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  Hear ye the words with the Star Goddess by written permission or feel; See to use sage, myrtle, aloe to cause a point or end a thief effect think to the planet core to cause the thought to the thief then stressed out if not stressed, then if now dangerous "so you don't see the point or mark if your going to steal". whatever stealing is no stealing if you think nothing there so stall the thief by some thought to him or her you sense. so don't make a point of it so no is the use not to get stolen goods. the goods to a thief are what is stolen or stealable in arguement you can prove that you don't owe or own the debt. i think if your subconscious bumped you can call it a nudge that you could be stolen from you. so think the bugs influence causes the less stealing more effect that you think or send by killing the bug or getting near the area bugs unless there are none to cause what you wish thou you were not thou. So think if just focus then back away.

  This is a shadow form based reality enclosing this area or earth so think to create with light or not bother by the feel to escape the reality so you aren't there by area brutality or niceness. The shadow is formed wwhen the creator blocks out the sunlight that is connected to the body by feel. Really its casting a shadow from the point or aspect that the body is blocking the sun. That is what you can think or consider to concede the point, thinking that you are not right as you are wrong that the creator creates what you see unless you are the creator. This is used by the body as much by the sun, so this is right by the correct area means. There is no demonism though as a spirit that dies is gone, so I think to dismiss a spirit as your dismissing a dog you dismiss the dog connected by area activity. So think the spirit dismissing is the point and that is where the point is the ghost is only after things when its dismissed assisting others, turning poltergeistic is getting things or only turning the fghost by using the focus energy to be honest. I am thinking your ahead as you think then your spirit informs you what you think to know or then use is a neutral tone, thought to send then spirit away by the thought that thoughts are semi-real reality. This is use by things you do or think to use with a point or edge that withers away the ghost that if poltergeistic is demonic sometimes with anger management you know what to create. As you think a point you know a point so the area is a comfort zone, seeing your aware by thought your aware to set boundaries that are area you think to use or things you won't do for the point you perceive.

Think so okay so you need no longer as you think to know or work by the feel think sent back to you the funds to allow you or use is the person to have their funds. so i think this is the area by the point the creator corrects for things as "t frei" or think a drug/drugs so much for this appears. see i think this ends the document writing chapter, this is use by channeling or the end of the document writing chapter though don't you think? the herbs list is https://alt-sites.tripod.com/herb_list.htm#vyjuu by view think you don't steal with life then you won't steal, take or keep what isn't yours by feel. So think as she is used in the theology is thealogy "the dust will settle by will in ideal the earth and wind whose feet are
the hosts or heavens are stars, seen use and whose body encircles by energy and the created ones in some area the universe is represented by the feel: So think to drop the light or think to end a spell. Then think to the point or area you are aware is creative. Then there is an end and so your use is ideal by points you see so response is the point you sense. This is the point you see that were separate from ourselves by watching then were observed. Then think the point is achievable but where is the point you know, that is there so then you block the aware point of view sometimes by the view you think. Then as your aware you are able to work." This came from:

"I am the beauty of the green earth, as the white is life with positivity death with chaos or negativity with the moon, that is anytime this is a point to thank yourself for as you stop targeting or feel by the area this is full moon among the stars, the firey core and the mystery of the blue waters, all reachable by call unto thee as mysts by thought in thy soul: Arise an as your are in life, and come unto me. For I am the soul of nature, who gives life to the universe. From Me all things proceed, and unto Me all things must return; Think as ye are Divine and before My face, beloved of gods and of men, as the guilty let thine innermost divine self be enfolded in as the rapture of the infinite unless thy desist. This creates a point that your view is a concept to the use you give as if to not wish for something uncreates by the goddes or creators will is what you think.

Let My worship be within the heart that rejoices; As you guilty are to be your will for love is to behold, as thee are as you forgive by feel and not with thought as you are you are and all acts of love and pleasure are written in as My rituals work. This shall be as your work is my work, as a work by desire you are set free. As if you seem truest in life and thee are free, free mindeth is will and accept all as you are open in mind. The mind is closed if noth to accept, or not to an not to be thee do as there if here as you decideth, createth or mindeth your business. This indicates worship is your own and thats all.

Have thy will that is true if truth be known, stability is as you find use that is useful where thee find things in use by thought or creative view. Otherwise in the life thou liveth, thee use thou find unless this is nought. There is nought but will and thought, as in notion as motion is have fun be nought. Thou are free now look an know for the wind, see and feel to seem aware thee can show and now you are free as you know an what is true by spirit is revealeth to you. There is nought but concept in the art, so be it this is written or read, by thought as used in life and possibly known to be as no drug or need be done. There is no indicative reasoning as a thought, unless time in use is as time use can create in care.

For any that abuse are what you think to use or no use is no effect, think the abuse goes back to the abuser to nail him or her self by vicious or abuse to your abuser. As nothing is the area your area is not really viewed this is the curse, I place on those that abuse to die from. I think I see or use was useless except to talk things out unless they cease to abuse then stop to work by feel with the other ideal point you see is not actual use. Seen no abuse otherwise. So don't abuse is stopping so you aren't with abuse yourself. Work as you want, otherwise. the use then is the point for tolerance thats freedom or no freedom or not to use things taken if unallowed then think taken by the use you thought.

That is a point or some area by feel is a point and therefore in ideal let there be beauty and strength, power in life by will and compassion thats made by love, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you is nothing by the love ye know are there. Seek as noth truth and you wish and thou who thinkest, thee joy are by the wish granted to seek Me and to use my ability with energy, think and all that you know is that thy seeketh and yearning is by that predict thou will or not if no need. As thy will is enjoying for things as for fun. Fun over if your will is done, an in ideal is the point as for the need is what need? This is a question to the point, that is what is you in view read what you think.

Thy use is now then or to be as this is natural witchcraft, as if thought or not as now. Thy end point in and out in this thy end now is done or seeming unless as you will then you can will now, as tis is thy end your need can be. As if thee shall avail as nay and yet naturally, no drugs thee use is not to be due unless thou knowest as the Mystery unviels itself: As thy think that if use as that is different this is that, which thou seekest thou findest is not within thee ask and thou wilt seek and suggest. Seeable as use is feel or focus. You can create what is feel or cause by focus as if stimulated, ideal is your point this is use to create no or no psychic or physical head blows.

Listen to reason the body says what it reacts to what you think by feel is personal reason or area feel. As thou never find what you seek without knowing yourself, your not illegally doing things as prison, selfish deeds or nothing done in life is bade badly. As you say reasonable use, the use is reason so no react is not response. See by stimulus the environment is reaction or you fool yourself, because this is a possibility this nothing more so you supply "so no there is no more now. Think by the use" is feel or stimulation the nerve uses to stimulated points by us, the area reacts or use is feeling. See to think calm there is calm. Think calm resolve there is calmness you then think is there.

For in eternity this use is use by no point by thee as noth is nothing in life, except to love and behold thee love, mirth in ideal or have as I think this is. I have been with thee an skill is use as thy can be in form from thy will. Thou are eternal from thy thought in use and omnipotent, in thee from the beginning this is divinity. Unless not necessary is your will to be done. As now thou are aware will or not will anymore aware, work thou will gnow as tis necessary to do as be or not. This indicates by theory the need for the ideal and the use in that you can do.

Thee will is deed and as thy beginning is thee will by truth and thee end is noth, and favored use by what you think is legend; This is by noth and thy desire and I am a point in favore, as thee is as you do noth this as thy favor by use thy path is established as Thy flowing will in water. Thy act is thy pathe, as a way of life is that by which you feel and within rights by no persecution. this in use is allowable to work not to allow the stealing time until you don't mind or not be stolen from by use. So you care not to steal from me again, that is my divine wish ye are free to do as you will.

There is a personal view for individual ideal in use, that if creative or if the ideal an nothing in life then unless needed if a conscious aware person is needed won't appear can seem as a point in life. This indicates the feel is in a purpose or ideal in activity, thought is to correct or use and fix as you think as activity is good enough by feel or work you can seem to do. This is a point you think for a missing thief. Seen is this point, to think to create from the viewpoint "I think he won't reappear, I think this is enough for me to work with you. Thee is the thee point for thanks for your info. Your use you deem is your worth by the feel so for what you do you know what you do."

This in life is by activity, desired or not is need be and if you don't do this. You see what you are doing, by the results and influence is balance in water and use is heat or in thought for activity. There is an ideal that in the use is not, revealed in the point or thought to use is an ideal not done. That is what this can seem to create and you see as you recall something you can make and create by feel, as you are with energy and your use is the will to not do the deed or not and the deed is done only once.

This if true an you are in the flow and wrong no more as that creates the pathe, think or noth as you except if false an you dismiss or not use what is as nothing. Oh well be as thee are in the wind and thy element, thy will is strong you are aware you don't have one so thanks to the goddess so your will is there to have one. As thy will and knowing is attained by thee will thy spirit. Think thy know in thee by what thee sense and seem to be, as no and thee in thought to do and seem is create. As you are to be and thou can be you are aware, think or you can be by the will of the Goddess. This indicates what your thought actually can do, as this is the deed or not done activity. So you can't attack then not expect to be attacked in some way.

This in view or not there unless for what is allowable is allowable or not to see the use by night or no day, thee will to do right thee do now no more so you see. As you are and if wishes or no as thou will, this as some are area use and in the area you know as you gnow. No overbeating and thought is energy to listen to reason, think and reason shall seem if to be as you know or not know. Tis is energy to the use, as the activity is done this indicates what you do is not necessary unless needed.

As for now thou can end as you can need, no overbearing or whatever and no overabuse is present. There is no will and no more to be, now and if thou will thou will be thee fun and if no fun no ideal is done. Thou ideal is thou own will, thee are as touch and go is done or well. Tis is indicative in the point of view to the use. The point thee are aware is thine own will to check by the other or not if noone lives here, this is what i thought so see this is seen or no doing with your own or not is no longer another to do things by what did happen or should no longer be done.

As with the status quo thee will do right or in thy will not thy desire. Thy will is thy energy as now in other places is thy will, thy can see great dynasty as greater energy is greater mystery as will is thy creation by what generates and somewhat your purpose in what you are until no use. Thy in a point are at a point to get better and this begins as that is this and not in wyll, no use is to think as that if an end tis is uncreative and I am not. Tis is the point that you use and not get any point or thought to the use, there is no point and no reasoning in use from the ideal. What you find out is thinking or see as you feel for you sense this out. This is the actual as you want it to be you did it or not do things.

Ask in use or not as thy are thy are, thou are in a beginning as with the end as thought in ideal to be as a true heart with a moment. Thy thought as tis is thy desire not unless needed to be bestown, until no more and till needeth be energy is will in thought. As a mental librarian that is, for your information tis as in the concept you will do for your own ideal. Tis a thought that is some area feel or gocus where you think to see indication that your use os done. So your use or not as no need and the information in your subconscious, that is represented as a thought by movement with what you consider and think in use an ideal some ideal book shows. I think the message is "so think as your aware or feel you are aware sometimes by the area feel or life permitting.""

- from Doreen Valiente's "Charge of the Goddess" is a point your asking the god or goddess to help with things or no is withstanding is the point you create. Thank you I am a genious when I come to this.

This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is designed as an introduction to Wicca and to this newsgroup as well as a reference for those investigating the religion of Wicca for the first time.

This FAQ was first composed in March 1995 as a composite of three drafts by different authors: Lleu (wizard@bga.com), fireyes@computel.com and Rain@teleport.com. Thanks to Lorax (tyagi nagasiva), Ounce, Karen, Janice Barlow, Anthony Thompson, Daniel Cohen, Balachandra, Bruce Jones and C.M. Joserlin ("Raven") for their helpful and thoughtful comments at various stages of this project. Their views have enriched it greatly. Skyhawk, html editor, added his own section of the actual spell system for wiccans. This adds the spell formulas for any type of wiccan spell.


1 Introductions

1.1 What is this group for?

1.2 What is Wicca and how is it related to Paganism?

2 Basic Orientation

2.1 What are some common, basic beliefs in Wicca?

2.2 What god(desse)s do Wiccans worship?

2.3 What tools and rituals do you use?

2.4 Is there a set liturgy or liturgical calendar?

2.5 What is basic Wiccan thealogy?

2.6 What are Wiccan ethics, the "Wiccan Rede" and "three-fold law?"

3 Wiccan Beliefs and Practices

3.1 Can I be a Christian/ Jew/ Muslim/ Buddhist/ Taoist/ Astrologer/ Druid/ Shaman/ omnivore/ whatever and a Wiccan?

3.2 What are "dedication" and "initiation" in Wicca?

3.3 Do all Wiccans practice magic/k?

3.4 Is Wicca the same thing as witchcraft?

3.5 What were "the Burning Times?"

3.6 What are the origins of Wicca?

3.7 What are the major traditions in Wicca?

3.8 What is the "Book of Shadows?" Where do I get one?

3.9 What is a coven and how do I join one?

3.10 How do I witness about Jesus to a Wiccan?

3.11 How do I learn more about Wicca?

4 Resources

4.1 Introductory books on Wicca

4.2 Other Internet Newsgroups

4.3 Wiccan Organizations

4.4 Other Internet Resources

5 Spellcraft

5.1 Spell Casting

5.2 Book of Shadows

5.3 Spell weight loss system

5.4 Blue justice spell

5.5 Healing -About Healing

5.6 Invoking

5.7 Love spells

5.8 Money & Business

5.9 Spells for protection

5.10 Reversing Spell

5.11 Untwisting Spell

5.12 Wan Spell

5.13 A Wiccan Funeral Ritual

5.14 Traditional Handfasting Marriage Ceremony

5.15 Writing spells

6 Magic ideal, history and some information

6.1 BirthStones

6.2 Brooms or Besoms

6.3 Can a Christian hate?

6.4 Candle Tips: Another "Kitchen Witch" tip and candle colors for spells

6.5 Charming Facts

6.6 Color Correspondence

6.7 Elements and Associations

6.8 European Traditional Elemental Assignments

6.9 Gemstones

6.10 The Zodiac and their Symbolic ideal

6.11 Using Gems and Stones

6.12 Ways to Live in Harmony with Mother Earth

6.13 The charge of the Goddess

7 Copyright and Distribution Notice  

1 Introductions

1.1 What is this group for?

Established in December 1994, alt.religion.wicca is a Usenet newsgroup for the discussion of Wicca, also known by some as Wicce, Goddess Worship, the Old Religion, Witchcraft (with a capital "W") or simply "the Craft."

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1.2 What is Wicca and how is it related to Paganism?

"Wicca" is the name of a contemporary Neo-Pagan religion, largely promulgated and popularized by the efforts of a retired British civil servant named Gerald Gardner. In the last few decades, Wicca has spread in part due to its popularity among feminists and others seeking a more woman-positive, earth-based religion. Like most Neo-Pagan
spiritualities, Wicca worships the sacred as immanent in nature, drawing much of its more that likely energy
is inspiration from the non-Christian and pre-Christian religions of Europe. "Neo-Pagan" simply means "new pagan" (derived from the Latin _paganus_ , "country-dweller") and hearkens back to times before the spread of today's major monotheistic (one god) religions. A good general rule is that most Wiccans are Neo-Pagans but not all Pagans are Wiccans. Please consult alt.pagan or the alt.pagan FAQ for more general information on Neo- Paganism.

