Mental Shifting of Oneself 

  Mental Shifting of Oneself · I use the methods written herein and self-experiment on myself to know that they work for me. If they work for you, then email me about it for feedback as its just a way to think about. This is from a life of a kitsune that I observed one day, as in study I was energy and creating things in use as a point in referance. As I saw this in a one day period life point that the atleantians were apt to show when they showed me, as a point in escape as this is as an example this is from the point of view that is what one can do. You can use any thing in this document, as this seems usful to you and if it doesn't work. Then, as energy exists you can will the energy effect to create with, as the effect is there when you are seeing it.

  A therapy that the person can change his body shapewith. Meditate in a comfortable position for 3 to 30 minutes each day when the person wakes up and is about to go to sleep for that day. The person must meditate on what he wants and the words body shape and then the mentally stored image for the shape that you would want to have. Such as have a picture of  her/him/yourself when you do it. The body will then make changes itself over a day. You only have to meditate on the Image. This seems the slowest and most powerful body shift idea and is permanent unless you change the rule. The words you can speak or envision this can seem real, so make the rule on how it happens by what you say or do that is directed at someone else as if suggestion. The Shift can happen at any time of day.

   Say this takes 1 month to occur, I make certain I put the words at night and in the morning to make certain nobody finds something as a thing not to do. "I seem use" is in a thought as to use this is to use without a thought, created from essence that is there "felt in desire" to use things as if you are there. This is natural instinct by what you intend, as if a thought to practical use. This in thought you intend, to do something is not always a fun idea if tedius for what is use. As a thought is  possibility, is a thought as magic as formula as this seems as if a way to enliven your life is by what use you do. An if a thought is analysis spoken, your related point is view to work with "avert attempt in what otherwise nothing happens. As thought on the ideal", with thought in a use this is by what. You consider and if your not actually needed, don't do the idea as if you think "or not" as this doesn't cancel and lying is a skill or virtue to them. Think nice and your able to be nice and you will then seem better, as if you won't and clear with thought is clearer with energy to use.

  As a moment is a point to use, this for affirmation is a use as this is in concept imagined as that energy is with momentum. The idea is a point as a mention to use and relax by and in thought, this is a thought to do by what you intend. If an activity, is with what you do and do not think to do. This is in a concept use, for what you do is a thought and if this is energy, directed by your thought directed by blood energy pulse is thought with focus by energy folding. The thought is in the body, and energy that is folded into the blood can create the blood to seem unusual and energy an the blood is folded. Think and seem to not be needing this, this creates visual depth as blood magnetics is folding planet gravity energy as this is where you don't need things then you release or not as though not doing your not.

  The excess comes as you will, as if a point by time and as things are on thought. You are where you think, as a thought goes through the core to be the planet. They usually go for feeding a person if the need is there, and money or things like funds and otherwise energy creates watever you want, except wen the person doesn't intend to use it and otherwise as you use energy to seem energy is to seem someone. Energy is were you get energy in return, as a considered point by Paul's thought in mathematics as a constant energy is. That which ceases in a point is that which stops, think or not when you don't want it as on need isn't done as this isn't due.

  Pauls constant or Dimensional returns law is a concept, which be a restatement or resentment to the Golden rede that is "To put forth effort gets results and the more effort the lesser the returns". As no is dimensional knowledge as an energy to use and once used returns, as if your not the originator or for 1 sec (applied in ->) -> 27.2 best results of 1-27 sec actions. At least and not all are overlooked because some are too good to be tried, and 27 / Amt of Seconds for action results.

  There is a point that nothing expected and not returned as you don't want it, and as if nothing you can do things with the energy made activity and energy is an idea. Things are turned to cause use and thought creates, as your motions  are a concept to use and more effort by you create a peace by concept or magic is with thought sometimes is with cause. As you need to do normal in activity as you do in thought and using the sunlight is energy, as you think a thought you restrain yourself and your use is energy as you focus.

  As you need and feel the restraint in the situation, or as your feel this is energy and the energy is there. Think is or not as if on a touch to the aura to a touch to the aura, by the person nearby creates with your energy and thought is energy to you. This is a no holds bar idea, thats not on and there's no point. As this is by idea, except that which you use as thats mostly correct. Perfect disguise is a point to use, think and create as you go by illusion.

