Alternate game of life

  This is idea taken from The Elder Scrolls series and it is unique to its own way of gameplay. Also, I added in other idea from various games.

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The Game of life

the ill that is there

The abnormal brain mindset or the were point of the altered mind state and the insanity that sometimes occurs.

   So to start off think better and positive, if you think positively then you can make use what is there as there's skills, abilities and levels. The skills are what you learn. When you use your skill until you gain a point in the ability. The basic feat is the feat you can do anything by the point or how you decide to do things. The ability is where you get results. The ability is measured by how much result per actions that you do and get.

   The ability goes up the more you do with your skill. The skill makes the ability so there is positive actions and negative actions. The positive actions push up the ability which are done by doing the right things to do with the skill or the aura energy vibration. The negative actions are the wrong things to do with the skill that get bad results. You know what is good or bad by the reasoning or reaction, that you get and sometimes this is of reflected idea in how you felt at the time.

   Reflection is the body's ability is to do with the wind to bounce the assault or hit by what is done. The body bounce of the hit makes the body live off the point that happens. This is a point that occurs if your naturally not careful and not doing what you should, so take more care next time and this should be avoided. This by feel is avoiding the point, if you manage to avoid the point of contact then your lucky. That is all there is done for this.

   This state of mind represents the insane or crazy cycle you could go through if you were angered, otherwise calm you have ability that is unique and every time you use this ability if you think of what you need. That is especially true if you are calm and don't strike out, then you maintain this state so when you do strike you lose the anger or idea.

   This ability is an idea that is needed and sought by doing things like meditation. That is breathing in and out and thinking of what you wanted, then if the idea is there or being made into manifest. Then you created by the point and use of the ability was useful after all. If after all the actions and things in the area that are done don't impact your health, then you gained an extra ability by using what you think to create with that's done by the point that your considering to use.

   That is there from this mind state. Everytime you achieve this mind state by meditation and thinking of what you want, this manifests or makes what you want to become generated by the aura. That drops your body weight excess and increases your energy, then you create by thinking about things as with what you want to have created. This is the special mind state attributed to this point.

   The skills are many, but the actual skill is the ability to get things done. Whatever you apply your skill to, you get results for it. Even no result is a result that says you need but try again. The skills even include magic. The ability is what you think it is and with others input, this is what you can make of the idea.

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   This is use of metaphysics and using the elements to get results and magic is counted as a meta skill with methods and skills. Think to use the metaphysics, this is done as you need something and things are thought to be easy by them.
     The nature of metaphysics is the basis of all magics and physics and can be considered metamagic or metaphysics based in empirical science.

   Emperical natural science, I think to those who observe facts can make free standing thesis laws till disproven. Often getting nowhere in the end till added with those of scientific basis. The spiritual laws work with metaphysics or natural laws that underlie science. It works with set conditions or cluse as is the clues you see and several cluse allows for a basis or how one thing reacts. Science works with physical laws based on physical interaction and to not destroy unless necessary or to create something better. In combination its to use natural observance corrected by feeling and understanding in examples by theories and correct with philosophy for explaining why. In compliance to cluse of empirical laws of metaphysics, we can make a strict law of general observance with both sides to reflect.

So this is the physical law with the empirical law for use as a point by example. A rule is a set example or law that can be gotten around by changing the conditions that were set for the law to work. With this rule in place you can use physical laws in spiritual lands. So to set the law of a varied conditioning representing a single effort with scientific and spiritual basis, makes it allowed in this case.
Example 1: a clinical case cannot be founded on facts alone, the case has to have guidance by some philosophy to be correct.
Example law 2 is where, "A setback of information can be reclaimed by doing things over or make use of the backup, but if no backup or hostile reactions to your claims, your not likely to succeed if consequences are against."

  Depictions of a theory or opinion is to claim information is true, with two or more similiar opinions, the basis is true unless the opposing view is to not accept. There is nothing in endless conclusions so empirical science fails in physical world but succeeds if combined with scientific basis as the fundemental reason how and for why as the Empirical reason and people quit for the wasted time of just Empirical. For Empirical laws tend to take months and working off rumours to create the cluses and clauses and then the basis for the factual law. One problem, the cluses are opinion until proved and some aren't, so most give up after moonthes or months.

  The nature of metaphysics is that it is set on three rules and the intertwining of such rules. If the rules don't combine, then think to use them separately and equally. That is unless you can't use them equally or in idea, then you know somethings up.

