Power eye practices

How to make your own power eye

  This is how you make your own powereye, otherwise you can use a invisible psiball to create the third eye or any eye effect. If you think you create by using the effect of thinking to allow things, so if you are able to work with others or thought of thinking this is close minded. Think to allow what is necessary to get the job done. So think to create as you are aware to where you might not get results, so if you think you will then the more you practice the more you are creating with the third eye.

  All of this is a form of genjutsu. A form of malicious powereye that goes against others that are near the target. That allows you to know as you realize physically what you do to cause the ideal by their reactions. Some of this is not a form of genjutsu though. As all you do is use your third eye. So think to use some ideal that you think or focus to create with the crown chakra a change in the body, then you have the ability to work with the energy molecules to change them to what you want. This is the form of kugo's clan eye shaping ability.

  Think then release the breathe. When you use the effect, as though a spell was cast to create with the point that is thought or stated. This is where this is sometimes in alpha mode entered by thinking the point, then breathing in or out to create a relaxed state then sitting up or moving as you wish. So this is useful as a linear multitasking, if you think of some way to do things that gets some results or no results occur. Then if you can think of one way to create with the point.

  As you can also then think of another way to do or think to get things done. Then you shift as you can think of one way to create, then use another point if the ideal didn't work. Such as thinking to create some ideal to make a project become completed by itself, then think of the point you had with it to make uses from the point. As you think of yet another way to make the project.

  I think to decalcify this gland the more I think to use it intuitively, so this makes things so the more you can open this the more you make use of this as ideal situations occur. So that means the more this is effective. This is where in thinking to use the third eye you could meditate. As you chant ohm as you breathe out the bad and breath in the good, otherwise do what you want in darkness as a meditation.

  So you are aware that you can create the point or work with the ideal to create by feel. Thus you in an end result create a fully open third eye, as they did it to us so we did it to them. So your aware by now to use your third eye is causing the third eye pinneal gland to open more each time. So the power of the third eye is the pinneal gland that is used, as them and if you think their energy is use. Then think cured then you can cause them to cure themselves.

  The manifest; The manifest is useful to make the eyes work or create the eye effect, here's several ways to do a manifest. if you think a manifest to exist, then the manifestation created by focusing creates what you want. This can manifest anything as you think the ideal exists. So the second one is where you think to create something, then the creator or energy consciousness creates what you think by feel.

  The third one you think then the vibration is felt, creating the feel the body has by what you think or the person that's a victim can think. What can shock you out of possession is the 4th way, where you think or feel the origin point then you create by theory or writing. This is by what you feel with a lessening of energy the body has or tiredness occurs, as that's only if you were running a mile with this. Think the person has something for you to do, otherwise the person knows what your doing. This only means well, if you think to work with what you do by now.

  The fifth is the spirit one, where you think as you focus to create, as you think to work with the ideal you are aware of to exist. What you want or think to exist. This is to exist things where you are aware of things to make use of the things, that are created by existential force. Otherwise you think then you create, as you imagine the point that you want to create by energy consciousness or as the force by feel. So the naruto stuff is this, that you can create anything by feel with:

So use this as an example.

  Thought to use the chakra with enough ideal energy, imagine a violet/blue or other color that represents the elements. Where red is fire, aquablue is water, brown is shit, green is earthen or light coloring is air. Use slowly as this flows to all the eyes & enhances the point you think to manifest fully.

  Empowering the eye you think to use or the work goes to the psi chakra ball, that is a psiball to create what effect you want as you think to the psiball to empower it. This is with your thoughts then, as energy to the psiball is techniques or programming by suggestion.

Method 1:

 The key element to moving the cones in your eyes/eye (depending on if you what to the Sharingan in one of both of your eyes).

  1.  Think that you are focusing this percent of energy, as you think to focus 65% of your chakra from the top of your head to your eyes. Do this leaving just enough energy in you head to where you can control yourself.
  2. Now calm down and relax before doing the next step or you may seriously hurt yourself.
  3. Picture the new cones in your eyes forming from behind the apple of your eye.
  4. The new cones should appear in your eye for a breaf amount of time depending on how much chakra you put into your eye.
  5. You will know when the new rods have formed because you will fell lighter almost like you can fly and you should be able to notice things happening from far away in your house.
Method 2
  1. Then close your eyes
  2. Think to focus on your crown chakra at the top of your head, that you are able to use by thinking the point to create with thoughts.
  3. Then imagine the tomaoes forming behind the darkness of your eyes that you think to use.
  4. Think as your using the chakra from your crown make the forming of the tomoes possible, imagine yourself going to a mirror in your and see the tomoes in your eyes. Then wake up you should feel a change and see tomoes for a few seconds in the mirror. This sometimes works so give it a shot.

