptable results as you think they are acceptable and make sure it is clean and safe to use as to use the idea as an approach to life goals gets you an end result. As you go dimensional, your races ability become active as with a thought of 'activate' and you are very well off and you are what you think.

  The effect of this is this, to serve as insane if you think of importance where you want, to go and seem or not you are where you are this is in place and or nor your not there. This is an example, given as Dino as in The energy dinosaur. This is to point out a point that is from a person and this in mind is a thought with that is a point as of what seems ready, this in but isn't and this is minecraft as if in the game is what it is isis as a form says that is a sasquach and is a dinosaur and is a loli tongue dragon that uses candy to use the energy. This is of thought in a generator of the fire thats deadly threatening as internal this is from within and is in thought. As you ask a due for rent and you ask for a sasquatch, as in the in ad moment and if a dumbsquatch appears reuse particle form and you serve as a point is a switch off dumbmonitor. Then you and the moment is there and you will be served a cold drink to seem serve, as if to seem in a game to survive as fey so no with a thought.

  This is all in thought and in a thought by thinking a godmode in thought, and it kickstarts an engine and this is in mind but not from startrek. As you get back there in spirit and its in form you get back in what seems a white limosine, that seems like a car you observe from the inside out as that can seem a body this is in a car. That is nearby in place in time, as you shift in time to a parking place and walk home. As though in a parked area as an energy for what you want in that is what it thinks it is, this in its idea form is a spell moment in the form you choose. Whatever happens there doesn't matter, to save yourself save someone some trouble and them in thought is a mind in help to seem out or else now you see it now you don't as or not can cancel out and as it goes out your back to what is different in the night your thoughts remain intact in mind. Brake it off and it stops as if in free fall and you are okay, as you say a mention with the intent to stop.

  Fun thought is travelling think as this is not and you always are able to do as if there or not and you disappear, as food for thought is an idea to do things and you create in the right order with the right thought in mind. As you do things, you are an individual as if to make or create a point into a more positive future.This becomes interesting things, as if you are and do not dare you are a dare to seem better. The felt moment is the feeling, as you can dimensionally travel by feel you get and this is what you think, as you think it you get an idea to do. This is the point that you can work with, as you think on the idea that is what your seeing you can find things that are in the mind. As if to see and do, what they did to get as thought in a result. This creates the concept, as the concept is thought to seem a feeling in an area.

  This is a real point in time and as if you are feeling what was done you can use that feeling to recreate that which you think to create as you interact each one that is there and do to create that which is a seen point of view. This allows your shift and other things, to get the result as you think with the feeling and use is the energy. Some things are not done, to create with to get a spell effect done. There is a point of time, that could seem wrong and that you are incidental to people or other things or not if to get away or think to do.

  As much is an idea, this is a thought this is the point where you go and seem to do things, as if sicke or not your monster self and you are good yet remain unobserved except in plain site. This is the idea to do if in trouble, as you do things you are with a thought and the thought is the thing as if to get across to others you do something else. If this is not intrusion, then what is there is an idea to what is a thought to accomplish. As if this is a point, to seem you are what is not in mind as this is the conclusion. This is the point that is excluded from what is viewed, unless things are an idea to achieve with a thought to intention.

  As if thought you are what is an idea to get a point, and things are intended as a concept if you are in a need to do and get results by what you think. As if in thought, you are at an end conclusion as if an 'en' is at an end to do things is real. This is an idea and as if in yet in nothing real, unless you want to seem where you are as in do and in no you don't unless you think this is necessary as if a corrective point that is a path of light as this is a thought to work with as if imagination.

  The ship travel idea is a point where you are on a ship, and things in mind are things in mystery and you know thought as you are what you want to do. The idea stop id check moment is stopgap measure where you are, and you stop and check your reaction and create youself as normal in act by what is seeming around people. What by their reaction you are cool in thought and are what is a point to seem good in act. Their idea is in play for sensitive things you do in thought and this is not in mind, and as if you are in security you are what things can become in this idea to do. So is a free word that is what is, as this can get you where want and not much else. this is a moment that is what you are thinking and as if you were original in result you can make as if to create from contacty moments. This creates realization as in think and you reallocate yourself to other space and time, as you think in the right pattern you can create the right result. In thought you are in mind as you are in a moment in instantaneous space create as the creator makes and unmakes as you will result stop willing.

  The realization in idea of a reallocated space, is a point of focus and molecular result is with use of particles that in thought are use as if a silver shield that can shift or not as your spirit makes effect and think and your free. There is a conscious realization, by deallocation your in a limbo sense state and that is what you are conscious in and use is what is possible to imagine. Reallocate and you return to normal space, say what you want and you get it as you reappear and think and things are doing things as on their own. This is fun but can stop, as if an or not in the point you can leave there you can still be hundreds of other area that are in obvious thought that you can see and others might react to or not as your idea are arrangements.