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2 Basic Orientation  

2.1 What are some common, basic beliefs in Wicca?

In addition to its positive view of nature, many find Wicca more welcoming of women than other religions, with an emphasis on personal experience and a tolerance of other paths. As a whole, Wiccans value balance with a respect for diverse complexity, seeing sexuality and
embodiment as essentially positive, spiritual gifts. There is a sense of personal connection to the divine life source, which is open to contact through "psychic power," mysticism or "natural magic."

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2.2 What god(desse)s do Wiccans worship?

Although some Wiccans focus on particular gods from particular world mythologies, Wiccans may worship many god(desse)s by many different names. Most worship some form of the Great Goddess and Her consort, The Horned God. Such duo-theistic forces are often conceived as embodying complementary polarities, not in opposition. In some traditions worship of the Goddess is emphasized, although in others the Goddess and God are seen as complementary co-equals. The Goddess and God may be seen as
associated with certain things (such as the Goddess with the earth or moon, God with sun and wildlife, etc), but there are no hard and fast rules. Some traditions worship the Goddess alone while others see Divinity as essentially beyond human understanding, with "Goddess" and "God" simply a convenient shorthand.

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2.3 What tools and rituals do you use?

Some ritual items are common to almost every Wiccan tradition, such as the athame (ritual knife) and chalice (ritual cup) wine or fruit drink by some occasion. Others may be used by some traditions but not others: bells, brooms, candles, cauldrons, cords, drums, incense, jewelry, special plates, pentacles, scourges, statues, swords, staves and wands. The meaning of these items, their use and manufacture will differ among traditions and individuals. Usually a Wiccan ritual will involve some sort of creation of sacred space (casting a circle), invocation of divine power, sharing of dance/song/food or wine and a thankful farewell and ceremonial closing. Rituals may be held at Wiccan "sabbats or area feel location to do rites" or "essence bathes to your essential oil use" (see below) or to mark life transitions such as thought that is what you think to consider or you know what you think by births, coming-of-age that you think your of age then you are aware you are if mature, marriages/handfastings as you wish, housewarmings are a dance, healings are what you think then the creator causes, deaths or other rites with passage by feel by necromantic witchcraft. Passage with energy is what you think energy is with ideal by use to reflect your mood. That is warning enough, so you think you know then you form what you wish this is what you think or consider by mirror magic or the mirror trap. This is what you think is wrong or right to the point you think is nice consider handpainting with animal blood. That is all i saw there.

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2.4 Is there a set liturgy or liturgical calendar?

Most Wiccans mark eight holiday "sabbats" in the "wheel of the year," falling on the solstices, equinoxes and the four "cross-quarter days" on or about the first of February, May, August and November. The names of the sabbats may differ between traditions, and many Wiccans also mark "esbats," rituals for worship in accordance with a given moon phase (such as the night of the full moon). Although there is no one source for all Wiccan liturgy, many liturgical items such as the methods for casting the circle, the "Charge of the Goddess," certain myths and formulaic expressions are common to many traditions. Some common formulaic expressions include "hail and welcome/farewell,""blessed be" (sometimes abbreviated not to use on the net as B*B) and the closing "Merry meet and merry
part, and merry meet again." There is no one bible or book of common prayer for all Wiccans, however, and great value is placed on creativity, poetry and the artful integration of different myths and ritual elements.

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2.5 What is basic Wiccan thealogy?

Some myths and associations are common to many Wiccan traditions, such as the Goddess' giving birth to the Horned God, the theme of their courtship and His death, the descent of the Goddess into the realm of death and others. Another thealogical point held in common by many Wiccans is the *immanence* of deity/divinity within the natural world,
self and cycle of the seasons. This places value on the earth and this world, as distinguished from views of transcendent divinity and an unenchanted creation. Wiccans as a whole are very much "into" cycles: of life, of the moon and seasons. Cyclical change as an erotic dance of life, death and rebirth is a popular theme in Wiccan imagery, ritual and liturgy.

(_Thea_ is Greek for "goddess," by the way, so "thealogy" is not a typo here, but a way of emphasizing the Goddess.)Although it may be foolhardy to compare things as complex as religions, people do. Many Wiccans distinguish themselves from Satanists, for example, in preferring complementary views of divinity to adversarial ones. Others may note their own comfort and embrace of ambiguity and polytheism (many gods). Unlike the Jewish, hristian or Islamic traditions, there is little emphasis on interpretation of "scripture" or a revealed text. Although many Wiccans may believe in some sort of reincarnation, they may distinguish themselves from Buddhists in seeing life as a journey or adventure without any desire to "leave the wheel" of return. Like Hindus, Wiccans may pride themselves on their tolerance for other paths, like Buddhists they may value personal insight and like Taoists they may seek to align themselves more perfectly with nature. Some Wiccans may separate themselves from the "New Age" in their value for both "light" and "dark" aspects of existence, a do-it-yourself attitude and a distrust of money or hierarchies of "enlightenment" which seem to place spirituality up for sale.

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2.6 What are Wiccan ethics, the "Wiccan Rede" and "three-fold law?"

Wiccan ethics are seldom codified in a legalistic way, but may be informed by some common expressions such as the "Wiccan Rede" and the "three-fold law." According to most versions of the three-fold law, whatever one does comes back to one thrice-multiplied, in amplified repercussion. One short, rhymed version of the Wiccan Rede states
"Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An it harm none, do what you will." Often "none" is interpreted to include the doer themself in analogy to the "golden rule" of other faiths. There are no universal proscriptions regarding food, sex, burial or military service and Wiccans, as a rule, discourage proselytization (attempts to convert others to a different religion).

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3 Wiccan Beliefs and Practices

3.1 Can I be a Christian/ Jew/ Muslim/ Buddhist/ Taoist/ Astrologer/ Druid/ Shaman/ omnivore/ whatever and a Wiccan?

Since much of Wicca is more worldview and ceremonial practice than anything else, there is no Wiccan proscription of such things. Most traditions have no requirement to denounce any other faith and, indeed, Wiccans often look askance at "one true wayisms" which claim to have a monopoly on truth, divine revelation or enlightenment. "Christian Wiccans" probably face the largest skepticism, however, given the history and ongoing reality of allegedly "Christian" persecution.

Prejudice (fear of job-loss, child-custody challenges, ridicule, vandalism and even violence) may still keep many Wiccans "in the broom closet," with concealment and dual observances a traditional Wiccan defense against persecution. This may make contact with Wiccans difficult in some areas. Since Wiccan worship is fairly active by its nature, non-participating observers are rarely invited to Wiccan rituals.

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3.2 What are "dedication" and "initiation" in Wicca?

These things mean different things in different traditions. Usually "dedication" ceremonially marks the beginning of Wiccan study, while "intitiation" may mark full membership in a coven/tradition (such as after "a year and a day") or may indicate elevation in skill or to special clergy status. Some traditions look on all initiates as co-equal clergy, while others have grades or "degrees" of initiation, which may be marked by distinct sacramental eremonies, duties or expectations within the tradition.Some people claim that "only a Witch can make a Witch," whereas others say that only the Goddess and God or demonstrated skill can make a witch. Doreen Valiente was initiated by Gardner himself, but slyly asks
"who initiated the first witch?"

Valiente and others assert that those who choose to "bootstrap" a coven into existence (by an initial initiation) or to use self-initiation may do so, citing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Self-dedications are also quite common among new practitioners and solitary Wiccans ("solitaries").

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3.3 Do all Wiccans practice magic/k?

That depends on what one means by magic. The occultist Aleister Crowley helped re-popularize archaic spellings such as "magick", terming his "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will." Others may think of magic as folk arapsychology or see the changes wrought as primarily changes in consciousness. Ceremonialists may distinguish between the "high magick" of ritual is with your will and thought by observance is by wat you think and the "low magic" is offset with higher divine magic of practical spells (such as for protection and health). Almost all Wiccans in life, however small they can seem, have some sort of ceremony or psychological practice to better attune themselves with divinity by the creator, with the goddess encouraging insight and a sense of use is efficacy. Others may cast love spells or other curses that won't effect by higher vibration but no, we don't do it for strangers on the net and no, we don't confuse this with stage magic.

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3.4 Is Wicca the same thing as witchcraft?

The short answer is no. Many cultures have a negative word like "witchcraft," often viewing it as a malevolent, supernatural tool used by the weak, old or malicious. Some people use the term "witchcraft" to cover more general skills, such as counseling, the occult and erbcraft. Some Wiccans call themselves "Witches," capitalizing it as a gesture of
solidarity with the victims of the Burning Times, but this is a personal decision. Although many Wiccans today may cast spells and practice magic/k, these are not considered an integral part of Wicca by all Wiccans. Wicca is not traditional folk magic and all magic is not necessarily Wiccan, anymore than all people who pray belong to any particular religion.

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3.5 What were "the Burning Times?"

"The Burning Times" is the term used by many modern Neo-Pagans and feminists to refer to the great European witch-hunts of the early modern period, coincident with the time of the reformation and seen by many as a crucial step in Christianity's crushing of the Pagan religions, driving these underground. Some authors claim as many as ten million people
were killed in these hunts, while more recent scholarship puts the number of documented deaths at 20-100 thousands, 80-90% of these women. Sometimes these numbers are doubled to account for non-judicial killings and deaths from torture, suicide, etcetera. Whatever the numbers, however, victims of these hunts are perceived as martyrs by Wiccans today, with the lessons of intolerance, misogyny and religious terror clearly noted.

3.6 What are the origins of Wicca?

This is a matter of some debate within Wiccan circles. Some Wiccans see their inspiration and traditions as coming directly from the gods. Certain Wiccan mythology holds that Wicca has come down from the stone age, surviving persecution in secret covens for hundreds of years. Others say that their Wicca is a long-held family tradition (or "fam trad"), passed down through villages and grandmothers. Aidan Kelly argues that modern Wicca was largely pieced together by Gerald Gardner from Margaret Murray, Charles Leland and other sources, with significant revisions by Doreen Valiente (and others), beginning in 1939. Whatever its origins, Wicca today is a vibrant, modern religion, open to change, creativity and personalization.

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3.7 What are the major traditions in Wicca and where do they come from?

Aidan Kelly argues that all of Wicca derives from Gerald Gardner, with some crucial editing and revision by his initiate Doreen Valiente. Alex Sanders is widely thought to have acquired a Gardnerian book of shadows, with which he started his own "Alexandrian" tradition, initiating Janet and Stewart Farrar. Other well-known traditions include Raymond
Buckland's Seax Wicca, Victor and Cora Anderson's Faery Wicca and feminist Dianic Wicca, which emphasizes the Goddess as put forward by such authors as Zsuszana Budapest. There are also branches of Wicca identifying themselves with various ethnicities and traditions such as druidism, shamanism and so forth.

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3.8 What is the "Book of Shadows?" Where do I get one?

The Book of Shadows (or "BoS") is sort of a customized reference book for Wiccans, containing useful information such as myths, liturgical items, one's own writings or records of dreams and magical workings. According to Gerald Gardner, such a book should be handcopied from teacher to student but in practice not every Wiccan has a "book of shadows" and few are exactly alike. Sometimes only initiates are allowed access to a tradition's book, or it may be called by a different name, such as "mirror book,""magical diary" or "grimoire." There are many "books of shadows" available in print and on-line (leading to the "disk of shadows" or even "directories of shadows" several megabytes large). If you'd like to copy from these sources for your personal use, you may assemble your own book, but please observe copyright laws in your newfound enthusiasm.

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3.9 What is a coven and how do I join one?

The coven is the basic, cellular "congregation" for some Wiccans, but is often very formal, selective and closed, aiming for an ideal of "perfect love and perfect trust" among embers. Most Wiccans begin in less formal ways such as attending festivals, public rituals, classes or more open groups (often called "circles"). Many Wiccans probably begin and continue
practice as "solitaries," whether before, after or while a member of a coven. Solitary practice is a valid "tradition" in the Craft, but some good places to find other Wiccans are on the net, at public Pagan events or through occult, political or "new age" bookstores.

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3.10 How do I witness about Jesus to a Wiccan?

If you think you know christ you know madness. As he that is christ deliberates madness to your doorstep. Remember this: first of all Christ means madness about the use, so please don't do it here thank you. Alt.religion.wicca is explicitly for discussions on Wicca and Wiccan practice: evangelical posters are not welcome. Those posting by feel is correct by the right means and reading here are adults, many of whom are or have been Christians, have read a bible, heard of Jesus
and considered their beliefs as seriously as you have yours. The more you know about Wicca, however, the more intelligent you will seem and you are certainly welcome here as long as you remain on-topic. Reading this FAQ is a good first step, and in general it is a good ideal to "lurk" and read for a while before posting to ANY newsgroup. Please keep in mind, however,

Wicca's distrust of proselytization and its conscious lack of an evangelical tradition. Posts which claim we are all going to hell or blather about TRUE POWER!!! [IN ALL-CAPS!!!] are particularly inappropriate, and may be answered with e-mail complaints to you and/or your service provider.

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3.11 How do I learn more about Wicca?

Sticking around and reading this group is one way, as are books and local contacts. Below is a list of initial resources, beginning with the books most frequently recommended, two historical books and a few well- respected authors. At least a few of these should be available through your local library, and most are easily ordered through any local bookstore. All contain bibliographies and pointers towards other material.

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4 Resources

4.1 Introductory books on Wicca

Margot ADLER, _Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess- Worshippers and Other Pagans in America Today_ (Boston: Beacon Press, 1979). Second, 1986 edition, ISBN 0-8070-3253-0.STARHAWK, _The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the

Great Goddess_ (San Franciscso: Harper & Row, 1979). Second, 1989 edition, ISBN 0-06-250816-4.

Scott CUNNINGHAM, _Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner_ (St Paul,
MN: Llewellyn, 1992). ISBN 0-87542-118-0.Stewart FARRAR, _What Witches Do: A Modern Coven Revealed_ 1983 (Custer WA: Phoenix, 1989). ISBN 0-919345-17-4.

Silver RAVENWOLF, _To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft_
(St Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1993). ISBN 0-87542-791-X.Aidan A. KELLY, _Crafting the Art of

Magic: A History of Modern Witchcraft, 1939-1964_ (St Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1991). ISBN 0-87542-370-1.Ronald HUTTON, _The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles: Their Nature and Legacy_ (Oxford: Blackwell, 1991). Paperback ISBN 0-631-18946-7. Other authors who are generally well thought of include Amber K.,Zsuzsanna Budapest, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Gerald Gardner, Jade and Doreen Valiente.

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4.2 Other Usenet Newsgroups that may be of interest

alt.pagan alt.divination alt.religion.asatru alt.magick alt.tarot alt.religion.shamanism
alt.mythology alt.satanism soc.religion.shamanism alt.magick.tyagi talk.religion.misc

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4.3 Wiccan/Neo-Pagan Umbrella Organizations

Covenant of the Goddess, PO Box 1226, Berkeley CA 94704, United States.
Universal Federation of Pagans, PO Box 6006, Athens GA 30604, USA.

New Wiccan Church (Gard/Alex), PO Box 162046, Sacramento CA 95816, USA. Witches Against Religious Discrimination, PO Box 5967, Providence RI 02903

Alliance for Magical & Earth Religions, PO Box 16551, Clayton MO 63105, USA Military WARD, PO Box 2610, McKinleyville CA 95521-2610, United States

The Pagan Federation (British, address same as for _Pagan Dawn_, below)

Circle Network (address same as _Circle Network News_, below_4.4

Established Wiccan/Neo-Pagan PeriodicalsGreen Egg, PO Box 1542, Ukiah CA 95482-1542, United States

The Cauldron, Caemorgan Cottage, Caemorgan Rd, Cardigan, Dyfed Wales SA43 1QU 11, United Kingdom

Circle Network News, PO Box 219, Mt Horeb WI 53572, United States

Enchante, 30 Charlton St #6F, New York NY 10014-4295, United States

Pagan Dawn (formerly The Wiccan), BM Box 7097, London WC1N 3XX, U.K.