Other ideal example:

  Human eye; Think your eye normal then your normal pupil can appear, instead of the tomoes that could be there by focus to make them appear. What occurs is okay to form the different patterns, where those that try can use emotion to feel or work. Those are moments that only touches the eyes where tomoes are possible the black spots, that form by actions or ideal on the corona that represent the change to the eyes by the focus. This with practice is what you think you create. The bleeding is the eye effects with mngyaku or tomoe blindness that you recover from feel. The hate or love you feel is from area activity or focus with extreme or other feeling, that the tomoes come from when the ability is there that you focus. So your mind then is directed as you direct by voice what you want to occur.

  Think to the useful ideal that yopu know then use, so this is where you consider with the area. That is when you feel to create by use. Thought to focus disappears then this is some sensuous feeling there, sorta like you know everything so then you create by feel. Then when you use a rubbing sensation to the other side of the face, then the pain disappears along with some tomoe effects. This is used to recover from pain by the area effect. So when that is true or false where you are aware, you think then what you are aware of that exists is what exists. So you see what you think to see, what you form you form.

  Sharingan : Sharingan is a vision which allows you to practically see movements before they happen, which helps you move faster and helps you deal better against fast opponents. This is in an eye move. The colored part of the eye is red sometimes, with three to four flecks of black, and one black dot in the middle. You can't actually change eye color with this unless you change your genetics. Do a Google search if you are still unclear. Predict the enemy's movements before they make them, and because of a pseudo-induced slowing of time, reaction time is faster. Be able to copy any movement including the tvs or other picture movement. The first stage of it is 2 flecks, then you get 3, then you get 4, this magic where 4 is the best so this is by focusing. Think as your aware. There with the sharingan when you first awaken it, there is a slight gap between the brain and muscle reaction time.

  Think before using this. But it isn't permanent by now. Its inconsistent with the anime and it takes a great deal of effort and perseverence to achieve it. Some can imitate its efects but its an inherited trait. Yes I know you can get extra dots on your eyes but they don't come at first. They can hurt if physically reshaped. You can't change eye color starightaway. But fast movement is a different thing. Things you do are where your aware then you know what is done by the feel. This is where you are aware or can create things by the ideal you know. I think where fast seeing is achievable but not movement. As for that, if you have to train a lot. Then do what you think is advisable. But seeing alone is an adventage.

  Coercion sharingon; With a single glance of the Sharingan or thought to the other that you think nightmares or some negative energy, this technique forces a nightmarish genjutsu on the victim sometimes through the third eye. Some images you think as you think the horror movie scene is overpowering them and bringing them to their knees. Then speak what you want to hear or they speak, by thinking a request to their minds. Even the usually emotionless Sai was deeply affected by this genjutsu. This is the point that you think without horror, this works better and your right as this is better by the ideal you know. The art is perception where you then think, your use is your release.

  Ryuugan : Ryuugan allows you to see something of the past present and future. This will only go on at times you need it to and not during conversation to throw you off. Unless it was attack. Then you know where it came from by what you know with the spirit. Think the spirit shows you through your eyes, what you want to see then you know by a glance or area feel. The area feel is what or where you know things by what is there.

  Genjutsu : Jutsu by your own signs that the subconscious uses the third eye to create empowered, a person with an eating disorder that can use their calories through genjutsu and any other forms of energy, stored within fat cells are to be of an advantage. They the user can use it as fuel for their magic through the chakra. A semi-well example of this ability would be Chouji from Naruto. I am certain of ala in it, a fat man with alot of energy is using genjutsu.

  Byakugan: Think in a 360 degree field of vision (sometimes with a blindspot in the back) dealing with your third eye which is what you use to achieve this. Ask it to let you see as though 360 and almost anywhere, while open. Direct the third eye by will after that. An alternative is to just visualise byakugan by imagine you possessing it and having used it actively. It can take you sometimes to know the "feeling" of it. But imagine, once you got the feeling for it, use the feeling of it and then look with your sight while focusing on the feeling of byakugan, and you can do it anytime you want to with practice. This can see hidden things as well. This is not real if you don't think it is.

  The byakugan is a eye effect that you think then you know, as you are aware to the surroundings as though intuition guided the thought you have. Thinking to use it you can see several area or places in mind that your conscious or aware to know. So as your aware if you think to know things, then your aware by thought where feel is with what you think that you know is there. This is where releases of energy are by the effect of thinking, then you adjust your eye as your aware by now. This is where you feel capability disappear. Then your aware to your new reality. This reveals what you know by how you look when the effect is over.

