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  Prescience is called a trained psychic ability.  This trained psychic ability is often caused by the person saying to himself "I know what will be before it happens." Said person has to believe in it. Using the power of words repeatedly one can in 2 weeks to 2 months after saying this to himself everyday manifest the ability in and of himself. The person is sometimes born with the ability in thought as this is the ability to think of what you need and your use is the idea to focus. That is with the technique, as you focus by a projected idea or spoken and possible felt need. Then you can focus and to see and feel, as this is what thought is there and from what time you think.

   As to feel a person is to know them, and as you think or risk detection you can get them read as they if with feeling will know you as you are. Think and focus as you focus inward, and feel the idea form as you think on what you see the idea takes formation. This takes shape from what you think of a source, to seem into shape as whatever you think should be is there if you intend the idea to seem there. As if to gnow and contact what in thought or need is to feel, what the perceived in thought perception of what is should be there or if not and then.

   The idea is not visible if not discussable as you think, and you can feel an idea as if to know the temperment in. As to know you focus and your spirit helps you realize. As if it is good or bad, you can feel spiritual energy a person has as from the energy trace or as if particles revealed what was there. You can read someone by reading their soul thinking, as with "fovus" or full focus as focus is the idea with or without thought with intuitive idea and use is cool.

   With or in as tin is what triggers the vision, and an idea insight with time then to know what they think or not if thought. As done is what creates as nothing, think it gone as you focus it dispersed to where it came from and it is gone. As what isn't existant won't be there, or not as you are and hidden in thoughts as to not seem visible, and as if in dismissal by thought. As if they who look can read the imprint, well as a suggestion is a thought with knowledge read in thought.

   The after the fact in that fact of what you hear of them as you gnow by feel that you sense and you can think and feel with energy to see the emotion, and in you know their intention and outward signals as to see their aura by viewing color with or without a chart as you think of the idea they show and out in idea with a feeling you attune as to seem to link and don't feel what the person does. As to break the link is not, as not to do if you don't want the idea of headache and tiredness.

   It will take the form of a detached sense of vision at least 1 to 20 minutes ahead of when the event occurs. To train it further focus on what will happen and what is happening now. Now let the vision of what will occur take place by focusing the query in words in your mind "What will happen in the next five to ten minutes?"; Learn to focus it by trying to utilize it in every chance you can. Visualize a gray wall around you as in the psychic idea that deals with a ghost or poltergeist and feel a small part of you, separate with the instructions as to send to me what is with you and see in five to ten minutes. This is not always to be done except in what is in time advancement, by thought that you will or think to see. Let go of that part of you, and meditate while doing what you are on receiving the information sent back to you. There is an idea to use the pictures that use is a thought and thought on what family to you that to visit, or see in idea is to see and this is there to shift to.

  If it doesn't exist, an there won't be any shifting as if in with a will theer is a way and not after, as nothing exists with no idea to do as you think to be and will yourself away. Focusing on being receptive is the thought. There is a way to get a result and use the idea in thought to direct your focus, then and in focus you can will and cause what you wish, as a thought is the idea that your use is the way to do it as intention is done. As if what you think you can get things done with are thought easy, you can get a good result as an end result as though your act and body reaction is a way to react. Think and cause the correct result, by realization that you intend others to do with a will or not, as a spoken thought is said or thought to someone in life. If your aware of the trick, this won't effect you as if you prepare for what you look at or know by intuition what you are seeing. Think and back away to do something else, that in life you might not regret.

  What this means be that the message could be sent back to you through someone else making the conversation and doing a confirmation to you, or you think and consider the reaction and thought can seem appearant by what there is in a thought separated response. So that you see and perceive in your subconscious, if as a room appears that you are in and you are the mind in a form. As you think of feedback and an idea at the time this will seem dual purpose, as in thought you can seem a use or not seem to be there. As you are no longer seeing the room, as you will or think dismiss. Think to see or act what you want and not do as you think, or it could seem inappropriate or the message could be in any other written or think as you do what you want and now or gnow what you will. As you do things that derived in form are seen in mind, this is as though a message in thought by form recognized by what you see. That the subconscious sends to get a good response, as though a thought were a premonition and otherwise a sign to use in life.