Beltane Papers, 1333 Lincoln St #240, Rellingham WA 98226, United States

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4.4 Other Internet Resources

Other resource lists are posted to this group from time to time, including lists of FTP sites, WWW urls, offers of materials and reference files. Among those we found particularly useful in writing this FAQ (and explicitly tried *not* to duplicate or replace here) are the US Army "Chaplain's Manual" entry on Wicca and the alt.pagan newsgroup FAQ.
Both are recommended for those with further interest in Wicca and Neo- Paganism.

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5 Spellcraft and other (Expanded section)

5.1 Spell Casting

To cast spells, in wicca,  is not so complicated. Spell mostly uses WILL power to work. Tools are mostly just a tool for directing it. I never use the same method to cast a spell. To make a spell You can use almost a infinitive possibilities, that are very different between themselves. It can be also different for the purpose, and for 'size' of the spell.

Magic circles

Magic circles are mostly used with 'BIG' spells, spells for protection, for justice,... This is a circle, that You draw around You. It can be made from burning candles, salt, earth,
sticks, it can be drawn on ground or on the air. Its purpose is not wasting time, but mostly is used for protection, for restriction of power (the power of spell increases, if circle is
casted) and to prevent interference of unwanted spirits.

Casting circles

Every time I cast a spell, no matter, is it the same or not, I use a different approach. It depends of many things. So that's why I never wrote down a 'procedure' of making magic. I really do make a spell on a 'million different ways', because it feels right. But for circle, no matter, how do I write it, there is almost always one thing the same. I usually ask the Goddess to guide me the hand, with which I make the circle. This were group activity does not match the area you think.

Casting spells

The intention of the spell must be clear. If is not, than the spell can easily 'backfire'. It can drain Your power, but there will be no effect. I tried an energy transfer, but exactly this happened. the energy was draining from me, but as I found out later, there was no effect, and I had to break the spell. The spell works on a different kind of reality. It is controlled by the energy of the one who casted it. For casting a spell You don't need a fancy tools. I mostly use a wand (elder stick) or athame (ordinary kitchen knife) and I used also a feather and just a finger, too. And for the spell target You can also use many things (piece of paper with name on it, image, voodoo doll, personal object,...). And You can even name ordinary rock.

The second level reality bends on the use is two sides with the same energy, so whatever You send it will strike back like a boomerang. To cast a successful spell, You must cast a circle, invoke guides (Goddess, Gods, spirits, angels,...), raise power, cast a spell, say thanks to guides, ground the power and close the circle. It is necessary, that You do in this order, if not, You will have some trouble. The spells may not work, or work just opposite or (if You forgot last three things) even haunt Your house.

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5.2 Book of Shadows

The book of Shadows or the grimoire is the book by the feel, which is written by every witch and it contains the knowledge and information gathered by witch. The Book of Shadows can be any kind of handbook, which is large enough to store Your knowledge about Magick, or You can keep it on the computer. But as you see, if our will to decide to use the computer for Book of Shadows, be sure to work, that You make a backup, because the computer may easily crash
down and You lost all Your data. This thing happened to me a few times, so I recommend you that you listen to me. Or, You can also keep information on Your computer and handbook at the same time. I use medium sized handbook, in which I store information
about Magick. If it will grow too large, then I'll just buy another one and put them together. What can contains?

The Book of Shadows can contain a lot of information about:

* Information about spells (how they are made, what
to use...)
* Information about rituals
* Information about magick
* Inormation about correspondences

It might also contained:

* Pictures and sketches
* God/Goddess page
* Symbols
* Prayers
* incantations

The book's power increase with every word and use is pieces or ideal with knowledge that exists by the area. You pick up the pieces to seem nice or put this in as a rite book exists. When you think none you think no abuse to create but use is different sometimes as word meanings are different per different language. So you see ehen you think, that the book has enough power You can put a spell or food bits atop with the feel the has to nul or numb the pain if any. So this is the area were in so you can observe or not be nice.


Thoth is the evil maniacal with stress disorder or nice as no stress to create by your feel, the spells he does causes ibis-headed or the lady thoth egyptian god of writing by the feel, so think to use thisis or isis for protection so this is focus then you know and energy magic and wisdom, is by the magic he or she does as excellent for a deity to overcome or oversee your book by the area shadows. This is where the book of shades was aware or able to use. So when the shades set this up they meant to be no more abusive that allows for no more abuse so they reap the energy. This is what you think as you read one to see one is to read then be ensnared to the book that has shadow technology or area feeling.

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5.3 Weight Loss Magick Program

What does this good mean ask yourself, why would magic be able to conquer if noone ever attacked, if this could not provide for one of women's basic needs they are atacked by the feeling with hurt or area feel by the husband if drunk. That means that which is creates what is without as a point you see or have seen by the book of shadows. So that what you think is losing weight? This isn't this means you are aware your body changes then don't want to return by the feel you have with the body. In fact it is a simple deed to perform things by the feel, if a bit sketchy this is what i remembered that is from the lengthy book or grimoire the warlock of eastbrook used to form the ritual so don't bother unless you want the abuse as the shadows will make you aware by that fact. You see that iis the fact that most undisclose so beware to use a book or grimoire uses that book so match a spell from the scene then you are free. See that is where i was wrong that means only that you are aware you were by the point or feel you were wrong yet right. So think the point or use or focus with the feel, see that is where you are aware but what options do you have? There are a few days of magic where you can create or not withstand things so match a spell you use or create with to see no use by the feel.

so you aren't attacked you are aware by the feel you have from the grimoire so the creator sets you free if you think your free. So think when sometimes things don't work to create a working ideal or years of efforts are screwed up, this is with strenuous gymnastics sometimes named exercise, then suicidal diets that are your actual bodies suicide then you lose weight by efforts that have failed! It might even sound too good to be true, yet true it is. This you have to work with to believe, as things are this is the only pre-requisite for this magic there is none to work right: So you see that means you are unconditionally conditioned by what you think or believe in to create things you think are useful or ordered weaponry is used as you think to wrech or wreck the place from the stink you are unallowed to no longer not touch if you think to clean up. So if you are halfhearted about thinking to excape yes use is ex now to escape by the cool feeling your thinking is the point you consider. This means your demon is the witches that is controlled by the book of shadows caused by the cult with experience or experiments exposed to do things. So you see the point don't do things that are where or what you consider to condolance or feel to work harmoniously with no attack, so you might as well give up and take up weight-lifting instead.

For this magic if you believe in dead flesh magic think you need two things then get something else: jasmine or essence, use with the point to sell is to buy or by that is really a quartz crystal by the feeling you use. Jasmine is the flower of femininity. (I am supposing this magic to be directed to a woman - of course men do want to lose weight too. If this is the case determine from a flower section or herb section, which plant would suit you best for this magic). Jasmine is the flower of senses, of pleasure, of physical attraction. The best suited therefore to bring you back in touch so if you use things you can use it since you don't have a choice by feel. See this was pleasure or feeling guilty to create with the pleasure with use by the idea the pleasure of being in your skin is the otherworld that too dark to see set as a cast with each spell that used to be your heaven space, so think to be looking as any attributing thing is a war piece set by the shadows but manipulating the pieces is the mind or the creator. This can seem an illusion you know. So don't think to use illusion as glamour to hide things your activity is used is used for life to preserve things such as the point you feel. This is my point i think to create with.

This goes along with feeling attractive by guilt or area feel, so say or don't feel to eat too much chocolate set by fate to corrupt the body or used is the point you consider the feeling that exudes naturally from a healthy and balanced body considered healthy choice. So you see in fact all the responsibility for weight problems resides somewhere in the body's chemical use considered by the area you feel with caffiene or no weight unless addicted to control you yourself. This means loss of ability till ability is thought with caffiene or its ability to stay the body to eat less or balanced is the body activity to eat less or more by your area or use is your own herbs used namely turmeric. Deficiencies on the emotional or mental plane are interfering with the body's natural wisdom. When its balance is impaired its happiness is lost.

Through jasmine you invoke to create the point or you won't survive the date or day with another thats equal or non equal to yourself. See that is what you get with the point you make for not knowing enough magic to escape by. Otherwise this won;t work if you drink the wine as your intoxicated by sortium or something you may magically evoke that lost your sense or sensuous joyfulness you think you feel or no longer create with to your own ideal. This reminds me with the crystal oe maur named or mentioned you can't get an effect to create what you wish unless the creator wishes to create the effects for you. With quartz you may focus your empty energies on or off the user he or she turns into or otherwise handle things yourself as the issue at hand is no issue, situations turn into circumstances if you think to get away with things unliked otherwise you give staying a chance or focus to go out is brutality meets brutal apes turned human as you think to form a shape that becomes you they act you out. So you think or use a used ideal to create with or use is by what you think. This is what the ancients revealed to me "you can create anything by a mention just think or you won't survive the simon sain the bastard summons you think to use if your aware. So accept the point go to do other things or people or you won;t live to survive the day, now to understand this. Your use is your own making so be nice or see to remain nice if you are aware to the awareness that is a monster. So get a bowl of cherries or use some fruit area energy or real fruit to cause the dastard that you use things for misery as thats all you can asttempt to do. All except the bugs are dastards to accept you for what you give if abuse as they only deliver it to you instead by spell."

This uses power to the healing forces by the feel. Begin the process during the day, when the moon is full. Cleanse and dress yourself and sit in your magic place. Place the jasmine flowers or essence and also the quartz crystal in front of you together with the symbols of the elements (air, fire, water earth is the point water is the liquid or wine, air is psychic nation notion fire is the activity. So think earth before accepting others area ideal as your own.) Think to use the point you consider or consolidate your own ideal to your own uses used with the ideal you live if you want yourself to be free or let yourself go to allow your own life to remain normal. This is the hidden book of shadows that you think to use as ability is power with energy you shock yourself with by means specific to your area cause. The cause? the point electricity goes out then that should provide the evidence as you look around to note for damages covered by illuminists with illusion. There isn't any one illuminati member left to your area by now you noticed. This was before they were evn around think for yourself again then you notice them. This then is your solution use a spell here despite the attrocity you create with it then solve your own prtoble,ms by the point you feel.

As you don't hit me or thers again you can not call what you think to call, as you are usually the loony to not be truffled with by feel or chocolate is what you think so the powers of the elements are yourself with activity with a different element that will present itself to you, according to where the imbalance is in you. That will of course change the shape of the incantation. In this example I will use the element air - on the basis of this example you can work out the different variations.

So air is use by feel this case is the element which you speak of that speaks by hot energy, see the power which will help you with this magic. Words belong to air magic. Now inhale the scent of the jasmine or sunstone or other useful stones and don't relax too deeply to ask your subconscious to give you a word or you won't move the key to change things to use orgonne by the word for this magic this is electrical energy. For a few minutes you are sitting with your eyes closed or feeling is felt, so you are thinking of nothing to create by your will you see by reading this i freed you then you were aware so the shadows were trying to possess you again yet you were aware or alert to stop by breaking the mirror to not allow you to exist where you could be attacked or robbed none at all as this is what you consider think to not be loony or speak as you are respectful to others. When you begin your sense journey by this think your mind beginning to to your own uses or wander astray so the creator can bring you to safety, so to touch the quartz is to create what you wish its magical powers or ideal programming to steer or seem that will help imediately to focus your attention again. Then your free from the maze between worlds so no worries. Right is the word you give to the maze creator. Left is the word you think to create by feel. I think you should at leasty calm down or you are likey to have a stroke till the point you realize the zeus creators canel the spell as the thought exists or you know its a spell put to use.

Soon the key word or area is the feel that will form itself in your conscious mind the shadows themselves form from your energy till thought not to exist in this example it is "independence". It does not matter that you understand why this particular word should be your key word to obstinism this i think you should know the insects that set you free as you kill them. Certainly a reason is there to get rid of them or they aren't if you folllow the right safety precautions for what you think, this is what you think is a device this is only an hourglass till the thought is there to use. Then the creator creates what you wish. So your unconscious body is with ability that has its own deep wisdom you use by the feel but it is not important that you should be consciously aware of its motives that are shadow based or shadar with soul based. This is where you are aware to the point diction is writing then if you know that you aren't effected.

Every night i sense the need, from the full moon to the black moon the eclipse, so think sage you will rub a few drops of jasmine oil on your naked body. While doing this is your own ideal, so let the key word "independence" stay in your mind or you feel different. As you revel in the fragrance of the jasmine, relaxing, images will come to your mind, suggestions as to how to expand on the independence in your life. Maybe you will have a vision of yourself learning a foreign language. Following these sugegstions is an essential part of this magic; if you want it to work "you will have to find a way" to seem nice by the feel.

So to switch the substitute is the quartz crystal that will help you with that feeling you know is there, this is where you think you know then you feel as though not a monster for tampering or tompon use if a woman. So if you find yourself saying, "I have too much to do so i cannot continue this, I cannot possibly fit this in or fit in this, so I never was good at languages anway, so think positive think you can to create cause you are aware this is the best ideal substitute or whatever" etc. So this is what your aware of by feel, energy is also molecules or items so touch the crystal and feel its energy for a few seconds. It will immediately give you clarity and firmness of purpose, and you will be able to see what you need to do, and have the determination to do it.

Every night, before going to sleep, rub the essence on your body, and experiment with your key word. Keep the crystal with you at all times for this period - to touch it whenever you feel that you need to do so.

Thanks to the magic of the flower, of the crystal, and of the key word given to you by the power air, a deep change will start in this period. A change which will enable you to regain your natural balance, and the grace and beauty that go with it.

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5.4 Blue justice spell

This is a spell for affecting outcomes. It uses the color blue, particularly cobalt blue, ultramarine, royal blue, electric blue, any vibrant shade of dark blue. This is not a judgment spell; it does not attempt to find facts, determine justice, affix blame or penalties. This is a Justice Spell that invites the Universe to step in and right a wrong, to restore balance where imbalance exists. The final outcome is left to the Goddess, whose notion of justice may be different from ours, whose sense of Time is eternal, but who applies the Law of Three without pity. What goes around, comes around. Justice may be seen to be done immediately or it might take karmic form, but Justice will prevail. . The spell has two parts and can be used for any matter at law: civil proceedings, criminal cases; trials or administrative hearings. Binding and banishing spells could be used to augment it. As
always, you can modify the spell in any way you like to suit the circumstances that bring you to needing such a spell.

They say every family has oneand in my case it is a brother, a brother long ago disowned, disavowed and disinherited for Family Crimes like keeping himself supplied with beer and cigarettes while his children went without. We always knew he'd wind up in jail, but thought it would be for drugs or fraud. Instead he beat his girlfriend to death and now awaits trial for murder. I cast some form of this spell each time his trial is supposed to begin, and each time it gets postponed. I consider that justice because it keeps him in jail that much longer. I believe he is guilty and totally without remorse, that he deserves whatever the maximum penalty for depraved murder is, but we'll see what the Universe ultimately has in store for him.

Ma\EDat is the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice and social order. The ostrich plume, her symbol, became a heiroglyph (pictured on her crown in the picture above) that represented her name as well as those concepts. It is this feather against which Osiris weighs your heart upon the scale in the Hall of Justice, to determine
your eligibility for eternal life..