  The rinnegan eye: The Rinnegan is formed as the third eye forms the eye, that grants the wielder a wide range of abilities without any known chakra requirements to keep the eyes active. Certain abilities are only available to the original owner of the Rinnegan, but the possession of even a single transplanted Rinnegan can grant overwhelming power. Rinnegan are able to see chakra, as well as its flow within the body and at least eight tenketsu, but cannot see through obstructions such as smoke bombs. One who possesses the Rinnegan can master any jutsu as well as all five nature transformations with ease.

  Possessing the Rinnegan is an object you think or hold, that grants the user a family of abilities collectively known as the Six Paths Techniques: the gravitational powers of the Deva Path; the ability to mechanise one's body with the Asura Path; control over others' souls with the Human Path; the menagerie of summons available to the Animal Path; the limitless absorptive potential of the Preta Path; and access to the King of Hell through the Naraka Path. These abilities can be distributed to the Six Paths of Pain that is six bodies embedded with black receivers or energy thought as a shape of rods, which the user can control remotely by thinking energy to them. Then the rods can transmit energy in return as they are soul energy, the area energy is what splits off the soul energy then to create the point. Then you create remerging after merging your soul energy, this is to return to you some lost ability that is theirs.

  A seventh ability activating the eye, uses the pinneal gland as the Outer Path is then said to allow the user to preside over life. Use of death essence and death itself is granting the ability to revive the dead, as you think to remove all death decay essence this uses things. As well as summon and control the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and manifest chakra or thought energy chains to bind others. The dōjutsu also grants the user a shared field of vision with the Six Paths of Pain, the King of Hell or hades and the Animal Path's summons, all of which possess copies of the Rinnegan. The rinnegan is gained by thinking the eye pattern that you think to see in a mirror. As you think so think the rinnegan forms the ability of the third eye to physically maniest what you think or thought. Then you know thinking and things by what you do or feel. Think to form it and you do as you can form things to use by what you do.

  The genjitsu is said to use this eye effect or ability. So think to use pain or poison to get a result manifest by chakra energy, as it is to be with it makes a birth of a result if you focus your mental idea of what you want. So focus the moment of pain and make the idea of what you need appear or happen.

  Mangekyou Sharingan Genjutsu; This is the ability of the eye to trap or release them that you glance at. So think to be creative. You just get it by getting 4 black specks and going past that. All it takes is eye contact to transport them into another dimension, called Tsukiyomi; it doesn't even require eye contact to trap them in a genjutsu spell. It blinds the user little by what you think is a little different in the manga/anime that this was taken from, but you won't have that problem. In the other dimension, 2 weeks there = 1 second here.

  I do use the dimension form of it in a way - I can make the person see their ideal of their own death, where your aware at the moment of death, instead of dying, they just come back to reality and collapse to their knees. I rarely even finish them off after I do it, because I only do it as a 'this is what will happen if you do attack me, now leave me alone' type of warning. The short version is to activate that form of sharingan by making your eyes look like the Mangekyou Sharingan (google image search if you don't know what it looks like), and then to do it.

  The long version is the following: There are three options that you think either to use or not to use, you are able to imagine a long string of events in a fraction of a second or you are unable to perform this at all, forgotten use is the end result where you will use a force of a dimensional shield that can suck other people or even a blast into a dimensional area, into the area or to suck other people into other dimensions. The sharingan is all about thinking fast or to be in focus and on target. If you can't do that, then if you think about things there's no point of even trying to use any stage of sharingan.

  So you use body energy that can weaken as you use the soul, after the body is weakened in the long run by what you think to use. Once you are then to know for a fact that you can imagine a long string of events insanely or quickly, you can do it by looking at the person (it's easier if you make eye contact, though it is not required) and try to completely overpower them by will alone. If you do that, then you can project a mental illusion thinking to them what you want them to believe or do to make them believe. You send all of the images that you imagined to them at the exact same time, in a certain order. This forms a soul body that is your use by the subconscious.

  There's multiple ways to do it, that's just in a point how I do it for my warning way. Thinking to do it that way, you don't have to have or thought is the ideal form of that where that form of it actually activated, it just helps towards making you think so you can do it. If you can't do it by eye contact alone, you might have to walk up and touch them and do it that way, so no we don't want him here as there is a way to do black effects. The secret to this, including sorcery is will and concentration. That you think then use the focus point to create, by the feel that you make use by work. This is where you think to work with something, by use of this point then your focus or work is what creates the ideal you think. If you think your eternal then you are.

