How to live longer

Some rules that are rules to living longer are with allowance to live. This living longer can be aided by the ideal you do, that you create with ormus for an extended period but thats all. Also activity is a point by use. Listed here:

  1. Talk to someone and everyday then you get 8 years back of your youthful life.
  2. Exercise everyday for 30 minutes or more on aerobics like walking.
  3. Do lifting strength exercises every day for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Do stamina training everyday like walking for a long time, where if you feel tired then drink or eat a little. This is usually as your holding something for 30 minutes or similiar exercises like crunches thought, as energy you direct is if push-ups, and leg curls or back push-ups.

Those rules above will allow you, I think to live longer is to use the rule of thumb or whatever comes naturally as ideal.

The rules below are creative adaptations:

  I think to live longer one is a use or you must be able to make changes and adapt to situation with your will. This uses some stress, some stress is good and alot of stress is bad. Some stress is very good for a fighter because of the needing to be kept on edge and in balance. Thought isn't as a point as this is an idea as you see in or not see use by thought do an idea, this creates a thought is to think a balance point so accept what non mean is by thought with law. There really is none till you think there is, so I think by now this is a good point to speak so you can use more vegetables to live longer by feel.

  Create is a concept that makes the edge as if thought is a point and as sharp, an idea if as atomic edged weaponry you do as I sorta like an idea your thought is as concept. Yes the equivelant area energy is an actual use, so think to imagine as though to use idea as you want. That brings desire or feel by result use is by what you feel, that is "in en mo" as you see you "ca" ca can correct. So another way to live longer is to avoid extra with less insects. Think energy as lightning that strikes a spot to spread through the material or bed, this is to create by energy some effect that repels bugs as you place essential oil or a water drop with the essence of bug repellant or boric acid dropped to a place. Think to cause the repellation by dropping the substance or water to a spot some boric acid to help kill the bugs. Think this works then the creator creates the ideal as working by changing things you think to do. This i think is correct for if you stop, the reason for stress you won't get results you think up.

  Thats sometimes all that is a drink is water without high fructose, by feel as earl grey with lemon or creative energy focus to the drink. So this can create more longetivity by idea. So an idea is equivalent to how long you work with the area. So you see "ah yeah" that is energy by water or use with witty idea. That is an idea for an advanced energy use, as you are aware to change by thought as you are or curious. Think "ageless" for the creator to unage till you don't need to so don't mention things you don't need done or not.

  If one has no challenges by life, one finds a necessary niche to be disruptive or create with his actions. So the clue here is to be active, yet relaxed in a thought to seem in a cool place that isn't inhabited. Strained slightly with breaks in activity at certain points, but not all the time. The lifetime can be improved with balancing the activity that happens with us. So if you ask or think, we are thought to use as we use things and continue with what we want. Think or can is thought if necessary, follow the guidelines below for allowing improvement or no impediment.

  Think or don't to start out, we sleep in a general pattern or creative do what you want. That is to go to sleep at the same time at night and rise at the same time in the morning. Sleep is important but there is a way to make up for lost energy while doing sleep. It is called resting. As its an idea, to attentively do things by thought. Why do the rest? It is meditation and sleeping while bad dreams are kept off. This is healing with concept or creation by will or will not, think as this isn't necessary and when it is you create.

  Thought is a payment no more as tea or made idea is payment is and otherwise to not be distracted, this is thinking or sleeping as thought you see in thought to see in life someway somehow. The ability to think is time to do things is correct is what you think. As thought is idea as nothing is done and your idea is what was thought or could be, the shift in dreams is not actually what tis seems in dream envisioning. This is where you think then create as things are necessary or aren't necessary.

  Thought to be is as this isn't the dream, that is interpreted by body senses consisting to dream sense. Nothing is there till you figure out what is and if the resolve, thinking is with biding the time the situation is done or in not as nothing needed. Think "live longer, eat right and work as you want in life and you are right or not." As you can do wat is essential to the body, think and you won't not seem in unright moods in life. This elongates life energy, as you think life to live longer you can seem to live. Think you will seem alive allot longer, if you want to try to think by the creator that is do or due that is what can guide you as though a faery to do so by feel or not bother.

