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  This is a now archived site with old information, I am leaving it up for curiousity. You see this is information that may or may not be accurate. If it isn't up anymore, then that means this site has had a good life. It was only meant to last a few years anyways. So don't sue me if you get hurt trying some of the articles. Thanks and you have been warned. Before we get started I must say the atleantians ideal is based on pure spiritualism with an idea in specific or specified energy, so this is think about and work with what you want or need if possible, feel or imagine things and you can create what you need. This page is just a list of ideal points and just put out there as a list of things. Its also about Atlantis in its daily idea. Everything about atlantis as I could put is there, but it may not seem that way from here. The how to do magic is theory of the lost continents. Most notably how I saw them try magic and get out of it some results. As a point in effect, this is where they used transferrance through the sphere. This allowed them transmission to almost anywhere and it was empowered by the area energy.

  That is a crystal that could transmit what you think in idea or had in mind to the crystal. Then it can go to somewhere else by thinking that it does. Otherwise, you could transmit yourself only to reform, this is wherever you thought to be or imagined. This is where the crystal picks up the thought by received thought energy, and shifts the thought or form and that means you direct your thought energy to it and this is what does what you want. So its your energy by feel that activates it or deactivates it, think and it creates what you need by feel. If you think to do things by feel, then you are aware by now what it does. Then there is a point that the effect either occurs or no point occurs. This is a concept by feel, so think of things or the right suggestion and the effect might happen by feel or idea you notice.

  As the point is done, this is alive by what you do or what it does for you by feel. What you do then is what you think to achieve, the crystal picks up on the thought and does things by the influence. This influence can be measured in vibes or human interactive vibration, that is what leads us to believe things are there or true. You can use crystals to glimpse the point you think of that is there, if things or people are existing in this manner or they are there then you know by the spirit when and where they are there. This is to hold the crystal or orb and think to see someplace or some people. This allows you to see the area or people for where they are and doing what you want. The consciousness of the sphere allows you to know, that's when the time point is of the people of interest.

  Sometimes this is truely what is there, but things can be different if they who are there want to hide. When they do, the signal you can get is that you could see them or know about them but they won't respond. So to see evidence of them, make no presence of yourself and think to glimpse them. This is done after several minutes. Then you might notice them again after several minutes of inactivity. That is if they are there. If not there where your thinking about, then you will see nothing. In this manner you can transmute conditions to others unless they don't want them. Then the subconscious causes the condition to first become suppressed, and then it disappears. After that its gone. The trace that remains is a brain pattern that could come back, if you think about the condition unless you think about the condition and think it gone.

  Really, they had this technique to think of nothing and they did things without stress. Then they relaxed by feel and did what they felt was necessary. This cancelled out the effect and created the point of relaxation, where there was stress for things that were too much in activity. This is a known effect though. So think about it and you can do this trick, if you think of nothing you dismiss your thoughts. Then you can create a point of relaxing feel and do work as you need to do things. This uses a need based idea, that you think or feel and you know what is there. Otherwise there is a point you think and you realize what is happening as you think of nothing. This technique works like a zen void idea today, think of the void and you imagine the idea that is done and you are doing that idea in void as you are calm, focused and relaxing by feel.

  So the process of the crystal sphere is to just think the condition to the person by mind and by touch or telepathic touch, and the crystal or orb will do the transmission. However the transmission, if transmuted between two people its not permanent. The condition will fade away, this is when the person doing the transmission has a point of regression and lives an experience or sees an event pass safely. That is a concept in itself, where you create and make with what you have. Then the person stops thinking about sending or the person having the condition. They usually don't experience the idea as an event, rather they experience the idea as a moment in time. This moment can last forever, until its thought to have ended. This is an idea to do if you think to use a crystal or sphere, that's used as a holder of energized points or conditions.

  Things will go smoothly as you might wish them to go, and the person will act their normal actions out. So that's all there is to know about this. Use this with care, so you don't set upon the unsuspecting a condition they do not want. However if its there and they don't need the condition, it tends to disappear. This is just a safety precaution built into the human body. So really there is a point meditation works to make what you want, there's no worry over this technique.

  The idea is where you think about things and the energy itself of the body, this creates what you thought or need otherwise as a want. This always works, so to stop a point is to rest and to create a point is to think or have aware thought. An aware thought is to have things, and otherwise notice sounds and if there is something there as though an idea exists then you can either respond or not respond. When you respond you notice improvements, when you don't you notice what's around you. This makes it so your always aware and sometimes a point is there to respond to the idea, that is with thinking to pause what your doing by feel. Think of what is there as you are aware, this idea is done by considering what is there to think of what to do. Think to deal with what you have to deal with by feel, and you do what you need to resolve the point if necessary.

