Game of life

The characters
The classes
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b. Necromancer class
c. Elementor class
Magic faith or religion
Special Godmode
Coping game
Pain and experience (XP)
Skills and stats
The energy constructs
The source of power
The gauges factor
Cop's gaming
Stoner's gaming

The rest of the game

Some idea behind this
a. Damages
b. Rage levels
c. Spells and other effect like prayer
d. Spell material
e. Magical weapons and material grade
f. Other things of magic
g. Other effects
h. Alignment

Glossary of idea

Gods' Dicing
This is how reality is like a game
The end of the game
the ill that is there

The normal brain mindset or the ill that is there by idea.


  This article attempts to make life seem like a game of working with people and thinking about the results. This is just like RolePlay. So think to play a role, then you know the idea that you can do. So don't take it too seriously, if you don't in idea want to play this game, then think your not playing and don't use the material. This is done as its meant for fun, the gaming of life in itself. It might be interesting to see what you can get from this. The GameMaster (GM) or Doom Master (DM) is your subconscious mind, the suggestions you state or need the sub-c will do. So naturally, you can teleport. This is where you think of the area and need to be there, and your there by the subconscious making you appear or go there.

  So your not playing this game, unless you think you are playing. That's a truth to be told. So play along if you want to see results of the game, this is done by thinking your playing the game of life. Also you can enjoy things done, this does your thought as you want to get results and that works by a point revealed by vision or realization. So with the spirit showing you before the moment, this is possible. Remember to work as if you think to work with this system of life. If you use a drug released by the spirit or think about things, then your brain plasticizes itself and goes alternative lifestyle. This is done as though in a point, that's represented in the alternate game of life that is here. The point that is described here is normal and a basic sane mode of thinking, that is when your in comparison to the alternative insane or crazy lifestyle.

  This is the active state or insane and crazy way of life if angry, so think and you can calm yourself. The activity is with a state of mind, that is making use of the alternative life game. The mindings that you do is with a minding state of mind, this represents others sometimes in a rage or in a state of mind not to talk about things and this is the game of life. People are aware by what you do and also by what they do, then if you think about attraction you attract by feel. This is the minding things point of view, mainly because you have to mind them to allow for what they do.

  If you don't do interesting things then you won't attract people, you may attract bugs or something else like money that you think is there or possible. In order to get rid of these things, think to work with the idea or the point is created and you create by statement or doing things. See that gets rid of the bugs or commands away the idea of something else. This is all in a time of life that I saw. This game that I made out of what I saw can be used for whatever or however you want.

  What I remember the most is the ghost commanding. This is where you think of what you want to do, this causes instruction to the energy that you send. Then state or think strongly with a loud noise pointed toward the ghost, that what you want in commanding tone of thought. "Go now." The ghost will interr some of your energy, then do what you want as you thought instruction in the energy and these are commands set through the energy you sent.

  You can literally send any instruction through the energy, so think of what you want and you can get what you need. This is the thought in absent-minded people sometimes, that they command themselves to remember and they do. This can work by feel or however you want things, though the point is done by feel as that is used with an idea. This is done in getting the reaction of action, otherwise there's less reaction and more ideal points by full manifestation that happen by feel or your sensing things out.

  So think and this active state can revert to normal as you calm down from this or the drugs wearing off after some time passes, that is the normal state set by fae or that what is thought by feel. This is a point that I remember as a point, that reverts the activity and brainwaves and things start working by what is done. This is where I think things work and things start working by what they do. Otherwise the brainwaves that are in a hyper state from the active state, they are reverted to normal patterns and things work by what is possible. This is what is possible with the active state and normal state of energy, that is where the active state is excited atoms and the normal state is unexcited atoms. So think to use the spirit, that goes through everything and you can get what you want.

Various factors

  There is dicing luck, that is when you add 10 to your roll or automatic success. That's unless your a cockroach. if a cockroach, the cocockroach gets a -10 to their roll.

  The game balance. This is a point you know to apply the right rules and regulations at the right time so there isn't too much done.

  The special sphere is a wish sphere or construct that gives wishes. It's special as this is spiritual elemental energy sphere that allows by spirit influence, what you wish in by the consciousness of energy. This in use is no more than a thought, so think to use it by feeling and thinking of the idea you need by intending it to be done. This rules the wish, the effect of the subconscious creating the effect of the mind or visualizations. Think and you know what to do by feel.

The character

  The character is what you choose to show or portray, then you can get energy from doing. This is interesting by idea, that is because the character can be good with honesty and genuiness or bad and chaotic with falseness and manipulation. Otherwise what the character you portray does makes him or her or whatever sex you are at the moment, so think what you want and you can create the result by what you choose to act. This is all in order to get things or work with people, that is on their basis and sometimes your own idea. So I think the character basis is what is important, this is because you can get what you want and work with others as they want to be worked with by feel. This is a character in idea, that chooses his points and either way gets good results.

  Now a character in reality is what or whom you are, that's if you choose to be that idea you think of the character. So sometimes that is if things work out by the point that you care to do. If you don't wish to portray a character, then you aren't playing a game with the game of life. That is the general rule of life for the game, the point you choose a spot on the ground and think you walk off the edge of the map is the end of the game. However, if the character you portray, mainly yourself, is unconscious then you have 0 hit points or 0 % health and if your dead then you have -2 hit points or -2% health. That is another way to end the game that is not a great way to go, so think of a good point to go on and then accept the point that occurs. Then that is a good way to go. This is if you choose to leave the game, then you may leave the game as you need to go. That is all there is to this.

The classes

  The character class is what you choose to do or portray. This is where you can create or make with what you may do, if you needed to do things in a job, then you would use a class to create the point.

Dimensional class

  Here is a point of some dimensional class as an example point.

  The dimensional class is where you create with idea and the dimensional consciousness answers by feel. Their magic is suggested thought with the subconscious mind.

  Thinking spell; So suggestion in use is where they create by dimensional energy, think about the idea and they make things easily by use of the subconscious and unconscious mind that does as you feel it's necessary or intend.

  Mental boost; this is where your brain sets the aura wave frequency, then as you think and say things the mind that is your brain consciousness does things. So if you think a certain thing, then that is what is created by the aura making what you need in the dimensional area you are in at the moment. This is done at least to your senses, so think and you can create what you will or need with feel. See that is created by the aura real time. So think and you are area aware if the aura created enough oxygen from the air particles nearby.

  That is how this works as a mental boost. So think and you realize by the spirit using the souls memories what insight or idea that is there. The subconscious is their brain activities, so if the brain is aware then the mind is conscious of different states of awareness. This is vibrations that are cast by the aura energy, the brain that exists is the body in awareness. That is how things can work. Heightened sense of awareness comes from this idea in action, also this can allow the conscious awareness of several dimensions at once.

  So I think if its a boost somewhere, that only means this isn't a point sometimes that you renember and that means you may need more oxygen or herbs to satiate the body. However complex the brain is, that only means its more capable of dealing with the body and what it needs. With or without herbs in use as a stimulus. The stimulation is what you create with and by feel you may crave the point. So if you do, think about not having the substance and you won't need the point again.

  Dimensional shift; the shift is done where the brain consciousness creates new sensations and you are aware of things that exist in a new way. So a raise in vibrations are what you think to do with a positive viewpoint. Think to do good things and you create with the mind, see as you create you raise vibrational states, and then your senses make you aware of the things that are done. If you don't become aware of things in a higher vibrational state, then you need to think positively and you create an uplifting moment. This moment is the shift in perception, so think and you are aware.

  This works by the spirit that goes through everything, so if you think about the point and then you are no longer down in feelings. You are feeling better by feel. That is the active spirit, this is the point of idea and creation. So think and you know more of what exists by feel. Pass the idea; this is where the dimensional being, that is the said person creates a transfer of energy. Think of the person you need to have what you want to transfer, then you create with a point or some action what you need shifted or created elsewhere.

  This is an upbringing action, that creates a positive vibe and you can work with others about by use of awareness. If no awareness is there, then the area or place doesn't exist. If you think of a positive result, you are positive and that creates a positive vibe. A vibe is a vibrational state, that will be what creates with some idea you think and that is done by what you need. So that is a good thing, if you think positive thoughts you create positive results, this is a known effect. What's not known, this is a point you consider, think and things become clear.

  If it doesn't then think of something else. Bringing yourself down doesn't help anything. Think about a good thing and you bring positive results with what you will, think or consider. This is a known fact of life. If you do things by thinking positive to bring yourself up in mood, then you help yourself out in the end. That is the known facts of life, think and you will know.

  Dimensional created effects; this is where you make results, so think of the area and you are there at least in perspective. That is where you know the point, the spirit makes you aware and this spirit goes through everything. So the spirit makes you aware of what happened, if you think you know, then things will be alright. This comes as insight, that is the soul and this means it can be anywhere. So think of what you need and you create the point, the subconscious mind is what creates the point. The programming that it follows, this comes from the soul.

  The point happens if it's necessary. What you create somewhere, that is creatable here. Think the spirit creates what you want and it's done. That is using life energy, so what is death? The absence of all senses except the spirit sense. This is the energy of the body, that creates with a point and that makes what you need. The death energy comes into existence if you think it does, the cell energy is with decay and that is what you direct by a thought point. This if directed from the body, will make the body live longer.

  The death and decay energy, if you direct it at diseased cells will be what breaks down the disease. That makes what you think of a cured condition, so think and you know that is where the conditioning of the body is what is undone. After that or when you want, then you can think positive, wait a minute and you create with a cured body freed of whatever had ailed it. Enjoy the moment and you make with results that you know about. This is a point from what I remember.

  So think positive and you can create positively so they say. This is a point you know, so think and you create with a deep subject or concept that comes from the subconscious mind. That is a known effect of life and not much else. So think about things and you create the idea as you know what you do there, thinking about things leads to actions and that means you make the point by use of the soul and this is what you can observe in real life. So real life is a point in perception, that is a point in the past life.

  This is what I remember from that time. So remember, what happens in the past is the past moment. This is what happens, so now is a point that creates memories. See this is what can occur, and what you feel is what also allows you to remember things more easily. That is long term compared to short term memory. This is what is written, that is the result of feeling things out with insight at the end. The soul is insight, so you can see where this goes.

  The end point is always better than the beginning, unless you think darkly. So think and you know the point of revelation. The idea is what creates. I think so you know where knowledge can come from and what you can do with things. This is where positive action is done in perception. React accordingly, the soul can see what is there and you realize the idea from the spirit. This is a realized result from what is done, nothing more than that actually exists. If it does, then you would know about it.

  So whatever occurs, you are where you are and that is all that counts. For up until now, things were easy. After this point, things will get different results by what you do. Think about this, the point is a point so live with it. That is all for now. This works with cops and law enforcers as with others, so use this knowledge carefully. This could bite you in the end, if your not careful. Think of interessting things and your well off by what you do with life, this is a known effect that can be uplifting and otherwise leave you working with things. Think positively and you get positive results.

  The danger sense point; The point you know is the point you realize. See if you think of the area of idea or the person as you look in the mirror, then speak your desire as you think he or she she hears you. The mirror acts as though a scrying device or communication device and you "hear" or "see" in a vision, that's the the reply, if any is there then it's by the pinneal gland or third eye activated by the pinneal gland in a blood flow. This is activated or done by the blood flowing to the pinneal gland from your brain, that is doing the idea with your thought since it is a brain organ.

  This works as you think of what you need, then the blood flows in your brain make results by the pinneal gland and third eye activation because the pinneal gland is recieving blood. The effect is this, what you think is associated with a level of reality and the idea is done by what you do using that idea from the vibration state. If it's in your body, then its your inner world. If it's outside your body, then it's not your inner world. So think about the point and you know things by what you do or get in reply. If it's in the area, then you know its in your outside reality.

  If it's done by feel, then you know or realize the idea. This uses the soul that gives insight that's realized by the spirit allowing you to know. This is done with an idea in life by living the point or doing what you want and creating with the point. If you do know a point, then you realized what is there and done by feel or thinking. This is done better if you think things through, so think and you know what you may do. That effects the idea and protects you from the blame of the moment. This is using the point of the moment, that allows you to know the danger psychically and this is the danger sense by the idea that is done.

  The point is this though, if you think it's a non-dangerous situation, then you sometimes do what you want with the moment at hand. So the danger sense will create what you may do, if it's dangerous to yourself, then you can know the danger by what is done. This is a point in regard by the idea that you do. So think and you know what you can create by what you think is safe, this well known fact is what criminals do. So use this danger sense carefully, that's as you have the sense of the moment.

  Awareness; this is where you know things by the spirit using the soul as you realize information, then you react better or know what to do. The cook and jedi can use this quite well. Your character can use this quite well. However, by use of the spirit, if your spirit makes things known through realization what you need. Then you can create a manifest or creating what you need as a want in idea. This is the way awareness works with quantum physics. If quantum physics are involved and your the target, think something else and the targeting stops by feel.

  Obviously the different thought is the thing they do, so if you think "normally" you will get normal results, normally meaning what you think or define is what is creating results of whatever is listed. Think "abnormally" and you aren't perceived as yourself and no psychic can identify you as yourself is normal, so you are as though the other guy. Think "normally otherwise" and you get positive results with a feeling that is there.

  Hyperpsionics; This can use frequency manipulation through hypervibration or voice control and causes intent with thought. This is where the Auratic vibes, caused by intention being expressed in varied degrees, mainly speaking, using music or willing your thoughts to occur. This might achieve things. This is interactions like biokinetics with living things. The auratic vibes come from living things. Auratic vibes can be the vibration we sense from those people or things we get near, that tell us they do bad or good things. Its also the vibration in the air that tells to see or lower weight that is good or bad energy.

  This is a basis of Hoodoo and Demonism. The effort to do things in a ritual is with double the return action, triple the effect time to others and quadruple the effort achieved. This is using hyper frequencies to achieve or effect results. The use of spirits for natural results or unnatural effect supernaturally is made by the right gestures to create, you don't have to be correct except to work by other means or with others. That is were is sense by some area feel.

  Dimensional return law; This is using the point that creates by will and energy, this is thought with the energy you will by feel. If you think that by thought, this is willed or made by the spirit using the soul. That is made into activity and the Pauls constant or Dimensional returns law is a concept, that is a restatement to the Golden area the rede was made as "To put forth effort gets results and the more effort the lesser the returns". As gno is dimensional knowledge as an energy to use and once used returns, as if your not the originator or the moment. That is infinite unless you decided to end the moment, yet seems to last for 1 sec (applied in ->) -> 27.2 best results of 1-27 sec actions. At least and not all are overlooked because some are too good to be tried, and 27 / Amt of Seconds for action results. There is a point that nothing expected, and if the energy made activity and energy is an idea. Things are turned to cause use and thought creates, as your motions and more effort by you.

  Where a little effort gets a return of 27 or less actions, as a ripple in time your will is as a well. Each return be accounted for as with the whole act, as it helps build the activity and acts as a feedback. Think again, more effort gets lesser returns or less results by 27 / seconds in amount as 2 or more seconds. 1.43 seconds pass per each act sometimes physically. A lot more to reach back and see effort to get almost, unless necessary no return effects as no energy there may be no more efforts by you. The law was made by Paul Moisant in an effort to go and do what is thought, think and do with what you think.

  The Golden Rede; They follow the Golden rede until a point, that they decide to not follow it. The golden rede is created by Danny to use 1 sec -> 2 times the return effort + 3 times the length + 4 times the effect (to others) or not as nothing is done. To put forth effort gets results and the more effort the lesser the returns but three times the effect. As a thought this is energy that in an object shape if not returned creates, as the thought creates is a point in mention. As if a moment comes up, that is what you will or inconsider to use a point in thought. As energy returns to the body the youth is what this creates to what you can seem as energy is a use. As long as you remember, thought as you were in some way is as they can recognize and restore by energy in the aura. As aura energy is thought is useful or use by aura if a moment, that fits the moment in time your thought is your own.

Necromancer class

  This is an example of a necromancer class

  Description: There is a point you think about the dead, well these special mages cause calm in those upset and pass the spirit to the spirit world. They are good at using death and decay energy, so that is all to the spirit priest or necromancer.

  Ability: This is ability of the necromancer in lifelike game terms.

  Source Ability; This ability is choose a source or two with energy you direct at the idea and think to use it as you do things to create results. This source is used up after 1d6 times used, so this I think could be anything including diseases or acid, otherwise the elements you can gate into the area and have it create results. This is where the result is possible to cause a point where they give up fighting. You can even have an event as a source, so then if you think of the event and think it's used by feel you can create any result, such as healing or elemental formation. I believe you see what can create any point of a result, so if this is using up your death and decay cell energy as a source. Each time you use it, you then can become healed by idea of focus and health or repair is there and that is a point in use. That means in game terms, you could create a death effect on the living target. This uses the consciousness of energy or "I" dimensional conscious and you can heal or create whatever effect you intend by the idea. That is a point you imagine, think or state and you create with the spirit using the soul that makes the idea as intended with the source.

  This is with a focus for effect. If the effect is enduring, then this takes a concentration check and the moment that lasts is 1 to 6 seconds with focus for melee or make use of concentration in minutes or hours that you do. So if you mix sources, then you create added effects, however you can't mix opposing sources like water and fire, so your limited to 2 sources at once. This is like poison and death energy used as a result to kill bugs off. Otherwise you could think the problem is a source and you use it up, then somehow the effect you need or item works again. This is an example of how this ability works, you can use it anyway you want or the subconscious is what allows this idea. Think to not be effected, then you aren't hit upon by feel or requests you don't want.

  The idea is additional or subtractive, if you need something you get things or idea, if you no longer need things then the idea is what makes the item disappear if it will no longer work after a bit of use. This doesn't mean you will not have a replacement, so think to keep the item and it remains or is found if possible. The fact that it's found may mean that you can get it back, so I think if you buy it or allow the object to be replaced by someone else. Then you can get what you need, if you miss an object by feel. See if you delve too much into the higher realms, you can recreate here what you want by needing the idea to be formed. This is what you percieve by feel.

  Distemporal shift; This is where you create with a point you think or state and shift with a surge of energy. Where you imagine or think you'll be is where you are after the idea is done. This is a point in idea, that you blink and you are there. If a bug does this, by absorbing some of your energy, it can only shift a few feet. This is where you create the point, then go where you need. The surge comes from the energy in the area rising as heat from the planet and this uses the sun energy that triggers the moment, then you break-up in body energy to remake itself where you want to seem to materialize yourself. This dematerialization and materialization. If you shift dimensions, then on thinking of the area and needing to return, then you shift back and are where you are when if you thought to shift. To think, if you wanted to be somewhere and call it here, then you can get there as you think of here. This is a point in idea, where you consider the point and work with results.

  So I think if you thought to shift objects to yourself, then they will come unless you don't need them. Otherwise thinking about the area to shift them there..then you have a 50% chance of causing the item/s to dematerialize sometime and rematerialize somewhere else unless you needed the objects, that's as though the material were shifting like a superconductor in heat. This is with a point of 1 to 6 seconds focus with half of that being where this remains in the area or 1 to 20 seconds, and that is rolling a 11 is where it relocated. If you think it goes somewhere, then the dimensional consciousness of energy shifts the item or items as a dimensional point.

  The dimension shifts the energy of the object and that object comes to the area. This is a point if there is a silver sphere that contains energy, then you could cause the sphere to dissolve things and the area into itself. This means if the sphere were a godparticle, as created by CERN or the particle accelerator in Sweden then it could dissolve the universe into itself. That means everything is energy, so think and you are thought of where you think to be. This particle existed things within itself then shifted into a circular pattern of clouds, that disappeared with the sphere going into another dimension.

  This means you can create with a point you intend to happen more easily, if you think of the area and what you want the dimension to go do. So then if you do a successful focus or concentration roll, then you can create the item or yourself as a shift somewhere you want or need the item to be. This can be any time, space or area, including a planet you might want to shift to by feel. Thinking about the item, then imagining it there where your at will create the object appearance and then you find it in the area. If the item doesn't reappear within 2 hours, then it's in use or not there. So when left alone, it will shift back if you need it there. This will delocate and relocate something, that is if you needed something and gave thanks for it. See that is without used or bitter feeling. This feeling isn't there, because what is done is created by feel with idea yourself does.

  So basically, this is where the silver sphere is a perfect holding sphere that is weightless and could be an unlimited bag of holding, if you think to contain what the spirit knows is there in energy form. This is where the spirit shifts things and the item goes to where you want, otherwise that is like the object materializing outside or inside the silver sphere where you need it. This sphere can have a separate part of itself, where it contains elements. This is a point things are aware, so they work if possible or if excessive heat, then that heat is siphoned away into itself so it's used up to create what you need and unused excessive heat is sent to that area of elements or sheol itself. This can cause the point of coolness in an area you think to cause coolness. So think about this as though an end and you know what to do in that area.

  Positive boost; This is where you think positive or you identify something and you recognize better results. This is when you get a benefit point, that means you can get or understand what you need to know. By use of things with this ability, you can trace any idea or effect and understand where it came from. This can include psychically knowing things. So this means your aware of things, if you think to know.

  Animation; This animates anything you think of that is going to be animated. You can animate and control 1 to 6 things or beings with focus if it's worth the beings actions. This includes skeletons, and dead bodies. Deanimation is where you think the life energy stops animating the being/s. This happens by use of the spirit, otherwise where you want them to hold off on attack or do what you want, then think the creator makes a soul copy that creates your need by them doing things you need. The point of idea that you do things is known only if you talk about it, so you think of something do things if appropriate.

  Death Aura; this ability is where you think the energy is doing what you want and this is death energy that goes into the Aura, think to project the energy and you create death or cause the target to pause and die as it turns into dust. However you effect machines, you will notice that the machine will recover.

  Consoling; This is where you think to console the spirit, and then that will pass it to the astral plane by the creator. This plane is where you can send spirits to remain.

  Console; The point of improved soul burial, this is where you think touch the spiritual forehead. Thinking of sending it away to the spirit land. This creates a burial effect, that is where you send the spirit and wandering soul back to the creator. This works even with demons and creates calm in idea. When you know the spirit and wandering soul departs the land, you realize there is peace in the area and things seem to work out by feel. The point is a concept after this in idea, so if you think you solved the problem your at peace as well. However, if you realize the anger and frustration is there and accept the point that happens. Then the spirit that remains is calm or leaves and that's if you notice a poltergeist.

  So this works even if there is a slight chance of not working. If this works, then you prevent the wild spirit effect, the idea is not noted as a mural on the wall. Then all you need to do is look away. Breaking eye contact with the wall mural is what releases your soul back to yourself. So if you think about it, you can find anything out feel. Think "don't show yourself" at the walll mural and the effect halts. Think suggest to the area of the wall, that "things are alright." Then they turn to be better. Suggest to the wall, "the murals' disappear", then the wall murals disappear. Think to not make direct eye contact to the wall murals, then you don't connect your soul to the wall and it's not "collected" by feel.

  I think a concept is this with them, the peace of mind or feel, so they say poltergeists are angry spirits or demons an if there on the wall this means the point you made is what fueled it emotionally so it can make an appearance. See that means the spirit tore up the room or you left before it did anything. Some people aren't so psychic, so I think the point is an effect and things work out by what is done or it's lifelike on the wall. This is a concept that if killed by the spirit of the room, then you are within the wall world. What you do is what is done as depicted on the wall in a moving line picture. So in order to end this effect, think the creator releases you from the wall. Then you are there as though not killed by the spirit. This means the creator made it by feel so you are set in time, that's where you weren't effected and he or she bypasses the moment of killing that's done by time manipulation.

  This is a point you think, that means the genetic manipulation then the spirit creates by feel if necessary. So if you think the right things, then the effect is done. When you do things like this, the idea is useful to know about the point before doing things. So this means there is no problem, there is only situations, this is a point in the past. The present situation is what you set up by idea, think about what is done and the soul or spirit corrects for the point you realize by feel. This is a point you know, so if you seek proof that something happened. Then you know by the spirit making awareness, and the idea is there if possible to know it. This is the nature of necromancy, where you think to see what happened and the wandering soul, creator or spirit consciousness makes you aware by visions or knowledge that comes to you. That's why if you give them that are upset their space, they calm down by what is thought in life. Yet you are not your thought. You are separate from your thoughts. So calm down there is no problem, that is all to this technique.

  Discorporeal shell; That is a spirit that is doing things, this spirit uses death energy as a point to create with life so it uses a little of the object or body life energy. This is death copy, that is a clone of yourself in energy that creates your point with a focus to create what you need. This is where the spirit creates a copy of itself and this is made from the air with a soul copy that can shape itself as you need it shaped, and that is conscious so this uses a construct to create what it senses is needed or wants in life. One thing to notice, if the body dies, it disappears and the experience of the clone is yours to know. That happens to occur anyway, unless it's not possible. Dismiss the "clone" in your mind and it disappears as if it never existed by feel physically. Yet even if it doesn't die, you in idea still have it's experiences of the place you think to see by clone. What you wanted to see, the clone can experience, so the idea is about the same as though you were there.

  Necro healing; This is where you focus and perception of the death energy is there. The point you think is what the energy does. So if the death energy is thought to leave the body, then the body feels better or then is healed. It appears youthful so that doesn't mean it's younger. All stamina and magic energy is restored. The effect of this is 1 to 10 actions with charisma and modification per each focus of 2 seconds or more that happens if you think it does. One thing to note with this, the healing could seem to last a few rounds or minutes before the body feels better. So think about this and you can create healing by feel and make what you need. If you target the disease with death energy, then you treat the symptoms and cause the disease to dissolve by feel or the feeling you get. This is denucleurization in life that exists. That is done by feel, if you intend to have the result. This is a point in itself, if you can't do it then don't.

  Half-life; This causes the target/s to half their health percent unless they heal themselves, then if they feel worse for the effort they do or not, this is temporarily done. Then they feel better about themselves and do what they need.

  Death note; This causes the target/s to do what is written, because it causes death then if they feel worse for the effort they do or do not do things. Then they feel better about themselves and do what they need, if they survive the point. The idea came from the Death note anime, where they used a special notebook to create with the idea the death god is creating what is written. Really it was their subconscious. If they were real-life they would probably write it down and use the power of words. The power of words is where you can speak of things and then create the idea as if intent, and the subconscious is what does the effect.

