Illuminated and evolving - a work in progress and of service

It is widely understood that the alchemical process is the transmutation of lead into gold.

This corresponds to the 7 major chakras, and their associated metals.
I have represented each metal by it's atomic structure, at the centre of each mandala.

The alchemist dreams of the transmutation of a dull leaden mind into a golden consciousness, and thus we ascend the chakra's tree.

Root Chakra - Muladhara


Sacral Chakra - Svadhishthana


Navel Chakra - Manipura


Heart Chakra - Anahata


Throat Chakra - Vishuddha


Third Eye Chakra - Ajna

My advice? Discover your own alchemical path. My understanding is that the more one delves into the texts and manuscripts of the past, the more confusion you will inherit. You see, we are all alchemists, it is a natural state of being, as... we all have the ability to change, and to change our immediate and extensive environment.

Many alchemists spend their time and energy looking at how others have sought the grail, and naturally feel they must follow in the prescribed footsteps, but upon examination they discover each past system varies to a degree, from one to another. No two are alike.

So, if this is the case, how can the work of a modern alchemist relate to a 16th Century path? The circumstances are not replicable, the times they are a changing, we have a digitised system of communication, and a certain sense of evolution in regard to almost every science, from metaphysics and philosophy, to medicine and electronics... So, what would the ancient alchemist do with today's parameters? They would start again, just as I have.

I spent maybe a couple of days gaining an brief overview into the great works and methods of the past masters, and quickly realised that to perform the miracle of alchemy, reading texts would not suffice. Maybe it would enable me to hold my own at the high table of philosophical debate, but that would not alter an atom of matter.

I started on day one with an open mind, and a thought of exploring a new methodology, one that I called 'Tantric Alchemy'. An integration of the works of Je Tsongkhapa and Pythagoras... Unconventional I know, but hey...

The pattern and design was inspired by the great mathematician, and the philosophy and power I humbly ascribe to the Great Yogi.

I sat down to create my first alchemical drawing. For me, no toads or symbols, but a reflection of the perfect inner Wisdom of Dharma. It did transpire at a later date that I became acquainted with a friendly dragon and toad, but this formed a part of the organic nature of my work - things come when they come.

For now as I sit awaiting the rise of the moon, upon this, a full moon day, and also a lunar eclipse, with the sun setting to my right, I watch the still ocean, in her calm silver beauty awaiting the transluscent reflection of the moon.

The sun set, and the moon rose, and later a slice of shadow graced her cheek as the eclipsing darkness kissed her side. The universe as the master alchemist, and me..? Part of the cosmic circle, one cog in the machine, but.. a cog with an intention.

My intention? Tantric Alchemy - to transmogrify my leaden heart into pure golden consciousness. I have no need to transform lead into gold, and I have declined this offer during a Solstice Rite, as I sensed the potential for greed to manifest. Because, as a result of Dharma practice I am aware of the impermanence of all things of this life, and only my mind will journey to my next life, so... to change the nature of my mind is my greatest goal - I seek Enlightenement.


Crown Chakra - Sahasrara

P.S. For a peek into the past, I visited an exhibition of Alchemy, at the Science Museum in London. I learned a lot about how alchemists worked in the past, and have absorbed the information, and transmuted a leaden past into a golden present. My work will be illustrated over time, but in the meantime, click on this image to see how it was achieved, back in the day...