  This is the idea to think, and things seem as if in thought. As you are gone to another place with a concluded point that ends on a touch or thought. This is by what is a mention, and as you are there as if a relocated body effect where you are suddenly seeming to notice things leap out at you or attempt to maintain in place or the conclusion that is unseen and yet seen so do and you are free from what is restrain. There is a point that is in what you, as to seem or not think and you are an idea that isn't seen as you recreate the past or future by thinking in a thought pattern that the creator does.

  Where you use I on don't focus, that is nothing except thought to use as avoid to work is to not work or do. This is by feel, and things work as if a concept to work. The eye is the thing projected forth, as the brain can remanifest what this is as the third eye makes appearant. This is a thought as you direct by feeling, with nothing as if in void and then things are in an idea as if you try and do. As you focus on calm and allow what you imagine, you can think and then focus as you imagine to focus and you are what you percieve. As you think the need the item or thing is there, and if you are the idea you are wat is as the person there is what manifests as though from your essence from your body and this your soul formed body. This can seem to allow what you want, as if to do if you need it to you can create it as you use the gravity of the situation to cause magnetic pulse energy through the aura to draw in things around you.

  As you do so, intend to think and you do as your soul is what you imagine it to be and your intent is to think and you are, as you say and you see want you want and see what you get by what thought you percieve. This allows the thought to do, and as you are you seem as you feel or don't feel to seem things as though done. This is fey use of third eye, as you feel the area and as you use it you get hit with nearly anything in a dimension. Unless you ward things away and with the idea you are as though thought, and yet you are what you want. You think to use you convert, the idea to use is as things you want manifested are manifested from nothing in energy forrmed from the thoughts you get with what is produced. Sometimes if you are aware with the effect, you are an idea as if you charge the thing you use you can get things to come to you.
You can get what is use, and disuse is sent as cleansed energy to whom is needing things in mention that seem. As if to focus the mind you can use the energy, and use is to make an idea seem appearant.

  The idea conclusion to this is a point that things in use are things in thought and a moment is a purpose, as with a thought this is done and as the conclusion that is a problem is a thought inprose as if a mention is enough your fine. Things you clearify are that in a moment clear up by themselves, and that is troubleshooting the moment a person makes things as if a promise and doesn't go through with it as it should be. That this is a promise is a thought, as not you can stop and get an idea to do and things are as if the thought to fix fixes things as they are. This is the concept as if cast by a spell. Thus, if you are with promise go for the idea, as if it were possible and otherwise you don't get any result at all. If no result, do something else and as you assume things that the subconscious creates you create with a thought.

  As the idea is done, free as you are you are free of the result and nothing seems to happen, if in a concept and thought is as though a thought is energy. Now look learn and listen, as if you observe to do things as if to do and don't you get both an idea and a way to think that is with two or more things going as if to create one idea. As you write it down you are within thought to get an idea to do an intention as a result, and that is what is considered with a spell to be able to fix in a thought to know from air. Beware as you do, things that are in intention aren't always with a good ending so ward away the idea and the spell is done.

  The Psychic Paranormal Phenomenon, is a thought on dimensional idea to use as if in an instance and create as with the creator's will. The physic phenomenon is memory where you observe as you thought you imagine and remember, to use the secret as you remember it and you can do things to recreate memories as from anything formed from energy as formed into shape by thought and that is psychic phenomenon leading to thought creation by pattern as memories resurge to boost pattern energy as you become as you want to is in shape and form, you are able to percieve thought and recieve thought as energy is sent as energy thought is thought about.

  As though you were unusual thought and about things were shaping yourself and as a nice thought, this is the marvel ice sculpture from thought itself as if it were a marvel ice sculpting technique. This allows yourself to create psychic ability, and supernatural effect as if you imbued it into yourself by interaction, of what is you as you think to do and you act right in mind, and don't lose the mind as this is the technique and if found and not liked then you are subject to being known, and know to understand what is going on and this is a special case not always thought about as its wasted time, there is thought as will or not as if to is and add energy by thought energy to nulle whats there by use of the suggestion, as its unneeded and this becomes unobserved.
  Thus, as a heart destabilizer and fixer as this is a point of time then the thought is what you do, as an act to do good they are a spirit of giving as with a thought in focus as danger sense happens, as you thought differently as in the time by waste of time thought. As this makes in action as you you think and do don't act, as the moment is to believed this is seeming to become real an illusion. This is unreal to you of when your aware and dead by something somewhere else in time is a mood pique, as hit for result to release emotion as an act of mental release with strangeness and as your aware you are familiar with the area an not reacted to.