  Eternal Mangekyou; The eternal mangekyou is what you think with energy, where you think to infuse the body. That you create what you think as though the creator, this is just the eye so the creator was eternal and so are you. So you see this is where you think as you are in alpha mode, then think to create as you are aware to create by feel with what is there. You can manipulate anything with this, as you think the manipulation then you create the point you think to work with or see created.

  Amaterasu; Amaterasu is a conjuction of shadow or light to create the Mangekyō Sharingan ability effect by dōjutsu, the highest level of Fire Release that is where you think then you know. Said to represent the "Material World and Light" that represents what you think then are aware to do. This allows you to create material to burst by dark fire. Amaterasu then is thought to form black fire and make the 6 pointed iris of the sharingan as it can burn things with black fire after feeling the need for it to happen, and foucusing on something with the eyes and then imagining this burning fire form.

  This is where you want it to form, while you can be feeling sometimes rejective and negative or defeated. Otherwise this is feel the need to form the fire then you do somehow. Its unextinguishable black flame until focused on and 'put out', by thinking its out as the thought and action of visualization that its out is done. as though water on fire sets a pattern to douse a flame, where the amaterasu follows the pattern.

  Izanagi with izanami; This is where you stand and think and walk on afterwords. Think the point to peace or work, this is using the third eye that then you think to use the illusion. So that is known, as you think about what you do. Then the thought is there as the creator creates by activity, so this is use as there are uses. Think you know then store the energy as you turn your neckone way then the other as you think to remember, I think so you create by illusion or cooexist by the feel even if your attacked so your never touched.

  Then you are aware that you phase out only to reappear so this is an effect by the creator. This effect ends as you use the izanagi to create the eye effect by now, as a eye exists as this is either the third eye or the eyes with the feet or hands. This is stored energy as a pattern, that you remember that you can use as energy that closes. As you think to use the stored effect.

  The izanami is an effect that turns your inner energy in a hidden nature, this is by ideal which affects the target through physical sensations that's shared. That is between them and the user to perform the illusion. Like its counterpart, in exchange for the temporary ability that it grants the user. Think about it then you shift as you think of the area you came from view or ideal. Then your energy if enough there reforms your body there. As though from thin air and your there again by the creator. That means your immune by feel or actions that you do things. So you are aware you create as your aware to think or feel.

  The Sharingan is either caused by the third eye as another eye, think for using a psi ball that you think to work or think to exist, that dissipates to exist sometimes by ideal. This is with ideal which Izanami is cast is sometimes rendered blind by feel. So think or allow to let the psiball dissipate, think to open up the third eye again so you see perfectly or think. So you see that disappears where your vision is still there thereafter and not to be done unless you want to be done.

  If you want to remain where you are this is not your vision that disappears instead. The third eye can shift you anyway you want yourself to shift as you think to a purpose that is what you think to do. Think to shift away. So once your in think to use this so if you won't want to stop, as its izanagi that your in or with so if were watching they only see that. So think your back, then you are where want yourself to seem. This lasts as you think until you think to end it, the ideal is so you think to find things or use manufactured items to exist things or this is done.

  When the point of the psiball is fun the point is there, that represents someone or something where the psiball loses its light forever. This is the opening and closing of your third eye instead of what you think, as you use izanagi with izanami your third eye opens by thinking it open then the izanami closes it. This was observed by studying a eye chart that I used the third eye to see the chart, as thought the area was clearly done by light that was allowing farsight.

  According to some idealist, this technique by feel but use and now ideal is where the Izanagi form a pair, guided by association where you don't associate if you don't need to. So I think this is useful but unlike the latter, which is a technique capable of altering destiny, Izanami is instead one that you use by the ideal that "decides" things.

  Infinite Tsukuyomi; The Infinite Tsukuyomi is a genjutsu that traps by using the entire world consciousness, as you think to the planet so that this is use by thought this is use in using the energy of another. The energy consciousness is what does things, as though an illusion by the earth conscious with iron oxide that is enslaving them in a dream. So I think that their chakra or energy may be drawn upon by the planet.

  So this is then by the feel where if you think this is hell or fire or life by feel or ice by coldness. If you think the ice exists, then the ice covers the world. So that you suggest to them to cause what you wish then feel for them if you want to that are trapped on it. So to undo this genjutsu is think to the planet to create no excess ice where life exists then think the planet conscious frees you from the illusion.

