Trans-dimensional portals

  The expanding by your consciousness allows you to see the dimension that is use by feel your connected to the planet anchored and on the other side of sun as the gate easier made is dead to dispel gate to gate tat is some area or door an use is idea. It consists of moving all of your chakra's energy into your third eye. Moving all of the chakra's energy creates a gateway to the higher self. Tis is the cabinet use by other idea the area you see, so find some use or scrounge in use around by some use that creates shifting by focus. See around the real stars to where you think through open not occupied space. As you are aware your net or whatever is messing around with my network.

  As the idea you use the experience dead, thin or living form creates occupation or not by energy that doesn't keep you here. As your energy feel is entropy ends or you can clean up, resolve by feel is odor removal by no as then is what to see or clear that up or focus resolve to get along by focus, thought or feel. Sometimes is no idea, see to use as you see what around or though. Seeing you were alright, as with you not as this isn't similar to think. See or don't think about nothing to go or move to see sanity.

  Go or use by in definition, a trans-dimensional portal is a gateway between universes around solar suns by feel with gravity. As thought some by some yet your not there is use with motion. Very few know tis means cheapscate, so activity is energy yet your portayal not again so any place. These portals break open the fabric of reality and create a direct link, by atomic spin into some area the creator time-space which is the inversion of space-time to subvert after. Scenic use is scenic description here is not bad, but your amazing as you are able to use idea or idea in outer area as you say.

  You can create to seem aware of two different spaces with one mind focus by subconscious with the creator. By traversing through time space or use as long as you know your mark, because your one to create is able to basically travel into any time or place imaginable. As noting or thought is done you don't bump or intrude, as you are with activity out by the dumpster no in notice on time or with thought not at all is not exactly to now or not be dumb.

  It is basically beyond the power of a mortal to create them. It takes extreme skill. There are about 5000 countless ways to do so. None will work, unless you are extremely strong in energy usage. A demi-god can basically create a portal with just his mind, and no outside stimuli. However, even humans can create a lesser form of them. That is what happens with the Ouija boards, as the portals made by ouija boards are lesser portals.

  There isn't really a safe way to make a portal, but using a ouija board is one way. And from experience it is pretty hard to use a ouija board safely. Ouija boards create a portal into the spirit world or hell not is nothing as limbo or on again or thought is watching or no is alright.

  Chanting the names of angels is another way. But as you see or say is use, it would be extremely hard for someone to create a portal that they can actually travel through. That is not always what you say so you can create portaller or see what you want by focused area energy to use in the identified area you think to use, so refuel or feel by thought to create with supplies. The idea your way is not our your way is allowing or no fear, so the idea as you see isn't notes or use due by nothing wrong except what you notice.

  That is the true way to channel a wavelength by feel or focus by life energy to wavelets or lifecycles. As in the city in his city is life are no ale drink by nothing use think by feel or creates, as not always so by you or use or not thought is thought done by love with use in or energy feedback to create. So for what you see the user energy is seen, by focus to see or seeable in idea is in focus or area energy by visual in use. As allowing as you see is life or creative is battle or disappeared.

  You can make a portal effect by thinking of the place you want to be in, then placing two iron rods or coat hangers or wood pieces, one in front and to each side of you and walking through them after imagining energy arch between the two placed things. Imagine going through a tunnel to the place you want to goto as you do. Or, walk between a frame or door thinking of the place to get to. Its sometimes very hard in truth to those without the personal power, or poder, to make it work.

  If you succeed, then all you need to do is close your eyes and your there, anyway at least you can feel the place your spirit went to, as its sometimes your spirit that splits off to make travel. But to some, that method is basically the same as saying, "You can make a portal by thinking you are in another place while taking a shit."

  By touching something after thinking you are in another place you can shift there. The touching an object one has a benefit. As you can use an object to shift back, and it won't happen on the spur of the moment. When you use an object to shift, you end up using something to shift back. However, if one doesn't have an object to focus on while returning, they can get stuck in time-space, and perish.

  If one has enough energy to make a portal, they don't need a doorframe. They just can rip a hole in the fabric of reality anywhere, or imagine themselves there where they want to be and they are there. Its easier to travel to parallel worlds. As they are similar in nature.

  Pseudo-portals can be made to transport energy and info from one place to another. The idea of it is good for sterile communication between people and as an energy output/input. All energy that enters the portal is possible to be put through the firewall effect. The whole thing is torn apart then rebuilt on the other side. It's a form of gateway in that the energy in one end is used to power the other through a 'mirror' link, where that the two sides are connected regardless of distance.

  There are some naturally occurring trans-dimensional portals on Earth. The Bermuda triangle is probably the most well known of these portals. Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt are also trans-dimensional portals, however one can make the assumption that they are accidental portals, or portals that were unintentionally made. Natural trans-dimensional portals occur in areas of the earth where the energy is very strong or where the energy has been magnified.

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