  When in a pattern in good sleep is a pattern of resting that starts as your aware your awake, this is beta waves in the brain that uses idea to think as you focus. As there if you void meditate on curing with the alpha waves, think or only meditate as this uses chaos or energy already there. The body resonates as with the aura thought in reason and response is thought by seeming better and making things up, as the healing become faster in the body for 10 to 30 minutes by area energy.

  This can use a strobelight in effect to create dream sequencing, as a light is good to correct sleep with you can focus energy to create. As you will or think create the events by what you consider or the spirit can use energy to create energy. This is where you are able to create at will and make in moments, think by the thought that you are by the saddle side and creating and use is feel with intuition by insight. Wake up as you think in the feel to be awake and you continue or seem as the point is what they might want to see or not want to see. This is the point I think is important, people think positively you are positive or not positive you are aware so you live or die as you are.

  Suggest as the person is dreaming or direct to thought to keep composure by the strobing light or blinking light, as tis creates the different scenes or thought in progress to see by the creative conscious. If resistant to hypnotism you can not be effected, if you want to not and need to seem in focus that wakes you up. Thought or not is to seem real or hynoptically effected by energy as yet you can get aware quickly. Focus and will and you can control the dream state as alpha waves, here your creative focus and feel is to direct. Your aware by feel that this I think the point is ideal, seen or not then you are aware to work or feel. This I think is use by thinking is what you think your thought to create with feel. So don't create then think to create something with no stress, I think so your good by what you or others do with no situation or don't feel a failure to what you think. Seen you attempt thinking you create by feel so your no failure.

  As the dream responds you control or are directed as you direct by gamma brain waves, thought or any disruption with a slap or water in the face you woke up as if a moment study were just a dream. Where if you think to know what you see you will, the area idea is from the y level perception or this. This is to create healing by the brain in use by thought that use and body adaptation can create energy with, thought to fix is by what you do as direct energy with an idea the heat is a shield as in energy to correct the aura and chakra points to focus people.

  Tis is as you realize they weren't actually living it and therefore the situation wasn't real. This is also known as the 'lucid' dream state. Then focus on drawing in energy by meditation for at least the rest of the time, you remain awake as if coelescing the area is to form. As thought energy is activity and done by chi in use with activity, an yet you use focus to get stronger and better feel for the things you do as if ogre strength in a game of baldur's gate.

  Seem is here as if not human and not be inhuman with nothing as mold energy as that is what you were or create as activity or things exist that is possible. Thought to be elsewhere is what you can seem, as noting differences or indifferences is what in energy creates by night and use is denature or regeneration by daylight.

  Allow yourself to fall asleep or wake up with the thought you create with nightmareless sleep and protection from disruption by any disruptive by thought method. Think to create better health so focus thought energy to a drink, think a point is to lengthen your life as you think your brain uses the energy, as to send by in interring influence that you want as a touch is in mind energy by thought to yourself as the drink. Then returning it as if your own energy, to and of yourself by drinking water.

  As you think where things work, think to create a thought as you are aware nope or not. Think as you are thinking in ionic energy with feeling and you won't shift unless you are aware, as thought out moments could not displace as in thought in mind if you think to heal. Think as energy to rejeuvenates you and nope makes you less hunger energy but more stamina in idea by water or tea. Tea is the great water use to use water to keep alive or not live as you are likely to die.

  Then there is not the diet of which you may partake. Choose the best for you according to the webmd magazine. When one chooses diet, they must understand body type. There are three types of bodies in which humans come. The type of body which is like Opra's or others. It will retain weight. So the opium effect of optimum choice is to eat lightly or be a body gaurd because this type is not beautiful. Also a manager position is good as the allure of beauty is not natural or there. The next type is the perfect body in which they can eat anything but not gain in use by any weight.

  This is the type that is the trap type because of the prospect in which the body will gain slowly, nothing at all, or to lose weight slowly. When eating anything you like your diet is better by feel you think better ideal, try to make the chore of drinking 6 to 9 glasses a day of water. Three in the morning. Three at the middle of the day. Three at the nighttime period. This will keep the weight off perfectly and if you sleep you are a person in a dream wake that is aware state.

  This is the thought use is sleep as you think but not in the idea to do things, as you think the idea you can create things as timing things you do you think to get the dream. This is where you are or think your aware, an as you get aware your aware your able to do and time manipulate. This is then by direct will in conscious as thought is sent energy and your energy can restore things, as if to think restir lost hopes and dreams and manipulate otherwise use is the idea to correct or make a thought to seem a thought.