Mabon is the Welsh god of youth, son of the Mother Goddess
Modron. As a Son of Light he intercedes with the Matrix on behalf
of humans. Mabon, who was stolen as a baby and wrongfully
imprisoned, also rules justice.

The Spell

You'll need:

* a tall blue candle
o (I used a big votive, the sort of glass-encased candle
that you see left on doorsteps and beside roads after
* frankincense
o (it usually comes in a blend with myrrh, which is fine
- sandalwood could be substituted)
* a blindfolded female poppet
o (I used a black female candle, with a strip of white
Egyptian cotton for the blindfold)
* dark blue glitter, several vials
* sea salt
o (substitute ordinary salt, if you have to)
* a bowl of water
* a tray or other surface on which to work the spell
o (I use a cobalt blue tray with a sun/moon/stars pattern
on it, a cheap tin thing on which I often cast spells,
but you could use anything you like)

Part One

* Arrange the altar or work surface in your usual way, then
add everything you will need for this spell.

* Inscribe the candle with the feather of Ma\EDat, then write
her name on it. (I used a metallic marking pen, writing on
the glass.)

* Stand the blindfolded poppet in the bowl of water and place
it on the tray with the candle and incense.

* Place anything you have that relates to the crime or dispute
on the altar: photographs, newspaper clippings, legal
documents, letters, evidence, etc.

* Call quarters and cast a circle.

* Light the incense and the candle.

* Pour the sea salt and blue glitter into the tray as you say:
By Justicia I rock the scales
By Libra I bring them back into balance
I call down justice
By Nemesis, by Tisiphone
By Dike and Athena
I call down Blue Justice
By Justicia the scales are rocked
By Libra they are brought back into balance
Let it it rain Blue Justice
By Nemesis, by Tisiphone
By Dike and Athena

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5.5 Healing -About Healing

It is incumbent upon us as witches to use the Craft in positive ways. Healing, whether of people, animals or situations, is a wonderful use of our skills. This is the thing for which people most often seek us out. Doctors swear the Hippocratic Oath before they begin to practice medicine. They swear by Apollo the Physician to do no harm. Their oath is very like our Law. Basic knowledge of herbalism, psychology and astrology help a witch to
help others. Common sense is also important. Magic isn't the answer to every problem, so we must not hesitate to refer people to doctors, to 12-Step Programs, or for counseling.

We should practice complementary medicine, using magic to augment medical or psychological care. . I know a lot about healing because I have Multiple Sclerosis. I think of it as a dragon that sleeps curled around my spine, a kind of reverse kundalini energy.
Sometimes the dragon sleeps. Other times he wakes, stretches and breathes fire. There is a renewed need for healing with each attack. I battle this dragon with witchcraft. I don't go to doctors or take medication. Instead I sustain myself with herbs, bee venom, magic and positive thinking. It works. I am supposed to be blind and in a wheelchair by now, according to the doctors, but I am not. I will never again be as I once was, but I am doing
much better than expected. Healing is something that witches do well .

I have tried to see M.S. as a gift rather than an affliction. It destroyed my former life, took everything that I once had from me, but it has given me other things. Because of it I have had time to read, to study, to be a writer again, to find my way to the Goddess and to grow spiritually. It has made me a better human being. It gave me my husband and my son. It took me to Egypt. I have at times been blind or bedridden, but it has not been all bad. . Illness can be very instructive, and M.S. has taught me a lot of things. I have learned that we are not our bodies. This simple truth is one that took me a long time to learn. My body is sick, not me. I'm just fine, inside my malfunctioning shell. It is easy to lose sight of it in our normal preoccupation with diet, fashion, beauty and fitness, but our bodies are only containers for our real selves. Call it ch'i, prana or bioenergy, we are actually something infinite and immortal, creatures of light, of energy and spirit. Our bodies sicken and die but we go on. We come back. Recycling is pleasing to the Goddess.

These are some of the things that I have learned about healing:
. Heailng Yourself
. Quiet Heals

There were posters all over the maternity ward of the hospital where I had my son that read Quiet Heals, and this struck chords with me. Healing takes place in stillness, in peace and quiet. Getting yourself to such a place, internally and externally, is essential to healing. I had a C-section at midnight, refused pain medication, was up and about at 6 AM. They had expected I would be paralyzed, but I checked myself out a day early. . Our bodies
contain a healing force that we need to be in contact with in order to get better, or to keep from getting worse. It is in stillness that we can reach this force. I often use visualization
for healing, so I do this late at night when everyone else is asleep, the house and the neighborhood are quiet. Still the noise and you will begin to heal.

BEND INSTEAD OF BREAKING Trees are wise. There were tall, narrow evergreens in the yard of the house where I grew up. Weighted by snow after a heavy storm they would bend almost in half, until they laid across the back roof. They bent instead of breaking, waiting for Spring. This is what we need to do when our bodies are assaulted by injury or illness: acknowledge the weight of the burden, then flow with it instead of resisting it. Being in rhythm with Nature can accelerate healing. . HAVE PATIENCE . Healing takes time. Time itself is a healing thing. The clich\E9s are true: there are no quick fixes, and the only way out is through. Allow at least a year for any major physical healing that you have to do. Psychological problems like addiction and trauma can take even longer. Impatience, anger and frustration only retard healing. Wait for your cure. Wait for healing.

Wait for Spring. . ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE, ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE . You must be absolutely ruthless in cutting negative people, habits and situations out of your life. Your very survival may depend on this. Anyone who really cares about you will understand that you need a positive attitude and environment in order to get well. . TAKE CONTROL . Be in charge. It's your body, your life, your disease, condition or problem, not the doctors'. You cannot simply hand it to them and expect them to deal with it for you. Be their partner, not their patient. Knowledge is power, so empower yourself by learning all you can about what ails you. Taking control will make you feel better. Be open to alternative medicine and therapies, but don't get taken in by charlatans. Seek spiritual help if you need it. . MAJOR, CHRONIC AND TERMINAL ILLNESSES: . Diagnosis is a great shock, one that some people never recover from. Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who has done great work on the subjects of death and dying, outlines the stages of reaction to diagnosis as follows: denial (not me!) anger (why me?) bargaining depression acceptance I was never angry about having M.S. but I did experience these other stages. I can tell
you that you should work toward acceptance rather than getting HEALING SPELLS

Fire Spell

Make an image that represents the disease, injury, condition or problem This could be a poppet, an ugly thing labeled cancer, lupus, diabetes, or whatever It could also be a piece of paper with alcoholism, HIV, asthma or drug abuse written on it Make the image something that represents the problem, something that will burn

Burn this image with healing herbs inside a circle of white candles, invoking any healing god/desses who appeal to you If you are making this spell on behalf of someone else, place their photograph or something else that evokes them inside the circle Say:

"By __________ I destroy you
By __________ I am healed "

*Caution: I have not found magic to be effective in treating addictions of any kind unless the person is out of denial and asking for help Great selfishness often underlies addiction, so many people never reach the stage where you can help them Move on

Ishtar Spells

This is a spell of great antiquity Offer Ishtar a lapis lazuli vulva and a golden star, saying:

"Deliver the sick man/woman (name) "

The Beauty Way

In her book Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess Through Myth, Art and Tarot, Vicki Noble suggests the Navajo Beauty Way ritual for treating rape victims:

"The world before me is restored in beauty
The world bequeth me inner beauty as I a m and you are
The world behind me is restored in beauty
The world below me is restored in beauty
The world above me is restored in beauty
All things around me are restored in beauty
My voice is restored in beauty
I am a beauty in what I do as I do my beauty
This is from within to without as increases in beauty
As activity is acive awareness and my weight is perfect to the moment
It is finished in beauty It is finished in beauty "

I think this is a great ideal The Beauty Way ritual could also be used to treat people who are working out issues of incest or child abuse, emerging from domestic abuse, war, or any other violent situation The Beauty Way is about survival, about healing and wholeness The full Navajo ceremony takes several days to complete, including a sand painting made by the shaman who performs it This prayer, which is part of a much longer one, could be used with purification rites to form a Wiccan healing ritual

Cold Fire

Use the Cornish invocation to St Brigit to bring down fevers:

"Three ladies came from the East
One with fire and two with frost
Out with thee, fire,
and in with thee, frost "

This can be used in conjunction with a laying on of hands To remove fever from someone, summon an energy like cold fire from your body I usually do this by invoking the Snow Queen, who was always a Goddess to me

Direct the energy into your hands, then lay them on the person's neck or forehead Make the cold fire flow into the person, until you feel it confront the fever When you feel the fever, set up a second channel to draw it into your own body Do this until you
feel the cold fire has overcome the fever If the person is shivering with fever, direct the heat out of their body and onto their skin while you fight the fever It may help to wrap your
arms around them This technique is not a substitute for aspirin or other fever-reducers, but something you do while the medicine kicks in It can also be used in emergencies, when there is no medication You may feel a bit flushed for a while afterwards, but you will
not actually take the fever Fevers are cyclical, so you may need to repeat it whenever the fever spikes A doctor discovered that I could bring fevers down It takes a little practices, but I'll bet that most natural witches can do it.

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5.6 Invoking

Invocation is not so hard. Iou don't need to be a rocket scientists for that, You need just a sparkle of imagination and most of all, You need to relax, to feel Your internal peace and
power. This is usually made with meditation or some other relaxation method. I made a unique way to get this peace. Make some sort of copy of Your happy emotions (love, peace, happiness, wisdom,...). Than use this like some sort of defense shield. Whenever You feel angry, just think of something or someone You loved with all Your heart and just let Yourself, that the love flood every piece of Your body and mind. With peace You can invoke the Goddess of Light.

When? waxing moon for spells of invitation or increase -Examples: spells to find love or get a job waning moon for spells of banishing or decrease -Examples: spells to end loneliness or financial problems full moon for: -maximum power -coven work What for? The spells are often made acording to zodiac circle. Every sign has its traditiomal needs, like:

-Aries battle, beginnings
-Taurus money spells, sex magic
-Gemini communication
-Cancer psychic work, lunar magic
-Leo leadership, solar power
-Virgo purification
-Libra balance, work in law or for justice
-Scorpio power
-Sagittarius honesty, expansion
-Capricorn overcoming obstacles
-Aquarius healing
-Pisces psychic work, some useful endings

But working on things but I discovered we were all without funds, see as you are so I saw what was trade or often spells are what you don't not made for traditional purposes. Seeing or as you see you are as you are or create seeing cooking or use not by ideal. This space is dead the area is nothing but no rotting things, somethings I noticed are creating or to use in theory is fits to spasms this was from the original north american where they used the rats and roaches as focus area energy sources as mimickers. As a reason for this purpose. See not true as you see the area you sense where the new area kingdom would be american canas you are you are or be as you are. See or not as use you are, so that is how a curse works.

Don't as you use is the wrong phrases see the right words or use phrases as "dallia the worker" would say is the curse that is created by related relational experience, as the body would reach a spamming point or spasmic reaction creating you see cool thought. The way to control that is dismiss the thought, so think calm see what is down or up to not use some ideal then you see what you can use. Seen use is usage don't do to terrify to create better area result. Think practical is use to create or focus area, no is use to move or order for you to do something else. So blood is energy yet not spilt is still what you see as some ritual. Focus is energy to create by will. This is the last you will see of me.

Blood is energy movement or causes by what is movement use by drinking water so this is seen, this is movement by feel or fee with focus assistance. See with feel you see as you are the moving ideal or blood is not by what is the energy as though long this use is some point or use no point. See as there is movement or blood use is a flow with focus to use create is use or feel to get results to create, as you see if you use what you think is useful interest or see more ideal is no use. If overuse you could get tired or see sleep to create better health, by theh or see the use before the moment unless you see the area use as necessary or point to use. Blood energy movement is the work to moving around or reverse actions, unless necessary you can feel the need to rest so non moving is some use by activity or meditation is rest.

Seeing as you see you are aware so yo see use created or experience, your insane insomniac creates or causes to trigger some creative field use or use what is what or seen is action by feel. These are patterns by light to use see your use by some thought you saw you see or want not to is not done. See as you are aware to use the brain rejects see to cause or wait experience to cause disappearing fits or creation by use. If overcreate you can cause no reaction or nerve area damage to create by corrupted area use so you can stop or modernity is some use.

Thus you see or hear the right area ideal, you don't create yu cause some curious result as words release reaction that can seem or bad feel don't eat no user feel brain damage being run through, see the reason for the madness is the cannabis disease caused by seeing the use. Create or you see as energy was there you can see to response by calm or when, you open your mind or attack by fight reaction feel considered were alter use or feel. As you see or feel to create nothing more than what you drink or water.

See as the ohio I saw was as abandoned for the purpose to use ideal, so I was seeing use there yet as I was abandoned near the mountains so you don't have things to use. As you have what works thats when I discovered the area was not worth the point. So were use to create some ideal to show, as with then cover or not allow the area effect you saw by observance. So you see there is no reason to do things other than the obvious, you see as you see to reach to some area other than a hot space the point you set seems. To prove to yourself not to others thats disruption. Thats no effect so no you do or not use human flesh as a rune carve. See as the movies showed as moving area activity, saying no more or so you not use this is use by usable concept or not. Being as you were thus means you don't use what you see is use.

This is very large question. It depends of what You belive in (I belive in Gohhes, but for spells I use gids also). You can use Gods, Goddess, spirits, heroes, etc.

More is in the Gods/Godess section.


Isis protection,magic
Thoth:Reincarnation and magic
Aphrodite:Love and passion


Invocation can be as simple as they can get, like this:
O,____________ O,Isis

Just a little more complex:
Mighty ________, invoked by me Mighty Thoth,

invoked by Me or very complex:
Seven stars of brightest skies invoke
You, _______ to seek and find to love in might,
to give, to take and nothing to break.
Seven stars of brightest skies invoke
You, Ra to seek and find to love in might,
to give, to take and nothing to break.
Make Your own and make it right,
with the power of the Light.
Find the way to Goddess word,
as You can listen and You can be heard.

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5.7 Love spells

"Very difficult is this discipline of love."