  As this is not protractable by thought to not be then doing things as you do step, or walk you don't think about it. Point is taken by you to clean it up or it happens, this room your in is the idea physical reaction energy by energy generation of the object. As with electricity and that if not clean, will cause no effect or not if thought clean and you start to clean in the area.

  The energy is elsewhere but you can draw in from other places, or building up physical chi energy as to be there in dimension concept that fill in things with thought and with the energy put into the object, then the consciousness of the object can improve of the thought this has. What you do in another placed area, you are in the area that is similar as this likely to displace a person if acting similar enough and they recognize you and they are you. The moment that you are doing things, as that really is something thought about. This is the moment you are kinetic and in motion to convert things doing as possibly needed to do as long as you accept, the result then you won't revert back and if you don't you are aware of this nature you were as this is traced. Then you accept the source result.
  Magic is then where you want to create the aftereffect of that which is the power spot with consideration and now the psychic mind is creating energy as though from nothing itself and this allows thought to is as though what models itself after the pattern of thought as another thing didn't create to make energy as you intend it its to create and by what you thought as you wanted to create something as the memory in thought from nothing as if from empty air and if you take an if statement and think to end it then that ends thought as if an En if.

  This is where you can also create psionic affect by thought with memory and memory became thought and thought projected forth as a conclusion to is made and this is where you are memory and memory is inaction as you think it with thought as this is being what you want as it can exists for you. If you don't want it to leave, then it stays, if you don't want it to stay then it dies off in your mind and disappears as though not existant. Existent is where things are energy form, and exist off of energy as it should is as memory creates thoughts and thoughts are energy to the body. As they are brought here as espers, they are used in thought energy that is thought by others as extradimension and observed if done from memory as wishful thinking of an idea others use to identify with as you don't get result.

  This is an idea of what makes things as your eye is different from whoever was hit by car accident, this was exactly the cause of things of power that is thought to be in appearant in places as thought with effort is giant formation that is a seeming effect and is real busy life somewhere. As this makes the subconscious create that we defeat to serve us in places of poverty that is that by mental imagery magic, illusion that if mentioned to the useless indicated people can seem like a concept made by thought. In what you think in the moment is imagery, that is thought and acted out somewhere else of drug use except drug in use is an excepted form if energy drug from thought energy.

  That brings in a concept on a point of analogy in the moment of overdose of anything messing with you makes the brain brought illness to be thought beaten is okay, which is thought in mind use of mushroom by drug pleasure with history in thought. Imagery is where you create from within in an image of thought and you let it out and it creates itself, as in thought your in action and this creates from nothing as a light pattern on darkness. As the thought generates itself it were existent as a pocket plane though, its power is sustained in as thought and things in use are what is made by things in use is made. As though to kill from a nothing energy to form void, is the puncture wound removed.
  Perhaps a pattern that created itself, and that is thought as a concept is itself from what you had in mind and to cease weight off them inside yourself is to cease it in them who are overweight. That you get it is important, so you can get what you want, as you get pressure in your head, then you are to make the effort by what is the point of exchange by existance, lowering what you do as this is what you don't intend as you get what you acknowledge, and back in ancient prestine condition. After the thought of protection is there, then you can get thought to give thought as is needed back in good shape. This is not as if in thought and concept is a concept where you are in mind, as  you are in a body you are in mind.

  And, this is the point where effort is getting somewhere as though you are into someone, as this is the power of any key thought to exist in the effort as though by thought the pressure is gone from the the head and your power is restored, then is thought by what is now as this is game works and in your thought you are by the ship, what of air is an idea to explain as you will but be nice. This can be used to travel the airwaves, and as it is you are not in a rush as you do to get things finished up you are professional as you need to seem. Energy techniques that are doing things are with the thought as alone you go to do the energy sharing technique that is there as is the vanishing sharing air to stay with the new game of life.
  This is an creating from another as itself as a concept in mind creates from within to create from outside yourself as withing or not as you don't leave things alone and are bothersome as it takes on energy from others to create itself as mind bends other things that bend the body over body that create results. Withing is the power of the witch as it is to create from good to make the amazing power manifest as if it were the creator itself is created and makes for you effects that is as you would want it. If you don't want this effect in idea, this is used as it is to think it may end and is ended and the effect of this ceases as though an acknowledged general fake pattern.

