Pressure Point Therapy 

   I think to understand the techniques presented herein this document you have to use visualization along with the methods. The reason remains that visualization improves meditation. These are in essence breathing mantras without the sound. For the visualization replaces the mantra and as the idea is thought in omnpotency, by the spirit with the time you view is as a point is what you think and not but an illusion. When we thought to see things when we see them, we see them so we tend to think by drnks or food so don't because that is the fact this is the illusion. We project where instead this is the illusion we percieved by feel is here. That the brain takes as though the real point is there and otherwise, we can react to work with others for concern or what you think is the right.

   Otherwise known as concept with motion. So this is as a point though thought you see is real unless you dismiss the idea, where others tend to dismiss things and don't intend to stay in the area. As the area energy is a point and your idea, and thought is sacred to the creator as that can cause in thought the idea that you want by the conscious with the energy. As this is where the objects and 'thought things' as things you do is a point to listen, as the pressure point is the use for foot massage or other pressure point. This is the thing of the past as all you need to cure yourself is a single touch at the right point, that is useful so I am thinking it observes things as with a whole mind. Just remember the things in use are to create by your mind direction or what you do with this aren't bad, this is what you decide to do and no longer is how you handle things.

   This is of what it is or not seem a source, as this is a thought this is a point in the past exposed or not in thought is a point, that is there if on a recall by 'focus an thought' as time you do is a point to seem a use. This can create a thought to use a thought, and 'as you ask you can get an answer as the creator conscious makes a response an idea unless not in need'. On the thought you can get is a possible reason to use things as a source, and this can in a thought touch to the body is on the aura. Then to use any 'activation by action' to to do what is to use or activate something by a point, this by thought is spelled that by your intent is what this makes. This uses an ancient pseudo scientific basis to do this. Where you think the energy there in the form of a needlepoint, and by touch its applied.

   This is a moment with a concept, 'the points in use on the thought to the aura as you think to create'. This is a point and this is a rare reaction, that you realize what you need to touch on the aura shell and this intuitively is done. The body can reasonably use to view, and know what you need to do by the spirit as you do correct by what is felt right with things with a point. Restraint till you feel free and this is gone, as in the mind thought feels free, this is to feel the area and the planet as this is as you think in a pattern. This is acupressure point therapy used by acupressure accupoint therapy use for what you think is useful also for babies.

^   This is a thought and use is ideal to create done ideal so create no ideal as a pointed view, then if you aren't with a rapier needle like attitude or view a more intense idea moment you can focus to create. As this is where you are no longer feeling restrained in an essence, that is felt as though an ideal moment with life you dismiss the ,oment then use the feel. This is a viewpoint that is from what is found in some old ideal with that as a thought, as a feel that is if thought isn't exactly not remembered until trance or considered by view with ideal. This is a concept to use.

  The visualization technique intended for this therapy, is to imagine or think energy there to manifest a neutral energy stream at the tip of your fingers, and then touch upon the pressure point or acupuncture or needlepoint area on the skin, this will act like a needle being used to dull the pain, as in accupuncture. This is to feel out the pressure point as you think, touch and create a thought to make an area on your body change to your will as this is your body, the area might feel tingly in different places till you feel tension and release the pressure built up in the body, feel if there is point for pleasure or relief, as that is immediate relief.

  The thing in mind to remember about are these pressure points, that is in a concept from the creator, that in focus and thought to gnow you realize as that is on the right side of the body you can create a result. The idea because of the inflow of energy from the left to the right,  any pressure point touched on any right sided body nerve, can reduce the effect stimulated in a stimulated nerve area. There is a matching reverse effect, on the left side of the body. Iincreasing the effect of the stimulation. With the left to right energy flow, to stand on the right side of a sickbed in thought to heal as you think that you can draw the energy out to and not watch what you do within energy.

  You can get sick unless thought is blocking the effect that you don't like, as create a concept and use the problem area as a source. If your an idea then you can use essential oil, as if nothing is done create and make the body whole as if in mind you are okay. This is to stand on, the left side of a sickbed, sickness is avoided. Also with resolve to remove damages, you do so this is to draw or trace a closing spiral, in starting from the outer edge inward and going outward this reduces. To draw or in trace you use the source as an opening spiral, starting from the center, or not is to cause enlargement and the idea is experienced as pleasure. I think too much sometimes so this is obviously working. See the point then work with or usually by things you can improve things that are there. On an important note here by now if you think ahead, here means you can create what you think or work with others for the ideal.