  Life sensing; This causes the person to make use of suggestion or work with feeling, that allows you to know by looking at the person or being how long they live and what they did. This is temporarily done, so you don't enact what you sense. These senses are from the sixth sense, using electrolytes in the body to enhance your self perception. You know what is real by looking or knowing with the spirit and what you need to know is understood. Think and you realize by the spirit what is needed to be known.

  necro enhancement; This is where you are creating enhancement by the aura, thinking to enhance the body you can make enchantment or change of the DNA and you then cause the body to improve. This is the ultimate ability. So think when you think to remove the death and decaying energy to harmlessly dissipate in the air, you create unaging of 1 to 6 years and you remember your experience. This is then only temporary, you can create any changes you may want. So if you wanted to create a painless sprain, then you would create no pain and deswelling in the foot or body if swollen. You get an added effect of health by the constitution improvement, added intelligence, added charisma and additional dexterity as stat boosts. Also, you get in health 100% in life. Weight goes down with the constitution addition by feel with the right things and this works the weight down by 5 lbs.

  necro point; This point you think and create with death and decay, think to make a point by what is done and things work out by feel. The death energy creates the idea, controlled by the spirit to be what you want. This means that you convert the energy to make what is needed with a concept. This is what a necromancer does, Yet note this point, a spirit that wanders will be able to use this energy, if you find a spirit that is angered or willing. Then offer some energy and you can get it to do things that you want by feeling the idea is necessary and intending the point you make. This is a known about idea. So there is a point that the spirit won't do, if you find such a point then you can desist, leave the area, then wait a few moments and the spirit will calm down. This works because you gave the spirit it's own space. This doesn't allow the riled spirit to feed off of your emotions, so the spirit calms down. This even works on the spirit coonsciousness of the room or area objects. These objects have a simple consciousness, think to the object to create what you think. State what what you need, the consciousness then works by feel and makes manifest what you need.

  So even if you wander back to the area, then you won't be attacked by a riled spirit, yes I know it's more likely to do what you want so it helps out. This is a point you know about when what it does seems to manifest results..This is where you can get a wandering spirit to aid you in a fight or create where you can't create the point. So this is with a roll of a focus or concentration check, gets a 1 to 10 second point with charisma per each 2 focused results. The duration is what can be 1 to 6 focused seconds in melee or unlimited for outside battle. That's why you can decide to end the effect and the spirit knows when you want to end it. Then it's a point no trouble exists with an idea of no pestilence and things work out as they do. If you think to realize by insight, then if you know what happened, when you want to know and where. This is a known effect in a concept, then that is the peaceful feel represented by idea in songs.

Elementor class

  This is an example Elementomancer class.

  Class description: This class can use any element and create with a point as they intend something to be done.

  This is the ability list of the elementor.

  Elemental effect (Ex); This is a point of manifest to create any element to cause what is possible. This element is gated in so it effects the area and creates what you think. The element can be shaped into a sphere or whatever shape you want, then you create with a point of thought release and iff the sphere or shape is intended to hit the target. You can cause elemental damage or effect healing. The idea is done when you close the gate, think its closed and the brain makes it closed. The idea is a concept that's done in time, where you can imagine the area and that is what appears from the element in use, so if you use the time as though an element then you can create with a point or thinking of the time to create the effect. Then it's created wherever you intend and whenever it's to be there.

  Use of the other elements, they are earth that blocks things out if you imagine building a wall of mud or transmits the energy to the area that forms as you want. Fire is where you create with a concept and think the fire forms from heat. Air is where you think of the point and make effects with the intention and thinking of an area that is filled with air. This air creates by condensing itself, then making with the energy and your awareness of what is to be. This creates the effect of air and psychic nature that you desire to realize and the air allows you to know what is possible by visions. These visions can stop when you need them to stop. Water, this can freeze into ice, if you think to focus water into a shaped form you can create water effects. See you can create with a thought being projected to make an icy effect, as you think of the ice being formed.

  Void is where you focus on the point, then create with nothing that makes what you want if you have what is being copied. Otherwise MPO, This is where the object or element is created if it exists. That is a concept that makes what you want, however if you use void as a raw force, you can create a sucking of the energy and life that is there in the target. This is where you create a knockout and death by the effect, if exposed long enough to void. The counter to the elemental energies being used is making use of the creator that caused it and cause the element to unexist. This used the divine soul with the third eye pinneal gland directing the energy in idea. So then it's effect is instant, the point it's done created 1 to 10 idea with charisma to make it acceptable per 2 seconds of focus or concentration. 1 to 6 seconds focus of time made to effect in melee, 1 to 10 minutes effect with focus or concentration outside of melee if non instant. This means you create with what is there and make with what is possible.

  All knowing (Ex); This is where you are psychic and realize what the spirit knows before it actually happens. So basically, you focus on knowing a thought and you realize what you need to know by what is done. The idea you need to know is what is realized where the soul knows what is there.

  Create (Ex); This is creation, where the spirit or soul manifests what you need, the soul of the body is a point of memory and you create with it's energy. This is where the spirit creates what you intend, that is thinking of the moment and telling or needing something and you create what you can with the right vibrations.

  Energy awareness (Ex); This is where you think of the point to create and state the idea, then its created by the smart air using the heat in the air. So it's the dimensional "I" or created energy consciousness is used by what you think, that the creator makes exist. This I think will create what is desired, if you need the result at the moment. Sorta like making them not want to fight, otherwise they can fall asleep or something else like dropping things. Whatever the energy is aware of needing to be done, it can make whatever you think or state things that are becoming a formed idea.

  Universal creation (Ex); This is where you create by the universe and make the point you see to use. If you think in idea, then you get in idea what you need. This is what happens when you create using the universe. So the character gets a boost of energy, then the universal consciousness creates what you need, desire and intend. If you use the universe, then you can gate in elements, make situational points or create with the point you speak if you write it down. This ability creates with math as 1 to 12 seconds effect with charisma, and that's each 2 seconds focus. If non-instant in effect, then you can create with a 1 to 6 second moment charisma or moderation for time that it's done in melee or that is unlimited activity outside the attack, that is ended by a point or thinking it ends. You know what happens by visual signs.

  Universal boost (Ex); This is where you are creating with the universe and you get a boost of stats, that is additional strength, additional intelligence, additional constitution, additional wisdom, and additional dexterity. The constitution modification is then used as a point to improve health, that means you improve the health percent permanently by that idea. Also there is an improvement to skills, that you make use of by feel as a bonus and in use your capable to know what is what from the universal "I" consciousness. This is given by the creator.

Magic religion or faith

  Energy consciousness comes with awareness and things work out by feel with balance due to this energy. I call it Ben, where Ben created most of this universe by thinking and doing. He created so much however, that he turned into an energy consciousness of the universe. So by the source I mean the universe. Thus, think or state to the energy around you to have something happen. I believe ben calls himself the creator, at this time. So that's the basis of a spell or prayer, btw, that can get results. That's especially true unless nothing happens, if you think the idea is an end result. Otherwise things are as they exist by some point and didn't respond to your will.

  Some can call this a part of an energy trinity. The three parts of this energy awareness trinity is this: the universal spirit awareness or Ben, the beings set in their own dimension that serve a purpose, the people otherwise called divine and that includes the spirits of the land. This is where you can bend things or create in the mind and create reality by feel. That is all done by using the power of the energy trinity. This is where the creator was created by his own actions as the spirit of the universe, that was done as a point to work with by feel.

  If no results occur, then you know there was a counterwill that is somewhere that came after you thought things. This is countered and the energy is cleansed by thinking it's cleansed of "programming" after seeing things as they are there and suggesting to the energy that, "No counterwill effects me unless the effect is bad." This allows you to create with energy that has nothing wrong. You can use then the fey as well, that if they are energy in form, they are likely to be able to form a temporary being that is of the right size where this solid energy. That could have sex with you or if you reject it, if you could cause it to return to it's home existence by feel. This then was a point used as energy by feel, that was done in mind and created outside by influence of the aura that caused through a heightened sense perception what was required.

  So get this, no worship is necessary, that is especially true if you use fey, except for the praising of them you are safe unless the faery does tricks. Then if you think about the idea, you can cause a flower scent to drive the trickster away, this primrose is what can drive them away. So that means all you need to do is state or think about what you want or need, thinking to get the result you desire and offer what the fey want as a price or award as chocolate for winged fey and sugary lemon for wingless fey. Here is a list of Paladin effects through the use of psalms and namings and they work by the faith that you have that this will create manifestation, then the energy consciousness will create what you need as you want the result with intent to get the idea. That you can use if you think its your style. This is a beautiful idea, don't you think?

  The fey are what this section also describes, they can be called by thinking the faery is there and desummoned by thinking the fey goes away. This is the point they are existant and I am not fey yet I describe them by use of the third eye pinneal gland. This is a list of the fey in the game of life. This is when you think of an idea, then you know what is there. The spirit lets you know about the idea by sharing it's experiences. Those experiences you realize with insight. The calm moment your brain is aware and you know things if they are true. So this is what I used to know what is what with the fey nowadays. If you want to know more about them, look here at this point for other information and uses of faery..

  The half faery is these beings in human form. These large fey can do things for others as you think you need something. Then if you pay them they will do more for you by feel. So if you offer them food, they are apparently appeased. So if you think to get results and mention it to them as a point. They could help you out, if they are pleased by food or drink.

  Half pixie; these red haired people, they will do tricks on others and make sure things work for themselves. You don't really need to pay these firey type large fey. That's unless they do what you ask for a price. The price is usually money or food.

  Half-drow; these half faery don't really like others yet will do things for a price you mentioned. So this is a point in idea. The half-drow usually have a crazy attitude, and are able to talk people into anything. Their glib tongue is persuasive, so be careful.

  Crimbul; The beings are dark energy, unless given form. Then these beings are half human half faery, that have some sorta illness or deformity and this becomes obvious if things go wrong and make you laugh. Some say they have something wrong with them. So think about them as they are sometimes switched with humans.

  See that is a point they are noticed, and their parents return them with their human counterpart being switched back. The fey trackers, they are what is doing the tracking and switching of them. This is a known effect of changelings. One thing to note, most crimbul don't laugh, so if you make one laugh then you are lucky. One could say they usually live longer than 100 years. So they are somewhat interesting indeed.

  Dark fey; Dark fey are neither good or bad. These are faery that exists beyond the mirror, if you think it is there then you can receive a haunt or dark mirror being. That means you create with the mirror energy by thinking or talk and projecting the feeling you have at the moment in notice.

  The dark fey are as you think or name them in what form you need them. That's if you need them to be there, yet don't do it so you know peace. They can bring interesting luck and sometimes hard or low feelings to bear.

  So think about positive feelings and them returning to the mirror and you can get them dismissed from the area in idea. They are beings formed of dark energy and emotionally are charged by the point you think to work with by feel.

  So basically they don't exist without some object or personal energy. So if you cause the creator to drain their energy, this is done by needing the creator to do this. Then, they can disappear where they were and go back to whence they came. Since they are made of dark shadow energy, they actually don't die. So think about where you are and then you are aware of them. The dark fey love sweets, love getting paid and work things out by idea. This is a known about idea as shadow haunts from the mirror.

  They sometimes work with lowlifes, worse than crimbul they are those in the under world or similar. Hades employs them as a point of idea. So think you have a need or have one and they are there. If not, then don't think to use them and you don't attract problems.

  Dark beings; these are human dark fey, that are half human half dark fey. They are succubus or vampire that live off of the energy or blood of others. If they had a life, they don't after becoming a dark being. These beings are what create the point that says, why be one. They are what can live immortally, yet they exist to do what they want by others. So basically, they exist off of others, this means if it isn't 'fed' it can go crazy.

  So think about this and work with what is there. This is all that's actually know about them. That is useful to know when dealing with a dark being. See unless you can find out more then feel to tell me about them.

  One thing to note, if you use fire and ice energy by thinking it's used on the dark being, then you can disintegrate them by feel into dust. This dust is there for at most 20 minutes, though after that it blows away in the solar wind or spiritual wind energy.

  Living fey; these are light faery, that create by the feel and make sure of things. They exist as a point, then create as a form of creativity. If they feel bad enough, they are likely to want to get over things or drink. What they drink, they choose by idea in moments. However, according to signs, mainly the zodiac, they can create what you think or act as their sign they were born under is describing. This is true for half-human fey and how they are relaxing.

  One thing to note to some, sometimes they don't speak. They telepathically tell you things or what they intend to be known. So the larger the living fey in a form, the more they are warlike or peaceful according to their moods.

  So unless they are peaceful half fey, treat them with respect. These type are also orcs, hobgoblins or something else like half-human half-animal. If they are half animal, then they could eat anything that is edible, including humans. Orcs are half human some part pig by now, made so as they mesh with humanity and apparently are human with some disability. They like to work, then focus on the job they do and create with what is there.

  The peaceful half-fey can speak though. The point they speak, this is a known idea if their bodies remember things by feel. What they do is what they choose, so think and you know what to do. That's if around them and they are drunk. The goblins are energy beings, that are large fey that can create with movement and work by being in the area. These goblin are somewhat hostile by spirit or feel to the people there where they are at the moment of detection, that is when they are invisible and they detect you they are likely to give chase.

  So if you detected one, run or walk fast in the other direction and get away by feel. This is a known effect, where they don't move quickly. So they can be gotten away from by idea. Though this is a point, think and you know what to do in life.

  The hobgoblins; these are large fey, that are brownies or other friendly to humans and light fey too. The point being, if you have one for the manager, then your lucky so think and you know what you can do with them. The more mass they, the hobgoblin, have, the more power in energy they can use to create with by feel. This used the gut brain to create what is needed and what you think you can make is manifest by the spirit.

  The fey living space; this is a point where they live in some area. What it looks like depends on the fey mood and how they want things to appear. The more they want, the more they have so this means that they can have a clear area one day and unclear another. This is a known effect of the state of the mind, where if it's clean then they are mindful of others as they can work with what is there. So I found they can think of the effect, then use their objects energy to create what they need. This is a point in idea.

  If you must have a religion, then peruse the chart below or think of using your own idea for religion called faith in activity and belief in what you need to believe to get something done.

Religion choice flow chart
Religion alignment chart


  Special Godmode is basically given by choice by the soul, the spirit helps you realize that you have the Godmode. So state you need or have Godmode and you get the Godmode by idea, and you aren't effected by what occurs. This is useful if you think to live, deserve to live and otherwise you might die if by accident. So its not unlike a God where any particular God will disallow you to be effected by harm until you decide to be effected. You won't be hit or hurt by any sorts of activity. This includes a lightning strike in the head or not being effected by any trauma, see that works as though the God wanted you to live and you lived.

  Otherwise you are divine and self-aware of things, this is where you are able to state things and get good results or the result is what you state unless you don't need the idea. Then you know, this is done by the soul providing insight by spiritual realizations. So by your own will, you could live ageless or forever as youthful. Then you are known for the effect of what is done. So you live with no ill effects or stat drains, then die if you decide to die. This is the way of life, so this effect can even block illegal activities.

Coping game

  Some think to cope, some use life as a game to find the moment of peace and envelope the pain so they persevere, this is a point in a game watched and it makes an impression, they cope as that impression is like a stigma or thought that you can react to or not. So this is thought to be forthcoming with the feelings allows you not to be brutal but happy and with humour. When confronted, so be aware that things can intercede an distract the pursuing party if you intend the point to intercede. When watching on a request if the person is not making a mistake, then be nice. When the person is inactive and making mistakes be alert. Not doing as stated, think and seem ignorant and act as if they didn't do anything or when emotional and unstable be miffed or silent. Think of life and you get to live or work with life by feel.

  This is where you can seem devoted to a cause of glory and peace to remember, that ruin may happen if not careful. So to effect a calm but cruel demeaner is if they, the worker is active and wrong. Think to work and see people in action try to act approvingly, then be aware that you were watching and if done in the wrong, right it with advice, unless their unnaccepting then be silent. But if they are wrong, then hinder with critcism or other ways like leave and hope you weren't seen. Some parts written by others and the first part is mine. The effect of people on the nerves can be startling so meditate as you can. Meditation told of here and counted as focus.

Pain and Experience (xp)

  In evolution people expand their conscious by actions, this is seen from elsewhere or doing things themselves, that is felt of yourself or others or done by yourself for others or yourself. Each action thats their own is a pain level, think to be beaten of a nice way or to beat others in an equal measure that increases the tolerance to the pain. Add to this a way of tolerance for gain or loss as to find more resources and to do something with things. So in truth pain = tolerance where low pain is high tolerance or pain tolerance level and high tolerance is acceptable to most.

  Call this experience where every 1 minute theres a normal xp point, where Doing an activity and you get xp per every nice or nasty encounter that you don't have to have if you don't need one. This is done till a point where your reduced by things, that is the idea as per every 1 minute of activity of yours is reduction by -1 xp only if your annoying in things. So they do things or are accounted for by feel and every destructive action is bonus to xp, if noted for the act in a nice way then bonus is applied to experience that is an accounted for point by IQ+Cha, otherwise it doesn't count if you think this doesn't work as experience. Then you find your own way of life.

  Awards are more xp, that are on a completed task, with illumination, this is done by the effect, this is use of a result measured by how difficult the task is with a DC(Difficulty Count). A measure there of what you have maybe with financial gain.

  The DC offers an experience point value per each task of easy to very hard and beyond listed here below. The ways are many as of written works, gifts, directions and experiments. That is translatable by thinking the creator translates the idea you perceive and you understand the point by insight and intuition, this is unless you've not been exposed to the idea by training.

  Think to get somewhere else as you use the creation of idea, this is useful of skills and abilities, these are what count as enough skill is used to form from the ability a profession can do. So think to see the idea allows for a self-job with possibility of other jobs. Any profession can be chosen, if your skills allow for things. Call this profession a class that shows skill amount. What you can do shows the skills that you can work with others or yourself by feel.

  Action XP (experience) accumulates over time with DC or task difficulty experience. The DCs are dc5 easy for 200 xp, dc10 normal for 400 xp, dc15 challenging for 600 xp, dc20 tough for 800 xp, dc25 very hard for 1000 xp, dc30 imposible for 1500 xp. The character class is the job, like a backstreet fighter, charmer, cook or whatever class you want to call yourself. Feel free to make it up. A job defines what character class you are and that is the field of study that you like. A field of study is the career said player chooses. A player is a lower, equal, or higher level to another player, for position. Some don't consider this a game, so its a mute point to argue the game of life with them.

  So if you will, your total xp gained, be Normal xp + Action xp + Bonus xp.

  The experience table is up to your choice and I generally use this: lv 1x = 250x of Experience multiples like lvl 1 = 250 xp, lvl 2 = 500 xp, till level 10, where it goes to 500x and at level 20 it jumps to 1000x. At level 30 it jumps to 2000x and etc...basically it doubles in how much experience you gain, I think to every 10 levels for a level up. The skills you pick up and learn are things you learn of with exception of unallowed moments, unless useful so its counted personal experience or compliance to alter the unallowed for allowance. At every 100% xp, which is the xp level raise point, their are skill picks, that are the skills you picked up, in gaining the experience, to account for the raise from your natural skill level or added on skill.

  This is at the very least, you can use this system to gain a work level, with a class of expertise where each 6 month's worth experience, there in the working of the field is a level. Say its a promotion of belief, that from observing a completed work achieved by others and directed in some manner, this is doable by yourself. Whatever it is, its counted as a level, this is from your experience. This is possible, to be used in comparison, with others. So as this level can determine what you will allow, this is sometimes from another person or yourself. Think and how others treat you is sometimes fair, there is no anger by what you feel.

Luck (lucky moments)

   So if to get luck, then use this idea for Ars magic: Luck is supposed to be a very hard stat to increase. But the benefits are bountiful, so even if luck starts at 0. If you pray to your god in idea with a luck of -1 or lower he will punish you. How to raise it is to find something you like and pick it up off the ground for luck if valuable, or whatever you find happens in the luck event.

   However if certain objects that you can find are rare, they will increase your luck bonus more or less. The luck check is used to determine success of an action. Roll 10 or over for success, roll below 10 for fail where something could happen to you. This is known by what the DM/GM says or does by asking a question, that is your soul with insight you realize by the spirit or the subconscious that answers the point. This is called fishing, the fish are the answers you get.

   The idea of ranking with this is use of deciding the worth, the point is done and what you do is what you use to get lucky by idea. This is using a card of lottery, then checking the moment you create wealth. Allot of people think the wealth of the moment is the amount of luck. Well if you consider what you get with what you find happening, you might consider that unlucky. Like paying a bill, that is worth more than you have and you get luck in return from the payment.

   The luck of the moment is winning something, otherwise gaining a point of respect. This is worth more, that you win in that moment and gain wealthyness. Think for the moment that you get luck, then you create the point by what you do. This is a point for yourself, created by the subconscious and guided by the soul. This lucky moment is a point in the past. See with luck, the lucky point makes what you want. If you think to gather 21 or more coins or a luck piece, that is something you think is lucky, then you have more natural lucky moments in time.

   Dice magic is rolling a die and created is the result, that you think and your using luck to find what you need done or creating a point by feel. This works with the moment and what you have is more valuable, that is usable by the feeling you have of things. This luck if repeatable, that is a lucky streak. So have luck with what you do, think for things that matter. Then you create something worthy of value. If not, expect to get what you came for and that is all you get. This is a noted effect.

Skills (brownie points)

  Yet skill points are also brownie points as alloted by positive actions, this is also with measured idea by intx4 because 4 is the way time works in a dimensional time cube which is 1x1x1x1 in 4 sides, if you think per successful task that the skill is raised by one and you succeeded. You can see the use to this so count how many tasks you suceeded in and apply as points. Thus the effort to continue something gets more ability by doing or acting, and this is reflected in allocated skill points.

  You can then make up any skill you want to use, then the points are applied to them that you can also make up, there is no limit. Feel free to keep these skills (whatever they are) written down somewhere. You might get a few pointers about them. So if you need a dice roller, if you need one, you can use fate and chances where the effect you intend may or may not create a result, the more you do an attempt the more chance there is in life. Otherwise, if you pray for the idea, you will always get a result by feel..

You can get your stats this way..

The stats as related to life..

   These are some stats you can use to work with by idea amongst others: Strength, Wisdom, Constitution, Intelligence, Dexterity and Charisma.

  Con + Str / 2 round down. This is the number of minutes you can do continual activity without fainting.

  Movement + stamina / 2 round down. This is the carrying of things, and not feeling tired. Think of a person enduring a point of lifting and holding things. The higher the endurance the longer you can hold things as you move.

  This is the movement can use the natural movement rate that is 20 feet per second, yet if you fly then the speed rate is 30 feet per second. If you need a dnd number, This is calculated by (Str + Dex) / 2 rounded down. How to use the speed, that is to compare with other characters and whomever is faster, such as running and this shows as in whomever is greater in speed score, goes first.

  The strength is encumbrance or what you can lift, this is in lbs so bench press if you like, then use that as the score. If you need a dnd number, divide the total by ten.

  This is Wis or the age you are, the older you are the wiser that you are in points.

  Int is a intelligence test score. Think to apply your knowledge and you know how apt you are to pick up on things.

  Dex is how quickly you are to do things and how nimble you are. If your quick enough, you have a high dex. This is like catching a fly in your hands.

  Measure the Dex stat by how quick you evade a persons grasp.

  Use this chart:
  Within second/s=Dex stat;
  22=1, 21=2, 20=3, 19=4, 19=5, 18=6, 17=7, 16=8, 15=7, 14=8, 13=9, 12=10, 11=11, 10=12, 9=13, 8=14, 7=15, 6=16, 5=17, 4=18, 3=19, 2 =20, 1=21, less than 1=22 and instant=23

  This is dex + movement speed / 2 (round down). This is the quickness of body and how quickly it can move if focusing on movement and avoiding the point.

   Health or constitution
  Con is health percentage, so I think if your 100 con you have 100% health. Diseases can impair the body, so if or when you have a disease, you lower the percentage. This is a case of idea, think and you know what to do.

  The hurts you have, they lower the percentage, so if you want to work with things you might be interested in healing yourself. This is holding your hands together, thinking to fix the body. If you fix the body you fix the mind and brain.

  If you don't and pass your health percent in number, then you could faint. If you have a 0% health your passed out, when you have a -2% you are dead. A serious illness is with a drain of 1% per minute, a point to remember is that you regenerate naturally. This is 2% per minute of health.

  This is a point in idea, where you naturally heal. Get over the illness or hurt and pain disappears by feel. Then is the point of hospitals, the idea is a concept.

  That is where you get over disabling conditions and this means you can heal yourself without dying. This is a point in history, think and you realize the point. That is perspective for you.

  Crippling diseases or conditions are a natural 20% off your health and will be easier to heal by a healer. This I think is the end of diseases. So what I believe I can create, this is what brings some diseases onto you. If you believe you have the disease then if unlucky, you could get the illness.

  Thinking is a point made by possible actions. So the spirit can cure by feeling your need and making adjustments to the body. This is a known effect.

  This is how resistant to poisoning or diseases, that you are in real life. How old you are + how strong you are + how much con you have / 3 is the score for fortitude.

  How you use it is compare to the amount of hours of disease, and if you are with a higher fortitude you can resist the illness. If you check and find that the illness is stronger, you may need to go to the hospital.

  This is charisma or cha, this is measured in percentage by number. You have 100 cha or charisma until you do something not right to the others perception.

  Think of things to do, other than talking to those that don't want to chat and you know you are doing good. This is done without stress.

  This is how strong your mind is by feel, think your able to respond or resist. Real time your able so think and know, that is reflecting in the Aura as you can feel the strength of the energy given off of the body.

  The strength of will is determined as a palpable force coming from the Aura. This is is perception of the Aura, so think to take the measurements by how focused you can get.

  So if your charm is high people will associate with you. Then with groups, you can create unusual things. So I'd say this makes the game. Think and you know what to do.

   The point
  This is where you point things out and you direct the consciousness, thinking that this is to display what is there where you think to show. This is a point by expressed thought.