  This in thought is that by disbelief can cancel that which you don't want, by eraser that erases its energy with itself from what it is in existence. You see as you belive its true, then its protected from your mind, as it creates with things it watches it gives you bold strength and power build. Otherwise, it will believe itself nonexistant and it will disappear from the mind itself as it is gone from plain sight and with your senses you can still sense with mind to detect it and think it non existent to uncreate it as it is an undoing by itself. This generates energy as you want it to is, in its raw energy state and as free energy.
  This is where you can create again or not, as you don't need something with individual thought as energy itself surges, this is with fire energy that generates what is thought of the observed pattern that you want to create. This can is assumed by thought as it is by depiction of the mind, things are done as it makes by memory commited to do your need, with your need in check and this is countering desire. Cause by itself creates memory and memory itself creates different reasoning, and it creates pattern and memory creates energy effect, from what is seduction by thought in energy patterns, as though in need of an effect if this is to reuse an idea by realization. Seriously thought, as to what you know makes it and want not of what it especially is, and then if want it  as an effect then do as you intend to do it. This is at another time and if you don't need it then you don't need it as you don't want it and things make it cease to exist.
  This is a point as if the reality you can seem to use and understand it as its thoughtforms or not, this is a thought in ability to make things. In your mind as though a grey ritual where your body is thought to is in mind, and this is a body mind that is able to use things that can reclaim result from the body memory in thought, this is by the mind thought you have and by what you fully manifest in mind as a zone thought you can use, of the source energy and you can reuse it as you want the mind thought that, is where your remembering by thinking about things to manifest. Now the chaos itself leaves you exhausted, in body as the body mind is what makes the existent pattern that creates the pattern you want to make, by thought of what you what thats the concept as this in your mind world, thus to cease it is to uncreate it with thought, of itself as thought energy is used by the subconscious to erase the pattern you saw.
  Mistaken concepts printed, worded or noted down by thoughts being expressed that can is by yourself as if given help, this is to subdue as you think about things or do some things to know activity and to deflect things that hurt now, as they go unwanted by another course of actions that are otherwise ignored as you do things that don't use it, as if excepted you don't do it again unless as you get bad results. Thus, you need to avoid the issue by activity and that is with, no returning wave of chaos energy by thought to is where you can't get in trouble. This is subject to the word no, as it is really negative respect by learning the opposite know how as it is used. Where you are is in a place adjacent you yourself placed you, and you yourself are thought where you are and watch to keep yourself out of trouble.

  As your able to use it, as energy and anarachy to get thought energy pushing the wave of thought chaos as this is a shockwave. This can set off any device as though it were not working right, and that could produce chaotic breakdown of what is known to is there as dissolution to a realistic situation. Now it stops as you believe in thought to is action, as to need it to do things by use of thoughts, this is in action by activity with energy to pursue the guilty and work as its your choice to do. This is what allows your expressions to is understandable, if you think you need and you get what you wanted.
  To remember yourself is to restore your shape in your body, as your mind follows suit where thoughts return to normal and what you think is your act. Tis with your acting, and is back to not being accepted in life unless unexplosive. Something to remember, is what you believe you become and what you do shape shapes itself as your body shapes as to will by desire, result or otherwise you become as you think about things to become as you want. To reshape you become again what you want to is, unless you decide otherwise or you think yourself different as you become yourself as you want in size and weight. To choose your size and shape it is yours, as thought in energy is thought in form, as things you do are unobserved in mind as you are by imagination, or thought with need as this is a grey ritual with thoughtform as you use direction you get effect.

  Thoughts formed as a pattern form from then as a wave that hit to is things as it creates more patterns and to make do you can use those patterns as they are chaos percieved, this can make a moment happen to want to is disciplined. This allows chaos prediction by the chaos itself as its observed by the pattern it is. The chaotic prediction is observed, as you do something about what you do to form a reaction. Then as you can get 9 results, as 3 are of what you want and 3 are known about as unwanted, and 3 are unknown as they are dissolved results with chaos and outside of time itself.

  The focusing technique is a an enervative use right and do as done. Now on this astute ability and as still I no kid this skill is stated or thought "Foci Abl Eddy" is an in opposite direction of time discussed is directed by the flow or each their own in so you can use "Focus ability", the retractable energy is preventable lost is returned as you need to think. This is there as a thought seen as they release their thought and this is interred as a reason and reasoning your in different mind mode thought actively with focus of what is eventual ahead in on what you want to do as prescientic method. Focus is the ability that will be for you, as to focus on the thought 'increased energy for results' in you touch or think about the more potential spells.

