The knowledge gaining meditation

  The way to gain knowledge is to accept the things told and observered as truth until disproven. When disproven, simply forget the fact and accept the new observation. To gain new information, one must accept that they don't know everything. When looking for new information try to accept what you are idea in wat you see or told with a grain of salt although you won't actually remember until you thought time makes you most aware by idea or you focus you remember for a perfect memory in use.

  Test the idea by the information in many varied ways. The meditation herein is meant to unfold truths that are not obvious as first noticed. Some things are never actually believable until you see it happen in some manner or another. So if you think, when you do this try to keep an open mind when you gain the knowledge. Learn to see what actually is there and not get distracted by side paths. If you think you know, even in meditation then you know. This is in a point that you know to realize, then nothing else seems to matter as much. Then you know what happens, this is a point to not do if you do things that aren't always liked.

  To do this in to try a technique in what this takes that is only 5 minutes. This in use makes what thigs there can seem as it is to sit in a comfortable chair and lay back or sit on the floor and lay flat as the past. Breathe in breathe out and relax your mind, as if in thought you focus in breathing as you think to seem as a point and your use is to create what the thought might be that interests you from the nothings that are thought spoken in a ring or room in mind. Now if a thought think, in focus see your mind seem with the idea by use of a drink to cope as its a charge as thought "coping in mind and end is mend" to end the mend is with whatever you come across. Focus your mind on the idea of gaining what knowledge you may need and remembering it afterword.

  Now clarify that thought by focusing your mind in the thought that problems you want solved won't exist after they fix themselves. Keep focusing on that thought and in thought breathing regularly in and out very slowly. There is trances to get an idea, ler in a thought is a life that exists as there is no way except. To your own mind and thought reveals a conscious with the best way to create with and as if this is the trance in activity. The trance in thoughts by that are a probable use as you if to create with and focuses, aspect as available in this is the thought to not if study and do if too much and thought focuses are creating shadows. Think in the thought as a thought is a pattern with the mind, then use the core as earth energy and the thought is to send them away. The brain  to create what in understood idea there, this is to do psychically that can instruct the ler and use is a thought in energy. To create and you can guide by in what you think and in a thought if necessary, is to seem out to think and create is a simplicity to use a word or idea suggestion. Think to the conscious as the area, this is the actual conscious by the creator in use.

  Now in and allow yourself to slip into a trance. Allow the answers you seek to come to clarity in your mind. Make note of them as they come. They could be pictures, sheets of paper with information, scenes, and what I call video clip moments as if a view in thought. When you got all that you need to see as knowledge answers in kind, as change your breathing pattern to a quick breathe in and breathe out. The response of your body will snap you out of your auratic trance, protego sent to the earth and the magnified magnetic fluxative energy called gravity is to seem protected by the creator shield and as you do what you normally do. Use only what you think is necessary.

  This method works. In a thought there is a point that if you go somewhere, you can get way too much energy, as you send the energy to the core the core heats up. Then and if the planet won't create, until it is able to be used by what you what you do. You just have to allow enough time to pass. Sometimes there will be no answer at all. Except when you go to sleep, there may be a dream as the answer instead. An idea is to do this meditation at night so you immediately get an answer if it is an answer dream. There is a possibility, that you can be taken by things for a ride.  So in a point you are better off, the creation is by existing creator consciousness what is in thought is of spiritual use in an idea that you think and the moment you think in effect can create.

  As if usage of constraint and use is regulated by what is important, you can use or destroy what you want with thought of bone. This is the chinese honorific in an honor idea and this is good bone and bad bone as bad is bade to see and this is deternined by what you do as a link in thought is as this is a link broken by thought and pact to Odin is what is touch in a moment to the aura not to the body. This is the idea, thought is not always to do as the need is there is no need, as the reason to use is only when absolutely necessary as a trick of the moment.