  Rule number one is: Affinity

 The affinity of something, is an attraction and unattraction of objects or humans in and of a relation. Think about it as a magnet. Hold another magnet to the magnet with a negative to negative pole of force and one magnet will repulse the other without ever meeting in the middle. If the poles of force are positive to negative or positive to positive, they will attract each other and they will meet in the middle. Chemical actions/reactions are also good classification for this rule.
 The second rule is: Thaumaturgy

 Like actions that can control or manipulate like actions through linking actions, exerted force over an object, or visualization from a person. 'As above, so below. Make something happen on a small scale, and give it the energy to happen on a large scale.' Witchcraft is a very good example. The act of witchcraft is when the person visualizes an action, and does a moment of action to incur it, that is physical. Thus, making the imagined moment happen through that action. The ultimate goal of thaumaturgy, is to occur an action through exactly the same, or almost the same likenesses, by applied force.
  The third rule is: Mind over matter

 How much focus, and how much idea that you put into the moment, to occur the moment by instructing energy to make it happen. The amount of thought equals amount of energy. An approach is that you are on a project and the focus is on that project. The more energy you have, the more chance of manifesting or finishing it. If distracted, the project sometimes never gets done, because of sidetracking. The more will one has to occur the project to completion, the more power one puts into it. Eventually, the project is finished.

 Think of this as power equals amount of will, and focus of energy that gets transferred. What one is philisophically brought up in as beliefs, that will flavor the project and how it is achieved. The power of persuasion is based off this, as it is a sheer focus to convince people of your belief. The more will one has, this can seem to make the other person believe, that what is done by feel in what he or she has said, the more chance of it occurring an action from things. Observation is also keen to this rule of the mind. Think to observe and leave alone by what is there.
  Mixed rules:

 Since everything is in a state of change, this is only natural that these rules get mixed, or used in union with each other. Where one rule begins, sometimes another ends or works in conjunction with the first. Think of this like a chemistry experiment, where the reaction is equal to the other parts in balance to result in a product. Take one part this rule; and mix it with that rule, to equal the original rule. The objective is to get a reaction by appliance of the new rule.

  The elements 

   The elements are many. The elements are manipulated by imagining their doings and feeling the effects of them. Sometimes stating the end result will occur things more easily as the subconscious makes your intent happen.
    Earth:  Objects, rocks, anything made of these materials of the planet.
    Fire: Chemical interactions, fire itself from heat combustion and the elemental plane of fire, self-explanatory
    Water: Liquid hydro and things made of liquids.
    Air/Thunder: The psychic nature, winds and natural lightning of the clouds and energy nearby. 
    Void: Anything that is sucking energy that is nothing to create results.
    Mana: This is natural nature energy of the planet. This also allows for psi energy. Psi energy is directed mana.
    Chaos: This is raw primordial energy from existence itself. Its generated by activity and interactions of many things going on. This energy can lead to decay of what its used on. Also, it could induce a reduction of a working state. In effect, its use is limited to those who want to take the risk of its use.
    Elemental Interactions: Elemental interactions and what comes from them. This could be ice from air and water, lava from earth and fire.
  Also, there are various ways of summoning them and other skills.

  The Alteration arts are a usage of the aether by focus of will and imagination. This works by the aether being of a framework of magnetic particles in nature. These particles in nature manipulate the subatomic bond interactions which occur beneath the human eye at on-millionth the size of the atom. The only way to measure use of the aether is to make note of the change of the state in itself of the object being changed.

   How to use it is quite simple. Focus your mind by thought provoked in some manner. This thought provoking can occur by: a single word which expresses what you saw, a moment of imagination and a word or two to cause the action, imagination alone, focus on an action word, focus through a device in your hand or around your neck, or to make an action happen by other people believing in it. Once the thought has been achieved, it will make an imprint of the material of aether. The aether will cause the focused upon idea or person to change from within in shape, form, or desire. One note: this effect needs to be practiced until you get a result. Then you can do it anytime afterwards. Think to use what tools or items that you can, if you can't use them then sometimes your will can suffice.

  The examples are: to see a vision and to mentally change it by imagination if it was dire enough to provoke fear. Another example is to see a spell in action and to be able to mimick its effects by a descriptive word alone that is meaningful to you. Think to imagine a sequence of events in meditative trance and to see the events happen before your eyes. Think of what you need and this is to speak a single word while suggesting or provoking the image of the effect in mind, that is used to make the spell effect happen sometimes through some sort of focusing device.