  As you focus that right there as into relational space with use is the related object, you can make more potential effect as you carry it around if this is a crystal thought realism as autio and auto navigation. If you know you have great animal magnetism then magnitude is the gravity of the moment where you focus on the resentment, and the moment the cause is known with knowing how to deal with allowing a will to resolve conflict. Just think remove struggle and by working on a moment you are in focus, or be what you are now to be a psychic reaction to see and wonder. If kill whats going on now or know action in a peaceful action, and leave alone or be reactive in peace by a shown idea. Useful action is what you top your idea to get in entertainment, as you are in use by others you in may need and in idea this is an interesting point and you are in maturing result to think nothing and do nothing as will is done and you are now not thought but idea in action to do instinct in action until that point in time. This will conclude this idea, as you finish what you want.
   Once you can do things with calm, then you can make the idea work that you want to happen. Don't channel your other people's anger issue, by seeming to be a nature bee as a form from the anger energy as you shift the angered and weight energy to the dying animals on the ground. The thought in mind is what you do, as you are able to handle weight and don't stress out. The stress factor is what is the body reaction to whatever you do as given a child to love, you can hold it in as you can create stress from handling it and the abuse is psychological as stress builds its possible to do things that release the stress as you hit a wall with your fist or otherwise you can cause things to happen to channel the stress away. By meditation, by thinking of nothing and attempt to doing things with what you can do with the withdrawal of what you psyche out with. This is withdrawal of the significant stress, by what you do now attempt at with each act you use things like a calm music and the more stress release the music creates and if the music stops happenstance may occurs as you put them in an object by tap on the object.
   When you focus, value your weight and focus as if to in focus think your weight, as you imagine it dissipating, and you can use energy by a motion in you see the trick of this is use thought value in compared to prejudice for nothing. As now going as you are thinking this goes down quickly, as if imaging a slider or light switch switched off to end a war. As to do a psychic in with a necromantic 'psychic weight draw', by picturing the earth being linked by a line that is drawn as a line to the stick figure image, as though linked to you and this does what you need as this drops down the weight on, think of focus with energy of your hands on your pants to focus energy that makes the weight drop to happen by scrawny nature returning on movement to drop it away on the object and it discharges the weight though the spirit sends it to the planet by any technique you wish to use or with some hope with procedure this is not dead. Any not in heavyweight wrestling can use this, as this is possible in the area by witchcraft.The thought is an idea, as to place a token and as if to use the idea to create with the coin or thing. This is to make a result, as if a thought isn't by what you seem, as this is an idea from Carlos Castenada.You can expand on the idea as thought the idea is a point to reference as things in are to not put, too much thought on this is not quite working in the right way in idea, as things won't quite work right from things not quite right for use and that quit as the machine quit doing.
   'En do there', what this is not isn't but to nulle stupid thought by the focusing in on the area of folding dimension as the energy is stripped by your aura as to be into your body, as you are able to feel it concentrate method into itself and as you go and get things and this is energy and no tiredness after resting. This is the point where focusing skill is useful, as you get increased reason as you do not make returned to thought. You may increase your magic by what you use in need and as chi is balanced by focus, and as you are in meditation which you use a standard point of a calming thought mood as thought practice in action in trax as though tracks. This is that main usage, in unlimited copy in of dimension ability as from the reality itself with what portal that you do with energy seeing through the eye of the repose on perferred reversed act or act by focusing without having to be a kid. The idea is needed, that is compatible with everything that is going on. So, if you get a failure of the communication, as then you can reason it out. Then, when you get some disease you can send it away to the naer, and it goes somewhere that diseases form as your subconscious puts them and this works as we don't care about what you say. Then, for no with diseases, they can go where they want as to see and imagine a dimension and you are there.
   This is what is there as to act as accepted and with no disabled point that in no attack there are action taken up, in your body as this is an illusive silver static shield as the idea that would have a charm of right action by not insane body and by any extra indirect going on thought we are not acting stupid as energy allows us to act as thought. The area is additional thing making things go right by correction thought which we did and action plus thought is as a point perceived before, to what is an observer as a viewer of anything that may include what is to be there to make any succeeding thing and to the mana as inverted phat, that you get as bonus to your pour into drinks.

  Your full as of a single bite as in less than 5 seconds in a circle movement now a round by kinetic motien that is taken, from any motion and this is up as muscle man by the focus that could have at age at the mana regen rate increase at crapping in a toilet or magical focus rest as resting. For stamina you can choose food with without glutten as you intension, to go above normal movement rate to muscle convert the body from the fat gain and adapt from body charm by natural animal magnetism, is in auratic charm aura to others as a bonus ability.
   Focus for 5 minutes as to keep the peace for the peaceful dead races by what to do besides beating with, mana is energy of the planet and strength by stability with balance art as in this is 10 tymes as much effect by the challenge rating going up as you struggle with frustration and you manage you get this off as if you need to and the spirit is use is the will to make manifest as the subconscious is really uses it to direct it without overload as the excess used up is sent right back to the victors sun. The vitamin is there, this is the concept that will manifest as the essence of vitamin AE Z that is in the moment as taught by experts as ensue peace in the moment and no mouth needed it. This cures anything that is bade to be the sickness by believe in the no body do as the same sun. This is the same thought not spoken of can't do it. This ca make for in the thought moment.

