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Alternative body shaping methods
Color therapy
Color associations and reactions
Stones and gemstones art
Acupressure therapy to recover with a touch

  The art of body shaping is so old that I thought to revive it and so I or others claim correctly, the mind and accepting the changes occurred is a necessary first step. See in the following exercises I have, as if they had some sort of protection such as a onyx you can get from the AMC Flea Market.  So the body changes to what it senses, so the sent idea only changes to what is around the body and the corresponding blood flow within guides by energy patterns that you imagine. See now to think release or thought to see, think or you see so I think area feel the I is the third eye think to see by watching. Wear it or keep this nearby and you cleanse it by having it nearby at all times, this is for 5 days or less thinking to see defenses tho think "no way to war, with thought or not as defense for myself or whatever by feel."

Greystone energy I saw in a dream and came from the area where this was interest, or feels false unless true to what is there, illusion is false or the seen reality is true as the area you see is changeable. Think to see or you see this as the point by looking then glancing away. This is not always seen so your ability to create is the seen idea, yet when nothing worked then they that are there and correctly interpreted patterns found this. Some stone that is there when moved, as a focus point to see the area you talked about. They noticed that if your not insane they in the area are with changes or you see differring patterns. They use idea to fix by object focus with idea or not use the idea yet sometimes they can think for themselves.

This doesn't involve others, and can seem to use or create with materials to create living states. The idea is then to think, focus to use or no is "think fix, focus energy or see to feel or use whatever to create with ingestive", the area you are aware to work with is to create a living point not some state of mind that doesn't allow working things out. See as I am not or others are not interested, what you see is sometimes things where you are aware by now and that the mind state is very acute or more than able to stand things. When it is acute, I am not too sociable yet catch on to things. When it is more than able to stand things, it is relaxed and my mind is in a calm repose much unlike death or living states.

This is from necessity as the people around me, they made them from ghostly or other minded activity, so use as objects are not always as good things to eat. When formed into a shaped object, the shape doesn't always denote the function. Yet the function is sometimes easy to guess by feel or looks. This is what the poseidon stone was created from or the greystone aptly named creates. When they realized the mistake they were with no food or correct idea from dizziness, as the area you see was focus till they figured out they were out cold. Seen as cromagnon the original humans colony was then destroyed by starvation, they were destroyed by intense heat and cold as they were done in by the thought. See as you want for you are aware by feel, this is seen or so we think as they drawn out by feeling life energy which is our activity.

They were not live or living in a state that resembled life after the point of the great power wave, the great crystal machinery that once dismantled could unleash and did release a lot of energy. The wave of energy that went through the land and disrupted the energy constructs, then caused the volcanoes to erupt and with a fall in of a cliff side the first among many tsunamis that occurred. Leaving almost nothing in its wake. I am sad to say, this was also the fate of atlantis. Thought to save it from vision, caused it to go and become replaced with a modern world and this is the world we could live with for now. So they were there, now its our turn the atleantians reborn. I wonder what will occur.

They that lived after never make that mistake unless no funds, so you see no use is nothing to use as we were just carvers. They allowed us to live yet the gods were interesting yet interceding by feel. They explain they are able to seem represented by any object. The area is with the feel that your not there by the use. So self-demise is what we faced yet the area is sensed free by the gods, unless you want to see the area scene. Then they are aware as the area seems reaction from or with some body. This forms some point by the area to see or what you think to see. See the area or thought by the area now? Think the area you feel is resembling the area described, then as you sense the area look to see the place or idea then notice body changes. What the illusion hid. The bald eagle died out early the hawk similar. We just recreated them with alien machines designed to make, despite the fact that you are aware and you see the only thing left alive is the creator.

See as you are your safe, otherwise you are in danger in character by hearing this unless aware to use. So you see the area is messed up? So as that was how this was when you see we found the place. As you see the area to adapt or change something the area clears up. Seeing use is feel I think I realize this as the reason is obvious, so think not to hit as you think this so. Your area changes to how you feel. Seen as a sense of timeless is there you are seeing what is around you now wake up. So you create or your procreation, this is your creation. That is exactly what prescientists indicate when we think to see some area, what we see or think as we describe this is probably dream or demon land.