  Enchanting an item through the effect of thinking that said item has that power while in some way touching the item and "locking" afterwards, at least, this is done in your mind. Changing your shape by focus on an image you want to become for at least two seconds. Finally, the attempt at morphing an item. This is the alteration art in a nutshell. Expect the result to happen when it happens and not before. The result will happen in the quicker times if you wish it to happen faster.

  Destruction is where our skill is destroying things and is measured by how we do it with what results we have. When we feel the urge to destroy, always do something with the urge and try to get rid of it when you can. Unless the destruction is hazardous, you may use the art you made to create the effect by imagining the result as you look at the art then ignore the art. The art is the destruction by the point of what occurs.

  The Art of Invocation is to invoke the power to work for you by imagination, linking, idea provocation, thinking, suggestion and focus. Invokers are ambitious and stubborn individualists. So think to accomplish this art, call out mentally or physically "I call to you power that I bid! Come to me and serve my purposes!" Now expect power to come to you, this is the consciousness of energy that responds to your need. Now imagine the events you would want. Wait for them to happen. When you are finished, thank the power that aided you. The consciousness of energy is everywhere and the spirit that goes through everything, that is empowered by the consciousness and this can create what you normally couldn't. So think of the result as an end result and then the end result is created.

  Another way to do this is to bid the power to come by the method above. Make the action you need by thinking about what you would want and call out the name of said item or person you'd want to affect. Now, focus on what action you would want done by imagining it or saying what you would want to happen to it, her or him. Thank the power after your work is finished. This is a surefired way to get results, if you know of a way to do this without drawing attention to yourself. If you do, you could be countered.

  Think to do this by idea provocation or suggestion, then make a call to the power within you and bid the power to do what you need. Now think about an idea appearing and manifesting physically from a point in the back of the mind that said person thinks is his. Now imagine the entire idea as if presenting it to a science fair crowd. Afterwards, thank the power for helping. The alternative to a science fair is to project the thought as if done in conversation. When the conversation is over, this can mentally draw yourself back into your mind. This is also called thought projection. So think of what you want, you can create what you need by what you think.

  The focus idea is a bit tough, so I would try to do this in meditation. Meditate on an idea that you would want to happen. Keep focus on the idea until things that you want by will occurs. The idea you were thinking is a certain thing if you feel a shift in the air or a change in the element you use. When you do, thank the power for helping and allow things to work unhindered by your mind. This is accomplished by you associating in your mind the fact that this is an equal partner. This be in a high level of yoga practice, that is usually done by meditation or it isn't done at all.

  Evocation is the Art of evoking a reaction to get the result desired. This done through this method of idea. Make a link to some source by imagining the source and yourself as stick figure drawings. Now imagine a line to yourself from the source you chose. This source must not be human! This also cannot be corrupted. I would choose the sun. . The earth is the other choice of mine. Now find a concept in your mind that you want to have happen. Make the concept happen by imagining a hand that scoops up the source.

  Imagine said hand charged with the purpose of making things happen to your purpose by evoking the right reactions. Thank the source after you are done and dismiss the hand mentally. Evocation is the simplest technique. That if you use this idea to create with a result, then withdraw from the use of things you could make alterations to the body. That is the end result, that I saw one day that is what could occur or happen. This if overused or halted to abruptly can lead to altered states of mind, this has focuses that may seem a bit off or unbalanced. So don't overuse the evocation artform.

  You can do this effect through a focusing device as well like a ruby for a fireball, a diamond for cold spells, a citrine or stone for earth spells, an obsidian for air or lightning results or psychic nature and a wand or staff for almost anything.

  A fireball is evocation. You evoke the fire from raw fire force.

  Ice or freezing effects are simple, take a diamond and focus raw cold force through the ice. Now when the cold gets notable as freezing, try to make imagination focused through the gemstone of what type of cold effect you would want to happen and to whom or what. Try also to focus on the target. Now, mentally release the ice force contained in the diamond. Watch it do exactly as you imagined the point. This ice is exactly what you imagine, nothing more nothing less.

  Air is also an evocative force. All this is is taking a compressed force of air to make a puncture in the target. The airball can be deadly, if used in the right manner.

  Mentally imagine a concept of something doing something and it will Same thing for a person.


