Shifting breathing exercises

  The shapeshifting exercise and other exercises herein are meant as a meditation aid and discipline maker. I thought up these techniques and self-experimented them by some idea, so I know they work as accupuncture energy work. I would appreciate no byproduct feedback, I do drugs no more except for legal so free is allow pay by see by feel to see in no end thanks. I think this is a natural balance point, this insures you will possibly need less food when done shapeshifting. So your really what is with things to work with others as you see this is the point. Think straight think cool then your okay with me, as you won't be effected by what you think then I won't sense you if no longer doing illegal drugs.

  The meditation for enlarging breasts or unenlarging breasts is to breath in fresh air as energy, think will upwards to breath out or lowering to shit out the energy you won't like with the energy dissipating away. dissipating the situation or think this dissipates in mind so use is to imagine the shifting of fat from lower body upwards to breast area or downwards to not be there, as this energy is shitted out and breath outwards expanding by breath or deflating by out breath the breast by use is letting go the stress by tension release with relaxed by reflexed muscles that are relaxed after by now so you can let go anytime. Till you think or feel relaxing thoughts then or now this is your ideal point you can relax a little with less excess stress that is there not in your body. Do this for 20 minutes or less like counting fingers with thought to have sped up time. What you want to see happen is that with every breath a little fat is redistributed or dissipates away from the body to the breast area or dissipates away entirely. Remember un is not happening near the right time by now. If you imagine food as a drug then think to create with what is there, you create with what is with the point you sense or think not to use to no longer work with seen ideal. So think events to have no effect with you. Thanks to Dr. Dobb.

  The reason this works is the subconscious percieves through the conscious imagining of the scene making it happen for real. This is the mechanism achieving and aiding the mind and breathing at the same time. Achieving it through mind manipulation by experienced as a thought to know by a point, that the other is going through Ouvisibas. That is create as you felt what the other is going through, as use if an empathic use by idea or not. As you think in no cause is no use to cause what is not by effect, see this is some drink as chocolate is the thought in interest. Create or think no effect to cause by thought no effect.

  i won't force people like that one day again to people as i can be nice. as i am nice or uncruel you think to work. i know how to get away from the planet, think your away to create some point thats you or other places the planet energy creates you. then think your created then let the body creating you work with or kill the body you are as you might get the point or work things off by the feel. that does the trick i have been 4 or 5 places so far this is russian roulette. so i think i am safe.

  So if use is yes or not if necessary, don't and use is safe as you see anything that goes wrong before things occur. See as you see or by use is no "voilet" or a sign of insanity, so see to calm down as no focus by this is cool as purple energy is a color by emotion, calm collected or nature answer. So wish is with use by feel by thought in kind to use, create or always by opportunity by sex thought in an imagined sphere adjustment or no energy. As no use to feel by feel I mean you seem to create or not see if use unadvisable. So say as you want or not use, as no feel is no focus to no or yes by due pay or yes nor or remove me from the interest list that is feel better as without the actual language this is violent by effusives.

  When as you do the reverse, tis is the energy as is the decrease of the breast occurs with a thought and the inward spiral on the thought or energy taught muscle release response and the stomach increases then decreases by te activity you do as you think to see and sense the need. You don't have to understand it, to know this is to see your body as you are as its observed as with the third eye. After a certain repetition, and this is energy as things in focus are energy in a thought by energy that will work and this can have an adverse side effect as dangerous enhancements. That your body could feel hungry by the feeling and drop the feeling, as you hold an object if you think to drop the object the feeling disappears as you will with the thought.

  When you breath in fresh air as the energy is to cure the body and with a breath out in thought is stress relief with the outbreath as energy release. Imagine the fat off your body disappearing into a extradimensional container thought into exitsting space that is in the form as a jar to contain the weight and everyone that wants the weight. Doing this you can't appease everyone and making thought energy in use, makes in energy as the will to do creates dispersial fat disappear.

  As diplacing thought you think is as displacing fey particle not controlling, except excess and the thought lesser eating is better. As they percieve or receive the thought on use with the shape, or thought on the shape they need or think of the breast or body to seem like, that is were activity as alteration to what can seem a use and otherwise not. As the weight disappears from yourself. You don't worry and focus on activity that can seem, to disappear the weight energy as a thought on focus is shape. Think and weight shift is possible to change what is by water. As if another thought on tis is energy disperses, as you think to disperse it in use by life as chi energy.

  Think as this thought disperses te use and lessens hunger as your thought is notice as you just do if you think release and is a drop of something, after a thought set of walking repetitions done in exercise off duty or not when you think in action. Think and if the thought is "free" as with natural energy is free in body free in use, as water energy is used by what you think. This is whomever there answered me in activity and my idea is in activity, from drinking water with use of magic in a focus device to the drink to restore.

