Fairy baiting

  Fairy baiting is as simple as it sounds. It is making the events that are slightly annoying for as long as it takes to draw a fairy to your abode or not annoying as all you should say is fey three times or fey-sin (feh-lye-sine) once. Till you get thier attention. When the fairy appears, try to talk with it. Say, "I feel your presence fairy being. Please work with me for as long as it takes to complete my experiment." Never say or think what the experiment is, unless you are ready to. Then say, "I will make it interesting for you as long as you stay. Please, give me your name as trade?" This must be done as a unquavering respectful voice.

  If they respect the effort you do, then you can get things as help was there from them. As the help they think you need is there, you can get help as you think it necessary. As if help was, there in an appropriate nature. If jealous act your age and you do as you will, you don't use them and show them what they don't like, think to them or not and the moment is there and they won't seek to harm you. As surrender things in jealousy, they can earn as to get them thought in idea with as if in interesting moods in thought.

  Sometimes in the area is a evil that can be driven away, you would love to help have to pique its interest to gain its help or not and they are invisible. Always answer its questions or you might gain poor done by service. They will do things out of self-interest. You have to keep slightly amusing events happening for it to hang around. When you need something from it, they will know and do it if they feel like it. See or use is think then the body energy is what they sense, so think "intensify" or think the energy is intense then relax the energy by meditation with muscle reflex. Then they come so you may make the name of the fairy and explain as you may be slightly bored or relaxed by bo feel, but intrigued to your change with your tones are "I need you for my experiment, as the part you can do is what you think is necessary". I think this means they come as they want to not as they are thought to come because they think you are one. So they won't come if they don't need to by feel. They know what you are doing by sensing the feel so they are aware by what they think is there by their own ideal.

  You won't feel the fairies presence, unless it wants you to know them as naturally suspected  in thought energy that feels right as it depends on how it feel. Except, things will occur without explanation and by itself. When you no longer need the fairy as a helper, dismiss it in your mind and this makes things boring for it or use sagebush or sageleaf as sweetness by arousal in aroma and clean air or otherwise this might not work. As if your intent is true to the purpose, thought by what you think is true to the heart chakra creates the idea made possible is this by feel.

  Winged fey love lemon juice. The wingless fey like chocolate. Feyish humans like sweets and chocolate as faery like to come as you can get them interested as the use their family as support or in almost anything they crave use is thought to consider points that by a fix or not with energy you fix the moment as if they helped as a whimsy humour that they use to help, as nothing in thought they are summoned by thinking of them as with a name and heedless whimsy will get you insane by what you think or feel. The idea is a thought as another idea or nothing is considered kitsune, elf or otherwise, until thoughtas you think the need you can get interesting results as the thought is "I bid you well in mind".

  As a dying moment by purpose is mishief or mistaken and other idea, thats humor by mischief and needing one nearby as they appear if you are thinking a need and those that see you feel what think. There is a way to leave the area and reenter to seem in control of the normal idea in life, and you can seem in a place by mood and music that is without the idea fey use are there as they watch to work and they won't drive you thoughtless in a mad mood in by fey.

  How the fey eat the offering is through essence no eating as you think or nothing done nothing there and how a thought is possible by thought that exists "cane" as sugar spelled different and the feyish human eats it is by ingestion and essence sucking. Thus in life is true life in purpose of idea, you all are good as you really need is to give them energy and they appreciate it. This is done by thinking it to them. Essence eating and sucking is much like a energy vampire, as inoffensive is will that isn't done in energy.

  When they finish feeding, they can sometimes leave the food flavorless. As thus, you are able to consider and think working conditions to create a working solution in life. This is where energy eating works out as you think your name is the problem and you can dismiss as you don't think to do it. There is no way in life as things are good, thought and work is cool and if this is you get a point.

   Fairies are time beings as time conductive energy work, as you are or not but may sometimes not appear to work. Some humans describe them as being in the fourth dimension. The work done there is able to manipulate the world that humans live in as if concept. The idea time there is much, as in faster and more than one on earth is given that is what can see or not see. Their world is called aerth the air of fear.

   When you go there, every minute spent there is 10 years outside of aerth. If one did research there, you would find that life would pass on earth from you and when you were finally done and came back, you would be forgotten. If you were a thief, it would be a perfect hiding place. Now what they do is what you think as the faery is your manifest or what they thought to create is there. That is why they are there with crimbul or dark faery. So what you think they might do, so why is their way there to summon one? They were always curious to your surroundings so they were with what they thought you had.

  You would only have to wait a minute before coming back. They would have forgotten you entirely. The fairies can be bought though not easily. So in love and longing or otherwise think or you are aware so you can feel them, I wouldn't count them as a force to be trusted as things can seem there and gone the next, as for long time health and longing you abandon. As if your idea is a concept, as energy is a thought you are aware and thought is done as you do better or get better by the feel when you lose weight.

  You can create a time gate to pull you there and to make a mental query to it "allow only me to pass through, to anywhere I desire and pull me back, to whence I left to make no time pass at all. Since I left to go where I went through you."

 This is what one person did, named Kevin. This is one who summoned a fey, 'I put out chocolate, said fey Psy (feh-p-sie), sounds like lie but a point is true, and when it came its speaking and it sounds like a mouse sorta. I use tunnel vision, visualizing the area near the squeek. imagined the voice the squeek is, was squeeky then calmly. Then it changed as I could see it. Then said translatio, and what should I see except a white aura and I speak to it. It should speak as I can hear the area and the voice, as it speaks in an understandable lang if lucky. But I wasn't and nearly lost most of the chocolate except that which had a nibble in it. So I asked it for something and I got it, I asked for beauty.'