The Brain Hemispheres Meditation

  The brain meditation is the one meditation which will allow you to think like a woman and be a man. It also increases your intelligence 100 to 200 points.The process is simple and there must be no other thought while doing this as you do this meditation. Otherwise, the brain might develope problems or the body will be aflicted strangely in some manner.

  What makes this work? Well it is a connection that a human brain has. When the brain is looked at there is a connecting point between the two hemisperes. The human males are slightly disconnected and thus logical. The females of the human race have full usage of it. Now focus your mind on the bridge between the brain hemisperes then imagine someone if man to draw a line down with a finger. This can bridge the two halves together.

  Imagine a stream of energy in which the two brain hemisperes, this means they can be linked and in effect linking the two hemisperes. Think of this as a bridge of energy. Now think of a math problem and something else at the same time. Thinking of two things at the same time will stimulate along the brain energy bridge a connection between the two and your intelligence will raise itself at least 100 to 200 points. This only takes 5 to 10 minutes. The brain can also at this point use
psionic ability. All you need is training in the use, then the use of psionics becomes easier.

  When you have the meditation done. You have the possiblity to use 100% of your brain in multiple projects or just one. Now the brain has full potential. In women, this meditation has the possibility to give full potential to psionic ability. Thier IQ potential increases 100 to 200 points. This can cure schitzophrenia and depression. Do this meditation every 3 to 5 days or you could find yerself blacking out. Think about what you need to know, this is what you experience and you can know eternal peace.