Casa Umbrae Members

This page is for the members in the form of Bios, so feel free to peruse them as you like.


Staff Members

The staff members are the support that helps Casa Umbrae keep going. Feel free to ask them for support and with questions. The general questions email, is

Caz - An admin that is almost chaotic in how she does things, but is straightforward in an effort. Contact info: She's almost always on the #CU irc.

Spelly - An admin that is almost always there and tries when neccessary to get something done. Contact info: and he's almost always on the #CU irc.

Libertine - An admin that is known for visions and dreams, he tries when he can and he can be trusted with things. Contact info: He's on the forum and he's sometimes on the #CU irc.

SilentDragon - An admin who seeks to aid through idea and shared moments. Talk to her, when she's on, for help on viewing things and magic. She's on the forum and sometimes on #CU irc.

Other Members

The other members of CU are various and when they come on and do things in the forum, it is up to them what they do.