Ovousibas energy manipulation

  The term "ovousibas" means mentally assisted. The full meaning of the name is mentally assisted energy manipulation. To do this, one needs energy to accomplish this act of healing. Take it from the ground through a symbolic link. The link is formed through the imagination of the ground represented by a picture of a rock. Now in your mind, draw a line from the picture of you to the picture of the rock. The link is there and only needed to be done once. As this is called "vy oubiz" as to cure is to think your use of energy is to restore, as repair is thought to the moment you need to restore yourself by now.

  Next, focus on the thought of a pump that brings water with the source of this water being that unbreakable link to the earth. It only works when the person pumps it so pump enough water. The water from the pump runs along a channel that goes to a clean water drinking pond. Now imagine yourself pumping that pump. Watch as the water goes to the pond. Now imagine a cup that has dipped the water in your hand. Drink the cup of water in your mind and visualize the body that is wounded mending itself while touching it. This is the effect of the natural life, that is a concept as light you are trying to achieve with interesting tactics.

  The moment of the end is where you are ableminded and the person you heal is responsive. This body is the body you are trying to heal. This could be yourself or another wounded person. The thing is you have to gnow the person, as an instant inscribe and if nothing wrong with a motion and you are in their mind to state healing as they are what you seem to allow you to heal them as with a thought. If there is nothing wrong then in existant motion, you exist everywhere as you want to as a point. This is a concept as au naturale thought is activity and at the thought they think in form as they won't heal. This is the form, and your thought can manifest.

  As they are willing to help as you are awake or aware they can heal, as others with no need for you can heal with subconscious. There is a thought to seem or not in a nearby area, as a mage to do honor as flower and flower with power or not as other points are done by other energy. Otherwise none is done as ouvisabaz, this is with the z energy that is the information from the universe itself. As a form is a natural idea, or not is you cannot die even though thought is what can seem that you do in life as the creator intention is set by thinking you intend. As the universe created the idea, you are aware as you can still seem and awake if you intend to get. So no as you get bad to interesting results, or not listening with this is concluding as you wal away. As an interesting result, that turns bad is cancelled out by what you think.

  As energy that in use is information, as a thought concept is thought you can get as long as you can certify the result if you gnow and thought is energy the spirit will do as needed. This makes a stopping point or not as nothing creates with a point as nothing happened nothing done. Considered "z energize mend ended" by what is done. As syncing up with a time portal will do, if you think of what you want the portal will create whatever you think and if use is as a thought, mage use is as you don't repeat forever and you make the effect as a thought energy is use.

  If the person happens to die, imagine the word "awaken", while 'connected' and linked by thought to the person as this is true. The body you are trying to work with will possibly be raised.

  If you want the wounded person to regenerate, touch said person and imagine after drinking another cup of the water the word "regenerate". If you don't want to touch the person, imagine the words "cause regeneration on the person intended".

  To make an item using this method drink two cups of water and imagine the item appearing in your hand. This method works only 70% of the time. With practice it will work.

  With mental abilites that have been crippled, imagine the words after drinking a cup of water of "heal crippled mental abilites by force of will of intended person."

  For healing the mentally disturbed drink a cup of water and imagine a bowl with the person's name in it. Now burn the paper in your mind with said person's name on it while saying three times. "Make said persons mental illnesses disappear." You should feel a little drained and notice that said person will have cured himself.

  To make food and/or water, the idea is to drink from the cup of energy water and imagine the food and water on a table near you. If this method works it will make a white light appear as a flash. Then there will be that food and/or water.

  To make a change in an object, imagine the object and a properties sheet. Just say the properties that you would want mentally or out loud. Imagine the properties written in words on that sheet in your mind. Say done and imagine the sheet to disappear. Now dismiss the image. The item will have changed instantaneously as if it was always that way.

  Finally, to morph an item drink a cup of the energy water and hold the item intended making a image of that image in mind. Now change the image in the mind to what you want it to look like. Feel the energy flow from your minds eye to the item in hand. Make the item change through the energy into the item in mind. When you are satisfied, dismiss the energy from mind.

  After these methods, dismiss the image from your mind. When you need to heal some person with ovousibas or the other energy manipulations do these methods. Practice makes perfect and the beauty of this is the process is invisible. Most of these methods happen without ever being detected. Never tell how you actually did the deed or they could try to use it.