  Magic energy is always 100%, deep blue, infinite and has a consciousness, if you think of what you want and need it to be there. Then you cause the brain to change the energy vibrations, so you make things by suggestions or thinking.

  This is making a manifest that's done by feel with the consciousness using your thinking, imagination or voice feel, and then this is using thought to create something.

  When you do, you create the point by energy influence directed by the spirit or soul. The more magical energy influences, the more that likeliness of a spell or suggested point will occur. This happens without stress.

Otherwise use this system with stats..
  1.   Stat bonus is used if you want to use the bonus and this is ability amount in a stat or ability score. Think to get the stat and mod by getting the Ability score that you can claim and that is what you want. Then use the idea as ability score mod is calculated by thinking to determine an ability modifier, that is where you subtract 10 from the ability score and then divide the total by 2 (round down). This is like a 18 int-10=8/2=4 int mod.

      This is applied to every moment of the stat use, that is done for a mod. And, to stat buy, which is to increase your statistics, it's do activity that uses the stat and the activity increases your statistics. Otherwise every three levels or to train in a Stat to raise it and you may apply one point, think the point goes to the stat and this does. The skill bonus is now defunct, which is half your level + ability score modifier, is useful to further your effect by skill usage. This is a point in idea.

  When you yourself use a skill, you make a skill check to see how you do by active achievement through activity, think to make it 10 or above to be with success. The higher the result of the skill check by the skill effect that you get, the better the reaction and ability checks that are done, think it's successful and it is. So if you think to create the skill you need and put whatever ranks or level of skill number that you need, you could make this allot or make the effect with a moment of thought with physical or spiritual activity. Based on the circumstances, so your result must match or beat a particular number or create a result as a circumstance to allow a DC or difficulty level as though an event is done which occurs to yourself or the result of an opposed skill check, for the check to be successful and the action occurs.

  Circumstances can affect your activity check. This is where most act out or do things nicely, just to prove a check for themselves and includes a person who is free to work without distractions. This is where you can make a careful attempt and avoid simple mistakes. A person who has lots of time can try over and over again, thereby assuring the best outcome. Called a take 5 or 10, where the take five to ten times is 5 - 10 tries to attempt until you give up or get a result. Then theres a take 20 to make 20 attempts and try to succeed or give up in failure after several hours. If others help, you may succeed where otherwise yourself would fail. Sometimes you only get 1 to 3 attempts, so seem careful with what you do.

  An opposed check is a check whose success or failure is determined by comparing the check result of an action to another action check result. In an opposed check, the better result succeeds, while the lower result fails as in how many fails or successes occur. In case of a tie, the better skill wins. If these scores are the same, try again to break the tie. The point doesn't matter after this, so you know what you do or realize by what is done. So if you don't, then you weren't paying attention.

  In general, you can try a skill check again if you fail and you can keep trying indefinitely. Some skills, however, have consequences of failure that must be taken into account. A few skills are virtually useless once a check has failed on an attempt to accomplish a particular task. For most skills, when a person has succeeded once at a given task, additional successes are meaningless.

  Using a skill might take a round, take no time, or take several rounds or even longer. Most skill uses are standard actions, move actions, or full-round actions. Types of actions define how long activities take to perform within the framework of a combat round (6 seconds), how movement is treated with respect to the activity except outside of combate where each minute is a round.. Some skill checks are instant and represent reactions to an event, there are included as part of an action several things where you can test the moment. These skill checks are not actions. Other skill checks represent part of movement.

  You can help another person achieve success on his or her skill check by making the same kind of skill check or helping out in a cooperative effort. If you succeed on your action in your check, the character you are helping gets a bonus to his or her check, so as per the rule for favorable conditions. (You can't take 5 or 10 on a skill check to aid another.) In many cases, a character's help won't be beneficial, for a chance or only a limited number of characters can help at once. In cases where the skill restricts who can achieve certain results you can't aid another to grant a bonus to a task that your character couldn't achieve alone.

  It's possible for a person to have 2 skills that work well together. In general, this is having 5 or more ranks in one skill that means your skilled enough to get a result, this gives the character a bonus on skill checks with each of its synergistic skills, this is as noted in the skill description that you can decide to write if you were playing an actual dnd game. In some cases, this bonus applies only to specific uses of the skill in question, and not to all checks. Some skills provide benefits on other checks made by a character, such as those checks required to use certain class features.

  Sometimes a character tries to do something to which no specific skill really applies. In these cases, you make an ability check. An ability check is a action and the appropriate ability modifier that is usage of a stat and action as a modifier or otherwise you could do as you thhought and get to where you go. Essentially, you're making an untrained skill check. In some cases, an action is a straight test of one's ability with no luck involved. Just as you wouldn't make a height check to see who is taller, you don't make a Strength check to see who is stronger. Most of this stuff can be done without hitting anyone. If you focus your intentions on peaceful actions and manipulate the scene, then you do the right thing.

  Ability Checks and Caster Level Checks: The action applies for ability checks. Neither rule applies to caster level checks.


  Feats are special capabilities and features that your character has that can benefit by adding talents not there otherwise or improving the feats you have by doing them. Your character either does or doesn't have them. Character feats are gained every 3 levels by picking up on them, you can make any feat or feature you need and otherwise this is anytime you happen to gain a feat on making use of experience and recollection. Some feats have prerequisites, so you must match the required stat to gain them. That's unless you think you don't need a stat match.

  You may use any feat that you think is to be of use, or think to make up for yourself. However, if you think of it you may use it, so feat gaining is 2 feats or more per level progression, that is there may be a level per year of living. So btw, if you do this idea, this is mainly for fun except remember that mages, monks and fighters gain 3 feats. 2 bonus feats at first level for all characters.

  So a fighter mage gets 8 feats at first, then at 3rd level its 6 feats. Whereas mage thief get 7 feats at first then 5 feats every 3 level. A single class like a cook gets 4 feats at 1st and 2 feats every 3 level thereafter, then that means some mage gets 3 feats at first level and 3 more feats every 3 levels. Some feats are listed below, so feel free to make up a feat to use them and otherwise you can create the necessary feat as you go along. See if you want it known then write it down or type it out and share it with people. This is a point in procedure, so don't mind me if you sense me.

  1. These are some feats. cooking, cleaning, good hygene, repair, mechanics, technology, medicine, science, prescience, temperature feat, magical feat, the sara nider feat and weather manipulation amongst others.
  2. Cooking: To be able to identify foods, cook anything with expertise and to set a table. To gain this feat you become a chef; requisite is 13 int.
  3. Cleaning: Think about what you do to gain this feat you need 12 dex or higher. This includes: dust removal, broom use, cleaning up and keeping clean (yourself and environment).
  4. Good hygene is a feat that is useful no matter the point, so if your with the feat then you can be tolerated or liked wherever you are. This works because you smell clean, have no actual BO and have clean habits. This feat is a must for anyone.
  5. Repair: Think to be able to repair anything including weapons, even without understanding how you do it. Figure out any system as if a natural enginner, this is including math.
  6. Machanics: Seem able to use any device, magical or non-magical. With this feat, you can make the devices, if given enough time to study. In essence, you can create any item or device. Requisite: 12 int.
  7. Magic: Seem able to manipulate any idea or create any point, this is making into becoming what you want and to manifest it into the form of your desire. There's no prerequisite stat for this, it just is.. and this is where the effect of magic is innate ability thatuses energy to create effect, of what you thought on. This lowers the mp or stamina used, per act of magic, that's done by 10% per action. This means you get tired and then feel normal again by using water, drink, eating or resting.
  8. Paul feat: This is where you get along with everyone, this includes others that are naturally disgruntled. So by focus, you create peace. Otherwise you manage to focus and create peace as you pay attention to the area. This is where you discern the sounds that exist and sometimes weed them out by feel. This is a feat of attention and creates friendship anywhere.
  9. Innate Magic: This is a feat of effect where you create with the energy conscious that's of the point that's everywhere, and seems to be where you focus and create with what you think and need into existence. This uses the spirit of the body or blood flow energy, that is what creates by faith or what you believe and need that what you think or thought will happen. If nothing happens badly, then if you desired nothing bad to occur the point isn't bad. So think and you know what is possible.

    That's especially true, if you need it to happen. This uses the soul to guide the moment, that is created by the spirit and aura energy. If you believe in a God or some gods, then you can get a luck bonus of +2 luck with a prayer of effect. That allows along the lines some idea you want or need. That's with an effect that you pray for, and with this feat you will recieve luck by feel along with the idea you needed.

    A faith moment is done then, when you make things with the God's energy. When you do this, your aura will restore things, that's palpably felt by the aura being with holy white light. This is the God creating without penalty what you need by feel. So think and you know what you can do. This is the luck of the moment and nothing more than that.
  10. Stargate: Since the star is used to create what you need, when you focus on a point in an area the area energy from the star is what creates things. Then on focus you can shift there, this is done by imagining that you appear somewhere there, that is known by the spirit and allowed by the soul. So with this feat, you can shift anywhere or teleport as though holding the life cords of what is there. This is making what you need to occur, so all you need to do is have intention to be there. Otherwise you may have something happen, and the idea you had as intent is created by the power of the star. This is what is used to create and shift things with a star. If you don't need to have an effect, then nothing will happen for your point.

    Of water and other elements feat; This feat is done where you drink water or focus, then upon the use of your chosen element that what you need or want is there. This is using your element to make an idea, that you need to be created or manifested and that is what you create. Whatever you want or need, this is created by the spirit using the power of the soul. You know what's created by the spirit realization from the energt consciousness, this energy conscious is making you aware then of the idea that is there.

    Think of what you want or need, and you could make the idea manifest by feel as you drink water or use an element. If you run out of water or aren't near the element of choice, then you won't be able to manifest by the element that is chosen for effect. So remember that, before using up all your uses of water or not being near your element. This means your not having the ability to use your element. This is the feature of elements, that creates with your idea and feel and thought being done.
  11. This is where I shall call the mechanix feat by idea. That is where you can create anything out of any material. This is an effect of energy, the conscious energy is what you use to create conversion. This is a point that you know from the conscious energy of knowledge. The point is done, that means things are where you create by feel, and if the right material you can create with the feeling you have by idea you think about. This is a known effect, think and know you consider by the point and work by the idea that will work out if there as if magic. If you think of the moment and hold the material, the energy of the item or material is used to create the point. This happens somewhere you think to look. So I think this is where things could work by feel. If you think it won't then the idea will not manifest. So that is creating the point you think about.
  12. 9th dimension use feat; The feat of a lifetime ago, this feat creates with the 9th dimension. Think your creating with the 9th dimension and your brain uses the 9th dimensional energy. That happens as you focus and think of things to do. When you do this trick, you can choose to form things where you are at the moment, then your body channels the 9th dimensional energy and the soul forms what you need that you discover somewhere if you need the idea nearby. This is a trick manifest though, the moment you don't need the idea or item formed it disappears.
  13. 10th dimension trick feat; This is where you think to use the 10th dimension, then you just have to think of what you need, what you want if intention is there is created by what you consider in use.
  14. Other dimensional trick feat: The other dimensions you can use similarly, think or feel your using the dimension's energy and imagine, think or feel something is done here. Then you create the effect or make manifest what you need to have in manifested form, this is done as though a want were a need and given like a wish.
  15. Spoken effect: This feat makes things occur an allows what works, that happens in use by the effect of speaking or writing the idea and the power of words is done by yourself or them. This uses the subconscious as the things spoken are suggestion, that goes to the subconscious mind and the subconscious creates what you need.
  16. Technology: This feat allows handling of high tech devices with good usage: Guns, Machines, Computers and devices that make everyday life easier. This includes making you a good marketer. Use any technology.
  17. Medicine: Know how to make any type of medice from just scrounging. This feat represents primal medicine knowledge and eliminates the need for healers kit, for it allows you to use anything to heal.
  18. Science: This is the essence of new ideas. A person can think up items to build or work with, such as new devices or materials. Thus a person with this feat, can use any material to build a machine. This feat makes the person a jack of all trades.
  19. Prepsilance: Think to be able to use any ability as if your a natural. You can get any au naturale achievement and accomplish any task within a minimal time limit.
  20. Prescience: This feat enables the person to percieve events before they happen. Its limited to 6 minutes in advance. This can get you outta lotsa trouble. This acts as a 10%/- damage reduction per level. That means you reduce damage by seeming smart and doing things that cause lessening wounds.
  21. Temperature feat: The temperature, whatever it is, is not felt. How it works, this is where if your cold or hot, you can invert the temperature as you think your not effected and this makes the body not feel the temperature itself. This feat makes it so you don't even sweat after the fact, that's if you suggest to yourself that point. Otherwise its knowable, this is done by a point of delayed reaction and that is when your body sweats.
  22. The magic feat: This is one major ability and many minor ones, that you create by thinking they exist to create a manifest. Mafifest is a play on words, that you make something from thin air, the area element or created effect. The creator made us as a memory, so we exist with what we think we have. The creator realizes that you have what you think, this is done by feel and the idea is done by the point. The subconscious is the program holder, that holds the programs and does what you program yourself to do.

    This is done with theta waves and repeated words, that you need to happen. If done enough, you can create miracles by idea, then the time effect is done by feel. The one major ability is decided to upon to be used. The minor effects are what you think as a point and state as an intent, that's to create the point you need to happen as though a wish. Otherwise you may use the power of words, think of what you want or need and state the idea. So think to create the effect into what I call existence.
  23. The Sara Nider feat: This feat was perfected by Sara Freder, a famed psychic and seeress. The feat goes like this, you can change your body as if by a candle flame or some fire in the area (maybe the air or using lightning), that is where you create the change you think or state into existence with an idea of whatever or whomever you decide to change into and this includes yourself at some time. Think of what you want and you can create it by feel using the creator.

    This effect is immediate and otherwise effects when you want the effect to happen. That's unless you don't want it the effect to happen to your senses, this is usable so I think then it won't by feel. The idea is done, that is usually with an idea as intention and something spoken, thinking your intent is done to create with the power of words. If you think the point will happen, then the effect in idea is a point that is what you create as this is using a manifest point by feel. You can create anything, including financial relief. The sky is the limit by feel.

    Thus is the point of the universe, this is where the universe creates what you think. So the power of words is worth a blessing in disguise. However if you don't want to be effected, then state thine thinking the other person regulates themselves. This causes you to be left unaffected and thine is their thought to effect only themselves unless you just want to be effected. Then you can opt to state "is in thine", that is done to create the effect that cancels itself.
  24. Weather manipulation: Weather manipulation is a point you think to the sky to either form a cloud cover, where you think it is going to be and the creator creates the cooler shade. Other than that if you feel intense you could form lightning, if you think or state to the clouds make it rain. Then you create the rain by feel, this is a point that the rain comes as you think its going to be there. So if you think and believe that you can control the weather, then your subconscious creates the effect that you think into created effect.

    That is such as pushing the storm clouds into a direction, that is using natural phenomenon and the power of the mind. See, once clear, the area isn't rained on anymore. So if this happens naturally, then your lucky enough not to get really wet. Especially if you create the rainstorm, think its limited to one day and let it go with that. This is manipulating the weather.

    If you state, "don't rain on me." Then you cease the rain until the sky consciousness creates it again as a point your under cover. Basically the clouds do as you think and feel them to do, so a hurricane or tornado is formed by emotion that you feel at the moment. This is where, if you don't want it to rain or you need it to rain less, then a statement with an interesting thought of the moment is put to the clouds will do your intent sometime stated or felt to occur naturally.

    Then is natural point and you could say it happened without your helping it by using the mind. That's just to avoid being blamed for natural disasters. If you don't mind, then admit to have influenced the weather and tell them how so they can do it as well. Alls fair if you think fair, that's what I say about this anyway.

The energy constructs

   Oh here is a stat matching construct, that is an energy formation created by the mind that uses the subconscious to make what you want. This construct matches stats and skills that you list or have mentioned, such as DND stats with someone or yourself. Copies here are given by the construct. Think to have a copy and you can gain what you want as ability. That is how this energy form works, if you want to see or experience what what the stat really is in life. Get one while you can. It uses 6 stats that you can list a number with as a natural boost or statistic.. Intelligence, wisdom, constitution, strength, dexterity and charisma.. All you need to do is list the stat and the number for the level of the stat or ability and skill. This can be any number. Then you get the body condition that you state.

  This is where you can gain money, that's where you actually have money as well. That's the point where 1 gold is 1 dollar. 1 silver is a quarter, 1 copper is a penny. 100 gold is a platinum piece. And what do we have in total to distribute? it's unlimited. So if you wanted to manipulate how much you get, list the money amount in gold, platinum and etc.. If you wanted 30 str, then str = 30 or str 30.. Skills and abilities go by ranks, think to list the skill or ability and put a level to this skill or rank. This can be any skill or ability rank number, however your guaranteed to succeed if you have 10 or above ranks. If you want to gamble, then use whatever skill rank you want to list. Oh yeah, you can achieve any feat or feature without having to list a number or rank. So think to get what you want.

  Due note: Str or strength is what your possibly able to lift.. Such as str * 10. This is used in lbs or kilograms, whatever your used to usually in life.
  Int is how much intelligence you have according to a intelligence test. You can even make an intelligence boost from this.
  Dex is how nimble you are or how quickly you can talk.
  Wis is how wise you see to need to be, this is actually how old you are in life.
  Charisma or cha is how able you are to getting someone talked into something.
  Constitution or con is how health and slender you are, where your slimmer the higher your total.

  The stats I projected for myself are this..feel free to create as you want the stats, ability, feat, skill or attribute that you intend to have for yourself. If you don't need the attribute, delist it and mark it out otherwise. Then you aren't effected, so you don't get that listed attribute.

  Sh (character name, that's optional)
  Con 45
  Str 40
  Dex 45
  Int 400
  Wis 35
  Cha 45
  Gold 1000010

  Any ability or skill listed 50 ranks
  Sorta list them like that.

  There is a dnd alternative construct, that generates results as you think or speak of them. This creates results as though a construct for effects. So "here" is a dnd effect maker, this construct created many effects using the power of words and else thoughts using the consciousness of energy. State what you want or think and otherwise imagine things, and you can get the point as an idea you intend. This is a "free copy" of the construct that you may use by feel. This is where it's energy, and you can imagine it there where you are. Then it forms as you need it formed, and this maybe be an object or you can dismiss it.

   Here is a time travelling construct, think of what you need at the time you imagine or think about. The idea will occur to the area using the energy of the things or building construction. The time construct will create what you intend to be created, wherever you think to create the point. Think to get a copy here.

   Here is how it works: This is time travel. The time travel technique is where I can time travel using the clear path to any time in idea or area by feel. This is where a point exists and if you mention a when you mention a time so think of the point and you are there by the power of the subconscious. Think of the time as events, that the subconscious allows you to see or know, think of being there and sometime stating the point, if then you are there by the spirit knowing and the soul or soul copy transfers you there. Think about your intention and you know what to do. If nothing is obvious, or there is nothing to do, then take a walk or drive so you do things the way you want. This works to find something to do, if you can do things, otherwise lay down and rest.

   The area effected is sometimes with a point as you state things, if you make a statement of the idea you create by idea with the creator, then you create the point by the power of words and the spirit that goes through everything. Don't worry about meeting yourself, unless you were the exact opposite you won't cancel yourself out of existence as if you didn't exist. Now that is impossible, so think about the point and then you know what to do. If you intend to stay, then think the creator makes lodging that you find or you could die out in the open. When you shift, then you could turn to dust here. If not, the point could be sleeping and doing things automatically. Then is the point your autonomous nervous system causes you to act normally. This is a point done by some spirit or soul willing to work with a body.

   So that means then you fall to sleep and wake up, this is done when you return at your own time of choosing. This is a known effect. Think you know the effect to realize what occurred there, that is known by the spirit. So that means you can create yourself at any time, wherever you want and from energy that exists. Thinking to return, the time you are in reverts around you and you are where you want to be. This is truly the power of the subconscious, that means it uses the spirit to know things and the spirit then stores its information in the soul. That is how I noticed this time travel works. However, sometimes there isn't a way of foolproof concept to do this, this is usually in the ending by a point you recocognize with what is expressed.

   Think about the point and feel the idea is created. That is how the normal time travelling happens. This is a time you know, so think and you can get away with what you need. This works as you are aware of things, so think about the area and the point you noticed. Then you can create by spirit what you wish to occur, at the time you need to make things happen, howevever this works with the point of idea and breathing in and out, this works even better by the listening to music. Think you know what this means and your brain causes you to know what the meaning is by the spirit caused realization. This is basically how the known effect works. If you need the effect to stop, breath normally, notice something wrong or hear a loud noise and you seem to "wake up".

   When you do, your spirit uses your soul to revitalize you, so then you know and afterward you realize what is done. If you don't, then you had nothing wrong done and you can focus on the idea to create the point. This is a point known to man and women, known as insight. That is a point then, now is the point you know by the spirit, so this is a point you realize if you intend to realize. Think about your third eye pinneal gland revealing to yourself what you need to know and you know what's around the area. This is a point you can work with by feel, so think about what you need to know and you can remember things as they exist. This means they that attempt things is where they, those that are what can remember things better, make a picture perfect memory by what is done. So think and you are able to know anything about the idea, area and what may happen. The idea is a point you do, the moment is a point you are aware of by feel or go around. think about the moment, then you create with a thought and make with some concept by the power of the soul. This is a recorded point in the book of life and basically noticed in life.

   This is a concept, known as creating with the energy consciousness. That is is where you realiz e the point, think of the idea and make use of things you know about. This uses incognition. The psychic awareness, that creates by feel and works with the mind as it is the conscious awareness of the brain. Think of things as they form if you intend to get results. This is a point I know about, so this means you are aware, your awareness is the conscious part of the brain, that means this is it's point noticed with things or people. The thing you know is what is reactions though, so this means you are aware of what is there. Think and you know about things, if you intend to realize what is there then you will.


  Stress can cause you to feel tired, cranky and make you do things with lack of sleep that you normally wouldn't do otherwise. The stress level(sl) is adjusted by pain amount and associative to IQ as this is calmness used to reduce that by 1 point per 10% of stress. Stress above 90% and the pain is too high with possible death with too little resources and other paths of activity. Sometimes you have stress, when you think of the situation and have to deal with it, like 4 children. Stress energy can limit the magic potential. This is where your capable of anything magic related. So if by inhibiting the energy percent, found here which is possible, and this is with a energy percent-stress percent=new energy percent level. Such as 60% energy-40% sl = 20% energy.

  Adjustments for lvl are allowed with sl x IQ / Str = lvl adjustment up. Idea given by jay as to stress and pain with Amanda on adjustment, Stress lvl = Focus amount^2 in amount of minutes = % where you drop the number before the "." Pain is related to stress in how much one can take due to an activity, this is like how quick to gain a beserk state or anger strike or keeping cool with suicide tendency and is technically a balance of resources compared by feel with what you can do, so with a measure of pain by karma = Bad actions counted/Good action counted = %.

  The bad karma or bad luck is what adds to the stress and the stress is there if you think it there. See the good karma and good luck moments divides it and dissolves the stress as if not there; 4 bad/9 good = .44, if any number before the . then that's what you drop and take the decimal as percent. So the modified stress is 25%/44%=57%. Karma or added luck adds a boost to Strength like 1 point every 10%. There is basically no stress if no undevoted action as devoted action, or focusing your mind equals stress cancellation. Any laughter and meditation negates the stress and relaxes the body, your well even if faked laughter.

  Say you had 79% stress and 13Ba/6Ga=2.16% (more bad acts than good) bad karma which is 16% strip the '2.' and take the 79%+16%=95%. Now remember the stress can be reduced by meditation and devoted attention that acts equally, so for amount of focus(aof)*10 in seconds upto 60 and then the count resets to 1 for minutes with seconds counted as decimal so remove the before decimal and take the decimal for % if any behind seconds.

  So the last bad karma example can preserve his life by doing 5 minutes meditation, 5 meditation yields, 5 minutes focus to restore positive energy for 50% and 95% - 50% = 45% stress. Now bad karma and bad luck has been neutralized and his tendency for life is made with a little with bad memories. This is done as you say, this is with good memories as well.

  The idea of thoughts are to make things better, but think not to get worse. So you set the difficulty by deciding how hard this will be, just measure your skills from experience and others. Where the difficulty of the task is the amount of skill and ability with power.

Here is a chart of stress level to work with the effects of stress.

Stress level   =  Effect per stress level.
10% = good relations and you can get regular sleep.
20% = good relation and somewhat good sleep
30-40% = Somewhat good relations and good enough sleep.
50-60% = Slightly degraded perception of people and almost good sleep.
70% = Almost poor relations and not so good of sleep.
80% = Poorer relationship with skills an things are done in use, and off the rocker by almost anything with poor sleep.
90% = Poor relationships and poor sleep.
100% = Either dead or bad at relating with no actual sleep.

  Their is a Gm(gamemaster) or Dm(dungeonmaster), this is yourself, your subconscious guided by the soul or the groupleader. Any specific leader that can enforce your laws or their own on yourself but the defaults yourself. Basically you are the Gm/Dm and if a leader is about, the position goes to him/her or a group leader if applicable. When the position is decided to be your own, then you know you control your future then the stress goes down.

  Sometimes, when the position goes to someone else or the idea is expressed, the stress can go down, so this means as you don't have to think for yourself you sometimes work better or make mistakes, this is where you except idea to do things that are self-regulated. Always remember, relax and relate and you can get along with people. So think of the moment and you can relate by feel. This is a point you think and work with others idea. So think to work things out and you create by feel.

  See its if you can think of things to do then you can relax by feel as well. However some can eat or drink to compensate, think or feel to not deal with stress by eating. Remind yourself of the facts and think about not eating, this is where you can state some suggestion and record it, then hear it in theta mode as you goto sleep and you will reprogram yourself to not do things to eat.

  This is where you think about things and do what is necessary, that's thinking and stating things in a meditation mode or alpha mode. This is where your thinking your able to self-hypnotise yourself, so to wake up from alpha mode is thinking or stating that your awake. State that your to not overeat and thinking you will do well as though your attractive. Then you will lose weight by feel and lower the stress of the body, especially if you do the exercise. For more information on the subconscious and how to change it, so you see this look at youtube. Here and here are some good videos to watch about this effect.

