Levels of 'perceptional' reality you can skip as necessary

  The use by levels of perceptual concept by clues the area reality are of a moments perception, as you think and work based in reality by idea where you live what you think or feel is good by what you see right now and where you are and what you can get with what you do. What I regarded as levels are labelled and not always as you change the perception: normal reality, as if a reality were reasonable first or seen as wording the reverse reality, think or not be mutated in reality as this is to look where you touched something and your in your own reality where you are in a power reality. This can seem as positional reality is a thought, and your idea is what creates things the wild reality nature. This means think your area or perception to view or create use. With a wish you can shift or think your some other perception area level by feel with a wish or fumes area there. I think this is area or feel area concept. Chi is area spiritualism or life force to create by focus to area use. This is some area focus. Thinking this is cool so we're done. Mandicore are lions that are half human with a point to area use or area you see you transform from thought you are by art or each level you feel.

  The idea is from dream an not allowed to run into people thought is peace and war that does not exist sometimes won't exist, as this in the animal creates an idea to use in a point to do. Considered with vowels and set off by what you think by some sort of vow. As it takes a made effect by effort of effect, by the idea to get realization control is thought or thought by empathy with these realities. The levels of perception shift is sometimes as you feel it to seem, as you are out of reach think yourself in an idea and off you are thought as energy. This is to think as your area is to make adjustments, think and thought shifts you are by adjustment by removal of some energy parasites to think better. This is concept perception space.

Level a

  It starts with the in-depth approach as idea is normal things that are done, as if that you note and get in thought by sensing is what is in there, using the 5 senses as including the 6th sense by focus to note the actions and as an act is just an act by a thought common character. Think to see what is there in curious motions, that the hand makes magic in actual assume what you think symbolic is made use. The idea is thought to play this on your own, thought in language is by use with understood energy in an idea in action as friendly nature is by mind. Think came from what I thought from the past, as a film was playing as "firdinand creates a magic of their own". As a thought in progress passes you by the atomic particles arrange by the focus, your focus is energy sent as a thought is use to create.

  This makes an idea from the idea level a of reality, think and this movie is the perceptional reality of action or not as you are in your own mind reality. With a door open to where you want to seem. This is but an idea in the concept that is common dream reality and anything is thought as the energy creates reality. Think and this is a perception of what is a thought, thought remote control and within "an" idea the movie projector is that concept is where your hand releases you.

  As she is a nature in things that are what is and otherwise what is you in thought, that is invisibility as a thought of energy is in that as nothing there is not a point as this is concept a point and think in the level, as to use a thought is to do what you consider. Nulle in as a thought is a thought that to make is energy, as acticity is active use thought energy as is energy in focus and the area.

  Think and that makes a thought that isn't or not as focus. If there is a point in hidden idea as things different are a concept not always known in what life, you work in thought this creates as what in idea is no thought and yet activity is thought. Act is point to point, this idea in activity by imagination is thought and thought is what creates, the idea by what a key insert is a point. Creates that thought and as things are created, and as the path of light reflects itself as things in the mind is done.

  A this is "a" level that in what creates things is from the point and thought is an idea that you lose your life, or not as a point and consider chess as what you get is to create yourself as you are a point to seem able to think. Thin as you consider a point, think and live an idea as this came from what you do in mind. Thought is to think a concept or think or not, as you want is as you in do where you shift.

  That is a person streams energy to send as images or data makes as in that a sublevel of reality, an atomic energy interred reaction, this is similar in use by idea as you think in effect. As you can do in cause use in part as particle thought, this is created planck plane in thought on focus by ion energy use. Thought and interactivity is a point as in thought is use, and this is your focus energy and think use is use. Things you use or not focus in magic is think or visit in thought, as energy creates and you get to watch. This is create or focus space.

Level e

  Then there is usage of the sub-conscious, in perception of the other reality and the reverse reality in perception by itself. The idea is a point that energy in mind creates with the body energy projection through the auras. Or the unperceptible level that is with no actual rules except that which is what ya think there is. Meaning the energy and perception is the key to the reverse reality, as we perceive the idea of the reverse of what we want and sometimes say 'don't want that' so we do the opposite as its a bad example. This level of reality is based in idea and is with allot of stupidity and stress by taking things literally or causing reaction. Some of which is necessary, as it gives us the idea we have to do or not do. So this is energy space, its a necessary stage of perception and extremism that is with the vow. Though understanding and knowing what could happen. This is the level e reality.

Level i

  Then there is the thought and perception of extremism itself, based in action perception. The mutated reality is a monstrous reality control by interactions. Where things perceived are mutated in some form from the base and original reality perception. This is where extremism is accepted and then made into idea that is done by people. This is categorized as level i of reality, this with a made product in thought a point by what I am. As a cause an use is useful, what I can become is seeable or become not in life. Transition space is this area space or limbo made, limbo with the creator energy is with idea use by life energy as willing is willing by nothing.