  Where a little effort gets a return of 27 or less actions and allot of effort is with a return by 52 returns in otherwise known actions that can be blocked action, by will as use is the material as absorbers and your someimes near some material in a block of houses in a city block and this is noticed as thought. As an event is a ripple in time your will, things in use react as the energy responds as if a wave of energy is there.

  Think as you are if a well and similar or normal being, as your energy goes somewhere else and can go up somewhere. Think or working it is with an energy that used is as your energy that comes back. Thinking is sometime with your alternative body, not that it wants it this is a point or not and is to not allow if not necessary.

  As your energy dismisses it and any non return, is no negative wave of energy and in a point that energy is timed and your not there. Each return be accounted for as with the whole act, as it helps build the activity and acts as a feedback device. Think again, more effort gets lesser returns or less results by 27 / seconds in amount as 2 or more seconds. 1.43 seconds or less pass by per each act sometimes.

  A lot more to reach back and see effort is to get information as almost things can seem or not if they work, unless necessary no return effects as no energy there may be no more efforts by you. The law was made by Paul Moisant in an effort to go and do or what you think is a point in thought, think and do with thought as whats energy modified by the subconscious mind and this is Chris that helped make this theory. There is a law that exists things in energy as energy in the reality exists from what you do. The point that there is you use as thought and make the decision based, as with a point of work is with a will as you win with the thought and energy creates.

  Think as what effort there is by and from imagination isis creates, as you want as if an executive decision that if you agree with the point is by a point and with interaction. As you can create things to use as this is how you think, use how you think the use is to be or otherwise drop the act and those you work can create by feel with what those whom listened to you is as though a wiccan will to do as your task is accomplished.

  Energy is the biological or object energy that you create and think by will, this is thought by energy and not as you remove the thought. This is where you think you conjure, as in a thought your will creates and by thaumaturgical acts of similar to similar created points. This is related in time by what you want here, from there or back again as you see the point to do.

  As though you can think in energy, you can create energy as your form does what is necessary or other effect that is ended on a point and crave energy from thought with food, or seem careful with what you drink in from liquid. This can seem to create with the energy and this stops the excess eating, as think and the visual idea is there as if the effect is on as a thought manifest or used thought that returns to where it came. This can seem by what is in the calm area, as a thought is to relax in a beach or other places you are relaxing.

  State the law to seem as if them and that can seem, as or not as seem to exist there and otherwise you could get nightmares and worse. As you do things and only if unappropriate and thus if you do things badly, you can feel the point or not if better is possible to not do as a point in life. Think and this is all in the thought from the places, if prepared your unaffected as you can mentally shift to the area if you prove its useful and as they let you live.

  There is energy emotions as emotions, this can feed them life energy as shadows take in the emotional idea and reveal what you do or not as you think. But as your energy is there you can get things done by thought energy into influence, as a point or considerance you can ignore or not seem influenced by what you see as you seem what they respect. They are an energy to live as love is allowed for as the opportunity is there or isn't by love in life as they realize, what they do and focus is what energy they use is from others to just seem as they are accepted or this is not used from respect of accused idea in life.

  The were is energy alteration, thought to the perception is preparation and sometime immunity as your energy is any energy in use. There is energy by the ideal you are a user in idea, an what energy you use is what you think you can use in life or if not you don't. As energy is a form and your enery creates what you think, as your thought is in energy by essence and as energy is free your energy can surge. As your energy is released in the shape that you energize to seem like, think and as energy is in the point you think.

  Think shift and your will is energy that returns with a point in energy by thought and what you will is by thought to do. Sometimes wasted effort is wasted time, as your energy is an energy by activity to use somewhere else. The ideal you focus energy in to use, with things are the energy use that your use is energy. The area is what responds to your will is as with a will is a way, as you were or as you are you create by will and this is up to you. As this is a point the creator uses will to create with, unlimited energy is unlimited ability and the creator is the use. As that makes things interesting your subconscious is that, as this can seem real or realistic.

  God to them is the varied things in the other planes and dimensions, much like the creator and the things they seem to be useful for they are allowed some idea and otherwise restricted for the point out. As they are not liked for the effort, your will if seen or looked at can clear your name or viewing evil impulsive beavior can stop or create havoc in energy that create what you desire or want. This skill of other planes can allow you to jump wats as you jump by sedition to planets, as your energy is energy of calmness your energy can create a coolness and not be allowed if drugged. As you feel the what and need, you shift by will to places otherwise.