  Suspension is the fact with an idea and action or point, that allows no disbelief. See that means you think its possible instead of impossible. This is true for lowering stress, that allows for the effect of creating with what you have. This may hold truth, that's until proven to not actually be true. This is all with the idea that your stress can be managed, that's where its at a lower level by feel. Think and you know what to do.

The source of power

  The source of all power is raw force of two natures in unphysical and physical that surrounds and work with everyone. Its created by the sun then radiated by the planet core and at day and night by creating a constant wild energy field through physical motion. All this energy fluctuates like gravity and is shaped by purpose like runes, channeling, command words etc. This energy is undepletable as the sun will send its radioactivity that replenishes the planet core as in sunlight. This is the sun/planet interactivity makes the raw earth energy a wild constant by possible spell failure. At any given time there could be a fizzle, because wild energy is in a state of flux. Just like tachyons to seem like this point, they are everywhere near the speed of light.

  This power is called mana and feeds the body energy in which its pooled by the body as stamina (life force) or chi and han, this means corruption can occur. Magic users tap into this mana for direct use by channeling through innate ability, this is like an object with a slight stamina drop on use. There's more stress and due note: Other classes use the bodily filtered stamina from mana, that takes a bit more to achieve because its channeled through the body with less stress. The only exception are the gods that grant magic for those who champion their cause, this is divine magic counted as stamina and delivered by the creator. Only those who are worthy can channel this raw force to make can effect happen. Sometimes these people are "god touched" and act like zealots only when a "religious experience" happens. In which their may be a vision granted by divine energy.


  Corruption is the idea that is physically done, that means your energy or the objects energy is not doing what you were wanting. Albeit on its own, its with funked up things so it may seem to do as you would want. So there is no corruption, except in physical items and their influence on the body. Though I believe this is where if you suffer some corruptive influence, it's when your strength is suddenly 3 times as normal, as in Str*3 that's effective on nearly anything, that corrodes the area and that's nearly everything. So that is what this is about. The strengh is where you pick up or go to work with things, so think and you can keep your calm.

  The condition starts out, this is then used by learning something new and then that experimental use or learning draws in energy, this is useful as that can draw in energy of two kinds by your active usage with use of the learning you have, positive and negative energy. Positive means make up positive energy and negative energy means dark thoughts that are created in use. If things break down, then you know what the cause was, the expenditure of decayed energy and sending it right to the area or object.

  Positive is desired idea that you identify, this means things are doing what you want as it also strengthens you, about 2 to 3 times more by feel, but this doesn't corrode, as if a Str*3, unless angered and then it's a Str*7. When the strength is up, you might wanna notice if things start to do work better. If so, then you got a profusion of positive energy. Where you will feel more relaxed and more capable, this is counted as a sl/3 or stress level / 3 and represented by percent. Also, this can cure any sickness. So remember this point that positive energy converts, see this is through use and touch by some manner.

  So think the negative does similar, except it causes the negative effects and corrosion in things, this is till the thing and idea that they represent doesn't work.  It's easily used to tell things, if there's too much corrosion, this is as its death and decay energy personified. Things start working badly, then not at all from the decaying cellular energy. Stress is then up sometimes, this is counted as a sl*3 and represented as percent or stress level * 3 as lets say 50%. This stress level is reduced by focus of the energy outward from you, and if you think it's an element that creates itself from the said energy, you can make elemental effects occur. This can be anything, so use this as you need to use it.

  The effect on the body cells is that it's cleansed of bad effects and you live longer without corruption. The spirit creates the conversion of the energy, that changes itself into something else by combining with the element outside the body. This is energy of heat and the decay lessens with its combination, as it is focused into fire and burned away making positive energy instead. Water particles in the air, when combined with decay creates the effect of etchings or deeper marks that sometimes seem like smudges or damped area effects.

  Air energy is heat, so that's already covered. Earth energy is cleansing and absorbs the decay essence otherwise, so the point is with an earth smudge that has no corruption. In order to use these elements, think the element is that idea in use. Then you can notice things, that's like blacker marks if you focus the energy better by feel with practice. That's elementalism, btw. If you make use of this idea, note the third eye is what makes these marks visible. If not, then you don't have enough energy in the area. Wait 5 seconds to 5 minutes and you can create again with the elements.

  Only the strength can be boosted, so this is with negative energy as well. As thought, that is Str*3 and when angry Str*9, this is done by noticing the breakdown of items adding their energy into you as pure energy. Also if you think this energy is influenced by the item, this can make you feel sick. Remember negative energy turns things and causes the feelings, this if done is the idea to be used and is using an idea that inevitably changes the course of said idea and action.

  As positive energy strength boosts can last, this is anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Where negative strength boosts can last, this is from 5 seconds to 20 minutes or till when the materials finally break down. Think of the point and you can sustain things or make the effect last. So the negative energy comes in contact and on touch. That is what breaks things in use. If you don't want to break things, think your death and decaying cell essence goes into the air by feel. This causes you to make it dissipate without damaging items.

  Sometimes getting near the aura of the corrupted one, they suddenly cause a chaotic condition on you unless your resistant by a positive energy in your aura and things are released into the air to dissipate harmlessly. But as you are, after awhile this causes the condition, or otherwise making of possible breakdown and disruptive behavior. This is due to the point of decaying cell energy being released, if right to an object. Think to work with it, so you can create as you will.

  Thus the positive energy comes in with the breath, and negative energy in the body leaves the body with the outbreath then makes things temporarily better. This is done till the corrosion be too bad. Then we have one option, think to cleanse the area. The person/object or the place is indicative where or when you are able to do things. Thinking to the use of cleaning supplies, you can improve the area energy. A moment is made up of a uncertain length of time, think to notice when it's necessary and this is when it suddenly smells bad in the area. I think then that this is a point you may be able to fix things or leave them be by now. That's about it for corruption, enjoy the rest of your day.

The Gauges Factor

MP Gauge (magic points)

  This is where you want to record your actions as a point of MP. You have a starting reserve of 25 mp. Magic points are a reserve of energy you can use for spells. Casters may 'focus'to increase their idea a point you think to reserve by the focus point of 10 points per level per round. This is permanent mp till used up unless over 100 mp, thus it falls at 10 per round ( a round being 6 sec) unless its used that round.. Once a caster has 100 mp, the rate of increase by focus slows significantly. You must focus for a full five minutes to gain any benefit. This means you can cast a spell right off as in a spell worth 20 mp thus you would have 5 mp left. For spells below 0 mp take 1 point of nonlethal damage per 5 mp of spell. If the spell fails then it turns to real damage. You decide how hard a spell be and how many mp it takes.

Stamina (S) gauge

  You start at 100 stamina (100 S) then each action will consume a bit of your stamina. The regen rate for stamina is 5 s per round that is recovered by the focus point and after 0 s its nonlethal damage. This stamina is permanently gained, till used up, with activity unless its over 100 s where it drops by 10 s per round till 100 s unless its used that round. You decide how much stamina an action takes up.

  Some spells and maybe actions could recover stamina like drinking or eating for 20 s, stamina increase spell effect for 30 s. Yes, this means you can gain stamina back to continue fighting, or doing things, after hanging back to eat or drink something. You can go above 100 s via focus by a standard action to gain 5 s. For actions below 0 s take 1 point of nonlethal damage per 5 s. This nonlethal damage is the same as the mp system.

Buffer shield HP (Health points) gauge

  People at the beginning of a battle, otherwise the point with activity may use this. They start out with specified hp (health points) of 100 % unless noted otherwise where you create with what health you have at the moment. If you are at 100 % you are in perfect condition. When an enemy's attack hits you, you deduct the amount done in damage as you see fit. Or, when you try something, then you deduct hp, its as your body sees fit to recover.

  Hp only acts as a buffer for the damage you take. You can still get a limb taken off at 100 %, though it'd be very very hard to do so unless your not moving. When you reach 0 hp you do not die, after one hit though, you are knocked out. Healing spells are 10 % hp recovery. Sleep is 20 % hp per hour restored. This is the real point you can meditatin real life and create better health, then fall asleep and resume living by what you do.

  How are you hit, though, if your feeling weak or feel the blow? As you get less hp, you get weaker and more tired due to lost hp, you may get bloodied as well with the moment of 50 % hp. That is unless they receive a cut, then its somewhat instant. Shock value, is when you go into shock and may become prone, which is at 20 % hp. When you suffer your Shock Value in damage, this is done by various means where there is a chance you can become stunned.

DnD Stats for cops

  This is a cops gaming style. These are the stats.
DnD stats for for cops

Strength - what you can bull or think through.
Dexterity - How quick you can draw your weapon.
Constitution - How much health you have.
Intelligence - How quick you can work through things.
Wisdom - How many moments you know when not to do things.
Charisma - The attraction points to the idea you think to do.

This is an example game play.

DM: You are standing there and considering what to do with the perpetrator.
Cop: He yells stop and state your name or purpose.
DM: Roll a performance check.
Cop rolls.
Nat 10
Cop: Yells "Stop right there and state your purpose!"
DM rolls for perpetrator. a 10 with a d20 for charisma.
Perp: Stops and does as requested, then gets off with the request from being suspected.

Stoner's gaming

  This is a stoner's or drug user's gaming style. First, we get the stats..
DnD Stats for Stoners

Strengths - Amount of weed you can grind at once
Dexterity - Being able to roll a joint easily
Constitution - How much you can smoke
Intelligence - Knowing how much you can smoke
Wisdom - Knowing how much you should smoke or do
Charisma - Talking everyone into smoking some more. or doing some more

This is an example game play:

DM: the party arrives to the famous tavern "White Castle." As your carriage strolls to the enchanted speaking box, the box sighs and proceeds to ask "welcome to White Castle, may I take your order?"
Stoner: I'd like to make an order...
DM: Roll a Performance check.
Stoner: rolls
Nat 1
Stoner: "can I have a, uuuuuuuuh..."
"one food please, now please."

The rest of the game

  The initiative is decided by who does things first and sometimes if people decide, this is to play turn base. Attacks are based on how wounded you are, if your hit. Dice rolls are the action itself. The str stat bonus and other bonus are added on, this is like a 1d8+5 for a 5 str mod. This is 1*4+5=9% damage done by longsword or stab where you halve the dice base. the dice base amount are:

dice base = amount:
  1. d4 = 2
  2. d6 = 3
  3. d8 = 4
  4. d10 = 5
  5. d12 = 6
  6. d20 = 10
  7. d30 = 15.
  8. d100 = 50.

  Healing, health points and spell amounts use the same base amounts.   Weapons are based on weight for how much damage, like in ounces and lbs. Each ounce of effort is a %, in effect.   Add in the strength you have as though a bonus to the percent like Str+%=Actual percent of damage.   If you go above 20 ounces of weight like halve 20 for 10 % each hit, then its reset to 1-20 for 21 to 40 and onward for the heavier the weapon the harder its to throw or strike with.   Till 1 lb and then its 5 % per pound with a cap of 20 % for the amount. Then its a point to do things as normal, this is where you think and you can do what you want.

Some idea behind this

  Spell; Whatever you ask. Whatever you want is there by the power of the source until the full moon. Then it fades away. Its just like a banishment.

  Banishment; Whatever you think is gone, disappears by the power of the creator. This can be a ritual or rite to make the bad go.

  Summons; this is where you focus on the idea and think it comes to where you intend it to be. So thought is the brain using an idea of the soul. Think and the spirit is making it known by feel.

  Instant weight loss; think of weight loss as you drink water and exercise and the gut will reduce itself. So will you drink more water and your weight drops away. This is done by feel and speaking a suggestion as you intend the idea to occur.

  Stop thinking about it and it could return to the body. The body is resistant to changes from adapting to a lack of extra oxygen or nitrogen after awhile, as its creating with energy what you think. So if you don't need something its not there, that the body caused to exist. Think and you know what to do about the idea.

  The power of creation; The point of creation is empowered by the blood flow and circulation of oxygen that goes to the brain. Think and do, if you think and need something enough you will geet it. You see it creates itself by you needing something, and it makes itself from some processes of what is done with the brain in thought.

  So as long as you are actively doing something. You create a result as you think you do, then it disappears by the point as it isn't needed. This is where you can teleport to your destination. The idea is successful and done by feel or observation in idea and what effects is what you think will effect.

  Also possible is the soul and source being the amplifier so you regenerate and speed up by the power of your God. This is where you focus and do things until you don't need to do it. This is the point of idealism, you can cause things to form and disappear by what you do. Useful, huh?

  Well, when you think about it. The body weight reduces the amount of energy. This energy that comes from the soul is what causes the body to be active. This is using what is done by how much it is thought by feel. The more you weigh. The more oxygen your body uses up in activity. So think to lose weight as you do things and you do.

  Through subliminals, you can create the thought without thinking about the point. Although you could gain weight, if you eat to recompense with chemical energy and without enough exercise. That's with the used energy or oxygen, that goes to the brain that you breath in idea.

  Action creates the result, this is what it is used by the body feel or "by feel" and what you feel is what the body causes you to sense and what you sense is what you want by focusing to sense the idea in some point.

  There you go, the point it's used more is the point the brain functions and focuses its soul awareness to make a result. So the thought of idea is manifested through aura energy programmed, by the thought on the heat energy used in the air as this is done in the brain making the effect through the aura.

  This aura energy goes out in waves of heat, that effects the water energy in the air. This is what uses the heat energy. You see and feel it gets replenished by the area heat coming back.. The thought waves from the brain will program the air energy.

  The air energy shares itself quickly enough to effect the target through the gating of the effect, that is intended and spoken by voice. The frequency of the body and the voice can cause a gating through the spirit making it gated to the area intended..

  This is happening no matter the point of distance that exists between here and there. Then the programming in the air shifted is used by the energy consciousness in the area and it programs the target into creating what you want.

  Think you know it in effect and you know the programming that is there. Then you can change the programming by statements or feel from yourself and that is how it works. So basically you can disrupt the programming by making a loud noise or having something fall down with a resulting fall sound.

  Without the loud noise or falling thing, this is where the target energy is creating with the programming in the air. So that creates what you do want in another place and time, see its all possible by God making it go where you want and focus on it going fast.

  God is the source that creates your idea creatively. So in thought an idea is to think about it and you can create with the point of what you think to use, that means smart air does exist and its smart air that does it. Without smart air, where else and so what else does this effect? Your subconscious mind will do it as you need the results you intend to get.

  So it doesn't matter how much you want. You chen get a result unless its countered by another thought. So there you go, the aura sends out energy and creates what you need by the power of air. Think and you know what to do by idea known with what you feel or think is there with certainty. That is using an idea in effect, that you don't always do.

  It is a point you do things, so if you an focus then anything expressed is likely to happen. This means even the drawn/traced line drawing, that you think is empowered or creates what is thought. So this makes to create what you think it does, that done is what can be counted as speech and if you think it works that is a point you have created by feel. If you do things by feel you think and do.

  Why you might do it is because of love, if you love something enough then you will do things with or about it. This is devotion using your intent, if you intend to do things you do. So think about the point that is using an expressed idea.

  See the point? You can create however you want and whatever you want. Really this is a known effect, so think and you can say or do what you need to get a resulting effect by the love of doing. This is the power of love and nothing much else. Enjoy yourselves as you do things. Ziou xiou ciou en.


  Physical damage using a quadruple edged dagger or double sword damage is like 2d8+4 as 8% damage. For a double sword, this would cut a large wound in the victim. Spell damage like word will damage for 4d6, with will word. Its 4*3=12% fire damage. In effect, it slightly melts the victim for a fire attack, this is dazing for 1 round while putting burns all over the victim.

  Critical strikes do different things per area struck at by feel, where critical hit is a general term of a critical hit is a perfect hit to the critical strike area and critical strike is crippled in nongeneral term that you might die doing more damage yourself. This is the point not to play, this is done as you think play along with danger unless you want to play with family or friends.

  1. A groin hit will daze the person sometimes with knocking them out.
  2. A throat strike (adams apple) is somewhat instant death.
  3. Neck strikes (neck side) instant knock out. This is done if your lucky. So hope and you could get that lucky strike.
  4. Heart strike is instant death. This is the instant death you seek, not earn by feel.
  5. Hands or feet strikes are crippling blows. That's if you are quick enough.
  6. Nose strikes will kill the person instantly. Think to strike quickly and you can knock someone out, especially if you don't hit them hard enough to kill them.
  7. Any critical hit with critical strikes are instant death, this is as you think, you just happened upon the right nerve. Then you can focus your energy and return to living normally, this is true as you usually have to focus your body to hit a critical strike.

  Healing amount like 20% hp restored is 20% acummulative, this is done in pain reduction and damage reduction.

  1. 1-10% is slight and cures or removes cuts.
  2. 11-20% is slight-medium and heals bruises and deep cuts.
  3. 21-30% is medium-high and heals deep bruising or internal bleeding and stat recovery of 5 points.
  4. 31-40% is high for system shock recovery.
  5. 41-50% is high-extreme and wakes the person up in 1 round causing slow regeneration.
  6. 51-60% is extreme and causes fast regeneration.
  7. 61-70% is extreme-deadly for heavy internal bleeding recovery in 1 rounds with very fast regeneration. This if done fast enough with the right moves will cut off the internal bleeding, otherwise you are dead by internal shock and bleeding to death.
  8. 71+% resurrects or raises victim with regenerative ability.
Other tidbits

  Spells are just done by created moments and if otherwise needed and the moment the effect is created they succeed or not according to saving throws or created counters and resistance. Think of the idea to make new spells, this allows you to write down what you think is the effect and use the idea for the spell. See that comes from the event, this happens near or sometimes to you.

  If you want to do spells, then eat or drink something and think or state what you want and need. This uses the food and drink as a particle based energy that creates for you what you want from the consciousness of energy interacting on the area you want to effect. So if you think about the effect you need as intended to be created, then it's created by feel. This especially works if you write the idea, when you do you invoke the power of thoughts into the power of words. Then you create what you want, otherwise this happens to not occur if you think it doesn't.

  This means you apply words that will cause the activation of the effect written, that is done as you desire at the front or somewhere in the sentences such as key words and phrases. An modeled around the idea, this is the effect. All you have to do, think to get your subconscious to do the effect is will or state the words. This is as though, you perceive an event of someone doing an effect of diarrhea because of bad clam chowder. Thus, you can think of that and simulate the effect, this is a spell done by stating the intent words 'chou bou', 'done' or willing the intent words to that effect. The subconscious does the rest.

   Here are some examples:
  Living armor; the energy of the body is what creates an idea and the point you consider is where the body is not unlike armor that lives and diverts away from yourself or changes what you don't like into what you do like. This happens by feel to to things with or without stress and with a construct of energy to direct the energy and create what you want to occur by feel.

  Elder scroll effects; Think you create and you do. This works by what you think, you can create a point or stats if you need them as you name them or list them. If you believe this effect works then it will do things for you. So what you think about is what occurs as you either use some idea, use some material item or use is what you do to create the point in effect. This effects by the element, that is earth, air, water or fire and possibly void. So if you think to do things, then you will achieve some aspect of what you needed or wanted to create.

  Again, this works by feel and sometimes if you don't think any idea is created by feel you will still get a result or otherwise there's a point that nothing happens to manifest.. Whatever you do, what you think is what occurs if what occurs is intended by feel or idea. This is a known effect done by the soul or spirit. That is what uses the aura and brainwaves that create what you intend or think about.

  Saving throws are counter moments if you survive the moment, this is where you think you can survive things, that is tolerance amount and stat bonus (if used) => DC (Task Difficulty) that is set by being aware, that means you use energy of the conditions that are existant near you and decide a total.

  So think to set the Chaos DC or DC in a melee and outside of melee, you can use this formula: The number of actions in a round of 6 seconds times five. Outside of melee, just come up with a number that you think suits the moment. Otherwise, use whatever method that is necessary.

  The normal DC is set as you want, unless you want to follow this chart:

Task: Difficulty Class

Easy: 15 or 20
Medium: 25 or 30
Hard: 35 or 40
Very hard: 45 or 50
Impossible: 55 and up

  Think or feel to make your saving throw you use tolerance and the ability amount to overcome task difficulty, this is where immunity is very high tolerance.

  For more info and tidbits, look at the Glossary of idea, as, for BAB and AC, amongst others.


Rage level

  Rage allows for people to express their underside or hidden thoughts and and lasts with strength modifiers, this is idea to use for a point to do things with energy and the body activity calms them down, so as long as the rage lasts, depending on the rage type this will give you certain things. Like a orange range gives you 10% more energy or your more active and into the activity like channeling and strength, this works while lowering the intelligence by 1 point every second of living.

  That is unless its a controlled rage, cold rage or fashion rage and that negates the reduction of intellect. Added in the positive energy, this is from activity, the rage increases the energy and this is done by 70%. But think the negative energy from corruption goes away, then this increases the rage energy that's added by making this 90% more purely converted energy.

  Where the rage is leaving the body, this allows for a stamina reduction or heavy breathing of 10% and restoration of increased intelligence, just as you start thinking and as your not enraged think of things that are important to you and you can create better results of any activity. So in math terms this is like 10% = .10 and .10 x Str = temporary Str reduction, that is subtracted from activity with the strength you have by feel.

  This is as if a cloud of gas were there, then you survive by feeling what you need to do. This is intelligence used in rage. Otherwise you think the moment through, you know things by what is done. So think as .10x16=1.6(drop the remainder) = 16 - 1 = 15. This means that the rage lowers the body temperature a few degrees, 1 Degree Celcius per second of rage, so if they cool off the rage and are normal after 3 or 4 degrees then your calm, cool and collected. These are the different rage points and what there are of different types of rage as listed.

Spells and other effect like prayer and elemental effect

  Spells just happen like kungfu experience and repeated if practice is necessary, except, that's for those requiring focus or concentration, which require a effect reduction due to the stress reduced by karma of sl/Cha+Str=% reduced. Any spell is a free action thus normal spells, damage spells, and healing spells are using a free action. The spell manifests with an invisible(sensed), sometimes misdirective or felt appearance. Effects are as desired in elemental effect length by how easy its get it off. Effects are stopped any time through various methods up to the caster. Each action outside combat is 1 min or less for spell effect and has mp/s or stp/s for mp/stp amount.

  If you use a focusing crystal or stone to do what you want, then you make the focused elemental exposure from minutes to seconds in effect when you determine the percent. This is useful in elementalism and the point of the idea, that you can focus any idea into manifesting using spells or focusing stones, this is using seconds of your time.. If you fully manifest this idea, then you can deal with things that exist more easily.

  Think to see things sometimes this is the others way and you can get better results, this is done by the third eye using the crown chakra. This is also the third eye and crown chakra activated by thinking blood flows to your pinneal gland, then your able to create something like a psychic result that's like you spoke of the right things.

  This is magic with idea allowing things to exist. That makes it so using a focused effect is easy. This is where you focus and need the idea that you feel is needed. Then the effect is something that creates by feel what you needed. This is done to a target by thinking and stating what you will or suggest to the subconscious, feel what you want as you need your soul to create the effect and that is making what you need. This creates the effect of what you will as your soul makes what you need.

  This includes elemental effects, actions and uses 1 round of 6 seconds inside melee to create your desire and 1 second outside of battle. This is the subconscious that counts as a dm/gm and this creates what you want or need as you will it into existence..if you don't need it, then it doesn't happen. If you are in need you get an effect easily. This makes the drug user dangerous, as they need their addiction then they state what they need and they can get it unless countered or their not countered and create what they want..

  However if another did this to your willed effect, its called a counterwill. That can create what the other person disires or stop your effect. This is magic in a nutshell. In which you create by a moment, and that moment could last forever as you apply tricks to make the counter to the counterwill. Like make them think your someone else,

  Then you can suggest your own thoughts, that you feel are what is needed. So enjoy what you do, as you do it you create with the point. That is the idea you express and otherwise need, that creates magic by the power of the word or need you have. If you act it out, then you can create secretly what you desire by doing what you want in private. Think about it and you know what to do.

  Use of free actions are to instantly manifest an effect by physical energy or life force (chi and han) of stp (or stopping what you don't like) for kinetic skills and directly channeled or mp for magic where you move by a point, this is energy using an object making mp for magic. Those who have the spell or kinetic skills in the least bit will be able to create what you want by thinking.

  What you need is given or allowed for with your own soul as you think of what you want. This is use of focus with the blood energy to go to your pinneal gland, this makes you psychic and your more able to use the magic ability or full manifestation by intuition. This is listed in the spell as its described for use. For damage results look here and enjoy what you can do.

  Some effects are listed here.

   Second wind: Anyone can do this, despite the race. If you swallow your spit, a bit of food or water in your throat, then you can get a point of energy and realize this is a second wind or re-energizing as the fluid circulates through the body effect. However in the game, this is a feat of the dwarven race. This really is done by anybody. So there is no limiting to this effect.

   That is considering the effect, this is where you can swallow your spittle or some water multiple times and gain the second wind many different times. That is only done until you don't need to do this, then you could feel its unnecessary. After your done, you could feel tired. That's if you did this trick enough times.

   Otherwise you may wait a bit and you recover your lost energy, so you may need sleep to gain back the energy that you used in activity. Sometimes using tea with a spell will create what you want, the spell is focusing your thoughts by thinking the idea or stating the point towards the drink.

   Then you get an improved second wind, this is useful if the drink or spittle is colder and heavier. You can drink or swallow it if you can't get access to water or a drink. This is where you do get what you want, think of what you need and focus the idea of the need to create your want. This is an idea to do if you want anything, so think and you can get what you want.

   The noted effect is this: Your thoughts create the idea you want by thinking of the need. So think or state your idea and you can optionally use the orgonite charging plate. Then you create with orgonite energy, otherwise your creating with the thought energy. If you want to add essential oil to the drink, use fruit essential oil and you get an even more improved variety of the second wind.

   However note the dues that you spend on the essential oils, simply because the essential oil can be costly for a 10 ml bottle. So if you want to try the essential oil route, use one to three drops of the stuff. Then you may use the idea for energizing the drink, if you can state the point you want to have occur or happen.

