The inner universe

  The inner universe This is the expanded consciousness an idea by feel, where this uses your ideal as some formation then your there where you think. The inner universe starts with an expanded consciousness with exploration of your inner world, which can be expanded upon by expanding the consciousness. Think yourself to your inner world to inner peace. Expand the consciousness using any technique you want, including this technique consciousness-expansion.html.

  So think to be beyond the world to other worlds, seen and then those worlds are power then connected or yours to explore. Those worlds are real to you as you are on them. The more worlds you are on, the more strain that is on your mind and the more your physically distracted. The longer you live, the stronger you are in ability. Most others don't see the person's inner world. Unless the person can show them through clairaudience. Clairaudience is the ability of the mind to make people see what you see mentally and speak to others mentally. All owing ability are psionics or ability of psi, that is funding by what is there or ability is use as an ideal of psionics.

  You gain ability to manipulate those worlds, by usage of the world when you work with them enough. When you control them, you worked with them enough to understand them, unless you have a good ability and then you gain that control early on. Control is able say anything and it manifests. Manifestation is the act of creating something with thoughts and nothingness. Nothingness is the source energy, the source energy is where everything came from. The more you think about what you want, the more it can manifest in the real world.

  You can add onto them, by viewing movies, or moves that cause remembrance. This can be any moving picture or anime that you watch. The world thats physical is around your body, the mental world is the inner world controlled by the subconscious and is in the soul, which is anywhere you want it to be. The mental world allows for instant travel, by mere thought or fantasy. This even allows time travel. Magic can cause the events in the real world that is around your body. The mind and subconscious causes events in the mental world.

  How you tap into the power of your inner universe for anything you want to do energy wise, think to create then the inner universe is what creates the effect by the subconscious creating what you think or want that you can sometimes state. This causes you to think. So you think what if to draw anime & movies to add to your inner universe and what power you gain, this is from watching animes and movies to add to your inner universe.

  See you don't draw upon yourself unless you want to not feel tired so you draw upon the creator, you can draw upon them as you think about seeing the anime. Then you are able to use their ability that you know about in the anime, first in your inner universe then physically sometimes. For usually somehow the ability manifests as a self-experience that your aware of the way the uses are by now. Otherwise you make use of the ideal you see then the energy from there is here to work or use, as you think to draw the energy you can create like the character or however.

  So through energy work you can draw energy as energy is ability that's psi, if you want to do things then you can as long as the energy is there. See to do or draw is with creative ideal. Nothing more. This is where things are aware or you are more aware by the ideal, that feel is thought then ideal is conscious or sleep. Think to rest then as you lay down you are shifting to your inner universe, otherwise your going from your inner universe to your own body. So any energy you send doesn't always come back as its long range, as your aware your psychic or knowing by feel what is there or in there if the area is dark.

  As relation is sometimes dynamic your ability is aware points of view. This where you think or use is feel to go, as you know or realize where you are by statement. You can go back if you want to go with some ideal, otherwise you know what is there by what you can do. So this is where you think then the ideal is formation or formed ideal is obvious. The physical inner universe I don't bother, but I think I can form things simply by thinking or imagining the ideal like I just say. Then sometimes the particles will form what you think or think say.

  How you form the inner universe is use the crown chakra with the third eye, you no those that you don't agree with the third eye. The way you recover is think you do as you drink powerade, not too much water with no added salt so all you need is water with a little salt. Otherwise activity is for yes as you think the inner universe exists then your subconscious creates what is thought. The inner universe is there as though a space exploration game, that is played by experience with ideal you think to put to use. Otherwise interacting with the inner universe is thinking a point then "no defense needed".

  Think as your aware, focus by using subliminals then watch the ability. So with use as you watch things, you figure things that work. Think to stimulate the chakras as energy is there from the hara or crotch area, think the ability or energy is work to create with as you think with responsibility. That exists things by manifestation from ability this is with things you do. That is one way to channel energy into your aura think the simulation then the chakra responds to voice.

  Other ways are think energy to the aura then, you focus your thought then energy channelled to the aura is used. So this means that you think then focus as you breath, as you focus you create your ideal by concept. Thinking the use then is an ideal, that creation is the ability you think exists. So all I need to do is create by feeling the point then your ability is what occurs. This is the ideal that exists, if you think the point then you know what is there. This is a point that is used by feel if use is necessary. So think then you get the use, as you observe or see things by ideal.

  As you see or ask then think, as you are aware or not there is the point that you create by what is there. The ideal point is the ideal you think to go with or work with by thinking or focusing then, your there conscious wise by ideal you are experienced in suddenly. So think what you want then you know what occurs as the inner universe is a wire trap freeable from by energy not being there, that is with power then know that you can create by working with things.

  Talking things out is for knowing by knowledge. This is not always knowing unless informed or your spirit reveals what is there, see your spirit is the spirit that goes through most things in the inner universe. So think "we didn't intend this to get too far" for resolution, so that you sometimes are aware think as if use of ideal is there by feel or cause is for things to exist. That is all there is by feel, as a social prank to the inner universe. This is an ideal that ran through my idealism, think the point then the spirit is what creates if you need to have the ideal by use. This is a point that exists if you think it does, so think as things are otherwise possible what can you create? Then you get my point.

Skyhawk, Kio, Libby, Dr ed