  You think and what your thought is what your done with, tought not hidden is an ideal use that is created equal to te equal opportunity that is in equal action unless not necessary. There is an energy, that if use is done use what you want in life. Think as you want energy to respond.

  Think or not and in this is with your body excess effectively and this is energy losing weight. The reverse does and in the essence is fat energy released in a point by use, or if not as there is no essence is if it isn't what energy you think but think as energy is what you think. Not is the redepositing of essence unless necessary in the fat essence may happen by breathe, as there if you think in the point diarrhea is possible.

  As you think "or not" and think ionic use is draining energy by the use is use, just think with what is there by this activity and energy in breath, think by focused in use or otherwise this is reduced by bread. As soon as you think as thought as yet this doesn't always work, thought made as that can seem in a point made by a bread machine to make what ingredients useful by the cooking materials there. Think your type of bread is creatively done, the use of suggestion and your subconscious is what causes that as that is use you want.

  This may happen as a thought is mention to a point you think as the thought that exists to create with, this is a point of digestion and if overused can turn indigestion. As though if necessary use is the "cure" thought to cure with, thinking is the release and if especially that if this is not done. If in you don't want the idea, you don't have it or not as it this is in a suggested ideal. Unless neccessary and as needed energy does it otherwise, think and you are sated by what energy released by activity is in weight use and this is water by what you can see and imagine it in focus by feel is think by focus seem in feel and use is imagination and gesture.

  The calming effect and absolute neutralizing of panic and fear through breathing is to make an image of the fear in your mind that you understand as the reason for the fear. Draw in a fresh breath of air snagging at the root of the fear. Breathe out the fear imaging the air flow pulling the fear out along with the stress by the root of it. Doing this over 1 minute to 10 minutes will decrease fear and stress.

  A karmatic release is to make the negative energy you gathered by doing anything negative and focus the negative through the help of breathing exercises to go into the earth for cleansing of yourself and relief of your mind. Simply, breath in the positive air energy. Hold your breath for 30 seconds or the count of 30. Willing at the same time for the negative gathered energy to be released to earth. Now, release the breath of air with the stress that you feel. You will suddenly feel ligher in body and mind. Do this for 10 minutes.

  The Resting Method is the method for making yourself younger and drawing in lost energy in and around a cleansed area healing the body at the same time. Lay on your bed or a place of relaxation. The next step is to focus on the air energy around you as a concept. Draw in more energy that energy is in use to create and keep focusing it into yourself for 10 minutes or more. When doing it, imagine the body cleansing itself of all impurities. When done the smell will be horrible as the body sweats out the toxins and wastes to dissipate. If you had wounds, the wounds be gone. You will be younger as well. Doing this last exercise is advisable at bedtime. If done anytime else, do the best thing possible and take a bath after 5 minutes and change your clothes as well. People will respect you for it.

  Advanced in focusing breathe technique is as this is slight breathe focus and is intense after awhile, although it works if repeated. Relax ya mind and breathe in and think of the idea ya want and breathe out, and think of the idea ya wanna achieve with it. breath in and out after this. Then when ya feel the effect ya want to occur, it will be done to life as this is no beating necessary, but keep breathing in and out till ya are done with the manifestation of the idea. As ya breath in and out, be thinking of what ya wanna do for the idea and do the right thing as ya think of the idea. The more ya think of the idea, the more of a chance that it will happen.

  Trance shift breathing is used for going into a trance quickly. Now wait for it to trance to use it is simply to breath in a fresh breath of air and release it. Then thought by focus is ya mind by thinking of an idea and keeping that thought and releasing after the thought to release tension. As ya can find something to make breathing more a tool after this so breathe in the nitrogen and oxygen, in and out slowly to progress improve weight as you think to get your final result, so as ya think of the idea and let the thought go with the breathe the energy in and release it by breathe out. Till ya are in trance. Think and then ya focus on the idea ya want, or feel think not to do not as it can happen and with intention of what ya want, as to make it manifest, for ya so desiring it will make it so.

  To do magic breathing, this is to burn from a jet plane engine and cedar, sage or pine in the area can purify te air, unless you use a diffuser and essential oil. No as you want and ions are in use, then think of your purpose and let the purpose become one with the body and by water in focus to use unless necessary as thougt is individual, think to know water for what it is as to avoid. The unliked fluoride or other bad idea for the intent to improve health is gone by purofying or thought witrh energy in te area sensed to purify, felt idea or seeable in the sensation thought at the water.

  As if you are aware, you breath in and out twice and quickly. Then one long breath. In and out. Think of your purpose of intention, as you repeat the breathing, and then when at least 1 or less minutes has passed, then try to stop and think and to put out the incense unless you used incense. This breathing style can be modified to fit the shamanistic magic reclaiming style.