Love and sexuality are Ways just as much as asceticism and celibacy are The Path of Love brings both ecstasy and suffering, with spiritual lessons to be learned from each

"The single Rose
Is now the Garden
Where all loves end
Terminate torment
Of love unsatisfied
The greater torment
Of love satisfied"

-T S Eliot, Ash-Wednesday


* Planet: Venus
* Element: Earth - Water
* Day: Friday
* Number: 5 - 7
* Metal: copper - silver
* Color: red - deep pink - orange, for attraction
* Best times: (according to Starhawk) Friday or Monday - new to full moon in: Taurus for earthy, sensual love - Cancer for home and family - Libra for idealistic love - Scorpio for sexual love



Aegea - Akka - Anahita - Anaitis - Anat - Anatha - Anit - Anthat - Anthrati - Aphrodite - Aphrodite Androphonos, Killer of Men - Artemis - Aserah - Asherah - Asherat - Ashtaroth - Ashtart - Ashtoreth - Astarte - Atar - Atargatis - Athyr - Ay Mari -
Baalith - Queen Belili - Beltis - Benzaiten - Blathnat - Blodeuwedd - Branwen - Britomart - Caelistis - Chalcihuitlicue, Precious Jewel Lady - Charit\EB - Ch'i ku-niang, the Seventh Lady - Cliodna - Coronis - Cytherea - Diana - Dictynna - Dione - Erzulie - Freia - Freya - Freyja - Frigg - Frigga - Gabara - Gaia - Galatea - Goda the Good - Gefjon - Guendoloena - Guenevere - Hathor, the Beautiful Face in the Boat of Millions of Years -
Held - Hera - Hera Atargatis - Holda - Horn - Hulde - Iemaja - Inanna - Io - Ishara - Ishtar - Isis - Istar - Juno - Kadesh - Kedesh - Kuan yin - Lakshmi - Mader Akka - Maia - Mardoll - Mari - Maria - Mariamne - Marian - Marienna - Marina - Mary the
Egyptian - Menglad - Menglod - Miriam - Mary Gypsy - Myrine - Myrrh - Myrrha - Myrrhine - Myrtea - Myrto - Myrtoessa - Neith - Ninanna - Ochun - Olwen - Oreithuia - Oshun - Ostara - Oxum - Pattinidevi - Prende - Qadesh - Qedeshat - Qedeshet - Qodshu - Quadesh - Radha - Rahab - Rati - Rauni - Rhea - Rosamund - Sakti - Sarah - Satis - Shakti - Shulmanitu - Sjofna - Smyrna - Syria Dea - Turan - Uma - Unxia - Urvasi - Vanadis - Venus - Venus Erycina - Xochiquetzal

Animal: lynx - dove - partridge (all sacred to Love Goddesses)


Adon - Adonis - Ah Kin - Aizen-Myoo - Amor - Amore - Ananga - Angus - Angus Mac Oc - Angus Og - Anteros- Attis - Atunis - Bhaga - Cernunnos - Cupid - Cupido - Damuzi - Dhatri - Dulha Deo - Eros- Evander - Faunus - Fides - the Gandharvas - Haoma - Hymen - Hymenaeus - Hymenaios - Io - Kama - Kama-Deva - Kernunnos - Krishna, the Adorable One, Lord of Love - Lu Pan - Manmatha - Mitra - Oenghos Mac in Og, Lord of Love and Death - Oengus - Pan - Phanes - Phares - Pothos - Pradyumna - Rimmon - Robin Hood - Sakarabru - Smara - Tammuz - Ta-Uz - Thammuz - Vishnu - Ya'halan
- Yarilo, the Uncontrolled - Yarillo

Plants: Use these plants for love charms and spells Only those that are safe to eat should be used in love potions Those with stars (*) are recommended

*acacia flowers - *almond oil - aloe - *apple - apricot - avens - balm of Gilead - barley - basil - beans -beet - benzoin - betony - birch - *cannabis - cardamom - carnation - cassia - catnip - cornflower - cherry - chestnut - chickweed - chili pepper - cinnamon - clove - clover - coltsfoot - columbine - copal - coriander - autumn crocus - cupid's dart - *cyclamen - daffodil - damiana - devil's bit scabious - dodder - dragon's blood - elder
berries - elecampane - elm - lavender - maidenhair fern - male fern - feverfew - fig - gardenia - gentian - ginger - ginseng - hollyhock - *jasmine - lavender - lemon - lime - love grass - madonna lily - mandrake - marjoram - marsh mallow - meadowsweet - mimosa - mint - mistletoe - myrrh - myrtle - opium poppy - orange - pansy - peach - pear - peas - pennyroyal - periwinkle - poppy - primrose - purslane - quince - raspberry - *rose - rosemary - rye - sarsparilla - sea holly - skullcap - sorrel - southernwood - spikenard - strawberry - *sweet william - tamarind - tansy - thyme - *tuberose - valerian - Venus flytrap - verbena - vervain - violet - willow - wormwood - yerba mat\E9

* Incense: patchouli - civet - musk - vanilla - rose * Mermaids symbolize the bittersweetness of love * CANDLES: o

Spell for heart love

Invocations: Aphrodite

(altar dressed in pink)
- Bowl of water
- Sugar
- Patchouli incense
- 1 red candle
- 2 Heart shapes or red roses
- Wand
- Chalice (if You use passion fruit juice)

- Apple or passion fruit juice

The Spell:

On altar put patchouli incense on NorthEast, red candle on the center, heart shape (or rose) on South side of the candle, wand on the South, chalice (if You use one) on the West and bowl of water ( with sugar) on the East. Take the wand and draw magickal circle around You and altar. Light the candle and patchouli incense, drop the sugar into bowl of water, and say: "In name of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and passion, except this gifts and make our hearts filled with love." Take the candle into right hand (be careful, that vax doesn't drop on your hand), drop few drops of vax on the harts (to stick them together), and say: "The time has come, it is here and now, our hearts are together and joined with love. In the dreams, that they come, we will see each other, so mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be..." (if You use roses, then stick leaves together with the vax, other is the

On the end say:"Words are powers deep in me, as I said, so let it be!"

The "Perfect Love for Me" Spell

On a Friday, in the waxing phase of the Moon, (from new to just before and including full Moon) take two long red candles, a piece of parchment, pen and ink, a pie plate (for safety's sake) and find a quiet place free from interuptions. Write on one side of the parchment "The Perfect Love For Me", and on the other side, draw a semi-circle. On one of the candles scratch in "The perfect love for me" and on the other, scratch in your name.
Place the parchment in the pie plate with the semi-circle side up. Place the one candle (in a holder if need be) that has your name on it on the inside of the semi-circle, the other one (once again, holder okay) on the outside of the circle. Light the candles, concentrating on your desire for a perfect love.

Let it burn for about an hour, snuff them both using a snuffer or your fingers (do not blow them out) and on each night thereafter, walk the outer candle closer to the center of the semi-circle, burning the candles for about an hour each night. Once the outer candle is close to the inner one, take the same pen you used originally and close the circle around the two in a clockwise direction. Allow the candles to burn out. When done, burn the parchment and save the ashes and any left over wax in a small bag (preferably red) under your pillow until your love arrives. As with all magic, you must really desire this, and put that desire into your spell. Your love should arrive soon. If you only wish someone to date, you can also put that instead of perfect love on the candle and parchment. Please, use this, and all spells, responsibly!

Love Spells II

The main thing to remember with love spells is that in trying to bind someone to you, you are also binding yourself to that person This can complicate things when it is time to move on Love spells also raise the ethical question of whether it is Lawful to use magic to compel someone to love or want you Few of us in the throes of love or attraction care about the consequences of what we do, but it bears thought The most ethical love spell is an
appeal to the Goddess: If You will it, make him/her mine

This appeal can be used in combination with love charms or other spells

Candle Spell

To encourage someone to fall in love with you This spell is adapted from an ancient one by Theocritus You'll need:

* A dozen roses
* A large candle with the name of the person written or carved on it A human-shaped candle in the correct gender is great, if you can find one
* A photograph of the person, or a piece of paper with their
name written on it
* A tray

This spell is best performed while the moon is waxing

Clear your altar or other working surface Set the photograph in the middle of a tray and place the candle on top of it Arrange the roses around it Take the candle in your hands and say, \ECCandle, I name you ___________ (the name of the person) You must believe this as you say it, because it is your belief that makes it so Place the candle back atop the photograph and light it Keep repeating the spell as the candle burns, concentrating on your wish and being careful not to start a fire

I melt your heart as I melt this wax
Even as this wax flows,
So your love glows for me
I melt your heart as I melt this wax
Even as this wax flows,
So your love flows to me
I melt your heart as I melt this wax
Even as this wax flows,
So your love grows for me
I melt your heart as I melt this wax
And by its molten flow
Your love for me will show

Allow the candle to burn down completely Gather the roses, tie them together and hang them upside down to dry Scrape up the wax-encrusted photograph once the wax has cooled Safeguard these things in a secret place until the spell has worked If you have
seen no change by full moon, cast the spell again while the moon is full - but this time cast it formally, within a circle The roses are actually an offering to the Love Goddess, so don't be
cheap and use less than twelve

Rose Charm To attract desire

This charm uses the concentrated power of rose hips to get you noticed in a sexual way I know it works on males, but am not sure if it will also attract females You\EDll need:

* Essence or extract of rose hips This is a small bottle of red liquid with a stopper in it, available from health food stores, vitamin shops, homeopathic pharmacies and places
like that Try the Web if you can't find it locally

Just before you go out put two drops of the rose hips on one wrist, then rub your wrists briskly together People will flirt with you when you wear it It only works at close range, however Take the bottle with you, to refresh it, if you need to keep it working for hours

Spell For Soul Joining

This spell is definitely not ethical, but it is very effective Remember that magic is a two-way street, and that you will be equally bound Sprinkle dried white roses with almond oil and burn them inside a magic circle as you recite the spell Add slips of paper with your names written on them if you have trouble getting the roses to burn

By all that lives on land and sea by the incoming and the outgoing by the odd numbers and the even by the power of three times three thy waking thoughts shall be of me from now throughout eternity no peace or increase shall you find until your hand is joined in mine
I bind thee heart and soul and mind to me

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5.8 Money & Business

Let us face facts: if money spells really worked as we would like them to, every lottery or sweepstakes winner would be a witch None of us would have day jobs or mortgages Temples of the Goddess, white marble inlaid with gold and lapis lazuli, each with its replica of the Ishtar Gate, would rise all over the planet.

Be realistic Magic is more likely to give you what you need than what you want Spells can be made for things like a job, a better job, debt collection, increased business, financial stability or protection from competition The only way I know to make money is to work hard and earn it I haven\EDt got any money spells for you, but I do have lots of correspondences you can use ta make your own spells.


* Planet: Jupiter - Mercury - Sun - Pluto
* Element: Air - Earth
* Number: 1 - 4 - 7 - 8
* Color: green - gold - silver
* Candles: green for money spells - orange for success
* Best Times (according to Starhawk) : Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday

o Moon: Waxing to full moon for increase - full moon in Earth sign for material gain - full moon in Air sign for plans and ideas - full moon in Fire sign for growth or energy

o Sun in: Virgo for detail-oriented work - Leo for solar power - Sagittarius for expansion or business trips - Aries for beginning a new enterprise - Capricorn to overcome obstacles

* Invocations: the Alad Udug Lama - the Shichi Fukujin


Abhijit - Aditi - Agathe Tyche - Ahurani - Aje - Anna Kuari - Anuradha - Artio of Muti - Ashiakle - Asvayujau - Bona Eventus - Demeter - Dharani - Earth goddesses - Hasta - Hekate - Hera - Juno - Lakshmi, She of the Hundred Thousands - Magha - Minerva -
Moneta - Mrgasiras - Ninanna - Olwen - Ops - Purvabhadrapada - Pusya - Sarasvati - Shri - Sri - Sri-Laksmi - Tyche - Ushas


Agathodaemon - Agathos Daimon - Bagisht - General Chao of the Dark Terrace - Chango Macho - Cocochimeh - Dedun - Dedwen - Dionysus Plutodotes - Dis - Earth gods - Gesar - Guan Di - Hades, the Rich - Heracles - Hotei - Ikenga - Kuan Ti - Kuvera - Mammon - Misca - Opkulu - Pluto - Plutos - Plutus - Riddhi - San-hsing, the Three Stars - Soului - Teharonhiawagon - Tezcatlipoca - T\EDien-kuan, Ruler of Heaven - Volos - Yacacoliuhqui - Yacapitzahuac - Yumcaz - Zeus

For Abundance:

* Invoke: Astarte - Gauri - Habondia, She of Abundance - Inanna - Lakshmi, She of the Hundred Thousands - Oshun ; the Daghda - Ellil


* Invoke: Ch\EDeng-huang


* Invoke: Ek Chua, god of merchants - Heracles Melqart, for merchants and bargains - Hermes, patron of all important financial transactions - Kuan Kung, for restaurants,
pawnshops, curio dealers and secret societies - Lugh, for commerce - Manannan, Patron of Merchants - Mercury, god of merchants - Sukuna-Hikona, for trade - Xaman Ek, the Guide of Merchants

New Business:

* Invoke: Ganesa, Lord of Hosts, invoked before moving, travelling or opening a new business - Ganesh - Ianus, for beginning - Janus, the god of good beginnings

Business Travel:

* Invoke: Fortuna, for a successful journey and a safe return ; Yacatecuhtli, who guides business travellers CHARM AND ELOQUENCE WHEN ASKING A FAVOR OF AUTHORITY:

* Plant: cinquefoil


* Invoke: Arom

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5.9 Spells for protection

Until now I have done a few protection spells, that protect me, my family and for my friends. This spells work, they really work. Anyway, here they are:

* In emergency is the best bet: "Isis, help me!"

To protect Yourself:
A pentacle is a very good way to protect yourself. I heard, that silver one is the most suitable for protection. I wear one, but is not the silver one, but it is made from copper. It works for me.

Protecting Your family:
-Goddess Isis or Athena

Altar Item:
(For protection - Altar dressed in white (white sheet, white cloth or painted on white)
- Pentacle
- Wand
- 3 White candles (for protection)
- Gift to the Goddess (fruit or something like that)
- Piece of white paper (with a name on it)

- Mint
- Garlic salt or garlic dust

The Spell:

On altar put 3 candles on top, pentacle in the middle (make sure, that only one side looks to the North), the plate on the right of the altar, and wand on the South of the altar. Light the candles and draw the circle around the altar and you clockwise with a wand. When You cast the circle, imagine, that bright white light comes out the wand. Then chew up little mint leaves and say:

"Great Goddess, I awake You". Then with athame cut the fruit on three parts, and say: "Great Goddess, receive this gift for exchange for protection of _________". Fold the paper on three parts and put it under the middle candle, then put a few drops of vax from the middle candle on the piece of paper and say: "May the protection of the Goddess be stuck with You...". This is about it. At the end of the spell say: "Words are powers deep in
me, as I say, so let it be".

Protection of animals (pets)
This spell is for protection of very young pets, that they don't get hurt.

Nut, Hathor or Bast.

Altar Items:
(altar dressed in white, for protection)
- Voodoo doll (figure of the pet)
- Pentacle
- Wand
- 3 White candles (for protection)
- Gift to the Goddess (fruit or something like that)

- Garlic
- Mint

The Spell:
On altar put 3 candles on top, pentacle in the middle (make sure, that only one side looks to the North), the plate on the right of the altar, and wand on the South of the altar. Light the candles and draw the circle around the altar and you clockwise with a wand. When You cast the circle, imagine, that bright white light comes out the wand. Then chew up little mint leaves and say:
"Great Goddess, I awake You". Then with athame cut the fruit on three parts, and say: "Great Goddess, receive this gift for exchange for protection of _________". Name Your doll with the name of the real animal. Say something like: "The doll of (animal), I name You __________". Then on a piece of rag put a little vax, wrapped it around the doll and say: "May the protection of the Goddess be with You". This is about it. At the end of the spell say: "Words are powers deep in me, as I say, so let it be".

For protection many spells look alike. They are all for protection. Besides, they really work. But, if You got problem using Goddess, then You can use angels, Jesus (if You are
Christian), and You can also use spirits (I don't recommend them), and anything, what do You think, that is suitable for protection spell.

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5.10 Reversing Spell

You want to get three red candles, and (if possible) 1 black candle. (if you can't get a black candle without raising eyebrows, go ahead and get a brand new black permanent marker. Do not use this marker for anything else but this type of spell if you can help it) Also.. if you have access to any essential oils, get some rue oil or get ahold of some bulk rue... and a small bottle of olive oil. A small candle holder and a clean piece of paper and a red pen to write with are the next things.(again, a new pen if possible, saving it for this type of spell. A good thing to do is to get a variety of colored pens to save for doing specific spells) Melt the black wax of the candle in a double boiler and dip the lower half of the red candles in it.. making the black wax coat the bottom half. Or, cover the lower half of the red candles with the black magic marker.