  Don't support now unless you have to, if in the mind or thought is a conscious awareness to direct the area energy, thought and control drop away as what you think is necessary to get your idea done. Finally, this is the last type as is the type that makes eating look fun. It is the type that can't gain weight. They can eat anything, do or not as they want but they maintain at the weight of thin nature. This is there we are here. So you aren't forced with pain, pain is not there by you or your not as your undisallowed to leave so that is what "thenk so" means.

  This by the thought, "as I eat I lose the weight" this in essence as I imagine the weight not being there it is exercise; think and whatever the third eye does can take care of itself. As this is done as lost, and you have no excess by focus and you sometimes use what you lose. As if in action exercise or not as you can't do in things.

  The next and near last item is the way of life. If thought the don't if you think it will go wrong. When in thought thinking about vampire, do meditation often and make life without disturbace unless that is your job or in your job by decription. If "soe noe" that is where that creates a violent reaction to somewhat interesting points then make it where violence gives you peace like a scene of a violent movie can calm you down. So always keep on the edge with the feeling of thought or whatever you see on top of the moment. This is unless emotion is necessary, soothe with emotion music or not, as you are in an act as normal again came at a calming peace by acting as you need in the mind. As if not this isn't a movie.

  When feeling emotion, always keep it under the lid or with what you want as in the body using the stress release meditation or the meditation how to as things could lead to high stress. Think of life in a strategic in strategy and tactical view point. Much like a chess board, players have their moments and so do you. Be able to outplay or create, them and even a loss is a win as if you fillibuster or not insanity.

  Be willing to change your plans at or with in the last action moment. Plan points of escape in necessary moments in case of failing moments. Also say no in avarice to avoid attack, as for attacking this idea counts the most. Flow with life and not against it as if in a pattern which changes at a moments idea by you because life can pass you by. You decide the moment and fate works with you. All there is is to live through it. Be wise in your choice. If you don't want confrontation, see everything as challenge which must be resolved in a satisfactory or peaceful ending. Seek to terrorize in small ways the criminals to force them to a better way.

  This is almost the last alternate version of living longer (similar to the Tai Chi Ch'uan thing, only not as hard as listed here in thought. Some described these as idea, and considering that it's kind of hard to test something like that before this idea is left to rot, I decided to cast out any doubt, paraphrase, and place it here.

  There are three methods: One leaves you fat. One leaves you skinny. The third leaves you, uh you see this isn't exactly allowing stealing... 'bare of things' is the items you charge are a focus to take sometimes by others. It'll make some sense soon, don't worry.

  The 'fat' or phat one is done by feeling energy pass through your body, and freezing your cellular activity, except for your waste effects by thinking 'not wastes' to the point of not actually aging and doing too much activity. After that, it is done.

  The 'skinny' one consists mainly of creating a gate. It has to be outside (or it can be a door leading outside - but, "you don't want visitors coming into your house through the gate"). Make sure when you build it up with the mind, to think it is to open into a 'safe area' of existence that is the same and similiar to your own. It can use any sort of gate as a base, and you do not need to have a gate which you are actually able to go through. It will still be powered by atoms a brought by your brainwaves which pass through it, when normally it would be powered by the motion of people.

  "Focus on the ground see a pattern and see the trace of a gate, like a door, then walk through it in your mind and in physically. Think 'younger', 'repair' or 'reduce age' if you pass though it. This gate must be outside. Some make thier car door a temporary gate that goes to a safe area of (or?) dimension. Just touch it by mind or with body after seeing the gate there. As you pass through, the cell structure slows in aging. Lastly, unlocking your chakra points can be as simple as drinking charged drinks and stretching. Focus energy into your muscles as you stretch.

  The 'bare of things' one is done by putting a little of your energy into sevral objects. Through using it and such, more energy builds up in the object. When it stops working for you in the way that you want it to, 'sacrifice' or not allow things to be taken by throwing it away and think that it will release the energy back to you. It will give you the energy once it is thrown out. Because you are throwing things away so often you don't produce, you are not always left 'bare of things ideal' by the ideal. Then I think or create to work.