Game of life

Coping game

Pain and experience (XP)
The source of power
The gauges factor

The rest of the game

a. Damages
b. Rage levels
c. Spells and other effect
d. Spell material
e. Magical weapons and material grade
f. Alignment

Glossary of idea


  This article attempts to make life seem like a game of RolePlay. So don't take it too seriously, as its meant for fun, and the gaming of life in itself. It might be interesting to see what you can get from this. So play along if you want to enjoy it as you want to and as possible. Remember to work as if you think to work with this system of life.

Coping game

 n  The area I saw with this led me to believe I could cope, no matter as I felt better there were resources. See tis is a list of gods from DnD with the start of this. See or say is what you don't always use movies for by use as you see. Seeing to use is not always seeing to create. So this is what I read as the person was not an english speaker, yet not sorta think to make sense with this common speach. "Say or cause no rue is drug no more as no more roaches is no ads or use. Set by seth noe methe that is not past or pest gas as seathe isn't meth with heathe as the candy. Say or see nulle anger, energy info or ancient obey move away if to use by fee or create what you see dinosaur to be or not. So not before is idea as why bring up some past. Say as you are in by feel not by so don't drago, see to create or use by the feel if you bring up something from in the past without an this by that you create. So thats done even if it isn't.

   This is cooking by idea to use seeming good is still good even or alone in no nuse. So that was fun yet no cooking is more as less necessary by creating in the aura, as excess is use the area is energy by feel. So is thus created as an idea if thought or some god namo, or don't always do name error. So use and as I want, disagree or say he's not beaten or bothered. This depends on whats relative, as I say he's doctor who he's not if he's not. As I say she's a doctor who, as if to do or create is free he or she is or is not. I is the third eye manifest not always for monsters by focus or not. Judge right is how you think by what you see or think or use not in life.

   Whatever she or he is, she or he is alright by feel. As soon as I say or don't say whatever he or she is not a monster. There is no episode, there is no situation. Whatever is stated or thought as there's no effect there is no attack no condition, there is no or yes answers or some visual answer yet I won't kill him or her. If you chose or think to cause effect by words, rites or magic then they might happen if intended, you will not die or if not to cause any effect or some effect somwhere you won't cause intending.

   So you do as you want as a word is a word or use with an act is activity so not, so you are free or whatever by feel, see or not use lafayette as an assistant. So do to do not, so no is in effect yes is in the act. Some to see or use is what you can think or not or necessary may be the act, as if kill by response is not but dead or noit is in work so you can reform whomever. Don't is thought by sight or use or you can allow so you can win. No slapping there, as no slap no prob. So not to do things is not to do unless necessary.

   Whomever I choose not as assistant is not beaten, flogged or flugged, see however seen or not there is no lie as thats only opinion. There is wrong or right if as if is no fight or not, so no good is not evil or evil is not good till thought this is as good or evil is perspective. Sometimes this is no incident, so no control is use no or pestillence disruption so no by pattern to see by pest control so by what you want. No want control where no slight is where you seem to appear, what they want or no honor is whomever is right is self-perspective. See or heal is create or feel to cause or create, sight by interest or imagine to please. So buy what you see is sight by thought with no delirium moment that is an end by the moment. Don't have to if your not needed to so if you admit a problem your not effected or not seen by use.

   There is there so that is this no rule you have to follow, so there is no rule trancedental you have to do. So thought or activity you do, so do is not die off as necessary, reverse attack or that is create or no act is free act by money sometimes not sometimes create. So not don't always do or feel to act sometimes unless not necessary. If those things not keep multiplying, your rule is to kill the bug or what have you not liked is there. So if you suggest to them the bug that bug you to go away they will. They who bug you aren't bugging you if no slight or bother necessary, as if you give or not as they don't matter. So you don't matter as not is he or she don't matter your don't matter is gone unless necessary.

   Not any person has to be struck, trace as you are to see what is so there is no effect when no effect so as in friendship. That can be ignored, as you see time is how you decide it or what things are see. He's alright to create by feel or the creator creates. The creator isn't evil, think no effect if to act or seem normal in friendship or non friendship. See there is no attack with the right reason so there is no reason to ass or feel not unless to trace to what you see feel and you dismiss that reason. See or feel is create by your sigt as sight or third eye.

   Avoid what you hate or so no attack, as you need to see or cause by feel. See or use, feel free to by recital, do what you want se what you do is what you feel as you see the need or no need. Think to consider on what is or of what you do before you act, as you see or say what is or realize by focus by some idea. Don't have to if you don't need to, as you see the use or create is result possible to disrupt you see or trace. So the area is energy by the pattern with life so you set in or use foot on my ship instead. As you see or created your use that is thought, so as if another if to get you in trouble or resolution by some concept in use without hitting.

   So as you act see as you feel or see like it so you are responsible or gotten used to by idea by feel or not feel. As if you don't have to be run into or but did not, see your not effected if you think. Whatever you do or not did you don't have to or did not as feel or do otherwise not done. There is a so though you see by feel or create with creator idea. Whenever the creator is mentioned, there is no attack or attack attacked unless this is no necessary idea. Please stop as you sesame seed use to think the flavor improved see you are not needed to seem worse with the tear. You can see or see what you are is how you think. As you think is cool is not always cool or what you see or think is some use. Don't always take something if to keep or not do good relations or stay as you want not some. Some you see is you don't have to stay away so do or allow. So no drugs with alcohol or see is to feel. So say as you want are there, this is in need or desire so use is cool by no feel. See to your needs, then do as you want as you see. See as your feel is tere or in use or created by feel you can seem a target. fs

   That isn't respect if a struck area, not was is always repeated or respected so respect is nice or good bone. See not if no attack then that is related to you or not. As you want as you if your seen as your thought to see or give whats needed unless not. Not need a butt stink or dr who by wat isn't necessary is not necessary, unless you think this is so nothing is actually needed as you act or think. Say by feel or yes by stated concept. So many things exist yet non there if not necessary, the area creates what you want if conscious or you are what is not guilt or as you pleasure seek don't as you speak easy without illness or emotion. So walk around as you see reason or what you want is were altered to not exist. No extra control as you see or use fee what isn't.

   Say as you ask or seeing to lift some things away so tis is easy by any body cause seems use, so not many is weightless by use or lift is cool with no hit not despite. Nothing listed in the mind has to effect or not any, think or some use is not seen as done unless you see what is by feel yet don't have to beat them up. Don't take out your frustration on things, that don't deserve it or see to feel or say you are very useful. You aren't dead or not use is not use, this is not in what is thought is use but sometimes by checking in the area or sometimes feeling is sensation. This is Ali-Babao with what you see or Daniel as you see. See as you seem to do this, as you seem use, so you create as use is use as no havoc thoughts with use by this. So tragedize carefully if you target carefully or no tragedy will occur. So I think it safe to provide for your own self.

   You can't check so not possible, so don't try if feel is right so that is correct. If you point out something to do in it or don't hit. See not do is done or by what you see in life. See or say is wat you want as you see the necessity with no abuse or non jealousy. About is nothing by what you feel or see you can feel in life. This is about my life not others ad-hoc, physical use is creative by use in no abuse by communication. Disassociate from the person by thought or by feel to cause in life or whatever or so you think is esse. Yes is I try to keep or think good relation. Sopping is for use in effect to kill by use is use to feed by idea or use you see that is life. So lets stop this now as you feel this is I know by watching you see.

   This is a god by use or sense in use that use is not your own. Tis is me as I was so now I am this so an is my mother, that is now dead see as I was insane I was not thought well so as am I means I sense or am well. So this is my end by what I do, so I am as you say now deceased yet I enoyed what an I did. So you see ghosts can do or create through bodies. Such is te case as I see I am a ghost writer archmage, so the originator died I am alone so I might see or seem good as I am born or seeing to good use. I am a creator yet I see the universe creator as a friend, so as you are or use idea from the this or things I write. Think to Ben or see support as this is what is knowable or feel cool the knowable is infinite, as he is realized he is not so as you are if the use is not your own yet you can use what you wish by idea or non infuse to use or created. Ciao. That is an interesting note I saw or sensed in use by feel or if need to see is by use. I will stop channeling him as necessary.