  As to "Ce" is to undo things on Leptonic or energy thought, this is energy in the form that you acknowledge wat you want as you feel energy that can bring or your feel is a trace with a concept and the imagined positron by electron or atomic size use. Think and show as you or them and those that want to know are with words, they are few to explain with life events they think to you as you think sometimes to them as if no and no reproach. As this is a susceptable point, your use is a point and your will is awareness by what you feel. As what you see from the sensation in life, is what you get from the life you see as use. They see what is there and as your there, you can explain as other see some use in some other place and time is as you want it.

 ·To enliven is to make alive there other than here and to them as your energy, this usually enlivens the body and the original body is energy that creates to them. The point the inner energy body is energized by life, from positive trance where the energy is the idea and nothing except life that suspects them. As thought use is energy alignment as you in life to seem, otherwise the tactic is to use anger to get their way out of the way and get rid of the angriness, use tiredness as energy with tensing and not always releasing the body muscles as the tiredness state of your mind and body gets energy from any drink. This is simply an idea to do, as is meditation before you go to sleep.

  After you wake up try to envision the person you are and then the person you are becomes enlivened, as a stronger younger looking person a lot more successful and accepting life more at ease. The process is gradual but you will become that image, speak like yourself in however long you set the limit, by words as idea, or picturing what this is in shape. In life things are what they can seem, think or not as energy creates what you think by focus or no focus. As function is the death of the body, unless in thought as is sensitivity by practice in use with what you think is necessary is what you do and is not actually done.

  If a thought by drug attempt is, this can block you from going someplane else, as a point in energy is thought to alter from the alternative viewpoint you perceive. As if you don't alwys turn away an attempt made to change as to spurn bad or bade behavior. Behavior in a pattern can be done or observed by use, this is in the energy that must be envisioned to travel. As a sense of security is one step or thought not as a concept is thought. Think and focus as a willed intent with spacial energy in a point, this creates by focus which is a x-concept and not done if sensed not desired or otherwise not appreciated by what you sense.

  As that is to use a thought and at a time with one small step at a time, think of a different behavior pattern imagined, and those with energy by you can change if they don't resist it. As drugs are a suppresant, think and thought you exist can appear without drugs. Thought or seeming information is as you wish and by focus, if to hide your body shape or you are an illusion and this is done. As energy is free as energy is produced or not produced, think by chi and null blockage and thought is.

  As if unperverted chi and that can change to your will, think by what you wish as realization is nothing bad by nothing bade. Otherwise you unwere the form, as you think the normal energy is there in the body summoned from what is around you this is done as if you focused, thought to on touch and changed the body to your will as alteration by were will. This is possible as a will in desire is a will thats response from, the other by your will in resolve by a point in resolution.

  As you can create with a will, then and whenever you create normal activity. Otherwise no drugs and you can do everything and still appear to seem, as if normal is as a focus or thought you think is all in a point at the point you choose by feel once and can be experienced as that is a concept. If you were going to do in life you do or die from otherwise, unless you think safety and in thought you feel safety where you are. After that is a concept, wait a few days to a few weeks as you dismiss and will a change to what you want in your thought as this is your own in mind.

  As you form or create by thought your will changes to what allows things as the creator changes things to your will in energy. This can alter the reality as a space is changes, thought and things energywise are were or are what you think as you focus and create by what you will and feel that is there as you see it. As the right energy is felt, you think as a natural idea is energy in use and focus can allow. As you are to see what is there, as though in the time you think and not there your third eye is imagination or focus in use.

  As nothing this does is with energy then nothing done and energy is returned, think by this feel that you can sense and otherwise then if you thought on the experience. Think your feel is real if by imagined manifest, this to see with the energy is think of the space you feel something  and as a manifest is detected where you think it should you are as you were successful. So if that were true, your will is energy as timewise you shift. As if away, then or now your will is a free energy. Now if that is a point and that isn't attached as memory isn't relaized or not in the time you see, this is as disassociated and your energy thought is something as though recognized as not bound to you yourself.

  As a part in thought and from what you see, this is an area to work with as you think and shift to seem where you are. Thought and things you look at are sometimes as an interest by the spirit to seem life as your success is assured. As your assured life existant by thought is use, create with a thought and as your energy seems what changes things. You can create the area to become what you think, by what you feel and energy summoned is from the plane you think to use. So to see and use things in a concept, your possibly able to use energy create success as the alternative or outer space and that is where you are.