   Focusing allows for greater damage focus by casting this is to mask then waiting a 5 seconds or less as you go round and round to effect release of a weight drop. Doing go is so and frees you from the planet to goto your own pocket dimension, that allows for increased damage by effect able by the spell or with your quick energy weapon, form. Using this damage focus takes an extra motion as movement takes place and this is energy burst for any ability that your subconscious wants to use. So, to take this for example the weapon, or the weapon value as a spell value is that can value to attack, as this is added to what you use as this becomes your enchanted weapon as you think you need it formed by void.

  This needed as your guide being this turns into a living fey by whatever method you want, unless you already are one. And then, the power to understand is yours as comprehension of all things given or as this of the person's essence extra in placed mind object. This allows for your weight energy to be used and reused, as infused energy folded with negative chi will use it to dissipate problem, no be used to dissipation spell kind as space crystal randomized by form in experienced form of thought as you said unknown is unknown. This is all you really need to know and do now if you say you need to.
   This is used in place of infusing, because you don't as in need to get rid of heart attack with heft quickly and abruptly drop weight as needed as in willed decision to do infusion to the planet in innumeral number then to record drop as down of the original verse this is now sagacious we have so much firepower do it now strip damn do not touch lip because he's proffession the other day now we go now on other dog other dog warfasre tactics are dead don't kick vagita. This is the prince of tennis ability, this is amplified intensity, act to do and making with hand signals you do it with skill with any tennis or the stock market trading but don't trade. Don't if you in doors are as if normal, and otherwise your away. Don't do it if you dope yourself, as you won't focus correct. Talk Stock and Insider Trading, as is this to be hand signs that work as you think as an act of the magic. Consider it Sunday bunday you make it Friday or another day unless you need a 4 day week work. This is a concept, that no one can make wrong as a spell that works, for no reason unless you will need this if you don't want negate it with use an if act of war by sun tzu.
   This is the concept, as an angelic or higher being thought to see as if is a moment that is what the effect you make will with desire that is need. Don't take war too seriously. Seranae technique is known to be as you can. If, you ask as though yourself then you can be better off than you were the other day, as though to make a moment real war. These are the time moments with war soothed , what it works with is no war to happen. This is the warfare tactic that is those sought for. As action is real you are able minded foe with no regard to the other in life. This is ended with an act of thought. This is started not by the effort that is not sought to be done. The procedure is known as not those who know it will know it at work. The production is given a halt if the nuclear. weapon. This is not in inventory if the art of war is tsun tzu. Because that right there is the last act of war. This is an act of a person at war. Now be well and do subcribe somewhere and nowhere in particular.

   Then you can use placed in mind things as your third eye can save your life, and this is in use to get the spell as what you do want in interest and this can use triple protection shield in accost as this gathers used up cost in energy as then to infuse the greater mantle energy, then another one for the idea by via with focus significant an accumulated by 2 launched attacks by making the string vibrate if necessary by whatever you need summoned Tri I being formed as an elemental angel, that are there as they use taken up other people extra mass energy by a greater mantle spell, this is with each thought as it is time framed energy formed as spell energy that is given and is eating up the mantle as this protection your body is fully protected by spell and damage reduction in effect. This uses whatever planet core energy as this in need arises, and returns them as it is used as to be restored to owner unless dead until next life. As the static shield is activated, by what you do is that as the need arises this is there as one of your idea body shapes come, on you and get anger and body damage use as power surges in movement to being as you deduce cleansing of the area themself.
   Each point in that cosmia that is the greater universe training area that in your point will collapse in an earthquake effect via focus in stance that is natural ability adds no weight as its taken by the greater mantle and this adds to your favorite familiar as the focused death spell is with your death energy to have in your aura a place to finish in mind, except as a shield that makes the body weight chakra down or utilized in and weapon damage spell, that is shaped like an ocean energy charge and to do healing as e for energy vial that is healing potent body problems as you become intelligent by thinking 'focuser' on a use of ward and energy by energy wave as you gain strength, endurance an stamina back to the bone increasing the cosmia affect. It also increases your mana and stamina restored by what you like as you like things for what you get is energy that is excess soul particles for benificial skills as you get stuff to give stuff to trade and you eat on life of wasted fat in a suggestion, to anyone thought in trade by buying things. And if you knew able skill, as this is in the effect to give you ability in dimensional skill and get a better deal and trade at will and be well by being effort and in effect.
   As the thought, is no gaining back your weight as you pour it as energy in a cup to charge the cup. So you give it back, to then the point is not in there as you refund coins as cash to you as the ocean energy is used with no waves crashing against yourself. This is a concept of training skill, as you do things per training in idea point on travel on the moment, and you can use the boot on head idea for the effect, that you intent on getting good at doing so you get results as your enrgy is modulated on the aura to cleanse of parasites. As results are good this adds energy to the stamina recovered from its use like when you let it go stop and do just, as you go for 2 seconds for thought of ranks as you form a molecular body out of energy. And this is the thing, that makes it nothing as formed from void use you can get anything or to do of material as energy as it doesn't do things except for helping you out.
   This uses a concentration by weight dropping in the mass, as thought energy to be made for the success via death of 20 crimes as it stops them from happening and takes no mana, or in 'stp' which is by points of view that you get from giving information to get information, and put on your card is the weight thats as extra usable thought currency, as is this discipline which is in trained method use as read it extra money is, for whatever thought twenty extra things that you get for easy change of concept, for what is thought and that is what you want created to be shaped like your cloned body in thought, and if you get tired stop focusing and do as you need to go bad results get good results, as this is done as they are used as messenger they retain their shape as to change their form with a sacrifice of actual waste thrown, in the trash is what shapes the shape to your will as you get things, and if you need to use them as you will as you meet them and can reuse them at thought of what your past life, are in thought from your soul will as to kill reduce nothing as this is to reduce headache from use of the view of the ocean and you get used to it by watching and doing.