  This can be used for spirit transmutation. The object you use is used by a touch possibly and the spirit energy is transmuted into it or a person. Until you need it else, then you think of the spirit you need and 'touch' the object to gain it. The spirit is sometimes able to control you at your low point in energy. So think carefully as the spirit of another person who touches an object is possible to be transmuted into you. Then send by thought to the object, this is for the object to send by your thought the spirit by its object energy to go somewhere else. That is energy focusing and manipulation, that is just as simple as it gets.

  This works by focusing on a thought and creating what you need by touch or thought, that can be written or spoken. Any crystal can do things, the transmission or sending of a point with a thought of condition. That's any condition sent to the crystal as though an energy thought from something like a source, that's a point if thought to do so nowadays. This means you no longer have the condition. So they used it as energy. This is sometime ago to have allowed Atlantia in idea, I am thinking to have existed about 10000 years ago and this was in the mind that it effected first.

  The second essential effect was to create what you thought into existence by feel, think of the feeling you got from the point you thought about and you create the effect you perceived there by the feel or the feelings you have. Then the effect is a surge of energy, that is energy that passes between two points if directed to pass to another point and creates transferrence by feel to a similar point. So if no point other than the main point than that is there exists,then the energy remains in the crystal. Unless thought to go somewhere, its there for the duration until dissipated away.

  So think this is in an effect and it existed, this means the crystal could transmit and create even by teletouch, this was telepathic touching by the focus point, due to transferrence with imagined touch or being transmitted through the area by touch so that was numbing if nearby and different by indifference and directed by feelings. This was from the 4th or other dimension and yet this could even be your own dimension. This was an approach they used by feel or thought. However due to the volcanicism of the times, they moved allot so if they were aware they tended to move and rebuild. Sometimes I believe or think this happened in a different way. Then is the time resurges by energy, that is focusing our own thoughts as energy and idea and the event reoccurs differently.

  So as once this existed, the idea was physically placed. This was like heaven on earth before heaven on earth. The Atleantians were apt to do certain physical things or idea that attracted attention, though thought came really that they were unable sometimes to grasp the tool magic or worded language easily. So other magic was an ability by thinking and they created the thought in some form or manner, that was one of them that was easily done. The thought was the release. What you think at the moment is what releases you from nearly anything that occurs, this was an idea and noted in effect at that time.

  The other ideal was placed into docs as listed below, like the dimensional physics and the atleantian source of magic. This is just as each idea I noted amongst others was there. Otherwise things weren't as thought. This is as though progressed to that point, though noted were the effects of each thing they never did stay too long in any given area.

  Now lets let the ideal talk for itself with just a point, that is mastery itself and about the spiritual aspect of the effect. Take the ideal point as its spoken and you know, yet not always what is said about the idea is true. The spiritual aspect to magic and sharing effects is what you sometime think is the ideal situation in my experience, that in work and play is meant as that is a place where we can expand the influence of our spirit. Over the time of thinking about what we want, we're doing activity like a project with feeling for the area that creates what we desire in so many ways. Just think and you can create what you want.

  This is the spiritual aspect as of now. When we get something from the project we try to deal with and finishing up, we achieved the goal we thought on. Even if things were what was different from the project. We sometimes do it through our animus or spirit, that is the point that our spirit does what we think about. With some effects, the spirit is like a prisioned thing or thought ideal that life forms with feel. Released by the creator that creates by feel. This is from what that is or from blood flow energy control through the brain. Sometimes its the imprisioner of ideal, that is influenced on others to do things from our act of effect and effort.

  This was from the Annunaki. They existed as giants in the past from the planet called nebiru. They caused humans to exist with help. When they made humans, they taught them what they knew. Also, they used them for digging up gold. So they could repair their planets atmosphere. They left using the pyramids that shot beams of light out to the homeworld of theirs as well as the other constellations. Sumeria shows what they learned. The offspring of the annunaki, the giants were used to help build things. They got wiped out by a great flood. Only to have emerged as humans repopulated the planet, after the floods went down. This is a known fact of life.

  So I think this is what exposes us, according to the annunaki this is sometimes where we're seen as real, this is otherwise noticed as we are where we are thought to be. This is only if we want to be there. If you think this point, you can create a ghostly area that spiritual is real where physical is spiritual. So instead is thinking this point, " thinking excersize causes you exercise or not. You create the point you thought, as the origin and the original aspect obviously is there. You can read the next article to see the point I saw.."