  Conjuring is the act of summoning items and people in general to you or anywhere else you would want. When the conjurer does the act of conjuring try to make a circle of power protection to gain protection from meddling minds and evil natures. Otherwise as an alternative, think and visualize a gray wall that pushes meddling thoughts and evil natures away from you by causing them to not sensing you. When you are protected from meddling and the evil.

  The point you create with the good, that could be drawn by idea you think in the act of conjuring. Think to yourself the object in mind that you would want. Now imagine that item or object in your hand or on the ground near you. Pull the item mentally by imagining a powerful flow through the link of your needing the object using the knowledge of where this is done. Think of a resolution and things can get better, when the mind picks up on the resolve of the moment then the calm settles in over the area.

   Draw on a piece of paper an arrow of the direction of the flow that could be from the object to you in meaning. Say out loud "Come to me object of my desire to where I need you the most". Now, imagine the object appearing where you want it to be and that would be the place of the object. Just keep imagining the energy flow and feel the power pulling through the flow pulling the object to you.

  When you feel the moment is right, let go of the energy and the item should appear sometime. Then, cancel out the circle of protection or imagine the gray wall disappearing as you no longer need the protection. This will work no matter what you do so be prepared to wait a period of time unless you put power behind it to make it work faster. The last time I did this the time period was twenty minutes of waiting until this appeared.

   Conjuring elemental energies is simple but takes focus. Take in mind the focus of energies of the elemental power of choice. Now, find a focus for the elemental power. These are general descriptions on gemstones: diamond or clear quartz is good for drawing ice or cold energies and if trained, the diamond or clear quartz can do anything else. A ruby is good for fire energies. A citrine is good for earth, wealth and health, any stone you pick up off the ground will do for earth. An obsidian will do for an air or psychic focus.

   A piece of copper or semiconductor material is good for electrical energies. Poisonous and bad effects can be made to happen with a black diamond. Good events, healing, and the trapping of energetical spells by thorough focus can be occurred through sunstone and agate. Onyx or black quartz can be used for deflecting spells, negation, absorption of negative energies, otherwise you can use them for capturing of spells. Holey stone or a piece of meteorite can be used for healing, protection, and to enhance psychism. Conjuring can be aided by the birth stone of your birth month. Clear quartz can be used for anything.

   Conjuring takes an almost endless practice, this is until you think your fast enough and good at the summoning effect. I took five hours of sheer focus to make my first fireball. Afterwards, this took less time the more I practiced the idea. When you can summon the fireball within milliseconds of thinking about the effect or summon by instinct then you would win a spell battle. The bigger the summoning, the less refining and power this takes to do things with feel. Usage of the rule bigger slower smaller faster makes the summoning more powerful the less size it has.

   The smaller you try to make the summoning the more power that takes to do. The larger the summoning the lesser the power that takes with less mental defining in your head. This works with any elemental power base. With poison, care must be taken because when you yield the power of poison there could be poisoning of yourself and mind. Think about the things you can do with this and need a result, then do things and the result should happen. This is how I cast my first in air fireball. That fireball caused a blackout of the area, then when the electricity was restored the area had some black marks.

   NOTE**** To charge any stone or object: Go into Alpha state by meditation. Once in Alpha, hold the stone or object in our "projecting hand" (right for right handers, left for left handers or those who were supposed to be left handed, but were "changed" by parents) visualize your need, raise your personal power, tighten your muscles until you actually tremble, *push* the energy out of your body (while visualizing your need) and into the stone or object. Then say, "I charge this stone (or object) to catalyze my every thought and deed by my will. Correctly and for the good of all. So mote this be."
    For more idea on magic effects, go here @
    When you attempt magic, there is one simple rule to follow. If the intent is there then magic will be done by the subconscious. This is with ability that makes it gather energy and use it for manipulation of the elements that are needed. So thinking of what you want acts like an intent. Then, stating or thinking the end result or a simple 'done' as an activator phrase word will cause this more easily. Think of the point and the idea you want to acheive, then you can get the end result by feel.

   The winds

   This is where you focus and achieve a second, third, fourth or fifth stated wind. That's otherwise a wind of energy where this revitalizes the body, its's sometimes done by swallowing your spit or drinkong water. Normally its done by eating a nibble or bite of food and that includes a little piece of candy. This calms the mind and if you think of the number.

  So this is done so you can work with the point by remaining active. Then move around and possibly lose weight from the point of activity you do. Oh yes think about this, if you drink grape juice and eat some grapes or grape candy then your able to remain healthy, so by doing activity where your at the end of your activity you won't get sick.