  To cope, some use life as a game to find the moment of peace and envelope the pain so they persevere, as in a game watched and it makes an impression, and they cope as that impression is like a stigma or thought that you can react to. So to be forthcoming with the feelings allows you not to be brutal but happy and cocky with humour. When confronted, be aware that things can intercede and distract the pursuing party. When watching on a request if the person is not making a mistake, then be nice. When the person is inactive and making mistakes be alert. Not doing as stated, be ignorant and act a if they didn't do anything or when emotional and unstable be miffed or silent.

  Be devoted, to a cause of glory and peace to remember that ruin may happen, if not careful. So to effect a calm but cruel demeaner is if they, the worker is active and wrong. To work and see people in action try to act approvingly, then be aware that you were watching and if done in the wrong, right it with advice, unless their unnaccepting then be silent. But if they are wrong, then hinder with critcism or other ways like leave and hope you weren't seen. Some parts written by others and the first part is mine. The effect of people on the nerves can be startling so meditate as you can. Meditation told of here and counted as focus.

Pain and Experience (xp)

  In evolution people expand their conscious by actions seen from elsewhere, felt of yourself or others or done, by yourself, for others or yourself. Each action thats their own is a pain level, and to be beaten in a nice way or to beat others in equal measure increases the tolerance to the pain. Add to this a way of tolerance for gain as to find more resources and to do something with it. So in truth pain = tolerance where low pain is high tolerance or pain tolerance level and high tolerance is acceptable to most. Call this experience where every 1 minute theres a normal xp point, where Doing an activity and you get xp per every nice or nasty encounter till a point where your reduced by it as per every 1 minute of activity of yours by -1 xp only if your annoying in it, or accounted and every destructive action is bonus to xp if noted for the act in a nice way, bonus to experience is accounted by IQ+Cha, otherwise it doesn't count.

  Awards are more xp, that are on a completed task, with illumination, by the effect, of a result measured by how difficult the task is, with a DC(Difficulty Count) and as a measure there maybe financial gain.

  The DC offers an experience point value per each task of easy to very hard and beyond listed here below. The ways are many as of written works, gifts, directions and experiments. To get somewhere use the buildup idea of skills and abilities, as enough skill is to form from ability a profession. To see the idea allows for a self-job with possibility of other jobs. Any profession can be chosen if your skills allow for it. Call this profession a class that shows skill amount.

  Action XP (experience) accumulates over time with DC or task difficulty experience. The DCs are dc5 easy for 200 xp. dc10 normal for 400 xp, dc15 challenging for 600 xp, dc20 tough for 800 xp, dc25 very hard for 1000 xp, dc30 imposible for 1500 xp. The character class is the job, like a backstreet fighter, charmer, cook or whatever class you want to call yourself. Feel free to make it up. A job defines what character class you are and that is the field of study. A field of study is the career said player chooses. A player is a lower, equal, or higher level to another player, for position. Some don't consider this a game, so its a mute point to argue the game of life with them.

  So if you will, your total xp gained, be Normal xp + Action xp + Bonus xp.

  The experience table is up to your choice and I generally use this: lv 1x = 250x of Experience multiples like lvl 1 = 250 xp, lvl 2 = 500 xp, till level 10, where it goes to 500x and at level 20 it jumps to 1000x. At level 30 it jumps to 2000x and etc...basically it doubles in how much experience you gain, to every 10 levels, for a level up. The skills you pick up and learn are things you learn of with exception of unallowed moments, unless useful so its counted personal experience or compliance to alter the unallowed for allowance. At every 100% xp, which is the xp level raise point, their are skill picks, that are the skills you picked up, in gaining the experience, to account for the raise from your natural skill level or added on skill.

  At the very least you can use this system to gain a work level, at a class of expertise, where each 6 month's worth experience, in the working, of the field is a level. Say, its a promotion of belief, from observing a completed work achieved, by others, and directed in some manner, by yourself. Whatever it is, its counted as a level, from your experience. This is possible, to be used in comparison, with others. As, this level can determine what you will allow, from another person. And, how others treat you.

Skills (brownie points)

  Yet skill points are also brownie points as alloted by positive actions and also with measured intx4 because 4 is the way time works in a dimensional time cube which is 1x1x1x1 in sides, and per successful task the skill is raised by one so count how many tasks you suceeded in and apply as points. Thus the effort to continue something gets more ability and this is reflected in skill points.

  1.   IQ = To determine the int stat do an intelligence test, Use this chart:
    int stat=intelligence score;
    1=1-10, 2 =11-20, 3=21-30, 4=31-40, 5=41=50, 6=51-60, 7=61-70, 8=71-80, 9=81-90, 10=91-100, 11=101-110, 12=111-120, 13=121-130, 14=131-140, 15=141-150, 16=151-160, 17=161-170, 18=171-180, 19=181-190, 20=191-200, 21=201-210 and so on.
  2.   To measure the strength(str) stat depends on the bench press (bp) or how much one can lift, at most. Use this chart:
    str stat=bp or lift capability, in lbs;
    1=1-5, 2 =6-10, 3=11-15, 4=16-20, 5=25-30, 6=35-40, 7=41-45, 8=46-50, 9=51-55, 10=56-60, 11=61-70, 12=71-80, 13=81-90, 14=91-100, 15=101-110, 16=111-120, 17=121-130, 18=131-140, 19=141-150, 20=151-160, 21=161-180 and 22+=+19x
  3.   Charisma(Cha) stat is gained from how quick you can talk with clarity. Use this chart :
    in second or per second=cha stat;
    22=1, 21=2, 20=3, 19=4, 18=5, 17=6, 16=7, 15=8, 14=9, 13=10, 12=11, 11=12, 10=13, 9=14, 8=15, 7=16, 6=17, 5=18, 4=19, 3=20, 2 =21, 1=22 and below 1=23.
  4.   Stat bonus is ability amount in a stat or ability score. To get the stat mod take the stat score and divide by 2 then round down any remainders. Subtract 5 from the score. like a 18 int/2=9-5=4 int mod. This be applied, to every moment, of the stat use, as a mod. And, to stat buy, which is to increase your statistics, its every three levels or to train in a Stat to raise it and you may apply one point, to the stat. The skill bonus, which be half your level + ability score modifier, is useful to further your effect by skill usage.

  When you yourself use a skill, you make a skill check to see how you do by active achievement through activity, to be with success. The higher the result of the skill check by the skill effect that you get, the better the reaction and ability checks are, to allot a moment with physical activity. Based on the circumstances, your result must match or beat a particular number as a circumstance to allow a DC as an event which occurs to yourself or the result of an opposed skill check, for the check to be successful and the action occurs.

  Circumstances can affect your activity check. where most act out just to prove a check for themselves and includes a person who is free to work without distractions, can make a careful attempt and avoid simple mistakes. A person who has lots of time can try over and over again, thereby assuring the best outcome. Called a take 10, where the take ten is 10 tries to attempt until you give up or get a result. Then theres a take 20 to make 20 attempts and try to succeed or give up in failure after several hours. If others help, you may succeed where otherwise yourself would fail.

  An opposed check is a check whose success or failure is determined by comparing the check result of an action to another action check result. In an opposed check, the better result succeeds, while the lower result fails as in how many fails or successes occur. In case of a tie, the better skill wins. If these scores are the same, try again to break the tie.

  In general, you can try a skill check again if you fail, and you can keep trying indefinitely. Some skills, however, have consequences of failure that must be taken into account. A few skills are virtually useless once a check has failed on an attempt to accomplish a particular task. For most skills, when a person has succeeded once at a given task, additional successes are meaningless.

  Using a skill might take a round, take no time, or take several rounds or even longer. Most skill uses are standard actions, move actions, or full-round actions. Types of actions define how long activities take to perform within the framework of a combat round (6 seconds) and how movement is treated with respect to the activity. Some skill checks are instant and represent reactions to an event, or are included as part of an action. These skill checks are not actions. Other skill checks represent part of movement.

  You can help another person achieve success on his or her skill check by making the same kind of skill check in a cooperative effort. If you succeed on your action in your check, the character you are helping gets a bonus to his or her check, as per the rule for favorable conditions. (You can't take 10 on a skill check to aid another.) In many cases, a character's help won't be beneficial, or only a limited number of characters can help at once. In cases where the skill restricts who can achieve certain results you can't aid another to grant a bonus to a task that your character couldn't achieve alone.

