Unrestricted spells

 I made this shakugan no shana slightly, but mostly unrestricted spell a bit different. So it would avoid the preconceived notion and might work better. I am thinking about writing about using it and prove that some effects from the tv anime series will actually work in real life. So these described effects are due to the unrestricted spell based on the anime series Shakugan no shana. As described below it is real yet surreal from the anime world, but not real an its realness is described here in the Real anime document. 

Whats the difference?

In a nutshell there as you think, know as you see the point, as this is by the idea of an unrestricted spell, the difference between the unrestricted spell to the restricted spell. See the area you see the point this is energy think by thought. See the point is think energy to cure you the body does the right idea, see is the point you are the sight the area I thought nicely I knew not. Its already done as I don't wanna. This I now or knew is the focus you aren't you aren't as I knew yet I don't so it may be good. The point think to focus, think to create focus to work or create. Some use think to focus think to thought create by feel, the right thought is correction as you already know that we've already been there you've already been there. So thats the sorta thing by feel I saw with imagination to create the point or feel. See to think, focus then feel is the short version. This was to trick people to change as they thought to create with inner strength you create with their thought as energy that allowed them to change as they wished with their energy being your ability. The creator is the subconscious in this case guided by the third eye or pinneal gland, this is where your the director and things do or shift as you will. This also means you can shift or go as dodging the point is going to the idea, the point is made and all you need to do is go to where you need to be.

That is what the channeling ability or use, nevermind is good so you cool down was now its think to focus or feel to focus by idea. See thought is done as you think to create by the area that you create their point or your own point by idea. Think they are allowing. The type is body types that create or what you see is focus to work. Each type is with different reaction. This is not always in the type not the weight to work with idea. I believe this was the area plant. Somotype is what you say to create fire or water effects with actual water bending. This also is where you think the correct element that is your ability to use. So with that I saw as chemical by reactive or non reactive or not use, so not off or on you I think the area you know the correct idea. So you feel the kiss you think to their subconscious that your married to them or they are married to you then the idea doesn't matter thus they won't matter. The fact they listed it in a book. See the point is humourous I think I will stop or as you see things necessary you mai do.

The point the area you see is sense you consider you theory is thought with focus chemicals to create as relational is non habit. So no sex is when they don't want to do something for summoner to use. So thin or use as you think you create creatively by suggestion. Think as you touch your not effected nor are you married. Then they won't think they are the effect kill or kiss doesn't happen as you see that is the type or font. Seen as I am with a well this is a rubber band. Drug removal is free or allowing is some except no use. So you are not attacked or not seen as your acknowledged. You see the pressure within think the blood exploding from the burst pipe or explosion. Watch your hand. See the point stop me from being irrational, think to create by counting to ten or I think to shift energy to teleport or shift energy to the planet core to release energy. So why is this a hidden men in black base? Faery is glamour that you think light use or not gravity cleanse that is what creates as whatever is with matter, that is not matter thats some area energy creativity that you think to show as light energy creates with gravity you feel sensitizes drug users that do illegals to the area energy you imagine then create what they see as correct or think the effect to create with support. The area their use is created is user feel thinking nothing effects you creates nothing wrong not dumb.

Subconscious is the use think the point never be beaten. So you see the point think to calm or no use to create is, as the area is thought focus energy waves with the light as what works by feel. The guy didn't suspect me yet did not unless necessary suspect me so I didn't attack so think resolve. Hand the gun over. That is if opposite over or use is the creator I think I am dead so I will dissipate with my last breath. Whatever I can live with that. Well yeah or no you are still or active well. Now I can allow you to exist. So you I am the one that is not appearant unless you see appearant nature seen is thought you are were altering by light you are water using to create as you think. Oh that type the type of weave that is non seen as you sight yet is appearant, seen is if thought you think is focused or you think to show yet you are aware that shows true life or not magnet use. Whatever now I ca do that is I can do that. The correct image creates what you want yet this is, oh think to not repeat as you think by feel. This is feel the energy slender your form to create, what you wish or what you think is what you think by what there point you sense by feel.

So the creator is or isn't what energy creates we will or create you weave for use is what you sight see what you will is what you weave or create to influence or what you think the creator bends with light. So if you will you are a way with the word you thin to think to create. So if you will you create to use, seen as your awre I am an elf that 6 feet or whatever height you think you are you see that is where you create things yet not by the feel is nothing there if you think there isn't. Seen if you think you are so if you are you will, safe as a know it all seen as patient or our use is by thinking free. See if I am so you are yet stopped if wrong then started is what you want as you are aware in en an. Some say a touch or head use is creativity seen or that seen is what you are with the word or the way.

