As anime is real

"To become real or not, be as you are unless not necessary."

Some fictional anime can be a real life reference, of an alternative worldline.

It is anime that is by thought a reflection of a thought up place, that's real but unreachable unless you can teleport. As if its an alternative worldline. Theres now not much you can do  unless you can teleport. That's stuff that's MADE UP an it's only a real point thinking in alternate worldlines. I found some a  bit fascinating and deadly places where I got help to get back. Which you can't use as a reference an because there are obvious non discrepancies. Its actually suggested to the authors by the mind as if they observe it. As the language can be different, by feel or leaving the area by walking away you learn by observation you gotta be prepared and observe first.

As per se theres Dragonball Z. You got the Nimbus cloud, and you think its a once only thing. So by thought that you are on a nimbus and there you go you are on one. Its easy as the thoughts go where you go and drag the cloud with it. As though thinking your on a cloud, as you are on one. You gotta be there before you are on one. This think is where its 'there you are as you think it'. Time is to be combined with thought and you see it. I observed as the authors did as they just took the best points of it an the dimension got put as it on screen. If you speak of it or to it, then you got it in effect at once in your mind. But it has possibility to manifest if you push it an by speaking of it as if your there.

So you see, its not that its unreal and unrealized, its real somewhere of a place that represents it. As in somewhere to describe the place you have to make it up. It becomes somewhat real in your mind but its not real here until its made to be real. Belief in it the anime as real creates its energy to exchange properties as well. To become real.

It actually happens like this, as you describe it, it becomes real if you put belief that is behind it. The idea works with an idea property exchange. The idea property exchange is if you raised enough energy, an things can be exchanged for one item to another and exchange of properties as it will occur. When you mediate between two items, cards or effects as applied pliant on the material. As your mediant an mediating between two materials then theres usually enough energy to cause it the exchange. To cause detoxing and the switch. An the cooldown as well if the item is hot. Its like a transfer of light to materialize it as where a want.