  It's possible for a person to have 2 skills that work well together. In general, having 5 or more ranks in one skill gives the character a bonus on skill checks with each of its synergistic skills, as noted in the skill description. In some cases, this bonus applies only to specific uses of the skill in question, and not to all checks. Some skills provide benefits on other checks made by a character, such as those checks required to use certain class features.

  Sometimes a character tries to do something to which no specific skill really applies. In these cases, you make an ability check. An ability check is a action and the appropriate ability modifier. Essentially, you're making an untrained skill check. In some cases, an action is a straight test of one's ability with no luck involved. Just as you wouldn't make a height check to see who is taller, you don't make a Strength check to see who is stronger.

  Ability Checks and Caster Level Checks: The action applies for ability checks. Neither rule applies to caster level checks.


  Feats are special capabilities to your character that benefit by adding talents not there or improving the feats you have. Your character either does or doesn't have them. Character feats are gained every 3 levels by picking up on them, or anytime you happen to gain a feat on making use of experience and recollection. Some feats have prerequisites, so you must match the required stat to gain them. Feat gaining is 2 feats or more per level progression, except mages and fighters gain 3 feats. 2 bonus feats at first level for all characters. So a fighter mage gets 8 feats at first, then at 3rd level its 6 feats. Whereas mage thief get 7 feats at first then 5 feats every 3 level. A single class like a cook gets 4 feats at 1st and 2 feats every 3 level thereafter. Some feats are listed below.

  1. These are some feats. cooking, cleaning, repair, mechanics, technology, medicine, science and prescience.
  2. Cooking: To be able to identify foods, cook anything with expertise and to set a table. To gain this feat you become a chef; requisite is 13 int.
  3. Cleaning: To gain this feat you need 12 dex or higher. This includes: dust removal, broom use, cleaning up and keeping clean (yourself and environment).
  4. Repair: To be able to repair anything including weapons, even without understanding how you do it. Figure out any system as if a natural enginner, including math.
  5. Machanics: Be able to use any device, magical or non-magical. With this feat, you can make the devices, if given enough time to study. In essence, you can create any item or device. Requisite: 12 int.
  6. Magic: Be able to manipulate any idea, into becoming what you want and to manifest it into the form of your desire. There's no prerequisite stat for this, it just is.. and this is where the effect of magic is innate ability thatuses energy to create effect, of what you thought on. This lowers the mp or stamina used, per act of magic, by 10 points per action.
  7. Technology: This feat allows handling of high tech devices with good usage: Guns, Machines, Computers and devices that make everyday life easier. This includes making you a good marketer. Use any technology.
  8. Medicine: Know how to make any type of medice from just scrounging. This feat represents primal medicine knowledge and eliminates the need for healers kit, for it allows you to use anything to heal.
  9. Science: This is the essence of new ideas. A person can think up items to build or work with, such as new devices or materials. Thus a person with this feat, can use any material to build a machine. This feat makes the person a jack of all trades.
  10. Prepsilance: To be able to use any ability as if your a natural. You can get any au naturale achievement and accomplish any task.
  11. Prescience: This feat enables the person to percieve events before they happen. Its limited to 6 minutes in advance. It can get you outta lotsa trouble. It acts as a 10%/- damage reduction per level.


  The stress level(sl) is adjusted by pain amount and associative to IQ as to reduce it by 1 point per 10% of stress. Stress above 90% and the pain is too high with possible death with too little resources and paths of activity. Stress energy can limit the magic potential. By inhibiting the energy percent which is possible, with a energy percent-stress percent=new energy percent level. Such as 60% energy-40% sl = 20% energy.

  Adjustments for lvl are allowed with sl x IQ / Str = lvl adjustment up. Idea given by jay as to stress and pain with Amanda on adjustment, Stress lvl = Focus amount^2 in amount of minutes = %. Pain is related to stress in how much one can take due to a activity, like how quick to gain a beserk state or anger strike or keeping cool with suicide tendency and is technically a balance of resources compared with what you can do, and so with a measure of pain by karma = Bad actions counted/Good action counted = %. The bad karma adds to the stress and the stress and the good karma divides it; 8 bad/9 good = 1.44, drop the 1 if any and take the decimal as percent. So the modified stress is 89%/44%=2%. Karma adds a boost to Strength like 1 point every 10%. There is no stress if no undevoted action as devoted action equals stress cancellation. Any laughter negates the stress and relaxes the body, even if faked.

  Say you had 79% stress and 13Ba/6Ga=2.16% (more bad acts than good) bad karma which is 16% strip the '2.' and take the 79%+16%=95%. Now remember the stress can be reduced by meditation and devoted attention that acts equally, for amount of focus(aof)*10 in seconds upto 60 and then the count resets to 1 for minutes with seconds counted as decimal so remove the before decimal and take the decimal for % if any behind seconds. So the last bad karma example can preserve his life by doing 5 minutes meditation, 5 meditation yields, 5 minutes focus to restore positive energy for 50% and 95% - 50% = 45% stress. Now bad karma has been neutralized and his tendency for life is made with a little with bad memories. As you say this is with good memories as well.

  The idea of thoughts are to make things better, but not worse. So you set the difficulty by deciding how hard it will be and measure your skills from experience and others. Where the difficulty of the task is the amount of skill and ability with power.

  Their is a Gm(gamemaster) or Dm(dungeonmaster), and it is yourself or the groupleader. Any specific leader that can enforce your laws or their own on yourself but the defaults to yourself. Basically you are the Gm/Dm and if a leader is about, the position goes to him/her or a group leader if applicable. When the position is decided to be your own, then you know you control your future, and the stress goes down. Sometimes, when the position goes to someone else, the stress can go down, as you don't have to think, except to do things.

The source of power

  The source of all power is raw force of two natures in unphysical and physical that surrounds and work with everyone. Its created by the sun then radiated by the planet core and at day and night by creating a constant wild energy field through physical motion. All this energy fluctuates like gravity and is shaped by purpose like runes, channeling, command words etc. This energy is undepletable as the sun will send its radioactivity that replenishes the planet core as in sunlight. This, the sun/planet interactivity makes the raw earth energy a wild constant by possible spell failure. At any given time there could be a fizzle because wild energy is in a state of flux.

  This power is called mana and feeds the body energy in which its pooled by the body as stamina (life force) or chi and han, in which corruption can occur. Magic users tap into this mana for direct use by channeling through innate ability and an object with a slight stamina drop and more stress and other classes use the bodily filtered stamina from mana that takes a bit more to achieve because its channeled through the body with less stress. The only exception are the gods that grant magic for those who champion their cause, and this is divine magic counted as stamina. Only those who are worthy can channel this raw force to make can effect happen. Sometimes these people are "god touched" and act like zealots only when a "religious experience" happens. In which their may be a vision granted by divine energy.


  Corruption be the idea, that your energy is not doing what you would want. Albeit on its own, its funked up so it may seem to do as you would want. Though its when your strength be suddenly 3 times normal, as in Str*3, effective on nearly anything it corrodes and thats nearly everything that is what is is about. The strengh where you pick up or go to work with things.

  The condition starts out, by learning something new and then, that learning draws in energy, as it can draw in energy, of two kinds by your active usage with use of the learning you have. Positive means make up positive and negative energy.

  Positive be desired, as it also strengthens you, about 2 to 3 times more, but doesn't corrode, as a Str*3, unless angered and then its a Str*7. When, the strength is up, you might wanna notice, if things start, to do work better. If so, then you got a profusion of positive energy. Where, you will feel more relaxed and more capable, counted as a sl/3 and represented by percent. Also, it can cure any sickness. So remember this, positive energy converts, through use and touch, by some manner.

  So think, the negative does similar, except it causes the negative effects and corrosion, in things, till the thing and idea, that they represent, doesn't work.  Its easily to tell, if there's too much corrosion, as its death energy personified. Things start working badly, then not at all. And stress be up, sometimes, counted as a sl*3 and represented as percent. Only, the strength can be boosted, with negative energy, as well. As in, Str*3, and when angry Str*9, by the breakdown, of items adding their energy, into you. Also, it can make you feel sick. Remember, negative energy turns things, and causes the feelings, to be used, in an idea that enevitably changes the course of said idea and action.