As you see the use see as you want, then focus blink your eyes to see things as the light causes with imagination something to change. See then you can possibly see what was use hidden in plain sight, the use can be recreated there if you allow the body to match or feel the energy. So the actual area is just as thought if its not then the area is not there, this is there by what you think or your use is interesting. The proof? feel your body then try to suppress hunger so you adjust your feelings to not see the need as were never satisfied. So you see the point is useless if your not willing think to accept, this is just as you think and as you glance to something then glance away to see the area.

The area will change or adjust itself without you having to move, then you will feel very needy and then rush to get something to eat. This happens just as you feel like you don't need to eat and drink things, so think and the area changes back or stays the same as this is now normal to your senses. This is because your energy is now as normal as your senses, if you think to present something you will want to use it. That is the proof of this moment. I remember writing this when I was in need and denied it till I wasn't in need, this was by focus and the point was done by feel with the stone.

See as you seem or use energy, so they use the stone as the original colony today by thought is able to use it. As you feel so you seem you are creating by or with the use or not starving by a starvation diet. See this is out there near the area I saw, that was cool to use and did things as I thought where I think to the stone. I could create with use of the stone. As you think to use a point, this is thinking to conceal a point you can attune to the use with focus or area. Then dimensional shift to hide amongst the people in plain sight. See thought with idea by idea to create or walking is to shift by spirit or body, this is just as you think to walk out. They never made that mistake and thought to get away with it, just as they were aware to the area some could think as you see. This is not always provable by use. 

   The whole basis is that this is a dream where you believe that it can happen and the change occurs, this has a channel or path to allow things to happen by some wans or feel. That is a use by focus and idea you see as thought where you can wake up and do normal things. So to start, meditate for 3 minutes or less. Not always is this 2 hours on observing yourself and accepting yourself. Think and your aware, so this is point where the rest is up to you. This is just as your idea is energy use to create with feel as you are capable to make things up. When that is finished start a timer and observe yourself perfectly still for the amount of time you set it, start small in time and build up the time alloted so your used to it. Then as you observe the body changes, you can think to adjust or focus to create a different point or stage the area reaction that you imagine. This is what your body can do to the stimulus, that your around with what you feel. You can correct it, your body, so you aren't so strange, as though you see or feel better simply by the creator. Think and you are well by fee or feel.

   Some that observe the body may notice body sense, that if it is not moving is because if you don't move for a short or long period of time. You may find in the area that you feel itches and other distractions. This is itches that you normally wouldn't have noticed and turning them off, this works as you imagine a switch to turn off the itch. This is called looking for your inner switches that you can turn off after you master not noticing the pains for 3 hours or less. This by thought that is spelled, means by your intent is what this makes.

   As thought if false then this doesn't always seem so true, or seeing as your so useful this is false in the area performance. Though you may think this is so dumb or thought activity is basic technomancy where your useage is a positive and that use is your energy. Your aura is the pulse you see or go with by feel. As with thought and use this is energy as ability to magic use, physically and psychically your will is energy, this is done by the energy that you can see, modulate or pulse the energy as you drink.

  When this is going on, the second time observe from within the distractions and turn them off in your mind thus learning where your pain switches are for mental control of your body. The next part is focusing and meditating by focusing a blue sphere in yourself. Focus feel everything of yourself and this ought to do what should do things topographically shifting you into a new shape, the idea construct sphere shape you can create as you think. Shape the outside of your sphere into the shape, what you want to look like and envision or imagine all the properties that you want to have. This if thought and made into correct idea, that is what set the motion and action into the purpose. The purpose that you think to use.

   What should happen next is the thought warm up, as the body experiences what it went through to get to your point the body warms up a bit. See this is so next feeling is a warm feeling followed by cold flashes through your body. When the process is finished it will turn warm again. Mentally will the blue sphere into nothingness and allow the energy dissipate in the air harmlessly. If you don't want the changes imagine the point as you envision your assumed shape, so now in death that is what creating the sphere to make things occur in a pop in moment. The body seems out in the traits that you want, this is just as that should return to seem as you want.

   This is used also by drinking water in the moment that you imagine or think the change to occur. This can use boiling to purify with the water process in thought, as to be willing or not to let go or it won't work as if nothing is what is in traits. There is an "exitius" or point to exit at to the real world to them, imagine a door then you see what you feel as they who use. See this area focus in idea to do things as normal, because that is sometime or use by what is. So you see what is occuring to the speaking you, you are aware of things and sense what is there or possible by feel. See as you are available, use is focus energy as you get things or get things done. See or not and ionic energy acts to your own will. As an idea and this is in a point, "an" thought is a motion to end conclusion that is a point to seem or not.