  This was called "the hoax is out am I need or am I not as I am no need is there." But no longer is this readable as its readable form is gone, so on a touch I believe it crumbled to dust and I thought to remember what was there. A subconscious sign of dust is crumbles, so this is "Dust: To see dust in your dream suggests ignorance an neglegance for that certain aspects of yourself have been ignored or neglected. So to dream that you are covered in dust signifies that the failure of others will adversely affect you. To dream that you are dusting implies that you are clearing out, and all your past mistakes are gone where your starting fresh on a new slate."

  This is just so true and the list is where, I got from this article from what I thought is use for idea. Think what you wish or if not wanted to "not" be there, then the area isn't there to deal with by feel. More from the article is "Think "no push" so you don't need to or don't have to create something illegally, if some illegal drugs are there for use. Think no need so you aren't needing to do things or no use no pressure okay. So use in meditation seen is the use to move around, this is up to you or the created area is your own idea to try."

  These next few idea are what exposes this as a hoax, see if you can follow along. "A point to think is to create things or form the shape then. If you agree with those that are the shape, you create the area shape to your area noticed by feel thats thought to be with safe use. Even if there this is then thought, this is used as though no safety exists. Then they that are with the area feel, they are nothing to your area use by age idea. Life exists if you need it to exist, so you can decide to do things for yourself. This was with the point to the area in general, that if I walk in or out I was where I wished to seem. So when you are aware, you are good at what you do. Even if corrupted, there is no corruption where your faith and filth by now is gone."

  Otherwise till the seeming end, then I was not there as a violent act ends. Thus you see you are where they put you. See the use for a guarddog, I think this includes mythical here. I see so that is a point and this is use by a real chucabra monster? Your out of that work to correct then. The area is some use, so no useless idea exists. Though this place is unstable enough, I think yet enough idea pointed out is sane use. So if you wanted to you can shift, then this is going first by spirit then physically to another place or area. Your enough by feel to not use your own ideal against yourself, if you can avoid this or avoid doing so. Then you are aware by what you do.

   This is from sometime later: The effort is thought in meditation by using an in breath or out breath, with the out breath coming from body. Use is a point as it's the ideal of evolution through the choice of doing something, I have seen all that counts in this so as we do things to achieve our end and our mind achieves with our spiritual influence. As the spirit influences and grows in force, some evolution may happen. In that achievement, we grow from the so called and summoned experience. Anything can be an achievement by the use that is nonetheless existing things, this is with an included point by a successful act or an embarassing moment. All possible because by faith or filth, this has gone on unless needed otherwise. This means you see what is non corruption, thinking to work and avoid the bad as a circumstance. Then you really can't do unnecessary idea, this is use excepting for illegality as you can do things easily. For now thats in its all and good.

  Faith comes in on this from being a point, as though its where we think the action will be done and accomplished and understanding where things are coming from by feel. This is usually by our thinking and acting on purpose. Which allows things to occur by reaction and this includes things from the list below. Which by some accounts this is feel, so if you see things as a point not to do then avoid doing it. For where all instructions are not heeded, this is to make the allowance as this is used idea and by allowance its not always needed in idea given. Some idea herein are fictional, that your subconscious can make real. See and feel are theory not intended for use, you know the way in or out of an area or existence. So unless you want to do something, then think to create by instinct or you can do things by intuition. Thats what you feel or think to create the idea you want to exist. This is sometimes to exist the idea with a point, so that should exist or if not by then. See it won't exist and only if you don't need anything. So if you need what you think then you get what you want by feel.

  The animan focus is the animal focus with any man, woman or beast that willingly does things with you. Think and focus on the need to create or work with others that do things, this is just as they feel the idea you focus on. This means use of empathy or feeling the need the person, or animal feels the point to do things. Think and you know what to do as is, this is the point for the idea. So if you think, then you get the point that is done. Whatever the point is, this is based off of the feel and that is empathy put to use. If you happen to feel failure or like your a failure, don't let it worry you as it could be from someone else. Otherwise this is a subconscious sign, usually meaning in dream language "Failure: To dream of failure signifies fears of inadequacy and low self-esteem. You are not applying yourself to the fullest potential. Or you are overwhelmed with anxiety and the pressure to excel. To dream that your business is a failure signifies bad management. You need to be more aggressive and not let fear rule you."