  As, positive energy strength boosts can last, from 10 minutes to an hour. Where, negative strength boosts can last, from 5 seconds to 20 minutes, or till when the materials finally break down.

  So the negative energy, comes in contact and on touch, or sometimes getting near the aura of the corrupted one, they suddenly cause a chaotic condition, on you. But as you are, after awhile this causes the condition or madking of possible breakdown and disruptive behavior. Think to work or you can create as you will.

  Thus, the positive energy comes in, and makes things temporarily better, till the corrosion be too bad. Then we have one option, think to cleanse the area. The person/object or the place is indicative where or when you are able. Thinking to the use. A moment is made up of a uncertain length of time, to notice when its necessary is when it suddenly smells bad in the area. I think then that this is a point you may be able to fix things or leave them be by now.

The Gauges Factor

MP Gauge (magic points)

  You have a starting reserve of 25 mp. Magic points are a reserve of energy you can use for spells. Casters may 'focus' to increase their reserve by 10 points per level per round. This is permanent mp till used up unless over 100 mp, thus it falls at 10 per round ( a round being 6 sec) unless its used that round.. Once a caster has 100 mp, the rate of increase by focus slows significantly. You must focus for a full five minutes to gain any benefit. This means you can cast a spell right off as in a spell worth 20 mp thus you would have 5 mp left. For spells below 0 mp take 1 point of nonlethal damage per 5 mp of spell. If the spell fails then it turns to real damage. You decide how hard a spell be and how many mp it takes.

Stamina (S) gauge

  You start at 100 stamina (100 S) then each action will consume a bit of your stamina. The regen rate for stamina is 5 s per round that is recovered and after 0 s its nonlethal damage. This stamina is permanently gained, till used up, with activity unless its over 100 s where it drops by 10 s per round till 100 s unless its used that round. You decide how much stamina an action takes up.

  Some spells and maybe actions could recover stamina like drinking or eating for 20 s, stamina increase spell effect for 30 s. Yes, this means you can gain stamina back to continue fighting, or doing things, after hanging back to eat or drink something. You can go above 100 s via focus by a standard action to gain 5 s. For actions below 0 s take 1 point of nonlethal damage per 5 s. This nonlethal damage is the same as the mp system.

Buffer shield HP (Health points) gauge

  People at the beginning of a battle, or activity, start out with specified hp (health points) of 100 % unless noted otherwise. If you are at 100 % you are in perfect condition. When an enemy's attack hits you, you deduct the amount done in damage as you see fit. Or, when you try something, then you deduct hp, and its, as your body sees fit to. Hp only acts as a buffer for the damage you take. You can still get a limb taken off at 100 %, though it'd be very very hard to do so unless your not moving. When you reach 0 hp you do not die, after one hit though, you are knocked out. Healing spells are 10 % hp recovery. Sleep is 20 % hp per hour restored.

  How are you hit, though, if your feeling weak or feel the blow? As you get less hp, you get weaker and more tired, due to lost hp, and you may get bloodied, as well, at the moment, of 50 % hp, unless they receive a cut, then its somewhat instant. Shock value, is when you go into shock and may become prone, which is at 20 % hp. When you suffer your Shock Value in damage, done by various means, there is a chance you can become stunned.

The rest of the game

  The initiative is decided by who does things first and sometimes, if people decide, to play turn base. Attacks are based on how wounded you are, and if your hit. Dice rolls are the action itself. The str stat bonus and other bonus are added on, like a 1d8+5 for a 5 str mod. This is 1*4+5=9% damage done by longsword or stab where you halve the dice base. the dice base amount are:

dice base = amount:
  1. d4 = 2
  2. d6 = 3
  3. d8 = 4
  4. d10 = 5
  5. d12 = 6
  6. d20 = 10
  7. d30 = 15.

  Healing, health points and spell amounts use the same base amounts.   Weapons are based on weight for how much damage, like in ounces and lbs. Each ounce is a %, in effect.   Add in the strength bonus to the percent like Str+%=Actual percent of damage.   If you go above 20 ounces of weight like halve 20 for 10 % each hit, then its reset to 1-20 for 21 to 40 and onward for the heavier the weapon the harder its to throw or strike with.   Till 1 lb and then its 5 % per pound with a cap of 20 % for the amount.


  Physical damage using a double sword damage like 2d8+4 as 8% damage. For a double sword this would cut a large wound in the victim. Spell damage like word will damage for 4d6, with will word. Its 4*3=12% fire damage. In effect, it slightly melts the victim for a fire attack, dazing for 1 round, while putting burns all over the victim.

  Critical strikes do different things per area struck at, where critical hit is a general term of a critical hit is a perfect hit to the critical strike area and critical strike is crippled in nongeneral term that you might die doing more damage yourself. This is the point not to play, as you think play along with danger unless you want to with family or friends.

  1. A groin hit will daze the person with knocking them out.
  2. A throat strike (adams apple) is somewhat instant death.
  3. Neck strikes (neck side) instant knock out.
  4. Heart strike is instant death.
  5. Hands or feet strikes are crippling blows.
  6. Nose strikes will kill the person instantly.
  7. Any critical hit with critical strikes are instant death, as you just happened upon the right nerve.

  Healing amount like 20% hp restored is 20% acummulative, in pain reduction and damage reduction.

  1. 1-10% is slight and cures or removes cuts.
  2. 11-20% is slight-medium and heals bruises and deep cuts.
  3. 21-30% is medium-high and heals deep bruising or internal bleeding and stat recovery of 5 points.
  4. 31-40% is high for system shock recovery.
  5. 41-50% is high-extreme and wakes the person up in 1 round causing slow regeneration.
  6. 51-60% is extreme and causes fast regeneration.
  7. 61-70% is extreme-deadly for heavy internal bleeding recovery in 1 rounds with very fast regeneration.
  8. 71+% resurrects or raises victim with regenerative ability.
Other tidbits

  Spells are just done and they succeed or not according to saving throws and resistance. To make new spells, the idea for it comes from the event that happens near or to you. and then apply words that will cause the activation of the effect you desire. An modeled around the idea, is the effect. All you have to do, to get your subconscious to do the effect is will or state the words. As though, you perceive an event of someone doing an effect of diarrhea because of bad clam chowder. Thus, you can think of that and simulate the effect, by stating the intent words 'chou bou' or willing the intent words to that effect. The subconscious does the rest.

  Saving throws are if you survive the moment and is tolerance amount and stat bonus => DC (Task Difficulty) that is set, by being, of the conditions, that be existant near you. 

  To make your saving throw you use tolerance and the ability amount to overcome task difficulty, where immunity is very high tolerance.

  For more info and tidbits, look at the Glossary of idea, as, for BAB and AC, amongst others.


Rage level

  Rage allows for strength modifiers, to energy and the body activity, as long as the rage lasts. Like a orange range gives you 10% more energy into the activity like channeling and strength while lowering the intelligence by 1 point every second, unless its a controlled rage, cold rage or fashion rage and that negates the reduction. Added in the positive energy, from activity, the rage increases the energy, by 70%. But, the negative energy, from corruption, increases the rage energy that's added, by making it 90% more energy.

  Where the rage leaving the body allows for a stamina reduction of 10% and restoration of intelligence, as you start thinking and as your not enraged. Like 10% = .10 and .10 x Str = temporary Str reduction, that is subtracted, from the strength. As .10x16=1.6(drop the remainder) = 16 - 1 = 15. This, the rage lowers the body temperature a few degrees, 1 Degree Celcius per second of rage, so they cool off the rage and are normal after 3 or 4 degrees. There are different types of rage as listed.

Spells and other effect

  Spells just happen like kungfu experience and repeated practice except, for those requiring focus or concentration, which require a effect reduction due to the stress reduced by karma of sl/Cha+Str=% reduced. Any spell is a free action thus normal spells, damage spells, and healing spells are using a free action. The spell manifests with an invisible(sensed), misdirective or felt appearance. Effects are as desired in elemental effect length by how easy its get it off. Effects are stopped any time through various methods up to the caster. Each action outside combat is 1 min or less for spell effect and has mp/s or stp/s for mp/stp amount. Use of free actions are to instantly manifest an effect by physical energy or life force (chi and han) of stp for kinetic skills and directly channeled, energy using an object making mp for magic. Those who have the spell or kinetic skills in the least bit will be able to use the magic ability, listed in the spell as its described for use.

