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  Before we get started I must say, this page is just a list of ideal points and just put out there as a list of things. Its also about Atlantis in its daily idea. Everything about atlantis as I could put is there, but it may not seem that way from here. The how to do magic is theory of the lost continents. Most notably how I saw them try magic out. As a point in effect is where the sphere, they used allowed Atlantia to have existed and this was in the mind.

  So as once it existed, it was physically placed. This was like heaven on earth before heaven on earth. The Atleantians were apt to do certain physical things or idea that attracted attention, though thought came really that they were unable to grasp word magic too easily. So other magic was an ability, that was one of them that was easily done. The other ideal was placed into docs as listed below, like the dimensional physics and the atleantian source of magic as each idea I noted amongst others.

  Now lets let the ideal talk for just a point, that is mastery itself and about the spiritual aspect of the effect. Take the ideal point as its spoken and you know, yet not always what is said about the idea is true. The spiritual aspect to magic and sharing effects what is the ideal situation in experience, that in work and play we expand the influence of our spirit. Over the time of thinking about what we want, doing activity like a project with feeling for the area creates what we desire.

  This is the spiritual aspect as of now. When we get something from the project we try to deal with and finishing up, we achieved the goal we thought on. Even if things were what was different from the project. We sometimes do it through our animus or spirit, that does what we think about. With some effects, the spirit is like a prisioned thing or thought ideal that life forms. This is from what that is or from blood flow energy. Sometimes its the imprisioner of ideal, that is influenced on others to do things from our act of effect and effort.

  I think this what exposes us or we're seen as real, so this is otherwise as we are where we are thought to be. So if you think this point, you can create a ghostly area that spiritual is real where physical is spiritual. So instead thinking this point, "..thinking excersize causes you exercise or not. You create the point you thought, as the origin and the original aspect obviously is there. You can read the next article to see the point I saw.."

  This was called "the hoax is out am I need or am I not as I am no need is there." But no longer is this readable as its readable form, on a touch crumbled to dust. This is so true an the list, I got from this article is use for idea. Think what you wish or "not" be there, then the area isn't there to deal with by feel. More from the article is "Think "no push" so you don't need to or don't have to create something illegally, if some illegal drugs are there for use. Think no need so you aren't needing to do things or no use no pressure okay. So use in meditation seen is the use to move around, this is up to you or the created area is your own idea to try."

  These next few idea are what exposes this as a hoax, see if you can follow along. "A point to think is to create things or form the shape then. If you agree with those that are the shape, you create the area shape to your area feel to safe use even if there is then thought as though no safety exists. Then they that are with the area feel are nothing to your area use by age idea, life exists if you need it to so you can decide to do things yourself. This was with the point to the area, that if I walk in or out I was where I wished to seem. So when you are aware, you are good at what you do. Even if corrupted, your faith and filth by now is gone."

  Otherwise till the seeming end, then I was not there as a violent act ends. Thus you see you are where they put you. See the use for a guarddog, I think this includes mythical here that this is use by a real chucabra monster? Your out of that work to correct then. The area is some use, so no useless idea exists. Though this place is unstable enough yet enough idea pointed out is sane use. Your enough by feel to not use your own ideal against yourself, if you can avoid this or avoid doing so. Then you are aware by what you do.

  The effort is thought in meditation by using an in breath or out breath, with the out breath coming from body. Use is a point as it's the ideal of evolution through the choice of doing something, I have seen all that counts in this so as we do things to achieve our end and our mind achieves with our spiritual influence. As the spirit influences and grows in force, some evolution may happen. In that achievement, we grow from the so called and summoned experience. Anything can be an achievement by the use that is nonetheless existing things, this is with an included point by a successful act or an embarassing moment. All possible because by faith or filth, this is gone unless needed. This means you see what is non corruption, thinking to work and avoid the bad as a circumstance.

  Faith comes in on this from being a point, as though its where we think the action will be done and accomplished. This is usually by our thinking and acting on purpose. Which allows things to occur by reaction and this includes things from the list below. Which by some accounts this is feel, so if you see things as a point not to do then avoid doing it. For where all instructions are not heeded, this is used idea by allowance and not always needed in idea given. Some idea herein are fictional, that your subconscious can make real. See and feel are theory not intended for use, you know the way in or out of an area or existence. So unless you want to do something, then think to create by instinct or intuition thats feel.

  So if there is nothing to do then you can use this rule, no kill necessary is possible by a chip or dip thing. Otherwise this is by things, that was once a computer chip. This is not done by torture, this is in ancient fluescent "en is done by now" or "use by the user is a feel with the permit by no imprisioning. So this is with uses to work by the ideal, so if "no you don't" this is from feel or use energy. Then you see a point and can do things, with a point or not do anything like it any longer. As a feel to do differently is here or there by now. This is the ancient law of Annunaki. Do you see how a monster could exist from nothing?"

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