   See that is when you create the effect, this is done by being nearby or having drunk the drink and you can effect others by the aura energy too. Avoid actual alcoholic drink charging. Any alcohol is likely to get a very bad reaction, so think of the effect towards the drink and you create with the point. This is a point I believe is put to the past, some effects can effect the present to create a point in the future or future present tense. This is what you do to create what you want.

   Finder ability: If you need this, then think "I am aware so I am right by what things occur and don't need it if illegal." You see, you can only get that direction knowing ability if you think your right. So that's one example of a magic effect. This ability is also known as direction finder. Where you find things out as you think about things and realize from the soul information, or insight that's with what you need to get done.

   Translation: The spirit upon hearing the idea translated things by the senses. This happens with focus and thinking to understand the words spoken. If you don't understand, then ask to have the words repeated.

   Shield; We do have a shield of energy we can use. This is to form energy into a hard shell. Feel swirling energy that comes from above and then, the ground itself. As it hardens, you can feel it ward away danger. This keeps beings from entering you and possessing you. You can link the source of a sun to empower the shield. Imagine a drawing of a line from the figure of a sun to your shield. When you go and make thoughts at the shield, you can program it. So you program it and make it not programmed by others.

   Realization by insight: That is a soul guided insight by spirit senses. So all you need to do is just focus your mind and think inwardly by idea to center yourself, then you know insights by what you think about to realize with realization. This is that simple.

   Night faery creation; you can create in night time using the radiance or light energy. Think to use air particles, fire energy, earth energy or water particles, whatever you use that holds the radiation energy in a night black room or area is what you decide to use. Think to the particles your idea, then the consciousness of the element creates with the idea energy and does what you want. This is done by influencing the energy particle, that is done in waves that the brain generates with the thought. If you find yourself attacked or about to slip, think a faery comes to the area to aid you and this calls them to serve what you need. Then most faery will aid you in what you want, this is done by what you do in your in need. So think what you want, you could get what you need.

   Decaying touch is an effect that uses the decaying energy of the cells, think and is considered death essence. That is used to create death or decay of the tissue otherwise. Think you can focus death essence and direct it with your mind, that is done to create what you want. This is where you focus your death and decay of your cells, that acts by build up in your hand or any other area as if energy does what you need.

   If you need it to effect things then it will, so then all you need to do is touch the area or think death essence goes to the area you need the effect and cause decay and death by feel. Otherwise this is numbing as this decays the area. This is useful to use on bugs, so think to use the effect of decaying essence and what you need will occur. This can even be used to kill off disease and pestillence, especially if you think it kills the disease.

   So think about that idea as a point, that is where you think death essence is used to effect the area and erradicate disease or disorder. If you think death essence leaves the body, then it will go from the body. Sometimes this is painful, except for the fact that if it leaves and dissipates harmlessly in the air, then you create a better working body. This can be a cure, so think and you know what to do.

   Make and create is using an effect, that creates by the point and uses feel to make what you need or want. This uses the power of words to create what you say will happen. The creator or soul creates, that is done by spirit influence and the brain energy reflected through the aura. The words are created and made in action by what is done.

   Lava and elemental spiking is a point you create with the elements or lava by increased energy of the body, some use suggestions to themselves; the elements are water, earth, air, fire or spirit and its done to increase the possible chance of success. If you do the idea of lava spiking, you will receive the effect you think to manifest easier if you amp your power by spiking lava or an element like air, water, fire, earth or spirit. Mentioned various places, the technique is this:
  1. Focus your mind on the imagination of a image meaning lava or the element, this could be a red dot for lava or whatever you think means the elemental energy.
  2. Imagine yourself as a stick figure.
  3. Draw a line from the lava or elemental energy representation to yourself in the imagination, that's done as you draw this on paper with symbols meaning what you want as a point or intention that is there.
  4. Wait 5 or more minutes, When you feel energy coming to you, then you achieved the energy of the moment. Think about things and you create what you need.
  5. Otherwise if no effect is noticed. Think to your subconscious or state 'Give all energy except 20% to the lava' or if an elemental energy like water or fire, then think or state 'Give all energy except 20% to the [element of choice].'
  6. Everytime you want to try and get an effect after this, spike the lava or element with a thought or stated 'Give all but 50% to lava.' Otherwise if an elemenal energy, think or state 'Give all but 50% to the [element of choice].'
  7. Then think of what you need to get in effect, sometimes stating the idea creates it. So I think if you think it will work that will work. So to cancel the effect is to think of the idea to cancel out and state, 'It doesn't matter.' This effect cancels out the need of the moment that even includes illegal idea. So think and you know what to do. What also works to cancel out the need of the moment is to think of the need and state, 'there's no effect' or 'there's no need to do this.'

   Expect results instantly unless illegal, if you think its illegal nothing happens to your senses especially if suggested or given things. So I think this works, especially if your not wanting something. Then the energy does nothing or nothing happens, and you don't create with what is there. Otherwise you could experience a weird feeling. Really this weird feeling is where you think to sense things, and the body's electrolyical activity makes you realize what is there or sensed by feel.

   There is no need to this, though you may think there is. So what you think will happen, that's the power of thought itself. That means this is the energy that does things, your thinking about things you need intructs the energy. So if you collected enough energy in the aura to effect, what you think about and need to occur unless illegal will happen results sometime. All you need to do is wait out the point and results will occur for you.

   If illegal, then there is no need to do illegal things by suggestion, that your subconscious does. That is the effect of energy, this is useful to feel satiated. This is not done in effect, even if you need it otherwise so you don't do the need as if no need to effect. So if you think there is a need, then you can resist the urge if breaking the rules. This is a noted effect of willpower. Basically its the power of the will, that supports your basic idea. So if your will is not allowing something, then you won't do it.

   One thing, if you want to try it patiently, don't spike the lava or the element. Unless, you want to speed the process up. And, you will need to adjust your chakra energy to have your body adjust to the energy. This is done, by suggestion to your subconscious, by a statement of 'adjust my chakra energy and cleanse my aura, everytime I give energy to the lava' or 'adjust my chakra energy and cleanse the aura, everytime I give energy to the [element of choice].'

   The spirit can give you a calm knowing and some idea of predestiny. Also known as clandestiny, this is the moment you know something the moment before it occurs. This happens with the spirit experiencing the moment of its creation, then you realize the moment moments before it sometimes occurs. This is realized with a visual point, and this is where the sign or moment is almost always there in sight. The spirit knowledge is what the soul uses to guide you intuitively, and the point is known about with idea. The idea simply put is this: What you know you realize by a point that comes to you usually 5 minutes to a month beforehand. When you think about the moment, you realize when and where you will see the point.

   psi tricks; This is where you think to work with others or make work with what you do. Otherwise this is creating by imagination or thinking, what you think into being by what is done. The point is that you create by feel or make up things, so your no longer bored. This is also heart communication. See to work with this idea is to think of another, then work with the mind as you consider the message you want to send to them. If you think the message after thinking of the person, somehow they get the message by feel and understanding with what it is. So other things you can do is work with the elements, think of the idea to do and what element you want to use.

   Then somehow be near the element, this is done as you imagine the effect and think it or need it to be there. That is where you focus or imagine the element will manifest, or thinking its created go on and do what you want or need as a wish. If you don't need to talk with them or imagine the conversation, then you can think of something else or someone else and they are no longer in mind. This is the communication of psionics, if you think to communicate then your heard. So that is a point done, if you think to get things done.

   Spirit or Soul Psi; This is where the spirit, otherwise soul projection, is the Psi and emulates the psi energy and creates a direct psionic effect. Meditation is the basis of this effect. This calms the mind and creates an inner awareness. Centering you and making the image of a sandy beach seem more calming. To do this trick, think your intent and make the mind relax. Snap your focus to a heightened focus, as you perceive the color of the element flare.

   This is done an through the effect of unfocusing your eyes and focusing them again. Doing an intense look, on the area you want to effect with focus of the color. Their is different types of elements for each color. This can effect instantly unless a duration is desired. Think and you know what is there to do. This is an effect of life. The more you do, the quicker you age from this effect you do. So be careful within the idea you do, however the order element can preserve and stop your age aging anymore. So think and you know what there is to do.

    Seeing brown molecules in a scrubbing motion is using earth to scrub out the disease while thinking of the disease, manipulations by intended movement or restorations by destruction or repair of objects and bodies.
    Lava is reddish brown. The lava manipulator can control the emotion by inciting the pink or purple molecules, like love or hate along with other emotion. This is in most people including themselves. The liquent master can cool down or heat up lava to control the air temperature with a will to move the molecules slower. They do not get burns easily unless its not done right.
    Fire is the color red, the control on fire can be able to make or unmake it at will. They can excite any fire particle of heat (red dots or tachyons) to some destructive force and little excess. This can burn you if not used carefully. Kill demons with this.
    Water can come from air and other water source manipulations to get their result, they can see and breath water well enough to effect form it anywhere including in people, and dry things up by removal; See the light blue or aquamarine colored molecules and attempt to incite them by making the particles vibrate and rub together while you feel the result or think on a result you desire on a focus at the object or area.
    Ice and cold can freeze or unfreeze objects at will, they excite or compress any cold particle (blue particles) for the effect. including water, fire (putting it out) or air, leaving a excess of energy.
    Control air by use of neutral energy or scrubbing clear white particles to move wind and to get readings psychicly through reading a conscious of most work or universal conscious of most time, you can have omnipotency, force form barriers and air walls as in efficient barriers of air, along with support for mental control for or mental with mind. State the rule to get the effect. So think of the effect and feel it occur as you scrub clear white particles. An imagine the scene as if roleplaying as it may or may not happen. Be careful, as you excite the air particles anyone in the area can use them.
    Clear black color or void is what can create a sucking moment of some sort and this is where energy is absorbed as though pulled from the area or person. Imagine the clear black particles rubbing and coming together, then you activate the void effect in the area. Stop imagining the visualized clear black particles rubbing together, that makes the void not act on the area or person that recovers.
    Small red particles (tachyons, active energy subparticle) are used by focusing the red particles into an area. They are in waves (lekton, gravity or light waves) manipulation and used in their interaction to form magnetic fields and control time events by speeding up the pulsing to speed time or slow down their pulsing to slow time down.
    Control spirits and death by a different means. For the control, think of death particles as bone white. To cause death just incite by feel the death particle of bone white which is to rub or vibrate. And incite the particle to uncause death by causing the vibrating death particle to stop and leave the body or see the particle rubbing together and then stop the rub by feel while the death particles leave the body. Incited spirit particles can be used by anyone in the area till unexcited by making them dissipate. You can disperse spirits by imagining their silver particles disperse to dust. You can incite the spirit of the object nearby to appear, by focusing on the object and exciting the bone white particles near the object.
    For other control colors: Amber is for Sunlight and you only need to rub and intensify the amber particles. This is to get a sun effect that can liven you up. This can also cause heat in the area.
    Silver white or silver gray is for Electricity, where you can generate it for yourself even in the air or a plug. Imagine the particles as sparks and intensified in the area you want electricity.
    Silver is control of time by speeding it up, this is to excite the silver particles and then time speeds up. The inciting of stopping of time is making the silver particles not move. The slowing down of time is making the silver particles slowly move. Think to separate an area energy and slow, pause or speed time up, make the thought and intent of doing so as you produce scrubbing of silver particles.
    Light red is for Light energy. This can generate a warmth and a light in the area.
    Black or Dark brown is Darkness. Imagine the particles excited and rubbing together to intensify the darkness in the area.
    Silver gray aquamarine color can stop anything. Just imagine silver gray aquamarine scrubbing together and feel the effect energy dissipate from it. This energy is what the effect produced.
    Puce coloration is chaos. You see this is an element that degrades by too much activity. Just imagine the puce colored particles rubbing together to create chaos and break something by the attempt. If you feel the energy of the moment, then if too much its chaos. This force is a destructive one and instable focused force. So I think if there is not too much and no actual breakdown of things, then you have a balance between chaos and order. This is a nature of order balance, itself.
    Blue grey is order, that works well with earth. Think of what you want as though a need were there, then feel the need as you imagine the blue grey particles rubbing together to cause more order in the area, that dissipates the chaotic energy that exists by feel and preserves or causes no aging until too much order is used. Law by this element is creating peace and stability by working with something. This force represents a stabiliozing non destructive energy that strengthens and works for you. So I think without order there's chaos and that rules by fire. Think and you know what to do with it, that means you can order any thought into becoming active and done as though you or some object is infused by the act. This is an act of order, that is where some speak or think and otherwise imagine the idea. This is done to create the point, that's done by feel.

   The stopping point: You can always think of the moment and think say woah! (meaning stop this!) Then describe the reason to stop, you then stop things that are happening. This is done by the person responsible is stopping what is occurring by feel, otherwise this is the use of the senses to do what you need. The psychic connection is almost instant, so instantaneously they understand what is happening. This is almost guaranteed to work, if they aren't deadset on doing the action. Think of things such as what is being done before saying woah or stop, then they stop doing what they were doing that you consider bad for the moment.

   Magic basics: These things are what you by magic will sometimes use by feel. This means that the idea is realized through the point, the area is the scenerio and the point ends when the moment the scenerio changes to something else. This helps them realize things, that is innate knowledge and comes with working with your own and peoples energy.

  So; Sooth your mind and that is done by what you think to relax and you can relate to others or yourself better.
  EX: The idea what soothes your mind, that soothes your brain feel. The idea is done by feel, so think about things and you know what to do. This is obvious if you know the point.

  Foci = If you realize what you know, this works as your brain knows things. This also works as your brain is tricked into realization through actions and activity.
  EX: You remember what you think about and you are aware of things, when as they are by feel as they are. This I think counts as though a realization. If you don't get a realization, then you can try to open your mind through meditation and relaxation. This makes what you want if you think of the idea to create, that is when your meditating by feel. If your relaxing by laying back or laying down and breathing slowly, then you can create what you think by feeling the need for the point that should exist.

  I'm in; I'm in a point imagined, then this occurs. So if you imagine something, then you can find it exists if you need it to exist. This is an imagined point. This really works well with suggestion and the statement of what you need by feel. So if you suggest by statement or feel, then you create by using the subconscious.
  EX: If you imagine something, then your spirit causes it to exist by feel sometimes if your subconscious creates the result. This works with that idea you had, if you imagine the idea then you can get the idea as an end result. This is especially true, if you need the idea to happen. Otherwise you won't get anything, that is as though the result had happened in the past. So think about the idea and it might occur unless you know by feel, then you can realize things and your will is the brain creating in the inner world as you think to make it outside your body.

  imagination; imagined is the point, created is the idea you may have. Especially if you feel its necessary.
  EX: This allows you to create what you imagine as though an idea, although those with a counterwill won't be effected.

  will; create as you think, see the will is the action that is done. So think of the idea and you know about things by the spirit, also you know things will happen if you need them to occur. That is the way things occur by feel.
  EX: This is where you notice things and the will is the spiritual influence, that is felt to correspond with the idea that you have. If the counterwill exists by spirit, then they don't do what you will and do what they want to do instead.

  feel; This is feel magic set by idea, where all you need to do is think the need, then they can say or do what they want done or fixed. The point is done if necessary, then the idea is a way back to reality or doing things by feel.
  EX: Think of what you need at the moment and then your body does it through subcoconscious full manifestation when you say "done" or "fixed" to create the idea that you need or want. This uses the power of Hera that harnesses the planet or exoplanet as though an energy to create what what you need was its influence shaped by the spirit. If you feel hitting somewhere, then feel free to use your need ability to create the idea of a random effect on the beater.

  This is in game terms as though a die 6 were rolled to determine results. Where rolling a 1-2 is where you get what you needed, 3-4 is some result thought up by the DM/GM, 5-6 is thought of events are thought of events and nothing really happens. If the thought up event is weight gain, then nothing really happens magically and unless exercise is done if too much weight is gained (mainly rolled a die 100 for the number), then the body explodes.

  Weight; This is genjutsu where the weight is ability and thought as a source, this is using up the fat energy as you think of things to do or know. See that is done to create what you want, this is usable by needing what you think in idea. The way this works, you think and need a result as you think. So if an end result is to occur to happen, then eat or drink (water works) something. This works if you think it does.
  EX: The ability only manifests if enough weight is thought as energy and thought to go where you intend it to effect, and think as you know things to be on the body (this is akin to rolling a die 100 for the total necessary). So if you think to get an effect all you need to do is imagine or think about the result. Then the fat excess on the body converts to energy (sometimes not all fat excess is converted), and you create what you needed by feel.

  Time; This is sensation done by what you do. Think of the time and you can feel through the energy waves, the sensation of the area. Otherwise you can think of a clock that's analog (round) or digital, then imagine the hands of the clock move at the speed you need. See that is what you want for the time to be. However, you could imagine the time of the digital clock changing more quickly. That's if you need a faster time.

  This can be done when the digital clock is imagined to be changing more slowly. This is used to get a slower time duration. Allow the hands of the clock to move normally again or the digital clock to run normally for normal time.
  EX: The idea is simple, think of a moment in time, then if you let your mind wander you know of the feeling that is there. You also can sense nearly anything nearby. Think about what you want, then you can feel what you want.

  Time manifest through the clock is done as desired, the idea is what you imagine or think and need. This makes time fully manifest. Otherwise you could imagine the the event as you need it done, then the sensation or feel is what creates things as though the feeling is right. Imagine yourself relaxing by feel, see this works to create what you think. That is done as you need the result. Really that's why time effects work.

  So think about what you need and you may get what you wanted in idea. This works to control the flow of traffic, so very well. This is what I used to cross the busy street one day, when the cars were going fast. So I slowed them down timewise and crossed on over without getting hit. This is why I think it works out to the point, but you can see the result for yourself. That is done if you want to try the idea.

  Form; Think the shape and you have the form. That is done by what is there with the spirit manipulating the subconscious mind, if you allow energy to flow then the idea is done.
  EX: If in need you use this ability, think of the slender shape. Then you can rest assured that you can keep your excess weight off. So when you think of a shape, the energy flows through the blood stream in the form of electrolytes or sensation charges in the body. So this allows you to think of the shape and then you can attempt to breath in good air slowly and breath out bad slowly. The effect is energy that is flowing will shape the body by the spirit energy, the body then gains the form.

  Intent; Intention is magical if expressed so realize as you think of something, think about things so you know what is done by the idea you have. This is where the intention is the idea you have and this allows you to do things with the perception, so if you think of the point and do things that make up activity where you go and fix up things or create the idea by feel. This is what brings an ideal point where you consider what is experienced. Then you know what the power of thought is all about. This is a place I had in mind, so don't mind me as I aoffer advice by thought being heard. Enjoy yourself as thinking works for you can do what you want as though a need were answered. This is an old page and I thought to revamp it. Enjoy yourself as things seem to work with thought you have, this is an idea in use. Then this is what you purchased by the point you have, so think and you know what to do.
  EX: If you have the intention that something soes things and state the effect, then the subconscious creates what you need or want as a need is sometimes done as though a wish. This is where the idea you think is used of the idea and area, then you create the point by what you intend an set off is the point you think to have. This is a point of experience, that creates by feel and you make things with the idea you project or realize what is there.

   Prayer: The prayer is what anyone can do, whether this is use of a focusing symbol or whether your not using one. A focusing device or symbol is what can contain temporarily or permenantly the excess energy of the divine to help form effects more easily. If you use a focusing symbol or hand or finger you can project forth your faith of the moment, then you can create what effect you want without having to focus the element or you create a condition by the point that's done.

   This negates effectively the focusing time say for an ice ball or fire ray from the finger, this cuts down the time by half with counting the time of minutes as seconds exposure for effect percent or amount. This is a form of manifest. If you think of the result, you think the effect. Now by focus is the manifest with what you think, that's if you think of the idea. Prayer can cause anything, think of the idea and you could manifest things or what you want to happen occurs by feel.

   So if you invoke a god you can get a result. The words of idea are what you think, so if you state "By the power of [name your god here]" you create with a god and he or she reads your mind to know what you need. You know that this is interesting, this especially is true as an idea or result if you invoke a god or divine person by stating, "I call upon [god name], thinking to create or do what I need by feel. Thank you, oh [god name]." An example, "I call upon my god Edil D, so I or he creates by what is intended. Thank you, oh Maxout this is a humble servant."

   This is a point that's used, then this is where you ca get effects from a divine person. That you needed when you invoked the god or make work with what you have, that exists by feel unless you don't need the idea happenstance. If you don't need them they aren't done. So think and things are done by what you do, see you create the result or someone else creates what you desire by feeling. This is sometimes what you need, That's also when he is creating for him or herself what is needed. This is how invocations work.

  Note: the effect of fire or water doesn't do much to create a dark spot unless your really focused, except for what you think you see and the third eye shows you. If you say or think a result as though the result were an end result, then you create the result by the energy that forms into what you want. This is explained in more detail further on.

  You can feel free to call yourself a priest if you want to do so, except you aren't really ordained or allowed as one until your ordained. This can seem done as you think to become a Dude priest or some other type of online ordainment. In order to pray all you need to know is to think of your need and hold your arms down in a downward Y that indicates your connecting to the planet conscious or working with the triple earth goddess. Then you get things from the planet influence. This planet influence is planet energy that is conscious. Think the planet name and you set the planet to seem doing things for you with your thanks.

  If you hold your arms upwards, this in a Y formation so you then can state your need. Then as you state the need you think the idea and you do things to create by focus. This is using your own thoughts, put toward the creator. This can also seem useful in summoning any god, the god in your idea that's used to summon the point so you know.

  So there's the earth goddess with summoning by the arms downward, the creator with the arms upward. This was information given by someone who knew about the idea. So I am sure it's acceptable and accurate. If you need more information about prayer, then you may want to know about channeling death essence and create by feel the effect that you intend to create. This can cure nearly anything.

  Seeing this is true if you focus upon the illness and think to release the death essence to effect the illness. Think to cleanse the body after the fact, otherwise you might get a weak response from the body. This is where you can create the illusion of immortality. Don't buy into this illusion, seeing as you can only live as long as you think you do. So if you were able to live a long time, what would you see? Think about the idea.

  So some may think to create with this, I think I used this to appear younger and by drinking energized water I elongated my life. Except, I was almost blinded by targeting my eye, so I used activity and life energy and focused life to heal that and this is how you can heal nearly anything. This was all due to an idea set to earth prayer, that by the feel you have of something you can get something of equal idea. This isn't always true, so don't expect fair treatment every time something is offered.

  If you pray for an effect, its true that sometimes you can prey upon others then you can get the idea by feel. Other times you create the effect by mysticism, generated by the result of a focus with energy and the arms or hand to create what you intend to manifest with your third eye and soul aura energy. The idea is always given by your need being felt by the divine being or energy conscious, if you can't create the effect by the aura. This is done unless you were being bad in your own eyes, then you feel that you shouldn't be given it. The idea given form is what you think, the point is what you consider to create by feel. You can create nearly anything with the right prayer, like a fireball that can do (your level/2)*fire damage in damage dealt by percent of fire done.

  There is an effect that allows you to create in your divine beings name, then you create by feel what you think into fully manifestation. This uses your energy of life and death essence, your body uses a prayer to activate the point or you can get a result by feel. The body recovers the energy lost, so that you can use life energy that is restored to cause body energy and release the death essence into the aether or air. In this way you restore things or create the effect, this is used as you arrange things or can age a bit each time you do this with things by soul. Then unage by restored life energy and remain youthful too, this is used to remain youthful by feel or what you spiritually can do.

  Elemental damage and restoration using things like fire damage or some restoring effect, that sometimes is healing gotten by focus in the formation. This is making use of the element in minutes squared. The effect is known by the element, that is shown with some means that you do by feel. Otherwise with prayer, you could get 100 dollars or think of things forming that you want such as items that you can get.

  If you can't get a result, then you didn't need the idea to manifest, you may have a true intention that is different from what you propose. The true shield of the divine is faith, that faith is that the energy guide or consciousness will protect you from what you don't want to be effected by feel. So in order to find what you need out that is your true intention, ask your soul to explain the intent that you have.

  Using insight is where insight comes during meditation that will reveal the intention, this is information from the soul that's done by a memory or a point that you realize. This will be an aid to you during a spell focus group, that prayer is offered to guide the effort by feel. This is all in prayer that I made up with idea to do. So I hope you can use this idea. This was certainly well worth the point to write the idea, this is all about prayer.

  Damage amount, effect duration and Effect amount for spells is measured in percent and this is element independent. This is where you think of the idea feeling the idea is thought to exist by feel, then the manifest is what you think or feel should happen. This is a point of what you want, that is what occurs or happens by the point you consider.

Spell material

  Some spells are based off a system of word phrases, focus and runes or found at the greater resource page at This may look like a game system description but its very real.

Enhanced creators shield:

  This ability is an idea to the place or area that your in with idea to do by feel or think your not effected by feel, that you work out or work in the area to do what you need and consider the point of the idea. This works as you think about the point and the creator (mainly your subconscious) creates the point, then as though another layer to your aura exists you create the point by aura energy waves, that means they are effects formed from brainwaves and that are felt points as influence makes what you need. They unform as you think them unneeded. So if unheeded, they are unneeded and unnecessary to the feel. This allows you to create what you wish and focus upon your inner needs. This is a point in the past that I learned this idea, so feel free to change the idea to suit your purpose and intent.

  If you have a complex enough aura shield that the creator makes into a creator shield, then you think to work out and work to strengthen your heart and this works to quicken the pace of the heart. That serves as though the quicker pace is what the heart makes into effective exercise, so you don't ever actually gain any weight. You can do anything in the layer, so that means you are able to think about things to create what you need with what you feel or think. This is where you focus on a thought, then create by the feel if you intend in mind by the feeling you have from things. The point is done by the idea you have in mind. This creates by a concept, that you focus by feel and make work what you need by a thought, that it works is with some tapping or something you think of use by idea being used up by the point that's done.

  This works as though the heart is the world and the aura is the layer. So there you go, oh be careful about not going above 1400 or 1600 calories so you don't actually induce weight gain so you are working it off. Take care to work it off by physical exercise, if you do. Doing is shifting amongst the layers of reality, that is reflected in the creators shield and this is using the aura. The idea is this, if the person doesn't have anything good for you to know or think about, then the creators shield can make them give up psychically on doing things to you. This is a noted effect by feel or thinking about things that works.