  Damage amount, effect duration and Effect amount for spells is measured in percent and element dependent.

Spell material

  Some spells are based off a system of word phrases, and runes or found at the greater resource page at This may look like a game system description but its very real.

Will word ability:

  It is to imagine the event whatever way the mage wants then will the event to occur by speaking a power word or phrase that represents the effect. The keywords are: "yl" for wild magic, "pyr" for fire, "lece" for water, "air" for air and zone, "humu" for earth, "aetus" for life and heal, "neta" for nether, evil, void or negative, "bodio" for body", "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summon, "spyk" for detection, "myu" for magic, "spety" for speed time, "sloty" for slow, "88" for time stop, "avem" for dream and "uo" for instant. For more example phrases, go to for more phrases that work as an object or personal action.

The action words are ma for make, catro meant as control, alt for alter, detro is destroy and prot for protection. You use these words through will word offense/defense for the effect you desire as in "ma catro pyr" for creation of a fire that controls people. The words "yl prot" for a wild magic protection. Gain a will word effect by casting it with stating the phrase and thinking of the person. For fun, each 2 levels of xp to the magic ability has the effect of +1 round to all non-instant will word duration, +10%/- damage reduction, speed, slow and stop time effects described and +6%+cha mod for all will word effects.

Speed time speeds up things and gives +1 second to your action speed as anything with use of concentration and at least 2 seconds or more to speed burst where a second = a moment = 1 percent.

  Slow time is to slow an action or activity and gives -1 second of action speed to your target like hes suddenly slower than you are, with the use of concentration. Then at least 4 seconds to how long they are slowed where a second = a moment = 1 percent.

  Stop time freezes victim/s for at least 1 second upto 6 with concentration to see how long you froze the victim where a second = a moment = 1 percent.

Runic ability

  Runic Divination. Divination runes are marks of choice on a tine(rune carved piece of wood, ivory, bone, etc..) and the focus of the mind to bring future vision through it. Just do it to bring the vision that is percieved after, with an effective mental scene or feeling that occurs. With the use of a rune of choice drawn in the air. Say, "I divine with the [rune choice]" then wait for a second to feel the idea of the scene or future glimpse. With each rune divination the body can get weaker, then it strengthens due to recovery about 1/3 more.

  Runic Magic: Runes are the symbols of the representative force, with an alphabet meaning, sigils are drawings, drawn to effect something, with your intent. Use is, to focus through the rune or sigil, as its drawn and willed through intent with, that force, of the effect you'd want sometimes by imagination. You just do the rune and sigil to make it happen. You can draw the sigil or runic picture and use that as a temporary focus or use a runestaff with the runes carved into it, or have a crystal, to make more permenant spells. If the wielder is good enough being 10+ level said wielder can imagine, by visualization, by visualization I mean, to feel the event and know the result, by being exposed, to the result desired, at some point and then the scene will come up mental like.

  Where the effect is noticed after and say the rune and sigil name to channel through. To use a runic effect for level 1-9 in the game of life, draw the rune on paper or carve it and thus state result like "I use this rune making the result I desire for [person or thing]". For level 10+ just state "I call the [element choice] rune for [say result]" or "I call the [element choice] rune to make 20 bucks.". The rune will draw itself hanging in the air if you use the calling of the rune by a single word or the call phrase. Each 2 xp levels in the magic ability has the effect of 2 minutes to non-instant runic spell duration, +10%/- protection and +3%+cha mod for runic effects. Through the runes you can keep the same type of results as in will word.

  For more information on runes and how to form them yourself go here @ the runic lore page.

This is about the runestaff of life. The runes to draw are as below and here @ the rune page:


  Fire magic is from the plane of the fire elementals. It is also heat. It has the power to cause or quell fire and its opposite is water. To call the rune out by sound its "pyr" as (pir).

  Earth magic is the power of the earth. It is divided into lava manipulation, plant life manipulation, and earth manipulation. Minerals, metals and rocks are of earth as well as plantlife of most sorts as well and its opposite is air. To call the planets magic, state "ert" as (ert) or "plae" as (play-eh).

  Wild magic is chaos magic and the magic that people would call to get what they want when no other force works. It is the most difficult and takes the most effort. It is raw energy force that will overcome any other force being, the power that underlies all powers. It is the power of decay and disruption and this power controls all other forces and its opposite is astral for it counters the astral energies. One can call demons with wild magic as demons are chaotic in nature thus controlled with chaos. To call the wild magic is to say "kao" (kay-oh) with the thought your wanting to happen.

  Life magic is good because of it being soul power and does not control but supports in its manner without end.. Through it people can manipulate spirit force by this soul energy. The soul is a very powerful life force that is represented by life magic. Things are alive (including inanimate objects) because of the soul except unworshipped things for its people that give a little of their soul force as they focus. Everything becomes alive by life given from peoples thoughts. The proof is to believe a stone has conscious and then do this for ages till it does. One day the stone has a conscious will through belief effort thats revealed to its worshipper. To resurrect by life you bring back the soul to the body in reuniting by spirit force. This spirit force is the element to keep life going and its opposite is death. Life is a statement of "ly" pronouunced as lie.

  Nether magics are evil for its the magic of death and void. Anything dealing with death is done with this force. Animation of a body or skeleton is controlling life to make an alive state in a dead thing drained of life. Compulsion is part of death as it can force a personal fear to make conformity by threat. Undead are animated by desire and purpose or by someone else including liches and vampires. Its death manipulated life that allows the dead to come back as in raising. Void is death as it consists of nothing but death and lost things bringing entropy to what it touches. You can make objects from death recreating the object in perfection including memory and emotion and its opposite is life. The nether magic is called by "dea" and pronounced as (dee-a) or "meth" (meth).

  Astral plane magics is dream magic and people can use dreams to best effect through this power. Visions can also be enacted to the person who is the target. Be wary of attracting power beings for the very use of astral power begets attention. This power can replace the other powers as a energy source except death for the effects you need and with this power people become stronger in the mind. Overlong use becomes a +1 int mod to character as in any use of this power. Its opposite is wild magic as it counters the wild magic energy. To call the astral plane or dream magic is to state "atrydrea" (catry-dree-ah).

  Air magic is the power of the wind, weather, psychic and lightning. It can cause great damage through any of this respective power. This also serves as support as barriers, shields platforms and its opposite is earth. Use "air" as (aid-inner) to call air.

  Water magic is the ability to manipulate water. It to can quell fires. It can also do great water damage in waves and its opposite is fire. The calling of water is "aqua" for (faq-yue-ah).

  Cold is ice magic and able to effect a freezing upon most but to withdraw the freezing is to allow heat to come back in. Through air circulation over water we freeze the water to ice. Ice magic is called by saying "ic" as (ick) and it allows for ice manifestation from water and air particles.

Chaos ability

  Chaotic effects: Chaos is wild magic so chaot will only have to imagine the event and it will happen by calling upon chaos to make it so, like a friendship spell. Call chaos by a free action with these keywords; "kao" for chaos, "p" for person and the action words are make, control, alter, destroy and protect. You use these words through chaos to effect your desire as in "ma kao" for a chaotic event, "kao catro" for a chaotic control spell, "catro p" for person control and "kao detro" for a chaotic destruction spell. Each level being +3%+cha mod for damage/healing, +10%/- damage protection and any effect lasts 1 round, speed. Slow and stop time effects described.

  Spell subversion: Subvert an activemoment, or spell as it happens. The spell must first be seen in some manner to subvert . A successful chaos roll makes the subversion happen. Then after that the chaot simply redirects and reforms the raw spell as needed. To stop a subversion one makes a save versus will. Call this effect using a free action by these keywords; "juu" for spell, "kao" for chaos and the action words are suvat for subvert, catro for control, alt for alter, detro for destroy and prot for protect as in "juu kao suvat" to subvert a spell, "juu catro alt" to make it a control spell, "juu prot alter" for making the spell into a protection spell and "juu detro kao alt" for causing a destructive chaos spell. Each level is for 3 seconds for 3% to the effect.