  Intensity occurs sometimes when invictimized, then you might feel intense. Otherwise you could think to feel more focused. Then you feel more intense emotion, lose a temporary amount of weight and speed up your body by what you sense.

  An intense person is easily sensed and stronger temporarily, this is sensed in idea until the intense state disappears by thinking about things. That's when their stamina becomes normal, you can notice that the intensity is gone after this fact.

  This state is where the speed of time comes into play, the idea is simple where the speed of the body allows for dodging or multiple attacks if necessary. Otherwise you can do one sped up attack. Also noted for intensity, there is an automatic dodging of things in the intensity of the moment, that you would rather not be effected by feel.

  So think about this, you can use it accordingly if you must. That is a point to work with by feel. That is when some go with the idea, this is where your an intuitive person. So think to relax and you can relate to others better.

  So that is done by thinking about things, the idea comes naturally of what you want. It means you can seem to be what knows things by idea, this is with reactions if you don't think. See that is done to do things, sometimes this is from a gaming perspective where you hate to do things.

  Relax your mind by thinking or printing the word relaxing and imagining a peaceful scene. Then you make what you think as you allow your mind to wander and you can shift back into the normal mode of thinking. Think of the moment of what you feel and create by idea you have, that feeling you get is with a relaxed mindset. This is a foolproof idea. When you shift back into the normal mindset, you think of a calming moment and then you are aware of things. Some idea you can use is these rules of the game of life. That's if you want to play with the point and think of things that manifest. So enjoy yourself when you think of things, the point is made I am normal now.

   The en

  The end is done by entropy, where things slow down and you think of the ending that you want to occur. Then they speed up and you realize what was done or the thinking of the time, then this is a point in time which is doing nothing except what you you think and you get a result by the thought. So if you think the end point, really the end of the idea then is where you create the point you need sometimes by statement. This is a concept that ends by what you do or think to create. This is where the point is created, some can think the feel or use the senses they have. Then things end by themselves with what you want ended ended.

   The other things

  creation; This is where you love to use the point that allows you to work with idea, this is done to create with the point and what you think is what your spirit uses to get info from the soul as insight.

  nothing: If you think nothing will create what you need, then that's what you use as a source creator. So that is a point in the past, made by a monk. This is interesting, as what you think is created if you intend it to be created. otherwise it's just an idea.

  If; This forms as an iffy point. When you effect a point you think of the idea, and the point to effect and state what yopu need meaning to have that instead. This reprograms constructs and programming that is sometimes set by feel. I think that's a worthy thought.

  Play; If you don't want something to effect you, then think it effects someone or something else and the subconscious creates the effect of someone or something else getting the effect.

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   The class you choose is what you do to support yourself with and what we learn from things. This is where you are making do with what you get and the class name you choose is what you do for a living or for support. This is like an occupational job class, wizard or energy worker for magic/psi use and worker for the work you want to do.

  Health meter  

   This is where you measure your life by percent each point is a pecent point. This is where you start off at 100 point which is in the morning, unless your sick. Each thing we do takes a little health from us, 1%-5% per act. Wounded, you lose life points, this is depending upon how you were wounded. Uncritical wounds are 10% of your health. Critically wounded is 40% taken away, you could die from it. However, life is regained and you can recover, even if you go below 0 points.

   This is restorative from resting for 10% per hour, 20% per drink, 5% per eating something. Then, if you still live by some means, you are undead or a ghoul and immune to diseases and poison to some degree. Poison is counted as a sickness for 20% health. The measure of the poison is the degree of how lethal this can be. When your unconscious, your with 0% health. When your dead your with -2% health.

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   Magic meter 

    This is where our bodies and spirit make the use of the energy that abounds and we use our divine energy to amplify what effect we get from things we use. This magic meter is measuring the ability to use energy and is what we can get from the activity which happens. The activity in energy points is what energy that is there. This is from what you can get from any activity. So an energy point is the point where energy is used. The more attempts we do, the more points we get. Think energy comes to you and you get it. Divine energy is added into this meter, this is the energy of our own divinity.

    That is endless and unlimited. Our subconscious makes the ability of magic possible through our DNA by suggestion sometimes. Otherwise we can create by the idea we think and we need the idea that we feel. This is where our subconscious can make any manipulation of the energy we gather. This magic also uses up fatigue energy per magic act. We're at 100% energy when were aware we start the day. 10% at the end of the day.