  Think and see from the others viewpoint, as this thought is a point you can do as success or no point is thought. Thinking is in focus and energy is thought, as something from a source that allows and yet, as thought think as you can an this is energy with time. That is by what you live through, to seem or not to seem by wat you think you don't want is what you don't like to seem there. There and back again is the energy you think and energy, that can seem what responds to your will by what your energy creates. As situations are changeable sometime as by subconscious manipulation or circumstances that can shift, by will as what regret you feel is what creates a point you see to feel and getting over the regreat is just one thing to use alternatives for. As your will is free choose what you do or think no regret and energy you use is in the area, this is by activity that is to build up energy and that creates what you will by unnatural chi. Think built by memories with recovered energy, as chi in life becomes energy to the body.

  Think if for an affirmation period , you get wat you consider as by feel or as you adjust to what you think by the necessary means. Then use a thought, change in a point of view is an energy effect is considered a Lepton. As you think to seem somewhere the Lepton are sometimes Lepricaans in energy created by thought, and use is this stream in an area that is memory by form with use by the river fey that drown the victim by what you do in some plane. As if called by fey "soem" or "Be'lien'ere" and that can shift you as you will and create by thought. Think in ideal to dismiss the energy or energy is what can seem as you or others, this may seem to think as not is as you think and dimensional info. This is not always the case in point by the spirit and this is knowledge from what, you see is there and your conscious blocks the energy that you don't need or want.

  There is a point of the drug to correct what is as you consider a chewy to appease the thing, if a dog that doesn't like you with a peaceful feel is appeasable or gum otherwise to keep the energy body appeased. This is by feel and use is energy to enhance it as long, as you alter what you see by will in the thought energy and are whatever you want to seem and don't feel the need to seem. As you are you are okay, so no go to places that can kill you in life. There you won't appear right where there is, this is in the mind or even worse right on top of the person if you feel lie them or not feel like them and you aren't near them. As this is what is possible if you think and focus, their bioenergy to seem there is not there if you don't want them near you.

  Think as you do or not as you think as you consider what you do there your thinking is with problems as your thought exists something your thought to be away is to fight or flight as reaction is a thought to gedt things done. As your away the thought that you think is not noticed and as thus, your thought is what you think to others as you think to them their will is what your thought creates. What is not always acceptable is looked at and not used and as thus this is shifting by doing or thinking a pattern, and if your thought is what can emerge then as with the emotion or from the energy in the area as you want to seem in a thought or area by the form. As this is, with the idea to do you can create or materialize your form, as with a step as another shape or size this creates wat you think by subconscious use with the energy that danger use comes from the body. This follows the energy shape rule, as different person different places.

  As this is called leptonic behavior, this is rather unsafe as you don't actually do things right and if you do your a free will to do as you think. As you feel them to think safe, think and if to emerge with air is as the idea is use or not hit. There is a some idea to achieve positive results as you are in trance, you think and believe by positive behavior in life as your able to subsist or do as you think and you are thining positive. As your a devine being and your ability is energy to create, create as you will and see or are a god to seem what you will as thought seems to exist for when you create it. This can be uncreated by the techinique known as Kudilini Qudophia as you are an idea you are a point, think and the point is carried out by the subconscious or not as you draw in fire energy as the fire is a thought this is energy that doesn't enrage.

  As if you die off with the pain of the emotional thought, or think to others by what you value in life and you are. As if not dead as your painful idea is what others in bad idea feel. As if a blow if things you are in thought, fire that is formed is from focus by emotion, thought or feeling the area or forgiven is the virtue that you consider by what you think. As the idea your idea is a point to the past and future moments that change on a whim. As your with a whim your with a will and not as this alleves the aeg wich depends on prints or imprints, think or illness by activity is where energy focused creates youth in the one you want. Tis is not always possible here, as its possible as though somehere.

  As there to use is not energy use by activity, and that can seem what creates age in the body and with water this is youth in yourself. Think and watch as this which happens is by thought, thought and description by thought creates what is there by your feel. This is vibrations as if through the auratic energy, think and body touch energy is as radiance somewhere other than here. As sometimes called auratic energy influence,  this can seem useful if bioilluminatic as if thought is focused as a point by energy through the skin to see by unnatural light.

  There is a way in which life works out, thought not and as you create you are what you think as a way of life. That is the way most people will think, as thought you think to do your will is as though a point to conceded view as a point to the past is over you are done. Thought ways of life there is a path to use light with sunlight you can use life to regenerate by energy, as light that effects plants and as you are an idea your life improves by being near the plant. Thought forms and animals are beneficial to what you think, if your energy is attuned with them near or not near you.