Kinetic ability

  This effect of kinetic motion is the concept of motion which is focused by the person's single-minded focus through the desire you would want. Focus it, the stamina, through your body motion or weapon of choice believing that your motion will allow for the effect of the weapon's motion to be magnified. There are many things you can do with this.

  Things to do are: Kinetic speed-up, human defense field, kinetic attack, kinetic flying(hardly works except for some lift at first), kinetic manipulation, kinetic funnel, kinetic runic, kinetic antemetal manipulation, Kinetic choke and Weapon power. These effects are just done and it happens. Some skills are done with a perform skill check by your focus and allowing of the effect in mind. The kinetic choke is not a true skill but a special ability, thus each skill has its own effect as you gain all the kinetic skills at the same time or at different levels as you can use them.

  Kinetic speed-up: When traveling, you can speed things up by using your kinetic motion of body and imagine time speeding up as in a clock. Imagine this clock as it is in normal rotation. Now speed up the hands of the clock in your mind while moving and it will speed up time for your group or yourself as it moves. Now allow the clock in your mind to slow down to normal while not moving, and this will keep time stable. This method can make idea traveling time as in minutes from hours to cross a place that would normally take hours to cross. This, the effect, shaves off 1/3 to 1/4 each minute and yet it may not have worked. When in effect there is a +20' to all base speed in party till the effect focus fades away. When dazed the effect is cancelled leaving the worker slightly tired. Call this effect "ma spe" for make speed-up force for easier effort and lasts till worker decides to end it by letting it go or "detro spe" for end speed, but this can be done to others. Each level is +5' increase to the +20' speed and gives speed time as described here to all in group including allies.

  Human defense field: This method is called the human defense field. While moving in some manner, try to visualize an air field that keeps attacks from touching you. It bounces the attack because of aether and motion of body being linked by mental focus through some trange chemical reaction. The better that one gets at this, the less likely they will get hit even by spells themselves. This gives the worker +6% to AC and +3% to the will saving throw. Call this effect easier by "ma 14 fild" for make defense field and this effect lasts till the wornker lets the effect drop with a "detro 14 fild" for end defense field. Each levels grants +1% AC to the +6% AC of the caster ae +8% to AC for 8 levels.

  Kinetic attack: The kinetic attack is similar but not similar to normal attack as you power the weapon to assault with. This effect goes like this: Focus the motion of the body and weapon in hand to make itself energized. Just feel you body and weapon motion being channeled from the body to the weapon into an energy effect of your choice on your weapon. Now swing your weapon of choice or whatever you do with your weapon at the target of choice. Causes +3 damage added to choice weapon when in effect, including your hands. Call this ability into easier effect by "ma eqiu" for kinetic attack and "ma spe eqiu" to speed up the attack from kinetic with 2 attacks per 1/2 second. The worker can end it by a "detro eqiu" for end kinetic attack or be disrupted. Each level is an +2% to the 3% as 3+2= 5% for 1 level and 3+4=7% for 2 levels.

  Kinetic flying: Flight is achieved through the effect of sudden movement while you feel happy by a happy thought. Gathering your kinetic energy while feeling happy you fly in the air. The happy feeling will lift you up on kinetic motion of the sudden movement. This works most times granting worker the ability to fly at will while in effect and stops working on touch of ground. In order to work you must lift off the ground through a perform Skill check by achieving the end result with focus. To call this into effect easier say "ma jyo" for make fly while with happy thought and kinetic channel. Each level adds a +5% to the perform skill check or percent chance to happen. Anything greater is a negative.

  Kinetic manipulation: The kinetic manipulation is simple because of the fact of imagination and motion. Imagination rules the mind and it also rules the kinetic motion of manipulation by mind over matter and thaumaturgy. Visualize the effect needed and focus your movement into fueling that effect into happening. Allow the motion to cause the effect. This uses your gut feeling to convert it, the stamina and focus, through focus of your motion making the effect you imagined. Moving your finger in some manner will do it. Control anyone at will without realization of it. Call this ability into play easier with "catro p" for manipulate people and "detro catro" for end manipulation. This effect ends on a successful savings throw vs will by the victim, done each round by attempt to resist through a means of their making. On effect till broken or on the controllers command and can be done anytime. Each level counts as kinetic strength as in 50 lbs per level. 1 level allows you to control up to 50 lbs person. 2 will allow you to control up to 100 lbs person. 3 levels allows you to control up to 150 lbs person. and etc. So a 5 kinetic strength = up to 250 lbs person control. Their is no actual limit to this.

  Energy funnel: Funnel the energy of others including objects into yourself as they do an action. Fueling yourself for another action and your own kinetic energies to keep up an assault or do another spell. Drain an emotion to cause the person calmness, drain an enchantment by sapping the enchantment or sap the attackers will to stop an attack early. Call this easily into effect through keywords: "efunn" for energy drain, "wim" for emotion, "objii" for object enchantment, "wyl" as (will) for will, "e" for energy, "p" for person or spell and the action words are ma for make, catro for control, alt for alter, prot for protect and detro for destroy.

  1. A 5+2/lvl in healthpoints, as 5+6 for 3 levels as energy drained per round from people to be considered as stp to you.
  2. For objects, the enchantment disappears leaving a normal object.
  3. Will drains on success creates dazed effect on person, lasting 1 round /level to bring the person out of the fight.
  4. Emotion drain for a person calms or brings people out of berserk state on success.
  5. Protection effects are +10%/- damage reduction per skill rank.
  6. Control effects are to control objects or energy via voice commands and objects must be seen as in a magical statue or control a spell thus to end it quickly or force it on the caster.
  7. Examples: "ma efunn wyl" for energy drain person will, "detro efunn wyl" for end energy will drain, "detro efunn" for end energy channel, "ma efunn objii" for energy drain enchantment, "catro e detro". for spell end and "catro e p" for control spell to person.

  Kinetic Runic: The kinetic rune is the focus on the rune using the hand or finger trace in air or on paper to cause the rune to enact temporarily with purpose by intent. Carving it into something may permanently place it in action. The worker can do any rune with this and its called in the same manner as runic magic for it uses the same runes. Each 1 level is a +1 round to non-instant runic spell effect, +10%/- damage reduction and a +3 hp of runic effect.

  Kinetic Antemetal: This is the ability, to get effects, from metal and stone, as a form of magic in the area, by speaking to the metal itself. The ability is activated by thinking of the metal, in the area and to imagine the event whatever way you want. Then, to will the event to occur by speaking or willing a power word or phrase that represents the effect. The metal will cause the effect, by you, an adding your energy through activity, as though speaking to the metal and making vibration, to the metal itself. Thus, the metal will vibrate and make it into an effect. Through the speaking, by vibration, to the area energy and possibly causing the result.

The keywords are: "yl" for wild magic, "pyr" for fire, "lece" for water, "air" for air and zone, "humu" for earth, "aetus" for life and heal, "neta" for nether, evil, void or negative, "bodio" for body", "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summon, "spyk" for detection, "myu" for magic, "spety" for speed time, "sloty" for slow, "88" for time stop, "avem" for dream and "uo" for instant.

The action words are influence, control, alter, destroy and protect. You use these words through will word the effect you desire as in "influence control pyr" for creation of a fire that controls people. The words "yl protect" for a wild magic protection. Gain an antemagic effect, by casting it without skill check. For fun, each 3 levels of xp to the magic ability has the effect of +1 round to all non-instant will word duration, +10% damage reduction, speed, slow and stop time effects described and a +10% + wisdom bonus, for all Antemetal effects.

  Kinetic choke: Choke a person to death using metamagic to cause the throat to close up killing them. A concentration check is necessary by attempting the action in effort, but a save vs will by resistance in some manner halts the effect.