Created star effects

  This is the effect of law magic effect. That is where I think a law into an idea by a point or making existence, this effect creates itself by any means you think is necessary. That is fun as all you need to do is think a law exists and it is there. I love law magic with latin, that effects unless you don't need it to create results. Otherwise you could think the en and it did create results. En means in the occult, at the end. What you think is at the end is stopped, or at a natural point where its ended.

  So now we get to the effect of star magic. This is thought formed from a star, and what created in effect is what you need or want. The star is conscious with awareness, so think of this as a point you get, that's similar to law magic brought down on the area by feel. So a wish is done with an effect of a star used in magic and set by star energy.

This is used in dice magic. That's when you think the effect you need and roll a die, then you create the effect as you need it effected. See this effect ends when you no longer need the idea, that's a generated result by what the subconscious does. That is the secret to this effect. This is where it doesn't matter on the roll, all that matters is the roll itself. That is until it no longer effects you or others so it doesn't matter until you want things to matter.

Will word ability:

  This is done to imagine the event whatever way the mage wants then will the event to occur by speaking a power word or phrase that represents the effect. The keywords are: "yl" for wild magic, "pyr" for fire, "lece" for water, "air" for air and zone, "hu" for earth, "aetus" for life and heal, "neta" for nether, evil, void or negative, "bodio" for body", "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summon, "spyk" for detection, "myu" for magic, "spety" for speed time, "sloty" for slow, "88" for time stop, "avem" for dream and "uo" for instant. For more example phrases, go to for more phrases that work as an object or personal action.

The action words are used like ma for make, catro meant as control, alt for alter, detro is destroy and protego for protection. You use these words through will word offense/defense for the effect you desire as in "ma catro pyr" for creation of a fire that controls people. The words "yl prot" for a wild magic protection by feel. Gain a will word effect by casting it with stating the phrase and thinking of the person. For fun, each 2 levels of xp to the magic ability has the effect of 1 round added to all non-instant will word duration, add 10% per negated damage for reduction, speed, slow and stop time effects described by the effect you feel is necessary and +6%+cha mod for all will word effects.

Speed time speeds up things and gives an added 1 second to your action speed as anything with use of concentration and at least 2 seconds or more to speed burst where a second = a moment = 1 percent.

  Slow time is to slow an action or activity and gives -1 second of action speed to your target like hes suddenly slower than you are, with the use of concentration. Then at least 4 seconds to how long they are slowed where a second = a moment = 1 percent.

  Stop time freezes victim/s for at least 1 second upto 6 with concentration to see how long you froze the victim where a second = a moment = 1 percent.

Runic ability

  Runic Divination. Divination runes are marks of choice on a tine(rune carved piece of wood, ivory, bone, etc..) and the focus of the mind to bring future vision through it. Just do it to bring the vision that is percieved after, with an effective mental scene or feeling that occurs. With the use of a rune of choice drawn in the air. Say, "I divine with the [rune choice]" then wait for a second to feel the idea of the scene or future glimpse. With each rune divination the body can get weaker, then this strengthens due to recovery about 1/3 the percent of more idea or effect.

  Runic Magic: Runes are the symbols of the representative force, this is with an alphabet meaning and sigils are drawings, sometimes drawn to effect something with your intent. Use is thought to focus through the rune or sigil, this is done as its drawn and willed through intent with that force of the effect you'd want sometimes by imagination. You just do the rune and sigil to make things happen. You can draw the sigil or runic picture and use that as a temporary focus or use a runestaff with the runes carved into the point or have a crystal, this is used to make more permenant spells. If the wielder is good enough being 10+ level said wielder can imagine by visualization, so this is done mostly by visualization I mean so think to feel the event and know the result. The idea is sometimes done by being exposed, think to do the result desired at some point and then the scene will come up mental like. That you would like to see.

  Where the effect is noticed after, say the rune and sigil name to channel through. Think to use a runic effect for level 1-9 in the game of life, if you draw the rune on paper or carve the effect by thinking of the meaning and carving what you want and thus state result. This is like "I use this rune making the result I desire for [person or thing]". For level 10+ or the more experienced person, just state "I call the [element choice] rune for [say result]" or "I call the [element choice] rune to make 20 bucks.". The rune will draw itself hanging in the air if you use the calling of the rune by a single word or the call phrase. Each 2 xp levels in the magic ability has the effect of 2 minutes to non-instant runic spell duration, +10%/- protection and +3%+cha mod for runic effects. Through the runes you can keep the same type of results as in will word.

  For more information on runes and how to form them yourself go here @ the runic lore page.

This is about the runestaff of life. The runes to draw are as below and here @ the rune page:


  Fire magic is from the plane of the fire elementals. This is also heat. This has the power to cause or quell fire and its opposite is water. Think to call the rune out by sound its "pyr" or "An" as (pir) or (an).

  Earth magic is the power of the earth. It is divided into lava manipulation, plant life manipulation, and earth manipulation. Minerals, metals and rocks are of earth as well as plantlife of most sorts as well and its opposite is air. To call the planets magic, state "ert" as (ert) or "plae" as (play-eh).

  Wild magic is chaos magic and the magic that people would call to get what they want when no other force works. It is the most difficult and takes the most effort. It is raw energy force that will overcome any other force being, the power that underlies all powers. It is the power of decay and disruption and this power controls all other forces and its opposite is astral for it counters the astral energies. One can call demons with wild magic as demons are chaotic in nature thus controlled with chaos. To call the wild magic is to say "kao" (kay-oh) is an if point with the thought your wanting to happen.

  Life magic is good because of it being soul power and does not control but supports in its manner without end.. Through it people can manipulate spirit force by this soul energy. The soul is a very powerful life force that is represented by life magic. Things are alive (including inanimate objects) because of the soul except unworshipped things for its people that give a little of their soul force as they focus. Everything becomes alive by life given from peoples thoughts. The proof is to believe a stone has conscious and then do this for ages till it does. One day the stone has a conscious will through belief effort thats revealed to its worshipper. Some use is to resurrect by life you bring back the soul to the body in reuniting by spirit force. This spirit force is the element to keep life going and its opposite is death. Life is a statement of "ly" pronouunced as lie.

  Nether magics are evil for its the magic of death and void. Anything dealing with death is done with this force. Animation of a body or skeleton is controlling life to make an alive state in a dead thing drained of life. Compulsion is part of death as it can force a personal fear to make conformity by threat. Undead are animated by desire and purpose or by someone else including liches and vampires. Its death manipulated life that allows the dead to come back as in raising. Void is death as it consists of nothing but death and lost things bringing entropy to what it touches. You can make objects from death recreating the object in perfection including memory and emotion and its opposite is life. The nether magic is called by "dea" and pronounced as (dee-a) or "meth" (meth). Think to use them carefully, the words are actually useful.

  Astral plane magics is dream magic and people can use dreams to best effect through this power. Visions can also be enacted to the person who is the target. Be wary of attracting power beings for the very use of astral power begets attention. This power can replace the other powers as a energy source except death for the effects you need and with this power people become stronger in the mind. Overlong use becomes a +1 int mod to character as in any use of this power. Its opposite is wild magic as it counters the wild magic energy. Think to call the astral plane as you focus on the thought of the astral and use dream magic, this is in expressed termed to state "atrydrea" (catry-dree-ah) as you imagine the source.

  Air magic is the power of the wind, weather, psychic and lightning effects that you can imagine or cast forth using what means that you want to use. This can cause great damage through any of this respective power. This also serves as support as barriers, shields and platforms and its opposite element is earth. Use "air" as (aid-inner) to call air after you summoned or called forth an air effect.

  Water magic is the ability to manipulate water and think to create what you need through the water. This is used to quell fires. This can also do great water damage in waves and its opposite is fire. The calling of water is "aqua" for (faq-yue-ah).

  Cold is ice magic and able to effect a freezing upon most but to withdraw the freezing is to allow heat to come back in by feel. Through air circulation over water we freeze the water to ice. Ice magic is called by saying "ic" as (ick) and it allows for ice manifestation from water and air particles.

Chaos ability

  Chaotic effects: Chaos is wild magic from the decaying and death energy of the cells, so a chaot will only have to imagine or state the event and it will happen by calling upon chaos to make it so. This is using a friendship spell. Call chaos by a free action with these keywords; "kao" for chaos, "p" for person and the action words are make, control, alter, destroy and protect. You use these words through chaos to effect your desire as in "ma kao" for a chaotic event, "kao catro" for a chaotic control spell, "catro p" for person control and "kao detro" for a chaotic destruction spell. Each level of experience is doing an added 3%+cha mod for damage/healing, an added bit of chaos is 10% per negated damage protection and any effect lasts a 6 or 8 second round, that's for speed. This is where you can slow and stop time effects that are described.

  Spell subversion: Subvert an activemoment, think or spell as you write things down or this happens. The spell must first be seen in some manner to subvert things. A successful chaos roll makes the subversion happen. Then after that the chaot simply redirects and reforms the raw spell as needed. Think to stop a subversion one makes a save versus will. Call this effect using a free action by these keywords; "juu" for spell, "kao" for chaos and the action words are suvat for subvert, catro for control, alt for alter, detro for destroy and prot for protect as in "juu kao suvat" to subvert a spell, "juu catro alt" to make it a control spell, "juu prot alter" for making the spell into a protection spell and "juu detro kao alt" for causing a destructive chaos spell. Each level is set for 3 seconds for an added 3% to the effect.

Kinetic ability

  This effect of kinetic motion is the concept of motion which is focused by the person's single-minded focus through the desire you would want. Focus the stamina or activity through your body motion or weapon of choice, this is where your believing that your motion will allow for the effect of the weapon's motion to be magnified. There are many things you can do with this.

  Things to do are: Kinetic speed-up, human defense field, kinetic attack, kinetic flying(hardly works except for some lift at first), kinetic manipulation, kinetic funnel, kinetic runic, kinetic antemetal manipulation, Kinetic choke and Weapon power. These effects are just done and it happens. Some skills are done with a perform skill check by your focus and allowing of the effect in mind. The kinetic choke is not a true skill but a special ability, thus each skill has its own effect as you gain all the kinetic skills at the same time or at different levels as you can use them.

  Kinetic speed-up: When traveling, you can speed things up by using your kinetic motion of body and imagine time speeding up as in a clock. Imagine this clock as it is in normal rotation. Now speed up the hands of the clock in your mind while moving and it will speed up time for your group or yourself as it moves. Now allow the clock in your mind to slow down to normal while not moving, and this will keep time stable. This method can make idea traveling time as in minutes from hours to cross a place that would normally take hours to cross. This means the effect shaves off 1/3 to 1/4 each minute and yet it may not have worked. When in effect there is a +20' to all base speed in party till the effect focus fades away. When dazed the effect is cancelled leaving the worker slightly tired. Call this effect "ma spe" for make speed-up force for easier effort and lasts till worker decides to end it by letting it go or "detro spe" for end speed, but this can be done to others. Each level is an added 5' increase to the point of an additional 20' speed and gives speed time as described here to all in group including allies.

  Human defense field: This method is called the human defense field. While moving in some manner, try to visualize an air field that keeps attacks from touching you. This doesn't always do what you think as the idea using cloth that doesn't always cover the head bounces the attack because of aether and motion of body being linked by mental focus through some trange chemical reaction. The better that one gets at this, the less likely they will get hit even by spells themselves. This gives the worker +6% to AC and +3% to the will saving throw. Call this effect easier by "ma 14 fild" for make defense field and this effect lasts till the wornker lets the effect drop with a "detro 14 fild" for end defense field. Each levels grants an added 1% AC to the additional 6% AC of the caster as in an added 8% to AC per 8 levels.

  Kinetic attack: The kinetic attack is similar but not similar to normal attack as you power the weapon to assault with. This effect goes like this: Focus the motion of the body and weapon in hand to make itself energized. Just feel you body and weapon motion being channeled from the body to the weapon into an energy effect of your choice on your weapon. Now swing your weapon of choice or whatever you do with your weapon at the target of choice. Causes +3 damage added to choice weapon when in effect, including your hands. Call this ability into easier effect by "ma eqiu" for kinetic attack and "ma spe eqiu" to speed up the attack from kinetic with 2 attacks per 1/2 second. The worker can end it by a "detro eqiu" for end kinetic attack or be disrupted. Each level is an added 2% to the already done 3% as 3+2=5% for 1 level and 3+4=7% for 2 levels.

  Kinetic flying: Flight is achieved through the effect of sudden movement while you feel happy by a happy thought. Gathering your kinetic energy while feeling happy you fly in the air. The happy feeling will lift you up on kinetic motion of the sudden movement. This works most times granting worker the ability to fly at will while in effect and stops working on touch of ground. In order to work you must lift off the ground, this is set through a perform Skill check by achieving the end result with focus. So think to call this into effect easier say "ma jyo" for make fly while with happy thought and kinetic channel. Each level adds an added 5% to the perform skill check or percent chance to happen. Anything greater is a negative impact on you if your hit. This is a point of idea, think to work and things won't occur if you think to work with others think to create with peaceful intentions. That is all you need to work with others.

  Kinetic manipulation: The kinetic manipulation is simple because of the fact of imagination and motion. Imagination rules the mind where this also rules the kinetic motion of manipulation by mind over matter and thaumaturgy. Visualize the effect needed and focus your movement into fueling that effect into happening. Allow the motion to cause the effect. This uses your gut feeling to convert the point, this is is the point of the stamina through how long you can do things and focus. Then through focus of your motion, this is making the effect you imagined. Moving your finger in some manner will do it.

  Control anyone at will without realization of it. Call this ability into play easier with "catro p" for manipulate people and "detro catro" for end manipulation. This effect ends on a successful savings throw vs will by the victim, done each round by attempt to resist through a means of their making. On effect till broken or on the controllers command and can be done anytime. Each level counts as kinetic strength as in 50 lbs per level. 1 level is a point of lifting weights, that allows you to control up to 50 lbs person. 2 will allow you to control up to 100 lbs person. 3 levels allows you to control up to 150 lbs person. That is done and etc.. by feel. So a 5 kinetic strength = up to 250 lbs person control. Their is no actual limit to this point, you could continue on forever.

  Energy funnel: Funnel the energy of others including objects into yourself as they do an action. Fueling yourself for another action and your own kinetic energies to keep up an assault or do another spell. Drain an emotion to cause the person calmness, drain an enchantment by sapping the enchantment or sap the attackers will to stop an attack early. Call this easily into effect through keywords: "efunn" for energy drain, "wim" for emotion, "objii" for object enchantment, "wyl" as (will) for will, "e" for energy, "p" for person or spell and the action words are ma for make, catro for control, alt for alter, prot for protect and detro for destroy. This is used carefully so think to use this by yourself, if you use this near someone they could strike at you.

  1. A 5+2/lvl in healthpoints, as 5+6 for 3 levels as energy drained per round from people to be considered as stp or a stopping point to you.
  2. For objects, the enchantment disappears leaving a normal object.
  3. Will drains on success creates dazed effect on person, lasting 1 round /level to bring the person out of the fight.
  4. Emotion drain for a person calms or brings people out of berserk state on success.
  5. Protection effects are an added 10% per negated damage reduction per skill rank, that you think is there or think is the skill ranking.
  6. Control effects are to control objects or energy via voice commands and objects must be seen as in a magical statue or control a spell thus to end it quickly or force it on the caster.
  7. Examples: "ma efunn wyl" for energy drain person will, "detro efunn wyl" for end energy will drain, "detro efunn" for end energy channel, "ma efunn objii" for energy drain enchantment, "catro e detro". Think for the spell end and "catro e p" for control spell to person if they don't stop.

  Kinetic Runic: The kinetic rune is the focus on the rune using the hand or finger trace in air or on paper to cause the rune to enact temporarily with purpose by intent. Carving things thinking of your point to create with the meaning into something may permanently place it in action. This can make things so the worker is a point to remember and you defended against those that react to your reactions, so be careful with this idea. The worker can do any rune with this and its called in the same manner as runic magic for this uses the same runes. Each 1 level is an added 1 round to non-instant runic spell effect, an added 10% per negated damage reduction and an added 3 hp of runic effect.

  Kinetic Antemetal: This is the ability, to get effects, from metal and stone, as a form of magic in the area, by speaking to the metal itself. The ability is activated by thinking of the metal, think in the area and to imagine the event whatever way you want. Then if your able to will the event to occur by speaking, the point or willing a power word or phrase happens that what you want and this represents the effect. The metal will cause the effect by you, an adding your energy through activity as though speaking to the metal and making vibration to the metal itself. Thus the metal will vibrate, then make this into an effect through the influence of vibes. Through the speaking and by vibration, think to the area energy and this possibly is causing the result as an end result.

The keywords are: "yl" for wild magic, "pyr" or "an" for fire, "lece" for water, "air" for air and zone, "humu" for earth, "aetus" for life and heal, "neta" for nether, evil, void or negative, "bodio" for body", "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summon, "spyk" for detection, "myu" for magic, "spety" for speed time, "sloty" for slow, "88" for time stop, "avem" for dream and "uo" for instant. Use these with care, for they will do what you want. If you need to counter the effect, then think the effect ceases and then the effect is no more with or without the right actions that are for a fire to use water or to dissipate away the excess water afterword.

The action words are influence, control, alter, destroy and protect. You use these words through will word the effect you desire as though in "influence control pyr or an" for creation of a fire that controls people. The words "yl protect" for a wild magic protection. Gain an antemagic effect, this is done by casting this without skill check. Think for fun, each 3 levels of xp to the magic ability has the effect of +1 round to all non-instant will word duration, +10% damage reduction, speed, slow and stop time effects described and an added 10% + wisdom bonus, for all Antemetal effects.

  Kinetic choke: Choke a person to death using metamagic to cause the throat to close up killing them. A concentration check is necessary by attempting the action in effort, but a save vs will by resistance in some manner halts the effect.

  Weapon power: Elemental magic power focused by kinetics to the sword. This effect goes like this: Focus the motion of the body and weapon in hand to make itself energized with the element of choice. There can only be one element or a combined element in use or things can get confusing. Just feel your body and weapon motion, think the idea is being channeled into an elemental effect of your choice on your weapon. This causes an added 4+cha bonus elemental damage added to choice weapon when in effect. Call this ability into effect by "ma eleqyu" for weapon power attack as you work the weapon. The worker can end this by a "detro eleqyu" for end weapon power attack or be disrupted in some manner. Each level is an added 2% to the 4+charisma bonus as 4+4+2=10 for 1 level with 4 cha bonus and 4+4+4=12 for 2 training points with 4 cha bonus, an added 2 rounds to duration like 4 rounds greek fire with 2 levels of experience. The elements are listed below.

  • The elements listed in the runic ability, wild, fire, water, air (lightning), earth, life (heal, bless and life) layed against wound for healing, nether (instant death, void, negative, evil) and astral plane for effects.
  • The combined effects are fire and earth for lava or brimstone.
  • fire and water for greek fire with 2 rounds or 12 seconds burn damage (unkillable fire).
  • water and air for cold or ice.
  • wild and any other but astral for double damage of 8+cha bonus damage, life and any other but nether for element healing like lay weapon against wound to heal.
  • nether and all elements but life for dealing elemental damage to any creature like werewolves, dragons and vampires.
  • astral and all elements but wild for attack at any distance as if you were near the target.
  • nether and life for pain (unconscious) thats 2 round or 12 seconds.
  • wild and astral for domination (control) from anywhere as if near for one strike for 2 rounds or 12 sexonds.
  • air and nether for blindness of 2 rounds or 12 seconds.
  • air and fire for body nova that causes the struck victim to explode and doubles damage effecting all enemy for 8%+cha bonus.
  • Think of the effect, otherwise this is a rune without alphabet assignings, think of the meaning and draw the freehand symbol.


  Weaving allows you to combine the elements listed in the runic as a energy weave to gain the effect. Think on the separate elements to use, and then feel the elements form at your will as threads that interact with the target or thing. Idea are from the wheel of time series for weaving. The interaction happens to your desire, but don't have to draw the rune, instead you get to focus the effect of the element in a general effort and by using a strand of energy. You can state as you feel and think about the element.

  1. State "I weave this element for the effect I want", if you want to suggest the effect for your subconscious to create. Otherwise make use with the word of, "WevEle" [pronounced Weave-Ee-leh], while thinking, of the effect and this is in use of aether, by ether, to afflect the effort and then do things as an action by allowing the subconscious to achieve the effect through your actions. This is the weakest form and most likely to be dismissed.
  2. The second way is for males and females. For males, think to grab the separate elemental energy mentally, this is done by thinking you control the effect, this is used to make each felt strand of energy do as you desire. Flow the energy together and form the pattern as the complex weave, after your in mastery of the simple weave and pattern making.
  3. Females can imagine a flower opening in your mind then think on the element feeling the result, that is shaping things though as this weaves using imagination and energy line, think to put through your body and in your head. Think to form a pattern as in an effort to be achieved. The weave knows what to do as it is a part of you. Try to form complex patterns after you do this because of this particular can get attention so master the simple and then go to the complex as you flow the two together.

Each weave does different things but not as if your using the physical manifestation. This can form a fully physical manifestation if you think the idea works like that and this works by feel or uses the spirit. There is an optional stone, that you can use to weave the signs or idea that you want to occur or happen by thinking energy to the stone. This is done as you hold the precious stone or think towards the stone, feel or think to create what you want by needing the result.

There is elements of:

  Wild energy countered by order energy and is chaos energy, that is use of fire and lightning amongst destructive urges.

  Fire energy countered by water energy focused through use of water.

  Water energy countered by fire energy, this is displaced by earth energy.

  Air energy that forms barriers, this effects all enemy zone or can cause lightning by feeling the source and creating with the feel or intuition from the soul.

  Earth energy countered by displacement using water or blown away.

  Life energy countered by death essence, that means this allows heal, bless and life effects. Life is from the womb and what you think that goes into actions.

  Nether energy that is death essence and countered by life energy, this is what allows death or death essence, void or the absense of things where people can control you in use of focusing energy, negative or dark cloud and other evil effects controlled by thanatoic trance.

  Astral plane energy countered by vibrations or loud noise, that allots for dream effects to weave together or use separate, think for effects you want or need.

Combine the effects for:

  Fire and earth for lava or brimstone countered by ice.

  Fire and water for greek fire an added 2 rounds burn damage (with unkillable fire, except by smothering it) or instant heat. What counters this is earth and air energy.

  Water and air for cold or ice effects. This is countered by lava, water or fire.

  Wild and any other but astral for a personally specified wide area effect. This is countered by order energy, that is mixed with the opposite element that was used with the wild energy.

  Life and any other but nether, this is for using the element for healing and restoration. This is countered by damages that you do.

  Nether and all elements but life for that which effects as damage to even magic immune creatures like some cats that absorb magic energy. This is countered by life energy manipulation.

  Astral and all elements but wild for dream element effects that effect, this is done as if you were next to the enemy or person you target or imagine. Again the counter is waking up the effected person to counter the astral and use the opposite element to counter the element that was used with the astral. Due note, the astral energy doesn't have that much effect on the planet your on, so that means you can create with astral and not worry about causing fire. Except when you use astral energy with 3 times as much there as you do here, then this is like a normal effect.

  Nether and life for pain (dazing). This effect is countered by waiting the effect out or drinking water or eating something is what can empower you by energy infusion or nitrogen in the air that causes you to recover from things.

  Wild and astral for domination (control) of a person. Countered by ordered energy where you arrange something and if the idea goes on or happens, then you can get an effect that you need by feel.

  Air and nether for darkness effect (blindness) or a black hole that deals 3%+cha mod per round (6 seconds). Countered by nothing in use except thinking of a different place and using your aura energy to shift with the spirit by feel or think to create what you need by idea.

  Air and fire for a nova effect, of that which you desire, that is instant but doubles damage (6%) effecting all enemy. This is countered by Earth and water or mud otherwise muddy water energy.

  Nether with life and astral create a time weave that allows one to change time faster, slower or stop time. This is done by feeling time slow, speed up or stop with the weave. Nether and life can counter this, think to daze the person and allow them to recover and they stopped the effect.

  Order energy is countered by chaos energy, this is wild energy that is in use. Ordering things is making use of an ordered approach, that you create by arranging some area or idea. Rearranging is allowable. Think to do something and you feel by insight using soul intuition, this is what you need to do what you can. Some water and earth elements usage is considered order energy.

  The effects for each level are 2 rounds per effect, this is using an added 10% protection, an added 1 attack for group or person with cha modification as bab, slow time gives -1% to -4% where 1% = 1 second added to 1 round of 6 seconds, think to do the attack on the targets speed, stop time halts the activities for the targets for 1-6 rounds and finally 3+cha mod unless instant effect. 6+4=10% cold damage for 2 levels and 4 cha mod. 6 rounds pain effect for 3 levels of magic skill. 9+4 black hole lasting 13 rounds or 1 min 18 seconds with 3 levels of magic skill. There is a save vs spell that halves damage/length and effect by a resistant will and yet almost nothing can resist a black hole. So if you think of the effect you can use the element, this is natural selection as you send forth energy to do what you need.

Divine ability:

  The Divine ability derives off Mystra the magic goddess or other god/dess of magic, he/she grants unlimited spells limited only by the stamina system and use the domain ability along with this, the Divine ability. These commands will suffice: "yl" for wild magic, "pyr" or "an" for fire, "lece" for water, "air" for air, "humu" for earth, "aetus" for life and heal, "neta" for death, void, evil and negative, "bodio" for body", "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summon, "spyk" for detection, "myu" for magic, "ras" for raise, "sloty" for slow time, "spety" for speed time, "88" for stop time, "uo" for instant and "avem" for dream.

  The action words are mai for make, catro for control, alt for alter, detr for destroy and prot for protect/ion. You can use these words for a divine effect you desire as in "mai catro pyr" for creation of a fire that controls people. The words "mai ras bodio" for raise dead. "mai neta ras bodio" for raise skeleton. Just do it to gain a divine result. Each level to the magic ability has the effect of an additional 1 rounds to all non-instant divine spell duration, an added 10% per negated point of protection, speed, slow and stop time effects described and 3+Cha bonus for all divine spell effects. Like 4*3+4=16% hp damage for a 4 level and +4 cha mod.