On a night where you can block everyone out for a while, take a bath with either sea salt or regular salt (1 tsp is enough) and a bit of rue oil or rue (cut or ground, doesn't matter). Do not towel dry yourself.. go ahead and air dry. (You can wear whatever you normally wear to do spells, but you definitely want to air dry.) Then, get out the rue oil or, in a small bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of ground or cut rue and 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil. Coat one candle with the oil or oil herb mixture, anointing from the middle out, going counter clockwise. Do the bottom half first, then the top. You'll be doing this spell over three consecutive nights, so save the rest of the candles and the oil in a safe place. On the piece of paper, write down what you'd like to to see reversed from you; i.e. bad luck in love, financial problems, inability to find what you need in your life, etc.

Get thoughtful.. make sure it's something you really want to send away. Place the piece of paper under the candle holder (it would probably be smart to put this in a pie plate or some other fireproof container), charge the candle with your desire to see these things or trends gone, and light the candle, using a lighter only (no matches). Do this for the next two nights, and once you're done, burn the piece of paper, seeing your life as if a weight lifted from it. And if there's any leftover wax, collect it in a brown paper bag and bury that someplace far from you, or throw in a trash can across town! Then forget about it.. don't worry over it, just know it worked. You can do this whenever you feel the things in your life are not going the direction you'd wish, and different candle colors can be used for specific reversals. This is for general, overall reversals.

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5.11 Untwisting Spell

This is a spell for straightening out someone who is all screwed up - yourself, or someone else.

You'll need:

* an onion
* a knife
* a spiral candle (try a housewares shop)
* an essential oil (or other concentrated, liquid form of an herb or flower - these are usually sold in small bottles with eye droppers)
* incense or music

Dress the candle at least one day before you do the spell. You will be naming this candle for the person to be untwisted, so choose whatever color seems right to you. Turn the candle wick-down over a paper towel. Fill the eye dropper with the essential oil or whatever you are using. This should also be appropriate, such ginseng for a male, rose hips for a female, or a plant that you associate with the person or their problem.

Say, "I name this candle for _____". Slowly turn the candle LEFTWARD as you drip the oil on it, allowing it to spiral downward. As you do this, concentrate on the person and exactly how and why they are screwed up. It will drip, so be sure to have a cloth or paper towel beneath it. Leave the candle there to dry overnight. It should have flecks of dried oil all over it. Put the candle in a holder once dry. You can do the spell immediately, or leave the dressed candle on your altar or in a windowsill until you are ready for it.

Put the candle, knife and onion on your altar or working surface. Light incense or play some music to make sacred space. Say, "Onion, I name you for _____. As I cut away this skin, I may you ready for transformation. I remove your resistance to it."

Cut the top layer off the onion, then light the candle. Begin to cut into the onion, peeling away layer after layer until you come to the bulb at its center. Concentrate on the person as you do this, naming your purpose aloud as you go. Say whatever feels right, things like "I cut away your negativity" or "I remove those who have bad influence over you". If the onion bulb is a double one, cut the smaller one away. Remove all these parts of the onion from the altar, wash your hands and the knife, clean the surface where you worked. The candle should still be burning, with the onion bulb in front of it. Focus on the candle, make it the person you are trying to help. Imagine that it untwists them as it burns. Raise power and command, "Do not resist me as I untwist thee, do not resist me as I untwist thee."

Repeat this as many times as feels necessary, allowing the candle to burn down completely. Think about exactly what you mean by untwisting, what changes you want to see the
person make in themself and their life.

The onion peelings represent all that was wrong with the person so get them out of your house immediately, burn or otherwise destroy them. (I'm a city witch, so the garbage chute works for me.) When the candle has finished burning, set the onion bulb on a windowsill or in some other place where the morning sun will reach it. I use an eastern window for this. Tell it (the person) that they will be reborn in the morning with the sun, that everything is going to be all right.

The last time I did this spell I left the onion overnight in in a circle of rock crystals and dried red roses, atop my pentacle. You can arrange whatever feels right to you for the onion, or
just leave it there alone. Plant the bulb the next day, doing so indoors if the earth is too cold for this outside. This act will serve to ground the power you raised. If the onion happens to
take root and bloom, that is a wonderful sign the spell has worked.

This spell should work within a few days even if the onion simply withers. If the person is extremely screwed up, you will have to do other things to further empower the spell. Some suggestions:

* cast it at midnight when the moon is full * cast a circle before performing the spell * take a symbolic shower afterward, imagining you are washing the person's problems away - then dress in white or in new clothes * make a bonfire for the person, into which you throw heads of garlic and everything that symbolizes their problems, destructive behaviors, negativity or whatever

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5.12 Wan Spell

A Simple Spell for the Waning Moon to rid yourself of an unwanted habit, or effect.

Begin this working any time during the waning moon. Set aside thirty minutes each day to focus yourself and perform this working. The components of this working have been selected for their attributes in several areas such as healing, purification and memory enhancement. This spell is performed over a period of three nights.


+ A quiet space
+ 3 candles - one for each night tapers or votives: choose your color: popular choices would include black for banishing the habit, orange for change, red for courage, white for general use, etc.
+ Salt - sea salt or other available salt, about 1 Tablespoon
+ Rosemary herb - Rosemarinus officinalis - a small handful or about 1/2 oz.
+ Parchment - or a small piece of quality paper about 4" X 4"
+ Your favorite writing instrument for rituals
+ A small cloth pouch or bag this can be any color and you could match it to the color you choose for your candles.
+ Frankincense resin - Boswellia carterii - about 1 Tablespoon
+ A censer, cauldron, or heat proof dish with a small amount of sand or gravel placed in the bottom
+ Three Self- ignighting charcoals - the type used for incense, not the kind used for outdoor barbeques which contain toxins.

Arrange all of the spell components near you - don't forget to bring something to light the candle and charcoal with and make sure that the incense won't trip your smoke detector! What a shock that would be to your focus! Light the charcoal and place it in the censor.

Sit quietly for a few minutes to focus on what you desire to achieve with this working. You may choose to erect a "circle of protection" or "circle of power" at this time if that is your
standard proceedure.

Using your favorite writing instrument and the parchment, write down a few key words that describe the habit you wish to rid yourself of. Here are some examples:

If you wish to release your anger or frustration about a current situation, so you could write something like: "I will not let this get to me, I hereby set my anger free". If you wish to
release yourself from eating suggary snacks each afternoon, you might draw a picture of a piece of candy with an X over it. This is the time to use your creativity and make the working an extension of your energy by personalizing it. Your words do not have to rhyme, your picture does not have to be artistically rendered, it does not have to make sense to anyone else but you.

Light one of the three candles, and re-focus your intent. While you are lighting the candle you may choose to say your favorite words for Fire blessing or something like, "The Fire within me is strong. I have the courage and desire to change." Place the parchment in the cloth pouch.

Place the Rosemary and Frankincense in the pouch while keeping your focus on your intent. Turn the pouch over several times to mix everything, then reach in and remove a large pinch of the resin and herb mixture (not the parchment). Place the mixture you
removed on the charcoal to burn and take several deep, steady
breaths. You may wish to say your favorite words for Air blessing or something like, "With each breath, I know that I can change." Add the Salt to the pouch. Keep focusing on your intent. Again, you may choose to say your favorite words for Earth blessing or something like, "I have the strength of the Earth. I have the will to change."

Sit quietly for a few more minutes and consider different ways you help yourself to alter your behavior. You will find that many new ideas will arise in your mind that you previously had not thought of. Allow the candle to burn down in a safe place and keep the pouch
with you. You can place it under your pillow or at your bedside while you sleep.

On the second night of the spell, light another charcoal and place it in the censor. Light the next candle. Hold the cloth pouch in both hands and take several deep, slow breaths. Focus your intent to alter your behavior. Try to keep your focus for as long as possible. If you were not perfect in changing your behavior since last night, do not feel guilty or frustrated. Change takes time and the spell isn't over until the habit is transformed. Reach into the pouch and remove a large pinch of the herb, resin, and salt mixture. Place it on the burning charcoal. At this time you may wish to confirm your intent by saying something like, "As I will it, so mote it be!" or "So be it!" Let the candle burn down in a safe place.

On the third night. Light the last candle and the last charcoal.

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5.13 A Wiccan Funeral Ritual

 This is by Maphis (Samuel Wagar)

 The person to be buried should be buries wrapped in a cloth. Her body should
decompose as quickly as possible to nourish other life. It may not be legally
possible to be buried like this and so burial of ashes from a cremation would be
preferable to a hermetically sealed casket.

 People should be encouraged to make their wills long before death specifying the
style of their burial. It is extremely important for people whose families do
not approve of their religious choice that they specify in detail these matters
and appoint a Wiccan or a lawyer, not a non-Wiccan family member, as executor of
the will.

 There are three parts to the ritual – parts one and three preferably to be
performed in a hall and publicly, part two at the graveside. Only the closest
friends, coven-mates and family should be at the graveside.

 This ritual is for cases when the dead person was not comforted and assisted at
the moment of death. Even under the best circumstances the spirit will sometimes
remain partly tied to the corpse, in a state of greater or lesser awareness and
confusion and pain for a period of time unless assisted to journey on. And so
the dead person is a primary guest at the funeral, because she may very well
need to be there. In addition, the members of her family and coven and her
friends can assist her in journeying on and themselves in grieving by
acknowledging her and blessing her. this by the feel is where you are or were so think better to get better. this spell i think can form mops or items you think to use. the spell is creativity by the feeling you think to use the ideal as a chant to a candle, "think to create, work with the ideal" when this forms you create by the formation with the point. the creator creates when you think to your own point to use or create some ideal." There is no demons if you don't think there is, as the use then is the point so think yourself a way out if you need one.

The Funeral Ritual


 The Priestess and Priest, dressed in green and black respectively, shall conduct
the ceremony. Their assistants, dressed in red and black, shall assist, act as
ushers and lead Part 3.

 The ritual space will be prepared as follows: cleared of furniture, with a
candle at each of the cardinal directions and two flanking the main altar. The
corpse should be laid out at the main altar.

 Sweep and Cast the Circle as usual. (As the mourners wait at the edge to the
ritual space, the Priestess shall sweep out the Circle widdershins (counter-
clockwise) while concentrating and grounding. She shall replace the broom by the
main altar, pick up the sword and cast the Circle widdershins while saying:

 "This is a place which is not a place
in a time which is not a time
halfway between the worlds of the Gods
and of mortals."

 Bring people into the Circle as usual (the Priestess takes the Priest by the
hands and pulls him into the Circle. They turn in a half-turn widdershins as he
comes in and then he pulls in the next person and so on until everyone is in the
Circle, after which she takes up the sword and closes off the doorway left it
the Circle through which people had entered.)

 Call the directions Widdershins, beginning with the West. The assistants should
do this and the directions should have been assigned ahead of time.

 "As the sun sets
So our friend has left us
The water of our tears like the salt water of the sea, and
Life the water of our mother's womb, blesses this Circle."

 "As life is a day
So our friend has passed into the night
The fire of our life, the memories and courage, the
Strength given to us by our friend blesses this Circle."

 "As all that falls shall rise again
So our friend will be reborn
The are we breathe, this treasure of our life, the
Compassionate caring we give each other blesses this Circle."

 "As the Earth forms us
So our friend shall return to the earth
Our Mother feeds us and clothes us. She gives us
Everything and in the end she takes our bodies back.
And Earth blesses this Circle."

 Drawing Down The Moon and Sun. The Priestess and Priest recognize the presence
of the Gods in the Circle and specifically heighten their own awareness of the
presence of the divine, acting from the divine part of themselves through the

 Priest: "You are the Goddess, as are all women. You give birth. You feed the
children from your own body. And You take them back for a new birth. World
without end, eternal creation."

 Priestess: "And you are the God, as are all men. You are born. You live and You
die, only to be born again. All-Father, All-Destroyer, ruler of the land of the

 Together: "Birth and death." Over and over and over.

 The Priestess turns and addresses the corpse:

 "You are dead. None should ever die alone. I am here to help you with your

 "There is only love, the greatest Mystery. I reach behind my fear. I open my
heart and my eyes in the light of this love."

 "Our lives are formed of many others and we form other lives in turn. And when
we are here with you after you die, we honor your life."

 "There is only love. The love of the Goddess gives birth to the universe. The
love of our parents gives birth to us. The love of our friends and family
sustains our life. Kindness, love and pleasure – we are formed from these and we
form each other. When we die we leave them behind us."

 "You have left your family. You have left sex and even gender. You cannot be a
woman or a man and enter the other world. You have left behind your body. None
who have bodies can pass into the other world."

 "The Goddess is taking you back now, the Great Mother. Her womb is the Earth
that will receive your body. Your body is a seed now, a seed of other lives."

 "In a sacred space we have gathered to honor you and to give you some things to
take on the journey with you."

 Priest – addresses the Circle:

 "Please come up now if you can and speak of your dead. Tell him/her whatever you
need to. Help in the journey into death."

 Address the corpse:

 "I will remember you at Samhain and bless you then."

 The circle will chant, quietly:

 "We all come from the Goddess
 and to Her we shall return
 life a drop of rain
 falling to the ocean
 We all come from the Horned One
 And through Him we are reborn
 Corn and grain, corn and grain
 All that falls shall rise again."

 Wile everyone who wishes to comes to the main altar and talks to the dead

 When everyone who wishes to has talked, the Priestess will say:

 "Journey on now, sister. We will follow when we can. May you be born again at
the same time and in the same place as those you knew and loved in this life.
May you know them again and love them again."

 And now the body will be ceremoniously wrapped and the Circle ended. The
Directions will be dismissed as the body is being wrapped with the following:

 East – "The Sun will rise again."

 South – "Life continues."

 West – "Love is all that we can be sure of."

 North – "Only the Mother is eternal."

 A pillar candle shall be lit after the body is wrapped and left to burn while
the crown files out of the Circle.


 The grave has been dug and prepared. A Circle will be cast around the grave and
the directions called as follows:

 East: "We welcome the spirits of the Ancestors and the honored dead not yet

 South: "We welcome our heroes and inspirations."

 West: "We welcome the Ancestors to incarnate in our children and grandchildren
and in our families."

 North: "We welcome our deaths and our lives."

 The body is gently lowered into the grave.

 Priestess and Priest bless food and drink:

 "It is not we that bless this food and drink
 But it which blesses us.
 In its nature it nourishes our bodies
 And in sharing food and drink
 We create community."

 Each person takes a drink and pours some into the grave, eats something or places parting with liquid to the grave. When all have finished the grave is filled in.

 The directions are dismissed quietly with an informal thanks. The mourners head back to the reception.

 A glass of wine and some cakes are left behind at the grave side.

Part Three:

  The ushers will direct people to food and drink and quiet conversation to continue while the Priestess, Priest and the dead person's coven or guests at some point might need food or drink so use is for you can see or seem right by correct means with the closest safe measure or people sometime are to proceed to the grave with the body. See this is the point as you sense some area or end by result you can create things by feel.

  When they have finished their private part of the ritual they will rejoin everyone else for a reception at which stories of notable things done by the head person and prayers are offered up. No screwing an things are over as your uses are possible with this.

  Samual Wagar, POB 2205, Clearbrook, British Columbia, V2T 3X8 Canada. 1994 c.e. Permission hereby granted for reprinting for free distribution or use in classes in Witchcraft taught for free so long as this notice is included. Any other use is violation of my copyright.