  Weapon power: Elemental magic power focused by kinetics to the sword. This effect goes like this: Focus the motion of the body and weapon in hand to make itself energized with the element of choice. There can only be one element or a combined element. Just feel your body and weapon motion, being channeled into an elemental effect of your choice, on your weapon. Causes +4+cha bonus elemental damage added to choice weapon when in effect. Call this ability into effect by "ma eleqyu" for weapon power attack. The worker can end it by a "detro eleqyu" for end weapon power attack or be disrupted in some manner. Each level is an +2% to the 4+charisma bonus as 4+4+2=10 for 1 level with 4 cha bonus and 4+4+4=12 for 2 training points with 4 cha bonus, +2 rounds to duration like 4 rounds greek fire with 2 levels of experience. The elements are listed below.


  Weaving allows you to combine the elements listed in the runic as a energy weave to gain the effect. Think on the separate elements to use, and then feel the elements form at your will as threads that interact with the target or thing. Ideas are from the wheel of time series for weaving. The interaction happens to your desire, but don't have to draw the rune, instead you get to focus the effect of the element in a general effort and by using a strand of energy. You can state as you feel and think about the element.

  1. State "I weave this element for the effect I want", or the word of, "WevEle" [pronounced Weave-Ee-leh], while thinking, of the effect and this is in use of aether, by ether, to afflect the effort and then do it as an action by allowing the subconscious to achieve it. This is the weakest form and most likely to be dismissed.
  2. The second way is for males and females. For males, grab the separate elemental energy mentally, by thinking you control it, to make, each felt strand of energy do as you desire. Flow the energy together and form the pattern as the complex weave, after your in mastery of the simple weave and pattern making.
  3. Females can imagine a flower opening in your mind then think on the element feeling the result, shaping it as weaves of energy line, put through your body and in your head. To form a pattern as in an effort to be achieved. The weave knows what to do as it is a part of you. Try to form complex patterns after you do this because of this particular can get attention so master the simple and then go to the complex as you flow the two together.

Each weave does different things but not as if your using the physical manifestation.

There is elements of:

  Wild energy

  Fire energy

  Water energy

  Air energy, that forms barriers, effects all enemy zone or can cause lightning

  Earth energy

  Life energy, that allows heal, bless and life effects.

  Nether energy which allows death, void, negative and evil effects

  Astral plane energy, that allots for dream effects, to weave together or use separate, for effects

Combine the effects for:

  Fire and earth for lava or brimstone.

  Fire and water for greek fire +2 rounds burn damage (with unkillable fire, except by smothering it) or heat.

  Water and air for cold or ice effects.

  Wild and any other but astral for a personally specified wide area effect.

  Life and any other but nether, for using the element for healing and restoration.

  Nether and all elements but life for that which effects as damage to even magic immune creatures.

  Astral and all elements but wild for dream element effects that effect, as if you were next, to the enemy or person you target.

  Nether and life for pain (dazing).

  Wild and astral for domination (control), of a person.

  Air and nether for darkness effect (blindness) or a black hole that deals 3%+cha mod per round(6 seconds).

  Air and fire for a nova effect, of that which you desire, and that is instant but doubles damage (6%) effecting all enemy.

  Nether with life and astral create a time weave that allows one to change time faster, slower or stop time. By feeling time slow, speed up or stop with the weave.

  The effects for each level are 2 rounds per effect, +10% protection, +1 attack for group or person with cha modification as bab, slow time gives -1% to -4% where 1% = 1 second added to 1 round of 6 seconds, to the attack on the targets speed, stop time halts the activities for the targets for 1-6 rounds and finally 3+cha mod unless instant effect. 6+4=10% cold damage for 2 levels and 4 cha mod. 6 rounds pain effect for 3 levels of magic skill. 9+4 black hole lasting 13 rounds or 1 min 18 seconds with 3 levels of magic skill. There is a save vs spell that halves damage/length and effect by a resistant will and yet almost nothing can resist a black hole.

Divine ability:

  The Divine ability derives off Mystra the magic goddess or other god/dess of magic, he/she grants unlimited spells limited only by the stamina system and use the domain ability along with this, the Divine ability. These commands will suffice: "yl" for wild magic, "pyr" for fire, "lece" for water, "air" for air, "humu" for earth, "aetus" for life and heal, "neta" for death, void, evil and negative, "bodio" for body", "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summon, "spyk" for detection, "myu" for magic, "ras" for raise, "sloty" for slow time, "spety" for speed time, "88" for stop time, "uo" for instant and "avem" for dream.

  The action words are ma for make, catro for control, alt for alter, detr for destroy and prot for protect/ion. You can use these words for a divine effect you desire as in "ma catro pyr" for creation of a fire that controls people. The words "ma ras bodio" for raise dead. "ma neta ras bodio" for raise skeleton. Just do it to gain a divine result. Each level to the magic ability has the effect of +1 rounds to all non-instant divine spell duration, +10%/- protection, speed, slow and stop time effects described and 3+Cha bonus for all divine spell effects. Like 4*3+4=16% hp damage for a 4 level and +4 cha mod.

  The person who uses domains are these chosen command nouns: "ruh" for animal, "tobb" for plant, "myis" for knowledge, "trans" for travel, "tryk" for trickery, "we" (weh) for war, "onza" for Chaos, "gax" for Evil, "g" for Good or "roy" for law, "myu" (miu) for magic, "air" for air, "neta" for death, "nyc" for destruction, "pyr" for fire, "aetus" for healing and life, "luc" for luck, "rowan" for protection, "dylu" for strengthen, "stern" for sun and star or "lece" for water.

  A person with devine ability may choose any 2 at any given moment. These spells use the stamina system to work and these commands will suffice for all free use or spontaneous spells: "bodio" for body and wound, "ypa" for clean-up, "uma" for summon, "spyk" for detection, "ras" for raise, "gos" for ghost (spectre, wraith or apparition), "ilp" for disease, "pos" for poison, "heal" for heal, "yl" for wild element (all elements), "uo" for instant and "godd" for holy.

  The action verbs are used freely but must be used in the sentence as in ma for make, catro for control, alt for alter, detro for destroy and prot for protect. You use these words in combination with a priest or cleric domain for the effect you desire unless spontaneus or normal as in "ma catro gax" for control evil people. The words "ma heal bodio" for heal body. "catrol neta bodio" for control skeleton. Just do it for a divine effect. Each level to an ability has the effect of +1 rounds(+6 seconds) to all non-instant domain spell duration, +10%/- protection and 3 + Cha bonus for all domain spell effects. Like 5*3+5=20 hp damage for a 5 level ability skill and +4 cha mod.

Magical weapons and material grade

  1. +1 is lighter material and responds to the persons will.
  2. +2 is light material and very responsive to the persons will, as if it was intelligent. This is break resistant.
  3. +3 is light material able to perform things on focus for the owner, yet glows a little. This is nonbreakable material.
  4. +4 is light material and has a high intelligence, yet is felt when used for miles surround. This is nondestroyable material.
  5. +5 is very light non flexible material, that is easily used with high intellect, and its presence can be felt when it wants. This is undestroyable material and does what it wants. Don't try to control it, yet work with it or it controls you. Not many materials are this hard and light except stone or diamond.

Soul battery:

  Get the crystal or object and say "a-d" (Aid-Dee) or "makrawees" (mak-ray-weh-ee-s) at the crystal to create an energy trap source with a lit candle near. This soul battery can hold 100 mp/stp with your charge or others. It can sustain the energy for spells and pass the rest to the body for addition to your original count.

The nine alignments

  The alignment is what action you choose, to portray, or if undecided, its unaligned. The twelve distinct alignments define all the possible combinations of the lawful–chaotic axis with the good–evil axis. And, there be one more, of undecided. Each alignment description below depicts a typical characteristic of that alignment. Remember that individuals vary from this norm, and that a given character may act more or less in accord with his or her alignment from day to day. Use these descriptions as guidelines, not as scripts. The first six alignments, lawful good through chaotic neutral, are the standard alignments for player characters. The three evil alignments are for monsters and villains. The three true alignments are the general backbone of a person.

  1. Lawful Good, “Crusader”: A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. She combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. She tells the truth, keeps her word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion.
  2. Neutral Good, “Benefactor”: A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them.. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order.
  3. Chaotic Good, “Rebel”: A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he’s kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society. Chaotic good is the best alignment you can be because it combines a good heart with a free spirit.
  4. Lawful Neutral, “Judge”: A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs her. Order and organization are paramount to her. She may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or she may believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government. Lawful neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you are reliable and honorable without being a zealot.
  5. Neutral, “Undecided”: A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. She doesn’t feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil—after all, she would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, she’s not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way.