  The moment zone, as dimensional dimensions in life that are in a game world, are as you are known by what you do and with the thought you are things in mind as is the idea to create and go as if you are there or wherever the I puts you, as if you know things you are what you can seem to think. As in moments if a monster in disguise of a human, you are a game player that uses things to go along with them you work with in disguise. This place is out of sync in time, as memorable moments are wasted in a concept that is the thought to don't act it. So give it not.

  There and back again and your the energy in thought, as if a time being your different yet in a point to seem equal as separate and equal or not as you are only as if okay with what you do. As if in a game of life, a shadow game of life that is real and not real. As if this is another version, of it this in version reality as a game of life. Linking this altogether is vertixes, that are probable area that can seem linked together as the subconscious is known to use by focus and you know.

  This spell is where you focus and concentrate to creative use, as you are able to care and adapt to the moment. Thus, you are able to scurry away as if a bunch of people, that are similar to what you think is nothing but appropriate. The idea is to use a magic effect in your mind, and as you do things you are away as if an idea the thing in thought that scurry under the feet. As you this is yet a person to do something, idea with and this is a swappable object as if the naruto object swap. Swap back when you feel like it.

  Tis is a spell to use as use is need or done. The Seren Fx = The peace effect; This is to think what you will and feel peace in your aura and as thought, you can calm down anyone as you trust the peace effect that is with a pew or not, and no religion necesssary is and out in effect you think in a point of what you don't want and that is what disappears there in an arae concept that is not easy to understand this is damien tactics in use in life. If it is easy to understand, this is the point as you don't know it and you are an able mind to deal with it thus you due learn of things as they come competant.

  Autocorrection is in the vanishing point as used to correct an idea horse in an area by stating or thinking 'autoavoidance', by thinking of the issue with thought and energy that isis makes what that corrects by what you do as you are intense. Use the right phrase or mention for the music effect and crave things as the music allows you, or you are to calm yourself down in thought and you are where you are thinking about the effect and creating. As you well see how as if there was something afoot or you no how and not no way is this in a point to do in life. The effect is what you are doing as thus you are to become aware as you make a mention and you get a result. Negative or positive, this is the point of what you intend as the end result. Anything you do is corrected for, by the subconscious that is what is doing things. To do things you are thinking about what you do things clearly.

  The effect if thought reveals what is done as though a memory that is there and you right with it or write it down. Thus, you think and do or think and don't, do as you get results by what you observe with illusion as you think to make things real it is and you deem it real in it isn't illusion as no allusion. If the result is bad as though you were thinking wrong, after in the head then the effect doesn't happen. The effect of doing that correct way by which this cost can become known as long as its there to not acknowledge what is there to be right, as this is done and only as you observe it as a viewscreen somewhere else and create with what you see. If you think about what, you see and its not as if a good result then you can do it. However, say no and its not done and thats now or in thought its not perceived of what was wrong.
  If its a bad result with a bade mind with what is willed, then you can get no results. This is where the subconscious is making it, where you act the way you want and not insanity if you are want as thought is for destructive things and you can follow a way of life to guide yourself by way of life. Thinking patterns itself, as life makes better thought the subconscious is to do things as you are able to understand them and you gno to make the thought as you twist with mischief to avoid whats bad, as though enough thought turning this creates if needed a twist in chaos then that stopped something bad is something in mind that isn't done so stop act. The right time stopped, by mention and heard at the right time that is to create a different pattern that is happenstance.