So create or way not if you are by water use there is or known there and or not if you were. This is eternal use if the creator allows you to seem that by what you want or thinks your not always eternal, as you see the need or don't need to be eternal this is the area. So think you create some area use by feel you act or don't act, will is energy so your ability is sometimes in a movie as you think to see what you feel or think is art or don't create if thought is focus. I wish to not allow intrusion as you think you create think to ward, the area or use thats dangerous disperses energy by z focus that is energy of dimension to seem away. So use what you want or not use the area you think is bad off. So create some scene or create what you feel, this is theory if use is creative the center is the final focuser the people around are use as energy so belief in some creativity is focus to work. This is some changes with a movie theatre or not in a movie is the people not focus activity, think to create the peoples subconscious creates what you want or the creator if they want to can create nearly anything.

Seen as you are aware is if you are what use with the feeling seen by feel is what you think, as I think this the creator creates as you wish. Now what happened with reason. So what is all you see is what you think to the area as yes you think or well as I will I think to use some area way, so you thought this was a fun or uses are what you think that come to your focus as your aware with what you think. So you see whatever god you think rules this place you create with or if you sense shadows that come here as thats all that were here you can say that is uses to work with that the area building by what you feel. Seen is the feel area you okay as as I think I am yet dizzy. As you see think to relate with those you think if use or not try by idea unless necessary. As this is focus energy create is imaginaton say a biogate thinking if you get along with people non try to disrupt you or think you aren't there, as you see that is my problem not always your own as you think seeing so you aren't bad off the point you are or think to use by focus.

 An unrestricted spell can effect idea to do the imaginary and impossible where a normal spell is to do what is possible but not impossible. Most Anime events is a reflection of the mind as to say the effect will cause it. As some effects stated of the effect will imprint the mind. In announced education it is standard. To use a unrestricted spell it may be an event that sucks the eventual thought up energy an this is before use. If used, there's possibly a way to siphon the energy to be used for whomever, or as for whatever this is universally done limited use by intent as concept and stopped by a thought.

 The thought to not do for unlimited ability, as you don't do your use can create an idea or what is a point that unlimited is a thought created use by what you think. As to use a machine somewhere, your use is a concept and thought evolves around the sun. As energy that is similar to what you think to create and use is non distraction, as focus is a reason and thought reason is thought to seem made use. This is a point that is created, as if a thought and thought creates by what your idea in practice makes as result.

 As the essence is the thought your use is thought as essence used, think as an use is essence to create the idea and is use to be done. So things done are essence to made energy and as you use the essence your thought, guides the energy near and use is a thought to direct with what is "inself" that is use by directed means. Create a return in energy by thought that the energy returns, as your energy is the use, things your body adapts to say and in thought is a concept care. That creates what is unlimited till necessary idea, this is what can direct focus to pause it.

 As it is, the target person and objects along with the elemental source, tends to fuel effects or sometimes nothing happens. Some use to drain fire or lava as a source. As it is, if you want an effect, just siphon the energy and use it to power an effect as you think of it with a flowing pattern. The pattern is not necessary, but it acts as the flow of water for the event and an event that you wanted by word. This is for power flow and energy manipulation thats including any action energy that may occur. Think of a pattern here, for better effect. This is true as you know what the Anime effect is likely to be.

 Where normally the effect would occur. This is from nothing energy, this is the second way of casting. This allows one that uses the events from which you exist or spring into existence. Using a soul energy for existence in effect, it makes a process of progress and it counts as an idea of the effect. In itself, it creates an effect of scenes that seem separate from reality. To cancel such an effect, cast another effect to cancel it out. Goto things to do, if you want to skip reading the next part to get to the good parts.

The possibilities and other things

 This idea gets to the point of where it can effect energy. This is as though spiritual an one on one to where it works, but not really seen. As it is, if you do something, theres always like an echo as in effect, this echo is possibly redirected as the write or cause of effects as in the clothing effects idea, just think an feel the actual flames in your mind and condense into clothes. These clothes are as you would want.

 Some people who watch the show will have preconceived notions about the idea and it won't work as an idea. So to think of the effect and feel it occur, an imagine the scene as if roleplaying it, it may or may not happen. Remember, when calling fire to act on your will, you may become unstable and start thinking crazy thoughts. The greater the fire, the more your thoughts are possibly crazy. Also know, the effect of the fire is instantaneous, this is the end result.

 Trancing helps the process, and it gets results by you breathing in air and breath letting out air. Doing this, you relax your mind and make things manifest by stating your intention as a mantra. This is your thoughts and feelings put to a single word or phrase. This is where you get results by doing the breath in and out, till you start not to notice things except that which you focus your mind on.

 This works on the attempt to do your intent. Your intent is your thoughts that you form into action and can be expressed as you like. The more soul energy used, the more your personal power weakens till you rest, recollect the soul energy and reabsorb the energy. Filter the energy as you get it. This is done by telling your subconscious a suggestion, merely stating out loud to filter.

  Here are things, to do with the power of soul existence.

From the examples of the Shakugan no shana the Anime series