Casa Umbrae Links

Here are some links which you may find helpful.

Magic & Elements Related

Ars Falcis Necromancy Resource- A useful resource on necromancy. Their purpose is to illuminate the way for the prospective necromancers and provide an information resource.

Ben's Secrets of the Mind- A useful set of articles on astral workings and the elements.

Collective Secrets of the Mind- Community articles provided by Skyhawk.

TomeKeeper's Library- A large libary of occultist information.

Spellhawk's Atlantean Resource- Spellhawk has compiled a number of articles on the lost culture of Atlantis.

Spellhawk's Blog- Spellhawk's frequently updated blog on various topics with lots of how-tos.


Educate Yourself - An educational forum dedicated to the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies.

Kheper site- A site based on transformation, metamorphasis, and evolution. By the rambling nature of this website, established in 1998, means that there are many topics to explore.

Project Nephilim-An effort to create peace for the land we live in and put down bad influences.

The Chaos Matrix-On the most esoteric of topics that may be of interest in occult studies, including the moon phases.

The Warrior Matrix-This is an orgonite community.

Psionics The psionics resource page that was mothballed.

Psionics Online-The resource for psionics that rivals the in information and may yet be active.