  You can in idea get away as accepted or see this is a thought, as you are aware to them you are like what you consider. If in a point or thought you say an idea from the idea you present. The point is what you think as you are aware of some things pointed out, what you think is where you act and as for fair play you are to be good. As you are doing things you think is right, this is without the language threat or not with the use things. You do move once that is easily detected in character, as if to think you can do things you are. Where you find things and what you think and do in cross energy transfer, this moves by things as when they move you search and the character is used in what the subconscious seeks with your brain for recognition. Think and you know what to do, for thinking your aware and know how to avoid trouble when it comes. That's how you can become prepared.

  What space is revealed in move is just what you focus on, your subconscious does this as is. What you do is sometimes how they react on or with feel, this is just as they think they are good and is how this color you wear can cause them to not notice things. This is in what to not think by what they see and therefore seem nice in life. See to know and you are able, as you are doing what you think your doing, this is to give them what they want you can get a good thought. As you think you do something you are what seems fair, if fair as thought is concept you are not considered and if ignored by what you think. Think and shift is what they ignore or otherwise is what you are, as you are willing to allow out of sight and out of mind. You can do things yourself, you know, its easy and your able to by focusing and thinking to do things as you attempt to achieve results.

   So to cure in thought diseases, use the same method as above except with one difference. Use a red barring sphere to surround the disease you want to get rid of, envisioning it to the outside of yourself and will it away in idea. This in a thought is a memory that use is an point and energy to anything you do, this is the example for what is as nothing is reasonable. Until they see what is thought as a concept, and what is known is a concept that to kill the moment is there and then you can think to let use be known. As what you know is what you consider, if a concept is done in a concept an a concept is conclusion, if a life is their idea as in which they do. They shape their own lives by attempting this idea. So by not doing it, your not missing anything important. That is all for the moment at hand.

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 Alternative Body Shaping Methods 

   Before you start this method take note that it is permanent and only when you are sure of the change should you do it. Take a flash card or picture that you want and flash it across your eyes extremely fast three times every 3 hours until it happens or you start noticing a change. To remove diseases simply put a red circle with a slash through it on a picture card with the disease and the words remove underneath it. Then flash it  the same way as above and the disease should in thought disappear as those that are obseving or doing things as notice is by subconscious.

  There is in a thought that if is a faery shape, do it as a form and
you can get better thought for thought of what you think. As if success you are easily feeling good and thought shaping, think and they create it as if your idea you direct them. Where they pick it up and feel what is there, as you are not in thought. As sensed with positive reality, they may react right and seem to go as you want.

  They are made out of thought space and out of mind is nice as an aspect land called shadow and the shadow is actually yourself, formed as in where you are as you are safe and look in the mirror but if you leave the area you are killed.
There is a thought that if this is what you are, as if you are and the right way and as you point it out then if you do wrong in the right area. You naturally say things and get responses if near the area, that is gun protected you are literally shot to death.

  As if alive or dead before you know your dead, as if in thought or not as nothing your dead. Thought or not as deadness is alive state unnaturally and by alive you use magic, as a energy that flows by water or in creates by wind if that flows free this is reaction that third eye is use by a state of mind that the subconscious can create with chemistry of the brain. Because as they do they believe and can shape themselves, if you think as they do you can think and use what this use is as what is done.

  As if to seem acceptance by what makes their offset energy by thought, makes as different points are done as its acceptable and idea as if a matched in moment time that use is viewed by their energy detected that can be used. As if a thought you are aware, as in a concept and what you want is a thought is enough. Or not as things should work, as if the thought is not thought and the idea is what is in observed by the moment energy and what you don't you can use as energy.

  There is thought in an idea to create with, as you are a were or other presence undetected they are in view in your idea area. As you are not seen as in think an not do things unwanted in thought is a thought to be beaten in by seen acts, as if to beat around the idea you are act by a generated character in game is the thought or work. As a success is as your mind is, or not act what you want and you are thinking to seem as accepted by the act you think.

  If you think to move you are dead and yet you are alive, as you sent your spirit, are as force energy to seem there you are actually what you think formed by the elements in the area are open view people that think you are what you are and they know. There is no other way out except to appear as what you think they accept and use the effect form and as you shape your here that shapes to what you want as you think about and if the shape you think becomes the shape you want you shape as to be the shape you are intending for yourself.