  Your use is not always an animal spirit, as its sometimes a drug agent this as in deniable by feel or understanding and concept is usable idea except with no illegal use. As regarded as a guide with regeneration, thought that the animal spirit is a point to what you use healing by the rites. Think or focus with the right images or thought suggestion, and thats sometimes deniable by what you see or if you feel to think and feel empathetically you can deny. There is an otherworld point that magic is use, think by feel where your focus is seeing and your safe by a point. Thought in the point that is perceptable by use, this is as this is permittable and this isn't effective if by law allowed for by law.

  Thought as an energy to the plant is what you create energy from, as the plant creates what you made by effort and willed by thought. The thought to leave the area is not effected by what you say or way to effect, as the effort is made to make better by thought and your use is sensed. As a pattern of energy the person effected is relieved is the way of loss of stress by imagination and as if you think in a way that your will works this is done. As this is you did it, and your will is set free as your body is light feeling as your in thought. As thought your light is free auratic generation, an not as your energy is done and dealt with by the thoughts you think and idea that to manipulate by spirit this is without regret to fix by what you think.

  Their attitude changes, and your way of life improves by what you do for yourself as observed by others. Thus, what you did is not considered, and things revert back from what you see. As the thought exists you can create with a will and get away with what you do, as if energized as if there by the tree of life or plant is energy by thought. Now about the concept is what you are and what you will, thought or not or never will uncertainty to be as you cause the uncertainty to exist. As you create in the time that you think you can notice what changes you see and feel in this life, as a blink of the area energy things if done elsewhere are by what you do with focus.

  Think or as you are you consider the wrong feel, then avoid or not be in here reality near the wrong as your idea. Feeling to seem real is by some oddball feeling, as a chance considered with regret is your will and that is a point to see. As your feeling what you think, and otherwise your feeling fades away as you change with the change of perception. Where you change is as you change, just think and your thought is clean as you change your feeling. As you think the time you can feel the in energy, as just to think and focus is by thought or where you imagine by energy by a focus feeling with the energy. This from what you see is as you want, to create possible forms as is with a form that exists as you are less weight and in shape from the area in the time you see.

  The behavior modification is again through plant energy by imagination is visualization and by what you think, deworded or not as a race you can achieve any result in result even if its not what you think this is as if intended is the purpose and thought is achieved. Each change you make uses your actions in thought is thought, but with one change at a time as with a concept spoken. Not as to do is the effect to not think is suggest and in you don't as get bad as bade results is to treat people with respect, as you will they are how they want to be and that is how the mental perception idea works in life. As energy exists for you in life your work energy is to work with will and create a concept with use is by focus, that energy is from those that decieve to concern or work with you as with life your not really life as life in focus seems what you want. Most like you are those that don't deem, dream or otherwise cope and thus you can seem or as you are what you can seem by the use of the point by spirit.

   Dream or visualization is more powerful as you can make things happen  through pictures or words, think or just seem envisioning the words as you imagine the idea or event to work magic, thought or any mix of the methods including flashcards mixed together to make anything happen. The Dream imagery is extremely flexible but you must use the meaningful images and actions that are not always familiar to you. The subconscious mind is the thing that is answering there by thought messages and doing things in the action. As this is an idea, by the issue with energy as in a being this in form creates. This is from the idea that it's just a sort of biologists travelogue. A biologist from the star system we call beta CVn and beta life energy from there is a point that energy is a causation or being by creation in the form you want. As the form you think is created by wat energy is there, as from the source in thought that you think really to decease or use in life as energy.

  Thus whatever you do you live with the result you are considering by point of view, the subconscious is the most powerful tool and you know as now, and in that use the human or any human has in water or will by energy from water thats easily drainable. As if by a rock thought to with concept, think use of the energy is thought directed and your gemstone can create return. There is the reference, that I came up with this by aid of the third eye and focus creates what thought you think. Think to give and get is to think you recieve, as the psionic ideal is realized by what the spirit is aware of as a vision is what can seem in or not in the Voynich.

Written by Insiedius Skyhawk Reference material is this with a point by use with Satanism from the "Temple of the Black light" Thinking patterns from Liber Kaos with thought to work. Thought is from the Liber Null as a point to use Thought came with Voynich Manual by deciphering.

Thought is what you think by the concept from "Psionics" with Permission. Thought exposed by what shock treatment the reading material portrays.