    Some neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run. Neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion.
  6. Chaotic Neutral, “Free Spirit”: A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn’t strive to protect others’ freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it. Chaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both society’s restrictions and a do-gooder’s zeal.
  7. Lawful Evil, “Dominator”: A lawful evil villain methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion. He is comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve. He condemns others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank. He is loath to break laws or promises.

    This reluctance comes partly from his nature and partly because he depends on order to protect himself from those who oppose him on moral grounds. Some lawful evil villains have particular taboos, such as not killing in cold blood (but having underlings do it) or not letting children come to harm (if it can be helped). They imagine that these compunctions put them above unprincipled villains.

    Some lawful evil people and creatures commit themselves to evil with a zeal like that of a crusader committed to good. Beyond being willing to hurt others for their own ends, they take pleasure in spreading evil as an end unto itself. They may also see doing evil as part of a duty to an evil deity or master.

    Lawful evil is sometimes called “diabolical,” because devils are the epitome of lawful evil. Lawful evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents methodical, intentional, and frequently successful evil.
  8. Neutral Evil, “Malefactor”: A neutral evil villain does whatever she can get away with. She is out for herself, pure and simple. She sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. She has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. On the other hand, she doesn’t have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has. Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies. Neutral evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents pure evil without honor and without variation.
  9. Chaotic Evil, “Destroyer”: A chaotic evil character does whatever his greed, hatred, and lust for destruction drive him to do. He is hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable. If he is simply out for whatever he can get, he is ruthless and brutal. If he is committed to the spread of evil and chaos, he is even worse. Thankfully, his plans are haphazard, and any groups he joins or forms are poorly organized. Typically, chaotic evil people can be made to work together only by force, and their leader lasts only as long as he can thwart attempts to topple or assassinate him.

    Chaotic evil is sometimes called “demonic” because demons are the epitome of chaotic evil. Chaotic evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents the destruction not only of beauty and life but also of the order on which beauty and life depend.
  10. True good, "The hero"; A quibbler, thanks to robert, of a general good person doing good intents with evil or good training. Your balancing good intents while doing good and evil or neutral actions. This person doesn't care whom is dealt by trade, as long as this person is happy to get a result. Double deals those who make trouble. Don't believe rumours, or what isn't in the best intention of most. The hero uses what is useful and may intention a positive understanding. Pays lipservice to the law by obeying them, only in the open and near the law. With a regressive motion, they can turn on those who were or are evil. Some use psience or science to back them up. The pure intent is what they, the hero desires.

    They, the true good are likely not to care on results, but only on the thrilling feel of the moment along with the people responsible. They might say. its not fun to play alone and yet they don't really help. The true good is to not tell of peoples problems and only so they can play with the faults. Aspects are to notify enforcement of law to what is occurring if any and to reflect the law. If they can't do that then they notify people of the laws which apply. Some do argue the point for quite a while till the nonhostile gives up. In their mind there is no wasted events and time is always of interest. The goal is to achieve a position of greatness and allow fame to cause glory and yet to not stop progress. The thought "For the worthy can achieve, by a game that guides the way and most enemies fall by the wayside."
  11. True Neutral, "Prophet"; A true neutral character or generally neutral will control what a person may want to do by attempting to see and prophetize as they desire, on what seems to be a good vs. evil or law vs. chaos, idea, compared to accepting the visions of what may come. Most true neutral characters don't exhibit a lack of conviction or bias, its rather a commitment to neutrality as the two forces are what drive the visions and if there is only one vision then duality dissapears. Duality, in this case is to cause or appear existance from good and evil. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil-after all, He would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones that are guided by a vision or dream. He will use both sides as a manipulation piece in a game like chess to get the best result. The pure result is desired from any resolve.
    Still, he is not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way. When they have to they will prove a point, like socially they are almost banned from giving a vision so they help the besieged and to aid for brownie points. Some do argue the point for quite a while till the hostile give up. In their mind there is no wasted events and time is always of interest, and vision will derive from most any sign they get like a black hand on a pole where there was none meaning endangerment, except they love to study and give examples. True Neutral is the best for nuttyness, because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion even while you dream and its counted as an acted out vision. The goal is to be true to yourself and most will fall into place. What can be said "make good where it can be good and without prejudice excepting good comparison."
  12. True evil, "monster"; Some aren't always like this but some can fit this evil monster role. The general evil achieve for the love of evil profit or objects and do evil intent with good and evil actions, They won't think to debate between criminals and investigators of doing intention of evil! They're doing evil actions while looking for bad results in an area to disrupt. They play to own with time and choose not to follow rules, except for what rules are made by themselves. These people are the easiest to control because they follow the notions and consider what can be abused. If a plot occurs then they might attempt to do is change it, by vision manipulation and/or guilt trips. When they have to they will prove a point, like socially they are almost banned so they help the besieged and to aid a possessive standard group for their own reasons. They attempt to control and connive or live by possessive standards. The hitch is they appear good as they are pure evil and once they own, they don't let go.

    The monster is brutal, if denied and isn't resolved to anything and isn't responsible for their own and others bad actions, they were possessed or so they might say. If not that, then its a self excuse. Their enemies are self-indemning or condemning people. The goal is to achieve with statement of "truly skilled for the sake of imfamy," If everything is perfect then they will achive with what they think of right, to think its right they, will do many things and with mostly bad appearing good without forcing an issue. The true evil leave it alone or don't do it, if its an idea thats new. True evil is to claim an idea for their own and subjucate the idea maker, without giving up they make things pretty hard in the end. They pay off people with other peoples trade. As they seek to be appeased and create control from any circumstances or bad moment. So the line "Placate or use till the idea is dead" and "Don't be dead, for its a useless activity."
  13. Unaligned, "Just let me go about my business.": If you?re unaligned, you don?t actively seek to harm others or wish them ill. But you also don?t go out of your way to put yourself at risk without some hope for reward. You support law and order when doing so benefits you. You value your own freedom, without worrying too much about protecting the freedom of others. A few unaligned people, and most unaligned deities, aren't undecided about alignment. Rather, they've chosen, not to choose, either because they see the benefits of both good and evil or because they see themselves as above the concerns of morality. The Raven Queen and her devotees fall into the latter camp, believing that moral choices are irrelevant to their mission since death comes to all creatures regardless of alignment.
Glossary of idea

  Cleansing: In order, to cleanse the area or item or person, we use focus and the thought of 'cleanse' with a stated word or phrase. Or, we can redirect the person's corruption back, to themselves. And we do this, by thinking 'corruption back to you', while stating what we want, as its an activation word. These statements could also be a drawn, or carved 'U'. As, it counts, as a freehand hex and sign language, too. If, its drawn, then it could be in the air. If, its carved, then it could be thought of, to make it effect, with the momentary phrase.

  An alternative, to the idea, of cleansing, be the focus with the thought of 'remove corruption', this works better with the thought spoken, as you think of the target.

  Resistance, is a skill and ability, to resist the effort and effect, that is gained by working with things, and making a unfeelingness to the effective element. Till you gain immunity, to such effort and effect. Some effects cannot be gotten immune to, but you can still resist it. Resistance grants the effect of not being effected. Immunity, is high resistance, gained from moments, of limited exposure. So high, that you do not ever get effected.

  AC = Armor class which means how difficult a person is to hit in rating, Body mass amount and barriers between you and target consist of this.

  BAB is Base attack Bonus or what the bonus is for the attacker to hit. This consists of the skill and movement of the attacker. 

  Nonlethal damage based off life is the negative energy that can be used for energy effects of many types. This energy is ultraviolet or ultra blue-purple, thats not seen by the human eye. Its effects are to weaken the body everytime its used for a spell by adding to a nonlethal damage total. Each nonlethal damage point you decide happens, be a 5% effect on your body, causing 6 months aging repairable by healing of any sort or rest, for 10 min per point gained by nonlethal spell casting and below 0 stamina activity. Wrote together, by Jay, Amy and me.