  Then you can think where you want to go, so no if then your mind is talking to the planet consciousness, this is like using your body frequency by what you think to talk to the energy consciousness. As the planet percieves the ideal the need is there, then and there is a way to work with the ideal presented. As then is if your in touch with the planet, then use in the surface that you feel sorta like tree hugging. That is there in the surface as though below the feet. Think to the core of the planet, then you create with the feel that you have thought to use. So then you know what is there by the feet or feel, that feeling is there that you know by focus things will occur.

  As a dream is the vision this presents to the mind, if you think about the ideal presented then the dream ends. So think the dream ends then it will. Then you will see the area as well, as ideal you know think the best by ideal for me and me is the planet. So the question is what do you want from the planet, as you are yourself so treat others with respect as they treat you with respect.

  So if you stink or need a bath the area energy particles with feel of wet or cold as the ice melted leaving behind dehydrated plants, that water particle effect will cause you to smell better then what you were as that is all there is to this. Then you can create the best from what is there. This is what caused the disease from plant essence as spores were there, that's exactly what I felt that occurred by over radiation that we can detect.

  A sad story that indicates what occurred to them that wrote this. Black mold made us sick in our buildings, so we died off early that you can see by looking at your reaction by now we improved. That is where the illusion was so if you think to know, then your spirit reveals information from where time stopped by thought. So you can read what was left over before the computers crashed as this can raise heat. Then you will be aware or know what you think, that is the sensation you get as you become awake as this.

  The supereye: The supereye is a thought that is by dissolution, that can create or you can channel with many different energy or air channels. This is the eye energy that you think or create with ideal, that ideal is uses you are aware of you can use. As the third eye can create anything so you can wait for the release of the effect that you fade by focus with thought of another dimension to that dimension then you can choose to fade back.

  Then use what you remember that you create with focus or feel, that you created then you are aware that your ability is what you think. Think all the eye ability is there to use, as you think to create by focus your third eye creates with what is there. For with use is what you create by feel is the ideal, that is meaning what you think to exists by the power of the third eye. That you can also create many supereye on your body is amazing, so you think then your aware unless nice.

  So think the third eye creates sometimes by a eye construct, that emulates every or any eye you think to make use of things. This is used by your third eye you create by your inner computer you can imagine by what you want, so think by what your knowledge is then as you go with the ideal you use. This is where what you know is used by your point, with a dazing hit or ideal energy that goes through the body.

  This is where the third eye comes in you can create any effect. This uses the great illusion eye of the ten tails as well, as you are well then think to create as your creating you are well enough to die or create what you think. This uses a third eye emulation built with natural eye releases, that leave a little energy as a trace to what then they did. As though watching a camera video screen, that shows what was done in your mind. Ending the showing is stopping the replay then.

  This is used as your aware so you are good with what you can do. So the release is thought to wait the effect out, then the effect of the natural body is used by the ideal the third eye does to restore the body, then the energy controlled by the third eye creates the ideal. That's created by feel as a form of release. The third eye does it as the gut brain creates, what is there by natural body maneuvers.

  Tenseigan; The tenseigan is the third eye using magnetics or repulsive or attractive energy, as you think to repulse or attract then you use this ability. So if you focus the ideal to create then you are aware as you are prepared with the right things, they can be used to create with if you think or focus to work with the point that you think to create by the subconscious then by suggestion the subconscious creates what you feel. This I think is the main point to it.

  Creation rebirth is creating by ideal with the cells energy combined with blood energy, this is chi energy that sometimes directed by the feeling that you direct by the third eye. That you think to direct however you wish or by a mark you think of then draw somehow to create, that that is using blood energy that circulates around the body. As you think to cause or have regeneration, there is regeneration. This is thinking what you want then the spirit creates what you think or feel.

  Otherwise this mark is what allows the user to summon animals to help heal, with copies of his or her ability and various piercings on their bodies are temporarily yours. Like with the Six Paths of Pain, the animals summoned through the Animal Path are visually linked to the user offering them a greater field of view by ideal.

  This technique can also be used to summon other humans, by thinking of them as you consider then speak the name for them three times. This summons them as though a magnetic energy were their ideal. So I don't care if this doesn't sound right, this is not evil where or when you think to create things. Then speak the end results, then the end results are bad unless you don't think they are.

  The aura does this ideal you think by frequency that causes regeneration. Think the third eye uses the crown chakra to create this easier. So the ideal is a situation that you regenerate from, as you think to regenerate when you need to increase regeneration. This can shorten your lifespan a bit if you use it too much by speeding it up. The way it works is the cells split only a number of times, that causes the person to cure themselves by feel. However if you think about this, a body's cells can only split a certain number of times in a lifetime.

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