Level o

  Now there is point and nothing a power reality can use, where everything is thought in levels in ability. Things noticed on the power level in and with reality are interesting and the level of ability can lend a hand in actions that you do. Here is where you realize activity by energy power is this, as reality and what can achieve in almost anything you think. Almost everything is idea in as out by use proportion isn't in the creative approach, as with thought by energy that creates power. What use is a level by idea in where, you think and as you are in or not. This level of reality perception is level in o is a point, that is release or a plant as is there if nothing is a concept. As anything is energy or now. See as you are and that which is guided by a vow or request to me, this is to see what I can do or stop not do. The monster by view in life level.

Level u

 So there is a level of reality that consists of positional thought as you see the area . Ae what I am seeing in relation to myself or the reality thats normal to me. This is the personal level of reality that involves you and me thoughts. This level in perception is what can drive a person to do things and is based off a vow to do as I can in relation. This is the level u of reality that don't is use by pattern space. Imagine the pattern is to create as you need or not assault by need. Imagine a pattern is an assault that isn't an assault then he stops. She does what stops as there in idea.

Level y

  Finallyas you see some compliment, there is the wild 'dream state' level of reality. This is the upper astar 'higher astral', It is the hereditary idea that is expected, but anything goes in this level. The reason of its a wild state is, because anything is acceptable and is sometimes done, even in lucid dreams, except what you don't like. Sometimes, this is to be where the wild situation is in a dream state. Where in a point by action thought as dream, in thought this is a point to create by active position and by any activity you do as this is by position and user actions are as if in a dream.

  White void is made from energy noise with the radiation, as interaction by particles create by evaporated water energy. Tis with the myst you create by the level of dreams that are not dreamed, as your with nightmare or creative energy to create with or kill pestillence by no enullium. Done with use to feel good with life energy surging through you as if blood as you see, think or focus to create with life as life is focus as focus is created or you quit before you overdo. This is the level above the pattern as the pattern creates what you wish, so as you see the use to see in concept to the use.

  The pattern activity can seem to adjust that creates wat you avoid by what you think, so with a positive idea this creates in idea as you are or stop by idea. Think to know or create what is bug spray or radiative focus with some powder, as there isn't any then right by boric acid or think to use food energy. If a wrong feel clean up as there is always or isn't a swat of a bug, thought of to kill a pestillence situation that is resolved as a point or use by concentration or mental problems can disperse by energy. As you stop or not need this is energy to use.

  The level you see is thought by feel to the focus, so as you are there with energy your ability is there to use as energy focus to seem aware. Then you have energy that builds up or not builds as it is there or kills all that is thought as a compliment then you stop as you are to seem or create a killing for use. As enollium is an unusual energy with an idea to create with lightning, death essence as focus is with the body or item by thought focus with feel to draw the bug out.

  Disruption is thought focus to disrupt the bugs, to the use you have in idea as focus creates a fog by a skull symbol. Here is a quote, to use energy is think energy to use as energy creates by idea with focused concept points gnown as cool thoughts to do. As this causes what you feel or not feel it, as this is a link not done that causes enulle or instant engulfment. This is a point you can use or not use as as thought is there or not as a compliment to you.

  This makes a point, to work with and use is wild energy as if active use. That gets an interesting higher energy state, as though thought exists as you use to make a point to create a point in what exist. This is in a power area, as people do things and realize they weren't actually living it and therefore the situation wasn't real to them unless they realize what the action was to find out and correct for what things are in life. As if a thought, you are a point and things arrange themselves around you. Each their own area of what is in use an expertise, seeing with healing thought creates what is if in an area they want to seem in life.

  There are points in activity that in a point is an activity that create wild feelings, from the energy with an aroused animalism estactic action that if thought with the area interaction can seem like a dream, and the particle excited can make what is a thought or anger in aggravated seems like a wild escstatic thought by what is perceived. This is to aggravate in visual idea, and there is a point that can seem brutal in psychic awareness or not as nothing exists.

  This can if used as a interesting idea, seem an omen as you are possibly to do right you get a good response and otherwise. If you do incorrect you can get interesting idea, by the pattern thought that is wrong or right and that thought can thin. As a sign by real life somewhere perceived by thought, as a point you can use to nothing in mind by use is a look up this can seem a meaning and disappear as if not demented there. If you think revert and feel, you can fix nearly anything with this idea.

  Where the people that were doing anything at a whim and getting things done or the people that were singing in perfection and in tune in a singing contest were "just a dream". Due to this fact, it can also be dangerous to consist at the wild level and try to make something for themselves. This is the y level of reality and is consistent of the vow to do things anyway thats possible. Creative approach or thought, that is creative area art use or thought builds off patterns or is not done.

  So creative area space with chaos or elements, that is any building or conscious is built by reality. There till you are aware or focus is energy buildup and think. As you see your aware activity is aware area, that is energy by use to thought or focus is elemental. So your creation is cool until it starts or as things to trend stop, this is as reality twists I made you quit or breaks. The idea stops till dissolved by what is there is what is theory in focus.