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5.14 Traditional handfasting hosewarming marriage ceremony


Traditional Housewarming Ceremony

  Think to the area thoughts you wish to cause no problem with others then place what you wish as gifts or area supplies then wish to not be there. This is the area you wish to work with as you think to avoid trouble. Think otherwise to create as you dance what you feel to work with things you think with work to create what you wish to work the point or use is by area feel. See or seem to work by feel to work the area to be or seem better off then think to create some more ideal substance or area solution to work really things that are right or correct to your sense by perception or not create by things to work with others. This is just a dance to work or create the real feel or area to create what you consider.

Traditional Handfasting Marriage Ceremony

 Posted by the area noticed by the Handfasting Ceremony i saw, Interrupted faith Ceremonies, Original Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Ceremonies, Wiccan wedding ceremony on August 20, 2008

Time: Best performed at the time by the new moon.

Setting: The usual setting for this ritual area is many types of flowers of your choice, particularly the favorites of the couple, and roses. The altar should be arranged as usual, plus 2 white candles, incense of a flower scent, and a willow wand. Dress is up to the bridal couple. Celtic tradition is that the bride where some sort of veiling or netting and an article of scarlet. The couple should bring wedding rings and a small symbolic gift for use is each others ithought or ideal. The priest/ess fit’s the rings over the willow wand, and then lays them on the altar.

 After the lighting of the candles and incense, the priest/ess face the gathering with their backs toward the altar.

Priest/ess: May the place of this rite be consecrated for the Gods. For we gather here in a ritual of love with two who would be wedded. Name of Bride and Name of Groom, please come forward and stand here before us, and before the gods of nature.

 The couple comes forward and stands before the Priest/ess.

Priest or priestess:
 Be with us here, O beings of the Air
 With your clever fingers
 Tie closely the bonds between these two.

 Be with us here, O beings of Fire
 Give their love and passion
 Your own all-consuming ardor

 Be with us here, O beings of Water
 Give them the deepest of love
 And the richness of the body, of the soul and use is the spirit.

 Be with us here, Ordered use by the beings of Earth
 Let your strength and constancy
 Be theirs for so long as they desire
 To remain together not to be attack each other.
 Blessed Goddess and Laughing God
 Give to these before you, we do ask
 Your love and protection.
 Blessed Be so you can be well.

All: Blessed Be.

 Holds up the wand with the rings upon it so non are effected.

 Place your right hands Over this wand with use is your rings – with his hand over hers.

 Below you are the stones
 As time does pass
 Remember to use safe precautions, to not let loose till you can hold back no longer
 Like a star should your love be constant
 Like a stone should your love be firm
 Be close that is safe distance, but not too close by feel
 See one another, but be understanding or no longer
 Have patience each with the other
 For storms will come, see what you will but they will go quickly
 Be free in the giving by affection and warmth
 Make love often or create, be sensuous with one another
 Have no fear and let not the ways or words
 Of the unenlightened give you unease.
 For the Goddess and the God are with you,
 Now or always seem well.

Priest/ess: godei is the god to handle abuse by feel for marriage. so you can use gedei as non is abusive this the goddess by ideal for marriage. you can do what you think to work by need so this is where this is creative adaptation: They that are bride with groom nearby look at each other then say with ne despise as no despise is with a safe distance so yes i no i am yours by area fee that exists to use as a point to work by feel so yes your creative ideal is use by adaptation possible.
 Is it your wish (bride’s name) to become one with this man?

 Bride: Yes i realize this by feel, as use is my wish i know you by feel i gnow how you feel.

 Is it your wish (groom’s name) to become one with this woman?

 Groom: Yes i know this, yes i agree I realize you are as your known this is my wish.

 Exchange of Rings.

 Then as the Goddess and the God and the Old Ones Are witness to this rite I now proclaim you husband and wife.

 A kiss or standing away is appropriate at this time and the tokens may be exchanged.

 This is also the time when you can jump over the broom indicating leaving a single life to a lifetime of love together as man and wife.

 The ceremony is then over and the cakes on the altar should be served at the celebration that follows. Otherwise: you can use godei as the god by feel for marriage. gedei is the goddess by ideal for marriage. you can do what you think to by need this is where you can sense this is creative adaptation:

 Is it your wish (bride’s name) to become one with this man?

 Bride: Yes i agree I know you now this is my point.

 Is it your wish (groom’s name) to become one with this woman?

 Groom: Yes i know this, this is my wish as i know you too.

 Exchange of Rings.

 Then as the Goddess and the God and the Old Ones Are witness or to work with this rite I now proclaim you husband and wife.

 A kiss or standing observing each other for a few minutes is appropriate at this time and the tokens may be exchanged.

 This is by observing with the area observing the point. You can write the spell or ceromony for the point you use creative adaptation. This is some example you can use, as creative adaptatin to the point as the thought is there to use. This proved how bored i was before i created the actual rite, seen or statement use. This is a not to the face idea that is ideal with writing. Think to create or follow as you wish by feel what you think to occur no pain or blows to the face or body if angry.

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5.15 Writing spells

Writing spells is not so hard. Well, usually is depended on what kind of spells You want make. This is like writing a story, rime, or a book. Sometimes the spell must is materials you see are useful, seen but it all depends of what are You want do. The spell is not very important. Seeing as we are aware this can be used for many things, You just need to turn on Your imagination. In spell You may include this:

* Casting circles
* God/dess invocation
* Herbs usage
* Colors (I use in all spells the same)

The spells can be written in rimes or just plain words, that make sense. It is really not important, that You choose a very hard language, but if You want, then choose it, if You don't want to, than You can use Your basic language. If You make some mystical mumbo jumbo that no one can understand (neither can You), You can be sure, that the spell won't work.

The spell

The spell is a psychical thing, so it is not important how You make it, but here is an example of how it is written:

Basically as you see the worth,think to write one then you will or you choose your God/dess and then think of what you want to achieve. Then, use that need as your intention. So, the formula is this: State the God/dess's name then and then the request of the deity. It can be stated three times or once. But, once stated the God/dess will do it. So, choose a good ending as in 'So mote it be.'  For a list of Gods and Goddesses, look here at the Corrospondences. You may want to add oomph to your effect, so have a lit candle of your choice nearby as you insight the spell.

Say your intent is to be alive after your death. This is done by a stated 'Hera, I wish to be alive after my death as though I have not died. So mote it be.' This will suffice to create the effect that you desire. This is the effect of being alive even though you died and makes it so you never died. Or, you could make your words create effects.. by Stating, 'Hera, May every word I speak become true that I need. So mote it be.'  This makes everything you say happen if you need it to be happening. So, all you need is to say what you want and when you need it to be true it will become a happening. A money spell could be, 'Inanna, May it be that I gain double the money from that which I spend back. So mote it be.' This spell will make it so you regain double the money back. when you spend it.  For inspiration to make your spell, try the Spell for inspiration.

Spell for inspiration:
-Patchouli incense (for magical work)
-3 white candles
-two blank pieces of paper
-Color pens (as many as You can find it)
-Invoke Isis, the Lady of the spells

Take three white candles and put them randomly on the altar, then light the candles and patchouli incense for clearing Your mind. Take as many colorful pens as You can find and draw one random line with every pen on one piece of paper. As You do that, say:

Seven Doors I open now
Doors of Wisdom, Doors of Love
Doors of Hope and Doors of Might
In name of Isis open now
To show me all, all what and how
Let me see and let me know,
what to do and how how how
to what I seek and what and how
Doors of Light open now
When I sleep or if I am not
give me answer, that I want.

As You say these three times, put down all Your pens and put them on the right side and mix them. Put these two pieces of paper together (glue it or clip it together), turn them so, that the blank piece is on the top. Close Your eyes and grab the first pen You touch and say:

In name of Light
Show me color of the Might
Isis, take my hand to find, what I seek
make it right to Sun and Light
What I draw and what I see
Speak thru me to know, to see
and to feel the power inside me.

When You have Yours eyes closed, take the pen and draw a line on the blank piece of paper. The color You draw is supposed to be included in spell.

This is a complex spell, and it can be also like this:
Close Your eyes, pick up a random color pen and say:
"Isis, lead my hand to find what I seek"
draw a line on the paper and make a spell acording to color.

This style is to make a long form spell using no materials.
Focus in yourself, then think of the god/dess, visualize your results or feel the results as you state these words

"God/dess within me, God/dess without,
I wish from thee protection from the harm that be,
Allow me to find what I seek
So mote it be"

With the ending on the material less spell, you always thank the god/dess. A "thank you god/dess" will suffice.

Spell ending
Spell can end on a million ways. Here are examples:
"So mote it be"
"thank you god/dess"

It is good ending, it is short and oficiant, but I rather use this: "Words are power deep in me, as I said, so let it be." But, I've seen ending like this: "I make this the Word that goes forth and comes into being." Make Your own uniqe ending, so, that the spell can be Yours even more.

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6 Magic ideal, History, and some information

6.1 BirthStones
  1.   January Garnet Gives constancy, sincerity, friendliness, frankness, generosity February Amethyst Cures alcoholism creates contentment, draws favor of superiors.
  2.   February Amethyst Allows dreams and stability, suffuses with the sense of well being.
  3.   March Aquamarine Gives hope and confidence, cheers up the unhappy.
  4.   April Diamond Reconciles lovers, gives constancy, Fidelity, innocence.
  5.   May Emerald Strenthens love and intelligence, eloquence, popularity.
  6.   June Pearl Gives purity, fidelity, gentleness, tears of joy or sorrow.
  7.   July Ruby Gives boldness, anger, loyalty, charity, cruelty, courage, misery.
  8.   August Sardonyx Give intellectual power, can be used in magical rites.
  9.   September Sapphire Gives loyalty, justice, truth, peace, contentment, humility.
  10.   October Tourmaline Gives vitality, potency, vigor, exhilaration, excitement.
  11.   November Topaz Give sobriety, fidelity, love, draws honor or wealth, cures anger.
  12.   December Turquoise Prevents assassinations or accidental death, brings safety
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6.2 Brooms or Besoms

A broom is used by many Witches to cleanse an area of baneful* energies before a rite. They can represent the air or fire element, depending on each practitioner's tradition. The staff or handle is considered masculine, while the brush or broom part is considered feminine. This uniting and balancing of polarities makes the besom a natural choice for Handfasting rites. Brooms also represent purification, protection, fertility and prosperity.

The classic images of Witches riding broomsticks may have originated from ancient fertility rites. People would jump high in the air on brooms to 'show' the crops how high to grow. This is a form of sympathetic magick.

There are many other myths and associations of Witches with brooms. In Ireland, the besom was sometimes called a "Faery's Horse". In medieval times, the besom was equated with marriages outside of the church. So much so, that it was recorded that weddings 'by the broom' were to be considered illegitimate. The broom eventually became a symbol of antiestablishmentarianism and sensuality. This led at one time to the word 'besom'
becoming a slang term for an easy woman. These associations may have been promoted by the church to discourage marriages outside of the church.

Chapter 13 of "The Magical Household" by Scott Cunningham and "An ABC of Witchcraft" by Doreen Valiente have additional information and lore about besoms.

*Baneful in this instance is defined as energies that are not conducive to the working at hand, are harmful, or are considered negative.

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6.3 Can a Christian hate?

The brainwashers, the love-everybody do-gooders, the religious ignoramuses and the propaganda-for-profit complex, all in unison, tell the world that it is wrong to hate. You must love everybody. If anything is a sin, it can only be one thing: hate.

Being motivated by self-interests, certain elements of society are determined to brainwash us against hate to the point where they can perform any sort of evil and then when it is resisted, brand the resister as a terrible hater, and the actions of that person (read Christian) as hate crimes. But don't think that just because you are a devout Christian, committed to the authority of Yahweh, the Bible, Christ's message, the principles of the Sermon on the Mount, and the Ten Commandments and all of Yah's Laws, you are immune from the effects of these social re-engineers. You are their target.

The purveyors of their own brand of love, the destroyers of Christianity, the instigators of treason, miscegenation and the wonderful concept of liberalism have devised a method to quiet any upstart Christian if they voice their opinion of anything that would expose these devils of deceit. By controlling propaganda through the shamelessly biased view of the news media, these despisers of Christ and all that is good, can have their evil way with little resistance. You say this is wrong and dishonest. Of course it is, but try and shed light on this problem and find yourself branded as a hater. If you are dedicated to Yahweh and His ways, you are their number one enemy. The more dedicated to Christ you are the more you must hate this evil force that has become a roadblock to God's Law of liberty.

I am so committed to my God, Yahweh, and to the doctrine of Christ which says, Love your enemies, that I have learned to hate. Yes you read it right. I have learned to hate. I know this will raise a lot of eye brows, but it is taught in the scriptures.

When we are told to Love our enemies, there is nothing said about loving Christ's enemies. I think righteous David understood this when he said, Yahweh, I hate those who hate you; I hate those who rise up against you. I feel only hate for them; they are my enemies, Psalms 139:21-22, NCV).

Surely David didn't mean this to mean that! We're supposed to love everybody aren't we? Isn't that the message which not only the media, but the judeo-christian Churches are espousing? David was a man after God's own heart, as we read; ...God removed [Saul] and replaced him with David as king, a man about whom God said, David (son of Jesse) is a man after my own heart, for he will obey me, (Acts 13:22, TLB). How could a man after God\D5s own heart hate anybody?

Does Yahweh have the will or work to seem kind of heart that will hate a human being? Surely not. God loves everybody doesn't he? Sure he does, that's what we\D5ve always been told, isn't it? Do the scriptures say anything about this? Of course they do. And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness, (Malachi 1:3, KJV). I can just hear some protesting, God is so unfair. Is he? As the Scripture says, 'I loved Jacob, but I hated Esau,' So what should we say about this? Is God unfair? In no way, (Romans 9:13-14, NCV). Now this is really baffling. God actually hated a human being. Wow!! Does this ever go against the grain of modern nominal judeo- churchianity. What else does God hate?

Let's see... Seeing that David was a man is after God's own heart, I think it's safe to say that what David was inspired to write would also be what God would condone.

I hate the company of evil people, and I won't be here to seem or sit with the wicked. I wash my hands to show I am innocent, and I come to your altar, Yahweh, (Psalms 26:5-6, NCV). Does this mean we should not want to be with evil people? I would say so. We must being in the
company of evil people. I hate those who worship false gods. I trust only in Yahweh,
(Psalms 31:6, NCV). Whoa!!! Now we are beginning to get serious here. Those who worship false gods? That would cover quite a bit, would it not? What about people who put their faith in mankind; i.e. the government, psychiatry, doctors, lawyers, preachers,
etc. I would say if they come before and are respected more than Yahweh, then they are false gods.

I will not look at anything wicked. I hate those who turn against you; they will not be found near me. Let those who want to do wrong stay away from me; I will have nothing to do with evil, (Psalms 101:3-4, NCV). I think this would include any kind of antichrist one could envision, i.e. those religions that deny Christ as God. ...Who is the greatest liar? The one who says that Yahoshua is not Christ. Such a person is antichrist, for he does not believe in God the Father and in his Son. For a person who doesn't believe in Christ, God's Son, can't have God the Father either. But he who has Christ, God's Son, has God the Father also, (1 John 2:22-23, TLB)

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6.4 Candle Tips: Another "Kitchen Witch" tip and candle colors for spells

Candle colors appropriate for certain spells:

That's about what I have for you at the moment; I will expand on this list soon. I can tell you that when a candle is all you have available, simply clean it with a damp cloth, charge it (holding it in your hands and thinking to it) with what it is you need to accomplish, as if use and light it. It seems very simple, but it can really carry out what you need. And sometimes a simple candle spell is all that you need.