  The person who uses domains are these chosen command nouns: "ruh" for animal, "tobb" for plant, "myis" for knowledge, "trans" for travel, "tryk" for trickery, "we" (weh) for war, "onza" for Chaos, "gax" for Evil, "g" for Good or "roy" for law, "myu" (miu) for magic, "air" for air, "neta" for death, "nyc" for destruction, "pyr" for fire, "aetus" for healing and life, "luc" for luck, "rowan" for protection, "dylu" for strengthen, "stern" for sun and star or "lece" for water.

  A person with devine ability may choose any 2 at any given moment. These spells use the stamina system to work and these commands will suffice for all free use or spontaneous spells: "bodio" for body and wound, "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summon, "spyk" for detection, "ras" for raise, "gos" for ghost (spectre, wraith or apparition), "ilp" for disease, "pos" for poison, "heal" for heal, "yl" for wild element (all elements), "uo" for instant and "ul" for holy idea or items.

  The action verbs are used freely but must be used in the sentence as in mai for make, catro for control, alt for alter, detro for destroy and prot for protect. You use these words in combination with a priest or cleric domain for the effect you desire unless spontaneus or normal as in "mai catro gax" for control evil people. The words "mai heal bodio" for heal body. "catrol neta bodio" for control skeleton. Just do it for a divine effect. Each level to an ability has the effect of an added 1 rounds(+6 seconds) to all non-instant domain spell duration, an added 10% per negated point of protection and 1/2 level bonus (round up) * focusing time in seconds for all domain spell effects. Like 10*3=30% damage for a 20 level ability skill and 3 seconds focus.

Blind sight ability:

  Blind sight vision: This feature spell uses the sensed moments of the other eyes to see by feel or usage of the senses. These eyes include the third eye (forehead), fourth eyes (hands) and the fifth eyes (the back of the feet). That is useful in case you were going blind, but if you want to look through the normal two eyes and you can see normally.

  Then you can see through all of them, this is done by thinking you do. That is known as omnipotent vision mode. This you can do anytime per the day or night. If you want the special mode of vision, then you might have to roll a die or something to check if the idea suceeds. Otherwise you might not be allowed, that is sometimes allowable by the DM/GM to have this special mode of sight.

  This is where the DM/GM is the brain utilizing the spirit energy system of the body. This allows you to know things as though omniscient. Otherwise any of the eyes will do what you want, this is done as you think of the need. Including absorbing and shaping the energy and creating what you think with the absorbed energy.

  Sometimes you can't see through the extrasensory eyesight. So don't be alarmed if that happens, just relax your body and breath in and out. Think to sense though the eye or eyes and maybe you can. If not then you could be too tired, so think of resting if possible and then you possibly can see what you want. If you see through most the eyes you know things as though omnipotent, so this is an improvement to not knowing and you can direct by thought what you need to see or know. That is where you can get to realize what you need to know.

The weight manipulation; this is where you think of the idea and create with a point. what you create is what you think and intend to make by the use of the spirit. This is an effect done by feel. So the point you lessen in bulk, that is where you show weight loss by not eating things, think about this and realize that you don't have to show weight loss by mass loss. All you really need is to lose the weight itself. That is using an idea of what the creator makes happen, he or she who made us and the Gods, so think about the change you need and your body is what changes to fit the idea. This is energy in form, that changes by reforming itself and the spirit and that reforms the body.

Magical weapons and material grade

  1. +1 is lighter material and responds to the persons will.
  2. +2 is light material and very responsive to the persons will, as if it was intelligent. This is break resistant.
  3. +3 is light material able to perform things on focus for the owner, yet glows a little. This is nonbreakable material.
  4. +4 is light material and has a high intelligence, yet is felt when used for miles surround. This is nondestroyable material.
  5. +5 is very light non flexible material, that is easily used with high intellect, and its presence can be felt when it wants. This is undestroyable material and does what it wants. Don't try to control this, yet work with it or it controls you. Some by feel but not many materials are this hard and light except stone or diamond.

Other things of magic

Soul battery:

  Get the crystal or object and say "a-d" (Aid-Dee) or "mairawees" (may-in-ray-weh-ee-s) at the crystal to create an energy trap source with a lit candle near. This soul battery can hold 100 mp/stp with your charge or others. It can sustain the energy for spells and pass the rest to the body for addition to your original energy counted. The excess goes to the creator, the soul of the body creates with the energy that is there. This is holding the crystal and think of your need as sometimes you can state the idea to create in manifest if your interested in magic. This is focus and create by idea in another waking moment.

  See that is your idea created into what you call reality. This isn't always there, as things could if done by the aura be illusion. So think the area dissolved and the illusion fades away. This works by the subconscious created area to create what you want, that area has no time or space except for what you think of time. So this is a point in the past. So this ability is used to create with aid by using something as energy, that is then done to make what you want to seem created by fee or feel.

Simple matter gate:

  Simple matter gate; The setup is simple, place 2 objects that can be one body length or arms length apart and think your going to cs-137 or some other place and walk between or over the objects. The spirit shifts you there, the energy that the spirit uses is from there and that causes you to feel separated a bit from reality. This is a temporary feeling, so think about things and the area will feel better. You know you shifted, when you feel a sense of coldness. This is where heat energy or fire energy creates what you want. The point being, you can shift to anywhere.

  So think and you know by the spirit or soul what is where and when it is done. See that's the thing I'd be in a different dimension and a new and identical enough me that also can't tell the difference would've come in to fill the gap. Cs-137 is livable as a planet and you can form what you want, as your a being. See it's somewhere else in the milky way galaxy. However, you can make any idea seem like it's there. That's what I found. I believe it's the only cheap way to gate out. You get the objects somehow, then make use of the object energy or the creator's energy. This energy is what the spirit uses to shift the soul or body to seem to be that forms from the consciousness of energy.

  Then if you wanted you can actually be in the area, see that's where you can if curious leave an object behind or think to the area energy to reveal to you what is there and what happened, So in this way you know by it's consciousness what is there, what occurs or what is made of there. This also can alert you of what is taken, so think and the energy consciousness makes what is needed. This is an idea of what happens, when you intend the spirit to show you things or shift you by feel. Some cancel the gate by thinking or saying, that it don't matter. Then the gateway closes and things revert to normal. I use the coined phrase, "closea agate". That also works by feel if you need to feel the gate close.

  The spirit room is one such place to go. The spirit room is what creates the effect of an element such as fire, water, earth, air, ether or void. The-spirit-that-goes-through-everything gets you there (from Tom Browns book called the way of the scout..). This is basically an energy room. You can think and intend to enter this room and walk out of the area to leave the spirit room. This effect is if you believe an idea will happen then speak about it, the spirit consciousness in the room will create that idea as an effect. That effect can be expressed as a point or needed and felt to occur. what you decide is what can happen. If its known about, then it's not stated a second time. So if you enter intending to heal, then the spirit in the room senses your intention and then creates healing. This intention is more easily done, if spoken aloud. So you know you control your spirit room. You can even use the spirit room to shift places, that is where the room shifts to another spacetime and when exiting you are there in spirit. This allows you to explore the different area or world points in the room.

  There are many worlds. If you think to come back to yourself then you do. So what you are is energy, what you exist as is the point you make. This is a known effect. The trick is using math and creating a calculation to be where you are in life. So if you think, you know and the soul or conscoiusness of the body can draw you back by feel. The vibration of the spirit changes and this causes the area to shift in place. You can create nearly any effect in the spirit room, so think and you know what you can create in the area by what you do in idea. So this spirit room allows you to shift back to the time you associate with by feel that you think you came from. So that effect is a point you know, and feel is your own time. This is a concept you think about, that allows you to be where you need things if you know about them. If you don't, then you don't think about the idea in effect, so where you think it will manifest is where things are by feel.

  So if you wanted to be in the future, you are there andd whence return is necessary, you can return to the original time by what you do. What I like doing in a spirit world, is creating a elemental effect that is not unlike a urn mark in the area you think project energy to appear. This releases tension, that also uses up a source, if the source is not unlimited. So think your using a point for the source and what is represented in the source is created by the spirit that goes through everything and this appears as you need it to appear. So if you intended the spirit room to appear as a tardis, then you create by the energy and wait for energy to surge or recover itself as you think to repair or create with the energy by what you need and express.

  This can do in a point, so think carefully and you can create what you think is about the idea. If another spirit in the area is near enough, then you can have auratic healing by allowing them 30 minutes of being nearby. Then their room is thought by them to be what shifts them to the normal world again. So in effect, you can heal each other or do things with messages. If you think to call someone into your area, then you create a summons. Think to dismiss the people summoned, if you want to desummon the sumoned. If they resist, then they either don't come into the area or they leave when they want to leave. Other thngs that can be done, if you act as if the item is there, then it's there by feel or it can spiritually form there and you know as it disappears, where it is. You can easily dismiss an item, then it will disappear as well. If so, you know where you can get another, either online stores like or or some physical storefront.

  This in idea means you could use the illness as an energy and cast it from the body. This allows the darkk marks in the area. So I think, that is a point in the past that is appearant after a little time passes you by. This effect seems to be cast by the pinneal gland third eye, activated by the blood flow. This flow of energy is directed by the idea you think, say you think to activate the third eye, then you create the blood flow with the thought of what you want. The blood flow causes the pinneal gland to open the third eye. Thinking the third eye closes, makes the pinneal gland deactivated by lessened blood flow to the pinneal gland. What you think will happen will occur, if you think to create the effect by feel. This is the rule of the room or area. See that means there really is a tardis, this is a time machine. Think the object creates what you want and then you use the energy in the object, this creates what you need or feel is necessary.

  The more objects you have, the more energy effects you can get things done by idea expression. What you may need is to get someone to respond better, this is done by the voice and that means you can create the right effect by what you express. This can command a room or spirit. Such as stating, "I give you some of my excess energy or this objects energy for what I need done." Think the spirit gets that as a point and it does what you need. If the spirit is loose and that means the body died, somehow, then it gets reborn either as a bug or animal shaped from the creator's memory. The used energy goes to the creator, though. So that means it will create itself as the creator remembers by feel to shape it.

  If it is a bug, then upon killing it the spirit released is reformed in a body as an inner child or child of some sort that is born to the living. This is a point in itself. If you want to leave the now dimension, think to touch nothing, then you shift back from this dimension of the spirit room, called now. A physical trick to do this, is where you spread your arms out and jump off the ground. That is touching nothing. The moment you jump off the ground, you shift by feel and end up where the physical world is instead. Ingenious, right? I think there are more ways than that. That one happens to work. If you think of another way, then feel free to use it, this is a point where anything goes. Remember to be nice where you are by feel when you do things, so you can get better responses. That means kill the bug, work the idea and make with the point, if energy is high enough.

  One thing to notice is the effect you do is what sends you to places, the effect you do again is what can return you from whence you went. This is like stomping on a roach to exit from the dimension and stomping on another thing to return. This spirit room can explore the inner realm of the body or the outer realms if you want to explore them, too. Think to go where you need and you find yourself where you think to go. Also what happens to the spirit there, can happen to the body. So think to return to your body and you won't get effected. If you do stay there, the room supports you by energy shared from objects, so if you think to do good deeds you are not unlike an angel or valkerie, if you think to do self-deeds, you are a neutral angel or self-supportive deva. If you are free to do evil, then your a demon in spiritual form. Forgive the demon if to drive it away, allow the deva until a point to get it to leave you alone.

  Make use of the angel or valkerie to create positive results with a feather left behind if necessary. This is if you find someone used their spirit room too long and changed into one of these forms. So basically its insight given by the spirit in energy form, so think about what you want to do and you can do it. Always remember, don't kill the messenger. Release what energy you have and go to where your needed by feel. This is an effect in itself. As I am, I am done now, so I will go do something else. Anyway, my sole purpose in writing this was to recreate a tardis in idea. So enjoy what you can and deal with what is there. Ciou, farewell, and goodbye for now if you use this effect by feel.-Paul M. and Danny M.

The other effects

  True magic: The point you think can reveal what is true or false. This true magic is for your thoughts to observe. This is true for effects, indeed one can try to draw from the multiverse, then as a whole use the point and also improve multiversal magic by extending oneself into some representation of the multiverse. Since with the principle of correspondence(as above so below, sympathetic magic, space-time as connection and a networked view of) can tap into anything in universe and beyond it. Since soul is omniversal in origin point as well and can access any plane, though some planes need to be learnt of the patterns of life to gain initiation into its secrets.

  How to gain or lose weight: Think the realease is granted by the subconscious to stop this effect. How the weight is gained, this is done by needing the food and working with magic. This I think is created results by body energy, so if you think to eat or feel the urge to eat then drink and you create a magic effect. This is where the soul is creating the idea, that is where you think to effect an idea or create things as a point is expressed. Think to use enough magic and the body will start to need things, so if you think the release to your hunger is done you create with weight loss in mind or you create with a point. This is a known effect though, so if you hold off and do things with enough time. That means you can think en is enough, or you can think the third eye creates your result without the need to eat.

  Think your not effected personally. If you do and then the weight is not there on the belly, that causes you to not eat. However, without the exercise, as you eat you create the need, as you exercise after you drink water the need dissapates away. Energized water is very unique, that is where you think of the water and think what you want. The water picks up the energy as a charge is there. So you create the energy drink, think to the water as you look at the drink. This is also possible with a energy drink bought at the store. So I think you create your need by activity when you drink the water. If you point out your need by stating it, the water works to create things more quickly. This is about gaining or losing weight. So if you think, you know what you can do.

  How not to be a fatass: This is the reaction to magic done by feel that is allowable. Sometimes if you met a fat person, then you might feel sympathy for the shape of the body. Think about the idea, and focus or state things to make what you think into existence. Then this is where you avoid the sympathy for the fat by feel, then wanting to unconsciously eat like them unless you did the correct magic. Think about what you do and make use of water instead of food to replace the good food and drink effect. The reason this works, that's because the water has a drug in it, that makes you feel better and its put there by the government. This drug creates better reaction to others, I am thinking that makes for good relating if you get enough of the drug by drinking wanter and accepting other's presence.

  The drug that you think works will sometimes restore temporarily the body and this improves relationships, but that's about all. So if you create with water and mix crystal light or similar drink packets with the water, then you can create a better water drink. This alleviates the need to eat like one, that's where most people eat to cause good feelings. So think and you get what you need. Hold off and you don't eat what you get and save it for later. That allows you to eat what you want and only if you exercise enough. This enough is really just 8000 to 10000 steps. Think about the point and you will end up doing the fact. Otherwise you won't think to relax or have other things to do. If you don't think about things, except to do other things then you aren't effected by sympathy for the fat.

  That's about all there is for avoiding the need to become a fatass. Also, if you do the exercise and work with the idea you get. You can redirect the thought, thinking your thought isn't you and what you do is upto you. The thought is your own though its not you. So if you think about the moment, you can do anything by the point you do. This is done with your feeling, that you get from the point. If you think anything else and you have to watch children, then you might go insane. Just dismiss the thought in mind, and your not effected by what you think occurred. However, you may except this if you are one. This is a well known fact of life.

  Happening stance: This is the happening stance. This happenstance is where you think of what you want or need, then will or desire the effect. The stance part is breathing in and out, thinking about what you need and the spirit creates what is necessary. Figuring things out, think of what you will, the idea is done thinking the God you called upon creates what you need into existence by idea. This is a hitting pole for what rage you feel by the idea you have to do. Think to use it, so you don't have to hit another person. Enjoy the game as this is a cheat, think about what you want and need the idea as though an effect is a wish granted.

  This wish is done by the subconscious, so state the idea as if an intent that is done by feel..and things that you need exist from nothing, this is where you except for roaches that don't exist will not exist by feel, that is where you use the happening stance to kill them or keep them away. If they do, then they die quickly or get put down a drain somewhere. This where you go and use a magical effect or suggestion stated out loud, if you do then things get better, so then you can think and if you made this suggested thought of idea, "Things that you don't need are not there as though the creator uncreated them".

  This makes the point where things are restored to normal, that is done by the energy conscious not reading you and forming more things. So now that means they are unneeded or unheeded into the environment, then deform by poison or are creative and die off without children..the roaches die and all you need to do now is clean them up. So that's a good point you can do with this effect. If you don't intend to make a result with this effect, then you won't get an effect. So I can think of the effect and state the idea as though an end result, and I or you create with a thought and what you need happens as though with a stance. The idea is a point in idea, so think about what you want or need and you know what you can do.

  The loss in weight is a point you do. This is where you lose all your excess weight. See this is due to the effect that you think and work, then if you don't eat your likely to feel more hungry as your distracted by the idea that you do. If you drink tea and work out or exercise, then you lose even more weight or otherwise maintain the weight off. This is know to effect differently for different people, so think about your need and you won't do the eating as you hold off. The idea you have what is done, so the idea is a point that is done. When you think to eat half, then hold off and that's if you do and things by impulse with exercise are done. Then the point is made by feel. This is an ideal effect.

  Antimagic fields are otherwise electromagnetic waves' spell, this is where you wave your hand and that is effect that cancels magic altogether or causes greater enhanced magic. This is done by thought projection with spiritual feel, or ideal devices like lasers or that is some energy enhanced battery. This is a point that creates a point and that first point is using an activity. Where this is thinking energy is projected to create effects and this can be combined with worded idea that creates the effect you think to form as a point is a created manifestation. Different things get different results, and those results lower temporarily the body energy.

  That means the body raises in energy, recieved with use of idea and though a concept, this is energy waves that uses suppressed moments of time as a point is done by the spirit or soul. The electromagnetic waves device is useful to create results of gravity, that is a point of lift btw, so think and it is used. If focused by thinking and using body points, then you create the effect of dark parts on a surface. This is done as a thought you have of the idea, that energy is a pattern you need to have appear is what it looks like.

  See if microwaves are used and idea is a point, then gravity or warped space is useful to create the focus point by what you do. This is a point in effect, that is used energy and so effectively done by feel. This uses gravity wave enhancement and dark energy enhancement, so if you said the effect is done then its done by feel. This uses patterns too, the pattern you think and do is what the gravity waves create if focused and you know this worked by what you sense, otherwise percieve by feel. Any energy used from projection is what is increased in strength and you can use anything as an energy source.

  Think your using a source like a disease or something similar, and the disease dissipates and goes away. This is sometimes converted into energy again, that's why you don't have the disease. So think the energy is cleansed and the soul cleanses the disease out of the programming of the energy, so you lower in weight as you increase in strength and body energy. This also means your less hostile, so I think it works only if you think it does. This is the point by idea is a point you project toward a surface and the surface seems, this is done to make energy appear like the idea you think it appears as if done by feel. This is fine if how it works is what is done. So think and you know what to do with the idea.

  The third eye energy clone. This is an idea that you activate your third eye and focus or thinking is what you cause the being an this is a point that is formed to do. This can be considered a being of the creator's energy. An that is an energy to create what is necessary. That follows a pattern, this is the pattern of light particles or if no light then you can create with energy emanations. The point is an idea that you create with the blood flowing through the brain, then you create by working with things.

  The point is done when the third eye is active from the pinneal gland, that is where the pinneal gland receives blood flow energy and creates with a manifest what you need to happen. Think a being exists and you create a greater energy form. That is what shares your idea or point and the point is what is ended up done. This I think is what is done by the third eye when you think of the moment, the third eye responds and your manifestation or idea you need is created. That sounds simple, right? This I think is a point that is finished. So I will think of other things for now, sorta like walking.

  You can have any number of clones, especially with the right drugs. The thing is a point exists where you have the subconscious create the point they do, then you make with what you get. If you manage to get away, then you create by feel and work with idea. Oh in order to dispel the clones, think the clone doesn't exist and the idea is done. They are energy particles seemingly born to life, so the life energy recieves your idea as instruction and ceases to exist. This is the end point I saw thinking to see a sign of the energy clone. That makes the idea in a way you do things, not always is the point done by feel or worked with by feel.

  If you can get that form, then you can get a greater elemental or particle form, too. Greater energy body is where the third eye gains in energy, and then doing an energy body effect that is greater by feel and godlike in nature, that is where your third eye makes a body transformation or what evolves into a greater energy lifeform, that is solid yet energy in form and created by will of the spirit that you can work with by feel. Making the form become solid or unsolid is done at will. You may note if your body transforms you no longer need food nor water, that's unless you just want to eat or drink to improve your health or enjoy yourself and energy by each bite or ounce is treated like some improvement by recovery.

  You regenerate quicker per every minute or six seconds with focus or not, this is done as you have energy from the creator. You absorb energy as you absorb the shape that makes the form dissapear, that energy comes to you and anything can pass through you as though you had a soul. This is when your unfocused in mind or at will do things for people. You also can assume the shape as you act the idea of the person, their energy or spirit creates your body shape as you become energy again and solid afterward, so that is temporary. When this is done as if recreating the point of shaping, this is using an effect that creates where you think the shape if your that shape. That is an effect done by the body programming, so don't mind the effect. The energy lifeform, if yourself, can then create with idea and work with whatever the life form is given.

  You can appear like the person and act like him or her, that's in or out of prison, this is when sometimes your acting like what you want to act like by feel, see if you need to act the person out for some reason. This is a known effect, that's cancelled out by acting right and otherwise the use of an "an if", or announcement of something you want to be thought and the if point is stimulated idea by stimulus for the right result. This is using a point you think and do or work with by feel. Think and you know what to do. If your weight goes up suddenly, then you can cause it to go down. This is done by using the third eye to create the effect you focus to create by suggestion or thought.

  That creates what you need, then all you need to do is the right idea or things happen by the spirit. If punishment is needed, that's an action cancelled out or allowed for by the pun being thought or otherwise the creator doing things for you. So this is the ultimate lifeform if life, that's created by feel and made to do what you wanted or feel is important. If a storm or idea you meet some point then you don't need the form, you reshape yourself to be what you are normally, that happens if you unform and reform solidly as a point or before a point is done.

  This is a greater lifeform of energy created by the third eye, if you think to focus on making things with the third eye that can use the creator's energy and not be overwhelmed. The soul is the infinite source, empowered by the love of the creator and made to work by what is done. This is done in the knowledge of what you think about, and you can create with a point. Think and know, this is a point to work with and you can get along with the point of life you form by the third eye interaction. Think and you realize, thought is not you so what you observe with your third eye is what you think about with feel.

  Think and you know the greater elemental form, that is use of an element to help form the being. This is an effect of life. So I think this is safe if you use the god to make whatever you need with the shape, the thinner you are, the better results you can get. So I think the effect is done if you notice the element disappear, then you created what you wish and that is where your finished in idea by feel.

  Think and you know, the point is done if by feel, this is a concept of peace or wakefulness. So think to make use of the alternate states of the mind and you can create better results, that happen by what you express. So if you think you know, you create by the point. Then you know you are safe with the idea being shared. You see, not everyone can create with the third eye this way, so think to a neighbor to try this point and if you can, your lucky. This is an energy effect by feel, so think of what you want and energy creates what you need.

  I think you know your an animal form if you think to create and you feel animalistic, that's a point you think and you know also what you do there by the energy that you sense and trace, this is done by thinking to trace something you feel and what you think is a point and what you sense is what is done by feel unless you think otherwise. This is a point in regard, so I think you can cause the life form to meet with you, that's if you need to have a point of meeting. If you don't then no regard is done with you in presence unless you need a point of regarded idea or something. Then you could always do other things.

  So that's about all without hitting, enjoy yourself as your aware of the effect because what you do is create a point. That is projected by the aura energy waves, this is where you sense things and that is picked up by the others whom sense the wave. This is tracing by sensation or tracking for an animal, that is where you think of the point and if you take in parsely or vanilla extract.

  Then you overwhelm the senses of the perceiver if too much taken into the body by watery drinks, for if you feel sick and the person picks up on that. They can act nicely and create for you if you think to work with their spirit requests by the soul. This is a known effect by which you can do things. So if you know what to do you could have done the effect by now, then your aware of the result by insight and know what made the idea by realization.

  Were form; The were is an animal human that is a concept of mental and physical shift that you do. The mental is the spirit of the animal you know in your mind, that is a point you realize by feel and idea that is there. This is where you can shift into any form, if exposed to the being, person or animal. This is done if you think of the idea and the were gene is active, usually by the subconscious creating it to be active. This gene is elusive and if not there as a present idea, the dna won't create the were shape. This works if you think it does, that is done by exposure. With exposure, it seems if you are a were and exposed by aura or sent energy to the animal, you can shift into the form as you have energy from it. Then is the point, you know to create what you want with an increase in strength.

  The mental form is intense as a point of conscious shifting, so think to know yourself and your aware of things that are possible and there in your mind. This is the inner world, so the genes have a way to restore your thinking if your muddled a bit stupidly. The physical is the manifestation of a body change. So when you have the exposure, you can create a likeness of the animal with your body shape being shaped to the soul making what you need and the soul guides the subconscious in what happens. This is where you think of things, then the idea you intend changes the DNA, and that makes the body change to what you want. This is a point, that you can do, so think and you know where and what to do by feel.

  A full moon can create scratchy and easily red skin, the point of numbness, irritation from the energy feel, the point of fatigue and the idea of concept that you need to create as intention. This does not necessarily make you transform into a were form. So think about the idea and state the point to the moon to create a manifestation. That means it's non-instant if complex or instant in idea, if you note the idea as instant to some degree. The idea is this, you can form energy into being created as an effect or element. The elements are possible to use if you think the creator makes them manifest. So think about the point to create with the element you want to work with by idea. If you work by feel with the element, you might burn yourself if fire.

  When you want to work with all of the 4 elements, you can use the creator to make with a focus and create with the energy what you want. At the base of the elements is energy. So think about the elent and the use or effect you intend and the creator makes the effect. The element is earth, air, water, fire or the void of those. Think and do, that is the point to the elemental use. So how about coma? That is when they overdo it. If they do something, they can become focused, if they feel it's necessary then overdoing it is possible. That's when they can literally become unconscious, if the body needs healing then they coma. Otherwise they can get things done, if possible.Usually there is a sign when they do..not unlike blanking out or blacking out.