  There is a point to energy exercise as you can use a thought to things in the life that your idea is a place in mind as if by the activity, focus and thought that a room that is a will can seem there. Do as you think in this room, and you can manipulate the area you room search to find stuff and that is all. There is a point to think and use is your own, so if an experience is needed to compensate the lack of what is there in a thought that is experimentation that is done and things you think are safe. As if you are air in a point of release, wherever and however you release it is not a drug as you can think what is there. This is where you serve earth and get results by thinking about what you want. All the while, intending what you need to happen.

  As you dilute the essence that you find and collect in yourself, use a thought of the strainer as you strain water to make the idea you get energy to where you need the energy as if watery essence is rejeuvenating. You can find a thought that the essence that remains in the head is your idea to use, in a pint to seem with holes in the bottom as mention is by use this creates a strainer. As this is thought in a point to allow useful or useless thought, can seem useful if the idea is a concept in use with the idea use in thought. I think then this point is mute so you don't have to work so hard, if you are aware to work things out with others then work by yourself till you calm down.

  Think and what you think, is a possible alternative way to do this as this is original, otherwise you can get things more interesting. As the idea seems to come into mind, what you consider consciousness is whatever you think or not as timewise you don't have the time to do this. As if interesting experience, think and create a point that your use is right and you can get the right spot with the correct method as if you were able to do this done correctly. I think then that this method is foolproof not that you need to do it.

  This is in thoughts of needlepoint therapy and that are a thought, to cause the right reaction think energy to seem done in use and release it like a needlepoint to the area. As this is an self-practice to create a needlepoint use in an idea without the needle, to create with in engineering you can create as you think as you are a conception to fix that area that feels wrong to you from thought of blood clots and strange feeling points. Think to sense the tension spots as to see and feel the area and as you seem to feel the right spot that feel hard and colder, as you think ailment removement the area think warmer is to harder as to release is to make colder spots. Whatever makes coldness is coldness, as you use things you can use cold or hot energy such as ice or heat in the air. So thinking is aware points by thought that you consider ascension.

  Think to create by what is warmer than what your used to or otherwise by fire that the body uses to regenerate or generates energy for, as you think the spot and let your fingers find the area. As you let the spirit do this in thought for you, or not and then the unregulated spots felt are the area to put the needlepoint. As the body chi energy that is life energy, that regulates the body in the chakra points are cleansing the chakra. The thought is considered with incense of sage for biorhythm correction, that to summon energy to the hands as this is think "energy" and think to correct for things. This seems to correct things, as if the creator did the idea. Thinking the point you are aware. If you think the point then your awareness is what you think.

  That are not usually detected now detectable by a point touch to the left cheek, I think the cool spots are use and the bad spots are caused by water formed to evaporate or "disappear" so you could detect this with a pointed out ideal point or with a thought there was warmth. There are blood clots that "flow free" are that in flows energy and in body is "corrected" as no excess buildup energy is there, that is disipated as the problem energy goes that leaves out the right side of the body. As this is thought so this is a point that I like as it is an improvement, I would see to the aura with the bad points or parts that are aware area that are there by use with clean water. This is thought to be charged or clearing out the system, that is felt and done by the creator this is designed by your mind to look like that but there's nobody there noone really is. Then as your subconscious creates with the effect. This is as if to think and do a spiral, see this in the air drawn outwardly and thought is thinking to have energy. If you are not to breathe the air so think to use the muscular system, then go with the thought to the muscles as though to have fixed the problem.

  Think as you feel energy go into the body, this is use as thought is full your full or not full your somewhat eating. This is thought to focus in the point by a thought is a point in a subject and do is the idea. As the thing is the energy thought and to let it go is the release, that is to do as there as if isis or what I see in sight helps. So if you think an if there is a point and the point is done, this is though as you have dealt with thought points you are with a thinking brain conscious. As use is therapy in disquise if you think of the person and think "fixed", then your energy is there as the aura fixes the points and you can conclude that you touched them or acted by impulse. So as you know if you think to fix this your fixed. Think and you are aware as you are asking, if they are fine or not with that much pain anymore this is used as "done".

  You can think the psychic needle into the area, think psychic release and drop the energy pain if any to the floor. As you draw the energy into another idea huge rock, as if you don't need them there they are gone. As you place the needle point area in and around, the terse or felt area is where the senses reveal by reaction with the body feeling. That is the right spot as then the tense area can release, as the point is the pain and body is relaxed and the area needle of energy is released and the blood flows free or not as done.

 Written by Skyhawk and others
source from ancient chinese document