  This brings to mind the idea of the dire need. When the direst need is approaching, the ability will appear the most often, so try to visualize the result as you would want it to happen and impart some of your energy from you to the vision and let the energy dissipate.

  Ask yourself what will happen nth minutes in advance as if talking to yourself. The answer will always be surprising and it will always be accurate whether you like it or not. As some people simply cannot accept fate as it happens because they direct a need to cause a reaction and don't expect any feedback or response to their action.

  Be ready to receive the answer you get, in any form. Learn to recognize the response. When you can use this ability in a moments notice and its at any point in time and space, then the ability is trained.

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  To train the automatic human lie detecting ability. This may or mmay not be accurate, if it isn't contact me with the true signals. I can be reached at or here, subject is truth telling.

  First, know yourself. Know how to communicate your thoughts and ideal to others. As, when you communicate respectfully, you get a respectful response back. So, to communicate easier, just try to communicate with your best that you can do and this includes your heart. But, don't force anything and wait for the reaction before you act again. This eases up the line of communication, so you may get the result your looking for.

  Always remember, fire to more fire will only make it bigger until it burns everything around it. So speak with your heart, as speaking with your heart will back you up, and calm the fires and confine them. Allowing easy speaking and making a point.

  Second, know the human body language. Body language is when a person creases his forehead in a conversation which means he's nervous. Holding the hand up to the chin while directing conversation to someone else is to point out that the person is covering something up or making idea. Constantly blinking the eyes can mean nervousness. Failure to keep eye contact is to seem like making a story up, but is the nervous reaction of not having confidence. The nervousness in one's voice is the person is lying or under high stress.   

  Third, know how the voice can hide the truth and tell a truth at the same time. To know half the truth when talking to someone is not the full truth. People often bolster the part of truth they know by making up the other half. There is a case of point when they are led to believe the truth and it is this version when information from the informant thinks what they know is the actual truth and can use this idea to bypass lie detector tests. Not many people can sense it though, because of the fact that it is a human flaw and they are not a machine. 

   Now, if you can get the point of that, the objective is to build up an empty force that will only detect a lie and know the truth by reading the person's mind, whence the contact is initiated. So, to foster this empty force, say this to yourself "l will know the truth before a lie is told." Do this every day with intent. The ability will come into play at very useful times. It manifests itself in yourself approximately a few days to 1 week after the first statement of that phrase.

  Then, to test this, talk to people and try to lie to them and see what happens. What you will have formed is a inability to lie, which be the price for the ability. The other nice thing is the ability to be resistant to the truth serum drug. You'll never fall victim to it and thus the ability will let you lie in that case, due to stress causing an opposite reaction.

  What it will help you to see after a while is that with remaining inventive in telling the truth while not saying everything is not a lie and is a version of that same truth or a white lie. The truth that you tell can be made true. So even if you lied, you can make it a true thing.

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  It came to me when I was walking to the store and I saw a car pass by in my mind which was all black and knew I was going to be murdered in the next few minutes unless I hid; Which I immediately did and the car passed by me and on down the street. I saw gunshot holes in the back window and sighed in relief. I never found a reason to report this. I found not being noticed was a better notion. I found that I could predict accurately what would happen before it did for me. Call this prescience.

  I then experimented and saw what would happen for other people. I gave slight warnings and the danger to them passed with the best results occurring. When I experimented and was able to do it for myself. I created a new psychic field for me called psychic event construction. It was where I could visualize anything I wanted to and it would happen. I later on in life called it magick which is a manipulation of energies outside of the body with will and intention and sometimes with a ritual.

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