  So if there is nothing to do, then you can use this rule; no kill necessary is possible by a chip or dip thing or you don't have to do anything. You see, this is energy used by the things you can work with, so if you see that was once a computer chip or something else thats not there. This is not done by torture, this is used as a point of the subconscious in ancient fluescent language "en is done by now" or "the use is set by the user and is a feel with the permit by then that's with no imprisioning. So this is with uses to work with by the ideal, so if "no you don't" this is from feel or use energy. This is the point by what you feel where then you see a point and can do things, this is with a point or allowance and sometimes not to do anything like it any longer. So if you use any two things often then your cured by feel with the spirit, especially if they are the right things or if you use something that isn't there after. Then you have option to shift by it. This is where he or she can't use it then, if you shifted dimension your safe from him or her as your body there self-defends or attacks as necessary.

  Without causing madness, this is used sometimes as a point made by spirit and done by feel. This means to do things differently and this is here or there. Seen is the fact and by now you know what to do, so for now this is the moment to decide and do what you want and you know what the decision foretells. Its in depiction that its not noticed or observed, this is until the thought is there to observe the point as it occurs. See as you are aware your awareness shares itself with others through aura influence, so I think this settles all laws. This is the ancient law of Annunaki and not to be broken unless you feel like the idea should be not followed, then you oversee it and know it. This is where know is kill now I know or allow, and that is until you want things to happen or achieve the end result. So think if your aware by now, if you see something there then its time to be nice. You may do what you want as your allowed by feel, and only if necessary to do what you want. The idea is the point for some concept, especially if you do it with no emotion where you seem to give up. The point you feel is not always there, here is where you are are there is another place that you can be. So sometimes here is the point, this is unless not wanted and you know this is safe by now. So think to be effected.

  So this is done even if it entails the mayan disease of sleep. However the annunaki had a divide or conquer or desire, this was set to cause the main chakra gates to not open. Just as they stripped the DNA from their subjects by sex, use of their techniques were done that used their tools as they had available with gold. They created slaves that were O- blood type. These could be slaves of desire or conditions set upon them and by everyday events. So any color could work as a slave for them. Set in the end they desisted as a race, that was here by that need so they no longer hold a presence. This was set by the point that existed before the time ran out for them. That was when they silently accepted their point as long as though fate had set it, then they seemed to blend in with other civilizations and disappeared from the land.

  Do you see how a monster could exist from nothing, do you see how this thought is sometimes fought by existing things. So they that went to places were granted rights for the act, simply because of the right of being there?" This was set as their karmal will upon the race and people were awakened to the fact, found out they could deny their attempts by abstinence. So this was the endpoint that I saw, and to add to the fact is that the monsters all left the area. This is basically set in the laws of today as work with what you have and do or not do was things done with by feel, this is sometimes set in motion idea for adaption or change without people knowing it. So they live with the results even today.

  Set in a setting they that decide fate, they decide for themselves. So that is all for the laws of annukabi or atleantians. What works today? Think and do things for yourself and you can work with others if you want to do things with them. So think for yourselves is a general ruleset by action, working is done by functionality. That is what I remember of the time I was their general of course. By the time I wasn't, I was gone to another place and time and dead by the point of someones own desire. Which is to say I was shocked to death, this was by my own idea of tools and uses.

  So if they were aware of this fact now if they knew the slaves were no longer slaves, they might think "so were alive" and as were alive were allowed to think what we want, they would stop and think to figure out ways to have us use their idea or they do their dirty work elsewhere. That is all for now or now is not the time for them, for what you feel is sometimes what you get. So I noticed the trend of their lives, this I believe is sometimes used by today and that is with ormus to get them over it.

  You can see the general idea that uses salt or pink salt, added to a blender cup with water mixed in and added to the mixture. This was blended to form white peaks due to magnetism or magnets strapped to the blender cup sides. This was done in the presence of others sometimes, to prove that it was effective. So that if they wanted to try it then they could. Otherwise they didn't attempt the idea out unless necessary, that was with this as an idea: set is the point by themselves, this is done by what occurs in effect by use.

  This is where white peaks are healthy, although you can do a similar thing with egg whites and sugar blended together, again this is with whatever salt you choose with water and possibly sunflower lecithin (for more foaminess) blended to magnetism for a few minutes. I believe this is where the white peaks and foaming are what counts in life as a balancer, that is to cause equal brain patterns and thinking with brain activity by a better working perspective. This means it elongates life and makes easily thoughts to become equal amongst both sides of the brain. This was called Ormes or Ormus with white gold powder.

  So not all is fair if you didn't want to live forever, if things are the way you want that means they're ideal. Just remember the idea then that the things that happened, they did have died away. I think I went a little too far in describing their idea, though it is an interesting point there are other races. So I will end it with this thought quote by a friend. "Even though somethings are from them, some idea are still useful. So we live as we want to live and die as we want to die and that is all that matters."

By Benjamin, Cazzy, Spelly.

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