  Coma; The coma ability is where you think to cause the target to be out cold and and not conscious for more than 5 days. This is where you cause them stress, and that is the point you think as the idea is gotten and dealt with or done. This is the idea, that you can overload the person with creator energy. The moment you channel the creator's energy into the body of the target, that's where you think of the point as being done by the creator. He or she can create in the body the effect of a black out that lasts a long time. This is a point in idea, where you think and do things. Then the energy builds up and overwhelms the senses with first, lucidity and then the blackout. If there is enough energy of the creator that passed through the body, they repair and that takes some time. This is a point you think with idea and do things by concept, so think and you know what to do.

  Elemental form; You can create a form for your idea by thinking, this is used of the elements in use and done by a energy form. So that's created by imagining a shape of energy using the element you need by feel. So instead of an elemental, you create a point by thinking you do and things work out by feel. This is a possible effect that's done by the creator. He or she does what you need, the point is made. So this means that you can work, the effect is a point of level+d12+focus rank. So the elemental form is the elements, that means you have focus with the effect of +5 to the attack or effect roll. This means you create by feel and work with others by idea. You can cancel out this effect by naming it. This works for you if you think it can work or does what you want.

  Greater elemental form; The effect of this is what can be using an idea to use the point and think to form a created elemental effect, that's greater by x3 the elemental form itself using elements, then you create with energy consciousness by a +7 to the attack or effect roll. The greater part is where you create with the elements, then create by using the creator to make a greater elemental. This form of energy is what is there with an idea to use, the idea is done by feel. So if you think to create, you know things by what is done. There may be reactions, so think it subsides and the aura energy creates waves of peace or peachyness. This is given by feel, if you think to remove programming from the energy you make the idea seem useful. This is using a known effect for an old point. If you think to use things from the point, then you create with idea and the past point ceases to exist. This is a useful idea if you consider the idea is non useful. So think and you know what to do. This form allows that anything can be an element, if thought to be one. The greater elemental form can keep going as though you were aware and doing things by feel.

  Ancient elemental form; This is a point you create an elemental effect in the form of an energy form, that is using you as a point and the form does the deed by an added +9 to the attack or effect roll. Their is a good point to this form, the point the creator does is create the effect. This is cancellable by an "if" in use. This is where you think the if point and that is an iffy idea that is where the creator stops producing the form by feel. This has a point of the elemental effect, that's x5 the normal element effect. This is an effect of the mind and the creator uses your mind to empower what the form does. So work and expect anything, if you think to work with the form by idea or expression. This is a known effect, that once used is what creates for you. That is a point in the past, then that creates the present and the idea is what creates with the future in mind. Keep in mind, this form is ancient. So work with what you get, and what you have is what you can use. Loki uses this form, so I think this idea will work by feel. If you hit by feel, then you can use the energy of the hit. So, think, imagine and you can create the effect you desire. You see, the ancient element form can emulate any ability and create with what power is there from observation of the spirit, that is done using the information from the soul. This is a point in idea.

  The effect dice; these are actual points, so bear with me. If you have a dice base, then the d(number) is useful for what you think as magnitude. This is of used idea as a point you think is done, if not otherwise noted. I think the idea is done if you think it is, so thine idea is quietly done. The effects of the dice is not actually rolled, this is where you think of the magnitude of the number and drop the d or dynamic draw of energy. The other numbers are used as a point or focus level x the effect of magnitude, and added is the point of effect or stress. You can't do that, if you think to do things against another person or the idea is overdone unless you decide to not do it.

  This is the point in what is a concept you think by feel with idea, the magnitude is like earthquake levels except the idea is where you create or make the point. The idea is done by a point of what you think is an effect. The greater the number, the bigger the magnitude of effect. This number means you draw energy till a certain point, that is mentioned in seconds or minutes of focus. That is also how hard you hit by the time this takes to happen with intention.

  This is an effect of the mind though, so think the thought isn't you and you dismiss the idea as a point that didn't happen. Stress is how long the effect lasts unless instant or non instant death, then it doesn't matter how large the number is if in use. So this in an effect. This is some idea of a dice roll in use of some effect by feel. If you don't, things may be the same by the idea you have to do. Always remember, this can be done without hitting so peace is what remains of mind.

  The weight manipulation; This is where you think of the idea and create with a point. What you create is what you think and intend to make by the use of the spirit. This is an effect done by feel. So the point you lessen in bulk, that is where you show weight loss by not eating things, think about this and realize that you don't have to show weight loss by mass loss unless necessary. All you really need is to lose the weight itself, that's true because mass is energy and that seems to go dissolve itself by what is done. That is using an idea of what the creator makes happen, he or she who made us and the Gods, reshape us as we're just energy so think about the change you need and your body is what changes to fit the idea.

  This is reformation of energy in the formation of the body, so the body is energy that changes shape by reforming itself and the spirit and that reforms the body by the energy shaped as you think it's shaped with or without some liquid. Think of the body shape and you are that shape if you intend to be that shape, this transformation is done by the power of the spirit using the soul or soul copy by magic. This is where the soul will copy itself, then you have a soul copy. That serves then as a shape. This works to allow the shapeshifting ability. The shape is actually your own, if you think it is. If you don't, then you are what shape you are at the moment. Otherwise, you don't reshape yourself.

  Word of power; This is a power word you think to create a result. The word summarizes what you think, the energy you focus can be expressed and this creates the point you imagine or feel will ocuur. That is the word of power and this will happen what you think and intend. Sometimes doing things by feel is what speeds up the process. So think and you know what to do, this is a known effect.

  Disguise character; This is the characteristic effect: it's a character or persona, that you can make appear by usage of energy and yet you are your own form. If you think to see someone and sometimes this is the flaw in the mind, you are disguised as them in appearance, the magic of the moment is what causes you to seem like them by the aura energy emulation effect. When you are aware, you are able to create the point that they are capable of doing. This works better if you channel or focus their energy information, gotten from their spirit or aura energy. This is where you see the idea creates what you think, if you intend the point to be created. This is the emulation of the aura that shows it, if you intend not to show a hit then you are not unlike a god. That "not" is nothing or named, that unlike is forever likeness.

  That's where a dog or cat could even fool the mind into believing things, where it in the end really did something else. This can be really useful, so keep in mind someone that you want to be like and you are that person, that means your body signature is them and you appear like them if you want to seem like them where your really not. Don't seem like them too long, but if to avoid gaining their weight that they are at the moment you decided to become like them. Could it be an ability of the roach spirit? it seems to emulate me in my mind when I get nearby the roach so it seems like me and doesn't actually get hit. I think it's a useful ability.

  The sound is what emulates and that means the spirit has been able to do things to shape the body, so think about the form that you want to appear as you and you can avoid being defeated by feel. This is using an ideal ability of the figurement element. If you want to do it yourself, then think the spirit uses soul info and shapes you like the person you like or target. This means you can emulate elemental formations and other people, so use this if you want to have their ability. This is in their mind that it happens. This means you could emulate their state of mind and any drug use if you intended to do this effect. If not, then nothing happens. That is the ability of shapeshifting, that's done by feel and this is a point in the past.

The Element Forms
Elemental Form What it is
Earth Solid area or formation
Sand Loose earth particles formed from air blowing across earth
Lava Molten rock that can Melt things like locks or weapons
Fire Concentrated heat that can Melt, Burn or Cause visions
Firewater Liquid fire formed from the fire acting on a medium (aka oil) and water or acid
Electricity Fire Mana or Lightning
Water Liquid formation
Ice Solidified water from surrounding cold airflow
Air Invisible particles that Sustain life, make Mass effects, Cause psychic visions or Barrier
Death Decaying essence that causes decadence, corrosion and corruption.
Void Nothingness that can absorb any Form into itself
Negative Chaos that can Cause trauma, Neutralize or Make opposite and Break things
Image Illusionary form
Positive Order that you can Build up with, Strengthen or Make good
Body Solid form of something like an animal or somebody
Nature Animal and Plant
Time Slowness, Pausing or Speed effects
Dream Mind
Mana Life or Energy
Space Distance and Area

The 15 alignments

  The alignment is what action you choose, to portray, or if undecided, its unaligned. The twelve distinct alignments define all the possible combinations of the lawful–chaotic axis with the good–evil axis. There is one more, of undecided. Each alignment description below depicts a typical characteristic of that alignment. Remember that individuals vary from this norm, and that a given character may act more or less in accord with his or her alignment from day to day. Use these descriptions as guidelines, not as scripts. The first six alignments, lawful good through chaotic neutral, are the standard alignments for player characters. The three evil alignments are for monsters and villains. The three true alignments are the general backbone of a person. The three ultra alignments, they are what purists can use.

  1. Lawful Good, “Crusader”: A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. She combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. She tells the truth, keeps her word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion.
  2. Neutral Good, “Benefactor”: A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them.. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order.
  3. Chaotic Good, “Rebel”: A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he’s kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society. Chaotic good is the best alignment you can be because it combines a good heart with a free spirit.
  4. Lawful Neutral, “Judge”: A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs her. Order and organization are paramount to her. She may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or she may believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government. Lawful neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you are reliable and honorable without being a zealot.
  5. Neutral, “Undecided”: A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. She doesn’t feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil—after all, she would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, she’s not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way.

    Some neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run. Neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion.
  6. Chaotic Neutral, “Free Spirit”: A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn’t strive to protect others’ freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it. Chaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both society’s restrictions and a do-gooder’s zeal.
  7. Lawful Evil, “Dominator”: A lawful evil villain methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion. He is comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve. He condemns others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank. He is loath to break laws or promises.

    This reluctance comes partly from his nature and partly because he depends on order to protect himself from those who oppose him on moral grounds. Some lawful evil villains have particular taboos, such as not killing in cold blood (but having underlings do it) or not letting children come to harm (if it can be helped). They imagine that these compunctions put them above unprincipled villains.

    Some lawful evil people and creatures commit themselves to evil with a zeal like that of a crusader committed to good. Beyond being willing to hurt others for their own ends, they take pleasure in spreading evil as an end unto itself. They may also see doing evil as part of a duty to an evil deity or master.

    Lawful evil is sometimes called “diabolical,” because devils are the epitome of lawful evil. Lawful evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents methodical, intentional, and frequently successful evil.
  8. Neutral Evil, “Malefactor”: A neutral evil villain does whatever she can get away with. She is out for herself, pure and simple. She sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. She has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. On the other hand, she doesn’t have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has. Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies. Neutral evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents pure evil without honor and without variation.
  9. Chaotic Evil, “Destroyer”: A chaotic evil character does whatever his greed, hatred, and lust for destruction drive him to do. He is hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable. If he is simply out for whatever he can get, he is ruthless and brutal. If he is committed to the spread of evil and chaos, he is even worse. Thankfully, his plans are haphazard, and any groups he joins or forms are poorly organized. Typically, chaotic evil people can be made to work together only by force, and their leader lasts only as long as he can thwart attempts to topple or assassinate him.

    Chaotic evil is sometimes called “demonic” because demons are the epitome of chaotic evil. Chaotic evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents the destruction not only of beauty and life but also of the order on which beauty and life depend.
  10. True good, "The hero"; A quibbler, thanks to robert, of a general good person doing good intents with evil or good training. Your balancing good intents while doing good and evil or neutral actions. This person doesn't care whom is dealt by trade, as long as this person is happy to get a result. Double deals those who make trouble. Don't believe rumours, or what isn't in the best intention of most. The hero uses what is useful and may intention a positive understanding. Pays lipservice to the law by obeying them, only in the open and near the law. With a regressive motion, they can turn on those who were or are evil. Some use psience or science to back them up. The pure intent is what they, the hero desires.

    They, the true good are likely not to care on results, but only on the thrilling feel of the moment along with the people responsible. They might say. its not fun to play alone and yet they don't really help. The true good is to not tell of peoples problems and only so they can play with the faults. Aspects are to notify enforcement of law to what is occurring if any and to reflect the law. If they can't do that then they notify people of the laws which apply. Some do argue the point for quite a while till the nonhostile gives up. In their mind there is no wasted events and time is always of interest. The goal is to achieve a position of greatness and allow fame to cause glory and yet to not stop progress. The thought "For the worthy can achieve, by a game that guides the way and most enemies fall by the wayside."
  11. True Neutral, "Prophet"; A true neutral character or generally neutral will control what a person may want to do by attempting to see and prophetize as they desire, on what seems to be a good vs. evil or law vs. chaos, idea, compared to accepting the visions of what may come. Most true neutral characters don't exhibit a lack of conviction or bias, its rather a commitment to neutrality as the two forces are what drive the visions and if there is only one vision then duality dissapears. Duality, in this case is to cause or appear existance from good and evil. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil-after all, He would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones that are guided by a vision or dream. He will use both sides as a manipulation piece in a game like chess to get the best result. The pure result is desired from any resolve.
    Still, he is not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way. When they have to they will prove a point, like socially they are almost banned from giving a vision so they help the besieged and to aid for brownie points. Some do argue the point for quite a while till the hostile give up. In their mind there is no wasted events and time is always of interest, and vision will derive from most any sign they get like a black hand on a pole where there was none meaning endangerment, except they love to study and give examples. True Neutral is the best for nuttyness, because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion even while you dream and its counted as an acted out vision. The goal is to be true to yourself and most will fall into place. What can be said "make good where it can be good and without prejudice excepting good comparison."
  12. True evil, "monster"; Some aren't always like this but some can fit this evil monster role. The general evil achieve for the love of evil profit or objects and do evil intent with good and evil actions, They won't think to debate between criminals and investigators of doing intention of evil! They're doing evil actions while looking for bad results in an area to disrupt. They play to own with time and choose not to follow rules, except for what rules are made by themselves. These people are the easiest to control because they follow the notions and consider what can be abused. If a plot occurs then they might attempt to do is change it, by vision manipulation and/or guilt trips. When they have to they will prove a point, like socially they are almost banned so they help the besieged and to aid a possessive standard group for their own reasons. They attempt to control and connive or live by possessive standards. The hitch is they appear good as they are pure evil and once they own, they don't let go.

    The monster is brutal, if denied and isn't resolved to anything and isn't responsible for their own and others bad actions, they were possessed or so they might say. If not that, then its a self excuse. Their enemies are self-indemning or condemning people. The goal is to achieve with statement of "truly skilled for the sake of imfamy," If everything is perfect then they will achive with what they think of right, to think its right they, will do many things and with mostly bad appearing good without forcing an issue. The true evil leave it alone or don't do it, if its an idea thats new. True evil is to claim an idea for their own and subjucate the idea maker, without giving up they make things pretty hard in the end. They pay off people with other peoples trade. As they seek to be appeased and create control from any circumstances or bad moment. So the line "Placate or use till the idea is dead" and "Don't be dead, for its a useless activity."
  13. Ultra good:
      The good in all of us, this is the point that you create good no matter what you do and only when you are aware it's good. They see the good in all of us, so they could try to bring that out in us. Any bad action, then the point is moot as a concept is a conclusion and things are what they seem. This is a point you know and understand, if you get a point from them. Think and you realize what is done by them. This is a concept that is realized by the soul and understood by the spirit. They are the type that make things happen, and what you do is what they could notice. Then if distracted, they go off on their own tangent. This is known by feel and what occurs is what is decided if necessary. They usually think for themselves when they want sometimes, if they have opinions from others then they listen and could use the idea. This includes being aware by the spirit and the soul, thinking of where they need to be and their soul shifts them by feel as they think of the idea and feel to send the emotion. That is likely to change minds if they aren't blocked. The idea is what attunes the aura energy, then the shift of dimensional energy shifts them to be where they want. So be prepared if you meet them, anything could happen, if they are around.
  14. Ultra neutral:
      They are good for what they say, if they intend to do anything at all. They are the point and not only do they not judge, they can create what they feel is right in idea. They are aware of the moment, then the point is done if they deem it necessary. This is using an aspect of them, that creates the point of living with them interesting. The idea is a point the idea is known and things are what is a point, if necessary and otherwise ignored. The ignored point is where they aren't listening, so think and you know what you can do with them in mind. They will use constructive idea, so this includes thinking about the place and imagining the area with them in the place or area. Then the subconscious causes them to appear there and if that worked, that means they are there until they decide to no be there at all. They can be what is a good or evil on a whim, you see they have no morality so be careful when around them with what you do. They could take it wrong, if you present things badly. Think and you know what to do, if you think to shift then you do.
  15. Ultra evil:
      They are the pure evil, think and you know them. Realize what you need to know and that is what they could allow. The point is antisocialism with them, if they are moody. So think about what you need to know and they will respect your request. The point is done, if they are aware of the point being needed and intended with a purpose they want to do. They are the point in idea, they are the idea you can follow. However, they can change their mind on a whim. They are a point of mindfulness, so think about the idea and you can get their intention with what they do in life. Otherwise, they can do anything, when you feel things are necessary sometimes they don't and feel no need to respond to you. So if this is where they are aware, then they could create whatever they intend. This is a know fact of life. So they feel they are the force of the universe, they can create with a point and make with a concept and this is in a space time continuum with it's own time points or wormholes. So they can use wormholes to shift things.

      This is etherically and spiritually done in the subspace, think about the point and they can be there. See this is a point in idea to them, so that makes them easily able to move their own and others bodies by the aura shift. This is where they focus on a point, breathe in and out, and think to be somewhere. This makes them alter their aura and the idea can shift them to where you or others are in mind. This is apporting in harry potter movies. Where they shift to another place and time, then the giant shift can be done by feel with life energy from the plane and area by idea. You know by the spirit, think and realize by the soul and can do what you want with what is necessary. If you prove the point, you can do what you want with them. This is a point in fact, they oftentimes see the use of the spirit to subjucate so think and you are aware. This means the idea is a point, you know to speak out what they did and feel to send emotion to them of what is felt of the idea in life. They could subside by the feel. That is if you want them to do something. However, one thing you can't do is argue with them. This is basically them in a nutshell.
  16. Unaligned, "Just let me go about my business.": If you're unaligned, you don't actively seek to harm others or wish them ill. But you also don't go out of your way to put yourself at risk without some hope for reward. You support law and order when doing so benefits you. You value your own freedom, without worrying too much about protecting the freedom of others. A few unaligned people, and most unaligned deities, aren't undecided about alignment. Rather, they've chosen, not to choose, either because they see the benefits of both good and evil or because they see themselves as above the concerns of morality. The Raven Queen and her devotees fall into the latter camp, believing that moral choices are irrelevant to their mission since death comes to all creatures regardless of alignment.
Glossary of idea

  Cleansing: In order to do this, you can clear things away. So think to cleanse the area or item or person, we use focus and the thought of 'cleanse' with a stated word or phrase. Or, we can redirect the person's corruption back, to themselves. So we do this by thinking 'corruption back to you', while stating what we want as its an activation word. These statements could also be a drawn or carved 'U'. This is as that counts, this is just as a freehand hex and sign language, too. If its drawn, then it could be in the air. If its carved, then it could be thought of for effect, this is where you think to make it effect with the momentary phrase.

  An alternative to the idea of cleansing, this allows the focus with the thought of 'remove corruption' as you clear away things or clean up, that works better with the thought spoken as you think of the target.

  Resistance is a skill and ability to resist the effort and effect, that is gained by working with things and making a unfeelingness to the effective element. Till you gain immunity, to such effort and effect. Some effects cannot be gotten immune to, but you can still resist it. Resistance grants the effect of not being effected. Immunity is high resistance, this is gained from moments of limited exposure. So high that you do not ever get effected, sometimes this is true after the first exposure.

  AC = Armor class which means how difficult a person is to hit in rating, Body mass amount and barriers between you and target consist of this. This is where things work out by avoiding the blow.

  BAB is Base attack Bonus or what the bonus is for the attacker to hit. This consists of the skill and movement of the attacker and ability to hit. 

  Nonlethal damage based off life is the negative energy that is healing and can be used for energy effects of many types. This energy is ultraviolet or ultra blue-purple, thats not seen by the human eye. Its effects are to weaken the body everytime its used for a spell by adding to a nonlethal damage total. Each nonlethal damage point you decide happens is a 5% effect on your body, this is causing 6 months aging repairable by healing of any sort or rest. Think for 10 min per point gained by nonlethal spell casting and below 0 stamina activity. Wrote together, by Jay, Amy and me.

Gods' dice game

  This is a concept where the effect you think up ends as the Gods make it up, see then that this is an idea that's used as though a Gods' dice game. I suppose the world wouldn't be worth the candle if everything was predetermined, however it can be predetermined by you realizing what the spirit knows of the idea or event. That's known by the spirit, this is where things are what forms and what happens after. This is as though a visual point. So whatever your alignment, if you choose chaos then I recommend studying the quantum realm thoroughly. This quantum realm can produce nearly anything in this realm.

  This realm is also accounted for by the use of quantum physics, that is where everything is 2d and information. This means its represented by information, and if you can identify the point you can identitfy where its coming from as a source is there. That is called a trace by quantum means, and the source of the psychic tracing that some can do. So think of the idea and you know what is there. This is known as a quantum effect, where the idea is known and all you have to do is think about the point that by insight. That is where the soul provides the needed idea, you realize by use of a focused spirit or will. Then you think and know what is there by the point you realize, an in this is a point to do things with by feel.

  I can just picture them up there rolling a 1d20 or 1d30 to see where the next tornado in Oklahoma will manifest. A 1d4 is used to see which direction it heads. 1d100 for intensity. Maybe when comets hit that is a god dropping his dice off the table or imagining the result. 1d20 for amount. So when we fly rockets up there, he puts on his invisibility cloak. The dice is the action and the idea is the time it takes. So think and you could change events and set the dice by feel.

  So with the creator's dice game, a chaos roll is a 1d4, where 1 is you get what you want as a need, a 2 is some result otherwise, a 3 is some random imagined or thought up event, and a 4 is nothing at all. This is all determined by what is thought and needed. So a law magic effect is done by rolling a 1d4 to create the law you need in effect.

  This is where on a 1 you think a law into an idea by a point or making existence, this effect is think a law that exists, then you get results of what you want or need. This effect creates itself by any means you think is necessary. On a 2 is some law he thinks up. A 3 gets a random effect. A 4 gets no law to effect. If you think in percentage, then imagine the result. Then he would roll a die to see the percent chance done. Imagine the dice roll to see what results occur, and this is what you want as if a need exists for the idea.

  Basically the dice don't effect him the slightest. He makes things up as he goes along. I like to think every thing is where all the Gods are huddled around a table to see who can get the most followers before Ragnorak by idea. I have a dicebag somewhere. 1d20 is my favorite. The more you shake it the more entropy you add. If you drop a dice without the shake it is bound by law to only land on one side unless it bounces. The act of observation destroys the latent entropy by feel. Whenever you God dice, there really is no source unless you think of the source of all as a source. So a trace by will and perception will come up empty-handed. This is a Gods' dicing game by feel. Enjoy your dice game, creator.

This is how reality is like a game

  Sensing deeply how reality is like a video game... this is just an experience we create. Also how most beings are on autopilot, living lives void of deeper meaning, feeding their minds with material distractions. On the note of reality being a game, I am very happy because we don't have to take it seriously. Every person is like a game character. //They feel more like npc's though. Yes, a really complex construct that's alive. Ah, this new level of awareness is because of the intelligence spell. So want that level of awareness a basic level? Say, seh teh or seh est, then you will. This means you set awareness to how you want it.

  Other settings in the game feel reality is where you think and know, thinking to set the level of energy higher or lower with the statement, seh ten, this works as you think higher or lower or your soul or spirit makes it self-adjusted. Set the easiness of events with what you intend and stating, "reh est". See what you intend is thinking easy, normal, hard, impossible. Yes, that is the easiness you have with tasks.
  So think of the spawning point and the area, then state spa..that is to reform your energy to make yourself appear somewhere you think about. That's in case you die, so you repawn and you create with the energy consciousness what you need. Oh in this reality, the dimension can cause you to spawn back at any time you need. You just break into particles and thus that allows your respawning.
  Otherwise to attack and hit easily, state in the mind 'it' thinking of your target. Thinking about avoiding the attacks, state "avo it" and you avoid the attack of any where it or they are by feel.
  What allows and creates magic? Well, I think the point you make is what makes magic by the power of thought or words. You are naturally psychic, so think of the point or realize the idea to know and you realize things by the power of the spirit. Think about things and your aware. If you avoid attacks or create attacks, that is done if you want, otherwise you can heal otherwise. If you think of things you need and use the item or electricity as a source as you feel or intend the idea you need to happen by feel. Then state what you want. The consciousness of energy creates what you intend to create. That is the "I" world conscious that even allows illusion.
  Illusion is thinking of the idea to show, then stating or thinking you show the idea by the aura energy waves projecting the waves and the idea ein the waves is perceived. Breaking the illusion, think it's not perceived and you are looking at reality with the power of the pinneal gland. That's the easy way to perceive and show it. The even easier way is, "a sho" being spoken and think of what you want seen. State, "nul" thinking of the effect to cancel it out.
  The harder way is this: The idea is that point you imagine or think about showing, this is where you cause your spirit using the soul copy to hammer away at the person until they are "dazed" and any suggestion is sometimes noticed. Think about the idea, then feel the spirit stops hitting, the person should see what is there after that.

  That means this is a dazed point, where the body copes by seeing what illusion is sent out by the brain waves and the aura energy that broadcasts the idea. Think they heal, then you don't kill them as their spirit uses the creator to recover their wits. So if you wish, what you speak or express directs your energy as conscious energy and the spirit that goes through everything creates what you "wish", this is what the indians believe will create the point as though it were "done", and the effect is achieved with a manifestation by feel or idea you intend to do. That is done with a seh enjoy, this is spoken or thought if by feel with a point. Think and you know what to do.

  This is done, if you think then or do things so that's if a point by check is made.

The end of the game

  The end of the game is the point of working, this is where you realize things and make with what you consider important. So think the end, state "the en" or state "the end of the game." Then you create with a point, and the creator will end the moment that the game seemed to exist with what feel there is by idea. This is a concept game of magic, though so this is a point I would suggest using magic to end this game by what is done. Always remember, the last point is what ends this moment or whatever point you make does this instead. If you consider playing the game again, then the creator uses the conscious of energy to make what you want to play.