  This in thought is to change the point of now and that is deluded in what is of the time, and all so as this is what that in time is twisting an event and then you stop. Revert the twist, and you can get better if you don't want chaos doing things by reality turning it right. And, by what is concept this is as to think on the spot by what is an attempt of evil or not there and use is as example to do right for what is thought. This is what is dark, and evil is what you don't do as you don't act right and are getting bad results, as you don't want in public to do it and by magic you get things dead for a change of all around good. This is corrective by pattern that is where you are as this is what you wish. Then, this is crazy in which is the pattern as you show to do as an example, as this is their want which is to seem good in purpose and bad in thought and no the goad which is there. Then, you never get upset, as thought itself responds to your will.
  If your spirit doesn't want it, and then it is prevented as though a warded effect as an animal spirit is not taunted into reacting. This is where you are able, in mind and talk but not in body unless you allow the right animal spirit as this is a correct fix and for the moment as is by direct use of a spirit. This spirit can be thought, and to create a thought by aura in the end to make things. Nulle what is not in need as to seem in trouble you do something else and restore what is done. And, you won't get noticed or what you don't want will not occur. This in thought is not what you think, as in thought you are in the game in moment and out you are. As you are in yourself you are out, of yourself and in real life aren't always aware of what you are doing in a reality you are yourself.

  This is what prevents any trouble, as though you were a fruit ninja in the mind by thought and you are able to correct them who you want to effect of their idea that is wrong as you don't need any correction and they that you help, you notice that or act wrong is not doing things bad anymore. Whatever intention is there, you can do things if it may work but not if you are sought for it, and you are able to get positive results as you are and as you need and you don't get bad effects by thought or you don't do wish except with the right thought and you are as you are thinking about what you saw.
  Then, die as you want you can create another person as a good result is this, as you act good and are acceptable as though you were right as you answer for what you did. So you do and use in possible thought is in for the right reason, as thought is used in an act excuse to get off from what you are of experience as concept and as you don't remember what is not important. Now then if you don't grant any in thought then you are to able go out and you can do things which is in thought with your concept, as the result almost never dies an you do what which is that in thought is which you want or not as nothing is created as darkmatter and use is the space of existant species where you don't do things at their right time and you do things on your own time.

  Where there is creative thought there's a point and in thought is an idea, that is with the thought that is exposed from things as their consciousness reveals what is in your idea things as you do and thought is nothing but energy created by what you think. Think and hear as if in a void listening room, and you hear a thought or their thought as you decide to hear something. The subconscious creates what you think is necessary, and this is void listening from whatever you say you think you hear in mind and this is by shadow.

  Where you are you can exist and thought, is creative use you can create with the darkmatter. That is with space and time responds, by attracting the will of the right person you do things and the subconscious that is there can get the correct idea. To seem right you are right, and you get their attention as to get a per each their own type of response. Where you are and not except invisible, to get what you need as thought is what you achieve to write down as you need a concept. As you cave the chest in you crave the heart and ingest only that, and in your experience use is to get what is needed as a end result.

Here are some idea quotes

Here is a few good quotes..

  "Do not tell me to restrainify my intellection! Without the freedom to verbulate longitudinally, how will I let the population of readerships know that I am the scribe bombastic? Grand terminologistics do not unclarify the meanings I endeavorably convey. If anything, bold language has an un impacticality that makes prose especiously beautifical. Also, if one does not exert high cognatal capacitance, how can an even stronger mentation developate?" - Caz

 "The creator put idea in power makes idea as things create by the creator conscious in idea that is in mind." -SH

 "Think, Adjust, Just Be Yourself. .. Unless you're not a psychopath. In that case, be a person with feelings. As this came from a younger person, this is said as 'I SEE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING A PHILOSOPHICAL DISCUSSION WITH A FOUR YEAR OLD.'" - SH

Dimensional shifting

  The theory is how planes other than the one we are on can be remotely manipulated. Energy must be focused on the effect of raising or lowering the vibrational energy. This displacement causes the wormhole effect to make the shift.

plane diagram

  Two dimensions are connected through energy, through the barrier we'll call 'void'. The void is as an unquantifiable, unchangable barrier between the planes. Plane matter can be shifted through and exist in the place of the void, however. The void is a place of 0 vibration, but the vibrations can carry through the void like steel depending on the force of the energy. You shift as the energy shifts as its like a vacuum. As to when if you do you sometimes have to be near the wormhole.

crossing planes

  In dreams the brainwave energy is moved to a different spectrum and so several planes are skipped, to the dream plane perception. (8th)   The planes can still be morphed in projection and unravelled like a scroll, infinitely pliable and moldable, intersectable, kinda like dough.

grid plane

Normal perception plane

ribboned plane

Ribboned plane

Conical plane

Conical plane

Written by Caz and Skyhawk
Edited by Skyhawk