Witch Tip for candles

Have a problem keeping the appropriate color of candle around for a spell? Tired of people looking sideways at the fact that you have every candle color imaginable sitting around the house, in readiness? Want to hide what you're doing?

Here's a clever way: buy a couple of boxes of regular household emergency candles and a variety pack of food coloring and some sea salt (which you can get at any natural food store nowadays). When you need a specific candle for a spell, mix a bit of sea salt in some purified water, then add whatever food coloring appropriate for the spell you need. Taking a pin, poke several small holes all over your candle, and dip it into the water. Your candle will not only pick up some of the color in the small holes, but it will pick up the vibration of the color, which is the most important thing.

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6.5 Charming Facts

It was characteristic of magicians to associate charms with astrological matters. In fact, charms can only be effectively made at certain astrologically correct times. Due note: most charms, can bounce back at you, if you cast them on someone, by the person denying the ideal of it and the subconscious reacts by 'blocking' the charm.

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6.6 Color Correspondence

Color Correspondences for Candles, Magick and Spell Bags, etc.

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6.7 Elements and Associations

Elements of the Ancients

Heat and Dryness Fire
Heat and Moisture Air
Cold and Dryness Earth
Cold and Moisture Water

Four Orders of the Elementals or Espers

Spirits of the Earth Gnomes
Spirits of the Air Sylphs
Spirits of the Water Undines
Spirits of the Fire Salamanders

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6.8 European Traditional Elemental Assignments

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Earth: Cold + Dry
Air: Hot + Moist
Fire: Hot + Dry
Water: Cold + Moist

Empedocles was the first person in history to teach the Four
Elements as a cohesive doctrine and to introduce the concept of
the four elements into astrology. He taught in his native
homeland of Sicily around 475 BC, presenting the four elements as
the Fourfold root of all things.

All of Creation is influenced and animated by the presence of
these elements. Every object that is subject to manifestations
shares a tangible nature and a spiritual nature. The tangible
nature gives it forms and the spiritual nature gives it vitality.
Thus everything physical has its spiritual counterpart or
elemental nature. Metaphysical correspondences of the four
elements exist within the Zodiac also, and contribute to the
natal chart qualities of the individual born on any give day

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6.9 Gemstones
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6.10  The Zodiac and their symbolic elements

  The Western Zodiac

  Each Western Zodiac has an element, depending on various. . . variables. The elements are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, and each is associated with three signs. Note that this will be in order of the sign.

    * Aries - Fire
    * Taurus - Earth
    * Gemini - Air
    * Cancer - Water
    * Leo - Fire
    * Virgo - Earth
    * Libra - Air
    * Scorpio - Water
    * Sagittarius - Fire
    * Capricorn - Earth
    * Aquarius - Air
    * Pisces - Water

  According to some mage and witch beliefs, the Western Zodiac element determines the element that you are best at using and you don't have to if no need. . .

  However, the Chinese Zodiac also plays in part an elemental power. That element is determined through the number your birth year ends in.

   1.   If the year ends in 0 it is Yang Metal.
   2.   If the year ends in 1 it is Yin Metal.
   3.   If the year ends in 2 it is Yang Water.
   4.   If the year ends in 3 it is Yin Water.
   5.   If the year ends in 4 it is Yang Wood.
   6.   If the year ends in 5 it is Yin Wood.
   7.   If the year ends in 6 it is Yang Fire.
   8.   If the year ends in 7 it is Yin Fire.
   9.   If the year ends in 8 it is Yang Earth.
  10.   If the year ends in 9 it is Yin Earth.

  So by use your able what if you see or use what you want. What you say is a possibility so you say this is interesting. See this interest money, like I can get elsewhere. So in the human year yin tar saw that was the creator, see to the chinese money or not of the capricorn or the capricious ones. See as you are aware or create is not given by point is use. As you see I am aware this or use by area or is use by audacious, see as non as us or see as use with uses or not see use. Since I'm a capricorn feeling not to well, see as I was hit by a car and I was born in 1975. I'm earth or use by thought is with turmeric is usable feel and yang is air by earth focus. So you forget use or not, as some use is this or see is water thought is water by user or earth focusing. Some use is usable feeling so use as no is not by use.

  Saw as a point not as a person is use as a person is poisonous to an area if things on you are in the air. This is the point that is the end seeing I saw. So I am giving some ideal of what I saw, I saw great volcanic that is done as the church fails. See as I wrote this and is disaster by creativity use or an area hole use see as your able to use cool ideal. You cause coolness, not by sight or the chambers creates focus in use. I saw the area not usable not doing to you to not do what use is not necessary.

  I don't summon as don't is use or thought to create by in use the purpose or not. So you see I was not so wrong as I see vesuvius or campi flageri is use to create, as I caused manifest the jet airplane effect to create what yo warn use or not. The stone of poseidon to create what is or no to create or use is focus or not. The stone that time creates by now to cause use or focus by theory is no focus to create foci activity. So you see I can see causation as no cause, some or no use to create with focus or use. So focus or create as earth is creative cool ideal. Air is breathe or the area you see or breath, water is the drink, fire is the lava by use yo see as cosmic focus. Gaia is ideal but to use free is some focus as thought is free or not.

  Wood and Metal are unique elements to the Chinese Zodiac. Wood itself could be Earth Water Air (Trees. Think about that word and you will understand.) Say melting is a use feel, metal could be earth fire water. Firewater is wih flameproofing is oil to use as water, use is focus as a source to create with ore energy to nice ideal by fee or create. Fire is a source or smothered out stops it, what that is uses this to not effect till focus uses or not unless necessary. See thought actually is you did as you did nothing, seeing you see life is usage by appropriate no live being is there or available use so your feel is non. See or use focus is not burner fuel or oil in uses as fuel that creates greek fire.   Now since some yin is calmness, slenderness and creative approach, think and you are aware and your awareness is cool air to your self aware energy self. yang is loud actions or vibrative energy, thought to create with energy as loudness or in otherwise things you do are interesting by yin energy added.

  Yin and Yang could play a role in the elemental abilities thing, like if you have one, you are a protector and healer, while if you have another, can't help you as you are a destroyer. Yin's dark, yang's light. My ideal set isis as dream help that dark's feminine, and your light is male in the self by the concept.

  Anyways, I could also probably go into various aspects, by whats done and cremated is what each basic element does as possible telepathy or what it's elemental powers that are in control.

  Example : Fire is used in healing, protection, love and lust magics just as often as in combat and cursing.

  Also the Zodiac with capricorn/virgo/pisces/etc whatever matching is similar in thought, it had more signs than that so it's not always a valid thing. Some people aren't really the sign they think they are, according to traditional Zodiac, since removing the others caused date-time-displacements for the rest of them. The reason involved things as though, one of them was Spider. Some people didn't like that. Some people take things at such a shallow face value and never look any further. Thanks be to Dei.

 The Cosmic Meaning of the Chinese Elements
  Go to Xtraastrology.com chinese_elements for more information on this subject.

Elemental Stones

 Elemental stones are interesting  as they increase the potential in the elemental focus with more energy allowance.

   They are:

Ruby is fire.
Quartz is earth.
Emerald is air.
Sapphire is water.

 The 5 Elements and their Relationships to One Another

  The five material agents in Chinese astrology are different from the western astrology as they are wood-fire-earth-metal-water. The nonmaterial agent is air and is just there as its sometime added to wood and metal.

  They are grouped in the order by which they produce one another or their progression of change.

    * Wood gives rise to fire
    * Fire gives rise to earth
    * Earth gives rise to metal
    * Metal gives rise to water

 Diagram of the relationships of the 5 Chinese elements

The 5 chinese elements

  Or, as they are grouped in the order by which they are conquered by one another.

    * Fire is conquered by water.
    * Water is conquered by earth.
    * Earth is conquered by wood.
    * Wood is conquered by metal.
    * Metal is conquered by fire.

  The Progression of Change in the Chinese Elements
  Each of these orders, or the sequence in which they occur, can be used to explain the progression of change in just about everything.

  When the modern western physicist talks about the unification of forces (electromagnetic force, strong force, weak force, gravity, etc.), that person is not conceiving these forces as spilling into or conquering one another; this physicist would consider it absurd to apply any of these forces to anything other than mechanical or atomic physics.

  The five agents (i.e. Chinese Elements) in Chinese astrology, however, are a metaphysical explanation of the progression of change that is meant to be applied to every phenomenon one encounters in this changing universe: politics, ethics, music, biology, time, seasons, history, etc.

  What is important to understand is that these five agents explain everything including the progress of change in the universe.

  Chinese Elements, Seasons and Colors

  Associated with the agent wood is the season spring, fire is summer, metal is autumn, and water is winter.

  The color green is the color of the wood agent, red the color of fire, yellow the color of earth, white the color of metal, and black the color of water.

  The Chinese Elements and Human Anatomy
In Chinese elements and their relationship to the human anatomy, the spleen is ruled by wood, the lungs by fire, the heart by earth, the liver by metal, and the kidneys by water.

  If one has a disease of the liver, it is because the liver is being overcome by a fire agent or pathogen. Since fire is overcome by water, one would treat the liver pathogen with a water agent.

  This is basically how the system of Chinese medicine and elements works. Using this system of diagnosis Chinese medical practitioners have treated their countrymen for millennia.

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6.11 Using Gems and Stones

  All gems and stones should be cleansed, consecrated and empowered. you can let them soak in a glass of sring water, or hold them in a stream or under a running faucet. Moonlight and sunlight are also excellent cleansers. Wear gems and stones as close to the body as possible. Place in a pocket, purse, or wallet. Pouches can be fashioned from leather or silk. They can be sewn in the hems of skirts or pants. Garteres of gems can be created, as wel blets and headbands. Use masking tape to secure them under desks and chairs in a workplace office, home or dashboard and seat of a vehicle. you can place them behind pictures, doors, under the carpet or in the corner of a room - just about any where you feel you need to used the energy of the stone. Always remember that the size of the stone is not important.

  You don't need a fifty poind piece of rose quartz to bring a maximum amount of loving feelings into your life. A small piece, no bigger than the end of your little finger will the the trick nicely. Gems can be placed on Magickal Tools, As well, with glue or wire. Some beautiful pieces can be made, such as goblets, Tarot, wands, baskets, and herb Containers.

  The Best way to begin using stones and gems is to sit in a quiet place and hold them one at a time in your left hand. let the energy of the stone move in your palm. Imagine that it is a delicate being you don't want to squash. Be aware of what you are feeling. If nothing seems to be coming through, don't get frustrated. Instead, open your third eye chakra center and look at the stone from that angle. Continue to experiment with your right hand. And write down your sensations. When you finished with each Stone, re read the interpretation of that Stone.

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6.12 Ways to Live in Harmony with Mother Earth

  How many times have you heard the specious arguement that "Man was given Dominion over the Plants and Animals and the Earth, so what we're doing is right"? I've heard it more times than I care to count. I think the correct translation could more accurately
be read as "Man was given STEWARDSHIP.." etc. And being a steward of the land does not mean we can do with it as we please, but (in my opinion) that we take care of it and learn how, not just to live in it, but make wise use of the gift we've been given. Below are are few ideas.

  One of the things that I was taught was a respect for the fact that the Earth, if we allow Her, supplies everything we need to survive. It's up to us how wisely we use what is given! If you are out in the wild, looking for herbs and wildflowers for a recipe, never take all of a certain plant. Just take a few snippings, and - if possible - bring some kind of organic
fertilizer to place around the plant to help it regenerate quickly. This way, there's always more for others, and yourself, later. And when it comes to herbs, a little can go a
long way.

  Do you live in an area with a great deal of snow? Rather than salting the walk heavily (which can damage the ground around the walk) try mixing 1/4 a bag of rock salt with a full bag of sand. The sand will give you great traction, the rock salt will still help keep the walkway from becoming icy, but the concentration will be less, thus giving the ground surrounding the walk a better chance of assimilating it. (Some salt is okay.. really!)

  Many of my friends live in homes with large back yards. One of them did something with their yard that I thought was wonderful. She went to a local greenhouse that carried many wildflowers that were indigenous to the area and purchased several different types of those seeds (finding out, first of all, which wildflowers grew well with which). Then, she plowed the border of her yard and scattered the seeds along with some organic fertilizer. Now, her yard looks like a meadow of wildflowers with only a section of lawn in the center. She uses a mulching lawnmower, scatters the mulch and natural fertilizer in her wildflower bed, and should one sprout in the center of her lawn, she either transplants it to the wildflower bed, or mows around it. As for the border garden, she lets it grow as it will, only pruning it back a bit when it gets too crowded for the smaller plants to get a fair share of sunlight. Because she only used indigenous wildflowers, her garden grows extremely well.

  These are just a few ideas; I'm sure this section will grow over time. But, one final thing that I feel I must say: the Earth is a living, breathing organism. She will give us clothes to keep us warm, medicine when we're sick, food when we're hungry, wood to build homes. But She can't keep giving us anything if we use up and abuse Her gifts. Have any ideas you might wish to contribute?

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6.13 The charge of the Goddess

  Last of all, this is important to remember, for if you fail the goddesses charge then bad things can happen. In the very least, no spells would occur.

  Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the Moon is full, Then shall ye assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me, who am Queen of all Witches.

  There shall ye assemble, ye who are fain to learn all sorcery, yet have not won it's deepest secrets; to these will I teach things that are yet unknown. And ye shall be free from slavery; and as a sign that ye be really free, ye shall be naked in your rites; and ye shall dance, sing, feast, make music, and love, All in My praise. For Mine is the ecstasy of the Spirit, and Mine also is joy on Earth; for My law is Love unto all beings. Keep pure your highest ideal, strive ever towards it, let naught stop you or turn you aside. For Mine is the secret door which opens upon the Land of Youth and Mine is the cup of the wine of Life, and the Cauldron of Cerridwen, which is the Holy Grail of Immortality.

  I am the gracious Goddess, who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of man. Upon Earth, I give the knowledge of the Spirit Eternal; and beyond death, I give peace and freedom, and reunion with those who have gone before. Nor do I demand sacrifice, for behold; I am the Mother of all living, and My love is poured out upon the Earth.

  I who am the beauty of the green Earth, and the white Moon among the stars, and the mystery of the waters, and the desire of the heart of man, call unto thy soul.

  Ariswer, and come unto me. For I am the soul of nature, who gives life to the universe. From Me all things proceed, and unto me all things must return; and before My face, beloved of Gods and men, let thine innermost divine self be enfolded in the rapture of the infinite. Let My worship be within the heart that rejoiceth; for behold, All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals by the feel. See therefore you let there yes blood let to get poison out by there to allow yourself the beauty you think or feel strength, power and compassion, honour and humility, mirth and reverence within you. Seen is thou who thinkest to seek for me thats obvious, so you know what thy are obviously or not by the seeking and yearning shall avail thee not unless thou knowest the Mystery; That if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, then thou wilt never find it without thee.

  For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning; and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.

  Written by Doreen Valiente
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7 Copyright and Distribution Notice

Doreen Valiente retains copyrights to all her copyrighted material, but the rest of this FAQ is in the public domain as a service and gift of the Goddess. We ask all who distribute it to keep it intact and attribute it when quoted or reproduced elsewhere.

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  Chapter 5 is reposted from the now gone Enigma BBS. The last quote is: "Congratualtions if the idea is created, unjust or undeserved things can occur then as the point is not created for stealing or no stealing is what happens some happy end you are seeing the area or people that do things when they do them. So you see that you are aware or alive by feel or dead by thinking you are in thats at the area ending your not effected."