    This is done unless we don't get enough sleep then we start at 50%. An idea of this is where we get sleep and use up our energy during the day, then as we use the energy we drink or eat something and then we recover 10% to 20% energy each time we do this. Thinking is what directs the spirit that goes through everything, that creates what we do or have created for us.

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   The spirit 

   The spirit is a point you think about, then the spirit that goes through everything does things. We each have a part of this spirit, this is used as an extenstion of our souls ability to deal with things. This spirit can either become angellized, that is when this spirit is acting on our behalf either as a messenger or as we interact with the tenth dimension. Otherwise this spirit can become demonized, that is when we try to do things we consider wrong and can get angry over by feel.

   So trying to do things with love, caring or concern as we are positive will make this demonized spirit part leave. Thus once calmed down, the demon will return by idea as though your spirit is there to guide you in things. That is the spirit in all things, that uses the energy consciousness. This is to make what you wish, express or feel, if you think you need the effect as an end result.

   If you don't need a result, then the idea will disappate back into becoming energy again. This is done as though the idea was a point that deexisted, then things went on to do what they normally do. If they don't, then the item or person was effected by what you did. So you may need to find a way to either repair or replace the item.

   So to repair a relationship is sometimes easily done, think to listen to your intuition and that is your soul. Then you say or do the correct things that make things pass and the right actions happen thought. Seen otherwise this will work with the person on a more professional point, present an idea that they will accept so they calm down.

   This is how you can calm anyone down by feel. Just think of the idea and present the point that they will accept, when they start thinking they will calm down and do what you want by feel. The act of concession is the act of thought. So you can work work with them on a more professional level, think of the idea and present the point as though calming is your nature and you only feel calmness. If you can't feel calm, then think to go somewhere else and walk away for a time.

   Then they will listen to what you will say, so after that is a point of concession. This is where you can create peace by leaving them alone and let them think or aggravate them as you attempt unnecessary explanation. This is your choice to repair a working relationship. However, if no working relationship exists, then let them have their space and leave them be. This is a way to avoid being hit by an overemotional person. Thus you are free to go do what you want, this is done as you can get away.

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    The stats are intelligence, wisdom, charisma, luck and stamina and this comes from various games.
    Intelligence is where you can outwit or think of things to do with what you have by creativity.
    Wisdom is where you are wise and more able to cope with things. You even get insights from this.
    Charisma is where you can charm a person to get results or things in return.
    Luck is where you win at things.
    Stamina is where you are measuring how healthy or unhealthy you are in weight or fatigue.

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  The gameplay

    The gameplay uses a character or characteristic, that we can choose to portray. This is where a good character is truthful and trustworthy. A bad or chaotic character is manipulative or fails at telling the truth. This is the interaction we do and by use of ability we measure our results. Then when we had enough of the effect we got we get to stop and do something else, this is where we choose not to portray a character and that means a mask is not portrayed.

    This equates into a flow of life and mana. Where we get results of that which we want or earn. The greater the flow of life energy, the more we can do by feel. The greater results we build up. Great enough results equal success. The failures also can be used as a learning lesson. Failure is where we get negative results where we expected something more. Where we fail, try try again unless we know that the things we do aren't worth our attention. 

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  The experience we get is what we earn as a result. This is where we gain life points or brownie points. The life point is the point of where we experience things and then get our body remembers things by DNA memory storage. We gain valuable insight from what we observe. Remembering is by what is thought about and the brain pulls up the memory of the idea. There is no levels except for levels of ability. This is a noted effect that is what we can do or we can choose not to do this. That is a choice we have.

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  The postponement is where we decide not to do things and get better results and have more energy from our not doings. This means we can choose to do things with the time we have but we get to do things when we want.

   The end

  This is where you can decide to end your life or choose not to portray a character and go onto doing something else some other place. This is the end of our time and gameplay. So think of the fun that you had, if you did have fun remember the best and whatever occured the next chance you get.

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   End notes on The Creator

  Sometimes I think if we didn't have a choice, then we would cease to exist. This is because we are a part of the creators memory. He or she will allow by thinking about things, what we can or can't do with what we have available. This is generally what I've learned, also he or she does certain things on urges and idea that seem like insightful moments to him or her. So I am not surprised about this at all. I do know the creator is somewhat sealed away in his or her world. So I think his or her imagination is truly what rules us from a viewpoint that we can get from him or her.

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