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Color Therapy 

   Color therapy starts with imagining the body as color. Red is for pain and blue is for coolness of the body. Imagine the red fading to blue and notice the painlessness of the area thus setting the moment in your mind and making it real for yourself making it happen. The more advanced way of doing thought is focus while exercising on the parts energy, directed by use as if what your body is that an area hurt is focus and energy surrounds by focus, strained area is to create a direct current in idea, as a point for thought or what in your mind the red spots you seem as you feel the body in an area.

  As the idea exists, therein is a point to create and as thought is things that create are what you can consider. Then if nothing exists as thought is from void, your use of subconscious can create what you make up. This I know as the third eye creates ash and sulfer, thought put together is as the right things are done create the right chemistry as in thought in mind you escape from what you seem. Then and now if you are right or find a correct idea then you are able to use particles and natural harmony and get actual results from where you perceive.

  As if in you think or not better as the red turns to blue, thin with the ionic energy and ionic energy is reverting the damage to something better. Turn the red into blue practicing the act over and over and it will heal your body while you are exercising thus making the work out longer
. Just think and you do in there and the color changes things, as your aura implies as to create by color changing the area with energy. As if influence and the thought implied, if the idea is a thought, that if what you want as implied is by what you thought or think in the future. Then you can create what you need by thinking of a point and working with what is there.

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Color Associations and Reactions 

   The Colors Associations to a person is associative with how people react to color plus the hair color will effect personal character and clothing is color changing, that is effective by what thought makes of most people in around an area plus their will creates in what is that are of mixes between. If no color reactions and thereof, think use to seem a use that is up to you by will and energy will make. What is thought or not and now you think, think it now you won't or not as nothing exists from somewhere it exists as a color wheel in some form or function.

   We have the primary colors and the complimentary colors, this is based off a prism where the primary colors are red, blue, yellow with the compliments of green, orange and purple. They work together to form a better coloration that fits the moment in life. They also appease the eye, as you think to see the moment, the color works with the eyes and the body reacts according to what you feel. So color therapy is what is there as a possibility and with the right person, sometimes you can get the correct reaction as though the color compliments the mood.

Hair color
Clothes color
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Stones & Gemstones Art

   The Stones and Gemstones have been used for centuries to heal people and be used in magicka of all types. Taking a holey stone or meteorite stone or any stone with a hole in it having it near you or worn on you for 4 days to 7 days will cleanse the stone and make it usable by you. Never use iron for it poisons people as the Romans found out with there plateware of iron and many people died everyday and secretly because of it.

  Take the the stone in hand and say the purpose of it directed to it is in an exchange by thought via the mind, as to imprint and the stone or the gemstone is a in mind lineage energy link that lasts your able timewise your use able. As you are genetically to the other, that is linked by disrupted energy used by the power of the greyskull greystone. As if a thought, your thought is a concept and that is the blaster of disaster.

  Think another wave of light is an availed idea by used idea, and anyone that thinks of us is use as is thought and the link responds by considerance and think different thought for different results. Disturbance by places in different times by different fox focus or construct is by teeth or meta energy in focus, as a thought energy is from things thought as  in energy this is from thoughts the subconscious use form by need or idea in practice.

  As undone gem effect, the line of energy that is thought energy to the person in idea is a link. Say I need you for healing purposes stone in my hand. Then, take the stone and put it over the wound, the wound will disappear. If enough belief is in the act the wound will disappear completely. Immediately cleanse the stone afterward in running in water or Rosewater essential oil within distilled water focusing energy, through your Crown Chakra to your hand through the body from your head to the stone taking with it. The diseases stored in it by the act of healing, as into the stream however horror over. As there is a caught idea, you are not to do.

   There are other uses for gemstones that are not recorded. Take the onyx pendent, wear it for a week before you use it. Then, make the purpose to be of defense. It will turn all negativity back to the sender and make a defense field around  you at the same time. I used mine to remove a seizure of the brain in one night. What I did was think to my onyx pendent to remove the seizures and Alzheimer's disease while holding it in my hand. I used a jade amulet to win a Bingo Game by thinking and visualization of the winning number on my sheet and the amount of winnings. I cleansed it immediately afterward and the amount I won was $500. 

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Written by skyhawk